February 23, 2022
(((My Fellow Americans)))

(((My Fellow Americans))) #126: Sheriff David Hathaway

A libertarian, voluntaryist...Sheriff? Spike's guest tonight is the highest law enforcement official in the border county of Santa Cruz County, Arizona. And yes, he is an outspoken libertarian, one who fights against tyranny at the state and federal level on a daily basis. You do NOT want to miss this one!
February 16, 2022
(((My Fellow Americans)))

(((My Fellow Americans))) #125: Keith MacIntyre

What's the next step for the Freedom Convoy? Will liberty beat tyranny? Spike talks with Keith MacIntyre, leader of the British Columbia Libertarians, who have been part of the protests since they started last month.
February 11, 2022
(((My Fellow Americans)))

(((My Fellow Americans))) #124 – For All Tennessee

It's 2022, and Spike is finally back! On our first episode of 2022, Spike talks with Justin of For All Tennessee for an update on all the work they did in 2021, and their plan ahead for 2022.
February 10, 2022
The Wrighter's Block

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 75 – Alex Snitker Gets Wrighter’s Block

Former Libertarian Senatorial candidate, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and national executive director of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and current host of Unattended Baggage, Alex Snitker, joins Matt in Studio to discuss inter-party politics as it relates to the Libertarian Party and how we need to fix things to be taken seriously. Become a Subscriber: Visit the store:
January 17, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 22 – The praxis and access of liberty with David Fite

David has been Fite'ing the good fight on liberty for years. He's been engaged with campaigns across the country, is heard across this nation with his podcast, and engages with so many great individuals who exude liberty with their day to day lives. Join Jason as he sits with David to learn about taking liberty and applying it in our own lives to better teach those around us.
January 10, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 21 – Talking about nuggets and spreading knowledge with Dan Behrman

First Muddied show of the year and Jason is joined with Dan Behrman to talk about the war on drugs and marijuana.
December 23, 2021
The Wrighter's Block

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 74 – Amy LePore Gets Wrighter’s Block

Amy LePore is the vice-chair of the libertarian party of Delaware. Full stop. Even after members of the state affiliate got together to change the rules to oust the duly elected EC, then for their prestige they topped that fun little trick. Join Matt today as he talks to Amy about what happened, what the fallout has been, and what is being done to rectify the situation. Become a Subscriber: Visit the store:
December 22, 2021
(((My Fellow Americans)))

(((My Fellow Americans))) #123: Eliza Bleu

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial and other recent scandals have driven home how big, and growing, of a problem sex trafficking is. But what can be done to fight it? My guest tonight is Eliza Bleu. She is a survivor of sex trafficking who works every day to advocate for other survivors. Become a member: Visit the store:
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