Mr Bearded Truth – 6 – Matt Wright joins us to talk about the War on Drugs

Jason has Matt Wright one of the co-founders of Muddied Waters Media to discuss a bit of the history of the War on drugs and discuss how the libertarian philosophy would address the problems of drug use, addiction, and otherwise.

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Episode Transcript

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hello everybody
welcome in
so glad to have you guys here it’s been
a long four days since i’ve been here of
course if you guys missed last friday’s
show where i did an impromptu show to
make up for missing last monday uh last
last friday we did discuss um
some we had a good conversation around
the criminal justice system as an
overview and so tonight i as promised
i’m so excited um i’ve got the man that
i think at the beginning of every show
coming on tonight to talk about the war
on drugs so we’ll get into that in a
little bit and of course if this is your
first time here i want to thank you guys
all very much i am of course mr murica
the bearded truth jason lyon and i want
to thank you guys all for being here i
am your neighborhood friendly
libertarian talk to you guys about
politics and social issues one liberty
at a time
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and so uh we’re looking forward to a
good night of discussing
the war on drugs with mr matt wright
himself and of course matt wright and
spike cohen the owners of muddy waters
media giving me a platform we always
have to say thank you to them for
letting me come on here and pontificate
to you all
about the issues that we face and a
little bit of the historical context of
so i’m so excited for tonight matt
wright if
i mean you guys have all heard him every
tuesday night him and him and matt
running through muddy waters media
traversing those muddy waters
um and then we got him again on thursday
nights with the writer’s block i’m so
excited for the conversation tonight
but without further ado let’s go ahead
and bring him in
how’s it going matt
it’s it’s going it’s going great i uh i
got a new pair of shoes today that i’m
currently breaking in under the desk are
they converses
no they’re
they’re dogs okay
because i i remember i remember one of
your gifts that you’d received in this
last year that happened to be a pretty
pretty sick pair of converses
so uh for for
i think that was for christmas um it was
it was for christmas yeah okay uh i got
every color of converse possible for
guys oh oh never mind maybe it was not
christmas i was talking about your money
water flavored
that was so that was supposed to be for
christmas i think but uh i got
they’re actually right here
i’ve got those right here um one of them
one of a kind yeah my one-of-a-kind con
and uh
i got these for the anniversary of
muddied waters december 4th
of last year so got these we got we
gotta show off new kicks
even if they’re the older kicks
yes great shoes from the chat um
i am i’m so incredibly excited about
this conversation and this is actually a
conversation that i’ve been looking
forward to have
um with you and with spike and so i’m
glad that you had the opportunity to
come on here and talk about this and
maybe in some future day i’ll i’ll gain
the courage to to ask spike as well but
because when i when i first started here
at buddy waters media um
you know we
we were all getting to know each other
at the time when i joined right and one
thing that really stuck out to me was
the idea that we were all so incredibly
passionate for different reasons around
the criminal justice system
and uh the war on drugs is one that i i
at least on me for me it’s like top
three for for conversation pieces of of
just the atrocities that are being
committed um with
good intentions from the government but
but just absolutely destroying the lives
of of everyone around us and and um
i feel like
watching you and you and spike talk
about this topic this is something that
really resonates with you guys as well
um so i was i was incredibly excited to
i when i started this segment of or the
i was like matt wright he’s gonna be my
guy for the war on drugs i i had that
and i knew
that as soon as i could i wanted to have
you on
somebody somebody who has been on both
sides well i haven’t been on both sides
of the war on drugs but uh who has
fallen victim
to the
to the atrocities of the war on drugs
gotta get that guy on
i mean it’s not a matter of like uh just
your personal experience through it all
but i think that certainly having that
um may have helped your
from what i’ve at least perceived as
your passion around this topic of of how
do we help people who are addicted how
do we how do we have a society
structured around um benefiting people
who who may be stuck in a cycle
um right
not necessarily trying to try to pick on
you or highlight bad parts of or
regretful moments
i i openly talk about uh the fact that
i’m an addict um and you know
in in september i will be uh seven years
yeah seven seven seven seven years uh
yeah and uh what’s funny is
i would
like a lot of people wouldn’t expect
this but i was a pretty clean-cut kid
like i smoked cigarettes because that
that was my rebellious way of doing
right yeah it’s all about the vape got
it vote
i didn’t start vaping i had quit smoking
like years before i quit anything else
because you know it was unhealthy to
smoke and everything else was fine um
and then as soon as i quit like drinking
and doing everything else
uh i started vaping yeah because my body
was just like i need to do something and
i need something consistent
yeah right
um but
so i was like a pretty clean cut kid
like smoked a ton of cigarettes and that
was about it like i didn’t really drink
and i didn’t really do anything um and
i had a friend who was
who was dating this girl who she for
some reason like looked at me like a
little brother and one day she was just
like here
have this dime bag of weed and i’d
smoked weed like
a handful of times at this point
and i was like okay cool and i put it in
my car and completely forgot that i had
and then i got pulled over
and i didn’t know at the time about you
know you can say no to police
i didn’t like i didn’t realize and
they’re like we want to search your car
and i was like uh okay and so they did
and i ended up getting arrested for this
dime bag of wheat
um and i was on probation for a dime bag
of weed for like four years old and i
was like i had to go to n a meetings and
aaa meetings and
um it was during this time period that i
was like how this is this this is a
plant that grew in the ground
that i’ve smoked a handful of times and
i don’t really understand why this is
illegal and you know things like alcohol
are legal and so that’s when i was like
well screw this and i just started doing
so it wasn’t that the drugs themselves
were the incentive but it was just like
it was the government the government
yeah if it’s so stupid that it’s going
to prohibit something that grows out of
the ground naturally
what benefits could it be from from all
this other [ __ ] right right
oh man yeah so
so thank you government for my addiction
issues um
but that’s yeah
let’s see
go ahead
but that’s so that’s like not an uncut
like okay it’s a little bit of an
uncommon story where people are like
yeah i didn’t really do anything and
somebody gave me weed one day that i
forgot about that’s how i ended up
getting arrested um
i was like
like it’s not uncommon for somebody who
just like smokes weed occasionally to
get especially back then to get hemmed
up in that kind of situation and then
they get mad at the scenario going on
