The Wrighter’s Block Episode 65 – Martha Bueno Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Martha Bueno is running for County Board of Miami-Dade County in Florida, as well as being a hemp farmer. She believes the fastest route to independent wealth is through real estate investments, and we will discuss how you can achieve that goal. She is also hosing an #SOScuba rally in Miami September 4th in which a certain 2020 VP candidate will be in attendance.

Episode Transcript

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i’m just very excited about my guest
tonight uh she has been on
muddied waters she’s been on the muddied
waters of freedom she has been on my
fellow americans she is now on the
writer’s block she has been on with the
cajun libertarian uh i think she just
has jason left and then she will have
like run the gambit of every show
on muddied waters media
my guest needs absolutely zero
introduction everybody out there knows
her everybody out there loves her please
welcome with me
the wonderful the indelible martha buena
hi how are you
thank you so much yeah no absolutely
thank you for taking the time to spend
here with me on a thursday evening
before your show you have a show at nine
and you’re just going back to back
what we do it’s what we do for freedom
it is what we do for that is accurate
that is what we do for freedom um
the way the way i usually like to start
off most of my interviews is
i like to ask my guest
how it is that they came to the liberty
movement or they came to uh become a
libertarian and i’m certain that you
have told this story a thousand times at
this point but uh
one more is not going to hurt you so how
is it that you got here
how i got here i was a republican my
parents were republican you know it’s
like the uh it’s the latin thing to do
um we’re either
lifelong uh republicans or lifelong
democrats and you don’t move from that
camp my parents were lifelong
and um i voted for george w the first
you know yeah
you know and then immediately thereafter
we had 911 and then we went to war and i
couldn’t get the concept of why we were
going to war like it just didn’t make
sense if people from saudi arabia had
attacked the united states why we were
going to afghanistan it just the whole
story never quite added up
and so i
realized after a while that i’m not down
with war i just don’t think that it’s
it was the right move i didn’t i
couldn’t get behind it and i started
questioning whether i was a republican
or not and
um i have an uncle that was like i think
you’re a libertarian and i was like a
i’ve never heard of the liverton party
back in uh 2000 2001 and so i did a
little bit of research and i was like
yeah this is this is the place for me i
didn’t actually switch my registration
um over i went npa and then
became an official libertarian in 2016.
yeah so that’s that’s not too far off
from my story because i also
voted for w
and uh
i also yeah i also voted for w and uh
it wasn’t i so you got there a little
bit quicker than me because i like i
knew i wasn’t a republican um i knew i
wasn’t republican but i knew i
definitely wasn’t a democrat and uh i
ended up taking like a world’s smallest
political quiz and i like i got
libertarian like hardcore libertarian
and i had to ask my dad i was like
dad what’s what’s a libertarian and he
was like it’s a republican who smokes
weed just vote republican and i was like
all right
and um then after i was doing more
research i was like yeah i am a
libertarian and then
after that it was
just libertarian libertarian libertarian
but i didn’t actually switch my
registration until 14 i think when i
moved to florida i mean
it’s like a thing right you’re like i’m
not really a libertarian at least you
it’s kind of like a
it’s not the cool thing it wasn’t the
cool thing to be so i was like uh and
then i um i started i actually went to
gary johnson’s inauguration party in
albuquerque new mexico in 2016. that day
i had you know work the election polls
um i actually got like gary johnson’s
home district and i kept meeting like
people that knew him and they’re like
he’s such a cool guy i was like great so
you’re voting for him and they’re like
oh no
i have to vote for either trump or
hillary whoever you know and i was like
no but you know the man right i thought
for sure he’d win you know new mexico
and so then i got really involved with
the libertarian party of miami-dade
and became the vice chair and in order
to become the vice chair i had to
switch my registration right become a
yeah so i so i moved down to florida in
yeah because yes the red sox won the
world series that year that’s how i
remember that um so i moved down here in
2013 and 2014 was when i started getting
involved in the pinellas county uh
libertarian party
and i had gone to like a few meetings
they immediately asked me to be the
secretary they were like you should be
