Mr Bearded Truth – 7 – Diverting to say it’s okay to not be okay.

Afghanistan is rightfully being talked about by so many pundits, arm chair quarterbacks, and keyboard warriors, but there has been a gross over simplification from every source Jason has heard so far, so join in as he gives you his.

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Episode Transcript

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hello everybody
i am of course mr murk of the beard of
truth jason line thank you guys so much
for being here
so excited for the conversation we’re
about to have tonight
i am as i said
i am of course mr merkel with the beard
of truth and you guys are all amazing
beautiful people and i am so excited for
tonight’s conversation we’re gonna be
talking a little bit about what’s going
on in afghanistan and i’m gonna be
pontificating and giving you guys an
oversimplified oversimplification
view on what’s going on and uh we’ll
talk about some of the stuff that i i
think is incredibly important but
um something that’s really
uh important for me to discuss and from
my travels
in the country
being a veteran
going through the va
talking with other veterans both those
who have been deployed and those who
have not
of understanding kind of the bigger
picture when it comes to the individual
so we’ll be talking a little bit about
mental health and stuff like that as
well tonight i’m excited for it
this is really personal for me
as some of you guys know me a little
more on the personal side right um
mental health is a huge topic for me
this is something that i’ve i’ve been
let me turn that down a little bit get
some of that white wash out
this is something that i’ve been
incredibly motivated to to take action
on um as somebody who
has mental health
as we all do um i i
definitely need to make sure that i’m
keeping in check with my own
but i also have um sadly lost a lot of
great amazing people
um to suicide and and to recklessness
because of of poor
uh handling of their own mental health
and so this is incredibly important and
katy porch gordon just says mental
health therapists here katie thank you
so much you are going to be pivotal for
um i thank you so much um
so we are going to be talking a little
bit about afghanistan and everything
else but before we get into the big
topic i of course have to open up the
way that i always do
um of course this is your first time
here or your thousandth time thank you
and welcome in i am your neighborhood
friendly libertarian talking about
politics and social issue one liberty at
a time
and i have to be give a huge thank you
to both matt wright and spike cohen for
being the
gods at muddy waters of freedom and to
allowing me a platform to reach out to
you guys every monday night at 8pm
eastern freedom time
where i can i can spread my voice and
and talk to you guys about what’s going
on pure mental health provider here from
t marie liberty beautiful mental health
oh yep so we covered that one so we’ve
got some people here who love this
um who are passionate about this who
advocate for change advocate for
checkups advocate for
trying to keep people together keep
people whole and and certainly
i feel like this is one of the most
missed topics whenever we talk about war
whenever we talk about um how
actions are being taken right we always
we always have the republicans saying we
just need to strong-arm everybody into
doing what we need them to do right when
it comes to afghanistan right um i i had
a conversation with somebody just
yesterday um where as long as there’s
quote-unquote hitler out there we need
to stay there we need to to beat down
hitler and we need to keep fighting and
and so that’s
that mindset of we just have to finish
things we have to stop things we have to
be the police we have to stop this
and it ignores
the people that are doing this stopping
it ignores
um the families of of innocent civilians
in those areas that are being policed
that it ignores the mental health of
everybody involved
and of course you’ve got democrats out
there that have been
incredibly wishy-washy on this um
but it’s
yes absolutely um
it’s we look at democrats who have been
incredibly wishy-washy and this has not
been something where we’ve seen them be
so staunch right
democrats of old were fantastic because
they were anti-war republicans of old
were fantastic because they were
anti-war but when they come into power
they rarely hold that position and it
when it comes to afghanistan i was
incredibly shocked to see that we were
actually pulling out this was something
that um i believe i spoke about it on an
episode here um
if not it was on an interview but it but
it’s always that pawn that’s like yeah
we could pull these troops out we could
pull these troops out and they never do
they always they always talk about it
right it’s always the bargaining chip we
can always give shade to the other party
because they stopped us from pulling our
pawns out and it’s always been a