and then they end up
reacting to it and being like no why do
you have a right to tell me what goes in
my body like this is my body you know my
body my choice um you know unless
inspections um
my body my
my body my choice and you know if i want
inject black tar heroine into my veins
that is my choice because i am not doing
anything to anybody else yes um
it was that was where i first started on
my pathway like i was hardcore
republican um and i like that was what
kicked me on my way to being a
libertarian was i got arrested for a
dime bag of weed that wasn’t even
technically yours like yeah it was
gifted to you but like you didn’t
purchase it uh it did you you hadn’t
clearly had no plans to like actually
use it
um because you literally forgot it even
i i remembered the moment i said
okay you can search my car i went oh
and of course if you’re like that’s not
mine like they’re gonna be like is this
your car
i oh right
so so i discussed on the show last
friday i i discussed a little bit about
what um
probation was but so you’d mention that
probation just to give people a little
bit more of an understanding because you
were in florida i presume at this time
uh no i was in virginia in virginia so
so what kind of
how did probation work for you in
for those four years like
what kind of a if you wouldn’t mind
going into a little bit of like the the
structured plan that you had around that
um that’s weird we only have two people
on this call and zoom is telling me i’m
running out of time um
looks like we’re looks like we’re buying
because i don’t want your show to end in
the middle of this hey guys limited show
really limited it’s going to be 10 more
so yeah
what was your question again because i’m
going to try to do this so i i can i can
go ahead and plug a little bit while you
while you go through that um hey guys
welcome to buddy waters media where
technical uh difficulties is the norm uh
of course we started a couple minutes
late because of my slack butt but uh
nonetheless while matt wright is helping
out with some other technical
difficulties so we don’t end the show 15
minutes into the show
i want to thank you guys all for being
here and and of course we are diving
into a little bit of matt wright’s
personal experience which was not the
intended goal for tonight in any way
shape or form if i could show you my
three three uh
three hyphenated type uh
show notes they none of those said matt
wright talk to me about your experiences
but but i think that’s important that
when we go through this that we we can
understand some of the experiences of
somebody who’s been on
on been caught up in the system in some
capacity thankfully matt wright’s not
sitting there and and suffering in jail
so many people are for for merely
marijuana something that is legalized in
many states across the the country both
for medicinal reasons and recreational
you know we even have people that are
incarcerated still from states that have
made it legal where
you know we’ve all seen the memes of of
these dispensaries looking like apple
but people are yet still incarcerated
merely trying to either a medicate
such as people who have
seizures people who have
chronic headaches who have loss of
who are in chronic pain people with ptsd
so a large portion of our veteran
community and everything else um
and and so there’s there’s so much there
that is a an actual medicinal benefit
and and i am planning on i’ve got
somebody who i just saw in the sh in the
in the chat a minute ago um who is um
i would i would call more of a of a
cannabis expert on this um i’ve had a
couple conversations with him around
this and so we will definitely have a
show in the future on this specific
topic um i’m so incredibly excited for
that one as well but
that’s not to the segway too far away
from from tonight’s show in in this
and and so i’m excited for that also i
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i i’m assuming by the sitting back
either a you’re good or b
okay we’re in ceo land all right
perfect so uh my question for you is um
as you went through that process um once
you got sentenced for your four years of
probation um could you talk because i
did discuss this on on friday’s show but
we didn’t get to go into like in depth
of like how a probation process actually
works um could you talk about some of
the structuring or some of the
limitations that you had um while you
were on probation
in all fairness i did not get sentenced
to four years of probation i got
sentenced to two years of probation and
then i failed to meet certain
requirements for my probation which is
why it kept getting extended um i never
once failed the drug test though i did
not fail the drug test i uh figured out
how to not do that um but
very good life skills um
i figured uh so i had to get drug tested
once a month and it was random
um and it was random so that way like
and legitimately i basically never did
drugs during this time that’s when i
really started kicking up my drinking
though because
they don’t care
yeah yeah they don’t care that’s fine um
so i really started kicking up the
drinking uh but uh
i had to do i think it was a thousand
hours of community service um i had to
go to x amount of uh
meetings a month which the beautiful
thing if anybody out there is on
probation and i don’t know if they still
make you do this
the second word in a a and n a is
so you can literally have anybody fill
out those forms like they can’t check
it’s anonymous
just a little life hack there so after
my first two weeks i didn’t go to
another one
and then i had to go and pass alcohol
safety course alcohol and drug safety
courses which is a really good class if
you are trying to learn the proper way
to do
um and so i didn’t pass those courses
for the first couple of times which is
how i ended up on probation longer okay
uh and the community service
uh that i hated too so i’m not sure if i
got that done in my first stint of it
but i did get it done on the second one
um but yeah the the passing of the
alcohol drug classes is what kept me in
oh man that’s
that’s funny i actually noticed the club
i missed the class because i overslept
legitimately overslept uh my it was my
last class and i overslept it and so one
if you were gonna be late they were just
like now you can’t come in and uh so i
woke up and i was like five minutes late
so i was just like well guess i’m not
going to that one and uh that class was
at 6 15 at night
and i overslept it that’s amazing that
that is a life skill there too
so it’s it’s interesting that you know
going through that process that as you’d
explained that you know this is mandated
by the judicial system that you go
through this and it’s a it’s
you can learn skills there in order to
avoid the judicial system from it so
it’s just
but they don’t care they they clearly
don’t care
but uh i want to do a quick shout out
real quick to bdsm guru
for doing a 20 donation on youtube thank
you so much for for telling us that
we’re making things too complicated i
appreciate it so much
of course matt wright loves you right
now as i do
you’re paying for this zoom goal
so so i i just wanted to take a quick
moment for that but um
but no so i i
want to actually move into a little bit
of the show notes of what i actually had
written down somewhat um
because i actually had stuff down this
time and and i think that’s incredibly
important i i showed
uh he had showno
yeah i i showed him from my constitution
night where i had literally three notes
and i i explained to him that i
exhausted those in about the first 30
seconds of the show so he was he was
ready for this um