the secretary because you are hilarious
in the notes that you take during
meetings which is funny because i don’t
take notes during work meetings but i
wasn’t these and um
and so they made me secretary but i had
to switch my registration uh over to
being a libertarian so
that’s how i became how they get you it
is for anyone watching if you go to if
you show up to a libertarian party
meeting you are going to be dragged
drafted into chair vice chair secretary
something like that’s how they get you
that is that’s that’s how they increase
their registration is they just give you
a position and say but if you want it
you need to switch your registration
over and you’re like okay cool and then
years later you just never switch it
um yeah i mean i was vice chair for four
years here i am
so going
right exactly
so um
currently you are running for county
of miami-dade county commission county
commissioner yeah i
it’s okay i can’t keep them straight
either it’s fine i’m already a
community council member so it’s it’s
just a little bit of a step up but yeah
it’s a commissioner it’s a it’s a big
very cool and so how i know that uh
you’re doing a lot of work with people
for liberty and um
that they’re doing work they’re helping
you out on your campaign so how’s like
how’s the campaign going what’s it
looking like for you
it is well i’m still a year and a half
away from open elections so i wasn’t
sure if it was this year or if it was
twenty twenty two okay but it is like i
said it’s a big seat um usually the
people who win raise over half a million
dollars so
you know it i knew coming in that um not
having the republican or democrat
establishment behind me even though it
is a non-partisan seat
i was going to have a lot of work
an uphill battle if you will right so i
wanted to make sure i got in really
early and started early and uh just you
working hard right and i mean that’s
what it takes like that
what i learned from my numerous
campaigns that i’ve worked on um the
person and i’ve worked on you know
campaigns for democrats and for
republicans and for liberty like i’ve
worked on a bunch of campaigns if i
believe in a candidate i will work on
their campaign for them um i just
usually pick libertarians to work on uh
because i agree with them the most um
right but the people who knock on the
most doors will win elections like these
uh not so much in like your
in like uh the presidential election or
the senate those those are you gotta
knock on like every door and you have to
talk to everybody but for the more
state-centric and county-centric whoever
knocks on the most doors wins
um so how it like how’s your ground game
like do you have a lot of people out
doing the door knocking for you or
um not yet no we i have no yeah i guess
it’s a year and a half away yeah i guess
i was thinking it was in november so i
had like all of these things ready
no no no i haven’t quite started that
but um to be honest the campaign is
great and fine and dandy but i’m really
working on an issue that’s near and dear
to my heart and is really important to
my community which is the issues going
on in latin america right now
specifically cuba yes i happen to be
cuban and i just set up an initiative to
get medicine
with the help of people for liberty that
you just mentioned to get medicine to
cubans um on the island because the
health care system has completely
collapsed and they are desperate
and so um this initiative i hope gets me
closer to my community as well right um
so it’s kind of a double
you know it serves dual purpose i
actually get to do something that helps
people and also brings me closer to my
community so
i had like
when all of this the uprising and all
the issues in cuba were happening uh you
you saw it everywhere but as of late you
haven’t seen a whole lot about it in the
news you’ve got afghanistan going on
you’ve got president biden constantly
making flubs um
you’ve got uh coronavirus like
everywhere uh so
can you give us a quick re
we all know about like what happened
where are we now with how everything is
going because uh like i’ve i’ve tried to
research this and you can’t really find
right right i know
not on the news i mean anywhere
so if you can give us an update on
everything that’s going on in cuba right
now uh so that way people have an
understanding of what’s going on like we
all knew at the beginning but now we
don’t have a clue um
and that’s coming from a person who
reads news constantly so if you can give
us an update on everything going on
right now like i think that would help
out people a lot
absolutely so um
you know don’t feel bad it’s not on the
news you need to speak spanish and
probably be cuban to be following stuff
most of the news i get comes directly
from the island um because i’m in a
boatload of chats with cubans
both here in new york and on the island
so um that’s where i get the vast
majority of the news what’s going on
