The Wrighter’s Block Episode 61 – David Preston Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

David Preston is a journalist, editor, and founder of one of the larger independent news outlets for the state of Alabama. He is here to say whether or not, from a journalists perspective, how badly the media sways information and gets facts wrong.

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so my next guest might well the guest i
have tonight
and my next guest he’s my current guest
his name is david preston he is a
journalist editor and founder of
uh one of the larger independent news
outlets for the state of alabama
i’m very excited to have him on i’m very
excited for what we’re going to be
talking about tonight
so without further ado let me bring to
mr david preston
david what’s going on buddy how are you
pretty good now
i do have a question i have an answer
what’s the official
hash browns of the libertarian waffle
house caucus
so uh we’re not here to uh tell anybody
how to get their hash browns or
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that that that is my personal way of
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at the international house of waffles or
well thank you for having me no thank
you for coming on i definitely
appreciate it um
so i i found out that you are
uh you’re a recent convert to the
uh you well i’ve always leaned
libertarian my dad was a big libertarian
libertarian leaning republican growing
up but back in
when mitt romney lost to barack obama i
was like you know what
i’m done voting republican party just
because it’s the republican party and
they’re not the democrats
from now on the candidate no matter what
party they’re from
has to earn my vote and ever since then
it’s always
i’ve always voted libertarian mainly
because the republicans in the uh two
elections at
presidential elections after that uh you
know put up you know who
i wasn’t voting so i voted libertarian i
voted for gary johnson
in 2016 mainly because i was voting for
the libertarian party to help
try to get them better ballot access
nationwide and then i voted for
joe jorgensen in 2020 because
she i actually voted for a candidate
that time because i believed in what
she stood for the policies she was
advocating for
and i really liked uh spike as well so
those voting for uh two candidates that
i really liked
right yeah no i am i get that i was
voting for one candidate i really liked
um he was the vp um
but yeah so what was it so was it just
mainly the fact that the republicans had
gone completely away from
pretending to be conservative or was it
that you like the libertarian parties
like i said i’ve always leaned
libertarian but like whenever i
whenever i thought about a position that
i hold i was like how’s
how can we solve this problem with the
least amount of government interference
and that’s
probably the policy that i was
advocating for right and then you know
republicans they just stopped
being like they stopped being fiscal
fiscal conservatism is is very important
to me
because as a taxpayer i don’t want the
government spending my
uh more money than they have to of my
money right so
uh and you know republicans especially
with this last president
uh i when he was elected in 2016 i said
you mark my words
donald trump will be the most
progressive republican president since
teddy roosevelt
and i hate to say well at all i hate to
say because yeah everybody likes being
and like i was gonna say everybody likes
being right let’s
i enjoy being right so unbelievably bad
it’s a
it’s offensive to many of my family
um they’re like do you have to brag
about it i’m like yeah of course i do
exactly you gave me we’re gonna talk
about uh we’re gonna talk about dr fauci
later uh
oh yeah we’re gonna just write about him
from the get-go oh yeah that evil
[ __ ]
um masks you guys need to wear your
um no no don’t wear your mask oh wait a
minute wear your mask because now
i’m busted you need to wear a mask it’s
important to wear masks
um that he reminds me of smeagle from um
lord of the rings so much
i know who you’re talking about uh my
he looks like dobie from harry potter
sounds like somebody from the sopranos
god um
um i’ve never actually watched harry
read it right i know who you’re talking
and oh my god he looks exactly like
dobie i always thought it was dobby
um that’s the master gave me a sock
guy yep yeah okay got it all right um
see i know things about nerd culture um
so um you are a journalist
yes try to be play one on tv yeah i get
that so do i
um i tried to do this with absolutely no
bias it doesn’t work
well for me um but so the media today
i don’t even like calling them the media
because to say that any of them are
unbiased in anything that they’re doing
not even close to accurate so
uh how is it
what do you see that the media is doing
uh in order to
sway information like what and
how are they controlling what it is that
we are intaking as the
consumer well first of all
i’ve i’ve argued this point with several
journalist friends of mine i’m like
you do realize that the media
was never intended to be unbiased
from the beginning of this country the
were extremely biased they were either
pro revolution or pro pro crown back
during the colonial time period
and as a matter of fact thomas jefferson
funded newspapers throughout the united
to help him run for president uh several
because i mean and and that just
continued on
all through until the modern you know
modern times the an
unbiased quote-unquote uh media
really is a modern invention and they
tried to take something that was
intended to be biased that you knew was
and try to make it unbiased and just
report the facts and it’s just not
worked because
everybody has their biases the question
is can they present you enough facts to
be credible
and that’s the problem we’re running
into today is
journalists today are not presenting
facts to be credible it’s okay if
they’re biased at least in my opinion
and i’m i may be
a contrarian to that i want you to be
biased i want to know your biases
i can handle your biases but just tell
me the facts but don’t sit there and try
to say
here’s my facts they’re the only facts
that are right and
everybody else is wrong everybody’s
and that’s what they’re running into
they’re trying they’re now saying
here’s my facts it’s the only facts you
ever need to know they’re the truth
