The Wrighter’s Block Episode 51 – Jess Mears Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Libertarian superstar Jess Mears joins Matt to talk about Clubhouse and how we can use it spread the message of liberty.

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thank you to everybody out there um
okay so real quick now like trump uh i
i can’t i cannot uh speak up for the
great seafood debate over whether or not
should be spiced or not spiced because i
will eat
seafood no matter how it comes as long
as it’s not shrimp crab
or any kind of shellfish or apparently
cicadas because i like
breathing um so i cannot join in on that
anyway i’m very excited to have my next
guest on
uh she and i have known each other since
she first moved to pinellas county
and uh since then she has just been
i remembered i remember i’m going to
tell the story when she’s not on
i remember we had a conversation uh
one year and she said my new year’s
resolution was to liberty
so hard and that year
she ended up moving uh to dc she got a
job with the libertarian party
and now everybody in the country knows
her name uh
she is uh also spending so much time on
clubhouse it’s insane
uh she worked on the joe jorgensen spike
cohen campaigns ladies and gentlemen
please welcome
my friend jess mears jess
how are you i’m really good and i’m glad
that you reminded me of
my new year’s resolution i think like
it was the year 2016 years
new year’s day 2016 my resolution was to
so hard and then i got to work on the
johnson campaign
and i got to get a job with lp national
and now my newest endeavor is to become
space oprah to become space oprah
yes are we gonna like try to hook up
with uh elon get up there on mars and
do the talk show talking to the 50
people that are going to be there at the
you get a star you get a star you’re
going to start
yeah i want to empower people to live
their best lives in space
so if i can libertarian so hard
to the point where i’m working on a
presidential campaign and for the
national party i think i can achieve
my dreams of becoming space oprah
there’s already one oprah on earth but
the one
in the universe is still waiting to be
claimed and it’s mine
you know and i know how driven you are
and how uh able you are to to achieve
those goals
so uh i believe in you i i think that
this could actually happen
you could become space opera four more
years and we’re gonna be talking
i’m gonna be in space on your podcast
right and you’re gonna be in space with
me because i’m gonna bring a guest
okay i’m gonna go into space to do the
i actually you know if if that was
offered and it’s like hey come up to
space to
do a podcast i would say yes i
yeah absolutely i want to do that and
then you know be like well can i just
bring everybody with me or do i have to
go back because now
nothing down there matters anymore i
feel like
it would be so cool to just look
at earth from space like we spend time
looking at the stars
and i just want to be like reverse roles
like look at earth and be like hey
everyone down there
how’s it going call call one of your
friends look out your window and wave
right now
i’m waving iss is going by
i am waving to you right now
yeah oh so um i like to start out every
having you know i can’t you and i have
known each other for
i moved to pinellas county in 2014. god
was that 2014
okay so wow yeah i’ve known you like six
six or seven years now um yeah
and uh so yeah i’ve known you six or
seven years but for
everybody who doesn’t know you
uh how did you get into libertarian i
know a lot of your story i don’t know
how it all began i just kind of know
different sections of it so uh tell
everybody how you got into
libertarianism and how you found the
party and how uh
you got to be the just mirrors we all
know and love today
well i finished human action and then no
just kidding
i signed up for facebook and it asked me
which political affiliation i identified
when i joined facebook in like 2006.
and it gave me a huge list of options
and that’s when i realized i had no idea
what kind of political affiliation i had
so i went on a quest and i found the
libertarian party’s platform
i agreed with everything in it except
for the part about
marijuana the platform back then did
specifically say
marijuana in it and as a
teenager i thought that marijuana was a
the devil’s lettuce was going to put you
right to hell
and i disagreed with that portion but
everything else seemed fine i was cool
everything else in the platform in 2006.
and then
i went to college and some of my friends
might be marijuana users and realize
it’s probably not going to send people
to hell um
you know so my then i became a 100
party aligned um platform aligned
and i also found myself as an activist
in college
that first week i was there there were
college democrats and college
at the welcome week for all the campus
and i realized the libertarians didn’t
exist and i was like
i i guess i have to build it so i’ve
been doing the whole if you build it
they will come thing
since i was a freshman in college and
it hasn’t stopped and it’s only gotten
out of control since
so this is gonna date me so hard i
remember when i was in
my first freshman year of college um
i was approached by a group of students
that were students for lyndon larouche
and if you don’t know who that is that
gives you an
idea of how old i am um but
lyndon larry looking great thank you um
lyndon larouche was like this far left
far far left like potentially left of
like communist and there were trying to
convince me
um and i was i was at george mason
university and i went there for their
economics program and they were trying
to convince me that communism was the
way to go
and i was like you’re talking to the
wrong guy
like i am not the right person for you
to be trying to recruit
into this cult that you have here i
don’t even know who this guy is
and my dad uh my dad had to um
explain to me who lyndon larouche was
and i was like uh
yeah i don’t agree with that guy um
patricia berthad wants to know if it’s
wallpaper or paint behind you
stencil with paint it is so much cheaper
than wallpaper
i was like i found this like dalmatian
spot wallpaper by this designer named
katie kimmy
it was like 600 or something for the
square footage i was just like i can’t
do that
and then i found stenciling and it’s
it’s so cheap so there’s so many
stencils out there
um this i highly recommend dalmatian
spots though because
the imperfection around these little
is not noticeable so i have some other
stencils that i tried using
and it kind of like bleeds so go with
the dalmatian spots
fair um and when you you you ran for
office when you were in indiana correct
yeah i ran in ohio state senate
ohio that was the first and only time
i’ve ever ran for office
and i just was a paper candidate to
my my party because back then
they really needed people just to be on
the ballot and i’m sure it’s still the
same case today in a lot of states with
parties and i agreed and it was like the
easiest thing ever to do
i paid 85 for my filing fee
and i had to get 25 valid signatures i
had 25
exact valid signatures
and then i was on the ballot and i i
think i got a few thousand people voted
for me
just because my name was on the ballot
so you