the uprising started they started
organically on july 11
and it was magical to see uh cuba’s very
like for people who aren’t as familiar
with cuba think north korea no
information really gets out
um people
can’t really do much it’s very
repressive regime so on the 11th of july
they caught the government by a surprise
by just
protests starting all over the place um
i want to say was spontaneous but it
wasn’t it was coordinated people kept
hearing that they were going out to
protest and so more people would come
and we had over 40 protests across the
island which is the first time in the
history of cuba that that ever happened
and um the main reason that it was able
to happen was because they now have
access to the internet and everybody has
a gadget this came about after 2018. so
it’s it’s very slow in in in taking off
um and then the cuban government yeah
they the first day they kind of didn’t
know where to go they caught him off
guard day two they knew exactly where
they were going and they were going to
repress people there are over 800 people
who have gone missing and or um
we can’t find them we don’t know exactly
what’s going on with them
um there’s tons of people that have died
the cuban government sent in the black
berets which is their top
repressive source
and they would go into people’s homes
take young
especially young boys
15 16 year old into forced military
service uh there’s tons of videos of
them going into people’s homes and just
uh the people inside the home i mean
i know that you know people hear these
stories like that can’t possibly be true
it is true it’s true um
it is true it is absolutely horrific and
so people are really scared at this
point um the medical system in cuba has
completely collapsed there’s no ifs ands
or buts about it at this point there’s
very few people who are still saying but
cuba is the most
wonderful healthcare system i mean they
most cubans don’t have access to basics
they don’t have access to
thailand like things to lower your fever
so you think in the middle of a pandemic
while covet is running rampant um there
are nothing i mean you can’t go to a
hospital in cuba and get attention
there’s no medical uh there’s no oxygen
on the island at this point um or very
little of it left like as in oxygen for
hospitals i obviously there were i was
like i was like
i always knew communist regimes were bad
but they’re they’re pulling the uh the
space balls where they’re just taking
the oxygen from people that’s
in the hospitals and the hospitals they
don’t have oxygen um you know there’s
there’s very few antibiotics antibiotics
are selling for crazy amounts of money
so azithromycin which you can get here
in the u.s for under ten dollars right
uh in cuba is selling on the black
market for over three hundred dollars
and that’s if you can find it they just
you know keep in mind that their monthly
salary is about forty dollars so
you know it’s it’s your yearly salary
pretty much and if you if you have uh
you know some condition that needs
uh antibiotics it’s
the situation is pretty dire and the
cuban government came out and said hey
everyone if you want uh to send you know
we need things if you want to send it go
ahead and send it we are open for
business just send us all your
humanitarian aid we promise we’ll take
it and then they canceled pretty much
all flights
and so we
how do you solve this problem right they
need things we have things we want to
send them things and then it is
very incredibly difficult it’s taking
about three months to get medicine onto
the island so if i send
stuff today
maybe by christmas they’ll have it
and and that’s like
as libertarians we always kind of talk
about how bad communist regimes are and
you’ve always got you know that that
person at the bar at the kava bar that i
hang out at or you know at school or
wherever that you know the actually
real communism blah blah blah um
and they never tasted i saw that meme in
my head as you said that actually
which is funny because i know a guy who
says it like that and i always try to do
his voice anytime i do
they never take it like they they hear
about what’s going on in cuba and
the same people that’ll say oh they’ve
got the best education educational
system or they’ve got the best health
care system down there or you know
whatever and they’ll hear about this
stuff that’s going on and immediately
they switch from this is the best to
well that’s not real communism right
right it’s not real communism it’s right
and if real communism has ever been
tried whatever um
like ever again it’s been a while since
i’ve heard anything about cuba because
new news cycles in america
are like
we need kim kardashian to go back to
cuba but like actually the real cuba not
the cuba that she went to which is
havana this very small touristy area
where you know you can go and
everything’s fine right um she needs to
