The Wrighter’s Block Episode 53 – Irene Mavrakakis Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Dr. Irene Mavrakakis is an anesthesiologist who has been in practice for 20 years. She is also the founder of Liberty Speaks.

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okay that was fun uh i did that in like
two breaths and now i’m like winded
because i’m older than i used to be uh
my next guest
my guest tonight is a wonderful
wonderful person uh she obviously cares
about people much more than i do because
she has spent her entire life trying to
save them
uh she is an anesthesiologist and
more in other things she is basically
the doctor house of delaware
so let me just introduce her and she can
explain all of the
weird medical stuff that she can do that
i don’t know what it is
uh herself welcome with me dr irene
maverick caucus everybody hi matt how
are you
i am fantastic how are you i’m good
thank you so much for having me on the
show i’m very grateful for this
i am really glad to have you on the show
as well like normally i get you know
people who are running for office people
who have other podcasts things like that
you are probably the most um
formally educated person i’ve ever had
on the show
well that’s good
i’ll i’ll take that compliment of course
because i work hard for my education
so thank you for that um
it was clearly a long round but it was
well worth it of course
it’s the house that i don’t live in
medical school right
so you’re a doctor you work in hospitals
many people probably don’t know this
about me but if you were to say
quote a line from a scrubs episode my
skill set
is i can tell you what episode that was
um that’s my medical knowledge and from
what i hear
scrubs is the most medically accurate
television show
on uh tv or at least a woman
um i definitely think that scrubs has a
lot of accuracy and they use
the comedy to show some of the
problems that we have in medicine um for
um i’m kind of a grey’s anatomy addict
um and uh but scrubs definitely the
humor or speaks truth
often more than you really kind of want
to know to be honest with you so
yeah fair yeah no i i heard that years
ago and i’ve just decided that i was
going to believe it because you know i
read it on the internet so it had to be
um and well isn’t everything i mean
everything everything is true
um um
so i just went with it i was like yeah
that’s true that’s the most
accurate television show ever made
that’s how i make my medical decisions
with my patients
like you just hit up webmd and you’re
like oh well
obviously you have cancer and you are
dying so
you only have three and that’s yeah and
that’s my delivery
no no that’s not how you do it so um
you you essentially are like dr house
like so yeah so um
officially i’m an interventional spine
and muscular skeletal specialist
i’ve been doing that for 21 years in
dover delaware so my primary training is
anesthesiology and then i did
secondary fellowship in interventional
spine and musculoskeletal pain so for 21
years i
diagnose and treat complex spine and
conditions in patients using
predominantly non-narcotic ways to get
them better so
i was a interventional pain physician
who did not promote the use of narcotics
during the time period where narcotics
were promoted
to treat musculoskeletal pain because my
training taught me
that that wasn’t the answer and uh you
as a lot of us a lot not just me you saw
the opioid crisis
uh coming right honest with you right um
so because
you know uh you really the answer to any
painful condition
right because pain is the presenting
complaint of a medical condition right
when you have a heart attack
and or you’re having chest pain and you
go to the er right
um you don’t want them to just give you
some oxycontin and send you home
clearly i mean that depends on when you
talk to me like if you talk to me 20
years ago
yeah i am not old enough for that to
have happened 20 years ago
um yeah but yeah if you were to talk to
me back in my early 20s yeah
absolutely just give me some oxycontin
let me go on my way
give me some more but clearly you
understand my point
additionally like if you broke your arm
clearly you wanted them to either
you know do an open reduction internal
fixation of the broken arm or put a cast
on you not just send your home epoxy
cotton so the same goes for
musculoskeletal and spinal conditions
the true
way to treat a patient any patient with
any painful condition for which the
overwhelming majority of
conditions present with pain is proper
history and physical
running the differential diagnosis and
then initiating treatment
um so when you say non-narcotic would
that also
include um like would you would you
like marijuana to people or would that
or does that out of your purview anyway
i don’t know i don’t know delaware’s
laws yeah
so actually we we should definitely talk
about this because i think you might
find my stance on marijuana quite
so um and i’m not in the minority
um i think marijuana should be
completely deregulated and my concern as
it relates to
medical marijuana and now big pharma
getting involved in marijuana
and a big regulation get involved in
is and they’re manipulating the receptor
activity and things like that and higher
concentration is we’re going to take a
beautiful substance that’s a plant
that nature provided and we’re going to
mess with it
and we’re going to ruin it so for me
marijuana is a plant
that grows in the grass or wherever it
would grow
and it should go completely deregulated
we should get medicine big pharma and
the controllers completely out of it so
i tend to get a little frustrated to be
honest with you
when we i do join the
movement of you know allowing marijuana
to be used for medical purposes and
things like that but i don’t think that
that’s the ultimate truth of the
i think the truth is that it’s a plant
you know i was reading recently about
tobacco i mean the big part about
tobacco is the filters were a big part
of the
problem with the cancer and the
chemicals you know i mean clearly
the manipulation of the receptors and
the nicotine context so
i’m saying for the most part that we
should just you know leave the marijuana
plant alone and let it grow
right no absolutely and i absolutely
agree like everybody talks about
legalization and i
am like yes of course i i don’t want
people going to prison
uh or you know being stopped by police
or fined or anything like that for
marijuana um i i
am more for deregulated where if you
have it you use it great
if you don’t okay well also like you
should be able to have the right to uh
purchase it at any store without any
issue um
and you shouldn’t be able to be arrested
for it or find
or punished in any way that’s my
that’s my personal stance i don’t think
we need to worry about legalizing it
because once you legalize it that’s when
you get regulations on it that’s when
big companies come in and start lobbying
in order to make sure that only certain
companies can have it so you’ll have
issues where philip morris for instance
i don’t know if they’re actually working
on this or not
i would not surprise me uh is going to
you know
try to lobby for only certain people can
sell it
can sell it nationally or
sell it in 7-elevens or whatever
and you’ll have smaller businesses who
have been working on their
on growing growing and cultivating and
whatever else you do with marijuana
before it gets into
the bowl um they’re going to be just
kind of having to sell to philip morris
if they want to make any money or
they’re going to
have to just struggle to survive in a
much smaller market
right exactly and it really is a plant
that nature provided
exactly exactly they’re going to ruin it
i talk about this pretty often on the
writer’s block but uh one of the ways
that muddied waters got
started muddied waters media got started
is because uh
here in florida they were trying to ban
and i don’t know if you know what kratom
is i’m not sure okay yeah
they were trying to ban kratom and i
when i quit drinking
uh alcohol and stopped doing drugs and
all that um i started drinking kratom
and cava
as just a place to go and hang out where
i wouldn’t get
you know hammered or i wouldn’t get
blitzed out of my mind or anything like
