Mr Bearded Truth – 13 – Women Empowerment with Jessica Ethridge

What does it mean to empower women? This has become a point of contention for many of our Republican and Democratic friends, but where do libertarians stand on this issue? Join Jason as he sits with Jessica Ethridge to discuss the intricacies of what could be a controversial topic, depending on who you’re talking with!

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Episode Transcript

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hello and welcome to mr america the
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and now your host the friendly
neighborhood libertarian jason lyon mr
murica the very true
hello everybody
i am so excited for tonight’s show i’ve
got a wonderful amazing woman jessica
etheridge coming on we’re gonna be
talking a little bit about what is women
empowerment what is the proper role of
this how is it fitting into society and
of course some of the historical context
of when
women quote unquote empowerment has gone
wrong but of course before we get into
all of this we do have to do a little
housekeeping so the first big ado
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hey guys
we’re about done with that so i want to
bring on an amazing woman from here in
the upstate of south carolina where it’s
in my neck of the woods and
despite it being south carolina it’s not
redneck of the woods so
i’m so excited to have her come on she
is one of the first couple people that i
met here in the upstate of south
carolina when i moved down here in 2016.
um and she she’s helped inspire me she’s
helped change me and i don’t even think
she knows she knows how much she has um
how much she has influenced me and so
being from the same county i knew i
wanted to have her on and it just so
happens that she happens to be a
podcaster as well so i’m gonna let her
give give her plug on that
but just an amazing woman running for
the scop for the state coming up i do
believe hopefully i’m not breaking that
news um
but but
here she is nonetheless
that’s wonderful and everyone please
welcome again the wonderful amazing miss
jessica etheridge
hey jessica how’s it going tonight
good how are you oh i’m doing all right
it’s a monday night so it’s a it’s
always a good time to to be out here and
having a good time and i have to
i can’t block that comment so if you
guys are in the chat please if you guys
are on facebook please ignore that muddy
waters media thing it’s we don’t know
what it’s from it’s not us don’t click
on that don’t don’t do anything with
that that but
with the unexpected
i got it so
been running the show for a little bit
and i’ve been meaning to have you on
finally got around to uh not having
errors on my end finally having you on
and one of the things that i was most
excited about is to have a fellow
podcaster on
i want to know
first of all what it is what’s your
podcast what is your mission with this
and what inspired you and the other
wonderful ladies to to get involved and
get engaged on this
so our podcast is a little bit different
um from most of what you see online
because our podcast is more specifically
about parenting
and not just typical parenting
conversations we do tackle things like
current events parenting challenges and
but we talk a lot about being
politically active moms and dads we have
dads on from time to time jason has been
on we’ve had a couple of guys from uh
from south carolina who have joined us
for various episodes
and the idea came from having you know
all of these podcasts where we talk
about economics and we talk about policy
and we talk about current events and how
they impact our daily lives but nobody’s
talking about how they impact us as
parents and nobody’s talking about how
they impact our kids and how we’re
talking to our kids about these things
and so i was thinking about this a
couple of years ago and i actually
mentioned it to you jason the first
person i mentioned it to and you’re like
that’s a really good idea like you
really need to talk to somebody about
and so we were at the national
convention um and casey whitener and i
from the midlands in south carolina
and i mentioned it to her
and she has been such an amazing
champion of this and she’s like we have
to do this like i’m going to do it with
you because it has to happen
and so he believed in it immediately and
then um we brought in melissa kutcher
who’s from the low country in south
carolina so we have kind of every region
in the state covered and our uh state
chair’s wife alex i actually sat in for
the first season and a half but she just
had a baby so she had to take some time
off she had another little porcupine
yeah yeah so anyway that’s it and we you
know we try to stick to 30 to 45 minutes
because that’s you know about all a
parent can spare
but you can check us out live on
facebook and youtube
we typically broadcast on saturday
nights but with it being football season
we’ve been doing friday nights because
we’re all uh clemson fans well casey and
i are big clemson fans so we don’t do
anything on football saturdays but so if
you guys haven’t already please do go
over there go show parenting porcupine
some love
