Mr Bearded Truth – 8 – A Society Without Firearms.

Jason is bringing on a gun guru to discuss the importance of keeping everyone safe, ending racist policies, and protecting the most vulnerable in our nation. Like with most circumstances, the laws enacted to fulfill our desires mentioned above, work against intentions.

Episode Transcript

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david you know we come out here for the winter
to be with you and it’s it’s like you’re
not even
here [ __ ] ads
boys and girls hello welcome in uh
thank you guys all for being here
tonight as you can see we’ve got a new
layout i’m so excited for this i look a
little pacier than normal which is okay
we’ve got a good vibe going on over here
no more will i be having to tilt my head
every which way to be able to see your
chat got the chat here got you chat
beautifully right there um tonight
I’m so excited for tonight’s
conversation one of my favorite
things to talk about
is of course guns firearms
explosives tobacco uh
not the atf of course but uh of course
firearms and guns has been a big thing
for me and so i’m incredibly excited for
tonight’s conversation where i have the
amazing chris darnell of the
not a real libertarian podcast
he’s coming on and we’re going to be
having a great discussion around this
and i am so excited for this because
as i said this is one of my favorites
and i know that this is one of his as well
so without further ado i do need to go
through my intro real quick with you all
if this is your first time every
thousandth time here i am so grateful
for you to be here my name is of course
jason lyon and i am the mr america the
bearded truth
here on muddy waters media where i’m so
incredibly grateful for matt and spike
for continuing to push a great and amazing
platform and allowing me to come on here
to voice my opinions as we cover
um politics and social issues one
liberty at a time so i’m incredibly
excited for tonight and we are going to
just go ahead and jump into it and i’m
gonna bring that wonderful beautiful man
onto the stage with me
chris how is it going tonight
a little shocked easy he’s the guest
yeah i can’t believe anybody was like
this guy i want to have him on my show
yeah i mean we all make bad decisions
once in a while but why not bring the
bootleg himself on you know
yeah how are you doing
well i uh took the family out for a
little uh vacay today
um went to a theme park uh
named after an amazing woman from
tennessee who we all might know is a
little top-heavy
the dollywood itself
so uh
a little toasty
yeah uh
before we we brought up the stream he
was uh he pointed out that he does look
a little more um
seasoned than than i do and of course my
pastiness is gonna shine through in
every situation possible but um
but no it’s exciting i have we’ve
discussed going up there to dollywood’s
um you know being in south carolina it’s
just a couple hour drive for us but um
we gotta we gotta make that jump
nashville has been our biggest jump up
and i think that’s matt wright’s
favorite place in the world i
florida now right
yeah east tennessee is where you want to
be we’ve got better guns uh ones that
the atf don’t know about
better with scenery and we’ve got
dollywood so i mean what more do you
want from life
there’s actually
there’s actually more distilleries than
several and gatlinburg than any other
like i think
couple counties combined i mean you’ve
got like all kinds of legal moonshine
stories up there there’s like seven or
that’s amazing i love i love so i’ve got
a bottle of backbone bourbon you’ve been
you’ve been sipping on a little little
uh jim beam action
it’s safe to say that that bourbon is
welcomed and completely unsafe and needs
to be uh well equipped with firearms to
protect themselves from us right
exactly exactly
arm the bourbon and the bourbon will set
us free yeah a polite society is a armed
bourbon society
but tonight tonight i was so excited um
because as i’ve been covering these
segments right we’ve been diving deep
into one specific topic for an hour
which is a little unusual for a lot of
the typical libertarian podcasts where
you hit a couple current events where
you hit a a certain narrative um
and and i was sitting down and i was
who could i have on
guns just just a little bit i just want
just a little bit of excitement around i
just want a little bit of knowledge
around it
and and of course my first idea was why
the hell don’t i have food
you know i would love to have somebody
who’s just gonna come on here have a
good time
i’ll let you explain like how far you’re
into guns because
i’ve i’ve heard you dabble in it a
little bit but um
go ahead let us know like let us know
your history with with understanding
loving and your enthusiasm
keeps us safe
i i i know a little bit about guns very
little uh and i like them just a little
uh i started off actually uh
my father and stepmother it was it was
an interesting household she’s a more
classical liberal
he’s a more of a trumpian republican
but i grew up in a household with no
which was the irony behind all of my
history with guns um the day i turned 18
i bought a shotgun i can’t remember what
it was it was a 12 gauge it was a pump
action of some kind um
went to the army
uh no i’m sorry i also bought a 270. it
was a remington 270
and then went into the army came back
with a little bit more knowledge about
and then uh
so it was actually funny at the start of
2020 i was like you know it would be
i love guns
i kind of know a little bit about guns
maybe i should start selling guns
and so i did the
poor status thing which was i became an
ffl which is a federal firearms licensee
and um
there’s a little bit of work in that but
uh you know i get to be around guns all
the time i’ve got people that come
through me for
a lot of really unique stuff that you’ll
never see in gun stores because i offer
a level of discretion that gun stores
cannot yeah
um or or they sometimes choose not to
they uh
anyways that’s that’s that’s a side
point but yeah i get to experience a lot
of really cool
pieces that you don’t see on shelves
anymore or you rarely see on shelves
because they’re so high dollar
i do some gunsmithing i’m actually a
type 07 manufacturer now
i’m kind of the guy a lot of
libertarians call about gun advice uh
a buddy of ours cajun has called me and
asked me some stuff uh
there’s a guy uh max henry um some of
y’all might have seen him on facebook
he’s uh down in florida now he escaped
the poor state of new jersey to make it
to florida and he’s uh
he’s uh called me
yeah he’s called me a few times about
like how to build an ar and all these
things because he’s from europe and he’s
like we don’t have guns so you’re like
my encyclopedia yeah yeah
he was like he’s like
i could go from europe where there’s no
guns to florida where in three days i
can have a gun and i told him i said
come to tennessee and you’ll have it
same day he’s like
i’m not
yep all right i do i i want to take a
moment i normally i wouldn’t do this so
early in the show but uh there’s a
couple of of comments from the chat that
i think that you would enjoy
so first of all best guess ever i think
you would like that
bootleg eats cereal with a firearm
i think you would like that one
and uh he also snorts a line of
gunpowder before every episode
i i had to i shout out to oh and the pew
pew caucus and let’s let’s go ahead and
plug that real quick so
you are the founding member you are the
of the pew pew caucus what exactly would
somebody who’s within the libertarian
party be looking at when they
see the pew pew caucus
so it’s still very early on um
and it’s i’m trying to grow it
along with the other 50 000 things i’m
doing in the lp
my goal for it is it to be a place where
um it’s less about ship posting and
typical libertarian stuff and it’s a
community where people can get together
and talk about firearms in a meaningful
way so it’s you know
there’s a lot of people in within the
libertarian party they’re like hey i
don’t know anything about guns but i
know that they’re important they’re a
basic right that we have that we need to
but i don’t know anything about them or
