The Wrighter’s Block Episode 54 – Ari Gabrek Gets Wrighters Block

The Wrighter's Block

Ever wonder how GSM mutual aid and data analytics on political campaigns go together?

Ari Gabrek worked on the Jorgenson/Cohen campaign as a Volunteer Data Analytics Assistant, and is joining Matt to discuss queer mutual aid and GSM mutual aid on the local level, and data analytics on campaigns.

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Episode Transcript

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again thank you all so much for tuning
um tonight’s guest i’m actually very
excited to have on actually i’m always
excited to have them on i’m just happy
people want to talk to me because
you know i wasn’t popular as a child um
so i’m very excited to have my guest on
arie wears a lot of different hats and
has is in a ton of different
he is the assistant data analytics
outreach direct and outreach director
for outright libertarians um
works on anarchist mutual aid act as an
anarchist mutual aid activist
and uh is the founder of the
transgender and gender non-conforming
i’m gonna guess company but i could be
wrong on that and if so i’m very sorry
we’re gonna find out in just a second
please welcome with me everybody
harry gabriel
hey matt it’s great to be on here hey
i’m so happy to have you
on we we so you and i
just re we i think we became facebook
friends like four days ago
if that um and
we kind of started getting to know each
over clubhouse over the last couple of
clubhouse is kind of patently amazing i
absolutely love it as
as a medium for communication i think
it’s one of the better ones out there
right now
absolutely i agree i agree totally um
i had never been on clubhouse until a
few weeks ago when i had a guest on who
was pitching all of the
benefits of clubhouse and she didn’t
even work for clubhouse
and she was just like no let’s talk
about this more and i said okay great
if that’s what you want to talk about i
don’t care i’m just glad people are here
but she got me on it and it honestly is
one of the best ways to communicate with
uh i don’t know if you and i would have
connected had it not been for clubhouse
there are multiple people i have met
through clubhouse there’s
so many opportunities for networking
and from what i have found
for the most part there are the
occasional you know
glitches um but the conversation
has been there the conversation has been
um it’s been
cordial at the at the minimum cordial
and the wonderful thing is if it doesn’t
get cordial
and there are things that you don’t like
can disassociate from it and not have to
in it right you can just sit leave
it’s a it’s a great button leave quietly
facebook also has that it’s called
closing it or moving to or the back
button or the home button but people
don’t know that they
like on facebook it’s like an airport
you have to announce you’re leaving
um and on clubhouse you just go i’m
tired of this i’m done
and you just leave and you go away and
it’s great
yes it’s the very loud announcing
and slightly annoying airport right
yes that you could get kicked out of it
any minute for any reason
um yes so
as you probably know uh because i’m
certain you’ve watched
every episode of the writer’s block we
usually like to start out but
we usually like to start out by asking
our guests well my guess
i like to start out it’s not a wii
situation here
i like to start out by asking my guests
how it is that they became
libertarian so uh
tell me about your journey into uh this
party that believes in freedom and
so it actually started in 2007.
uh prior to that um i
was a log cabin uh republican
and um i was raised in my house my mom
was a democrat
my dad was an independent um he had
voted for
ross perot and ralph nader
i was at that point a business owner
and i couldn’t support the democrats
where i lived at the time in virginia
i was getting taxed out the wazoo right
if you don’t know how a common world
system works
i grew up in virginia i grew up in
virginia so
i understand that one well um
so because i was angry over being
taxed out of existence um i had no clue
the libertarian party existed
i joined the log cabin republicans
because that just made
sense because economically they they
just made more sense
that was 2002
so um i’d been a firm supporter of
um i had been completely behind
i i had been borderline like like
neoconservative um um
and it was one of my friends
um they were a black
queer drag queen who lived in baltimore
that introduced me to the libertarian
we used to go out shooting together and
um sorry to
if that’s not a libertarian
a an african-american drag queen from
baltimore who likes going out shooting
and you know i don’t know a single
person in the libertarian party they’d
be like no i’m not i’m not gonna do that
they’ll be like yeah let’s go let’s go
out there i want to do this is gonna be
so much fun
hey there are people on the left and the
right that would say no to that for
multiple reasons
but the libertarians they’ll be like
let’s round it up let’s go let’s go
well um they started talking to me about
a lot of different things
they um um they ended up
living through like the aids pandemic
the hiv aids
pandemic of course and getting really
pissed off at the fda
but then also um they ended up talking
to me about
how republicans actually really didn’t
gsm rights and didn’t support
basically anything it and it took me a
little while to be able to change
but then you know defensive marriage act
and um um
that pressing for more state
exclusion of gsm individuals right
um don’t ask dotel was a big thing still
and um it was all stuff that
that a republican who said
that they believed in individual
liberties and freedoms and
and you know state and local action
ended up taking against
the gsm community well both both don’t
ask don’t tell and
uh defense of marriage was clinton
yes but um the doubling down especially
during that time
and and the different um issues that
were kind of surrounding
it um were were primarily supported by
like a ton of republicans when i was
talking to them about it
oh yeah right and i yes i will agree
with that a lot of republicans did
support it
like voter republicans yes oh yeah no
and and i started getting really angry
at that because
like i said it was supposed to be
individual liberties and freedoms
