The Wrighter’s Block Episode 56 – Travis “Bull” Johnson Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Travis “Bull” Johnson is running for Congress in Western Minnesota. A 20 year Army vet, he has traveled immensely, and has interesting thoughts on policy on taking care of the vets, foreign policy, education, taxation (spoiler: he doesn’t like it) and property rights.

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today today i am very excited um
jack casey is going to be so mad at me
because that book is definitely not
written yet
um but today i’m very excited to have on
the guest uh that i have on he is
running for congress in district 7
which is apparently all of western
he is a 20-year army vet traveled the
world immensely ladies and gentlemen
put your hands together for the
wonderful the fantastic mr travis bull
johnson oops
i forgot to hit that button travis that
that is my bad
it’s still a real short interview if
only one of us could
be very want to be very one-sided
concise nobody would get confused
it would just be welcome to the show i’m
glad you’re here
how so how is everything going out there
in uh in western minnesota
oh not too bad i mean we uh we stay
pretty busy nice
so uh go ahead uh
while minnesota was going through some
over the last year did western minnesota
get any of that or was that
kind of relegated to the eastern and the
south side
we got a completely different form of
the of turmoil
uh basically with the uh the lockdowns
okay where western minnesota wasn’t
near the hot spot of covert that the
twin cities were
but yet we had to run by the same rules
uh a lot of our small businesses ended
up getting shut down a lot of our
got shut down we’re right across the uh
the river from north dakota
all their restaurant stayed open so it
was kind of
it kind of really pissed off a lot of
the people on this side of the border
going hey
there’s just a river between us why is
that side safe and this one’s not
right yeah so uh and it
it’s actually one of the best things
that could happen for me and my campaign
i mean because it reminds people how
important liberty is
so and that’s really been a push you’ve
had a lot of grassroots liberty
pop up uh and we’re starting to get some
of the backings from some of those for
our campaign
uh which is which is great i mean it
just is something that these are
organizations that would normally
back republicans but they’re not really
thrilled with our our current republican
well so i’m an option i mean and it’s
and yeah perfect storm right no that
that is absolutely the
the perfect storm for a libertarian
running in an
area that has been kind of deflated
because of kovid and because of the
lockdowns especially when they saw what
was going on in uh
in the dakotas and not being able to
emulate that where they are
um so before we get into your campaign
and stuff
uh i like to usually start out the
minnesota thing i just had to know about
um but um
with uh how is it that you became a
libertarian like you’re running as a
libertarian as you said
um how is it that you got to the
libertarian party
i’ve always been a small government
maximum freedom type of person
uh but normally from previously
i was a republican old-school republican
i guess you could say
when they still believed in the kind of
small government maximal freedom
uh we haven’t seen that type of of
a republican party in quite some time uh
2016 came around and i looked at my
choices from the main party
main parties and in good conscious i
couldn’t vote for either one of them
i mean i just i couldn’t do it uh so i
looked at my other options and we
we and we looked at the libertarian
party and i’ve always had a little bit
of interest in the
humanitarian party i just needed that
excuse to jump right uh
and that was my excuse i mean the fact
with donald trump running and the whole
republican party had kind of fallen in
line there it just
i i didn’t foresee him being a small
liberty type of person uh are you so at
that point
the new york democrat billionaire
who was saying he was going to drain the
swamp you didn’t see him as a small
government kind of guy huh
no i just i just couldn’t i just
couldn’t find it man i just i looked but
i just couldn’t see it
it’s weird don’t don’t know how you
didn’t see that
but yeah that’s how i came over to the
uh the party
uh and i mean and since then i’ve
i’ve looked the libertarian route i mean
the uh
last couple elections here i mean joe
was really our only option in the
libertarian party because we really
haven’t had anybody running
congress or even in in our in our
uh smaller offices so
now i also i grew up a republican i came
from the republican party
um during the
during the obama administration when i
really made the jump over
um but i um
yeah i grew up in the republicans and a
lot of what they stood for didn’t make
sense to me a lot of it had to do with
uh the war on drugs i didn’t understand
why we were continuing to go after the
you know why we were going after what
you know
i’m not i’m not here to punish a person
for having a good time on a saturday
night you know
i don’t feel that those people need to
be inflicted with
years of debt in prison just because
one saturday night they went out and got
a little bit of blow or got you know
mdma or whatever um which tells you a
lot about who i am as a person
um yeah and you know i i’ve always been
kind of like that anti
belt law kind of guy and the only reason
i really wear one now is to one make my
girlfriend happy and two my card dings
at me if i don’t because i’ve never
learned which
which thing which refused to pull right
which fused the pole
um so i i understand where you’re coming
from the republican party definitely
started leaving me probably before i was
born and uh
just continued to do so by getting more
and more authoritarian over time
um we got somebody asked uh
how do you feel about jeremy munson
i don’t know much about monson okay uh
eric mortensen
is the man to watch however here in
minnesota okay uh
to give you an idea with the uh in our
state legislator
legislative they’ve had the uh
the republicans had a break off group of
five republicans who are
considered so some new republicans uh
but only one of them eric mortenson
started to uh to raise hell about
transparency and stuff like that
and basically even the new republicans
kicked him to the side so he’s kind of
ranger and he is he is very much a
uh liberty-minded guy there’s a couple
other things i still need to get
with him on what he believes as far as
as some of the libertarian policies uh
he’s a guy who who i’m excited about
he just uh he’s not a libertarian or
anything but he seems to have that
libertarian mindset
okay uh i met him a few i’ve met him a
few times
and i’ve been impressed by him now that
said i mean i’m
not overly impressed by most of the
other republicans
in our state legislator who uh kind of
have been
bending over backwards to tyrant timmy
the governor
yeah i’m so you know i’m i’m down here
in florida
uh you know rick desantis is the
and well i agree with a lot of the
things that desantis does i disagree
with just
just as many of them um and a lot of the
republican legislature i don’t agree
with at all like i think that they’re
i will say that i do believe florida is
the most free state
in the nation which is part of the
reason i am still here um
and and that is uh
one of the greatest things that is that
comes from living in florida
but most of the republican legislators
that are there are only continuing to
vote the way that they do
because it gets them reelected it’s not
because they actually
believed this stuff um if they did
believe the stuff they would
move on forward to the next level but
they don’t think they would win at the
next level
believing what they say they believe
here um
just my own personal oh did i say rick
ron desantis um now
uh i did remember one thing about that
yeah that uh brought my attention
that i had to take a quick look at just
to make sure i was i was right
he actually uh proposed a bill that
would see most of
western minnesota over to south dakota
okay that explains the other question
that was in here
that i didn’t know what it was though he
uh put that bill forward saying hey
this state is so polarized you have the
urban environment you know the rural
and we’re never going to get along we
might as well move up