as she said i was i said it was a great
idea so you guys know it’s at least a
mediocre good idea at best but
it’s an amazing thing i as she said i’ve
been on there
but who doesn’t need help right just to
break away from the conversation we’re
about to have
what parent out there became a parent
was like i’ve got this book in front of
me and i know exactly what i’m doing
well the thing i love about it and i
love talking about our show because it
is so different
but the thing that i love the most is
because casey melissa and i are all
three very different people we have
completely different styles and while we
have things in common
we don’t do things the same way right
and and we all have a different family
dynamic in our house
and so
i think it’s very
unique because you get to see
parents who are talking about the same
issues from different perspectives and
you know it could help
anybody you know it just knowing that
you’re doing the same thing and dealing
with the same thing and talking about
the same things and struggling with the
same challenges um
and i think having that diversity
is really awesome
yeah no and i love that about the show
right is because you guys do have
you guys are hitting hitting stuff that
i’m just like
how did i not have you guys before this
so this is something that you know i’m
glad that you guys are putting it out
now but could you guys have done it like
10 years ago when i had my first kid
like just
let’s get back to that all right we’re
all still learning we were still
figuring it out
so we haven’t figured out now
yeah right
parenting it’s always a learning
experience but you guys are are truly
adding something valuable and so please
everybody if you guys have not already
if you’re a parent or if you know a
parent so that means literally every one
of you um you guys have to go over there
and show parenting porcupine some love
and give them a follow give them put
them put them on your notification and
and check them out and uh absolutely
amazing but i don’t wanna i don’t wanna
to dive too far into that because we do
have an amazing conversation tonight an
important conversation um
i i was talking about our show uh with
some friends of mine and they’re like oh
you’re getting some controversial topics
now it’s like
i don’t
it shouldn’t be controversial right this
shouldn’t be controversial to be able to
talk about empowering women the the
empowerment of women is so important for
our society and and so we’ve gotten to a
point in history where
you have people that are
empowering women with with air quotes
for those you guys listen to podcast
form uh empowering women
and it’s more like misinjury right it’s
breaking down men for the pursuance of
of bettering women and and
i don’t think that that’s the
libertarian stance and so i you came up
to to me with this idea and i said let’s
run with it it’s not controversial it’s
going to be amazing and and of course
it’s coming from you so i i i’m all
yours but
what is it what is it about this subject
that is so important for you that
that this is what you wanted to come and
talk about
i grew up i grew up in a conservative
and so my family was very traditional in
a lot of ways
um and i grew up thinking that you know
i was going to
get married and have babies and stay
home and that
was not
the path for me i mean i did get married
i did have babies
but you know this this idea that i had
based on those kind of more air quotes
traditional values
you know that that did not really come
to fruition for me
and um
i always had this idea of feminism being
this like horrible
thing right and the older i’ve gotten
the more i’ve learned about feminism as
it has been
over the years yeah and so feminism
actually started in the 1800s and i
didn’t really know that until recently
you know but fast forward
the feminism that we think of
are our mothers and grandmothers in the
60s who were fighting for equality for
women right
equality to do the things that men were
doing to work
to to vote to do all these things
that men were doing they wanted to do
they should have the equal opportunity
to do that yes and that is something
that i absolutely believe
you know but i think that
those ideas over time have been a bit
and i think that as we’ve grown
a more entitled society i think that a
lot of
the the empowerment of that movement has
transitioned into that entitlement
i always tell people i’m not
anti-feminism i’m anti-modern feminism
yes that’s how i make that distinction
like it’s not the feminism that that you
of our mothers and grandmothers
i think that when we oftentimes when we
talk about like a a movement
and and hopefully people don’t attribute
this to libertarian movement as we
become successful no we’re we’re moving
towards an end goal but um
when you have a movement
there’s there’s so much ground to be
covered and eventually you cover a
majority of that ground but the the
ground that you’re fighting to cover is
no longer ground in the pursuance of
what your original objective is and i
think that that’s really what you’re
what you’re hitting on there of
not not pursuing that to where we have
some of those those negative um
pushes if you will um i i like to call
it miss agree because
