The Wrighter’s Block Episode 75 – Alex Snitker Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Former Libertarian Senatorial candidate, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and national executive director of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and current host of Unattended Baggage, Alex Snitker, joins Matt in Studio to discuss inter-party politics as it relates to the Libertarian Party and how we need to fix things to be taken seriously.

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Episode Transcript

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world i don’t need anybody’s help yeah i
am waving while i drive
don’t bother swimming at it to save me i
will only drag you down i’ll try to use
your body as a life raft cause if
there’s room enough for one there must
i will be
don’t bother swimming
don’t bother swimming out to save me i
will only drag you
yes everybody it is me matt right here
live with you
on a thursday evening uh live from muddy
water studios in
western middle western florida not
really southwest not northwest we’re
just middle west
yeah central
west central west central florida west
central florida uh
in beautiful
frigid 55 degree temperatures which is
why my guest today is wearing his brand
new beanie yes
yes it’s a nice beanie by the way
i will say it’s a little too big
like i did want one that was a little
more slimmer but i’ll take what i can
very excited to have my guests on and in
studio very good friend of mine but i’m
going to introduce him to you all in
just one second before that first and
foremost allow me to thank justin for
the cava i am drinking today uh if you
want cava go to justin uh and if you
don’t know who justin is you need to
come to west central florida to find out
uh but uh to justin to all of you to
alex to everybody bulavanaka
now before we get into our show uh oh
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joe soloski he’s running for
pennsylvania governor he is the key to
pennsylvania’s success
he is the key to just success in general
he is also the voice of the muddied
waters of freedom
really he is he is he’s a hell of a nice
looking picture by the way it is a hell
of a nice looking picture isn’t it i
feel like it’s not
like it’s like it’s brushed like
airbrushed almost
you know but it’s not though i don’t
think i’m like great lighting great
lighting that’s what it is it’s great
lighting because you should always vote
for somebody if they had that good light
absolutely uh
the libertarian party waffle housecock
is the second largest and fastest
growing caucus in the libertarian party
and quite possibly the world i don’t
know and one of the greatest groups on
facebook i mean which is without without
a doubt without the greatest greatest
group on facebook if you are uh
interested in joining all you have to do
is go to the facebook group and hit the
join button i don’t think we have much
of a requirement there uh and i mean
it’s the lawful house caucus right it’s
the waffle house you have to like waffle
house that is one of them yeah you
cannot post ihop yeah yeah do not post
ihop you don’t have to be anti-ihop
right i’m just saying yeah it’s it’s not
enough to be anti-ihop you have to be
uh if you want to become a voting member
go to and hit the store
button and pick yourself up a waffle
house caucus button or a waffle house
caucus shirt
the gravy king
thomas quiter is no longer running for
state senate so we are going to get back
to that later when we know what he wants
to advertise with us but that sucks yeah
he’s running for something else
i just don’t know what it is i see him
like i see the things pop up on
clubhouse a lot where he’s there yeah no
he spends a lot of time in there but he
still runs better than albany even if
he’s not still running for state senate
mudwater have you woken up today and
said i hate myself and coffee is not
anything that i ever want to have ever
well have i got good news for you
mud water tastes worse than coffee
and is made with masala chai cacao
mushrooms turmeric sea salt cinnamon and
that is it with the added benefit of
having one-seventh of the caffeine
yep that is
what i want to switch to but you should
make that switch today go to
mud nope don’t do that until we get
that fixed
jack casey
jack casey is a cult leader uh a flat
earther and a sexual deviant but he
wrote these books and he pays us money
to tell you to buy them we will never
read these books because we crap on them
and jack casey so often that we would
feel bad if they’re good so you should
get these books and
and tell us
if they are good and we will continue to
make fun of them and not feel bad
go out uh where is it it’s the and you can buy the royal
green in silver throne or crowned by
gold and knowing jack casey i am
terrified to know
what any of those books are about
cult leader though huh cult leader yeah
arthur sexual deviant jack casey i will
say i will say i do block every flat
earther on facebook you know he’s the
first i haven’t only because he pays me
money to advertise his book every month
you kind of you kind of got to go with
that yeah you know and i just found out
he was a flat earther
you know i’m always trying to think if
the flat earther thing was like a like
some kind of a weird psyop right like i
gotta think it almost is like you can’t
think that the earth is flat
i’ve seen pictures right how is all that
well i mean you’ve seen what i’ve been
able to do with my computer here for
like the graphics and stuff well yeah
but they couldn’t do that in the 60s
well maybe they could i mean if they put
somebody on the moon why not
no that’s a good point you know i guess
you might be right maybe the earth is
flat maybe the earth is flat i’m not
gonna i mean it’s not but
it’s totally not flat because that’s how
my gps works um
that’s gonna be the biggest inside job
in the world by the way if the earth was
flat by that that would be like that is
totally the biggest inside job the
biggest inside job that would make
lizard people look normal
yes that i mean it would have to be done
by a group of lizard people well maybe
maybe it is maybe the whole thing is a
lizard people conspiracy right there
i mean i’m not going to tell you if
you’re wrong
i mean you are but
totally wrong totally 100 wrong what’s
in this water remember what’s in this
propellant drink in here
it’s turning the frogs gay
you know what man i have such a weird
affinity for alex jones by the way like
i really do at the end of the day i did
i used to find him entertaining i don’t
so much anymore when he got on the trump
train it was just it was he lost his
mind on that part and he still has lost
his mind even since then but
just some of the stuff he’s said before
and the the feeling that he had when he
would say it was just it was amazing he
he he was into it yeah i could smell the
sulfur coming off of her yeah oh
especially when he started hulking up on
you yeah
and then he and then he would hulk up
he’d be like oh
and then he’d be like i’m sorry
i’m sorry he would apologize a lot so oh
yeah and he was right about he look he
was right about the d platformer thing
he was right about the defense oh crap
where that he was about the frogs
he was he was half right about the frog
yeah no look a lot of times he takes a
little hint of something that’s good and
then kind of warps it in a way and they
were just like why did you need to go
there right even though on the january 6
you can see him on video telling people
it’s a trap
you know and it was 100 was a trap like
he knew it but whatever
alex uh mr just because it says alex
jones is behind joe rogan inward viral
i heard that it was a democrat pack
actually yeah
that’s just what i heard i don’t i mean
i don’t know like the whole we might get
into rogan later but uh real quick let
me give you the back story let me fully
introduce my guest here by the way
my guest is the
2012 2008 no 10 10 10 10 10 2010
uh libertarian candidate for senate here
in florida he’s the former vice chair of
the libertarian party of florida he is
the former national executive director
of the republican liberty caucus uh he
is the current host of unattended
baggage with alex snicker and adrian
wiley um and he is my very dear friend
alex snicker hi
that’s a hell of an interview look you
did that whole introduction and i don’t
see anywhere where that was written down
yeah no that’s you did that from the
brain right here man that’s not that’s
not bad at all by the way that’s pretty
impressive yeah um you know it’s a
pleasure to be here man i am so glad you
are here you
i actually told you this beforehand but
i’m going to you are technically my
first three-time guest
nice one episode of muddy waters of
freedom and this is your second episode
of the writer’s block
um and you were
the first person
you’re the person that we aired the show
on video first oh wow you were the guest
that we were first switching to video um
so yeah you’ve had a lot of a lot of
milestones here i guess so
who knew and so alex and i met
while i was working on a campaign for a
guy who i don’t talk about on the show
um oh yeah yeah
but i was working on a campaign this guy
was running for congress and i met alex
i’m gonna
tell some stories about you real quick
uh so we’re out you know uh knocking on
doors telling people you should vote for
this guy you’ve never heard of uh for
this party you’ve never heard of instead
of these two people that you have heard
of because they’re spending
millions of dollars that that election
that special election was like 120
million dollars yeah that was the most
expensive special election in history at
the time it was at the time it was yeah
and uh so we were out doing that and um
i met him uh the guy that i had gone out
walking with was greg bowen who if you
watch our show on tuesday he is the
person who plays the guitar at the
beginning of every episode
um oh you got a spot for greg yeah nice
greg used to be the voice but then the
hosts changed and
so i can’t use his voice anymore
so we uh so greg and i were had been out
walking together and so we met up with
alex afterwards and
greg said alex this is matt matt this is
alex he’s like hey nice to meet you and
he goes
i’m tired i’m gonna go home and get
okay well have fun that’s a good thing
and he left and then i saw him
months later well probably about a month
later at the florida convention and it
was the first convention i ever went to
and i knew greg
you and that was the only interaction
i’d ever had with you and somebody came
up to you and uh we were standing
and i was still drinking at the time so
like we’re having beers or whatever and
somebody came up to you and
you were blitzed like just out of your
mind okay you’re so stoned and somebody
are you
are you stoned right now alex and
the only uh the only two times i had met
you were stoned and i was drunk so i
said have you met alex before
because 100 of the time you had been
stoned and you went
you don’t know who i am and i was like
that’s fair that’s fair
oh i mean i only do it on the days and
then and wise
what can you do
so that was how uh alex and i got to
know each other and uh then we worked on
two separate campaigns and
they didn’t get along at all and then
after those campaigns ended um after
those campaigns ended uh we became very
good friends yeah absolutely that’s one
of the advantages that you can find
sometimes when you are
when you get involved in other people’s
when you get involved in some of the
other campaigns and some of the people
that you talk to that you end up you
like developing rapport with or a
friendship with because it’s it’s
especially if it’s the people that are
on the ground like it’s the people that
are out there doing stuff and typically
you know what i got to tell you like the
track record for candidates is a lot
worse than it is for like other people
that you that you deal with you know
what i mean a lot of times the
candidates end up being like
i don’t know i don’t know i opportunist
could be a word forty but you have to
have you be a certain amount of an
opportunist just to be a candidate right
you have to have
some level of
you have to be an opportunist and i
personally believe a certain level of
narcissism yes oh no no absolutely
you’ve got to have a certain level of
narcissism to run for office you need a
certain level of narcissism to run for
office so i and i and i had that but i
didn’t have enough because i only had to
only have to run once before i got out
of my system and then i would help
people after that but even even when
you’re helping people it’s
it is funner when you’re helping people
but at the same time
there’s too many of the wrong people
that you
that you that you end up helping out i’m
not saying like in a derogatory way but
you have to kind of put your own
feelings on certain issues aside if
you’re going to help somebody out but
you got to know where you’re at on those
positions in order to know what your red
line is for some of these people right
because you know
a lot of them are doing it for good
reasons too so a lot of them are a lot
of them are there are many libertarian
candidates out there that are doing it
for the right reason yeah
and then there are others who
aren’t i mean there’s others that are
opportunists for whatever reason it is
there are and you can tell those people
the big fish in the small pond a lot of
times well because they come in and
again i did the same thing so i can’t
i’m speaking purely from experience on
this one is that you can come in with a
misconception as to what all these
people were doing because you never
heard of what they were doing before so
your assumption was is that they weren’t
doing anything when in all reality they
were doing stuff you just didn’t you
weren’t paying attention to the right
things but then if those people leave
out right away after that though then
you realize like the gig is up and you
were just an opportunist right so i mean
or you could just do a unite the right
rally and you know
get on the watch list for every
terrorist organ for every for every
group you could possibly find because
you really were a white supremacist but
you know and then you end up in prison
somebody actually just asked us if we
were going to cover that
yeah somebody didn’t ask about austin
yeah yeah
we’ll talk about it honestly because of
the conversation that we initially were
having about this
is the impetus
okay hold on
because of austin
when you see something now
you have to be more
vocal because i think one of the
mistakes again i don’t i’m not going to
look at like a lot i think i think i
played it correctly at the time though
because i wasn’t the person to fix the
i was definitely not the person to fix
that problem with gillespie is that it
was much better handled by other people
even if they did the wrong things on
some of the stuff
i was not the right person because there
were people that were supporting him
the enemy and my enemy is my friend yes
like you’re literally going with a
fascist on this one or white
supremacists whatever you want to call
because you don’t like me
you know what i did something wrong at
that point though so it’s better if i
exit out of it and go try and do
something else right when um
that was way coded by the way we’ll try
to explain yeah well yeah we can get
into that um before we get into
austin i still never call him that like
i still call him by his made-up name
yeah i mean you know if you legally
change it you know should you still you
know should you have to call him that
am i am i i think sometimes i use austin
as a like if somebody else does it
no no not austin peterson no no no no
not austin peterson please not austin
gillespie yeah austin peterson’s a good
guy i like austin i mean i know he’s
rubbed people the wrong way but i like
austin peterson
austin peterson’s a friend of mine uh he
ran a good campaign when he was in
missouri he did yeah he like even his uh
bid for president i didn’t think was bad
like no i think he did it the right way
he had a couple of missteps that i think
i think every campaign ruined themselves
at the convention yes
yeah it was the convention that did it
the convention did it for all of them
actually and it wasn’t even the
candidate’s fault per se except for
mcafee i don’t care if he’s dead or not
though i don’t like mcafee i don’t like
mcafee and it’s all because of that
convention i remember that yeah that was
he shows up to the convention late and
he shows up with a with a camera crew
right yeah with a camera crew uh and
goes and there was this piano right in
the middle of the hall that we were
doing it at and he just walks up to it
and just starts playing right in the
middle of a meeting and uh just trying
to get like everybody’s eyes on him
because that’s who mcafee is
no that’s who he was that’s who he was
that’s true um
and uh yeah that was that was when i met
mcafee that was also the last time that
i saw
austin gillespie i you know what’s funny
is so when he because they were trying
to bring all these people in to um to