go back there so that people care
i wasn’t going to say this but somebody
in the comments um
xv passivevx
on youtube says the us gov let’s talk
about the us government shutting down
american citizens wanting to help cuba
is that an issue that you’ve been
okay absolutely so that is a big issue
so um you know
back in 1994 we had the brothers to the
it was an organization their whole
mission was to educate cubans about the
realities of the islands because i think
it’s hard for people in america to
understand what it’s like to live in a
regime again very much like north korea
north koreans aren’t aware
how the rest of the world operates right
they’re not they don’t understand that
we have cell phones and and um you know
you can just go to supermarket and buy
whatever food you want whenever you want
you know um it’s the same in cuba now
they’re finding out because they have
cell phones they have access to the
outside world but back in 1994 they
didn’t have it so brothers to the rescue
their mission was to drop leaflets
into uh cuban airspace and have it drop
down so people could read about the
realities of the world and those planes
got shot down
um and the uh
they were killed i think it was two
people on that plane and so president
clinton wrote
um a proclamation eight six eight seven
um that
i’m sorry six eight six seven six eight
six okay yeah that um
blocks u.s citizens from
leaving the u.s any u.s port in on your
way to cuba so you don’t even have to
make it to cuba just the intent of
leaving the united states is enough to
be convicted for up to 10 years uh given
a fine of 25 000 a day and they can take
your vessel
this is our free country free country
yeah or is going to shut us down and
that’s before you even make it there and
the cuban government has the opportunity
to seize your vessel and take you
hostage and whatever else you know so
if you even leave you have a problem so
yeah i mean we’re being blocked but but
the real problem and i i do have a
problem with people telling me about how
um the cuban government does all these
or the american government is
responsible sorry uh for all these
things there is an embargo the embargo
against cuba is against them getting
credit from the united states they have
to buy things in cash the united states
is the number one uh place where they
get medicine where cubans get medicine
they have to import over 80 percent of
their goods uh because there is no
industry and this is a problem with
socialism we know uh things start
falling apart we’re seeing it in
venezuela as well so they need to import
over 80 percent of what they get
um and so
the reality is it’s not the united
states that keeps them in this condition
as i mentioned earlier they don’t allow
planes to land so the united states is
people like myself we’re saying hey we
want to send you goods and they’re like
yeah but you have to get it here somehow
and by the way there’s no planes and by
the way there’s no cargo and if you
manage to send cargo uh make sure to
send it only to a person that you know
like you have to send 22 pounds is a
maximum that you can send to per to a
person if you send a cargo ship
if you send a container full the
government will just seize it and use it
for their own sake so it’s
and and you know it’s funny because they
do this all the time they sell all the
humanitarian aid that you know countries
like mexico and the us and wherever
we’re sending humanitarian aid from the
to cuba they keep it and they sell it in
their dollar stores well now it’s euro
stores but it used to be the dollar
stores right so
yeah and it’s not dollar stores like
here in the us where it’s one dollar i
mean like dollars and they can pay if
they have dollars got okay i was like
okay so they’ve got like their dollar
generals or but no no but no
it’s if you have cash you can buy things
yeah gotcha okay yeah because the other
stores are like they have this booklet
that you’re entitled to buy
um you know like x number of pounds of
rice or x number pounds of beans per
month and they like mark it off you
still have to buy that with cash but
that you can buy with cuban money
gotcha so are are people still like
protesting in the streets or has like
the cuban military basically shut that
down because we aren’t hearing about it
as much anymore
there’s a few protests that have
happened but um
people were given summary uh sentencing
for protesting um including children i
mean i’ve i know of several 16 17 year
old girls
that are that were given year sentences
in cuba
for protesting for just being there for
just being there on july 11 they have
gotten a year some a year sentence
i was gonna say for the simple crime of
wanting to get out of your house
and like see something that’s out of the
usual you got a year sentence
at the age of 16 or 17. yeah or 17. yeah
there’s at least i believe four
that i know of confirmed i think there