they’re like hey i’m a felon i can’t
have anything to do with guns but they
may want to learn more about so they can
talk to people about it yeah this is my
goal is if they it’s just facilitating a
discussion around firearms people like
myself who have good knowledge on
firearms and yourself
couldn’t talk to people who don’t know
anything about guns who have zero
hands-on experience and we can say hey
this is where you want to start you want
to kind of look at getting this kind of
training here’s a link to a facility
kind of in your area that you know has
good reviews and is
would be a really good way to get your
hands on experience with firearms it’s
it’s less of a
so quote-unquote caucus it’s more of a
an encyclopedia for guns yeah a good
place where people can go out get more
information and
be able to band up and and even
potentially i would say you know those
people we could talk about some of the
laws that are in these areas and create
coalitions from and create people to
understand how we could work through the
process to change some of these gun laws
because i’m sure that you know as this
episode unfolds we’re going to talk
about some of these processes we’re
going to talk about some of these these
barriers right and you already kind of
touched on those a little bit right when
you’re a felon
you’re you’re trusted to come back into
society but you’re not trusted to be
able to defend yourself um or yeah and
and so being able to talk about these
things is is incredibly important
um you know as as i look back at the
previous episodes that we’ve had where
we talked about criminal justice reform
and and giving people a second chance
once they come back into society it is
important that if you are
determined that you’re safe enough to be
in society that you’re also capable of
defending yourself in a society that we
all agree is not necessarily safe which
is why we are advocates of course of
firearms um
real quick just to drop a quick
statistic for for some of you guys who
like those kinds of things um
right now in the country there’s roughly
between 500 000 and 3 million defensive
uses of guns
each and every year
thousand and three million
um so these are these are things that
are keeping people safe right this is
your single mothers this is in in poorer
communities and everything else and so
when we have these conversations this
isn’t about just saying you have to go
out and get a firearm right this is a
hey let’s let’s have a rational
discussion let’s talk about these things
let’s talk about how we can keep our
community safe and we don’t need the
necessity of
big government coming and protecting us
because as we’re seeing around the world
right when i went on cajun libertarian
show last
uh last friday with from bayous to
igloos and we changed that up a little
bit we were talking about like new
zealand and australia how they have just
locked down their entire communities and
if you if
you’re at
your wit’s end if you are unable to
provide for yourself and no one’s out
there providing for you you have to have
a means of being able to protect
yourself and of being able to provide
for yourself and that’s certainly a
justifiable way of doing this um
but um
but no so i there was a another point
that you were talking about in there and
that is that there’s so many people out
here that understand the the importance
of this but they haven’t taken that
first step and and so what would you say
as somebody who
admittedly sells firearms um how would
you work somebody into a process of of
being able to take that first step of
buying their first firearm what would be
those first couple ideas or thoughts or
the first thing i always tell people is
everything you’ve seen online pretty
much like you know memes or whatever
ignore that
find you something that’s comfortable
if it’s comfortable to hold nine times
out of ten it’s comfortable to shoot
if if it’s comfortable to handle and
comfortable to shoot
it’s you’re more likely to
use it when you need to
um and that’s not saying you’ll draw on
first occasion you know you’ll be like
jacked up like oh man this guy’s like
you know talking smack at the mcdonald’s
it’s this
the vast majority of firearm usage is
mental right so it’s muscle memory when
you draw it’s muscle memory when you
fire it’s these uh
instincts that are very primordial
when you handle a firearm it’s fight or
now it’s going to be more of the flight
if it’s uncomfortable it’s got too much
recoil it hurts every time you fire it
but if it’s comfortable when you shoot
it and you like it you enjoy it and you
snort a lot of gun powder before you
come on a podcast
you’re more likely to use it when you
shoot it
there’s a there’s a lot of conditions
that go into it i always tell people you
find you a gun store and there’s a lot
of them
that will offer rentals go find you a
caliber that you’re comfortable with you
know people say oh you need a 45 for
self defense no no a 9 will it’ll poke a
hole in quite a bit um i’ve told people
if if a 22 is your speed
uh a 22 will still put holes in people
self defense is almost always within
10 to 15 yards
so you’re not you’re not taking out you
know osama bin laden through a window
from half a mile away
you’re you’re
you’re brandishing a firearm and it’s
okay so i’m gonna pivot back for half a
second yeah yeah that
500 000 to 3 million number
that you talked about the reason they
can’t pinpoint it down is because
typically when someone brandishes a
firearm that’s considered a defensive
they can’t pinpoint how many there are
because typically when someone breaks
into your house you pull out that 12
gauge and you
the first thing the burglar is not going
to do is uh they’re not going to go call
the cops hey man i broke into this house
they pulled a gun on me they’re going to
hotel it out of there and never talk
about it again
there will be a streak of brown streak
from where you cocked it wherever they
get to but yes
yeah so
i tell people
don’t be embarrassed
to ask questions that’s why your gun
store tries to staff
people that are very knowledgeable as
best they can
if somebody’s harassing you about what
you bought
give them my name or tell tell me who it
is because i mean honestly i mean it’s
stupid it’s this you’re not a real
libertarian crap that’s what that is
firearms are a very personal thing yes
um it’s personal preference in a lot of
ways yeah
exactly it’s it’s an extension of your
body when you handle it it is you it is
a con it’s a connection between your
soul and that firearm and this is going
to get real spiritual because that’s
just how i am with guns but
it it when you get the right amount of
training and you’ve done it enough it is
an extension of your hand i handle a
firearm and
it is an extension of my person i can
pick it up and maneuver it and
manipulate it in such a way that i know
exactly what it’s going to do when i do
and so that’s kind of what i tell people
find something that’s comfortable and
then second thing which is always very
very critical
good training
don’t don’t do the nra courses they’re
kind of
they’re hit and miss
it’s it’s
the nra is i treat them the same way as
you would like a government training
where they’re going to hit the very
basic necessities
but they’re not going to actually hit
the basics in the way that you need to
and so
when you go through those trainings
right and i’ve had plenty of friends go
through the nra trainings you you learn
the very basics of stuff but you don’t
you’re you’re missing out on so much and
and so
you can’t walk away from those trainings
walk off in in into your own um
into your own lane on on a shooting
course and then be able to like really
grow and adapt from them it’s going to
be a lot more self-taught from as
opposed to finding somebody who is
really qualified who really cares about
this and who is uh determined to
help you in the self-preservation aspect
of this of of kind of what you were
talking about the comfort level of
having these firearms in your hands
where it is an extension of your
yeah it’s a
it’s a very complex thing
there’s a company a
useful thingy i have one here that
actually has a mouse pad for a glock 17.
