The Muddied Waters of Freedom

Peace, Anarchy, and Writer's Block

Matt and Spike met during the living dead outbreak of 2012, running from zombies in the backwoods of North Carolina. Knowing that the famed Government experiment, BO2008, was the cause of the outbreak they began rebelling against the Government. Coming together to create a humorous, informative, and idiotic podcast to keep everyone abreast of any new outbreaks in this nation caused by the Government.

After running a contest on Facebook in order to help name the show Matt and the former co host Mohammed Shaker decided on the name “The Muddied Waters of Freedom” in an allusion to the kava they drink during their show, along with the murky waters of politics and the effects it has on each and every persons’ personal freedoms.

The Muddied Waters of Freedom is becoming a steadfast in the Liberty Movement having been mentioned on other podcasts, such as MilLiberty with Caleb Franz, The Remso Report, The Brian Nichols Program, and has received recognition from Eric July from the band Backwordz. Matt and Spike continue to put out episodes touching on the current events of the week, hoping to educate their listeners on what is happening, how our personal freedoms are being infringed upon, and what we can do to change the path our country is currently on.