political ploy um and and so i’m excited
to see joe biden do this um i think that
it was
from what we see from a lot of joe biden
there’s a lot of missteps that happen
and and certainly there was one just
doing a blanket to pull out no no
conditions right this is this is
something that
over simplifies the position there in
afghanistan i would be remiss if we were
not to talk about you know different
justifications or different reasons why
the military is there i don’t agree with
them but there are are positions that
are important there such as geopolitical
war with fighting with other potential
world powers such as russia and china um
economic war going on there with um
geez i’m i’m
terrible at remembering the name of it
but the the potential pipeline going
from the middle east all the way into
europe or coming down from russia and
and bypassing this right there’s a
there’s a lot of things when it comes to
the petro dollar there’s a lot of things
when it comes to um to
to the oil fields there’s a lot of
things that comes with the within the
medical field there’s
so many different
topics um that are being handled in the
middle east and certainly having our
troops there is is something there um
oh ooh jacob blaze dear democrats your
silence is violence ouch
but i’m not i am not of the mind that
pulling out
um is the worst thing that could have
happened right i think that the worst
thing that could have happened is we
could have been another 20 years there
because we did spend 20 years in
afghanistan right september 11 2001 was
the initiating event we wanted to go in
and we wanted to take down bin laden
somebody who we knew upon getting into
afghanistan he was not in afghanistan he
was in pakistan hiding out in his
hideout we we’ve known that he wasn’t
there um we heard from from cheney that
well we just kind of gotta stick it out
in the area we gotta find things until
we find bin laden five years later we
get bin laden
15 years later we finally decided it’s
time to pull out and and so we have that
is it
is it great no
is it great the way that it happened no
um is it a better move i would say so
pulling out is not the preferred medical
method i love i love your guys’s
comments i
just a side note right i am the only one
here who does like a solo show
who who i i need that co-host and you
here if i can shape my hand the proper
way there we go you guys are the co-host
and i love you guys for that if you guys
are listening later on a podcast of
course thank you so much for checking
out the podcast uh make sure you guys
leave that five star review but you guys
if you guys ever catch us live
instead of catching us later on the go
wherever you want to go um if you catch
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um you will see that i have a chat box
there and you get to be a co-star here
right you get to be
on the show giving your good commentary
making making the rest of the people
laugh um and so i
gotta just say i love you guys and i
appreciate you guys so much but as i
said this was not my whole entire topic
here is not to just nitpick and talk
about the history of of the um of
afghanistan but to
touch on a very important topic for me
and that of course is mental health um
because if i were to talk about the
statistics if i were to talk about the
money um it was 300 million dollars per
day that equates to about 2.26 trillion
dollars being spent in just afghanistan
right um
this was 800 billion right we’ve seen
this number toted around a little bit i
believe the number is 880 billion
dollars spent in direct warfighting
costs we’ve seen 85 billion to train the
vanquished afghan afghanistan army which
stood absolutely no time at all right so
basically we pulled out and they went we
surrender um it took less than two weeks
for for significant um portions of
afghanistan to fall to the taliban um
we also had the u.s taxpayers giving the
afghan soldiers 750
million dollars in payroll each year
so i mean this entire project 2.26
trillion dollars is a significant amount
of money right there’s not a single
person out there that’s made that much
money um
you know jeff bezos
are you really potentially the richest
man in the world i haven’t i haven’t
looked that stat up i know that he was
a short date a couple days ago um and i
don’t think anyone else has really
climbed to that ladder um maybe
i mean with him being a billionaire
um the idea that he made it to a
it’s just not there so this is a
significant amount of money just being
spent in afghanistan how much was spent
in iraq how much was spent in in yemen
how much was spent in all these
countries there in the middle east
northern africa uh southwest uh asia um
we’ve been there for an egregious amount
of time we are doing more harm than good
we are creating dependency upon the
american troops that are suffering just
suffering because of these these these
changes right when you send a young
a young soldier
who enlists in the army because he’s
