The Wrighter’s Block Episode 69 – Natalie Bruno Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Natalie Bruno was a marketing director for the Jo Jorgensen campaign. Now she is running for governor of Oklahoma in the 2022 race. She is on the associate board for Oklahoma Lawyers for Children and was recently awarded the Judge Nan Patton award for service to children. She also has the time to raise 6 kids and a number of animals. Want to know how she does it? Find out more tonight!

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Episode Transcript

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cause if there’s room enough for one
there must
be water so my liver
the evening news
i don’t need anybody’s
yes everybody it is me matt wright and i
am live here on the writer’s block a
muddied waters media
production um
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best guess just the greatest guess
uh i have to pay some bills um so
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joe soloski he is running for governor
of pennsylvania and you know that man
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being he is the voice of muddied waters
media our muddied waters of freedom and
he is the key to pennsylvania’s success
if uh you live in the pennsylvania
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so thank you all so much for being here
thank you to all of our sponsors i love
all of you equally
i love you all equally and allow me to
introduce my guests uh she was the
marketing director for the joe jorgensen
campaign and now
she is running for governor of oklahoma
in next year’s race uh and she recently
was awarded the judge nan patton award
for service to children please welcome
with me everybody the wonderful the
fantastic the amazing natalie
fantastic how are you on this wonderful
and beautiful thursday evening
yes you do
you know i’m so i’m down here in um
saint pete florida and i’m enjoying the
lovely fall weather we finally have
right now it is
and uh we had a high of 87 today but the
humidity was only like 50 so
if it felt
which was a great change
well that is good uh and to everybody
to everybody sorry about that on the
audio thing i tried to mute something
else and i forgot to turn you back up uh
but you are good now um
both no audio really you’re not getting
audio for me
fixed it okay good um so
but uh yes so
what so what is the weather like in
oklahoma this time of year like i know
i know what tennessee is like right now
i have no idea oklahoma
so typically it’s still really really
until halloween day it’s like we cannot
get rid of summer and it’s in the high
80s low 90s in just like horrible and
then magically on halloween when all the
kids want to wear their costumes it
drops to like 40 degrees my clockwork
every time wow that’s okay
all right so a few years ago
uh it was
here in florida it was like 90 degrees
leading up to halloween and so i planned
out to dress up like bill s preston
and my friend was going to be ted
theodore logan um and we were but so
bill where’s that midriff cutoff
thing uh that night the temperature
dropped to an unseasonably cool like
60. and here in florida
60 feels different
just letting everybody know before
you’re like oh that’s not cold yes no in
florida yes it is and uh that was one of
the most terrible nights of my life
because i was sitting there just wearing
this sweatshirt right here with no
and uh
running around all night yelling wild
for some reason that is what uh florida
decides to do to us um
i did not know this until today uh you
have six children
i do so i have a mixed family so i have
four that i birthed myself and then i
have two awesome stepsons so between my
husband and i we have six and three dogs
so it is very much so a
crazy household that we’ve got going on
over here right
and so i mean
i have two
two steps on seven and five um
i’m pointing over here like you know
where they are in the house like they’re
hiding there in the corner like watching
yourself right right just sitting right
don’t speak but learn about liberty um
like i could get either of them not to
talk um but um
so 75 and i know how crazy we are here
like you know we’ve got
ninja school or martial arts karate i
don’t know what we call it ninja school
uh we’ve got ninja school a couple
nights a week and then depending on time
of year there’s baseball and soccer and
after school things i can only imagine
what that’s like with six in the house
it is pretty crazy and on top of that
i’m also a coach so i coach their
basketball teams every winter and um and
during the summer and then i also
coached soccer in the spring and fall so
i actually missed soccer practice today
for this podcast i had one of my parents
step in just so you know
um but yeah it is kind of crazy
i i love it like i love sports i i’m
totally cheesy like i love hanging out
with my kids and my kids love doing
campaign stuff too so when like i get
asked questions all the time like oh how
do you juggle being a mom and you know
running for an office and i’m like
you know do you ask them in this i know
but i i do always tell them i’m like
it’s we always figure out a way to like
uh what i like to call stack
habits or stuck responsibilities so like
when i take you know one of my sons to
swim practice and i have to wait in the
car for him i’m sometimes on a podcast
in my car or i’m working on my computer
you know
i sit there and they love coming to
events so like i have all these events
this weekend they have their you know
natalie bruno for governor t-shirts and
man they’re ready to pass out water and
stickers and my ten-year-old man he can
he can tell you more about the
constitution than probably most adults
can and he’ll sit right there in my
booth and just tell people why they need
to vote for me so i mean we make it work
it’s all about balance and my calendar
is i’ll just say i’m so ridiculously
organized my calendar is color coded by
child and location so we have it down to
a system at this point
i’m already terrified that you’re giving
sarah superfan sarah anderegg some ideas
and that terrifies me because she is
already overly organized in so many
different ways and now she’s probably
thinking yes i need more tabs
what makes everything work i tell you
on your website uh it says that you’re
on the associate board for oklahoma
