(((My Fellow Americans))) #125: Keith MacIntyre

(((My Fellow Americans)))

About This Episode

What’s the next step for the Freedom Convoy?

Will liberty beat tyranny?

Spike talks with Keith MacIntyre, leader of the British Columbia Libertarians, who have been part of the protests since they started last month.

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i’ll be buried in my
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but it seems like since
we have sorely changed
south carolina you’re watching my fellow
with your host spike collins yes
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thank you so much keep clapping we’re
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this year is a 10th over and we’re still
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welcome to my fellow americans i am
literally spike cohen this year is
there’s only nine tenths of this year
actually i think even less than that
and if that doesn’t scare you then i’d
nothing on this show
is going to scare you
so you got that going for you this of
course is a muddy waters media
production uh we’re going to be having a
really fun conversation tonight uh
talking about an insightful one as well
talking about the the freedom convoy uh
where we are or where they are um what’s
next and a little bit of insight on what
started it and all sorts of stuff uh
we’re gonna be talking with uh i don’t
say who the guest is until i say who the
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shout out to tara on turks’s momentum as
folks my guest tonight is a very active
from a place very far away
a place to the north called canada he is
from the province of british columbia
which is the westernmost province just
north of washington state uh i i most of
you probably know this i’m talking like
i’m like i’m talking about some far away
uh but he has a background in pandemic
modeling and simulation software with
the cdc as a software engineer uh he
also ran in a province-wide election for
the libertarian party he has been the
party leader of the uh bc libertarian
party since may and they have been
actively involved in the freedom convoy
protest pretty much from the beginning
uh and he is coming on to talk about the
freedom convoy and much more ladies and
gentlemen my fellow americans please
welcome to the show mr keith mcintyre
keith thanks so much for being on the
thank you spike
um i i appreciate that you uh clarified
where i am and where british columbia is
because until the trucker come by i
think most americans didn’t know canada
why we we had a vague
like we knew it existed in the abstract
no i actually am acutely aware of canada
because my wife as you know my wife is
canadian uh and i often when i talk
about canada to americans i often
i’ll say things that i think need to be
explained like where bc is and they’ll
look at me like i know where bc is but
then i’ll say something else that i’ll
think you know it’s obvious and they’re
like oh i didn’t know there were i don’t
french people in canada like whatever it
is so i’ve learned to just say it and
just deal with them saying oh i already
knew that but folks uh be sure to uh
tune in with your thoughts and questions
in the comments and keith and i will let
we’ll we’ll tell you if you are white
right or wrong uh keith again thanks so
much for coming on uh this is a really
big deal that’s going on and i just
wanted to you know i’ve been talking
with a lot of people about this but i
wanted to get the
input and the background from someone
who not only is in canada but has
actually been involved
in the convoy
almost from the beginning
yeah so
um i don’t know we’re gonna start with
the convoy i’m gonna start with uh bc
yeah the convoy is an interesting thing
if you if you look at how how it started
um you know it’s huge like it just it
just came out of nowhere
um it for sure started
um in bc
and so for those who don’t know canada
bc is the westernmost province it’s um
about 2700 miles
vancouver uh to ottawa
when this the rumblings started
happening and the truckers were gonna go
and it all it all started with
uh the trudeau government um
saying that that they’re gonna mandate
vaccines for truckers and in canada
apparently we love mandating
this is this is what we do i’ve written
i’ve written dozens of political beliefs
exemptions letters for people getting
fired for their jobs mostly government
but bc is actually doubling down while
the rest of the world is waking up
uh that probably vaccinations didn’t
really work
we should never force anybody to do
anything but
last week they they said by march 31st
everybody from midwives to
acupuncturists uh
dentist optometrists have to vaccinate
lose their jobs and and so the trucker
the trucker thing was a um
it was kind of a catalyst where it got
who have
ability you know a bunch of independent
owners of independent business operators
and they said enough’s enough this
doesn’t make sense and a lot of the
truckers were vaccinated but they said
we’re going to jump in our trucks and
we’re going to drive we’re going to park
in front of justin trudeau’s office and
parliament and we’re going to honk our
horns until
until they say mandates are over
and what’s interesting how
it’s kind of funny so i i monitor the
media i don’t consume the media but i
kind of watch how they’re manipulating
things and i saw this headline that said
bc truckers are protesting bad road
conditions because there’s too many
yes i saw that yeah i saw additional
some media reports that they were that
uh that fact that was jen
was that that was our
wait i remember two things i remember
hearing that in the media and then i
remember uh joe biden’s press secretary
jenn saki saying that uh the protests
were related to many different things
including frustration uh over i forget
what it was she said but it was like
they did everything they could to try to
like well it wasn’t just about the covid
restrictions they’re also upset about
these other things and some of them are
also upset about covet restrictions as
well wow that that’s actually a very
telling thing about how how they use the
media and how they use the manipulation
of the media i feel like they got a
little weary here um
yeah they they knew the trucker convoy
was happening and i actually think there
was a bit of manipulation around that
they wanted the trucker con we can get
into that a little bit later
but they use they try to lead the media
and you you know this you guys
have medium manipulation at least you
have some some balance but they’re both
manipulated on on all the sides but they
they started this with
uh they tried to get ahead of it
uh with potholes and i and i saw that
i’m like yeah actually the potholes are
quite bad where i live because
about a month and a half ago every
highway in bc
got flooded
and pushed out
every major artery
and so all the trucks are coming through
the okanagan and uh of course it created
a lot of potholes but i’m watching this
i’m like why are these talking about the
potholes and i hadn’t heard about the
it’s at that point and and they’re
trying to lead us
lead it and
another thing they did with it was uh
i don’t know how many americans know who
