The Wrighter’s Block Episode 49 – Angela McArdle Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Chair of the Libertarian Party of LA county is vying for the chair of the Libertarian Party. What does she want to achieve as chair? What problems does she see the party having? Does she a pathway to unite the different factions? Find out!

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it’s a
i will only drag you down i’ll try to
use your body as a life raft
cause if there’s room enough for one
there must be
i will be relief
i’ll go to convince
the whole damn world i don’t need
anybody’s head
yes welcome back everybody this is me
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this week’s episode of the writer’s
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my next guest i’m very excited about my
next guest uh
she and i have been friends on facebook
going back to an account that no longer
exists because facebook hates me
um but we’ve been friends for on
facebook for a while but we’ve i don’t
think we’ve ever spoken
but i’ve always kind of wanted to so i’m
excited to get her on because i have a
lot of questions for her
and i want to know what uh she has
planned for the future um currently
chairs she currently chairs the
libertarian party of l.a county
and chairs the california mises caucus
as well as sits on the executive
committee of the libertarian party
of california and she’s running
for the chair of the libertarian party
in 2022 ladies and gentlemen
welcome with me angela mcardle angela
thank you
sorry i had you turned down and so
people missed that i apologize
that’s okay i was just saying thanks for
having me on no absolutely i
i am so happy that we had a chance to do
this um
and i am i literally
since sin since we became friends on my
old account
um i have found your post to be uh
engaging and like they raised some
questions in my mind and i have been
looking forward to getting you on to
get a chance to talk to you so glad to
be here
yeah so what i like to do at the
beginning of the writer’s block
i ask everybody that comes on how did
they become a libertarian were they
always one was it some sort of aha
moment did you kind of grow into it
what what is your story on how you uh
joined this party
well i talked about it on a handful of
other cast podcasts it’s sort of
like a story in three acts
so i you know i have this just very
low resolution switch to libertarianism
when i was a teenager like i think maybe
17 years old
where i had a conversation with someone
and i just moved by the way
to california from texas grew up in a
very socially conservative home
just you know knee-jerk republican
household and i said you know i’m
i’m all about guns and i don’t want to
waste money
but i don’t really you know i don’t
really care about like if gay people get
like whatever like shouldn’t
conservatives wait don’t conservatives
the gays to get married and be
conservative with them
whatever and i thought well i don’t
think my friends should go to
jail for smoking weed it just seems
stupid like they’re not hurting anyone
they’re just kind of sitting around
smoking weed maybe
talking about dumb stuff like whether or
not their hands are shrinking
so uh you know the person i was chatting
with said well you sound more like a
and i thought well that okay i’ll be a
libertarian you know
that word still it has like freedom in
it it sounds like it’s practically the
same thing
so i became a libertarian knowing very
little about it
right and then i uh
then i read the creature from jekyll
island which
imploded my world view and
psychologically traumatized me
and terrified me made me just
very frightened of the federal
government in central banking
and thought well you know everything i
believe is a lie
the entire world you know could crumble
at any moment when the dollar collapses
and it will
it will and then
a few years after that i found out about
ron paul and the ron paul revolution and
the broader movement
and that really brought everything full
circle because first i heard about
and then i learned how evil the
government was and learned more about it
on a personal level and finally i
realized there’s a movement
and there are a lot of people who are
very worried about the same thing as i
and that was the liberty movement so
that was how i became a libertarian
it took at least 10 years
yeah it might so the first time i got
arrested for possession of marijuana
that really started pushing me in the
direction of libertarianism
because you know i grew up conservative
then i got arrested for possession of
marijuana and i thought well i’m not
hurting anybody literally
i’m usually sitting at home playing
tony hawk i don’t know uh playing tony
hawk and watching movies that aren’t
and uh just enjoying and enjoying it
every once in a while i do take it out
of the house to go to a
amusement park somewhere and not ride
roller coasters
so who is this hurting by me doing this
and that’s how
the progression started and
eventually turning me into
what everybody sees every week um
now you said that you moved from texas
l.a which is not the usual move that
people make
so no like i think right now everybody’s
going the opposite direction
yeah for better or worse
sorry texas you know
sorry texas california is invading um
they’re pulling an insurgency
now uh yeah so i i was born out in la
um as i was telling you right before the
show started we ended up moving to
um back before virginia was what it is
and you are a lot of what i’m seeing
going on in virginia was what my parents
saw going on in california
when we left and it’s part of the reason
that i ended up leaving virginia
was i wanted to get out of there before
we start getting the california taxes
and california laws on guns and cal
what all of that so i went to tennessee
and then i came down here to uh florida
um now
you seem to be pretty steadfast in your
in your la life in your california life
well i have been historically let’s see
how things go over the next year
okay um i hope i don’t end up having to
eat crow and move out
i’m very concerned about vaccine
and being able to move about freely
and go to the grocery store and go to
concerts and lead a somewhat normal life
so that’s one thing that could
potentially drive me out of california
but california is the canary in the coal
if you’re not willing to take a stand
here some of us have got to be right and
and fight for it you know the phrase is
