The Wrighter’s Block Episode 71 – Jeni Kadel Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Jeni Kadel is a parent to four kids, married for nearly 15 years, and a transwoman. She attended Iowa State University where she earned a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Now she is busy managing their business, Kadel Medical Services, and running for State House in Iowa.

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throwing parties in a 10×7 cell
don’t bother swimming to save me i will
only drag you down i’ll try to use your
body as a life raft cause if there’s
room enough for one there must
be water
i will be
don’t bother swimming out
i don’t need anybody’s head
yes everybody it is me matt wright
here with you on this fabulous thursday
evening on the writer’s block a muddy
waters media production
uh thank you all so much for uh taking
the time to spend a couple hours with me
on muddied waters media uh
on a thursday evening because i know
there’s a lot of things you could be
doing tonight and i appreciate that you
poor went all of them to be here
with me
got a great show tonight i’m very
excited about today’s show
we’ve got some other stuff that i’m
going to uh talk about a little bit
closer to the end uh so you’re going to
want to stick around for that but first
and foremost
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the gravy king
thomas quiter is rolling for state
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jack casey jack casey
i think he wanted me to use a different
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i uh i haven’t read jack’s books i won’t
read jack’s books because i talk too
much crap about them uh but i love jack
jack is a fantastic human being and i’m
very proud of him for all that he has
accomplished uh as a human being and
uh don’t
go buy jack’s books tell me if they’re
people tell me they’re good but i refuse
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my guest
my guess
jack casey says pitch perfect beautiful
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save money that’s how it works
my next guest i am literally thinking of
how to say the last name because i don’t
want to mess it up so badly um
my next guest jenny cadle
apparent to four to four children
married for nearly 15 years and a trans
woman uh she attended iowa state
university where she got a degree in
hotel and restaurant management and now
she is not only running their business
catal medical services
she is also running for state house in
everybody please i would say put your
hands together but i can’t hear that so
give me the clapping emoji in the chat
for my next guest jenny
twice you got it right twice
did i mess it up on the third when i
said cable medical services say it twice
but you got it okay
cool all right that’s that’s all that
that is all that matters well thank you
for uh thank you for being here
um i appreciate you uh taking time out
of your thursday to uh come and talk
with me
yeah thank you thank you for having me
on i’m looking forward to this the
the best podcast i’ve ever been on for
well i i appreciate you saying that um
i definitely
appreciate it when uh people recognize
i like to ask uh especially when it’s
somebody that’s you know running for
public office uh for the libertarian
party um how is it that you found
yourself on the
island of misfit toys that is known as
the libertarian party
well i grew up um as pretty much a
staunch republican um
if uh where i was in in college uh was
happening right now i’d be
on this podcast right now with a red
maga hat
and i was hardcore republican through
college and
um then about about 2016 when trump came
in is when i started to
kind of see that the party had shifted
and no longer really represented
me or who i was
or my values of you know small
government and things like that um the
things that they preach but don’t
actually do
and so i started looking for
for something new
and uh
learned of a guy named gary johnson
yep and
that kind of brought me here and then
last year in iowa i was recruited to
help uh
help get
signatures for joe
for joe jorgensen and i met i got to
meet uh spike
a couple times here and so what’s he
he’s all right
yeah he’s okay
he’s right now amazing
oh yeah
yeah tasha fantastic spike is you know
he’s he’s
you know he credit he credited me with
with with starting that trend
after i uh oh really
after after the first time that i met
him he uh he came here and did a podcast
um live with the audience background
during the um one of the debates
um and i sat and had dinner with tasha
and i didn’t listen to anything he said
i just sat there the whole time with her
yeah um like
i’ve met both of them um multiple times
um i’ve stayed at their house uh but
tash is a wonderful wonderful person and
uh well you know spike’s fight
he’s like my brother uh you know so
um he’s he he is a fantastic human and i
am i i’m glad that we are friends um i’m
glad that we’re friends and working on
this project together um and it it’s
funny because you say that you through
college if you were doing this podcast
when you were in college you’d be
wearing a maga hat if i was
oh god man that would age me if i said
it wouldn’t it it wouldn’t have been a
maga hat but if i was doing this podcast
in college it would have been more on
the uh right-wing gop
you wouldn’t have anything to fear if
you weren’t doing anything wrong kind of
idiocy that i used to say back when i
did a lot of drugs
right there with all of it
and you know watching as like
john mccain was nominated and me
i’ve been told my entire life this guy
is basically a democrat and
he was like the joe manchin
of republicans