lawyers for children
yeah and that you were recently awarded
the judge nan patton award for service
to children uh what
what is the judge nan patton award
yeah absolutely so they have two
different awards that they give out
every year from oklahoma lawyers for
children and so to get a little
information on that nonprofit so
they are a non-profit that does quite a
few things the number one thing that
they are most well known for is they
help represent children in deprived
child cases so when children have been
removed from the home
and taken into dhs custody most of the
time um
they at that point represent a child in
the best interest of the child in that
so they work alongside dhs casa
stuff like that in the best interest of
the child they also provide guardian ad
for education so basically helping to
facilitate that if a child who has been
removed needs any sort of um special
mental health assessments or needs that
they weren’t having met in their home we
helped facilitate that as well so
there’s lots of really great things that
we do as an entity and the judgement
patent award is specifically an award
that is given to a non-attorney
volunteer so i’m one of the very few
volunteers that actually is not an
attorney that is donating my time in
that capacity
so what i do for them is i help put
together events fundraisers help you
know ask people for money i’m really
good at asking people for money and so
people really like for me to do that for
their non-profits and so
um i helped facilitate that i helped
come up with a couple of different
fundraiser ideas that we were able to do
during covid when we were not able to
have our normal galas and stuff like
that and we’re still able to generate
quite a bit of money so for all the hard
work and stuff that i put into that they
awarded me the judge and patent award
for service to children
that’s incredible when when you’re faced
with an issue that was created largely
by government um and making it
impossible for you to try to get out
there and help people in the more
traditional way you’re figuring out ways
around it and still
able to do the good that uh
you obviously are very good at um
which yeah that’s incredible
what was it that made you decide you
know what
i’ve been hoping i’ve been helping all
these kids i’ve been helping all of
these kids uh
i just got the judge nan patton award
i want to be governor
where was this
where did this come from where where was
that jump
i actually um i love this question
because i did not wake up and say you
know what i want to run for governor
that’s not exactly even how it went so i
i have been an activist and i worked
behind the scenes not only in regards to
politics but in everything like i’m just
kind of a behind the scenes stage
manager kind of person i’ve always been
that way
but change has not been happening fast
and in the correct direction so i was
like you know what i’m one of those
people that believe if you want change
you can’t just sit around and wait for
people to do it for you you have to be
that change right and so i decided that
i wanted to run for state senate that i
tried to do last year right we had a
special election i unfortunately had a
super unfortunate thing happen where
i the verbiage
that seat was you had to have been
registered in your party for at least
six months which i was
and living in your district for at least
six months which i had
but the problem was is when you dug down
into it is you had to be registered in
your district for six months and i moved
from one part of the town to the other
and since you know i was still super
close to my polling station i kind of
drug my feed at re-registering at my
and so i was at
five months
by filing day and i was not able to
actually run so
super frustrating for me but you know i
had a good amount of steam going and so
i knew what i was wanting to do next
which i was going to rerun for that seat
uh but then my state party uh some
different people came up to me and said
have you ever thought about running for
governor and i was like yeah absolutely
you know i’m gonna run for senate and
then after i do that i’m gonna do this
you know and yeah maybe like eight to
ten years i’ll run for governor right
and they’re like no no we want you to
run this year and i was like whoa this
year like
like this upcoming election
and they’re like yes you know we feel
now more than ever people understand how
important it is to have somebody that is
going to fight for their own personal
liberties with everything going on with
covid this is kind of the best shot that
we have as libertarians is right here
right now
and we feel like with the fact that yes
you may not be the most well-known
libertarian in our state but because of
the fact that through the nonprofit work
that you do through the stuff that i do
with my own nine-to-five job um i work
with business owners and entities and
non-profits and coalitions across the
state um and i have been for years and
so that groundwork is there and they
were like we really feel like you would
make the most impact as a candidate
and so i said well let me talk to my
family about it and we prayed about it
talked about it
um and i was like you know what you’re
right you know there is no better time
than now
to have somebody that is willing to
fight for individual freedoms and um
i’ve been laying the groundwork and you
know there’s no better time than now and
so i decided to you know accept that
and here i am
beautiful and
let let’s be fair
i honestly think i first started talking
to you uh when tiger king came out
because you said that’s near me because
i made a post about tiger king you’re
like that’s right near me and
but since then
you are definitely the most well-known
libertarian in the state that i know of
well thank you i appreciate that
you mentioned that you had done like
behind the scenes kind of work has has
it been on campaigns or political
anybody in office or anything like that
or have
has it been more
you’ve been behind the scenes with the
non-profit work and and those
those areas because i know that you were
the uh the media
i forgot marketing director the
marketing director for joe jorgensen um
so have you been on have you worked on
i’m assuming you worked on other local
campaigns as well and things and places
and things in places um no so actually
so joe’s campaign was the first
