The Wrighter’s Block Episode 62 – Byron Cabbage Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Byron Cabbage is coordinating an event with Spike Cohen in Kentucky this weekend, and it’s a week filled with fun, networking, and liberty training… plus a potentially embarrassing display of athletic inability.

Tune in to find out more!

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Episode Transcript

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i am
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here on this wonderful and fantastic
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thank you all so much for tuning in um i
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again thank you all for tuning in uh
tonight i have
a very special guest on he is the
affiliate support director for the
libertarian party of kentucky and
the district for at large for the same
uh his name and please welcome with me
is byron cabbage
cabbage welcome to the show my man
i’m doing well it helps if i turn up
your volume i was like why can’t i hear
you now
i was like oh yeah i turned him down
there we go um yeah
welcome thank you for spending your
thursday evening with me
like i say to all of the people out
there in the internet
world uh you there’s a lot of things you
could be doing on thursday i’m not sure
if nbc still has must-see tv
on thursday nights but you’re spending
it with me instead of with
ross and rachel so thank you
works for me so good
so um
i’m not gonna so uh for anybody out
there watching i’m a massive scrubs fan
i’ve seen
the first eight seasons of scrubs of the
nine because
the ninth season is a spin-off it’s not
an action i
shouldn’t get into this but i’m going to
anyway uh so the first eight seasons is
scrubs the second
the ninth season is scrubs med school
it’s a completely different show they
were trying to
like get some of the same people to come
back it was more like a reboot
didn’t work that’s why it only lasted
one season and now they just kind of
lump it all in together but i’m a
massive scrubs fan
and there’s a character uh
in seasons four
through six and then he shows up again
an eight
uh called jason cabaggio that jd
lovingly calls cabbage and he always
sees me he’s like
cabbage and every time that i have seen
byron’s name for the last week i have
said in my head
cabbage because your last name is
actually cabbage
um so i have to call you wolfman uh
and for that’s it i’m totally gonna be
watching scrubs reruns for like the next
week now hope you know that
that that’s a scrubs deep cut right
there that’s a scrubs joke deep cut for
anybody out there
um so tell me byron tell me wolf man
uh how is it that you uh found yourself
in the
land of the great unwashed known as the
libertarian party
oh jeez and let’s see it was back in 0-8
and a couple years in high school i was
like 21
so partying drinking all that stuff and
that hanging out at the buddy’s house
having a good time and then
the presidential debates were on and uh
ron paul happened to be speaking
and that was like you know this is kind
of interesting you know
not something that i typically hear i’d
never put any thought to like a fiat
currency or financial policy or anything
like that
um or even like the wars because you
know the war on terror started when i
was in high school
that was my senior year i remember being
in school with watching it all on tv and
so he was just different you know and
then uh
2012 came around and uh hurt him again
and then a little older a little wiser
at that point so like
and i just really liked what he had to
and you know outline what i thought with
the republicans a lot especially on like
gun rights and stuff like that and i
live in rural kentucky so everybody has
and but then like you could see things
cannabis laws and how strictly they
enforce them in the state
uh you know roadblocks are a particular
thing that happens here
when you look at the instead of kentucky
as a whole we have republican majority
and the house i think it’s super
majority it’s like uh over 75 percent of
our state legislator
is republican now we ended up electing a
to uh to governor yeah office for
governor andy bush
yes andy beshear the tyrant himself yep
um so it is one of those things it’s
like you know
when you look at it we should be living
literally in a republican conservative
and they have the majority control the
only democrat strongholds that are left
or like
louisville and then i do believe like
pike county and lexington
but rural kentucky is hard red
but again i didn’t align with
republicans on a lot of things and
especially like after listening to ron
and financial policy particularly was
one thing i was really interested yet
so i joined the libertarian party and
never heard from anybody whatsoever this
was like 2012.