terry fox is i think
i think maybe some do
he was [ __ ]
in the in the 80s he had cancer he lost
a leg
and he
walked across canada and he actually
before he got yeah he was gonna walk
coast to coast
and so
and again this is this is how we when
win the freedom fight i think is to help
people understand how the media
manipulates us
and so i saw this at the start and the
media starts talking and they’re
actually supportive of the convoy and
they say yeah remember the freedom
fighter terry fox was walking across the
entire country
and everybody loves terry fox in here
like it’s an emotion it’s a core thing
like we have terry fox right here like
it hits the emotions and i’m like
this is weird i don’t know why they’re
trying to relate the convoy with terry
now fast forward to the actual protest
and suddenly the headlines start coming
uh the terry fox statue is defamed
now i don’t know
you probably don’t know what’s been
happening in canada but we’ve had blm
protests we’ve had every child matters
statutes have been
torn down
vandalized uh our first prime minister
he got decapitated and his head was
humped on video
oh well
that’s defamed terry fox he had a canada
flag put on him
that was wait wait so the defiling of
the terry fox statue was that they had
him holding a canadian flag
but it hit the emotions and people
people thought oh wow
um boy you can’t
you can’t defame terry fox
and you know people don’t read past the
and all that canada was able to do and
this has happened since the beginning of
this thing with the freedom protests and
i’ll back up to uh
calgary one of their first freedom
protests they uh planted people with
tiki torches
and so then the freedom protests were
and in canada i think the us too
everything is racist
well and i i saw um i have seen the same
i think one maybe two confederate flags
and i have then seen
a single
one one
i’ve seen the same one it’s the same one
i keep seeing multiple pictures of the
same one
swastika and
the same two
one or two confederate flags and it’s
two people together um i have no idea if
the swastika is someone saying
i hate uh justin trudeau and i’m a nazi
or if it’s someone saying i think justin
trudeau is a nazi like we don’t know
because i don’t think anyone’s actually
interviewed this person but again it’s
one person so whether they’re a nazi or
just someone who probably shouldn’t try
to compare uh you know vaccine passports
to the holocaust whatever it is it it’s
not representative of hundreds of
thousands of people i i wanted to
actually uh get to uh something on your
background a little bit because you’re
not just someone go ahead can i comment
on that real quick yeah yeah yeah yeah
go ahead very important because it the
same thing happened with your
fake interaction on january 6th
the confederate flag guy there was one
confederate flag the confederate flags
mean nothing here and in my local
provincial election they actually
actually saw them use that as a as a
planned racist event in a town of 5 000
um that one confederate flag the guy had
was fully masked
if you’re at this protest you’re not
going to be wearing a mask
that was a plant and the swastikas and i
know i know people i’ve been intimately
involved with the freedom rallies for a
long time i was actually a little
immersed in that at the start because
but i i’ve i’ve grown to understand them
more and the swastikas on the canada
flag are not because they are racist or
fascists they’re trying to point out
that we are living in a fascist society
and you know as well as i do fascism is
the bastardization of government and big
business and that’s that’s where we’re
at in this world and that’s what they’re
trying to point out but because that
symbol is so divisive
uh people they can put it behind
um an mp and they’re like yeah look
these are white supremacists that are
running this yep
and the thing is if someone is saying
this thing i disagree with
is similar to the third reich they’re
inherently saying i don’t like nazism i
don’t like the third reich i don’t like
the holocaust whether you agree with
that comparison whatever
they’re not pro
they’re against that thing and they’re
saying that they’re against that thing
so i i didn’t get but so i want to get
something on on your you actually have
worked with the cdc the us what is that
the usc dc that’s not the is that the
the us cdc
okay um doing modeling of i guess some
viruses uh can you tell us a little bit
more about this and what some of your
observations were while working with
these government organizations
yeah well i’ve worked in uh
well for about 15 years i worked in
defense um
lots of observations about u.s defense
uh some of them yeah i still take some
of my secret clearance uh seriously
um but yeah the the cdc modeling um so
we we wrote emergency disaster
management simulation software so we
simulated fires floods chemical attacks
the us army sold sourced our software
training for chemical and dirty bomb
and uh through that the cdc said hey can
you modify that to
help us train for pandemics
and this was prior to h1n1 about a year
and a half
which i’m actually not very suspicious
about the timing um
but yeah i got trained by cdc scientists
and i was the lead programmer on that
i’m a data scientist i i see data i
don’t really understand
how my brain works but i can
i can
see things with data and
and so what i had to do is actually
model basically every type of disease uh
i had to understand what the r value was
i had to understand the effect of
interventions and
and what they do
to society and i also understood the
fallacies of modeling because it doesn’t
take into account human behavior
and i remember if you i remember a few
times i
i punched in some numbers based on their
documentation and i’m like you know like
30 million people died did i do that
right and they’re like yeah
if those particular factors happen right
um yes a lot of people would die
um i i literally like through testing i
simulated thousands and thousands of
diseases which you know you think of the
ten thousand ten thousand hour rule that
has given me a unique perspective on
what can happen and you know if you go
back to h1n1
they still obviously stopped training
they were doing
interesting anti-government thing it’s a
very bureaucratic organization they were
going to run an exercise
and one of the ways they’re going to do
was they’re going to just basically stop
people at the door
or at the gate the cdc and randomly
um tell a third of the people to go home
but the union said oh we can’t have that
wait wait wait wait tell a third of the
people who are going there for treatment
to go home
no uh to work
because they were they’re trying to
simulate what would happen if a third of
the people at the cdc
were sick all the time oh oh oh oh oh
and they were just gonna tell them to go
home yeah and then the union said no we
can’t have that because obviously you
know a lot of people aren’t really doing
any work right well
yeah because if a third of the people
stayed home they would find that it
didn’t really affect anything yeah like
oh everything’s fine
um but but yeah there are things
how are things
more efficient with a third of us gone
yeah yeah
