The Wrighter’s Block Episode 52 – Jennifer Moore Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Jennifer Moore is the newly elected chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania! Join us as we discuss her plans for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and how she plans to support the great candidates the PALP is putting forth for the various roles.

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governor in
next year um
speaking of pennsylvania on my show
i have a very wonderful guest she is the
newly elected chair of the libertarian
party of pennsylvania
please welcome with me everybody the
fantastic the wonderful miss
jennifer moore hello thanks for having
hey i am so glad that uh
i am so glad that you uh had the time to
take today to talk to me i
i’m very excited to have you on you know
i keep seeing all the waffle house stuff
you know i’ve never eaten at a waffle
house i feel so left out
well so it before the show started we
talked a little bit and
you uh said that you were in michigan
and pennsylvania
so you never having experienced waffle
house makes a lot of sense
we have them in pennsylvania um not near
me i think there’s one about 45 minutes
away i’m just gonna have to find some
waffle house libertarians to go with
yeah um because where i grew up in
northern virginia
and where i was the closest one was like
40 minutes away
so i wasn’t like a waffle house kid it
wasn’t until i moved to tennessee
where they’re everywhere that i started
going to waffle house a lot more
and then i came down to florida and like
you can find one every other block it’s
like the spike cohen
dream um where he’s just like yes a
waffle house on every corner
um so it’s a
it’s a fantastic cheap breakfast that is
lunch or dinner it really it doesn’t
matter whenever you want to eat eggs
it’s great um
uh but so
you congratulations by the way you just
recently when what was that last weekend
or the weekend before
it was last weekend last weekend you won
the chair of the libertarian party of
pennsylvania that
that is amazing news that is great uh
great news actually um do you want to
talk about what what the process was
like getting elected as the chair or
do you just want a basket do you want to
bask in the win for a while
um well it was probably the most
difficult day i’ve ever had as an
activist we um
we have a 180-day rule for um
voting members which is usually waived
and the delegation chose not to waive at
this time
um so we spent most of the day
arguing about that we did get to officer
elections which
seemed to like that might not even
happen but we didn’t get to bylaws
we didn’t get to um platform or anything
like that we just had our officer
so you know i feel we have a really good
team um i’ve done a lot of outreach this
past week to
um you know the opponent’s side hoping
that we can find projects to work
together on um you know from here we’re
heading right into ballot access season
so um
you know the main thing is we need to
make sure this person
right and ballot access is a big thing
for libertarians especially in today’s
political climate no matter which state
you’re in um and i want to get into that
with you but first
i like to find out exactly how my
guests that come on the writer’s block
how it is that they became libertarian
in the first place did you like were you
always a libertarian did you kind of
grow into it were you a
democrat or a republican who was like
when they like i don’t like the
overreach that the state is doing and
then you found the libertarian like
how is it that you became a member of
this party
well i was a republican in the
and i kind of walked away from the party
because i felt they weren’t small
government and i knew at that point that
i was a libertarian but it wasn’t until
when i took a break from my career i had
my second child and was just working
part-time and i
started spending a lot more time online
um in reading up on it and getting
involved in libertarian forums
and in 2017 um in conjunction with our
convention we had the mid-atlantic
liberty festival which
crashed and burned um it never happened
um it was kind of resurrected from the
ashes and they had a very short event
but we went anyway it was my birthday
my husband said you want to go to a
political convention for your birthday
weekend i said yeah i really do
i went i had a great time i swore i
would never run for public office
i would never run for leadership in the
party within a year i was elected as
township auditor
i was the eastern vice chair of the
party now i’m the chair of the party i
ran for auditor general last year it
just kind of you know
sucks you in and steals your soul yeah
when um
when i first moved here like i was a
libertarian before i moved
to florida uh and if anybody is
wondering if i am just very nervous
talking to jenna to jen moore or if my
is broken it’s the latter my i’m in
florida in my ac
is broken so if i seem
shiny uh that is why um
and you know i’m also nervous talking to
the chair of the pennsylvania
libertarian party um but um
when i moved to florida i was a
libertarian already but i wasn’t
active in the party i was i believed
what i
i had a strong libertarian beliefs um i
just wasn’t
party member um and when i moved here i
joined and everybody was like oh you’re
gonna immediately start
wanting to run for office and you’re
gonna want to run for um
for positions within the party
and i thought nah that’s not me
and that was half true i’ve never run
for office but uh i ended up like
in my first month i was the secretary of
the libertarian party of pinellas county
and then
i worked my way up to vice chair and
people asked me to run for chair of the
state party but i was already on my way
at that time um and then i ended up
joining again
after i liked leadership again but um
somebody said florida was only invented
to sell air conditioners also joel getz
says you owe him money
yes i do money for his campaign
he also said that he never let me forget
yeah he also said you could beat joe
um no no no
no thank you which is amazing because
running for i’m a much better
administrator governor is not my thing
i was gonna say that’s amazing because
joe soloski from what i can understand