nothing but the truth
so help me god and everybody else is
and that’s not the case you know you’re
going to get facts from
you’re going to get a set of certain set
of facts from cnn you’re going to get a
set of facts from fox news you’re going
to get a certain set of facts from msnbc
npr or watching whatever media outlet
you’re consuming at the time
it is your job as the consumer of those
those media outlets and those facts
to determine what is true and what isn’t
and what is relevant what is it but to
if you’re further your point
the media companies especially the
mainstream media companies
they are controlling what we hear and
what we don’t hear
because they can you know because they
say this is what we’re going to cover
if that’s the only outlet you listen to
watch or read you’re not going to hear
about anything else like for example
cuban the cuban liberty protest on the
island of cuba right
if you’re watching fox news you would
think man uh they are
all over the island they’re rioting in
the streets for
for a liberty right to well
for conservative liberty let’s be honest
the fox news he’s like yeah we want
republican liberty which
yeah well uh uh uh we’ll circle back uh
but we’ll be jin saki here for a second
circle but uh if you were watching cnn
or msnbc or abc
you would think that maybe they were
protesting the economic embargo
for the united states or the lack of
covenant shots or the lack of cover
but that they weren’t really protesting
the communist
socialist government absolutely that
would be wrong
you know uh the circle back you know uh
the conservative liberty
i actually posted on the personal
facebook page last week i believe it was
that isn’t it interesting how
republicans hate illegal illegal
immigration when it comes to
uh illegal immigrants from mexico and
the triangle countries
but they love illegal immigrants when it
comes to
to cuba to cuba could that be because of
the way they vote
yeah 100 and it’s the same reason
are the other way vice versa yeah right
and i’m like uh
yeah let’s be intellectually honest i
mean be intellectually honest if you’re
gonna be a hypocrite just
be a hypocrite say yes my position’s
super critical and be done with it
i’ll you know i may disagree with you i
may not like the fact that you’re a
hypocrite but at least respect the fact
that you’re
calling willing to call a spade a spade
but that’s where we are because you know
feet feet wet feet dry the policy that
was in place for so long
was advocated by republicans because
if they got the they got your feet dry
they would uh be eligible to vote and
they most likely would vote republican
right that’s why that’s why the
republicans love cuban immigrants
and it’s a vice versa for the for the
immigrants from mexico and the northern
triangle because
they tend to vote democrat right and the
republicans love cuban immigrants but
they make it so hard like they’ve made
it very difficult for cuban immigrants
to come here
they they have not made it a very easy
for cuban immigrants to get here during
you know during donald trump’s time or
during george bush’s time or
the other bush they haven’t made it
simple for cuban immigrants to get here
but cuban immigrants typically vote
for republicans so
i don’t understand their thought process
on it
but i don’t understand democrats thought
process on it either if you let them
come here they probably vote for you
the sad thing is is i must be a
psychopath because i can understand the
thought process behind both of them so
well so i can understand the thought
process but
it it’s what makes us libertarian we
understand the thought process and we
reject their
uh their logic right it just seems so
short-sighted in so many different ways
uh by both parties pretty much all the
so i know that you uh you you brought up
an example
of uh of an article that came out
literally like three days ago uh about
incident in baldwin county i want to
just so everybody knows
i was planning on making really great
graphics for this like i do for the
tuesday night show but
i had to fix audio and i didn’t have
time to make the graphics so
instead what i’m going to do is i’m
going to post these links in the
chat so you can go back and read them
because don’t go away now we need you on
the show
but uh officers in baldwin county shoot
and kill suspect connected to assault in
another county
yes and it’s three uh it was officers
from three different law enforcement
it was uh uh basically what happened i’m
gonna give you the long
uh the long story short version here uh
back in april the suspect that ended up
dying at the hands of law enforcement
officers right
was involved in a officer-involved
shootout in a place called butler
if you’re not familiar with alabama if
basically look at a map of
mississippi find meridian mississippi
and draw a
diagonal line across the state line and
the first county you come to that’s
going to be
butler alabama okay got it
he was shot by butler police captured
taken to the hospital and he uh
was treated released from the hospital
taken to jail but he wasn’t taken to
the choctaw county jail where butler
alabama is because their jail is
condemned and
has been condemned for two years he went
to the clark county jail which is
another county over from
from from choctaw county and
the sheriff there released him on a
what’s called medical bond
but if you’re not familiar with what
medical bond is it’s basically
you’re bonding out of prison to go to
the hospital to get treatment and then
you promise them to come back
well he didn’t come back come to find
the sheriff did not have the authority
from the judge to sign out the medical
the sheriff by the way of clark county
later resigned under a cloud of
now this is all information coming
directly from the uh
from the police investigation involved
in this latest shooting so
because they want you they want to muddy
the waters they want to take the jury
saying uh saying uh this guy was a bad
hombre basically
and you know so we you know we were
justified in shooting him because he was
just a bad dude
right and uh but i asked
several questions never really got
answers to these questions because i
look at a officer-involved killing
regardless if it’s the george ford
killing regardless if it’s this
this guy here in alabama that got shot
and killed by three different law
enforcement agencies
