The Wrighter’s Block Episode 59 – Vicky Rose Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Vicky Rose is the current chair of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi. She was nominated as chair in February and ran unopposed. She had always known she was really a libertarian since 2008 when she first learned of the Party but didn’t officially join until 2017. Champion of the underdog, she has worked on a number of campaigns, including as the Mississippi State Coordinator for the Jorgensen campaign. Her volunteer work over the years helped prepare her to run for office in 2019 and 9 months later for the same seat in 2020. Both races came with their own unique Mississippi challenges.

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success now again thank you all for
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uh you have no idea how much it means to
me every week uh
i am very excited about this guest uh i
am going to be hanging out with this
this weekend um she is currently the
chair of the libertarian party of
and she has so much on her plate because
of the event going on in tunica
mississippi uh that i can’t believe she
took the time out of her busy schedule
to talk to me
so please welcome with me everybody the
wonderful and fabulous vickie rose
hi hi how are you exhausted
but it’s a good exhaustion i know at the
end of the
week the weekend of the day whatever you
want to call it it’s all for a good
it is it is all for a good cause um and
we will get into that cause in just a
little bit but before we get into the
cause that you have been working so
diligently on for the last
however like yeah i don’t know yeah
for however long i was i was going first
i was going to say like something hyper
like hyperbolic and then i said i might
be wrong and it might be that i might be
under shooting this so i’m just not even
going to take a random guess at this
um well actually we only we only really
um boots on the ground really
probably about eight to ten weeks okay
all right
so yeah i was gonna say six months which
would have been hyperbolic enough i
um it should be six months to a year
but i’ll get into that later
that’s fair um
jimmy let me know if my oh my volume is
low okay well here let me turn it up for
um thank you thank you for letting me
know jimmy
uh so before we get into everything
that’s going on with the event this
weekend in uh
in beautiful tunica mississippi um
let’s let’s talk a little bit about you
how is it that you found yourself into
the mental institution that is the
libertarian party how did you
decide that you know what i’m going to
piss off every single one of my friends
and family members by joining a not
party that they’re a member of
uh what got you here
uh i think it’s a journey a life journey
and i most people that i talk to it is
you know
the work that i do as an individual you
know helping people with
um healing and what i did life is a
journey and i just see this as part of
for me my growth process and if i looked
all the way back to even
the beginning of my marriage when we got
married i was like oh i want to do a
home birth and
from that point on i really
started more personal
responsibility and oh we don’t want to
take our kids to the doctor a lot
so how can we manage our own personal
without having to go to the doctor all
the time so i started you know looking
into herbs and other natural means and
how do we care for our bodies and take
personal responsibility for not sick you
know we’re not going to
spread our germs my kids hate it but i
don’t let them go anywhere when they’re
for like two weeks and this is what
we’ve always done coveted hits and there
we all got sick in like february or
march like two months where i didn’t let
any of my kids leave the house and we
didn’t even have lockdowns yet
and then by the time lockdowns came
they could go out
so they were so mad i’m like hey
it’s about living a life of personal
responsibility it is
um so um
and during that process i learned about
ron paul
okay through that process because um
after our first child was born
home birth uh i have eight kids but
um when uh samuel was born i feel like i
feel for you on a personal level you
eight you have eight yes sir
wow okay all right um sorry that
that that took me out that’s a whole
nother podcast right
yeah that’s completely different because
like so my my beautiful and lovely
um superfan sarah anderegg has uh two
that we all live together now and um
i can’t imagine eight of those
well it’s like when you get to six like
why not no that’s not that’s the wrong
price when you when your
child when they’re about they’re about
10 when they’re about 10 or 12 years old
they can help out a lot right right 8 10
but they start to learn from each other
and it actually gets easier
okay so what you’re saying is it’s still
hard because you have a lot of
activities and
a lot bigger grocery bill you know
things like that right
but it does kind of the kids learn from
each other so quickly
okay yeah so what you’re saying is like
14 children so
back back back to the ron paul thing so
my my midwife said you know
we’re going to get vaccines so we might
want to look into that all she said
you’re very respectful of people in
individual choice
and in the home birth community i find
that with midwives they’re very very
respectful they don’t push
their ideas on people and that’s it’s
freedom right
so she uh we i did and that’s where i
learned about ron paul
fast forward to 2007. he announces he’s
running for president oh i know that
name and i got so excited so i got
involved in ron paul
campaign in minnesota and i became a
precinct captain found out
you know how effective it is to work at
the micro
level and my in minnesota we have
we had because i don’t live there
anymore we had uh precincts so everybody
on um primary election day and then
you go to your precincts and then you
you get so many
um delegates per precinct they’ll go to
a you know a caucus
blah blah blah right and the precinct
that i worked
my kids five kids and i in like 20
degree weather and colder
went to every single door in that
precinct and
um he won ron paul one in that precinct
and we had enough time to hit maybe a
third of the doors in the next precinct
over and he got
second place in that precinct so
that was a huge motivating factor for me
this can be done if you just do it right
you can do the work time the effort into
things can change so um
we wanted to work within the liberty
within the republican party that’s when
we learned about the
libertarian party and on the ron paul
forums and the message boards and people
talking about come over to the
libertarian party and like no no
no no we’re going to work within the
libertarian we can republican party we
can change it we can change it
we kept crying and we kept trying to try
and eventually move to mississippi
and um met danny bedwell who was the
current state
who was the state chair at the time for
many years actually the libertarian
party mississippi
i have a great friend of the family he
was running for uh us congress a couple
of times
and um you know he’s like you need to
join the
libertarian party oh no no no my husband
ended up being the
um chair of our county affiliate for the
republican party
and 2012 comes along
and we were very vocal about supporting
ron paul
and he got a call from
