The Wrighter’s Block Episode 48 – Jay Nygard gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Jay Nygard is a self described advocate for rights and civil disobedience in regards to going green. What exactly does that mean? I have no idea. Let’s find out together.

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i’m very excited about
i’m very excited about my guest today uh
my guest comes here all the way from
orono oreno uh the the minnesota
please welcome with me everybody mr j
hey folks turbine guy aka the turbine
aka the turbine guy now
before we get into the uh before we get
into the turbine
before we get into the turbine uh talk
like i like to like warm up a little bit
by asking all of our guests that come on
the writer’s block
um how does it that you became
how was it that you became a libertarian
was it
sort of an aha moment or was it
something that kind of
grew over time or were you just always
i voted for ross perot twice and jesse
the body ventura
okay so it’s been a while it’s been a
yep yep i’ve always been a bit out of
the mainstream and
somewhat dissatisfied with both parties
and and how they run business
okay all right so you voted ross perot
was uh 92 and 96 against uh
bush and clinton in 92 and clinton
and uh bob dole bob dole
in 96 yeah yeah um i i vaguely remember
those elections
um but i remember in
in in school they had us pick who we
wanted to win in 92
and everybody was picking bush or
clinton so i picked ross perot
to be different from every single person
in my class
and they made fun of me just as they
make fun of me now for saying i’m going
to vote for jorgensen cohen
literally nothing has changed
no no it’s a hard road to hobie
isn’t it it is you know eventually you
just have to embrace it and accept it
and people are either going to love you
for it or they’re going to hate you for
yep and that’s absolutely what i’ve had
to do too
because you know people do love me and
people do hate me for
a lot of this stuff going on but the
interesting thing was getting back to
the libertarians
what you you asked me um about being
involved i did run for senate in 2016
and i had to go out and get 500
signatures just to get on the ballot
and you know that that was quite an
answer going through that and
it just interesting point i had a sunday
left right before i had to turn the
signatures in i’m like well
you know what i’ll just go to my buddy’s
liquor store out and stand in front
and see if i can’t get a few more and i
got another 50 60 signatures
well when i went up to pick up my
certification i mentioned that to the
and she looked at me and said it was a
good thing you did
so if i hadn’t spent that last day i
never would have made the ballot
right now what what i find absolutely
amazing about that story was in 2016 you
ran for senate and you only needed
500 signatures to get on the ballot
in minnesota you’re right in minnesota
yeah for for minnesota senate oh from
minnesota okay
i don’t so i know that to run for the
house of representatives here in florida
you need 10
000 signatures and i don’t
i don’t know if that’s for any position
or if that’s just i just remember doing
it for
somebody for the house um well don’t
don’t forget you got like three times as
many people down there true
very yeah valid valid
um i just know that they have a lot of
uh ballot access problem like
a lot of ballot access laws that are
really unfair in other parts of the
uh making it difficult for libertarians
to get on so i wasn’t sure if minnesota
was one that like they increased
the number of signatures that were
oh no not that i know they might have
just recently but
uh the libertarians actually just fought
the election commission up here
even having to get signatures and go
through this because there’s some
language on the bottom that you’re
supposed to disclose that
if you sign off on this and you can’t
participate in democrat or republican
primaries and
you know it’s just another like you said
unfair roadblock
that as a libertarian you have to hurdle
just to be
you know able to raise your hand and go
here i am right
right so yeah that’s been a massive
issue across the country
um we’ve got a bunch of people great
activists across the country who work on
it and uh
are able to get us on the ballots in all
the different states but
you see it there was that um i believe
it was in tennessee
a couple of months ago or a month ago uh
they were trying to make it where
third-party candidates didn’t need
two and a half percent of whatever the
governor got in order to get on the
ballot instead they wanted to
knock it down to like one percent of
what the governor got and
they voted it down because they said no
we don’t want to confuse the voters by
adding extra people on the ballot
of course they don’t right that’s how
the game works
right we can’t confuse them by adding
another person
they barely understand who they’re
voting for now they can’t
take three people on this ballot