or uh or whatever or if it was charles
manson getting killed by police
i look at officer-involved shootings as
the death penalty
without the due process and if you start
looking at it that way
death penalty without due process right
you start you you necessarily need to
very tough questions of your law
enforcement organizations to ensure that
they are
you know that they’re doing number one
that they’re following the procedures
and number two that the shoot really was
because even though if you view it
through the prism of death penalty
without due process
it may be a justified shooting but you
won’t know those
that until you ask those and get answers
to those questions
right and so i’m reading the article um
i was reading the article earlier today
uh and it said that a wanted man
considered armed and dangerous
was spotted by police in spanish fort
and later shot and killed by officers
um i mean i’ll read the entire article
because it’s real short
this is a long story short but i’m
assuming it’s missing a lot
new information has come out since that
article was posted that was the
first article basically reporting the
gotcha okay and i even had questions
based on this article alone
because it said that a man was
considered armed and dangerous uh
and spotted by police in spanish fort
and later shot and killed by officers
investigators said the suspect who has
not been identified was found at a
chevron gas station
on highway 181 in maubis
malbus which is technically inside the
city limits of daphne so he was spotted
by a spanish fork cop
in the city limits of daphne gotcha okay
around 2 a.m sunday the baldwin county
major crimes unit said the man
was wanted for being a felon in
possession of a firearm and was possibly
involved in
shooting with officers uh
in a different county which i’m assuming
this is what i just told you about right
spanish fort police called for
additional officers before approaching
the suspect officers with
daphne pd and the deputies from the
baldwin county sheriff’s office went to
the scene
according to investigators deputies told
the man to get out of his vehicle but he
refused tried to drive away
he was then shot and killed by officers
a passenger in the car
suffered minor injuries no officers were
hurt investigators said
a gun was found in the vehicle and that
was it
and i read that and i went there
there are questions there are lots of
here um he was suspected
did they like did they inform him that
he was a suspect in a crime before
or did they just tell him to get out of
the car uh like
did they did they have reason to search
him other than
him just being a suspect or not um who
is the other person so they didn’t
technically search them until after they
till after right yeah exactly valid
i’ll give you that um do we know that
that gun was in there before they shot
um again there’s been new information
that’s come out since that article uh
they said uh they said the day after the
uh that or the monday after the shooting
because it was
saturday night sunday morning so
technically 2 a.m it would have been the
next day
okay on monday that he was asleep
in the back seat of the vehicle when the
approached the vehicle you know tell him
to get out of the vehicle
instead of getting out of the vehicle he
climbs into the front seat of the
and that’s when the investigators say
the officers say they saw the weapon
is when he was climbing from the
back seat into the front seat that’s
what they say
we haven’t seen any body cam footage
most likely we will never see body cam
footage because
body camera footage in alabama is not
subject to open records requests
in uh and our law here in this state and
that wonderful
embed and uh
but uh so your question is valid
did they notify the him that he was a
they probably just called out his name
said get out of the vehicle uh
you know and then when he did and he
started to drive away
they started shooting them if you saw
the uh
if you saw the windshield there were
bullet holes all over the windshield of
this vehicle
and uh so i don’t know if the passenger
who suffered minor injuries was in the
passenger seat or in the back seat
or what was going on but my one of my
biggest questions is
what is the the the policies and
of these three departments daphne police
spanish for police and
baldwin county police or baltimore
county sheriffs
when it comes to opening you know
shooting a suspect
who may very who may very well be armed
and dangerous and may very well be
a risk to the officers lives but
when you have somebody else there that
you haven’t identified
as a suspect that could be a victim of a
crime could be
an accomplice or it could just be an
innocent bystander right
of uh you know what is the policy of
their life in danger by opening fire on
a view
that they are in that’s what i want to
know right exactly
and then sorry go ahead no i was i was
gonna say that was one of the questions
i had like
do you even know who the other person in
the vehicle was is this somebody he
picked up along the way was this a
friend was this an accomplice was this
uh just somebody that was offering to
split driving time with them and for a
ride like you
who is this person in the car that
suffered minor injuries from the
number of bullets you put into the car
i don’t know we don’t know they haven’t
released any information about that
person because they haven’t
charged that person with the crime they
took them to the hospital treated them
and released them with no charges so
that tells me that the police believe
that person
was not involved in any crime right
because they wouldn’t really assume
if he was involved in an
officer-involved shooting and
he would suspect that he or she was
suspected of a crime we don’t
even know if it was a he or she or or
are they
we don’t know anything about them other
than they were uh suffered injuries
treated at a hospital and ultimately
ultimately released by police
with no charges and they were and they
were cooperative
that’s all we know about that person
the standard for opening fire on a
is reasonable fear
of your for for your life for the life
of a right
that was another thought i had i said at
which point were you in fear
yeah we don’t know if the suspect opened
on the police or not we know that the
police say they saw a weapon
right we don’t know if they uh we don’t
know if they said that the