the debate right and he had a whole crew
with him yeah and it was getting i was
so angry and he was yelling at his wife
as a matter of fact as i was so angry i
said you know what if your man wins this
thing i’m voting for trump
it was so mad i mean i was i was never
going to do it but and in that in that
race i actually endorsed vermin yeah i
like and vermin used that endorsement
like i
i would get videos where i would see
that he would say that on the stage and
i was just like that was the best thing
like it made me feel good at the same
time and i remember from four years
before that when
vermin came to that convention the one
that was in tampa the one that he was at
right um he really didn’t think that he
was going to be welcome there
he was very in the initially he was
thinking that we didn’t know him and
that we didn’t like him and then he was
very pleasantly surprised i think that
because i know that this was i know that
we what the what the subject matter of
the show was but i do think that the way
we treated vermin supreme is how you
should treat people coming in is that no
matter what they look like no matter
what they’re doing
just be nice to them and just talk to
him you know what i’m saying
so i was
i met vermin here in florida initially
um i met him at that campaign and then
spike had him on his show like a month
or two after that and so that’s where
that connection started being made and
then um
vermin was going to do a debate in south
carolina and they asked spike and me to
come and cover the debate as muddied
waters is the first time we were asked
to do that and uh
i was like where are we going to stay
like i don’t have money to pay for like
i can get a plane ticket but i can’t pay
for much else other than that and he
goes oh no it’s fine we’re going to stay
with vermin
and i was like we’re going to stay in a
house with vermin supreme and he’s like
yeah well all right well let’s oh this
is fun this is going to be a good time
that’s like checking out something on
the bucket list right and so i stayed
with vermin at that at
convention and
we had a blast like we had so much fun
he was telling me all these stories
about stuff he did in his
earlier days because he was doing it for
a long time like since what 88 i think
it was the first campaign he was telling
me about
certain things that uh he asked me not
to talk about so well i’m not going to
say listen there you go but um
like we had a great time but then it
came time for the debate and you had
joe jorgensen you had dan berman uh
you had kim ruff
vermin supreme
uh mcifee wasn’t there because i don’t
think he was allowed to be yeah he
wasn’t in the states at the time yeah he
wasn’t in the states at the time uh
god there was so many people on that
debate stage but they told vermin he
could not wear his boot
ah they were like you can’t wear your
boot they made a no headgear
rule because berman at the time was
wearing the big oh yeah because berman
had a big hat too uh i think i actually
have a picture of it somewhere yeah yeah
that was the hat yeah he he would wear
this hat
if you can see that
uh this big oversized yellow top hat
that said taxation is theft and they
told him that they could not wear those
on the stage because they wanted it to
a serious event and in my head i laughed
and i said
we’re a bunch of libertarians this is
not a serious event yeah um
so they ended up saying no you can’t do
that and i said why just let him debate
as he is like why are you trying not to
let him do this
it does kind of fit into our
to what we’re supposed to be talking
about today
how you treat people when they come in
when they are trying to become active
members of the party to become active
candidates of the party who are going to
represent the party
let them be them and don’t
try to break them of being them because
being them got them here yeah
i think there’s a look i think that
there is a when it comes to vermin i
think that there was a
a a
beneath the surface genius about him
that if you actually paid attention to
vermin and what he was saying and how he
was saying it
you have to be
smart to be that stupid mm-hmm do you
know me i mean or to be that ridiculous
i guess
stupid’s not the right word to be that
ridiculous you have to be smart yes you
know i mean the free pony thing was
something it meant like there’s a there
was a hidden meaning behind all the
stuff he was doing he did and for the
not the for the second time he ran
i got it in the first one i didn’t get
it however with that being said
in the first one i still think that you
welcome those people in and you make
them feel at home because i think there
are times
and don’t go wrong you got to be
discerning too though it’s not to say
that you can’t be discerning with this
because if you write look if you if you
use that philosophy then when a guy like
gillespie comes
then you’d be nice to him as well but
then that sometimes can bite you in the
so it’s
i hate using trust but verify because of
where it comes from but it’s a it’s a
trust but verified situation
people like gillespie
at the beginning we trusted yeah at the
beginning we trusted but
there were some flags
there were quite a number of red flags
oh yeah no no there were there weren’t
that was why
uh for anybody who doesn’t know uh
austin gillespie is a augustus soul
invictus yes augustus soul invictus um
and when he first came into the
libertarian party he was down here in
florida and
he sort of came out of nowhere from
orange county no no orange county orange
county first time i met him actually was
at an orange county meeting and he was
wearing a three-piece suit which i
always loved three-piece suits so like
it was instantly it’s almost like like
if you’re a black guy in a sweater like
i get i have like a bill cosby thing you
know i mean i automatically trust you if
you’re wearing a three-piece suit it’s
kind of like the same thing like i
automatically think you’re a good guy
because you’re wearing a three-piece
suit which is totally not the right way
to look at it i should not it was a
mistake on my part right but but
you still welcome a man you know you
want to find out where they’re at and we
trusted augustus but then the flags came
up and then when he was announcing his
run for senate you me greg bowen
and somebody else i don’t remember who
the fourth person was that went with us
lauren maybe
i don’t remember but we went to go
to the polk county polk county yeah we
went to the polk county uh meeting to
hear his speech yeah and immediately
i was thinking no so i just was jotting
down a couple of notes about what he was
no i remember that yeah what he was
saying and i ended it like
by the end of his
tirade um best way i could describe that
speech yeah uh by the end of his tirade
where he used his fake accent uh i
went went back home i wrote an article
saying do not vote for this man i will
not vote for him if i’m not going to
vote for him just because he’s a
libertarian if that does not matter
because i’m a libertarian i don’t have
to vote for people yeah and
i said just don’t do it you don’t have
to do it and
uh i tried to publish it with you with
your site at the time uh i don’t
remember what the site was called the
1787. seventy-seven networking
and uh you were like this is a great
article and i’m glad we’re friends
because i would hate for you to write
anything like this about me
it was a great article though it really
was and so uh florida politics or uh
florida independent journal
independent journal of florida ijf i
think it was that yeah independent
journal of florida ended up publishing
um and
i just sent it to them and they said
yeah we’ll put it up and i was like
great and uh i just went to sleep
and then i woke up the next day
and the entire libertarian party of
florida was fighting yeah oh no it was
it started it started a boom session at
that point though it started
and you know what though look look after
it’s all said and done it’s not really
discussed anymore it’s not there there’s
nothing going on with it that that whole
thing has been purged out which is nice
um because
the last time or the next time i went to
the one of the conventions i actually
went like a year ago to the last one
that was here
yeah yeah yeah
so i just decided to go like i had no
you know i’m just going
and it was such a great time that i had
there like it was really well done
everybody was doing great there was a
whole lot of people there that i knew
you know what the thing is
i what i thought was like the best thing
was that i walked around
and i didn’t know anybody and most
people didn’t know me like and the fact
that those two things were happening at
the same time was just awesome but then
you would talk to them and this is the
part i found to be funny is that you
would talk to them and i would ask them
like how you know people how did you get
involved i got involved with erin
wiley’s campaign you know during
adrien’s campaign and just like
no i guess you you do know me you don’t
know me but you do know me you know like
you’ve seen my work yeah yeah the brew
tour i was me that was totally me i was
high at the time right
you know when you when i walked back in
there and i saw what was going on it was
and it was like the first time that i’ve
ever walked into a convention
where i didn’t look around thinking like
what do i need to fix yeah and i was
like i don’t need to fix anything here
but this is perfect everything’s cool no
problems at all not my circus yeah so
and by the now going to this one the
next one that’s coming up i do speak on
so i’m going to do a but i’m in a
legislative class are you speaking
before or after spike because i know
he’s doing friday oh spike’s doing
friday too yeah i don’t have one before
after spike or not mine’s more of a
class setting
yeah because i don’t know i’m vegetables
man like i’m vegetables like i’m right
i’m giving a class on like how to deal
with legislators and stuff right yeah
the uh the the stuff nobody wants to do
but it’s the stuff you have to do if you
want to get to the yeah i’m like the
broccoli on the side of it like if if if
politics is a plate i’m literally stuck
in the broccoli like i got no sugary
sweet stuff like it all just is like the
broccoli right it’s i’m so boring on
that no cheese on it either it’s like no
it was steamed well though it was
steamed well that’s that’s very
i know that so the reason that alex is
here in in studio is because he called
me up one day
and i was at work and he was like hey
how are you and i’m like great and we
talked for a minute and he goes
he asked me my opinion on something that
was going on in the party at the time
and uh then he gave me his opinion on it
and then he said can i come and talk
about this on your show yes and i said
absolutely and the reason why i do it on
your show instead of doing it on
unattended baggage only for one reason
is one i will have somebody that will
actually care enough to actually have a
conversation about it because adrian
would refuse to talk about any of it he
is a get off my lawn anarchist now and
wants nothing to do with anything if
somebody tells him he votes for that you
voted for him he will apologize yes i’m
sorry that you had to do that so i think
that it’s it’s
it’s one of those things that i just
you know i
i i would it would not work well in the
format that way would mean adrian the
way that we do it in order to have that
but i know me and you get to talk about
those things because we’re still both
involved and dealing with like i don’t
know so it makes it easier it it does
and the better part is because i’m i’m
involved but i’m not a member
i am registered as a libertarian i am
registered as a libertarian i believe um
i might be wrong uh
but maybe i don’t know um but i’m not
like an active member i don’t do the
meetings i don’t do any of that stuff um
because i found that where i do my best
work is here behind this microphone
on tuesdays and thursdays and occasional
sundays um and that me doing the other
made me want to bang my head into a wall
and that’s not conducive for living yeah
and it’s like dental work it’s like
dental work it is uh i would never run
for a position like on the on the
executive committee i would never run
for a position on there ever again i
wouldn’t do it i’ve done it once and i
do suggest people do it just so you get
an idea of what what it’s all about but
i wouldn’t do it anymore now i would
again i’m chair of the legislative
committee because that’s just my like
the one thing i’m good at is that right
and so and putting that and organizing
that is something that i’m actually i i
actually i i have enough ocd to where i
think it works pretty well right and you
do have enough ocd for that yes i do
yeah um
i forgot where i was going with that uh
so yeah we um
so we talk about it sometimes i called
you up bought the bueno thing yeah and
since i’m not like since i’m not a
member i don’t care like i don’t i
really don’t care people yeah um but i
do see when bad things happen um like i
stay out of the facebook groups for the
most part except for the muddy waters
group and if you’re watching this right
now and aren’t a member go to
muddiedwaters i think and become a
member uh but
uh you have to answer three questions
and if you haven’t seen
uh monty python and the
how am i blanking on the name of the
movie holy grail the holy grail and the
holy grail i was like wanted to say life
of brian and i was like yeah but that
part is not in life though uh if you
haven’t seen it he’s been a naughty
naughty boy
you uh won’t understand the questions
that are asked but so watch the movie
first and then join well that’s a great
movie that’s a great movie great movie
and those questions are hilarious
um i love it when somebody knows and
they answer them correctly i’m like oh
you’re in you’re totally in you are in
making you an admin right
um most people are just like uh what’s
your quest i don’t
i don’t have one
so yeah like i don’t care but when i and
i don’t say in the facebook groups and i
don’t really pay attention to what’s
going on on twitter um
but when bad things are happening i do
see it in something like when it blows
up when it blows up and something
terrible did happen in my mind in my
personal opinion something bad happened
yes um
as we all know martha bueno has been on
spike’s show she has been on muddy
waters freedom she has been on the
writer’s block um and she recently
the party she officially left the party
didn’t you yeah yeah she went
independent she’s still running for
office right she’s just running an npa
anyway i mean i think and i think for
the office she was running for i think
it was none it was a non-partisan race
anyway so i guess it doesn’t really
affect her in that aspect but at the
same time though you took somebody that
you know a tremendous um
a tremendous drive
somebody that totally gets it that is
out there working really hard that that
is trying to
market to a community of people like
there is an aspect of what she does
where i think she’s she’s going to
everybody but at the same time
because of her ethnicity and her
background she is trying to make inroads
in communities that i don’t think that
we’ve had a lot of success in making
inroads in
and i think the thing that the thing
that really pissed me off about it was
if you look at it it almost feels like
that that’s the reason that they were
mad at her yes
because she was reaching outside so
the back story on that is
i don’t know the post that started it
because again like i said don’t care
um i don’t care um
she made some post and
troll on twitter uh and i know that
apparently he is a big name in the
libertarian party and uh that he
well in certain circles in certain
circles yeah at least on libertarian
twitter um and that he does artwork for
different libertarians i know that
they’re auctioning off some of his art
here in florida many of the mises
caucuses yeah um so
i know i know that this person is like
kind of a big name in certain circles
but he at the same time uh is big in
certain circles only
he’s a huge troll and he started
attacking her and saying that
she was it was about her looks she was
just running a campaign on her looks and
she shouldn’t be reaching out to these
communities yeah and there was a lot of
dumb [ __ ] it was a lot of dumb [ __ ] like
it it didn’t need to happen that’s the
thing it didn’t need to happen and and
this is the and again look
here’s the thing the one you have a big
argument going on right now with people
that are either pro mises caucus or
anti-mises caucus
let me just say this
the mises caucus reached out to me
they’re the only ones that have reached
out to me any in any given time they’ve
been super cool with me
the stuff they’re doing within the party
i think is some some of the greatest
stuff within the party that 125 thing is
a great thing i’m i’m on that i mean
they got me to donate to the party
and on a monthly basis
and you know to get me back donating to
the party on a monthly basis because i
was doing it before but they they and
they’re they are working really really