they make exploded diagrams of firearms
i have one for an ar-15 because i forget
what the technical name for things are
sometimes because you know
i’m an idiot
but uh
but i mean dude
if you are looking for any information
on firearms man join the pew pew caucus
uh or reach out to myself man i will
i’ll answer
dms on facebook or twitter day or night
to help people
and and you’re commonly on
if i could plug this uh you’re commonly
clubhouse as well which is a good place
to to go and crack some jokes with you
and ask questions as well
you’ll find them in the muddy waters or
in um lp talk radio or plenty of other
chat rooms there and uh so you
that’s what i love about chris is he’s
always available for you you can reach
out to him at any time and he’s always
willing to set up a gun raffle to help
out a great cause whether that’s helping
get the money waters team to tunica um
or whatever i’m sure that there’s one in
the uh
being held up right now based off of
some weird bearded guy not making a
phone call but i’m sure that there’s
another one coming down the the alleyway
and uh
so i’m i’ve always been really uh really
um so we’ve covered a little bit of like
the the idea of taking your first step
into and
getting your first firearm and and i i’m
gonna have to give you a strong
disagreement here because if you’re not
getting a 50 cal desert eagle or
i couldn’t even finish it but um but no
i i think that that’s incredibly
important that that people find guns
that they’re absolutely comfortable with
i use a 9 mil because i know i’m
probably going to be shooting through a
wall based on just the layout of my
i don’t want to shoot a 45 where it’s
going to have
it’s it’s going to stop more so i i’ve
gone with the smaller caliber
just knowing that i’m going to need that
bolt of penetration
and hoping that that’s going to be
fruitful for it so there’s there’s a lot
of stuff that we can have conversations
when if you’re
an absolute newbie to to the gun
community and you’re just looking to to
get something for home defense looking
to have something that you can keep in
your car
um because oftentimes right when we talk
about the the idea that you need to
defend yourself this isn’t just
in the best case scenario right the best
case scenario is you’re wide awake
everyone’s alerted your house and and
somebody is coming to your house and is
announcing themselves down the road and
and so you have all the sample time to
get everything ready and get everything
together make your announcement
no but like the worst case scenarios
right this is when you’re all alone by
yourself you don’t have you’re kind of
uh tired you’re you’re in a bad funk
you’re in a bad mood you’re by yourself
your cell phone’s dead now what are you
gonna do right you have to have
something where you’re able to in the
worst case scenario easily access your
your weapon in case and hopefully this
never happens
but in case something bad is is coming
upon you right somebody is attempting to
have uh sexual relations with you
against your wishes um a bigger bigger
guy than bootleg and if you’ve never
seen bootleg in person this he’s a he’s
a big meaty guy if you will uh what six
about six six about uh 260 pounds
a big beefy man so if if bootleg is in a
situation where he needs to use a
firearm against a bigger beefier man
like that’s that’s a guy that we all
definitely need to have that equalizer
as well and that’s that’s at the end of
the day like that’s what a firearm is
is it is something that you’re able to
equalize a threat
um there’s nothing better right we can
talk about the ideas of using mace and
mace certainly has a good aspect if it’s
not reaching a certain extent where
you can make somebody else and you’ll
probably get maced yourself a little bit
and that’s going to be pretty bad
using a baton they’re at a range where
they can potentially disarm you but this
is something where you can be at that 10
to 15 yard range that you were talking
about and being able to
actually neutralize a threat doesn’t
mean you have to kill them but it does
mean that you have a means of stopping
the threat from from aggressing upon you
and i think that that’s incredibly
important but i want to shift gears a
little bit i want to move away from from
the ideas of of
the newer people
of course if you’re new please do join
that pew pew caucus
please do reach out to chris darnell
bootleg libertarian reach out to not a
real libertarian podcast where he is
streaming every week um he’s got a
couple other good guys over there um
even if will’s not really in the
military or ever was
that is that is not
let me profess that with saying that
will was in the military he was in the
air force just doesn’t count
just not a real veteran just not a real
veteran exactly
and that is actually the name of the
podcast so you guys gotta make sure you
guys go over there give some love and
share with that but um but i want to
dive into uh the topic of
of kind of what
why is it that we have taken the stance
that guns are so important because i
think that this is the thing that gets
missed right when we when we see
the the polar opposites out there right
you have you have one group out there
that’s advocating for full gun control
um or gun control in some capacity and
then you have another group that’s kind
of like well i kind of want to protect
myself my family with whatever means i
can achieve and whatever i can get
so we have
that stark difference and and so
when we have somebody saying well we
need to
let’s say let’s say take away ar-15s
take away rifles from
um how do you how do you come about with
having a discussion surrounding
people who are pushing that
the problem is is just like everything
firearm policy discussions in the united
states are heavily emotionally charged
i’ve had a few rooms in clubhouse
talking about firearms i’ve actually
changed a few people’s minds on it when
you have a a holistic view on uh
um it’s not
if you open the conversation with it’s
my right screw you
the conversation is done you might as
well just go home
now if you find that discussion where as
in if i say hey
you know it’s if it’s a female
i can typically assume she’s smaller
than me
not always there’s some big women let’s
be honest
yeah i can assume i can assume most
people are not sick sick
but i i well the way i’ll approach it is
i’ll say look
firearms are the great equalizer of
society um
there is only one thing that makes all
all of mankind equal and that’s death
and so i approach it depending on what
their political affiliation is if i know
what it is i say look you know if
they’re typically a democrat
i approach it from the aspect of hey
minorities have always been
disproportionately targeted by gun
or you know if they’re one of those
people that believe in rape culture on
college campuses i’ll say okay there’s a
very simple solution to ending rape
and that’s
ending rapists before they become one
um a five foot nothing you know female
that weighs a hundred pounds she whips
out a nine mil
on some dude even if he’s like seven
and he weighs 500 pounds and he’s done
but [ __ ] diesel muscle looks like
something out of dragon ball z
that that one nine mil round can put him
it is a great equalizer and if you if
you level it on that discussion and you
say look
firearms are not
they’re tools
they can be used by good people and bad
we’ve seen firearms be used to create
you know create you know mass genocide
against the native americans we’ve also
seen firearms be used by uh the likes of
harriet tubman to smuggle slaves out of
slave holding plantations in the south
to the north that’s a very uh
little known fact about about her is
that when she ran the underground
railroad she carried a rifle that she
had bought well
she had bought from someone who
was legally allowed to purchase firearms
because slaves at the time you know were
not technically
according to law people yeah so
she bought it with money that she had
made on the weekends working for another
plantation yada yada but she carried a
without that firearm she would have been
able to protect herself or those in her
it it comes down to finding what topic
it is in life that they care about the
most and relaying relating firearms that
really firearms cover the vast majority
of american life
i mean we could give us like any
scenario um
and go on from there and now if it gets
into that discussion where it’s super
emotionally charged
i typically try to back off a little bit
and i get say
um it’s someone who was like oh uh
you know
my kid’s brother’s son was at marjory
stoneman douglas high school
and they were killed in the shooting and
then you back off and say look you know
i’m sorry that that happened you know
that’s an atrocity you know yeah
firearms should never be used for that
yeah it is
i mean that’s not that’s not me
pandering that’s like it’s an atrocity
like as gun owners we watch this and we
get sick to our stomach
but i would i would approach it in the
sense that you know what would have
happened if
maybe the principal and you know the
office staff there were armed what if
they were able to
get to the situation first because you