told that this is the patriotic thing to
do and i’m not not going to say that
it’s not patriotic in order to serve
your country this isn’t that
conversation but a young guy who’s not
not aware of what happens in war who has
not seen this has seen the hollywood
versions where you know the good guy
comes out on top and and you know minor
casualties but they they go down and and
there’s a loving moment there’s you know
there’s so much patriotism there’s so
much love there there’s just good
feelings overall and and you’re such a
badass because you get to wear tank tops
and and you know muscle shirts and and
the babes love you and you come back and
you’re a hero
and so these guys sign up these young
kids sign up and they have no idea what
it is that they’ve signed up for
they have no idea what they’ve signed up
for so
they go and they hit the sandbox
sandbox being afghanistan
and now they’re patrolling around
they’re worried about ieds
and many times they’re going to hear of
um other squads that are
droving around or driving around that
are being mobile searching for targets
searching for security searching for
different reasons different missions
different tasks
and them running across an ied blowing
up having people have legs severed arms
severed killed upon impact or laying
their suffering bleeding out as other
people are incapable of helping them and
having to bear witness to that
you have people being put in situations
where they’re having to break down the
doors of innocent civilians to go and
search for for people for targets
and and the
the mindset
of somebody who is there
for war
there are
it’s difficult for them to have an
um perspective
towards civilians when there isn’t a
uniform right you’re always suspect that
people are just trying to hide something
from you and so you will see people act
in a very barbaric manner
what people bear witness to in these
from those of us
who have never stepped foot off of
american soil who have never been in
these areas who’ve never had to worry
about when when a loud noise is
happening at night is that a mortar
blowing up inches away from my head
is that my buddy my rack rackmate over
there is that him blowing up
you don’t have to worry about snipers
you don’t have to worry about
you know just
an innocent looking child pulling out
pulling an ak out from under the table
and start lighting up people around you
these there are such an aspect of people
in the military that
have been deployed to these different
we don’t really put into perspective of
what are we doing to those people that
are there
what kind of a mindset how much does
that fracture your mental psyche
when you bear witness to that
and of course we are looking at taking
in kids from high school who just
graduate high school
strap them up with their boots give them
their gun send them off to this where
they’re they’re
mentally they have not matured right it
takes until 25 years
for your brain to fully develop so these
these are young men and women who have
not fully developed and we’re sending
them into to fight these wars where
billions and billions of dollars are
being spent each year where you have
different organizations advocating for a
continued um acts of violence in other
you have some of the big missile techs
and you have some of the big um
suppliers of the military
that they’re
just raking in the profits off of this
and the people that are the pawns in
this are the people that don’t get a say
in this these are of course our men and
women that are in the military
and so when we ignore what is happening
when we ignore what when we don’t put
that into perspective and we say you
signed up for it you knew what was on
the line these people don’t know what
was on the line this is why what we’re
seeing right now is a
massive move from from
active duty military
to libertarian
advocates for people who are saying look
i went through the military and i saw
what the government was doing i saw how
they treated people i saw the the plans
i saw their methods i saw just of how
egregious that they were to their own
people to the people that signed on the
and from this there have been light
bulbs being lit across this great nation
of ours of people saying this can’t be
it this can’t be right and they’re
questioning it and they’re coming out
and they’re making an impact in our
and i’m proud that you know i’ve got my
father’s dog tags right here i’m
grateful that he is still alive and he’s
still doing well but i will always hang
his dog tags behind me because he’s
always had my back
and he has helped me through so many
things my grandfather served in this
nation my uncles have served i served in
the united states navy i have my whole
of my submarine the united states
submarine uss north dakota 784 the the
ship that i helped bring to life
we all served in in so many of us
have a questioning attitude about the
government as a result of our actions in
the military
and when you when you put this all