these are not up up to matt’s standards
uh not not mad standards to matt’s
typical show notes where things are well
laid out and
you can go bullet point by bullet point
no these are
these are as if you had somebody who may
be on the
influence of of multiple different types
of drugs at one time just throwing
things in there
go ahead in all fairness these look like
my thursday show notes
because i’m just like i’ll i’ll i’ll
write down like because i have a guest
note so i have like six questions
and then i’m just like well i don’t know
what they’re gonna say so that’s yeah i
i wrote some open-ended things
potentially and and just gonna let it
let it let it go where it goes you know
and and so as i’ve discussed already a
little bit uh tonight we are gonna be
discussing a little more in depth on the
the war on drugs right a continuation
from last week’s discussion around the
criminal justice
system as an overview and wanted to dive
into this because this is something that
americans as a whole right this is
um in in the libertarian philosophy this
is a societal problem rather than a
criminal problem um and while we’re
treating it as a criminal problem um
what kind of effects it causes and what
kind of effects it
has and also we’re going to be
discussing a little bit about um
how it’s not been used in the name of of
quote unquote justice but more views on
on a racial line um and and that
certainly right as
libertarians as we’re we’re open with
our conversations of
look if you want to have justice it
shouldn’t be about a color it shouldn’t
be about a gender it shouldn’t be about
anything other than
what it is right uh when we talk about
violations it’s there’s a victim created
doesn’t matter if the victim’s white
doesn’t matter if the victim’s black
doesn’t matter if they’re they’re um if
they’re a male female or etc um
religious preference as well so
um so we’re going to dive into this and
and of course um matt wright covered up
all my show notes with with a lot more
information so i’m sure that he can he
can extract it it was only just it was
only just one there because i just want
to make sure that i got years right when
i was gonna talk okay
everybody knows that the war on drugs
started like officially in like what
1971 yeah 1971 by richard nixon uh that
was when he created the drug enforcement
agency and uh he was going after them
damn hippies um
because you know the hippie smoked a lot
of pot and he figured that the way to
stop that was to
arrest them all for having marijuana
and marijuana was already illegal at
this point but even before 1971
the first
known laws in the united states happened
in the 1870s
and they were anti-opium laws and they
were trying to shut down the opium dens
and they were mainly targeting chinese
uh that was where
this all sort of stemmed from and it was
specifically targeting chinese
immigrants they were like no we want to
get we don’t want we don’t want the
chinese here as they said back then um
and that’s how they figured they would
get rid of them um
then in the early 1900s
the drug that was approved by well there
was no fda but the drug that was sold by
many doctors around the country started
being banned uh and there were
anti-cocaine laws in the early 1900s
that were directed at black men in the
south which is just as a fun side note
before you finish that
there was a time in history when doctors
would literally say you’re sick why
don’t you do some cocaine about it why
don’t you do cocaine
in in the movie goodwill hunting um
robin williams has that really great
line where he’s like all right next week
we’re going to talk about sigmund freud
and why he did enough cocaine to kill a
horse and
he did and it was not
rare for that to be an occurrence for
for a doctor
but yeah they they were
they started realizing people of i’m
guessing all races uh in in all areas of
the united states started realizing that
cocaine is fun kids um
kids love it
uh but they started realizing that it
was a good time and that you know they
could go out and have fun and like feel
energized and uh get like some sort of
mental clarity that’s not actually
mental clarity if you’ve done it you
understand what i mean by that um but
where you can just ramble on for hours
about political things that you’ve never
talked about ever in your life um
yep um been there done it um but
so they started saying well we don’t
want the black men in the south to be
able to do this anymore because we don’t
like them feeling good um and we don’t
they definitely shouldn’t be talking
about politics so they ended up
creating anti-cocaine laws
and now a lot of people think that
marijuana laws were because of black men
as well
but no it was actually they wanted to
mexican migrants and mexican americans
from smoking it or using it
and that was in the 1910s and 20s once
it got into the 1930s where they started
doing the bigger sort of federal pushes
for it
uh that was when they the guy the
the republican senator senator said
uh when the black man smokes i’m going
to picture this quote when the black man
smokes the
the marijuana uh he feels as good as the
white man or something like that yeah i
don’t remember the quote exactly but
that’s why they wanted to that’s one of
the ways that they got rid of it
federally and yes i know that a lot of
it had to do with dupont and uh
william randolph hearst uh because paper
and plastic and hemp um
in 1937 you had the marijuana tax act of
1937 and and that one was one of those
things that addressed and
so heavily taxed in order to to keep
hemp out of the market
right and that was the big thing is they
and the reason that they wanted to keep
hemp out of the market as we all know
now is you can use hemp to do
everything it’s it’s a substitute for
paper it’s a substitute for uh plastics
and you can grow an acre of it a full
crop and a full crop
of an acre in under a year and it takes
decades to do that with trees
you could just keep recycling it and
hemp will
also clean the soil it acts as a filter
for all the bad stuff in the soil so you
just continually rotate that crop in and
but they couldn’t tell the difference
between that and weed
so they were like well let’s just get
rid of it all and william randolph hurst
and dupont we’re like yeah you should
get rid of it all because that’s going
to cut into our profits if people keep
using hemp so we need to stop doing that
now yep um oh it’s weird it’s like
regulatory capture in in a weird way
like prohibiting something in order for
another market to be successful is
good for our society
harry anslinger thank you roy martin yep
harry anslinger
but yeah that is how like that was the
beginning of it and then
because you just told all of these
people that you can’t do this
a lot of people started doing it um and
it really and it did start with the
black community and the jazz community
they were all using it and it kind of
was making its way into and the
hispanics were already doing it but
that’s when it started making its way
into the white communities and that’s
where hippies sort of stemmed from
they started
saying you know this is my body i should
be able to use this plant and so they
started using it and as they were
mounting this
uh front to nixon in the early 70s
and he didn’t want to lose reelection
he created the dea to go after all of
them and anybody that was a political
enemy of nixon
he said
go to see if they have marijuana if they
don’t find it and
that was how
what’s really interesting for me on this
whole topic is that this is just merely
a couple decades after we had at the
federal level prohibition
and and so it took a constitutional