move western minnesota over to people
who think like they do
yeah so he said uh but he said how do
you feel about jeremy munson
and his proposal for minnesota and the
that’s what they came in is they came in
as two two different messages and i
thought you had a proposal for
uh minnesota and the dakotas uh i
thought that
had i had to go back and double check
before i stuck my foot in the house
that’s fair no i get i just called my
governor rick desantis and his name’s
definitely not rick um
uh so um so let’s talk let’s talk a
little bit about what you have planned
your run uh and what you would want to
see changed in congress
um now just based on what your website
um one of the things is you want to end
now what are we talking about here when
you say in regulation because everybody
kind of has a different definition
and and let’s let’s uh keep keeping in
mind what i’m saying in their shrink
it’s a step-by-step process it’s not a
we’re not going to be regulated anymore
that that won’t fly people
people that will scare people yeah run
for the borders okay it’s just
uh but it’s one step at a time i mean
one of the issues that we look at here
and i brought this up a few times is you
have a
proposal from uh thomas massey called
the prime act
with the prime minister again we’re a
rural era where a lot of
small farmers where a lot of little
livestock people
we can’t sell our animals or our meat
from an animal to an individual
unless it goes through a usda process or
right there’s not very many of them
around the pr what the primact to do is
allow us to go through a custom butcher
and then still sell our cuts to
right now say if i have a cow somebody
wants to buy beef from me
they have to buy a portion of that cow
whether it’s a half a cow
a quarter cow or a full cow i sell them
a live
animal then they work out with the
butcher that i
drop it off the butcher they’re
technically getting it butchered
at the butcher i’m not doing it that’s
the only way to legally do it
uh yeah this is something we’ve been
sorry yeah
i i have some friends in tennessee that
do this they they will buy
what i call stock in cows or stock in
livestock i guess
and like though yeah i own a quarter of
a cow
and once it’s ready i’m going to have it
murdered and then i’m going to eat it
and i’m like okay cool
um well that’s the only way to get
around the regulation right now
okay so that’s one of those regulations
i’d like to see
like to see changed or uh or adapted i
the government’s too big we all know
i mean the only way to shrink it is
gonna be to remove their
block by block by block correct yes
i mean that’s one of the reasons why
when i when i talk to some of my uh the
union members here
yes what do you feel about unions hey
for me to get done what i wanted to get
i need strong private unions like why
well because if i want to limit osha and
all those guys coming in i need strong
unions to make sure the workers stay
i mean you can’t just say we’re going to
cut out osha you have to have a
plan you have to have something else to
make sure
these people these people continue to be
safe i mean right
that’s the thing with with uh i think
when people
get scared about libertarians is they
think we’re just going to end everything
the way it is and leave everybody
for themselves a total anarchy uh
no offense against the anarchists in the
group but and so scares people
it does and and a lot of that has to do
uh messaging that started back in the
1960s of what people
thought anarchy was and that it was this
lawless wasteland that was going to turn
into like mad max
mad max hadn’t come out yet but you know
barbarella i guess i don’t know
those shows don’t help right yeah um
and they’re they assume that that’s what
anarchy is but anarchy is literally just
helping each other out without the aid
of government without being forced at
right without being forced at gunpoint
to pay for
anything of anybody else’s but instead
being able to choose
where you are helping people out and the
thing is
is we’re going to be able to get people
along to that but it’s going to take
it’s not going to happen overnight no uh
so that’s what i’m saying we’re looking
at regulations one at a time we’re
looking at
addressing anything that hurts our small
part of the issues we have in this
country right now is the big businesses
help write their own regulations that
they can afford to
to uh to live with but the small
producers can’t
i mean it limits our competition i mean
that’s one of the things we want to get
in there and and start shaking things up
a little bit
uh make sure we put people back on an
even playing field
uh because the small guys we just don’t
have the economies to scale
it’s nothing for effort for for the big
four meat
products just to say yes we need
everything usda inspected
because they put so much meat through
there each inspector looks at each piece
like three or four
seconds and then the next one’s in front
of them
okay and yeah and what’s really
happening in that three to four seconds
how much can possibly be inspected
and that’s our our argument with the
with the primax
my processor is going to look at my
animal for a couple hours cutting it up
if there’s anything wrong with that
he’s going to know it he’s going to see
it because it’s also his name
on there when it leaves that shop right
i mean it’s got my name on it but it’s
just butcher shop
so uh i mean i i’m i’m putting my money
on that piece of meat being safer than
anything i get from a
big processing plant absolutely yeah
absolutely because
anytime anytime that the government’s
involved and this
goes this is going to dovetail so nicely
but this goes but this is right man i’m
but uh it that goes anywhere from
you know the the meat the meat industry
to the tobacco industry to the vaping
industry to the medical industry to
whatever there is so much bureaucracy
that that is where you get so much of
the financial waste that you see from
trillions that are being spent on these
one of the biggest things that i have an
issue with is the education
in this country and most of the issues
that we have with education
is in my mind that we spend so much on
the bureaucrats
and in all of the people at the top
that way before we even get to the
they are wasting and sucking so much of
the funding down
that it’s just it is a huge
as ross perot would say you know that
it’s a huge sucking sound
except you’re not getting it from mexico
you’re getting it from the teachers
unions and from uh
you’re getting it from the teachers
unions and you’re getting it from um
you know the department of education um
and i know that you
kind of have like ideas on education so
let’s uh let’s get into those a little
well i mean i i i have to bring up uh
congressman massey once again
i get it i get i i respect that man i
respect that man a
he actually introduced a bill this year
to eliminate the department of education
uh that is a message that has went on
that has been taken
real well in my district uh and it’s
also one of the issues that uh i kind of
crashed up a
a conservative party a while back where
the current uh representative was
or asking questions and one of the
gentlemen in the audience
asked her hey what do you want what are
you doing to help return control of our
education system
to a local level and of course her thing
was well i’ve only been in office a
couple months we’re trying to figure
that out
whereas i raise my hand and go yeah
didn’t thomas massey
put in a put forward a bill to eliminate
department of education
and you saw her chief of staff
just like oh god no don’t bring this up
oh but yeah it was it was hilarious
i mean but and that’s a message that
goes over real well in this district
that’s the they’re tired of of being led
from people who
don’t understand western minnesota
whether it’s in dc or whether it’s in
the twin cities
i mean it’s just they’re they’re
disconnected from the way people live
here and
and val in their values
so i mean and that’s that’s one of the
the big things that was pushing my
my campaign is i mean everybody i talked
to was just so frustrated i mean
and and i’ll give you a little bit of
history here okay we had a
15-term democrat uh congressman here
uh colin peterson okay yeah i remember
yeah colin peterson was the chairman of
the ag committee but he had a d
behind his name uh remember i was