the state pair of the republican party
in mississippi we hadn’t had the
primaries yet
and they told him you have to support
mitt romney
you cannot support anybody else we
hadn’t even had a primary yet
he resigned the next day and we’re like
you know what screw this
you guys just abandoned me you told me
who i can and can’t
we went to the libertarian party i
didn’t actually join the party
until 2017 when i started helping um
the um state party of mississippi with
their annual convention
i was like you know i’m doing all this
work for i believe in it i just need to
just bite the bullet and just join
stop talking about it and just do it
and you so that’s not too far off from
how i got
to the uh libertarian party back in
2008 i knew about ron paul and i was
following his campaign
um but i even back then i was kind of i
was a realist
um and i was like he’s not going to win
it’s going to be mitt romney we already
know it’s going to be mitt romney or
not mitt romney i apologize mccain um
2012 was a different story um i knew
that like in 2008 i was like he’s not
gonna win it’s gonna it’s gonna be uh
john mccain and i was looking at the
ballot options and
i hated john mccain because i grew up
and my dad uh constantly told me that
mccain he’s just a democrat and he would
switch to the democrats if he
could but he wants to keep his standing
in the republican party
and so he’s never gonna do it but he’s a
and then uh i wasn’t gonna vote for
barack obama because he was a socialist
uh still is and i was like
i can’t vote for either of these people
and ever like all of my friends who were
republicans growing up all my family
members were like no we have to vote for
mccain because mccain’s gonna be
you know he’s gonna be great and i’m
like you spent the last however many
years of my life
telling me how terrible of a person john
mccain is and now you all are trumpeting
for him
um just because he’s gotten r after his
why are you voting for this guy and so i
voted for my first libertarian that year
in bob barr
and uh libertarian
that year in bob barr um because
because i was like i’m not voting for
either of these people and i want to
feel good about myself so i’m going to
vote for the guy that’s running for
um because at least he’s kind of liberty
um and voted for the constitution party
candidate that year
did you yeah yeah yeah and i don’t think
i’ve ever voted for a republican party
president except one time uh i voted
i think i think it was bush the first
time yeah
i voted for i did vote for bush um
and then i started learning more about
liberty and that’s when
i kind of right veered away from that
um and you know i’ve basically been
voting libertarian ever since
um so you know
very it’s similar but i the the john
thing was the one that really got me
after being told how terrible how he’s
awful democrat for years for most of my
life john mccain was this terrible
who sided with the democrats and then
having all of these republicans going
no he’s really he’s the one he’s going
to do great
we need to vote for him and that was the
first year that i remember hearing this
is the most important election of our
and i went no it’s not
you have two democrats running against
each other based on everything you’ve
ever told me
there’s no difference here i’m voting
for the libertarian
and uh then they blamed me when mccain
it’s your fault you’re you’re one vote
my one vote is the reason that john
mccain lost
virginia in 2008
been told that just by me um
stumping for other candidates it’s my
fault right
i am i started working for libertarian
campaigns in 2013
2013 2014 2014. uh there was a special
election january of 2014 that i started
working for
and um it was a it was a
it was a congressional election
house of representatives and there was a
a democrat and a republican the democrat
by about that much um
it was more it was she lost by less than
can you guess how much the libertarian
um wow and
every democrat that i knew here in
and that wasn’t many because i just
moved here um every democrat that i knew
uh blamed me and they said it’s your
fault that alex sink lost
and every republican i met blamed me
because their candidate almost lost
and i was right everybody can’t be mad
at me like one of you sure
whatever like yeah i’ll i’ll take the
hate from one of you but
both of you can’t be mad at me i
couldn’t have stolen votes from all of
um so and that was when i started
getting more involved and realizing that
both of the parties were essentially the
exact same
um they are matt rose uh
apologizes and he says you voted for
bush because i probably told you to
and please forgive him
i am my own person
personal responsibility we accept it
as we are right
i can always choose a different path so
uh you ended up joining the libertarian
in 2017 even after the mitt romney
stuff happened in 12th um yes so
you have worked on a number of campaigns
and you were the mississippi state
coordinator for the jorgensen cohen
yes after she after she um received the
i was a delegate for mississippi i
started messaging the campaign and i
said you know um
i’m willing to be the state coordinator
for the jorgensen campaign
um and at the time you know i was
the district one rep for the state party
and um
like yeah we’ll have you on and i
i learned a lot i didn’t stick with it
the whole time though because i ended up
running for a special election
fair but i did i did work on that um
i did work on the effort to bring her to
and in jackson and hattiesburg and after
that event is when i bowed out
because the special election was in
september okay and she came
she came to mississippi in august and
what was your special election for
well in 2019 i ran against the 20-year
incumbent for the state house of
representatives in my district
and um i did pretty good i got 23
percent of the
vote first time running in a district
that hindsight is
2020 you can only literally win in that
race if you’re a republican
because of the way the map is drawn and
it will never be anything but republican
period no one independent no one can win
that race
unless they’re a republican um
but he lost in um 2000 i mean he he
won in 2019 and um he
there were some health issues with him
and his wife and i knew that he wasn’t
going to serve his whole term so it
really was
bothering me and a lot of lawmakers and
even lobbyists that i met in 2019
vicki were cheering for you we we don’t
want chisholm to win we want to work
with you we want you and jackson we need
you and jack
we need your voice in jackson i was
hearing this from republicans and
every every time i ran into somebody and
i don’t understand why gary chisholm is
running again he’s not
he’s not very healthy and you know no
one understands no one in the house can
understand why he’s doing it but he did
it anyway
and six months later he resigned right
so there was a special election for that
so i jumped in that race and how did you
on the second race um
we had okay there were about six other
special elections
during the during that race and the
thing that there was
six special elections during that race
for across the state oh okay well still
the governor set the date okay and what
really pissed me off
was that this is a presidential election
right 2020 presidential election year
there was one special election for a
state house seat that
that the seat was vacated in april
of 2020.
