Mr Bearded Truth – 21 – Talking about nuggets and spreading knowledge with Dan Behrman

First Muddied show of the year and Jason is joined with Dan Behrman to talk about the war on drugs and marijuana.

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Episode Transcript

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hello and welcome to mr america the
bearded truth covering political and
social issues one liberty at a time with
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and important discussions on topics that
affect us all shining the torch of
liberty and brightening the future by
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everyday life
and now your host the friendly
neighborhood libertarian jason lyon mr
murica the bearded truth on muddy waters
hello everyone welcome in i am of course
mr mark of the bearded truth chase of
mine thank you guys all so much for
being here and being a part of tonight
um this is the first show of money media
in 2022. i didn’t think this was going
to be a thing but it’s a thing
it’s totally a thing how did this happen
uh look sorry i fixed the the uh audio
issue you guys were facing just now uh
but we have
we made it
my flag’s cricket no
it is
dammit damn it matt wright knows it
knows the background and so does my
guest for tonight i’m so excited i’ve
got dan berman coming on tonight um
we’re gonna be talking a little bit
about i’ll get some knowledge
of course we’re talking about marijuana
we’re gonna be talking about
decriminalizing it we are going to be
fixing the nation on and working towards
50 states being decriminalized so it’s
going to be one hell of a show of course
um yes we do have to do some house
um i have been
justly accused of killing betty white
and um what a
way for that to end 2021 um may she rest
in peace
on new year’s eve she just didn’t want
to make it into 2022 and we are having a
great abundance of people upset over
that one and rightfully so
and if you guys missed the episode
wherein i had matt wright on here you
guys can go back to the last episode
and uh we discussed her
uh he probably remembers
the exact time stamp because he likes
sharing that out but my guess i just to
plug him one more time
he admitted to me
we hit live for the second time because
mighty water’s technical difficulties um
that he may be
the reason for bob saget so we’ll get
into that story and much much more here
in a little bit but before we continue i
gotta first say thank you to matt and
spike for giving me a platform for
giving me a opportunity here to talk
about my opinions my views my stances
and my thoughts on everything going on
out there in the world and of course for
bringing on amazing guests like what we
do tonight um if you guys are hearing
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but without further ado
my amazing guest who i saw for the first
back when i got to make fun of a
later on
presidential nominee for dodging
questions right along with the rest of
the hosts here on monday waters media
um mr dan berman himself
dan the taxation is theft berman coming
on to talk tonight i’m so excited dan
after after rambling for six hours now
it feels like i’ve got you on how is it
going tonight man
uh it’s going pretty good
yeah um my dogs almost ripped the cables
out of everything a couple seconds ago
but i think we’re settled now that
sounds like a muddied waters normal kind
of thing so that’s it’s good that the
dogs didn’t get there um
first of all i butchered it let’s let’s
just start off with nugs of knowledge
what is it how does it work what is the
purpose so what is a function
so um i do a lot of activism and
at one point when i was running for
governor of texas i was like wouldn’t it
be amazing if i could fund my entire
campaign with drug money um and so i was
like i’m gonna start selling drugs which
i used to do by the way and um just just
weed not the hard stuff
and um
yeah all right debatable um
it’s it’s one of those gray areas
everyone has their own definition for
different words um
but um
yeah so i started i started the nug of
knowledge um nug of and
we so we wanted to make this as
as a source to you know to be your plug
but we also wanted to make it like a way
to raise money for all of these things
that you know we never have money for
all these all these great activism
projects um so
uh it’s a lot of it we call it diet weed
because we wanted it to be legal in all
50 states so we sell um we sell hemp
flour which is which is legal under the
the farm bill
and we also have delta eight vape
um and uh it’s just really awesome stuff
i’m your your little neighborhood nug
dealer and we also made this you know if
you want to be a nug dealer you can come
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a little money on the side um and you
know help hook everybody up and of
course a lot of people use this as
medicine we’ve got uppers downwards
downers things that make you go sideways
and and uh
i can’t really tell you what they do
because we’re not allowed to um thanks
to the credit card processor we’re not
we can’t even say yeah this is great for
aches and pains or joint stiffness or
it’ll make you go asleep or anything
like that um because that’s medical
advice even like something basic like
this is gonna make you sleepy like you
could probably say that on a candy bar
right all this sugar is gonna make you
hyper and then you’re gonna burn out and
crash you can probably put that on a
candy bar but you can’t say that about
this so um yeah so what we say is we
can’t tell you what it does you’re gonna
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head over to nug of and uh
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what side effects you get from it
i can either confirm nor deny the
i love it i love it i’m so excited so
we talked a little bit before
and we need to clear the air
i’ve been accosted on this network for
killing betty white
and bob sackett bob sag i told you i’m
not gonna be able to talk today bob
was a childhood hero of mine uh watching
full house and and now we get to
drag you through the mud uh how dare you
first of all and tell us the story of
how you killed bob saget
at first i want to say i love bob saget
it was totally an accident
a couple nights ago i was at dinner and
um somebody was just like you know
we’re like we’re just like talking about
old you know tv shows and actors and
like all this stuff and and someone was
trying to tell a story and they’re like
and they’re like yeah okay you know that
show with the the guy and blah blah blah
and everybody’s like who the hell are
you talking about right totally vague
hints and then eventually we got we got
to bob saget and then and then he’s like
yeah he had the show that he was in and
we’re like full house and he’s like yeah
yeah um and then he’s like he’s like
what was his brother’s name and i’m like
sitting there thinking like is there
another famous saggit and then and then
like i’m trying to guess like another
saggit and then like finally somebody
else like guessed it like joey or what’s
what’s the actor’s name and i’m like oh
you meant the actor’s name i thought you
meant like his real brother like his
brother in the show like
i’m i’m totally clueless i mean i was i
had been drinking i’m just gonna say um
and uh and yeah so we’re just talking
about him and he came up in conversation
kind of out of nowhere right because
he’s kind of like yeah he doesn’t come
up that often right um
but then
then so that was two nights ago then
last night around midnight a friend of