amendment for them to say all right you
guys can’t drink any more alcohol
and then
i i i’m gonna
i’m i’ve gotta put the car go ahead
if i remember correctly um and i may be
completely off base here good but uh
harry anslinger i think he was one of
the people
that was pushing for
alcohol prohibition
in order to help
get funds for police and then once they
overturn that that’s why he’d switch to
i think that’s correct i know i’ve heard
that but i’m i don’t want to
go out on a limb and say that’s 100 true
well he saved me from making a terrible
joke so i appreciate that and
that’s accurate because i think i’ve
heard that same thing
but uh but yeah so it took a a federal
constitutional amendment in order to
prohibit alcohol um but then shortly
thereafter it took them just deciding to
pass a law to prohibit something else
that is actually naturally occurring
right you can’t go out into the fields
and find your moonshine growing off of
off of off a branch or anything like
that right um
so so
just from a constitutional uh standpoint
right there’s there’s really nothing
there in in at least
the bounds of or the confinements of
what’s there to allow for this to happen
and and this is right after a
constitutional process in which we’re
having more prohibition come about and
and just by using that targeting
messaging of you know of open racism you
know as you were talking about like
when when a black man smokes us he’s
feels just as good as a white man like
there’s a lot of filth when it comes to
this um but i think that as we as we
dive further into this conversation
we’re gonna see just of how disparaging
these numbers are as we continue on we
spoke about the the cocaine
um issue for for black men where that
was the target and and certainly right
as we look at at modern day america
cocaine is still very prevalent it’s
prevalent in the ghettos it’s also
prevalent in your rich communities it’s
uh i i i was working um
as a as a as a bouncer little tiny jason
here who was working as a bouncer and um
while working right i would i it wasn’t
uncommon for somebody to let me a
benjamin just to be like hey look you
know this table needs to be needs to be
sniffed real quick and it’s just like
benjamin says it’s okay you know
these people had no risk of being caught
because of kind of the communities that
they lived in right the right they
weren’t getting police in the same uh
effects as what people in in um
lower in the economic scales are and and
so we still see those large disparaging
uh numbers and and how this affects us
and and so i think that we we did get
through oh so we and you’re to finalize
your notes if you want to finish up um
your your your point there of where
where we’re at today
uh well yeah i mean as we like as we all
i was arrested for a dime bag and i had
four years of probation i didn’t see any
jail time uh if i had been latino or
black or
you know pretty much any other minority
odds are i would not have fared so well
and you see that everywhere they’re
still subject to
wildly disproportionate drug enforcement
and sentencing practices rand paul has
talked about it um
rand paul has talked about it a lot and
i’m not like on i’m not like the rand
train guy
but i mean in this case he is right in
this case he is right like these
sentencing this they’re
disproportionately being sentenced in
ways that people in the white
communities aren’t and that is where you
see the breakdown of the logic of all of
if you’re not going to be doing it
equally well you shouldn’t be doing it
at all but if you’re not going to be
doing it equally you should just get rid
of it yeah and and i think that that’s
an important distinction as
kind of one of the the
the beginning notions of this segment is
to talk about how republicans and
democrats are talking about this right
and and generally when we have this
discussion with the republicans they’re
saying well you know let them let them
suffer and let them go through the
process and when they come out hopefully
they’ve they figured out why drugs are
bad and hopefully they can be better and
democrats say well there’s a
disproportionate number of people being
affected by this we just need to end
that disproportionate number and
meanwhile we’re saying yes we need to
end that disproportionate numbers but
this also shouldn’t be a crime and
certainly when we have communities
across this country that allow for uh
recreational marijuana that has been
deep uh been legalized and we we of
course advocate for decriminalizing
where you shouldn’t shouldn’t really
have the government involved in this um
but we also have uh the
i always forget the name of the
mushrooms they’re in denver
we’re having other kinds of drugs being
allowed or
legalized across this country
yes there we go um we’re starting to
have a good conversation around some of
these natural drugs that are happening
but i think that our ultimate goal is to
push towards something
to the effect of what what portugal has
wherein that they’ve legalized all drugs
of course we want to go a step further
than that
so you’re seeing like the national
conversation is flipping a lot and it’s
not just on uh natural drugs like you’re
seeing ketamine uh coming up as a way to
treat ptsd and depression you’re seeing
uh ecstasy i mean that was what the drug
was initially created for him boy
howdy does it make you not sad
i love that
um but yes seven years over
seven years over
one show with jason um
yeah so like
you’re seeing that like a lot of the
that were initially created
in order to help with
certain medical issues are being shown
that yes it does work but there is a
chance that people will abuse it
but that’s a risk that you’re going to
all the time with any drug it really
doesn’t matter but are you going to make
it illegal for those who need it in
punish those who are abusing it
and and i think with that um oftentimes
we get a straw manned on this
conversation because people say well if
you legalize it then people are going to
go out and drive on it and people are
going to go and kill each other or
they’re going to go steal from others in
order to
to be able to get their drugs because
they’re just going to be addicted to it
and et cetera et cetera and and so part
of that straw manning right is we have
dui laws
on the books right this is for
prescription medication this is for
alcohol which is being abused regularly
i mean regularly my state uh we’ve got
an incredibly high number of dui
vehicular uh
each year because
people are are committing this this
isn’t to say that this is acceptable
this isn’t to say like this is what we
want but the um but when we talk about
this and and of course um i i mentioned
portugal a minute ago and when they had
actually legalized all these drugs what
they had actually seen is that the
deaths related to the drugs themselves
have gotten better right so they’ve had
a reduction of those we’ve seen um
addiction rates go down we’ve seen
um adolescents children not be using
this that’s
in my book like that’s a great thing
right because
somebody who is under the age of 25
their brain is still developing and
still maturing and still trying to find
that way and and even for marijuana
right that that has the potential of of
affecting that and so we can
we can actually try to to steer our
society better by by creating it or
treating it more as a social problem and
trying to help find people who are
addicted find help them find ways of
getting better and through that um but
not to mention also for the stealing
thing because this one is one that i get
all the time
what they saw there in portugal is the