people talk all the time about how how
to win how to run and everything it’s
that’s great and you know if you really
want to put your heart and soul into it
but also just giving voters a choice to
vote for something other than a democrat
or a republican
is i think also a worthy cause yeah no
there have been multiple times here
in pinellas county um where
there was a democrat there was a
republican and then there was a third
and i didn’t know who the third option
was but i was voting for that person
the other two just because they were the
third option um
like they may have they may have been
straight like lyndon larouche party
and i wouldn’t have known um i would
just yeah sure i’m voting for that guy
um but yeah no
and then you moved down uh here you got
involved in the lppc the libertarian
party of pinellas county for anybody
who’s not from here
um and was i
vice chair at that time yeah i think so
okay and um let’s see mr bowen was the
and you were the vice chair when i
joined mm-hmm
yep yeah yeah that was a that was an
interesting time in the libertarian
party in florida um
and you ended up leaving uh at
2016. correct was that when you ended up
moving up north
i actually moved in 2018
to the dc area okay i thought i was
thinking for some reason that you had
left earlier than that to go
to new hampshire for a little bit and
then you went to dc i couldn’t remember
but our friend jesse went to new
hampshire that’s what it was okay yeah
um so yeah 2018 you went up to dc you
got the job with the libertarian party
and since then you legitimately
you are everywhere on social media
i see you on twitter i see you on
facebook i see you on um
instagram like i see you everywhere on
social media
and now you have made time to
get on a new one and try to master that
one um
and i went on clubhouse today for the
very first time
because i figured i should know a little
bit about what i was talking about
um and i don’t understand it at all
uh so i’m going to need you to explain
this to me
like i am a boomer who doesn’t know how
to use his phone
um what what is the point of clubhouse
okay well you’ve been to a conference
right i have
so you know how most conferences you go
there’s usually like a long schedule of
a whole bunch of activities
so there’s going to be like an expo hall
and there’s going to be
a like the main stage and then there’s
going to be a whole bunch of like
breakout rooms and then also people
hanging out in the hallway
so it’s basically clubhouse is a
conference on a digital platform
and when somebody first told me about
this platform i thought that’s not gonna
be fun that’s not gonna be
like how can you take the excitement of
a conference and put it into an
app and i thought that that’s not gonna
but turns out i love it more than going
to a conference
now if i need to go to a conference i’m
like i don’t even want to get on a plane
and go be around people can we just do
this on clubhouse because i can wear
pajamas and i don’t have to leave my
home and it costs
zero dollars to do clubhouse so
clubhouse allows its users to start
right you can also start clubs too so
you can host a room from a club
i couldn’t or you can just host a room
it told me
i could not start a club i did attempt
to start a club today i was like
let me start a club it says you cannot
create a club for now clubs are only
available to the most
active community members and i went oh
yeah okay
so the way you start a club is you just
have to be like on the app for about a
week and you need to start a few rooms
and then it’s going to give you the
opportunity to start your own club
so they kind of just want to make sure
that like you’re getting on the platform
and using it
and then you’re going to create a club
that you’re actually going to use
because clubs if you don’t
do anything with them they’re pointless
so it’s like you’ll need to schedule
a lot of podcasters are putting their
podcast on clubhouse
and recording them and then uploading
them so one of the benefits
of making a clubhouse conversation
say you and i were to have this very
conversation we’re having this second
on clubhouse it takes away the video
so you can’t do that but the benefit
is that people can like the people who
are watching us talk right now
they can comment on the chat and that’s
pretty much their only way of engagement
at the moment
okay so you can’t people can’t sorry
uh can can you chat like text chat on
clubhouse or is it just all audio chat
so you can’t do chatting
but people can participate okay so if
you want to open up the door
say you and i are having a conversation
and we want to engage people and hear
what people have to say
you can then if you are the moderator
you can then let people
join you and join in on the conversation
so that’s kind of the beauty of
clubhouses it’s dialogue it’s
conversation it’s people
meeting each other exactly where they’re
at and having conversations and it’s not
unless you record it right and they
don’t want you to do recording unless
you have the
consent of the participants so it’s kind
of an ability for us to have
conversations even the tough
the tough conversations that we we might
feel like we’re too
ignorant to have we may not be
intelligent enough to have
and it’s not recorded so then people are
more willing to open
up ask what might be they think is a
stupid question
or have a comment and sometimes you know
people say things that
are incorrect um or that aren’t actually
factually based but somebody’s gonna be
able to jump in and be like hey i
actually want to like
challenge you on this or i have some
other information
and it’s not recorded it’s not getting
it it’s not going to go anywhere
afterwards when the conversation’s over
my thoughts on clubhouse and the beauty
of it is that because it’s not recorded
like a podcast
you then have to challenge yourself to
have the conversation that you heard
with the people in your community
so i’m hearing things and i’m like wow
this is really cool
and i want to share this with others and
i have to speak it in my own words
and have that conversation one-on-one
rather than just like
copy link send a friend hey i want you
to listen to this podcast and then you
never know if they even listen to the
but if you have that conversation about
something you heard you learned
or you grew from then you really have to
make that
a conversation that happens outside of
with your own community so it’s like
little rippling effects
throughout all over the globe we’re
having conversations on clubhouse and
then we’re
taking those into our own like
interpersonal spheres of influence
so it’s in the way that i feel like i
can try to associate this you mentioned
a conference or conventions or something
like that whenever somebody leaves a
conference or convention that that’s
when they get all jazzed up and they’re
like you know if it’s a conference for
work they’re like i’m gonna do so great
at my job i’m gonna start doing this and
this and this or if this convention it’s
i’m gonna libertarian so hard or you
know i’m going to go out there and i’m
going to make a difference in the world
and so this is kind of bringing that
into your home
where you can be involved in this not in
facebook text battle let’s argue this