libertarian campaign that i had been a
part of um i had
done consulting work and other work for
other campaigns
um mostly in southern oklahoma
and but it’s mostly been the work that
i’ve been doing with other
activist groups so there are many many
groups here in oklahoma especially those
centered around criminal justice reform
and those centered around children that
i have been donating my time with for
upwards of six years um not all of them
the same amount but in some capacity
over like the last six to seven years i
have had my hands in the lots of
different um non-profits and different
coalitions we have the oklahoma
coalition against people abuse
they have been
doing protests at the oklahoma county
jail every single month for
gosh i couldn’t even think of how long
because of the horrible issues that are
going on at the jail and so i joined
them once a month and and i helped
protest and i then you know i do things
for them like bringing signs because a
lot of times people forget signs so i’ll
bring like 20 of them so that we have
i’ve helped a lot with graphic art and
graphic design and websites and coming
up with flyers and fundraiser ideas for
all sorts of different coalitions and
groups and non-profits across the state
so i’ve been i’ve been silently working
behind the scenes um for a while trying
to help push
groups that were important to issues
that are close to my heart
okay well great um so we got a question
from the comments and
i i also don’t know much about the
current governor of oklahoma um
but has uh has kevin stitt been
anti-liberty in a way like what is it
that he is doing that’s making it that
he is doing specifically that he’s
making you go you know what i’m gonna
run against that guy
so he is
he’s what we like to call a rhino right
so republican in name only he
has done a decent job in some areas i
have no problem giving credit where
credit is due
and he has
verbally been against mandates and stuff
like that but he has not really taken
the initiative to make some of the moves
that other states have made
to protect oklahomans so it’s like he’s
giving the lip service but he’s not
really putting in the work and i think a
lot of that has to do with the fact that
he was a business owner beforehand he
had zero
i don’t i would almost say negative
um ability when it comes to actually the
political space and understanding what
he is allowed to do as governor which
has stabbed him in his own foot many
times he’ll try to do things and we’re
like no you can’t do that as a governor
oh okay uh or you know different stuff
like that but like utilizing the tenth
amendment and saying like no you have no
authority in this area we are putting
our foot down and you know filing a
lawsuit instead he’s been fighting our
tribes and doing stuff that makes no
sense or when we were he likes to say oh
well you know we never locked down as a
state it was all the cities and it’s
like yes that is correct but you did
make a mandate that said that the bars
had to close at 11 during quarantine and
covid spreads faster after 11 i guess
stuff like that that made no sense once
it hit midnight east coast time that’s
when kovet really starts spreading and
that’s right
as you go further west that time got
less it’s like because they knew
midnight east coast time was the time
when kovan would just go out running
rampant and they’re like
it’s time to party it’s midnight in new
york city so
we’re just gonna run rampant across this
entire nation right now
obvious science
exactly and he has done a couple good
things so like we he did sign off on a
constitutional carry he has been i’d say
uh second amendment friendly he has done
you know some things well
but there’s a lot of things that he
done well okay and he’s making decisions
i feel too much catering to his voter
base especially since it’s getting close
to election time then doing what’s
actually right for the state in general
and i feel like we need to have a
governor that has more of a backbone
than that
and um i mean i
hate to put it this way but if i’m more
a man than or a governor who is a man
then there’s a problem
i’m not touching that one um
so you have a statistic on your website
uh about education and
if this isn’t a true statistic for every
s at
if this isn’t a low statistic for every
state a low barge statistic for every
i would personally be shocked but um
for every 11 cents that the federal
government gives our schools in funding
it costs oklahomans
the oklahomes
uh 15 cents to comply with red tape that
comes attached
that is the least shocking statistic i
have probably ever read in my life but
um so it sounds like
so in order to comply with what the
government is
mandating in order to get federal
funding it costs oklahoma and i’m assu
i’m just going to guess every other
state more money
uh more money than what they’re actually
what sort of red tape are you talking
about in in this scenario
that’s a great question so anytime you
you know request a grant or you know
request federal money they typically
have stipulations on how you can spend
that money right so okay we’ll give you
five million dollars but one million
dollars has to be used towards physical
education and this million dollars has
to be used towards technology and with
this million dollars has to be used
towards you know
books like they they literally will red
tape out what you can spend the money on
the problem is you know in this works
across the nation but even within our
state we have a very diverse state we
have lots of very rural areas and then
we have you know obviously metropolitan
areas like oklahoma city and there is
not any one school district that needs
that money the same way so for example
one analogy that i like to use is we
look at physical education right so i
live in edmond oklahoma which is a you
pretty well to do area we have multiple
ymcas we have tons of rec programs i
mean parks galore there are tons of
opportunities for children of any income
because they also have scholarships at
all of these places
to have regular physical fitness and
sports and things like that to keep them
active and healthy right
so they would not necessarily need as
much funding for physical education in
the school but they might want to have
spend more money on stem and stuff like
that right
wherein if you go to like poto oklahoma
