The Wrighter’s Block Episode 68 – Anna Johnson Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Anna Johnson is the chair for the Libertarian Party of Washington state, and holy hell, what a state to fight for liberty in. Let’s find out what she is doing for the fight for liberty in a state that seems to be diametrically opposed to it, and the hurdles they are facing attempting to spread liberty in their state.

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Episode Transcript

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i’ll just make a joke about it if we
hear you
i’ll try not to be like full of you
i will be
don’t bother swimming out to save me i
will only drag you
yes everybody it is me welcome
welcome welcome welcome to all of you
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there’s a lot of things you can be doing
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joe soloski
joe soloski is running for governor of
pennsylvania and he is the only choice
that anybody should make for governor of
pennsylvania this man is a
true hero of so many people and he
deserves to sit in the governor’s
that he may sell or rent out he may put
it on airbnb i’m not really sure uh but
if you want pennsylvania to be free
joe soloski and you
are the key to pennsylvania’s success
and jack casey
jack casey how much can i say about jack
casey he wrote some books
he says that they’re fantasy and what i
know about jack casey means i will never
read these books
because what his predilections are i
don’t want to read about
people tell me they’re good
i don’t know
i’ve never read any books in common with
those people either outside of the usual
libertarian fair
so uh
if you want to trust people that
i don’t know if i can agree with go to
and you can pick up the royal green in
silver throne and crowned by gold and if
somebody can tell me
what the cover of crowned by gold is
supposed to be because i only see one
thing and it’s dirty
please let me know what it is
um so
my guest tonight
is the wonderful the hilarious the
woman who finds me so exceptionally
funny anna johnson who is the chair of
the libertarian party of washington
state please welcome with me anna
hi matt
thank you i am so excited that you are
um here’s what i want to know about jack
casey shout out to jack i think i’m
going to see him tomorrow um you know i
hear that uh from tom woods that you can
make a lot of money on free e-books so
jack when are you going to release some
of your fantasy series as a free e-book
because i know that matt and i will be
all over that uh yeah 100 jack you
release your books for free on ebook i
will 100 download them and then make fun
of them more
so i i love jack casey he is a fantastic
human being
and i just the real reason i don’t want
to read his books is because if i’ve
been pushing crap to people i’m going to
feel bad to the people and if they’re
good i’m going to feel bad for
everything that i’ve said about his
and you know revealing personal
information about jack online i would
feel bad
about these things
so i try to just avoid them all together
and just not read his books and just
continue to make fun of him
um well that sounds like a really
winning strategy you know what um well i
haven’t read jack’s books yet but i’m
definitely gonna read them uh just
because you say that you’re not gonna
read them i’m gonna read them twice once
for me and once for you
that’s right and if you can give me a uh
1 000 page essay on each book that’d be
great so that way i’ll know what to say
on the show
oh no problem that’s like half an hour i
was an english major man
that’s like that’s like i wake up an
hour before class type it up
right yeah i used to pump out a thousand
words in 20 30 minutes and it was great
you know i just feel like all right
thousand words done
and now i sit there in a computer and i
stare at it and i’m like
from the beginning
um where’s my mud water
cause that’s not gonna work here i’m
gonna need coffee um
i’m gonna need so much coffee today um
how i usually like to
start off my shows and after making fun
of jack casey of course is
asking asking my guest how it is they
found themselves on the island of
misfit toys known as the libertarian
uh because
not not many of us came here naturally
we weren’t raised in the party so uh how
is it that you found yourself here with
this group of
people that would be on the island with
pinocchio at the end where it gets kind
of terrifying
yeah well uh kind of terrifying
sometimes it’s a that’s a word for it
um well i grew up my family’s real
conservative um i got a lot of trump
people in my family
um and i went to college in seattle and
i made friends with a lot of really
liberal progressive people
and um
i was what i call liberty curious for a
long time so i think i voted for gary
johnson in like 2012
but i also really liked paul ryan
um i voted for dwayne the rock johnson
in 2016. wrote in doing the rock johnson
by the way everyone in washington blames
me now because gary johnson lost his
chance at major party status in
washington by like nine votes or
something oh really
yeah well it’s obviously your fault
yeah um so you know i came from the
right but there was a lot of things that
kind of stuck in my craw like war
um and you know being friends with a lot
of really compassionate lefty people got
me thinking about
the things that are
the things that the government does to
people who can’t fight back or who don’t
have a lot of resources to fight back
so uh
yeah so so eventually what happened i
mean i was kind of like the token
conservative among my friends and i kind
of liked being that and i you know but
in about 2016 or 17 i thought like i
can’t do this anymore i can’t do this
trump stuff i didn’t vote for him i
thought he was garbage he has garbage he
is garbage um
but i showed up at a libertarian party
somebody’s campaign event and i just
wanted to like stand in the back and eat
the food and
um six months later i got ball and told
to run for the board of the county party
um i won with nine votes nine people
voted for me
um and then a year after that i was on
the board of the state party got
appointed because nobody uh there were
some roles that were not filled
and then i got volunteered to be chair
ran on a post
uh my vice chair and i said looked at
each other for several months and said
well you should run oh no no you should
um so
it’s it’s wild here it is um seattle i
mean i don’t live in seattle live in
tacoma which is way better than seattle
um but i lived in seattle for many years
and um seattle is
people say as king county goes so goes
the state because whatever the culture
is in seattle it’s like that’s what
dominates all of washington because you
know like 60 or 70
democrat voters and then everybody in
the rest of the state just has to take
what they get
right yeah i am so i have
a fictional love affair with seattle
uh seattle to me is like one of the most
poetically awesome cities
uh because i
really liked grunge music and cameron
crowe back
in the 90s uh and i was just like man he
makes me say anything yeah exactly lloyd
dobler sitting there holding that
right yeah and so i’m always like
seattle looks so amazing uh the movie
singles was the one that really sold me
on it i was like i’m gonna move to
seattle one day and then i went to visit
and i was like no not
not moving here
but uh so like i’ve always been i’ve
always been in love with seattle and i
just thought for years i thought that
washington was just this massively
liberal place and then i have friends
that uh they kind of jump between idaho
and washington
and they usually go over to washington