and and local and state governments
being able to choose what they wanted to
um and then um
come the time of september the 11th
things like the patriot act
and incursions into um civil liberties
and like this whole new surveillance
state that popped up
basically overnight after that happened
was going like nope
nope i’m not i’m i’m not gonna i’m not
gonna stand for this anymore
um i ended up um in 2007
um leaving the log cabin republicans
um and then 2008 um i voted my first
time for a libertarian candidate
um which was bob barr that was that was
the first time i voted for a libertarian
candidate as well
um so you you set a term in there a few
different times
um that i want to kind of get into a
little bit with you
um because as we as you and i found out
the other day
on a clubhouse when we were in a room
a lot of people don’t know what this
term means and i actually didn’t know
about a week beforehand um gsm
gsm you said you you said the gsm
or gsm people i believe i don’t remember
the exact phrases you use but gsm was
what was the qualifier there um can you
what gsm is for anybody out there who
is not familiar with that term yet
uh gender and sexual minorities it’s a
more succinct
and and even more pc way of being able
to say
plus it affirms all of the different
um identities and if there’s anything
else that ends up being
made it doesn’t negate their identity
but it’s more inclusive because you’re
not having to add on
more onto that acronym right um
and and it’s truthfully just
considerably easier to say
it really is yeah i i so i’ve been doing
this show now for
four and a half years uh well not the
writer’s block but my
anything on muddied waters media i’ve
been doing for four and a half years
and when we started it was you had to
say lgbt
and then lgbtq and then a bunch of
and then i i always learned them all
because i know it’s lgbtq aaiplus um
but i like because i never wanted to be
you know i didn’t want to be considered
non-inclusive of anybody
and when i first heard gsm i didn’t know
what it meant
when i found out i said why didn’t we do
three four years ago because this makes
so much sense like
it includes everybody in this one term
and i i love brevity as well
yes i’m a big fan of brevity it’s a
fantastic thing
um but yeah so the gsm uh
community which wonderful i love it uh
oh it’s the gsm uh it’s pride month
right right yeah okay we didn’t we
didn’t change our logo so
you know there would be no way for me to
tell um
but um you are uh you are located in
uh new orleans correct louisiana
yes i am yes um do you guys have a lot
of stuff going on for
do you guys have a lot of stuff going on
for that right now or did has coveted
kind of cast its shadow opening
back up again finally oh good um a lot
of our festivals are
restarting thankfully um
voodoo um voodoo buku
um are on um we have
um i think five or six major festivals
that are reopening
um most of the bars
are reopened now and um
um they’re really not enforcing the
mandates too much um the majority of the
bars that i go into
are like you know just just be
um and and if if
you’re sick don’t come in if you have
um if you haven’t gotten vaccinated
because they are private
you know business um they’ll have the
ability to say
you know if you’re coughing or doing any
of that sort of stuff or
generally not looking okay they they
have the right to be able to um ask a
person to leave but for the most part
yeah it’s not been um i’ve been hitting
the gay bars but yeah um the majority of
are are back in open and the french
is up and roaring again and there’s
there’s so much to do and see now and
the economy is finally starting to come
out from its
you know this horrid bit
this horrid tepid disk right yes that’s
that is a good way to put it a horrid
the that is a fantastic way to put it uh
we’ve been stuck at like lukewarm
room temperature for way too long and
there is not much in this world that’s
good room temperature
so you
uh so one of the things that you’ve been
working on a lot
especially with uh outright libertarian
and the anarchist mutual aid as an
anarchist mutual aid activist um is gsm
mutual aid
uh can you tell us a little bit about
that and what what your
vision for that is
so last year um
my community really stepped up and
um there were several um non and
not-for-profits that popped up
primarily through the gsm community
um and the wonderful things that they’ve
been able to do
is connect people with with goods and
um one of them called imagine water
was able to open a mutual aid
group on facebook and um
their prior work was was primarily also
mutual aid based um
they had things like the queer guide to
hurricane season
um because here in new orleans um our
is is dispersed throughout a whole
whole bunch of different areas right and
everybody has the opportunities to be
able to go
and safely be outside of a hurricane
um as witnessed by the last hurricane
that just
hit us you know last year
and um
they started a mutual aid group and my
group and several others
ended up springing from it um
i ended up starting and running a
not-for-profit called the trans resource
network of louisiana and this was in the
of of the pandemic
you know when everything was closing
down all of the shelters were
packed full because they had to only be
at a quarter capacity
okay and it was people who ended up
helping other people who were in bad
um and it wasn’t just myself the the
work of imagine mutual aid
and in other mutual aid groups put
the need for the resilience of the tgnc
as well as the gsm community
and um it was people and allies and
community members helping one another
get things like food or or
going out to neighborhoods and picking
citruses and fruits and bringing it to
people’s houses
or you know giving rides to people to
doctor’s appointments
um or even literally you know
um giving people like clothing and stuff
you know when files when houses got
flooded right and this was all
just mutually aid based right all for
free out of the goodness of the heart
mutual aid ism or voluntarism or
whatever you want to call it
um and honestly that is
that i mean that’s the dream where
people are literally helping each other
out without being forced
under you know threat of imprisonment or
death by the government um to do it and
fantastic when you see communities reach