can dribble a bowling ball
um and if you can defeat this man
good on you like i support you 100 um
you know some of the petitioners that
i’ve contracted with have texted me to
a fact you should run for governor john
and i’m like no i’m never running for
governor that’s insanity
but you know what my niche might be
joe’s is candidate that’s what he does
best i’m so glad that he’s running for
no absolutely joe i i love joe uh he
came on the muddy waters of freedom
um a couple of months ago now and we
actually have
a intro a new intro video that
he introduces us using like his joe
soloski radio voice and he’s like
and now matt wright and spike cohen
and um yeah i’m super excited to be able
to unveil that one
whenever we get a chance to but um
from what i understand you were very
in getting ballot access for the
jorgensen kellen campaign in 2020
can you tell us a little bit about that
and what other states could
learn from what from your process
well the very first thing i want to tell
everybody is don’t wait till the last
um you know we had um covet 19
we had lockdown orders we went to the
and said are we allowed to approach
people with the six foot social
distancing are we allowed to
petition and they didn’t answer us so we
went to federal court
and we sued them and it was really i was
one of the key witnesses
because the democrats intervened and
they told us that we should be
mailing nomination papers out and having
people sign them and send them back
which is funny because i had worked on a
similar project before and it ended up
costing us about 22 dollars a signature
to do it that way
um so i was a key witness saying that
this method just doesn’t work
the um most famous part of that trial
was when the democrats council looked at
me and told me that coven 19
is only dangerous in my opinion and i
turned and looked at him and said yes in
my opinion as a healthcare worker
you know with all the democratic
so we actually lost our case we lost the
and they told us we had to collect 10
000 face-to-face signatures during a
pandemic when there’s no large
gatherings there’s nobody wants to talk
to you
nobody wants to approach you within six
feet we needed wedding face-to-face
so we had three and a half weeks left um
i ran the paid drive
normally i would never take more than
two or three paid petitioners
i probably interviewed 50 or 60 people
and i had 12
um out in the field so about a third of
the drive
was paid petitioners and then the other
two thirds was all volunteers i mean
we had like over 200 individual
petitioners who got signatures which is
amazing i mean most states can’t pull
that off our team just came together
but it was just daily reaching out to
everybody how many signatures do we have
where’s the count at
you know do my paid petitioners have the
papers they need
where are they can we get down ballot on
um you know it’s just a lot of work it’s
a heck of a lot of work to get that many
signatures in a short time
so i want to make sure that i got this
right the government that shut down the
or the commonwealth a commonwealth that
shut down the commonwealth
said that covet was only dangerous in
your opinion
right then why did they have the
commonwealth shut down
it was the democrats on top of it who
said it
i mean i i you can’t make this stuff up
i if i was sitting in an in a
in a trial in a lawsuit um i don’t know
the actual word for that
um but if i was sitting in court and
somebody said that to me and said then
why are we shut down
then why have you shut down businesses
why can’t we have gatherings where i
could do this easier
so ballot access is like my blitz rig
button right
and i’m not a person who gets the flame
wars online
i ended up having a top badge for the
democrats because like every time they
posted about kova the pa democrats i
went after them
and all of these threads would end they
never deleted anything they would end up
being like 180 comments long
with like people arguing with me that
that didn’t happen
that that is unbelievable that they
would have the
gall to be that brazen to say no this is
only dangerous in your mind you should
be able to do this
while at the same time fighting to make
sure that
you don’t have large gatherings that
schools are closed that you can’t
uh go to the dmv that businesses are
shut down unless they’re you know to
health care
or government um it proves it was
politically motivated
it definitely proves it was politically
motivated um
well you know what else is interesting
is this past election that we just had
on tuesday our primary pennsylvania
passed two constitutional amendments
that limits the governor’s power
he’s only allowed to declare an
emergency for 21 days
and then it has to be renewed by the
legislator and he can’t veto it
so this kind of restores that balance to
power so we can’t shut businesses down
for a year to time again
well i mean that
he shouldn’t be allowed to shut him down
for 21 days personally but i mean
uh at the you know it’s a step in the
right direction
um but yeah like i’ve i’d go to
often not as often as i used to when i
lived in virginia but
my sister lives in uh philadelphia um
and one of my sisters lives in
philadelphia and
a lot of the things that she was talking
about that was going on in philadelphia
while coveted was at the peak last
um i could not believe that people were
just accepting of it as it in being here
in florida
we did not really have the lockdown i
think ours was like three weeks
or something i don’t know and like my
life literally didn’t change
i still did everything i normally would
do i just wasn’t allowed
in places but i didn’t really go in
places then
because it’s florida you just hang out
outside right
um but
the amount of overreach that the
government in pennsylvania took
was absolutely outstanding to me and
then for them to
you know like we said have the gall to
say no it’s only dangerous in your mind
just to keep you off the ballot
so massive kudos to you for being able
reach the goals that you needed to reach
and you know not only that
but um i was actually on the ballot with
audrey general um and you know joe
soloski was our treasurer candidate
dan wassmer was running for attorney