suspect had the weapon in his hand or
was it a waistband
was it on the dashboard you know what
where it was was it fired was it not
you know so if
it was in a waistband or was it on or if
it was on a dash
or if it was uh you know just you know
fell out of his uh
fell out of his waistband while he’s
climbing into the front seat of the
what’s the justification for imminent
fear for your life for the life of
to justify opening fire on is it just
that he was
suspected of being armed and dangerous
because you can be suspected of
being armed and dangerous and not uh you
know and not actually be
right no absolutely you could be and and
that is something that
uh they conveniently left out of this
article and i’m certain many others
because it said that he was suspected of
being armed and dangerous uh
they found him he didn’t want to turn
himself over
tried to drive away they shot him and
then it’s like oh they found a gun
which now you’re saying that they said
that they saw the gun beforehand
but for opening fire right before
opening fire that’s what they said
that’s what right
you know um but without releasing body
cams you don’t really know whether or
not that’s true
and then on top of that you have um
you you don’t know if he opened fire you
don’t know if he tried to run a cop down
uh they just said that he tried to get
away and so
at what point was were any of the police
officers involved in the shooting
in fear of their life and they may very
well been
they he may very well tried to run over
or he may very well had
the gun in his hand and was raising it
up to point at the officers and shoot
we don’t know that because they’re not
releasing that information or they
haven’t released that information yet
and we most likely unless we get the
benefit of
serving on the grand jury ever get the
the bad information because
every officer involved shooting in this
state goes before a grand jury
and as you well know as i don’t grand
jury proceedings
and the evidence presented to a grand
jury is sealed
so we’ll never see what we’ll never know
what the grand jury saw or didn’t see
right because they’re sealed and i’m
uh and i’ve been advocating you know for
a while now
with some of the legislative friends
that i have that served in the
legislature i was like
we need to change the law for
uh for officer-involved shootings that
go before grand jury if a
no bill is handed down and no bill is
basically we’re not going to indict the
officer for any crimes
if that’s handed down the information
presented to the grand jury and that
needs to be made
available to the public or at least to
the media for inspection to see
what was uh what was presented to the
grand jury because you know as well as i
a grand jury is either going to die or
not in diet based off the evidence they
so the way the case is presented by the
prosecutor is
very important to how a grand jury
and we just don’t we won’t ever know
that because it’s under seal
now i understand the importance of
sealing the
ceiling grand jury proceedings
especially in the cases
where indictments are handed down
because you don’t want
any evidence that you use in a criminal
case being you know getting out in
public first
right because i also understand the need
to keep it secret if it’s a
private citizen and no indictment is
handed down because that’s a private
citizen you don’t want to
disparage their their good name and
character by making those
proceedings public but the taxpayers
pay for the hiring of the training of
the employment of and the equipment of
those police officers the taxpayers
in my opinion the best interest the
vested public interest of the taxpayers
in those cases especially in cases where
a no bill is handed down right is more
important than the privacy of the
the individual officer absolutely so one
of the things that we
kind of rail against here at muddy
waters is qualified immunity and how
many officers will hide behind qualified
immunity no matter what happens
um and the the basis of qualified
is you know it’s shaky at best if like
if it was a private citizen
uh it’s they would go no like you should
know better than to do this with
with qualified immunity i don’t remember
the exact wording right now
but uh it’s like uh if the officer
is if the officer
thinks that it or if the officer feels
that he is
acting rationally you’re okay
so you just have to say well what’s
rational what’s not rational does the
officer believe he’s acting rational
um and that is one of the things that
against because if if you as an average
citizen is supposed to act
rationally and you have to live up to a
higher standard than the police do
in your rational thinking they shouldn’t
be able to get off
because well they were acting rationally
for the situation
but uh it is one of the things that
a lot of news organizations kind of
gloss over
uh the only time i haven’t really seen
it glossed over was during the
chauvin trial where people were pretty
much it seemed like all of the media was
against chauvin
um with the exception like all of
america was right like all of america
um with the exception of uh stephen
crowder but anybody else they were you
they were like no chauvin definitely did
wrong here he knelt on his neck for nine
and a half minutes
uh yeah i mean anybody any rational
person this to law enforcement or not
that saw that video
no he knew he committed a crime right
i mean there’s just no if ands or buts
about it he committed a crime because
he had his knee on that guy’s neck for
way too long
way too long way too long i mean because
once he uh because
basically he had his knee on his neck i
uh remember was his hands and feet ever
put into handcuffs
after that point or did he just stay on
his neck for nine minutes
i think he i think he was in handcuffs
while that was going on
at that point if you’re in handcuffs and
or leg uh leg cuffs
you’re not a threat right like why is
men why is his knee still on his neck if
he’s still on handcuffs
right like if you if you’re worried that
he’s going to get another question
yeah that’s why it was a chronic right
no absolutely and the
fact that he knelt on it like for a
minute and a half
after george floyd stopped breathing
that is where i think the crime really
committed as opposed to trying to
resuscitate him
he knelt on him for a minute for 96
seconds i think
uh it was 86 or 96. um but to your point