actual cost of drugs
vastly reduced because
you allow for actual legal competition
you’re not paying for armed thugs to
protect black market drugs but rather
allowing for pharmacies to produce this
right you’re gonna see a reduction in
cost which was gonna help everybody out
and then
there are gonna be more options for
people to try to seek help if they need
it as opposed to
uh as opposed to them
trying to steal in order to pay for more
drugs like they could be like okay i
know i have a problem because i’m now
stealing nana’s cash
or you know nana’s retirement um in
order to pay for this or i’ve just sold
my mom’s tv and i’m not saying i’ve done
either of those things but um
people will when people see that they
have an issue they can at least go to
try to get the treatment as opposed to
trying to get to the next fix because
it’ll be easier to get the fix you won’t
be shunned for getting the next fix
you’ll be able to go and get it and you
it won’t be
looked down upon by everybody else in
the world because they’ll just be like
well there’s a health problem here and
he needs to get help but
with all addicts it’s only going to come
once they want to get the help
and and and to go for the perspective of
of an addict right i think every
american is addicted to something right
whether it’s caffeine right every
morning you gotta wake up and you gotta
have your cup of joe um nicotine alcohol
uh sugar sugar is very addictive sugar
is very addictive try to cut out sugar
for like five
five days right you’re gonna go insane
when when you have something that’s
addictive or that you’re addicted to and
it’s illegal who can you turn to to talk
to right because if you talk to your
family you talk to your friends right
how many of them are you afraid that
they’re going to shun you and they’re
not going to want to associate with you
because you came to them with a problem
will your employer find this to be a
benefit of you being able to talk to
them say hey look you know i gotta i
gotta get this problem fixed um are you
afraid that your employer is gonna
report you to the police can you go and
talk to the authorities about having
this problem and not risk going and
going to jail for for a long period of
time so
this whole entire system by by treating
these people as criminals for an
addictive or to an addiction to a
substance that we may not personally
agree with or personally think that they
should be using doesn’t mean that
they’re any less of a human and that
they can’t get the help or that they
shouldn’t be able to get that help and
so that’s that’s one perspective that i
really hope that everyone can see with
this that
we want to be able to give everyone
opportunity to get the help that they
yeah um absolutely yes absolutely
everybody deserves to get the help that
they need um
you know at least be able to go and talk
to somebody um
once one of the things that i’ve noticed
especially since i’ve become sober is uh
there’s lots of people online
who hate on addicts
uh they hate on addicts and i don’t take
offense to it and i don’t take it
personally because i understand the
argument i used to say the argument
before i started doing things
before life got good um you know
they all say you made the choice to do
this like at some point you made the
choice and for some people yeah it’s
true like yes i made the choice to do
defiantly was like no you can’t tell me
what to put in my body so now i’m going
to go and use a bunch of things yes i
made that choice
but if you didn’t have that stupid rule
ruling effect anyway i wouldn’t have had
to make that choice yeah but
on top of it you have a lot of people in
many addicts this is a case for so many
people across the united states it’s
really bad in
west virginia and connecticut and
ohio and a couple other places but where
they had the pill mills that were just
the doctors that were just giving pain
prescriptions out just giving out pain
prescription oh florida yeah florida
probably had that issue that’s close to
home but
yeah that’s
i think they that their for former
attorney general kind of ran on that uh
but yeah they were just
constant like they were just giving out
all these pain pills and once your
prescription was up they were like okay
well go out have fun but now these
people are dealing with this insane
with the with these insane withdrawal
and they were getting zero help from
anybody on it so they ended up going and
they were buying black market uh
you know percocets vicodins whatever
for 20 bucks a pop just to help them
deal with what they were dealing with
and next thing you know they’re
switching over because heroin is so much
cheaper uh so they switch over to heroin
uh in order to save money and then they
switch from that to black tar heroin
because black tar heroine’s cheaper than
not black tar heroin
you may have injured your leg or hurt
your back from a car accident that
wasn’t your fault you get given uh
you’re given a prescription for
painkillers and go two years down the
road and bam you’re addicted to black
tar heroin and
doing weird things for cheeseburgers um
that’s a deep cut for anybody who
doesn’t watch movies from the 90s
but that so
like it’s not always a choice they’re
at some at some point you have to see
that there isn’t a choice made by every
single person out there um and a lot of
the people on the right
got real quiet in the early 2000s when
rush limbaugh got in trouble
for picking up illegal drugs uh
oxycontin’s off the black market because
he had been addicted to him
and they got real quiet about it and
they were
quick to say well yeah but that’s
because they prescribed him and he got
addicted and then you know after he got
in trouble he went to rehab that’s
because he could yeah it’s because he
could afford to do these things it
wasn’t because it wasn’t because you
he would have kept doing this until he
got caught yes and you know that because
he did until he got caught
it doesn’t
it doesn’t change the fact that i i feel
for rush in that situation like i get it
like i understand what you were going
through um
but to say that everybody deserves to
just go to prison or it’s their fault is
vehemently untrue yeah and
it does a great disservice to a lot of
the people who found themselves in this
situation because they got injured in
high school
and then next thing you know
doing whatever they can for you know the
bag of heroin yeah they’re they’re just
trying to find relief from from a and
without diving too deep into a
discussion that i’ve had on a previous
show but like our healthcare
markets are all destroyed because of
government intervention costs way too
much and everything else and it just it
pushes people to that of
if if you’re being seen as somebody that
i can just prescribe pill to pills to
see you next month and hopefully you’ll
be better on these pills and oh next
month comes by and you’re you’re not
better off but i’m still charging you
out the ass um eventually people aren’t
going to be able to afford that and
sustain that so when we look at people
lowering the uh the income
on the lower on the income scale
these are the people most susceptible to
have to take that leap into the black
market and and certainly um
across the entire nation regardless of
what kind of community you’re in you can
find really whatever drug you want you
can find somebody who has that
connection that has that plug and so
it’s not a matter of these communities
are bad at drugs and these communities
are all saints and they they they don’t
do that bad bad stuff and and
no it’s just it’s a disproportionality
of of how law enforcement affects it and