mine sent me this this um music video i
think it was like little dicky with bob
saget and like they’re like going to the
club like yeah let’s do some coke and
like you know it’s like a little rap
song um
it was [ __ ] amazing and and for
a lot of people don’t know i think i
think a lot of people still don’t know
that like bob saget used to do like some
really raunchy stand-up
like he’s like it’s like you know
america’s funniest on videos he he
actually said in one of his stand-ups
one time he’s like if i have to see one
more [ __ ] kid get kicked in the nuts
by by
baseball he’s like
you know he’s he’s talking [ __ ] about
the shows that he’s on because he’s i
guess that’s his venting space right
because he has to be like this lovable
father figure for that [ __ ] you know
that show in the full house oh yeah um
yeah he’s like he’s he’s [ __ ] awesome
um but he’s still like respectful like i
was watching i was i was looking through
his tweets and he was just like hey i
had a great chat he did a show last
night apparently yeah um
i guess he died late in the late night
or something last night or they found
him this morning
but he’s just like i love everybody that
came out to be you know to do the show i
think his show is called the no
negativity tour or something like that
um you know really really [ __ ]
awesome guy even though he you know he
lays he lays the smackdown on his jokes
he definitely had like that that um
his comedic
stand up was definitely not what you
would expect considering seeing him on
full house and all those other things
and i think that was the thing that like
a lot of people respected him for was
he was
at one point in time being a comedian
meant pushing limits pushing what was
acceptable and he had plenty of jokes
like that and we’re seeing now i’ve
already seen the comment in the comment
section of of the aristocats joke this
is a common joke where comedians are
pushing the limit on what’s acceptable
he definitely took it to a whole nothers
to a whole nother level that people were
uncomfortable with and now people are
going after him um
what if
first of all fantastic guy through and
through well loved well-respected and
and you know a huge miss um so
dan please stop killing off our great
i’m gonna try
new year new me i’m gonna try
we started off the new year and you’re
no um
hey i mean it’s it’s that’s that’s the
pot calling the kettle black over there
betty white dj
i can’t remember no no no finish that no
she didn’t she could have made it to
100. she could have she could have and
you could have you could have waited a
couple weeks what’s interesting is if if
you guys go to muddy waters media on the
facebook page uh there’s a picture of
somebody holding a magazine of people’s
magazine and it says betty white turns a
hundred that magazine was
i took that picture first of all but
second of all it was dated for today of
january 10th so this was
pre-filed pre-distributed
for her turning 100 i’m just saying
people magazine deserve more of the
credit of killing her than i did um just
for being preemptive in that way so i
it’s only one murderer here on this show
is that their alibi we spent like a
billion dollars producing these
magazines why would we have done it yeah
it’s like it might be sound for some
people but
i don’t know um so getting past the
killing of celebrities i think that we
also i i think it it should be said that
that bob saget was also an advocate
or user of of many drugs in his time and
kind of the relevancy of bringing him to
this conversation of tonight of talking
about the war on drugs talking about
criminal justice reform and of course
talking about marijuana and
i could see him uh i believe that there
was a quote of of him on a show or
something of saying have you ever sucked
dick for weed
so yes in honor of bob saget
we could talk a little bit about the
marijuana situation so for people who
have baked
half baked that’s what that was that’s
half fake with dave chappelle dave
chappelle was like i’m addicted to wheat
i’m here because i’m addicted to weed
you ever suck dick for weed
oh that was that was classic
bring in a full circle
how did
for somebody who this is their first
time stumbling into a conversation
around marijuana where did this come
from because
from my understanding
when the federal government was enacted
weed was legal because it wasn’t there
was no prohibition around it so there
was some point in history when weed
became illegal it became stigmatized by
society and everything else
could you give us a quick rundown of how
it started and bring us up to today if
you could
yeah so i mean
yeah it was it was all legal um a lot of
people say the constitution was written
on hemp paper um and hemp and cannabis
let’s start there hemp and cannabis are
basically the same plant and actually
even even hemp is um it’s like the you
know they have the latin names it’s it’s
still cannabis it’s in the cannabis
family um
it’s really just a matter of of how much
the leaves grow thc which is the
psychoactive ingredient so these plants
are already the same but hemp grows
really fast it’s really great for paper
um and all these other things that they
were already using it for um
and so it was very popular lots of
farmers were making it in fact world war
ii the the government actually
subsidized it because they were using it
to make ropes and ropes for like you
know those giant ropes that they’re
using for these like warships um and uh
and uh the clothes for all the soldiers
and like you know all these things a lot
of that stuff was all made from him so
this was all completely legal nobody
even thought about making it illegal at
that point um and and that’s that’s a
lot of drugs too right um you watch like
some old western movies and sometimes
you’ll see there’s like an opium den
everybody’s like in there getting high
on opium it was legal that wasn’t that
wasn’t a crime um back with prostitution
too that was yeah that was legal
um and then at some point somebody was
like oh we need to put an end to this
and there’s a lot of different theories
because it happened in a lot of
different ways in a lot of different
times and places um
first of all uh there was you said the
word marijuana um we usually hear that
as like that’s like the official term
we’re supposed to use but really it’s
not um cannabis is probably more
official because that’s
like that’s the the latin name hemp is
what it was because was called before it
was ever called marijuana and the reason
they started calling it marijuana was
because at some point someone was using
a propaganda scheme to say like oh it’s
marijuana which is a mexican word for it
and all the mexicans are using it and we
don’t want that stuff around here right
so it propaganda um in the in the 20s
and 30s they came out with this
this movie called reefer madness which i
highly recommend it’s actually really
[ __ ] hilarious um and they’re they’re
trying to make this point that oh my god
these people who who smoke cannabis oh
they go crazy they turn into like sexual
deviants and they run around raping each
other and and you know stealing
everything and killing people and like
this is what it does to you um and and
you know totally not the case but but
this was propaganda that they come up
with um and there’s there’s some
conspiracy theories out there um and and
i’m sure a lot of it can be proven to
some degree um i i can’t really i can’t
really say for a fact but um
that uh dupont wanted to ban it because
um it’s something about it it was it was
being used uh the chemicals were being