hard and you got to give them
credit for the organizing in which
they’re doing abs absolutely and i don’t
i don’t want anybody to say oh matt was
crapping on the mises caucus because i’m
not because i agree the mises caucus is
very organized they are doing a lot of
really good work yeah i don’t agree with
everything that they uh that they stand
for uh that all of them stand for uh and
i don’t agree with certain tactics that
they use but they belong in the tent but
they belong in the tent they’re in the
when you have somebody from a caucus or
you know
one of the caucuses are just like one of
the members who is a name
whether or not they’re involved with the
caucus who
decides to attack one of the candidates
not from your state
one of the candidates
on random stuff that you don’t like
how they are running their campaign a
campaign in miami
and they were upset about uh certain
aspects of her going for the latino
yeah the latino vote like here’s the
thing like if that’s a constituency
you’re gonna have to go after and if you
have a problem specifically with that
then that says more about you than it
says about her by the way and what it
says about you actually is
this brings up the augustus thing
this is a red flag if you are if you’re
gonna have that much of a problem with
immigration or or if you’re gonna have
that much of a problem with reaching out
to the hispanic uh community or the
black community or whatever community it
that is that’s that’s on you and that
does need to be addressed and that does
need to be exposed and rooted out like
somebody’s showing up in a pinellas
county meeting
just oh were you there for you went
there for that night were you
oh never mind that was totally a bit i
was an inside joke that i thought you
were going to get and then it was i
wasn’t there that night all right you
want me to i guess we’ll tell the story
real quick we have to okay so this is
during the augustus thing
he sent a guy
to the pinellas county meeting on one of
the election nights
i remember hearing about this oh okay
yeah okay i remember hearing about this
this guy was
just was he he was racist
there’s no getting around it
so he lost the election obviously
because he was he just showed up there
and getting the problem with a lot of
these people is they don’t even
understand how you win elections like
you just show up to things and you think
you’re gonna be able to talk to people
for five minutes and win an election and
that’s not the way it’s gonna work like
that doesn’t work that way and if you
think it does then you’re wrong and you
should probably read a book which i hate
because when in the beginning when i
first joined the libertarian party they
would tell me to read books all the time
even though they were telling me to read
the wrong books but that’s a different
story for a different way
but this guy was there and he was he was
making me angry but at the same time
he didn’t go over the line
and then we were outside
and he said something and i don’t
remember exactly what it was that he
said but i turned around and i looked at
him i said well let me ask you a
question and as soon as i said it i said
it in such a tone because adrian was
there at the time that when i said it in
that tone that i set it in adrian was
like oh there’s gonna be a problem
because like you know that’s that’s the
tone and i asked them i’m like do you
want to make separate laws for black
people and white people that was my my
question was that because in my mind
look if you personally just don’t like
people for whatever you don’t like them
um i don’t want to associate with you
but i don’t have a problem with you then
like just go be a racist self by
yourself if you if you are supporting
equal laws for everybody and you just
don’t like people don’t associate with
you but all right okay whatever
he said yes
now i didn’t i didn’t i didn’t hit him
i did threaten him
and i you know i basically told him that
you are no you are not welcome here you
need to go away now don’t grow i don’t
live in pinellas county so who was the
[ __ ] who was i to tell people that they
weren’t welcome but he didn’t know that
but he didn’t know that and i’d let him
have it and i was just so angry because
i was just like
because i asked that question and i
asked it very specifically you know and
i asked it for a reason like this is the
question once and again if you ever hear
me ask this question to somebody you
probably realize probably something bad
is going on because i was just like
are you
you are not a libertarian like you’re
like there’s a look and i’m a pragmatist
i think and look i’m an anarchist now
because i just don’t think there should
be any government but i’m also when it
comes to the party politics of things i
can’t believe i got there first yeah you
but if you look in the course of party
is that you need to have
a big tent
while at the same time
making sure to watch for red flags
somebody reaching out to the hispanic
community is not a red flag if you don’t
understand politics or if you’re racist
maybe that’s a red flag for you but
again that says more about you than it
says about that person exactly but you
can’t lose people like martha bueno and
expect to win elections because martha
bueno will win an election she has the
drive she has the wantingness to do it
she’s out there working hard to do it
she’s doing the work you would need to
do in order to reach out to the right
people and i mean when i write people
i’m not talking about elite people or
people with money i’m talking about to
go out there and actually reach out to
constituencies and to people and talk to
them because there are you know we we do
live in a world in which there are
people that are segmented out right now
we may believe in the individual but at
the same time you gotta
you gotta realize that people are still
together a little bit and we gotta bring
all those people to the fold absolutely
to let them know why it can’t be like
it’s just a bunch of white dudes and
just so everybody like jacob hornberger
was somebody that i looked at during the
he was also at the south carolina
convention he wasn’t at the debate
though because he hadn’t announced so
they didn’t let him debate neither did
joe jorgensen but they let her debate
and i think that was just because she
lived there um and they were playing
some favoritism yeah um
jacob hornberger when he was in the
middle of his campaign he was doing a uh
i don’t remember what the event was
called but they were going around
knocking on doors
but they had some huge event for it he
and spike were there together um spike
was vermin’s vp and jacob hornberger was
running for president and they were both
there and they were both out knocking
they got
to an area of town and they were
knocking on the door and jacob was like
yeah so where should we go next and
talking to him he’s like yeah you know
i’m running he’s the little guy and he’s
like i’m running for president and
looking like a keebler elf um and he
does he’s like that he’s a little guy
he’s a little guy he’s cute yeah
i like the guy i think that there were
some issues there were some missteps
that cost him that election uh but all
in all like the guy
but he uh he was like yeah where should
we go and the person at the door said
well i would go
west on this road whatever and but i
would definitely avoid that area because
you might get robbed and he went okay
well that’s where i’m heading then did
not care he went directly in there this
tiny little
middle late aged
old guy yeah uh and he went right into
it uh also the whitest guy you’ve ever
seen he’s much whiter than me uh he’s a
cr he’s definitely a definition of a
cracker yeah he’s he fits the cracker
he’s not from florida um i guess not
right but i think more cracker in the in
the in the pejorative white sentence
right as opposed to the
well the viridian is kind of like a
nickname though it is so yeah
you do have to make the determinate the
differential between the two you do um
so he just walked right into this
neighborhood that the person says don’t
go in there and spike was like man i am
here for this because i
i respect this uh and he went in knocked
on doors and he was like i’m jacob
hornberger i’m running for president for
the libertarian party uh i would like to
talk to you about what it is to be a
libertarian he just went door to door to
door to door to
explain to people what libertarianism is
and how it could benefit them
most people won’t do that jacob
hornberger did and he was the mises pick
so it’s not a mises thing
there are people in mises who
do bad things but not all of mises is
bad no not at all i like them and here’s
the thing even even after the bueno
even after the bueno thing i sat and
thought about it and i’m like well i’m
not gonna leave the mises caucus because
of this because in all reality this was
just some dude and they like him so they
get kind of in the you know they get
kind of back and forth on it but it does
bring up like
like i listen to the debate that spike
had with dave smith and i know that
mises guys really really like dave smith
my problem is is that
i say this the right way
i’ve come to the realization at this
that the republican party is always
going to be the republican party yes
efforts to make it more libertarian at
the end of the day the people that are
in there are not libertarian
immigration being one of the major
factors of it but in the libertarian
party that is the party for
ideological libertarians
freedom and liberty is totally a thing
and if you’re if you don’t understand
that there are not only moral issues
when it comes to immigration but also
just practical issues when it comes to
immigration that
look you can’t stop people from crossing
borders look i would disagree with the
welfare state just as much as anybody
does but what i also will tell you is a
lot of people that are coming into this
country are probably the hardest working
at least that i have met have been some
of the hardest working people that have
been out there don’t get me wrong can
they get corrupted by democrats that are
offering free stuff yeah of course but
anybody can do that everybody and you
know there’s a whole bunch of people
domestically that are on that stuff i
don’t like those welfare programs
whether it’s you know whether we’re
importing them or not i don’t really
care like it’s just we got to get rid of
those programs but to to use that as
like almost like a cudgel of like well
we’re not you know we’re not open
borders people well
you got to make your decision and you
have to define what open borders means
but i gotta tell you
you can make a very very strong case
for just allowing people to come into
the country i think that’s the
libertarian case to be made especially
right now and don’t get me wrong i’ve
used i and i use this one a lot when um
like when i’m talking to people but i’m
talking like the conservatives and um i
say to them look if you want to be the
generation that ends the ponzi scheme
that’s known as um welfare or you know
the social security then you go ahead
and you stop those people from coming in
because you we ain’t making them at the
birth rate that you need them to make
them at in order to keep that program
going so you need those people that come
into this country start paying taxes on
your stupid social security crap or it’s
done or it’s just done yeah and you know
no wrong they never like that they they
get mad about it when you say it because
it exposes the fraud that is social
security as well as the stupidity of
your immigration policies right uh joe
hanouche said ellis island approach and
i’m okay with the ellis island approach
totally i would say
like and some people will disagree with
me on this but you can come in
sign your name you know sign your name
background check to make sure that
you’re who you say you are and uh just a
basic medical examination to make sure
you’re not bringing any like diseases in
yeah and uh yeah you’re good yeah
oh yeah i hope that you know what you’re
doing once you get out of these doors
actually here’s the thing
uh the jimmy jimmy lee put up the
libertarian viewpoint immigration is
reagan’s last speech i would suggest if
you ever have a chance you go on youtube
and you look up the 80 the 1980 debate
between bush and reagan if you want to
see how far the republican party has
left from what those guys were talking
listening to them talk about immigration
like they were out like we have to be so
gentle in this policy we have to be
these are families that are coming in
and doing this and this like to see that
to see the switch yeah that happened
with bush’s son
it happened with george w because if you
i’ve i’ve watched i watched that debate
recently because um
somebody was asking me about they were
like yeah the republican party’s always
been against immigration so i had to go
and find it oh yeah and i was like so i
watched it then and then i sent it to
him um but
you see where they were in 1980 and then
2000 rolls around with george w bush’s
son and you see the words that were
coming out of uh herbert walker’s mouth
and the words that george w was saying
night and day difference
night and day difference uh and it
completely reversed everything uh it was
just how quick that switch happened yeah
that’s one excuse me that was one
father to some
one generation of uh politicians in
which the republican party made that
massive switch yeah well and i think
they did it as a reaction from some of
the people because of some other bad
policies but what happens is that some
of these it’s it’s like the free crack
pipe thing right
i mean it’s a great time to mention this
like here’s the thing
i don’t want there to be laws against i
don’t want to put people in prison
because they’re addicted to something i
think that’s the worst thing that you
can do to somebody is to put them in
jail because they’re addicted to
something you know victimless crimes
especially the drug war is something
that we have to get rid of absolutely
but the thing is this a lot of times
when you listen to people with the
immigration argument what they’ll say is
well they bring illegal drugs over too
and this and this and blah blah blah
blah blah blah drugs legal like if you
make them legal then they won’t be doing
that because there’s no money in doing
it i so for one of my college papers i
wrote uh i had to write an article on
i think it was on terrorism um and how
to curb terrorism and i said the easy
like i could have i had to do it in so
many pages i don’t remember what it was
i was like i can do this in a paragraph
i can solve this in five minutes i can
simple um if you leave
right now one of the
at least back when i wrote this paper
i’m certain it hasn’t changed one of the
largest funders to terrorist
organizations are drug cartels
makes sense that’s where they’re getting
so if you legalize drugs here in america
and you are growing it here and you are
and you’re growing it here and you’re uh
making it here you’re manufacturing it
you’re selling it if your whole supply
chain is domestically right here then
you no longer have drug cartels paying
the terrorists to guard the poppy
the poppy seed fields they aren’t
funding the terrorists the terrorists
lose out on like 85
of their income and they can no longer
do it you’ll suffocate them you’ll
suffocate them and then you’re also
going to have
people are going to be getting cleaner
they’re going to know where it comes
you know that it’s not going to be cut
with fentanyl
you know it’s not going to be cut with
anything else you’re going to be able to
walk into your local walgreens 7-11
whatever and pick up whatever it is that
you want yeah it would probably be
because this is america it would be a
dispensary of some kind but you’ll still
what it comes from
you’re not gonna get stuff that’s going
kill you immediately you’re not gonna
you’re not gonna get uh fentanyl and
just immediately die like no it’s not in
their interest to kill you right because
they want you to keep coming back
because that’s how they make money yeah
and even if you start with weed i mean
again i’m always i’m always like look we
want to start with lead start with weed
start there and then move from there but
the underlying principle behind it is
that people should be free to do as they
wish you know and you remember when when
ron paul was on the stage
during one of the debates and they were
like well it’s not like everybody’s
gonna go out and do heroin you know and
it was a great point it was like of
course not everybody’s gonna go out and
do heroin i mean it’s a good it was a
good point by by dr paul on that one i
thought he did i thought he did very
well i did too yeah and that is and
that’s why the revolution by the way
started in 2010 into the lp from ron
paul and not with the mises caucus by
the way
i’m not going to say i get mad about
that but i will say i’m a little
irritated because where the [ __ ] were
you guys in 2010 when i was running for
office you know what i’m saying i was
around paul guy then two and i was
already there they were 14.