so goes california so goes the nation
and i do think that that’s true
we really do need to fight it in the in
the most difficult
hideous battleground there is and that’s
new york and we’ve also discovered
michigan to a certain extent
but these are the places where where
they’re sort of testing us and seeing
you know
what will the population put up with
and california california michigan new
york all great examples
of areas of states that have been
super restrictive during the past year
plus your your what is it 13 months now
um yeah during the during the uh kovid
the plandemic as people that i know call
it um
i’ve been lucky enough that i live in
florida and
we did have a lockdown i think it was
like three weeks i’m not even 100 sure
like it was very two months was ours two
two months okay yeah you know better
than me i i lived my life normally i
never got stopped anywhere like i just
went about my day um the only thing that
bad was i couldn’t hang out places at
night um
but i know that one of the things that
you are very passionate about
is making sure that everybody is free in
in california where you are as as well
as nationwide
and you uh i’ve seen you talk multiple
about ending lockdowns and letting
businesses reopen
where in it where in this and
does the personal freedom to open up to
open up
uh to open up your business where does
line infringe on somebody who doesn’t
want to get coveted
well it was a really weirdly worded
as it left my mouth
people who don’t we don’t owe anyone
a safe atmosphere
i’d have no control over what’s in the
i have no control over well things that
are completely without my control
just i don’t owe them that uh you don’t
owe anyone
a completely safe environment we don’t
live in a perfectly safe world
sure people can stay home if they’re
that terrified
of germs they really can i’m not sure at
what point
we decided that everything in the world
should be and must be inherently safe
people go outside they walk down the
street they’re jogging they’re not
wearing helmets
you could potentially fall and crack
your head open and die
that one of the one of the many
elephants in the room during this entire
pandemic and the lockdown is driving
people die on the road every single day
every day every day
but we just take this sort of
utilitarian cost benefit analysis people
need to get to work
they need to get to medical appointments
they need to get to interviews they
the grocery store any number of errands
and things that you do to get on with
your life
and i don’t believe that a new virus
new virus whatever you want to think of
i don’t believe that that is gonna that
that should just make the world stop
and subject everyone else to torture
safety procedures
i’m not compelled not compelled i get
that yeah
so uh not a lot of people no well
if you’ve been watching the show for
since the muddy bars of freedom started
and a half years ago you do um this
all all of this kind of got started
because uh
the state of florida uh as well as the
uh we’re trying to ban a drink called
kratom um
i don’t know if you’ve heard of it some
people have some people haven’t uh i
drink it anymore but it is something
that is out there it’s a tea that people
and it has opioid-like effects
uh did you say kratom kratom k-r-a-t-o
crap yes
um and here in florida there are a ton
of bars that serve it
uh when i first quit drinking i started
hanging out at these places
um and i did not want them to go away so
i went and i spoke in front of the
legislature here in florida
uh i helped uh i helped with the march
against the fda um and my argument to
them was because they kept saying we
need to
if we can save one child and i was like
we’re here in florida
we have we have uh multiple theme parks
that people die at every year
we have uh you know car accidents drunk
driving accidents we have people
drowning in the oceans we have
like so many other things in which
more people are dying or more people are
at least
at the barest minimum more people are
being injured
and you’re going after this thing this
one thing that like you said the
cost-benefit analysis
it doesn’t make sense to go after
you’re doing it in order to appease
they were doing it to appease parents
that were worried about it in this case
they’re doing it to appease
their own needs to try to control our
lives further and further
is the way i see it
i see it the same way yeah that’s really
interesting about the
the kratom making it illegal i think
it’s illegal in colorado
too out in in denver only
in denver specifically yeah so out in
california you get it anywhere a lot of
head shops and liquor stores sell it i
used it
for at least a year maybe two years
because i have crohn’s disease and i was
able to use that instead of opioids or
a hardcore anti-spasmodic drug
and it stopped my intestinal spasms and
a lot of my internal bleeding
so i mean that’s a that’s a huge deal
right it kept me off of morphine and
tramadol massive i know
many people who find kratom and cava
they come from much like me a history of
a dick
of addiction like i’ve been a drug
i still am a drug addict and an
alcoholic um
and when i decided to quit everything i
started hanging out at kava bars
and what i found was that the kratom
kratom kratom it doesn’t matter
whichever one you want to go with i
i’m not a snob some people are like no
it’s this
i don’t care um i found that the kratom
it made it so my dts because i got
really bad dts for a while
they weren’t as bad and i could sleep
through the night and i was like this is
glorious because i can get a full
night’s sleep
um and then after a while i stopped
drinking it just because i didn’t want
to be dependent on anything
and so i do drink cavo still pretty
but the kratom has helped so many people
that i have witnessed
and they’re like no we’re just gonna
take it all away like uh many
conservatives try to get it banned
but i have seen it help vets with ptsd
yeah who are no longer taking like the
prescription meds from um
from the va and they’re like no this
stuff helps so much
and they oh yeah and they’re like no
well that doesn’t matter because
we have to do it for the children and
that just is their constant argument
and that’s the same thing that you see
here you can’t open your business
somebody could get sick and die well
if they’re worried about that they
shouldn’t be coming out
yeah they should be staying home you can
take whatever protective measures you
want but never in history have we spent