and every and everybody was like oh he’s
terrible he’s basically a democrat he’s
a democrat and then he gets nominated
president and then he was like this
savior he was going to save the gop from
the horrible
job that george bush did and i was like
we’ve been talking about how terrible
this guy is my entire life uh and now
he’s gonna be the person that we all
put everything behind like this makes no
sense to me and that was when i first
started looking at
deliberations other
mean that’s it’s the same thing that’s i
started to notice the game that they
were playing that like
if when when the democrats are in power
we got to be fiscally responsible we got
to be small government everything and
then also the republicans are in power
oh no no no we can do whatever we want
i’m finally like it doesn’t make sense i
you can’t be for something just because
your party’s in control and then against
it because your party’s not like
we’re gonna run as the party of uh
fiscal responsibility you know up until
we’re in office and then we’re gonna go
we’re only gonna do this now we’re only
gonna do we this is extenuating
circumstance we wouldn’t do this
normally you mean you wouldn’t do this
if a democrat was in control right uh
you wouldn’t vote for it if if uh
clinton or if uh obama or if biden was
in office but if trump or bush was in
office you would
bend the knee and say well we got to do
it this time you know got to support our
are managing
catal medical services
you’re at three good job
nice all right i’m i’m feeling good i’m
feeling good i know i’m gonna say it
wrong once tonight though um so can you
tell us a little bit about what uh catal
medical services is and what it is that
you do
so what we do is it’s something called
non-emergency medical transportation
it’s basically just a fancy term for a
taxi company
okay um we help people on medicaid and
the disabled
uh get to doctor’s appointments
and um in the state of iowa they have a
waiver system that uh certain people
with certain disabilities uh through
medicaid can get rides to work or to the
grocery store or church so they can
still kind of live a normal life
and so that’s what we do we’re open 24 7
we’re pretty much one of the only ones
in iowa that is open 24 7.
my background is i’m a i’m a paramedic
okay and one of my former bosses uh kind
of talked me into buying this wheelchair
band and
uh so
uh my goal is eventually to get an
ambulance company up and running and run
my own private ambulance service so oh
that’s awesome yeah that’s
the common phrase at the office is uh
it’s in the works
it’s a it’s a growth industry it’s a
growth industry right now um
did you reach out to thomas quito he
might need that man
making connections
i love tom tom tom’s great because he
can take a joke um
he would he would make the joke
exactly um
yeah i’ve met him he he was
tom was on um the absolute worst episode
of this program ever
well not this though
uh it was of the muddied waters of
freedom with me and spike um back in
january i think of this year
we had so many technical issues there
would be times that you wouldn’t hear
tom speaking or if he was speaking
he wasn’t like you couldn’t see him
moving at all or if i was talking like
we were blacking in and out like there
were times that people in the comments
were going we can’t hear anybody but
spike and we were having a three-way
and i swore that i was going to delete
that from everywhere on the internet
and i didn’t so you can easily you can
easily good i’m youtubing it right as
soon as this is done that’s the one i’m
watching right i’ve always felt bad
about that being the episode tom was on
um but
like his legs nothing worked that night
uh so you said that you have
you have a background in uh you know
he does have the best slogan
for a campaign that’s ever seen i’ve
never seen one that good
no that is
that is one that is going to be
remembered by anybody who sees it
because they’re gonna go yep
is that okay for us to say can we say
that i’m not sure if i’m allowed to
laugh at that i don’t know if i know if
that’s okay
he he wrote it it’s fine right
so you said that uh your background is a
paramedic and
business owner
uh as a business owner you’ve
you’ve experienced like the nuances of
the healthcare system um
what are some of the examples that
you’ve got from these experiences
like how do you see the health care
well i mean everybody i mean everybody
in the us knows that our health care
system is just completely broken and
shattered and
everything we do keeps trying to add
to try to fix it only makes things worse
you know just uh
like one of the big things that i’ve ran
into with the business is
in the state of iowa they try to
privatize medicaid
okay and they have this magic number of
having three companies run the
privatized medicaid
and uh
it’s just been this weird arbitrary
number that they wanted
and ever since about the first year they
have only had two
because the third one dropped down
they’ve never been able to replace it
but like they’re desperately trying to
find somebody to replace it and as soon
as they get somebody replace it a
different one drops out it’s just a
whole big old mess and it’s like
i just think that if uh if if here in
if we would just kind of get rid of this
and just allow anybody to start
coming in and pitching out some of these
medicaid dollars or
or doing the health care uh more choices
um as you know as we know with the rest
of the world any you know tvs or cars
can prove that the more choices you have
the more price goes down and the better
quality you get
so that’s one of the things that i
really want to bring here to iowa
one one of the examples that i like to
throw out to people um
