Mr. ‘Murica: The Bearded Truth

September 23, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 47 – The Power of the Jury with Tom Gallagher

The Jury of a court is so important, not just who makes it up but also understanding their power over cases. Joining Jason to talk about this is Tom Gallagher. Tom is a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, where he's been defending people for 34 years so far. He is politically active, including volunteer work on issues like marijuana legalization, individual gun rights, and liberty issues generally. He frequently speaks publicly, and writes for his blog at . One of his interests is jury power and jury nullification, our main topic today.
September 23, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 46 – All things bail with Spike Cohen

Often times we hear changes that politicians and political leaders say, but often what's left out is the actual substance of what the current structure looks like and why what we advocate for puts our society in a better place. Join Jason as he sits with Spike Cohen, founder and chair of You Are The Power, co-owner of Muddied Waters Media, nationally syndicated activist, and oh yeah the 2020 Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, as they discuss the cash bail system within our criminal justice system.
September 2, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 45 – AMA with Jessica Ethridge.

In November, South Carolina has an amazing activist and leader on the ballot. Her name is Jessica Ethridge and she is running for Lt. Governor.
August 26, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 44 – Bailouts are good, until they’re bad.

President Joe Biden, while being equipped with the American Rescue Plan Act, has announced that American families can rest at ease knowing thousands of their student loans are being forgiven. President Joe Biden did not, however, comment on the logical conclusions of what's to come. Welcome to another episode in which a libertarian tells you what's to come so we can wait for it to happen and watch the media tell us "no one could see this coming!"
August 12, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 43 – Trumped up partisan weapons going nuclear

On Monday August 8th, Former President Trump's residence in Mar A Lago was raided by the FBI. As usual, it quickly became a partisan shouting match, but thankfully you're coming to Muddied Waters Media to get a clear take on these muddied waters.
August 5, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 42 – Building back walls better, with some justice!

Jason's back! Something both sides of the political aisle aren't talking about is that President Biden has ordered the construction of of the southern border wall. Also, after waiting more than two years, four officers have been charged from the circumstances surrounding the No-Knock raid which ended the life of Breonna Taylor.
July 8, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 41 – The Jones Act with Feena Bonoan.

After being signed into law in 1920, the Jones Act has made commerce more difficult to our remote locations -- Hawaii, Alaska, and even the US territories. Join Jason as he sits with Feena Bonoan, a US Senate Candidate for Hawaii, as they discuss the Jones Act and why it needs to be ended.
July 1, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 40 – Persevering through our own ailments with Spike Cohen.

Ailments, whether mental or physical, can harm people in a litany of ways. Spike Cohen joins Jason as they both share some of their ailments and discuss the different methods to help them climb out of some of their darkest holes. Dapper Squirrel "Dear Person" shirt link:
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