um turns out you know the party was very
small back then there was a total of
four or five guys holding it down um
compared to now you had your chair your
vice chair your treasurer and your
secretary in order to keep the thing
alive and that was pretty much
it yep right and that was it so like
that so they didn’t have directorships
at the time there was no
membership outreach director uh nothing
like that
um so you’ll find lots of people like
that in the state where like
they signed up and the party was just so
small at the time they didn’t have the
capacity to do that stuff
and now the point where we’re getting so
much larger and we’re having
uh i guess you’d say the opportunity to
try to backtrack
i’m trying to catch up with a lot of
these people that showed interest a long
time ago i never heard from anybody
um so yeah good times uh
switch back to republicans because of
rand paul had high hopes for ramble
and that was 2016. uh the johnson
campaign came through
um i just seen where the elections went
and then you know it was hillary clinton
and donald trump yeah
so i jumped back into the libertarian
party again
and that was actually courtesy of
matthew butts uh he kind of nudged me
that way it was like look give it a
second chance
um and i jumped back in and at that
point you know it wasn’t four or five
it was 20 30. um
compared to now where we have much
larger numbers so at least compared to
you you would not believe who literally
commented as you were saying that
as you were saying who brought you
matthew butts
matthew ryan yeah he says holy holy
holy schnikeys it’s my boy byron cabbage
yeah that’s a good guy yeah we’ve been
friends on facebook for a while he’s a
good dude
um but uh yeah so
now uh that was 2016 2017 when you guys
had like 30 do you know how many people
are in your party now
um let’s see dudes pay i’d say we’re
around 200. i’ve registered
we’re on the track of up to 1600 i don’t
know um
which is incredible considering 2010
uh registered was in the hundreds and
dues paying was
far far less than that right
so and now you are the affiliate support
and the district 4 at large for the uh
state party
uh what do you attest to the meteoric
to these positions in the
lp so let’s see realistically
there’s so many things that need to be
done and not enough people to do
so right now the party is small enough
to where
if you want to get involved it’s easy to
find yourself in any position um
which is good because we’re growing now
i kind of got involved basically saying
you know i didn’t really
want to be a party officer nor did i
want to be a director
but i was willing to fill that role
until somebody else is willing to step
it up they can do it better than me
um so that’s kind of been what it’s all
about i’m trying to set the example
if i do it somebody else may say hey
you’re doing this wrong
then they can step up and have their
chance and
that’s just kind of it we really need to
build like the local infrastructure
in order to be able to run a lot of
effective races right um
and we’ve been somewhat effective in the
state we have four uh
four individuals elected office
currently um i’ve had
meetings over the past couple weeks we
had a meet-up last night or
let’s see we had a meetup on tuesday
night and i met a guy who’s interested
in running for a judge executive seat in
one of our counties
and we have another guy who is
interested in running for
constable and that’s just in our
district i wanted to say there’s
four or five local candidates plus two
people seeing uh
you know house in uh 2022.
so we’re just kind of trying to keep the
momentum coming up of the
presidential election and roll it into a
very cool very cool so i know that um
like so you’re the affiliate support
director so you do
you deal a lot with training but it
appears as though you’ve been taking on
like event coordination as well
we don’t have an event coordinator
apparently yeah we have slowly filled
roles i was one of the first directors
um the new team took over um he fell
into a bit of a position
the previous chair failed to nominate
directors for any of these positions so
we went for two years without a director
of membership
without a communications director and
the few directorships we did have
were our state secretary um christy
she ended up taking on way too many
roles um
fantastic lady and such a hard worker
but it was it was too much you know
and it could be like that in this party
it is real easy to
wear too many hats and take on more than
you’re capable of handling
especially with a lot of us because
we’re volunteers you know
i work three part-time jobs total and i
homeschool my son
as a single dad so you know i dedicate
what time i can
and that’s the thing it’s getting a
bunch of people to dedicate a little bit
of time
and and yes that that is accurate so i
used to be a member here