telling you about our
beloved governor who locked everything
down right
also democrat yeah a lot of that
transfers over i mean
colin peterson was pro-life and he was
he was pro-gun i mean he was
a lot of what the people here here would
look for uh
but what happened is the republicans
came back and said okay we need to run
somebody against him and they took a
former lieutenant governor
who’s from closer to the city she’s been
in politics here
her whole life she’s never had a job
other than politics i’ve been able to
find and president trump endorsed her
and they threw god’s loads of money
into her campaign uh and she ended up
upsetting colin peterson now the catch
president trump took this district 65
of the vote she only took 53 percent
so even the people who would follow
trump anywhere
even though he endorsed her they
wouldn’t vote for her right you still
had a 12
disparity there yeah yeah i mean that
and it equaled up to being 20
of the actual vote who would rather vote
for a democrat
than vote for her uh because she was
everything that trump was
against she was a swamp monster she was
she is she’s just not i mean she’s
she’s a lawyer too close to the cities
okay again it’s nothing that
the people here that resonates with the
people here
uh when she comes to speak to people
here it’s only to her backers it’s not
to the general public
and and then she’s got her chief of
staff there as a moderator most of the
to control the questions that she gets
uh people would call i mean grassroots
people called her and said hey
how did you vote on liz cheney her
office’s response was
well that was a private vote we don’t
need to tell you
that’s what they told the grassroots
okay do you see why i think we have a
chance of being the first
libertarian elected of congress here
sorry um that that blows my mind oh
i was gonna make a joke how uh she was
like uh joe biden needing the list of
people to call on but joe biden needs it
for different reasons
that’s just because he can’t remember
names you know as usual i got the names
people i’m supposed to call on here um
jim how about you uh but um
yeah that that’s insane and that is one
of the biggest issues that you see
with anybody in the republic rats
um anybody that’s in those partisan
political parties
they refuse to answer they they don’t
want to answer and they don’t believe in
at all um and that is one of the things
i would like to believe that
libertarians as a whole
would be much more open to transparency
whether or not all libertarians believe
in transparency the way that
i feel that we should um i think that
anybody that would be elected to
congress or to the senate or to even you
know their state houses or city councils
would be fully
open to transparency um because that is
one of the things that we have been
crying out about for years and
go ahead please and and then that’s
that i’ve been talking to telling my
supporters i mean nobody should wonder
where i am on any policy
you ask me what my my version with my
opinion is i’m gonna tell you and maybe
what you like it may be what you don’t
but you always know where i stand right
okay that’s
and i also follow that up with saying
okay y’all say y’all want something
different can you handle something
can you handle somebody who’ll be up
here and tell and not
be a part of the echo chamber okay who’s
not gonna
lick their finger and see which way the
wind’s blowing before they answer a
i mean we’re gonna i’m gonna tell you
where i’m at and i’ll be honest with it
that’s all i can do and what i’ve found
i’m getting people from all over the
political spectrum supporting me
i’m getting the far left i mean he said
you know what i don’t agree with
anything you say
but i think you’re a good guy and i can
live with that
i mean i i can it’s something that i
think is the best deal i’m going to be
able to get
in a district where president trump took
65 percent of
the vote right okay you’re going to give
me a seat at the table
you’re going to listen to me that’s
better i can ask for from anybody else
uh um but it’s like as you were saying
though with the uh
with the the way they answer questions i
mean the give you
this other little fact from this last
election sure please the pacs
the pacs paid 14 million dollars in
this district 13 million was attack ads
that’s not that that is the least
surprising thing you could have told me
they’re like if
13 reasons not to vote for them and one
reason vote for our guy
right and so a few years ago back in
i think 2014 they had a special election
in pinellas county where i am and um it
was between
david jolly and alex sink uh
david jolly was the republican alex sank
was the uh democrat
and uh lucas overby was the libertarian
that was running
and um they spent
for the special election something like
god it was i think it was 20 million
and the the the regular election
was six months later and they were
all of that money for the special
and i was like what how do you have this
much money to just be like yes we are
gonna focus all of this on this one seat
and then they just the democrats ended
up losing closely it was really close
um and they just didn’t run anybody in
november they were just like no we’ve
already spent 20 million dollars
we’re not doing it but most of what the
ads most of what
it was spent on were attack ads about
the other person
and yep the the libertarian that was
running was just sitting there in the
middle like
i just want to have a seat you know i
just want to i just want to sit down and
have a conversation
well that’s why we scare them yeah
because if we become players if we take
one seat in congress
all of a sudden those attack ads they
can’t guarantee if
they talk you out of loan for that guy
that they’re going to get your vote
right it gives people an option a viable
option that right now
they keep on saying libertarians can’t
win libertarians can’t win
well all it takes is first to win that
first seat
and you know what about minnesota we put
jesse ventura in the freaking governor’s
house okay god damn it we did it once
we’ll frickin do it again
that is that is absolutely true about
minnesota they went
i don’t even know who he was running
against but they went that’s who we want
we want yeah
he was the saint paul mayor okay uh
normal last name i believe
but yeah i mean so so people here will
think outside the will
think outside that that norm um
tim mcmaster is in the comments and he
said that’s a fine looking logo on your
uh i wanted to let you know that he is
throwing credit to where it’s due on the
um no he’s not did he stole it from tim
did you
yeah we had talked about a little bit
but yeah that’s
that was something he had and then i
kind of just adjusted a little bit and
we had talked about it so yeah that’s
that’s awesome um i loved him okay
he’s a good guy i’m really disappointed
that he lost his election
uh yeah i would love to have seen what
he could do
out there he he says that the logo looks
better on you
anyway um so no
no you know those bearded guys need to
stick together tim uh yeah you guys
are definitely uh a dying breed no
you’re not you’re everywhere every
people that look like me are the dying
breed you see much less of this
anywhere well the cat that catches and
i’m gonna tell you a hint on this
look at it if it’s nice and groomed it
don’t pay those guys any attention
this this rough stuff okay that’s the
real freaking deal okay that’s
that’s that basically said you know what
we’re too busy to worry about
trick-or-treat so we’re not going to
spend an hour on
landscaping so i shave saturday
just so i don’t spend a lot of time
up keeping what i got going on here you
after 20 years in the military when i
retired i said damn it i am not shaving
again i get that i understand that okay
i’ve trimmed it a couple times since
then but yeah it’s
no we’re not doing this baby facing
again yeah i
i am for it like i am both fortunately
and unfortunately uh just blessed with
um fortunately because i don’t have to
shave i don’t really have to worry about
it it’s just kind of this is what i’m
gonna look like forever and that’s
i’m totally fine with that unfortunately
because often times uh
i’ll get comments like what uh nullic
trump from alaska
uh just said and she said that she has
more facial hair than me
and you know you know you know who she
is right
the eskimo libertarian yep yeah the guy