is lasik
lasik isn’t something that’s genuinely
covered by insurances like you might get
a discount i think like with the
insurance i have now i get
a certain percent off of lasik but it’s
not it’s not anything that’s covered i
still have to pay for the bulk of it and
you see more and more companies uh that
are specializing specifically in lasik
uh but
with that you’re seeing that the price
is going down and you’re seeing uh that
the quality of the procedure is going up
because i mean you
you can go find a strip club or a strip
club a strip mall that has one in there
you know that’d be that’d be a good idea
there you go there’s a new business idea
having trouble seeing the uh the dancers
let’s let’s just add this on
lace the old lasik strip club
get a lap dance while being getting your
vision back
get to see them better you know right
if you get four lap dances the lasik is
get a little punch card
you booked so many hours in the
champagne room don’t worry
you’re going to have 20 20 vision
what hold on let me write this all down
i’m you know right
here i gotta always get ideas yeah you
gotta pitch it got him pissed
um so
since you work in the medical field um
when we when we were working on the
notes for this show we looked up iowa in
and there are multiple news stories
coming out of iowa
saying that the deer
in iowa are now contracting covid have
heard of this
this is not something that i’m aware of
but i’m interested now this is gonna be
that is literally all i know about this
i was really hoping you had some
okay i do know that um you know one of
the embarrassing things is iowa was one
of the uh
the major hot spots in the entire world
uh during the peak of covid
and it i mean it all it all came from
you know republican governor i’m not i’m
not gonna monday morning quarterback how
she how she handled it it was kind of
you know covid was a unique situation
but right and it is pretty scary to to
think that you know we put ourselves on
the world map here in iowa
with with number of uh covid cases
yeah um and
i get not wanting to monday morning
quarterback it that i that’s why i have
been consistent the entire
from the beginning on i’ve always said
we shouldn’t be shutting down people
should be able to live their lives
uh never choose safety or security over
freedom um so i can look at basically
every governor across the nation so you
did it wrong
right uh well
the irritating thing was was that not
just the shutdowns
but like in iowa here
um the thing i was noticing and i’m i’m
assuming it’s it was elsewhere but was
that it was arbitrary
yeah how come the the lawn care service
company is still out mowing the lawns
you know how is that an essential
you know it was it was just you know how
come the road construction is considered
essential you know doing projects that
weren’t even on the books yet
but yet
you know my friend that owns a bar
couldn’t open their bar after 10 o’clock
but if they served food
then they could be open until midnight i
mean it was just arbitrary weird rules
yeah and
so i’m here in florida so we had a
statewide lockdown for like
two weeks or something i don’t remember
oh and then desantis was like no this is
this is dumb
why are we doing this and
i don’t i don’t know how much of
desantis you watch i watch a lot because
i live here um
but he sounds like eddie murphy’s
impersonation of a white guy
i don’t like it like eddie murphy could
do desantis better than any desantis
impersonator possibly could uh
but even then it was like
your small-time butcher shops were all
closed down but your publix your publix
and your costcos were open
um and it’s like why are they essential
but not
the place that i like to go get
the steaks that i’m gonna cook for
dinner um why
why is it why are these people essential
but not these people why are you picking
and choosing whose jobs matter and whose
jobs don’t
exactly i’ve never met anybody whose job
wasn’t essential to them i mean right
that and that was the biggest thing and
then and then people turn around and
complain about how much money
amazon made off of this well they were
the only ones allowed to work like right
yeah amazon delivery drivers they were
getting uh because i know i applied for
uh to work for amazon as an amazon
delivery driver
but they had so many people trying to
apply because they were paying people so
much money to do it
and uh they uh
they were giving people what they were
calling uh pandemic pandemic rates
for like the first eight months of the
pandemic and it’s because they needed so
many drivers they’re like we’ll pay you
more just come on we just need more
and they uh ended up
uh they ended up cancelling it after
about eight months but they had just a
ton of people and these people were in
work and they were continuing to go out
have an income and when you made
everybody stay at home uh for however
long depending on which state you’re in
some of you might not be able to leave
your houses yet i’m not 100 sure anymore
um but no matter
you’re at home you’re
you need something the best way to get
it it’s through amazon which now is
going to take about a month to get to
you because of supply chain issues and
all the ships that are off the port in
california but
you have it where
those people were deemed essential you
had to stay at home so of course amazon
made money it was the only way for you
to get anything you needed at your house
except for toilet paper
i mean
it just it it makes it makes perfect
sense and but now we’re going to
complain about it like you created this
situation you know exactly
so since you’re in the medical did covet
affect your business at all like were
you did more people have to call
to be so um