at the well i am technically a member of
the libertarian party of florida still
but i was a
um i was an officer at the libertarian
party of pinellas county
uh i was the treasurer i was i started
out as the secretary then i was the
treasurer and then i became vice chair
um and they asked me to run for chair
and then i quit the party
um and then i ended up joining again
later but i’m
not as active in it it’s happened to a
lot of people that it’s easy to get back
a position like that and you don’t want
to say no because you want to do your
yeah um and it and a lot of it
is that yeah you you have to do things
uh like you have to get people to just
volunteer just a little bit of time and
the people who have more time to
will hopefully step up and do it and the
people who don’t will just give whatever
they can
as far as time and then if they can’t
hopefully they can give
some semblance of money um and that’s
pretty much the way that you have to get
parties to grow
um now i understand that you have
uh an event this weekend
and i’m i’m excited for one fantastic
i’m excited for one aspect of this
entire event
just one uh because i won’t be there but
i will be able to watch this live
and i can’t wait because i like watching
an embarrassing
display of athleticism just as much as
the next guy
so anytime a politician steps out to
throw out the first pitch at a baseball
i want to be there to watch and uh
based on based on past experiences
uh or yeah with past experiences
the mayor of cincinnati quite possibly
threw out the worst
first pitch at a baseball game ever um
it’s worse than 50 cents and 50 cents is
terrible like 50 cents is probably the
second worst one
uh and the best first is or the best for
opening pitch is possibly george w
bush from somebody who’s not known from
being a
professional athlete of some kind even
though michael jordan was also terrible
um but these are the two
spectrum like sides of the spectrum you
could say 50 cent and george w bush
i am thinking that spike is probably
going to pull a michael jordan
and get it sort of over the plate but
just sail that thing
way too high and go over um
what do you have any guess do we do we
have any bets
on how this is going to go i don’t know
i didn’t realize we were taking bets on
today man we take i take that i’m
interested to see how that goes i mean i
don’t know
maybe he’ll uh the guy will strike you
maybe he’ll throw it right over the home
plate who knows he does have the uh
fancy glasses you know
maybe they’ll give him some superpowers
so brian texted me earlier and then had
me reaching out to ask it best fight can
go in the bullpup uh the bullpen
and that warm up a little bit before he
goes out
good stuff yeah i was talking to him
yesterday i was like you’re going to
want to warm up your arm beforehand you
guys am i going to have time i’m like
i hope so you’re about to throw the and
everybody’s like you’re only throwing
the ball 90 feet once and i’m like right
i’ve gone out without like that’s the
pressure though
right so much pressure and you want to
throw a strike and everybody wants to
throw a fastball
um and if you go out there and you try
to throw the 60 feet six inches from
the mound to home plate and try to gun
it down there
you’re gonna feel that shiver go all the
way down your arm and then it’s just
gonna die
on you um right because i’ve had it
um so be fantastic hopefully he gets it
to the plate hopefully it’s not like an
embarrassing pitch where it just goes a
couple feet and then flops down
right yeah doesn’t even make it to the
plate he uh
carly rae jepsens it and it just goes
like three and a half feet and
dives and just rolls um
i did he buy his own special glove or
that would be fantastic that would be
awesome like i really hope he gets
the ball i i think they do i mean
fantastic promote for most of i believe
most of
exactly like they go they grab it
they’re like here this hit the woman in
the third row over there
so you can have that back ignore the
blood um
i uh god i hope so uh i don’t want to
see spike fail
when it comes to elections and i hope he
does fantastic to be honest with you i
think he’ll do just fine
no so when it comes to elections and
politics and like growing the party and
i don’t want to see spike fail
i want to see spike fail at throwing out
this first pitch and i want it to be
gloriously bad
um do we think about all the memes that
can come from this because like
the uh the one at the beach was pretty
popular so there’s no telling what could
happen if he flops the uh
baseball he’ll be a internet legend for
life you know and
and in all fairness if he throws it out
like if he throw like if he just guns it
and he gets a good strike in
you can just do video comparisons of
like former presidents and vice
presidents who threw out first pitches
next to him and be like this could have
been your vp
but no you went for this that’s a