out and do these
things uh for each other um
so is that is that when you started the
or was that where you had it okay you’re
that one wasn’t in my notes i apologize
that one wasn’t in my that one wasn’t in
my notes
uh tr tr nola um is
it’s the governance is completely flat
um we work off of more of
an anarchistic principle okay there’s
not much of a hierarchy
we agree on things mutually and if we
don’t then we move on to something else
but how we structure this
specifically is that um
the groups that we have formed are all
uh mutual aid based
um we we got together through um
imagine mutual aid because my co-founder
um ended up wanting help on writing a
business plan
and i’m a serial entrepreneur
i’ve written lots of business plans
and um yeah we started to be able to
and then things snowballed um
we started giving rides to people we
started getting people into
safe housing um we got people clothing
just this last weekend um we opened a
clothing closet
in um gray louisiana
that’s open for the tgnc community um
we’re also working with
two businesses um one based here in the
united states and then another one
to have things like chess binders um
gaff underwear
and uh there’s another group that we’re
working for for
safe sex kits okay um so that people can
not have to worry about stuff
so uh the tg
tr nola tr nola correct tr nola t
or nola okay yeah tr nola um
is basically just starting out starting
up uh
is just putting together packages uh in
order to
help gsm uh members uh
be able to get their safe sex kits or
information where they need it or uh you
safe housing whenever necessary um
and uh guides to
guides to hurricane which hurricane
season were right right at the beginning
um and you know i mean i’m here in
florida so i’m i’m very well attuned to
hurricane season
and what is happening well on my coast
um and i i hear about what’s going on on
yours usually
right before it happens um
and honestly uh like these are all
fantastic things that you don’t really
a lot of in our community like in any
communities you don’t see people working
together to do these things
for free you see some
fake it it’s the best way that i can put
that you’ll see
like some religious organizations say oh
yeah we’re gonna do this and this and
this and then
they do like a menial job where it’s
just kind of like yeah okay
we have now followed through on what we
said we were going to do
so seeing somebody go out there and
start this up from the ground
and continue to build it and follow
through on the things that they are
promising that is
heartwarming and inspiring so
uh you know i honestly
i am humbled to be here with you uh
well it all started because i needed a
ride to a doctor’s appointment
for okay for my chest surgery
because i i i didn’t have a car
and um um
yeah it it just it snowballed from there
we’ve been able to house now about 15
people of trans experience we’ve been
able to give
75 rides over the last year
to doctors appointments to
grocery shopping we’ve been able to
have and give people the resources to go
and get
uh gender affirming care um
and if i can if i uh if i can ask a
i don’t know what that is gender
affirming care
um differs from person to person okay
some people end up having things as
simple as
binders or gaps um others choose to be
able to go
and do um the medical route which is
um um different medications
like i take testosterone okay um or
uh trans women um will take a
combination of medications
um spiro and and estrogen okay
uh to be able to get to the certain
levels within
um um what is considered uh
uh cisgender levels but each individual
different as to how they want to be able
to express it
but when i say um gender affirming care
it’s just a way of being able to
um get treatment that affirms
one’s gender okay got you all right yeah
i i
you said the term and i went oh god i
don’t know what that is and i don’t want
to just
act like i do um so i appreciate you
explaining that
um uh there’s been a couple of people in
the uh
comments already saying where how can
people get involved to help
uh do you guys have websites for
donations or anything like that
you’re gonna be able to pitch this at
the end as well
we are fiscally sponsored through the
um community center of new orleans
okay um they can go to their website
and then add a tagline onto there for us
i’m stating that they’re giving the
donations for that
and then if they are in the greater new
orleans area or if they just want to be
able to volunteer
um we are on facebook as well as
um the trans resource network of
um and that one is tiernola helps
um um for for facebook and tiernola
help at um instagram
um having many social media accounts i
understand how you have to do that
sometimes and it’s like it’s helps
on facebook help on instagram um
so i am so curious about this because
you said that the so you are also
uh you you have a hang on a second you
have a bachelor’s degree in microbiology
and fine arts
and you are currently going for a degree
in biomedical
anthropology and you are a
data analytics like guru
from what i understand somewhat
my my the team that i’m on
is patently amazing okay um
so i i love empiricism
um my background especially in
was the statistical wing of it
and i i would do the the data crunching
okay um i would do a ton of the
different stuff for
research um you would do all the stuff i
hate doing
i love numbers and and numbers
love me um i’ve i’ve been
able to do some amazing work um
like like uh flow cytometry was
one of it the branch of it was the
statistical arm
of the study of of um
cell uh cell lines um particularly after
a um study was finished um we
there would be one branch of it that
would shoot a laser at
tissue cells to break it up and then
i would take that and select the groups
um within a software called flowjo
and then i would run the statistical
computation for it
and i would get the numbers that were
necessary to be able to go
and see what the statistically
significant populations were
um within that specific study
the the last one i worked at was um was
was bear and um um
ended up being with quality control
which is
just whole tons of numbers
it’s all numbers um and
so i’ve got um
i i’m not an intelligent person um i
mean i am i
like i underst but i know where i’m
intelligent and
uh science and math is not that