yeah there are some interesting things
even back then we had to build a social
media module so they were even
back in 2009 they were starting to think
about social media sentiment and trying
to understand
what was going on which again
fast forward to where we are now and i
feel very suspicious
about this and then so when this
started happening
uh well actually h1n1 i was actually
concerned about because i felt mexico
was under reporting
young people were dying and government’s
so i was actually quite worried about
that disease um
turned out it was it was bad
my cousin almost died from it um they
had vaccines for it
most people got it
nobody lost their jobs if they didn’t
get it
i didn’t get it
my theory was if it’s a good vaccine
most people are going to get it
i don’t need it
if it’s a bad vaccine i don’t need it so
for me my personal choice is i don’t
want to inject something into my body
so fast forward to this situation and um
i was actually
uh the seattle airport when trump
announced the first
covid related death
in washington
and i’ve been in juneau alaska i was
speaking in an innovation summit it was
my last
plane ride was to juno alaska
most people went to mexico or somewhere
fun actually i love it i loved you i i
was gonna say juno is beautiful yeah
but it’s not mexico yeah it’s the
i love i love the experience it was
um the best last trip i could take
your viewers might know but i’m not
allowed to go on an airplane
in my own country i’m not allowed to go
on a train
i’m not allowed to go on a boat
i’m not allowed to leave my country i am
literally a prisoner in my own country
right now and
so i you know i was watching it and my
kids actually were the first ones that
that told me about uh the coronavirus
they said there’s something going on in
china i’m like well i’m a pandemic
expert like this is probably nothing
to worry about and then i and then i saw
it kind of like entering the human
consciousness and
uh even when italy shut down i was at my
kids piano recital and i
bored so
i open my phone and i see italy shutting
down i’m like man that’s a complete and
utter overreaction to what you know
what’s happening
um but now if you
understand how they came to that
decision neil ferguson and
and uh his
decades of bad decisions and bad
we got thrown into this state of fear
and and again i was very cautious of the
fart at the start because i’m very um
i have a distrust of government for some
reason i don’t
know why i don’t like authority i can’t
imagine why yeah yeah
oh data
data and science shows me government
can’t be trusted um
but yeah so i’m watching and i’m
watching the numbers and i’m looking at
it and and
at the time it happened i’d actually
signed a five-year lease for co-workings
based on on first nations land and my
company was
growing and then everything just
suddenly stopped so i got put in the
fear mode like everybody else did for
about six weeks and
i thought i was gonna end up bankrupt
and my 18 year old software company
losing my kids university safe i thought
everything was was over and
i’ve been
through a lot of tough times in my life
but once i woke up and then i started
looking at the data and especially the
age-related data i’m like what are we
this doesn’t make sense because when i
when i worked with the cdc and i
remember this with h1n1 i’m like when
they start closing the schools that’s
that’s when i’m going to get a little
bit worried and i’m going to stalk
but they went to closing the schools
immediately immediately
yeah and and i’m looking at this and i’m
like this is not the plans this is not
what they train for this it doesn’t make
any sense
for the presentation of this disease and
it’s a disease
um i’m quite certain i had it two weeks
i’m not getting tested ever testing
we should all not get tested that’s
part of the problem
um but it’s not a shutting down the
world disease
no not at all well the interesting thing
to me was even back when initially
when they were saying the fatality rate
could be as high as five six seven
percent or whatever and i thought yeah
it’s nowhere near that because right now
the only people being tested are the
ones in the hospital so what you’re
saying is if you’re hospitalized you
might have an eight or seven or six
percent chance of dying that sounds
right but not but we don’t i mean they
didn’t have at home this was very early
on they didn’t have at-home tests they
didn’t have what
clearly there are far more people
getting this and
it’s it’s not that serious for them um
and and when i say not that serious i
even include someone like myself who
just had a pretty rough go of it but i
didn’t have to be hospitalized i didn’t
need oxygen i just needed to stay i just
had like a really basically like a
really really bad
being sick really bad for a couple weeks
um yeah and
that the fatality rate is something that
that people don’t understand and it’s
the case fatality rate and i actually
have a video from
a guy in dc and he interviewed the
fauci of the day during h1n1 and he
explained it and he said no like we
can’t just go with a fatality rate based
on the people that we’ve tested and yeah
and he recommended pneumonia vaccines
but he’s like talk to your doctor just
to make sure that it’s right for you and
it was a really
balanced and
reasonable interview but
you know
i don’t i don’t know what it was like in
the u.s but in canada
literally the entire country shut down
uh for about six weeks people didn’t
leave their houses
i was coming to my co-working space i
commute about 40 minutes to come here
and there was no traffic on the road
and and everybody got put in this mass
state of trauma
and they got they
became pandemic experts suddenly they
know about exponential curve they know
about r values they know
all of these things that they didn’t
know before and then the shaming started
yes you don’t understand
i’m smart you’re not smart
and i’m like actually
pretty smart
but they never they never talked about
the age-related data they never talked
about the testing and even even when you
get into the
second and third waves when suddenly
the cases are way up here compared to
down here they never once explained at
least in canada
the testing was 10 times as much
even the cdc admitted
uh in november 2020 that
the positive cases were probably about
10 times what were actually recorded
and so that that shows to me and you
know backtracking on the modeling and if
i had the data that they had which i
think they did
they made all these decisions
uh we went from nothing to that in march
2020. so there’s there’s two things that
could happen
it’s actually a really dangerous disease
and we’re gonna have piles bodies
it was rampant in october november
december 2019
and we just figured it out
and i think we all know
what actually happened
well they’ve even i think they’ve even
found uh
going back and retroactively testing
blood samples and stuff i think i want
to say that as reese as recently as
september or october of 2019 there were
people that had coveted 19 and that
that would stand a reason um
sorry not covet 19 we have to be careful
only people that have the disease have
coven 19. and they change so cyrus kobe
2 is the buyer starts code 2.