which is a smaller rural town you know
they theoretically may not even have a
ymca or any red program so they might
actually want to utilize more funds for
physio physical education because they
don’t have those kinds of programs in
the community because of the size of the
so we’re taking
you know schools and we’ll say edmund
for example and saying you have to use
this money this million dollars on
physical education they’re like well we
don’t have enough kids that want to play
sports teams for the schools because
they have all these amazing rec programs
so let’s build these giant stadiums that
we don’t need because if we don’t use
the money then we lose it
and so we’re spending all this extra
money in areas that we don’t need
because we have to comply with these
rules of how we have to spend our money
you know and so then you know it even
works with areas like southern oklahoma
where they have the chickasaw nation
that has done fantastic with donating um
technology we have
prior oklahoma that has
an amazon call center and different
entities where they’ve donated
technology so it’s like okay we know
we’re getting technology donated
then we may not need to spend that money
on technology we should be able to take
that money and spend it on maybe
teachers pay
or to bring in a specialist because we
have a higher amount of autistic
children and so we want to bring in
another special education teacher you
know it makes it to where the school
districts and the schools cannot make
decisions on how to spend their budget
the way that makes sense for their
school because they have to abide by
these columns of how much money to spend
so they spend more money in areas they
don’t need and then have to spend their
own money
in other areas where i actually need
that so it’s just super frustrating to
see how that works out
so if you
when when you get elected uh
what would you do differently in in the
state in order to make sure that doesn’t
happen because you can’t change how the
federal government gives money to the
schools so what would you do what would
you do to change that where it’s not
costing oklahomans
oklahomans yeah oklahomans as much
it’s oklahomans right
it is oklahomans it depends on who you
ask um there’s some varying libertarian
groups that like to change it to
oklahomis uh there’s also oakies that’s
correct too but yes oklahomans is the
the proper term
okay um and i also i know
because i read a lot of useless stuff
that okie used to be an insult up until
you guys took it back you were just like
no we’re just we’re gonna own it
okey’s from uh okay i’m an okie from
yeah it’s the song by um
but i think that was like i think that
was the one that like made
take it and be like yes we’re okies and
that was what really
really pushed it um
yeah what would you what would you
change in order to make sure that okies
don’t have to spend the 15 cents to the
11 cents that they would be able to
get the money’s worth so i would look at
saying no to federal money
i know it looks super enticing whenever
you see you know like multiple millions
of dollars hanging in front of you
especially in a situation where we
have such a poor education system um but
that comes into the whole you know audit
everything kind of mindset i have
because per capita we’re actually one of
the highest taxed states even higher
taxed than california but we have some
of the worst schools worst roads so it’s
like okay well we’re taking all this
money in taxes where is it all going
right right um so
you know
basically saying okay let’s say no to
this federal money
and let’s bring the dollars back as low
as we can i mean
realistically i probably wouldn’t be
able to do this in my definitely not my
first session but even looking at
removing the state department of
education because in all honesty again
individual school districts should have
the ability to take their funds in and
then spend them how they feel like makes
sense for their individual school
districts within their parents with
their teachers in their school districts
i know that in theory okay the reason
that things i always have this mindset
like i know there was a good reason in
the beginning right like i’m sure there
school districts that were crooked and
spending money the way they shouldn’t
and all those kinds of things but
luckily nowadays the way information and
social media everybody finds out if
anybody’s doing anything crooked and you
have the ability to vote those people
out if they’re not doing their job or
press charges you know there are
repercussions that you can instill for
people if they do things the wrong way
but if you set it up correctly like
imagine if every single dollar that you
actually came
you know to your school and you could
spend it the way you want you know like
a lot of you know private schools get a
background oh well you know they get all
this money and that’s why it’s nice
but if you look at it you know i think
that it’s around fifteen thousand
dollars per student or something like
that that gets put into the public
school system over the course of a year
that’s collected through taxes that’s
about on average what private school
pays so imagine if that money got to go
straight to the schools and the schools
got to decide how to spend that money
we would end up so much better off if
those choices were made local instead of
sending up the fifteen thousand dollars
per kid and by the time it goes up and
taxes through the state and then federal
and then back down you get like eight
000 you know you like half of that
amount of money by the time you pay all
the layers in between
you know
it would stretch so much more and be so
much more impactful if all those
decisions got to be made locally
and going back to what you said where
you said i’m sorry uh where you said um
i’m certain there was a reason for it
and probably somebody was uh you know
dipping in you didn’t say it this way
but dipping where they shouldn’t have
been like take skimming from the top
whatever you know
i’m certain
that the federal government when they
are giving money
nobody has figured out a way to
skim from the top and
take money right
the coffers that never happens no that
that could never ever happen
so obviously it’s understandable why
people would want to take the federal
uh you mentioned
um you’ve mentioned a couple of times