uh i i know a little bit about maldi
imaging have you heard of this okay
cool uh well so now we have some sort of
um it sounds like what you were doing
was kind of what maldi
imaging is
okay all right so i was like this
sounds really familiar and then i had to
try to remember where that was from um
so um um when when
when you take a sample like the the the
one that i was on
for um um the flow cytometry
they ended up doing the study for
hiv siv and so they would have to take
from the kidney and liver
and different um soft tissue
and so um that’s that’s what histology
is that you prepare the slides you look
at the specific areas to be able to see
where there’s any diseased tissue or
or if there’s anything that you can get
that specific tissue it then gets sent
to flow cytometry
which then well it shoots a laser a blue
laser at it and disperses all the cells
and creates an image with that image
i’m the one who captured the image
selected the statistically significant
and then crunched the numbers from that
one to find out
what the um statistic um um
what the statistics were on that
specific study
um and that’s where that’s where the
flow joe machine comes in yes
okay you said flojo and immediately i
thought back to like the 1988 olympics
and flo joe and
then i was like no no that’s probably
not what you’re doing mojo is a software
used within um um that sort of analysis
that background went in really well
especially for
data analytics because that’s all
um it’s a little bit more hand
but the team that i was with we had
some amazing people um um dave schrader
is is hands down i think one of the most
people for data analytics here in this
and um what he’s been able to do and
what the team that i’m on has been able
to do
is kind of amazing and um
we’ve been able to really
suss out information for for a load of
different things
um i was on the team for the
joe jorgensen campaign right um
two years ago um i started to really get
back into libertarian politics
um because there’s that joke of
what’s the difference between a
libertarian and anarchist
about six months mine was about a year
and a half but yes
right now i get it like mine was a
little bit longer i i really held on to
the menarche side
of mine for quite some time because
part of me just did not want to let go
of that part of the state
and after a while i thought oh this is
stupid they’re the ones who tax me
like randomly they’ll just be like no
that’s just gonna happen now
so when i got to it i just restarted to
be able to get back into libertarian
right and i started out because my my my
is is in print making and photography
and all i wanted to do was was take
really nice pictures for the jurgensen
to be able to go and make memes out of
um my segment at that portion of time
was something called the micro segment
and so my micro segment
within uh data analytics was the gsm
and that’s what led me to get connected
outright because i was trying to be able
to do
um um voter propensity modeling
to help them do voter propensity
modeling and
i started out at that basis and then
when um the the accord
for last year for data analytics ended
up leaving
uh dave ended up asking me to be able to
come in
to be able to go and take over um you
know her spot on things
and you know it was great i got to
be around some really fantastic
um you know liberty minded activists
and right now we have this amazing core
team of
of libertarian individuals trying to be
able to bring empiricism
and really solid data analytics to the
because we’re at a loss where we’re
we’re behind the the two old parties
because they can pay a ton of money to
be able to go and get access
to data analytics firms and they have
the ability to
pay out those hundreds of thousands if
not millions of dollars to be able to
get access to the data
right and and it’s it’s costly
but it’s worth it yeah it is absolutely
it is costly and it’s worth it i was um
i was on a call the other day this may
have been yesterday you may have been
been there as well i’m not even 100 sure
but uh brian
was there um and
uh brian is this campaign
he he’s a campaign guru like that that
is fantastic at what he does and he
knows his stuff
and he was saying that the most
important thing no matter what
uh no matter what office you’re running
for you need to know this data or data
or whatever you want to call it i don’t
i’m a data guy you keep saying data and
i’m like i feel so weird because i’m
just a data um but
that’s an android right
but um yeah so like he knows like he
knows all of his stuff he’s like you
need to know this stuff and he was
talking to
a potential candidate for the next
series of elections i think next year
and he said okay so how many voters are
in your district
and that person knew all of the data
just right just rolled
right off the tongue it was you know
there are 10 000 people in my
district 64 point whatever percent or 70
i don’t know the numbers because i
wasn’t really listening um
were voted for this person uh in the
last three elections
uh you know run unopposed and this may
just knew it all all the way down uh the
percentages of men
and women that were in the district the
in uh non-non-conforming
in the district like knew all of it and
just bam bam bam bam
bam and being able to take that data and
be like okay this is where we need to
focus this is who we want to go to
knowing the different areas in which you
want to focus
uh your campaigning to and your
messaging too
uh it’s all very very important
um oh very very important thank
uh thank you liberty shamrocker for your
donation you are fantastic and
both me and spike and i’m certain that
area loves you as well
um connie if you didn’t know who that
um but um
but yeah being able to take that data
turning it into information that is
helpful on a campaign
is massive and one of the reasons i have
never been good at campaigning because i
see it as
numbers um just you know random one like
my bank account just random numbers i
never know what it’s going to be
um so the pattern
the patterning is is what is
the most interesting portion of it and
how you can end up
taking from things that you think are
completely random and don’t
matter and they actually do like it does
you know that weird off little magazine
that you ended up
buying uh five years ago