because because we take people to work
and stop most appointments were closed
um we did have people still going to
dialysis and things like that where they
go to regular appointments
um so we still did a lot of those ones
a lot of my competitors went ahead and
shut down so we actually did pretty well
um during it the business actually kind
of grew during it just because it was
such a needed
needed thing and then we were still
offering the 24 7
so you know hospital discharges things
like that or people going to work at
that hyvee or the
you know the grocery store or something
like that
we were able to supply those for them so
yeah i mean
you you were able to make the best out
of a terrible situation which is good um
you know
you know as a as the business owner the
one that
you know
not not necessarily every week do i get
paid but i get you know whatever profit
we make you know or you know
um right so there was weeks that you
know personally i wasn’t getting paid
and then there was weeks where you know
i just wouldn’t work and then i’d still
get paid because
we were doing okay but i’d give all my
hours to an employee to keep them
somebody else
where their hours needed to be so that
you know i i’d make that sacrifice for
them so
and and that that’s exceptionally stand
up uh stand up of you and i definitely
respect it as as a business owner trying
to make sure that your employees are
able to feed their families or
themselves or you know who whatever else
keep the roof over their head um
that was one of the big big things that
when we first started hiring people and
expanding to that point that i was
really nervous about because
it was just something that i learned in
college that
i want to say is like marriott or
something like that that they you know
your front your front end people
you know or
your your managers or your supervisors
your their job is only to make sure the
front end people
can get their job done and are happy
with their job and are comfortable and
everything and then people above them
their job is for the people below them
so all you need to do is really care
about making sure that person below you
is happy and they’re in their spot
um and then that makes hopefully then
that makes them do their job better and
then they they treat the next person
better and then it falls down to your
custom you know
trickle effect you know that’s such a
good term
that trickle down uh the trickle down
economics um
so switching gears a little bit um
i honestly don’t know the answer to this
question what is the uh
what’s going on with weed in iowa is it
legal medical it’s a freaking joke
okay oh my god it’s such a joke
we have um we’re only allowed to have
five distributors
um in the state in the entire state
um all five of them happen to be the
same company so
anti-monopoly you know but no only when
we don’t only when we want to be
i’m certain your internet service
provider you had multiple choices
so yeah we have five distributors that’s
it um only allowed like
i don’t even know the numbers but it’s
like very minimal amounts
we still jump across the border if we
ever want anything or anything
it’s just it’s a joke
right they did a boat
two years ago a year ago to um
to loosen it up a little bit allow more
more stipulation or more medical
diagnoses to get it
allow a little bit better and allow more
pat went all the way through the house
70 to 80 percent of citizens agreed with
it loved it wanted it to move forward
and then
queen kim is what i call her kim
our governor went ahead and vetoed that
so and nobody nobody stood up against
her nobody fought like that’s kind of
really one of the things that really got
like riled up and ready to kind of move
forward with wanting to run is that like
nobody stood up against
against clinton this is wrong like
we have the support of the people and
the legislature it passed very easily it
wasn’t like a tight boat
yeah and i mean that is
it’s how the system is set up the people
you know they elect the legislature and
i don’t know if you guys have a senate
there or not but the yeah
okay the senate and the legislature uh
the people vote those people in but if
the governor was voted in
maybe in a year before that or an off
year or whatever um they can go no i was
also voted in and i ran against like
it’s how it’s set up and it
yeah you would think that you kind of
see okay this is the way that it’s going
but if you haven’t seen it by now
nationwide you’re not gonna see it
um you’re just gonna continue
christy gnoming it all over the place
um so it was just having this
conversation with one of my clients
actually the other day he he he’d
overheard me
when he got in the car i was on a
campaign meeting with somebody and so i
was just driving him with my bluetooth
in and you know
uh just driving along having this ch
chat so he knew that i was
doing something political so he started
talking to me and he’s like we got to do
something about weed in this state i’m
like well let’s start talking about this
absolutely that’s that’s exactly what we
ran through is that
you know
it’s just it’s funny to talk to these to
some of these
uh you know everyday citizens that you
know they’re interested in the you know
like they they want they want this to
pass and yet you know it’s one person’s
um and they have the votes that they
could have overturned her
they could have overruled her veto and
they did they just didn’t even try it
was ridiculous right
so it’s me it’s medical only there
because you said about diagnosis
okay so it’s medical moment okay um
i was shocked it was anything honestly
and then you said we’re only allowed
five dispensaries i was like whoa what
you it’s it’s bad it’s it’s poor very