he moved that special election to to the
general election day that everyone else
is there november
3rd whatever it was right so that was
from april all
up to november well gary chisholm and a
whole bunch of other people resign in
like june and july
and maybe one or two of them in may he
moved all those to september 22nd
because they were all republicans with
exception of two of them
they were all republican seats
low voter turnout
i had 14 of registered voters in my
district turn out to that special
i did you if you do the math i actually
did better than i did in 2020 2019
but i still only of the 14 that showed
up i only got 17
of the vote and it was a three-way
freeway race
okay so what what did you learn in your
race that you brought to the 2020. like
what did you change in your campaign
i think it was just
it was more um i have to hit more doors
that’s that’s that’s what i
you know i knew and in eight in my race
was about
six i really hit it hard for about six
weeks because here i
did you know i i did what i needed to to
get on the ballot
which was because it’s a special
election i needed to gather signatures i
got on the ballot
last minute and then um the jorgensen
thing happened
and i was out and then my dog got shot
by the police
like the next week so i had a deal with
like a week of that
and getting him taken care of and you
know about a week
to 10 days i had to deal with that and
then like two days later
as i’m out trying to put out campaign
signs my car got totaled
so instead of like eight weeks i had
maybe five to six weeks to campaign
and um we hit i’m justin cornett
came down out of nashville amazing man
and um we were able to hit about 3 000
doors in about three weeks
oh that’s amazing that’s good it was it
was really good and i
i outraised all of the republican
um three times what they raised
and hit more doors than they did and i
still got third place
i had people coming up to me after so
what did i
i i would say that there’s two things
that i took away the combination of both
of those races rather than like
so what did i learn from the 2019 that i
that i applied in 2020
in 2020 it was hit it harder okay
um and try to get in front of the
churches more
try to get in front of some of the the
the demographic that the republicans
don’t reach out to more and i was trying
to do that
um but with six weeks it’s really hard i
had a lot of people excited about my
and they would come up to me though
after september 22nd
i have your card on my on my
and i’m gonna vote for you thank you but
the election already happened the date
is on the card
and and actually so
that makes sense so i don’t know what
miss uh what mississippi state laws are
when when it comes to special elections
and things like that i know certain
states have
uh rules on whether or not they can be
within a certain amount of time
of an already planned election um
so i don’t want to hit the governor too
hard on that because i don’t know
mississippi state laws
no they’re they’re because like i said
there was somebody who um
who who um vacated their seat in like
march or april
because they used to be a it’s so what
happened with that person they were
state representative they were elected
in 2019 um there are actually two of
and they were teacher they previously
were teachers
and they were receiving their pension
but then when they got their job as a
state lawmaker they found out that they
can’t continue to receive their
purse so they wanted to continue to
receive their pension
while they were a state lawmaker and do
the job of the state lawmaker
so they resigned right because they can
do that
and that happened in like april april
and gary resigned in june the april
special election from that seat was in
so it was even it was a bigger spread
the governor could have done it it was
just what he picked
okay in that case i will hit the
governor for it um
like at first i didn’t want to because i
was like i don’t know mississippi’s
voter law
you know election laws i’m not gonna hit
him on this but
um yeah the fact that he spread it the
way that he spread it and
to make sure that there would be a lower
a lower count or a lower voter turnout
you you had that facing you but like you
said from the
2019 election to the to nine months
later in the 2020
even though you didn’t do as well you
still did better
even with lower turnout so
what what i’m hearing and you can
correct me if i’m wrong please
uh what i’m hearing is uh for
because i i have to disagree with
something that you said
a little bit um because you said no
republican will ever win this district
because of the way that it’s drawn
only only republicans right yes sorry
uh only republicans will win this
district because of the way that it’s
and i don’t think that that is
accurate because i think a lot of people
are only voting one way or the other
because they only really know those two
schools of thought and they
are still under the belief that you have
to have an r or a deed to win
um i think that we will get to a point
and i think that
your election proves that more people
got that way in
nine months over the course of nine
months enough people were switching over
that you
did significantly better in the race
nine months later
by hitting more doors by showing them
that there’s another option well nine
months later
it was all of us on the ballot were
i was the only woman on the back oh okay
so everybody on the ballot was an
independent yes
oh so you can’t you can’t equate that
really fair
all right now granted
the um the state did a wonder the media
did a wonderful
you know thing and um there’s an article
in the clarion ledger that talks about
all the special elections that were
climbing up in the next day or whatever
it was
and listen every single race i was the
one out of like 30 people that they put
a party affiliation behind
and everyone else on there they didn’t
identify any type of party affiliation
if i’m interviewed on super talk which i
know spike was interviewed on today
i can’t even find my interviews on their
on their website he’s hype and vicki
rose they’re not on there
uh but the um you can find my interview
that i just had with them
um about six weeks ago on their youtube
but you can’t find on their website
really i was interviewed in 2019 when i
ran against gary chisholm
okay it’s not on there you can type it
in and it doesn’t show up
so i mean you you were facing no matter
what you were facing like
insurmountable odds in both races um
the mississippi bureau narcotics works
really hard against me they don’t like
because i fight for kratom i’ve created
them i’ve
been forced to be reckoned with however
i’m saying
here in mississippi i’m sorry i’m in
both schools of thought on kratom and
like it’s potato potato potato whatever
you call it
as long as you don’t say kratom if you
say kratom i don’t talk to you
um because i know people who do
um i don’t know if you know this or not
when before muddied waters got started
muddy uh
muddied waters comes from uh the fact
that kava
looks like mud um and
it actually got started because i was
going up to the florida legislature
to fight to keep kratom legal here
yeah no i did not know that yeah i was
doing a lot of work with the american
kratom association
um and uh paul i forget paul’s name
right now
um i was doing a lot of work with him
and the american kratom association uh
susan ashe was