though that you’re right
the media we’re just not asking those
tough questions and it’s a lot of
factors why because first of all
you have corporate you know corporate
overlords uh you know buying up all
these media properties
uh newspapers are shutting down across
the country which is where the
investigative journalism has always
in the modern era anyway was the
newspapers because they had the time
to devote to the and the resources to
vote to do the investigative journalism
and ask those tough questions that
aren’t being asked anymore because
now everything’s so digital you get 500
words in an
online article you get 30 seconds of
or 20 to 15 to 30 seconds of audio if
a radio to tell your story and now
you’ve lost the audience it’s attention
they’re ready to move on soon your
corporate lords who are looking at the
bottom line and want
just profit are saying okay it’s time to
move on
so that we can sell more advertising get
more eyeballs
and make more money and that’s what’s
that’s where the modern journalism has
gone downhill so to speak is because
you’ve got the corporate
the corporations who don’t care anything
about other anything other than money
the bottom line the profit which is
important don’t get me wrong i am a
but at the same time it’s coming at the
expense of quality journalism
it absolutely is coming at the expense
of quality journalism
uh the i’ll get into this later but i
wanted to kind of switch gears a little
because we’ll do it from two separate
sides um
we’ll talk about uh dr fauci dr valjean
dr fauci and his name is dobie from
harry potter
please you may ask um
so two of the articles that well two two
of the sources that you sent
uh today uh one of them was from fox
news the other one was from msnbc
both of them telling the same story
from two opposite sides of the political
um now the fox news one which i’ll pull
up because it’s an article and not a
um talks about the the back and forth
that uh
fauci had with uh with rand paul
and it says uh
it’s talks about how fouchy sparred at
previous senate how they sparked started
previous senate hearings but this last
one got pretty
uh heated because it did man that one
that was good that was must see tv yeah
that was good entertainment right there
uh popcorn ready right that if you
haven’t seen it i recommend checking out
that video
because woo boy that was fun um
but it you know fauci saying i’ve never
lied before the congress and
i do not retract this statement about
that statement uh the statement about
whether or not he had any thing to do
with funding of
um gain of function research at the
woohan lab
um and paul rand paul was saying you’re
dancing around this because you’re
trying to obscure responsibility
uh and then rand paul saying i will be
sending a letter
to department of justice asking for a
criminal referral because
he has lied to congress we have
scientists that were lined up by the
dozens to say that the research he was
funding was gain a function
um but then it goes on to say that he is
pessimistic that the doj will act on his
referral which he’s
right they’re not going to act on it
that’s not going to happen
but but so this one is focused on that
and one of the things that i find
interesting in this
was um where was that
line okay rand paul he says
right now fauci is getting away with
this because no one is questioning him
he only goes on left-wing networks true
that give him easy questions like hahaha
isn’t rand paul so out there true uh
that is i mean both true that
yes he is and uh that’s all they ask him
that’s the kind of questions he gets
nobody asks him why it isn’t
gain of function research and then the
thing the other clip that you sent me
was from msnbc
and it was dr fauci on msnbc being asked
about his back and forth with rand paul
and yeah rand paul he’s just and he
didn’t say he’s just out there
uh he just uh he was like yeah rand paul
and voucher was like
it was slander and i plan on suing him
for it he goes slander yes that’s a good
word for it
and then they just go right into
vaccines and why vaccines are important
and what about johnson and johnson
should people still get that vaccine
and at no point do they push on whether
or not
what what they were arguing about was
gain of function research or not
and they never asked him to explain if
it is
or not because it would look bad for dr
fauci because
by his dr fauci’s organ own
organization’s definition
it’s gain of functional function
research and then
think about it this way yeah and think
about it this way
even if the nih or any federal
agency wasn’t funding the specific study
where the covid the cove
virus was being manipulated and uh being
altered to get that gain of function
they were funding that lab there’s no
dispute about that
right they’re they it’s proven that they
they were fun partially funding studies
at that lab
so it’s kind of like the argument that
uh uber pro-life people will use uh with
you about
funding the uh uh uh plan planned
they say uh if democrats say well we’re
you know all these medical treatments
and the
you know mammograms and the uh and the
pap smears and all these health services
for underserved women and all these
underserved communities through planned
parenthood where the federal
government’s not funding abortions
they’re technically accurate the govern
federal government is not
funding abortions when it comes to the
uh when it comes to planned parenthood
what they’re doing is they’re funding
the the health services division and the
education division of the
of planned parenthood but what that does
is it provides money for all those other
programs so that planned parenthood can
now go about
and all the money they raise from other
sources can be used to fund their
abortion services division it’s the same
thing with the nih
funding of the wuhan lab they may not be
funding the coronavirus study
but if they’re funding the flu study and
the uh
the hiv study and the uh the
uh uh the elf looking uh elf looking
italian study
at the the wuhan lab of biology
then what that does is it allows that
institute to go redirect any other
monies that they re
from any other sources like the chinese
or any other not uh ngos or
multi-government organizations like the
to the coronavirus study right which
that the ni even if they weren’t
directly funding the study
which they probably were let’s be honest