okay some of them were probably only 14
they weren’t old enough to vote
yeah and that like that is a good that’s
a point that i bring up all the time i’m
like if you legalize you know if you
legalize i’m not gonna go out and start
doing blow again no i’ve done it i don’t
need to do it anymore um i’m not gonna
go out and do heroin i’m not gonna go
out like
go ahead legalize i don’t care
i do not care
if you have somebody who is addicted uh
if you have somebody we are way off what
the show is supposed to be about but
whatever um if you have somebody who’s
addicted and they’re buying stuff
then they steal
in order to afford
the drug that they’re addicted to
they are guilty of stealing
you should not be prosecuting them for
the addiction
that’s how it is now i don’t think you
should prosecute people for having drugs
or being an addict no you should not
the stuff that they do while on it
you can prosecute for yeah absolutely
and you should prosecute if they’re
stealing anything like i a lot of people
don’t agree with my dui
opinion uh i don’t think i don’t think
there should be a legal limit you should
just be able to drive if you’re drunk
if you make it home and nobody died then
great good on you and if you killed
somebody or ruined somebody’s property
you should be charged yeah it’s a tough
one that’s a tough one but i i i
understand the point you’re making
yeah so i mean
that’s where
that’s where so many people get it wrong
both on the left and the right yes both
the left and the right well that’s right
because their solution isn’t to make it
illegal their solution is to give them a
crack pipe right give it yeah give them
give them a crack pipe but it’s still
going to be illegal but we’re going to
give you this crack pipe that you can
use because we don’t want you to get an
even though we’re probably gonna throw
you in jail if we can catch you doing it
right like
it makes no sense with your official joe
biden crack pipe
like but the president that’s totally
gonna be a thing oh i wish i could get
in the front of this one we should put
like a get it like a like a pipe and
have put biden on my side yeah
just have his signature have his
signature right across right across the
stem yeah and
yeah just your official joe biden crack
pipe yeah damn it
damn it i wish i would have thought of
that earlier damn it um
it would have been nice though i i might
have to do this
i still want to save up to buy the
vermin supreme one
oh yeah but
oh he just sells them for so much money
though but like i’m totally gonna get it
eventually how much are they they’re
like 70 bucks oh yeah like he’s selling
them for a lot of jack
it ain’t that nice i mean it is hold on
it is actually really nice it looks nice
it looks really good like i i really
that’s on the bucket list man like i
wanna like i wanna like i just i love
vermin man i got to tell you man i just
love the guy i still love the guy you
know what i mean like i don’t agree with
him on everything either but like i just
i watch his like i’ll watch some of his
stuff sometimes when he’s out in the
woods in new hampshire just
shirtless walking around like in 30
degree weather chopping wood yeah love
them did that man he’s also the most
jacked 70 year old or however old he is
i have no clue um he’s always in good
shape man he’s always running he’s
always running he’s always running and
he chops his own wood still yeah so he
what is it that
to go back to where let’s get back to
where we were supposed to be at um and
then we’ll tell a little bit more of the
augustus stuff um
he just really wants to be in here oh
he’s a beautiful dog he is a beautiful
dog oh he gets on the screen too he does
oh look at you
um so
what is it that
libertarians needs
it’s so hard to do this without bringing
up augustus every time no no what do
they need to understand i think is what
you’re saying like
here’s the thing
is that
the purpose of a political party
is very simple
increase the number of people that are
part of the party and win elections
look ideology is one thing but if you
don’t have anybody that gets elected
then none of that matters
none of that matters at all and you also
have to remember that everybody’s on the
journey like everybody is look
eventually everybody gets to anarchy
just the way it is we’re all going to
get there eventually but you have to you
got to allow people to get there on a
step-by-step basis and you also have to
get and this is something because i
wrote something before and i had this i
had a person respond back
you know if you’re not going to be
active within the party then you know
then then you’re doing it wrong or
something like that
90 of the people will not be active at
all and you should be okay with it for
if you’ve ever been to a libertarian
convention meeting whatever you’re
probably already okay with it yeah
because the people who do show up to be
active some of them are only there to
hear themselves speak yeah it happens i
mean don’t get wrong again when you you
need those people i’m not saying that
you don’t but you got to remember that
everybody’s going to everybody can fit a
role but the one thing everybody does is
they vote party line they just do and
you don’t have to like that matter of
fact you can hate it you can think it’s
a bad thing but at the same time like
that’s just the way it is like people
will do that they look if they find the
party they identify with and when they
have a candidate that’s on the ballot
that matches the party they identify
with then they’re probably just going to
pull the trigger for that candidate
because look most people are just living
their lives they don’t want to listen to
unless you’re one of us right you don’t
want to listen to politics all the time
you don’t care you don’t give a [ __ ] at
so i am
i i
i i look at it as the most basic thing
that the party needs to be doing right
now is increasing the number of people
that are part of the party and
if you’re not willing to be a part of
and support the nuts and bolts part
because that is like if you go to
republican meetings
this is the one thing
i went to you know for a certain point i
left the lp and i went to the gop and
when i went to the gop i would go to
their wreck meetings like i would go in
hernando county i would go to the rec
meetings the beginning of that meeting
would start
how many registered republicans that
there are how many people that they
registered to vote at what time how how
many numbers that they increased
and that was the first thing they talked
about in every meeting that i went to
they’re already the major party in
hernando county it ain’t even close it
ain’t even remotely close like it’s that
county is as red as it’s gonna get well
it may not as red as it’s gonna get but
it’s it’s pretty damn red
and if they’re concerned about it then
and we’re not anywhere near where
they’re at
then we need to be concerned about that
as well and then whenever you and again
when you mention this and you bring this
up what will happen is is that somebody
will say to you well then you just want
us to be like the republicans okay when
it comes to registered voters yeah yeah
totally that’s the thing that’s what i
want that’s totally a thing because if
you don’t have those people that are
registered to vote your party and again
libertarians punch over their weight
anyway i’m not look what i remember when
adrian ran we only had 50 000
libertarians in florida dude got a
quarter million vote whole lot of people
that weren’t [ __ ] libertarians
were voting for adrian in that race bill
wilson first same thing same thing with
bill same thing
bill wilson was the first libertarian
ever to run for attorney general in the
united states and
got he got three and a half four percent
yeah he got a good amount he’s got a
good amount he look he he gave a good
showing he did
he did he gave a good showing and uh
there were a few things on his campaign
that i didn’t agree with but they were
part of his campaign so yeah you know i
worked with it and i did what i was
yeah look you know again we’re not gonna
agree with these people all the time so
no but i could agree with
enough of him that
you’re not gonna agree with anybody 100
of the time if you if you do they are
lying or you are lying to yourself one
of the two yeah one of those two things
is happening um the only exception i
have found is me and spike seem to like
i think we’re like 99.9 it’s weird yeah
but we’re also the exact same height and
our our hands are the same size so i
think there’s just you think there’s
some genetic going on there genetic
going on um
that might go with a flat earth thing by
the way just so you know i don’t know if
that’s a that might be a thing or not
he’s my slightly less attractive
yeah yeah um
he’s good you found each other we did
if you if you agree with somebody 100 of
the time one of you is lying and
you need to find somebody you agree with
80 of the time 70 of the time because
you’re not going to do better than that
if you do again one of you is lying yeah
so you have to find the people that you
want to work with the people you want to
support the people you want to vote for
uh and say okay how much do we agree and
then once you get to the point of okay
we agree seventy percent of the time
eighty percent of the time that’s who
you vote for don’t worry about that
twenty percent don’t even try to change
their mind on it because you’re getting
eighty percent of what you want yeah
you’re not gonna get a hundred no you’re
not and that’s the thing too like but i
will say this is that ideology ideology
is one thing but how you build a party
is something completely different
one really has nothing to do with the
other as a matter of fact
the funny part about it is i think one
of the biggest achilles heels of the lp
is that because so many people that come
here believe so much in the individual
that they don’t even want to go out and
register more people as libertarians
it’s almost one of those things like i
wouldn’t be a part of a member of a
group that would have me you know what i
mean so like a lot of them are instantly
repelled from even growing the party
um in that aspect of actually going door
to door and telling people to write you
know asking people to register
libertarian i think you have a lot of
people that are repelled by that
so and this is where look if you don’t
want to do it personally i don’t think
you should
however there is a difference between
not wanting to do it personally and
being mad at others that want to do it
yes and also being mad at others that
just want to grow and this is where i
would defend the mises caucus in
one of the things that they are trying
to do is they are trying to increase the
numbers of people in the libertarian
party but
to that point they should not
be crapping on and trying to push people
out who are doing the exact same thing
yes at the end of the day what it comes
down to is
don’t i had a boss who said this to me
once he hired somebody that i thought
was just absolutely awful yeah um and i
said why would you ever let this woman
into this building she you can’t trust
her yeah and uh he said
don’t judge me on who i hire judge me on
who i keep
and it’s great it’s great if i i don’t
like that guy even a little bit still
but uh i but that was a piece of advice
that i took that i took to heart
yes we are trying the mises caucus
martha bueno was she’s probably not
but a lot of people are trying to grow
the party you’re not going to like
everybody coming in
don’t judge on the people who are coming
in judge on the people who stay because
most of them
are going to sit here and see the
dumpster fire that our facebooks and our
twitter wars and all of that are and
they’re going to leave anyway yeah um i
mean don’t go wrong you see that in all
of them now though that’s the thing
about it is is that
like the dumpster fire may be in the lp
but it’s the dims and the republicans
their stuff is just as bad
if not worse the only difference is is
that because we have
because we have
smaller numbers the craziers make up a
bigger percentage right and that can be
misleading at times but i will say this
though from the last convention man i
think that problem got got solved yes
for me for the most part it got solved
and it’s just now everybody just getting
along you know what i mean and i thought
that the one the thing that irked me the
most about the martha thing was is that
somebody had said to her
like well maybe you should join the
democrats like martha’s not a democrat
like martha’s a libertarian for you
saying that that’s a problem and also
because we’re in florida we know this um
and most cubans aren’t democrats no
they’re republicans they’re republicans
that’s just the way it is man it’s just
it’s just it’s the way it is it came
from a communist socialist nation and
they came here to escape that and they
see the democrats going that way so they
are voting against that with everything
they have most of them are not vote like
a vast vast majority of them are not
voting for democrats if we can get them
on the libertarian side
you you got your foot in like you
already have your foot in now like you
just have to open the door for them and
let them see it
you can’t push people out for trying to
bring these people over yeah you can’t
you can’t do it man you got you got
here’s the thing you gotta have those
people in the party too like those
people want freedom too
as a matter of fact if there is one
constituency of people that i think
would be most welcoming to listening to
a message of getting the government off
of my back it’s those people that are
oppressed by the government the most and
to be honest with you if you believe in
if you believe in systemic racism let’s
just say you believe that systems racist
i don’t think there’s another party that
is more willing to get the government
off your back than this one no like we
run on getting the government off your
back like letting you live your life as
you see fit and you know i just
it’s it’s when you see things like that
it just gets irritating but at the same
time i think that and again with the
augustus thing
we’re going to talk about that a little
bit more later but like i think the one
mistake i made out of it was
i think i was a little too quiet about
it at a certain point
but at the same time i think i made the
right move in the fact that i wasn’t the
person to do that with adrian was the
person adrian was the person and that
dude blew him blew everything up in
order to in order to to get it done and