that’s a 2024 election material right
there right exactly
um so besides spike potentially
embarrassing himself on national
internet um because anybody that wants
to you can watch this on vimeo the
uh what’s the name of the town they’re
in again they’re the y’alls i know that
uh yeah it’s uh the florence lawrence
it’s uh it’s in northern kentucky and
kenton county okay and
and if you go to the events page on the
lpky website
which is www.lbk and
click on events and all those events
will be listed under there and let’s see
we have a total of four events uh three
of them will be
paid events uh ranging from something
cheap for the provitarians up to
a little bit more expensive um
you know it should be a really good time
i have never heard that before
yep i like that
um so you never heard that before i’ve
never heard that before i’ve heard
all kinds of different uh
plays on libertarian but i’ve never
heard povertarian
um so yeah anybody that wants to watch
it that’s not in kentucky
uh you can watch that on the florence
y’alls vimeo
i don’t know if it costs anything to
watch it but they did say
it will be airing there and i’m gonna
watch it if i can
um but so other than one hundred percent
online that’s good stuff this isn’t a
secret this is concealed to kentucky
this will be
seen everywhere everywhere um
so other than this uh you’ve got some
training events going on right like
what are what are the trainings that you
guys are gonna be doing
um so we got trisha butler coming in at
trisha doesn’t live too far from us
just south of us actually in tennessee
um so she’s become up and
talking about like running for office um
candidate-related things as well as
talking about better messaging and
and then spike will be giving a
presentation and his culture winning
and we’re kind of just trying to uh give
people something to do get them active
get them motivated
and you know we have signatures to
collect coming up here soon
for 2022 because we don’t have ballot
access and so just kind of
encouraging people to show out come get
you know and do your part are you guys
going to be doing a training on
uh like how to get signatures properly
like in order to like
get because i have done this before i’ve
had to go out and get the signatures and
all of that so i’ve been working fairs
the past couple weeks and
so yeah it’s not um the biggest issue
was because uh again
we’re such a small party and we’re
growing it was like uh people would get
and they’d be like okay but now what do
i do
so we’ve got that squared away people
are learning um so i have a packet i put
which is i worked with chris gillingham
which not too long ago
the lpky meetings were chris dillingham
sitting in the barnes and noble
uh and then you know this one guy um
same thing happened with ken mullman you
know uh i don’t know if you’re familiar
with ken but
how that man comes up with the amount of
time he does to dedicate to this party
baffles me
yeah the the the former chair of the
libertarian party
the the former temporary chair of the
libertarian party ken mullman
yep contemporary skinny ken mullman yes
skinny ken skinny um
wait so and we have that going on in
louisville we’re going to do a social
dinner afterwards
um we are recently so
the libertarian party of kentucky now
has their first state party office i’m
in the state of kentucky
we have a building where we have a suite
downtown um
so we’re bringing the training in also
to like promote that hey
we are making moves we’re doing things
like we have a state party building now
where we can store our stuff it’s not
getting stored in ken’s basement anymore
it’s not hanging out in christie’s
garage it’s not you know mugging up
james toller’s garage it’s actually
physically at a location where when
people need materials
they can go there um to pick up what
they need opposed to a you know
trying to coordinate schedules with
people in things and garages you know
how that goes
yeah there was a time period for the
libertarian party of pinellas county
where me
were me the uh when i was the secretary
i had a bunch of stuff at my house the
vice chair had a bunch of stuff at his
house the chair had a bunch of stuff at
her house
the treasure we were all kind of pulling
treasurer duty
um but uh we all had stuff at our house
and they’d be like hey we need you to
bring these flyers to this meeting or
oh don’t forget the bracelets we need to
give the bracelets out to people who
show up
and then you’d leave that things get
lost yeah you’d leave the house and
completely forget them because
you’re not thinking about it and next
week stuff ends up all over the place
and then people like come and go
throughout the party you know i’ve met
several people who were involved back in
the day they tried to do something and
now they’re coming back
um i actually even talked to a guy the
other night who actually was sitting on