general and of course we had joe and
spike um all of us
hit the threshold for minor party status
which was the real goal
of this campaign i had the highest vote
totals in the state which was amazing
because i didn’t
run a real campaign but i got over 200
000 votes
but the thing that i have to say about
it is through the joe and spike campaign
i organized 11 counties in my region um
just excited volunteers who wanted to be
a part of this movement
who just really you know saw these
campaigns and said okay now what’s next
so you know now we have new affiliates
all through the northeast in fact um
of the 22 counties in eastern
pennsylvania there’s only three left
that need to be organized which i’m
going to leave to my you know successor
adam reinhart
um now that i’m chair but
so um
outside of waiting until the last minute
we’re libertarians like
i hate to take the easy punch here but
we’re kind of famous for that um outside
of waiting till the last minute and like
prepping these
your ballot access uh way in advance
what else
what uh what other ways can you advise
for people to get it
uh to reach ballot access um
well this year um is our municipal
and i think that pennsylvania will win
150 elections
um in 2019
me west benedict and dr moulton worked
on this project
where we identified winnable seats
and we got 47 people elected that year
this year we have so many
more volunteers and we have more money
to put towards it we’ve perfected our
um i i think that we’re going to just
elect a heck of a lot of people
but you know an answer to your question
that’s a training ground for ballot
access because most of these positions
only need you know 10 to 50 signatures
unlike an even year where we have to
have 10 000. right so you know if we can
train people to get out there
get good signatures because you know
let’s face it they have to be registered
voter in the dis
in the district they can’t use quotation
marks it has to be legible
i mean there’s just so many little ways
to you know trip someone up
the papers look simple but they’re
really not right i mean i faced a ballot
challenge myself and ended up in court
when i was elected um just over
absolutely silly errors like the wrong
year on a form um so this year
will kind of be that proving ground
where we can train all these people in
these small elections get a bunch of
people elected so hopefully in 22
in pennsylvania is unique that we’re
able to stack positions so if we can
recruit a lot of state reps if we can
recruit state senate
u.s congress all those people will stack
towards that gubernatorial in that
um so you know hopefully if we have
enough people who are comfortable with
the process who understand what good
papers look like
we’ll be able to you know do it without
paid petitioners this time around which
is you know always what we hope for we
always talk about it
it never quite works out that way but
you know we have great organizers if we
hit the ground running um
there’s no reason that we can’t right
and i’ve been
i’ve been both a paid petitioner and a
non-paid petitioner
um and honestly when i was a non-paid
petitioner i did a much better job than
when i was a paid petitioner
um because i was a paid petitioner for a
different party
um but when i was when i was doing it
yeah i was like you’re paying me i’m out
here i’m just going to get the
signatures and go
uh but when i was doing it for the
libertarian party when i first moved
um i was working on a
congressional campaign a federal
congressional campaign and we were doing
the door-to-door
talking to people and saying but we need
to get ballot access can you sign this
and then
having to make sure that what they were
signing was their name and
that what they were filling out was what
it said on their id
and like making sure that what they were
doing was
would be acceptable and they still threw
half of what we got yeah
um joel getz says that you are the only
real libertarian
and then he immediately followed it up
with just kidding it’s me but still
that sounds like joel i know that it’s
actually coming from joel because i can
hear him saying
you know when i um when the convention
and it was done being eastern vice chair
i handed him that pin
and he has it somewhere oh really so i
guess he’s even though adam was elected
joel’s the
joel’s jen moore eastern vice chair now
he’s got my name tag
so he he took on the moniker of jen
moore eastern vice chair he’s not
eastern vice chair he is
jen moore eastern vice chair correct
so technically jen moore eastern vice
is running for mayor of east stroudsburg
is that how it goes joel is he still
he says that it is his prized possession
and bonnie says that he wore it the rest
of the weekend um
so all of his campaign stuff needs to be
all this campaign stuff needs to be
switched over from joel getz for mayor
to jin moore eastern vice chair
you know i actually looked in our
database and we have um
seven jennifer moore’s who are
registered libertarians in pennsylvania
so there’s six more of me out there i’m
sorry guys that’s just
you know but that’s like the uh the josh
fight that just happened
in oklahoma or wherever like you have
battled your way up and now you are the
gen more that’s the chair of the
libertarian party of pennsylvania
uh so you are the one true gen more
libertarian and if anybody else
wants to take that from you there has to
be a battle
so my nine-year-old son i was talking to
him earlier this evening and he googled
my name and he’s like mommy you’re the
first result
he’s like you’re wearing that blue dress
and it says
yeah if you google matt wright um you
you used to many years ago get an emo
singer from
england but now if you google it you
still don’t get me
you get uh the australian outback
wrangler or something
it’s not me and i’ve never watched a
show because that’s my name
and how dare he co-opt it um
okay nebraska not oklahoma i apologize
so uh speaking of joel you guys
have a lot of fantastic candidates just
truly wonderful candidates in um
uh outside of joel who is one of my
favorite guests i’ve ever had on the
um i can talk about that guy
i can talk about anything with that guy
and um worry about what we said later
um but you have joe soloski running for
