The Wrighter’s Block Episode 55 – Brent DeRidder Gets Wrighters Block

The Wrighter's Block

Brent DeRidder, the only man Matt blanketly endorses for any position he runs for nationwide, joins Matt to discuss his new startup, Sell Liberty, and how we can expand liberty through messaging.

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now i am exceptionally excited
because uh we have a big day today like
today’s been such a long day already be
packed with so many great things
happening and
it’s gonna continue all throughout the
night but next on the list
is what i have been looking forward to
a myriad of weeks now um and
that is brent de ritter my good friend
brenta ritter is on the show
with me today now where he is
is raining heavily so uh
you may hear rain in the background and
he live
where he lives is also in a ten roof so
he is actually
in his car so don’t ask questions about
these things
um just understand it’s raining and we
have brenta ritter
which is the greatest gift anybody can
hope for
right now what is up
my brother hey buddy how’s it going
those were the worst plugs product plugs
i’ve ever heard thank you
thank you i try to outdo myself every
week by making them worse
it’s really great this week i’m
try to make them so bad that most people
don’t want to
buy the product at all i was thinking
about buying jack’s book
yeah um honestly i i will buy
jack’s book at some point and i love
jack because he can take he
he enjoys what i say about him on the
show so i’m like well
if he could take this but he could take
anything um
love that guy um so
i don’t know how many of uh
the writer’s blocks you have seen i’m
assuming it’s probably about 54.
but uh we like to start off every
episode asking
our guests how uh they became a
libertarian how is it that you found the
libertarian party
you of all people and i know i
sing your praises a lot
i have often said that you are the only
person that i will endorse for anything
you run for
nationwide blanketly like i don’t care
what it is you are endorsed by me um i
haven’t even said that about somebody
who owns
this company with me um i appreciate
so you may be like you just could be
like the second coming of
uh gary nolan as far as i know like
you’re just like
you were born libertarian and just ran
with it um
but how is it that you became a
libertarian was it
did you come by like just growing up or
were you like in a party and then
switch over no yeah so
i definitely was not born a libertarian
i was uh i was i switched a lot between
right and left growing up and it was
extremes it was always extreme right and
extreme left and
um i was a republican and thought that
uh my spirituality was that was in line
with that
my religious beliefs and i did some you
know thinking in my
late teens early twenties and decided
that that was
that was wrong and a lot of the stuff
just didn’t line up for me and i i went
like overnight went from like hardcore
to um and like a republican activist
to uh anarchist um i consider myself a
and i did uh voluntarist outreach for
a few years and then uh got sucked into
my state party and that’s how i got
involved with the libertarian party
so kind of weird not weird
i absolutely i understand it though
because i um
you know same same thing i grew up very
uh very conservative
uh many would have called me a neocon i
at some point in my life wondering which
country we were going to go to war with
next but not in the way that i do now
not in hmm which country are we going to
illegally start a war with now that’s
going to cost us
billions or trillions of dollars like i
was like where are we going to go next
that i was like excited for it when i
was younger um
oh yeah that was me for sure yeah i i i
tried to sign up thank god i was fat and
and poor physical help so they didn’t
want me but yeah i was trying to go
overseas and i was that guy yeah no i i
signed up i was ready and uh i got real
real lucky
um i got really real lucky for reasons
we don’t have to get into today
but um but yeah so
like i was 100 i was 100 ready to go
and uh you know as i got older i was
like wait this is why why are we in
these all these places like
sure right after you know that september
a lot of the country was behind going to
places they were behind
afghanistan you know wrongly
you know they were behind iraq wrongly
but you know
the swell was there um and then as i got
older i was like why are we spending
billions of dollars or trillions of
dollars at this point
doing this when it’s been proven that he
was in pakistan
and with nothing happened there we were
just like nah we’re just going to go in
take him eventually but the rest of the
time we’re going to waste all this money
here to
stabilize a region that’s not stable at
like none of this makes any sense and
kind of led me to that helped lead me
toward libertarianism that and uh
getting arrested for weed was also a big
why are you arresting me for this yeah
that’ll do it yeah
that’ll do it watching friends of mine
growing up get constantly be arrested
just poor life choices not that weed’s a
poor life choice um
but i mean you know just just poor life
choices things that they maybe shouldn’t
have done but you know right
they weren’t hurting anybody yeah that’s
a big part of it for sure
yeah and it was like all of that was
kind of leading me to that but yeah
and i did i didn’t go full on anarchist
i went you know libertarian and i was a
menarchist for you know
a while and then
after a while i was just like no this is
what i don’t kick that
it’s still a boot it doesn’t matter how
big of a boot it is i don’t want it on
me and i’m not going to lick it
yeah so right yeah there was i was like
i was a menace for about 45 minutes
right i was one for a little bit longer
than that but that was because you know
the conservative was in me really strong
for a while and i just couldn’t give up
that last little bit until my body went
just why this makes no sense and then
i let it all go and now it doesn’t like
none of it makes any sense
um so you
are one of
i’m gonna you you are in my opinion the
best uh orator
in the libertarian party um i believe
that you have the ability to
reach people uh through messaging in
ways that
nobody else can um every conversation
i have seen you have or i have been in
with you
i have just been honestly just impressed
at how you are able
to uh deliver your message
and never make the person feel like
they’re being talked down to
never condescending and you talk to them
just as if you and i were having a
conversation about steak
but you can do that with anything and
it’s amazing to me
whenever i see it whether it’s online or
or we’ve been in
uh in person with each other um
and is this where where you came up with
your idea for cell liberty
yeah so i guess you guys i love that
everybody always likes to eat praise on
me because i
i really i mean it i live in a house
with uh
five women so it i really appreciate
the accolades from time to time but um
the fact is man is i’m i’m not i’m not