know response time for officers even
during a mass shooting is 20 minutes
22 minutes
yeah that’s a lot of dead kids when a
teacher in that classroom
one of the most important quotes i’ve
ever heard surrounding like
the response times
especially when it’s when you have
somebody with the intention of being a
mass shooter right a mass shooting is
just four four people being killed not
being the shooter so if somebody has the
capacity and the ability because of the
tools that they’ve equipped whether
legally or illegally obtained which in
most cases we’ve seen
most murders are happening with guns
um not possessed legally um
when when you call the police when
seconds matter in each life that is
being taken seconds matter the minute
the police are minutes away and and more
often than not and and you know you
touched on the the stone mountain um
school and and yeah absolutely it was it
was atrocious um
there’s uh there was a study done
that spoke about that over 90 percent of
mass shootings happen in gun-free zones
right in schools where nobody’s allowed
to have a gun other than potentially
some officers or some military people
security forces are allowed to have the
firearms and that’s it and because
they’re in uniform they become those
targets right when when that that
shooting happened
we’ve seen in in plenty of circumstances
where the
the uniformed security are the first
targets of this and then the people
themselves because now they are
absolutely defenseless they were made
defenseless by the legislation and then
made defenseless
by these targeted shootings and and
my one of the stories that i like to
bring up whenever we have these
conversations is the idea of stephen
willingford of of sutherland springs
down in texas this was this was merely
just a couple months after the snow
mountain shooting
and this was when you had somebody who
was absolutely deranged and and
we can dive into the idea of mental
health and should you be allowed to have
a firearm later but somebody who was
deranged who was known by the fbi to um
that was a risk of of killing people
goes and shoots up sutherland church
stephen woolenford who lived wasn’t even
attending the church who lived a block
runs out there i believe he wasn’t even
wearing shoes
sat down
loaded up his his ar-15 and took aim and
managed to shoot a guy between his
plates and in order to uh to not only
halt the violence but also be able to to
lead to the man being captured um though
he did die and and so
it’s always important when we when we
when we look at these topics right if
stephen willingford wasn’t there we had
to wait for the police to respond there
would have been more casualties because
it was literally shooting fish in a
and that is one of the most catastrophic
things that we can be we can bear
witness to and he happened to be an nra
instructor which a lot of people think
that that was
like they hang your hat on the inner
right they’re the great guys and it’s
they’re not a problem
when it comes to actually practicing
they’re a problem when they they support
gun control legislation and and they
they sit idly by while everyone else is
like no we have to stop the bump stock
band and they go nah it doesn’t matter
to me um so there’s there’s a problem
there with the nra the organization but
i would say for for a massive vast
majority of the membership um
don’t really necessarily have an issue
with how they run themselves
i’m so loving jack casey still given uh
still giving you different different
forms of what you do with your
day-to-day uh such as
nope uh dragon ball z is loosely based
on bootleg’s life he has to shave his
head to stop his hair from glowing gold
when he gets angry
i want people to meme all of these jack
casey isms
and uh make me an immortal gun god
because apparently this is what he’s
so jack casey is not even an official
sponsor of the miss america the bearded
truth show but um his commentary is
definitely deserving of this if you guys
have not checked out jack casey and his
trilogy of books right now it’s only uh
two books out but the third book is
coming correct
am i correct on this
okay whatever you decided to finish
writing it yeah so the third book is on
its way and this is a great book to pick
up if you like reading jack casey’s
stuff um
i i’ve gotta i’ve gotta lean into uh the
reviews of people who haven’t read it
who will talk trash about it and jack
casey himself so i’m sure that it’s
really well written it’s hilarious it’s
fantastic it’s beautiful um
but nobody’s reading it so uh i may i
may lean into this and read it first
it’s real close it’s real close he says
but um
go ahead and and reach out to jack casey
find him on youtube find him on facebook
find him anywhere and everywhere
ask him first book give the book a read
check it out uh you will not be
disappointed with the man himself maybe
disappointed the books but not the man
himself i can i can guarantee that
so so
gun control
is leaving people disarmed
people who
have ffls who
people who have
concealed carry permits people who
exercise their rights
kind of become a middleman defense
when law enforcement when we’re waiting
for those those those times away and
um i
i hope i’m not i’m not reaching on this
because i didn’t bring this up to you
beforehand but do we have any
as of recently wherein a law-abiding
citizen neutralized the threat
before the police arrived and was
actually neutralized as a result of that
uh yes
i can’t remember the guy’s name but it
was in colorado i believe
um he actually uh
stopped a potential mass shooting he the
the shooter
shot a cop
and then i believe if i remember
correctly my memory is atrocious
but he moved inside the store and
proceeded to try and basically execute
everyone in the store a gentleman who
was in the libertarian party
stopped him and then proceeded to pick
up the rifle and uh you know ensure that
you know should the guy come back to
consciousness if he wasn’t fully dead
couldn’t grab it and continue his
um and for his troubles he was gunned
down by officers there was no questions
asked no who are you
hey put that down it was
shoot first ask questions later
and it’s really a tragedy
i can i can think of thousands of
stories where
good guy with the gun stops bad guy but
um this one is really heartbreaking
it was really heartbreaking because with
the circumstance
um so he neutralized the threat and was
apparently standing over and standing
near the near the threat that had been
and was merely maintaining control of
the situation and when police showed up
they they immediately
laid fire into it they hated their
videos they hid their coverage they
would not release any of the information
they they released information to the
public that showed um the the original
but they
that’s just really bright um but they
had actually um
they came and they they shot him because
they thought that he was the shooter
and so it’s one of those tragic events
where the good guy with the gun stopped
the threat saved lives and then he
himself were taken out ryan bedford oh
wait no nope sorry that was the wrong
one um
what happened to the officer that shot
the libertarian i believe they’re still
in the force and so i’ve got it i’ve got
to do some following up on this and and
to cover this story a little bit more
with you guys and and i will try to get
that pushed onto one of the other shows
so we can stay out of like the current
events as much as possible but i want to
at least bring that up to you guys that
you guys can can dive into this um so
far right now all i’m finding on the
quick google search is uh for some
reason kyle ridden house which is
but it is a good story
it is a yes
and duncan lump which is the other one
horrible story
yeah um
brianna taylor also came up so it’s
really interesting how libertarians have
come out on these topics and i think
these are important topics for us to
talk about of course right brianna
taylor where police officers were
shooting blindly into a building whether
you find it justified or not whether you
believe in the war on drugs or not um i
i think that at the at the crux of that
right officers shooting blindly into uh
into a residence into an apartment
residence of all things where it can
penetrate through multiple walls and
shoot innocent bystanders i think that
that’s a gross negligence uh on those
officers and there needs to be some
accountability there um
when we talk about i don’t even want to
get into the duncan limp but um
yeah it’s it’s it’s yeah
it’s a rabbit hole yes yes
um garrett foster was another one that
recently came up with with the idea of
guns of somebody who never raised his
firearm to anyone had his firearm
shouldered so
shoulder than the low ready so facing
towards the ground was shot five times
in the chest and killed
during a protest uh following the george
floyd situation right so
what we’ve seen is the idea
and we certainly see this from kind of
the gun control crowd if you will and i
hate putting people in these in these
these generalities
is that um people with guns are
it’s it’s almost they’re almost welcome
to have violence around them whether
against them or towards other people and