used for paint um the the it was great
for making paper and dupont is like this
chemical company that wanted to make
paints and paper and like all this other
stuff um with with things that were
harder to get a hold of right because if
everybody can just grow hemp in their
yard well then you have a supply and
demand issue and and they don’t have a
monopoly so when you have a big business
it’s usually preferable to put your
competition out of business by saying oh
there’s something wrong with their
product that that you can’t use it right
so so there’s there’s some theories on
that um and along those lines a lot of
people say like like uh i think they say
henry ford’s first car was made out of
hemp um and ran on hemp hemp oil um
which you know they say that now but
like today we’re finding out it actually
like they’ve made batteries out of hemp
which are like better than like all
these lithium batteries they’ve got hemp
creep which is like they make these
concrete blocks out of it and and they
say that when you build a house out of
it it actually helps to make the air
cleaner because even though it’s dead
and it’s strong and like it’s it’s
fireproof and you can find this all on
youtube like they’ve got video
demonstrations of all this stuff
it’s really an amazing material and it’s
like while it’s in your house it’s
actually helping to reduce the carbon
dioxide even though even though it’s a
dead like it’s not it’s no longer a
living plant it’s still somehow doing
um so again i’m not an expert in all
that kind of stuff but like it’s really
amazing what they’re doing with this
stuff and then of course there’s all the
medical um you know medical research
that’s going into it um some of it’s
been kind of proven some of it’s not
been super proven and and just kind of
you know a lot of people just go
kind of like the you know the chinese
medicine kind of thing where it’s like
yeah yeah take it and it’s good for this
and that but there’s not there’s not a
whole lot of proof um
but you know enough that like people try
it and and you know what i like to say
is hey the placebo effect is real if you
if you take it and it’s just the placebo
effect and it works on you
that’s wonderful your problem is still
gone right you’re better off so it
um you know it’s amazing
um but yeah so there’s that and then um
i’ll go a little bit later from from
because because that was like you know
this is we’re talking about reefer
madness that was in the 30s and then you
know further along other things came
along and they were trying to ban these
around the 70s
nixon was you know he’s he had this
whole war going in vietnam and and he
had this really big problem all these
anti-war hippie protesters were out
there trying to say like oh war is
murder and you know bring home the
troops and stop the war and all this
kind of stuff
um and well you can’t stop free speech
right you can’t lock people up for free
speech because it’s right there in the
constitution so what did he do he said
okay we’re gonna wage a war on drugs and
um i think i don’t know if it was
already illegal or not at that point but
they definitely started like crazy crazy
crazy enforcement because you know if
there’s a bunch of hippies out on the
lawn smoking weed you can’t arrest them
for saying stop the war but you can
arrest them for having the weed and he’s
there’s actually because he was the guy
who had a tape recorder in his office
and recorded like everything there’s
recordings of him saying yeah we’re
going to lock up all those n-words um
and it’s like
it’s it’s really crazy um and of course
you know a lot of people say that that
the entire system is racist
this is this is kind of this part gets
difficult right because i will say
there’s definitely a lot of racism that
played a part into this but
it’s hard to say where it happened right
because it’s possible the legislators
passed the law because they were like oh
yeah wheat is bad maybe they believe the
propaganda you know maybe they’re just
you know the good christians who think
like even alcohol should be banned and
you know all this other stuff whatever
their reason they might not have been
racist but when you it’s really like the
sum of all these policies yeah where you
have like yeah maybe the law itself
wasn’t racist but you have more police
patrolling the black neighborhoods and
maybe like an individual officer is
racist and he’s going to say well i’m
just going to plant some drugs on you
and arrest you just because i don’t like
you and it’s like it’s you’re giving
them a new weapon so to to what degree
is it factually racist that’s one of
those things it’s it’s extremely
difficult to prove because that that
basically requires proving motive um
it’s one of them it’s one of those
difficult things because when we talk
about this this is why libertarians get
turned off from so much of the public is
because we don’t have that quick slogan
of the the system is racist right or the
system is just trying to maintain
civility it’s like no there’s some
nuance there is this in the best
interest of people no it’s not and
here’s why and here’s like a six
paragraph long essay as to why right and
nuance sucks yeah it doesn’t sell is it
inherently racist
and it’s it’s difficult too because like
the problem is like and i think one of
the reasons we’re we’re so obsessed with
nuance is like the paradigm is
it’s racist or it’s not racist which are
both technically wrong or not
technically wrong but both partially
and it’s like if you take either one of
those sides you alienate the other you
piss off the other side of the audience
and so
of course libertarians are trying to say
like no like you guys are both right um
to a certain degree and there is a
middle ground and we can we can fix this
we can find a solution to it um
but uh yeah you’re absolutely right yeah
for this example
directly right some kid who was born
let’s say the same time i was some kid
born in 1990
grows up and becomes a police officer
and enforces these these the warrant
drugs and forces uses civil asset
forfeiture uses all these things and he
is put into a minority community a
community where there
is a
by effect
where he’s disproportionately affecting
people of color right that’s not racist
that he did all those things
it’s just it happened to be the way that
that was set up
so we can’t hold him accountable for the
racist thing that’s happening but what
we can say is we can have that
conversation of why are these these
things happening why are they
disproportionate why are you know yada
yada down the line
and and having that as a conversation
for people outside of the libertarian
circles who don’t really care about the
truth they would rather hear the
platitudes they’d rather hear the
partisan lines this isn’t moving
anywhere so we have to be able to
to narrow this down to a quick one-liner
yes it’s not racist and yes it is um
you’re right we have to i i don’t know
how we do it but yes it
but we
that’s the thing about us right this is
why we listen to podcasts this is why we
we watch the youtube videos this is why
we read the articles it’s because we
care about the truth and so i want to
thank everyone in the audience of course
for for for being a part of this um
yes it’s racist yes it’s not racist
we we had nixon
really fire up the the war on drugs um
in order to as you
said uh shut down people who were
opposed to him you know you had the
hippies that were anti-war um i believe
that there was a couple other groups
that he was concerned about uh if i