of course
it’s it’s it’s not just one topic but
everything tied into one another which
is why we’re libertarians if we’re
willing to take on the whole system
so it’s it’s
it’s insane i can’t believe it’s already
been almost an hour this is
i’m upset at this how is time going so
fast with this
but i i did want to get into some of the
some of the facts and statistics because
i know there’s um plenty of us in the
viewership um i know i’ll be going back
and watching this again but
um those of us in the viewership that do
like the facts and and and these may be
concerning for you um when we look at
the federal prisons 46 of them are in
purely for drug convictions with an
estimated 65 percent of them having a
sud or what’s called a substance use
disorder so somebody who’s addicted so
with a gross amount of people being in
our federal prisons just for drug use
not for violent crime not for uh here’s
here’s the list of everything that
they’ve got right burglaries uh
criminal enterprises courts
uh drug offenses of course and that’s
the 46 percent extortion homicide
immigration uh national security robbery
sex offenses weapons explosives and
this is at the halfway point the next
closest is weapons explosives and arsons
at 20 percent so our our prison system
at the federal level and certainly at
the state levels um they fluctuate based
on where they’re at but it’s such a
heavy amount of our population that’s
sitting in there and and the rates in
um or the the disproportion in this
right when you have black people making
up about 13 of our population but making
up about 50
of those in for drug charges like
i would also so based on these stats
here i would also like to see uh weapons
explosives in the arsonist 20.6
i want to know how many of those are
weapons charges
on somebody who has a who got out with a
drug charge and then got caught with a
because those are two things you
shouldn’t be in prison for yes
because i would like to know what what
percentage of that 20.6 is a probation
violation for somebody on a drug charge
is now back in for that weapons charge
i i because i’m willing to bet
that that would drop that to
lower than sex offenses
yeah i i could definitely see that i
could definitely see that argument and
and to expand on that for anyone who is
new to the libertarian philosophy why we
don’t think that weapon charges should
be uh an offense
even if you’re
if you’re not in the prison system go
ahead i’ll give him arson arson that’s
an offense yeah but but strictly for the
weapons offense right so the idea that
if you are walking around amongst our
society and and certainly there’s no one
in this country that’s like america’s
super safe you can walk around wherever
you want to right we don’t have a
society where where parents are trusting
their kids to go ride their bikes three
streets over anymore to go play at
timmy’s house and you don’t have to call
in or check in anymore right we
we all have this kind of we have a
culture where people are kind of
concerned with the security of their own
family in these areas um
so the idea that if somebody is
is trusted to be in society
does it should not mean that they are
prohibited from being able to defend
so if they are a risk of hurting someone
else then there needs to actually be a
system there that uh is is keeping them
away from from hurting people right but
if you say no no you’re safe to be out
there on your own
you just can’t protect yourself that
it’s it’s the same argument against like
gun-free zones where most mass shootings
happen you don’t just make people
defenseless because you leave them
right and and so
i i completely agree with that that it’s
so incredibly important um
it’s just
this whole topic really just breaks my
heart because at the beginning of this
right we discussed what is a drug charge
right of merely possessing a drug
whether you are in taking it or whether
you’re selling it right you’re merely
having something and as long as you’re
working on a consensual basis you don’t
have a victim
right if you if you’re stabbing people
with black tar heroine and just
injecting a bunch of people yes i will
say that’s a
myself like
yes i would not support that no
that would be bad but
but the problem is is that this is
this is
fed into a lot of our other problems
right and so recently we had an article
that got dropped um that was talking
about in california their agriculture
fields right the the fields of fruits
and vegetables that are being picked out
they weren’t getting as many migrants
into the area undocumented migrants so
they can be paid less than minimum wages
and so they were actually leasing
prisoners because of uh because of the
13th amendment itself where they can
have slavery through due process they’re
taking prisoners which most of these
right as we just pointed out are somehow
affiliated with drug charges
and they’re putting them in fields for
working and when it’s disproportionately
black people right it sounds eerily like
slavery again um
so we we have like a a connection across
so many different markets on this where
the war on drugs has been uh
has shown that first of all the drugs
have won because they’re so prevalent
they’re so cheap they’re so easily
but two that
every every intention on the government
on this has has been to our disadvantage
and and
after we had 911
um we had the wonderful uh patriot act
and and
i believe it’s a patriot accent that
instilled the ns or the tsa sorry the
tsa at every one of our airports the tsa
has not stopped a single terrorist but
trust me they have stopped a lot of
drugs so so using the casualty of of
thousands of americans
i know a couple times they didn’t stop
any well
yes so so being government they’re
inefficient and effective at it but they
have stopped some trucks and that’s the
important thing
they they have stopped some but that but
they’ll use the they will stand on the
graves of americans in order to create
systems to further oppress the people
and they’ll they’ll use the threat of
terrorism to justify this
it’s it’s insane
it it isn’t it is insane and you see it
you see it so often uh there’s a case
that we’ve talked about on muddied
waters of freedom uh often uh here in
florida there’s a man his name is uh
michael edwards and
he has been in prison and i might get
these dates wrong because i haven’t
looked down in a while since 1992
and he is in prison nope is later than
that because bill clinton was president
with the three strikes also probably
1995. um
but he’s been in prison for since 1995
because of the three strike law
and so he was
he was a drug dealer but he wasn’t like
a massive drug dealer and he was on his
second strike
um and then his ex-girlfriend got popped
his ex-girlfriend got popped and they
turned her and she called him up and was
like hey i need drugs and so he met her
at a bar and sold her
i believe it was a gram of cocaine it
may have been it may have been in april
it may have been uh two and a half grams
she had since she had gone fed uh he
ended up getting arrested she went free
um and he has been in prison ever since
and i’ve been helping out uh
kingsley edwards uh getting in touch
with anybody here in florida that can
help him get released because it’s now
nearly 30 years since he has been
imprisoned for this
and he’s
completely changed as an individual like
he’s now uh
like he’s been clean since the late 90s
and if you’re doing the math on that
and thinking he’s been in prison since
1994 has he been clean since the late
it’s because prisons don’t stop anything
no it’s
it’s the department of corrections it
brings them in though um or at least