and then get mad at seattle and then go
back to idaho
and then they’ll move back over to
washington and then they go back to
idaho but they keep going back to coeur
d’alene idaho which is one of the most
beautiful places in america that i’ve
ever been to and i’m like oh yeah i mean
you’re not you’re not losing here
um yeah
yeah accordingly it’s gorgeous
uh so i’ve always loved it there but
i found out that uh washington has
deserts that blew my mind
yeah that is one of the things i love
the most about washington like i hate
the government here so much it’s
but my favorite thing about washington
is how many different landscapes we have
we have the ocean like the actual ocean
on the west coast we have the whole
puget sound which there’s nowhere else
like it in america there’s you know
there’s a lot of lakes and stuff but we
have this this the strait of juan de
fuca and all these islands and there’s
nothing else quite like it i think um we
have mountains real mountains not like
the you know the appalachian mountains
which are like hills um we have you know
we have a desert place we have rolling
we have um lakes we have waterfalls we
have and that we have a rain forest like
a huge rain forest
um there’s there’s so much here and
there’s tons of outdoorsy people
um and there’s so many
there’s there’s just so much to see and
so much there’s so much especially if
you like being outdoors or even if you
just like to look at the outdoors
there because i’m more of that i’m more
of that like
a day hike i’m okay with i’m not camping
like i’ll go out during the day and like
walk around somewhere and be like oh
look at that tree that’s a nice tree
the tree seems like it’s been here a
long time and then i’m happy to go
to an enclosure
that was built
that has a shower in the bathroom with a
door um because we call that glamping
well no i like to have like a hotel or
an airbnb
not a cat step up from glamping right
no i like to go on vacation and then go
on hikes
and then not do that some days
um well if you live in washington you
can do that because almost everything is
driving distance right
pretty much everything in washington’s
driving distance
so i went to my buddy’s wedding in coeur
d’alene which is how i found out about
it and it was right after washington
legalized weed and uh so
so on my way back
uh i stopped in uh spokane and i picked
up some very 100 legal washington weed
and then i immediately got onto an
and uh
flew to where it was not legal
and they were like
they like saw it in my bag and i said
you know you can’t fly with this and i
was flying from um spokane to seattle
and i said oh i’m just flying to seattle
and they said oh okay you’re fine then
the tsa
oh man i’ve always wondered about this
yeah they’re i was like i’m gonna find
this usually they don’t find it but
yeah no they found it i didn’t hide it
even a little bit it was
sitting there right in the top and they
were like uh you can’t fly out of state
with this and i because i was going from
uh from spokane to seattle and then from
seattle to cincinnati and cincinnati to
tampa and i said no i’m just going to
seattle and said oh okay you’re okay and
they let me fly with it and so
on my way
that was that was actually the day that
delta if you remember this day because i
do very well that was the day that delta
uh [ __ ] the bed
and all of delta shut down for like six
hours and i was flying delta that day
so i was stuck in an airplane oh this is
like 10 years ago or something right
uh that was like five years ago five six
years ago
okay oh yeah yeah yeah so i don’t
remember that
so you were so you were stuck in the
airport with a lot of weed yep
and did you smoke it in the airport i
did not but i did get edibles and i did
eat those in the air perfect
oh perfect i mean how could the tsa even
find edibles i mean you brought them
with you to where were we going well
they found
uh yeah
yeah i went to cincinnati and then to
tampa it was like it was like a 14-hour
trip already and then delta shut the bed
and i ended up being it was like an 18
19 20 hour trip
not as bad as southwest [ __ ] the bed
last week
in all fairness
what delta’s issue was that day was a
technical issue or a computer glitch
made them lose everybody’s assignments
and they’re like oh what do we do
when southwest shut the bed southwest um
wanted their pilots to do something that
the pilots didn’t want to do and they
just said no
well we’re just not showing up this
enjoy your millions of dollars lost
yeah they changed their chin real quick
too then they
oh yeah real fast um
so since washington is such a diverse
sprawling state with a lot of different
viewpoints because like i know that
you’ve got a military base there and
you’ve got
like spokane there’s more liberal and
seattle is
a lot more liberal um
how do you
kind of message liberty across a state
like this
that is a great question um and uh
that’s funny i wonder how our spokane
libertarians would feel about you you
saying spokane is more liberal
because the perception in seattle at
least uh is that spokane and everybody
on the east side is just like crazy
right wingers
um we do we have we have a lot of
different people across the spectrum and
we have a lot of them in the party um a
lot of people from different places we
have some definitely some kind of like
who came from lefty
places more like civil liberties
libertarians people who are
really aware of you know how zoning laws
affect minorities and who are definitely
you know getting police to be
accountable for things
um sometimes liberty people who come to
libertarianism from the right have a
harder time you know getting over the
kind of police back the blue thing
um we have a lot of disaffected
republicans a lot of people who are just
kind of like you know have always been
sort of conservative but they just can’t
donald trump or they can’t stand how
garbage everybody in congress is and
does exactly the same thing as all of
the democrats while they’re like
theatrically railing against them
um we have like kind of a whole
contingent also especially in the last
few years of
like really rebellious mises caucus type
and caps
um and i i sort of feel like this is my
theory that states with
really um
like really authoritarian and really
like super progressive do everything
with you know the sort of woke lefty
um the the the state governments that
are like that tend to have
uh they tend to
uh provoke a
more a bigger reaction of people who are
like super anarchist are like really
super free market in the libertarian
party so we have a lot of those as well
um and we have a lot of them represented
in the party membership and in the party
volunteers um so what we do is
because there’s a temptation to fall
into you know whatever the left or the
right is doing and a lot of times we
agree with the right on what the left is
doing and we agree with the left on what
the writers do exactly but um
we have to differentiate ourselves and
they get into these just all these
little spats about about every sort of
little cultural thing
and what we try to stick to is you have
to stick to the principles if you’re
wondering you know whether to post this
or whether to
you know what stance to take on it stick
to the platform that is why we have it
stick to the libertarian principles
of um
the illegitimacy of the use of force you
don’t get bogged down in whatever
cultural thing or just you know owning
the libs just because we want to
or you know like don’t don’t just follow
what they’re saying we have to stick to
our principles because our principles
are not reactionary to the right or
reactionary to the left they are a third
what’s your pup’s name