that great at it
uh i i understand some basic skills
right so
in my professional life i was a salesman
i did some low-level marketing we uh i
was a salesman in 2004 that was back
when we still like rang a bell when we
made a cell
and you yelled and screamed and did the
cheering and the
and um i became a sales trainer uh i did
the low level marketing when i was doing
sales the
making my own handouts and all that um i
was pretty good at it
i just i read a couple of books and and
i had
come out of my shell in high school
right i was really shocked that i didn’t
talk much
in high school i started to really come
out of my shell and i learned how to
communicate with people
and i started to apply those basic uh
or those basic ideas and and some
techniques that i had read about
to these sales gigs and i was i was good
enough to become a sales trainer and i
really hated what i did
um because what i did was trick people
into buying things that they didn’t
really need
and again i was very very good at it um
i just it made me feel bad
so i quit i went into the family
business i was a uh i was a
i i understand that completely
i i hated doing i hated doing sales
because i was not good at the hard sale
like if you want to buy cool if not like
i’m not gonna
so i am mr no right i love nose
salesmen hate knows or you you accepted
them as part of getting to your yes
i absolutely love the customers that
would deny
right away those are my bread and butter
i’m it’s just applying some basic
techniques right but i got really sick
of it i quit and i came back
i came to the liberty movement there was
always sales involved in anything i did
it was commercial even commercial
fishing right if you’re haggling
uh haggling the wholesalers right so i
mean i’m
it’s it’s uh it applies to my marriage
it applies to dealing with my kids it’s
just some basic communication techniques
and then i saw that libertarians are
incredibly bad at this and i love you
guys i love i love all of you
but we are the worst communicators we we
win in the in the arena of ideas all the
i mean every time but we can’t
articulate that
to normal people who don’t necessarily
they’re not completely on board with
libertarianism we think we’ve got this
big giant idea and we’ve got to feed you
this big idea all at once
and the basic idea is to break that
giant idea down into small bite-sized
that the average person can consume at
their leisure and then when you’re
having a conversation
you just follow some like i said some
basic sales techniques it’s exactly what
spike does
we all love spike it’s exactly what that
guy does he just does it in front of a
camera really really well
right yeah he’s i mean he’s exceptional
at what he does but he’s applying the
same basic techniques that you can learn
from dale carnegie
or uh any sales book or yeah
somebody in the comments best techniques
yes steven uh stephen witt in the comics
said john maxwell or zig ziglar and i’ve
seen both of those guys speak at sales
and yeah like it is it’s it is the stuff
that they say that spike is able to use
and put into motion while just a
natural conversation um
and you are absolutely the same way
uh people are saying yeah you are
absolutely right um somebody asked if
you are an
abc believer um
which to an extent so there are some
there are some really cheesy lines that
have come out of movies that are that
sound like really good ideas
they’re not um abc is one of those
for those of you who don’t know abc uh
is always be closing
which in theory sounds like a good idea
and it’s for the hard sell it’s for a
short sell
so it’s it’s for like a one touch cell
and in sales we’ve got
multiple touches right and a touch is
every time you you communicate with a
person every time you engage
that’s a really pushy way of selling and
it doesn’t necessarily
yeah if you’re selling meat like i did
out of the back of a truck
frozen meat door-to-door it’s a great
way to sell meat if you’re selling
knives door-to-door it’s a great way to
sell knives if you’re selling
financial goods or services it’s a great
way to sell that
if you’re trying to change somebody’s
mind about a political ideology and
political affiliation it’s not a good
idea abc
is is a pushy sales right
uh tactic and probably not the best idea
for dealing with
voters right when i was when i was a
real estate agent
abc was terrible because
yeah you needed people to take time this
is the biggest
purchase of their life so for most of
so you don’t want to push them into
these things you have to
give them their own time to figure it
out and think about it um
but when i was doing uh jewelry sales in
you had to be abc like you had to try to
push people into purchasing and that was
where i was awful
just terrible yeah i mean it’s the
difference between you know making a
small purchase and making a life
a home or a political affiliation it’s a
it’s a big life decision
big life decision so when
one of the big things that has been
happening on clubhouse recently
is there been many conversations about
bringing new blood to the libertarians
um and even if it’s not the libertarian
just to the idea of liberty and the
libertarian message
um what is some of the best ways like
when people are in rooms that aren’t you
know just strictly libertarian rooms
which many of us will find
ourselves kind of stuck in that hole
like we see it on facebook
we only hang out with the libertarian on
the libertarian pages and the
libertarian groups and get into our own
echo chambers
but if somebody’s branching out and
going to um
different rooms or clubs or whatever um
or even just in your daily life
talking to people from other parties
what is the best way for them
to sell liberty without turning that
person completely off
because so many people think that what
they believe in is liberty they’re like
no that is liberty
so how do you break them of that belief
while also selling like without pushing
them away
well so uh the first thing you’re gonna
think of is your framing right so
there’s some basic sales techniques that
people should learn
pardon me um it’s just persuasive
speaking stuff that that’s
really easy to learn you can uh on cell
liberty here
sorry shameless plug here soon you’ll be
able to
check out our our virtual classes um
we’re already doing in-person training
events we’ve done one in tennessee we’ve
one in north carolina we’ll be doing
another one in north carolina i think
i’m headed out to uh
to nevada at some point um in the near
future possibly
um so we’ll we’ll do those in person
things but if you
the first thing you want to think of
before you think all those techniques is
your your framing of your message
and one of the best ways to uh
one of the best things that we can do is
to pull from either the right or the
left is to frame
frame the message from the opposite
perspective i’m sorry frame an
opposite message or a message that you
think that we’ll get opposition
to um in the terms of the person that
you’re talking to