we can actually be part of a
semi-physical conversation um even if
it’s just over
even if it’s just over the internet
still you’re still having a physical
conversation with somebody
and you kind of will still get that same
burst of uh energy in order to go out
and work on these things
yeah okay and because it started in
silicon valley
it’s really heavy on the tech and
entrepreneur venture capitalist side
so i’m having these opportunities as
being an
early adopter with this platform to have
conversations with some people that
you wouldn’t have access to like like if
you were to go to
a conference and say um somebody
named naval was the speaker naval
is the founder of angel list have you
heard of him yeah
well i’ve heard i know angellist and i i
yeah i had heard the founder on a
podcast years ago but i could not
remember i would not have pulled his
name if you had said it
okay so imagine you’re you’re you’re
registered for a conference
and naval is one of the main stage
speakers and you’re hoping for a chance
to get a conversation with him
chances are he’s going to have people
he’s going to get whisked away
and then you’re never going to see him
and you’re you paid a thousand dollars
to attend a conference
for you know you didn’t get a chance to
talk to the person you want to talk to
well i have had a chance to talk to
naval on clubhouse
so and i paid zero dollars for it my
only expense was i was
up really really really late talking
with friends on clubhouse
and one of my friends is connected to
naval so neval
enters into this room with a friend um
that he’s friends with quite often and
then i get a chance to talk to him and
it’s like
like that kind of access to people that
are funding technology that’s innovating
our planet you don’t get that anywhere
else and i’ve been able to find it on
clubhouse so
i’m super enthusiastic about the
platform i’m having so much fun on it
it’s it’s a complete game changer with
with my
with like my career and my activism so
i’m stoked to be able to talk about it
with you
this evening and your audience and
explain to them why i think they should
join clubhouse and
talk to people on it no absolutely um
real quick
jessie roth says saint pete [ __ ] um
hi jessie i miss her very yeah it’s been
a while i hope you’re doing well
um william over on youtube says how are
the community standards on clubhouse
that is a massive issue that many
libertarians conservatives
like anybody uh has that’s not like
the wrong the really wrong kind of
um we all kind of have that issue
as you know i was kicked off facebook um
i was kicked off facebook last year
um lots of people are getting kicked off
of youtube and twitter and all that
what’s going on with clubhouse like is
there any kind of concern with that
we really don’t know yet because it’s
too early it’s such a new platform and
it started taking off around march and
april is when
like people really started rolling onto
the platform quickly
and elon musk got on joe rogan got on so
that really like sparked some interest
um across the planet
but the the thing about clubhouse is
their whole ideal is creator first
you are a creator if you start a room
and they want to put the power in your
so that way you’re in charge of the room
that you’ve started
so if somebody’s saying something that
you don’t want them to be saying
in your room you as the creator you can
kick them out you can put them back down
to the audience
you have that power to control the
so they they want to foster this kind of
dialogue and the vibe of it is homies
helping homies
you’re going to see people that are
yeah they’re having conversations about
like telling your story
and finding your voice and investing
with cryptocurrency
so people are holding all these
conversations about how can we help each
other when
and that’s what i love about it is like
we’re we’re trying to collectively
use shared knowledge to improve humanity
and it’s beautiful and the the community
there that’s waiting for people on
clubhouse is very inclusive
it’s very um tolerant we’re having
healthy debates um we’re challenging
each other it’s a diverse community
when i first got on the platform and
started like popping into rooms
i noticed i was like this is not
of what i see other places
there are people of all skin tones of
all places in the world i’ve made a
friend in saudi arabia
i’ve never had a friend from saudi
arabia but now
i have my friend from saudi arabia that
so excited about like if i ever need to
go to saudi arabia i know who i can go
they’re going to come visit some time to
the united states like i’m making
global connections that it’s it’s so
unreal what’s happening and i i want to
hear from people if they
are having these similar experiences
that i am i can’t be an anomaly that i’m
the only person
that’s finding this to be such like a
peaceful fun platform like
jess is the only one enjoying it
everybody else is like
i don’t know why i’m here um yeah
but i could also see how that could be a
thing because you can have a good time
i try right um
but uh we’ve got
we’ve got so many people commenting on
this uh this is like the most commons
this this show has ever gotten um
i think this was in uh in response to
uh how are the how are the uh community
guidelines he says there
are some racist groups from all angles
on there which
i mean that’s anywhere on social media
these days it’s just now on facebook and
twitter they try to hide it a little bit
better but they don’t
jimmy jimmy lee wants to know if you can
search for clubhouses like you can
facebook groups the search feature
isn’t as robust or dynamic as facebook
but you can look for clubs so you could
look for like the keyword like
kava or kratom and you’ll find clubs
that are going to be
in line with what you’re looking for but
it’s nowhere near
as robust as facebook where you can like
look up posts and things like that
because posts don’t really exist but
it’s all about
like starting conversations and holding
the conversations
so um when it comes to the community
that’s on there because you have to
use your voice and speak that
i have found that it’s it’s a positive
community people don’t want to speak
out there like they might type it they
might think it but like
talking hatred saying it out something
i’m not finding
okay yeah um one of our listeners um
she i know this listener pretty well but
she says that the idea of this gives her
um she will comment on things often uh
she’ll comment on things often
but she’ll she’s how do i say this
because i i really like this person i
don’t want this to come off in the wrong
um but she’s kind of withdrawn if you
like talk to her in person
but she will engage with you online
uh can you be a fly on the wall in
clubhouse and just listen or
is it encouraged to uh
kind of go along with it
so the platform is for absolutely
if you’re an extrovert or an introvert
you’re gonna find that
you’re gonna probably enjoy the platform
the extroverts that are interested in
up on stages and and engaging in
conversations like
my first time i jumped on a stage to
have a conversation i got really nervous
because i was i was like scared i was
what am i gonna say what’s happening
i was so nervous but then i got over it
and then i started