so much time focused locking up healthy
to protect people from maybe getting
right because we still don’t even have
any definitive proof that if you
go out you were guaranteed to get ill if
you go to this business i mean
orange county california had over had a
you know we had to deal with california
gavin newsom’s lockdowns but the but the
county government had a much more
relaxed approach
and i got to go to court and
defend a business that was being
aggressively uh singled out by
the alcoholic beverage control so this
business identified the lockdowns
abc came to revoke their liquor license
as punishment directly
you know because of gavin newsom so i i
got the pleasure of uh
being at council’s table while one of
their top
corona experts was cross-examined and he
had no evidence that people were harmed
or that there was any
incident higher incidence of contagion
spread when you’re going to a restaurant
like none so his policy of cl of
shutting down restaurants and gyms was
based on
zero evidence it was just their opinion
that’s that’s what we’re dealing with
and so i really do agree when you
when you say that it’s government
instituting tighter controls i have to
think that’s the only thing because i’ve
heard their own their own officials
under sworn testimonies say they have no
other basis for doing this
and it’s certainly not for our health no
absolutely not there
there have been multiple cases
throughout when there was the um
the ebola cases that were coming out a
few years ago
um they did not go into strict lockdowns
when we went through uh
the swine flu even a few years before
that there weren’t the strict lockdowns
everything just moved on and you went
about your life yep the reason that
they’re doing this
now the only thing that i can think of
the only thing i can think of is they
want more control into our lives
and now they’ve got like they’ve shut
down 40
of small businesses across the country
um they
have so many people that are now relying
on government
on uh government paychecks uh to just to
sit at home and not do anything there’s
a company here
uh right in this area um
called casper’s casper’s company or
they own multiple mcdonald’s they were
paying people 50 bucks
to show up to an interview because
nobody even was showing up
because they just keep getting
government money getting the
unemployment benefits and that’s more
than they’re going to make
working at mcdonald’s or working at
wendy’s or
they were paying people to show up to an
that’s an unsustainable model um what
seem to they don’t understand is that
that money it has to come from somewhere
we can’t just keep printing it into
oblivion or we’re going to end up with
money has to have value and there’s no
value attached to dollars that we just
print right i mean there’s no value
attached to dollars anyway but
um since we left the gold standard um
yeah but but right right now we just
have a system where we’re just printing
money printing more money and we have a
president who
i’m not defending the last one even a
little bit but in his first hundred days
we’re looking at six i’m just estimating
here six trillion in new spending
is what he has proposed and or past
is it’s untenable i’m not sure well i
guess we’ll see
what happens right i i try not to be
like this black-pilled fatalist uh
ushering in
the the collapse with glee i don’t like
that so if there’s a way around it i
i would actually love to see that happen
you know stave it off as long as we can
i think a lot of people who get really
about collapse and watching the system
burn down
don’t have families they don’t maybe
they don’t have small children
they don’t have people that they take
care of or businesses that they’ve
invested their life savings in
so you know i i want to be optimistic
we can change things in some way
so that we don’t have uh joe biden or
trump or whoever just
suspend us into destruction right and i
i agree the
i do see things in kind of a fatalist
way addict uh
but i i see things in kind of a fatalist
way but
as i have grown and matured uh i try to
how is the best way out of it and
having people who are libertarians
running across the nation
in the lower races i think is one of the
best ways possible for that to happen
yeah absolutely and that’s one thing
that we really learned during the
lockdowns too are the
the people who are in the best position
to defend us
from tyrannical government overreach are
um people in local governance so you
know like in california we had some
county supervisors
and even sheriffs i’m not a big fan of
law enforcement but i’m going to hand it
to them in this respect
saying no you know enough is enough
we’re not going to enforce your lockdown
we’re not going to issue citations we’re
not going to lock people up or shut down
their businesses
and so it’s really important that if we
get anybody elected we can get them
elected in those positions
so that they can stave off people like
governor whitmer and
newsome and cuomo exactly um
so you actually have made two runs
uh for uh california’s 34th district
for was that for congress was that for
for congress for congress okay um i
wasn’t 100 like i was reading everything
really quick when i was setting up for
this today and i was like i forgot to
look at which one that was
now um
i know about la i’m assuming that uh
the democrats kind of have that one sort
of locked up
yeah yeah the democrats have
most things in l.a county locked up but
not all there are a couple
of libertarian conservative pockets
los angeles county and that’s where we
try to encourage people to run from now
when i ran for congress i was really
really really encouraged to run
and it was part of what got me involved
in the lp so much back in 2017
but i didn’t know really how it worked i
just had it kind of thrown at me like
you should run in this race you should
run um
it was a little bit of a trial by fire i
get that
i get that i have been asked to run for
either local office state or federal
more times than i can count at this
point yeah and
i’ve helped out on a few camp like on
a handful of campaigns and i don’t want
to do that that just seems like a lot of
work that i don’t want to do um
i like doing this so much more um
but now you’ve kind of not really
switched gears because you’re still
running but now you’re
you’ve decided that you want to run for
the libertarian party chair
yeah yeah i’m running for the national
of the libertarian party in 2022.