you’ve got nicole schultz running for um
lieutenant governor and tim mcmaster who
is running for state senate i believe
his election was actually just dom on
tuesday oh
so we had four special elections on
tuesday and you know what
our candidates all did amazing um all of
them were running
in brand new counties where we had brand
new affiliates
and those affiliates are light years
ahead of the other ones that organized
at the same stage because they had a
to you know kind of rally around um
i mean it’s just it’s amazing to see i
they were we had two state senate and
two state house candidates
um and i believe that they got they
pulled pretty good numbers like you know
two to three percent
um which is really good for a
libertarian right you know just seeing
the organization rise up around them
they did their job and they did it well
good good
how did how did tim’s uh election end up
like i i did not know that his election
on tuesday uh otherwise we would have
reported on it on our show
but how did it go i think that he got
about three and a half percent okay i
mean i’m sad
to him if i’m wrong um but you know it
was a good showing um especially
during the primary when the people who
show up are very partisan
um you know a lot of libertarians don’t
know that they can even vote
this year everybody could vote because
of the referendums and we sent out
postcards we blasted that all over
social media i did interviews with
a couple of other organizations trying
to let libertarians know you can go to
the polls this year
but um you know for him to pull that
kind of um
those kind of numbers at a time when
normally libertarian’s independence is a
primary so we wouldn’t even think to
show up at the polls i mean he did
an excellent job and it’s going to be
easier for the ones that come after him
because now he’s normalized in his
all these people there’s people that he
i’m sure
motivated to run for township supervisor
constable or you know borough council
but we haven’t even met yet but they’re
gonna say i saw tim mcmaster
right and i decided to run for office
and they’re gonna win
and that is one of the things that um
i’ve always supported about people
running for local office
um even though i’ve never that has never
like that has never really been my
calling um i’ve never wanted to get up
and debate with people and try to
run a city i’d just rather talk about it
um but
but whenever people do and somebody in
the community sees a libertarian running
even if that libertarian doesn’t have a
good showing
um or you know they you know like in
tim’s case where he gets to three and a
half percent which is
a really good showing um
3.04 percent is what michelle
marino turoli is saying um
so when you get you get the three
percent or you get higher which is you
know that’s decent showing that you know
that’s a quality quality show um
somebody else is going to see that and
say i want to do that and i want to do
and what can i take from this campaign
and what can i learn from this campaign
and how can i change that in the future
um just so when i do it i can get you
know 4
5 15 whatever um or how can i win
uh and it really
bolsters people when they see somebody
taking this chance who’s putting it out
there that even though you’re a minor
party candidate
you’re a third party candidate you’re a
member of you know even if it’s
libertarian party green party
any of the others constitutional party
reform you see it and you say
i want to do that i want to make the
change that tim mcmaster wanted to make
um even if i don’t agree with his
politics i still want to make
be that i want to be that guy and you
will start seeing more people running
when you have
showings where it’s like okay i can do
that i can reach that i can
i can beat that i can i can make this um
so i’m telling you something um when i
ran for auditor general i’m very much a
data analytics person so i looked where
we had down ballot candidates
at what my percentages were like in
their districts and they were normally
one to two percent higher
um you know anywhere we had a state rep
running or even a congressional write-in
it’s all connected in them being there
and getting those vote totals higher for
the top of the ticket
is what helped to give us minor party
status which has party status in
pennsylvania has a bunch of benefits
the reason why tim and our other special
election candidates were able to
participate was because we’re a minor
party they got on the ballot with no
it was just a freebie to us and if we
wouldn’t have reached that status we
wouldn’t have had that
um it also gives us control of our
nominations and it allows us
to um be on the voter registration forms
and actually be listed rather than
having to write it in which is important
too because we use
that partisan registration to reach out
to people to ask them to join the party
to you know send them correspondence so
it’s a big deal
every one of our candidates who gets
three percent they don’t realize how
much it’s connected to the overall party
success and it in it truly is
um here i saw a lot of people run
for uh federal
for federal office and then i saw people
run for governor lieutenant governor and
attorney general actually worked on the
attorney general campaign
for bill wolcifer um and that was
a wonderful experience uh that really
cemented me
into the libertarian party but
uh people would watch those
and say that’s awesome that you know
you’ve got your adrian wiley’s this is
back when this was all going on you’re
adrian wiley running for governor and
bill wilson for running for
um for attorney general and i want to do
that locally i want to do that in my
community so they see what they’re doing
and then they try to
replicate it in their communities and
you start to notice
a groundswell of libertarians running
um i am a person who
does not believe that the libertarian
party will win the presidency
soon i think that we need to truly start
i always make the joke we’re a bottom-up
organization which is why we always get
but um we need to start out we need to
start out winning
the local elections you need to be on
your city councils you need to be
on your county commissions and mayors
and you know
the the local ones and then when they