it’s uh sorry let’s let’s
un-complicate that idea if you’re gonna
uh gun rights pitch it to the left
you don’t need to pitch it to the right
right we have a tendency to do that as
libertarians we
we want to talk about gun rights to
people that are on the right it’s not
productive for us it’s they already
appreciate gun rights so you’re going to
be talking to people that are on the
left with gun rights and
when you do that you want to frame it
from a left perspective so you take a
right issue
and you take it to the left somebody
that’s on the left and you frame it from
their perspective
gun rights are homophobic they’re racist
they’re sexist
they’re classist all those are are
you know left ideas right those are
those are ideals that are important to
that group
and you’re you’re using those to frame
your to frame your message if you were
gonna push
uh ending the war on drugs to somebody
that’s a conservative
you wanna and you don’t need to do that
with the left right you wanna do that
with the right and when you do that with
the right what you wanna focus on
is your tax dollars are being spent to
put police and your community in harm’s
way every time a police officer comes
into contact with a drug user
or or a drug um uh
pusher pusher man i’m apparently
in 60 now
i hate being on camera i’m so not spike
going um
but uh every time you’re you’re putting
it out that way
you you cause overlap right so when
folks on the left think
where do i agree with people on the
right they’re going to realize that they
with people on the right and it overlaps
with libertarianism
when people on the right are thinking
that way they’re you know it overlaps
with libertarianism so what we want to
is the overlap uh where people have
points of agreement and then we can draw
from both sides
so framing your message in the correct
way is the most important thing
right and one of the um
one of the things that i learned early
on in my
libertarian uh activism days
is once you could convince somebody on
one piece of liberty
that’s that is the seed you have that
seed planted in them
so let’s say um even if you’re talking
to somebody on the left and you’re
talking about the drug war
um and you’re talking about the drug war
and you’re discussing how
um you know we need to get rid of the
drug we need to end the drug war it’s
costing too much in taxes it’s creating
uh it’s creating a system of violence
and uh
systemic racism and it’s creating uh the
flow of
uh people trying to come of migrants
trying to come into the nation
and we could like help them out in their
nation by ending the drug war here and
like once you can get them on that
and seeing how more government
intervention is an issue
you kind of have the seed planted for
that to continue to grow
into other areas um is one of what
is something that i have found and
then they start saying okay more
government here is bad
why would i want more government here
and it continues to grow
from that is what i have kind of known
have you noticed
a similar situation yeah
for sure sorry we’ve got high beams in
the parking lot over there
um yeah for sure so that’s that’s just
an upsell and in sales we call that an
upsell so your your initial sell is the
hardest part
uh convincing that person to buy the
idea that i and i i frequently start
something really radical like uh
legalizing heroin right ending the drug
war completely
and um if you do it right and and you’re
careful about who your audience is it’s
a great way to start
and once you’ve done something that
radical an idea that that
principle and that radical it’s it’s
easier to do those upsells but
everything after that yeah it’s totally
just an upsell
it’s like if i sold you a bank account
and then i get you uh check imaging
one of the things that i sold by the way
i’d i’d sell you the bank account i give
you i get you
sold on the idea of a bank account and
then we’re going to do check imaging and
overdraft protection
and e-statements and and all that stuff
i mean that’s where you’re going from
there so we sell you on legalizing
drugs and then we’re like oh yeah and
they shouldn’t be in charge of health
care and they shouldn’t be in charge
charging immigration and they shouldn’t
be in charge of
security and yeah all up sales
that makes sense i just realized that
your shirt glows in the dark
does it yeah i just one of
my kids bought it for me today so it’s
just like
not now i mean you’re since you’re
outside and the sun is going down like
yoda’s head just keeps getting brighter
and i was like
am i imagining this right now it’s going
to be you and baby yoda talking about
selling liberty here in about five
minutes it’s
fantastic yes you have ultimate power
in the drug war yeah
the light helping at all there we go
yeah there you go
like all of a sudden i was like i i’m
seeing baby yoda better than i see brent
which you know i’m okay with but
um right yeah so the upselling is a
is a very important part of any
kind of uh philosophy i don’t care which
side you’re on
because if you convince somebody of one
thing and i waited tables for
years for years and every boss i ever
had was you need to do the up sale you
need to do the upsell if you can get
everybody to buy
you know uh one six dollar appetizer
which tells you how long ago i was
waiting tables um
get everybody to buy one six dollar
appetizer you have 20 tables that’s an
uh six times 20 120 bucks a night which
you know if you’re making 20 on that
that’s an extra 22
24 25 bucks uh so how hard is it just
say do you want to start off with
mozzarella sticks
and they were right um i never did it
but they were right like it would have
been easy to do uh but when it comes to
selling liberty or selling a philosophy
of liberty
when you start out with okay you have
them on the drugs or you have them on
the guns
depending on you know depending on which
side we’re talking about here
the issue that i see come in is the
deep-seated issues where you have to try
break some deep-seated
fear or hatred uh that many of them have
um so like with
the right since you have them on the
uh one of the ones that i notice a lot
of and many of the people on the right
that i know
are gonna sound like they’re in their
70s based on what i’m about to say
but uh they talk about you know we can’t
get rid of the
we can’t end the drug war because that
will ruin the culture of america
and they have this hatred of drugs
because they think it ruins the culture
of america
um and on the left when you’re talking
about the guns
you know they’ll say because of the
racists on the right like and those are
the deep-seated fears like
they don’t want the culture my right
you’re left uh they don’t want the
culture to
uh be destroyed and they’re afraid of
the they hate the racist who are gonna
do terrible things with the guns how do
you get past like those big fears those
big issues that they have
so libertarians know the answer to that
right that’s
that’s what we’re really good at we’re
good at having the answers we’re not