uh the head over there at the time and
they were trying to ban kratom here in
and i was one of the people boots on the
ground i was up there giving talks on
kratom and
the good that it does and how it’s you
know a leaf
it’s a life it’s not you know tainted
right from a tree it’s it’s like the tea
that some of you drink some of you
probably only drink liquor but you know
there’s tea also that you can have and
that’s all this is and you’re trying to
ban it
um and we kept it legal here so uh
i can say they’ve been working at the
county level there’s this group they
call the lounge county tax task force
and they’ve been going all over the
state of mississippi
and trying to do it at the micro level
and expand to the state level
and lowndes county is about you know 15
minutes from my house
and we were actually able uh last year
to flip
uh monroe county they had a band and
um we were able to flip it and get it
off their van substance list
and uh that was a win that’s you you
never hear about
a band going schedule one a product
going to guess schedule one
and then a government just like you’re
later flipping on it
so it’s a huge one except for the dea
who did that in uh 2015
right right right because i was in dc
for that
um yeah because the dea for anybody who
doesn’t so real quick for anybody who
doesn’t know what kratom is kratom comes
like she said from the
it’s the leaf of a tree comes from the
kratom tree it’s found in southeast asia
um and it’s a cousin of the coffee plant
i haven’t had to do this in a long time
uh it’s the cousin of the coffee plant
you take the leaf you dry it out you
grind it up you
you steep it just like tea and it uh
depending on if you get a white a green
or red it will relax you give you
or give you energy um i did that in
reverse order too the white will give
you energy
the white will give you a lot of energy
uh the the
the red will relax you the green gives
you euphoria um
but uh and it is all natural
uh it is all natural it is uh i don’t
remember the exact term but it connects
to the opioid receptors in the brain
and it will uh helps
uh subside certain urges that
some people might be having um i don’t
want to say that on the air
um a lot of people use it um
for detoxing from um
heroin or other opioids and those were
the urges
people go through suboxone you know if
they have to go on suboxone and you’ve
got the
you know the all the mental health
centers in mississippi pushing
that on patients and so they’re saying
kratom is bad well anyway
we have a cattle topic here i mean we
can talk about this forever i’m sure
yeah sorry yeah i like i get so excited
to talk about it whenever it gets
brought up i’m like oh yeah i crowd him
let’s talk about it um
well that’s why but see that so whenever
so when i ran in 2019
the lounge county task force started
infiltrating trying to infiltrate my
campaign and do you know weird stuff and
i could tell like my phone started being
tapped and stuff and then
when gary announced that he was um
he was withdrawing same stuff started
happening so he was really weird
messages people started
cracking me my phone started being
tapped again
really really right
so one of the questions was so vicky
with your healing work
do you tell people to use mushrooms i’m
no i’m i’m not a licensed like
are you psychiatric no i’m not a
psychiatrist or a psychologist they’re
trying to you know get me in a corner
and get me to trip myself up and say
something bad and whatever
okay just go away yeah um john morrissey
says that uh kratom
seriously helps with my tinnitus and
he’s got a cava barge that serves it
three miles from the house in winter
park florida
and i almost 100 guarantee i’ve been at
that kava bar
i don’t even know which one it is but
it’s in florida so i’ve probably been
there um
because i go to a lot of them um all
right so let’s uh let’s move on
uh because yeah we can talk about kratom
all day long and if anybody has any
questions about it um
shoot me a message on facebook or uh
email and i
will be happy to talk to you about it
um and we can move on from there because
we still need to talk about breaking
boundaries which is going on
tomorrow starting tomorrow
starting tomorrow right so uh breaking
boundaries let’s talk about this event
uh what is this event for well
like i know let’s tell the people what
it’s for i know what it’s about
well the back story on it is our
convention was supposed our annual
convention was supposed to have
been held in february at this um
facility but snowpocalypse happened in
the whole state was under an ice storm
and we couldn’t have
our annual convention in person nobody
could get here
so um i mean there’s still people in
jackson without water jackson
mississippi with water because of the
ice storm that happened in february
and um that’s crazy so
we went to a virtual convention and the
location that we were supposed to have
it at
said well we’re gonna have to keep your
um because you put a deposit on it or
you can go ahead
and have an event and so we said well
let’s talk about having an event and
then um so
after i was elected as a chair you know
i told the
um community i said i really think that
we should have an event
where and the name of it i’m going to
give a shout out to laz austin
he’s probably not watching but laz was
my advice he was elected as a vice chair
he had to step down because of personal
issues but
he um he’s the one who came up with this
um title for it and it’s it’s it’s a
great title because
our goal is to bring people together
that aren’t even necessarily you know in
the libertarian party
um they might have heard about the
libertarian party we don’t have the word
in the event because we’re trying to
bring people together and say hey
we have we agree in criminal justice and
that change need to be made or drug
or occupational and licensing reform
whatever it is
because we know that the libertarian
party has you know this big umbrella
all these issues that so many different
people can you know pick
out a few of them and agree with but
they might get hung up on a couple other
and in our state our we don’t have um
a whole lot of branding for the
libertarian party mississippi this is an
opportunity to bring people in
and not have the mass media
filters for them just say hey we’re
we’re in agreement with um bella
anderson 65 medical marijuana we’re in
agreement with
criminal justice from blah blah blah and
we want to work together
because these issues are important to me
not that but these are
so it’s a networking opportunity it’s
also an opportunity to hear from
people other people on the stage like
spike adam koch
um cole ebel out of tennessee we’ve got
um justin cornett coming out and and
joshua eagle with for all tennessee
uh we’ve um i mean there’s there’s other
names and people talking about
what they’ve been doing to break
to bring liberty together and we’re also
breaking boundaries
by coming together and breaking down the
walls that separate us
and recognizing that we’re all human
we’re all having this experience on this
planet called earth together and we need
to break these walls between us
so we can actually move forward in love
and liberty with each other
um and one of our guests his name is
jimmy smith
he uh is a retired nfl player
and play for jackson
yes he played for the jacksonville
jaguars he has
the best record as far as wide receivers
go and uh he