i’m a nerd and so you know it it becomes
a point where it’s like you have to
women are entitled to have x y and z
they don’t have to put up x y or z to to
be able to achieve this or to receive
this not to achieve but to receive and
so i think that there it becomes that
entitlement that you’re talking about um
and i i
i’m here for that that first
conversation right when we break down
feminism there’s waves of feminism that
have come through and the first ones you
know are mothers and grandmothers those
are virtuous those were things that were
coming forth to say we deserve a spot at
the table
and now we’ve got to where women are
like this is my table you could go sit
at uh
on the floor and use the chairs of your
or i can’t reach this table so you have
to get me a taller chair
yeah oh yes i love this
all right so the controversy started so
some some short woman is gonna write so
much hate mail so much hate mail
all right
hopefully somebody puts their keyboard
up on the top shelf but
it it it’s it it is absolutely true and
so when we look at when we look at the
the movement um
one thing that stuck out for me and
maybe it’s maybe it’s from my personal
uh my personal perspective my trajectory
in life is that family courts family
courts has been a way that
it hasn’t it’s been a little bit too
empowered for women if you will um where
it’s a struggle for fathers and so this
is one of those things where it’s it’s a
negative connotation um we need to
empower men and we need to empower women
what is the purpose of empowerment for
empowerment um in your opinion i think
that that’s an important point to start
off with
so i think with empowerment it really
depends on the situation right so
i think
in the example that you gave with the
family courts empowering men because
traditionally women have been
placed at the forefront of
like custody disputes for instance
and we know this especially in south
carolina and in south carolina it is
extremely hard to take a child from
their mother yes it is very hard
and so it you know i think that some
judges have started to kind of you know
become a little bit more
quote-unquote liberal right in the
in that sense but
for the most part traditionally speaking
historically speaking it’s very
difficult to take a child from their
mother in the state of south carolina
it’s like that a lot in a lot of states
not just here but yeah yeah
but it is so harmful because what if the
father really is
the better
i hate to say that
what if the father really is the better
parent because we all know there are
situations plenty of them where the
father is the better parent
we should be looking at these case by
case instead of a generic thumb rule
yeah and i think that you know
in in that
uh scenario
could come from the courts giving that
equality to fathers as well and not
making it harder
on a father
to gain custody in a situation where
he rightfully should have that right
yeah um for women equality of a very
good example of equality is in the
right because it’s just been within the
what 60 years
that women have really entered really
probably 40 or 50 years that women have
really started entering the workplace
making sure that that playing field is
is important in empowering women so it’s
you know
you have to
you have to empower everybody you have
to make it equal for everybody and not
equal in the sense that you’re giving
everybody the same things but in the
sense that you are giving equal
opportunity for people to earn those
things yes
yes absolutely and that’s yes and and
that right there is so important right
because um i don’t want to like
plump everything in together but when we
talk about the equal opportunities in
the workplace right it’s
regardless of what your gender is it’s
regardless your race so it’s regardless
of like all these different things and
and as you pointed out like it it’s only
been the last six years that women have
really been able to to climb the ladders
and be able to be throughout it sure you
can find i’m i’m sure that there’s gonna
somebody out there that’s gonna be like
well here’s like back in the 1800s a
woman ceo it’s like
stop that like
for the general rule like for allowing
for women to be able to to climb
throughout that ladder is so incredibly
important and we have to be we have to
look at the individuals right it’s case
by case it’s individual by individual
not trying to not trying to put
something in front of somebody else
right um
i know i’ve worked in in
so i worked in meta manufacturing for a
little while and we had a wax area which
was predominantly as far as you could
see women and then you had like the
metal area and it was
as far as you could see
there wasn’t it and i even tried to
figure out like i was like is this a
form of sexism is there a barrier being
put in place and i was like asking all
the women over in the wax area i was
like do you guys want to work at metal
they’re like no
leave me out of that wax is so much
lighter it’s so much easier i don’t get
get caught up and the guys were like i
tried to work over there
and like
yeah it was easy but at the same time
like wax is so much breakable and like
we’re clumsy we’re idiots and
speaking in general terms men are um