good at communicating those answers so
you’re just going to take your answer
and present it
with some basic sales techniques but my
favorite thing
in the world is feel felt found this is
so i’m
i am married to a woman um i know that
you know what it’s like to live with a
woman i do um
to all the female libertarians listening
right now
i apologize for what i’m about to say
but um
i win arguments sometimes i don’t know
if that’s ever happened to you but every
once in a while
i win an argument with my wife i ha i
have four daughters tell me what that’s
it’s insane uh i win arguments there
every once in a while and
and so it works in the sales world it
works at home and it’s just feel felt
it’s the idea and because those things
present themselves as objections right
you’re already having the conversation
and then a conservative will say
well we can’t in the drug war because
you know to ruin culture or whatever
uh feel felt found is a is a technique
allows you to acknowledge someone’s
um empathize with that objection and
then dismiss it
outright which is it it allows you to
debate it’s
the way that libertarians can debate
turning everybody off okay it’s the way
that you win the conversation
without having to have an argument and
so when somebody says something as
simple as
uh let’s see uh okay all right
uh shouldn’t we shouldn’t vote
libertarians in office because
all the roads will fall apart nobody
will be able to drive anywhere
you start with um acknowledging their
and empathizing right so i understand
that you feel
libertarians don’t care about the roads
before i was a libertarian i felt
the same way what i found was that
libertarians have a lot
of great ideas about how roads will be
funded and maintained in a libertarian
society or with under
a libertarian administration and those
ideas actually predate
the current system that we have we had
roads well before we had income tax and
and that worked out really well and
businesses and
individuals so it will maintain the
roads but you’re basically you’re making
the argument but before you make your
argument before you tell people why
wrong and that’s what we love to do but
before you tell people why they’re wrong
you acknowledge their concerns and you
empathize with those concerns you
validate how they feel
and then they’re much more apt to hear
they’re much more enthusiastic about
what you have to say just letting people
know that you care about what they care
about before you calm their idiots
right right
um so the biggest one that uh i’ve
gotten about libertarians like so much
because i’ll get i’ll get this randomly
like i won’t even be in the conversation
with a person
like i’ll just be out hanging out with
my you know
what do you what’s our group called the
desperate my disproportionately
attractive girlfriend oh
yeah yeah i will be out with my
disproportionately attractive girlfriend
and we will just be having a very nice
time and somebody who knows me or
recognizes me will come up
and they will just go you know i like a
lot of what you say but libertarians
are selfish
yeah i’ve started to just ignore it
because i’m out having a good time with
my disproportionately attractive
um and that’s more important to me than
arguing with this person
um because she’s disproportionately
to me and i’m not gonna ruin that to get
into a fight with somebody or a debate
with somebody about politics right now
um smart man that’s why you have a
disproportionately attractive girlfriend
that’s right
i get to use this thing every once in a
while unless now
i just know you know when i’m out with
her don’t argue with people
um but the the selfish one is one that i
have heard from
my baby days as a libertarian to you
we can say three days ago um and
i try to explain to him i got this on
clubhouse a lot
but i explained to him no we do care
about people we just don’t think that
you need to do it by force and that
will go out and help other people
so if you were to hear libertarians are
selfish what would be the best way that
you would frame that
as opposed to me just saying what i said
which is basically how i handle that
every time
yeah so uh well we’ve got a lot of great
we’ve got a lot of ammunition for that
right we’ve got a lot of great examples
of libertarians being great
philanthropists and doing good things in
their community
so again you want to just apply feel
felt found right you want to acknowledge
their concern you want to validate it
and then you want to move past it so
yeah i totally understand what you mean
uh i used to feel the same way about
libertarians when i first got started
that was
one of my biggest concerns was in a
libertarian society you know who’s going
to feed the hungry and and who’s going
to house the homeless and who’s going to
educate people
and uh i think the libertarian answer to
that what i found was
the libertarian answer to that is that
we just want to exclude the middleman
that that government generally uh just
manages contracts
and and people that actually do the work
those contractors
will still do the work for you and your
community um
and that’s that’s how we get past all of
them right well it’s easier with charity
because we’ve got proof that
are philanthropists and do great things
the liberty coalition for disaster
relief was one of those things um
the five dollar the five dollar memes
club liberty memes liberty means
those guys are fantastic yeah they
raised like half a million dollars
right it wasn’t like it’s like half a
million dollars i don’t remember how
much it was
because uh dadman keeps getting kicked
off facebook um
but or dave yeah i feel so bad for that
like he is literally out there trying to
help and do good
and he’s just constantly booted um but
yet no
they’ve done amazing work and they i
believe it
is close to half a million dollars if
not more
at this point that they have raised in
order to help people
and that is something that you know i
will bring these up and they’ll go yeah
but that’s not all of them many of them
are just in it for themselves and i’m
like well
i can’t respond to that because yes many
of them are just like many of you are in
it for yourselves
yeah that’s that’s the response so i
mean you’re not gonna
people want because libertarianism is so
different than what we have people
expect us to have all the answers that’s
why they we talk a lot about utopias
that we talk about utopias because
everybody expects libertarianism to be
this utopia
i mean acknowledge that that’s a from a
sales perspective the best thing you can
do with your flaws is acknowledge them
and move on
right so yeah they’re they’re selfish
libertarians there are selfish
republicans there are selfish democrats
uh but you’re talking to somebody that
right so what you want to do now is
create that common ground you want to
you want to use common you
you can only build from common ground
and so your common ground is that
that hey i’m i’m really glad to hear
that you’re so concerned about
you know about people being selfish and