are more
you know but yeah people have been given
really harsh sentences uh you can you
know anybody can do a google search and
just look online the um there’s several
pages on especially instagram instagram
is great um and they have lots of videos
of people just getting beaten up in
their own homes for again the crime of
having gone to the protest on july 11th
they’re you know
there’s a problem in cuba
and um people are scared people really
are scared to go out so
it’s tough i mean it’s tough to to
it’s tough for them it’s really a
difficult situation when you’re
you’re getting in trouble you’re getting
your sentences for
going out and protesting so you lose the
interest in protesting
yeah and and yeah that makes sense um
i i like i i i under i definitely
understand that thought process where
it’s like well
why do i want to do this if i’m just
gonna disappear from my family for a
year or more or forever um like why is
this worth the risk that i’m taking um
so i i do get that thought process
i know that uh when you were
you’re my are you were born in miami
i was born in miami but you spent
a number of years in venezuela
which you say much nicer than i say than
i just say venezuela you when you say it
sounds poetic um
so can you
can you tell me a little bit about what
the experience in venezuela was like
when you were growing up there because i
imagine and this could just be my
ignorance but i imagine that that would
be very similar to what it would be like
growing up in cuba
or was that completely different
it was different only because i lived in
venezuela prior to
the regime change okay so um i had been
going back and forth to venezuela my
whole life i was actually born in the
u.s but my parents were living in
venezuela so
we were all u.s citizens my parents were
u.s citizens i was not an anchor baby
um i went to venezuela for the first
time when i was nine days old so that’s
just to tell you like i’ve been back and
forth to this country my you know pretty
much my whole life okay um and i left
when i was about 15 which is in the 90s
don’t do the math i’m old um and
and um
right before i left i left when um
hugo like right before hugo chavez took
over after his first attempt against the
president of venezuela at the time
growing up there was wonderful venezuela
was a
very prosperous country there was a lot
of problems i’m not saying it was
perfect um but it was the petroleum
capital of the world um you know p
there were a lot of poor there’s a lot
of poverty
in latin america in general venezuela is
no exception
but the difference between what you can
see now in venezuela and what i grew up
with is night and day venezuela has
completely collapsed uh to you know it
only took venezuela 20 years to get
where cuba is now in 60. so
um they’re on a
downward spiral
very quick but it’s the same situation
there’s no freedom
inflation is you know
thousands percent uh every year it’s
people can’t afford to live there’s no
uh things don’t work the oil capital of
the world doesn’t have any oil right
it’s a disaster it really is um
socialism communism is the fastest way
to go from you know prosperity great
society to
right start
star trek lied to all of us
i know that this weekend you have a big
event coming up uh on september 4th at
tell me to do it yes please
i wrote it down somewhere and i scrolled
and now it’s going
so spike is here which is super exciting
right uh or he should be arriving today
i think
i think
i’m not sure on his schedule anyways i
was gonna say i just talked to him and
he’s still in south carolina so
oh okay well then tomorrow i don’t know
his i don’t know his um schedule but
tomorrow night in broward county we have
an event supporting mike tremont’s
campaign nice um so we have a dinner
tomorrow and then the next day spike is
gonna get so sick of seeing my face then
the next day we have
we have uh
a rally a cuban
cuban slash freedom rally uh of course
we’re including nicaragua and venezuela
and this these countries are really
hurting i know i’ve only been talking
about uh cuba and venezuela right now
but nicaragua is another one that’s
on fire i mean they they have eight
presidential candidates currently in
like they just rounded them up and threw
them all in jail and other news that you
don’t hear about in us news so nicaragua
the dictatorship just decided to throw
eight people into jail because they were
running for president okay so in all
fairness what i heard when you said that
was these people were so corrupt that
they threw them in jail because i was
like i would
i was thinking it for like free country
like the way i see it like oh these guys
are corrupt let’s throw them in jail no
it’s the other way it’s the government
is so corrupt they’re throwing
candidates into they’re throwing any
viable candidate into jail because they
can’t lie and say oh no we’re we’re
having actual elections and then we’re