looking back that dude made the right
call like he didn’t make a bad call and
be honest with you he asked so many
other people to be chair that they made
him be chair and he warned him exactly
what he was going to do i remember and
he did it so i don’t remember that
but now it’s all over like i went there
now man like i said i went there last
year it was amazing i think steve
nichola does a great job by the way i
think he does a phenomenal job i think
cecilia who i talk to a lot who does
like the marketing and stuff like that
for the lp and the fundraising and stuff
she does a phenomenal job like those
those emails
where they do an email on every person
that’s donating 25 a month right that’s
on the 125 list
is probably one of the best things i’ve
for raising consistent small dollar
donations yes because it’s only 25 bucks
but that is probably the best thing i’ve
ever seen for increasing those small
number donations and it gets people
buying because then they read their
stuff because you gotta you have to talk
to that person to find out where they’re
all at so you get all this information
that they want to share like i had to
you know i talked to celia for a little
and when she wrote that thing up you
know about a whole bunch of different
stuff and i was like you know because i
past organizations past things that you
were doing
yeah we um so
the main thing that we need to remember
as libertarians all of us
we need to grow the party otherwise
nothing is going to happen well it’s
just a circle jerk yeah it’s just a
circle jerk people got to get elected
but the thing is this
and somebody wrote something on there
before i know we’re not looking at all
the questions and stuff um but the one
thing is is like candidates build
parties there’s a lot of truth to that
there is there’s a lot of truth to that
however that’s that’s not telling the
entire story
candidates can build it they chum the
waters to get people in but those people
that are in once that candidate is done
they have to go out and get more people
to be registered in the party i’m not
saying be active i’m not saying be
active but the numbers at the division
of elections make a difference and
candidates it’s almost like a field of
dreams kind of thing too like if you
build it they will come if you have
enough people that are registered
libertarians where they know that
there’s a block of people that will that
will vote for that candidate then
you will see that there are more people
that are
trying to um
you know
get elected in that party
and that the other part of it is this
if you represent a bigger block and this
is what happened after wiley’s election
after wiley got a quarter million votes
at that point the republicans were
reaching out to us yes because
at the same time we were doing this we
were going up to tallahassee and we were
going like we were with liberty first
network with the lobbying organization
that we had at the time we were going to
tallahassee there was a marketable i
amazing difference between what was
before that election and after that
election and then after that election
we were meeting with speakers of the
house we were meeting with all these
people and they
at least for a good amount of time we’re
moving in the right direction and i will
say that
that i think that some of our actions
that were up there
have led the republicans in florida
at least a little bit closer to where we
would want them to be
not all the way though and they still
make all kinds of mistakes they do but i
will say this though they if you look at
like the freedom index that they had
like for each state
when we started liberty first it was
pretty bad when we ended liberty first
it was actually pretty good like it it
got a lot better because i think it was
number two yeah it got up man we were
like we were probably kind of proud of
that to be honest even though look i
will say that we are our our
contribution to that was not nearly as
as large as i’m probably making it out
to sound right now
but it wasn’t insignificant either
because we were the only and they when
we met with them they would tell us a
lot of times you guys are the only ones
that come up and tell us not to do stuff
everybody’s else come up here telling
you to do stuff we’re the only ones
coming there not to tell you to do stuff
and you learn so much like
like for candidates if you are a
candidate the one thing you need to know
is what is currently going on in
whatever office you’re running for like
if you’re running for a county
commissioner well then that’s easy
that’s local right but if you’re running
like for state house which is probably
the one area in which
we should be going in the most because
that’s where you’re going to have the
most impact is that you need to know
what’s going on up there you need to
know what they’re doing what the issues
are that they’re doing and how you can
steer them in a direction that would be
better but even if they don’t do it to
be able to use that information when you
have to go out and debate those people
on what they’re really doing wrong
because look just telling everybody that
you want to be free is not going to work
like i’m sorry it’s just not going to
work you have to know what’s going on
with the issues up there in order to be
looked at as with someone of an of a
someone that you could trust with
holding that power right as a serious
candidate yeah yeah and that’s one of
the issues that a lot of so many people
like you said earlier they do it for
notoriety they they want to say that i’m
running you know i ran for this office
um and
they don’t really know the issues at
hand it’s part of the reason that i
which is weird and nobody’s going to
believe this but it’s one of the reasons
that i’ve never run for office is
i know what’s going on nationally but i
wouldn’t run for a national office yeah
i wouldn’t now no and uh i wouldn’t run
for a national office if i was going to
run i’d run for something local or
something statewide uh but at the same
i pay so much attention to national
stuff i don’t really know what’s
happening locally or in florida oh yeah
you know i just i have a weird i’m again
like i
pay attention to it so much especially
this the florida stuff is that i do know
a lot of the florida stuff that’s going
on as well as the national stuff that’s
going on local county commission i
haven’t i i just i i don’t get involved
in that stuff i just don’t have enough
time to do that stuff along with owning
a business and having to do you know you
know i’m you know i’m following and wins
full steps when it comes to cleaning so
you know what if you’re listening to
this show and you got that joke thank
thank you if you get that joke do you
know that they held their convention
like two miles from my house by the way
when i was living in spring hill did
they really yeah so the reform party
was holding their convention in spring
hill florida at the time and it was
literally two miles from my house you
should have swung by
yeah i wasn’t gonna do that i was not
gonna do that one no
no no no no no no
i got death threats from somebody that
went to the reform party oh did you
really uh win
oh you got it from him too yeah oh
um i remember that one day i punked him
out that was the funniest day
what’s funny is um
who was it that ran for governor after
wiley but he like never made it like he
didn’t even
oh i know oh oh oh
i forget his name
randy wiseman yeah and bill wilson
recommended me to be the uh
to be the uh uh
oh my god i’m blanking on this
vice governor
lieutenant governor lieutenant governor
oh no i remember this he yeah he
recommended me to be the lieutenant
governor but he had joe wins as his
campaign manager yeah which
when i found that out i was already like
huh no i’m not doing it no there was no
need at that point right there was no
you’re not a serious campaign right but
i said that i would go to the meeting
anyway yeah so i did and the entire time
he was like
he was dogging me for being uh
friends with you and friends with bowen
greg bowen and um for working on
uh bill’s campaign bill wilson yeah he
was dogging me for all of that and i was
like bill wilson is the one that
recommended me to be here
how can
which is bad that’s just a bad candidate
and uh because even if you have issues
and stuff like that if you’re meeting
somebody like that you bring that stuff
up you’re only showing your own ugliness
right exactly and i was meeting with
wynn i wasn’t meeting with weisman i was
only meeting with wynn oh god and i went
well i don’t really know if i trust your
candidate and he said why that’s because
he picked you as his campaign manager
and he what’s that supposed to be you
have literally said that you wanted me
and all of the people in pinellas county
and he was like that was hyperbole i was
like was it hyperbole because to me it
sounded like a death threat and
like we went off on each other and we
were going back and forth and i torched
him and um bill wulcifer texted me and
during the meetings i am so sorry
it’s totally fine
that is what it is though but thank god
those people aren’t around either though
i mean again there and they’re good
lessons to learn by the way like it
really is good lessons to learn about
what not to do yes you know and and
and that’s why i think like i really
wanted especially now that i’m back and
i’m doing stuff again
i’m really glad that i am
i’m very limited in what i’m going to be
allowed to do anyway like what i’m
allowed to do because kelly and danielle
look even the limited stuff i’m doing
right now kelly and danielle are not
happy with it right well danielle’s not
happy with it kelly doesn’t give a [ __ ]
but danielle is definitely not happy
with it though that made any sense and
she’s in you know what and my own and my
own fault is
i have
like i i told her things but i didn’t
tell her too much
so when she find out more she’d be even
more mad at me did she get more mad at
me and she’s like look if you’re lying
about this what the hell else you’re
lying about and i’m like oh man i’m like
oh this is bad so i better just lay it
all out what i’m doing so i did lay out
when i was doing it but i’m like i’m not
doing anything more than this this is
the only area in which i’m good at this
is the only thing i can contribute right
now other than i did want to i do if i
can find other people that are
trying to do the same thing that i think
they should be doing then i want to help
with those things so like you know
increasing registration membership
things like that i want to see those
things grow absolutely but i don’t what
i don’t want to deal with is a lot of
the drama which unfortunately you know i
ended up coming on the show to talk to
you because of drama that i saw however
you know in in looking at it i think
using that as the example of the right
thing to do is probably a better way to
look at it you know what i mean because
like again i’m a member of the mises
caucus like they i they reached out to
me they’ve been they’ve been super like
they’ve got me back i would say they got
me back involved
more than anybody else got me back
involved but at the same time when you
see something that’s kind of messed up
you’re just like well you know you gotta
let’s not do that like let’s let’s
remember that you need look you need the
mises caucus and you need martha bueno
you can’t have you you gotta have them
or the people like martha bueno you
don’t need just one person right but you
need those people and if you are
actively trying to tell those people to
go away then you’re a problem yes and
then you’re a problem that needs to be
pointed out especially because of what
happened before with uh you know
that guy
with augustus yeah uh real quick before
we go on uh joe hanouch says is matt and
i running again and for anybody who
doesn’t know uh matt and i is what is he
the he he’s the chair of the article
yeah oh he’s a great guy matt and is a
phenomenal guy work works super hard
love matt to this day still help him out
on a lot of things like i still help
those guys on stuff that’s a good match
that’s phenomenal is he running for
state housing cause he’s running for
state house a lot
is he running again i don’t know if he
is or not i i don’t i don’t know i don’t
know the answer to that question
i like man
if ever you’re in
if ever you’re on a business trip with
matt and i
get separate rooms
that’s all i’m gonna say get separate
we had an airbnb with him one time it
was nice it was nice it’s a multiple
bedroom one it was a multiple bedroom he
was in the bedroom next to me yeah and
he still kept me awake yeah um
but yeah no matt and i is a great guy
why couldn’t he get trash in his camp oh
joe’s asking a lot of questions
i mean i’ve actually i feel bad for joe
cause i’ve actually met i haven’t said
some of the questions um
he’s not related to bill nye though
how funny would it be if he was actually
though um how could he couldn’t get
transferred to the campaign before it’s
a tough area where he’s at man and those
are established guys that were over
there he was running against man it was
tough that’s tough business man i mean
he ain’t for a lack of trying and he got
he’s got clothes he also so he also got
young americans for liberty to come down
and knock for him that one time yeah
yeah yeah when they were doing their
they were doing their uh i forget how
many door thing it was but
yeah all the doors or whatever it was
called and
the issue there was he did he actually
didn’t do bad in that in that campaign
in that race yeah those guys started
knocking too late though yeah exactly
they came down too late yeah because of
some issues that were going on they
couldn’t get the people down there once
they did get the people down there yeah
and it was you got to remember too like
in other states like the early voting
here is different than the earlier
voting in other states and so like you
have to
you got to you got to go 30 days out
i’m going out of camera review you got
to go 30 days out from um
what you normally would go into for
florida in order to win those primaries
and stuff like that so i mean i like
their people did they did yeoman’s work
but like it was tough it’s that ultimate
man he’s a
he’s a big money
guy over there man it really stuffs yeah
no don’t stop asking questions man what
the hell
oh liberty yl’s definitely libertarian
minded by the way yeah they
yl is the same issue that i have with
certain members of the mises caucus or
the certain members of a lot of
different with rlc or whatever um they