and every every time they report and say
there’s this many covet cases it’s
actually fraud
it’s like it’s like saying every hiv
case is an aids case covets the disease
sars kobe 2 is the virus
and they switched that for the first few
months it was coronavirus cases and then
suddenly it was colgate cases
every time a health official says this
many covet deaths
this many coveted cases
that is a fraud that is a lie
because the viru the the
test is only showing that you have the
not that you actually have the disease
from it remnants of the virus
depending how many cycles i have an
email from the bccdc from august 2020
where they explain why they went above
35 cycles of pcr tests
and even 35 is getting a little bit
risky it’s an exponential function so
they’re doubling every single cycle and
he’s like well we found we were missing
some cases so we upped it from 35 to 40.
and like he literally contest positive
for just about anything with 40 cycles
and he admits that there was a time that
bccdc used to take my calls like after
the election um i sent him data i sent
him information and he he phoned me and
he’s like okay can you send
dr henry this information dr henry is
top doctor the marketing terms with
these things are really
quite frustrating
he says send us stuff because everything
you’re saying is absolutely spot on and
at the time i was trying to push on
something very simple
british columbia
in the fall of 2020 they had
restrictions for the entire province so
you’ve got
vancouver a very dense city
can’t have a beer after 10 o’clock
prince george or a small town in remote
northern bc you can’t have a beer after
10 o’clock and i said why are you doing
this this doesn’t make any sense right
if there is a dangerous disease what
you’re doing is you’re making it more
difficult for yourselves because people
are gonna stop listening to you
and he said yeah yeah you make sense and
i’m like well why why are you doing what
you’re doing and he said dr henry
and the way our public health officers
work they have contracts with the
provincial government
and the provincial government
tells them what to do
and when politics are involved in health
nobody wins
yeah no it’s it’s a it’s a huge problem
and it you asked what it’s like here
similar to that uh especially in the in
the opening time when when they were
i remember them introducing
ideas like
um the ro number or r are not number uh
and the uh and exponential curves and
all of this to a very scared public and
they weren’t just presenting these ideas
they were presenting the most hyperbolic
version of these ideas
and with no context and they would
literally show i remember there was a
it was on the news or it was on one of
these shows it was on it was on one of
the the news um channels and they were
showing footage while they were talking
about stuff they added footage from the
movie um
oh what’s the movie called uh it’s a
pandemic movie from a few years ago
contagion i think it’s called and uh and
it was a movie about a coronavirus that
went from a i think a bat to a pig and
then a person and then she died and and
it and it spread but
and they even said this is from this
movie contagion and i thought you’re
footage from a movie that depicted a
virus that killed one out of every four
people that got it and you’re showing
footage of people like blood coming out
of their mouth and all this stuff that
really doesn’t happen with covet at
least not like that like in the movie
how is this anything other than trying
to scare people and like you said yeah
the cdc putting out this very scary
hyperbolic stuff
the media pushing it hard politicians
pushing it hard and a public that was
increasingly saying well i’m smart
because i saw the news about this and if
you’re not as scared as i am then not
only are you not smart but you don’t
care about yourself or others and it has
been very interesting to watch over the
last few months at least here in the u.s
our cdc has kind of had to slowly scale
back over time so like now they’re
saying yeah you can probably go back to
work five days after your symptoms
started you’re probably not even if you
still have some symptoms you’re probably
not contagious anymore i don’t even know
if that’s true or not but they’re not
even telling people to get tested
anymore after five days and these same
people that were freaking out now
they’re freaking out that the cdc is
saying that and i’m like yeah they’re
walking back all the fear porn they were
saying for two years because they know
they’ve been destroying the economy and
the labor pool and they’re having to
actually kind of tell you the truth now
that yeah after about a weekish you’re
probably not even contagious anymore
even if you still don’t feel that great
so if you feel up to it you can go back
to work that’s really what they probably
should have been saying back in last you
know or two summers ago uh so that’s
kind of the experience that we had here
um now
you’re going absolutely right one once
we realized that we couldn’t get to cove
at zero we shouldn’t have tried
we should have spread the disease in the
summer of 2020 as safely as possible and
protected and vulnerable and
you know
yeah it’s it’s been maddening to watch
as a data scientist and someone with
some experience
and it’s interesting to watch the
differences in the jurisdictions
so obviously here
we’re we’re us on the libertarian side
we’re very excited about places like
texas and tennessee and florida
yeah and and all these places we see the
super bowl 70 000 people in it but here
here they’re still putting uh masks on
five-year-olds they’re still trying to
force us uh booster vaccinations i i
honestly i can’t even think of very many
people i don’t know that haven’t been
sick and six in the last six weeks yeah
but they’re still pushing the
vaccination rate british columbia has
probably the highest vaccination rate in
the entire
western world 93 percent
93 percent and i still can’t go to a
well i can’t i can go to lots of
there’s lots of people not complying but
technically legally not supposed to yeah
yeah and we got
uh yesterday
top doctor said
uh we’re allowed to dance again
we’re allowed to have weddings
we’re allowed to have funerals
and people are celebrating this they’re
like oh my god we’re allowed to dance
again this is amazing and like why are
you celebrating
them giving you freedoms back that they
had no right to
take away