that you guys have a very large
indigenous population i believe it’s
like 10 percent of the state is
um and one of the issues that you like
to talk about is tribal sovereignty um
can you tell us a little bit about the
supreme court case mcgirt versus
oklahoma and how
how as governor you would enforce it
yes so
super high level
mcgregor versus oklahoma for those that
have not been following is a situation
where there was an individual who had
been charged with some pretty heinous
crimes that had his attorney who
i mean really it was pretty brilliant
for the attorney i’ll be honest
basically said oh well you know he was
tried by the state and they had no right
to try him because he was native
american on native land
and of course the state was like no he
wasn’t on native land and the attorney
was like no actually you know the
only people that can say that a
reservation is no longer a reservation
is the supreme court and you guys as
oklahomans just decided upon yourselves
just to say no more reservation so no
it’s still reservation and and how it
was with the way that the acts were set
up was that if a crime happens you know
two natives on native land or to a
native american on native land that it
has to be either tried in tribal court
or by the federal court and so they took
it up to the supreme court and said okay
this is what they’re saying this is what
we’re saying what do you say and the
supreme court ruled in favor
of mcgirt and said no you are exactly
right you as a state do not have the
right to say whether or not there is a
reservation anymore that is a federal
supreme court decision not your decision
you overstepped and they are correct and
so they basically
made it to where he could be retried in
federal court
or tribal court so
what that has done though is a couple of
different things one there was an issue
of okay so there’s been thousands and
thousands of cases that have then been
tried by state court that shouldn’t have
been how do we address those is this
going to be retroactive and then it also
you know brings up issues to where okay
so if these are still reservations even
though the individual lands have been
sold off to non-natives and stuff like
that but these regions as a whole
are still reservations so what does that
mean in regards to taxes oil rights
decisions um gaming because we have you
know native american casinos you know
there’s all these questions now that
it’s bringing up and so you said gaming
i was picturing gaming video games and i
was like
i did not know that native americans
were big into gaming but okay and then
you’re like casinos and i was like oh
that game and that makes more sense
casinos yes so there’s all of these
questions now that are getting brought
up so the current governor
stit has been
fighting unsuccessfully
tooth and nail against the tribes which
is especially crazy to me because he is
native american
um at least by you know
by doll’s role whether or not he is by
blood or not i don’t know but
you know he is native american and he’s
fighting these things tooth and nail um
so fighting against the supreme court i
feel like that’s really
kind of tasteless in my opinion um
because it’s very obvious that yes this
causes issues for us as a state that we
have to work through and so like what
are the things that we brought to the
supreme court was whether or not this
was going to be retroactive and they did
say no it would not be retroactive
because it would cause you know a huge
a huge issue here but you know he
whenever he
talks about it he likes to place the
blame on the supreme court for making
the decision or for
um you know mcgregor the tribes
themselves but my thing is is no like
this is on us as a state
we knowingly
were making moves and decisions that we
were not authorized to make in regards
to saying whether or not it was a
reservation anymore we were just
assuming so that that was on us so any
of issues that this creates
is really
our government’s fault
it is not you know the other entities
fault that we decided to go against you
know um
you know the way that the law had read
so uh switching switching gears a little
a lot we’re gonna jump from like
first to fourth um
uh so
currently in oklahoma what what is the
where how legal is weed
so we have medical cannabis
that is uh we have this is our third
year we just um celebrated our third
anniversary in june
and we are currently uh we had just had
a petition to be able to put
recreational on
one of the upcoming ballots
okay and so it
you’re a libertarian so i’m pretty
certain i know this answer uh but when
you get elected like what what are you
going to do as governor for cannabis in
the state of oklahoma
my you know my theory is legalize
everything right um because we also have
um hallucinogenics that we’re also
trying to get past and there have been
so many different studies that have come
out about how beneficial um mushrooms
are to people who are having issues with
bipolar disorder
you know uh schizophrenia
stuff like that and just really
you know as as governor i would
definitely work on a campaign of kind of
how we look at cannabis and um
hallucinogens because through you know
the war on drugs especially in our age
group we were raised like dare drugs are
bad pots bad reefer madness all these
different kinds of things and we’re
actually learning now that these plants
are more beneficial and impactful than a
lot of the pharmaceutical drugs that we
have out there and it’s safer on your
body and all of these kinds of things
and so we’re having to retrain
generations to think about these things
differently and understand that you know
we were wrong on the way that we
classified these things so i would
definitely help in education of
having people understand that these are
pushing legislation
not discriminate against those that
utilize these especially from a medical
standpoint because we even have run into
situations recently where medical
cannabis has been approved like i said
for three years but there’s still a lot
of policies that haven’t adapted um
there is a fantastic woman she goes by
iog inked out grandma she has her own
dispensary she has her own farm she has
her own products amazing woman
and her she has a son that’s currently
incarcerated so she had went to go try
to visit him
but obviously since she
you know grows and has a dispensary and