about you know wanting to do better
things for your community
i’m a libertarian and i’m really
concerned about that too let’s talk
about some of the issues and
and move on i mean what what are the
issues that you’re concerned about well
i’m concerned about homeless people
great me too let’s talk about how we can
get a homeless outreach
set up yep exactly right and now you’re
moving on now you’re talking about
solutions and you’ve got
now you don’t have opposition you’re not
sitting across the table from somebody
who’s like ah this guy’s a jerk
you’re sitting across from the table
from somebody who’s now immediately on
board with what you’re saying
yeah now we’re going to figure out how
to do homeless outreach in my community
and help homeless people in my community
and and your allies right right right
so now and that and that’s actually a
brilliant a brilliant way to approach
that that i had never
considered ever in my life to be like
what issue do you care about okay
how can we do this what do you what do
you see that you and i can start
right here right now in order to help
that because i care because i care about
that as well
you know whether it’s a homeless issue
whether it’s a
uh feeding feeding uh
food i forget the word for that feeding
children who are hungry i can’t remember
the technical term for it um
but feet you know making sure that kids
have food or you know whatever it is
what is it
you and i can work on this together we
can figure out a plan and we can move
forward from there and we can make sure
that uh we at least stop
somebody from being hungry tonight or
somebody’s gonna have you know a new
pair of shoes or a blanket or whatever
it is like let’s figure that out right
and work together and then grow from
right and during that part of the
conversation you want to make sure that
you encourage them by showing
appreciation right and it needs to be
genuine appreciation
and so when you’re doing that i mean be
if they’re talking about you know
feeding hungry people that’s awesome i’m
so glad to hear that there’s there’s
another person in the room that cares
about feeding hungry people you’re
fantastic let’s talk about how we can
work on that and you’ve got an immediate
right now this guy’s like hey
libertarians aren’t so bad
we’re we’re fixing issues together yeah
no i i i
love what you’re pitching so far i mean
so when when did you come up with the
idea for cell liberty
like where was the apex for that the
pinnacle for that because
you’ve always been an activist for the
entire time that i’ve known you which
is we’re coming up on two two years or
so now
um and you’ve always been an activist
what was the catalyst that made you go
you know what this is what i want to do
i want to teach people
how to do this so the first time that i
thought about
uh cell liberty was the very first
conversation i had with a libertarian
and i was like oh god you are bad at
this you are not
you because it was i was immediately
called an idiot right because that’s
we like to yell about how we’re the
smartest one in the room and those are
the kind of people that we tend to be um
and it just i was like this isn’t
how you win people over and then the
second time i thought about it was the
second conversation i had with a
libertarian and it
kind of went on from there and um
it just here recently uh i’ve
previously to this i donated about 40
plus hours
a week my wife works and uh we we
homeschool our kids so
i i did some work a little bit of
contract work and stuff like that from
and i’m i’m a stay-at-home dad so uh
got to fill my time with something and i
was an activist for the libertarian
party and
my wife finally was like hey you have to
something with this and and try to start
um making a living again because she’s
getting older and less excited about i
got kicked out of the workforce for a
and now she’s kicking me back in and i
was like that’s great i want to keep
doing what i’m doing
so i’m going to go around the country
which is i was already doing it locally
and and nationally just you know
um but i was like i’m going to go around
the country i’m going to come up with a
program that teaches libertarians
how to sell libertarian ideas we’re
going to work on messaging we’re going
to work on a little bit of
a little bit of marketing and we’re
going to teach these ideas and these
tactics and then
teach people how to put on events where
they can apply these ideas
and uh you’ll see a patreon up soon in a
couple of days and
my wife my wife is in charge and that’s
i got started i
i understand that yeah i understand that
many people uh take a look at me and
they go you know what that’s a guy
who definitely has his life together he
knows what’s going on look at him
all gainfully employed managing a
successful podcast
and also taking care of
a family this guy must be superman
i’m not like i’m like clark kent in
superman 2 where he loses all of his
powers and he’s
you know kind of a pansy where like he
just can’t do anything
uh and he doesn’t he suddenly bleeds all
the time
um i’m like that guy and uh sarah is
the [ __ ] she’s not crypt
she’s careful careful
she is like the sun i want you to stay
in the club but
she she she is the powerful kryptonian
son that gave me my power to begin with
and uh you know she she is that son she
gives me my power
um well done yeah i had to think of the
right way to phrase that analogy
um yeah that got scary for a minute
i was like oh no that’s going to come
out wrong because i’m about to say
the name of the rock and not the name of
the planet um
but yeah she uh she she is the one that
uh definitely
guides me in most of my life um
and makes me gain massive amounts of
weight that
uh i was not planning on ever gaining
again but apparently with that comes
greatness um i gotta i got a cooker too
man i was i
i was healthier than this
um 17 years ago when we got started
right yeah i uh when she moved here
uh last year i was 55 pounds less
than i am now and i was totally happy
with it
completely happy with where i was in my
and now i’m like why did you do this to
me and she’s like you look better
shut up eat and i’m like okay well food
i i have seen the stuff the food posts
that she makes and it’s
pretty ridiculous i don’t how you don’t
look like me is beyond me
i uh yeah i don’t i don’t i don’t know
because i eat a lot of food um
even in the comments right now she’s
saying you look better now so you’re
um you’re looking super hot today bro i
was gonna say something i didn’t want to
make it weird
yep i mean that’s what i’m talking about
we uh you know i started out the show
saying that you’re the only person that
i would endorse for anything and that
you are the greatest uh order in the
movement so you know it’s fair that we
can crush on each other a little bit
uh you guys embarrass me with that stuff
but it’s true seriously i know that we
embarrass you with that stuff but
from the very first time i met you in
south carolina two years ago
um we had a few conversations just you