the city council in 2018
and he had some health issues that he
left but now he’s back
his county party defunct while he was
gone um so he’s interested in
getting that spun back up and started so
uh you know it happens a lot but now we
have you know
the headquarters and it’s good stuff i
remember when they first got it
randall calls me and he’s like hey you
have a desk you need to come set it up
done blue collar work most of my life i
drove a forklift half the damn time i’ve
never had a desk before
but you know here we are right
and it’s only going to get bigger um
even in the short amount of time that
i’ve been in the party so i’ve been
an actual dues paying member of the
libertarian party in kentucky for a
little over two years now
when i started it was just me and i was
accounting coordinator um
i live in an interesting district in
kentucky i live in thomas massey’s
um in a small small county and so what
you’ll find is
the libertarians here are republicans
because of primaries
because there is no libertarian party in
a lot of these more rural counties
every now and then you’ll come across
one or two guys but most of them
you know there’s no option for them
libertarian-wise so they take their
chances registered republican
and keep thomas macey in office and
who’s a fantastic guy
right but you know finding libertarians
in for instance carroll county which has
a very small population
wasn’t so easy and because first off i’m
not from carroll county i grew up a
couple counties over
and so as county coroners you know
really difficult to find people in my
but i know all these people in all these
other counties um so what i did is
i got nominated to the district and i
started holding district social meetups
um i started holding them in oldham
county um and
it took us about nine months but we
affiliated three counties in the area
um that had never previously had a
county party before um
all of them are functioning parties uh
they are working fairs they are doing
festivals and they are beginning to
start to engage in activism
all that stuff um so yeah that’s what
kind of happened and uh
i’ve spun up some of the counties around
me so now i’m gonna go back to carroll
county and uh
try to get them spun up again so um
where in kentucky are you like which
portion of kentucky let’s see um
district 4 which is northern kentucky
it runs from basically it borders
and goes across the top of kentucky and
it ends at boyd county
okay our districts are really weird here
we have 19 counties in my district
um some of the other districts are a lot
larger than that
i’ve been spread out far
we’ve always struggled keeping a couple
of those districts spun up because
they’re so
the districts themselves are so large if
you hold a meet up you know it’s
four hour drive going one way to get to
the meetup
but we finally got them squared away and
good to go
and working on getting county parties
spun up there for them now
nice so um since you’re a member of
kentucky i have to ask a question
uh are you are you more of a hatfields
or mccoys person
definitely a mccoy okay so i have to let
you also know this before you answer
my grandfather’s my great-grandfather’s
name was charles hatfield
does this change your answer
no okay um
just wondering just wondering no no
but um well this interview’s over uh
but no so i see how i’m sure i can find
somebody around here that’ll play a
banjo for you right
now actually i live in the part of
kentucky where we wear shoes here
this isn’t hardcore appalachia and we’re
not we’re not that far
you’re not pushing people over in
outhouses because somebody stole a pig
uh no so so the further north you go for
uh you might as well be ohio right it’s
they don’t
remember where you’re from cincinnati i
exactly i used to live in tennessee um i
used to live in nashville
and i used to go up to louisville all
the time which is how i know how to say
um there’s like 47 different ways to say
it ends
right yeah nobody agrees yeah nobody
agrees but i
i know how not to say it and uh that’s
um i know that’s not the right way it’s
louisville like there’s no vowels in it
and you’re just kind of
brushing through all the continents as
quickly as possible
um but i used to go to louisville all
the time and i used to go to
elizabethtown a lot
um or e-town as the people in kentucky
call it
uh but we also would go up to like um we
go through kentucky to go to
indiana to the casinos up there um i
i like kentucky a lot it’s a it’s a
beautiful state one of my friends was a
for a while he was a doctor in pike
pikeville quite good yep i was like i
think that’s where he was
they have the uh that’s the part of
kentucky i was talking about they have
hillbilly festival out that way yeah he
said he went and he was like aren’t you
a hatfield because they
hate you here and i said yes that’s why
i’ll never visit
