Mr Bearded Truth – 22 – The praxis and access of liberty with David Fite

David has been Fite’ing the good fight on liberty for years. He’s been engaged with campaigns across the country, is heard across this nation with his podcast, and engages with so many great individuals who exude liberty with their day to day lives. Join Jason as he sits with David to learn about taking liberty and applying it in our own lives to better teach those around us.

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Episode Transcript

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hello and welcome to mr america the
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hello everybody
it’s monday night which means that we’re
back here again and
if you guys missed it this i was the
last one to run a show but the good news
we’ve got a full week lined up for us
this week
you of course have me coming on tonight
mr merkel the bearded truth jason lyon
i’ve got a wonderful guest david fight
who’s been fighting the good fight pun
entirely intended
for years he’s been helping sculpt and
the future of america
and of course
every campaign and every person that
he’s personally been involved and
engaged with
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without further ado i got to bring on
the man the myth of legend david fight
he has been working on campaigns he’s
been working with his podcast he’s been
engaging on all the different social
medias and is a wonderful wonderful guy
a wealth of knowledge and truly i’ve
seen him interact with people across the
and just a man that exudes
empathy and is able to reach out to
people and have those conversations and
really break down some of those barriers
for them and so i’m excited for this
tonight i’ve got the man on he’s going
to talk to us about the praxis
liberty the idea that we don’t just talk
about it the the idea that we just don’t
fight on
on political issues about it but we
actually exude these things in our own
personal lives in order to give people
the understanding that these things work
so without further ado
we have the man himself david fight
hey how is it going man
it’s going great thanks for having me on
oh absolutely i’m so glad that you’re
here and uh i’m glad that we had to go
grab the hat yeah yeah so as you guys
can see um i don’t wanna i don’t wanna
knock david too much but um he’s got
version one of the hat
i’ve got version two so you guys can get
the old version or you guys can get with
a hit with the new times with the 2022
if you will
he takes it off he’s like no i’m not
about this life
it’s like the reflection from the light
is bothering me it’s just shining also i
don’t actually like how i look in hats
yeah it
i i struggle with it too like i got it
and i was like babe can’t bend it and
she was like don’t bend it yet i’m like
can i bend it don’t bend it so i i’m
right there with you
uh jacob blazes in the comment section
i’ve already been accused of murdering
betty white um
it’s 20 22. starting off in a great way
i’m so excited for this um
and just
we talked about this last week of course
uh but now we also have nope forgot his
name bob saget bob sack is also gone
early 2022. what a what a way to start
off this year
david do you have any good news for us
uh to start off 2022
uh yeah nothing that can combat bob
saget and betty white uh bro it really
was a an interesting way to kick it off
it didn’t new years didn’t really feel
like new year’s this this time around i
don’t know
that week is always really weird to me
because like christmas is pretty much my
favorite has always been my favorite
holiday then my birthday is the december
29th and then new year’s
so oh thank you uh so it’s always like a
really weird week of just like all of
you’ve got the family [ __ ] then i
turned a year older and then the world
turns a year older like all the
nostalgia all the [ __ ] kind of
crammed into one week um and this year
was just really strange it was my 25th
birthday just like a a milestone they’re
supposed to be and i just kind of like
chilled and i don’t know it’s
it’s weird
for your 25th birthday that is the year
that if you’re a single unmarried man
well unmarried man that’s when your
insurance drops off drastically like the
cost of it that’s the only thing that’s
great about the 25th
25th anniversary of you being alive of
you going around or the sun 25 times at
least in my opinion but
it kind of sucks um because i feel like
as we get older it becomes more
mundane with the birthdays and and so
maybe for your 26 we’ll we’ll figure
something out we’ll make it uh make it a
big defension big shindig holy smokes i
can’t even talk tonight this is this is
2022 is the year that jason can’t talk
exciting stuff
i’ll work on that um
i talked a little bit i i briefly
touched on on you campaigning and you
having a podcast and and so i wanna know
i wanna hear what are some of your
highlights what are what are some of the
things because i’ve heard your name be
affiliated with some of the campaigns
out there that are doing great and
beautiful things and so i want to know
what is it that david fight is doing
what campaigns have you worked on and
how can we take david fight into the
future to help fight in future campaigns
like how can i market you
wow um so at the moment uh i have an
unofficial position on tom tweeter’s
i was i was the fundraising director i
was kind of half
fundraising director half deputy
campaign manager and then i’ve been just
kind of replacing myself on those roles
and stepping back to more an advisor
because i will actually be i’m selling
out for about a month i’m going to be
going to texas and
knocking doors for a republican campaign
because they’re gonna pay me more than
anyone else in politics has paid me up
to this point so i’m gonna go do that um
but then i will most likely be back
either to help out larry sharp and tom
quiter or um there is a gubernatorial
race going on in maine this year that
i’m very excited about um
because it started off as just a ballot
access campaign mostly you know
it’s the campaign that has to be run for
them to keep ballot access they need
five percent uh so their vice the main
vice chair
uh harrison kemp
was gonna run and you know it was we
were hoping for five ten percent
somewhere in there and then uh both of
his opponents started just bombing
interviews bombing like just many of the
important talking points in maine uh he
started getting a lot of key
endorsements like right off the bat like
campaign’s only been live for about two
um and he’s already got
uh some great people from he’s got
people from ron paul’s campaign he’s got
former uh like state house reps he’s got
the person that legalized cannabis in
maine working on his campaign he’s so uh
they’re doing some awesome stuff up
there and i’m probably going to be up
there helping them out for the rest of
the year that’s awesome so i want to
touch on something because you brought
it up and and it’s something that i
think a lot of us libertarians we’ve
gotten criticized for this and and so i
think it’s important that we touch on it
and that is that we don’t look at the
in the same way
many of us libertarians and some of us
libertarians are really
really um
i i don’t even know the word i’m trying
to think of but
they’re really stringent on on just
focusing on the collectives right we see
this with caucuses and the party we see
this with with republicans with
democrats and and certainly right you
spoke about a financial gain or a
financial means of surviving by working
for a republican but it doesn’t mean