i do yeah
yeah you all are y’all are a teamwork a
team now aren’t you and noelle
yeah she she she and noel have the uh
cajun libertarian eskimo libertarian
from bayous to igloos
on muddy waters media every sunday at
three o’clock eastern
by the way that played together that way
that worked out so incredibly well
do i know who she is no um
so another thing that you mention on uh
on your website is uh property rights um
so what is it that you wanna see done in
the us congress
dealing with property well
one of my big issues on property rights
and i’ve got a lot of local issues but
those are local
but i’ve got a huge issue with eminent
domain okay
just the eminent domain even in the
constitution says that
they justify it for public use but how
much is public use is actually
commercial use now i mean there’s a
there’s a bad area in the city guess
we’re going to condemn it we’re going to
destroy it
and then we’re going to sell it to this
other guy who’s going to build a mall
there and make money off of it
meanwhile you just kicked all these
people out of their homes you’ve got the
the pipelines who are they’re basically
coming back and saying hey
we’re going to imminent domain these
these this this
area so we can run this pipeline but
they’re tearing up farmers fields
approaching on the uh the uh
i mean it’s that’s what i’m talking
about with property rights okay i mean
and to me that should be a simple fix
you go in there and you define
public use public use means for
transportation for government owned
nothing for the commercial side okay
that’s just that’s being abused
it just it’s a hot point for me no i
and i understand i completely understand
because like the um
the pipeline that biden just shut down
um a lot of people are like on the side
of the pipeline
i have never been for this pipeline for
that exact reason you are stealing
people’s land from them and saying no
we’re gonna take it uh in the name of
keystone um we’re gonna take it the name
of keystone so
and you don’t really have a choice and
we were like well no uh
that’s my land and they’re like no
eminent domain and then they say well
you know it’s not for public use and
they go yes it is because this will
the the oil that will be used is for
republic you like the
terrorists and for and for keystone on
top of that they were taking reservation
yes very true and they were violating
the treaties
yes and the the way that i see it is
that the government has taken
uh public use in the same way that biden
has taken infrastructure to include
if there is anything that can be used
you know like for a mall for a pipeline
for whatever
and people the public will use
what’s going into it it doesn’t matter
that’s for commercial use or not
it is for public they’re like no that’s
public use that’s public use we’re not
talking about for a parker
road or you know a school or anything
like that right we’re talking about
not that i’m a fan of any of the things
that i just mentioned by the way i just
want to point that i want to point that
out to everybody really quick
but it’s more in line with the
constitution and
the intention right exactly um but yeah
that’s how you know by now everything is
infrastructure it’s
it’s not just you know the roads and the
railways and whatever
and what aggravates me is i mean there’s
another one uh line three here in
minnesota that’s that’s going
on right now uh but it’s not even an
american company it’s a canadian oil
and most of that oil has already been
pre-sold is being sold to china
so i mean it’s absolutely got no
benefits for us except for the tax
that the counties are bringing in
because the counties are bringing in big
money on this
because they’re taxing them for the
value to the companies
right so actually these these uh
pipelines have huge support from local
because that’s where they’re getting
their big tax dollars for for everything
and most of most of what you’re seeing
and most of what you’re seeing
in the in these situations the reason
infrastructure now includes uh
apparently everything in america and
public use is anything that
wants to be built that the government
will then get tax dollars from
is because lobbyists will sit there and
talk with
different members of congress and say
yeah if if you say this is for public
think of all the tax dollars think of
all the tax dollars and
if the democrats or republicans would
ever oppose one of these things
by saying this isn’t for public use we
aren’t going to do it
instead the democrats will say oh
keystone’s bad for the environment no
that’s not why you’re really doing it
like or that might be why you’re really
doing it actually
but the reason you’re not fighting it a
little harder is because you know how
tax dollars coming in or how much you
are going to get in kickbacks later on
for issues that come from it um or
republicans are like no we don’t want to
do this because
of reasons i actually can’t think of the
time that republicans were like no
imminent domain here they’re always kind
of quick to grab
yeah um but yeah uh
property rights is one of the most
important things to me as a libertarian
um and i think that you the individual
extends to your property um
so anytime that the government is taking
your property
that is an issue for me um i mean it
doesn’t even have to be taking it i mean
give you an example of my
we got 40 acres here that i started my
farm on when we were retired
i went to build a barn on it and i
wanted the bar near the front of the
property so
because we’re in minnesota i mean we got
to bring in hay for the for the winter
i didn’t want to have to go through a
bunch of snow to get hay in or out
right they have they have a set aside
and right away of 150 feet
from the hot from the road here uh
a dirt road they and when i went into
the county and say
why do you need this much room after him
and han for 20 or 30 minutes they came
we might want to expand that road one
day it’s a freaking dirt road
150 feet from the middle on on both
that you cannot use to build anything
i mean my land you’re taxing me on it
but but i can’t use it the way i want to
it’s not even the crap from homeowners
associations this is the that’s
the county right that’s the the the
building in the
licensing area i actually so i had some
friends back in virginia when i lived
and they lived on multiple acres and the
government said hey we’re gonna
uh we would like to eminent domain your
land and
they were like no because it’s ours and
they did it anyway
for for them they didn’t really care
they were just trying to hold out for a
higher price
because the land that the government
took was completely unusable
100 unusable and they were getting taxed
on it you couldn’t even walk through it
uh it was just it was just part of it um
it you know it was all hilly and there
was like this tiny stream that ran
through it but like there were no fish
or anything like that it was just it was
just completely unusable
and the government ended up taking it to
uh expand a road and they got paid for
it but they were like yeah we figured
see if they would pay us more they
didn’t like of course not why would they
they’re the government they don’t have
to they don’t have to appreciate
so uh one so
you were 20-year vet uh you retired as a
st oh man i thought i’d put this in here
staff sergeant
sergeant first class sergeant first
class uh yep
well this is great seven basically happy
army birthday week uh thank you
my one of my uh battle buddies that i
had when i was in
is in he’s just outside of minneapolis
and he has been there
since i’ve known him actually but um
but yeah no great great guy uh been to
been to the state a few times to visit
him and absolutely love minneapolis uh
i need to check out the rest of it i
only went there to go see him and we
didn’t really
travel outside of that circle um but
being that you were in the military i
know that you have some
policy issues that you want to address
on how to take care of the vets
yeah i mean this is this is probably my
number two plank in my platform
uh it’s something that’s very important
to me it’s very important
for people in my area i mean you don’t
realize how many of our service members
from rural america we lose 22 vet
today by suicide we have since 1999 that
number hasn’t changed
almost everybody i speak to knows
one of the 22 or know somebody who knows
one of the 22.