her name is ichigo and normally she sits
outside while sarah is here
usually she will just sit behind me
during an entire episode of sarah is not
here but today she is
not wanting to do that
well welcome well obviously she heard me
talking about libertarian principles and
she’s like i guess
so so yeah that’s that’s how we do it uh
stick to the principles stay in our lane
that will always lead you to the right
place when you’re always pointing
towards the right goal rather than like
trying to become more left
against the right or yeah or vice versa
um so i know that you had mentioned that
this is a year forming structure for the
lp of washington what
what are you attempting to do new with
your affiliate with your state affiliate
oh man there’s so many things you know
the the party for the past couple of
years had been in what i kind of call
like a tilling the ground phase we had
had as i’m sure is not surprising to you
to hear um you know we’ve had some
dramas and and traumas in the state
party uh you know eight to ten years ago
lots of you know how these things happen
um and the party was kind of coming back
from a difficult place and several years
were spent in you know coming back to
financial stability
and um
being really good stewards of people’s
money and um settling down from the
and so when i joined there weren’t a lot
of people um running teams
we had kind of a bare bones board and
and um so i joined and and other people
joined and um
we had a lot of new members in the past
couple years so now with our new board
um who many of them are
all of them are pretty engaged we have a
new events director we have a new
communications director we have a new
technology director and a political
director running campaigns um and
candidates committees um a legislative
director who’s writing bills that future
candidates can run on
um and our our
we actually have a podcast now too our
events director and our technology
director who uh double as the chair and
vice chair of the king county party
which is the party that includes seattle
yeah they do a podcast and they’re
interviewing they they’ll interview our
legislative director every so often to
talk about the bills that we’re working
on and um they have lots of different
guests so you know we’re really in a
capacity building year because when
you’re starting from you know not very
much engagement and and the sort of
basics you know making sure that you’re
a savings account and all of those
and then trying to engage as many people
as possible we’ve definitely learned a
lot this year i’ve been chair for six
months and we’re learning a lot because
we’re like we gotta have all these teams
we gotta have all these events events
all the time and now we’re like wow
people wanna volunteer but we’re too
busy to figure out what they should do
but we need people to volunteer
um so uh it’s definitely a learning
experience um start you know starting
teams and not getting burned out i don’t
i don’t think we’re there yet but you
know we’re we’re trying to reevaluate
and listen to
um listen to each other about what we
need and you know maybe pull back a
little bit here maybe go forward there
um so we haven’t done a huge amount for
example with the campaigns committee yet
trying to form a structure so that next
year people who start running in the
spring can have you know like a
ready-made rolled out program of okay
you know we have these volunteers lined
up we have this amount of money that
we’re going to give you and we’ve you
know we we’re going to be able to um
to allocate more money to that budget
next year you know we have a plan for
somebody to do graphic design for you
know signs or whatever it is right um so
so yeah we’re we’re there’s a it’s hard
because when you’re capacity building
sometimes you aren’t able to do all the
things that you would want to do and of
course always in the libertarian party
it’s like well you guys should do this
and we’re like
okay sounds like you just volunteered
for the do something good
but yeah um yeah it’s a lot of stuff
and so in my time with the libertarian
party here in florida i actually just
literally tried to push up my glasses
and they aren’t there
i’m wearing contacts i was like let’s
try to cover it and then call myself out
when i was in the libertarian party in
florida um
there were a lot of people that were the
on the you need to do something about
this because this needs to be done but
then nobody wanted to do it and i was in
with a group of people that were much
more on the
we’re just going to go out and do it and
then they would get mad at us about how
we did it
uh so when people
so when people are saying you need to do
something about this volunt holding them
well and telling them uh that they are
now part of that committee is a good way
to handle it because then they’re
involved and they don’t get to complain
and then
like i like the thought process there
that’s a good way to handle it
but like all of these parties and people
don’t look at it the right way all the
time and you guys it sounds like you
definitely are
they’re essentially businesses and you
need to set up different factions of
your business in order to make sure that
everything runs correctly and it sounds
like you guys have been taking different
aspects being like okay so this is gonna
be the campaign people this is gonna be
the uh the financial people this is
gonna be the outreach people and you’re
ahead of that and that is the way that
these parties need to be run you can’t
just meet every once in a while with
somebody on the
somebody on the board who’s like their
treasurer but it’s only because nobody
else would run and it would get shut
down otherwise you need somebody out
there who knows what they’re doing not
some schlub who
isn’t good at math and not good at
saving money you don’t want that guy to
be your treasurer libertarian party of
pinellas county um
because i got voluntold for that job
so you mentioned you mentioned the
podcast uh also i hear that you’re
making headway on reddit
in different ways well i mean
yes i haven’t i actually haven’t checked
our um
our reddit activity super recently but
um someone in the party uh just started
posting like our press releases and
different kind of statements that we
would make on
it was like on our seattle or something
which is just like a cesspool or like
our seattle washington which is another
and it was really fun because some of
the stuff the person you know
a lot of our
members who are on reddit some of them
are kind of a little bit like maybe from
a more lefty perspective
and they’re able to to talk to
uh to people and and do
say things that are kind of not
off-putting but what’s the word i’m
looking for where you’re like
oh i didn’t think of it that way um so
they’re you know they’re we’re posting
about things we’re doing and then people
like oh well you’re just trump voters
and then you know we’re able to respond
with like actually no actually here’s
what we care about and then they still
kind of want to just like troll but they
can’t really do it because we have good
yeah that was surprising to me to see
that we actually kind of got some some
good responses on reddit
yes um
reddit is one of the places that has
always been a mystery to me because i
always tried like i tried to figure it
out a couple of different times and that
was whenever reddit would change their
rules and then i was like i’m not even
no i’m not going to try and then it’s
like okay i’m gonna give it another shot
and then they change their rules again
and then i was like no i’m not
i’m not dealing with this it’s kind of
like youtube um where i just get tired