and they’ll take it away again if you
let them and you know i’m trying to try
to push the business owners here and say
like you have to stop complying and it’s
not good enough to just
let people in that that aren’t
vaccinated you have to stop checking the
vaccine passports
we we’re the only
large province in canada that has not
said we’re cancelling the vaccine
passports british columbia actually
extended them to the end of june
and in fact uh
doug ford just announced uh an end to
that in ontario right like just that
last week yeah yeah there’s
we live in a very socialist controlled
province the chief of staff of the
premier which i guess would be
equivalent to a governor in the us
he spent over a decade high up in the
communist party of canada and he’s he’s
the guy running the show his name is
jeff meigs look him up
i don’t throw the word communist around
as much as
some people do but it is true and he’s
he is completely and utterly and
absolutely in cahoots with justin
there’s a guy who comes in my office
once in a while he’s an ex-member of
for the liberals and he told me
a year and a bit ago
because john horgan he’s our premier
he’s he said that he wanted to
block people from traveling between
and and this xmp said well the only way
you can do that is by passing the
emergencies act
and john horgan is telegraphing that he
wants the emergencies act passed
which just happened
yeah and the emergencies act it used to
be called the war measures act they gave
it a nicer name
but it gives the federal government
blanket power to do whatever they want
and what they’ve
started doing so this past two days ago
they they can freeze your bank accounts
anybody that donated to the trucker
convoy anybody involved the trucker
convoy they can freeze your bank
and they’re doing it
they can arrest you they’ve
realized that there’s children at the
trucker convoy in ottawa
of the people there are families
there’s bouncy castles
but they’ve realized this is a problem
because you can’t enforce
when there’s children there no you can’t
use gas you can’t use tasers you can’t
do any of these things
so they explicitly said
that they will find anybody with
children there five thousand dollars or
potentially five years of christmas
how do they even effectively enforce
that because ottawa is still a place
hundreds of thousands of people live
so what’s to say someone doesn’t have
their kids they’re walking through the
kids start having fun like
this is going to be i guess you can see
where i’m going with it this is going to
be so unevenly and unfairly enforced
against so many people who aren’t even
involved in the freedom convoy and also
anyone who thinks that they’re going to
limit this you know once in an era
emergency power that they have just to
the freedom convoy people i think are if
they’re if the canadian government’s
anything like the us government prepare
for a lot of people who had absolutely
nothing to do uh with the freedom convoy
to get wrapped up in this you know
you’re a first nations protester that
protests against eminent domain for
pipelines yeah you’re gonna get caught
up in this too i think there’s a lot of
people that are gonna find suddenly that
they’re being lumped in with the racists
and nazis of the freedom convoy
i will come back to this i feel very
embarrassed i had a bunch of kentucky
bourbon before we jumped on and i met
so uh yes i think that anyone who is uh
thinking that uh this is gonna be
limited to
the uh to just the freedom convoy
participants i think are absolutely
fooling themselves and uh
we see this in the u.s right we had the
the patriot act was to fight against
that the terrorists specifically the
terrorists that took part or had
anything to do with the 911 attacks the
1995 and 1996 anti-terrorism bills were
going to target these dangerous militias
and white supremacist
supremacist terrorist organizations as
well as al qaeda who had taken part in
the first world trade center attack all
of these things are now being used to
spy on every single american as well as
many other people in other countries uh
it’s it’s the powers that are used uh
invoked against people that are going to
school board meetings and uh you know
speaking their mind uh at their school
board members about you know uh masked
mandates and
critical race theory and and all sorts
of other things um and they and they’re
and they’re using it against that so you
know uh the thing i had i had said to
keith right before he had to go uh and
and now he’s back is that uh i would
imagine that and keith you can tell me
if i’m right or wrong on this i would
imagine that a lot of people that have
little to nothing to do with the freedom
convoy are gonna get swept up in the
canadian government having a once in an
era enforcement power uh that they’ve
unlocked for themselves uh that they
don’t usually get to have what do you
think of that
yeah it’s it’s a real
a real bad state that’s happening here
but just you want to understand the
legalities of this and i answer
questions around this all the time so
you know if you think of it as a war
measures act there’s
reasons why if you’re under attack you
want to give the leader of your country
uh blanket permission to do whatever
they want
but they turn to the emergencies act uh
which gives them the same thing as if
they’re in a war
and so uh what uh our
blackface prime minister has the ability
to do right now is he has seven days
where he can do whatever he wants
he has to bring it to parliament
uh parliament will pass it it needs a
simple majority which is terrible it
should be a super majority
that’s incredible for for a war for what
is basically a martial law war powers
act a simple majority that’s incredible
yeah it’s it’s crazy and so we’re in a
minority situation and so there’s a
the new democratic party the socialist
party who is run by a legit
uh guy with terrorist ties in india
one of the and i’m not saying this
because he wears a dirt like it look it
up drag me saying he has terrorist ties
in india
and he’s going to prop it up he played
the politician though he’s like i think
justin trudeau should have shown more
leadership and negotiated with the
and people saw they do that sound bite
and everyone’s like wow he sounds like a
good leader but then next sentence he
says i’m going to vote for it
but there is one more check and balance
so we have a mostly redundant uh senate
in canada so the senate is made up