together when you have a complete
disregard for your own troops when you
have to where
you’re sending troops and you’re sending
support not for america’s interest but
rather just because either a you’ve got
allies that are saying you’ve got to do
this because of arms deals such as why
president trump vetoed uh pulling us
vetoed our pooling of support for the
yemeni genocide ongoing from saudi
because of arms deals when you see it
because of of domestic arms deals being
happening here right there’s this giant
thing of the military complex existing
and it’s being destructive to everything
that is touching and certainly when we
look out over at afghanistan
what we have seen is 20 years 20 years
of american taxpayers dollars being just
thrown into a burning
we have seen uh countless
i would say countless but it’s not
actually countless there have been 2500
u.s military deaths in afghanistan
nearly 4 000 u.s civilian contractors
killed at 6 500. this pales beside the
estimated 69
000 afghani military police officers
47 000 civilians killed plus 51 000 dead
opposition fighters
the cost so far to care for two 20 000
u.s casualties has been over 300 billion
with another half trillion or so
expected to come
the numbers here
what we have accomplished in afghanistan
is shown that we are in effective
at implementing long-term change in an
area that we have to stay in an area
indefinitely to get the things that we
want and we will never actually achieve
them it used to be an idea that when we
went to war when we went to conflict
that we had clear objectionable actions
that we were going to meet and once we
met those once we hit all of the checks
boxes of why we went into an area we
would then pull out and we would do this
right when we have a a point when when
the win of a situation is that we’re
going to beat terrorism
and we utilize methods that are eerily
similar to terrorism
terrorism will continue to win
that was a really long rant and that
went all over the place i apologize i’ve
warned some people my show notes didn’t
really exist tonight i took a couple
facts and statistics but
my point is my point is is through our
experiences through the troops
experiences through the military
what we have seen
is mental health
rapidly on the decline right just
speaking of ptsd
post traumatic stress disorder somebody
who has honor undergone a traumatic
event that has shifted that has changed
that is
just permanently reformed the way that
they’re going to handle similar
situations right we see this every year
of the fourth of july right when
veterans are in their when when we hear
the reports when we know of friends when
we know of family members who are
sitting in their room huddled up crying
because there’s explosions happening out
their side outside and they see
themselves in vietnam they see
themselves in iraq they see themselves
in afghanistan they see themselves in
kuwait they see themselves in in all of
these other nations and all these other
conflicts and that’s where they’re
it’s no longer a patriotic thing to hear
the fireworks for them it is now
sending them back to war it is sending
them into a situation that they have no
control over that they are fearful of
their lives
and so when we look at the statistics
around this right about 15
roughly around 15 percent of deployed
veterans are going to have ptsd
are going to be known for having ptsd
now there there’s an estimation that
two times that so roughly around 30
percent of people will have ptsd many of
them go undiagnosed many of them don’t
seek treatment many of them are denied
treatment and and so
we’ve i’ve discussed in in previous
episodes the uh the epidemic created by
the veteran uh
the va health care system in in a lack
of service being provided a refusal to
serve a refusal to care refusal to
actually take care of our veterans and
and so
when we have these talking points from
people of we need to support our troops
i sub i absolutely support our troops
bring them the [ __ ] home bring them home
where they can be with their families
where they can see their children grow
up where they can be a part of their
communities where they can do good
stop sending them off to fight off for
corporate needs for corporate for allies
interests and stop sending them off when
it’s not in the nature of america’s
you want to talk about america’s
interests and so we have to protect this
we have to protect that we have to bully
other nations in order to protect our
interests that’s not protecting our
interests that is bullying that is the
that is dictatorship that is controlling
through force
in demanding compliance or you and your
family and your family’s family in in
their extended family and and their
mailman and their mailman’s family and
everyone else is going to be murdered
everyone will be droned everyone will be
killed we will continue to massacre
until we get that absolute compliance
because we have to fight until terror is
and what we’ve seen what we’ve seen is