here and there but immediately i was
like that guy knows his stuff
he he has a presence in which he command
like he just commands the attention and
he knows how to like
hold a conversation which and again to
all libertarians out there i’m sorry
many of us don’t and i include
myself in this um but you just knew how
to hold
you you have a presence and you can hold
a conversation and you know your stuff
and you could talk about it
without stumbling over yourself that
many of
you know many of us do i do it on the
show all the time i’ll start talking
um and i don’t know where like that
michael scott thing where i’ll start a
sentence and i don’t really know where
it’s gonna go and i just kind of hope i
find it along the way
um oh yeah i’m look i’m that guy though
dude like
on camera you put a microphone or a
camera in front of me and i freak out
right like i do well in front of
individuals i do really well in front of
big crowds but
one guy with a microphone in front of me
and i i get all spazzy this is probably
the best interview i’ve ever
done um it’s it just gets weird man
everybody’s got that thing that’s going
to throw them throw a monkey wrench in
the gears but right there’s
like i said there’s some basic
techniques that you can use that make
you sound way smarter than you are and
better at this than you actually are and
it’s not super hard to learn right and
uh i’ve got many friends who are
fantastic at sales if i could get them
better at
believing in freedom um they would make
great additions to this like great
additions to this movement
um and that’s where my that’s where my
that’s where i fall apart because i’m
not the best at sales like i’ll talk to
somebody and i’ll be like this is my
opinion on this and you have your
opinion on that
and we can discuss it and we probably
won’t fight
but i don’t know how to convince them
that my way is right because
my entire my entire life uh
when i was doing real estate i don’t
care if you want to buy this house or
not like i will show you another house
i want you to be happy this is not where
i’m going to live it’s where you’re
going to live
and that is how i have been in so many
different things
and when it comes to philosophy uh
political philosophy
i know what works for me i disagree with
what works for you
um i just don’t want you to put what
works for you
on me and that’s all i care about and
that’s where i have my fall down
fall apart because if i was getting them
over to
our side over to the side of liberty and
the side of freedom
um these people who are great salesmen
uh would be out doing
what you’re doing as opposed to what i’m
doing which is sitting here
and talking to a bunch of people who
already agree with me
well yeah i mean uh it sounds like you
need to
work on your closing a little and i can
for sure uh point you in the direction
of someone who could train you
but no i mean you just who would that be
prince well i don’t want to plug myself
over and over
well but that is why i brought you on
here today
oh great yeah cell liberty you can find
us on facebook at we sell liberty
um and you’ll be able to contribute to
what we’re doing soon but
yeah really man i mean if you’re you’re
looking to close the first thing you
want to do is you want to set a metric
right so where are we trying to
get folks uh in the first conversation
and in your first conversation
if you’ve got a local meetup do you go
to your local meetups
uh it’s been a while i’m putting you on
the spot that’s fine no it’s it’s been a
while uh
terrible libertarian well
so i was regularly going to my meetups
and i’m here in florida and i stopped
going to the meetups here in florida a
few years ago and
if anybody knows the history of the
libertarian party in florida you
probably can guess
right about the time i stopped going to
the meetups um
and it was strictly because of some
politics that i don’t talk about um that
were happening here
and then i just never got back into the
habit of doing it um
yeah there was there was some uh rough
waters in florida for a while i think
things have settled down
they have and i wish that i like
leadership here now
uh i’m friend i’m friends with stephen
mckayla i’m friends with a lot of other
people who are in
and steven’s great i love steven stevens
fantastic yeah he’s fantastic
um but you know i just never got back
into the habit of going to
going to my meetings and going to the
meetups that we had and all that kind of
stuff i just was like well i’ve got
stuff to do on
actually i do have stuff to do every
tuesday and thursday
right here well yeah i mean so if you
can get them into your local meeting
that’s a great way to set some kind of
metric where do you want to get somebody
you’re not going to get
you’re not going to get a die-hard
libertarian out of everybody
and even the ones you’re going to turn
into a die hard libertarian you’re not
going to turn them into that overnight
uh the first touch you want to maybe
bring them to a local meetup or
hey can we have a conversation this is a
great conversation can we talk about it
more this weekend
and just get them to it’s it’s getting
them back
right can i can i contact you again and
then follow up if you’re using a
five-step sales process the fifth step
is follow-up call them back make sure
that you know they’re coming to that
meeting or they’re
they’re uh gonna show up to the
to the speaking event that you’ve got
going on or whatever right
or present them with locals that they
can vote for if it’s not somebody that
you can engage in that way
present them not with a national
candidate again i love spike spike’s one
of my best friends
he’s i think the best messenger that the
libertarian party has ever had bar
none by wide margins um i
but i can’t get my dad to vote for spike
i mean i’m not it’s not going to happen
right i’m not going to get that hardcore
republican to vote for spike
for president because that’s such a huge
office and we think it’s really
where we can really have impact where
you have the most impact anyway is local
local elections them somebody they can
vote for locally
yeah i totally understand you don’t want
to vote libertarian for
uh 2024. i get it you want to vote to
keep the reds out of office or you want
to vote to keep the blues out of office
that’s fine
hey this guy’s running for city council
in your area and here’s why he’s great
here’s why he’s better than they
than the opposition this is why you
should vote for
bill smith uh who’s running in your area
and when you present that guy that’s
your close right so
just confirm hey can i count on your
vote can bill count on your vote
and if not great that’s i totally get it
can we come back to this conversation
i do want to point out though that you
don’t want to ask questions in that way
you don’t want to ask
simple yes or no questions because
people take the easiest way out you want
to ask open-ended questions so
what’s a good time to call you next
weekend and talk about bill again i know