start noticing that that works that’s
when you get
into the state and when you start making
it work in the state that’s when you go
you know your governors or your federals
or you know
whatever um and you work your way up it
takes time
and it’s not it is not easy
and it is no i mean this is building the
farm team you know
right exactly that’s a great way but the
people who are serving now
in these low-level positions they’re
building the connections and the
on a bigger race in the high 80s maybe
um elected officials in pennsylvania
right now
this year i think we’ll add at least 100
which is conservative i think that we’ll
do better than that
but you know my goal is you know for one
of these people who maybe served as
or borough council to run for state rep
somewhere in the middle of the state
in 24 or 26 where we have a lackluster
incumbent who’s been there for 10 years
and they’re running unopposed knock
every door and frontier style put
somebody in harrisburg
you know i think that it’s possible we
just need to build towards that
um you know we’ll win a county-wide and
then we’ll win you know
a state level c we’ll get there but it’s
a long
strategy it is and your way of saying
we’re building the farm team is a much
nicer way than what i was going to say
so i appreciate you
keeping me grounded as opposed to how i
normally would have phrased that
you know what we’re at the right stage
in our development um everything’s going
we’re raising a ton of money we’re
electing a ton of people to office and
you know some people say that well you
know they won an uncontested seat
they didn’t have they didn’t have to
work for it and i will tell you as
somebody who’s serving a six-year term
as auditor
that you know campaign from august to
is brutal but serving a four to six year
in public office is a whole lot more
work we
you know we had a guy that was he was
supposed to be on our show
on tuesday and i feel bad that it didn’t
work out but we had so many technical
uh that we couldn’t link up with him and
his name was uh brody anderson
um i don’t know if you know who he is or
not but
uh he won a six-year term to the river
valley district library board of
um which i was reading because i want to
make sure i said it right for brody’s
and the libertarian party national
uh included him in their
you know congrats to brodie anderson for
his win
and a lot of people
many of them libertarians upset me
because they were making fun of the fact
that this was being publicized
and i was and i said no these wins are
even more important
than if you’re announcing that somebody
a you know a congressional seat from
these are the important ones because
brodie anderson has the chance to change
the minds of the people in his city now
today and they were like oh he probably
ran on a post doesn’t matter
it doesn’t matter he is now in office
and he is going to have the chance to
make that difference
um and i wish i could have gotten him i
wish that we didn’t have the technical
difficulties on tuesday
because i would have loved to hear his
opinion but some of the comments that
people were saying were
one was funny one said late fees or
theft and i thought that was hilarious
but the others were they were hateful
toward brody for absolutely no reason
and i see that a lot with
i see that a lot with libertarians where
for lack of a better phrase that i can
think of right now
we [ __ ] on the success of people that we
haven’t gotten yet um
and that’s why i will always say if you
are running for a local office and you
and you win the local office good on you
i don’t care if you ran unopposed
i don’t care if you uh i don’t care
if it was um in a race that i’m blanking
on what that’s called
uh the heat’s getting to me i’m getting
i’m getting the fever um where
you don’t say what what is that called
where you don’t say what you’re
part of non-partisan yeah not thank you
a non-partisan i was like why am i
blanking on this
uh if it’s a non-partisan race um
i didn’t i don’t care if you are a
libertarian who is winning these races
you are doing more than anybody who is
attempting to run for congressional
office like congressional
office or senate or president um you
know we’re going to have a ton of um
inspector of elections and judge of
elections this year and
we saw through this last election how
important election integrity is
and who better to police that than a
libertarian who is not
um you know beholden to either of the
other groups and these are two-day your
you have to go to the polls on primary
day and during the general election
um so you can very easily serve your
community and still have a full-time job
and a family
but you know you can go from there all
the way up to full-time jobs
i would recommend that the willingness
to serve is
enough yes to run for a local office
you are qualified please go out there
and do it
it is important because i’m telling you
when i came
into my township they looked at me and
said i thought
that like libertarians were mythological
unicorns that just like lived on the
and now they actually call me for advice
um you know i had a conversation with
our local democrats um recently
about you know the ballot referendums
and you know they didn’t like my answer
but we had a
a respectful conversation about it at
least um and you know i think that when
i do run for re-election
um you know it sounds like they may
support me we’ll see what happens when
the time comes but i have a good
relationship with a lot of these people
and they know
the libertarians aren’t necessarily
kooks or you know at least not any
cookier than me
yeah the um what i’ve noticed
because obviously many people around me
know that i’m a libertarian um they know
that i do this show and that i talk
libertarian politics and talk with
libertarians who
you know are in leadership positions or
doing libertarian things like
writing books that have rings on the
cover or whatever
um but um
you know they’ll talk to me and some of
the conversations
definitely get heated but for the most
people just want to understand the
people on the right i find want to
understand the position
up until you get to certain positions
and then it gets heated
and it’s the opposite with people on the