participating in conversations and
making community
all across clubhouse like i’ve been
interacting with the space community
and like i found this awesome welcoming
in the space industry it was the space
industry mixer room with small steps and
giant leaps
and they invited me to come speak and i
said hey i’m not really in the space
industry but i’m in space i’m interested
in space policy
or what kind of like future i can have
in the space industry and
people started because how else do you
become space oprah to become space opera
and you need to know about space policy
more to have my dream realized for space
but um so i
people reached out to me and even um
like you can
there’s no messaging feature right now
with clubhouse so people are using
instagram or twitter
to message each other and they’re like
we want to help you out
like connect you and i’ve been connected
um and talking with nasa’s chief
scientist jim green
he’s on the platform all the time and i
got to ask him questions i was like
hey jim i want to get more into space i
want to be around the space community
should i stay in dc or should i move to
starbase in texas
and he was like you should stay in dc
like this is where like
the community is here it’s just it’s
dead right now because
people aren’t holding meetings but
pretty soon there’s going to be like
networking events and stuff that i can
go to in person
but for now i’m making these connections
on clubhouse
now if you’re an introvert and you just
want to listen
in on conversations that are happening
that’s totally fine there’s no
at all to participate in conversations
but i think
i found the most value i’ve i started
attending larger rooms and like when i
say larger rooms
it’s kind of like envision it like the
main stage at a conference
you’re gonna have a panelist line up
maybe they’ll take q a
and so i started attending those and
then i even
started hosting those with former
congressman justin amash
and started hosting these to start
creating community among libertarians
on clubhouse but then what i started
doing was a little bit different
i ended up connecting with people
after one of these like just in the
mushrooms that we hosted
and making friends so i made some like
i started just like talking with people
like casual
shooting the [ __ ] kind of conversation
and then it ended up being like
seeing them on clubhouse again and then
seeing them on clubhouse again and like
continuing to have
these conversations that have now
transformed into friendships
and it’s been awesome like to the point
where now
if i were and it turns out like i’m
making libertarian friends on clubhouse
like it’s pretty great um having
staying up late at night talking about
um creating community like that’s the
thing that everybody’s been missing in
the past year is our communities like
being resorted to being behind screens
takes away so much of that community but
we’ve been using our voices
connecting with each other i want to
tell you a story a love story
okay a clubhouse love story
um hey do you know lex friedman i know
the name
he’s a like a teacher or an ai
researcher i think at mit yeah yeah and
he’s a podcaster
he’s a public intellectual and so
i have made a clubhouse friend that
for google and she
is in love with lex friedman
so a libertarian in california named
brandon christensen
who writes original content and he
writes songs about people on clubhouse
wrote her a love song to lex friedman
and it talks about her central
processing unit is
electrified because she’s in tech
and he’s a very witty songwriter so he
wrote a song that was like
very personalized about her love
and infatuation for lex friedman and
we hosted a room where um
he we were trying to get lex friedman to
join it so that way he could play the
and she could say that she loves lex
and so we were able to bait like a bunch
of people that
are clubhouse connected with lex or
maybe even real life connected who knows
we’re trying to get lex friedman to join
and he never joined
but we’re we haven’t given up hope
you’re going to
complete this love story so that way she
can get to know
lex friedman and maybe they’re meant to
be together who knows you know
and the weirder things have happened and
when it comes to
love stories uh one day i will tell
everybody how
sarah and i got together um but not
tonight have you ever told it before
not on the show no i’ve told it to
people do you want to now
well i there are some questions in in
the chat that i really want to get to
love story day love story day love story
with matt
yes um i and if we have time at the end
i i will tell the story i will i promise
i’m oprah like i gotta get things out of
you i am interviewing you now
it’s it’s now my podcast i’ve hijacked
it fair
you wouldn’t be the first guest to do
that um
uh liberty shamrocker she wants to know
if there’s a way to connect clubhouse to
be monetized at all which
i am very interested in this answer so
a few months ago the answer was no but
clubhouse is creating tools for
the participants to start earning
from clubhouse so they’ve incorporated a
send money option so
like my friend brandon that’s writing
these original songs
he’s doing it out of the goodness of his
heart for
absolutely no reason but say he can
write a song
original song about something in five
minutes and not only is it an original
song but
it’s originally an amazing song um
say he did that for somebody they could
like send him a tip on clubhouse
okay so there is that ability to send
money to people
nobody sent me money on clubhouse yet
i’m still waiting for that to happen
but clubhouse is also starting to
their philosophy is creator first so
they want to help
their creators find ways to make revenue
from being on clubhouse so they have
started this creator first program where
piloted like a hundred shows and they’re
going to be providing
revenue to those creators so they can
create these shows
and do this in their and maybe maybe as
a job
so depending on how clubhouse evolves in
the future
especially in the post pandemic world
they are really trying to help
people make this something and it’s also
venture capitalist backed so
mark andreessen he is the inventor of
internet browser following me on
clubhouse because sometime like back in
january we were in a room together and i
must have said something that he was
interested in so he followed me
had no idea that the internet of the the
internet browser inventor was following
me until somebody told me about it and i
was just like
you’re kidding me like how did how did
that happen but that’s the beauty of
anything is possible you can you can be
like meet the internet browser creator
if you want to
um maybe we’ll see but um it’s got like
venture capitalist-backed money and it’s
potentially gonna you know
um continue to grow and we’ll see what
happens but there are ways
to monetize clubhouse you’re just gonna
have to get a little creative and on
sundays at noon eastern
the developers of clubhouse are holding
clubhouse town halls where you can learn
what it is that they’re rolling out what
kind of features they’re doing
you can ask for features you as a
participant they want to hear
like what is it that you want from this
platform so they’re really trying to