actually if you look at his record it’s
really amazing i’m not a football
player person whatever person a player
i was like you’re not a football player
i would have pegged you for a linebacker
i would have pegged you for a linebacker
you know yeah
yeah um no
i don’t even i don’t know the sport i
really know nothing about it but i’m
looking at i’m look i’m
ever since i’ve been in contact with
jimmy i’m looking at stats comparing
his stats to people who played at the
same time as him and
he’s right under there right under there
with like jerry rice
uh dion sanders uh
just yards receptions touchdowns
he was an amazing player no he was he
was great
probably still he’s probably a lot
better than i am today
but you know the sad part is that
he had a health problem yeah you know if
you read his story
um about his health issues that he had
appendicitis and some of the other you
the resulting issues because of what
happened with that
and um being a football player being in
that environment
and he ended up with an addiction
problem and landed him in prison
and you know it the the
the system of injustice that we have you
sometimes it does
look at people and and give favoritism
we’re all at risk of it we are
absolutely um
so yeah he ended up in in jail and ended
up on
um on house arrest for a number of years
and he’s coming to share his
story with us too i’ll be available for
autographs and
pictures and whatever so
so uh do you was he a crowd did he like
start drinking kratom to help with his
issues do you know or is this
like completely a separate thing he
doesn’t know anything about kratom
in my conversations with him um i’ve
brought up
i brought it up and he hasn’t heard it
he hadn’t heard of it before
oh i cannot wait to meet this man um
for now multiple reasons
i get to add him to the number of
football players that i have met
throughout my life and
i get to talk to him about kratom um but
no i’m really excited like so we’ve got
we’ve got him he’s going to be a speaker
you’ve got
uh some guy named spike he’s going to be
there i don’t know
um and then yeah does he have spiky hair
is that why he’s called spike just
sometimes he does have spiky hair and
that’s what we’re gonna go with because
that’s better than the other story
um i love spike he’s
my brother and best friend um uh you got
adam kokesh uh who else did you say i
you said so many people right there in
such quick succession
right right um hopefully hopefully we’ll
have our only elected libertarian
in mississippi there i’ve gotta ride his
butt a little bit he didn’t know if he’s
be able to make it or not because his
business is doing a big project on the
gulf coast
steve mccluskey out of mclean
mississippi very small town but very
mayor and um and then
paul evil out of carthage tennessee
right so he’s been kicked out of city
council meetings he’s an elected
libertarian he’s a city councilman and
so get to hear from him
carswell i forgot to mention his name um
he was one of uh one of the leaders of
and he is now the mississippi center for
public policy
president and he is going to be on the
stage to talk to us about liberty and
why it’s so important for america and be
open to take questions from the audience
if you want to ask my brexit or his time
here i mean he’s
quite comical when you hear about some
of his reactions to being in america but
also um very real
about what other people in other
think about america and how much they
love america
rather than what you hear the leftist
um wolk media try to say about what
other countries think about us
so um it’ll be a really he’s not going
to be able to stay very long he has to
bow out right when he’s done he’s going
to speak at 11.
so he has to be out of here by around
noon so he won’t be able to hang out
but so make sure if you’re going to be
here and you want to hear hear him make
sure you’re in the room between 11 and
um so jimmy smith we’ve got we are the
74 will be out here
and they’re going to be talking about
the medical marijuana initiative issue
in our state and why that’s so important
for our state and their plans to run
candidates to challenge state lawmakers
we’re not listening to the voice of the
people right we have
rebecca chaning she is with mississippi
parents for vaccine rights it’s a health
organization you should be able to talk
to us about you know why it’s important
for us to be able to choose our own
health care for us
for ourselves and for our families and
she’s also a constitution
she um she teaches constitution classes
to children so she’s very well versed in
and she you know she’ll be talking about
what they’ve been able to do in the
and their experiences and our
frustrations in mississippi
with regard to archaic vaccine laws here
we have a panel
of um it’s been really hard to get
lawmakers to attend a lot of people
wanted to but there is a uh this
this weekend and into early next week
this big legislative conference for all
the southeastern la
the the lawmakers of the southeastern
united states they’re convening on
to have some big conference and so a lot
of the lawmakers are out of town they’ve
already dedicated themselves to this
and so we’ve got um two members of
freedom mississippi freedom caucus
that will be in attendance and the
purpose of bringing them in they’re both
don’t work with them what’s that i’ve
done work with the freedom caucus before
they’re they’re good they’re a good
group of guys and gals
and their purpose of being here what i
this panel is for us to find out what
it’s like to work in the belly of the
beast in jackson
and why in the world can we not get
bills out of committees
and what can we do to help our lawmakers
who are actually trying to help move
mississippi in the right direction
what are we doing wrong as citizens and
what can we do better
what are we doing right because i think
a lot of times
we get so emotional
about let’s take ballot initiative 65 we
get so emotional about the bala being
turned over or
you don’t have the right to you know to
the access to
what helps your body to heal itself you
believe that it heals the
um and there’s a lot of you know
personal energy tied into that so a lot
of name calling starts happening
um threats start being made and our
you know they tune you out they do
they’re only human
i i would do the same thing i don’t
really like if somebody’s just attacking
me personally
and threatening you’re not somebody i
want to spend
i don’t want to waste my time expending
that energy on you
like i would rather talk to somebody who
who is willing to have a conversation as
opposed to threaten
and they don’t want to be talked at they
want to be talked
with and they want you to ask them
why how what and hear them
um they you know a lot of them will tell
you i don’t know everything
but we don’t hear them say that because
we’re too emotional so
it is wrong with emotion in fact that’s
you know what i work with people on an
individual basis is you know working
with emotions
it’s part of our experience as humans
but it’s what you do with the emotions
and how you choose to react to them
yourself internally
and toward other people that’s where
some damage might start to happen
so i’m really excited and really
that eubanks and criswell are able to
attend and speak to us
and um and i’m hoping i haven’t asked
justin and joshua yet but i’m hoping the
two of them will also sit on the panel
to give some insight into their work as