that but it gave me
a social outlet and they um
they were trying to ban kratom here in
florida so
i went and i spoke in front of uh in
front of
our congress our house the florida house
of representatives
talking about why we shouldn’t get rid
of it why it’s necessary
and they ended up not banning it but
from that stemmed
muddied waters because we wanted to
protect cava and kratom
throughout the united states
specifically here in florida because
that’s where we lived
um but it’s because it and i didn’t want
it regulated i didn’t want it to be
you know scheduled in any way i just
wanted it to be left alone
and people could buy it and they had to
make the right decisions like i
when people ask me about it i said don’t
buy it from gas stations don’t buy it
from head shops
go places where you know that you’re
going to get a high quality product
i will give you a list of people that
you can
buy it from that you can trust and
people you know people did it and so far
kratom is
okay like it’s still it’s still
unregulated and you can still get it
it’s harder to get but
you still can i find that very
interesting and i haven’t really read
that much about it but just
yesterday literally i think the fda
tweeted about fredham
oh good yeah oh good i haven’t looked
into it in years because
i’m like we’re in the middle of 5000
other things and i
i don’t even know i clearly wouldn’t go
looking for that feat
right and i clearly didn’t read anything
else after that
but what’s funny is the uh so the fda
banned it um
back in i want to say 20
2015 i think uh 20 okay i i think they
did for like a month
and they got so much backlash they
reversed it
um and it’s only like the it’s one of
the few times that they had banned a
and then reversed it to the point where
they were like no just take it off let’s
get rid of that
but the guy who’s in charge of the fda
at the time he sat
on the board of uh i haven’t had to look
at any of this up in a long time glaxo
klein smith i think is the name of the
company yeah and they had just
uh gotten a patent on synthetic
nitrogen speciosa which is that’s the
active ingredient in kratom and they had
just gotten the
patent for it and then he banned it like
the next day
yeah i mean clearly that’s coincidental
has nothing to do with it
right yeah no absolutely nothing to do
with each other on that one
um i just realized that you are slightly
over me
you you what you took up just a tiny bit
of my
thing and that’s totally fine because
you know you deserve
all of the uh you deserve all of the
space that you can get
well you know it’s funny the only reason
why i know about it is because the
patients mentioned it
to me who i and i always have learned
over my 21 years that i’ll pretty much
listen to anything that they tell me
and uh have an open mind and i am
completely a different physician than i
was 21 years it’s always
continuous learning i learn from my
patients and
i consume a vast amount of articles
on my spare time so completely
completely off any topic that we were
talking about
should i get the vaccine so
as a licensed physician um
i ethically am not
allowed to tell you a non-patient what
to do about vaccines
because i’m not considered an expert i
can’t you can ask me whether or not i’m
getting the vaccine
are you getting the vaccine no i’m not
getting the vaccine okay well you know
what that’s really
that is a bigger uh that speaks louder
than you saying well that depends like
are you planning on like trying
attempting to have a child soon do you
have any issues with and asking me a lot
of personal questions on the internet
um but but that one speaks a lot louder
than uh anything that fauci can say
in a congressional hearing um
because it still is a right of mine as a
citizen of the united states to
verbalize the fact that i am
not having the vaccine i could have also
said that my personal health information
is none of your business which is
usually my answer
right i kind of like you matt so i
appreciate and i appreciate that
that’s actually my answer whenever
anybody asks me
like somebody will say uh are you gonna
get the vaccine and i’ll say did you get
the hpv vaccine
or did you you know or when was the last
time you had an hiv test
um yeah well yeah exactly and you know
for a point of reference um so i trained
in new york city and manhattan during
the height
of the aids epidemic um so when i was a
surgical intern in st vincent’s in
in 93 through 95 was when we had
death boards of aids patients and um
there was no treatment at the time um it
was a dead
sentence and it was a hundred percent
you know
death likely if you if you got it and
and i went into that
situation me and my fellow physicians um
with no mask and a bad pair of latex
which eventually became larger and um
we we did not you know shut down the
world for this and
i fully recognize that it’s a different
uh theoretical type of transmission
but in the beginning we really didn’t
yeah there was no way to know
yeah and i was in the or with my hands
while the main surgeon is tutoring in
end stage h patients
because they would have horrible
opportunistic infections what they’re
called you know because their immune
system didn’t work so they’d get
tuberculosis in the brain
right pneumocystis pneumonia and things
like that
and um it’s uh something that’s uh
ingrained in my memory and it’s
interesting because my years at st
vincent’s hospital in manhattan are so
remarkable because i was a fourth year
medical student when the twin towers
were done
the first time do you remember that
there was a bomb in the basement of the
twin towers
the first time right yeah uh there was
like a it was like a truck parked in the
lower level yeah yeah yeah and i
and i volunteered to stay and i got to
do arterial blood blood gases which was
a terribly painful procedure to monitor
uh monoxide dioxide poisoning all this
stuff right
right i can’t even remember them so and
um carbon monoxide
yes on uh firefighters in new york city
so i’m like this i look younger than i
do now i’m 53 i always look young
and um you know they’re like who are you
and i’m like i’m going to do a very
painful procedure to measure
uh important things in your blood and
they really gave me a hard time
um but the you know that was uh
just an amazing experience during my
time at st vincent
manhattan so much that’s insane that you
were like you were there
at that i was there yeah i was there
that’s crazy
i’m born and raised i was born in linux
hospital i grew up in queens i went to
nyu undergrad
i trained at saint vincent’s hospital
during my third and fourth medical
school years and my first and second
year of
surgery residency because originally i
was going to be a cardiothoracic surgeon
and then i switched
for lifestyle because i thought that i
clearly would never be able to
see the kids i eventually would have and
actually ever go to a soccer game so i
changed to a more
outpatient based specialty but uh
yes i have you know sawed open the chest
and things like that
and i was on episodes of trauma center
life in the ear during its first season
oh wow that’s really yeah i never i
forgot to tell people about that
that’s actually that’s really cool i am
yeah i used to i can’t believe i’m about
to admit this on the air
and sarah is good um
when i was single and a
heavy drinker in my mid-20s we’ll say
i used to dress up in scrubs and tell
that i was a pediatric cardiovascular
and i would go in and talk about the
life that i lost on the table
to pick up women yeah i don’t think
anyone believed you
you would be surprised uh did they
really did they really
yeah i could make myself appear really
sad and then they wouldn’t ask
any questions after that and uh
yeah so that that is my
uh having been a cardio thoracic surgeon
in my lifetime so uh how many
women were you successful with with that
little we don’t think
we we don’t need to discuss that
okay that’s like personal medical
my personal pickup information is
private right
yeah you opened this door i did let the
record show
that you opened this door i fully admit
i fully admit that i open the door
but i am closing it once we get to you
certain numbers um i respect your wishes
