June 11, 2020

(((My Fellow Americans))) #69: Guns, Police & Self-Protection ft. Antonia Okafor Cover & Tig Davis

Join Spike for an in-depth conversation about gun rights, law enforcement, self-protection and civil liberties, featuring his guests: Antonia Okafor Cover, Director of Outreach for Gun Owners of America and Founder of EmPOWERed. Marchele "Tigner" Davis, Owner of My Sister’s Keeper Defense and professional firearms instructor.
June 10, 2020
The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

Episode 148 – #DefundThePolice (ft. Habeas Corpus)

Shaun King sends a chill down the spines of the democrats, while Joe Biden’s positions on things change with the tides of the voters. Trump goes completely tone-deaf, a lesson in microexpressions. What is going on in Minneapolis with defunding the police? Also, did New York suspend Habeas Corpus?
June 6, 2020
Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth

Mr Bearded Truth 33 – Who needs comedy when you’ve got the American government.

President Trump says that George Floyd should be proud of the great day America is having today. Russia tells America they need to respect civil liberties. Stop laughing, they did.
June 6, 2020
(((My Fellow Americans)))

(((My Fellow Americans))) #68: MAMA WE MADE IT!

We did it! Spike is now the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President, along with his Presidential running mate Dr. Jo Jorgensen! Spike is celebrating by doing an AMA and call-in segment for his fans.
June 3, 2020
The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

Episode 147 – This Episode‘s a Riot

Two people did the right thing and left Earth for a while thanks to Elon Musk, Donald Trump gets into a war with social media platforms, Joe Biden having issues picking a VP, and the protests erupt into violence. Also, how did qualified immunity come into play in the United States, and the Supreme Court has the opportunity to right some wrongs, but will they?
May 29, 2020

Hope Seems To Be All We Have Left

Minnesota has been ravaged by protestors over the last few day. People who have been disenfranchised for so long, and expected to remain complacent, that they […]
May 28, 2020

Government Continues to Kill

George Floyd was murdered earlier this week by Officer David Chauvin, of the Minneapolis Police Department, in a brutal display of abuse of power and lack of sympathy for anyone other than himself that was evidenced in a video that went viral
May 27, 2020
The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

Episode 146 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (not necessarily in that order)

Spike has won the Libertarian nomination for Vice President, Learning the story of Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor, Joe Biden says some ugly stuff, Trump does some bad stuff, and the courts do some good stuff.
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