so so we we gotta we gotta really see
that um
how there was
there wasn’t a barrier there in that
but there are plenty of places that
still have those barriers of place and
kind of this conversation is is centered
around the idea that we have to we have
to understand that people are going to
be different we did have i did i i will
say that we had like two or three women
working out in the metal area they loved
it they had a great time
they were
manlier than me um
we want to have that opportunity i think
that that’s really what the what the
purpose of this empowerment is right is
the opportunity for people regardless of
their gender to
right do what they want to do
and and you know and and this might be
taking the conversation in a direction
that we weren’t ready to go just yet but
you’re good
i think that’s a really good example to
make the point
empowering one
does not necessarily mean that you have
to disparage the other right yes so
given that opportunity if a woman wanted
to work on the machine side
um allowing her to do that
you know that doesn’t disparage the men
no in any way
but not not allowing her to do that the
spirit is a whole group of women yes
yes so letting someone do that does not
disparage or allowing someone that
yeah it’s not taking away from everyone
else for giving somebody else an
opportunity and i think that um another
one that that
this one was really controversial when
it came up
um so i was
i was in the navy i actually saw my my
submarine hat right here um
i was in the navy and i was on
submarines and
up until about
six years ago
it was all men
and and so the the idea was that we’re
gonna start letting women come on board
there was a lot of controversy around
this and there was some of it was
absolutely justified
um the concerns um and they quickly came
to fruition i don’t know if it was made
public or not but um if it was not uh i
did not say this but
the concerns of having women on board a
vessel that was largely made by men or
ran by men
you’d be concerned of security purposes
of like maybe some filming or some
taping in it those came to light pretty
quickly yeah a board behavior right
opportunity people need to have the
opportunity to be successful in all
those things and i think that that’s
the part that i think is the most
important when we talk about empowerment
and we talk about opportunities is that
we don’t change the standards but we
allow for people to be able to be
successful so when we talk about women
come serving on the front lines i’m all
for if you want to serve this country
and you want to serve on the front lines
i’m all for it but i don’t want people
to change the standards for that
and and i think that that’s important
and i was wondering if this if women in
the military was going to come up of
course you know me you know we got to
talk about the veterans
this is a really good i mean it’s a
really good topic you know in this
and for exactly the reasons that you
stated because that’s one of the one of
one of the things when
people talk about women in the military
my biggest concern as a woman is
first sexual assault right because a
woman is going into
a situation where she’s going to be
mostly surrounded by men
most of the time probably all of the
and i think that in a situation like
that what empowerment looks like what
equality looks like is for
in that organization in the middle in
the military
runs those
those branches
to hear those concerns
yes and and really look at that and and
and put into place
so that those things don’t happen
because they are valid concerns
and so you know it’s not it’s not
the criteria that you have to meet to
participate in that
to join the military to serve your
but it is making sure that you can do so
safely the same as you would put into
place safety procedures and protocols in
a manufacturing environment right yes
yes um you you would look at that and
make sure that that there was a safe
environment and and i want to highlight
you know the
sexual assault that happens in our armed
forces right now is
astronomically higher than what probably
either of us can imagine
because so many of these cases go
unreported right so many of these women
are taken advantage of men are being
taken advantage by other men they’re
they’re just people in general being
taken advantage of armed forces by
superiors and by by
people of their peers um
and and so of course
this is a big major concern and so yes
absolutely we we got to find a way in
order to make it safer for our our men
and women who are serving whether we
agree or disagree with the with the
services that they’re providing at that
time where they’re serving putting that
aside we have to we have to realize that
there’s a there’s
a huge glaring issue
going on and and
nobody i mean nobody should ever
nobody should ever be deterred from
doing something they really feel
passionate about
yep because they’re concerned for their
safety that’s true of women entering you
know a military career it’s true for
transgender people
it’s true of of any group any any group
of people
who are treated
you know
not equally yes exactly
give everyone the same opportunity and
and let it go now
all right i’m gonna say it um