to answer these questions also granted
they’re you know working in tennessee
but hey we’re in the southeast
we still have this pretty much the same
reality in our legislatures here
and i don’t remember the name of the
which i should remember because i was
just talking about all week
but you want to steal the good ideas
from people and if they have good ideas
that that are working where they
are you want to take them borrowing
uh you want to take you want to borrow
those ideas and
use them where you are because it’s
working somewhere
and you want to make sure that you are
using what works you’re not trying to
reinvent a wheel you are trying to
improve on the ideas of other people
um absolutely so i know that uh
i know that you have to be going soon uh
but brian told me that you had
a surprise for me in the notes and so
did he tell you anything else not much
okay okay well i’ve mentioned a few
times that
i’m an energy healer and um
he wanted me to offer in so part of my
work sometimes i’ll do and i don’t ever
watch any of my live streams
i also do card readings so he wanted me
to offer you the opportunity
to um read some cards for you and
i would love that opportunity if you’re
if you’re open to it
what what the hell yeah let’s uh let’s
do that
so um i don’t i
hear the stipulations if you ask me a
yes or no question
i will change it up okay because
nothing’s guaranteed you can make a
different choice that would influence
the outcome
so i’m not a fortune teller i don’t tell
the future because
different things can happen that you
know it’s like moving
the line shifting right and doing things
it’s okay if you ask me answering a
question just just know that i will um
maybe change up the question a little
bit as to how i’m pulling the cards
but typically when somebody asks me a
question it’s i need to know more
information about
something if you have a topic you wanted
to know more information about or
what do you need to know about the event
in tunica or
sometimes well a lot of times people
just say i don’t know what i need to
know right now so what do i need to know
right now
and then just kind of trust that and
whatever comes out
okay um
what uh what is what do we need to do
to make muddied waters more well-known
that’s a great question one two three
we okay when you say we um
we we being the people who work at
muddied waters
okay i need some clarification when
you’re saying well known
um i’m i’m seeing that there’s um like
there’s all these possibilities like
because you could be more well known in
certain markets
can you narrow it down for me like today
what kind of a market are you trying to
get into that you would like to be or
are you just saying in general you just
want to explode
i want to make muddied waters the
main source of income for anybody
working for it
okay okay okay
so i’m going to be focusing on um what
does not need to know about
growing muddy waters to the point of
where this can be
income producing yes perfect
for all of us okay
so i’ve got two decks here today i just
grabbed the two that i felt
pulled two the first one i’m pulling
with is called energy oracle cards but
sandra and taylor
and then i’ve also got a tarot deck by
going with here
sorry about the silence there if you can
feel free to talk if you want to while
i’m doing this it doesn’t bother me
okay i i wasn’t sure and i didn’t want
to interrupt if uh
okay okay that’s okay i don’t think i’ve
got eight kids so they can like you know
distract me
i’ll tell them hush now but some people
do need some some workers do need you
know the quiet and stuff it’s just
we all work differently okay yeah i
wasn’t sure so i did not want to
interrupt the the process i appreciate
it yeah no absolutely
absolutely um
yeah i think uh at the tuna if anybody
is in the tunica
area i i think there are still tickets
available for some of the events and you
should definitely go and purchase some
yep and and sunday morning we’re to have
a brunch in exclusive
none of that we’re not going to allow
anyone to live stream from that event
um and because we’ve got
jimmy smith and adam kakesh will be on a
on a panel um together um that spike
will be moderating
talking about their experiences in the
prison system
and because um jamie smith has been
nominated for the hall of fame
we’re just trying to be you know
respectful you know for that so
this is an exclusive event and um
i think we maybe only have like 10 i
have to go back and look maybe 10 brunch
tickets left for that
and there’s 75 apiece
which is going to be a fantastic event
so if anybody’s in the tunica
area um and i think uh me cajun and
spike are doing a show on saturday
that i have dubbed the tuneinika to the
tunica event
and uh spike hates it so i’m definitely
gonna make a flyer and call it tuneinica
that’s awesome that’s awesome well we
have um
tickets are only 15 pre-register and if
you guys are intending on coming
i’ve been i have been told by a few
people that there are
a lot of people that are going to come
and we’ve been trying to plan for this
and we don’t have a whole lot of
if you could pre-register and save
yourself five bucks
please go to the website and do that
because that will help us a lot in the
next 24 hours
um a lot of people just like i’ll just
drop a 20 out the door
thank you i really appreciate the five
extra dollars but it helps their
because i’ve got people we’re at the i’m
actually in one of the ballrooms right
and we’ve been here since yesterday my
daughter had a doctor appointment
yesterday in the city
so right here in tunica and um
so they’re all like how many tables have
they set up i don’t know so right now
i’m hearing anywhere between two and
four hundred people are showing up
i have no clue no clue so everybody
you get to save five bucks that way and
you can spend that money
by getting adderpan for only five
at the google play sport at the uh sorry
at steam not the google play store on
steam you can get adder pan for the five
dollars you are saving by
to the tuna tuninica at tunica event
going on uh matt rose says that some
would say that you have nine kids with
him being the ninth
and then he said good food great
speakers sponsors and of course matt
rose and me like i’m gonna be there so
you’re gonna get matt squared you’re
gonna get matt rose and matt wright
a it’s worth the 15 bucks go and
okay so i got a couple cards here okay
so you’re asking what do you need to
know in order to allow us well the first
thing we got here is
um there is the potential here for this
to be a door to personal healing and
happiness right
um the door is flowing wide open there’s
spirit or job or whatever flying
flying right through there you need to
be focusing on that putting your energy
into what it feels like so
this if you’re going to show the
cardigan here i want you to look through
the door and notice how you know
um i want you to there’s a question i’m
going to say and i want you to
um tell me what it is that you feel
or even you don’t even have to say it a
lot if you don’t you just know for
yourself when i show this to you
um what thought do you get what piece or
or sense do you get
about it um looking through through the
doorway what kind of feeling
um does it evoke within you looking for
joy so the joy that you see that’s what
you want to hold on to
that’s the feeling that you want to feel
as as you’re focusing on