these practices do not actually live up
to the intentions right we know that
for the men on the ground right for the
men in the army
and even in the marines the
the rules of of
engagement are so
that they can have somebody there with a
firearm in front of them with
threatening them and that they are
incapable of defending themselves so we
have on one front where so many people
are limited
as to how they can engage
so their lives are at risk so they’re
terrified standing there
shoulder to shoulder with their brothers
in a country that is halfway around the
world not knowing people not knowing the
area not knowing the culture as well as
they could
and as they are
viewed as invaders
by people in these areas
in these countries
as they’re looked at as invaders
people are interested in taking the
invaders out
yes there are people who understand that
the american troops are in their
interest and we’ve seen
dedicated to change that they are when
when planes that were leaving
afghanistan recently people were hanging
on to the outside of the jet and falling
from 10 feet from 30 feet from 50 feet
from 100 feet from 200 feet they were
falling off because they were dedicated
to the idea that they want to change
that they wanted out that they knew that
if they were caught by the taliban that
they would be killed
i understand
we have a problem
we have a problem there in afghanistan
it is undeniable that the entire culture
became dependent upon the american
troops to provide a way to provide these
securities to provide these protections
but at the cost of the mental health of
the men and women who serve
at the cost of the american taxpayer
with trillions of dollars
being spent already with trillions of
dollars expected on the interest that is
bearing from those payments
we have so much cost
that is associated that eventually we
have to look at it as a sunk cost and if
for those of you who’ve not been big
into economic
talking points and everything else look
i don’t blame you but a sunk cost is
basically is the idea that if you’ve
invested so much money into something
that you believe that that makes it a
better idea to continue and i believe
spy cohen even had to tweet about this
explaining what a sun cost is but
but it’s absolutely true that the idea
that because you’ve put so much value
into something that you feel justified
that you have to keep spending more
right when you look at gamblers when you
look at people at poker tables they feel
like there’s a sunk cost there right i
bluffed into this and now i gotta see it
through i i put this much money in now i
gotta see it through and and so they
justify losing more money as a result of
same thing
when we don’t have a reason to be there
a justifiable reason other than we can
be there indefinitely if we don’t have a
plan there
that is actionable that is actually
living up to even a scintilla of the
eventually we’re going to have to find a
way to either meet those intentions and
change up the game plan or get the hell
this is not this is of course not an
easy situation to handle this is not a
a simple
flip on a switch or flip off a switch
right but
we have to be able to work as a
cognitive machine and and right now
let’s just
all right i’m gonna do it um
we have the stupidity of the duopoly
right so on one hand right they’re
absolutely the same thing right you have
the republicans you have the democrats
they are the same thing right um we’ve
we’ve seen where it’s this trust in the
law enforcement right so the republicans
have always been the back the blue and
the democrats have always been uh oh
we’re going to back the blue and
as justified by their uh last press
secretary right um
biden was always back to blue right
which makes sense because he’s the the
architect of the 1994 crime bill and
one of the worst um state prosecutors
kamala harris is vp pick um
so so we’ve got like that side of this
um we’ve got the idea that in in in
healthcare right we just need more money
right affordable care act was started by
the republicans um
we’ve seen where in education right we
just need to to find ways of funding
things better um
we see a lot of this
but the difference is is that in the
foreign policy there are some stark
there are some stark differences right
what we saw from president trump is
unprecedented um
in the ways of of handling a lot of
these conflicts and and that of course
created a lot of controversy and we saw
how that got publicized right with with
the conversations around um north korea
and kim jong-un um with conversations
around iran with the conversations
around afghanistan with the
conversations around yemen with the
conversations around syria um
we saw
how it was different
we saw how it was different with with
george bush we saw how it was different
with obama and we we’re seeing now how
it’s different with joe biden and and
clearly i think that if we
were to be honest
joe biden is the biggest idiot of them
all um but i i think it’s because of his