of all the rule changes and then i don’t
know what i’m allowed to say on there
um yeah nobody does
is the
libertarian party of washington love
well i mean that was her internal
casey’s from washington
and what i know about jack casey i hope
he’s not the head of this committee
no this was the brainchild of one of our
board members
um and he is somebody who
is just really passionate about
making people feel welcome in the party
um introducing them to libertarianism in
ways that’s not like yelling you’re not
a real libertarian or
like arguing
um his mission is this person this is
this is our board member miguel his his
mission statement for his life is laying
the foundations for a peaceful and
voluntary world
um and you know you could have like
what you call a membership growth
committee or you know whatever a welcome
committee but um he’s man he’s really
about love miguel
and uh so we’re we’re still rolling that
out because um
we’re we we
we have a lot of people who would like
to be part of the love committee uh
which is awesome but we also have people
that are very data focused who are like
okay we have to centralize our data we
need to have measurable goals we need to
know where people are in the journey and
all of those things are true and you
need both types of people in the party
so we’re kind of working on our data a
little bit to make sure we actually know
you know who we’re talking to and what
notes we’re taking and things like that
um so you need both so that’s what the
left committee is it’s like the welcome
committee um because we do a lot of
arguing in libertarianism and honestly
okay i’m not gonna say we don’t argue
because i literally was just in the
friendly debate channel over discord the
other night talking about i can’t even
remember what i do it to calm myself
you get into mild debates with
libertarians to calm yourself that’s an
odd way to handle that but okay yeah it
helps me organize my thoughts uh but
we get along really well in washington
we really do i’m sure there are some
people that hate me like i probably have
enemies that i don’t really know about
but um we’ve spent a lot of time even
though we do like to friendly debate um
there’s not hard feelings here there
have been in our party in the past um
but a lot of us from you know all
different factions have spent a lot of
time trying to remember what’s most
important that we’re all working for
liberty and yeah we can argue about this
or that but we don’t let it poison us we
haven’t so far and that’s one of my
biggest goals is to not let that stuff
poison us because it happens in other
so yeah um our love committee um it’s
yeah so
i was a member of the libertarian party
of florida and uh i left for a while i
think i’m back now i’m not even 100 sure
anymore um
but uh
i left for a little while because
we could not get along at all anybody in
the party
there were there were different factions
and groups and
our chair at the time was a guy named
adrian wiley who would run for governor
and he left because he did not like this
guy that was running for senate and i
not in on the whole faction debate thing
uh inside the party
uh but i did not like that guy at all
i did not like the guy at all
okay i guess you’re coming up front all
to my audio listeners that’s my that’s
my dog
because we didn’t like this guy and he
was literally
not figuratively literally a nazi
uh we did not want him representing the
you know who i’m talking about now um
yeah well i was trying to remember i
started to recall like okay when was
this time because i have an idea
yeah yeah
we didn’t want him representing the
party and the party would not vote to
say that they would not recognize like
not that because you can’t say he’s not
running as a libertarian because that’s
a state law
if they’re registered as a libertarian
and running they can run um but
as a party they wouldn’t reject him and
so the chair was like i’m leaving and
that caused a bunch of other people to
leave and it was during that time that i
was like i’m not dealing with this this
i don’t want to be a part part of any
party that is this screwed up i will go
non-party and uh just fight for liberty
continue to fight for liberty and not
worry about whatever you guys are doing
because if you can’t get it together but
it sounds like you guys are coming up
with a good plan in order to get it
together to make sure that
things like him don’t happen
oh yeah and florida is too man i florida
i know several has been doing a great
job better than it used to be oh it is
that’s why that’s why i think i’m a
member again because i think steve and
michaela convinced me to rejoin
yeah you should get involved again
florida’s do it is pretty good
yeah no florida’s doing florida’s doing
a lot of really good work they did they
cleaned a lot yeah
i live in florida as i’m gonna state
again because it’s very important for my
next question
but uh recently it came out that i don’t
have to worry about this but heating
bills are going to go up 51 percent this
year for people who have what they call
oh yeah well we don’t really have that
either i mean barely get below freezing
here oh well that’s awful if it’s barely
getting below freezing that’s terrible
it barely gets below 60. 100 degrees and
100 humidity
okay so i can honestly say i have never
lived here one day where it was 100
degrees and 100
was it like 95 degrees and like 90
percent humidity
yes i get that sometime but i i have
never seen it where it’s a
actual triple digits here
but um
yeah so uh
now so apparently you’re not gonna
you’re not gonna have to deal with that
in 32 degree weather
but what i understand is your local
is against putting down sand or salt
on the roads and want a hard packed
which again that just brings me back to
jack casey
no this was this was years ago i mean i
i don’t think they’re stupid enough to
do the same thing again but i could be
what happens in washington it’s the same
kind of thing that happens when it rains
because like everyone talks about how it
rains so much in seattle and it actually
doesn’t rain that much over the summer
usually but when it does start raining
every single person forgets how to drive
in the rain
like everyone forgets it’s like no one
has ever driven in the rain before it’s
um and that’s what happens when it snows
so it is not uncommon that we’ll go an
entire winter only seeing a few
snowflakes and then every like 10 years
or so
we see a huge snowstorm and no one has
chains no one has all-weather tires
there’s like two snowmobiles for the the
entire city of seattle i mean it’s
probably more than two but maybe like
probably not more than like five i don’t
and they have they have like no
preparedness plan for it so uh one year
i remember there was it was like 10
years ago there was just a huge
snowstorm and there’s ice everywhere and
people just had to wait weeks and weeks
to get the ice cleared so they would you
know try to clear it themselves with
their little shovels
and uh they didn’t want to salt the
roads because that would upset like the
delicate eco system of the puget sound
and they didn’t want to sand the roads
because of like probably the same thing
i don’t know so that’s what they said
they said well we’re just gonna create a
hard packed
um for cars to drive on which is ice it
is black ice and if you’ve been to
seattle you know that seattle is all
yes and everyone has a dress in the rain
so of course they forget to drive in the
snow like no one knows how to drive in
snow it is nuts like the the car crashes
around here i i said once on a previous
podcast like there was one bus that
slid down a hill and like crashed over