go ahead
i gotta i gotta grow something real
quick all right so
i am okay with banning people from
joining or from being selected for
when it came out
the idea that now we’re going to add
women to the draft i am not okay with it
i don’t want women to be on the draft
not because i don’t want women on the
draft but because i don’t want the draft
and so if we have half the if yeah if we
have half the population off of the
draft we have half the population left
to get off
not a feminist or empowerment think this
is just a purely i hate the draft
i i
i’m okay with that
i mean obviously i agree
i don’t think the draft is should be a
thing i don’t think that we should force
war we should probably be at war
ever we should probably yeah we should
probably look at our formula obviously
before we start trying that’s a whole
other conversation um
what gets me
is when people
i don’t want women in the draft but they
want women to be able to serve in the
if you want women to be able to serve in
the military
they are subject to the same things that
are the men who serve in the military
yeah the draft and even though obviously
we’ve made very clear we do not agree
with the draft yeah
you know you cannot exclude a woman from
that obligation
just because
she’s a woman yeah you know
i mean it just that’s yeah that’s the
that’s the struggle which principle do
we rely on which principle do we follow
on the most we follow the principle of
draft sucks or do we follow on the idea
of equality of treating people the same
and and not looking at what’s between
their legs to determine on if they’re
to be used in such a terrible terrible
way such as the draft
to be clear we shouldn’t use that as
criteria to determine anyone
anything yeah yeah
if you have a sexual preference for who
you want to marry
have intercourse with relationship with
you’re fine to do that but if you’re
looking at it for like an employment
which that can even get controversial
because art things i i i could
understand if you want like a muscular
person and you’re like trying to do a
movie and you’re like
bodybuilder i need a big big burly guy
but but outside of that
now now we’re getting into so many but
butt butts but but
no i i agree with that i i
i think
i had a thought and then i lost it i
apologize no you’re fine you’re
absolutely fine
that happens a lot i usually have casey
to like guide me casey always keeps me
kind of on the tracks this is this is my
way of living i forgot
you forgot yeah forgot yeah it happened
it does happen i think though um
there’s also a lot of conversation about
equal pay and i think that is a really
topic because
i do think that there probably are a lot
of companies where women are
not compensated fairly they’re not
compensated the same as their male
i have been in those situations in my
career i have left those jobs
i was fortunate to find better jobs
and keep moving forward
the company that i work for now
is a multinational company and
i’m the operations manager for
our state for south carolina for what
the services that we provide and so i
production i make sure that all of our
people have the training and resources
they need to do their jobs
i do all of the budgeting and all of
those things
and i have um
i have male counterparts in other states
they manage much larger operations
because there’s are much more
established than ours they’re bigger
states busier states
and i know they make more than me
they make more than me
they don’t make more than me because
because i’m not good at my job
i’m very good at my job yeah
they are too they make more than me
of the
markets in which they live
right say they live in markets where
cost of living is higher their
operations also make more money
instead of going to my boss and saying
i’m sure this person makes however much
more than me and i don’t know what it is
this is really a lot of assumption
but it’s assumption based in
experience right
and instead of going to my boss and
saying i want to make the same thing as
you know this list of men from all these
other places
even though i don’t know exactly what
that is
i’m going to look for ways to make
myself more valuable i’m going to look
for ways to increase revenue in my state
i’m going to look for ways to do things
more efficiently
to help my employees
be more productive more efficient and so
that way i’m going to grow my operation
and make it more valuable therefore
making myself more valuable yeah
and then if my employer
does not make good on
compensation for those
uh that value that i bring to the table
then i’m going to excuse myself from
that table
right yes
so it is not always
apples and apples
and it’s not always oranges and oranges
sometimes it’s oranges and tangerines
sometimes it’s oranges and
um what are those little ones
yeah i had i had a little cutie before i
i came on with it
yeah but you know i think that a lot of
times it’s very easy in a situation or
in a conversation about the pay gap and
we’ve actually got an episode coming up
on parenting porcupines about that topic
yeah so
but it’s really easy when you’re having
those conversations to look at
to look at the data and think you know
you compare one one thing to another but