let’s be honest
they probably were they were supporting
that study
by funding other studies to allow money
to be directed to that study
we all know what happened the virus got
out of the lab
guys started spreading they were held
did you know
did you know this that at the time the
lab leak happened the
uh world military games was happening in
wuhan china
i’ve heard that but i i hadn’t looked up
the uh validity and we had
at the world military games
which is why they blamed it on american
uh military
they were like no it’s probably from the
american military
that makes sense well the chinese
government they’re going to blame
everything on us anyway
right no absolutely um so one of the
things that was in that interview
um i just lost it there it is i’ll play
the audio for you because i
recorded it because that was funny um
uh i don’t i know it comes in a little
bit after this part but
uh i wanted to share this with everybody
and i was gonna share it on muddied
waters of
freedom on tuesday but we’re not having
a show so i’m going to share it tonight
oh yeah that’s not that that’s that
maybe that’s that button maybe
or not i might man i’m failing all over
the place tonight you have to reenact it
i i am um but
they also might be able to hear it out
there and i just don’t know um
because nothing works for me today um
but they were saying they’re going back
and forth and uh
he’s talking about whether or not the
federal government should mandate uh
vaccines and um
and the the host is like should they do
that and he’s like look i don’t think
it’s going to happen
uh i don’t think it’s going to happen i
think it’s going to more be at
local levels and universities and
possibly counties um
and he goes do you see a problem with
that a lot of people are having an
issue with that being a thing and he
goes look
i’m not against libertarians or
libertarian ideals
and i laughed so
heartily at that comment
because uh you don’t care about
libertarian ideals
uh or else we wouldn’t be here right now
you wouldn’t be telling people that we
needed to lock down
you wouldn’t be telling people oh just
stay home don’t leave
wear a mask make sure you get this shot
you don’t have a choice you have to go
get it
and none of that would be happening if
you gave
even an ounce of libertarian ideals and
then he immediately follows it up
by saying but sometimes things are more
important than your liberties we need to
do it for the safety of the country and
it’s like
well and that just goes to show you what
i what i’ve said all along which is
you know dr andy slavitt uh after he
uh or andy slavitt after he left the
white house coronavirus team uh for joe
basically said that uh you know
you know that sometimes you know the
public health of the public good
is more important than your personal
liberties and i was like
wait a minute no the personal liberties
and the personal
freedoms that you have in this country
is what guarantees
the public health and the public good
because if you give people a reason to
get the shot
and you give people reason to trust you
then you’re going uh then they’re going
to get the shot
i mean uh we have a local radio host
here in mobile
who has basically said yeah with these
vaccines that when they first came out
they said they’re 95 96 94
effective from preventing the
coronavirus do you remember when they
said that
right no i remember that well if you
look dig dig down deep in the data
that wasn’t accurate they said what
what wait what the data says is it’s
94 95 96 effective from
from you having severe complications
hospitalization and death
from the chronovirus you can still get
the coronavirus
if you get the vaccine you’re just
probably not going to die from it if you
get it right which you’re probably not
going to die from it if you don’t break
it because it has
a higher probability right well it’s got
a 99.6
survival rate or something yeah
something like that
so it’s like getting the vaccine they’re
like oh yeah even when they were saying
it’s 94
effective i’m like well i’ve got a
better chance of surviving
yeah well and then listen i’ve gotten
the vaccine i’m fully vaccinated
and alabama has the lowest vaccination
rate in the state
in the entire united states and i’m like
you know if you want to incentivize
people to get the vaccine there is
one surefire way to get to get people
lined up to get the shot in the state
you get nick saban on tv
and every tv market in the state and you
say you can’t attend an
alabama crimson tide football home
game and bryant denney stadium
unless you are fully vaccinated i
guarantee the next day
half of this state is going to be lined
up at the vaccine clinic waiting to get
their vaccine
because because football is more
important to them than
even donald trump saying don’t get the
yes i would yes i would agree i would
agree with that
for alabama like if you told uh florida
that they couldn’t go to
you know the florida state or university
of florida’s football games a lot of
them would go i don’t care
why no i don’t care sure
okay guess what i’m going to do this
everybody here’s tom brady sucks by the
yeah greatest quarterback who’s ever
lived yeah he sucks um
i’m a new orleans saints fan so i can
say that that’s fair i’m i’m
a uh i’m a rams fan and i’ve been a rams
fan for a very long time so he’s beaten
us in the super bowl
twice um i actually rooted for him the
last time he did it
no no no wow and man you rooted for the
rams the last time he did it
no i was rooting for him the last time
yeah okay that makes more sense listen i
have friends that are
obnoxious boston sports fans
so i root against every boston team i uh
i can because they’re so obnoxious
unless they’re playing the last time
y’all were in the super bowl uh
y’all made the super bowl because it’s a
very bad call by the refs
in the nfc championship game so i rooted
for the patriots because i didn’t want
the rams to win in all fairness
you should have been rooting against the
refs and not the rams
because the rams didn’t they had nothing
to do with that it was
yes it was a bad call i am willing to
admit it it was a bad call
but that had absolutely nothing to do
with the rams that was all on the refs
the refs didn’t make the call
well and i agree and i told saints fans
back when that happened i was like
my other saints fans friends i was like
look every team in the league