remember correctly there was something
with with guns as well um there were
some some um
potentially people of color that had
guns that were coming up against i i
might be getting presidents mixed up and
i apologize for this but
everyone from the black panthers to
martin luther king like
there was definitely a i mean the the a
court case finally ruled a couple years
ago that the fbi killed martin luther
king oh yeah um
it like
and you know like the spying and
everything was was kind of all public
knowledge at least but but
yeah it’s like they’ve
absolutely like
government groups that are against the
government the government has the power
to do some really evil things against
them and and uh you know it’s it’s like
they say that it’s it’s um
uh it’s dangerous to be right when the
government’s wrong
it’s you know this these they have the
power and they can really go to these
levels to stop um opposition
um so so moving from there we’ve kind of
come into the 21st century
and we have a new take on i would say on
cannabis nationwide um we have this
growing thing and so i wanted i wanted
to to take a little bit of time in there
because i know this is where your
activism this is where um organizations
communities that you’ve built up around
yourself and that you’ve connected with
um you guys have made large strides in
societal change cultural changes and of
course um some legislative changes uh
you know through all these different
efforts and so we’re sitting right now
we have 10 states that decriminalize
we’re working illinois is looking at
potentially being the 11th state i don’t
even know how many states have medical
currently i know my state is way behind
the ball
south carolina we are archaic as as all
get out um so we are on neither of those
categories but
we moved from the war on drugs to now we
have some some cannabis being legal in
different capacities what were the big
steps that were taken through that and
what are what are some of the things
that you’re you’re doing in today’s
effects in order to continue uh building
on those successes
yeah i mean
honestly i want to i want to credit um
musicians and comedians and
and actors and because like
really i say this all the time the
government that we have is a reflection
of the people
you know
like i’m sure there are plenty of
politicians joe biden actually i think
is one who gets elected based on oh
we’re going to legalize cannabis
and it’s pandering because he knows
that’s what the people want
and some of the some of the people who
actually get elected based on that are
people who actually believe in that
how did that happen right how did it
become this thing where like everybody
can be like so open about it
and a lot of that came i think from from
media influence which is you know not
usually when you say media you think of
the news but like uh movies and and
hollywood comedians and actors and music
and like all these other things that
that kind of helped to normalize it and
once it kind of became normalized um i
think that was a big driving factor and
i know there’s plenty of other stuff too
right there’s there’s the research that
has been going into like figuring out
like whether or not it’s it’s um
uh uh it’s it’s beneficial for for
health um you know and of course we
started with the medical stuff um but
it’s like even then
mo there are very few relatively very
few people who understand the medical
benefits of cannabis compared to the
number of people who are just out there
like you know yeah let’s blaze it up um
it’s it’s that’s the majority and
they’re they’re caving to that and they
did the same thing with alcohol you know
they they banned alcohol they had this
whole prohibition error and everybody
was like [ __ ] that we’re gonna keep
drinking it anyways and so eventually
you know they didn’t have to repeal
prohibition they could have kept
throwing people in prison but there was
just too many of them and they were like
yeah this is like we we could just stop
enforcing it but let’s just get rid of
the law and i’m sure it was the same
thing you had politicians who were like
yeah this doesn’t work we’re going to
repeal these laws and like a lot of
people were like yeah we’re going to
vote for that um you know same kind of
thing like when people want something
there are always politicians who are
going to pander to win on that and there
are other politicians who are who are
going to be genuine about it um they’re
going to get elected because of that and
they’re going to actually change things
so i think that’s really
that’s really been a huge driving factor
a big example of that um just in that
kind of bringing it back a little bit of
a circle here is that uh the anti-war
right nixon was going after people for
being anti-war but when we had george w
bush george w bush was like we’re not
gonna go to war we had obama was like
we’re gonna get out of this war we had
trump given and he was like we’re gonna
get out of this war we had joe biden who
senile i don’t even know i think he said
he was we’re gonna stay in these in all
these wars i think he said a couple
times that we’re going to pull out but
he actually pulled out
in the most catastrophic way possible
that one singular stance of we’re going
to make it better by pulling us out that
our influence as government actors in
this specific category in the specific
area has not been beneficial so we’re
going to pull out of this it has been
something that you know as you you uh
correctly described it as they’re going
sell that to a base they’re going to get
people excited about it and then
sometimes they’re genuine with it
sometimes they’re like i got i i got
elected i got reelected i’m still in
office you know um
so these these things are happening with
with war these things are happening with
education right now school choice is a
big conversation nationwide um this is
happening with the war on drugs whether
this is you know cannabis is the
conversation kind of we’re
kind of focused around tonight or if
it’s just around
other um
kind of
still more in the overton window of
what’s acceptable um
you know we are seeing some more
legislators come out you know mushrooms
is is coming out there and a couple
other things are more natural um so
we’re seeing this on on so many
different fronts and it’s important when
we find good people that
i don’t want to say that are genuine
because it’s hard for us to be able to
tell that but if they actually seem
genuine and i think that dan you are
certainly one of those genuine people
that you you put your money where your
mouth is you put this on in the
forefront so when you run for office we
know that you know dan berman is going
to be out here and he’s going to be
fighting the good fight
in and out of the office um so i want to
make sure that we support you anytime
that you take one of those endeavors up
because it’s a huge ask um
but we
we as constituents we as society we as
activists as whoever we are whatever we
are need to be able to find those those
good good politicians that may find the
good fight for us through and through
yeah yeah and you’re right it is it is
really difficult um
i i as much as i hate to admit this i
voted for obama once um once
um you learned your lesson but
yeah it was and it was just because of
what you said like i like i was getting
sick of of this war um like i kind of
like i remember like when 9 11 happened
i was really pissed off and i was like
man i’m gonna post on my space for bin
laden to come fight me and i’m gonna
[ __ ] challenge him to a boxing match
i’m gonna beat the [ __ ] out of him right