or your subscription to um smithsonian
or or even you know
your voting patterns your votering
patterns are
so important and and you can
suss out information from there to be
able to figure out
a propensity of that individual to vote
for certain things
and and that’s what democrats
have been doing for decades now they
have been taking advantage of a system
that gives them a
head up so that they know how to be able
to target
um you know specific voter regions how
to be able to
do these micro segmentations how to be
to go and and smartly
focus in on on what a voter and what a
area ends up actually believing it
right and and that’s what i think
we decidedly very much need for the the
future of this party
is is knowing how to be able to do
having that empirical data behind it and
experimentation within that data to show
that these
modelings are correct and true
right and that is one of the things that
the libertarian party
and i mean this with no disrespect or
you know i’m not making fun of them at
all but that’s where they have fallen
behind and i
understand that a lot of these things
take uh money that
they don’t have um and that comes from
donations and that comes from people
giving you know money to the party and
most of the people are like well right
now the democrats are running the train
over the cliff at 700 miles an hour
and the republicans are only doing it at
600 so i’m just going to keep
putting my money there so that way i
don’t have to
uh you know worry about it um and it’ll
stay mine a little bit long or whatever
um i don’t really know what the koch
logic was on that one but that’s what
they said um
but i wanna i wanna get a liberty
in front of them to be able to talk why
they need to give us a ton of money
i will so i wrote an article uh back
for back in 2016
for i don’t remember for who but i wrote
it for somebody
and uh i was talking about how instead
of giving mine to the gop
the koch brothers uh both of them were
still alive at the time but the koch
brothers should give their money to
gary johnson’s campaign and to the
libertarian party
um and i said you said this you said the
you know like i went through a bunch of
quotes where you you admit that the
republican party
is running you know is
on the same track just mildly slower
uh economically anyway and
why would you continue funding for the
eventual collapse and uh they gave gary
johnson like five million dollars and i
was like
i’m gonna take credit for that i’m
saying that was me
in all fairness it was probably trump
but i’m saying
it was me
i hey but well i’m not gonna
go into my opinions on this previous
or ross would be here all night long
that’s fair that’s fair
you know we that could be a whole
separate show
but um so you
so you were working on the jorgensen
campaign and
because of your uh i forget what the
term was that you called it your micro
section you used micro segment your
micro segmentations micro segmentations
that was kind of how you started working
with outright libertarian yeah i
i had reached out because i had wanted
to be able to
do um some meme tests
and um i’d reached out
uh to outright to be able to go and kind
of run a few of them
um just so that we can get an idea of
of what actually you know what actually
ended up working
right and and how we were able to very
smartly get um ads
or means um
towards the gsm community right and um
you know i ran at least a small um
um analysis of
of what would be a statistically
significant population
um and i ran it a couple of times
to be able to get enough of a body of
people to run
the statistics off of or the the
analysis off of
and um yeah it’s it’s how i got
connected to
outright um just because i ended up
messaging them and i had been following
them for a while but
i had never really been super active
so in a roundabout way uh
i can i can thank um me wanting to
uh make a little bit of money off of
um photographing for the joe jorgensen
uh for me now being uh as active as i am
and and being the uh outreach director
for outright because i probably would
not gotten connected with them um if it
wasn’t for the george organ campaign
um and what spike also ended up uh
saying about um the transgender
people are gonna be shocked but when i
say things like this but uh i did not
pay a lot of attention to spike when he
was on the campaign
trail like i heard him every week
because we would talk
uh what did he say what did he say about
the transgender community while
on the campaign so he um
had talked about um transgender uh day
of remembrance
okay and it was a simple acknowledgement
the the loss of trans
lives was happening and that the state
was the one that was culpable
and that you know trans lives
mattered and he was literally the first
candidate for for office
to be able to make a statement like that
um the you know biden harris team
had not said a squeak and well of
course you know trump and them didn’t
say a thing as well
but um yeah they were
um spike had been incredibly supportive
of of the gsm
community and that kind of just
you know sealed it for me that that i
had seen spike with
with vermin um prior to this
and had supported vermin but then it was
okay i i got fully totally and
completely behind
you know um joe jorgensen and
and spike after that right because their
messaging was on point
they acknowledged it happening and
didn’t pander also yeah also true and
uh that’s one of the great things about
being libertarian is
we don’t pander like you see that you
you see pandering from the left and from
the right
uh the left is easier to is easier
to point out examples um than it is the
right because the right’s like yeah
we’re gonna cut your taxes and then
they say oh we tried but then you know
for whatever reason it didn’t work um
even though they didn’t really try they
put in some
washed out tariffs also great great
um but like with with the left you know
we we support blm you know like you know
just look man like we gotta do something
all this that’s going on because blm
we’re like we gotta support him
and then you over like it’s been a
hundred days and you’ve had one meeting
and you told him lily you’re just gonna
have to wait like
i’m sorry you’re not gonna be able to
meet you’re we’re not gonna be able to
do the things that we promised you
uh you know you know it’s time to make
the drug