excellent well
uh that is in reno reno
yep that’ll be reno okay good uh i might
i might see you there
um so i
was looking up a little bit about what
you stand for and i noticed that one of
the big things that you talk about is
how you want to change
the messaging of the libertarian party
so can you yes can you tell me a little
bit about
that about what you want to change what
you see what you see that you think
needs to be changed and
what you uh what you would do
differently absolutely
uh it appears to me that the libertarian
party on a national level has low
we seem to be embarrassed of being
libertarians and
sort of apologize for it all the time
and don’t want to talk about it boldly
all of our messaging tends to be geared
towards uh
usually making apologies to the left and
trying to get them to like us
and occasionally making the same similar
kinds of arguments to the right and
appealing to them usually from a
fiscally conservative perspective
i think that we need to reject pandering
to the left and right and we need to be
libertarian and we need to be bold and
unapologetic about it and we need to
be confident and they don’t see that
from the national party right now not on
not on their social media
not in their email campaign not in their
overall marketing plan
right whatever that is if it exists if
there is one
if there is if there is one yeah i am so
i left the libertarian party
a few years ago um i switched my voter
registration to
uh no party affiliate and i was out of
the libertarian party because of stuff
that was going on here
in the state of florida i was like i
don’t even want to be
associated with that right now um and
then uh
despite cohen my business partner and
co-host of the muddy waters freedom
um he also ran for something i don’t
know but uh he
signed me up to be a member of the
libertarian party again last year
so i am once again a member of the
libertarian party
and in all honesty what i have seen
since i have become a member of the
hasn’t impressed me all that much like i
read their
little flyers that they send me every
month and the emails that i get
but none of it has been yes this is the
party i would join if i had no idea
about any party yeah
it’s not compelling it’s middle of the
road messaging that’s afraid to offend
and when you act like that you impress
no one
exactly and many times what i have seen
from the liberty from the national is
you actually talked about this on
another podcast uh that i was watching
but when donald trump was in office
they seemed to be pandering to the left
when obama was in office it seemed they
pandered to the right
now that biden’s in office possibly to
the right
and i don’t know if they are doing that
in a childish like
anti-authoritarian way or if they
if the issues that obama and trump and
biden bring
up we are railing against those so those
are just the ones that are brought into
the spotlight
i think what it is is that the
libertarian party chases the mainstream
culture and right now the mainstream
is slanted towards the left we have
corporate wokism
as i call it i don’t mean actually
caring about the intrinsic value of a
gay person’s life
i mean plastering everything in rainbow
and having coke tell people to hire
minorities that is corporate wokism and
that i think is
is gross and i think that
the libertarian party sees that and
we’re like well we’ll make a libertarian
version of that
and i’m just like no no you just need to
be libertarian
we we were the first people to say that
gay that that
that gay people should be able to get
married right we don’t have to like
we don’t have to like even go much
farther than that just like yeah
people can marry whoever they want we
don’t we don’t need to like
try to one-up corporate wokism
to appeal to gay people like hey we want
you to be our political pawns too
that is not the libertarian way to
uh minority rights messaging so
and i i i don’t disagree with you even a
little bit on that
but um what so what would you do
differently like how would you handle
the messaging portion of the
national i think that we need to
have good messengers at the helm first
of all and i don’t think that we have
and i think that means that whoever’s in
charge needs to have
the maturity and wherewithal
to put people at the reins who are good
at messaging and not just part of your
friend or friend group your social
circle people that you owe a favor to
and it doesn’t need to be based on a
caucus or who helped you campaign you
need to just put in qualified people
and i don’t see that so that’s that’s
the first change
and then we need to actually have maybe
a strategy this is what we want to
convey over the next year these are the
when we put this out we want people to
have x y and z reactions we want to
take facts and wrap them in emotional
appeal that’s what skilled
propagandists do you know we need to
have people with these skills
in a position so that they can affect
change and and move the needle in the
direction of liberty
so we can start there um i like to say
we have a fear of alienating normal
people with libertarian messaging
and we shouldn’t have that fear we need
to get over it we don’t need to be
ordinary to appeal to ordinary people we
need to be extraordinary
to inspire ordinary people we want to
inspire people we want to challenge
their preconceived notions
and we want to make them question
authority you know and that’s what’s
going to drive them to us
that’s another thing is who are we um
who are we appealing to i’m not sure
that the
national party has ever done any market
there doesn’t seem to be any serious
studies that have been that have been
done we seem to just sort of throw
something at the wall and see what
sticks and what falls off
so let’s do that too that’s that’s
actually something that i am actively