they want to get heated except on a few
where they just want to understand the
um and that could just be my own biases
seeing it that way
but that’s what i’ve kind of noticed
people but for the most part i can keep
the conversations
very uh friendly uh
when i’m when i’m discussing politics
with people outside of
on the show or uh well not at work
because i’m not allowed i was
instructed that i can’t do that ever
yeah you know i started out by just kind
of listening in a green
where i could agree and eventually and
this was something that you know jeff
hewitt told me
is you know just listen agree where you
can agree and eventually they’re
asking your opinion and they did um and
i mean they’ve made me the chair of the
board of auditors for the past three
years so apparently i’m doing something
i mean
you’re obviously doing something the way
that you’re supposed to um
so with the fantastic people uh is there
anybody else that you have running
uh joe soloski nicole schultz joel gads
like that
oh we have so many uh i was gonna say
yeah you said
that you have 88 in office right now and
you’re expecting to raise a hundred
yep um we will start recruiting for
uncontested seats probably in the next
few weeks um
after the primary votes are tabulated we
people all over the state um one of the
things that’s been a source of
frustration to me as a state ballot
access coordinator is that there’s not
really any reporting mechanisms because
it is a bottom-up organization
everything is done at the local level
um so other than the county minutes
which only have to be turned in
quarterly i don’t always know who’s
right um i have to shout out for guys
over and goes over in susquehanna valley
um they put their county lines on the
ballot on primary day
collected enough signatures um that
they’ve got a bunch of candidates on the
so you know that is really awesome
michelle and paul are running up in
lucerne county
um i know there’s just a ton of them
that are running all over the state
and i really need to start getting the
list together i’ve been so focused on
the share rates
we do have a couple of facebook groups
that are specifically for nomination
papers where people announce and that’s
kind of how i have to put those lists
is by looking through county minutes by
looking through facebook and kind of
putting together our list you know
that’s the problem with being
um is we don’t always know unless
someone is really campaigning hard that
they’re running
i know that they just nominated um they
were getting signatures for a guy in
bucks county who’s running for mayor
um here recently i think that they
nominate nominated some people out in
allegheny and i’m sorry that you know
the names are all escaping me right now
i know that if they were in front of me
i would remember their name or whatever
i was gonna say you you said that you
have 88 in and you’re expecting to raise
it by a hundred to a hundred and fifty
um you’re expecting to raise if you were
able to rattle off
200 names right off the top of your head
i would have been like well
she should she should she’s so organized
she should run my life
um i don’t want to run anybody
i can’t even run my own life most of the
time but
yeah it’s um i mean the one thing that i
can say this year is i have never
ever seen this many local candidates
it’s just unreal um and we’re
serious growing pains you know there’s a
lot of things that we need to be doing
better so i’m so grateful
to the people who are stepping up to
help coordinate you know especially some
of our social media outreach and
messaging because that’s something you
know i’ve been so focused on elections
that i’m not strong in that
um so the people that are coming forward
and offering to help with those things
and we’re reorganizing some of our
subcommittees and you know the people
who are
maybe on the opposite side of the table
from me that are giving me a chance
as chair um to work on these things
um i just it’s been overwhelming this
past week how many people have reached
out to me and how many people want to
help and how many people want to run for
office and help local candidates
it’s just an amazing thing to see our
movement growing
it is and you know i got involved in the
libertarian party in 2014. i think
um 2014 is when i got involved i became
a libertarian in
08 i think i think it was 08 because i
uh obama and mccain and i was like this
is not
neither of these parties are mine um so
then i got involved
in 2014 uh and the growth that i have
nationwide has been
it gives me hope for everything that’s
going on uh
because i see a lot of people who love
liberty and a lot of people who want to
see the change
uh that we all dream about and yeah
we’re getting a lot of backlash it gets
harder especially
ballot access laws um did you see
the the the
the tennessee house or i think they have
a house there or
something um where they were shooting
the lowering of ballot access for third
parties in tennessee saw that
right and i saw that you you see stuff
like that
and it gets you it gets you down but
then you see the groundswell of people
who come up to help and be like okay
well if
they’re not gonna lower it we are going
to get those numbers
and that is the stuff that i love to see
because you see
this community growing and it’s people
for the most part work together to
that liberty gets spread across uh
across the entire nation um it is
like it’s so hot i’m like sticking to my
i also sit on the national ballot access
committee i was recruited after the
jorgensen campaign and then reappointed
this year
um and it’s amazing to hear the other
states ballot access laws and like
sometimes they just sound like
insurmountable barriers um but we do it
i mean in every four years we get 50
states yeah i’m sitting outside and i’ve
got lights on me so i’m starting to get
really washed out as the sun goes down
i’m like you’re getting like that golden
right that golden hour that everybody’s
been like uh putting on
uh twitter and instagram recently with
hashtag golden hour it’s like
it’s working um but so
what is it that pennsylvania is going to
be doing for the candidates specifically
to help
help them get elected like what sort of