so right right and there’s so many small
parties you know like the veterans party
the green party all these small parties
and i kind of call them straggler
because that that’s what we all are and
i think we got to find a way
to come together you know like for
instance where i was running
it was me a democrat and republican
there’s no green party or other
so we should have some way that all
these small parties can get together and
if no one else is running you can
a third party you know and go out and
that way you can build a little bit of a
coalition right and and
you you can have 10 or 15 percent of the
vote behind you right when you get
started instead of 3
exactly because i i um during this last
election during the presidential
uh i knew some people that were working
on uh the green party howie for howie
and i i was talking with him and i was
like hey you know what
they thought that i was going to like
try to debate him and convince him to
vote libertarian and i said you know
what i’m not going to do that because
good on you you are putting
everything you have into this third
party candidate
who let’s be honest you and i both know
not going to win the presidential
election you’re doing it to get a voice
out to get a message out in order to
help grow the party
i respect that so much more than anybody
out there that’s schlepping for votes
for trump or biden
because you actually believe this you
aren’t just
attached to a party you were doing this
because you have
some sort of faith in this and in this
ideal so i’m never going to hit somebody
for that i may disagree with you
vehemently but good on you for believing
it the way that you do
well and the more you talk to them the
more you find out you agree on the
majority of things
anyways right exactly and the few things
that we don’t agree on
you know you can live with that right i
can i can live with it and
i will still help i will still help you
out any way that i can because
as long as you aren’t a member of the
republic rats
i am okay with you i am actually okay
with you even
like even if you’re a member of the
socialist party of america
which not a socialist disagree with you
almost everything that you that you
stand for
however i will i will support you in
your endeavors because
you believe it so strongly and you’re
not voting for just
one of the master puppets in the other
two parties
yeah yeah and it does take a lot of
courage to do that because everyone just
tells you quit wasting your vote take
the lesser or two evil
exactly there are two exactly
i remember uh back in uh 16
uh we were talking the lesser of two
evils came up a bunch
and uh somebody on my facebook uh
who i disagree with this guy on probably
of everything and he said uh if you’re
voting for a third candidate who’s just
as bad aren’t you just voting for the
for the lesser of three evils and
i know who he was talking about gary
and i was like but don’t you still want
to vote for the lesser evil in this case
like that’s what you keep
arguing you want me you want me to vote
for somebody
more evil no matter what you’re voting
for the lesser of the evil it’s just how
much evil does that one person have
compared to the other two
well and who’s ever going to completely
agree with everybody
it’s just not going to work you end up
picking the candidate that
best represents your views exactly and
there isn’t a single person who has run
for any office that i agree with a
hundred percent
and if uh i say that there is i’m lying
um there was one
i agreed with me a hundred percent well
fair fair
yes i if i ever ran
and voted for myself i could say one
time i voted for somebody i agreed with
um even like spike cone you know
my my my he’s with my brother he’s my uh
business partner he’s
you know best friend i don’t agree with
him a hundred percent on anything but i
was happy to vote for him
like because i knew that vote
represented the closest to what i
yep yep yep that’s the path you got to
go down absolutely
exactly you know i i i think if the
libertarian party can kind of get out
and start standing on its own and making
some statements
i think they passed up a great
opportunity during this
past pandemic with what’s been going
and and that they could have uh taken a
stand for liberty the whole time
and and i i didn’t hear a lot of that
coming out that to me that’s what i
think the libertarians have to do is
really start
making our own mark and letting people
know what we believe in
right i agree i absolutely agree yeah we
the libertarian many people in the
many people in the libertarian party and
maybe not so much
in leadership in the libertarian party
but many people
in within the party itself um seem to
bow to the to the
to the powers that be when it came to
the lockdowns when it comes to masks
when it comes to
you need to get vaccines or else you’re
not going to be able to participate in
society and that’s not what individual
and personal liberty