we’ll change turn the page let’s move on
so um
so you you grew up in queens uh you
lived in new york
uh how was it that somebody from queens
became a libertarian
well yes of course i’m a born and raised
new york times reading new york democrat
right my parents are uh immigrants um
and i would like to talk about my mom
being a lebensborn child when we get a
chance but we’ll
we can get to that later um
and then actually i
um was very apolitical for a very long
time and was a registered republican for
21 years
but not really political but
i would say i’ve been a closet
probably 10 years or so was heavily
in just locally trying to campaign for
the gary johnson
uh campaign putting signs up in a place
like delaware you know
but i try i was on slack and i met some
of the regional guys i wanted to get on
the health committee you know i really
did try and i did a lot of social media
and then i realized that
um the polls that the the national media
do are completely manipulated and
inaccurate and actually
you know they absolutely
make no sense whatsoever and started to
wake up as it relates to
what really goes on in politics and
duopoly and then
really got involved a lot the last year
with the joe jorgensen campaign and then
really the part that really motivated me
to be much more active was when i was
spike’s driver
when he was here in the fall yeah that’s
that’s right
yeah he he has a way
he has a way and i’m not saying this
because you know he’s like my best
friend and business partner i’m not
saying this at all
but i was his driver in florida which
i was like i am not your chauffeur like
come on
um but we had people
it’s so funny that we were his driver
we had people in the car with us and
i talked to spike all the time like
i i said this on clubhouse yesterday i
was like yeah i’m not like impressed by
the spike show because i’ve heard it
for years now and you know like yes he
has a lot of really great things
to say and i love the way that he says
it but i’ve heard it
um i’ve heard it all um but other people
that would come with me
to these events hadn’t and they would be
like so what is the
libertarian philosophy or policy on this
on this or on this and he’s just
rattling him off and even i was like god
this is impressive like
these people have asked me these
questions and i’m like shut up i don’t
want to talk to you about this
um but he’s like just rolls
right off the tongue it’s really
impressive to watch
especially when you’re the driver
because you’re just sitting there
you have no choice yeah it was a great
it was with him and laquin
i had a little bit of an agenda i wanted
give him some medical information as it
relates to
what’s going on and things like that
literally was handing him articles and
stuff like that
probably a little bit annoying um
probably not like knowing him
he’s probably he was probably like oh my
god the more information for me to
yeah like i handed him his red lobster
in an article
and he was like fumbling with this
article that i had printed out in his
red lobster clearly he wanted the red
lobster more than the article but
it worked out and uh and actually
liberty speaks
came to my mind for that
event that he had in dover delaware
i was kind of thinking about the idea of
liberty speaks and that was
kind of what uh launched the idea in my
literally it was just an idea in my head
so man you should actually co-host the
muddied waters of freedom with me
because that’s the greatest segway i
think that
muddied waters media has ever had um so
actually let’s talk about it
you’re too kind it was so not deliberate
it’s just have you ever seen like i know
you’ve seen our show i’ve seen you like
when you sign in and um yeah there’s
times where we’re like
speaking of looks next article
how can we relate this no idea you just
like seamlessly
like threw in liberty speaks it’s like
wow that’s just well
great now i don’t have to worry about
how we’re going to get there um
how good we got there so i’m grateful
for that so liberty speaks is an
organization that you started uh
so last year i’m guessing uh when he did
the dover
trip which i don’t know when that was uh
well no it’s actually not an
uh liberty speaks yeah it’s interesting
it’s a
libertarian in its essence right
right because liberty speaks is just an
that a group of us libertarians decided
to do
privately with a winery to have a
fundraiser to benefit the libertarian
party of delaware
it’s quintessential libertarianism at
its best okay
and so when i was yeah when i was doing
i did not have like i had minimal notes
on what we were going to talk about
again uh brian who gives me the notes
and books the show does a fantastic job
said uh founder of liberty speaks and i
was like
in my head i just immediately thought
that’s an organization and i was trying
to find
anything on it that like any like
website or anything and i was just like
okay well i’m just gonna have to ask her
and it makes sense that it’s not an
organization but instead it’s an event
that makes so much sense now okay cool
yeah um it might you could have just
messaged me on facebook
i know but you know it feels five
um yeah yeah i would have answered you
right away
i mean maybe i would have made you
something no it’s fine
um no actually it’s just an idea and
it’s remarkable um what a
core group of 15 to 20 people have done
to put on this event so
now i have a project manager
a producer a sound guy a graphics person
vice chairman
secretary we will actually make liberty
speaks into an organization
we have time but we’ve been so busy with
actually producing the event um that
that came
uh secondly so it is libertarianism at
best we’re just doing it with this local
winery called peaceability
and it’s on june 4th and uh these
speakers are just
absolutely epic we have a 5k i was going
to say i have
i’ve got the list here of the entire of
the entire speaking list you’ve got um
jen moore who was on my show last week
she’s fantastic she was great to talk to
uh i really enjoyed that conversation
steve sheets who’s wonderful sam
chick glenn watson uh christy dill
dale thomas dale thomas okay
i want to make sure that wasn’t a typo
on my part and i was like oh did i
misspell this dale thomas mitch denham
you’ve got the master of time space and
the universe
anthony samaroff which honestly
when you get the master of time space
and the universe
you’re going places like this is going
to be big uh
can i yeah should i just tell you on
facebook he circled it and
he said something like see it really is
up to me
and i yeah i i actually saw that
on the page and i went well i have to
bring this up
yeah i could stop laughing actually we
chat on facebook now all the time
through messenger because i’ve gotten to
know him and
he’s staying at my home for two days
when he comes so
um angela mcardle who i had on my show a
couple of weeks ago she’s wonderful i
really like her
uh michael heiss maj tori and then some
other guy
um could you just say it already
and spike cohen is going to be there um
apparently he ran for something in 2020
i don’t know i wasn’t paying attention
um but yeah like this is a fantastic
list of speakers that you have here um
honestly like i was like
when i was doing the research for
tonight’s episode like i found
i found the event and uh i saw the list
of speakers and i was just like
staring at it and my friend was across
from me and she was like
she was like why are your eyes wide as
like because the list of speakers at
this event and she goes do i know any of
them i go
you know spike and she goes anybody else
now you don’t know
you don’t know anybody else because
you’re not in the libertarian politics
but um yeah i was like no but trust me
it’s a fantastic
list and then uh david richard perry’s
gonna be
uh doing music there yeah he’s also a
friend of mine that’s the running joke
because in delaware everybody kind of
knows everybody and i just get to
yeah yeah i thought delaware’s what you
drove through to get to virginia before
i moved here but
i grew up in virginia it was the county
it was delaware county to me and that’s
what i drove through to go to philly
but actually i raised my kids here i’ve
been here since 1999 and
um the musician was uh pretty well known