that a republican is entirely off and
and certainly
in the past i’ve worked with republican
candidates and campaigns
and helped
align them more to liberty
and that is always an impressive thing
that’s always something that is needed
while we take
while we as the libertarians we’re
striving to make large strides within
the party to make a difference in our
culture and our society and everything
else we can make small incremental
changes for our
not so liberty loving people but we can
make those changes even working for
republican candidates and we can spread
those messages even
kind of under the radar you know as as
we can this whether we’re door knocking
phone calling or whatever else it’d be
like hey well here’s a liberty issue
that i could sprinkle into the
conversation so there’s
before anyone wants to get upset about
somebody working for a republican or a
there is
things that we can be doing to help help
advance that and so
i i wanted to touch on that real quick
but there’s something else that you’re
doing that i think is is really
important for
and and i say this because of where i’m
sitting right now because of what we’re
doing right now and that’s of course
your podcast where you have had
just your guest list is is amazing all
on its own
but you’re having real sit-down
conversations with with candidates with
uh libertarians you recently had me on
which you know that’s that’s that’s peak
right there late yeah right there
you know
tell me a little bit about your your
podcast tell me a little bit about that
uh yeah uh honestly the the guest list i
can not be
more grateful for
uh i had a really weird crazy awesome
2021 that enabled me to connect with a
lot of people that i never thought
but the show’s called fight for liberty
it’s a pun because i love puns so all of
these fighting puns that you’re making
yes chef’s kiss i love it um
he appreciates it
oh yes i’ve i’ve always been a fan of
puns it’s the main reason that rap is my
favorite genre because it’s it’s an
entire genre based around puns that’s
all it is yes fantastic
uh but yeah so fight for liberty uh the
goal of the show is to bring on people
that i see uh
fighting for liberty and to try to
get a little bit of a humanizing and
kind of getting to know them for
especially kind of i have a lot of
people on that are more behind the
scenes and don’t do this kind of stuff
very often i do have some like a lot of
podcasters and candidates who talk a lot
but then i like to get like campaign
managers and you know director of
operations style people also to try to
uncover some of the back end work that
goes into a lot of these movements
with the main goal uh
you know somebody watching can hear
someone that’s doing something that they
would find fun
that they would find engaging and
interesting and kind of spark something
and really tie in a lot of skills that
people don’t often associate with the
liberty movement with the liberty
movement because uh actually i’ll i’ll
talk about your wife real quick because
i’m really excited about that episode
coming up um like i want to talk about
using graphic design and marketing and
for liberty for activists because
you know
we need logos and
and branding and that kind of stuff the
stuff that people often just associate
with business marketing we need all that
for our packs for our organizations for
our state parties for our candidates um
and that’s a skill set that a lot of
people that are joining the party and
joining the movement aren’t getting
tapped into they might do that kind of
stuff professionally or as a hobby and
not realize how desperately necessary it
is for the liberty movement so like i
had dan smartz on to talk about video
editing uh i had caitlyn clovin on to
talk about like social media and data i
had uh dan fishman on to talk about
fundraising and kind of like the back
end data of of building up a pack and
the stuff that he does with people for
yeah with kind of the hope that i ignite
something in my viewers that you know
they go oh i want to kind of maybe try
that out see if i can help somebody out
with that yeah no that’s amazing and and
i love the name drops there um
fantastic people through and through and
and you would mention branding and this
is something that
a lot of people miss is like what is the
importance of branding and
it’s it’s it’s more than just pictures
it’s more than just logos it’s more than
just having like a vibe on your website
you know all of us have our different
things right and you just spoke about
what your podcast was with your branding
right of being able to attach people to
different aspects of what libertarianism
is how to connect things together to to
help promote that to give people the
first step into liberty and or
opportunities to grow with that but it’s
like here on this platform like for my
show here on mr murphy the beard of
truth like we focus a lot on criminal
justice reform
but that’s not
it’s not just stuck on the legislative
side it’s the cultural side it’s the
social side it’s the how do we look at
at people who were in the system right
who are you know commonly called felons
how do we how do we change the optics
and and through and through every every
which way and so it’s
how do we
that’s my branding right is centered
around that but of course we want to
expand it a little bit as much as we can
without going too far off base but
it’s something that’s so incredibly
important that people understand that so
i’m excited for that show and and coming
up with
my my beautiful wife um i’ll share it
for you for the night um
it it’s so incredibly important and so
i’m i’m excited for your platform how
long have you been doing your show for
how you know you’re on episode like six
thousand six hundred and thirty three or
something um
episode i’m in the 100 and teens i think
uh tomorrow is 115. uh so i i started
the channel uh
and the the
i guess brand of fight for liberty
uh just before i started running for
office in 2019 i kind of started both my
campaign and the brand simultaneously
and was i had two websites and two
accounts like facebook pages and was
kind of uh doing both i was trying to
i was trying to build a brand that could
carry on past the campaign because
obviously it wasn’t going to be a
winning campaign i was running for new
york city council in flatbush brooklyn
i’m a white dude as a libertarian
running against a black female democrat
in uh in flatbush had no chance i took
third um
there wasn’t even
let’s go there was there was only three
i actually had a ballot line and and
lost to someone who had to uh petition
uh as an independent and like get on the
ballot so there was somebody that had to
like fight to get on the ballot that
still kicked my ass um
uh so i started the channel then i kind
of took a hiatus while i was working for
tulsi gabbard from november 2019 to
march of 2020 and then uh came home at
the beginning she was a heartthrob for a
lot of libertarians and and oh my god i
love that woman yeah no and
going back to the point that kind of i
jumped off on the first one this is she
is spot on for a lot of liberty subjects
and there were many libertarians that
said hey look you’re spot on for this
stuff but there’s some stuff that we got
to work with you on and and we can we
can have that opening we can have that
opportunity and so
you know once again it’s like
ignore the things that we don’t have
common ground on and try to weasel our
way on those and and work our way in
into making change there but there’s a
lot of goodness that was there and tulsi