you’re not ready to vote for him now but
we need to have that conversation and
then you know get the time most people
given that option
they’re not going to say oh screw you
i’m not going to call i’m not going to
let you call they’re going to
all right saturday at 10 o’clock
saturday at 10 o’clock right right
yeah one of the truths that’s your sell
right one of the tricks i always did was
hey let’s get together on uh you know
let’s get together later this week is uh
wednesday at 7 or thursday at six better
for you
and that’s perfect and people will go oh
uh wednesday at seven
great i’ll see you i’ll be right here i
will be here i will see you here
at seven on wednesday putting in my
calendar now and um yeah yeah two
options is better than open-ended
um for sure so yeah if you feel
confident in doing that do it and then
keep hitting them and then you’ll you’ll
close that cell you’ll eventually get a
vote for bill smith and once bill gets
his vote
you know then you you can get a vote for
governor you can get a vote for a senate
you can get a vote for the presidency
that’s that’s how we do that that was i
was having this conversation with cajun
literally uh
just like an hour before this show and i
was like yeah he’s brilliant
he right i love that guy so so do i he
he you know how uh we he praise on you
and you get like all
sheepishly shy about it you’re like i
don’t know why everybody does this
he’s the exact same way he’s like i
don’t know why everybody thinks like i’m
just a guy who’s trying to like spread
the message like i don’t think i’m back
and i’m like man
dude you are so good like stop just and
he’s like
he’s like he turns into like this big
kid who’s like i don’t i’m not used to
people telling me i’m good at this
um but no he is brilliant but we were
having the same conversation i was like
and again libertarians i’m sorry for
what the words that are leaving my mouth
momentarily but this is true we’re not
going to win the white house in 2024. i
care what you say or what you believe
it’s just not going to happen
what you need to focus on is your local
elections you need to get them into the
city councils and then to the
into uh the state houses and the state
senates or
you know whatever you have the
legislatures or whatever you have in
state um into your county commissions
as mayors as you know uh vice mayor says
whatever it is you need to get them
there to show that it works
and then they build their way up you’re
not going to jump into presidency like
off the bat before taking a large number
of the smaller seats it’s just not going
to happen
um so if you focus on those seats if you
focus on the locals
during these off seasons get people in
start showing that people have a chance
that libertarians can work
can work to make things better on the
they will start giving you chances in
higher offices
um until that happens you’re not going
to win a presidency
it’s just not going to happen um i hope
that it does every time
but i would never ever bet on it uh
that then i didn’t bet on it in 2020 and
i’m not going to bet on it in 2024
um somebody asked where is it uh stephen
white asked
how can uh we help monetize selling
i love steven stevens awesome
shout out to steven in myrtle beach yeah
um so
right now today you cannot uh we had
some some stuff going on at the house
the last few days i should have
had the patreon set up uh today
but there will be uh in the next two
days keep a lookout on the cell liberty
uh we’ll be putting out a lot more
content some new stuff’s gonna be going
up some new ideas
and uh we’ll have a link to our patreon
and if you don’t want to do patreon you
don’t want to subscribe monthly you can
i’ve i’ve got other ways we’ll we’ll be
posting a few links so you can make a
one-time contribution
but um keep in mind that cell liberty is
not a non-profit
this is a for-profit business i don’t
want to work for
republicans and democrats i don’t want
to do a non-profit and have to work with
so i’ve got a for-profit that you can
contribute to um
via subscription or a one-time payment
and we’re going to keep it that way so
that i
only work with libertarians libertarians
are the only political party that
uh my assistance i feel and uh
so yeah for sure patreon and uh
square and benmo and all that coming
uh in the next two days beautiful um
thank you steven
jack casey asks uh do you think it works
to hire someone to hilariously and
badly advertise and make fun of a
product one is trying to sell
asking for a friend uh
yeah so i would
i mean if the audience is big enough for
um i don’t know how many books you’re
gonna sell on a libertarian podcast that
a book that’s not liberty what is that
book about jack
what is even i mean yeah yeah funny is
funny bud and funny cells so does
anybody know what the book is about
so it the author claims it’s like if
game of thrones dune
ender’s game final fantasy hamlet v for
vendetta phantom of the opera and a
bunch of other stories came together and
had a few
strange but beautiful rectangular shaped
that sounds really awful that
i don’t know what to say jack is such a
really nice guy and i want to support
what he does
doesn’t that sound terrible no yeah
that’s good marketing i think it’s good
marketing i don’t know what your numbers
are i don’t see i don’t get to look at
your analytics but
i think the way you guys do those uh do
those plugs is fantastic
yeah that’s my favorite i remember it
like people know i know what mud water
is and i’ve thought about buying it and
it’s not the kind of product that i
would buy
in all honesty mud water doesn’t taste
it doesn’t taste bad
um it kind of taste like i drink i
literally drink
mud water uh it is water that is made
from the root
of a plant that is ground up and it
tastes like
uh a liquefied potato i’m not kidding
this is what
kava tastes like it’s like you take a
potato and you liquefied it
that is kava um why are you doing that
uh when i quit drinking alcohol
when i quit drinking alcohol i started
hanging out at kava bars because it was
it was non-alcoholic and it gave me a
social outlet because i did not have
a disproportionately attractive
girlfriend at the time um
i got a couple that were not
disproportionate they i was
disproportionately attractive to them
but now i have one that’s
disproportionately attractive to me
um that’s great but uh
so i had a i needed a social outlet so i
started hanging out these places
and there was something about cava where
yeah you get kind of a buzz from it you
get kind of a buzz from it but it kind
enhances creativity but it doesn’t
affect your
cognitive function you see your motor
and then i just kind of started enjoying
the people i was hanging out with
and i could sit there and have real
conversations with these people as
opposed to a bar
where you did that circle talking where
you know you say the same thing
15 times in three minutes and it counted
as a conversation
um but instead i was able to get to know
people on a more personal level
and because of that i have included it