gonna win so when they realize that they
possibly might not win
you know what’s the easiest way they
just rounded everybody up and threw them
into jail so this is a freedom rally for
anyone everyone is welcome if you like
freedom come to it it’s gonna be on
saturday from five to eight at reuben
dario park in miami and then immediately
following that we’re gonna have a very
small intimate dinner with spike or with
tasha’s spouse
tasha’s husband here
good old tasha
exactly and then the following day on
sunday we’re going shooting which you
know you can’t get any more libertarian
guns and
shooting range and spike and what more i
mean from what i understand uh that i
saw online anyway i think you posted it
uh you you’ve recently discovered you’re
really good at archery
i did like can i brag for a minute
please you have to understand i am the
worst at any sport if there is a sport i
am i was the last one picked my whole
life like i’ve never been good at
something and we go to this shooting
range which happens to have an archery
range as well and they’re like trying to
upsell us the archery and i’m like no no
we don’t need that we just need guns
we’re libertarians and they’re like you
have to try the archery range it’s so
much fun i was like fine
and we try it and on my first time you
know i
had a bullseye i was like
we definitely have to do this
just because i’m good at it there’s
something i’m good at in this world
there are a lot of things you are good
at in this world you are a fantastic
messenger for liberty for liberty and uh
you are a fantastic voice for all of the
cuban people and all all of the uh latin
people across the world who are
searching for liberty so i mean i thank
you because uh as somebody as passive on
youtube said between facebook bands and
cuba internet censorship you are the
only news outlet we have um because this
you are where i get cuban news from you
and you and zach um your co-host like
you are who we get that news from
because you can’t find it anywhere else
isn’t it amazing it’s it’s i didn’t
study journalism i i mean this is just
kind of like a thing that
zach and i were like hey we should do
this thing we should do this hispanic
outreach thing
and um
i have no skills in this so i thought
thank you i appreciate that
and it’s true like
you are a mess you are a messenger for
liberty on so many different fronts and
uh i’m certain that i am not the first
person to say this but uh we all thank
you for being in this movement because
you do fantastic job at getting the word
of liberty out there um so you are
better than just archery you you have so
many skills i mean sports okay fine i
you know
at least in sports it’s a sport i can
finally do i can finally say it’s my
sport that’s my thing that’s fair i’ll
i’ll give you that because i’ve never
seen you shoot a basketball um
oh you don’t want to see that that’s
really embarrassing trust me you do not
want to see that well
what if we could raise a bunch of money
to watch you shoot hoops um i would oh
my god
please don’t please don’t can we do
archery instead or something
i’ve shot eight arrows in my life okay
so i might suck at the ninth i don’t
so i
i want to give you a chance to uh pitch
everything i know you have a show coming
up in like 14 minutes so uh i want to
give you a chance to pitch that to
everybody pitch everything uh to
everybody before
i let you go so you can get set up for
your show so just give everybody all of
the information that you need to give
them right now and uh
i’ll just say thank you for so much for
spending the time on this thursday with
thank you for having me i appreciate it
so um the most important thing is the
spike events guys come see
spike cohen himself
and tasha i have to say i think tasha is
the bigger draw i think so come see
tasha tasha and i i love tasha we’re
gonna be there come hang out with us
leave spike to the side it’s fine he
doesn’t he doesn’t mind um all of that
information i guess you can get it on
either spikes uh twitter or
pretty much anywhere that you follow me
i’ve posted it to so much that you it’s
just everywhere um
backslash uh spike dinner for the dinner
and spike shooting for the shooting
event sorry one ticket
and then um you can follow me on twitter
martha.18 and um the two shows that we
do uh we do uh libertarian which is the
one i’m about to do right now it’s all
in spanish
and we do latin libertarians on the
youtube and
uh facebook page
beautiful well thank you so much uh
again uh everybody show up to this event
this weekend if you are going to be in
the southern florida region of these
united states uh it’s going to be a
great time you’re going to get uh
you’re going to get martha bueno you’re
going to get tasha you’re going to get
mike termite and
spike will be there um so
i’m back and so
and zach of course yeah i can’t forget
zach we gotta give the girl some eye