make this platform a place that is
engaging and fun in a place that you
want to go
and spend your free time just like i do
like i’m
i’m loving it like how else am i going
to meet
nasa’s chief scientist other than this
fair and that’s fair like if you’re
somebody who spends a lot of time on
twitter which i’m not anybody who
follows the muddied waters twitter or my
uh which if you’re interested it’s
muddied h2o matt
um but like i’m not on those a whole lot
every once in a while on my personal
i’ll drop like a movie review um
yeah that’s pretty much it or i just
share muddy water stuff
um and then on muddied waters it’s just
the show and then
every once in a while i’ll be like oh
look i’m gonna post
whatever today um usually it’s a meme or
just some idiotic thought that i had
that i was like yeah that’s pro liberty
so i’m gonna go with that
uh but i don’t spend a lot of time doing
it um
if you’re lucky enough to be somebody
who’s on these that gets somebody to
follow you
uh you know like a nasa chief science
whatever you said um nasa a guy that
works at nasa high up
um or you or you get um
some guy from mit you know the the smart
people who i don’t know why they would
follow me
um if you’re lucky enough you’re a smart
guy i am a smart guy that’s true my mom
tells me that all the time
um she just says i don’t live up to my
um but uh if
if you’re lucky enough to get that on
twitter like you
i know like so many people on twitter
and none of them have that
and i know like literally i think i know
four people on clubhouse hang on a
i can tell you exactly how many people i
know on clubhouse
yeah four i’ve got four friends on
um one is on the show one is watching
the show
um but um
but yeah like and i know four people on
on twitter are on clubhouse and you
already know nasa scientists and mit
people uh well i’ve been on it since
january and
really started using it just a few
months ago like to
to an extent that like it’s gotten out
of hand um
yeah but um i met somebody that said
they’re your non-profit executive and
they got their largest donation ever
because of a clubhouse conversation wow
for their non-profit
that’s that’s huge that’s huge yeah
there are people
that are willing to invest and they are
people who are willing to donate on
so i think you’re gonna kill it on
clubhouse matt you are very articulate
you’re an incredibly smart man you have
a lot of things to say
and also you know you have a you have an
amazing voice so i think you’re going to
the platform and you’re going to find
like you’re going to have a lot more
friends on clubhouse than you
than you even want to to deal with
because then you’re going to be like now
i have to maintain these friendships
oh man i’ve got so many now i don’t want
to talk to
um i appreciate you saying i have an
amazing voice because i
hate it um so i’m glad that you and
like sarah tells me all the time how
great my voice is my boss at work who
has to hear it a lot she’s like you have
a great voice
i don’t know why you hate recording
these things you talk
so much every week to the entire world
and you have no problem with that i’m
like yeah but i have to listen to this
to make sure that it’s good and she’s
like no your voice is great
um voice of an angel nah
that wouldn’t go that far um
even lucifer was an angel uh hey
lucifer mark pellegrino he was in
um supernatural and played as lucifer
and he is an ann rand
objectivist type i’ve talked with him
and he’s on clubhouse all the time dane
on clubhouse all the time cook is giving
that is nice and advice from dave i
talked to dan cook
i yeah oh my gosh i talked to dane cook
he had a room titled zen
anarchy and i like press the hand button
raise my hand and be on the stage and
talk with him and he’s like what do you
want to talk about i was like
zen anarchy of course and he’s like what
do you want to talk about it
i’m like i believe in zen anarchy
and i’m trying to do this as like make
zen argue a
zen anarchy a thing across the entire
globe and i invited everybody in the
audience to run for
office and i dm’d um i said uh
i asked dane if he would join me in my
quest for zen anarchy
and i dm’d him on he said like yeah
follow up with me
so i dm’d him on instagram
and he he heart reacted my like
i want to make a president in 2024 so
i might follow up with him at some point
whenever we know who our candidate is
going to be and then be like
can you help me out now great i am
we just started watching american gods
which from the beginning
uh so that shows you how far behind i am
um if you’ve ever seen it
uh never okay so dang cook is in it and
i did not know
yeah and i did not know dane cook was in
it i don’t know how many episodes he’s
in he’s been in one
so far um and i was we’re sitting there
watching it last i think this was last
night actually and i was
just kind of staring at the screen and
like doing this weird little
trying to figure it out
is that ding cook and sarah said
yeah huh
i did not know what he was doing anymore
i have not seen him since
yeah good luck chuck or the the the
costco movie um
i was like his own clubhouse he’s on
club every day
with his friend marty and they’re
telling everybody
how to live their lives in the most
beautiful way awesome
awesome man i would follow dink i
followed him on myspace
i followed dane cook on myspace i’ll
follow him clubhouse the way that you
can find content that you’re interested
in is just by following people
so the more people you follow the more
likely you’re gonna see rooms that
interest you
and i highly encourage you to visit dane
cook’s room okay
i will check out dan cooke’s rooms i i
did follow him when he was on
my spacer and that was how he was
getting his start and i
had those two albums memorized um at one
point in my life
uh and i will follow him now especially
if he’s saying good things
like yeah positive definitely
dignity all of it coming from dane and
that’s good after what happened to
him with his brother stealing all of his
money um
oh i didn’t know that yeah his brother
was his uh was his manager
uh and ended up stealing millions
from him um and he ended up firing his
brother he didn’t press charges because
uh but he lost so much money because of
his brother
and that’s why like that’s why he kind
of disappeared is because yeah
he was like i don’t know who’s got about
dane cook yeah
um but yeah no like i’m excited to kind
of get into it uh
i was i was wondering if there was a way
to do like groups
and i think that’s what clubs are is
like kind of like groups so i wanted to
set up like a muddy waters
group you should but they didn’t let me
uh today so i was like oh i’m gonna have
to use this
a lot more uh to be able to use it
um but yeah i wanted to set up muddy
waters groups and that way
people could come in and like just have
conversations with us where we’re not
doing this and talking uh where we’re
not doing this and we’re not uh
you know just reading people’s comments
throughout the uh
kenny johnson says this is going to be a
spoiler alert for
a lot of people but if you haven’t seen
this movie by now you’re never going to
uh when he gets hit with a shovel in mr
brooks i laugh every time
and it’s wrong i haven’t seen it yeah
but i understand it