with a band
you know ten years ago or so and this is
uh comeback um i work with him in the or
um he’s a wonderful musician and i’m
just so excited that we’re able to bring
this opportunity
and as it relates to the speakers i must
say that these speakers
we really were able to obtain by
a collective um
aggressive attempt to get these people
to speak by
my core team of people who
i call my family now um which is
just remarkable because a year ago i
didn’t know any of these people
right and that that has been one of the
most miraculous things about
uh me being in the liberty movement
um so many people like spike and i we
on the internet um it was a craigslist
ad uh
he answered it and then you know we just
you don’t need to hear that story but um
no we met on the internet uh
we became friends on facebook and then
we just kind of started
chatting like in on facebook and then
one day i was just like hey do you want
fill in do you want to do a show on my
channel and he went yes and then
like this is how i’ve gained
probably most of my closest friends is
just being a libertarian on the internet
uh who talks a couple times a week
to whoever wants to watch me um
and that’s how i have actually
gotten my friends and the people that i
consider to be my family
across the entire globe at this point
um and it’s absolutely amazing so real
quick on a
on david perry is he a doctor
no he works in the or with me but he’s
not a doctor there’s a lot of people
that work in the or with me
but that would be interesting yeah
because his initials are dr
that’s hysterical and i never thought of
it yeah so if he was a doctor i was like
man like that guy just he knew
his life like my initials are mr
right so i’m mr right and obviously
i lived up to it but uh he
clearly i understand that
i’ll make a note he is always right
uh sarah mr right
for nobody else sorry ladies just her um
but but yeah um
no like i i was reading this i was
reading this uh list and i was like man
because earlier today you asked if i
could come out and live stream the event
and i am unable to um unfortunately
because i looked up the list afterwards
and i went oh
god i wish i could go so bad
because that would be amazing
well and you really can stay in my house
i do have room
yeah i appreciate that and um
it’s not far from the event because i’m
actually in the southern part of the
state and
i’m one of the few that live close to
the events but
um i think we’re already talking about
next year and you know
we uh started this a little bit late
and um the rest of the team absolutely
saved uh this event because
you know i’m a pie in the sky kind of
gal so i set
my sights high and i kept adding a lot
of stuff
and there was a point where they
sat me down and i was good will you stop
adding stuff because
we have some stuff i was getting oh yeah
i was gonna say
i have an idea in my brain they’re like
oh no oh no
more ideas i get that yeah yeah i am the
person that’s going oh no please stop
giving ideas because we have so much to
and other people are like i have this
other idea i’m like no
please but yeah you guys so it’s a free
event and it’s happening yeah
it’s happening at uh pizza dilly am i
saying that right pizza dilly
pisa deli winery in belton delaware
right pizza deli uh
winery um in what’s the name of the city
again i thought i had it here but
apparently i missed that when i was
doing it
belton delaware i totally would say it’s
not a city
it’s an area it’s an area it’s a region
um and it’s it’s
it’s a wonderful place and um delaware
up north is very city-like and the lower
part of delaware is just
an amazing place to raise your family
and i’ve been welcomed here for 21 years
and i feel like
i’m a delawarian always and uh it’s just
a wonderful place to raise your family
right no i mean and uh tech still
uh sales tax-free right yeah so no
no states um you know purchasing taxes
right so yeah yeah so we pay
income tax and things like that um but
uh yeah so if something is 99 cents you
get a penny back
right yeah when so when i lived in
virginia and we go up to philly
because my sister’s oh my sister my
younger sister lives in philly
uh i would drive up there regularly a
couple times a month to hang out
and i would always stop in delaware to
go to the costco right off 95 because
they had a liquor store and there was no
sales tax
so obviously the liquor was going to be
cheaper in delaware than
in pennsylvania or virginia so it just
made sense i was going to be driving
right by it
as well so i was constantly at that
and uh whatever city that is in delaware
off 95 right before you get to philly
yeah i’ve been there again delaware
so we may have been there together you
possibly yeah that’s a strong
possibility um
yeah but you guys are going to be having
uh vendor tables advertising packages
uh are all of those books yet are we
still trying to find people for these
we already have a lot books um we’re
still open for
tables and uh sponsorship the event
is uh sponsored by the libertarian party
of delaware in anthem
planning which is um amy and dylan’s
business and uh we’re so grateful for
all their work
and all their support and they’ll be
wine tasting
and the local fire company felton fire
company is gonna have homemade ice cream
and we’re gonna have volleyball and
and um it’s a hundred acre winery um
and i really was there drinking plum
wine today
and um yeah i thought there was
something going on there today too
when i was yeah scrolling and i was like
i don’t here we go
it was great um
so uh not only are you gonna have
everything that you just mentioned but
also a liberty
liberty run from one to three
yeah so liberty runs a 5k
is that correct yes and i like how you i
like i like the description where you
said sweat it out or
take a stroll on the picturesque grounds
of the vineyard
because i know that when i’m about to
get my
wine drink on what i want to do right
is sweat it out that’s what that’s my
right there yeah i love
the verbiage i don’t know i don’t
remember who actually wrote that
so i apologize to them for not
remembering that
but i think it’s just perfect
in all honesty i would run it i would
run the 5k
i would run the 3.2 miles so i could get
done with it as quick as possible
so that way i could start drinking if i
still if i still drink
i just can’t wait to see you come next
year or
well i’m about to start flying lessons i
went up on tuesday with a friend just to
see if i liked it so
i guess i could try and come get you
where are you
uh i’m in st petersburg florida
um i’m not sure we’ll see
um but yeah i went up on a plane on
tuesday i posted a video on facebook
that’s my new
uh list of things that i’m gonna do
become a pilot yeah and
just uh maybe get a you know a small
it’s very freeing oh i i could only
how freeing that would be um yeah i
actually i saw the video that you posted
on facebook and i was like
that is amazing because that’s something
like i’ve kind of
wanted to do in my lifetime um but
never had the means in order to do it
um because you know other things were
more important in my 20s it was
drinking and drugs now it’s yeah other
um but uh yeah i saw that and i was like
that is
amazingly cool because i can only
imagine that that would
be one of the most free feelings
ever ever like just to be up there in
the sky you’re not really worried about
really because they can’t pull you over
and you can just kind of fly and as long
as you give them your itinerary i think
you can just kind of go and then
come back and land whenever you want
yeah it was a great experience and you
know i’m 53 years old and i
you know have worked raised two children
i have a 25 and 18 year old and
i would say just this past year i have
had the freedom
you know my daughter just finished her
freshman year of college
so um you know i have a lot of things
um i’ve always wanted to do and it’s
interesting because i was with another
physician who was the pilot
uh actually and the thing is is that
there’s a lot of physicians that fly and
i think it’s a combination of our
but also like we’re very kind of
checklist the obsessive beings
right i’m very particular especially as
it relates to patient care