it’s time to end the drug war that uh
marijuana needs to be
decriminalized and no not working on
that at all and on top of it you’re
firing people who are working in the
white house who
have smoked weed in the past unless of
course they’re the vice president
um and you are not holding true to
anything that you have promised
uh and it’s just you see the pandering
from the left
uh a lot you see it from the right as
well but they’re pandering to like their
to that rich base and they’re screwing
the lower basis but they don’t make any
promises to the middle class
um they’re like yeah we’re gonna cut
your taxes but then we’re gonna raise
tariffs from four percent to twenty
and uh you’re going to foot 94.6 percent
of that bill
um and if you don’t believe those facts
are true you can look them up not you i
know you
you probably believe me um but
they they do things like that and they
people over in that way where the
libertarian party we
it’s very simple for us we’re just like
we want everybody to be free and
somebody in the audience is like
yeah but what about the and yet
yeah but what about no everybody yeah
but what about no
we want everybody to be free if you
aren’t hurting anybody and like i hate
using like cliched terms like this but
yeah if you aren’t hurting anybody and
you’re not taking their stuff
i don’t care what you do if you are not
hurting anybody and you’re not taking
their stuff
and you’re not harming their individual
personal property
i don’t care what you do it does not
affect me go out have fun do whatever
you want to do just don’t hurt
me or any of my family
or my stuff oh yeah no
i i completely get that it’s i’ve had
really good conversations with
people you know some of them will listen
and and listen to the message of of
of freedom and and this is the thing
is i firmly believe in the messaging of
um from liberty springs equality
and and you know ashley shades message
of compassion education and love you
have to come at people compassionately
yes um
um i know that that there
are still people that that make mistakes
i’m not gonna get mad at them if if they
use the wrong
gender term for me um i’ll i’ll correct
and and i’ll continue to correct them
because i know that the majority of the
time they’re not doing it
on purpose um and
heck i even mess up sometimes
and and i
i’m trans myself and there are some
people’s pronouns that i don’t even get
correct from time to time
right so if i’m going to mess up every
once in a while like i’m going to give
everybody else a pass um and
you know and it’s it’s i just have like
that that is a
in my mind that is a very logical way
to think about that but there are so
many people that i know um
like there are a lot of people on the
right that i know that just aren’t going
to give
you for lack of a better word uh
they’re just not gonna care
and they’re just gonna i’m just gonna
call you by
what i think and or what you
what i think you should be called and
then there are people on the left
who they’ll make the mistake
like they’ll make the mistake and they
they will be very you know uh
apologetic and oh i’m so sorry i didn’t
mean to do that which you know cool
but if somebody else makes a mistake
they will just
try to bury that person and that’s where
you get the like that’s the difference
maker like
you need to be able to understand that
mistakes are made
and mistakes are made and if the person
is apologetic and it’s like hey yo
that’s my bad
um not you obviously but the people on
the left who aren’t understanding this
um you know mistakes are made that’s my
bad i will work on that in the future
that should be if you are genuinely
working on it in the future that
should be evidence that you are trying
to do the right
thing as opposed to nope we want to end
you we want to
you know the i hate using the rights
cancel culture thing
but you know we want to cancel you we
want you on facebook we’re going to see
if we can get you the 30-day ban
and get you zucked for good or whatever
don’t don’t remind me don’t remind me
but like the role was i was actually i
was actually
this this close from getting my facebook
banned because because i’ve
in in some circles i’ve i’ve i’ve been
because i i don’t tow the line
or or i don’t you know
and i try to explain to people where i
come from and some people will listen
and other people won’t um
you know some of my friends are are
i am friends with people who are die
hard marxists
others who are constitutionalist
and and then there’s me who is the
the volunteerist mutualist anarchist
so just wants everybody to love one
another that
that is something that i’ve been like uh
that i have wondered about in the past
um as a member of the gsm are you just
are you just expected to be uh blue
like are you just supposed to be team
yeah i mean contemporarily definitely
um just the there’s a ton of us that are
but then at least where i am a good
chunk of my community are very very
okay um like like they only get on with
democrats because
they don’t know some of the positioning
that other parties end up having
and um in particular like when i started
explaining things to people
and some of the positionings that you
know the libertarian party ends up
taking it’s like
oh i had no clue um
you know they didn’t know that in in 72
our official party platform ended up
marriage equality and the
decriminalization of sodomy
and they had no clue that that we have
had at the founding some gsm individuals
at the founding of the party um they
didn’t have an
idea that you know there are very
high profile gsm individuals within the
party right now even
um jbh ashley shade
um you know just to name you know two of
and and this is just like the tip of the
the the things that i’ve been able to
talk about especially to the gsm
community has been very important
right and and the messaging that needs
to go forward from that
especially like like we’ve been touching
on data analytics wise
needs to be very very solid because that
is is necessary because we’re commenting
against the party
that’s painting us as as
paleo conservatives that we don’t
believe in in
gsm rights that we don’t support the gsm
that we don’t you know believe in
in so many different ways and things of
of queer resiliency
or or individual freedoms um
so yeah that’s that’s kind of what we’re
up against