helps um
but he’s been clean since like the late
90s and you know model prisoner i think
he got caught with a cell phone one time
and that was why they’ve denied him
uh the last time he was up and like
you see this often where people have
been in prison uh since the 90s for drug
offenses that today
wouldn’t be that bad
and if you
you were saying earlier about uh the war
drugs drugs have won
and yes drugs have one but right now you
can pretty much get whatever drug you
want legally from a doctor
you can get meth from a doctor just say
you have adhd you can get
essentially heroin from a doctor if you
say you have back pain uh you can get
weed in what 28 states
i think
well you can get in most states so
there’s a delta eight and a delta ten
and those are both legal because they’re
they’re new
but they’re natural
right and it’s th it it’s uh
it’s hemp based
right it’s it’s hemp based and it’s not
it’s not candid like it’s not marijuana
uh so that you can technically
sell that in every state
but you can get all of these drugs and
people are imprisoned for what doctors
are giving out
just because you go in and you say i’ve
got add so here take meth
because that’s what ritalin and the
others are
it’s math
i’ve done both
one’s got a little more kick to it
yes it does
but if you do enough of the ritalin it’s
very similar
i’m so glad that that’s
this is this is close the wrap-up of
just just take a little more ritalin
it’s fine
you’ll know exactly what math is like
well it’s been an absolute pleasure i
want to give you an opportunity if you
want to get hit any any
points that you felt like we uh we would
be remiss without hitting or any
overview thoughts on this um
but the follower is yours
yeah uh so uh the one thing that we
didn’t hit is that the government was a
big porsche a big part of why drugs got
dispersed into the communities as well
um back in the 80s with reagan
back in the 80s with reagan they put
crack in to the urban areas together
um and then they were going out and
arresting the people that they got
in order to bolster that 13th amendment
job program
but you have that issue
like you see that issue a lot and the
government has done this time and time
again um and
it’s okay for the government to do these
things in their in their brains it’s
okay for the government to do these
things but if you want to experiment
with lsd which i’m not saying you should
oh geez
it’s not the worst way to spend nine
but uh like you you would get in trouble
for the things that the government like
grants in order to fund
if you wanted to give cocaine to a bunch
of pigeons you would probably be
arrested the government got 350 million
dollars um
we just want to see what they do
what do you what what you’re going to do
got that cocaine
got that cocaine let’s yeah let’s check
the mating cycle of ducks now that
they’re on cocaine um
because that’s what they need um
it’s but
but you see that like it’s it is it is a
massive issue and
because it is
not even because it’s disproportionately
affecting minorities the fact that it’s
affecting anybody
is a crime this needs to be treated like
it is a health crisis as opposed to a
crime and when we can change people’s
verbiage on whether or not using drugs
is a crime
then people will start to realize
it only took what three and a half years
for me or for alcohol to get overturned
and that’s because they were tired of
the violence and they figured it was
just easier to make it legal and that
way people wouldn’t be going the black
the black market route and oh fun fact
you know what the number one selling
beverage during prohibition was
no idea
grape juice
and most grape juice came with a label
that said do not add two cups of sugar
do not store in a dark cabinet for this
many days oh
i’m not going to make wine with this
don’t worry i trust this great grape
juice was the number one selling
beverage during prohibition um
but it only took like three and a half
years the fact that marijuana hasn’t and
you still see it they talk about the
violence that goes on down in mexico
because of the drug cartels um and you
see they talk about the gangs in the big
cities fighting over territory for drug
all of this goes away
yes if you leave if you
decriminalize or legalize drugs and
allow it to be sold at 711 and cvs and
walgreens and publix oh god if public
started selling weed that’d be so ironic
and hilarious
but all of that would go away yes and
fun fact
the number one republicans any
republican who happens to be watching
the number one funder of terrorist
groups is
drug cartels
so if you
legalize drugs here or decriminalize
them here and allow people to grow and
allow people to make it here
it shuts down the funding to the drug
cartels which in turn shuts down the
terrorist organization because they
don’t have their funding anymore
it’s literally a win-win-win yes
and and uh you’ve brought up a
thought of mine um
i i used to sit down and i got really
deep into like netflix documentaries
like you would see me at home at any
moment i was sitting there watching
documentaries and um i was watching um
something on the war on drugs
probably two to three years ago and this
really stuck with me was that um
you know fentanyl is now a big big issue
for a lot of people when you talk about
drugs right when when we had uh george
floyd this last uh was it last year was
a year and a half now um it was
may of 20
may of 2020. okay so it was 2020. okay
so last year when when george floyd went
down right so we we saw a lot of the
talking points of fentanyl being in this
body um but when you when you’re a drug
dealer in a in a city right in in an
area um the best way to get publicity
the best way to get a lot more customers
is to have something that’s going to
give that extra kick right something
that’s going to cause somebody to
and so as a product of this being a
black market as a product of not being
able to know what is going into um
into these drugs what is being cut into
these drugs whether it’s the heroin
whether it’s uh it’s
even you know people have tried to cut
into to marijuana like if you if you
passing out joints and stuff like that
if you sell them already wrapped up you
can try to cut stuff into that uh the
the opportunities i’m not saying to cut
it with pcp but
yeah so so the opportunity is there for
these drug dealers because it’s the
black market because there is no no
oversight from the communities for them
to cut in fentanyl for them to for
somebody who’s at a party for the first
time wanting to just try to have a
lighten up night and have a good time
with it to have full-fledged fentanyl
being cut into it and and ultimately
cause them to die or for somebody who is
a routine user um
who you know gets fentanyl cut into it
for the first time and they die so i
the the black market around this
circumstance around the war on drugs the
black market is what is actually has
been perpetuating the deaths not to
mention of course the atrocities being
committed by the the justice system as
we’ve kind of laid out um
in the earlier conversation so so let’s
try to take these big
big public hits for these drug dealers
of having them overdose somebody it’s
where they’re getting a lot more
customers but instead let publix start
selling their marijuana
exactly even though they lobby against
it every year um
yeah let them do it yeah and people are
like oh i don’t want it being sold to
kids it’s being sold to kids now like
and there’s just no rep like there’s no
the difference between selling it to me
and selling it to a child i don’t think
it’s probably much in the
punishment aspect of it um