gabbard i mean the way that she roasted
our current vice president
everybody remembers that iconic mic drop
oh yeah
well nobody loves to pick like a
hawaiian oh you know
i had so many gifs of that on on twitter
speaking of is it jif or gif in your
i say gif all right uh so cause it’s
good it stands for guys
have a great night the g is graphic
it’s a gif
but no i’ll actually yeah i’ll back up
more of uh your earlier bit about
actually being able to make change on
some of these campaigns because uh tulsi
the presence of libertarians not only on
her campaign but in her following at her
she noticed that she was picking up
libertarians and started listening
like when i joined her campaign
she had uh
an assault like uh assault weapons ban
was part of her platform
october of 2019 or so uh september
october when i joined the campaign
till the end we not only we got her to
take that platform off of her website
then change her opinion on the actual
policy plank
um and and eventually get her to not
only disagree with
like pushing it but disagree with like
defending it she would we still couldn’t
get her to the point where like if
congress passed it she would still sign
it because she’s one of those like uh
i’m the the president i represent the
people and if the people want it i would
give it to them stans
i can work with that like she’s a
constitutionalist yeah mountains were
moved to
yeah and well actually so she barely
even supported it to begin with i think
it was pandering for the most part uh
when the assault weapons ban went
through congress she did end up
co-sponsoring it but she was the last
co-sponsor in the last vote on the bill
um and got lambasted by her constituency
for hesitating she’s from hawaii is a
very anti-gun culture like they leave
their doors unlocked no one has a gun no
one hurts people they’re nice people
they don’t need guns it’s just not part
of their culture and so
they wanted an assault weapons van and
she got roasted in the local media and
by local talking heads until finally she
did her job as a representative and
voted the way that her constituents
wanted her to she’s like
i i hate it but also i can’t i can’t
really hate it but she was also like the
first events that i went to like we were
giving out pocket constitutions at the
events to like everyone that came and
uh like any time she brought up gun
control she would always give like so
many caveats about like never a
mandatory buyback never uh like take
like we have she cared a lot about the
second amendment but also about safety
and she had been brainwashed yeah to
believe that some of this stuff might be
better for safety um but i’ll give a
huge shout out to reid coverdale the
host of the naturalist capitalist uh he
was also a volunteer on the tulsi
campaign and he annoyed the [ __ ] out of
her until like she would listen to him
on this point she literally gave him
like a 13-page letter that like just
why he believed that she
doesn’t really believe
her points here and and like bit by bit
like just continuously bother like did
you read it yet did you read it yet did
you read it yet until like part of my
job was to distract him from her so she
didn’t have to put up with him that was
like a phase for a little while and then
she finally read it um
but the end and i
between me and reid we brought
a solid two-thirds of her main campaign
team and a gigantic chunk of her online
following into the libertarian party
with us uh when we left like when that
campaign went under uh
jacob hornberger was the loudest
anti-war candidate with her out of the
running and
a lot of people joined the party out of
that campaign
and you know she says a bunch of dumb
things especially now she’s been getting
more obnoxious but i still love her
she’s still in a great person that’s
it’s an amazing success story and and it
should be framed as nothing but because
whether she was leaning whether she was
like kind of
just following the herd
you guys got her to stop think about it
and to change her stance on it and that
right there is
i i feel like we get stuck in this
collectivism of of you know democrats
and republicans are evil and
we say this right and we’re open with
this but at the same time
i came from the republican party you
know i know plenty of other people who
came from the republican party i know
plenty of other people who came from the
democratic party and so
we made that switch one day we woke up
and we said this isn’t the right thing
and so we made that that switch and so
regardless of how long someone has
tenure within those parties we have
those opportunities and and by us
sticking our necks out going out there
and being criticized for working for a
democrat or a republican we have those
opportunities to make change um that’s
um but i wanna i wanna dive into the
topic now that we’re halfway through of
what i wanted to bring you on for and
not just to stay here and pontificate
and get people to
change their minds on on policies but
how do we as a society change the
culture and and
everything else how do we live in
to show people that liberty is a better
way um i think that that’s basically the
best way to frame like the overall
conversation and so you’ve met
thousands of people at this point
and i’m sure thousands of people have
had their hearts and minds changed by
you and so i want to know some of your
success stories of of people that you’ve
impacted uh whether they’ve made it
apparent to you or you just kind of got
that inkling that they have i i i can
remember a couple people have changed
and they were like they came back and
they put me in tears from the changes
that they’ve been through um
i want to know like
how do we how do we live in liberty
well uh so i’ll start off with i think
that i
i was
very lucky to be raised religious
um i’m not anymore
but i was brought up in the church and
uh you know wanted to be a missionary i
wanted to be a pastor like very much
studied like evangelical
philosophy and and apologetics and like
that kind of stuff
i got very into that part of my faith at
a young age and continued that on into
my 20s and i think that that transfers
over very well into libertarianism i
think that there is a political ideology
called libertarianism and i think
there’s a life philosophy called
libertarianism and they’re not quite the
and not a whole lot of people in the
party actually believe in the life
philosophy uh but i think a lot of
people in the country do
most of those people are
extremely apolitical uh and a chunk of
them probably know of the libertarian
party and hate it yeah for for for good
reason um yes
i won’t [ __ ] on the lp too much in this
uh but um i feel like the last couple
guests i’ve had we we we’ve had like a
small segment where we just [ __ ] on the
lp it’s completely oh yeah burman and i
are uh are in at a very very similar
camp at the moment of anti-lp
but yeah so i i think that a lot of the
things that you learn growing up in
church are applicable to libertarianism
like the simple the simplicity of it of
just living life uh
messaging slowly and methodically to the
people around you showing people that
what they’ve heard about libertarians
and what they’ve heard about anarchy and
what they’ve heard about our ideology is
not true um and we that’s gonna take
time uh and and it takes kind of a
breakdown of of a lot of built-up
brainwashing and so
um i think the you asked about success
stories and i’ll speak on
probably my favorite which happened last
year i literally just met a girl on
she was part of the unity 2020 movement
so she was already