support are they going to be looking at
well this year you know the main thing
that we’ll do is we’ll look for
uncontested seats and then we will send
letters to registered libertarians in
the district and ask them to run
from there we will walk them through you
know the basics of ballot access and
then follow up and see how they’re doing
um and then after that piece is done
anyone who didn’t get on the ballot will
follow up again
and see if they want to run right in if
somebody goes to the polls
for an hour and they hand out cards for
this person there’s no one on the ballot
they’ll probably get written in we’ll
probably win half of them that way
you know as far as the local candidates
who are running contested races
you know the hope is that we will have
you know lots of resources lots of
advice on how to
um you know fight a ballot challenge
campaign one of the reasons why i got
involved in the state party was because
when i was um
challenged in 2017 and brought to court
over my signatures
nobody was really around i didn’t even
know who to ask for help my county was
we hired a lawyer three of us were
challenged we got through it together
but i felt like there wasn’t really any
support at the higher level
now if you get a ballot challenge we
have a team of people who can look at it
and say you know
i don’t think that this is winnable you
shouldn’t spend money on
an attorney or you should absolutely get
legal advice on this this is a list of
attorneys that you can call
um you know we have wonderful campaign
we have people have been candidates
themselves who you know even if they’re
not managing your campaign they’re there
to advise
we have um lawyers and previous
candidates who can help you with the
campaign finance questions
we just didn’t have all of this a couple
of years ago so
you know the state doesn’t really have a
big role in
campaigns as far as financing them and
we will do we’ve just recently learned
that we can do bulk mail
through our not-for-profit status so if
a candidate wanted to send a mailing
um they can the state party can do it
for them and they can pay us and it’ll
be about half price
so you know we’re we’re doing our best
to offer resources and you know as we
grow we’ll get better at this
you know a few years ago in 2017 when i
we didn’t have any of these resources
and every year we’re getting better
so there’s still a long ways to go
though no absolutely absolutely
i i have said for years now the best
campaigning you can still do is going
door-to-door knocking
yeah being being in the constituents
like not like being in their faces but
you know being
being there looking them in the eye to
talk to them about the candidates
is the best thing that you can do um
because that gets you in the mind
of the candidates they’re like oh this
guy this guy came out
um there were many times that i knocked
on the door
and uh whether i was there knocking for
a libertarian
or a republican that i agreed with
if i was knocking on the door there were
many times that the person
that answered the door said you came out
here to talk to me
i’m going to vote for your guy because i
don’t really know
anything about either but you were kind
enough to come here to talk to me
and i don’t know if they did but
i do know that if they if all of those
people did it was enough to make the
i’m telling you for um these local
i would recommend that they they get
their signatures for ballot access that
way that’s the beginning of their
and um the reason i was challenged the
board of elections told me that i needed
10 signatures so i went out and got like
18 or 19.
safe right well they gave me the number
for the major parties i needed 46.
so the judge gave me another 20 days to
go get the rest the board of elections
actually came and testified and said no
we gave her the wrong number this wasn’t
her fault
um so i went and got about a hundred and
i knocked on every door in my
and i explained to them that the
incumbent supervisor
who wanted to appoint his own auditor
who sets his pay was the one who
challenged me
um and they were like really wow so
i mean i don’t know how much of an
effect that had but no republican
won re-election in my community after i
talked about what the republican
committee had done that year um
and i got to meet everybody just through
knocking on a couple hundred doors and
getting 100 signatures and i also knew
that there was a registered voter in
that house because i had a walking list
so i was kind of vet being my signatures
as i went you know if you only need
10 to 50 signatures that’s the best way
to start
absolutely yeah just walking around your
neighborhood your
your neighbors uh already know you
you’re already a member of that
community whether or not they know you
they have seen you and they’re like oh
okay well you know he’s running let’s
let’s support somebody in this community
um and it is absolute
it is the best way to campaign and i
never i don’t know why i never thought
about the camp
the candidate going out for that like
initially to start it
never never even dawned on me so it’s
actually a lot of fun you can be like hi
i’m your neighbor uphill and i want to
run for auditor
and would you sign to get me on the
ballot and now when i’m out walking the
they all these years later they know me
by name right and you know they ask me
how things are going and they complain
about their flood insurance and i’m like
now i’m the auditor
like i can put a word in with the
supervisor they won’t listen to me
but like you know yeah i realized we
haven’t had a flood in 350 years but you
i mean you should come to a meeting with
me and we can talk about that right you
i and you know i’m in florida so flood
insurance is a uh
it’s a sore subject for me um
you know that federally run thing that
you don’t have a choice and you have to
buy and they get to make the rates
um that wonderful thing yeah um
i hate flood insurance like i get the
point of it but i know
let it be privatized please just let it
be private it’s better
it is no that yeah it gives you the uh
the the 1950s movie star vibe now with
the lighting
i still have one on me but i turned the
closer one right
now um in the comments i saw something a
little concerning