i know if i was still a regular drug
if i was going to 7-eleven and they were
selling cocaine and lsd to children
i probably would not go to that 7-eleven
to give them money anymore i would go to
cvs where they are making sure people
in appropriate age to be doing these
things and that is where the free market
starts to work um i wouldn’t if they got
rid of the if they got rid of the
alcohol age
when i was still drinking if they got
rid of the alcohol age and anybody of
any age could go to any bar i would not
be going to the one with drunk 14 year
olds yeah
especially if you were like single at
that time because it’s like i don’t want
to risk that either right of having the
opportunity because we’ve all seen out
there and and younger girls are trying
to look older and older to to look of
and a drunken stupor i mean
any man or woman out there that is of
age wouldn’t want to be out there and so
it’d just be literally a pool of
underage kids drinking there and and if
i don’t see them surviving for very long
in that circumstance so the market can
correct itself we just have to give it
the opportunity um right and and right
now we don’t have that
and what 14 year old can afford to go
out and get a good drunk on yeah that’s
not cheap i mean i mean granted if
you’re 14 you probably don’t have much
of a tolerance
two bud lights please i’m toasted
i am done
but i’ve never been this wasted i had
that before i got here man what’s wrong
with you
i have i had that in the car walking in
what are you doing
i drank that while i was driving here
oh yeah so
but i i gotta say man it was absolute
pleasure i loved tonight this was
actually your first time coming on to my
show it was yeah no this is my first
time on mr america the bearded truth so
it was it was amazing to have you on
here i appreciate you taking time out of
your busy busy schedule of course to
come in here it it is my pleasure uh to
come on here and honestly like you
i say this on my show a lot so now now
i’m gonna say it on your show you are
truly an inspiration
for anybody who really knows you you are
an inspiration um the fact everything
that you do for your friends and for
your family
light years beyond
what is probably expected but you do it
seemingly effortlessly
and you are one of the great arbiters of
liberty that is out there which as soon
as soon as it came
as soon as it came up as an option to
have you on
like i watched a couple of your episodes
and spike and i talked about it and we
said yeah this makes perfect sense this
guy is going to be
this guy’s awesome like he’s he’s going
to be the next big the next big thing um
i was off it was spike apparently
don’t worry you’re
you’re in that pipe give me a couple
decades we’ll get there one day yeah
you’re you’re like a decade younger than
spike um
to be able to work with you in the
aspect that both of us get to is a
humbling experience and honestly like
the way that you handle
uh all that life throws at you
uh is truly an inspiration and i strive
to be more like you constantly except in
your notes yeah i was gonna say that i
was like
but in every other aspect of your life
um i strive to be more like you because
you are a hero to many
i i was making a little bit of a joke by
like wiping out the tears but like
i was
that was that was incredible man i i
appreciate that and uh
it wasn’t a joke like i was actually
starting to wall up a little bit i i
appreciate that so much i’ve always
looked up to you know ever since i saw
muddy waters the first time
since we’re sharing this stuff um
we had six viewers
those were amazing six fears don’t you
forget it but you know big fan of all
six of them i um so i was doing my own
standalone show for you guys and um i
was doing my own standalone thing and i
was on tuesday nights and i was i i
reached out to you guys and i was like
hey what time are you guys doing your
show i think i reached out to spike i
was like what time are you guys doing
your shows because i want to like
stagger it where i can like you know
when i finish up i can just shout you
guys out and move my audience over to
you guys because i absolutely fell in
love with like you guys is just
it’s it’s a it’s a chill environment
where you guys are hitting
hitting the topics hard and you guys are
bringing about libertarian philosophy
and you guys are actually making a huge
impact and certainly right as we looked
at at the 2020 election um muddy waters
media was was carrying some heavy weight
um and and certainly changing the aspect
of this and so um i i fell in love with
you guys and and i’m so incredibly
you know you
you pointed out that when you guys threw
me the offer i i i giggled like a school
girl like a school girl um
i mean just imagine having like a
freaking superhero being like hey you
want to be a part of the justice league
it’s like what
so this was absolutely amazing to to to
come on and be a part of this and and
for you guys to
to have that belief in me it means the
world and
um hopefully you know hopefully in a
decades time i will
have a quarter of the clout that either
of you guys do and have made a quarter
of the uh improvements to our society
around us than you guys have both done
and uh i absolutely love you guys and i
appreciate you guys each and every day
and and i’ll never stop saying thank you
guys for letting me have this show to
come on here and just
bore people to death
yeah and i i mean your show is
definitely not boring uh
there’s only one muddy water show i
don’t watch that i’m not on and uh
it’s it’s not yours um
i’m not gonna say whose
yes i mean
yeah that’s everybody else on muddied
waters yes
cajun i hope you’re listening to that
everyone on muddy waters has a lesser
beard thank you so much matt yes
everybody else has a lesser beard um
your show is definitely not boring it is
exceptionally informative uh and it’s
presented in a way that
even the
dumbest guy in the room uh can
understand it and makes the argument
easily easily accessible and uh
palatable and makes it
makes it so other people can go out and
to deliver the same message
uh which is
a gift to be able to do
i appreciate that so much and i don’t
want to sit here and just circle jerk
each other off for the next 30 minutes
but uh i absolutely love that you took
the time out to join me tonight and and
i appreciate it so the first guest from
the new segment
matt wright got the honors and i’m
absolutely honored to have you on and i
appreciate it man and and with that i
hope everyone has a great night make
sure you guys are going out there
sharing this out uh go give us all the
reviews you can on every platform you
find us on um help us out get this
message spread
do it for matt do it for spike do for
myself do for cajun and and for
eskimo as they all have the lesser
from muddy waters but um
but i love you guys i appreciate you
guys all keep fighting the good fight
and uh we’ll see you guys back here
tomorrow night 8 p.m eastern for muddy
waters of freedom and then wednesday
night my fellow americans with spike
cohen and of course you’ll see this guy
back again thursday night for the
writer’s block and then friday night the
only person the only group that doesn’t
want to be on at 8 p.m of freedom time
that’s eastern time
is the from buy use the igloos with
eskimo cajun at 9 30 pm eastern
love you guys all and if you guys have
clubhouse you guys are more than welcome
to hop on there after this i will be in
um potentially matt will be on there as
well i’m not going to ask him that live
on the air and just throw that at him
but um but love you guys and i’ll see
you guys soon

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