the barrier to i-5 and was like
teetering over the interstate a bus with
people on it
yeah i mean i don’t know like okay i
care about the ecosystem too you know
i’m like cat can be kind of lefty
sometimes like i care about the
environment but
at a certain point like you’re talking
about people human beings lives
you’re not going to pat you’re not going
to salt the rest you’re not going to do
anything like oh man
it was like 10 years ago i’m still fired
up about it um last year maybe two years
ago we had another big snowstorm and i
just sat in my little apartment and just
like filmed people trying to get in and
out of the parking lots because the
parking lots are like on hills
yeah it’s crazy um and i have to believe
that a private company who owned the
roads would do a much better job of you
know like keeping people safe on them
okay for them
yeah i am so
i used to list i used to live in
nashville tennessee
and when i moved to nashville i moved
there from just outside of dc
the year that i moved uh dc was in the
middle of a snow storm a blizzard and
there was like three and a half feet of
snow that i drove out of
and nashville was in their own blizzard
there was like three quarters of an inch
three quarters of an inch and people
were parked on the sides of the road
hazards on i’m like just zipping past
everybody going what are you doing you
and nobody’s going anywhere but people
were sliding down hills i was like how
is this even how
do you guys never get snow here and then
after i talk to people they said no we
never get snow
uh but
they absolutely in tennessee especially
uh they absolutely forget how to drive
in the rain and if there is
a quarter of an inch a dusting
people will pull over on the side of the
road and leave their cars and walk and
it’s absolutely insane to me
oh yeah all the schools closed here at
half an inch all the schools oh wow
it’s nice yeah in in just in virginia
where i grew up if it was half an inch
of ice we would close or like two feet
of snow we would close there was no
that was it if it was less than either
of those we were going to school and it
was going to be fine
jacob uh jacob blaze said
where did he say it uh in massachusetts
i know it’s in here somewhere in
massachusetts chains are illegal which
means massachusetts is really trying to
swing away from how they were just a few
years ago on chains but um
i would imagine massachusetts would want
to have chains but that’s just
definitely not actually protecting the
no i mean massachusetts doesn’t have
like big hills do they or
they do get a lot of snow though they go
i mean they have a lot of highways and
they have a lot like they’ve got a lot
they do have hills and they get a ton of
i lived in roads probably because they
don’t want all i remember
it’s probably because i don’t want the
chains to like mess up the pavement
because then they would have to fix it
the asphalt
that could be or do they have to have a
right yeah they probably just want to
find people
that’s actually a better that’s a better
answer than any anything that we could
posit right now on why they would do it
is we just want to find people
i’m going to turn my light on real quick
it’s getting dark here i don’t have a
right here that’s right you’re three
hours behind me so
it was it’s already dark here um well
not just that but you’re well you’re not
in florida right now you are in florida
i’m in florida yeah um oh yeah it’s like
sunset now about half an hour yeah uh
i think the sun went down two hours ago
here and we um
yeah and i could i could still
five minute trip to the beach and be
totally comfortable oh nice for you it’s
because you know we don’t have winter or
so last week you uh you guys were
collecting signatures for a petition
uh concerning the state
the state’s long-term fair insurance
um can you tell us more about what that
is and how it would affect self-employed
yeah so um our legislative team has um
been working on this um
learning about it and and um informing
people about it um it is a new tax on
it’s like it’s a new payroll tax
basically uh 58 cents per hundred dollar
of earnings no matter what your income
um and it is uh to fund long-term care
at the end of your life although the max
limit that you could ever receive
lifetime benefit is like thirty three
thousand dollars or thirty six thousand
um that amounts to like if you make
fifty thousand dollars a year i did some
quick math earlier but um it would be
like three hundred dollars a year if you
make like fifty thousand or like twice
that if you make a hundred thousand
um but you can only opt out
between now and like november first
um and you have the only way you can opt
out is if you
buy a long term a private long-term
care health plan
or if you are self-employed so
self-employed people on w-2s can opt out
permanently so i’m self-employed that’s
what i’m gonna do i hope i still have
time to do it uh i think i do
uh pretty sure it’s by november 1st um
and really what it is it’s a medicare uh
medicaid bailout tax because they can’t
fund their medicaid program in the state
so they’re just trying to like fund it
another way with a new payroll tax
um so i don’t know if i don’t know
what’s going to happen with the petition
in washington you need
a huge amount of petition signatures for
an initiative maybe it’s like this in
other states but we need something like
350 000 signatures just to get an
initiative going
and i’m not sure if they’re gonna get
that many for the libertarian party it’s
not always um like a good
we don’t have the kind of resources
sometimes to get 350 000 signatures but
there are other groups that are working
on it um and so that was what we were
posting at about there’s another group
that kind of has more funding um and
that are trying to get a certain amount
of signatures for um a certain amount of
funding so man i hope it goes through
but you know what
even when we do an initiative and even
if we get those signatures sometimes
they literally just ignore us like there
was a couple initiatives a while back
like there’s this guy tim eyman um who’s
a republican that is um very ridiculous
in many ways and he always has all these
petitions for all these initiatives and
they’re always like crazy anti-tax
um and he had this uh 30 car tabs tax
and and against all odds it passed in
washington the initiative passed um car
tabs should only cost thirty dollars
because they cost like hundreds of
dollars now because they just keep
because they keep adding stuff to it
yeah yeah and i forget what happened i
forget if it was the supreme court or
the legislature but they were the
government was basically like no
that’s not gonna happen
and so
when you get to the point where
initiatives with hundreds of thousands
of signatures and millions of people
voting for them
they don’t even get to be passed like
what are we doing here i mean this is
like on a very very small scale this is
like what happened with brexit
they voted to get out and then the
government was like
no we’re gonna talk about this for like
five years and like we think that you
made the wrong choice
so you see that happening
all over the place like covet is a
perfect example uh people are voted
they’re like no we don’t want this we
don’t want these mandates we don’t want
this and they’re just like
we’re gonna do it anyway
and um
and uh and
christine south dakota in south dakota
uh they voted overwhelmingly for
i don’t remember if it was medical
marijuana or recreational marijuana but
they voted for legalized marijuana of
some sort and she was like no
i’m not no i don’t
yeah i don’t care that
you you said yes but the right amount of