really well because it is really funny
when it happens even though it’s not
supposed to be
um and then he said funniest thing he
ever did
um but yeah uh
i’m very interested to learn more about
it and kind of get to know it and figure
out how to
you know monetize it because why else do
i do this
um yeah but also the chance to get out
there and learn and meet new people like
just the fact that you have been able to
meet so many
people and network the way that you have
using it um
is amazing yeah it could potentially
like change change so many things
i mean the inventor of the internet
it’s not the toaster strudel but
the internet browser is pretty big so
the internet browser
you know it’s not the george foreman
but yeah you know what um i asked ron
a question i’ve talked to mika
brzezinski from morning joe
right i mean i mean it’s just like at
the like i
i could uh look back at like journaling
and be like i got to talk to this person
this day and this person
this day like that’s that’s what my life
has become
as i’m trying to think about what has
been the highlight of my day
and it seems like every single day it’s
clubhouse like something’s happening
on clubhouse that is the best
part of my day it’s brought me joy like
so much vicarious joy and
i i think that it’s like i think it’s
awesome i think clubhouse is probably
our world it’s bringing people together
i have
a friend from kazakhstan kazakhstan
he was um an immigrant
he was homeless he came to the united
states to play basketball
he got leukemia while playing basketball
and now he he survived and he watched
people his age
pass away from leukemia and now he’s
studying i think he’s studying at
stanford to be a doctor
and he’s studying the bugs that harm our
body and he’s doing a daily lecture
about these bugs these micro bugs
in our bodies and a different one every
single day for like 30 minutes and
teaching people
he’s teaching and then he is working on
beautiful story these books that are
made for children
and they’re about the bugs in our bodies
and one of the books
is it has two kids in it one kid with
light skin and one kid with dark skin
and the kid with light skin has a skin
rash and so does the kit the kid with
dark skin
but the doctor doesn’t see and doesn’t
diagnose the skin rash with the kid with
dark skin
and he does with the kid with the light
and so they have two different outcomes
and so these stories
these books that he’s writing tell a
story about real issues
that people deal with with medicine
things that
doctors overlook because of our
diversity because the actors aren’t
always thinking
about how we have very different bodies
between every single one of us
and these books also come with a 3d
printed bug that’s featured in the story
and my friend got to tell that idea to
somebody who’s able to invest millions
and millions and millions of dollars
into whatever he wants
so perfect place for this man’s journey
who he had a very hard difficult journey
but he got to tell his story to
one of the top investors in this entire
and now his his like fledgling book
books and these 3d printed bugs that he
started those could be something that in
10 years
every single kid in america might have
every single kid in the world might have
he has found the right person to make
the pitch to at the right time
i mean what a better like success story
can you find than that
right from a homeless refugee
cancer survivor to now potentially
innovating the way that kids learn about
that yeah that is absolutely that is the
that it warms you here
oh and he’s a libertarian and he kind of
wants to run for governor but
he doesn’t want to run for governor in
the california recall race because he’s
a student so he’s kind of like maybe i
should just wait
right but i think uh quote for governor
of california
okay everybody you heard it here
on the writer’s block first vote for
this guy for governor
and the next gubernatorial he can’t run
for governor he’s moving to idaho right
now just like
all good california libertarians are
i thought all good california
libertarians were moving to florida
um they’re going to idaho utah
they are they are leaving california
quickly quickly and
california is losing a lot of people
very very quickly
um but that is a completely different
we could go into why but that is a
completely different conversation
um but um
that is almost all the time we have uh
so if sorry yeah if everybody wants to
hear it i’ll tell it
uh i do she she’s not watching okay
i’ve seen pictures of her on facebook
and she’s so pretty
and i would love to hear your beautiful
love story
no so uh it it’s weird how this all
came about um years ago back when i was
still drinking i’ve been sober for
coming up on seven years now um oh god
you knew me when i was drinking
didn’t you no i think oh you’ve been
sober since we met
yeah okay so the entire time because i
got sober in uh 2014
september of 2014. so the same time we
right so uh back when i was doing a
just all of the drinking that you can do
in florida
um i met this guy uh whose name i don’t
uh he was like one of those rat face
dudes that wears like the pork pie hat
and he always dressed in black and he
was a drummer
and any girl out there understands what
kind of person i’m talking about and i’m
describing him exactly how he is
um like he was cool if you were a dude
if you were a girl like i wouldn’t trust
you like i wouldn’t trust him around you
um but cool cool if you were a dude uh
but apparently if you are friends with
him that means nothing um
he always told me that he had this
friend who lived
in lakeland and he really liked her and
he thought that she was so hot and that
was all
i knew about this random person that he
would tell me about when we were very
um and then he told me one day she
really likes books
and i had just published dear jack diary
of an addict this was actually i had
i was sober at this point um
and he said hey i really want to give
her that for her birthday
uh can i but can i get a copy and i was
like yeah you don’t have to buy it and
gave me money for it anyway and on the
inside of it i said sarah
happy birthday matt and he gave it to
and then she said
um she just texted me but not about this
and then she ended up following me on
twitter and she sent me a couple of
she sent me a couple of messages and she
said uh you know i’d really like for you
to read some stuff of mine
and i said sure yeah just send it to me
and she never did and i said okay well
over um that was all of the
conversations i’m going to have with
this girl
and she we had she ended up adding me on
facebook and on instagram throughout
the next few years and i know
that i am
batting out or i’m punching outside of
my weight class here
and she is exceptionally beautiful and
i’m just you know yeah i’m alright
um but when i publish my next book can
you keep a secret
available on amazon if anybody wants to
go and find it jack casey liked it
um when i published the next one i sent
her a message on instagram and i said
would you like a free book if you’d like
tell your
thousands of followers to buy it and she
said yeah absolutely i will do that in a
heartbeat and she pushed both of my
books and i made decent
money on them um and then after that we