product and everything the drug dogs
obviously hit on her that she smelled
like marijuana and she’s like well i you
know i grow it here’s my license here’s
my medical card and they refused to let
her in
to see her son
because she smelled like marijuana even
though she is a card-carrying legal
you know this is a little legal
medication for her and so where we and
it’s you know i dug into it and they’re
like oh well it’s not necessarily
because they are
trying to be discriminatory it’s just
that nobody has thought about the fact
that oh we might need to rewrite some
policies that are in place to
accommodate the fact that times have
changed right so helping to push through
those kind of changes that need to be
done on you know in tons of different
i would also love once we have a
recreational approved because there are
is some worry about okay well what about
the medical industry and how is that
going to affect us whenever recreational
is approved and i would love to
realistically see that okay so maybe we
remove the taxes or lower the taxes for
the medical grade dispensaries and even
possibly make it to where people who
have hsa cards and stuff since these are
prescriptions to be able to go to
medical grade dispensaries and use their
hsa to purchase their medication so
there’s lots of things like that that i
have been working with people within the
industry to see what are things that we
can do that logically i would be able to
do within my term
to make a change and how we do things
within those entities um but we’re still
just scratching the surface on some of
the things that we feel like we can
put through and pass in a four to eight
year period right
so fun fact
reefer madness that he brought up um
is based
on an axe murder that happened 30
minutes west of me
really yeah it
happened in igbor city and that was
where all of the marijuana legislation
came from they said a bunch of people uh
were at
some people were at a house in ebor city
and somebody came in and murdered them
all with an axe and they arrested the
person and uh stated he was obviously
high on marijuana
because that makes you want to go out
and do things right i just want to
murder people i want to go be active and
swing this axe no
and that was where it all stems from was
ybor city
i don’t know if this is legal in
oklahoma yet but i’m certain it will be
uh i have been working for years to make
it legal here in florida uh helping out
different organizations like hemp for
water and national hemp but is legal is
it legal to grow hemp in oklahoma
it is
but it is still a little bit more
complicated you have to go through
certain processes in order to have
industrial hemp we do have um i believe
one or two different farms that actually
have grants right now through
the uh through one of the colleges where
they’re actually doing a case study
federally on industrial hemp so we do
have some different things going in that
area i do feel like that we are not even
close to utilizing that to its full
capacity because anybody that you know
works or understands with hemp like the
textiles rope
fabric paper like so many things that
hem can be useful that’s highly
renewable it grows so quickly
for us and oklahoma and the fact that we
concentrate so much on oil and gas
and we’re obviously having to pivot
because times are changing and we’re
kind of trying to figure out what we can
do this is such a great avenue really
you know industrial hemp that i really
feel like we are not moving that
direction fast enough um to really help
make an impact on our economy and our
state that’s i feel as though most of
the country is not moving in that
direction fast enough uh one
here in florida uh sugar is a huge crop
and we all know about the sugar
subsidies that they get from the federal
government and it’s because you know
people weren’t buying sugar so they
started giving them money and then
that’s why you don’t get actual sugar
and coke anymore because it’s cheaper
for them to get
corn syrup because of well because of
corn subsidies and like it’s this weird
thing uh this weird circle of bad
governmental policies uh but one of the
things that we have been saying is
switch from sugar to hemp
and you can start making so much more
money your crops can constantly be
turning uh and it would help with all
the runoff that we have here uh i
am ignorant when it comes to oklahoma
and whether or not you guys deal with
runoff i don’t know if you have more
like one river
we we have a little bit no i mean not to
the extent that other people do
um by any means but there’s still so
there’s still so many other boxes that
would be checked by really pushing into
that area more
right and
what the stuff that him can do is
absolutely amazing and i’ve been a huge
advocate for it for years
um but
to to be able to bring industrial hemp
to oklahoma and help build the economy
through that as well while still
fostering the other while still
having the other one not hindering the
other one but building both together
would really put oklahoma uh at the
forefront of so many different aspects
absolutely i completely agree
last month
you went to an ignite justice event at
the state capitol
um can you tell us more about that what
that event was and what it was about
yes so ignite justice is a
uh criminal justice group they’re
actually going to be joining us at the
rally on saturday
and they really focus on second chances
and um people who are being over
sentenced they focus on um some of the
atrocities that are happening within the
prison system and the jail system here
in oklahoma and really try to you know
kind of spotlight on those situations so
this specific rally was a second chance
and so i went and um helped open the
event and spoke about specifically our
situation of over sentencing in our
state so just to give some some high
level information for those that don’t
understand how screwed up our system is
in oklahoma so we are we have been
consistently number one in incarcerating
women and these are obviously all per
uh we have been jumping between the
first and second spot for our
incarcerations all together for years so
if we’re not number one we’re number two
in overall incarceration
um we sentence our non-violent crimes 78
we are number one per capita for giving
the death penalty
and the most recent stat that i found
out actually whenever i was preparing to