um from joel getz and he said
i gotta scroll up to it because it was a
while ago and i knew i wanted to uh
not bring it up just right there in the
middle um
what’s your position on turkey bacon
oh bacon comes from pigs okay see i mean
turkey bait i’m sorry bonnie bonnie is
our secretary i love bonnie
she really is into turkey bacon and i
just like what part of the
turkey do you cut the bacon from it’s
separated turkey
i just can’t well it’s something other
than bacon it’s not bacon
i i will accept beef bacon i will accept
it because i
i think i’m not a butcher but i believe
it is the same cut
but with a turkey never had beef bacon
oh it’s so
it’s good it’s really good
i’m like a militant carnivore so that
that awful factors and
you’re you’re a what carnivore a
militant carnival oh milk you know
i get like all yeah i get it
yeah me too me too yeah i if i can uh
take out three or four different kinds
of animals in one meal i’m pretty
i’m happy i am definitely happy um so
you’ve already
normally at this point i say hey is
there anything you would like to pitch
is there anybody
is there any place that they can go to
donate and but you’ve already won
your race so uh what
pitch would have you the audience is
yours you get to well
um the most important thing for right
now um it cost about a hundred dollars
to successfully recruit a winning
candidate so if you would go to
donate and throw something towards our
ballot access drive
i would be very appreciative um you know
it’s a big deal
we need to fund this stuff we have a lot
of wonderful donors we’ve
brought a bunch of money in through our
convention but the more donations we get
the more candidates we’re going to be
able to elect and we only have this
opportunity every couple years
um and you know i mean i just would like
to be able to do more than 100
and i think that we have the boots on
the ground to do it
so and you know the other piece of that
is you know if we get the
maneuver executed you know hopefully we
can help some of these other contested
candidates financially too
so um you know please donate to our
state party
and you know always donate to your local
candidates donate to them first and your
state party second
um because we’ll put that money to good
use we’re not like the democrats and
republicans our donors expect results
and we provide them
right so that is
donate everybody and just from
the number of pennsylvania candidates
that we’ve had on our show which
we’ve had we’ve had a good amount um and
now we’ve had the chair
on one of our shows as well uh i see a
lot of good things going on in
um huge fan of what i’m seeing coming
out of there
uh so now that you are a chair now that
you sit on the iron throne of the
lppa um you can
you know continue doing all of the great
stuff and i am really looking forward to
what happens uh in pennsylvania and i
know that you guys are going to continue
rocking it because
everybody like everybody up there is
just a fantastic person
and they all have great ideas and they
uh are hard workers who truly believe in
liberty and i respect that
and i love it and i cannot wait to see
more of it coming out of pennsylvania
um so you know thank you for all you are
doing up there
thank you i just um you know all the
people who are new
and who are unable to vote in our
convention you know i see you i hear you
please come and integrate with the party
we need your ideas we need you
um you know i’m so sorry for the way
that things went down
it was unexpected to a lot of us but you
know thank you to everybody who’s giving
me chance
a chance is the new chair chair is a
brutal job
in any circumstance it’s the most
thankless job in the party
you take the heat for a lot of stuff you
don’t have a vote
um and you know i mean as vice chair i
was able to be very task oriented i was
able to focus on counties and elections
and now i have to wear a lot more hats
coordinating things
so i’m already feeling the pressure but
i think we’ll be fine
um i’m just grateful for all the people
who are working with us and making it
happen because this really is a team
excellent well yeah again everybody that
jen if you want to hang out for a couple
of minutes i am going to uh do my outro
and i’ll talk to you afterwards
sounds good thank you beautiful all
right two
everybody else that’s still joe solowski
i always forget to turn him
off um to everybody else
thank you so much for tuning in uh if
you are
a clubhouse user tonight at 10 o’clock
uh you can join a room that
has uh spike cohen jess mears and i
believe a bunch of other libertarians
are gonna be there
um so tune in for that spike is gonna be
in colorado i think we’re gonna say
and if i’m wrong i’m wrong um
and then next week on a brand new week
of muddied waters media
on tuesday at roughly eight o’clock
really depending on
uh technical difficulties uh we have
i am yeah that’s apparently how his name
mike turmat who is running for house
district 20
in florida which means i should probably
know him um but i will definitely look
forward to meeting him at the convention
in a couple of weeks but mike termat is
going to be running and he will be on
the show
on tuesday at eight o’clock on
spikes my fellow americans he has a show
wednesday at 8 o’clock um
you’re gonna have to tune in to find out
if there is a guest and
who that guest is because it’s gonna
blow your mind
and then next week on the writer’s block
thursday eight o’clock
uh i have irene i really need to start
looking at these things before now
irene maverick mavericks
mavrakicus i have irene on next thursday
and um i’m definitely looking forward to
learning how to say
her last name to everybody out there
thank you for watching please like
please share
please comment uh no matter which social
media platform you are
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at to everybody out
thank you so much for tuning in i look
forward to another week of muddied
waters media with all of you
until next week i am matt wright and you
are perfect just the way you are
i don’t need anybody’s help
there must be
water so my liver
when my hiding place is
don’t bother swimming to save me
i don’t need anybody’s

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