okay that’s that’s how big this issue is
uh we can’t keep doing the same [ __ ]
over and over again expecting different
i mean you look it frustrates me to no
end because you look at
every person running for congress every
one of them has a blurb on there about
taking care of vets but not
one of them has done one thing outside
the box or anything different to change
uh my proposal it’s way outside the box
okay what i want to do
is i want to take all these medicare
funds from every service member on
active duty
and say no we’re not giving that to
medicare we’re going to put that to a
separate fund
that’s going to go to for insurance for
mental health insurance for every
soldier sailor marine when they get out
okay from the day they get out they’re
going to have
basically the equivalent of what we call
tricare for life tricare for life is
what the uh
the health insurance plan retirees get
when they get out
i have numerous so uh a few years ago i
did work with this group that i’m i’m
i think they’re now defunct but they
were called operation regroup
um and they were their entire
uh platform uh was to help the vets who
committed suicide every day
and they wanted to get that number down
because uh they i think their number was
higher than 22
but like 26 or 28. um
not i’m not and i’m not saying you’re 22
is wrong i’m just trying to remember
from back then
um and no matter how many it’s too many
it is definitely too many and that
number needs to go down and
one of the things that they wanted to do
was figure out a way to go through
was to teach people how to go through
the vet
um through the va in order to
uh learn how to get the care that you
um and one of the things that i always
proposed to him
uh was what if instead of having to go
through tricare you could get
your own private insurance and be able
to go to the doctors that you wanted to
go to but it would still be
you know covered would well and that’s
what a lot of the tricare for life will
okay it is it basically you don’t you’re
not going through the va you’re going
through private providers
it is basically just a third party uh
a person who administrates administers
the the
insurance program is what it is so yeah
they are still going through private
providers they’re not going they
wouldn’t be going through the va
they wouldn’t be going through those
long waiting times
oh yeah because that that is one of the
issues that i’ve definitely seen
uh from my friends who are vets
uh because i wasn’t in long enough to be
considered one
um because i can’t paint badgers in the
same boat so
he got hurt at basic and just never
completed i i
was they found out really early on that
i don’t like taking instructions
um or orders and uh it
we we had a mutual separation we we
mutually decided that it wasn’t going to
um now you’re to adapt is what i believe
you’d normally call it
yeah i may have heard that phrase a few
times um
but um but many of my friends have
you know they go to the vet there they
go the va and they have
they have just issues like that i’ve
heard horror stories of the way that
they are treated and how they never get
the help that they need
and a lot of that here in pinellas
county where the va is
uh i know that a number
of vets will get upset at how they’re
being treated at the va
and there’s this pond that’s right
across the street from it and they will
there and become one of the 22.
they will just go there and do it and
heartbreaking that nobody is looking
into the va to be like
what is happening here that is causing
this issue
well and and this is step one of my plan
uh step two would be later as as when a
soldier is separating
going ahead and annotating all their
their injuries or whatever in their
medical record
and then putting that on that same
tricare for life program
so that eventually you’ve eliminated the
va and the bureaucracy of it
yes definitely now one of the things
that i would personally like to see
um as far as the military goes uh also
kind of going into a little bit on
foreign policy is
if we weren’t sending them all over the
world to fight in these endless wars
where they’re having to see you know the
the horrors of war and the traumatic
the traumatic stuff that one would
experience there um
especially for causes that aren’t really
in the us’s best interest except for
i hate saying oil but you know it’s oil
or you know poppy i guess um
instead of sending them over there to
protect poppy fields or to you know
try to keep oil prices down or whatever
you know
stop doing this stop sending these
people all across the
all across the globe and then you cut
down on this issue
massively the the best thing you can do
for a combat veteran is stop creating
yes that is that’s that’s a much better
way to put what i was trying to say
i mean that’s that’s the thing the best
way the best thing you can do for a
combat vet is to stop reading
right i mean we just and i’ve
had the the opportunity to be all have
been stationed throughout the world
uh including in the u.s embassy i mean
and i’ve seen
how a lot of this this stuff works and
i’ve seen seen what happens to people i
mean i’ve
i’ve i’ve seen the ones who have i i was
my first tour or my second tour excuse
me into iraq
um i was medevaced out for a heart issue
but uh i had a guy a second lieutenant
on the bus with me coming from
from uh walter reed to the bird to come
back to the states
he hid both of his feet were blown off
into ied
oh jesus and this guy is so high on
okay he’s over here going that’s your
i’m gonna be back here in a year with
titanium feet kicking your doors down
okay that was just that high
on on on morphine but i mean i’m looking
this bus and i’m looking around the the
medic site in uh in uh lsa anaconda in
iraq where
a bunch of guys were that’s got stuck in
an ambush
and there’s this general going around
asking everybody what happened to him
and i’m over here going please dude
don’t come over here i just got a bad
heart these guys are all
getting shot at and blown up and stuff
like that and my heart’s just not
beating in the right rhythm
please don’t come over here uh but
i mean i went with so i mean we
we were we all traveled together to to
walter reed in germany and then a lot of
us when it came back over
the state side after that i mean we had
a guy
code on in the in the bird on the way
middle of the ocean i mean it’s just
it’s he made it through but i mean it’s
just one of those situations where
you never forget it i mean that’s where
i think our politicians
aren’t don’t really know the cost right
they look at the cost in dollar amounts
right now
well guess what your dollar amounts for
this war lasts for the next 30 or 40
years as you’re taking care of all these
veterans okay
you need to add that into your thought
process you got to add into the thought
of taking care of their families if they
don’t come home
okay this is if we’re going to if we’re
going to send our
our troops to war it has to be
true no [ __ ] in defense of this country
in defense of what might be what might
have been
uh i’m a fan of old saying from teddy
speak softly and carry a big ass
freaking stick okay
i believe that was paraphrased yeah i
was gonna say i don’t think
a little bit okay he said that that way