anti-duopoly but uh late 20s first time
being active politically
and just kind of ran into her on twitter
once and started interacting with her
and then
one of my friends actually added us to a
group chat and made us talk and then
like invited her on my show for me to
like make us talk because uh i was
falling for it and i didn’t have the
guts to like actually make the first
move um
but i like it
but uh over a few months of you know us
talking i introduced her to a lot of my
friends uh from like the ex tulsi groups
and and the lp groups uh introduced her
to people like reed um and then you know
now she knows most of my friends uh in
the lp
is now uh i think january 6th it was
probably the best because she was
posting like a whole bunch of like
really based like really based like
this was a fed surrection kind of
like just hella based stuff she’s like
sending me a message like am i gonna get
like am i on a watch list now and i was
like yes probably yes you are welcome
welcome to the club welcome
but it was it was dozens of
conversations uh both in person online
on the phone uh just twitter threads or
group chat conversations we co-hosted a
podcast together for a little bit and
one of the episodes was literally just
me her reid coverdale and magnus
panvidia who’s an anarchist leader from
the boogaloo
and it was like a three-on-one like
anarchy versus
status debate like only maybe like three
months into our friendship so like
she was like
oh yeah it wasn’t even on purpose but
it’s just what it turned into
and um
but it took a year you know of of a
close friendship and a lot of like uh
conversations me being an [ __ ] and
putting her off to anarchy for a little
bit because i said the wrong things or
was too argumentative or gloaty about
winning an argument um and then like
having to correct
and but
you know she’s more libertarian than a
lot of the people like than i was when i
ran for office i’ll say that yeah um
so yeah i think a lot of stories are are
similar to that where you know i also do
door knocking and like field work for
campaigns where i only get one
conversation with people but i much
prefer just
taking a couple dozen people under your
wing and just growing them up in liberty
that’s what we need
you plant the seeds and you get to watch
it you get to watch the first couple of
leaves sprout out and you get a watch
like and you know like you can’t if you
were to
fast forward 20 years from now that’s
gonna be a full-blown liberty bush just
wild and free
i don’t google liberty bush guys don’t
don’t don’t google that i don’t know
what that’s gonna find but don’t don’t
google that um
but those are the things right is like
when you have those
encounters and and i want to share with
you one of mine and so this was early on
before i was a libertarian before i was
a libertarian i was
i was a huge advocate of healthcare
right i’ve spoken about certificate need
on this show i’ve spoken about ways of
breaking down barriers to move us
towards a more free market health care
system so we can break down those
barriers and i had a follower from
and she was a
healthcare universal healthcare parallel
advocate she was a bernie bro and that
was her stance and so over the course
kind of like what you’re saying i took
her under my wing and we had like a lot
of one-on-one conversations
and it finally happened probably around
like five or six months later she
messaged me one morning and she said
you’re right
free market
and that’s all it took tears just just
you’ve heard the story from matt wright
when i got invited to come onto muddy
waters media of me squealing like a girl
and and being all giddy
that was it that was me because i had
made such an impact for somebody just on
the political side now not even changing
up the way that she functions in her
day-to-day but i
broken i chipped away and i changed that
one stance and now
potentially broke the damn right how how
much further is she going to come to the
side of liberty and in future things how
much more is she going to come to me and
she did come to me for a lot of other
conversations and we had some progress
there as well but it was that first
thing and that that
that will always be like the person that
i think of um
i still remember it was on periscope and
it was aspen that was her that was her
twitter hand
and and so i still i’ll always remember
aspen because it was like that big
success story of changing someone’s
perspective on something um
but it’s
this isn’t just about how we view
outside of our own lives this is also
about how we deal with our day-to-day
and you had spoke about it and you said
like you know it’s those radical
anarchists it’s those radical people
that don’t vote that aren’t engaged with
politics i have
a couple great friends down here that
i watch them i love them they they
they’re incredibly successful in their
incredibly successful i think it’s weird
i’d say like
they have a better chance of being
successful in their businesses than than
a statist and even libertarians just a
regular run-of-the-mill libertarians
because they go
their mindset is is changed for this is
the way i survive and this is what i’m
going to do to be successful and so they
are changing they’re adapting they’re
innovating because they know that they
they can’t just say i’m going to expect
somebody else to make the change for us
such as the political process right
yeah and they’re applying the
non-aggression principle to business
they’re not being
to use a commie term you know they’re
not uh like
being exploitative in their business
models most of the time they’re just
they’re trying to help people provide a
service and make a living out of it
uh and just kind of do a thing
instead of you know they’re not part of
that evil big business whatever even if
they are successful and it’s a fairly
large business they’re not doing any of
the nasty things that
end up destroying companies in the end
and yeah in in
best believe like whenever they hear a
subsidy coming their way they’re like
[ __ ] no um
because they’re like no don’t don’t
steal from people to give to me i don’t
need it i’m i’m gonna do this on my own
these are the people that like i love to
see and oftentimes we see them i see
them on facebook come across my feed and
they’re all [ __ ] camping every week
and i’m like [ __ ] you first of all for
having that freedom and [ __ ] you for
being so successful i need to be
successful like you so that i can go
camping and enjoy like a sunset and a
sunrise in the same day it’s like no i’m
too tired i can’t do this
can relate
and yeah i i think that something that a
lot of libertarians miss out on is
you know and i critiqued i critique us a
lot uh for focusing too much on
government issues uh and not enough on
some of the other places in our life
that we’re getting exploited and [ __ ]
over and
uh losing freedom and liberty uh you
know whether that’s the the shift from
home ownership to the renter market that
we have now or the massive
centralization of food distribution um
or you know the rise of amazon whatever
whatever it is there’s a lot of things
going on right now uh also i’ll throw in
like big tech monopolies into that mix
too uh where
we’ve gotten to a point as humans where
it’s difficult to live
without giving a significant portion of
our time money energy and data to one of
like 12 people
who we [ __ ] hate with a burning
passion and complain about constantly
i’ve i’ve never given a dime of my money
to amazon i never will um i’ve been able
to stay clear of that one however i