age i think it’s because of the the
potential dementia that’s going on i
think i think that there’s a lot of
things coming to this um but i i
definitely think that the the writer’s
off the horse at this point but
we do need to we
this situation’s getting bad um
but but we have there right we did have
some form of a pendulum swing between
the two of them and if we’re going to be
in a nation if we’re going to be
invaders in the nation or occupying a
nation with some form of plan right a
four year or an eight year plan is not
really long enough in order to change
culture to change and to adapt and so as
you have these
red hat blue hat red hat blue hat um
pendulum shifts
you’re not going to be effective at
being able to make this change right
some people will see this as the
argument jason you just want republicans
to win or jason you only want democrats
to win no no i want them both to lose
because they both are clearly bad at
making it worse is to switch between the
two um and how they’re handling this um
i’m so mad at myself as i was going to
do 30 minutes tonight i was going to
keep this short and sweet you guys can
see how well i am at being a libertarian
still i cannot keep it within that time
constraint but
a lot of issues going on um continuing
to go on as i said about 15
to up to potentially even 30 rounding um
of people have ptsd so going through a
traumatic event and changing and
sculpting the way that they’re going to
deal with different situations for the
rest of their lives i have ptsd i have
ptsd from from um from a personal
experience this was not actually from
the military i was in the
in the military
on base
but i had i i
had an attempt on my life um
by a spouse now ex-spouse but um going
through that
going through that and understanding um
i don’t deal with a lot of circumstances
the same way
i i have a lot of struggles when when
things um when things come up or or when
situations arise that
bring me back to that and and
so i i
these people who have gone through this
these people who are suffering to this
day with ptsd i have a very special
place in my heart for them i i wish that
the va as specialized as it is with with
ptsd they still don’t really know what
the hell they’re doing um and so i wish
them the best on that um if you can
imagine right marines and army are
usually the higher end of the spectrum
those are the guys that are actually
gonna be kicking down doors those are
the guys that are gonna be on the front
lines these are the guys that are in the
they’re on the ground and and putting
them in these circumstances right it
doesn’t have to be something that maybe
that they did but maybe somebody around
them did um breaking that mental state
of them
it breaks my heart to even talk about
because we’re literally shattering
people’s lives for the rest of their
when fireworks may have been a joyous
thing for them in the past and now they
can’t enjoy that
when the smell of gunfire right going
out and shooting with your buddies and
having a good time with that um
just to bring it brings you joy and now
you get the smell
and it takes you back right
hitting a pothole i i’ve got one buddy
that you know he had an id
his truck
it hid an ied
in iraq
he hit a pothole one day and freaked out
and crashed his car
because he was suddenly worried about
the ambush that was
likely to ensue
we are continuing
to put people into bad situations
and and i want us to humanize and i want
us to
try to
as many of us will never know what it’s
to be in a conflict zone
to actually set foot in sands halfway
around the world
apart from your family not knowing if
you’ll ever see them again
missing your child’s birthdays missing
christmas missing thanksgiving missing
new year’s missing valentine’s day
missing your wife or your husband’s
special day missing an anniversary
missing weddings or child births
you’re missing all of that
while every day you’re just hoping to
make it to the next
and going through these circumstances
i think that we need to start looking
actually justifying
in an area
and sadly
the ownership
whether it’s because of the corporate
whether it’s because of politicians or
if it’s just the the the the
war mongers the war hawks
is is that we’re justified being there
and you have to justify us leaving and
we have to leave on the best terms
possible and anything less is
but i think not supporting our troops
and by supporting our troops means that
we should be doing what’s best for them
and advocating for what’s best for them
and advocating for what’s best in
america’s interest and as a nation that
is now
245 years old
with only a mere
no sorry
224 years
of war so that means 21 years of peace
21 calendar years of peace
maybe it’s time that we give peace a
shot maybe it’s a time that we justify
with serious goals with actual
obtainable goals to where we’re in get
it done and move out if it’s absolutely
100 percent necessary in america’s
instead of tangling ourselves in these
foreign entanglements being there