the point on it um
right and people at home and keep it
strong and people leave us alone
right and i know that back in
back in the 60s and the 70s uh a lot of
a lot of the people like jfk would speak
strongly carry a big stick even though
he was kind of the
the the crux of vietnam and then lbj
ramped it up um but that was i’m not
gonna speak softly i’m just gonna
get a big stick and start swinging it
and nixon
nixon was kind of on the same page until
he realized that they weren’t gonna win
and then he said okay well now i’m just
gonna pull everybody out but i’m still
gonna speak
uh speak strongly and then carter was
i’m gonna speak softly and not have a
and reagan kind of went back to speak
uh speak strongly but carry a big stick
and he uh
he he did better i guess but he was also
trading things illegally
um i mean we’re not gonna talk about
iran contra but uh right yeah
i was like he didn’t really get us into
two like he went after yeah
he didn’t he didn’t get us directly
involved he just he just bought a lot of
proxy wars
right yeah exactly and he put american
troops on the line
um yeah that’s a valid point
um he’s like no we’re not sending our
guys we’re gonna put their guys in there
and it’s all gonna be fun
um and then we ended up with bush uh
junior i mean bush senior was just like
yeah let’s go in there you know
and this junior was like you know we
need to do a pre-emptive strike here
iraq’s gonna get they got them wmd’s um
and janey
cheney that that terrible human being um
as is his daughter um but
so so yeah
uh i have you spent some time in korea
um now
i don’t know if you have any opinions on
the border but what
like what are your thoughts just on the
border of south korea and korea like
where that’s that’s a dangerous place
i i’ll say this much i mean you can
literally walk the border
and you’re looking at artillery pieces
on the other side of the border
pointing to you if if that war ever goes
seoul no longer exists right that was
kind of what i
assumed that’s the truth of the matter
is i mean
seoul’s like 22 miles from the border
okay if that war ever goes off
i mean it’s it’s it’s no longer going to
it is a it’s a dangerous play i mean
people don’t realize how
i mean number of years ago i was there
and uh i i will say it people don’t
realize it but we were probably hours
from them taking everybody who is a
a non-combatant and said get out of the
it was that close okay
wow okay yeah people here don’t realize
that okay that’s
i mean it was it was way too close
uh i mean and just because they keep on
doing all these saber rattling and stuff
like this and
it’s only one error away
from the balloon going up and that thing
that kicking off over there
uh what to do with it i don’t know i
mean it’s
it i mean technically we’re still at war
we’re just under cease fire right that’s
we are technically still at war congress
has never
revoked that war authorization we are at
a ceasefire
so i’ll be uh completely switching gears
here um
what you just said reminded me of
something that happened this morning um
thomas massey
uh they voted
i think he insta he introduced the bill
and they voted to end the
uh author authorization of military
force uh
in iraq um what are you what are your
thoughts on this
i mean i think it’s time i mean it’s
it’s i mean it’s well passed
i was gonna say i feel like my my
opinion on this has changed over time as
i’ve grown as
as i’ve matured okay uh
my thoughts on it initially is we
we went in there we took out the legal
we created chaos
we had a responsibility to try to
stabilize that
we made the mess we need to clean it up
after 20 years guess what we fulfilled
our responsibility it’s time to come
right yeah i mean i feel the same way
about afghanistan okay i mean we
we went in there we removed the the
taliban we created chaos
well unfortunately i’m one of these guys
i believe
we have responsibilities okay if we
create a mess
i hate spending money we have to try to
clean it up
we need to avoid the messes in the first
freaking place
but when we do create them we’ve got a
responsibility to clean them up but
guess what after 20 years
we fulfilled that responsibility we it’s
time to to bring everybody home
it’s time to to close that checkbook
because the people don’t realize and i’m
and i’m a former finance soldier okay
you have this
this budget for the military has this
budget every year that’s
700 billion or something like that but
that doesn’t include the money they
spend in iraq and afghanistan
that’s a separate that’s a separate fund
that comes from this authorization they
talk about
okay so this is a which is also why they
don’t want to close it because
it’s an open choice it’s an open
checkbook they just get to spend it
okay as long as they can figure out some
way to say it
it’s part of this war effort
then then they they get to skate around
some of the the rules
right and the congress hasn’t closed
that checkbook yet
which to me is congress is this
the constitution only gave congress a
few freaking jobs
okay one of which is is about is a
they haven’t passed the budget how long
it’s always a continuing authorization
okay i mean
they have completely completely avoided
their responsibility
in congress i mean that’s that’s one of
my big issues with them
you got one freaking job do it i don’t
you know
it’s always it’s always oh this
resolution we have to do this resolution
such and such week we have to do
findings out of prior how is that a
priority over the budget
or balancing a budget
i can’t so
like i could not remember the last time
that they pat that they passed a budget
or they balanced a budget
and i googled it in
go ahead 90s couldn’t even tell you all
it tells you is about
like i was like uh last past last budget
passed in congress
and it just talks about them trying to
pass a budget now
like that’s how long it does even show
it doesn’t even show up yeah it doesn’t
even show up in the other people don’t
even know
um yeah it’s
if i did a deeper dive i could probably
find it really quick but i was like oh i
wonder when that was
nope i can’t find that on one quick
google search so
um well well i i am really glad that you
that you took the time to come on my
show today i’m very
i’m very excited to see what happens
with your campaign i
if you can become the first elected
libertarian in congress
i will be just
unbelievably excited and uh i’m telling
you man all it takes is one
it does it’s that first domino falls and
people sees
that’s a legitimate option yes i mean
and and i think again i think we’ve got
a real good opportunity here
uh i mean spike’s even coming down for
our uh our kickoff event in december
yeah that’s right he’s i was gonna say
he’s he’s coming out uh yeah september
um i know i i know he’s very excited
about it
i was hanging out with him earlier this
week and we were talking and he i said
uh i was having you on the show and he
said oh i can’t wait to go out there and
hang out with him um but yeah no
i’m very excited to see what happens
with this campaign uh
as i tell anybody that comes on the show
that’s running for office
if you need anything from muddy waters
please feel free to reach out
you can reach out to me or spike or now
you can reach out to cajun or eskimo