the the belief that we don’t want people
to be
people right and one of the things that
i have
noticed a lot in my however many years
of being a libertarian
um is that a lot of people have really
viewpoints of what it is we believe in
and what we stand for
and many of them uh one of the ones that
i always find kind of shocking
is many of them believe that
are inherently anti-gay and i think that
is um i think that that stems because
everybody sees us as republicans who
like to smoke pot
and it’s like no that’s not who we are
at all
uh since our party’s founding uh
fifth is it 50 years ago now 50 years 50
um 50 years ago we have had
a gay marriage on the on the plank like
that’s something that we believe in we
we want freedom for everybody gay people
should be allowed to be married
and we’ve always like we have said that
from the beginning
um and nothing about that has changed we
just want equal rights for
every single individual out there
my my candidate out here in new orleans
uh in louisiana aaron zidler um
you know highlighted that highlighted
that you know
now there there’s louisiana is working
on a
on a a plank to be able to include
that stuff for state adoptions um
and um um gender autonomy as well um
you know the there are several states
lps that you know i’m i’m working with
at this time
that are going to be adopting the the
gender potentially the gender autonomy
um because
i i’ll paraphrase this okay um
and i love the quote that neil gorsuch
ended up saying and it’s completely true
um you you first can’t discriminate
against a group without first
discriminating against the individual
and so our belief is that the individual
is the um um greatest minority
yes and so within that the messaging
for us has been and will continue to be
that it is an individual’s
sole discretion and choice to be able to
live their life how they need to
and and it’s not up to the state to
how an individual needs to live or how
they want to
you know do anything with their body or
or you know what they want to be able to
grow on their land
or or anything for that matter nope
and whatever these things are again
going back to the cliched terms
as long as you aren’t you know hurting
anybody else or
taking their stuff or you know ruining
their stuff
what you are doing isn’t anybody else’s
business and i don’t care if that’s your
i don’t care if that is uh your city
or you know state reps or whoever it is
none of their business
if you are not breaking those two to
three rules of
don’t hurt anybody don’t take their
stuff don’t ruin their stuff
don’t ruin other people’s stuff um
what anybody wants to do
in the pursuit of their own happiness
is fine again as long as you’re
following those rules um and that
like it is the easiest and simplest
rules to live by
so i don’t i i don’t understand why
wants to go the opposite way with it on
well no we need to do
this because you know the people
shouldn’t be allowed to do heroin no
people shouldn’t do
heroin they should be allowed to do
they shouldn’t but that is not on you to
uh people shouldn’t uh be you know
people the man and man shouldn’t lie
together or whatever it says in that
man and man shouldn’t lie together uh
well no lay
just because that was written 6 000
years ago or whatever
um doesn’t actually make that true
in a time period in which they are
trying to make sure that the
survival of the human race was a thing
you know the same reason that some
people won’t eat pork still today
and they were trying to make sure that
the human race survived and
they knew that pork killed people same
thing with shellfish so
maybe you know since you’ve kind of
given up on those rules you should give
up on the rest of them as well and stop
sticking to them
um but that that whole debate
could be another whole show of the
mistranslations because
yes right um
but it’s it’s
if if we’re going to be able to be
impressed for liberty
it’s not just for one group it’s for
everybody yes
you know it’s it’s we need to be able to
make sure
that for the future that that i’m not
going to say
if we get into office it’s when we get
into office
that that we show people
this path is the one is the is the
correct way to go
because individual freedoms is going to
the greatest thing in our time it’s
going to
you know the whole line the whole tag
phrase of setting the world free in in
our lifetime
you know it’s going to happen it’s
just how we’re going to implement it
and how we’re going to be able to
message it and
it’s it’s places you know and and all on
do shameless self promotion of outright
it’s it’s going to be places like
outright it’s going to be places like
this it’s going to be peace people
like like naelic and and cajun
that bring this positive wonderful
thank you for promoting another one of
our shows
well i i i might have known
about that slightly so
uh um shout out to
shout out to youtube shout out to cajun
and eskimo
um yeah cajun um from igloos to what
igloos do they buy igloos uh yeah igloos
to bayous or bayou’s diglers
i’m not really sure which order they’re
going in yeah i
i i’m i’m so excited i am so excited
uh for anybody who doesn’t know uh cajun
libertarian and the eskimo libertarian
are going to be starting a show on
sunday june
14th 13th 14th whatever that
whatever that sunday is uh at 3 p.m
uh and i believe that it is called uh
cajun and eskimo uh from
bayous to igloos or from igloos to
bayous i’m just a fan of the
alphabetical order because that’s how my
brain works but
you know whatever they decide because
it’s their show it’s going to be airing
on muddied waters media
so make sure that you tune in for it um
i am so excited about that show
oh i i i might be in that
said caucus so the seafood carcass
um but it’s gonna be
that positive message and that
and and that ability to have and talk
everybody that it’s going to change
things and that is going to be able to
get this
really great messaging out to people and
and it’s going to be those positive
in the party that that have this message
everybody needs to have freedom and
everybody needs to be included in
liberty yes
not a narrow scope of liberty but
everyone yeah and and our messaging
going forward
has been consistent but it still needs
those people who are going to be willing
give it that limelight so i’ve come i’ve
actually come up with a