working on right now i would love to
a complete uh marketing campaign in
ready to go if and when i get elected
so and i do like i agree like right now
i have no idea who is joining the
libertarian party
no clue i kind of had an idea during um
the presidential campaign because they
were running those contests to see who
could get most people to sign up and
whatever so you kind of had an idea of
who was coming in um
but right now no idea i don’t even know
if people
are joining or if people are leaving in
like no idea which one’s going on
um one of the things that
i know people are going to ask you a lot
you are a member of the mises caucus and
there have been accusations
on people that the mises caucus is
bringing in
now i’m gonna say real quick uh i don’t
care about any caucus
uh you said in an interview and i’m
gonna quote you semi-quote you on this
people care about their status within a
small subsect of the libertarian party
as opposed to achieving freedom
and i agreed with that sentiment so
wholeheartedly which is why
i don’t really join caucuses or pay
attention to what’s going on
with the infighting between them because
i don’t care
i want to spread liberty and freedom to
as many people as possible
but a lot of people have talked about
the mises caucus
and how they are bringing in you know
alt-right nazis or
whatever however they’re saying it um
you did have a fantastic point on
uh the episode of uh larry sharp that i
where you said yeah you got the
alt-right socialist and people
saying that they’re left-wing lolberts
i don’t remember exactly what you said
but just insulting either side
and that they weren’t getting anything
done um because they weren’t actually
fighting for liberty they just wanted to
insult the other side
what would you
somebody said the waffle house caucus
that cost that caucus is perfect though
the waffle house caucus is fantastic and
everybody should buy a button
um i will mail it to you personally um
so when you were going i get that you’re
going to go for messaging
how is it that you are going to
be mindful of who is joining the party
because we had an issue with that here
in florida
a few years ago
so yeah what happened in florida was
probably pretty crappy um
what was good is that the party
kicked augustus invictus and his ilk
out it did get resolved it didn’t get
cleaned up
it didn’t happen so a little backstory
like i
wrote an article on augustus um that’s
i wrote an article on augustus saying do
not vote for this man don’t do it this
guy is
pure evil um and i have some friends
that were in leadership and they were
saying we need to kick this guy out
the leadership said no and they both
left the party
both gone um and they they’re still gone
i don’t think they’ll ever come back to
the libertarian party
um and i just want to make sure that
we wouldn’t have another issue like that
come up for the libertarian party
no and i think that national actually
needs to do a better job of safeguarding
its membership so do i care about people
trying to screenshot someone’s comments
on social media out of context and
calling them a nazi
no but when someone goes on and they’re
like this is my manifesto
that includes you know racial purity and
iq realism and this is what we need and
we need fascism to get freedom
maybe maybe let’s have a meeting about
that and
discuss whether or not that person
should be in the organization
i think you know like a lot of a lot of
the stuff at the national level about
whether or not it’s appropriate to
revoke someone’s membership if they’ve
if they’ve been convicted of charges
related to pedophilia like
we need to be able to just say you know
what it’s okay
we can we can toss a couple people out
of here i think that’s
that’s not a problem and it’s something
that we’ve done in california
when people have tried to you know be
dishonest when it comes to financials
when people have driven other people out
of the party in droves when they have
disrupted conventions and meetings and
cause general chaos
we have been able to sit down as an
organization and say
i think your membership needs to be
reconsidered given the person due
and voted them out uh i think that the
thing should absolutely happen at the
national level and
you know if someone’s a quote-unquote
nazi you know i think that term gets
used and abused way too much right if
someone is a an avowed
open white nationalist saying they’re
trying to change the libertarian party
turn it into a fascist party obviously
that’s grounds to revoke their
and if someone’s talking you know
praising about you know
harming kids i think that’s another
ground to kick them out
absolutely you know all of the social
media fighting and stuff
i think it’s gross i don’t think that’s
grounds to toss someone out of the party
so no i’m not helicoptering people out
because they’re in another caucus
or i think they’re left-leaning it’s we
really need to
we need to safeguard our membership from
people who want to abuse us or abuse
other members
right those are the people where i would
say you’re not
safe quote unquote under my leadership
yeah and the the issue that we had with
the sun god uh was he was going to
destroy the party
the invincible sun god whoever names
themself that by the way
he seemed hell-bent on it and he moved
to california and expressed similar
yep and then he ended up in prison in
north carolina um
yeah what a tragic sad awful that’s like
watching a train wreck
and that’s people you don’t like but
you’re like oh but the bodies
that’s that’s how i felt about that kind
of yes um
but yeah that’s one of the things that i
know a lot of people are going to bring
up and
again yeah i again not a fan of any
i will say i do wear a mises bracelet
i’ve had it i’ve had this this is my
oldest one of these
and i’ve taken it off for like workouts