not because you’re in pikeville it’s
because they would hate me
um so this weekend so this weekend kicks
off on
friday correct yes sir okay yeah i
wasn’t sure if there was like a thursday
night thing that i was missing
and i am understanding that there is a
hangout at night for only five yes sir
which night is that
uh that will be after the training event
um it’s right down the road in the
highlands downtown
um so we’ll be going there it’s for
people that may not be interested in the
training but want to come out
and meet tradition spike you know just
hang out
have some drinks eat some food have a
good time um
and this is gonna be this event which i
i love what you’re doing here uh this
event is open to the public people who
are libertarian can come people who
aren’t libertarian people
who don’t care about the libertarian
all of them can come and they can either
learn about it or not learn about it
yes sir um let’s see so with the
training event we’ll be doing
it’ll be 35 a person and we can host 30
people at our facility
um and then that night we’ll be doing
the social we’re doing a five dollar
cover charge to uh
cover what we had to pay for the deposit
for the room um
if people choose to eat it’s twelve
dollars for all you can eat
pizza drinks um he bared all that there
you know kind of drink what you want to
eat what you want
and so before i let you go i’ve got
something i want to say
after this part but um before i let you
what is uh where can people pitch that
website again the facebook event the
website anything that you got because i
know you have a comment
you’ll go to and
click on events and it’ll be listed
under events
um if you go to the baseball game which
which i can’t wait to see the videos
from this and
i’m going to take you through 10 pieces
i’m going to need you to send me video
of it as well by the way i’ll be sure we
make that happen
all right so tickets are ten dollars a
piece there and you will click on the
link for the vid
for the uh y’alls game and you will want
to reserve a ticket
in section 102 or 103
and the promo code is liberty
all right so everybody now knows where
they can get their tickets you know
uh where to go for this event i hope
everybody that is in kentucky
uh can make it out to this event because
this sounds like it’s gonna be a great
time uh
i have never seen spike speak
uh no i have uh i’ve seen spike speak a
lot um
but the amount of training and the
amount of knowledge that is in that
oblong-shaped head of his is vast and
unbelievable uh so it is worth it to go
out to this event and check it out
um and plus you get to watch him
potentially beam a random
person who is nowhere near
home plate so honestly completely what
happens if he hits the batter we didn’t
talk about this
there is no batteries first it’s
just him and a catcher
there’s no batter he’s like saying he’s
gonna throw a perfect game i’m like it’s
a one pitch perfect game
um but
uh so everybody needs to go out check
this out uh if you if
if you’re not gonna be if you don’t live
in kentucky or in the surrounding states
um and i understand you don’t want to
drive absolutely it’s relatively close
to cincinnati so it is yeah it’s
relatively close to cincinnati i know
it’s close to indiana
it’s close to cincinnati if you’re in
west virginia you’re closed
i know there’s been lots of battles
between those two
borders um if you’re in nashville it’s
not that far if you’re anywhere in
tennessee it’s not that far like there’s
a lot of places you can
that you can make it here so if you’re
not in that region if you’re not in the
kentucky region
um i understand and you can watch
spike’s first pitch on the florentials
um now before before i let you go
i just want to say you and i were
talking a little bit before the show and
you said some stuff uh during the show
you said that you do all of your work on
the weekends um
that you’re a single dad that you home
that you do all of this work for the
libertarian party of kentucky and i just
want to say you are one of the real ones
immensely proud to be able to have you
on the show
uh because honestly that is incredible
that you
are doing all of this while still
single dotting homeschooling not just
giving letting your daughter be
indoctrinated in public schools
um and still making everything work that
is amazingly
incredible and i cannot tell you how
honestly proud of you i
am which i hate when people say that to
me because you’re like you don’t know me
but honestly i am like i wish more
people in this world were like you
thank you for all you are doing i really
appreciate that man
thank you you know it takes all of us i
just try to do my part and give what i
can give it’s not much but uh
you know right now and
right you have to do it for liberty and
what you are doing is doing it for
and uh honestly like you said that stuff
and i was like god
like uh eskimo libertarian just said