you said yes
no we’re not gonna do that
uh sorry we’re just no
and that’s what and christie gnome she
gets like sometimes she gets some like
kudos from libertarian circles because
she’s she was really good in a lot of
ways on the on the coven mandates on
some of them right but like that is
garbage that is garbage like do not
trust republican politicians no
absolutely not uh we have desantis down
here who i’d never say his first name
and like desantis
he’s good on some things like i
appreciate i appreciate what he’s been
doing with kovid’s stuff um
i’m not
i have mixed feelings about the the
executive order that he signed banning
any vaccine passports in order to enter
i have mixed fee i have mixed feelings
on that because i don’t think he should
be able to tell private businesses what
to do but at the same time
but i also don’t think that private
businesses should have the right to ask
me for my medical information so i have
two different
two different points of view
i kind of i disagree with that to a
point but i also at the same time like
well he’s protecting my medical freedom
and privacy so i kind of get that so
i’m not 100 sure on that one but outside
of that but then he’ll go and
he will boost funding for police and he
will go and try to make sure that
like he hasn’t stopped uh medical
marijuana from being a thing but he’s
definitely not making it easier for
people and then he gave there was a lot
of private land in uh
in the middle of the state that’s like
the swamp land the marshland that he was
just like okay well the state’s just
gonna take this
because we need it to make sure nope
you’re not jumping over that table um
that’s just dangerous because all of the
liquids are right there um
but he took all of this private private
land and he was like nope that’s now the
government’s because we need to make
sure that we protect the environment and
i’m all for protecting the environment
but you just took people’s private land
and said nope we are taking this now
um so
again republican politicians are still
going to do things that
screw you
in one way or another
i know that
he’s now like i need to get out of here
you won’t let me
lick you
um that’s that’s it
our audio listeners are going what is he
talking about why is his girlfriend in
there trying to lick him right now
um so this weekend
there are
a mass of mass non-compliance rallies
going on across your state
um what sort of mandates are you guys
dealing with up there because here in
florida there’s like not
oh man well there’s a mask mandate that
has been in place since i don’t know
when i don’t pay attention to it i did
try not to wear a mask anywhere i go
um but there’s a mask mandate in in
businesses i think
um there is october 18th
is the deadline for um state workers and
all health care workers to be vaccinated
so not just okay there’s there’s there’s
getting more exceptions all the time so
i can’t even remember exactly what
groups it applies to
but you know this would include like any
teachers i’m pretty sure and
i might be in private private schools
too um health care workers anybody who’s
kind of like
it was gonna be
uh home health care workers and then i
think the home health care workers sort
of rebelled like the unions and then it
was going to be a bunch of other groups
um i think maybe even like general
contractors and all kinds of groups you
know like a lot of unionized groups and
the unionized groups are pushing back
and then they’re kind of getting waivers
but everybody else who’s not in the
union is not getting a waiver um so
that’s october 18th so you know i
personally know several nurses who
like got the shot very reluctantly or
are you know hoping that they don’t have
to get it and healthcare workers and and
different types of people um and then
october 25th
so that one was statewide and then
october 25th is there’s a mandate in
king county the county that includes
seattle and bellevue
every uh like restaurant bar gym and
place like that has to require vaccines
um for for customer entry
right so
that is wild and then i just heard today
there’s another one i just took a
meeting a note about it today oh
governor king inslee governor ensley
just unrolled a new mandate um vaccines
or tests for any attendees of large
so um we’ve been finally having like
football again and big concerts so
that’s gonna be wild i don’t know when
that one is coming down but he just
announced it today
one one of the questions i’ve had for a
lot of different
people and nobody seems to know and i’m
certain it’s different state to state uh
county to county city city but when it
vaccine or proof of negative test
how old can that test be
usually it’s 48 hours i mean i would
have to look at it each exact one but
usually it’s 48 hours and that’s kind of
stupid because for example the pcr test
that the one that they really like i
mean sometimes it can take i think it’s
less now but at one point it was taking
like five to seven days
which is so ridiculous because if you’ve
taken it five days ago but you get your
positive result
five days late like five days later or
your negative result five days later you
could have gotten it in the meantime you
can get a rapid test but there’s an i
can’t find any rapid tests anywhere i’ve
called around at a bunch of pharmacies
nobody’s selling them of course it’s
your own i mean you gotta pay 27 for two
rapid tests before you can go to a
so you know i have never been happier to
have left king county now oh yeah i get
but you know that could come here too
right and here in pinellas county
that’s been like the only
that’s why i’ve enjoyed the saving grace
of desantis doing what he did because
here in pinellas county
i think that they would have gone with
with these uh vaccine mandates and just
said nope you need to have them
i know that the rest of florida isn’t
doing it but here you need to and i
think that possibly is why to keep
certain counties from doing it just
people that don’t agree with it and
being like no you live here where 51 of
the people agree with us so you’re gonna
have to deal with it so they just made
it sweeping for the entire state
but they definitely would have tried
vaccine mandates and vaccine uh
testing mandates
um here
had he not done that uh
and they’re still like the
my girlfriend sarah she is at a concert
tonight and nowhere is allowed to ask
covet tests or
uh cova tests or vaccine uh proof of
vaccines except for concert venues when
the promoters of the concert require it
for the concert to happen
so she had to go and get
because live nation is the one that’s
requiring it in other words otherwise
they won’t bring any of their people
concert venues have been able to do it
and she’s like will you go to concerts
with me and i was like depends on who it
like one of my favorite one of my
favorite singers songwriters performers
is uh ben folds i’m really aging myself
with some of the things i’ve said on the
show that i like um but
it’s ben folds and he’s coming in
november and i’ve seen him every time
he’s been in florida since i’ve lived
here and
i was really looking forward to seeing
him again but he said you need to show
proof of vaccine to she could come to
any of my shows and he handles all of
his own promotion
so i was like
i’m just not going to see ben folds this
year or possibly ever um
did you register your complaint with him
did you did you pass on your feedback to
the manager of the complaints i so i did
not because i found that out
15 minutes before the show
because i was very excited to buy ben
paul’s tickets and then i found out that
shouldn’t yeah
yes mike gallagher ben folds is awesome
and has been since 1994.