so i i agree with a lot of what mises uh
stands for
um just not a fan of caucuses um fair
yeah it’s just you know i’m already a
part of a thing it’s called the
libertarian party and i don’t need to be
in a subsect
of that thing uh the people that i don’t
agree with i’m going to figure out what
those things are
see where we can meet if it’s something
that we can find a
common ground on great if not all right
we’re going to agree on 90
of everything else so whatever i don’t
care about your 10 percent
um so
you talked to one of the things that
brought up to me uh when i said that i
was gonna have you on
is one of the things that you do is
you’re big on messaging you you don’t
want watered-down messaging
um be bold i even before you said be
bold there was a bunch of people in the
comments saying be bold vote gold it was
almost like
timed perfectly like they knew um
but one of the questions that somebody
brought up to me
was many people in the mises caucus um
have been comparing a lot of what’s been
happening with covid like the lockdowns
you know mask mandates and the the pat
the vaccine passports
they’ve been comparing it to the
and is that like the best messaging that
we can go with on that or
should we kind of traverse it towards
something different
i think a lot of the complaints from
they usually come from people who
are afraid to speak out and so that’s
the first thing that comes to mind
is it’s sort of the copenhagen ethic and
the copenhagen ethics states that
whenever you go to do something
anything to improve something or a
situation or a person
people are going to lash out and
complain that you didn’t do a good
enough job
and they weren’t willing to step up and
do it themselves i think
comparing lockdowns to the holocaust
is better than not complaining about it
at all
and i think there’s still room to
improve that messaging
and i think that we are working towards
that okay um
i chair the california lp
social media and to my knowledge we
haven’t made
holocaust analogies the other thing that
we haven’t done
is thrown any other state affiliates
under the bus for making those kind of
and i think that it’s very damning for
any individual
or group to not speak out on lockdowns
for an entire year but then to quickly
jump to criticize someone else who does
yes i think you need to get your own
house in order before you start
curling accusations at someone for being
a little bit coarse in their messaging
right and i yes i agree that if your
house you know uh
i’m going to try to remember anything i
remembered from church
uh that let he who is without sending
cast the first stone i think that’s the
way that goes
yeah um and yes many of the people who
are out there hurling accusations
they’re not without sin they are
definitely not without sin when it comes
any of this um
but i saw i did see uh
i don’t i think it was reno or nevada
novato saying that they wanted to block
certain people from coming to the
was was that am i remembering this
correctly that nevada was saying they
wanted to block people from next year’s
i believe so i mean nevada has i think
scrubbed most of their
social media okay i believe that’s right
right and i saw that and
anybody who was reading that knew who
they were referring to
yeah knew who they were referring to and
many of the accusations i felt were
exceptionally baseless
like again like you said earlier um uh
screenshots that are taken out of
context um screenshots that are taken
out of context
uh people’s personal projects that they
find funny or silly and they’re using
that to prove that
to try to say oh these guys are racist
and it’s like no they’re not like
he’s married to an asian woman it’s a
joke yeah um
it’s just like the the excuses for
they get so weird and exhausting i just
i can’t even keep up with them
i don’t understand how people can be so
with racism um that’s definitely not
something that you find in the mises
caucuses people just like obsessed with
it and constantly focused on it
right i just like i got so many things
going on in my life i don’t have time to
and scroll through people’s social media
posts endlessly trying to scour and find
some way to connect them
to this other thing that makes them a
racist like i just you know i gotta deal
with lockdowns i gotta deal with vaccine
passports now you know
taxes local governments the drug war
that kind of stuff
not not the social media nancy drew
uh squad that’s just
not a good way to spend time right and
and to your point earlier um
a lot of that is because we are the
libertarian party and many of the
members of the libertarian party are
just attempting to
become like the new woke corporate
localism is how you phrase it i believe
yeah um and they’re just trying to like
pander to that audience and they’re like
oh look at this we need to cancel this
person we need to get rid of this person
hell they’ve said that about uh muddied
waters of freedom for stuff that we’ve
posted and everything is racist sexist
and right that’s not how any of it’s
but in the eye of public perception it’s
uh how something is taken versus how
it’s intended how something is taken is
all that really matters and that’s how
you get that mob
rule in order to have that cancel
um now i did not know this somebody
texted me this
uh right before the show
are you not asking for a salary to
be chair well no one gets a salary as
chair as it is right now okay i
actually didn’t know that that’s how
little i pay attention to the
libertarian party
yeah there’s no there’s no salary so i
i don’t anticipate asking for a salary
when i’m okay i hope though
to get the party in better shape so that
the person who comes after me can get a
salary i think that’s really important
barry yeah somebody said uh asking for
two thousand a month in
patreon so you could be owen yeah
okay yeah and that i didn’t know that