i think that that really does miss the
it really does miss the mark on
on why why we are advocates for guns
does that make sense
yeah um
there we go yeah john hurley there we go
thank you so much janice
there’s a
you know we talk about as americans we
say we have a right to own firearms but
when a cop can shoot you for simply
holding a firearm do you really own do
you really have that right to have a
that’s the question i oppose to a lot of
people because in a lot of situations
um a cop will
walk for just like if for example
i’m sitting in my yard cop rolls up
allegedly there’s a domestic dispute
right coppol rolls up i’m holding a
i turn around too quickly or not quick
three rounds in my back i’m dead just
because i was holding a firearm nothing
no questions asked nothing it’s
justified go about your day
that that that a game of uh
you know life or death simon says that
was played in that hotel down in arizona
uh back in 2015
there was allegedly was it five or six
cops and there was two individuals
neither one were currently armed and so
they made him crawl hands and knees
begging for his life down the hallway
and then shot him for his troubles yeah
daniel shaver was that was that was a
terrible terrible situation um do you
remember what was etched on the the
officer who shot him um he had something
etched on the um on the on the raffle
it was something like
it was something explicit right it was
something like you’re gonna [ __ ] get
it and and
something like that blanket on it but
it’s it’s
go ahead
yeah i mean
it’s interesting because that’s been
i i advocate against people doing that
like especially on their adc
um because if if you have that on your
firearm and it’s used in court against
you uh it will be seen as you were
looking to kill someone but when it’s an
officer that does it it’s well it was
just his right it was just his duty
weapon it’s fine it’s not a big deal
it’s decoration but if it’s if it’s me
i shoot someone who breaks into my house
it’ll be used against me as
he was looking for a reason to kill he
was bloodthirsty but yet there’s this
double standard and that’s that’s a
whole other conversation of uh you know
criminal justice reform but
um it it
it breaks my heart because
i i try to advocate to people that you
know we don’t have to agree with the gun
but it is a life or death thing
it is um
you if you violate certain precepts of
how the system currently works you will
end up
as an outline on the ground
um and nothing will be done about it
your wife will cry your kids will be
upset and the cop will go home and love
on his family yes or hers
in the case of of daniel shaver so the
officer who shot him after playing simon
says after he was begging and pleading
not to be shot after he listened to the
commands after he did everything that
was asked of it this officer was
relieved of duty then rehired back on
and then honorably discharged and given
a pension for the rest of his life for
the ptsd that he had sustained from that
this is he’s on the force again by the
way i thought he got off
he so he got hired back on and then he
left i thought
so he was discharged and given a pension
for the rest of his life the ptsd yeah
and then he came back
uh and he’s working a desk job oh man the
and and certainly i’m excited for the
conversation for the day in which i get
to have the conversation around
qualified immunity which is just holding
um government officials and and police
officers accountable through civil
courts but the idea that we can start
working and advocating for instead of a
two-tiered system rather one system that
is going to be equally applied to all
people right
one of the one of the firm beliefs of of
the libertarian philosophy is that
people are equal right
it doesn’t mean that some people are
equal it doesn’t mean that some races
are equal it doesn’t mean that some
genders are equal it doesn’t mean some
occupations are equal it means that
everybody absolutely everybody if you
have a heartbeat you have the same
rights as everybody else and when you
violate somebody else’s rights there is
a level of accountability that is
absolutely mandatory if you want to have
a as as what a lot of people call a
civilized society
and oftentimes when we talk about gun
control um it it creates a tiered system
um because when when officers are able
to do something that the people are not
right and we miss those those parts of
legislation but also when you have
the gun control and people are following
the gun control right law-abiding
citizens are following the gun control
and and so they’re no longer armed and
of course i’m talking about like in the
uk in australia for a bit after they
tried to do their gun buy back plan but
now they’ve got just as many guns as
they did before but you have like
countries where they’ve implemented like
full-fledged gun control where people
generally don’t have guns where you see
rampant sexual uh violence right you see
rape cases you see
uh domestic violence you see where where
that equalizer without it you’re seeing
a lot more people be victimized and so
we just advocate for the equality of
giving everybody the opportunity of
being able to defend themselves their
families and everything else um i think
one of the other important things to
talk about of course when we talk about
gun control right you had mentioned
earlier of how it’s a how it’s a it’s a
it’s a piece of legislation or an intention
from legislation to advocate or to
encourage racism or it was used as a tool
because of racism because when we look
in communities of color where you have gang violence
that’s so rampant because of different
forms of economic controls in the area
and so you have gang violence or gang
control and drug trafficking and et
cetera et cetera you still have good
people in those areas you still have
single mothers who are trying to raise
their children amongst other people
who don’t have those same views who don’t
care about the sanctity of life of others and and
so we see victims be created all the
time there and and i feel like as a
society we just kind of shrug it but
we need to get back to the idea that
it’s your life in these hands right
yeah i mean the only gun legislation
that i approve of was written in uh 1791
and it states that the you know
you know i’m gonna
not directly quote quoted because uh
but it basically says that the american
populace has the un in
the inalienable right to own firearms
uh with no restrictions whatsoever
that’s the verbatim uh
conscription of the second amendment um
for the simple reason that you know we
talked about you know should the
government become a problem
the the other thing that you know
legislators don’t talk about is
those same firearms if we had access to
you know like a select fire cult m4
uh would deter enemies external to the
united states uwhich was evident during
world war ii when the japanese admiral said there’s
no way in hell i’m attacking the the u.s
mainland because that’s crazy there’s
guns behind every blade of grass like no
yeah that’s that’s not a that’s not a game of
bingo i want to play yeah but
it is interesting though like the the
people who speak most on
you know equality you know
true equality you know we’ve got to
protect the black mother who’s you know
a single mother who lives in the bad
part of town we’ve got to make sure to
do something to protect her but yet they
take away her basic right to
self-defense by saying we’re going to
make firearms expensive
and we’re going to make it super hard to
get one and we’re gonna make it so
insane to get good training on it
that she may end up getting raped or she
may end up getting murdered or
x y or z getting robbed on her way home
from the job like the third job she’s
worked that day because she’s doing
everything she can to feed for her
family and she has a high standard of
ethics and some people around here even
in good neighborhoods there’s people
around there that don’t have a good set
of morals and these are why firearms are
important it protects us from those with
a broken sense of morality you can’t
legislate morality we know this yep but
you know what kind of gives that little
nudge of uh fix your [ __ ] and find out
or find out is a firearm yeah it’s that the most
recognizable sound in american uh
culture is the racking of a 12-gauge slug that
even if you’ve never owned a firearm you
know exactly what that sound is because
it’s the most used firearm for
self-defense in in american history
and it is it is very important that we
start pushing back on this i’ve seen
i’ve seen a lot of democrats here
recently starting to flip on the other
direction of these things
they’ve seen that just because
there are cops doesn’t mean that they’re
going to protect you
supreme court opinions on that real
quick we’ve had supreme court opinions
that that law enforcement do not have uh
they they are not required to step into
a situation in which their life comes at
risk just to save your life and so i think
the word they use was obligation there’s
no obligation for them to save your life
yeah there’s no obligation and so they
