May 4, 2019

Mr Bearded Truth 16 – Democrats get Barr’d, FB get’s Zuck’d, and the truth gets Bearded.

William Barr goes talks to the Senate. His responses are certainly worth getting into. Facebook bans some political talking heads from its platform. While they are […]
May 2, 2019

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 35 – Brett Corrieri Gets Wrighter’s Block

Brett Corrieri (a personal mentor, friend, and spiritual brother of Matt) joins Matt to talk about leaving behind the city life, how he has been growing […]
May 1, 2019

Episode 100 – A Milestone Episode

After 2 and a half years, almost quitting multiple times, coming close to full on implosion on a few occasions we have reached the coveted 100th […]
April 29, 2019

Mr Bearded Truth 15 – A copy cat, a dirty rat, and a tip of the hat.

A copy cat shooting occurred this weekend in San Diego. It needs to be addressed. Are you doing enough to protect your future? Rod Rosenstein has […]
April 28, 2019
Muddied Waters Media

Mr Bearded Truth 14 – Are there decent people on both sides?

Jason covers some of the presidential hopefuls and their latest news. Also got to discuss the matters involving the broken VA system, poll results from the […]
April 28, 2019
Muddied Waters Media

Mr Bearded Truth 13 – Condolences to all of the Beard Worshippers.

Jason covers the Easter Worshipping killing from Sri Lanka and compare them to other atrocities to show the contrast of responses. We cover Bernie and his […]
April 25, 2019

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 34 – Ty 420 Gets Wrighter’s Block Again

Tyler 420 comes on The Wrighter’s Block to talk about The Super FN Dope podcast, Marvel vs DC, and, of course, weed.. Kava from Grassroots Kava […]
April 25, 2019

Episode 99 – Episode 99 Mueller, Warren, Tariffs, and More

Churches and mosques have been set ablaze across the globe as more and more people throw their hats in the ring in their attempts to be […]