poor very very embarrassing i think
right yeah when florida first uh
introduced it here when when they first
introduced it um
it couldn’t be anything smokable uh i
think all of the providers
all of the providers had to be
it had to be grown here in the state of
uh it had to be grown here in the state
of florida in a
i’m blanking on the word where they grow
but at one of those that had been open
for 25 years or more and continuously
operating as a
place that grows plants
like when and people read it and they’re
like yeah that makes sense but then when
you look at it it was only like one
there was only like they the way that
they worded it it was like one maybe two
companies in the entire state that were
then legal to grow
uh for medical purposes
no greenhouse is not the right word but
that’s where my head kept going
thank you steve south i appreciate it
but no that’s not it um
my wife and i are trying to
um do it we want to do a business
expense and go around and
go to colorado california
hit up some of these places with the
dispensaries and do some research so
that the day it becomes legal here we’re
ready to go we can start our own shop
yeah and um
i might wait for summer for this
me personally but go check out the uh
dispensaries up in alaska uh i spent
some time up there a couple of years ago
spent summer up there and um
they’re doing it right
i recommend summer that’s me yeah
you may like frigid cold and darkness
like what change like how would your
business change if if medical uh if
marijuana consumption was legalized
across the board
would you see any changes or would it
not really affect you
i don’t know how much it would affect it
truthfully i don’t think much would
other than the fact that you know we’re
trying we would
you know look into this branching out of
another type of business
but i’ve taken people to the dispensary
here um you know that have a medical
condition so they could go on everything
and so it’s a medical ride like going to
the pharmacy
um so i’ve done that a few times but
um no i don’t i don’t think much would
in in the terms of our actual business
other than um issues with since we have
state contracts we have to you know do
drug tests and certain things on our
and so you know
beginning of the month hey by the end of
the month you need to pass this test
i don’t believe in randoms or any of
that stuff so they get the one once a
year just to keep everything happy with
the state
right you know
yeah just kidding the fbi watching
we we have a fbi or a cia agent
who watches all of these programs were
certain and initially we named him
just because we figured we’d give him a
name uh and then anytime we had
technical issues we just blamed it on
stephen and then people started thinking
stephen was like our producer who was
like running all of this
and so anytime something would mess up
we just be like oh stephen and they’re
like you need to find a different
what oh
yeah we need to fire steven
so now whenever we hire somebody to like
work on the website or do anything we’re
like are you okay with being called
steven because that is all we’re gonna
call you
it’s a it’s it’s an interview question
that we have in our
in our system
i’m going to jump out on a limb here and
uh let me know if i’m crossing a line
but i’m i’m assuming that
one of your planks or one of the things
that you are trying to uh promote is
educating your community on gsm issues
yeah so gsm gender and sexual minorities
um just because i’m sure some people
don’t know what that is right there
umbrella term for the
alpha lgbtq a aip
oh yeah
so yeah it was lgbtqa
i was going to say it was i was going to
say it was lgbtq aaaip because i
memorized it and then they oh there’s a
number in there too you forgot yeah a
couple there’s two or three t’s there’s
an eye
they changed everything up on me and i
was like i can’t keep up anymore i i was
doing my best for a while so when i
found out about gsm gender and sexual
minorities i was
this is all i’m going to call it from
now on
yeah the amazing thing is is that i get
more pushback on using that in the lgbt
community than i do
in the general population which is
kind of ironic because
you’d think that they would like having
one easy term but right it’s an
all-encompassing umbrella term
i mean it makes sense to me but
yeah a lot of what i want to do um is
either come up with uh low-cost ways to
just make things more fair uh one of the
ideas that i was thinking of is
in the state of iowa
um any single stall bathroom
it should just be gender neutral i mean
why do we have two bathrooms that have a
locking door there’s nobody that can
come in and do it who cares who was in
there before you who cares who’s in
there after you why do we have one for
men and one for women why can’t they
both just be gendered
and so a very low cost to the business
you just have to swap out a sign
um make some people feel more
comfortable and nobody else really cares
that much right so
um that’s you know come up with little
ideas like that just make things a
little bit better um and then beyond
that my biggest goal with anything ever
since the day i transitioned was to show
that we are
normal people
you know i mean i
run a business i care about my employees
you know won’t worry about paying my
bills i let you know i feed and water my
dog same thing as everything else you
know i
have kids that i had to you know get to
bed before
you know i could come on here just like
you did and everything else i mean we’re
we we deal with the exact same thing we
just have this one other issue that you
know we also deal with it makes us
unique and each person is unique so
and yeah and
um i don’t