can they can justify
not stepping in if it means that their
life would be at risk now that doesn’t
mean that every officer wouldn’t right
that doesn’t mean that this is not a
circumstance that every officer goes no
i’m gonna wait for the shooter to run
out of ammunition before i go in there
are plenty of officers out there that
are willing to charge headfirst into an
area just the same as as you know as
what uh johnny john hurley did just the
same as what stephen willingford did
just the same as what so many americans
would be willing to do should they have
a firearm in their hands there are
plenty of officers that do the problem
is is that when when we create
legislation we create a system or a
society that says don’t worry you don’t
need to have your own protection we have
this these special people with the badge
they’re going to come in and protect you
and then when the supreme court comes
back and says there’s no obligation for
them to come in
there’s no obligation for you to be
protected is what that says that’s what
that’s exactly how i hear it and so if
they don’t have an obligation they’re
going to make me defenseless and give me
no obligation of of protecting me
i can’t stand by and and sit idle as
this is continuing to go on and so i
have to raise my voice and that’s why
you know i’m so excited for this
conversation but but anyways continue on
yeah uh um
as you said let’s begin this this is
probably one of my favorite subjects um
the only thing i i love more than this
in the world is my wife but uh nobody
wants to hear me talk about her for an
hour i mean i’m sure a lot of people
would but i’m not going to because she
would kill me um
she would definitely get phenomenal
ratings anyone who’s ever seen her uh
but yeah i mean firearms are
the one thing i can’t believe that we
argue about the most and it’s it has provided
more equality in life than anything else
has and i think and this may be arrogant of
me to say but i think the less people
are knowledgeable about firearms the
more willing they are to give them up
yes um i feel like there’s a lot of
people who don’t know anything about
firearms and they will believe the ar-15
shoots a 50 caliber bullet at at 500 000
feet per second per second
um crap and then it’ll say it’s as heavy
as five moving boxes and
you know this happened the other thing
the irony is that a five
an ar-15 shoots around that is the 5-5-6
which is also very similar to a
.223 which is only .003
uh inches smaller than a 22 long raffle
but nobody’s talking about banning 22s
no it’s just it’s the muscle velocity
it that’s that’s all it is uh you
the muzzle velocity on a 556 or a 223 is
much higher than a 22 long rifle but
uh i would much rather get shot with a
556 than a 308 or a 762 uh because that
dirty girl she’s hauling and she is not
hitting them breaks and she’s going to
catch you at the at the corner of ouch
and oh my god where’d that come from yep
so yeah especially if it like hits the bone just
right and tumbles through your body like
oof but um but yeah
let’s let’s not get into that painful
experience um
but i think it’s also important when we
talk about this stuff right um there’s
so many people that you know you and i
would say that this is important not
just for for protecting ourselves on an
individual level but also to protect the
individual rights um
you know we had thomas jefferson talk
about like the idea that
the society our society our country
needs to go through multiple revolutions
in order to keep government small
um you have so many people out there
advocating saying well you can’t stop
the government without your f-15s
without your nuclear weapons i don’t
know there’s somebody important in
office that said that but um
but the idea that when we look oh just
across the ocean just across the
atlantic and maybe a little past europe
if we look at the tactics
of what we’ve been fighting for the last
20 years
we have not been fighting f-15s we’ve
been not been fighting nuclear warheads
we’ve been fighting people armed with
ak-47s we’ve been seeing people fight
with home rigged explosives we’ve been
seeing people fight with um with a an
infrastructure that is so
incredibly um
underdeveloped compared to what we’ve
been using here
and we we fought for 20 years and and
i’m glad to say that we we realized we
didn’t win in afghanistan but we’re
still fighting in in so many other areas
in the in the region that
it’s not a matter of what you’re
equipped with
having the firearms themselves and being
able to to show that restraint and have
the the capability of banding with
people to fight for what’s right or in
in your own self-preservation i’m not
going to say what they’re fighting for
is right but in your own
it is an equalizer even against the u.s
government and so our idea with this is
we are at a disadvantage already because
of the legislation that’s been enacted
let’s not continue to give up ground and
allow for atrocities that our government
has already committed against our own
people and of course in other countries
to continue to happen and potentially
slide down that slope to allow even
worse to happen here
i’ll do that quick breakdown on the the
f-15 thing i think it’s the dumbest
argument i’ve ever heard and it’s so
easily debunked yeah go ahead um
how good is an f-15 when there’s no
runways how good is an f-15 when there’s
no fuel depots how is it good is an f-15
with nobody’s making your munitions for
that f-15 what they forget is yeah
it’s nice having an f-15 when you’re
fighting ground troops
but when you don’t know who’s
who’s on your side and who’s not when
you’re fighting guerrilla warfare
it’s not phenomenal
when when you when you’re looking at
like a uniformed military such as the
the germans in world war ii yeah that
stuff’s great you know exactly who’s who
because they’ve got a uniform that says
that they’re them
but when you’ve got you know americans
walking the street and lo and behold
somebody throws a pipe bomb and blows up
a fuel depot or somebody plants an ied
in the middle of a runway
and destroys that runway
these are infrastructure is very
it is incredibly vulnerable it does not
take uh it does not take
you know this massive military might to
destroy infrastructure
americans are the ones that keep up this
infrastructure we’re the ones that build
the bombs we’re the ones that repair
these roads we’re the ones that
creates this fuel
so no it doesn’t it wouldn’t take at 15
it would just take americans being so
tired of it yeah no it’s oh it’s there
there’s so many different ways to take
the fuel out of all of these arguments
that have been going on
and and it’s just
oh i
they’re gonna nuke the country they’re
gonna nuke right hiroshima and nagasaki
part do all right they’re gonna just
come and blow up an entire city because
some of the some of the some of the
peasants are revolting like that’s not
going to happen right
even if they did
even if they did they create new enemies
like most americans like so the
revolutionary war was only fought by
three percent of americans at the time
like what we would consider americans
people that were in the united states
what we now know is the united states
it was only three percent that fought
you nuke a city the u.s government nukes
let’s say uh lower manhattan right they
drop a tactical nuke in lower manhattan
you just created millions that are going
to fight against you because they’re
like oh my god they just killed all
these civilians that killed 15 dudes
good luck winning that one yeah and and
and to expand on that i mean the number
one recruitment effort in the middle
east for radical groups terrorist groups
was your family just got bombed how do
you feel death to america
we’ve known this we’ve known this a
desert storm we’ve known this for for
years i mean when you go in and you
you take casualties in in a foreign land
and you kill innocent civilians who had
no ill wish against you
people surrounding that who had no ill
wishes against you
now have a reason to change
and doing that against the american
people there’s there’s no way to really
handle all of that um and that yeah
you would see the recruitment numbers
for any kind of a of a revolutionary
group um just
skyrocket from that
i mean we kill each other for fun i mean
it’s not making a lot of all the the the
violence in the united states but we
kill each other at such a high rate
that’s not seen anywhere else in the world
imagine if the vast majority of
americans were like we have a unified
enemy now yeah but
and even even the most advent
anti-gun people
understand that gun culture
is riddled within the united states like
it is so deep that you would have to
rewrite the understanding of the
american narrative that
uh it wouldn’t be easy getting rid of
guns and so you’re like
we’re just gonna go door-to-door and
take guns from people you think
gang bangers is just going to give their
stuff up you think i’m just going to
give my stuff up you think uh some
hillbilly living out on the side of the
mountain that’s not
he’s not drank water in 20 years all he
drinks is moonshine and eats corn off
the ground
like deer corn he’s he’s crazy and