candy we’ve got zach we’ve got spike you
know come on
mike tremont
i don’t know if my term has ever been
referred to as that before but good for
him um
hey look we don’t discriminate around
here no there’s something for everyone
that’s right we’ve got a little bit of
everybody in the libertarian party well
again thank you so much uh everybody
tune in to their show in 15 minutes
which is in that’s the one that’s in all
it’s all spanish yeah um those of you
who speak spanish and or want to learn
it tune in
tune in again thank you so much uh good
luck at the event this weekend and i
will talk to you again very soon i am
thank you
thank you
all right thank you so much to martha
bueno for coming on tonight and spending
thursday evening with me even though she
had a show coming up in just a little
she is wonderful and a great voice for
liberty uh for all people um
two everybody else
uh to everybody else um thank you i i am
glad that you all spent the time with me
on this
wonderful and beautiful thursday evening
before it the thursday this is the
friday junior to a long weekend
for many of us for me it’s a little bit
longer because i took tuesday off as
because on tuesday i will be
seven years sober um so i am
very excited about this weekend uh so to
all of you thank you so much for tuning
in now remember
remember that on
friday tomorrow uh cajun and eskimo will
be here on muddy waters media live with
a brand new episode of cajun and eskimo
from bayous to igloos and then
spike will be at the event on saturday
sunday uh down in miami
and on monday
which is labor day i’m not sure if jason
has a show but i’m gonna say he does uh
and you can tune in at eight o’clock for
mr murica the bearded truth where jason
lyon is going to do a deep dive into one
of the issues that is plaguing our
i just got a text from superfan sarah
anderegg about our weekend plans and i’m
not reading that out loud
um but uh
he will be talking taking a deep dive
into one of the issues that is plaguing
our nation today and giving you the
libertarian story on it so that way when
you are out debating with a friend
talking with a friend arguing with a
friend you have the arsenal that you
need in order to
be educated in these debates and topics
then on tuesday join me and spike cohen
right here
ish uh
for a brand new episode of muddied
waters of freedom where spike cohen and
i are gonna parse through the noise
through the news
parcel through the news like the 2020
wonder boys that we are and then on
spike has a
brand new spanking brand new episode of
my fellow americans with corey deangelis
uh and that’s going to be at eight
o’clock next wednesday the 8th
and then
oh sweet
um i just saw who my guest is next week
because i usually don’t look until now
and then next thursday i’ve got magnus
magnus panvidia is going to be on the
writer’s block and i am very excited
about that because that dude is awesome
so tune in next thursday eight o’clock
for magnus panvidia joining me
right here on the writer’s block please
remember to like please remember to
share please remember to
subscribe follow whatever you need to do
to make sure that you never miss an
episode of muddy waters media do that
right now
and if you are one of those old school
listeners who don’t enjoy taking a look
at this wonderful beautiful gorgeous
face that could be talking to you for
this entire hour and you prefer just
hearing the sweet sultry dulced tones of
this voice
i’m getting dirty looks um
go to anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
where you can get all of the audio for
every muddy waters media show
today you can also find us on spotify on
apple music on amazon on
basically any podcasting platform that
is out there uh and you can find us on
youtube we’re on facebook we’re on
twitch we’re on twitter we’re on we’re
basically everywhere there too uh so
tune in to all of that
so how’s everybody’s day is it really
is everybody good i forgot to do part of
my show notes
so i’m just gonna uh
speak slowly for a little bit until i
find what i’m looking for
huh okay so fun fact of the fun fact of
the week
a narwhal’s tusk
this thing right here
this is a jewish narwhal by the way uh
narwhals tusk reveals its past living
condition so much like with the rings of
a tree
you can tell its age and provide clues
to the life it has lived
the tusk of a narwhal so fun fact for
you for the week everybody have a
fantastic weekend uh be sure to tune in
tomorrow night for cajun and eskimo uh
and then enjoy your long weekend and we
will see you right back here on muddy
waters media next
have a fantastic one for muddied wires
media and the writer’s block i am matt
wright and you
are perfect just the way you are
i don’t need anybody’s help
must be
i am
broadcast in the evening news
i will only drag you down
i don’t need anybody’s

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