i know
yeah it’s wild they’re
it’s hard to imagine that it’s gonna be
anything other than like a bifurcated
community like just two totally
different cultures it’s gonna be um like
i can’t i can’t see any other way okay
here’s a white pill though here’s a
white pill
i think it is changing and it is
changing from people who are just not
complying i mean we set this these
things up you know this weekend we got
spike coming to washington
we’re having our rallies for mass
non-compliance which we’re having one in
seattle which is like the belly of the
beast so i don’t know how that one’s
gonna go but i’m really excited uh to
see how it goes
um and
like we are not the only ones just over
the past week you know when we set this
up maybe a month ago we thought like i
don’t know if people are gonna show up
people in seattle people are gonna be
scared you know what is what are things
gonna look like
and just over the past few weeks as
these mandates like biden’s mandates and
jay inslee’s mandates are coming down
things are happening like it was every
day i would wake up and i would see the
news and i feel like oh my gosh i’m
having another white pill for breakfast
because um the southwest thing where all
of the southwest i mean i don’t know if
this really happened maybe you know
because you’re in florida but i just
hear these murmurings about air traffic
controllers walking out in jacksonville
or maybe sicking out or something but
they didn’t they never really said it
they were just like air traffic control
and the southwest pilots union i think
is uh suing
the government or something
basically they got southwest to back
down in washington state we had a
hundred and fifty plus fairy sailings
cancelled on friday so in a regular
it’s either a regular month or a regular
day either way it doesn’t matter because
it’s a huge number they have like four
they cancel four ferries and on friday
they cancelled 150.
so obviously there’s a reason why they
have an unexplained cruise shortage
um and then there was other ones too i
think amtrak was
but it is happening and we just have to
keep doing it we have to keep
non-complying we have to
like find every way to like avoid or
circumvent or get around the mandates or
just ignore them like we have to and
still i you know i feel like i’m the
only one sometimes if i walk into a
place without a mess i’m the only one
but all you need is one and then maybe
there’s gonna be two and then maybe
there’s gonna be three
so yeah
yeah that’s great
and that’s been i have been not wearing
like i don’t wear a mask
okay i wear a mask to work to my to my
day job because i
like getting paid
sometimes you have to do that
right it’s it it is the one uh it is the
one thing that i break down on where i’m
like okay fine but i’ve been arguing it
a lot recently because
uh there is new
guidelines from the
from the cdc there’s new guidelines from
the cdc saying that people who are
vaccinated need to wear masks if you’re
in a high risk area and i’m like
we’re not changing these guidelines
why not
why do i have to wear one
you’re not following cdc guideline
that’s going to get me in so much
trouble tomorrow i already know it oh
just because i said that uh but
it is one of those things where you have
to you have to choose where your line is
and me wearing a mask to work is not my
like i will wear the mask to work
because i love my job and i love where
and i love what i do
i do have my line and many of the people
know it and they understand what will
happen if they attempt to uh
cross that line like they will lose me
and other people because we will not do
we have our lines staked out
we have our points it is a good question
to ask yourself as a libertarian also
because i know there are some places who
regardless of what the cdc says or what
a specific mandate says regardless of
whether they actually think they’re
going to get fined some places just want
to require masks
so it is a really good question to ask
and you need to make sure that you have
a good libertarian answer for it where
okay how much do you respect private
you know and the same with a vaccine how
much do you respect private property if
they are voluntarily choosing to require
a vaccine to enter
i don’t agree with that but it is their
property i mean they could ask me to
wear a silly hat or like take my shoes
off to enter and you know that’s not
that different from wearing a mask
um and so i you know
the libertarian party platform is clear
everybody has the right to voluntarily
choose what they want to do on their
property and that right is
like not it doesn’t have anything to do
with what the government says or what
democracy says
right um
and you know it also the platform also
says you know uh
uh individuals are free to respond with
boycotts and ostracizing and other free
market solutions in the past there have
been some you know kind of civil
disobedience i remember scott horton
talking about this he was like listen
you know they do have a right to ask
what they want on you on their property
but maybe you do a little civil
disobedience and if they you know escort
you out and if they take you to jail or
if they charge you well then you know
you’re taking that risk and you did you
know disregard their private property so
you should maybe
bear the consequences of that and i
think that is a choice that every person
has to make you know the party is clear
on what private property is
if a person wants to do civil
disobedience um then you accept the
consequences of you know the damages for
your actions whatever those might be
so it’s it’s it’s a good question
it is
um so before i let you go and ask you to
plug all the events that you got coming
on uh coming up uh what i’ve got one
last question for you that
in seattle is more famous for needles
the space needle or kurt cobain’s grave
i’ve never been to kurt gobain’s grave i
don’t even know where it is in seattle i
don’t know but i would say which
landmark is the most famous for needles
i would say
the bushes at the 45th overpass that’s
right next to the kids like playground
area the family park that’s what i would
say is the most famous for needles
all right that’s fair
yeah the one time i went to seattle i’ve
got cousins that live there and um
i went to go visit them and i was just
like wow
it is not just in the movies everybody
here is literally on heroin literally
all of you that’s amazing
it’s gotten a lot worse and like has it
oh yeah it’s gotten a lot worse in the
past 10 years there’s all these kinds of
things literally every police officer
that i talk to wants to propagandize me
about how we can’t do anything like any
time that i’ve ever interacted with one
in the past five years or more they’re