benefits from bad calls the saints
benefited from
bad calls every team gets ultimately
screwed by bad calls the saints have
gotten their fair share of
being screwed by bad calls it’s a part
of the game
until we get robotic refs we’re going to
have bad calls
so just get over and deal with it but
that doesn’t mean that i can’t root
the rams in the super bowl because they
shouldn’t have been there
but instead you had to root for tom
brady which i’m certain
i had to root for tom ray i’m certain
that got you a little bit
um and i’ve always like even
when he won back in 2001 against the
um i i was
not happy but i was like you know what i
like that i like the quarterback like
he’s good
like he seems like a stand-up dude and
now he’s here in tampa
and he just kept winning and he never
really did anything that upset me
a lot of people he was like oh no tom
brady is awful because reason
i don’t know um and not awful he’s just
a cheater
i don’t care if you deflated his balls
saying that sentence without any context
just makes
just sounds so weird um i used to
deflate him all the time
uh but uh
i don’t care that he deflated his like
what uh aaron rodgers was like yeah i do
that and uh
uh the other manning eli they all do it
eli was like yeah i used to over inflate
him like i can’t believe we’re talking
about this
and i was like yeah why why is this a
um why why
i have heard deflated balls uh
on on national television more times
than i ever thought that i would
outside of like a commercial
trying to help people with steroid abuse
like i was like who cares that he did
um no hey bill belichick get away with
get away with it right bill belichick
probably a cheater gonna go out on a
limb and go
yeah he’s a cheater he does anything he
can to get the upper hand
um hey just knowing
the intricacies of the rules doesn’t
mean that you’re a cheater
and of course i’m talking about the
tough rules right the tuck rule
the talk rule which technically wasn’t a
there was that was exactly that was the
stupid rule
uh um so
yeah we started late we’re okay uh i was
like oh man we’re over time we’re
talking about foundation
yeah we’re talking about cheaters we’re
talking about
voucher dr fauci
master gave me a sock i’m free now like
i said he’s dobby from
harry potter that talks like he’s from
the sopranos right
um so yeah fauci
uh well i think he’s evil um of course
he’s evil
i think lucy from the peanuts cartoons
i mean literally think about it you know
lucy would hold the football for charlie
and then as soon as he went to go kick
it he she’d pull it away and then he’d
be like okay i’m not doing that again
and she would talk him into doing it i’m
not going to pull the
ball away this time and then she would
do it and she keep doing it charlie
brown would never learn
guess what the american people are
charlie brown in this scenario
dr fauci is lucy he keeps pulling the
football because first it was don’t wear
a mask because masks don’t do any good
wear your mask because masks help reduce
the spread of the coronavirus
then it was oh well it’s the uh it’s the
disposable masks that help you uh
help reduce the spread of the the the
virus it’s not the cloth mass
then it’s you know then it’s this and
then it’s that i’m like
yeah it’s just one thing after another
after another at some point
the boy has to cry wolf too many times
for the village to
to even believe him anymore and guess
what that’s when the wolf’s gonna show
and when they stop believing them and
that’s one of the things uh
to kind of try to tie it all back
together here like journal like
journalism and media like media in
you’ve had you know the new york times
the washington post um
i can’t think of any major newspapers
anymore because i think those two own
them all um
but you know they’ve just been anything
anything that you know it’s true uh
reuters ap i don’t know um anything that
fauci says they take as the gold
standard and they’re just like yeah no
this is how it is
so as he’s been changing whatever it is
that he’s been saying like you know wear
don’t wear masks wear masks okay don’t
wear these masks we’re only wear these
masks and
um you know what he him going on
about game you know there is no gain of
function research okay well maybe there
was a lab leak but there isn’t gain of
function research like
he has been wrong so many times and the
media has just been saying
nope this is it the science is settled
the science is settled the science is
settled the science has settled
but the bar keeps moving on where the
settled science science is
and that’s because science can’t really
be settled exactly
because it is and everybody that says
believe the scientists believe the
science believe the science believe the
you know the science is settled i’m like
you are not based in reality if you’re
saying that because
the very basis of science
the scientific method is question
everything you know that’s basically the
scientific method
you have a hypothesis you say i think
i then set out to prove this you either
prove it
or you disprove it then once you’ve
either once you say you’ve proven it
you then have other people go and say
you know what
i don’t think you’re right i’m gonna go
take what you did and i’m gonna try to
go replicate it and they can either
replicate it
or they can’t if they can’t then it’s
not uh then it’s not science
if they can then more people go uh
replicate it and build upon it that is
questioning everything about science is
basis of science so any so really if you
want to think about it
it’s the lemmings that are saying trust
the science trust the science
are the ones that are not being
scientific and the ones that are saying
wait a minute this you know one plus one
isn’t equal to here let’s scroll down
and let’s
critically think about this isn’t it are
the ones that are actually being
isn’t it still called the theory of
gravity yeah
no i think it’s a law now it
okay i was gonna say like this has
happened more times in my day than i
like to admit
because lots of things get broken from
me doing stuff like that
um but like if that’s still a theory
you know like but do you realize how
long it takes
for a theory to become a law a long time
a very long time and multiple
uh and multiple efforts to disprove the
theory before it becomes a law
right and if not enough times of
continuing to prove it
after trying to disprove it they say