and uh they will do anything that they
can to help you because they are
contractually obligated
they’re good people i mean i i’ve nailek
was talking about running for office at
one time so
she picked my brain a little bit one day
about that
right and i would agent’s actually the
one who put me in touch with brian so
i’ve got they’ve both been huge
helps to me no i and i would love to see
uh now like
run for anything really just because i
think that she
i think she would do fantastic uh
running for anything
uh up there in her life her charisma
would be cute it’s huge big time
okay she’s just big she’s likable and
you and that’s
at the end of the day people vote for
you because they like you
right i mean same reason why you buy a
car from somebody you you don’t buy it
because you give you the best deal
buy it from them because that’s the guy
you like and you trust very true even if
they are going to screw you over
you know they’re going to screw you over
but at least i’m going to get screwed
over by somebody i like
okay i used to sell cars for one time
that’s fair yeah but uh i would like not
to be screwed over by
anybody but at the same time i
understand that that’s just not going to
happen so
i’d much rather be by somebody that i
like because i figured they’re going to
screw me a little less
you know what and and i’ll tell and i’d
look at somebody when they’re buying a
car for me
and i would say am i going to make
indeed because they’d ask me how are you
going to make money off of this
of course i’m going to make money off of
this why would i be doing it for free
but i’m not going to make all my money
off of you i’m going to make a little
bit off of you
i’m going to make a little bit off this
next guy and
and we’re gonna go on with life right
you’re not my
you’re not paying for you’re not paying
for a vacation from me and you know what
people were
people appreciated that kind of honesty
honesty i mean
like yeah i’m gonna make a couple
hundred dollars on here this is what i
do for a living but yeah
i’m not making all my money off of you
like fair enough
where do i sign right okay and and that
goes back to what we were saying earlier
about transparency
um you know when you are open and honest
and you
and you’re telling people yeah this is
where this is coming from this is where
this is going
they are going to be much more open and
receptive to the things you are saying
as opposed to somebody who’s just like
oh you don’t
don’t you worry you’re pretty little
head about that don’t no that’s
that’s not on you don’t don’t you
that’s not for a brain like yours that’s
for brains that are over here
people aren’t stupid i mean people we
need to stop treating them that way
right people okay and that’s what our
politicians do now they
treat everybody like they’re like
they’re an idiot or they’re living in a
cave i mean
well politicians the flip side in
flipside is when you are open with them
then now
now they have a little bit of a oh i
don’t know if i can handle that
so politicians do have a little bit of
an argument because they keep getting
and doing the things that they do so
they’re like people are stupid
well they keep reelecting us so
kind of you know what it is what’s the
one thing that that scares people
most of all in the world change exactly
right okay so when they get in there
they’re not gonna change them because
they’re scared of change okay at least i
know what this idiot does right
and that’s to a certain extent that’s
why when you’ve got somebody who’s
already been there six or eight years
he’s got a history i know what this
guy’s gonna do yes he’s gonna screw me
but i i know how he’s gonna screw you up
right there or
the devil i mean the uh one of the most
famous politicians in louisiana history
where i’m originally from
was a guy named huey p long he was the
governor he was the only man
franklin delano roosevelt feared
politically wise right
and he would come up and fly out say yes
i’m a crook but i’m a crook for the
people of louisiana
and he got elected he got reelected
a lot
but uh i uh i appreciate you coming on
and um
so what i want you to do now is take
your time and uh pitch
everything pitch your website pitch uh
pitch everything that you can tell
to donate where they can go to like
follow you online and uh just
get them to uh
sorry uh somebody that actually lives in
minnesota says
uh bull don’t count us libertarian
don’t count us libertarians in the
cities we live different lifestyles but
we have very similar
interests uh i’d be proud to support you
as much as i can
even though he’s in cd5 and he bets the
rest of the
lpmn would have your back break a leg
oh i’m sure they are i mean we uh
we have the same fights or inner
squabbles as a lot of
a lot of uh the libertarian party state
states do i mean
you know what is
we’ve been looking at lately as i don’t
live in the cities
i live in i live out in the rural areas
so i mean i’ve got a different priority
sure but it does and they’ve got a
different priority than i have
but it doesn’t make either priority any
less important
no okay and that’s where i see a lot of
mistakes going on in
other states libertarian party is it
doesn’t have to be one or the other
okay there the emphasis doesn’t have to
be on one work position i mean there’s
enough bandwidth
in the party to handle both of them and
still be in line with
with our principles uh
and now uh
yeah i can i completely agree whether or
not you live in the cities or you live
in the rural areas or you know
and whether you live in a town like me
or i mean saint pete’s considered a big
city but
it’s not it’s a town uh i know everybody
so it can’t be a big city um but
you can’t no matter which one you live
your priorities are going to be
different the people in orlando new york
uh orlando new york uh dallas austin
the like the the actual huge cities
they should be able to run their cities
the way that they want to and
the people here in saint pete should be
able to run at the width they want to
and the people in the rural
areas like western minnesota should be
able to run it the way that they want to
and that i mean uh i i don’t envy
some of these uh our libertarian
brothers in in
minneapolis-st paul no the issues
they’re having with the police force
i mean it’s just it’s terrible i mean
at the same time in my area in rural
minnesota we know all the cops we know
all the police they’re our neighbors
okay so
it’s harder for people here to un to
understand that to it to a certain
uh because again most of the cops in in
these cities
they don’t they’re not from those
communities they’re policing
okay they don’t know everybody they
don’t i mean
they come in and and it’s kind of like
sylvester stallone and it was a judge
i am the law oh yeah
okay i mean that’s that’s kind of how
their mindset is and it just
uh but i tell you what i mean i i really
like our state party
we’ve got a lot of a lot of diverse
diversity here in
our party and uh i’m proud to be a
member of the
the state party here in minnesota
i’m looking to see where it goes i mean
there’s uh we have
we have a guy named nate adkins who’s
running for mayor
in minneapolis st paul and uh i think
the honey badger
he’s the honey badger yeah i think uh
he’s gonna do a