um typical type a um you know
so i think it makes sense to me we were
kind of talking about that but we were
talking so much
this is so funny you know we’re by the
dover air force base
right and um and i actually know a lot
of the airmen
because i’m one of the preferred
providers for the base for
conditions so i know a lot of the airmen
on the base right
so we’re talking and talking and
um all of a sudden he goes oh crap
and he takes and he makes this
quick turn to the left and he does
acrobatics but i said don’t do that with
me in this
thing you know and i’m i said what’s the
matter he’s like we’re a little close to
the air base airspace
and i’m like and later he went because
he can see and
it was about a mile oh wow from it and i
said ah that’s okay you would have said
dr mabs hey guys it’s just dr matt
please don’t shoot us down
you know because then i can’t take care
of you
if you shoot us down it’s just me it’s
it’s just me it’s fine it’s just me i
honestly had no idea what i was doing
and i did not know that i just broke
federal laws uh but we didn’t we didn’t
we did not we were a mile away
right but he
it was like i didn’t know what was going
on because he told me afterwards because
he’s like oh crap
it was so great it was great it was such
a wonderful experience yeah so i just
pretty much have had freedom this past
year to live my life no i mean and
that that is amazing and that’s the goal
that everybody i mean everybody should
working toward freedom their whole lives
but you know we’re not there yet
um uh we’re not there yet somebody said
you can’t get pulled over but you can’t
get shot down
touche two [ __ ] touche patricia that’s
a good point um but
um yeah everybody should be working
toward freedom their whole lives like it
it kind of sucks that we work a lot
trying to fight
for our freedoms and i’m not saying that
you know nobody should have to work
because yes you have to work because you
need to make money to buy things and pay
for rent and buy houses so you can
but in order to work toward what you
what it is that you’re going for without
the government being on top of you in
every little detail of your life like
you know whether it’s you want to smoke
weed you should be able to smoke weed
if you want to get rip roaring drunk you
be able to do that which you pretty much
can anywhere
um except in the city where they make
jack daniels
oddly enough um i tried
um not surprised
they did not let me uh if you go to the
jack daniels
distillery tour fun fact um
you will uh they will give you lemonade
at the end of the tour
and the only way they will sell you
alcohol is if you buy a commemorative
that is much more expensive than buying
jack daniels at your local liquor store
interesting yeah um just so if anybody
is ever up in tennessee and wants to do
that tour don’t expect jack
the lemonade is quite tasty though i’ve
had it a bunch
um so somewhere to go
somewhere to go i put on my list and
it’s actually really cool and the site
that they do it on is beautiful
because they have like this um this
mountain stream this mountain river that
goes right through and that’s where they
get the water to make jack daniels
and oh really yeah it’s really
picturesque like
there’s a lot of really cool things that
you can learn there
but uh yeah i don’t drink anymore so i
and i’ve seen it so i don’t need to
go back but i recommend anybody that
wants to go visit it do it it’s really
um so this event is happening on
next friday yes next friday
i had to think about what today was uh
next friday june 4th
um the run starts at one o’clock are
people supposed to be there like noon or
do you want people to be there early or
just show up at one and just start
running they should be there a few
minutes before and i have a
welcome event with wine and cheese for
the speakers before that
oh cool um yes and if you came you could
i’m just kidding i’m just kidding
i would i would i would honestly love to
come i would uh
you know it’s it’s a financial i’m just
i’m so sorry please forgive me i’m a
total empath i hate to bother people
if enough people donate to muddy waters
or send money to
uh or nope sorry
media at uh yeah
i will fly up there to live stream this
event um
yes and yes okay crowdsource go ahead
say it again donate to
donate send money via paypal to muddy
waters media and if we get enough for me to
purchase tickets to go to
dover delaware dover i’d have to go to
dover correct
you’d have to unfortunately go to
philadelphia there’s
no wait yeah fair
okay like and this is going to be a two
for win because i would get to live
stream this event and make my sister
angry because i wouldn’t go and visit
um because i would be busy doing other
things uh
yeah and you wait you have to bring your
lovely wife with
you so earlier today
uh irene said that i should bring my
lovely wife with me to delaware
and superfan sarah andereg and i
are not married i’m so sorry that i
married you
you’re not the first person to have done
this many people think that we’re
and um she gets called my wife
a lot and my favorite is when people
call her mrs wright
and she gets all giddy she’s like
yeah you guys are so adorable and your
pictures are so sweet in your profile
and honestly that’s 100 her if it was
just a picture i’m libertarian married
meg jones says yes that’s accurate um
because the state ain’t telling me who
to marry uh but yeah
that’s all her if it was just me in the
picture it’d be like that dude’s kind of
creepy looking but you throw her in
there and it’s like oh my god they’re so
cute together
because she’s just like oh yeah she
brings it all down
she’s just so sweet in the picture
oh yeah yeah yeah she’s so sweet
yeah yeah she is also an empath much
like yourself
and she just cares for people in a way
i don’t understand and um
she like just wants she wants to be out
there helping i want to help people be
free but then i want them to take the
reins and do it themselves
she wants to help people all the way and
it is amazing to watch and it’s um
just very what’s the right word
inspiring like it’s it’s inspiring and
it makes me want
like i told her before we started dating
that she made me want to be a better
and i have worked on that since that
time to be a better person
and i hope every day that i make her
and she tells me that i do but oh thank
you for sharing that with us
she’s um dirty that’s so lovely um no
you know i actually friended her asked
to be her friend on facebook and she
accepted so i was really happy about
that and then
i just quickly i was actually still at
work and i saw
a little bit about just briefly what she
did but you know
us empaths um
we kind of can understand
each other even if it’s like i’m a
healer that happens to be a physician
you see and so
you know i think that um
the world needs us and uh as it relates
to really liberty speaks
um just if i could just talk about the
real intent of the event um i was going
to get to that eventually we just kept
going off on these different
offshoots no no i’m not no we’re good i
came to my mind um we’re good i know you
it’s fine don’t feel bad
i’m an empath and i feel really gonna
feel that it goes
like like wait i have to digress when my
kids got in trouble
with me right and they knew i was upset
they would later tell me because then i
would be upset that i got upset at them
right like good good greek guilt kind of
stuff and they would try to behave more
it bothered them because they knew i was
upset that i got upset with them
like they were good because they didn’t
want me to be upset about being upset
with them
so these poor children you are
definitely so lucky i was not your child
because i would not have been that way
so all my kids are just absolutely
wonderful and they’re so
incredibly smart and successful my son’s
in grad school my daughter’s in college
and they’re just wonderful but
i really wanted to just briefly the
liberty speaks part of it
for me i really believe that what unites
is far greater than what divides us i
that we’re um kind of
exposed to a lot of propaganda and
to talk about you know the five hot
um i don’t think anybody disagrees with
life liberty and the pursuit of
um and i think that especially in