i am able to provide this is a business
that is flourishing and thriving and
um i want um
i want to feel that okay so
the prayer isn’t in the words the prayer
is in the feeling
the outcome how do you feel
when you’ve accomplished that okay so
feel that feel that joy it’s it’s like
if if you could say a time travel we
were real
you’re taking the future and you’re
putting it into now so you can create
that for you
okay the next card i got here for you is
all tied up
um the first thing is what are you doing
in your life
that is preventing you from that’s kind
of tying you up and preventing you
from being able to access that joy
um what are the things that are
preventing you from being able to put a
little bit more time and energy into it
and reevaluate those things
because they’re they’re preventing you
from being able to move forward
uh cornucopia so this is saying there is
a harvest that’s available for you once
you discover
these things that are tying you up and
you’re willing
to either cut the cords or make the
effort i’m sorry i’m moving around a lot
my leg is cramping
making making the effort to um
to slightly just to um significantly
loosen them so they can eventually
um become unraveled
okay okay so the next one here
if you have any questions about any of
those so far got two more here
i i have a lot of introspection to go
through because i got to figure out
what’s binding me well we’ll see we’ll
see the next two cards they might give
um might give you some um insight here
okay so we’ve got joy
who is this
my leg i’m sorry
who’s the um are you the owner of
muddied waters uh spike and i own it
okay what’s this one here
is there um okay is there because the
king of pentacles came up reversed
so what do i need to cut is there
either someone something that seems to
be controlling
or an idea that seems to be um that you
quite let go of that seems to be kind of
your decisions controlling some of the
outcomes some of the
what it it feels
like no it’s not stubbornness um
because in the upright position you know
the pentacles you know talks about money
okay also and and represents that
okay losing sight of what’s truly
okay we re re-evaluate the goals of
money waters
do you need to re do you need to
reevaluate the um
like the mission statement um
or to to possibly um get back to your
mission statement have you walked away
from it a little bit
uh are your
you just putting your arm you’re just
trying grasping at so many different
maybe like just throwing stuff out there
and seeing what sticks
right spaghetti spaghetti uh noodling it
seeing what sticks right
you need to get some control back okay
you’re not you’re all over the place and
you need to focus
and hone in on what’s truly important
with the goals
your end goal is this door to personal
healing and happiness
and the question is how do you get there
but you need a mission statement in
order to get you there
right um and then
so this is um
there are seasons there are times in
their seasons for everything
so as you’re moving through the um
the time in the situations with the
various you know
seasons of political or or whatever it
keep in mind that this is a season first
talk about this
this topic you know let’s let’s focus on
this for a while
just a second here okay and that’s why
cornucopia was coming out
right because you’re gonna plant and
you’re gonna harvest okay you’re going
to harvest at the right time you’re
going to plant the seeds and you’re not
going to pick them to harvest
you’re not going to harvest the fruit
until it’s ripe and it’s ready in its
so it’s about knowing when to plant the
seeds and when to harvest
the uh the the fruits of the labor
right because you’re you’re getting
so what’s tying you up is
all of this the lack of focus
on your on your mission everything you
do needs to tie you back
asking yourself okay so what is our goal
and is this bringing us back to our goal
okay is this bringing us to tour is this
bringing us around
to our mission
i feel like there’s one more that’s
waiting for you okay
so far i’m hearing i should cut cajun
is he watching i think so
this one’s yours
not sure why this is the one that wanted
to come out for you
just a second here
is it towards self yes okay so
um this is for itself
there’s this there’s a sense of like
judging yourself
of um you you taking action
and you’re like i should have done that
and then you do another thing and
why did i do that shouldn’t have done
that that’s personal that’s
interpersonal hostility and you’re
you need to own your actions and just
say this
is an action that okay i chose okay i
did i made the choice okay
i’m gonna make a different choice next
time and own it don’t
judge yourself for the action because
every day and ever you know we have an
to make a different choice stop
um try try to get out of this inner hot
inner um personal
destruction for yourself because as you
are judging yourself
everything else that you’re putting your
hands to is also influenced by that
right uh and in the comments can kendra
i’m sorry if i said your name or on
kendra kendra biller says i feel
attacked oh wait and i was thinking oh
wow she’s attacking me personally which
i mean because i i question almost every
decision i make all the time
so uh that that one that one cuts deep
um yeah it’s it’s about
you know when i work with my clients i
teach them you know it’s
um we work on working on a
okay yes you might have decided to
um not take that job okay well where’s
the silver lining in it
right can you find and some people i
can’t find a silver lining well
that’s okay you need to say that that’s
okay you can’t find the silver lining
because someday you will
but right now you can’t because there’s
so much other stuff going on
there is every decision we we make
we can always find something this this
tuna kai event i mean
um the frustrations with with
not having the event in february for our
annual convention we could have just
been completely frustrated with it and
just like
you know whatever you do now but instead
you know there’s so many blessings that
have come out of it you know our and our
new executive commitment zach britt you
know he met spike went up to one of the
conventions and i think he met brian and
spike and sat down with him and told him
oh yeah we want to have a singing you
know tunica and
or or we’re going to have it we don’t
know when what did you speak and
yeah and then everything just started to
happen to it happened for it
and it’s it’s shaping up to be an
amazing time
and i’m really excited i can’t i cannot
wait to meet everybody and
i know i’m gonna be running around like
a chicken with my head cut off but i
know i also have
time to breathe when when the dance
music comes on i’m going to relax
right you know uh one of uh one
one thing that you said that i want to
want to touch on before i let you go
because i know you have to leave very
um well think about them yeah i gotta
gotta go
gotta go pick up adam koch and i he
probably doesn’t want you to leave him
at the airport
um knowing what i know of him
um but um uh you said
finding the silver lining in things um
my entire most of my life uh you know i
struggled with addiction i’ve struggled
with addiction
uh heartbreak just a bunch of issues
that i’ve had throughout my entire life
um and every bad decision i ever made
seemed to be the one that was dictating
my life
uh and i was always kind of resting on