still use google products i still shop
at walmart i’ve been to mcdonald’s you
know like there’s a there’s plenty other
places where i’m a complete hypocrite on
this i can i’ve held through to amazon
but that’s about it
and a lot of the living in liberty is
fighting that and
you have to do it
through the free market we have to vote
with our dollars and actually
not give our time energy money and data
to those people and choose to fight
centralization in all of these various
areas so like go to your [ __ ]
farmer’s market
and not to walmart to buy your
vegetables this week like it’s i know
it’s winter so it’s difficult for in a
lot of places but
right now there are so many the south is
covered in snow right now so they’re
freaking out out here um actually my
work is hilarious five hours tomorrow
because the snow that happened yesterday
um i went out driving i drive a little
hyundai elantra not lifted regular
summer tires like not even
not even all weather tires and i’m out
there just drifting and having a good
old time out there in this i i i lived a
lot for a good while in alaska which is
where i primarily learned how to drive
snow is just
snow like
give me an e-brake and i’m i’m good to
go i can get anywhere
um so right now yes that’s not good
driving advice kids if you’re watching
if you don’t know what you’re doing
don’t do it um
you’re absolutely right it’s a little
difficult right now but it is that’s so
incredibly important i was i was gonna
say you know without living without
amazon okay first of all kelsey just
died um
we have amazon come
way too frequently um
way too frequent
but you’re absolutely right how do you
shop local how do you support your
community how do you support other
people around you and you know you’re
you’re starting down that path of shop
local on top of your farmers market help
out people within your community you
don’t need to
help those subsidized companies you need
to help the people that are living in
honor but yeah i’ll let you i’ll let you
continue on
well um i’ll just add like one of the
one of the most tangible ways that
people can do this and and you know
fight one of the more
most harmful
uh big businesses is close your mega
account whether it’s chase or bank of
america or anything like that close it
open a credit union account find a local
credit union in your area and open an
account there
that like the
i could i could talk for a very long
time about the the problems of big banks
but um like that’s one of the main
things that we need to it just as a
society starve out because uh they’re
exclusively feed off of the poorest and
most uh like disenfranchised of us and
we continue to give them money and it
makes absolutely no sense um and it’s
something that like
no matter where you live in the country
you most likely have a local credit
close enough to you or at least like a
small town bank uh just
and it’s and it’s not that much
different you know all the credit unions
still have apps they still have you know
mobile checking and all this other stuff
like you’re not really gonna lose
anything the way that you do if you
ditch like twitter for getter or
something like that you know you’re not
taking a huge chunk in your life uh or
even like a big cost like you are going
to the farmer’s market instead of
walmart um so i think that’s one of the
biggest things that i
tell people to do is uh
stop giving big banks your money
absolutely and that was
in talking about that um
there’s a level of
so we we touched on this earlier like
taking people under your wing and like
having building those relationships with
people you can do that a lot better with
the farmers market because those people
want to build those relationships with
you because they
they depend on you
like each and every one of their
customers is incredibly important for
them for their livelihoods for them
making it and as we talked about the
anarchist of i’m going to be successful
with or without like all these different
things i’m going to be successful these
are those small businesses these are
those farmers markets these are your
soap makers literally if you go down to
so many people haven’t been to a
farmer’s market in the last
ever um
you could get
so many things there this isn’t
when you go to a farmer’s market it’s
not just food vendors lined up
you have coffee small town small shop
small coffee shops holy smokes
small coffee shops
you have soap vendors you have shirt
makers you have shirt designers you have
all these different people from all
these different fields that say
i’m gonna go to this farmers market i’m
gonna i’m gonna spend money to come to
this farmers market and so you can have
an opportunity to not only go there but
to be able to work and if you have a
marketable skill to be able to work with
these people you guys can both build off
of one another you can do voluntarist um
interactions or transactions where
you know my wife being a graphic
designer and being goddamn amazing at it
she is able to go and meet up with some
of these people and say look we can’t
really afford to do these big loads for
events that we’re doing but what i can
do is i can do this for you
without any currency being transacted
both lives are made so much better
through the fruits of the labor and and
so it’s things like that
that we can really
take that liberty stance and personify
it and help build up both people for
both sides of these transactions and you
can only really do that go try to talk
to your cashier at walmart like
hey bud uh i can’t really afford this
yeah get the [ __ ] out oh
oh okay um
you can do this only through those small
and they can make a big impact for you
it it’s it’s such a beautiful thing i i
i love my wife for going there but she
spends way too much money there too um
amazon and farmers market they get all
my money
it is what it is like so the best and
the worst yeah
oh there’s no there’s no in between with
us we’re not going to like the middle
size markets we’re either going like big
guy like amazon we get everything or we
go to a little guy we get we get like
fruits vegetables and we get you know
all these things and my wife has made so
many beautiful i i’m the introvert i
don’t i don’t leave this house this is
this is my my sanctuary this is my fort
i don’t leave she goes out there and she
builds beautiful relationships and it
can only be done by by meeting those
small markets
yeah what else yeah what else i was i
was gonna say uh just to bring the
conversation back full circle to the
the talent and skills that aren’t
normally associated with liberty go to
your farmer’s market
meet a bunch of people establish
yourself as that awesome libertarian
dude in your town uh find some graphic
designer artist something that’s at your
farmer’s market selling paintings or
something and have them do some stuff
for your county party or whatever
candidate you’re running this year like
make that connection because
stop ignoring graphic designers and
artists in the liberty movement we need
them yeah our stuff looks like [ __ ]
stop yeah no and
it’s such a it’s such a good point
because it’s like
when you go out there and you do that
right if you get somebody who’s good
somebody who has a marketable skill that
can benefit the party or benefit your
they now are kind of stuck while working
with you
of learning a little bit about our
and that can be the chipping of the dam
that that opens the floodgate and
just douses their their bush of liberty
um don’t don’t google that so um douses
their their liberty bush and and helps
it be prosperous jesus christ