i was like that um but um 911 turned out
but then like neocon everyone in tunisia
yeah but then like but then like a
couple months later like when i started
saying oh we’re invading afghanistan and
then like i noticed on the map oh it’s
right next to iraq and like
bush was in iraq and i was like
uh how long until they start going into
iraq to like finish his father’s legacy
and like you know that happened like i
don’t know how many months later um
and uh and that’s kind of when i started
realizing oh my god they’re just like
they’re just like stealing oil and i
started getting into like all that kind
of realization and then i was like yeah
this needs to stop and so a couple years
later i’m like yeah in the war and then
a couple years after that obama oh and
the war yeah this is great and and i was
totally in the mentality oh yeah because
republicans are war warhawks and
democrats are anti-war so so i’m going
to vote for the democrat right and yeah
i i believed all the [ __ ] and i was
i was that was the first time i voted i
was like maybe i don’t know 1920
something like that um and and
absolutely naive and it’s amazing that
this is like if you look at like how
this happens you see the same thing it
cycles through every year like the the
uh like i don’t want to say the majority
but a large number of people who are
voting are voting for the first time
they’re completely uninformed they’re
believing the propaganda they’re
believing you know all this political
[ __ ] um they vote and then a couple
years later they realize wow that guy
was full of [ __ ] and then the next
election you know there’s a lot of
people who start dropping out and that’s
why you have this thing where like by
the time people get to like 30 or 40
they’re burned out and they’re like this
is a waste of time i’m not even gonna
um like it doesn’t just come from from
nowhere right it’s not like it’s not
like kids are just growing up and yeah
politics is stupid i’m not gonna vote um
it’s like no a lot of people try voting
and then they’re just like this isn’t
working like this isn’t for me and they
get burned out and say screw that yeah
um i think that’s really important uh
story to to take um especially for
anybody who’s um
whether you’re a libertarian or you’re
like uh um andrew yang trying to you
know do the whole um forward party thing
where like you’re trying to get people
to vote for something else like you
really have to understand
the the strategy of the machine that
you’re up against because i see i mean i
don’t even think andrew yang gets it i i
definitely don’t think the libertarian
party gets it um and it’s like if you’re
just like oh yeah we’re gonna run a
campaign and knock on some doors and and
fight for ballot access like that’s
that’s not a winning strategy that’s
just that’s just spinning your wheels
yeah you really need to understand what
the strategy is and put something in
place against it that can really be
effective man
i i yes
that’s that’s
spinning your wheels that is the
libertarian party i think that that’s
that’s what we are we’re going to argue
with each other monarchists versus
anarchists and and everything else and
we’re going to spend our wheels for
forever so
i i i’ve derailed us i think um because
we started talking about how we got to
i’m glad you did it not me
no it’s always me um
so you were talking and you were giving
credit to the media and everything else
on on moving us forward on
making uh cannabis more socially
acceptable um right and which by the way
let’s uh sorry to derail again but let’s
bring that back to bob saget right
because that i mean that was a huge
movie for me like that was like um
that was kind of like when i was going
through the phase of like
like i think i was smoking weed for the
first time and i was like wow this this
is nothing like what the dare officers
came and told me it was like and like
this is this is fun and enjoyable it’s
not dangerous i’m not putting anybody at
risk and like this is all [ __ ] and
then like and then half baked came out
and all these movies were like people
are just sitting around getting stoned
and doing stupid stuff and it’s like
yeah haha this funny humor um
and and you know bob saget saying
nobody’s ever sucked dick for weed like
it’s really driving that point home like
this is this is not as bad as like the
government’s saying it is yeah um but
yeah sorry to no sorry to interrupt
to continue your interruption on that
but this is it’s such a good point there
this is why people view
cannabis as a gateway drug is because
when you
see the propaganda that comes out and
you go
marijuana really wasn’t all that it was
hyped up to be in those negative ways
how bad is everything else
so it’s it’s
i am 100 right i am i am that radical
i’m that extremist that i say you know
every single drug everything out there
whatever you want to put in your body
you you do it on your own um i i don’t
want any law surrounding this but when
you have somebody who will do cannabis
and then they go
this really wasn’t that bad and then
they go and shoot up black tar hair when
the next day because they’re like this
clearly isn’t going to be as bad and
they end up dead it’s just like
maybe just maybe it’s not the gateway
drug maybe it’s just the propaganda
that’s really is the problem there and i
think that that’s that’s one of the
things that we need to
we need to be doing a better job of
pushing that messaging out there of
it’s just the propaganda it’s not really
the weed itself that is the gateway drug
and i think that that’s one of the
fronts that has allowed for the
the legalization the decriminalization
the all the different
ways of of making it to where people are
more accessible for uh cannabis is
because we’ve been able to fight against
those stigmas and the propaganda
yeah um yeah and i mean now that you’re
talking about hard drugs i’m just like
i’m i’m having
flashbacks i don’t want to take up the
whole show talking about it but about
how um you know the cia was effectively
bringing in all the cocaine in the 80s
um they you know they turned it into
crack and gave it to the inner cities
got everybody hooked um and
and you know it and this is like a lot
of people say that’s a conspiracy theory
no this is this is public knowledge
there were congressional hearings about
it um you can go look up oliver north um
you can go look up the iran contra and
how they were funding this with illegal
money um
uh go watch a movie uh with with tom
cruise which i thought was an awesome
movie just because i love those types of
movies but uh it was called american
made yeah um and it’s it’s a true story
um and and it’s it really shows you how
the thing kind of works i know like even
when it’s a movie you walk away and it’s
like yeah but that was probably
exaggerated also but it’s like
it’s real this was the government doing
and it’s like how could they be telling
us you know you can’t do drugs while at
the same time they’re selling it to us
but but also to your point about the
hard drugs you’re absolutely right and i
think like what was really good for me
was when i started smoking weed i had a
good friend who was like really into
like all the research he’s like he’s
like oh my god yeah the plants that has
always and i was just like i don’t care
how good it is healthy yeah great i just
want to get high um but he was like he
was like comparing like cocaine and like
and like heroin and all that and he’s
like yeah these ones actually are really
bad and he’s like he’s studying on him