you don’t consider all the other factors
if all the factors are different
then it’s not the same right it’s one of
those things that we’re learning
not to use covet because i feel like we
talk about covert every episode but
kind of like with covid where we go all
right i almost escaped without covid
yeah no there’s there’s these two
different things between these two
localities so clearly the difference is
only between those two things and it’s
like no you’re ignoring so many of the
other externalities that are playing
into this so you have to look at it in a
holistic way to understand
is there merit is there reason is there
justification and if if it dwindles down
it’s like
when it comes to the pay gap right if
you have a woman who is who has higher
degrees more degrees from a more
credible place who has been working
there for longer who’s providing more
revenue to the company who’s or who’s
bringing in more revenue for the company
who’s cutting more costs and she’s
getting paid less than some guy who just
started off
that’s a problem that’s going to be a
but like the circumstance that you’re
saying where it’s like all right so
you’ve got two states and so let’s say
like texas is booming and you’ve got
south carolina doing great things
certainly but not quite as great um cost
of living of course
other than our energy sources because of
subsidies and everything else to bring
in libertarianism um
we have a lower cost of living
and and so many different of these
externalities then it’s just like is it
because jessica’s a woman is like well
probably not
there’s a potential that maybe maybe
you’d gotten another 20
50 bucks on your salary at the end of
the year because you’re
a woman versus a man but it’s not it’s
not the the big picture there and so i
think that that’s that’s an incredibly
important thing that
as we have conversations with our
friends it’s just like can you stop
trying to simplify everything down to
one or two
where’s the control where is the how did
you have everything the same to be able
to determine that it was just because
the what’s between their legs
right and i realized i might be i might
be offending some some trans people by
saying what’s between your legs
for simplicity’s sake nobody get
offended sorry
please don’t get offended please don’t
um but no it it brings up an an
excellent point and and the paycap thing
is one of the most annoying
conversations that any of us can ever be
around um because it’s just like
i i think that at the end of the day
that’s the simplicity of it it’s like
well no i want to empower women i want
people i want women to be able to have
those same opportunities and and when
you have people that come in and screech
from the rooftops and just say pay gap
pay a pay gap and it’s just like
you’re not adding to the conversation
well and i think it also does damage to
uh the situations where that is actually
an issue
it does take away from the people who
are actually experiencing that and there
are there’s plenty of people who
experience that um
you know i think that
simplifying it down
it does more harm
than good to the overall objective
and that of course doesn’t mean that if
you have somebody who may be in that
circumstance where you’re like well
you’re just simplifying everything that
doesn’t mean that that’s always true
either right you actually have to sit
down and
rationalize break it through and then
why it is that they’ve come to the
conclusion that they’ve done it and so i
think that on this topic when it comes
to actual pay wages and earnings
we have to have those conversations
um on a case by case rather than trying
to lay out across an entire society and
say they’re all just womenizers or
they’re all just
uh feminists or you know whatever
whatever kind of of term you want to
throw to it
we can have these more important
conversations at the end of the day of
is there justification in the idea that
that somebody was was disparaged or
or in some cases right when we look at
only fans i mean women are making a lot
more money not only fans than men and i
don’t blame them but
but there’s a difference in the pain
can i tell you i didn’t i didn’t even
i didn’t even know what only fans was
until last week
i was like what is this thing that
people keep talking about
you’ve been living a more kosher life
than me
oh that’s it okay
i’m trying to remember no it wasn’t okay
i’ve i’ve actually got friends that i
was like
they would be cute on facebook i’m like
so when you guys started your only fans
like look just just stop being cute
together so much like stop that
you know it’s it’s it’s been one of
those those fun things uh i think i’ve
been referencing it way too much
i’ve never actually been on there so i
don’t know it like personally but it’s
just it’s just
i don’t know
you’re better off for not knowing what
it was until last week
and i’m okay with my limited knowledge
now yeah
i i don’t know how we got from women
empowerment to
totally fans but while we’re here
we might as well touch on the topic
there was a topic that was uh slightly
avoided during the presidential
campaigns last year
sex work sex work
is sex work is that is that part of
women empowerment
oh i’m like putting you in a gotcha