yeah it’s coming back
oh my god um yeah and and i’ll also
throw out there like if you if you can’t
afford like a hundred and fifty dollars
for a brand a logo and a branding kit
and everything for your campaign don’t
run for office
so i i spoke with this on when i had uh
brian scott lambrick on and
i’m he keeps telling me he won’t do a
podcast and he doesn’t want to do
podcasts and he won’t go on podcast i’ve
been trying to get him on my show for
months i love that guy i think that what
he does for spike is is so important and
i think there are so many people out
there that would be able to do similar
things that that need to hear from him
and know what he does and how important
his skill set is and he keeps dodging me
don’t don’t hate him for this so
the only way that i could get him on was
first of all
i taught him a skill so it kind of
forced him almost borderline at a
metaphorical gun point of hey you’re
gonna learn how to smoke uh smoke pulled
pork um so come over my house at 3 am so
i can go drive to atlanta to go pick up
cajun libertarian and his wife from the
airport so you’re going to learn how to
smoke some pulled pork so he had to
learn a skill and then while while he
was here i was like and i’m gonna get
you on for an in-person interview well
that fell through so i was like well you
said you’d do the in-person interview so
now you have to do
on the podcast so you have to you have
to find that inroad of forcing him um
he is not somebody who likes doing that
but it was um
but when we were talking about it he
talked about like the necessities for
campaigns of you have to be available
you have to be able to raise money you
have to be able to
to get your face out there to get a logo
to get a brand and all those things and
so yes absolutely 100 if you’re not
available financially or
in your work schedule and you may have
sold a couple anecdotes on that um
don’t run for office but
but for us in in our day-to-day lives
it almost becomes
so many people have like that friend
that they can call each and every week
and they can talk with them and talk
about like what’s going on in their
lives and you know you just go and sit
down and have a beer with them or just
meet up for dinner all these other
do this with people outside the liberty
find people that have marketable skills
and bring them into the liberty movement
who is
within the liberty movement this is what
i’ve seen is that we like to support
ourselves we like to support each other
and and so we do this routinely and if
we can find people outside the liberty
movement and we can support them they’re
going to come back and support us
they’re going to learn from us and we’re
going to be able to make a cultural
shift we’re going to make a societal
shift through that and and the spider
web effects and everything else
from that is
we are going to culturally change our
entire society to become more
and of course politics is downstream of
culture so
as we change that culture we’re going to
make that big effect and and so you know
that that
that interaction may yeah it’s a farmer
oh he he he plants
fields or he yeah he he grows his crops
and he brings them to the market like
what could good could he do
amazing things
because how many customers does he have
every year
how many people is he interacting with
how many people call on him to talk with
him so if you can make an impact with
him you’re making an impact with
hundreds of thousands of people
um yeah i think it’s beautiful
yeah and i think the
you know what you’re talking about with
hanging out and just building that
connection with non-libertarians
uh i’ll bring it back to what i was
saying earlier about the similarities
between evangelism and and spreading
we can’t be afraid to talk about our
uh a lot of times you know if you’re
living the actual libertarian life
philosophy that i’m talking about if
you’re in the good camp from that
dichotomy i brought up earlier you don’t
like forcing your opinions and your
ideas on other people and you don’t want
to and that’s good but that doesn’t mean
that you have to hide them talking about
what you believe is not the same as
forcing it down someone else’s throat
and uh we gotta have the balls to to
speak up about it because the other team
is doing that uh you know people are are
sliding in little statist [ __ ] into
tv shows and into conversations and
music and commercials and all of this
uh [ __ ] like uh we need to be doing that
same thing and we can talk about what we
believe we can talk about the fact that
you know i haven’t paid taxes in four
years i’m not afraid to say that i’m not
afraid to
tell my friends that like i’ve been
smoking weed for quite a while
and i used to hide that
until uh actually
this was before i was even really loudly
libertarian i i was in a position where
i was the ceo of a finance company at
the age of 20
uh was a stoner like complete like
all-day everyday kind of stoner uh and i
realized that i had to stop hiding that
um and
try to help
break down the stereotypes of like lazy
stoner or whatever like
if i can be a stoner and uh and a
finance ceo at 20 like you can be a
stoner and be whatever you want and like
i started talking about that and we need
to do that with more of these kinds of
issues i think
i’m going to keep talking about dan
berman because you just had him on and
he’s a great guy i think he’s one of the
best people in the movement about this
you know he is unapologetically an
he lives it um he doesn’t have a
driver’s license he doesn’t pay taxes he
doesn’t uh you know he literally
smuggles drugs into the country to sell
cheap and save people’s lives like he’s
impacting people’s lives with anarchy in
a positive way yeah and
we can talk about that like
i don’t give a [ __ ] that like smuggling
insulin in the country is a federal
crime like i’m proud of the fact that i
have friends that are committing federal
crimes that help save people’s lives and
if we keep hiding that amongst our
friends we’re never going to get that
cultural change that you’re talking
about yeah and and you’re
talking about this on the social aspect
of you know not being afraid this so i
work on an assembly line
there are
hundreds of people that work around me
working 10 hour shifts
somebody’s going to bring up a political
point somebody’s going to bring up a
status point right somebody’s going to
say you know this should be a crime or
this should be treated this way
when we have those conversations with
people when those conversations happen
around me like they know i’m the radical
libertarian like they’re they they all
know like they’re like don’t talk
politics when jason’s around like don’t
mention it because as soon as you do
jason’s gonna give you like that one
liner and he’s gonna leave you at it and
everyone else is gonna go that guy’s an
idiot jason just just destroyed him with
one line and and he walked away he just
let that simmer um
don’t be afraid to talk about your your
put in a way that’s
not condescending that’s not
argumentative that’s not aggressive but
be like hey look you know um so for
january 6 when that just happened
you had people that were like that was
an insurrection they were trying to tear
down the fabrics of our constitution of
our federal government this that and the
other and i said and how many federal
agents were were engaging with those
those people involved in that day how
many people were letting them in how
many people were um at least a dozen
that we know of yeah i it was just like
so there’s a lot of of things in there
that don’t really add up to that
