Mr. ‘Murica: The Bearded Truth

October 18, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 13 – Women Empowerment with Jessica Ethridge

What does it mean to empower women? This has become a point of contention for many of our Republican and Democratic friends, but where do libertarians stand on this issue? Join Jason as he sits with Jessica Ethridge to discuss the intricacies of what could be a controversial topic, depending on who you're talking with!
October 11, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 12 – Qualified Immunity with Spike Cohen

Qualified immunity, most have heard this phrase at least once in the last year, but what is it? How did it come about? And what's the libertarian take on it all? Join Jason as he sits down with Spike Cohen, the 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee from the Libertarian Party, as we answer those questions and much much more!
September 27, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 11 – Police reform with a reformed police officer, Joe Garcia

Jason is joined with the North Carolina Libertarian Party Chair, Joe Garcia, a former New York City Police Officer to discuss police practices and reforms! It's a great conversation that you don't want to miss!
September 20, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 10 – Individual Rights and Free Market Principles with Shawn Hickman

Individual rights and free market principles, why are these so important? Jason and his guest, Shawn Hickman, are going to take a dive into these intrinsically connected ideas and challenge our culture to understand and value them along with us.
September 6, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 9 – Selling liberty with Duane Lester

"If you can't sell Freedom, you suck" with Duane Lester. Come learn why and how to sell liberty, our future depends on it!
August 23, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 8 – A Society Without Firearms.

Jason is bringing on a gun guru to discuss the importance of keeping everyone safe, ending racist policies, and protecting the most vulnerable in our nation. Like with most circumstances, the laws enacted to fulfill our desires mentioned above, work against intentions.
August 16, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 7 – Diverting to say it’s okay to not be okay.

Afghanistan is rightfully being talked about by so many pundits, arm chair quarterbacks, and keyboard warriors, but there has been a gross over simplification from every source Jason has heard so far, so join in as he gives you his.
August 9, 2021

Mr Bearded Truth – 6 – Matt Wright joins us to talk about the War on Drugs

Jason has Matt Wright one of the co-founders of Muddied Waters Media to discuss a bit of the history of the War on drugs and discuss how the libertarian philosophy would address the problems of drug use, addiction, and otherwise.
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