just kind of started talking a little
bit she was living
in hawaii at the time and we were just
kind of talking
and she and her husband were out in
and she was telling me how uh it wasn’t
working out
and i was just being there as a friend 6
000 miles away
and i was like okay yeah like i’ll be
your sounding board because i’m
up when people in hawaii are awake
because i don’t ever sleep at night and
we just started talking we became close
then she left hawaii and she moved to
san diego for
a while and we kept talking and then
one day i was working at a cava bar
uh hating it that kava bar was terri it
wasn’t the one that i used to it wasn’t
low tide it was a different one
um and one day i’m just sitting there at
work on this terrible wednesday wishing
that i was off so i could go drink
copious amounts of kava
and not be there um and
she walked in the door she just walked
and i was like why are you here
and she said i came to see you for five
okay what and i was like okay like
like i lit like just knows me many of
you haven’t seen me in person i am not a
tall man
um i jumped over the bar like i
i cleared it and there was not a lot of
she just walked in um there was not a
lot of room for me to like get a running
jump i literally jumped
up over the bar picked her up gave her a
huge hug and
completely ignored the guy that was
ordering a drink from me at that moment
um and she comes she comes over and uh
you know give her a huge hug i go back
to work and then
uh well the rest of that story doesn’t
need to be told right there but um
you guys know where it went um and she
said that
she was leaving her husband and she was
going to be moving back to florida
and she uh was in love with me
and i was like oh well thank god because
this was getting real awkward for me
because i’ve been in love with you and
we ended up
she ended up moving out um literally a
day before the pandemic
uh she moved out march 13th
and california shut down on the 14th or
something like that and
we she moved here to the
to st pete and we have been
basically right next to each other the
entire time ever since that happened
and oh i’m going to make her cry and
she look she’s got like the glowing
thing that you know right here
um and we have been together ever since
and we used to
well we do i started saying this thing
to her when
she would go back to california and
uh we would be talking and i would say i
love you and she would say i love you
then i would say forever and she said
forever and i said plus ten so forever
plus ten became
our i love you so now we will say
forever one of us will say forever and
the other person will say
plus ten and that is how we say i love
you and i love you too
so the fact that this one dude who’s a
complete douche uh [ __ ]
uh bought a copy of my book to try to
get into her pants
is the reason that she and i have now
been together for
two years two years in september
so yep it all started because i wrote a
15 years ago published it seven years
ago and
some guy that neither one of us talked
to anymore
gave it to her as a birthday present
isn’t it crazy how some of our most
difficult times in most you know
situations that nearly break us and then
we come through them
and it leads to something more beautiful
than you could have ever imagined
you know like when when he said hey i
want to buy this book for this girl
because i think she’s hot and you know
she likes reading and this will impress
her um
that i know an author and i’m like well
i mean you kind of know an author i’ve
written one book
and like 14 people have read it um
i was like yeah sure like yeah whatever
and then
i never would have thought that that
moment that that singular moment was
going to change
the rest of my life after i had to wait
seven years
or six years or whatever it is um i
never would have
considered that that moment was the one
that was going to change
everything for me moving forward but did
you know that you were writing that book
for someone very very special
no i legitimately thought i was writing
that book to help me not do more cocaine
but i mean i guess technically with her
i can’t do more cocaine she’ll get mad
at me and leave me so
technically still true
she’s giving me a look um
but yeah that is uh you know like people
in the comments they’re saying damn
that’s destiny
uh why y’all not heart reacting thank
you kenny johnson
um this is a beautiful love story uh i’m
gonna make space oprah cry
people love sarah happy tears um yeah no
honestly i mean i definitely got some
when you told that yeah when um
when all of this started i never thought
i never thought that you know she and i
would be together
uh ever when when at the very beginning
but after i started getting to know her
and started learning more about her and
we started
clicking like better than i had ever
clicked with anybody
i absolutely i can hear you
they can’t um
uh when when i started learning that i
was like man this is going to be
terrible because this is going to be the
worst non-relationship that’s ever going
to have to end for me
because i didn’t want to be the guy that
was going to be like you should leave
your husband for me because i’m not
i don’t want that i don’t want to break
up a family i never wanted to tell her
how i felt about her and
any of that and when we finally could
say these things to each other
it was the greatest weight lifted off of
me because i no longer had to hide it
and i am one of the luckiest people in
the world
because she feels the same way
and i don’t have to worry about uh ever
saying that and having it question
whether or not it’s going to come back
um meg jones says at least she’s not
threatening bodily harm
and you don’t know that meg
you don’t know our personal life um
but no honestly and much can be said
about um so much of my life
whether it was me selling a book to this
uh seven years ago or whether
it was me meeting some guy
in a kava bar who was also a libertarian
him coming up to me a few months later
going hey you want to start a podcast
and i got no
and having it turn into what this has
turned into
over the course of four years there’s no
way you
any interaction that you have could turn
into something
so much bigger than what you think it
possibly could ever be
and i’ve gotten so lucky twice
with sarah most of all and then with the
podcast and then
with three times because i also made the
decision to bring spike on
um so three times like i’ve struck gold
and in all honesty like
if you can get more of those
interactions which it sounds like
potentially you can bringing it back on
if you can get more of those
interactions on clubhouse it is one of
it sounds like it could be one of the
better things that people in the liberty
movement could
should join most definitely
and it’s i mean we’re we’re such an
insular community
where we have a hard time speaking to
people that
don’t already speak our language but
when we meet people
and and and come into these dialogues
laura hartman and i have joined
conversations where we start changing
changing the dialogue to flip them and
flip the conversation
and inject liberty into a conversation
that wasn’t already there talking about
like cannabis reform and how to
cure ptsd with um
with substances that are un being