speak at that event
was that when you and this one just like
really puts into perspective
how much over sentencing we do right
if you look at the incarcerated
population as a whole nationally okay
have life sentences okay of all the
incarcerated people nationally 2.9
in the state of oklahoma it’s 12.5
12.5 percent of our incarcerated
individuals have life sentences
crazy and it’s not because we have more
criminals or anything like that we just
over sentence like crazy and even when
it comes to the death penalty so
obviously we have this big abolish the
death penalty rally on saturday that
spike’s gonna be speaking at we have all
these groups coming in for
and um you know even from the death
penalty standpoint from
1976 we have had 113
uh death penalty cases
and 10
were uh released or were exonerated as
being innocent after the case so we’re
at over seven percent of our death
penalty convictions where we found out
they were actually innocent um when it
comes to crookedness and planting
evidence like we’ve had so many issues
over the past you know
50 60 years i mean it would just blow
your mind how broken our system is
that’s so
one of the one of the things uh one of
the cases that you’ve spoken out about
is uh the julius jones case
yes um and how the punishment doesn’t
fit the crime
what did julius jones do
so supposedly
um because there is a huge national
movement on uh pivoting around whether
or not he is even guilty because he has
stood by his innocence this whole time
and i have looked at the evidence i’ve
looked at the documentaries and i feel
there is definitely more evidence
pointing to his innocence than there is
pointing to his guilt and i feel like he
is innocent um but what happened
supposedly was him and another gentleman
when he was 19 years old had followed
paul howell a single father and his him
and his sister and his two daughters had
just finished back to school shopping
we’re going back home to their home in
um whenever he got out of the car they
were the individual was trying to steal
the vehicle they shot him
he fell and died
the sister and the two daughters made it
in safely to call 9-1-1 and then they
stole the suburban okay i think i said
tahoe the first time that’s a ribbon
either way so that was the crime so it
was a um
uh you know a
them stealing the vehicle they shot paul
he died they also ran him over in the
process but i don’t believe that that
actually had anything to do with cause
of death
and particularly
but that was the overall crime so it
wasn’t premeditated it wasn’t especially
heinous and so that’s one of the things
that i’ve been speaking about as well so
he has his commutation hearing three
days after our rally so on october 26
the pardon and parole board had already
in another meeting said three to one
that they feel like that he should have
his sentence commuted
to life with parole uh the governor said
that he would not sign off on it uh that
he wanted to wait until the clemency
i feel like this is a very political
move because his voter base is very
conservative and his voter base is
saying no you know a jury of 12 found
him guilty so he’s guilty and he should
die and he took a life and so i will
tell you right now if you go back and
look at footage when stitt was first
running for governor you know four years
ago he even spoke about the atrocities
that was going on in our criminal
justice system and what he was going to
do to fix it so if he
says that he is not going to sign off if
they vote for his clemency which i’m
assuming they will because they already
had voted a couple of weeks ago so i
don’t know why they would all of a
sudden change their mind
if he doesn’t sign off on it it is
purely political and somebody could
potentially get executed that is
innocent purely for political reasons
and that would outrage so many people
including myself but to go back to the
case itself i keep trying to tell people
take out the fact of whether or not you
think he’s innocent or guilty
pull that to the side the
you know the sentence still doesn’t
match the crime when we look at giving
capital punishment or the death penalty
these are especially heinous cases
premeditated murder
all these things and this doesn’t even
match it for that reason so even if you
think that he did do it that he was 19
you know in 1999
and you know it was him that shot the
individual and you know he ended up
obviously dying
it still doesn’t warrant the death
penalty it doesn’t life with parole or
without parole maybe but definitely not
the death penalty right and
me personally i
there is no crime that deserves the
death penalty
for me personally um and that comes from
a lot of different reasonings that i
have had over the years uh with how much
it costs that’s actually the one that
got me there was it cost more to kill
somebody than keep them in jail forever
once i once i learned that was when i
first started shifting
and then
uh and then i got
then it didn’t take me much longer to
get to the state should not be making
the decision on whether or not people
should live or die
um that is not up to them uh if you are
somebody who believes in a creator uh
that is up to the creator to decide
that person does die on whether or not
depending on which belief you’re in they
go to heaven they go to hell or they go
to you know heaven or
whatever happens if you don’t believe in
hell um or
that’s up to the creator that’s that is
not up to 12 people sitting on a jury
that are there being paid five dollars a
day by the government
um and the government should not be
making rules that allow for this to
uh and it does not matter like in the
less than one percent cases where you
get like your ted bundys or your um
that other serial killer guy whose name
i’m banking on right now the one that
ate people um
that’s gonna bug me for so long now uh
that’s less than one percent of the
cases for death penalty so
those aren’t actual statistics that need
to come into play when you’re talking
about something with a case like this
with uh julius jones
um so
i know that you are a very busy person
um and we are slightly over but uh you
have the capital punishment rally this
uh do you want to tell us a little bit
about that and everything else you got
going on this weekend uh because i am
certain that you have other things to do
all getting ready to prepare right okay