um like bookworm but you’re absolutely
right like you know
there is that degree of like well if
they lied to us about this what else are
they lying to us about and that makes it
that makes it really difficult um but at
the same time you know i advocate for
legalization or decriminalization of
everything and you know people come to
me like why you want people shooting up
heroin and i said no i don’t want people
shooting up heroin but if they are
shooting up heroin i don’t think
throwing them in prison giving them a
felony charge and destroying their life
preventing them from ever getting a job
is going to help them get their [ __ ]
back together yeah absolutely not um and
so you know that’s that’s where that’s
and for a lot of people too it’s a phase
i mean um i don’t smoke weed anywhere
near as much as i used to in fact i have
to like keep reminding myself to smoke
it to like you know chill out and calm
down um and and relax because i get kind
of high strung lately um but it’s like
but it’s like i’m not a habitual user
and i used to be i used to smoke every
single day yeah that was a phase and and
it’s a phase for a lot of people i know
so many people who used to do so many
more i used to do cocaine and ecstasy
and like all kinds of other cool stuff
um but like for short periods and like
now i’m like i’m not even like oh what
are we gonna do let’s go out and just
now i’m like no i don’t feel like going
out and doing that [ __ ]
and it’s like it’s experimenting and
like yeah like even ecstasy yeah that’s
that’s pretty dangerous if you get into
if you start doing it with extended use
and everything but
experimenting with it just a little bit
just to try it out and like there’s
there’s really nothing wrong with that
and and i think like that’s a perfect
example of a gateway drug because that’s
one of those things where like you try
it once and like yeah see that wasn’t
that bad they were lying to me about
this too
and then it’s like oh but if you use it
a bunch of times then it’s going to turn
really bad and it’s like yeah you’re
full of [ __ ] you said the same thing
about weed
like i i can totally see that that path
happening with something like that so
yeah it’s it it really is you know let’s
let’s blame the propaganda for a lot of
this it’s a it’s a struggle they’ve got
to get rid of laws
you know you were talking about it more
with the with the hard drugs but even
with the with with cannabis right we run
into people all the time that are
completely opposed to cannabis and it’s
rooming through and they’re like you
just want everyone to smoke cannabis and
it’s like
no like
as you said right well you’d be less of
an [ __ ] if you did
but you know we don’t we of course don’t
want people thrown in cages for this but
rather than treating like a criminal
issue if somebody was somehow magically
addicted and of course we know that they
can’t for the actual um cannabis portion
of it can’t be maybe addicted to the
but that’s a whole different thing but
you know if somebody was to be addicted
to marijuana or cannabis or whatever
drug it is right
you want them to not be able to be
ashamed of it you want them to be able
to seek help and you can’t do that if
it’s a criminal thing right that you
don’t want them to lose their job their
families and everything else because
they have a problem right most people
that are into
some of these other drugs right um
heroin right is is
you know people who are
uh painful circumstances where they can
no longer get health care
they they turn to street drugs and so
it’s like yeah we want them to be able
to get help because they didn’t
necessarily want to be on these drugs
they didn’t want to be to build these
addictions so we want to give them a
pathway of getting help
of getting what they need and you can’t
do that if they have to look over their
shoulder to see if an officer is
following them every every five feet
rather we want to give them those
opportunities to reach out to the family
members to reach out to others in their
community and we can’t do that as long
as these are illegal well this is this
is a really good um
there’s a really good point to be made
there too about um
legal prescription drugs right or like i
mean they’re still considered controlled
substances but
not a lot of people know how hard the
dea actually comes down on legal
distribution of these drugs um and
there was a you know this the doctors
are basically afraid to prescribe
medication right
because what happens is let’s say let’s
say you come in there um and you’re like
i’m in pain i have a lot of pain what
can you give me and they’re like well i
can give you some of these painkillers
but it’s a controlled substance i can’t
give you a whole lot of them right
some people might take it it’s enough
that’s great um some people might try to
abuse the system be like hey these are
fun let me get some more but then you
have other people who legitimately i
need some more like i took i took
everything you gave me i haven’t been
selling them to my friends i took them i
need more it’s the pain is unbearable i
can’t function and the doctors are
basically afraid because i can’t give
you more
not because there’s a limit because
there’s a law about over-prescribing yes
and this was actually the dea came in
and prosecuted this doctor or they tried
to prosecute this doctor they tried to
prosecute this doctor for over
medication they said he prescribed too
much of this medication to somebody for
for their pain
and they lost the case but by the time
this guy got his gut you know got his
innocence back
he had already had his business shut
down it was you know a year or two of
trial his reputation was shot because it
was all over the news and everybody’s
saying oh this evil guy he couldn’t
start his business back up they
destroyed him he he lost all of his
money he’s broke he can’t go into
business they took that all away from
him over nothing they didn’t even get a
conviction and because of that and and
this is the thing too you know oh i over
prescribed well i gave him you know what
10 pills for the week
is that too many is there a number that
i went over no there’s no number that
you went over so any of these other
doctors when you come in asking for pain
meds they’re like well should i give him
ten he wants 20. i don’t know it’s not
over the limit but am i risking the dea
coming in here and so they’re going to
play it safe at your expense and so
what’s what’s actually happening because
of this
to you know because you have a couple
people who are going to abuse the system
and abuse those those drugs instead you
have even more people who are like this
pain medication is not working they go
to the pharmacy they get the strongest
over-the-counter stuff they can get and
they end up oding on it they they take
more of it they take more of it they get
an ulcer they bleed to death and this is
this is what’s happening and and this is
you know totally not related to cannabis
but this is all part of like this this
you know the dea enforcement and and the
way that they’re criminalizing people
for trying to to medicate themselves and
you know i’ve
i’m going through this right now with
with kovid i had covert a month ago my
wife had coveted we’re going to all
these doctors we’re trying to get we
have long covered right now
there’s there’s like all this [ __ ] that
we’re going to all these doctors and
none of them know what the hell they’re
talking about none of them like we tell
them you know all these symptoms and all
these all these things that we were able