indefinitely and then people go
but when we left it caused problems
but we’re ignoring the problems that
we’ve created the dependency on pond the
american troops in that area the
destruction that’s happening to the
american troops the
of the cultures that have been happening
because now there is a
just the the the extent of people
becoming more docile because they know
that they’ve got a big bad protector
behind them that they now become docile
and refuse to
stand up and fight for themselves they
become weak and they become docile
just as what we have seen the moment
that the american helicopter started
leaving the american helicopters and
planes started leaving
the taliban was already at work and
people were ready to surrender
we continue to create problems wherever
we go and without addressing this
we’re missing out on a big conversation
around the importance of mental health
for our troops
and for the sanity and the sanctity of
cultures and societies as a whole
and i hope that we will
one day
get out of this
i i i’ve been ignoring you chad i’m
no playing game no plan game plan get
the hell out of there i agree thank you
jason for sharing your personal
experience of course
i i definitely
i think i mentioned this in the in the
beginning and i’ll mention it again i my
best friend committed suicide
had lost a lot of friends and mental
health is one thing that is is a big
aspect for me
i don’t
i don’t like losing people i love people
i love all of you
i just
we have to find a way
we have to find a way to fix people we
have to find a way to help people
and and certainly the way that we’ve
been doing it isn’t working we’re
hurting more people than we’re helping
stop making vets as the only pro vet in
stance i love it
instead of getting involved with foreign
situations we need to take care of
problems here at home i’m i’m
and sadly i don’t trust the government
to fix our problems at home either
we as we continue to have more episodes
of the mr merc of the bearded truth show
um we will continue to uncover more
problems that the government has
inherently tied to
as those problems continue to grow and
what we won’t be finding is where
government solves problems
back up a button
i i love you guys i appreciate you guys
i wanted to try to keep this down to 30
minutes and we are now at 40 minutes and
um i’m actually keeping it short tonight
i love you guys i love you guys
i’ve got a i’ve got to get off of here i
appreciate each and every one of you
guys coming in here stopping by um as
you guys are
looking to get more information about
afghanistan make sure you guys do follow
up tomorrow night 8 p.m
eastern freedom time where you’ll be uh
seeing matt and spike of course continue
to traverse
muddied waters of freedom and they will
be hitting afghanistan from a major
major way and uh if you’ve been missing
out on spike’s tweets go check those out
you’re you’re not gonna want to miss
and tune in tomorrow night and then on
wednesday we are going to continue um
we’re going to continue on with
my fellow americans by cohen himself
beautiful amazing man that he is and
he’s going to have a fantastic guest as
always then thursday night matt wright
is going to continue on with the epic
legacy of that is muddy waters um with
his writer’s block on thursday night
where he’s going to also have an amazing
guest and then friday night we’ll have
cajun and eskimo running through from
bayous to igloos and it will be
absolutely amazing so want to thank you
guys all again for coming through thank
you all for the likes for the shares for
the comments for the support
um if you guys haven’t already and you
guys want to send this to send this to
two friends help us get build up the
muddy waters algorithm
we are struggling against the censorship
from facebook which is natural because
we have disagreements with facebook and
so facebook has the upper hand in this
so you guys can do your part to help out
muddy waters of freedom
not just with my show but do it on
tuesdays do it on wednesdays do it on
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waters of freedom a household name
as we continue
as we continue
to make this nation better by getting
you guys educated
right along with us as i continue to
learn more and more each week from from
the wonderful guys and gal
on the muddy waters team
as we continue to
oh geez
i just i just completely blank there as
we continue to educate as we continue to
invigorate as we continue to
encourage and implore you all to make
our society a better place i love you
all i appreciate you all this is of
course mr mark of the beard of truth i
hope you guys have a great night i’ll
see you guys next monday night 8pm where
i have a fantastic guest lined up for
and i’m so excited to to have him on and
he’s been in the comment section so get
ready for it but without further ado
love you all catch you guys soon thank
you for the support all

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