moment i’m just well i’m trying to think
i mean yeah if a woman wants to make a
doing that
yeah i don’t understand why that’s
anybody else’s business
oh i’m right there with you entirely and
and and
a lot of people i’m gonna go down i’m
gonna go down a couple i’m gonna
actually go off a few you’re good
first of all people use religion
to talk about sex work you know it’s bad
because my religion tells me
um well that’s fine but it’s your
it’s yours it’s if that woman you don’t
know who that woman is you don’t know
what she believes she’s not bothering
b right
i’ve heard
people say
women like that are breaking up
marriages no they’re not
if a woman’s husband is going to cheat
he’s probably gonna cheat
he’s gonna cheat with a human he’s gonna
cheat with pornography he’s gonna cheat
with whatever thing and i’m not even
gonna go into the topic of pornography
if a man is gonna cheat if he has that
if he’s already unhappy in his marriage
to the point that he has to go outside
of it for pleasure he’s going to do that
whether he does it with a hooker or he
does it with the neighbor or he does it
with your kid’s teacher
like it’s gonna happen the desire is
those are i think the two most common
things that i hear in conversations
about sex work it’s now it’s then and
then it’s oh well these women are
causing the collapse of the family unit
and that’s simply it’s not true yeah no
i i really feel like they treat they
treat sex work like the marijuana it’s a
gateway drug it is a
it’s a gay way to divorce no uh no it’s
turns out 100 of divorces start with
marriage i don’t
the common denominator here every single
one of them 100
but no i do think that you know
i think saying that
most women you can use your body
to earn money whether that’s
working on an assembly line yeah whether
it’s serving your country
whether it’s
sex work
whether it
research as long as you’re consenting to
it at the end of the day
your body your choice
did i just say another controversial
line i think i did it’s fine but
your body your choice i mean this is
this is really what it is it’s it’s you
have sovereignty you have
autonomy and so if you want to get into
the act of of pleasuring another for
money for food for
homes for rent whatever it is like as
long as people are consenting i think
that that that is the empowerment of of
people of giving them the opportunity to
do this
and not have them be at risk of
having guys come in through their doors
with guns
drawn to to take them in for
giving a handy i mean granted never mind
not going to go there but yes i agree
i do agree
but i think too like when we talk about
when we talk about empowerment
empowering women i think it’s really
to to have the conversation about how we
do that right
how do we do that because that’s the
root of this
and i think that it it starts with each
and every person
like we can talk about it on podcasts
women can march in the streets
but if we’re not all talking about it in
the workplace
if we’re not all talking about it in
our organizations that we participate in
outside of work outside of home
it’s not going to change right and so
we have to be advocates
for one another
and i think it’s especially true
of women
and i think it’s really um
it’s really common that women are very
hard on one another
that they’re very mental of one another
that they’re very competitive amongst
and that is harmful because at this at
this point in time we really need to be
working together we need to be lifting
each other up
and helping each other
move forward
i think
you know we can’t
we can’t just go and say that men have
to do these things we can’t go into a
company and say the men have to step
aside and let the women lead and do
these things we have to we have to do
the work
yeah and that’s not to say that we have
to do more work than men we shouldn’t
have to do more work than men but if we
all you know band together and we we do
the work
you know that’s how you affect change
absolutely um
because you said something i want to
highlight it um the idea that you know
just bring in all the women
when we saw
okay so i’ve seen
the feminist movement say that you know
men in in the presidential office and
then congress and everywhere else they
brought our troops across the world to
to have all this destructive
means we’ve had a a
decriplin or a crippling economy and and
so our
domestic policy in this country
and they’re like well we’ll just bring
in the women that’s gonna save us
i’m okay with empowering women to have
the opportunity but i don’t think that
at the end of the day that necessarily
men or women are because of their
genders are going to have better ideas
now if jessica etheridge is running for
president i might be inclined to vote
for her but
a couple elections away for that
maybe maybe maybe i can be spike’s
running mate 2024. i will um i’ll put in
a good word and spike spike actually
commented earlier on the show so
uh let me pull up his comment for you it
was a quick and easy one
i think it was something like love you
both five out of five yeah there we go i
love you both five out of five
there we go
caldwell’s been asking when he’s gonna
get to see uncle spike again is he
coming oh uh hey chat