like well you know the laws make it so
that we can’t do anything oh you want us
to find your you know someone stole your
car we can’t do anything oh um someone
is following you oh we can’t do anything
so there’s a lot going on between the
legislature and the cops and
crime and homelessness and the drug war
well i have to say uh i applaud you for
it’s for spreading liberty in that state
because that cannot be an easy that
cannot be an easy task and uh the fact
that you are getting it together and
bringing people into the party stop it
that’s weird i’m live on the air um
the fact that you’re uh be that you’re
successfully doing this and organizing
it is
it it brings hope to people in other
states they’re like how do we do it you
are building a road map for them to make
it easier for everybody so to any
for on behalf of any party out there
that’s struggling trying to figure out
organization we thank you because you
making that road map for people and
you’re doing a great job at it from
everything that i’m hearing uh a lot of
people in the comments have been talking
about how great you are
um oh excellent my two fans that must be
my two friends at the party well we’re
trying man we’re trying and we have so
many people who want to volunteer and so
many people who have been working so
hard when i first joined the party i
said how many hours a week am i supposed
to do this and they said oh two hours a
that’s all
there are so many people who have been
putting in way more than two hours a
week um all of my directors and the
people especially and the people on
their teams man there’s a lot of people
who don’t have titles and that are
putting in a huge amount of volunteer
work this does not work without
volunteers on a regular basis none of it
works you can have good ideas and none
of it works
so um yeah well anybody who uh is from
out of state come visit washington we
will show you a good time despite king
inslee um anybody in washington
uh you can join the party at
or you can just subscribe to our emails
and find out about our events
um we’re on facebook we’re on instagram
we are and when you join the party you
can join our discord which is where we
have all of our friendly debates
and all of our collaboration for work
so it’s good stuff man
and make sure that you uh pitch your p
picture state podcast as well because
somebody said she needs a show
oh yes um i
don’t know if i have the url but i think
it is
it’s on buzzsprout okay um and we didn’t
talk about spike’s visit almost this
whole time but uh spike is coming to
washington for the weekend we’re doing a
three city tour it’s a little bit wild
brian was like um well i don’t know if i
would have chosen to do this many events
in a weekend
uh but we’re crazy in washington so he’s
coming to seattle west lake park
tomorrow four to six pm and then a
dinner after
um richland washington 2 to 4 p.m on
saturday and then a dinner after and
then a gun range day in spokane on
sunday it is at
mass non-compliance
slash mass 9 compliance i’m actually
going to put that in the show notes
i think i would have you think i would
have been prepared for that
but i wasn’t slash mass got to make sure
i don’t do the thing that spike did and
misspelled mess
non-comply ants i know how to spell
that’s not yes
um okay
it’s like on tuesday spike was pushing
it on tuesday spike was pushing it and
he put too many s’s in mass
oh no
and like it was just
the comments started flooding it was
like error error message error message
and i was like i think you messed up on
it he goes he’s like oh we all do it
um well thank you so much for uh thank
you so much for coming on i appreciate
it i know that my dog here also
appreciates it because
she has never actually tried to get on
camera while i’ve done this and she did
for you so i assume that
it’s the only thing i can assume is it’s
but uh i am going to close out the show
if you want to hang out for a little bit
afterwards we can talk a little bit more
uh and if you have to go that’s cool too
uh but either way thank you for
everything you’re doing in washington i
can’t wait to hear about more things
going on there and um i look forward to
whatever you have happening next because
i’m imagining there’s a lot more coming
from your state
well i’m not too tired yet neither are
the rest of us thank you so much matt
and thank you to all the commenters i
haven’t seen your comments um but uh
yeah thanks again
no absolutely thank you
to everybody else thank you guys so much
for tuning in i definitely appreciate it
again you spend your thursday evenings
with me instead of watching the nfl and
i can understand that because
i’m better looking than most of the
so tomorrow i don’t know if there’s an
episode of cajun and eskimo tomorrow uh
we will have to find that out later
and then on
this weekend spike’s going to be in
washington as you just heard and then uh
next week
on monday
jason has jessica etheridge on his show
the beard mr america the bearded truth
eight o’clock eastern and then on
tuesday join me and spike right here
for a brand spanking new episode of the
muddied waters of freedom where spike
cohen and i will parse through the
week’s events
like the
sweet awesome autumn cherubs that we are
and then
on wednesday you were going you are not
going to believe who spike’s next guest
is you are going to have to tune in
later to find out who that next guest is
uh but
that guest is going to blow your mind
who that next guest is and then right
here next thursday on the writer’s block
natalie bruno
natalie bruno is going to be joining me
for an episode uh right before some big
event happening in oklahoma city that i
wish i could be at but i cannot to any
to the people in the comments that were
asking me to come um i do appreciate it
and i wish i could be there but i cannot
your fun
of the week
is one of president john tyler’s
grandsons is still alive today
and john tyler was born in
1790 the guy lives in virginia uh i’ve
been by his house i thought about going
in but i didn’t uh but yeah he is still
alive today because john tyler had his
had his son when he was 63 and then his
son lion and then lion’s son was born
when he was 75 so john tyler
who was born in 1790 has a grandson
um enjoy that wonderful piece of
have a great weekend tune in tomorrow
for cajun eskimo if there is a show if
not enjoy your friday night off and
watch the alcs and root for boston um
and enjoy your weekend and i will see
you all
week have a fantastic and wonderful
life i am
i am
i don’t need anybody’s help yeah i am
waving while i drive
hiding place is
don’t bother swimming out to save me i
will only drag you down
i don’t need anybody’s head
[ __ ]

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