uh purity test for libertarians
whether or not they’re a real
libertarian i would get a
line of people from all spectrums
like you know you know you’re straight
white guy gsm
white you know uh white female
black female black male like just
everybody in the spectrum and then have
a libertarian come up and be like
do you think this person deserves every
uh individual liberty that the person
next to them does
and if they say no to anybody they’re
not a real libertarian
that could be interesting right because
eventually if some
if somebody says well no
not not not that one
um that’s like well then you don’t act
you then you are grouping them by
the group and you are looking them not
as the individual and you are looking at
as the group and you are not a real
but that can still be a learning moment
it can
that is it’s very much a learning moment
it took me it took me a little while to
be able to
change from from being republican to
what i
am now fair and it took liberty
talking to me and willing to be able to
educate me on
issues um and it took so many different
people to get me to this point
so it’s it’s always interesting
um like the
pro science libertarian or the skeptical
libertarian or outright
or um you know even learning and seeing
some of the different caucuses and what
they end up believing in
um you know each one of them has
interesting points to be able to point
um and and the ways that
people can engage with individuals
um on a consistent basis within that
positive libertarian messaging
and and i’ve been in love with
with how different groups end up doing
and end up bringing more people into the
like this was my proud point was was
through the data analytics in the past
three years our our party has grown five
thousand percent
and um it
that is jews paying members
oh wow and and that statistic for me
has been amazing to see
and that was with that was was very very
little effort i think that if we put
more effort into it and we’ve been
playing a ton
um but if if we can focus in
on that good positive messaging
you know yeah let’s let’s talk about all
of the different issues let’s talk about
you know borders let’s talk about
welfare let’s talk about gsm stuff let’s
talk about
black lives matters let’s talk about you
um licensing you know the the bootstrap
for stuff um you know the horrible ways
government restricts individual freedoms
um all of these positive messages
are going to be a necessity for this
to continue to continue its growth
you know i i look at i look at the fact
we now have and we’re broaching on 300
people elected people in public office
who are libertarian yes and and that is
you know starting on the local level and
whether you believe
in in starting small and growing up or
or applying for everything getting
into office is going to be the most
important thing that you can end up
and and it’s those smaller races and
larger races and
getting all of that data that we need
to do the numbers crunching to show you
where you did things right
and show you where you did things wrong
absolutely well
airy i mean we could keep talking all
night long but i know
uh but i know eskimo has a show starting
in like 10 minutes now and i
don’t want to go over uh her show
because she’s fantastic
um but uh really real quick
where can people go to support um
where they can go to support you where
they can go to support uh
tr nola where they can go to support uh
uh outright libertarians where they can
go to support tg and like where can they
go to support
anything just pitch it all right now
so um my my personal brand
is i am
uh and it’s uh s c
i e um dot com
uh that is my um science and
um arts communications page a r t
s c i e a
r uh t s
c i e dot com
uh dot com okay i’m putting it into the
comments i just wanna make sure that i’m
spelling it correctly while i do that
and um outright is outright
um and you can find us on on all social
media we are actually
um fairly soon going to be opening our
own um
clubhouse um um
i made a slight little mistake on the
spelling so i need to
redo things i’m human
it happens you know and we forgive each
other our mistakes
because that’s who we are as people and
i get it and i understand
uh for a while muddied waters was
spelled wrong
um and then for um
tr nola um it’s the trans resource
network of louisiana on both facebook
as well as instagram um and to support
you can go to the lgbt community center
of new orleans um just put in the
um the support for that one and we also
have a
go a rovian gofundme
on our facebook page to be able to go
and help with a variety of different
mutually aid-based programs rapid
transportation as well as gender
um care as well
beautiful beautiful well everything that
you’re doing uh
is truly an inspiration uh to so many
people that i know about and
i honestly am really happy to see
how well all of it is going and how much
you are getting done and accomplishing
and i hope to see that i hope to see it
over the next you know a few weeks
months years and uh
honestly uh if there’s anything that you
need from me or spike or anybody here at
waters um call cajun because you know
he’s there
uh but uh you can you know we’re always
happy to help
and whatever whatever you need while
growing this
uh just let us know because we we want
to help
thank you so much uh you have a
wonderful evening and
uh now look i’m going to be coming and
seeing you yeah uh
normally uh we would do like a clubhouse
afterwards but since uh
nalik is starting on the eskimo
libertarian uh i’m just gonna say
everybody go see her on her facebook
page uh so you can get an idea of what’s
coming to muddy waters in a couple of
i’m going to switch over to the other
view uh if you want to hang out and talk
if not you just want to go watch alec i
understand um
but i will talk to you soon either way
to everybody else thank you so much
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are perfect just the way you are i will
see you next week
to convince the whole damn world i don’t
need anybody’s help yeah i am waving
while i drive don’t bother swimming
to save me i will only drag you
cause if there’s room down for one there
must be
i am
i will only drag
a whole damn world i don’t need

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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