mostly of uh retired ex-politicians
but they can vote
they’re actually appointed right those
aren’t those aren’t elected yeah those
are those are basically political
appointees yeah they’re appointed so the
government in power points enough so
that they have a majority and they can
create new feats it’s a completely
thing but it is one extra check and
balance so in this case they could end
up voting it
uh voting it down
but you know i watched the update and i
sure hate watching this guy talk
and his associates talk
one thing that can really concern me and
i think this is really what they were
trying to get to um
so the gofundme platform and gibson go
um so go gofundme
uh they basically coerced them into
not releasing the funds
and gofundme was actually gonna disperse
those funds to charities of their choice
um but enough people fought back and so
they refunded the money and then gibson
uh suddenly they get hacked and
everybody’s donations get released
uh so that’s a little bit suspicious but
um the deputy prime minister christopher
freeland who is
she is a
world economic forum
fan girl
she is not an economist she’s our
finance minister it’s it’s maddening
but she she said that now all these
platforms and all of their payment
gateways are now um
going to be required to disclose
information under the terrorism
act and fintrac in canada so anything
over ten thousand dollars now has to be
okay so strike paypal all right fine
they’re like banks
but she snuck it in at the end and it’s
they have already the rcmp is already
investigating 34 crypto wallets
in canada
that have donated
to these convoys and i think um
governments have been scared for years
about crypto and you know a lot of
libertarians love crypto this is great
as a software guy i’m like i don’t know
the technology is kind of mediocre to me
they are regulating the hell out of this
and they are trying to attack it they
might not win but
i think this is one of the key key
reasons why they did the emergencies act
i love what has happened with the
chuckers convoy and i think the biggest
the biggest thing for me as someone
who’s been talking about this for two
years and i’ve lost friends i’ve lost
family i’ve known this has been wrong
and restrictions and mandates are wrong
but i’ve been consistent and i’ve spoken
up and i have i’ve had so many people
over the last two years afraid to speak
up afraid
for their jobs afraid for their family
for for their fans friends and i and i
but i know they’re there
there’s way more people than
people realize but the trucker convoy
was the first time where i saw a vast
majority of my friends that were silent
not afraid to be silent
i have
i think we’re butting heads here i think
the trucker convoy was
a manipulation
and i also think it is a freedom
movement and i think it’s a little bit
of both
i think we have a
fake insurrection situation happening
here where the ottawa police allowed the
to enter ottawa allowed them to
overtake ottawa
in order for them to pass this emergency
act much like january 6 where they
united states suddenly
suddenly people are walking in
this doesn’t make
so i i think there’s a little bit of
both of that night but i do think the
freedom movement is going to win this
but we we always have to be conscious of
this manipulation that is happening and
they wanted to pass this emergencies act
and they wanted to and i think
regulating crypto is a big part of it
financial stuff
there’s a whole pile of things going on
that we don’t need to get into
yeah but we have to we have to watch
these things and watch when there is a
manipulation so the chief of police of
ottawa resigned the day the emergencies
act got passed
i saw that
yes i saw that
that’s suspicious
and so the media says well this is
because he allowed them to come in and
and this but i’m like or is it that
he was going to speak up or he’s not
going to be manipulated and i’ve seen it
with canadian politicians in the last
two years
and absolute tyrants all of a sudden
they get cancelled and replaced by
somebody else and i’m like
okay did they decide they’re not going
to play a ball are they getting
made an example of
right we
there’s there’s some funky stuff going
on here like
um i’m not going i’m not going full
conspiracy here but
i think it’s important for people to
look up a company called a cuitis
and acuitists created the nanolipid
that without that nanolipid the
covalent vaccine couldn’t exist
that was created in canada that was
created in
and there’s rumblings going on i haven’t
seen the evidence of this but there is
rumblings that trudeau and his family
might have ties to this company
and there’s
really weird
things with that well
if there is even a remote tie
to this company and there’s a licensing
fee for every vaccine that gets injected
and someone to this vancouver company
if his family has even gained one dollar
every time he promotes the vaccine he’s
yeah that’s a major conflict of interest
there now um
no i know i know uh so uh
so you know
the the protests now they they’ve passed
the emergency emergencies act um trudeau
has been very uh from the beginning he
called uh freedom convoy participants
and not just the participants but really
anyone who agreed with them that they
were a small fringe minority with
unacceptable beliefs most recently he
said they don’t believe in science or
progress and are very often misogynistic
and racist i i love that they keep
pulling out misogyny racism and
anti-semitism when i’ve anyway uh it’s a
very small group of people but that
doesn’t shy away from the fact that they
take up some space um and uh i love that
now the the
canadian liberals and progressives in
the us uh have suddenly decided that
they recognize that shutting down even
one or two uh cities or one or two
border crossings causes massive amounts
of economic devastation to small
businesses and the working poor that
that none of that mattered when the
entire border was shut down and the
entire country was shut down now it’s a
big deal but i want to ask you this sort
of my last question here what is
you know i i noticed that the bc
libertarian party was involved in some
of the uh in some uh uh rallies uh or
protest whatever you want to call it
recently uh earlier this week
what it where is the liberty of the bc
libertarian party what are some of the
steps that you guys are doing in the
future how are you kind of engaging this