have a lot of ideas i agree with they
have some that i don’t agree with and
with yell
you only hear about the bad stuff that
happens at y’all apparently something
happened there this week i don’t know
what it is because again i’m going to
repeat it i don’t care um but something
happened and people are saying that you
shouldn’t give money to al anymore i
don’t know if that’s true
i didn’t hear anything about this yeah i
don’t know somebody got fired or
something i’m not sure um but
uh a lot of the candidates that yao
have the great talking points then they
get into office and then they become
like every other republican
some of them have yeah some of them some
of them have it’s unfortunate but but
look it’s but the guy from uh the guy
from virginia
nick friedas yeah nick friedas that guy
i’ve got a slight man crush on him uh i
love me some nick freddie yeah no no
nick fridas you know what the funny
thing is about nick frieda’s by the way
if you’ve have you ever met him like
personally yeah i met him i met him when
we were doing the rs
okay what a crack up yeah no great what
a crack up the guy is great guy yeah
fantastic very good looking man too by
the way like very good looking not
saying i’m gay not that there’s a
problem with it
but you know not that there’s anything
wrong with it but i do i will say i got
a little bit of crush on it a little man
crush on nick frieda yeah nick’s good
and i if you’re listening to his
speeches in the virginia legislature
like he actually does give some good
speeches he gives great speeches he
gives i think that he would probably be
libertarian if
libertarians could win
yeah if the numbers were enough he would
be one of those people that would come
over like him jeff brandis massey even
probably rand or something like that
if you built the numbers up then those
people would be the first defectors yes
you know and that’s what you want to
have too you want to have some of those
people that are like there’s some people
that go up there that are probably a lot
more libertarian-minded than you think
but also just aren’t nearly as
principled as you’d want them to be but
if you got
but you got them you know if they had
more people that were up there that were
you know going to vote the same way then
you would see a lot of the stuff that we
do well right exactly
so before
well we’re way over time so we’ll just
keep going um oh we have a time frame
not really but i mean i’m sorry hold on
what time how much how long we’ve been
going anyway hour 27 really yeah
i drink it’s so mad when i say that i’m
always surprised well i’m actually more
surprised with you i can’t believe we’ve
done it for an hour
we haven’t even gotten hardly anything i
um that’s why i was like oh man we’re
we were jumping around so much talking
about so many different topics but um
back to
the inner party stuff yeah um which
we’ve basically said everything that you
need to say on it like you can’t just
kick people out you don’t want to kick
people out especially people who are
bringing people in yeah let’s take a
welcoming message yes you need a
welcoming message and again you don’t
have to agree with everybody on
everything and again i don’t agree with
everybody on everything
don’t go wrong and i have some red lines
too so it’s and somebody said something
earlier up here um
we don’t have to go back to it but it
was almost like you know you’re being
hypocrite because you’re actually you
know you’re you’re you’re wanting people
to be individuals and then when they act
like individuals you get mad because
they’re because they’re being
i understand that the
the the the confusion there but there
are some redline things yes like let’s
let’s look at covid
if you were pro lockdown
if you were pro vaccine mandate
if you were pro mask mandate then you’ve
identified yourself as you’re a status
you know you’re not that now if you’re
pro-vaccine but want people to do it if
they want to do it or don’t want to do
it if they don’t want to do it i have
zero problem with you
there are arguments you can make
for taking the vaccine there are
arguments you can make against taking
the vaccine i’m choosing to not do it
because i don’t want to do it because
[ __ ] you don’t tell me what to do yeah
that’s basically where i’m at and i
think and i think that the risk that i
is about the same there don’t be wrong i
have done things to mitigate
that i’ve been increasing my vitamin d
intake i’ve increased my vitamin c
intake zinc all that kind of stuff i bet
you’ve increased your vitamin b uh i
don’t know
i don’t know where you’re going with
that but i kind of like it actually
um right i 100 i agree with i agree with
all that uh if ever you uh
if you if you’re saying we need to
build walls
i understand where you’re coming from
because you want to get what if your
reasoning is we need to get rid of the
welfare state before we can start
letting people in yeah okay i get where
you’re coming from that the other side
of it is just go until the welfare state
breaks um
there’s two options here
uh so i won’t call somebody a statist if
they want to get a wall because they
don’t want the welfare state
won’t do it because they’re trying to
break down one part yeah they’re trying
to break down a part uh because i saw
somebody saying i saw somebody saying it
earlier yeah now people in the
libertarian party want to build walls
most of them are doing it because they
don’t want the welfare state to grow
and i get the thinking there i don’t
agree with it but i understand it yeah i
think they’re wrong i think they’re
wrong but i’m not going to try to kick
him out of a party for it yeah
that’s just something we’re going to
have to come together with on later but
right now we can agree we don’t want the
welfare state one of the biggest issues
that we have as a party
individuals and as a party is we sit
there and we find
the ten percent that we disagree on
and we fight over that ten percent yeah
we go to war over that temperatures
which you don’t need to do you do not
need to do it if you if somebody is a
legit statist if they were for the
coveted vaccine mandates if they were
for the mass mandates if they were for
what was that called man my brain is
just not work it’s not firing on all
cylinders to that uh
the internet thing where they
net neutrality net neutrality if they
were for net neutrality these are people
that you’re not going to be able to get
along with because they say government
is the solution yeah
those people you can say okay you think
the government’s the solution we can get
rid of it uh yeah we can show them that
it’s not i mean that’s really what it
comes down to you got to show them that
it’s not there’s a lot
you know what the other thing is this
though and
and this is where i think sometimes look
a lot of times i think libertarians get
accused of um
not having a heart or
not being um
what’s the word for it um
sympathy for people that are in these
plates right you know in the past couple
because i switched what i what we did as
i did as a career so we switched and we
got into the cleaning business and we
are going down to a lot of different
people’s houses
and so i’m meeting a lot of people
one thing i’m noticing is
the dependency empathy thank you thank
you empathy
what i’ve noticed is there are people
that are legitimately
hurting and that have
so brainwashed
by government and by people in
government they don’t think that they
have the answers themselves
so i think that what we need to have
happen there
having that empathy but then showing
them that there’s another way
and not
necessarily judging them for taking the
government cheese right now
but to say
you you want to be independent let’s
show you how to do that and so
you know like one of the things
danielle’s getting involved in right now
she’s helping like um
uh women that were like beaten like uh
from from domestic violence violence and
stuff like that and so she’s starting to
deal with some of these people and her
thing is is she wants to get them from
where they’re at right now to be
you don’t need a government program to
do that you need somebody that cares to
do that though exactly and somebody that
can do that thing and danielle’s luckily
that she has to be able to do that and
so she can get those things done
but at the same time
it’s a it’s going to be a process we
have a lot of people that are really
really really addicted to government
they’re really addicted to it and they
don’t think there’s any other answer and
until you get that part of it done i
mean again i think there’s enough people
out there that if the libertarian party
is an organization
really focused on registering
libertarians that within two years in
florida you’d actually be at like 10 or
like i think you could get there and i
think you’d get there pretty easily if
if there was the focus on it but the
focus has to be on it though and that’s
when i go to the convention one of the
things i am going to bring up is going
to be this is is going to be this is i
am going to talk about this again i’m
just going to go grab a mic when you can
have free mic time and
say it to the whole group like they’re
not going to let me go on the main stage
and say that [ __ ] i mean look if they’re
having me speak i still only speak on
fridays right you know i don’t get to
speak on i don’t speak on saturday night
for the for the for the meal or anything
like that which is fine with me by the
way like i don’t want i don’t need i
don’t need any more than that man i
don’t i really don’t need any more than
that my ego has been fed enough man and
my ego only needs like little bits to be
fed now like if one person will say
hello alex what’s up man and i’m like
just like then
you know it makes like even when i went
before but people didn’t because i lost
i lost a lot of weight i gained a little
bit of a back but i lost a lot of weight
and there were people didn’t even
recognize me and then they go alex is
that you yeah i
i remember i was because i saw you and i
knew exactly who you were immediately
but um
like you came up and i was just like oh
my god it’s so good to see you i
introduced you to super fan sarah
andreeg and uh then like i saw other
people just walked by and they did the
is that yeah like ken willie did it yeah
is it willie
i’ve always said wiley no i think it’s
really okay
but uh yeah
don’t try to kick people out because you
disagree on 10
find it find out
why they have those beliefs and then you
can slowly
discuss it with them calmly
and give them time to get there yeah and
give them time to get there but focus on
the 90 the 80 that you do agree on that
is the important part
if somebody is
a nazi
verifiably a nazi that’s a horse of a
different color yeah you’re not gonna
you’re not gonna get there
they’re talking about the third way kind
of a problem kind of a problem yeah if
they uh
they have certain tattoos you know it’s
gonna be a problem oh my god oh my god
though oh
is he still in jail right now yeah oh he
is yeah but i think they let him out for
coven and then he ended up back
oh yeah yeah he was never going to be
free no
now he was uh he was a little too much
jerry uh jerry aurora from uh
jacksonville tom jerry tub
do you need my stage time
he’s he’s offering his stage time i
would not want to take the stage time
from anybody else by the way i’ll i’ll
look i’ll win finagle my way in at a
time frame in which they allow people
just to grab mics and i’ll go up and say
i’ll say my piece then but you know and
they look they were good enough to ask
me to go and speak so like they you know
they and when they asked me i was like
yeah i’ll speak yeah what do you say i’m
like you know legislative process that’s
what i’m gonna do like i already have
that i already have that uh i already
got that presentation all figured out
like i can do that one off the top of my
head nice
um but yeah i could do that one stoned
by the way but i won’t i will be
completely sober when i do that one so
but immediately afterwards well because
it would be rude to do it before right
it would because then i’d be probably up
there stuttering and
i tried to oh but i don’t remember where
i was
when i do it i think i did a radio show
one time
and i did get high first and that was
not a good show
right yes uh david davis says 80
libertarian is 20 percent my enemy is
how many libertarians i mean you’re
you’re right it sucks that is how they
see it that is not the correct way to
look at it though yeah um that is not
the correct way to look at it well you
know what let me let me give one caveat
to that let me give a little caveat to
the loud libertarians
do that
it’s the active ones which gives you a
false impression that it’s all of them
we have decided to help you get stoned
at our vending table so hold on is there
a lot of people that are like going to
be at the convention that are yeah
so john morrissey is the owner of
stitches and glitches and defy the power
who uh make these fantastic tumblers
which normally i had on the episode but
i don’t have it with me today uh i think
it’s in my bedroom on my nightstand uh
because i was drinking from it last
night uh these great tumblers uh you can
it’s the tumbler that was in the intro
video that is the muddy water symbol oh
yeah yeah okay he makes those um nice
but they also have attachments for their
tumblers that turn them into
smoking devices smoking devices and you
put ice in it and access
that’s some macgyver ash [ __ ] right
there i know uh and
he told me at the last libertarian
convention they were selling them there
you may remember the table was on the
right when you walked into the room okay
oh yeah he had a big table he had a big
table yeah he sold more
at that convention than he did at a
grateful dead concert what um
how long ago was the grateful dead
concert i wonder well uh the dead
concert whatever the group is that’s
touring now oh this is touring as the
dead yeah oh i got you i got you
that’s weird dude that’s really
libertarians go hard well because they
were a lot of smoking was going on there
a lot of weed was getting smoked in that
[ __ ] place i gotta tell you man i’m
looking so forward to the legal market
by the way
like just a little bit of taste of the
legal market that we have right now is
amazing like just to be able to you know
what and the thing is they put them in
like the medical ones the the little box
that you get in is like the perfect size
for like other little boxes that you
have and like you know my whole box
delivery system that i have working in