november 13th
if you guys come up to the sclp
you guys might be able to see spike
cohen matt wright and myself
and of course the wonderful ladies from
uh poor parenting porcupines um all
hanging out for the day so
come on over to south carolina actually
to our redneck end of the woods
up in the upstate so
caldwell if caldwell makes it out
um funny story and i wanted to tell you
this on the heels of last week’s episode
so because you guys were talking about
how spike hates kids that whole joke
about spike hating kids
we um go ahead
he really doesn’t um
but when we had his homecoming
event in columbia
last last year when he came home from
the campaign trail
and we had this thing on the courthouse
steps and then afterward we all went to
and caldwell sat next to spike and at
some point
they were having a discussion about
qualified immunity
and kabul was very engaged in this
conversation and for your viewers he’s
and so
a couple months ago we were riding down
the road and he was in the back seat and
he said
i said what sweetie he said
i would like to talk about qualified
it’s almost like somebody knocking on
the door do you have time to talk about
our lord and savior jesus christ
and he
gave me like a 10 minute spiel about
qualified immunity because he had heard
it all
from spike
it’s amazing so it’s yeah yeah that’s
pretty funny
i um yes no that actually was
not that exact story but but i think
that you’d give me a quick synopsis one
day and i was like spike for qualified
immunity and and amazingly enough
apparently this is that was the
conversation that spurred a lot of
people that spiked a lot of people i
aspect um spiked a lot of people’s
interest um
was spike talking about qualified
immunity and so uh thanks for plugging
last week’s episode if you guys haven’t
seen that one go back watch by cohen and
myself we sat down it was is a good
yeah no it it
we are way off off of the empowering
woman uh spike is now a woman and we’re
empowering him through the last episode
um he’s tasha’s husband so yes
which tasha is the most empowered woman
in all of earth i think right now
she she she takes care of spike i mean
or she takes care of her husband and
she’s amazing she’s amazing if you guys
have never got to bear witness to to the
great tasha there’s a reason why it’s
tasha and tasha’s husband uh she’s she’s
a goddess
but she is
but yes so
women empowerment as we wrap things up
um because i have two minutes
what what did we miss what is the one
thing that you would be uh you’re gonna
kick yourself as soon as we end the
stream for not saying
wrap us up
give us the plug
and then i’ll send us on our way
i don’t think we missed anything i mean
i’m sure i probably did but i would say
you know
just look for ways that you can empower
women look for ways that you can make a
difference look for conversations you
can start
to make sure that women
have an equal playing field yes
and and certainly us in the south where
traditional values still reign in so
many ways
we can find ways of of giving people
those opportunities i i love it i i had
such an amazing time with you tonight
i’m looking forward to our next
absolutely and uh looking forward to
having you back hopefully if you’ll have
me and um
thank you so much jessica but with that
guys i do gotta be wrapping this up um
i’ve got a minute left so quickly going
to run through this week on muddy waters
media where you guys will be able to
tune in and check out more fantasticness
from the muddy waters team and uh i
can’t pull the right nope still can’t
pull up the right window um so all right
we’re going to wing it here
uh so tomorrow night we got matt and
spike for mighty bars and media so you
guys can see them traverse
the muddy waters medium
um talking about the current events and
you guys can go over to anchor dot fm
slash muddy waters
and you can drop an anchor call a moment
which will be
uh heard live not screened probably
by matt or spike you can come back
wednesday night for my fellow americans
at 8 ish
with spy cohen and then thursday night
writer’s block you’ve got matt wright
sitting down with the one the only
natalie bruno who will be back here next
monday as well but uh in the interim on
friday night you can check from bayous
to igloos 9 30 p.m eastern the only one
that’s not eight ish
throughout the week so you can check out
cajun and eskimo as they’re going to
have an amazing show as they always do
and next
next monday i will have natalie bruno
coming back to talk about
a little bit about her campaign but a
little more importantly about sentencing
reform i say a little more importantly a
little more a little more close to home
for me
uh because i’m not in oklahoma um i
don’t know
jessica what’s the proper term for an
is that it
i don’t know
that’ll work anyways
but with that guys and gals i love you
all so much make sure you guys are going
out there have those conversations let’s
empower the women let’s have these
conversations let’s let’s treat it case
by case let’s not
try to lay it all across the fronts um
but with that love you guys all take
care keep the keep the fight going and
we’ll see you guys again next monday

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