um for liberty speaks there’s a liberty
movement that
comes from all political spectrums for
example um and it was really funny
because one of
uh the first five speakers was
a guy named sam chick who’s a republican
and uh he said to me you do know i’m a
like that was what he said to me i’m
like yes but he had a good story
um kept his business open i’ll let him
tell the story at the event and things
like that
and a lot of other stories and you know
we have
a couple of other organizations um that
have republican leanings and things like
and i was actively involved and ranked
the vote which is a different way of
voting i’m not sure you’re that familiar
so that’s what kristen and dale are
talking about
ranked vote delaware as an organization
and ranked the vote delaware
is incredibly progressive leaning the
progressives push for it but i think us
libertarians have a lot
in common with progressives and i made
and really wonderful relationships with
a whole bunch of progressives my
children are progressive as well
and um you know we were able to have
some wonderful conversations about how
the world can be a better place i think
if we would just listen to our own
hearts and minds
really like i’m not just saying this
like i live this in my own heart and
i think we really can make the world a
better place and
shut down um the few uh controlling
duopoly manipulative partisan politic
narrative that has really ruined this
so and then i didn’t even know about my
caucus i’m part of the caucus and i
didn’t even know about it until i read
the platform i’m like
where was this been all my life like i
clearly believe that if people actually
knew what libertarian
is they would be like okay well there’s
nothing here
um that i don’t agree with so liberty
you know and we just found out that it
can be live stream and it’s going to be
videotaped and it’s going to be you know
mass promoted is really
for us to talk to ourselves right
right with the most brilliant minds in
the liberty movement both
locally and nationally right right and
spicy and juice
and spice yay spike
and to show ourselves
ourselves that really what unites us is
far greater than what divides
us and i made sure that i talked to each
so they know the premise of the event
um really it’s my attempt at trying to
make a world
a better place and you know
i i commend you for that because there’s
a lot of people in
well the world in general but there’s a
lot of people in the libertarian party
uh that i have met over the years and
because i joined officially i joined the
party in twin january of 2014 i think
um and they um you know they talk a lot
about how we need to do something you
know something needs to be done but
nobody is willing to
show up to actually do
anything like they won’t take the reins
they won’t take the reins to like
start something or to you know plan an
event or
you know set up for an event or break
down an event
or you know do any work whatsoever
um there’s a lot of people out there
like that but they
are the first to complain that there’s
not enough of these things happening
so you going out to just say you know
what liberty speaks it’s going to be an
event we’re going to have it at the
uh pizza deli pizza
pizza deli pizza dilly
pizza dilly vineyard in winery um that
we’re going to have it there
we’re going gonna get some of the best
speakers in the libertarian party
and we are going to spread the message
of liberty even if it’s only within our
closed circle and anybody else who
happens to be there
and we are going to make sure that minds
are changed and that we can show
how we can make a difference because
that is more impressive than what
so many other people are able to do um
whether it’s there are people who run
for office that just put their name on a
ballot and that’s it
like they paper candidates and they’re
just like if i’m just being a
libertarian that’s running and then
that’s all they do they don’t actually
go out and spread the message
um and in some races i understand i’m
not knocking anybody that’s done that
uh but in some races but you need to get
out there to spread the message so that
way people
can uh learn about it they can hear
about it and then they can
make the decision on whether or not
libertarianism is right for them
you know because you know freedom um if
freedom’s good for you
i don’t know um because some people
apparently hate it
uh but you going out to do this shows
that you are already
an extremely hard worker who cares about
liberty and i respect
it so much um
uh i respect it so much and i applaud
you for
your uh tenacity and you’re putting this
cause i i really wish that
i could be there uh again people uh and if
you give me enough money i will go to
this event and i will livestream it uh
on muddied waters and other platforms
uh well i’m gonna actively campaign for
fundraising first of all but i do have
to say that there’s a
core team of 15 to 20 people
amy dylan brian tricia
dave chris ian
carter and a whole bunch of other people
and if i forgot you i feel like i’m at a
golden globe speech because i clearly
someone and i’m gonna be so upset at who
i forgot put it in the comments who i
get who i forgot oh my god thank you so
much for this
i need to thank and i know i’ve
some people and i’m so sorry no
but but clearly they are the core team
they are the workhorses they are
volunteers we’re not even an
and this core group of 15 to 20 people
just knocked it out of the park and then
dre our sound guy
is doing it for such a little bit amount
of money and he’s the one that’s going
to allow us to live stream
and chris is the producer and all these
are just and krista is our food and wine
person and
i would never do it and they saw what i
was trying to do
and they jumped on my ship that i was
probably sinking because i kept having
too many brilliant
ideas and they got me straight but i do
want to say something
you know how you’re talking about those
people who talk and don’t do anything
i was that person up until a year ago so
what i’m saying to people is
eventually you wake up and you realize
what you’re supposed to do whatever that
so don’t judge yourself or others
i’m not saying that you but i’m saying
give yourself a break
wake up and see what you’re supposed to
do in this journey for freedom
because it doesn’t matter what you did
in the past because it’s the present
and that’s why it’s called the present
because it’s a gift right so
we just moved forward from that point
i was one of those people just in a very
few months ago and and again yes you’re
right anybody anybody out there that is
one of the people who’s like oh we need
to do something but then doesn’t
all of them have the ability to take the
reins on an event
if they have an idea just run with it do
and you will get people who will give
you ideas and if you like them go with
them if you don’t like them don’t
but you have the ability to put
something like this together to spread
the message
and again anybody that does this i
respect them
i i love it i love seeing people just
uh i love people who are out there
trying to spread the message of liberty
and they’re taking the reins and they’re
doing everything that they can
and to all of them to anybody out there
that does it
then and to you specifically because
you’re on my show um
thank you so much for doing it um
because it’s it’s absolutely amazing
what you have put together here
um and if somebody doesn’t get video
of spike cohen running a 5k
i’m gonna be really upset because well
i’ll talk to chris our producer and see
if he’s gonna do any
uh clips from the 5k but also we should
talk about what you do for the liberty
movement right because this is your
passion right
so clearly i would be talking to uh
dead airspace if you were in here for me
that’s so i mean so it wouldn’t really
be so clearly your role and your passion
was part of your journey
of liberty movement that is obviously
right so i mean we can’t discount your
profound role and i’m so grateful that
you do this
and and then i i honestly i appreciate
um years ago
do i want to tell yeah i’ll tell this
uh when i was young
like 13 i learned about
rush limbaugh and i started listening to
rush limbaugh at the age of 13.