my house because again i have ocd on so
many different things like it just works
perfectly it’s just it’s
it’s amazing i’m such a fan of it right
now and it’s only still just the medical
so uh when i was in alaska because i
spent the summer up in alaska yeah i
don’t work in that one year better than
spending the winters up there oh yeah i
wouldn’t have done it um
but it’s legal
totally totally legal so there’s a place
called the stoney moose who needs to do
better job with their stickers um not
long term there right not long term this
was the first sticker on and it’s still
my muddied water stuff you did a good
job first sticker on
still the brightest
but they uh i i would go there after
work and just pick up stuff for the day
and it was completely legal and they
were like whatever you do when you leave
don’t walk through that parking lot
and i said why and they said that’s a
federal building and they can arrest you
but if you walk around you’re fine
and so i walked around
oh most of the time hold on hold on hold
on dude there’s another hold on we got
to tell the other story by the way we
got to tell we got to tell the story the
dc story
oh the dc okay so
this is the best oh and this is this
this is probably the this is probably
one of the better me and you stories
right here because this is funny as [ __ ]
yeah so we’re we’re in dc we’re at a yao
convention so start a little bit earlier
then on the way up
because that’s when the question was
oh that’s right that’s what i was
thinking it was asked later no no it was
on the way up so we’re on the way up i
fell asleep on the way up in a ford
transit van in a ford transit with no
back seats yep i was just sleeping on
the floor um and then i woke up and we
were talking and alex said uh
he was like man i wish there was a way
for me to get like wheat up here and i
was like weed’s legal in dc you’re like
i’m like texting and he’s like no it’s
not no it’s not i’m like yes it is and
he goes no it’s not
it it is but it isn’t it’s weird they
passed it so it’s legal but then the
federal government said you can’t have
weed shops in dc because it’s federal
so there are workarounds that you can
get weed in dc
and he said
no way so we started looking it up and
we found a guy
online um and
we were just like by weed in dc and we
clicked on one of the links and it was
like yeah call this number if you want
to buy weed
so we call the number and we’re like hey
uh yeah we’re in town for
some stuff uh we literally just left the
capitol and uh
we went met with some people and then
went and did it and they were showing up
in suits
don’t get to that point yet get to get
the other part in but we’re just so you
know we’re wearing suits because we were
just leaving the capitol we bumped into
massey on our way out yeah
yeah we totally did so right in the
street he was a little nervous at first
until he realized we liked him and then
he was cool and then he was cool and
then he complimented my shoes yes um he
said i like your shoes i was like thanks
doc martens and he goes i like doc
martens me too and um so we get we go we
make the call and the guy says yeah um
you can meet us at this hotel
this room number
at this time
and i said
this feels like the most illegal drug
deal yes ever felt it felt really bad it
felt so bad
i took my i took my id out of my pocket
the only thing i had was enough money to
the only thing i had in my in my pockets
was enough money to buy whatever i was
going to buy and i went with him just in
case yeah really because he was glut for
punishment at that point i guess right
because i had to see what was going to
happen um
so we get to this hotel at the
appropriate time and they say walk in
like you’re going to a room don’t walk
in looking around right and so we walked
in and we found the room that we’re
supposed to go to and we knock on the
door and they’re like who is it and i
was like
matt and alex we called we’re supposed
to be here at 2 30 or whatever and he
goes okay and he opens the door
they have this hotel room
they’ve like cleared out the furniture
like they’ve pushed it all to the side
and they’ve got
shelves put up and tables display tables
out and they have everything laid out
and organized
and he’s really well organized by the
way well organized and he took you
around on a tour of this hotel room
and he was saying this is
you know you can get this for this much
you can get this for this much and this
for this much and um
we’re going okay and then at the end he
goes it’s not legal for us to sell weed
here in dc
but you can make a donation to the
wounded warriors foundation warriors for
buds or something like that no it wasn’t
wounded warriors were like warrior for
buds it was a legal it was a veteran’s
marijuana organization yes and uh that
was the psa yeah and we said okay and he
goes it’s this much of a donation if you
want the things that you have put down
here then so alex okay and he put the
money into the donation thing and we
took it and we left
and um
it was the most bizarre
legal drug deal i have ever done it was
fun though it was fun it was fun i’m
glad we did it by the way because it was
one of those like we we parked like a
block away over there danielle stayed in
the car
we were walking up to the hotel again we
have no idea what to expect and you open
that door and there’s this thing that
chick sitting there you know because
there was a girl that was sitting with
the guy but he looked pretty cool though
i forgot about her yeah she was just
sitting here sitting in a corner man
sitting in the corner i mean she was hot
and she was a good looking girl but like
it was just the weirdest you probably
had a gun on it
maybe it’s possible i mean i didn’t
blame them
again and i don’t know why they were
using that hotel
and i think that they have like some
kind of an agreement with somebody
but it was really like it was it was
and that stuff was good man that stuff
was real good especially the hard
candies that’s where i really had the
hard candies the first time and the hard
candies is like a and again i don’t get
them any i don’t get them down here
obviously that may have been the last
time i smoked weed oh
do that again someday
well i’ve stopped everything now like
like kava is the only thing i do now
yeah but nobody likes a quitter
though no
sarah’s gonna come in here and kick you
out well i know my boyfriend i’m just
kidding that was a bit it was a bit for
the show
yeah like uh i think that was the last
time i smoked weed and we’re sitting
outside and we’re
i don’t i don’t know if you remember
this i remember so vividly
i like a quitter
i like a quitter too
but um we were we were sitting outside
and we were talking and you started
telling me about the um
the league of cities
yeah is that what it’s called the league
of cities right yeah okay you’re telling
me about the league of cities and
as you’re describing it to me like i
can’t even form a sentence
um in my like my brain won’t form a
sentence and he’s telling me about this
and the only thing i’m picturing
is uh like
the the like the justice league not the
justice but the bat like the the cult of
owls and batman or whatever it’s called
it’s the something at the house of owls
or something in in batman and
i’m just like you’re making this sound
like a comic like a comic book evil
villain thing and you’re just like how
have you know you live in florida and i
was like i don’t think i’ve ever heard
of this before
and the next day i was like man that was
that’s why i don’t really smoke weed
around people is because i can’t think
and then i started thinking about like
oh greg told me about those people and i
looked them up and like i was like oh
yeah i remember all of the things now
yeah um
but yeah i’ve told so many people about
the league of cities by telling them
that story yeah league of cities in
florida is awful if you live here it’s
totally a [ __ ] racket by the way it’s
totally irrational yes joe you are
correct it is a made-up bs organization
yeah no no it is it’s it’s you know
what’s weird is that we have a couple
people from like especially like martin
like i know martin was going to those
things for a while and um
i think he might still go to those
things if he’s still allowed to go
because he causes trouble when he goes
there i mean not real trouble like he
doesn’t he’s not violent or anything
like that but like he’ll make his point
known for right because he’s you know
he’s a he’s at least he was on the city
council i haven’t talked about in a
while though but i like martin oh martin
was great man martin was awesome he was
good people and i really like martin
martin’s a fantastic human being i wish
i i wish i would see him
at like lp events i was hoping to see
that same with jared jared’s doing great
though oh he’s doing phenomenal down
there you want to talk about a success
of a guy that you know is a libertarian
and on city council in one of the
richest zip codes in florida if not the
country yeah you know because that’s
marco island man that’s a big deal
i remember going to someone i remember
going to
one of his debates that he had down
and to listen to the crowd embrace the
and again it’s a nonpartisan race so he
had he went you know his mpa i mean he’s
a registered libertarian but he’s
everybody’s you know running npa at that
point right but to hear him give the
libertarian answer
these problems and
to see him
go about it in a way in which you get
all these old people that are probably
all used to voting republican that are
just all all on board with it oh yeah
it’s just amazing so same thing with
martin yeah uh what’s martin’s lesson
why am i blanking on martin’s last name
we were friends on my last facebook but
that one got
blown up
he comes from this he comes from this
area in florida frost proof and he got
elected to a nonpartisan race sullivan
martin sullivan martin sullivan yeah
thank you joe um love that man
i feel bad that i didn’t know his name
but he got elected to city council he
ended up becoming vice mayor he became
mayor and in the time period that he was
on the city council he had to use
libertarian solutions to solve so many
of the issues he was having community
cleanups and people were showing up for
it he was having uh
like they had like potholes and stuff he
had the community come out and fix it
and they were just coming out to do it
yeah because they were tired of the
contract with the person that they had
that was out of that was out of their
and they said nope we’re just going to
do it ourselves and people showed up and
they fix things uh he used so many great
libertarian solutions for so many of the
issues that they have and uh he is
these are two guys that you need to like
lift to say this is what can happen yeah
no no hold on i don’t want to take jim
uh jim tourney out of the mix either
though tim jim turner is also a guy that
did very well as well so he’s and he’s
still up he’s still in his seat too so i
like jim i think jim does really well
martin and martin and griffone were i
was a little more active at the time so
like i really have an affinity right to
those two for what they’ve done that’s
my thing and martin used to call me to
have me talk at city council meetings
down here yeah we’ve been over there
yeah yeah um i used to go oh where we
had the burger with the coleslaw on the
top yes at the uh pool hall that’s down
there man um i started putting i started
doing at the burgers
after that it’s so good oh yeah by the
way again let’s make sure we mention
this correctly
coleslaw on a hamburger is the bomb it
is it really is it’s so good
like the next time you cook out you have
a burger go like the publix or make it
yourself make it yourself or go to
publix and get you some
sweet coleslaw or whatever it is and put
it on top of that burger i guarantee you
you’re gonna love it yeah life-changing
it is life-changing um
do we think we can keep the augustus
stuff to under 10 minutes
like literally on top like burger cheese
if you want coleslaw inside the bun
though inside the bun inside the bun
and i i will tell you this though you
put a pickle in it if you want to and
you can put some of the other stuff in
it but no that’s cool question dude um
but you can but
i feel like you don’t need the ketchup
and you need the mustard and you need
the well you definitely don’t do
mayonnaise at that point well you always
need mayonnaise let’s not oh that’s true
i’m sorry yeah i oh i i
i crossed the red line just now and i
i apologize for the red line of course
you needed more um mayo
you always need extra mayo um but you
don’t need the ketchup in the mustard um
it’s it’s great yeah joe’s right [ __ ]
the ai stuff
we already he already got enough air
time as it was that’s fair that’s fair
we used to have a rule that we didn’t
talk about them because we didn’t want
to give them air time
you know but after a while though you
kind of changed your mind though on it
though now it’s you you want to tell the
story it’s like uh
and again i like wrestling so you watch
some of the uh like wrestling interviews
so they talk about what happened way
back in the day and stuff like that like
those are always very interesting to
hear so yeah no absolutely i remember
what you i think i watch more wrestling
with you than anybody else
but i really enjoy watching like you
watch it with somebody who really is
into it and they’re like okay so that’s
so and so and he has a beef with so and
so but they used to be partners and a
tag team but now they hate each other
i’ve done so much where i don’t watch tv
anymore that i don’t even watch it
but here’s what i do though they have
this thing called ups and downs that’s
on youtube
and i listen i watch the ups and downs
so i know what’s going on but there’s
this guy simon miller who’s in england
or whatever that does this that does ups
and downs he he’ll rate each right the
episode like he’ll talk about this
segment if it’s an upper down but he’s
funny [ __ ] like he’s super funny so like
i watch him all the time so between that
and like the hill
like i watch the hill all the time man
okay like the news thing the hill dot tv
the hill news thing that has like um
rob suarey who’s the libertarian is on
it okay and then kim iverson and then
they have the other guy that’s part of
the intercept but he sucks right yeah
um i read a lot of the hill i read so
much of that uh dennis
talk about dennis
however you say dennis’s last name i’ve
known dennis for years and um i still
don’t know how to say it uh i honestly
don’t know much about dennis’s platform