i don’t know if you’ve watched the dave
the dave chappelle special the closer
the one that i haven’t he doesn’t bother
me but i haven’t watched it
so they’re in it he tells i’m gonna
spoil the out of it for some people
and he tells a story about a uh comedian
that was
uh she was a trans woman and um
met her
they kind of they hit it off and she was
like i want to be a stand-up comedian
just like you and so the next time he
was going out there he said hey do you
want to open for me and she was like yes
and she
bombed massively like just
terribly bumped
um and then he does his bit he does his
and she’s in the front row watching and
just laughing and having a good time
like she hadn’t just
bombed miserably and she started
interacting with dave while he was well
he was up there and i’m gonna butcher
the line but so he started asking
questions about um
her experience as a trans woman and you
know what that was like and they were
going back and forth and he said you
know i just i’m sorry i just don’t get
and she looked at him and like all this
like all of the laughter kind of left
her face and she said she said i’m not
asking you to get it i’m asking you to
understand that i am a person who is
going through things
and i thought that it was a very
poignant way to put it like it doesn’t
matter if you get it it doesn’t it’s we
are talking about individuals we’re
talking about people and no matter what
all people
deserve respect and liberty and freedom
and outside of that
like if you give people respect liberty
and freedom
you don’t have to worry about anything
else like
nobody’s going to be
upset if you are
where people get upset is where you’re
trying to take things from them where
you’re saying you know
where you’re saying
the the situation that you brought up if
a place has
two single stall bathrooms and one’s
labeled man one one’s labeled woman why
does it matter which one you go in like
i have definitely been in places like
and had to go to the bathroom so bad i
went into the one that wasn’t labeled
because i had to go well
we’ve all done it i mean right
it so why have the two different like
you can just keep it
you can just keep it neutral where
anybody can go into whichever one they
want and it won’t matter
and it will make
and i don’t know what the percentage of
the community in iowa is trans but no
matter what you’re keeping those people
you’re showing them just that slight bit
more of respect where they don’t have to
worry about it and they can
live slightly freer knowing that they
can just go into the bathroom without
people you know giving them a hard time
or looking at them or weird or whatever
the issue
and it just seems like a very simple
solution to something that shouldn’t be
that big of an issue
right yeah i mean and that’s that’s one
one thing when somebody
when it was pitched to me um i think i
think the first time i ever heard it was
from one iowa which is the uh the g you
know the lgbt the gsm um
advocacy group here in iowa um that’s
that’s what they they um pride
themselves on and i was kind of doing
some research of what what policies and
procedures and stuff like that are they
looking for as i was thinking of running
and that was one of them that they said
and i was like well that makes perfect
sense like there’s no cost to like
there’s you just change the sign and you
just take you take it down you just take
down the sign i mean you don’t even have
to buy a new one
exactly like it’s
there’s nothing there’s there’s almost
no cost to that and the other big one
here in iowa is um that i think is
important and i think it’s just letting
people know
conversion therapy is still legal in
this in this state
um and
and that’s that’s absolutely ridiculous
i mean it’s 20 21 and for anybody that
doesn’t know it’s listening conversion
therapy is where you basically try to
torture well
try to torture somebody um it’s
basically a form of torture but um you
try to force them to no longer be gay or
trans or
or whatever they they feel like they are
in that
alphabet too but you try to force them
to be what they aren’t uh through
torture methods
right um yeah the
anybody who’s listening that’s what they
said mike pence was
all for his conversion was conversion
therapy i
i did i didn’t look that much into it i
just thought the joke was funny because
i think he’s obviously gay
but yeah not like that’s shocking that
it’s still i mean
um you mentioned i don’t know how
prevalent it really is
right the fact that it’s still legal
come on
you know right just get get it off of
the books don’t right don’t let anybody
fall on it um
we are got a couple more minutes uh so
somebody i don’t know who it is i gotta
scroll up here uh we had a comment a
little bit ago and i want to get your
opinion on this um because i have my own
opinions on this um
we all have our opinions that’s why
we’re libertarians it’s true yeah uh
somebody named tony mackin
uh sorry for the non-sequitur please
pardon my ignorance can someone tell me
why convention of the states isn’t being
blasted everywhere um what what is your
opinion on having a convention of the
what do you what is
okay so the convention of the states is
where um the states the governors and
state leaders would get together to
change the constitution outside of
congress yeah it’s been so long since
we’ve done one of those that you know
that i had to ask what it was right i
think that’s absolutely necessary i mean
there’s i think there’s at least
three to four
um amendments that i think
uh need need to go out there um
iowa is working uh
slowly but we’re working in the right
direction to become a sanctuary state
uh for two for for uh 2a okay for gun
rights um you know so we wouldn’t have