do a great job in his campaign there
because everybody they they know they
need change there
and uh and he he’s gonna be a force for
uh we’ve got a great opportunity to grow
our party out here
um because i mean most people i talk to
they’re libertarians they just don’t
know it yet
and okay that that’s what it comes down
to it’s true that’s most of the people
that i talk to as well they they just
don’t know it and their
biggest issue is i don’t want to vote
for a libertarian because they can’t win
and i’m like you can’t win because you
think that yeah i mean all it takes is
is to show to break that break that down
to get those one or two on the national
stage uh
and then it gets even more interesting
because it’s such a tightly divided
can you imagine if one or two
libertarians get in there and nobody has
a majority
yes i can okay
i can tell by your smile i’m not going
to say that i’ve had dirty dreams about
but you can infer what you will
so how do we get you to be one of the
first libertarians in congress let
everybody know where
uh where they can go where they can
donate and uh let
let them uh let them give you money one
of the easiest things is through our
facebook page it’s uh
bold johnson for congress on facebook uh
there’s a little button up
for shop now hit shop now it brings you
straight to our donation page
cool you can also come to our our
which is bull johnson for congress dot u
dot u s dot u s
gonna have to do some editing in post
yeah will johnson for congress dot us uh
they’ve got our contribution page there
as well uh and both of those are through
or if you go to my web on to the
facebook page if you go down we have a
couple donation links
that actually brings you straight to
square so you can donate through square
as well
uh even if you don’t donate please join
our pages like our pages
one of the ways that one of the things
that are measured for our viability
how many people like our pages how many
people like our social media accounts
uh i’m actually talking to a couple
citrus packs
in the right now and that’s one of their
questions they’re looking hey we’re
thinking about supporting you
but we’re not going to be supporting
somebody who’s tilting at windmills
we need somebody who’s viable we need
somebody who’s who can raise money we
need somebody who can
and you know what we’ll give you money
but you’ve got to have a
you’ve got to have a plan you’ve got to
have a viable chance
uh and once i explain our situation most
of them are like
yeah you got you got that chance but now
we need to see what your money raising
capabilities are like we gotta
we gotta see what your local support is
uh so like our page share our page like
get the news out
so everybody uh so for everybody out
there go to
uh bull johnson’s bull johnson for
congress on facebook
and hit the store button and you can
donate directly from there and also go
bull johnson for congress dot u s forget
everything that i wrote prior to this
um before
i did i i read the website that uh was
in the notes that uh brian put in there
and i’ll play brian i can’t
i can’t because he i checked i just
checked because i wanted
i wanted him to be wrong and he wasn’t
he was right i was i was wrong
and uh i just didn’t copy and paste i
just said oh it’s gotta be
dot com um so everybody go to
bull johnson for congress dot us and uh
give this man money make him the first
libertarian elected to congress
um well thank you so much for coming on
my pleasure sir and uh
thank you for having me i’m gonna do one
last plug for our twitter please
uh i’m just getting started on twitter
i’m an old man type deal so it’s i’ve
actually got an intern who’s working on
helping me with that
it’s a travis bull john one
the number one travis bull john one
what um yeah i actually i actually i
found during it found you and tweeted it
today found you and tweeted to you today
yeah but yeah we uh
i i appreciate all the help y’all guys
can give us and uh
we can do this we can
i mean people need to understand i am
not running to run i am running to win
and i won’t be doing this [ __ ] i
wouldn’t be pouring my own money into
if i didn’t think we had a legitimate
and i mean and where we are we’re
putting we’re putting our money where
our mouth is
uh i mean any help y’all can give i
would greatly appreciate it
absolutely as i mentioned earlier we are
32 000 square miles 38 counties
that’s a lot of county fairs okay
and each one of them want their one or
two hundred bucks for a table
anything you can you can do to help us
cover these tables
uh i would very much appreciate and if
you are in minnesota
please look us up join uh we’re in the
process of doing some affiliates out
uh get in touch with me and i’ll put you
in touch with somebody in your area
that is yeah absolutely um everybody go
find this everybody go out and find uh
find travis or find bull johnson don’t
find travis johnson
you’re gonna get a lot of different
people named travis johnson i found out
fine travis bull john one
uh all over the place including twitter
on facebook
help us unleash the bull on dc yes
uh if you want to hang out for a little
bit i’m going to do the closing and then
i’ll talk to you a little bit afterwards
um but again thank you so much i look
forward to talking to you more in the
future and
good luck on this race i definitely i
have a good feeling that you have a shot
at this
uh thank you for having me sir yeah
absolutely sir two
everybody else thank you so much for
tuning in to this episode
of the writer’s block here on muddy
waters media
now spike i believe is in north carolina
this weekend
uh so if you are excuse me uh
so if you were going to be in the north
carolina region uh definitely find out
where he’s going to be and go uh
pound the pavement with him and brent de
ritter sell liberty because uh they are
doing fantastic work over it sell
and you should be a part of it um
and then on sunday episode number two
of cajun libertarian eskimo
eskimo libertarian from bayous to igloos
from bayous to igloos we’ll be airing at
three o’clock
eastern three-ish because you know it’s
mighty wires media
and nothing airs on time but come
and tune in for that then next tuesday
tune in for muddied waters of freedom or
spike cohen
and i will parse through the week’s
events like the 2020 wonder boys that we
are so we will
parse through the week’s events like the
2020 wonder boys that we are and then
next wednesday
on my fellow americans spike cohen
will have michael bolden from the 10th
amendment center on his episode
which will be airing roughly about 8
o’clock and then next thursday
meet me right back here for the writer’s
thursday 8-ish eastern where
you are going to have to tune in to find
out who my guest is because
that is how fantastic this is going to
be i’m not even going to tease it to you
right now
thank you for all that you do please
like please share
follow us at anchor dot fm slash muddied
you can find this in every episode at
have a wonderful and fantastic weekend
for the writer’s block
i am matt wright and you are perfect
just the way you are
i don’t need anybody’s
don’t bother swimming out to save me
i will only drag you
i don’t need anybody’s

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