researched right now
by the fda to try to treat mental
and so we’ve really tried changing the
and helping to provide a liberty message
that may not have been there but
before we went in so like you can you
sometimes might see with laura and i
in the same room and you already know
what’s happening right
there’s going to be a lot of talking
oh yeah yeah
no um no i’m like i’m excited to learn
about more about this platform
um and i’m excited to uh i’m excited to
just see what comes of it and see what
good all of us
anybody watching the show anybody that
listens to this show uh
what good we can do bringing this out
into the world and like
making it bigger my advice to anybody
that’s joining it the best thing that i
can say is just
have a little bit of courage and join
some conversations for the first time
it’s it’s intimidating to enter into a
conversation where you can’t see any of
these people other than a picture of
their face
and you can read their bio and you can
hear them
and you can listen in but it’s really
becomes magical once you
start to have the conversations with
people so
it muster up a little bit of courage and
when you have something to say share it
with the
share it with with the people that are
there and who knows you might end up
connecting with people that you’re gonna
change the world together
right because like you know like that i
said you don’t know which interaction is
going to be the one that’s going to
change your life
um and whichever one it is whether it’s
on clubhouse or whether it’s uh
you know at uh kappa bar or
you know at work or you know just on the
any interaction could be the one that
makes the difference and if it’s on the
clubhouse great
like you you could be changing minds and
changing lives
out on clubhouse um and that’s
just fantastic really during
the ingenuity mission on mars when
perseverance landed back in february
and there’s this little helicopter in
in in perseverance it’s called
ingenuity and it was um
scheduled in april to have its first
flight and i got to celebrate with
people on clubhouse
during ingenuity’s first flight on mars
and the very special thing about that
is that we have never flown on another
planet before
and i got to hear from the engineers
that created
ingenuity i got to be part of the whole
space community on clubhouse with all
these people i mean nasa’s chief
scientist was
talking about it bringing on the people
like there’s there’s a lot of components
that go
into a mars helicopter
to get it to mars right then to have it
fly on mars
but the coolest thing that i learned and
i only learned it because i was on
is that helicopter had a tiny piece of
fabric from the right
flyer from 1904 the first
flight on earth where there was a little
piece of the first
first flight on earth was on the first
flight on mars
and that is like such a meta thing that
like blew my mind when i was like dang
we’re now flying on mars and only was it
in 1904 that the wright
brothers had their first powered
look how far we’re coming with humanity
like high five right i mean it’s
amazing what the wright brother you know
anybody named wright
really they’re just fantastic people um
they’re changing the world
one bicycle maker at a time um one
podcast at a time that’s right
um well just thank you so much for
coming on what
if people want to find you on clubhouse
it’s not hard i found you in like
two seconds yeah um but if anybody out
there wants to find you on clubhouse
uh where can they find you my handle is
jess for liberty the number four on
all social media platforms and
join me on clubhouse i’m hosting
conversations with former congressman
justin amash
and we’re having a great time we’re
having a blast we’re connecting building
community and
i want you to be part of the community
and i also want to hear
what kind of uh life-changing
conversations are you
getting into what are you learning about
who are you meeting
are you falling in love with anyone i
want to know
what’s going on so i hope to connect
with your audience
and hear from them on clubhouse yeah no
absolutely well thank you so much for
uh coming on uh i need to do the outro
if you want to hang out for a few
minutes and i’ll talk to you afterwards
beautiful sounds great excellent two
everybody else that’s joe soloski i
forgot to turn that off but uh to
everybody else
thank you so much for tuning in uh i
have to give a shout out to somebody on
youtube because his name is matt
wright and how can i not eventually he
and i are gonna have to battle
um because there can only be one
um thank you all for tuning in to this
very personal episode
of the writer’s block um where you got
to learn
about my love life um
because i was not expecting that to
happen but when jess meers is around you
have no clue
what is gonna happen um if anybody wants
follow me on clubhouse or twitter or
instagram you can find me at
at muddied h2omat you can find me on all
social media that way
um tune in
next week i should have this pulled up i
say that every week but you know what
that’s not gonna change anytime soon
because i get so
engrossed in my conversations that
i forget uh join us next week
for a very special episode of the
muddied waters of freedom
where brody anderson uh will be coming
he was elected to a six-year term to the
river valley district library board of
trustees and he’s going to be coming on
and telling us about his journey there
and then next wednesday next wednesday
uh spike has
josh oh he’s doing this one again okay
um he has josh eagle and justin cornett
from tennessee
great guys they’re doing a lot of great
work up in tennessee and then next week
on the writer’s block
i have no clue who i have um
i will find out later i found out about
jess yesterday
but uh tune in thank you all so much
uh please like please share uh if you’re
not watching this live
comment comment comment comment i don’t
care what you comment you can tell me i
i won’t care comment because that helps
us out the algorithms
um if you are one of those fantastic
people out there
uh who enjoy hearing these sweet sultry
dulcet sounds of our voices you might be
able to do that on clubhouse regularly
soon but in the meantime what you can do
is you can head on over to anchor dot fm
slash muddied waters where you can
listen to
every single epis excuse me every single
episode of the muddy
of muddy waters media um and you can
also leave us messages that we will play
on tuesday night in the very coveted
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call in moment
you can also if you are so inclined
donate money to us so we can continue to
do things like
this for you because we love you um and
we love money and it makes it just
slightly more worth it
for us to do that you can also find this
in every other episode at
thank you all so so much uh thank you
all so so much
i appreciate each and every one of you
for the writer’s block i am matt wright
and you are
perfect just the way you are i am
i am i
am swinging from a seven story window
throwing parties in a ten by
to save me i will only drag you down
i’ll try to use your body as a life raft
cause if there’s room enough for one
there must be
i don’t need anybody’s head

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