to determine from all the doctors we’ve
talked to and every single one of them
you know you go to new doctor because
my wife’s in texas right now she had to
go to a different doctor they came up
with a completely different diagnosis
and like oh it’s this and this and it’s
not a it’s not a science
we have to be smart enough to try to
understand ourselves and and you know
take doctors advice yes take their
knowledge for what it’s worth get a
second third fourth fifth tenth opinion
and they’re all going to be different
and do you need to try to do what’s best
for yourself but they’re taking that
away from you because there’s certain
drugs you can’t use without a drug
doctor’s prescription um and some you
just can’t use it all
um and it’s like and i know people
who’ve used cannabis to get off of um to
get off of heroin i know people have
gotten on heroin because they’re they’re
veterans and the va’s not giving them
anything that they need yep um
like this is all these are all like side
effects of
of this you know this this massive
system that they have um to to control
drugs and it’s like and and you know and
at this point um you know we talked we
talked about some of the causes and like
where this started at this point it’s a
lot of pharmaceutical companies that are
pushing it i mean there’s a there’s a
drug that’s been around um called
uh uh
[ __ ] i used to know what it was called
and it’s like it looks like a little
eyeball right it’s a little white pill
with a little black dot on it
and it’s thc but it’s synthetic thc and
my my friend’s mom who had cancer i
remember her showing me those pills and
she’s like yeah you want to try one she
was taking those for her cancer
and this had to be like 20 years ago now
and this was legal
but this is a doctor actual yeah
yeah because there’s some pharmaceutical
company making and they were probably
like 10 000 bucks a pill or something
like that
yep and it’s like and it’s like she
could have grown that cannabis in her
backyard for the same cost of whatever
it costs to grow tomatoes and and but
yeah but the big pharmaceutical company
wouldn’t have made any money
there’s there’s so much corruption and
and i think you know as you’re you’re
describing all this right you’re talking
about like the system and i think that
it shows like our health care system our
pharmaceutical system our our
our mental health concern in this
country our our physical health and
concern in this country are all just
incredibly broken
it’s a big gang bang and we’re all
getting [ __ ] yeah no
i mean yes yes that’s exactly it
uh it’s terrible um
i i
i don’t even know where to begin on
on how we fix this i think that you know
through multiple episodes and and of
course i’m i’m gonna have to invite you
on for continuing this discussion on
every aspect of this but i wanna i wanna
as as we get close to wrapping up the
show i want to know what is dan berman
doing right now what communities are you
helping build um what are
what can we see you grow
outside of thc uh from knowledge um pun
so what are all the things that you’re
doing what are you involved with and
yeah websites
let me say this um let me start with
websites because i know i’m gonna forget
them no let me finish with websites just
remember to remind me
um so okay to your point right this is a
very complicated issue and as we said
before right it’s easier to just say oh
it’s racist and that catches on because
it’s small and simple and so what i’m
trying to do is i’m trying to stick with
the idea of you know what we talked
about culture change right we have to
create the culture change
and um and i i want to take that a
little bit further and so
um i created an organization called
legalize happiness
and what this organization does is it’s
the same thing we’re gonna use um media
social media um we’re gonna try to get
as many um celebrities we can and inject
this into like the mainstream
conversation the idea
that it doesn’t matter if you can put
taxes on it in fact you shouldn’t put
taxes on it and i’ll explain why
it doesn’t matter if there’s any
medicinal value to it it shouldn’t
matter if somebody just wants to get
high it is a human right it is a
constitutionally protected human right
it’s declared in the declaration of
independence the right to life liberty
and pursuit of happiness and these these
statements have gone to the supreme
court um in terms of um in terms of
contraceptives in terms of um in terms
of interracial marriage um which the
government banned at some point right um
these things have gone to the supreme
court they said yeah man has a right to
pursue happiness however he wants to as
long as it’s not infringing on other
people’s rights and so consuming
cannabis does not interfere with anybody
else else’s rights and in the
constitution we have the ninth amendment
that says because everybody’s like well
where is that in the constitution that
says you can smoke weed it’s the ninth
it says
we laid out a bunch of rights here in
the bill of rights but we can’t name
them all and because of that we
understand there are unalienable rights
that cannot be taken away and we can’t
list them out but those are still to be
protected as if they’re constitutional
rights that’s what it says in the ninth
amendment yep um so we need to realize
that that ninth amendment is protecting
our right to pursue happiness and
pursuing happiness whether it’s cannabis
whether it’s whether it’s heroin or
something bad
yeah it’s probably not going to be very
effective at giving you that happiness
that’s your right to go down whatever
path you choose it is your life not the
government’s right not the government’s
life you’re not government property you
own your own body
and so this entire organization is based
around changing the narrative of
oh and and i also want to say the
supreme court has ruled rights cannot be
taxed rights cannot be converted into
privileged into privileges and charged
attacks for the exercise thereof which
basically means if it’s a right you
can’t charge a tax on it you can’t
charge a tax on drinking water you can’t
charge a tax on eating food or breathing
air um even though they’re trying really
this is a right and so forget about
raising taxes on it
uh forget about trying to prove that
it’s got medical value which you can’t
even do because they’re they’re they’ve
effectively made it illegal to re to do
the research
um forget about all that it’s a human
right and once a
a huge majority of americans understand
that it’s a human human right
that’s where we’re going to start seeing
real change and this is a message that i
you know because the left is usually
already on board with with cannabis
right and and rights we have these
rights um
the the right is usually
is is i don’t wanna say they’re all
against cannabis but there’s a there’s a
huge part of the right that’s against
cannabis but when you put in perspective
of this is a constitutional right
they really do like constitutional
rights and so when you frame it like
that and you have the left and the right
coming together first of all this is the
unity that everybody’s been talking
about except this is this is not the
unity by throwing bricks at each other
this is like hey we can agree on
this this is something that both the
left and the right can agree on it’s a
human right it should be a protected
right the government shouldn’t be
screwing with us on this um so so uh
that that’s called legalize happiness
you can find out more about it at
right now we’re recruiting
ambassadors for every major city across
the u.s