so we have an axe during event tomorrow
from four to six and that’s a fundraiser
for my campaign
i’m most excited about the rally um we
had actually had this plan for a while
and had the permit to do this rally and
unfortunately but also fortunately
because i feel like
these rise of events have provided a
platform for us to speak and potentially
help people and because of the fact that
we’ve had all these executions scheduled
the first one next week
and going through february we’re going
to execute six people potentially
from now until uh from next week till
february i believe um and so the first
you know and then the clemency hearing
for julius jones being on the 26th we
have uh collaborated with many different
groups that are going to be showing up
here so we have all of these groups
regardless of political affiliation that
are coming together we have
um jimmy lawson who’s running for mayor
he’s a democrat he was actually julius
jones’s lifelong friend and helps with
the justice for julius
cause he’s gonna be there speaking
spike’s gonna be speaking i’m gonna be
speaking um
it’s just gonna be a really great
and opportunity for all of us to come
together and voice our concerns about
these upcoming executions and so that’s
from um one to three i mean even if
you’re out of state if you’re close by
drive on over um i’ve heard that the
reductive caucus had a giant airbnb or
something so i’m sure i’ll i’ll say that
i said you could crash there too so you
just message them uh everybody
you can crash with the redacted caucus
in their age
come on in you know there’s plenty of
room for everybody um but anyways you
there’s that and then we also have a
fundraiser dinner that evening that’s
also going to be a fundraiser not only
for myself but so one of my things that
is a necessary evil is fundraising right
but it really hurts my heart to see how
much we raise for politics and then it
just goes away and so whenever i do
these larger events i always try to tie
in a non-profit so for my dinner event
on saturday we’re also doing a smaller
fundraiser at the same time for a
non-profit called hope is alive which
focuses on recovery um for individuals
that struggle with substance abuse and
alcohol abuse and so they’re going to be
with us as well and speak about their
nonprofit and we’re going to do um some
fundraising for them also so it’s going
to be a really great evening that’s
amazing yeah that’s amazing as a person
who uh has struggled with substance
abuse throughout his life and uh is now
seven years sober i appreciate anytime
somebody is doing anything like that so
thank you so much um where can people
find more info what any websites that
you want me to uh throw into the chats
obviously i’m doing a great job getting
my name out there and doing stuff but i
still need money um because as we don’t
have all the packs and super pacs that
the ds and the rs have right so if i am
going to win and be the first
libertarian governor uh which i will i
need all of your financial help as well
you don’t have to be just in oklahoma to
donate i take donations from everyone uh
from a dollar up to twenty nine hundred
uh but go to elect there is a big old
donate button there’s also a
a tab that shows my events my interviews
my issues lots of information on there
my social media handles please follow me
on twitter and facebook i also have my
clubhouse uh name in there as well i
like to jump on there and visit with
people and talk about policy also so uh
but any but donations is the number one
thing i need help with if you cannot
donate your you know money if you’re
strapped you know there’s always
volunteer positions even out of state
that i could use you for as well so just
jump on in
beautiful well natalie thank you so much
i wish you all the best luck in the
election next year and i hope that this
weekend goes off uh just
fabulously uh and i’m certain it will
you you have color-coded tabs for your
children i am certain this is gonna be
the most organized libertarian event
so i have no doubt that it’s gonna be
um again thank you so much for uh coming
on and spending your time with me i’m
sorry that i went a little over uh oh
thanks for having me on i appreciate it
no absolutely thank you so much have a
great weekend and i will talk to you uh
i’m certain very soon if you get if you
if you or your campaign need anything
muddy waters is here uh just let us know
what you need and we are here to help
awesome thank you so much have a good
day you too
so to everybody else thank you so much
for uh thank you so much for tuning in
have a lot going on but before i get
into that uh i just wanted to say
uh today is a very special day what is i
don’t even know what today is today is
the 21st of october uh which means it’s
a very special day and the reason that
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the birthday
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he is
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all of the love that we could possibly
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uh many of you would never have any clue
of but muddy waters would not run
without jason lyon
and uh
because of that he deserves
more than i could ever possibly give him
at this juncture
so happy birthday jason i love you you
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thank you for all that you do
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i was actually going to use that ebore
thing for my fun fact of the week but
reefer madness is based on an axe murder
that happened in igbor city uh look it
up it’s true
thank you so much uh tomorrow night
you’ve got cajun and eskimo at 9 30
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commissioner of detroit and i’m betting
that’s it um
so tune in and we can find out what he
has to do with the police commissioner
of detroit position but have a fantastic
weekend you all are wonderful beautiful
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a great weekend
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don’t bother swimming to save me i will
only drag you down i’ll try to use your
body as a life raft cause if there’s
room enough for one there must be
water so my liver
broadcast in the evening news
i don’t need anybody’s
[ __ ]

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