but i’ll
i’ll let you figure that out and and you
know i walk away and i go back to doing
my job and they go
you know it just gets them stuck and so
that’s what we have to do don’t be
afraid to point out like the clear
contradictions of what’s being said if
it really was an insurrection if it
really was them trying to tear down our
entire nation
i’m pretty sure ashley babbitt wouldn’t
be the only person that was shot that
you know
was it was it bad in some ways yeah
because they were trying to fart fight
for fart for one fight for one one
status over another status one gun
grabber over another gun grabber one guy
who wanted to increase the cost of
living over another guy that wanted to
increase the cost of living one guy that
wanted to to
go ahead i’m sorry i was gonna say one
new york democrat over another new york
democrat like
you just wanted to pick a team like
there’s a lot of bad things there but
at least me personally i am still a fan
of the jeffersonian idea that every 20
years or so we need to remind the people
in power who gave them that power um
and so we can’t be we can’t be ashamed
of our views we can’t be apologetic for
our views but we have to be able to to
get out there and spread it and so now i
have people on the line that are like i
won’t talk to you publicly about this
because i don’t want to be shamed for it
for how stupid i sound but i want to
know what is the libertarian answer on
this what is the solution on this what
is the history of this
and the one thing that libertarians are
grotesque about is that we are [ __ ]
we know too much goddamn [ __ ] um
and we’re willing to dump it all on you
so as long as we can get messaging down
right we can create those converts we
can bring people to liberty and and it’s
only through social interaction
yeah and i i think uh when we focus on
the actual life philosophy of liberty
and we try to bring people to that
uh it’s a lot easier in the end than
trying to make someone a libertarian
politically because if you’re battling
someone on a political battleground you
have to win them over on
at a minimum probably at least seven or
eight key
like policy planks depending on where
they’re coming from uh you know that and
that’s at a minimum that’s like a nice
constitutional conservative republican
that’s like a fan of rand paul and and
thomas massey you’ve got to break up
down on like six or seven issues yeah
then you know
way more than that depending on who you
are uh and you have to fight them
logically on each and every one of those
issues until they finally realize that
that they’re a libertarian where if
you’re bringing them into just like the
actual life philosophy and the
non-aggression principle and like just
that like you said at the beginning
don’t hurt people don’t take their stuff
and then
they’re going and applying that new life
philosophy to all of those platform
planks themselves and then they’ll come
to you like you’re saying with those
questions of okay so there’s this but
but i kind of think this and like what’s
what’s your take on it what’s the
libertarian take on it and and they’ll
they’ll move on those issues and maybe
they’ll argue with their status friend
on something you know they play devil’s
advocate in an argument and realize that
they like the libertarian stance a
little bit better because they talk to
you enough to know the libertarian
stance and they felt like arguing it
that day i’ve seen that work that’s
worked on me on a couple of these issues
you know if you’re if you’re giving them
that actual philosophy and then allowing
them to apply that to politics it is so
much faster and so much more whole and
complete of a transition than if you try
to break them down on guns than taxes
uh then legalized weed then cocaine then
heroin you know yeah you just it’s so
much more tiring that way
yeah no absolutely and and i was
thinking of um when you were talking
about that i was thinking of i have a
family that
i’m glad that my camera went blurry um i
have a family that lives near me there
they’re activists for the republican
party they’ve worked for president
trump’s uh campaign team
you know through trump trump trump and
and i’m not gonna knock them for that um
but in having conversations with them i
had found a lot of stances that they did
agree with the libertarians on until
they found out what trump’s stance was
and it was it was just having those
those philosophical conversations around
that i actually
this was this was something that i i
for the organization i worked for um i
became known nationally for it um i took
and gave them civil asset forfeiture
before they had heard about it from
trump and the campaign and the
republican party and i told them hey
look you know this is legalized staff
from from the police they’re able to
take your property your money your cars
your homes your boats whatever it is
that they want to take they don’t have
to charge you with a crime
that’s terrible
and and from that they went and they met
with republican candidates at the time
we had a special election for sheriffs
and they cornered a sheriff candidate
and they said what’s your stance on
civil asset forfeiture and why are you
wrong because they knew he was kind of
wishy-washy on it
you know they cornered him and so i
didn’t break them on all their stuff
because when we would have conversations
it was well you didn’t break down how
how the world would work without drug or
without laws against drunk driving or
laws against speed limits and all these
other things
but i got them to change on those one
things and now they’re at least more
accepting of
of at least hearing what the libertarian
solution is but
yeah so it’s it’s a work go ahead i’m
glad you brought up the the laws against
drunk driving
point because that’s something that i
kind of missed from from my monologue
earlier um
is that
uh the other thing that’s so much easier
when you’re when you’re talking the
philosophy over the politics is that you
actually realize what true anarchy is uh
and that like literally no anarchist or
libertarian or any person that actually
knows what they’re talking about in this
area has ever once said that getting rid
of the state would solve all the
problems yep
uh never like like we are not utopians
we never have been we never will be
that’s not what we’re talking about the
republicans are the democrats they try
to sell a utopia all the time and so
people are just used to that and they
expect your philosophy to be able to
answer all the questions but when you’re
a libertarian or an anarchist and you’re
believing that to your core you realize
that it’s not going to solve all the
problems but there’s going to be a lot
less problems
that that drunk drivers are going to
kill and hurt less people if left to
just do whatever the [ __ ] they want with
no repercussions then a state with a
monopoly on violence does currently yeah
we are able to kill millions more people
every year because of the amount of
power that we have and
and when you
you don’t have to answer to all those
[ __ ] questions of like my roads like
that that doesn’t come up if you’re
actually talking the philosophy yeah no
you’re absolutely right and and i don’t
i don’t want to harp on the drunk
driving thing but it was like you know
well what has the drunk driving thing
actually allowed well allows for dui
checkpoints dui checkpoints are
staunchly against the fourth amendment
because you know a judge can’t say
anyone driving across this specific area
is now
as a justifiable reason to be searched
and seized and everything else in the