basically we’re looking for more people
to help us
to start organizing grassroots
communities there to help distribute
information to help organize rallies um
and all that sort of thing and really
start uh bringing light to this
but um yeah this is this is really where
it starts and we have a lot of plans
where we’re gonna take it from here um
but but yeah this is that’s the simplest
form of it we have to understand that
it’s a human right and once everybody
understands that things are really going
to change
the human right
see we were we were arguing over these
nuances or we were talking about the
cannabis is a human right boom
there we go
like dude there’s not much you risk that
right do you want to fight against human
rights like what’s up
i love it right
i love it i’ve sold i so i will have all
these websites of course in the show
notes later um
so legalize happiness nugs of knowledge
what other where else can we find dan
the tax man i’m just kidding i’m all
alone taxations theft berman
the anti-tax man yeah taxation theft dot
info um i’m actually i’m doing my best
to try to get a lot of people to stop
paying income tax i’m not paying income
tax i haven’t paid it i haven’t paid any
in like five years in fact i finally
filed my 2017 return and got a 100
refund with interest
if you can believe that um and and i’ve
been trying to do this for the last 20
years i failed miserably the first time
but i learned a lot along the way and i
finally got it right or at least i work
with some people who help me to get it
right now
but the truth is there is no law that
says the average american has to pay
income tax um and it’s it’s basically uh
it’s basically a swindle everybody’s
being tricked into paying attacks they
don’t have to pay through fear and
propaganda um and the reality is you
know everybody’s afraid of the irs but
there are legal ways to stop paying
um and the irs like as they did with me
sending me 100 refund with interest the
irs is basically agreeing okay yeah you
you don’t have to pay the tax
yeah it’s it’s and and you know you
don’t have to have your money withheld
it’s a really interesting story i’m not
gonna get too much into it there but uh
there’s a lot more info about that at
taxation but of course a lot
of the stuff there is really just
selling a bunch of cool stuff like these
hats that say taxation stuff all over
i know i’ve seen i’ve seen matt wright
wear your hat um i’ve seen the spike
cone where your hat i’ve seen of course
plaster across muddy waters media we’ve
seen it and of course we’ve seen
all of
so many amazing activists across this
country wearing that wonderful taxation
is theft i don’t know i might have it on
a shirt next to me but it’s not not one
of your cool hats um
i’ll i’ll send you one
send me your info after the show i’ll
send you love it i will definitely do
that uh that’ll be
whatever show is following that i get it
i will be rapping and rocking your hat
that’s a that’s amazing
anywhere else where can we follow your
social medias oh man can we find it
i want to know i’ve got like 50 websites
i’m not going to list them all but um
there’s dan for that’s the
site i was using for my campaign um and
that links to my facebook uh instagram
and twitter is where i’m usually at um i
kind of got off of facebook because they
are absolute trash in fact while you
were starting up the intro of the show i
was over there trying to share it and
and like it’s letting me share but
there’s no button to
press to like like i typed my my
my text and i’m like share and like wait
where’s the button it’s gone oh um and
and like that’s been there for like a
month so i just haven’t been using
facebook it’s total trash i mean aside
from the fact that like they’ve been
trash for a million different reasons
but as a programmer i’m offended at the
of their actual application um
uh yeah so i’m usually on twitter and i
know there’s there’s no perfect system
um but uh but yeah if you want to
interact with me there um send me a
message send me a tweet whatever so your
twitter handle is dan are at danforth
yes everyone get on over there
give this man a follow he uh is roughly
i’m gonna reuse my joke and i don’t care
he is roughly
991 thousand uh
followers away from a million and
let’s get them help me find my friends
yeah let’s let’s get them over a million
all right let’s just let’s just do this
together um
dan it’s been one hell of a night with
you man i appreciate it you’re you’re
breaking open the new year for money
waters media uh first show of the new
i i know that used ended last year me
this is amazing
you ended last year with covid you and
your wife had covid um you got a bid
betty white ado
um and then you start off the new year
with killing
bob saget
tell me where does it go from here
just the last
the last prediction from dan berman what
what big things are happening this year
in 2022 before we better do
oh man
i i don’t know where to go i don’t know
where to go with that there’s so many
different ways and i’m just like no
that’s that’s evil i shouldn’t say that
um i’m glad that we both are on the same
um i definitely um you know i i think
there’s a lot of cool projects that i’m
working on that um you know they’re
gonna start to manifest and we’re gonna
see some really amazing things um and
and hopefully inspire a lot of activists
to get involved um with these things and
hopefully ultimately because i know like
i’ve had my differences with the
libertarian party about their strategy
um like we talked about um
i’ll be able to use the success from
what i’m doing to inspire more people to
adopt that strategy and start using that
more because i know there’s there’s so
many activists out there but they’re
using the strategies that don’t work
and if if we put that much energy into a
strategy that worked effectively
like we’d be unstoppable so yeah that’s
that’s hopefully what we’ll start
shifting towards this year yeah i i
on that note real quick i feel like
the libertarian party and many
libertarians within it are standing in a
field jumping up and down shoving a
shovel into the ground and saying i’m
doing something
why are we not being successful um but
with a good plan and with good activism
you can do
a lot more with a lot less effort and
and so you know off of your successes
and the successes of others i hope that
we will start paying attention to those
and and continue building on those um
with that
i i want to say thank you again for for
coming on here guys uh or coming on here
dan and and for all of you in the
audience uh
it’s it appears that dan and his wife
have spread the covet to the rest of the
muddy waters team so this
very well be the only show
oh god now i’m gonna get it too um
but this may be the only show this week
uh on muddy waters media so
starting off
on a coffee
beginning of the year but an amazing
time with you dan i appreciate it so
much um
you guys make sure you guys check out
the links on the show notes on muddy
waters media where you can find this and
every other episode of on monday waters
media so you guys can tune in and follow
dan berman everywhere that he goes and
continue to build on these successes and
with that i hope you guys all have a
great night i will see you guys next
week i will have on
uh mr david fight from fight for liberty
it’s gonna be a fantastic show fantastic
time stay tuned love you guys all be
well don’t catch the coven
stay away from dan berman
before he spreads it to you
and uh
hopefully you guys all had a wonderful
new year

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