movement of people uh who are uh fight
who are kind of awaken more so than ever
for more liberty and freedom
yeah yeah let me just quickly on the
misogynistic and racist thing and
you know if your viewers look that up he
actually went way worse than that and
yeah taking up space and these people
and like the language is very very
concerning and they they have they have
this ability
and i hate to use the terms left and
right because they both use it um
we shouldn’t be talking left or right
talking freedom versus authority but
they’ve made it so easy that they can
just call everything racist and they can
get up on their stage and they say
science and data
when justin trudeau
three or four years ago was banning
single-use plastics in canada and
plastic straws were evil he said science
and data
17 times in every single press release
and people are like oh yeah science and
data he believes in science the
conservatives and the right wing they
don’t believe in science
like nah actually they they don’t
believe in government-funded science
because it can be manipulated
um yeah what we’re what we’re doing um
yeah we’re we’re involved in
all these freedom movements i’ve been on
uh numerous calls and with the freedom
rallies with the trucker protests
especially in the bc ones trying to
get those things going i’ve spoken
at tons of rallies i’m hoping to speak
at the
border rally
you know seriously washington this
i suppose there’s a chance i might get
arrested but you know i’ve never been a
political prisoner i like to try new
but we we have an opportunity i need to
hold on
excuse me
um we have an opportunity here so
we you know just really quickly quit bc
politics so we we are controlled by a
socialist government right now the new
democratic party they’re a majority
the so-called right-wing party in bc is
actually called liberals
which people hate uh which is a
left-wing party federally but they’ve
got some kind of a
a weird marriage between social credits
and the liberals and they don’t have any
um we have a conservative party here but
it’s very disorganized
we have a libertarian party which as you
expect doesn’t generally get a lot of
votes but
we’ve got a lot of momentum but what
recently is when the bc liberals lost
their election
they had to elect a new leader and they
elected an old statist ex-finance
one of the most corrupt
people and politicians in
british columbia and so sometime in the
next six months there’s gonna be a
and we’re gonna throw everything we have
at that by-election
um and we’re we plan to win that
and i think we can because by-elections
are typical what he cares about and
people don’t actually like this guy and
they put him in kind of a safe riding
they think
generally voter turnout
in canada is around hovers below 50
percent the by-election is probably
going to be below 40 percent
and we’re going to play the ground war
and we’re going to get the people that
don’t vote
and we’re gonna tell them just this one
we all hate voting i don’t even like
voting for myself
yeah this one time
can we
vote for freedom and can we have
somebody freedom minded somebody with
pandemic experience someone with natural
disaster experience
to hold
status politicians feet to the fire or
do you want to elect
somebody else who’s just gonna do the
same thing
because i tell you what kevin falcon
would fire workers
he would force people to get vaccines
he would force you to inject something
into your body
and threaten you with your job
you want that guy
this is the same as the other guy and
this is why i appreciate following you
guys in the u.s and uh you know and and
it doesn’t matter who’s elected they all
it makes it easier for us right because
we can be consistent like yeah that
guy’s gonna be terrible too uh a big
thing that happened earlier today uh
there have been uh over the course of
the past actually several uh over a year
now there have been multiple revelations
that uh donald trump both before and
after he was elected president was being
actively spied on uh by the by various
uh entities within the federal
government and jim jordan uh the
one of the congressional leaders uh from
the state of ohio uh he said oh if they
can spy on uh president trump they can
spy on you and i said yes that’s why you
shouldn’t have voted to renew the
patriot act in 2010
when barack obama was president and then
you shouldn’t have voted again to extend
the patriot act in 2020 even after some
of the revelations about donald trump
being spied on not to mention all the
revelations of all of us being spied on
uh had come out uh so why are you
complaining about this now so it makes
us i guess the silver lining is it makes
it easier for us because they all suck
um but so okay so that’s what you guys
are doing in bc and i’m glad to see that
you guys are fighting for liberty and i
really appreciate you coming on the show
and talking about this uh it was great
to have you before i let you go i just
want to give you one last chance to give
any final thoughts promote anything
that’s coming up let people know how
they can uh find out more from the bc
libertarian party us whatever you want
to talk about uh keith mcintyre the
floor is
actually i want to talk about the
patriot act real quick because okay
it’s a good example of uh
conor boyack he his book feared him i
think was really fantastic he points out
points out how governments have used
fear and i was on an airplane in 9 11
about to fly to texas and remember the
yeah radio and he said uh yeah we’re not
going anywhere the pentagon’s on fire
and i’m like i’m going to texas through
denver i don’t
understand how this affects me right but
you know i was young anxious at the time
and it threw me in a state of fear for a
long time
and and i see the patterns happening now
and governments they they look for
patterns of fear and so obviously the
patriot act got passed when 9 11
happened they were ready and waiting
they’re like oh let’s wait for christ is
gonna happen or we’ll create it
and and i think it’s important to
realize um we all dislike
politicians i think even us libertarian
politicians sometimes just like
ourselves for having to be ultimate it
would explain why we argue with each
other constantly yes oh yes yes we do
anyway um but it’s not the politicians
that are necessarily the problem it’s
the bureaucrats it’s the bureaucracy
it’s the size of government
and the problem is even if we get
elected they can wait us out and they