those bad decisions and
those were the ones that were guiding me
um and
2020 was you know the year from hell for
everybody except for me
uh because that was the year that i was
giving up on all of those bad decisions
and that was also the year like uh
superfan serum
uh came to florida and she and i we’d
been dating for like seven months at
this point
um but she came to she came to florida
uh i got a job that was paying me
um and you know things were really
starting to move in the direction that
we wanted to
and what i said to her at one point
and i still mean it um is i’m happy for
all of the bad decisions i made because
each and every one of them led me to
where i am today
it led me to being with her and it led
me to the job that i have which i love
very much
but i’d rather do this full-time um and
it led
uh it led me to you know starting
muddied waters and it led me to
everything that i’ve done led me to
where i am today and i am the happiest
now that i have been
in my entire life that i can recall
um when i was three or younger who knows
but in the entire in my entire life i’m
the happiest now
overall than ever in my life and if i
hadn’t made all of those bad decisions
i wouldn’t be here so even if you can’t
find the silver lining then
you may find it later
in my periphery because she heard that
and she’s giving me
sweet faces and i’m going to ignore her
and continue focusing on you
there’s um this time i just read quick
here you know something you said
about you know your past and the
decisions that you met i just want to
you know reiterate
own your decisions because
when we live in our past we continue to
percolate and stew over
choices that we made in the past you’re
actually living in the past
you’re like time traveling and you’re
constantly putting yourself
back there in that past you’re not
living like right now
i shouldn’t have and then i did all that
or i bought that for myself and now look
where i am right now because i did that
you’re just constantly beating yourself
up on that
well that’s what your mind is looking
for then because your mind thinks that
that’s what you want even though you’re
not happy with it your mind is thinking
this is what life is about so i have to
continue to bring these opportunities to
so i have to keep finding ways to
disappoint myself so i’m just going to
keep doing it
so you dwell on it and you keep getting
more opportunities for that
it’s like that they say be careful what
you pray for because
you’re you just might
what’s going to happen he’s going to
give you opportunities
to practice patience right god
you know help me to not be angry you’re
going to get
opportunities to practice not being
right right stop living in the past and
live right now
yes absolutely well vicky i know you
have to go
thank you so much for that thank you for
coming here today i appreciate
it thank you for taking the time um
if uh if you
need to tell anybody anything about the
event tomorrow anything going on in
pitch it right now so that way everybody
can uh get in
go visit the sites and the and the
facebooks and the whatevers and let them
know pitch
pitch away okay so we want to see we
want to meet you even if you’re not a
libertarian i don’t care
if you are this little magical unicorn
i want to see you i want to meet you and
so does everybody else you can come out
to the horseshoe
resort casino and hotel in tunica
mississippi it’s right in the border of
arkansas so if you’re in arkansas
louisiana or tennessee like in the
memphis area you have no excuse not to
be here
right and it starts at 10 a.m on
saturday the main event does and it goes
all the way into the wee hours in
the morning or late at night and you can
drink you can dance you can
gamble and you can have a lot of fun and
and network um we’re having a raffle
raffle tickets are a dollar each
our biggest price as of right now is a
43 inch smart tv
right so bring your dollar bills
bring yourself bring your fun bring your
motivation and bring your spirit
you can go to bit the bit bit ly bitly
um i’m sorry it’s in the comments is
going on in the comments y’all make sure
you click on that for the eventbrite
and pre-register please pre-register we
only have a handful of tickets left for
the brunch if you
if i don’t know if the system has them
locked out if you still want a ticket
for the brunch
um email me chairman at and
i’ll get you hooked up okay
so um main event if you want to be
if you want to be a um we still have
opportunity for um
gold and platinum um personal sponsors
if you want to be with the reception in
with spike adam and jimmy smith tomorrow
night at 8pm
at the at the hotel that’s a 500 or um
for one person or a thousand dollars for
a couple to come on and i’ll
out there out here for that well
perfect thank you so much thank you so
much for coming on i cannot wait to meet
you tomorrow
and uh to hang out with you this weekend
i know superfan sarah anderag is looking
forward to it
it’s going to be a great time uh we are
all going to have
a blast and a half and um everybody
who is watching us right now should uh
tune inika to the tunica event on
saturday that we will be live streaming
here on muddy waters media
so thank you so much and uh
thank you for having me on no absolutely
go get adam tell him i said hi
i’ll i’ll tell him okay and uh i will
see you all tomorrow
i appreciate you tomorrow good night
all right everybody thank you so much
for tuning in um
i will see many of you tomorrow night in
um to anybody else that is
uh not gonna be there be sure to tune in
saturday night
uh be sure to tune in saturday night
because we are going to be live
a portion of this event right here
muddied waters media
it’s going to be me spike cohen the
cajun libertarian
and other guests that are going to be
coming on it’s going to be a great time
we’re going to have a lot of fun
um and you’re going to watch spike
probably be in a suit
well cajun and i are dressed somewhat
similar to how i’m dressed right now
um uh ashley greer smooth do i get to be
on the podcast saturday
that depends actually probably though um
i have no idea i have gotten no notes
for this because cajun’s in charge
so we all know what that means nobody
has any idea what’s going on
um thank you so much for tuning in
uh for your fun fact of this week
mountain dew was originally made as a
cutter for moonshine and whiskey
just so you know have a fantastic
weekend there’s no
eskimo or cajun eskimo show this weekend
because of the tunica event
so tune in next tuesday where spike
and i will parse through the week’s
events like the
2020 wonder boys that we are
and then next wednesday because i never
have this pulled up because spike has a
guest and you aren’t going to believe
who it is
you are going to be just absolutely
impressed by both spikes and my guests
next week they are so big i’m not even
going to tell you who they are
uh have a great weekend we will see you
saturday and then we will be right back
here eight ish
ish on tuesday for the muddied waters of
until then have a fantastic night uh
i forgot how i was gonna close the show
but uh
i’m matt wright and you are all perfect
just the way you are
i’ll go
as a life raft cause if there’s room
enough for one there must be
when my hiding place is
i am waving
i will only drag you
the legs
i don’t need anybody’s

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