in every aspect of my life ever since
um because it’s quite awful man it’s how
it’s how i have gotten to know some of
my best friends
is over cava and uh that’s where the
where’s that is that said yeah muddied
waters comes from
this because cove is muddied water um oh
i did not know that
yeah that’s awesome yeah that’s where it
came from this cava’s muddied water so
uh we are the muddied waters of freedom
somebody said uh i mastered a sales
pitch to be her boyfriend
yeah i did i wrote a fantastic book and
i’d let
that do the talking for me um but
yeah no that’s so i use that in my sales
training as my credentials right so i’m
i’m like look i’ve i was a sales i was a
salesman for this bank i was a salesman
for this meat company i was a salesman
for this knife company
um i was a sales trainer and also check
out this picture of my super hot wife
uh you can’t it’s not because i’m good
looking and it ain’t because i’m rich
you know like i applied those same
techniques and
you know that’s how i got to be a member
of the disproportionately
the uh libertarian guys with
disproportionately attractive lives
right yeah you were the founding member
i am you were the founding member not
only am i a member i’m the president
i i feel like i was like the second and
then spike was the third
it was just like no all of us are going
in there because this is insane
yeah no i i made that group because of
the three of us
i was like this is a weird phenomena
i was like look at sarah and look at
amber and look at
tasha and like good god what is
yeah it makes no sense it it really
speaks to
how good of speakers we all have to be
really like i’ve got that irish silver
tongue girl i never
like i’m you can’t that’s why i’m
sitting in the dark the storm is a farce
it’s not even raining i am not a pretty
and you are a gorgeous man i do not know
what you’re talking about you were a
beautiful human being
that’s the beard that’s
all right um so one more chance to pitch
um you beautiful beautiful man you
um one more chance thanks buddy
one more chance pitch pitch all of cell
liberty where they can go to follow you
where they can go
to uh eventually uh donate uh and
where you’re gonna be you said i know
you said nevada i wish you were gonna be
in florida this weekend
um but let people know where you’re
going to be and
how they can book you and that way they
can uh
learn more about you and get you to come
do this without a camera in your face
for sure yeah uh so uh we sell liberty um
you can find us on facebook inbox me if
you want me to come to your local
if your affiliate doesn’t have the money
that’s totally okay right now i am doing
this at cost so if you want to help me
fundraise and get me out there
we’ll do an event we’ll uh i i often
bring celebratory and friends with me
and um and volunteers from out of state
when we were in tennessee
i think we had we had uh some guy named
spike cohen was there
um i haven’t heard of him is he good
uh he’s kind of a weird little guy but
uh he’s all right okay
he’s uh he’s been on kennedy a couple of
times i heard
um from from him every time he’s on
kennedy but uh
i’m just kidding i love you spike uh but
yeah so when we were in tennessee we had
people from
uh we the event went so well we had
people from all over tennessee
folks from north carolina south carolina
i think georgia was there i’m not sure
but let me know if you want me to come
out we’ll do an event we’ll do a
training session we do training sessions
affiliate development and organization
member retention stuff like that
we do uh sales it we do sales trainings
marketing trainings
and um keep a look out on facebook and
we’ll be posting our new website coming
out soon with
uh virtual courses that you can take and
get certifications and kind of gamify in
that making it a little bit fun
and um for sure keep a lookout for
patreon and our venmo so that you can
contribute not donate uh and and
that’s it i think that’s all i’ve got
beautiful beautiful
um so i’m going to go over and do the
closing and then i’ve got to hop
over onto clubhouse which i’m going to
pitch in a second to everybody where
we’re going to be
looking for donations um so if you’re
going to head over to clubhouse
i will see you there in just a minute um
thanks for having me man i appreciate it
thank you for coming on i always enjoy
talking to you and i cannot wait to see
you in person again because
yes i’m here covet is over and i can’t
wait to hug you
um because you’re a beautiful man you
are a beautiful beautiful man
well i will talk to you soon thank you
my brother for coming on i will talk to
very soon appreciate you to everybody
else thank you so much for tuning in
um be sure to tune in
well first we’re going to be going to
clubhouse as soon as i’m done here
um where spike cajun eskimo
and i will be talking to you all about
some new
uh stuff that we have going on and uh
trying to get money so that all of us
can end up
in uh mississippi together in a few
um and then on sunday at i believe
3 30 eastern it may be 4 30 eastern but
just keep an eye out for it is the
inaugural episode of cajun
and eskimo from bayous to igloos
airing right here on muddied waters i am
exceptionally excited about this
um i cannot wait to see what these two
have come up with i talked to
cajun for a couple of hours today about
it and
everything that uh they are putting
together sounds
absolutely fantastic um so be sure that
you tune in for that
then join me and spike right here
next tuesday literally right here he is
going to be in this room
with me next tuesday
for a special episode of the muddied
waters of freedom
uh where spike and i will be parsing
through the week’s events
like the 2020 wonder boys that we are
then on wednesday the 16th
spike has evelyn lonson on his program
uh and they are going to be talking
stuff that i don’t know what
they’re gonna be talking about stuff and
you know what you should definitely
you should definitely tune in for that
because it sounds awesome
um just from the quick thing that i read
in two seconds there
and then next thursday right here on the
writer’s block
i am welcoming on travis bull johnson
who is running for congress in minnesota
and i am so very excited about this i
have heard nothing but wonderful things
about this person and i cannot wait to
have him on my show
so be here next thursday eight o’clock
for travis bull johnson hop on over to
for everybody who wants to uh be part of
fundraiser that we have going on and
your fun fact of the week
harps have 47 strings and seven pedals
so if you’re ever asked that question in
trivia what has 47 strings and seven
it’s a harp it’s not a harpsichord
because you will 100
lose if you guess harps accord to
and uh to everybody else thank you guys
so much for tuning in
i am matt wright and you
are all so incredibly perfect
just the way you are i’ll see you next
into the sunset
while i drive
i don’t need anybody’s
[ __ ]

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