my dad had never heard of him and he was
just like
what are you why are you listening to
talk radio and i was like
oh it’s rush and he was like
okay so he started listening to rush to
make sure that
basically he wasn’t like your alex jones
um he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t
like an alex jones conspiracy theorist i
don’t know if alex jones was around back
but um like i listened to rush i would
record it while i was at work or while i
was at school
and then i would play it when i got home
like that was my homework for
my own self and i wanted to do what he
did i wanted to be on the radio
and i wanted to talk politics um at the
time neocon politics but i was 13 and i
did not
learn or i did not learn about
libertarianism until i was older
um and i actually have an autographed
of rush limbaugh on the on my wall right
here made out to me
um my uncle my uncle was a
uh actually i think he still is uh
editorial cartoonist
who met rush limbaugh on a number of
occasions and he got me the autographed
for my 16th birthday and i was like this
is what i want to do
and years later somebody came to me with
the idea of doing a podcast
and i was like no i don’t want to do
that and then my
like the back of my head was like this
is exactly what you want to do don’t lie
to yourself
and fight you know four and a half years
later now
i’ve created muddied waters media and
spike cohen and
is with me and uh we actually have some
new shows that are going to be joining
us soon
and i i honestly can’t be happier about
being able to spread the liberty message
in the way that i have been able to
over the course of this time yeah and
we’re also
incredibly grateful and there’s nothing
more positives as we go onward in this
but clearly we have to have a place to
talk about this movement
and thank god for you and others
um who are doing this so um it’s just
uh amazing when people uh stop and
process and get rid of the fear and see
what their journey is supposed to
do and be right then
you find your true passion and then
you’re able to be successful out because
it’s something that you know
i can be a very spiritual person it’s
what your soul compelled you to do
right right you knew that it was the
truth yeah you knew that it was your
that’s a wonderful thing when people
figure that out so
and honestly it is i’ve said multiple
times that uh
tues tuesday’s show is like my therapy
if we don’t have a show on tuesday where
it’s the muddied waters of freedom with
me and spike
like that’s my therapy like that’s like
if i don’t have that i just feel anxious
the rest of the week no matter what
sarah’s sitting in the corner over here
just nodding her head going yeah
like you guys need to have a show every
tuesday or else i’m gonna murder you um
but yeah like that’s my therapy it it
gets me through and it like that is what
calms me down and gets me
uh going for the rest of the week this
show is a
wonderful passion project and i love
every guest that i have on here and i
learning about everything that they come
on to talk about um
and the guests like you uh you and jen
and uh everybody else that i’ve had on
the show have been fascinating and i’ve
loved learning about everything and i
love that i
have given them a platform to teach
other people
um but you know
i was i was also the guy i wouldn’t plan
the events but i was there like i was
knocking on doors and i was uh
writing articles about like i was that
guy too because i wanted to be
involved it wasn’t until i started doing
this that i was like this is definitely
i’m supposed to be um but
it’s not saying that anybody no matter
what your passion is in the libertarian
and the liberty movement um not just
libertarian but just a liberty movement
no matter what your passion is
there’s not one right way and one you
know and wrong ways
if you’re like me and you want to do
this do this there are people that do
this that are
fanta there are people that i think do
it so much better than i do it
um and i listen to their shows
regularly and if you are somebody who
wants to be an event planner and plan
things like
uh like liberty speaks that’s going on
june 4th from one o’clock till nine
uh you can absolutely do that and that
is what’s right for you
and it’s about you finding whatever your
passion is for
spreading the word of liberty and
getting it out there
um there like there is no right way and
there is no wrong way it is about
what works best for you as an individual
yeah and you find the people around you
collectively drive you towards success
and uh spreading uh the message and
it becomes a community of empowered
and you know i feel like you know
through this extension i feel closer to
um you know and i think that there’s a
lot of good that we can do in this world
and you know it can be painful some of
our journeys can be painful to get to
this part but you know
what in life is not worth it if you
don’t have to at least fight for it a
little bit right
exactly and a lot of people think that
muddied waters media
has been a cakewalk no it hasn’t it like
it has been a straight labor of love
for me to want to make this work so i
can continue to spread the message
uh there have been times that i’ve
wanted to quit there have been times
i have almost given up there were times
that i almost said
you know what like i’m just gonna give
this entire thing away to somebody else
and they can
try to make it work because i’m not the
right person and
the longer i have stuck with it the more
i know that one i’m never giving this
thing up
and uh two like this is exactly where i
am supposed to be
um and it’s it’s amazing to be here
and uh i hope that you i obviously hope
that you feel the same way
about the work that you are doing up
there in
delaware yeah and everybody speaks is
very important
i also am incredibly passionate about
taking care of my patients i’m
very close i’m very dedicated as a
doctor i suppose that’s good
i think that’s should be pre-requisite
yeah i mean um
sometimes i see some very complicated
and tough cases
and i i cry i do cry sometimes
for my patients but we
always find ways to help people so um
but i’m a sappy empath anyway so
we like we like to cry anyway it’s all
yeah uh i used to go to delaware
every summer for vacation when i was
when i was a kid
really yeah we we went to a rehoboth
of course you did yeah uh we went to
and the absolute worst
and only jellyfish things i’ve ever
oh in august yeah
yeah oh delaware sorry about that we
hope you come back
yeah i own it i did not know what a
jellyfish was
like i’d heard about it like but i was
like yeah okay whatever
and jumped in to jumped into the water
there in rehoboth
and i was like what feels like my legs
are on fire
because that’s yeah and then it was just
kind of like
all the way down and we went to like a
safe way or something and they went
oh the jellyfish got you huh and
my parents yeah what do we put on that
well didn’t you watch the friends
episode this was
this was before that uh and do you know
the friends
i do know the front yes i do know the
friends episode does that actually work
i thought that was just like a myth um
actually i haven’t checked but i’m a
friend’s fanatic and now i have this
vision of you
and what was it chandler like it’s so
joey gibiani urinating on my head
it was i hate that i know that much