basically all
unconstitutional gun laws would be
illegal here which is pretty much
unenforceable because the federal
government can come in and still arrest
you but
it’s a good way to make that stand and i
want to say we’re number
maybe 11 of the states that have already
done this
um you know so we’re starting to get up
there in numbers already i mean having a
convention to you know actually discuss
why this is important and things i think
would be
would be fantastic
so i did this is going to be the first
time in this interview i have disagreed
with you um
i i am not a fan of an idea of the
convention of the states
it’s been a long time since we’ve had
one uh the most famous convention of the
states we’ve ever had was the convention
of the states where we got rid of the
articles of confederation and changed it
to the constitution and the articles of
confederation were a it was a much
stronger document that gave state rights
stronger state rights to the states it
wasn’t just
the 10th amendment anything not covered
here is covered by the states and the
federal government
unless necessary whatever it says
before it was much stronger the states
had a lot more uh sovereignty
and when you call a convention of the
states you aren’t looking at one issue
you’re looking at the entire thing so
you’re gonna have states arguing to
change the first the second the third
the fourth the fifth the sixth
all of them um and
because of history
and how government is now looking at
history just from the articles of
confederation to the constitution the
watering down of the message between
those two documents
the watering down of the message between
those two documents i would be terrified
to see
what the leaders today
would think would equate to liberty and
justice for all
so that’s i am again i’m against the
idea um i always like to hear other
people’s opinions on it
um yeah no i mean it i mean it comes it
comes almost from the same idea of what
i was saying where you know um
there’s several states that are you know
go already going you know to a sanctuary
or whatnot well there’s also several
states out there that are
um you know are shutting down
any gun laws and shutting or shutting
down all guns and shutting down free
speech and shutting down this and that
right and so that just i mean
and if we if we have a good point it’s
not something that i thought about
right and it like if we have the
constitution that guarantees free speech
and you know the second the the right to
bear arms shall not be infringed and you
so many others have got a cup that has
them all right there and they all fade
away when it gets hot because you don’t
have them anymore if the government can
sit there and say well we’re just going
to pass this law it doesn’t it doesn’t
violate the it doesn’t violate the
amendment uh because you’re still
allowed to own weapons you just can’t
have these weapons or if they can
if if they can do that now
whatever loopholes
would be thrown in today
would make it where we would just i i
believe we just quickly erode on
freedoms across the board
and so i am not a fan of the idea but
it’s just somebody asked it and i was
like that’s a really good question that
i love answering
um so we are just about out of time but
um how is it that folks can find out
more about your campaign about your
platforms give you give you monies
yeah so uh website um
it’s jenny for iowa
with the number four so j-e-n-i for
you can go on there um we’re also on all
forms of social media uh twitter
facebook instagram
i think we have a tick tock i’m kind of
scared to get on that but
i like to watch it but i’m i feel like
i’m too old to actually participate i i
understand the feeling
i understand the feeling there uh
and is that jenny for iowa on those as
okay so
on facebook on uh on facebook on twitter
jenny jenny the number for iowa um do
you do you have any events coming up uh
anywhere people can come meet you in
iowa right now
right now we’re kind of in a little bit
of a holding pattern um we made our
announcement uh before we had districts
uh we were in a redistricting so uh we
thought they were gonna go with the
first map so we we planned the event uh
that we were going to um
gonna do the announcement and then uh
they voted against it and so it’s too
late to change the plans so
um we just found out about a week ago uh
which uh which district we’re actually
in and so now we’re
now that we actually know the exact
lines and everything
we’re just now starting to remove with
everything with uh getting us
moving forward so
well good good well i’m glad they’ve got
redistricting finished i’m certain there
nothing there
quick plug for iowa apparently iowa is
one of the
most neutral states when it comes to
redistricting out of all of them that
they pitch it to
um a board of people that’s made of
three republicans three democrats and
three independents
they come back with a map and that gets
voted yes or no there’s no changes just
yes or no
if it’s voted no they do it again and
then if they vote no on the second one
whatever the third map is that’s voted
on by these nine people is just the map
so kind of giving a little bit of
pressure to like take that second map if
anything else you know right
so right because they know they they at
least know what it’s going to look like
right as opposed to like a skateboarding
rabbit is one of the districts
it was but it was pretty interesting to
watch it happen and watch it kind of
unfold i really have never paid
attention to it
before so it was kind of neat
to watch it and they they carved out a
brand new district just for me so
you know i’ve already met with my
potential republican and my potential