they they’re so entrenched and you know
it’s a it’s a difficult place to be so i
tell people a lot of the time is like
okay yeah
politics is where i’m putting my effort
in because that’s where i’m apparently
good at
um but we’re irrelevant unless the
people are singing bees all over and
they’re and they’re taking everybody
down and i think you know what what
happens sometimes we get too excited
about politics canada had the people’s
party of canada and they were the
freedom party federally and it was
rah-rah rah maxine bernier and the
politicians are going to save us
we’re not saving you
i’ll be there if it all falls apart and
then us in the libertarian party we can
we can come in
and we can dismantle the bureaucracy but
we’re not your saviors politicians
aren’t your saviors even us
and and it’s it’s hard it’s hard to
drill that in because like in canada
right now
uh the federal conservative guy pierre
polyam everybody loves him because he
suddenly started talking about freedom
well he didn’t start talking about
freedom because he believes in freedom
he started talking about it because
they’re it’s now popular enough polling
well yeah
let’s talk about it
i’ve been talking about freedom for two
it’s not popular
i don’t talk about things because
they’re popular i talk about them
because they’re right
and that consistency and us as
libertarians i think that consistency is
is is what we need and yeah as far as
what we’re doing locally the
uh follow us on facebook follow my um
personal leader i hate facebook but it
seems to be a place to to put things on
we have a really great freedom social
media platform in canada called
i know the owners of it it is absolutely
legit it’s genuine
it’s more canadian focused but it is a
it will always be a safe place to to
share whatever you want
yeah i mean i could i could i could talk
talk for hours on all this stuff but
yeah i i appreciate um
that that you made time uh for us and
and really appreciate you focusing
on the canadian trucker convoy and
bringing that to the attention of
the us and americans because even though
i think there was manipulation there i
think it has become something that
people can
rally behind
across the world
you know who better than truckers to
uh to be fighting for freedom you know i
you know i read in a book once where
the more educated you are
the more likely you are
to be manipulated and by propaganda
and people often say well you’re you’re
on it you’re uneducated what do you know
and i think a lot of times people that
don’t have that so-called
they know things and they see things and
they understand humanity and and
and they know something’s not right and
they might not always have the right
answer and they don’t
know all the answers but they know
something isn’t right and sometimes the
conspiracy side of things kind of takes
over but
i think a large amount of humanity
uh i have i have hope in
and you know i’m sure you know this as
well socialists and
they inherently think people are evil
and need to be controlled
i inherently think people are
the less controlled they are the better
they are
yeah and it’s and it’s i mean they
status believe that uh people are
inherently evil and so they need to be
controlled by the people that are
inherently evil but
but it’s okay because we’re gonna we’re
gonna pick the right people not the
people that need to be controlled but
the ones who can do the controlling uh
we can pick them by using those people
who need to be controlled it’s it makes
no sense but uh so keith thank you so
much for coming on i really appreciate
it uh and uh
libertarian.bc.ca that’s the website
okay and uh liberty.com l-i-b-e-r-t-i
dot com i’ve never heard of that before
dot com oh l-i-b-r-t-i dot com i’m gonna
have to check that out so uh but thanks
so much for coming on uh stick around
we’re gonna talk during the outro and
folks thank you so much for tuning into
this episode of my fellow americans i
hope you were as enlightened by it as i
was be sure to join us tomorrow on
thursday i don’t have a graphic for it
but tomorrow on thursday at 8 we are
doing the muddy zoom which is our uh
monthly uh zoom call with uh me and matt
wright and the rest of the muddy crew
and all of our uh all of our subscribers
of course you can become a subscriber by
going to uh anchor dot fm slash muddy
water slash subscribe becoming a
subscriber for less for actually 9.99 a
month not even 10 a month for
technically just under 10 a month you
get access to the muddy zoom as well as
all sorts of other stuff uh
exclusive content just for subscribers
uh ad free experience on spotify and
anchor with muddy waters content and uh
discounts at our store and the muddy
doom and all sorts of other fun stuff
and we’ll like you more because we do
like our subscribers more uh although we
love all of you um but we do like the
subscribers a little bit more uh then
this friday and saturday come and join
me if you are anywhere near richmond
virginia come and join me at the
libertarian party at virginia convention
it will be the first time that i’m
flying to an event this year uh after uh
a haze of kovid for quite some time so
we’re all gonna find out together uh how
lively i am after flying all day um so
but come and join me there and uh and lp
virginia.org to find out more and to
register if you haven’t already and then
join us back here at muddy waters media
next tuesday for the muddy waters of
freedom where matt wright and i will
parse through the week’s events like the
sweet little chipper middle-aged men
that we are uh who are both recovering
from covet and then join me right back
next wednesday for another fantastic
episode of my fellow americans who’s my
guest i don’t remember we’re all gonna
find out together oh uh sheriff hathaway
uh he’s a libertarian sheriff so come
and uh tune into that next wednesday but
again folks thanks so much for tuning in
to this episode of my fellow americans i
really appreciate it and we will see you
soon i’m spike cohen and you
are the power god bless guys
i can’t
brings light to kindness
all you need is a sign put a cease to
the crimes put an ease of the minds like
mine sometimes darkness is all i find
you know what they say about an eye for
a night and a time when they’re blind
who am i to deny would cry when a loved
one dies i recognize that
tell me why
will change a change

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