about friends but yes it was joey that
urinated on her leg
well i mean i’ve never i mean i think in
august there are some jellyfish problems
um but you know felton is like 25
minutes 30 minutes from rehearsal
fair i could be wrong my sense of
direction is terrible
right god help us i’m gonna fly planes
but anyway moving on
um so uh the event is
the event is uh next friday
june 4th one o’clock till nine o’clock
you have
you are speaking jen moore steve sheetz
sam uh sam chick glenn watson christy
dill brownlee
uh dale thomas mitch denham anthony
sameroff who is the master of time space
in the universe
angela mcardle michael heiss maj tori
uh some guy named spike cohen um i am
going to be putting the event
right now into the
comments uh so if anybody is going to be
in the delaware philadelphia in the
tri-state quad state region
um you can uh register
for the event at that link
on eventbrite that i just put in the
comments uh if you are listening to this
on audio later
it is in the show notes uh below um
so you can also register there and
it looked like this looks like it’s
going to be an amazing event
and again people
send money via paypal to
muddiedwatersmedia and if we raise enough i will
be at that event as well
um yes with your lovely wife with my
with my lovely wife um
you should see the like the look she’s
giving me is like
it’s like a cartoon character who’s like
trying to hold in her excitement
it’s yeah i when that happened on
facebook i was trying to explain to my
staff but
like it’s so hard for them to like get
the podcast that you’re on you know it’s
and the event that i’m planning just
like they call me dr matthew like oh my
gosh dr now
what are you up to so it’s so funny
and shout out to the speakers thank you
i’m so grateful for you coming
libertarian party of delaware the caucus
michael heiss you are amazing
um and all the other speakers i’m so
looking forward to meeting some of these
so thank you no absolutely the the list
of people that you’ve got here
like i would love to sit down and talk
with many of them and uh
you know just get to know what they have
to say about a lot of different things
well that’s the thing we have liberty
eats on sunday
it’s at dave casey’s place wheelies um
in the northern part of the state
and it’s um a brunch from ten to two for
speakers that are still around
and the way i envision it is um all of
us speaking around the liberty table
eating at
dave casey’s place uh wheelies
and um so if you come you come for the
and then you can hang out with the
locals and i know spike is gonna be
there at least for the first
two hours i confirmed that with brian
very cool and so
you can come to liberty eats on sunday
the convention is
on saturday same venue from 12 to 5. and
then we have an awesome
dinner from five to seven um which is
our convention dinner with spike and
tasha there’s tickets available
if you go to the libertarian party in
delaware and maybe
dancing with the liberty thing dancing
with liberty is the wine label you can
wine bottles that have that awesome
picture of
spike and tasha and so there’s two
different type
of wines that you can pre-purchase and
pick up at the events
um and um it’s just absolutely ryan did
the graphics for that
and he was just absolutely spectacular
um and then
um i think that um
everybody is just going to have a great
time and we’re going to talk about
and um just so grateful for everybody
who’s stepped up to make this event
and um i really want everybody to donate
what is it for you matt what are we
donating to to get you here uh
via paypal uh muddiedwatersmedia and if enough money is raised
i will fly to delaware
to be at this event oh my gosh i’m
obsessed with that and when i get
obsessed with something and how it goes
i’m gonna have to like call my boss next
thursday be like they raised enough
money i’m sorry i have to go
like i know she’s watching right now and
i’m gonna be like sorry i’m not gonna be
at work
tomorrow uh i’ll talk to i’ll talk to
i’m convinced i’m a convincing human
i’ve done a lot of work recently i’m
certain you should be like well that’s
fine just you know
well tell her to come too just get all
the fl i don’t want to say where i work
uh just get everybody i work with to
come up
to go there um yeah you could stay at my
house but i mean
it’s gonna be my uh couches that recline
at this point i keep
inviting people to stay at my house
which is probably where they at the
party will be
because i keep saying that but uh it’ll
be fun
all right well we are like wait like
we’re over time uh
which i’m so sorry no you are you are
you are fine i’ve i’ve been enjoying
this conversation it’s the only
like if i wasn’t enjoying the
conversation we wouldn’t have gone over
uh yeah no i enjoyed it too no you’re
oh you are fine um you have been a blast
to have on
uh you have an energy about you and like
i’m not like one of those
energy kava drinkers um but
you have an energy about you that is uh
it’s electric it’s intoxicating and you
sarah says she loves you um which
i love you too sarah well yeah you have
an energy about you that just
like gets people excited about things
and i can’t wait to see
what is gonna happen with liberty speaks
you know next week and in the future and
hope that this grows and i hope that uh
you know we have if i’m not there next
friday obviously
um but i hope that we have enough people
like you have
that it grows and that it just continues
to uh spread the message
because i think that you could do a
fantastic job
at being an arbiter of the message of
oh thank you so much i really appreciate
your kind words so grateful for this
so nice to kind of meet you and i’m glad
to have made a new friend
no absolutely thank you i am really glad
that you are my friend as well
i have to do the sign off uh if you want
to hang out for a second i’ll talk to
you afterwards
okay sure okay and uh two
everybody else that is out there
you get to see joe siloski because i
always forget to turn that off
um thank you guys so much for tuning in
i do appreciate it let me really quick i
don’t know why i never put this in the
let’s check what’s going on next week we
know that next tuesday spike and i
will have our normal podcast tuesday at
8 p.m mich well 8-ish pm
uh eastern and we have liz
tur will liz terwilliger uh coming on
she’s running for pennsylvania’s 12th
congress congressional district
uh and so she’s going to be on at the
beginning of the show
and then after her spike and i will go
on to do
our normal show uh spike has
nobody yet listed so maybe somebody and
i have oh sweet i’ve got ari
ari gabric coming on uh that’s gonna be
awesome looking forward to talking with
um that’s gonna be a really great
conversation so tune in next thursday
for the writer’s block with ari greyback
and until then
remember fun fact of the week the most
expensive cheese in the world
comes from a donkey and it costs 600
for a kilo so
so until next week have a great weekend
i am matt wright and you are perfect the
way you are
throwing parties and a 10-7 cell
it’s outstanding the legs
to convince the whole damn world i don’t
need anybody’s help yeah i am waving
water so my liver
my me when my hiding place is
i will only drag you down
i don’t need anybody’s head
[ __ ]

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