they didn’t get a chair i remembered
hearing something when i was no longer
in the party about uh star wars getting
an obscene amount of money um like 75
bucks an hour for
he asked for it yeah right um and that
i had no idea what that was in reference
to because i didn’t care because it was
the libertarian party and i wasn’t a
member of it
um so i just assumed that that was a
and i was like that seems really high to
be the chair of the libertarian party
uh yeah we don’t have that kind of cash
i would like us to get there but we’re
not there right
i was like wouldn’t that money be better
spent on people running for local office
um as opposed to nick’s artwork um
so yeah i i was just kind of curious on
if you could tell me more about the two
thousand dollars a month on patreon
because i
again i did not know any of what we just
talked about
oh sure so i have come i’m nearly
halfway to my goal which is really great
i’m at over 800
a month and uh until the chair race i’ll
be able to spend that money on going to
and helping county affiliates and
finishing my affiliate building program
but uh two thousand dollars a month
i have very low living expenses right
now which is really great and i have a
really supportive boyfriend who
helps me out and you know puts a roof
over my head so i’m extremely grateful
for that
and so that will cover you know pretty
much cover my living expenses it’s
ridiculously modest and it is nothing
nothing compared to what i could make in
litigation especially if i took a
a very serious full-time in-house
council job
so and then doing it through patreon i’m
completely circumventing the party
i’m not asking anyone for money so i
think this is more than a win-win like
this is
a really like a positive gain for the
party i would be able to
chair the party full-time and we don’t
have a full-time chair and we haven’t
for a while
and that’s not even a dig at nick or joe
or anyone who came before
them it’s just it hasn’t been possible
so i would like to make that possible
so that’s why i’m doing this um it’s not
just for me
like i want to see the party have a
full-time chair after me
like this is this is what we need other
political parties have full-time chairs
they have salaries right like we need to
we need to
do a little bit better agreed people
somebody in the comments just shared
your patreon thank you guys
so let’s say
you get elected chair and uh and best a
little i
haven’t made up my mind but you know
best of luck to you i hope i for you i
hope it happens
um thank you so let’s say you get
elected chair
what will you do to help out people
running for the local elections
in their own states get them all over
let’s start by getting them all over
social media let’s get a better website
at national
and uh do a better job of highlighting
and let’s have a friendlier relationship
with some of the other
thought leaders and uh movers and
shakers in the liberty movement
so that they are going to be more
minimal and friendly to
having local candidates on their show
and helping to fundraise for local
because we don’t have enough funding for
our local candidates and i know there
are races out there where we could win
them if we had like
like an extra five or ten thousand
dollars that’s a huge deal
right so i really want to elevate those
campaigns right that’s one of the things
i see with the libertarian party it me
personally i see it as one of the major
issues of the libertarian party
is we will spend so much money on a
presidential campaign
that people are going to get mad at me
when i say this
we’re not going to win not right now
maybe in the future but right now we are
not and we are going to spend so much
money on a presidential campaign
and i think it’s important to have a
presidential candidate and a vice
presidential candidate
however i think that that money could be
better spent
trying to get libertarians elected down
ballot because once you start seeing it
at the city level at the county level at
the state level
people will start to give money to the
party they will start to give
start to see that libertarianism and the
libertarian values and philosophy works
and they will say we want this higher
and higher and higher
um as opposed to
we’re going to throw however much money
we have in the in the coffers at the
presidential candidate
who’s not going to be able to get on
mainstream media who’s not going to be
able to
uh break five percent uh
and because we can’t get on mainstream
media i’m not blaming any of our
no matter how military they might be um
but i don’t see it as
money well spent for a for a party that
claims to be
and i know you hate this but uh fiscally
i know well okay so maybe we should
rethink this entire strategy
right okay uh of throwing everything we
have at the presidential race
and just like literally everything and
just like oh
hoping we run austere campaigns you know
like that’s
that’s what it is we we have a
shoestring budget so we need we should
be more creative
okay and we should maybe adjust
our targets adjust our sights
who are we even trying to convince to
vote libertarian no one seems to know
so why don’t we start by figuring out
you know who is amenable to voting
targeting them we may surprisingly need
to spend less money
we can spend money in a focused way and
then if we
if we target our message properly when
we do presidential and federal races
then i don’t know lo and behold we may
see people who stick around afterwards
and they’re excited and they want to
participate in local campaigns
having good messaging and a good
national candidate will do a whole lot
for our local candidates right i really
want to see that happen
yeah i am i was kind of brought in
during the ron paul era and
gary johnson was the 2012 nominee
and in 2012
gary johnson was a lot different than he
was in 2016.