uh opponents uh trying to convince them
not to run so
is it so is this going to be november
next year i can’t believe i didn’t ask
that question earlier uh
all right so so november first tuesday
in november next year if you are in the
iowa region of these united states
in what district
would be district 40 or zero district
40. okay if you are in the district 40
of the iowa region of these united
states you should vote for jenny
uh all the way to the end all the way
yeah as soon as i started that battalion
yeah as soon as it started leaving my
mouth i was like nope that’s not right
jenny cadle
well jenny thank you so much for coming
on i appreciate it um
if you need anything from us here at
muddy waters please don’t uh hesitate to
reach out uh you know you have our
support and we
are rooting for you in district 40 in
iowa um next year and we look forward to
watching your campaign as it unfolds
over the next
literally year
right yes yeah pretty much yep thank you
i really appreciate it um i know uh
spike’s gonna be here at our convention
in january if uh if you tag along that’d
be pretty awesome to kind of meet you in
person but
i’ll i’ll see it that really
is 100 dependent on the uh lp state
on whether or not i come
um so if they if your state chair is
like yeah we want him here and
will pay for me to fly there because i
don’t make a lot of money
not a lot of money in podcasting don’t
know if you know that um
no it’s weird
not a lot of money in taxi either
but i’d be more than happy to uh come
um but yeah thank thank you so much for
your time um i’m gonna close out the
show if you wanna hang out for a couple
minutes afterwards uh be my guest but if
you have to go also understand
all right thank you all so much for
tuning in to this wonderful episode
80 of the time i said jenny’s last name
i tried to get it all all of the times
but i did not
um now before we go i said that we were
going to go into something uh at the
beginning i just want to say
anybody out there that feels as though
this new osha regulation that has come
out is um
one of the greatest approach to
liberty in our lifetime uh second to
maybe only the patriot act um
what you can do
is call your senators
call your senators and say that they
need to vote on a congressional review
of this act
um if 51 of them say that it is not
constitutional or that they shouldn’t do
it um
it will go away
i think that there’s probably 50
republicans that will vote against it
just because
they’re republicans and that’s the team
that’s not winning right now uh so if
you can get one democrat this is this is
the easiest quickest way to get it
overturned instead of waiting for the
supreme court who may or may not
overturn it um
easiest thing you can do call your
senators and uh ask them for a
congressional review of this act
uh easiest thing you can do people um
don’t have a sh uh we’re there’s not
gonna be a muddied waters of freedom
next week so we are not going to be uh
going into this next week so you’re
gonna have to wait until after south
carolina to learn more about it
but um
food for thought for anybody out there
who is uh thinking about
hating this thing as much as i do
um because man
oh like when i found out when i started
reading it earlier today and i’m gonna
have to read all of it uh this week
uh i was livid so
congressional review call your senators
congressional review and
best thing that we can do right now
thank you all so much for tuning in on
the wonderful
thursday night uh tomorrow you can tune
in for cajun and eskimo who let’s give
it up for eskimo with how she did on uh
my fellow americans last night she was
fantastic as a guest host
on my fellow americans uh big shout out
to eskimo libertarian uh she is one of
the linchpins of this organization and i
eternally grateful that she is part of
muddied waters media uh so occasionally
eskimo tomorrow night 9 30 eastern uh
right here
then spike is
in new york doing things this weekend so
i’m certain you’ll be able to catch tons
of content from him and then on monday
there will be no mr mark of the bearded
truth but instead there will be an
episode of liberty
round table starting at seven o’clock
seven o’clock eastern liberty round
table uh and then on tuesday
there may not be a muddied waters of
i believe
that everybody’s favorite
co-hosting duo
will be putting something on
um for the second time
so uh tune in
next tuesday at eight o’clock in order
to find out what i mean by that
and then next wednesday spike is still
new york so i don’t believe he is going
to be having my fellow americans uh but
next thursday you can join me right back
here right before i leave for south
carolina um for another episode of the
writer’s block where paul robbins is
going to be my guest very excited to get
paul on um it’s going to be a fantastic
episode and then next weekend the
weekend well yeah next weekend um
spike jason me maybe some other people
all together in south carolina
for a fantabulous grandiose episode um
and possibly if you are one of those
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little knowledge
um so
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and um everybody out there have a
fantabulous day i totally forgot to do a
fact of the week so
nope i did the ritz cracker one last
triscuits uh triscuits
the name triscuit
comes from being the first bakery to
make crackers
that used electricity
they were known as the electric
which turned into triscuit
look it up
it’s true have a great weekend
i will see you all
next thursday on the writer’s block uh
but until then
i am matt wright and you are perfect
just the way you are

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