goals yes these
these are goals that we we should all be
striving for and you are doing it and
you are you are a fantastic example
of what a good activist in this party
can be because you have figured out a
way to make it all work and you are
doing everything you can to advance
liberty and
honestly like i’m proud to have you on
this show
well i appreciate that man it was really
great being on here today
i’m sure we’ll all talk again soon i’m
not going anywhere anytime soon that’s
well neither is money the only way
muddied waters is going somewhere is if
facebook decides that we’re not
a thing anymore um but but thank you so
much i know you have your comms meeting
so i’ll let you go
uh but thank you so much i look forward
to hearing from you again
and uh have a fun weekend and update
everybody on everything going on
absolutely can’t do you have a good one
buddy i’ll talk to you later thanks
again all right bye
all right thank you so much to byron
cabbage for coming on honestly that was
amazing um
that was he is what liberty activists
look like in my mind he he told me
beforehand he
before the show i i’m gonna tell you all
i don’t know if i’m supposed to
um that because he homeschools and he’s
a single dad
like he does all of his work on the
weekends so he gets in
all of the work he needs to do on the
weekends just so he can make sure he
continues to do this
plus he’s doing all this uh coordination
uh the training coordination
the affiliate building um for
for the lpk wide like this that is an
amazing inspiring person uh so pay
pay attention to that guy because even
if he never runs for office even if he
never does anything he’s gonna do a lot
of stuff for the libertarian party
and i am truly proud to have him on the
show because he is an inspiring
individual um
so that’s it for this week a little bit
shorter of a show
thank you all so much for tuning in uh
tomorrow tomorrow
at 9 30 eastern time
you can check out cajun and eskimo from
bayous to igloos
which will most assuredly
offend somebody um and
at least half of it will probably not
the first half
um but yeah check them out they’re going
to be fantastic
then on monday tune back in for mr
america the bearded truth at eight
o’clock eastern
with jason lyon uh i
oh yeah i’m gonna be on that episode
tune in for me and jason lyon
on monday where we’re going to be
talking about the war on drugs i believe
i believe that’s what we’re talking
about i really need to read my
texts and emails a lot more often
really looking forward to the show
though because i love jason and i can’t
wait to be on
uh and then next tuesday right back here
uh for spike cohen and myself
for the muddied waters of freedom and
then on wednesday next week a brand new
episode of my fellow americans with
spike cohen
and then next thursday right here you
have me
matt wright for the writer’s block
for the writer’s block next thursday
eight o’clock
um again if you are watching us on any
social media
make sure you hit the like button hit
the subscribe button hit the follow
button hit whatever buttons they give
you to
do hit bells hit whatever you need to do
so your phone will let you know when we
are on the air
um be sure to go to
uh and join in the meme contest which
will be found at slash
ftg um
i need to find a fun fact for you all
because i forgot to do that
today i normally do normally i play
trivia on mondays after i finish doing
the notes for muddy waters media
and uh i didn’t do that this week and
i’m not gonna do it next week so i need
to find my notes
somewhere else um okay perfect
um and last week sorry i wasn’t here i
was on vacation
sarah super fan sarah andreeg and i uh
took a trip we went up to uh
the the blue ridge in georgia and then
we went over to tennessee we hung out we
had a great time
uh and i disconnected from everything
for a bit and it was fantastic and i
needed it
i needed to reset a little bit and go
out and breathe some air that wasn’t
with red tide uh and tennessee was just
just the prescription that the doctor
uh so for your fun fact of the week the
biggest pizza ever created
biggest pizza ever created was 13 580
square feet and it was made in
shockingly surprisingly
rome italy in 2012.
unfortunately i don’t think you can
consider a pizza because it was
but thank you all so much thank you all
so much for
tuning in i can’t wait to see you all
next week i’m going to be on three
nights of muddied waters next week
and uh that gets me up over the 50 mark
which means i get a raise
uh from myself and thank you all so much
have a great weekend make sure you tune
in tomorrow for
uh cajun eskimos from bios to igloos and
i will see you all
next week
i don’t need anybody’s
cause if there’s
in the evening news
don’t bother swimming out to save me i
i will only drag you down
i don’t need anybody’s

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