uh i feel like he was bolder in 2012
like he was more brazen
uh in 2016 he was a little bideny
on some of his antics um i just didn’t
understand it
uh but in 20 in 2012 you know leading up
into 2012
i started watching and i was like you
know what these are
these are really good points that these
guys are bringing up i like that there’s
a swell
of people that seem to be into
the end for lack of anything else that i
can think of right now into what they’re
saying and when i moved down here to
florida i immediately started working on
libertarian campaign for congress um
and messaging
was an issue back then especially from
national because that was back when i
was going door-to-door and
you had the vice chair saying that all
people in the military are murderers
yeah and that’s not good exactly and
that is hard bold
not brutalist right and
that’s very hard to deal with when
you’re trying to sell somebody on a
um i know that there wouldn’t be any way
to do like a checks and balances on that
if somebody’s elected in as vice chair
they’re kind of in
um but what would you do to prevent
another situation that the way i see it
was stealing my time
uh because i was going door-to-door and
then i had to explain what the vice
chair meant when he said
that all people in the military no
matter who they are
are murderers i had to explain that to
people and instead of telling them about
what my candidate was going to do
for them or how they were going to make
their lives better
i had to explain those words so okay
would there be you understand
okay so i can’t prevent the delegates
from voting on someone who’s dumb
but you vote someone in and then
you know someone has a nervous breakdown
loses their mind whatever and starts
saying that all
veterans are murderers and teachers are
uh i’m not going to block everybody from
trying to hold a censure boat
right i’m not going to do that uh
you know a lot of the rationale that
went around when all of this was
happening with the former vice chair
of the party was that the delegates
elected him and so the delegates get
what they want
okay well then the delegates were
screaming i think we need to censure we
need to get rid of the guy we need to do
this we need to do that
okay so i’m not going to stand in the
way and block everyone
from making that happen you know there
have been plenty of contentious uh
conventions and meetings that i’ve
shared where
initially when i inherited l.a county i
inherited a very
serious mess with extremely toxic people
and we had to
vote them out we didn’t get all of them
out initially we did eventually by the
by the second convention they were all
gone the
county is amazing now but uh sometimes
these people would scream at me and i
would say okay then you can appeal my
ruling you want to appeal the ruling of
the chair
go ahead here is your chance and i’ll
help them craft motions against me
the chair can’t be the gatekeeper
for what people want to do the chair
needs to facilitate
you know and and you’ve got to have the
to figure out how to do that and you’ve
also got to have like
you know like you got to be able to
check your ego
so if people are second guessing someone
that i endorsed if people are screaming
you know that someone needs to be
censored or voted off
it’s not my job to say oh no you know
you voted him in
a year and a half ago suck it up you
know i need to
be able to say all right you know let me
take a read the room we’ve got almost
half of the people in this room who want
to take a vote on it we’re going to vote
yeah yeah that’s that’s how you handle
things like an adult right yeah
instead of the i’m going to dig my heels
in and
no you don’t get to try to kick out my
friend because she’s my friend and if
you do i’m gonna
take my party and go home if it’s your
take your friend aside and say stop
acting like a psycho
you’re ruining this for me and for
everyone else that’s what you do if it’s
your favorite that’s what you do if it’s
your friend
exactly um well that
is pretty much all the time that we have
i want to give you the chance to pitch
everything that you’ve got
at uh everybody watching um so
everything everything whatever whatever
you got whatever you wanna
whatever you wanna uh sell push pitch
well um what do i wanna even say
maybe i want to take a moment to talk
about bravery i would love everyone to
visit my website and that’s it for me
on patreon and
you know follow me as i
visit all these uh state conventions but
i want to remind everyone that
you lose your freedom one little bit at
a time uh
if you if you see someone else being
bullied and you don’t speak up
you know you’re you’re losing a little
bit of your freedom you go to work
lording their authority over you and
they’re tyrannical you don’t have the
wherewithal to stand up to them
you let government thugs lock you in
your home or rob you
and you roll over to them that’s how you
become a slave
and if you continue to be a slave you
will continue to generate tyrants
all around you um the forces of tyranny
expand to occupy
any space that’s made available for
their existence and people who refuse to
defend themselves with their speech
and their actions are just as vulnerable
to exploitation as those of us who are
genuinely unable to stand up for our
rights because of a disability
so i want to remind libertarians to be
libertarian over the next year and a
half do not
take any grief from the government
give it back to them as much as you can
as often as possible
stand up for yourselves and for the
rights of others
beautiful and uh for anybody who is
interested in the
show notes on today’s episode i did
include that link
so if you want to uh donate or see what
she is all about you can go
visit it there um angel if you want to
hang out for a few minutes i’m going to
do the closing
and then i will talk to you afterwards
but thank you no this was great i have
wanted to talk to you for many years now
and i’m glad that we
did it in a very public forum um
thanks i’m glad we connected yeah
definitely so uh hang out for just a few
minutes and i will be right back
to everybody else apparently joe soloski
needs one more sponsorship push but yeah
he’s the key to pennsylvania’s success
to everybody else thank you so much for
tuning in
next week next week i
we have so much going on that i
have pulled up already because i am
a prepared individual for things of this
um i know this spikes i think spikes in
ohio i’m not 100
sure but uh spike is
in ohio maybe and next week
starting on tuesday
right back here at the same muddied
the same muddied time 8-ish eastern
spike and i will parse through the
week’s events like the 2020 wonder boys
that we
are with a brand new episode
of the muddied waters of freedom
excuse me um with the mighty waters of
and then on wednesday cinco de mayo
uh spike has somebody
spike’s got somebody on i don’t know who
and uh
then i and then on thursday uh
thursday may 6th uh the ces demaio as
they say
um i have joel goetz who is running for
mayor in pennsylvania i love joel
he did an episode of the muddy waters of
freedom and he was fantastic
so tune in for that because that’s just
going to be a great time
to everybody out there thank you thank
you thank you so much
you can find this in every episode of
muddy waters media
at anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
it’s been scrolling across the bottom of
the screen this entire time
anchor dot fm slash muddied waters you
can find us on all of your favorite
podcasting platforms
we are out there we are everywhere if
all you want to do is hear our voices
if you want to see us go to muddy
and you will find this and every other
episode there thank you all very much
for the entire muddied verse i am matt
wright and you
are perfect just the way you are i will
see you all next week
down i’ll try to use your body as a life
cause if there’s room enough for one
there must be
when my hiding place is
don’t bother swimming out to save me i
i’ll go to convince
the whole damn world i don’t need
anybody’s head

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