i’ve known him for years on facebook
we’ve met multiple times in person we’ve
never really talked i don’t know a lot
about his platform
uh and i don’t i know that i believe
i don’t want to say i know i believe
he’s part of me caucus which i don’t
take as a red flag i take personal
things that people say is red flags um
but i’ve never seen anything from dennis
that i think is a red flag um but i
can’t say one way or the other on
whether or not i would support dennis
without talking to him everything i’ve
seen so far has been actually pretty
good okay i mean look this sent it’s
just a tough seat to run for man you’re
going to i mean
rubio and
okay so in this one you’re gonna have
rubio on one side and then it’s gonna be
aren’t they on opposites
what do you mean aren’t they on opposite
i think the rube is for this cycle
is rupes this cycle
i couldn’t remember because i know chris
when did well chris is running for
governor this time right not christ the
other governor
well val dimmings is running in that
seat so it’s got to be it’s yeah cause
val dimmings is running that’s who it is
val dimmings who was the she was a
chief of police in orlando yeah yeah and
now she’s in congress right i mean she’s
not a she’s not a good candidate i mean
but then again neither is the rube right
val versus rubia um yeah ruby is awful
i’m sorry dennis is definitely getting
my votes on that one so yeah i mean
out of rubio and val demings i’m voting
for dennis no matter what
like like look i i’m not gonna vote if
if it was just rubio against
val dimming’s i’m either not voting or
i’m writing in somebody else’s name like
i’m just little little sweaty rubio i
knew there are some people that still
write my name in which i do appreciate
by the way but it is a um
they all [ __ ]
that’s the slogan right there no no no
that’s what you go with yeah they all
[ __ ] suck team
you know what why not
you know i gotta you know you don’t
remember brandon jones
brandon jones i don’t remember he did
the global dispatch okay yeah okay so
his name’s brandon right
so he was gonna run for office as a spoo
as a spoof and put like let’s go brandon
let’s go brandon yeah yeah and we’re
just gonna do it as a spoof i told him
if you do that i will help you
so but he ended up getting i think his
wife told him not to do it either so
that’s fair
if i was there to run for office again i
would do it single because i would be
divorced as soon as it would happen so
or i have to wait for the girls to die
so which i don’t want to have happen so
and i’ll be dead before they’re done
anyway so it won’t it won’t matter
either way
um so uh
since we are way over time uh
what um
is there anything else you want to touch
on before we sign off here
you know what i think we got through a
lot of stuff man i think it was pretty
good and here’s the thing i can save it
for another time look i love coming down
here doing the show with you like it’s
always a good i always enjoy the
conversations that we have man it’s
always interesting and it goes in a lot
of different directions i mean don’t get
me wrong i feel bad for some of the
people that are watching it because it
does move around kind of like a you know
the family circus thing yeah where you
see the person go around everywhere it
shows where the kid is yeah that’s where
our shows goes you know what i’m saying
but no absolutely um well
picture show let everybody know where
they can find uh unattended baggage with
oh yeah okay so unintended baggage um if
you go on itunes or any of the rest of
you you can find unintended baggage and
you put it in unattended baggage and
it’s the white thing
i’ll cook for you next time thank you i
appreciate that sarah thank you
but if you look up unattended baggage uh
the website is
um and then that just takes you to the
podbean page because we just run out of
podbean if you go looking for a video
anywhere you will find no video
whatsoever because we totally suck at
that we are no good at the video thing
um so we just don’t do it we just try to
perfect the audio and when i do talk in
the mics so you you know you don’t get
to see this part but i’m right up on the
mic so it’s kind of nice it’s a little
liberating today actually being able to
talk to you without always worrying
about where the mic is by the way you
still have the uh the audio only thing
where you’re sitting you’re still
sitting like close oh yeah leaning back
no no i’m like there every look you can
tell which microphone’s mine because
like you have like this dried up
i don’t even know what comes out of my
mouth at this point but there’s a dried
up thing right there where it just looks
horrible it took me a while to mentally
to back off to mentally be able to back
off like because i started out doing
video and i was here and then after a
while i was i was still like elbows on
the table still nervous
and then now i’m like i’ll kick back
spike spike will be on a rant and i’m
just like okay
yeah but you can totally hear it all
though yeah that’s amazing by the way no
no i i’ve honestly my mic suck ass all
the way like every time i come to
somebody’s stuff they’re always doing it
way better than i’m doing it so
but that’s because adrian refuses to use
max by the way
[ __ ] you can you don’t have to use
mac to do this oh okay well then that’s
even better than yeah you have to talk
to adrian about that and in fact there
are certain things that are easier to do
on windows that i have to do a lot of
work around oh really quick work yeah i
love your setup though this setup is
awesome i’m telling you what man i love
this setup and this is a huge ass
monitor by the way yeah i love this one
well and then because this camera is so
wide you literally can do two people
just sitting right here having a
conversation yeah it’d be better if i
could back it up just a little bit more
but uh i need a different desk for that
yeah but you know
i like it though i love the setup you
got here dude
i mean i i do find the irony in the i
want you for the us army thing right i
think it’s funny hey does anybody ever
know that you got the rush limbaugh
thing right there i talked about it that
is funny yeah i got my one so you
actually met him and it says to matt
yeah so i didn’t meet him my uncle
fun fact for everybody my uncle
is one of the most successful
conservative editorial cartoonists in
the world oh wow yeah uh his name is
dick ray uh you can look him up uh he
just recently got he retired 20 years
ago and he just started getting back
into it
but he drew a cartoon back in 1991
um and it was george bush george h.w
bush in a classroom and the teacher said
we have somebody here who’s a who is the
biggest voice for the republicans people
love him
people love him uh he’s the leader of
that entire party and all of the people
all the kids in the class said rush
so rush lemba invited him over and i had
started listening to him at this point
yeah um well i started listening to him
i think the next year but that was when
rush got wind of the cartoon and how
everything happened and i got really big
into rush when i was like 13.
um i mean he produced a good show he did
he produced a great show and
so he went to go meet rush limbaugh when
he was doing his tv show
and while he was there he said um yeah
my nephew is a huge fan he’s 13 14 years
old uh would you mind signing an
autograph for him
and so he got that for me uh so i’ve had
that since i was i mean he’s he’s young
in that picture he’s young in that
picture he’s really young in that
picture he doesn’t look that young now
well because he’s dead he’s dead um
he definitely doesn’t look that young no
no he was a pioneer in the space too
though man you got that’s you got to
give look and that’s the other thing you
got to give credit where credit’s due on
some of these people you know what i
mean i think that’s the other thing
sometimes libertarians don’t do that i
wish we would do more of is that just to
give an honest credit to some people
like don’t get wrong look i disagree
with russia on a whole myriad of issues
but at the same time
you got to show like there’s a lot of
people that are really big fans of his
that if you just don’t
[ __ ] on the guy
that you know look if you [ __ ] on him
then instantly that person that likes
russia isn’t going to like you right and
to be fair
this show would not exist if it wasn’t
for that guy
because i wanted to be rush limbaugh
when i was younger i wanted to be like
rush limbaugh uh and i wanted to do news
radio talk radio whatever you want to
call it and years later
it was that old dream that i had put
away that started this show yeah
i also have a picture of them up here
you can’t really see it but it’s of uh
john wilkes booth his autopsy
no [ __ ] yeah it’s autographed by the cop
that arrested him
um damn
yeah i have like so many like i have so
many status things in here but does
people give it it’s funny though they’re
good times people get people just give
them that you know you get the rolling
stones hat over there man you know that
was given to me by the saxophone player
of the rolling stones shut up bobby keys
the former saxophone player he’s he
passed marla singer gave you that thing
one of my good friends is
his dad was bobby keys and so i met
bobby and i didn’t know that bobby was
bobby and we ended up i helped his
parents move and he just said can you
help my parents move and i was like yeah
sure man whatever you need we’re friends
yeah so i’m helping him move and then i
go into this house i go into this house
and on the wall there’s a picture of
keith richards and
his dad yeah and i just went oh you met
keith richards that’s cool
and he goes did jesse not tell you
what i do and i said
no he said my parents need help moving
and he needed help and he asked and he
goes oh well you have tickets to the
rolling stones for the rest of your life
and i’ve seen them and they’re still
touring they are still touring but he’s
passed away so that deal kind of went
away um but i i’ve seen them um i’ve
seen them
three times
uh i’ve met everybody in the band except
for mick
um mick jagger because i met the other
mick that’s no longer in the band yeah
but he was on one of the tours and i got
a chance to meet him too oh wow um i’ve
met uh i’ve met keith richards daughters
oh yeah i met keith richards daughters
i’ve uh yeah hung out with all of them
uh i got
this fun story that i’m not gonna tell
tonight but i got keith richards drugs
i did
uh because he needed them and
sometimes you got sometimes you got
needs man yeah sometimes you got needs
i know you haven’t lived in the city for
a really long time but do you think you
can get this and i went yeah i can get
that that’s not a problem don’t worry
about it mr richards i got it um oh hold
on i got a question for you about this
the first time you went to a rolling
stones concert
how familiar were you with the rolling
stones band very familiar already yeah
been listening to my whole life okay so
listen to me then
did you have a better appreciation of
the stones after you went to the concert
though yes
because that’s one of the things that i
noticed is that if you go see somebody
if they’re good then you get a lot
better of an appreciation of a band once
you see them live yes
no i absolutely mick jagger was at the
time 72 70 i don’t remember but he was
running around that stage and it made me
it made me tired i went there with my
little sister and uh
we got this was back when i was drinking
so we got just absolutely obliterated
wasted uh just drinking so much and um
god what’s the name of song
timothy for the devil thank you sympathy
for the devils they start doing sympathy
for the devil and
there’s this moment that i’ll never
forget and my little sister and i are
there like she had
she had at the time she had two kids and
she never got a chance to get out
because they were both little they were
like five and a baby um and
so we’re out and they start doing that
she had been drinking so much and she’s
tiny and uh she was so drunk and she
looked at me and she just started going
and i will never forget it because she
had just such joy on her face the next
morning she did not um oh yeah neither
did i uh
but uh yeah fan fantastic time and one
time i will tell the full story on how i
got keith richards drugs that’s a good
one for later that’s good that’s a good
one for later
i think we’re done right
we’re done uh and we can do it all night
we can’t yeah we can but sarah would be
very mad yes she would um
so everybody uh if you have not yet head
on over to anchor and uh hit the old
subscribe button while you’re there for
the low low cost of two lattes a month
you get so much stuff uh it pays for
itself in one trip to our store
um you also get discounts at stitches
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get uh
the muddy zoom you get exclusive content
you get so much uh
it’s worth it it’s worth the 10 bucks a
month trust me um
we uh spike is somewhere this weekend i
don’t know where i usually have notes up
and i don’t this time because i knew he
was just going to be sitting here um
so spike somewhere this weekend so next
tuesday join us right back here
kinda sorta yeah eight-ish uh where
spike and i will parse through the
week’s events like the sweet winter
wonderland boys that we are uh and then
next wednesday spike will
oh actually i think that spike was
supposed to have a show last night that
got cancelled because he was having some
uh software issues i think he’s doing it
tomorrow so tune in tomorrow uh where
spike will be talking to all of
wow yeah all of it that’s a lot of
people it’s a lot of people because it’s
a long stage yeah you wouldn’t think so
it’s it’s it’s not that it’s it’s not
wide it’s long it’s like florida just
90 degrees and straight because florida
is crooked right yeah it looks like a
boot or something right or a gun
depending on what your official if
you’re a cowboy you kind of like it look
like a boot if you’re really into guns
you like it to look like a gun right yes
if you’re into porn it looks like a big
penis yes it does um
so everybody tune in tomorrow for my
fellow americans with spike
and we will see you back here next
tuesday for a brand new episode of
uh muddied waters of freedom and
the muddy zoom is next thursday so there
will not be a writer’s block have a
great weekend y’all
i didn’t come up with a fact because
this is my first show of the year and i
forgot about that portion but uh i will
talk to you all

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