they give up but they say okay yeah
it’s probably a law you know and uh
and and then another thing medicine
isn’t science yes it has scientific
aspects to it
but there’s a reason it’s called medical
because it’s the practice of medicine
the practice of medical arts you know
it’s a medical arts
degree it’s not a science
medicine is not a science no yes it has
a lot of scientific aspects to it but
it’s not
science so people say it’s trust the
science trust the science well
what science am i supposed to trust
because this is not science
yeah i was going to say one of our one
of our regular
viewers uh jimmy lee he said science
still hasn’t approved the vaccine which
i guess technically the artists haven’t
approved the vaccine
because the fda still hasn’t approved it
because it was done under emergency
and they just said nope go ahead even
though biden in his town hall
yesterday said this yesterday they’ve
been working on the vaccine for 10 years
and i thought
well how is that possible how have they
been working on the vaccine for 10 years
because a lot of the a lot of the basic
research and foundational research that
went into this vaccine
especially when it comes to the corona
specific uh research
was done back when sarge was one first
okay back in the obama administration
and then they kind of just
shelved all that research to the side
once sars one just
magically disappeared and then you know
just kind of died out
so uh it just goes to show you how did
reappear you know how did stars reappear
and become so deadly and so uh and so
infectious right
without gain of function research
well because coronavirus has already
proven that it kills itself off after a
certain amount of time
it it definitely wasn’t created in the
wool hand
kovid lab definitely was not funded in
the blue hand covid
dr faucio on the other side of that
camera staring at you
yeah he’s right here going you better
tell him tell him that it wasn’t made
um um
but yeah so the media has
this incredible ability uh they they
have this ability to sway
how everybody sees whatever news story
is coming out and
they have a responsibility to try i
they don’t do it but they have a
responsibility to try this way or to try
to just give people the facts so
they can make their own opinions
based on the media that’s given to them
my own opinion that’s how media should
you don’t see that anymore a lot of
people say that with walter cronkite
he was the one that kind of started
making that switch
but like you said uh media has never
really been unbiased never
and shouldn’t be honestly because
uh and at least in my opinion because
when they show their bias they can they
show where their
uh where their facts are coming from so
now you know
to take what they’re saying with a grain
of salt
or not you know if they just if they
present themselves as unbiased and they
you know everything we say is the truth
and whatever
that’s when you really have to be scared
about the information that you’re
that you’re that you’re getting but if
they say
like if i’m watching fox news i know i’m
going to get the conservative republican
point of view i’m going to get the
republican talking points i understand
i’m fine with that because that’s what i
know i’m getting i
have a really good bs filter i can
filter through their bs as well as i can
filter through uh
npr’s bs yeah and uh get just get the
or what i believe to be the facts now
i’m also
the type of person that if you present
if i tell you something as a fact
and you present me with uh with
information showing that i am wrong i’m
at least willing to admit that i’m wrong
i may not change my opinion
but i’m at least willing to admit that
the information that i based my opinion
off was
off of was wrong you may change my
opinion you may not
but and that’s the way we have to be as
a society
as another reason why the media has
become so the way it is
is because we’ve become so polarized on
the two
uh the two different polars of politics
and we don’t the libertarians are
basically left there in the middle
okay sometimes you’re right sometimes
you’re right
and both sides are mad at us both sides
can’t stand us
yeah because we’re willing to admit that
the other side is right sometimes
well it’s also because when we so if
agreeing with the democrats we’ll say
you know you’re right
but for all the wrong reasons and here
are the right reasons that you’re right
and when it’s the republicans we’ll be
like you’re right but for all the wrong
reasons here are the right reasons that
you’re right and here are the reasons
that you’re wrong
and so we just like to constantly tell
them why they’re wrong even when we’re
this is why everybody hates us because
we’re so confident
and we try to keep correcting them right
uh well david thank you so much for
coming on
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i don’t know which one and then there is
no muddied waters of freedom next week
next wednesday sarah’s over in the
corner dancing because we’re going to be
in tennessee
and then on wednesday spike will be back
with a new episode of my fellow
and there will be no writer’s block next
week because i’m taking off the entire
but it is going to be great because
i need the break um
i’m in the matrix of course i am um
i’m also going to take my computer with
me to figure out what is wrong
with this program that i use um
uh sean orton over on youtube says ben
swann does a reasonable job of reporting
uh ben swann does do a reasonable job of
reporting i’ve met ben swann he’s a
fantastic guy
i was actually confused for ben swann
once somebody thought that
i was uh somebody thought i was ben
and that was based on uh somebody saying
hey i need you to find ben swann and
they said who is ben swann and they said
look for the really good looking blonde
guy in a blue suit that’s well tailored
and so that person came to me so i take
it as a compliment
thank you all so much uh tune in
tomorrow night for
uh cajun and eskimos from bayous to
igloos and have a fantastic weekend
uh and until next time
you’re wonderful just the way you are
i don’t need anybody’s help yeah i am
waving while
cause if there’s room enough for one
there must be
me when my hiding place is
i don’t need anybody’s head
[ __ ]

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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