hollow odd he hasn’t had a sane thought
in 45 years you think he’s going to give
his stuff up yeah exactly and and i i i
would be remiss without putting this out
there this is not an encouragement for
people to go out and do this stuff this
is not like an advocacy of of of taking
actions into your own hands this is this
is merely talked about in the
hypothetical circumstance so please
don’t come after me legally or with law
enforcement et cetera uh but i also want
to i also want to deflate some of the
conspiracy theories that we’ve we’ve
seen from from our conspiracy friends
and that is the idea that the government
knows exactly what you’re doing at every
given moment um so bootleg you’ve been
uh in the military i’m sure that you’ve
seen how well we could track our own
troops in different areas and how often
entire groups are lost and and
hopefully we find him within a week if
we don’t
maybe we’ll send it to the party
there’s actually a great article out
about this and i’m glad you brought that
up because there’s a great article about
this today and i’ve seen it on my my
phone uh the united states government
does not exactly know how many u.s
civilians are in afghanistan right now
so they’re trying to get a head count
and uh it just goes to show that they
can’t even count to ten uh so i mean of
course we should make sure that these
are the people that tell us what guns we
should and shouldn’t have i mean they
don’t know how many americans are in
afghanistan because you know it’s not
like we don’t have an entire department
of state that handles you know visas and
uh you know
people movement to other nations or you
know a freaking war zone
so i mean it’s not like we don’t have
entire departments that are dedicated to
monitoring these things and that track
americans overseas
did you know that there are six nuclear
warheads that the united states
government has lost
it’s only six
i’m actually shocked but it’s so low i’m
sure that it’s way higher like it’s it’s
kind of like one of those things you’re
gonna have to find the right folia to
find out how many it is i think six has
been made public but
yeah it’s probably just six have been
made public it’s probably closer to like 106
and like half of them are in some
lieutenant’s basement he keeps him as
like a collectible and he’s like dude
look how awesome this is and one of
these there’s actually i think one in a
they found one in a swamp in south
carolina a plane went down or it fell to
detonate when it landed
uh it’s a it’s an interesting story you
just look up um
don’t look up nuke south carolina look
up uh
nuclear weapon lost in south carolina
don’t look up new new south carolina you
might get put on an extra watch list for
that one but um
yeah there’s
this fast and furious
for example
the atf telling gun store owners hey
let the cartels buy guns these are awful
people let them just buy the guns it’ll
come back bad just let them bite just
figure out who it is we’ll track them
later hey turns out they found they
recovered 17 firearms out of the 25 000
that they allowed to go
25 000 but they recovered 17. that’s
amazing uh that roi is atrocious it’s
like it’s like yeah
yeah that’s that’s if that that number
is even correct so
this is the number that i was really
wanted to bring if you look at the far
right number right down here uh i think
that general that you were talking about
that collected them his name is jeff
jeff has less than oh ten god
hey jeff if you’re watching man uh
we can be buddies man uh
i remember i’m more responsible with my
stuff than the u.s military i just
promised that yeah the source was
federation of american scientists and
this was actually was released on cnn so
i mean this is this is authentic stuff
guys but jeff jeff
my name is jeff
jeff my god
you have you have less than 10.
hey but he still probably has more than
north korea so i mean he’s doing well
for himself he’s his own island nation
now oh he he’s close to north korea all right
the only reason they put north korea in
front was because they actually know who
north korea is they just don’t know
jeff’s last name yeah but
i as soon as you mentioned that like i i
knew i had to find that meme because
that meme has been around for a long
time and it was actually like
legitimately shared out and so
being able to talk about this stuff it’s
it’s it’s truly um
i totally didn’t didn’t mean to bring
you on to bring it and bring up nuclear
warhead but
i love it though this is this
this whole idea um at the end of the day
right so
we are advocates of firearm youth
um in the sense of
use it when you need it and only need it
when when you know
we call it authorized use of deadly
force and deadly force is a force that a
person knows or should know that causes
substantial risk of bodily harm or death
and should only be justified in certain
certain circumstances such as
self-defense or the defense of others so
if somebody’s life is in risk right you
have you are authorized to use deadly
course and and so if your life is at
risk or somebody else’s you can use that
force and by using a tool
such as a firearm to be able to do this
you are protecting yourself right and so
this is not a matter of like i i wanted
a better sale on on this tv and so i i
was justified right
we’ve seen kind of like uh the
irrational people try to try to straw
man our arguments
we don’t while we advocate for people
becoming informed and becoming trained
with firearms and carrying firearms if
they feel comfortable right we want you
guys to
everyone listening to become comfortable
with the firearm to be able to protect
yourself should it become necessary for
you to do so rather than to not have it
and need it we’d rather you have it and
not need it that makes sense
when bootleg mixes gunpowder with
bourbon and drinks it he gains night
vision for six hours
jack’s telling all my secrets now
but so i wanna i do wanna talk about
something i’ve never talked about
publicly so it was
2019 i believe earlier on in the year in
2019 and my wife wakes me up in the
middle of night says hey i think
someone’s in the house
i’d actually been drinking that night
and this is this is full of mission of a
felony um what i did was a felony but uh
damn to be the laws when safety
is in safety is more important than the
law yes paramount
so i get up i grab my firearm not gonna
say where it is but it’s easy access
kids can’t reach it it’s it’s smart and hidden
i run through the house
clearing every corner i can as quick as
i can
something’s going down i can hear people
and i’ll bust through the door to this
basement that i’m in right now
and i see two people standing there
two people i don’t know
i b-line it down the stairs they’ve been
lining out the door
i turn and fire one shot to the crawl
space because
i’m i’m at full ready i’m like there
could be someone there highly doubted
one round it was in the corner
if they didn’t get hit they’re scared
shitless they ain’t coming out yeah um i
run outside
and i discharge two rounds into a tree
away from anything else i know the
layout of the land i know exactly what’s
there even you know still intoxicated as i was
woken up from a dead sleep
knew what i hit
and they never stopped
they actually i think gained 20 miles an
hour i think it went from like uh
they went to cheese speed real quick
yeah it went from like meth head to same
bolt and pop pop
but to me that’s that’s a justified use
of force yeah nobody was injured nobody
was killed nobody was hurt
um but it got my the point across real
quick actually there was a sheriff’s
deputy living
across the street from me at the time
his cruiser was in the driveway nobody
ever came to the house
uh that’s that’s partially because of
where where i live and people know who i
uh they all think i’m insane
but they do understand that there’s a
there’s a certain level of discretion
that i use should something happen
it’s only for the intent to protect
myself and my family
and so
i never called the police yeah i didn’t
think it was worth they they didn’t get
um they had broken in and were looking
around the mess which is my basement
they never grabbed anything that i that
i know of
um did take something from you clearly
it doesn’t matter
maybe they help pick us with trash for you
um yeah and and at worst i mean
i gave one of them a heart attack
probably and
hopefully my my hope out of all that is
that those two rounds
scare them enough to where they change
their course in life scared straight
probably not but yeah no i mean the hope
is the hope is is that you know if you
have warning shots like that or if you
have a circumstance where you are
literally putting the fear of death into
somebody um
not even having you know just those five
hundred thousand three million defensive
uses and and brandishing a weapon in
some circumstances is enough to
make people realize
what people are willing to do to defend
their home their property their families
and of course themselves and and
hopefully that will humanize them enough
to deter them from wanting to do that
ever again i thankfully don’t have any
circumstances um
where i was committing felonies