course of the fourth amendment no so i
mean we have all these things there so
there’s like gross constitutional errors
that are being made within that but um
but we can we could talk about that and
so like the important thing of of that
conversation is
thomas soul
so aptly put this in a quote of you know
there are no solutions there are only
trade-offs and we’re saying
look without this government the way
that it’s functioning we would be better
off and and so we can have some of those
conversations there but
really at the end of the day those are
worthless conversations when we have so
much more of the state that we want to
tackle to begin with which is why like
when i go and i talk about school choice
and i say look you know let’s fund the
students let’s not fund the system so
it’s not fun the school
the the the teachers and all these other
things let’s fund the students the
students go to a school and then those
teachers those school districts get paid
because they have students there
let the students choose if they want to
go to walmart or target for school
they get to have that decision or the
parents do um
and that somehow leads to drug driving
and all those other things because they
can’t handle it on the philosophical
thing that you’re pointed at that you’re
saying look this is destroying our
country right now this is hurting our
our future as a nation everything else
and so the libertarian answer is to
first of all to reduce those tax burdens
on people but to allow for people to
have the choices for where they get
their education from um
and it really does speak to that idea
that they can’t handle that so that’s
why they jump over to something else
we have to be able to keep doing that
and and so it’s um
there’s a comment here and i want to
read it anarchists are misrepresented
also the state doesn’t have the monopoly
on violence have you lived on a block
the police wouldn’t enter
oh i didn’t finish reading that one um
um they
so the reason why it’s called the
monopoly on violence is because
the the
what we have seen with qualified
immunity and everything else is that
police are able to do things and not be
found guilty of it but had you or i’ve
done it and be sent through the justice
system we would not be treated the same
so that’s why it’s considered the
monopoly of violence on that but um
we have some monopoly on legalized
violence is a more accurate phrase there
we go um
but so when we have these conversations
it’s posed in that way to
help change that that specific topic
don’t let people take you away to other
conversations and say look you know that
that’s not where it is let’s steer the
conversation back
we can by not being ashamed to to bring
this full circle to not being ashamed to
have those conversations to not be
afraid to espouse the libertarian
position views and everything else to
allow for those to stand alone
you don’t have to back them up you don’t
have to support them just give it to
them and walk away
yeah 100
and i’ll say to the to that comment i
have lived on blocks that cops were too
afraid to go down and i always felt
there than in the blocks that were
heavily policed
that’s true too
but i don’t want to dive too much in the
police state of having um
undercover cars sit there for revenue
schemes and everything else um
no tonight has been an amazing
conversation um
kind of i don’t know how to wrap this up
without sounding abrupt um
there is so much good bits in here that
i i hope that if you guys came in late
you guys go back and watch this but
david you’re an incredible fighter for
for liberty um
one more pun in there before the wrap up
yeah thanks for having me on dude this
was great
i i can’t thank you enough for coming on
i’m i’m hopeful that you’ll come back
again and um i i think we’ve got our
next show lined up uh just a matter of
getting the timing down for that one um
and we’ll probably have a litany more
because of the the different tidbits
that you’d brought up tonight um
but it was incredible to be able to have
you on this year um you started off i
was actually with my if you guys have
not go over to fight for liberty you can
go back and find the episode i was on it
it was an incredible time there um and
check out the rest of the lineup on on
fight for liberty
it’s it’s a it’s a list of heroes of
modern day heroes
all with this man and i couldn’t thank
you enough for coming on tonight
yeah thanks again what uh before i i
pull the plug
why don’t you give us a couple plugs
where where can we find you what are
your twitter handles your social medias
everything where can we find more david
so we can fight a good fight
um so i’m
twitter uh my personal account is more
active than the fight for liberty one so
that’s at david fight
fight for liberty on
twitter facebook instagram
i don’t really post instagram that much
anymore um
you can watch the podcast on youtube and
or you can listen on all of your
favorite things uh through anchor
and yeah definitely go back check out
the episode with jason i’ve had everyone
from mudded waters on the show at some
point in time so you can check out
yeah i he was he was the last stone in
my muddered waters infinity gauntlet and
it was great
uh but also some pretty dope people like
uh glenn kane jacobs mark pellegrino
dave smith scott horton carrie wedler
yeah i like i said i i cannot be
like gracious enough for some of the the
crazy people that i got to meet and
interact with last year so there’s a lot
of cool episodes back then and then uh
we’ve got a nice lineup coming up
uh including the wonderful kelsey lion
i like her oh
but no
yeah just a smidgen she’s gonna punch me
later that’s fine uh
if you’re married or something i don’t
know i i don’t know the philosophy well
but with that man i i appreciate it so
much and um i’m gonna go ahead wrap this
up and i’ll see in the in the back room
here in a minute
all right all right appreciate you david
uh have a good night man
all right
that’s gonna be it for tonight um i want
to thank you guys all for hanging out
that was an incredible interview with
david i i appreciate him so much and all
the things that he’s been doing um as i
said this week we have the full lineup
once again so we have tonight of course
you had the muddy water or the
mr merc of the beard of truth tomorrow
night you have matt and spike coming
back fighting the covet and surviving
they’re here to traverse the muddy
waters of freedom
or the muddy waters of
the news
um tomorrow night at muddy waters of
wednesday night will be my fellow
americans with spycone and then thursday
night instead of the normal
writer’s block we will have the muddy
zoom so make sure you guys get on over
there to anchor dot fm slash muddied
subscribe and get on board get the email
and join us this thursday night 8pm
eastern ish eastern
where you get to hang out with the
community and have a good time with that
other than that i love you guys i
appreciate you guys all
my show may be
on a pause for a little bit we have to
figure out something going on with my
personal situation i promise you
everything is on the good uh it’s on the
up so
keeping my fingers crossed for some good
news coming this way this week
but with that
um i will let you guys know probably
this thursday night if we’re gonna have
a show
upcoming this monday if not maybe having
to take a little hiatus for good news
and good fortunes um but with that you
guys all be well be good
keep fighting the good fight take care
and i’ll see you guys soon

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