but you know we’ve we’ve definitely had
noises going on i’ve had i’ve had
animals that broke into um
to the property and were scurrying
around and and they almost got capped
but uh i i don’t think that they learned
their lesson so
um yeah baby’s not super smart yeah
yeah no so
uh been very fortunate of that you know
we have had many circumstances where you
know i’ve accidentally left a door open
at the house or not
open but unlocked and so when you come
to the house and you go to unlock and
you don’t hear that click of when you
expect it to unlock and you’re like oh
[ __ ] you know you walk in the house and
you go
you keep the family you say you sit in
the car keep the car running if anything
happens drive away right you get the
family safe and so i go in the house i
first go to the kitchen
grab a knife and i’m going straight to
where where the where the guns are and i
go straight to the guns grab a gun and
then now i don’t need the knife i just
have the gun the the greatest equalizer
there you know start shouting commands
you know who’s in the house who’s here
anyone in this house you know you’re
you’re you’re letting them know that you
are you are a risk to them if they do not uh
like step up and
announce themselves um that you’re
willing to defend your your family and
your life um in those circumstances so
this this really is the idea that we’re
willing to defend ourselves defend our
property by using these these firearms
um and it’s not meant as an aggressive
situation but a matter of being able to
equalize in all these situations i know
those americas are fantastic um
yes warning shots are illegal many
places that you are absolutely true on
that um it’s an important distinction
they are illegal but if you miss
you miss
uh is the way that i would describe it
if you’re in city limits most cities
actually have an ordinance against uh
discharging a firearm
so if you discharge it you have to be
intending to hit someone if it’s a
warning shot you can actually still be
tried for a negligent discharge of a
firearm as well as discharging within
city limits
there’s been a few cases of that
but i live in the county
uh so it’s not a thing uh
but the one thing i will always tell
people and it comes back something i said
earlier which is
i don’t agree with all the laws
but you should know them yes um it is
very easy to find the laws for your
typically there’s there’s
at any time there’s 20 databases that
keep pretty good at records of current
or firearm regulation wherever you live
look it up i mean keep an eye on your
legislation uh
as the court will tell you
not knowing the legislation is not a
good enough excuse for not following it
they’ll make laws and you don’t know
about it if you break that law they will
still try you and
treat you like a criminal for not
knowing it yep ignorance ignorance is
not an excuse that’s what they say yes
ignorance is not an excuse
and if this was a police reform discussion
we could talk about ignorance of the law
in law enforcement enforcing laws that
don’t exist and not being held
accountable for that but it’s not a
criminal justice reform
discussion or a police reform discussion
but we’ve gone way overboard on on the
time here as i expected that we would as
both of us are incredibly passionate
about this amazing topic of being able
to equalize defend people and and set
up to be successful on on being able to
protect themselves their lives their
families and their property um but um
we’re gonna have to wrap it up here so
bootleg mr chris
if you would like to if you got last
last little pitch or last little thing
you want to share
feel free to plug your show at the end
of that as well
yeah um i always tell people just
when it comes down to it at the end of
the day use your best judgment and play
the fifth
get you a lawyer
if you ever need to use one
there’s good information out there
gunner news of america was
talked about earlier
they’ve got a phenomenal program they
have insurance that you can get for
self-defense it covers more than just
firearms i’m not paid by them i just
really love their their programs um if
you beat your husband to death because
he’s trying to kill you with a frying
pan that insurance covers that as well
my wife is now looking at me like she’s
thinking about beating me to death with
the frying pan but uh
so get go up
get going she’ll need to go get goa um
but uh
be smart about it um
reach out to myself if you need anything
i’m on facebook uh
you know bootleg libertarian
um i know uh jason would probably love
to help people as well yes um
we uh find not a real libertarian
podcast on facebook youtube twitch
youtube if i didn’t say that already um
apple podcast spotify google podcast
podcast places
um i gotta turn this light off here so i
can show it to you
uh go get you one of these bad boys
there we go dax is caucus radactis
redacted caucus
uh because
nothing says moons out goons out like
the official platinum card of
go join the libertarian
oh jeez
but yeah but in all seriousness um i’m
on clubhouse um
if you need
help with figuring stuff out i love
that’s my favorite thing in the world um
helping new gun owners with stuff um
discretion is my pleasure
um you know helping people in a the most
back channel way possible is
um probably the best way to do it i mean
i’m not talking about like uh you know
3d printing a gun like an ar lower but
i’m talking like you know some people
get really worried about their friends
like they may live in a more liberal
area and their friends are all liberal
and they’re scared of that that people
find out
discretion is important with firearms a
lot of times the less people know that
you have them usually the better off you
are so
and i mentioned this earlier about
bootleg um mr chris himself
and mr chris jesus mr chris
if you’re bigger than me or mister
that’s that’s how it is that’s why
it works i won’t call mr spike or mr
it’s just mr chris but uh yeah so chris
darnell um
when we talk about volunteerism when we
talk about libertarianism when we talk
about society take care of its own and
whether you guys are experiencing guns
or or
kind of new to it all um he does do he
takes this volunteerism to another level
and i’ve mentioned it earlier with him
doing raffles to help out different
organizations different movements
different causes and and chris is one of
those guys that really does um he puts a
lot of effort in to helping out with
others and so
if nothing else go buy some of his
raffle tickets as he’s constantly having
some form of a raffle going on or some
kind of support thing going on out there
and and just be it just lean into the
libertarian side of things to help out
with that
but you also might end up with having
you know a nice little beautiful uh
little handgun a little shotgun action
maybe a little rifle action maybe one
day coming and getting sent to your
house and so um don’t be afraid to help
out chris and and the causes that he’s
been helping out with and i’m so
incredibly excited to have him on for
tonight’s discussion but um
i love you too man but uh
but it’s it’s it’s so incredibly
important this topic and so i’m sure
that we will have a thousand more
conversations i’m sure i’ll get chris
back on to talk about them more in the
future as well
but um but i want to thank you guys all
for for tuning in and of course
i didn’t say this in the beginning if
you guys are on facebook if you guys are
on youtube if you guys are on twitch if
you guys are on um float if you’re on
twitter wherever it is that you guys are
watching this live i want to thank you
guys so much for for being a part of
this if you guys are catching this in
the podcast forum
love you so much you can of course find
us on acre fm and all of your favorite
podcast apps if you guys are just
hopping into the end of this stream live
make sure you guys go back and check out
the podcast see the whole thing through
and vice versa if you’re listening to
this go watch it live get see chris
darnell’s beautiful face you get to
watch him blow a couple clouds but uh
but it it you get to see chats um
editions as well and i promise you their
chat is is so much better than i am at
having these good conversations
um but with that guys i hope you guys
have a great night and if you guys are
up for more good libertarian uh content
you guys can always go over to the cajun
libertarian on facebook or on youtube
and he’s got a stream coming up in about
a minute approximately i don’t know if
he’s got hit with the muddy waters of
media curse
uh in which he will be starting up late
just like what we did tonight but
with that i must bid you guys all to do
i love you all appreciate you all keep
up the good work keep up the good fight
and i will me and chris will see you
guys on another day and another night
make sure you guys are staying tuned for
the rest of the week tuesday night buddy
watch the freedom with my man spike
wednesday with spike thursday with matt
and of course agent and eskimo
potentially on friday
you guys have a great one and i’ll catch
you guys soon love you all see you soon

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