is all about instead it’s about you
making your own decisions for yourself
well yourself and your family right
exactly and
one of this will work for a good segue
one of the reasons that we brought you
on is because you were arrested for
trying to do something that was good for
yourself and your family
yeah well i i was more arrested to be
punished for trying to do it
would be the way i’d put it okay uh
i i kept standing up to the uh city
and going trying to use trying to use
the court systems
is what they’re designed to do is get
justice through the law
fortunately i found out that judges
especially in hennepin county in the
minnesota appeals court
aren’t necessarily so interested in that
that they were when it started
we ended up losing to a judge because
what i did was i put up a wind turbine
in the corner of my house it didn’t go
any higher than the gutter on my house
okay so
it wasn’t that obtrusive and it was in
the most quiet
spot i could put it it wasn’t ever going
to really succeed and make me money
but when the wind was right i could show
people it worked
right that’s the whole reason i wanted
to put it in i bet i’d been on the
planning commission city council
i know the code okay problem is i think
i know it better than they do up at city
hall actually i proved that during our
last prosecution you haven’t even heard
about this my wife and i got criminally
for forget this failure to obtain a
permit to replace the driveway
even even though i applied for the
so so it wasn’t so much that
it wasn’t so much that you got arrested
for putting the turbine up but they said
that you didn’t get the permit to
replace the driveway
no that no this is a different process
i’ve been criminally prosecuted four
times without a conviction in my city
okay so let’s let’s go let’s go through
what what was the first one so
okay uh the first one was for
trespassing that was
it was a property line dispute with my
neighbor and the city kept charging me
and not him okay and so i lack a prop i
got that first one dismissed for lack of
probable cause
okay the second was a trespassing that
they charged me with but dropped
the third was a disorderly conduct where
the guy who’s currently mayor claimed i
spit in his face
i was found not guilty in 15 minutes by
the jury because the guy who’s mayor
isn’t the truth teller at all and they
that they could see that
and and then the last one was this uh uh
putting the driveway in without a
replacement permit okay
so so you you you can see arnold
police are very busy protecting the city
against the dangerous people
yeah it sounds like the oreo police are
really out there to serve and protect to
make sure
everybody goes home safely at night with
well you know you never know if someone
was walking along a property line or
something did go
over it you might have to fix that so
so so anyways this first one with the
wind turbine wasn’t even criminal
that that was civil court okay they
shifted to doing criminal as much as
they could because it doesn’t
cost them as much they can just run me
through the criminal system
right so yeah so so anyways i
put the turbine up uh city sued me
they won at district court we won at the
appeals court we had a lawyer who was
definitely over his head but wrote the
best brief he was ever going to write
and and he won at the appeals court and
the judge judge
three judge panel said we don’t see how
it’s different the basketball hoop flag
clotheslines that populate the city
without controls and that’s what i knew
it was because they didn’t write any
controls for it yet
so uh that’s why we wanted the appeals
well the city reconsidered it and what
that meant was
that i uh had to resubmit the building
and i sent them a letter that said hey
screw off i don’t need to for a
basketball hoop flagpole or clothesline
which the appeals court ruled this is
like i don’t need to
they took that as non-compliance and
they went back to the same
judge and had her reopen the same case
and we ended up losing in court for the
exact same
reasons the second time around now i
thought that there was like double
jeopardy in this country
right i was going to say isn’t this a
violation of double jeopardy but
maybe not in civil court i don’t
it’s called race judicata and civil
court okay and uh
and you mean up to the judge and she’s
just like ah
that don’t apply just like that
no no talk about it no nothing just that
don’t want to fly
you know and that’s why i found out is
judges tend to do that too much without
reading what their rules are right which
so i knew so anyways we left the turbine
and after we lost the second time and
the city started going after us putting
us in contempt to court
because we had a turbine in our yard you
can’t have that
and and so uh eventually i took the
turbine and pulled down but we fought it
in the meantime because we found another
who isn’t over his head with this stuff
and he found minnesota statute 216
f .02 which gives everybody in minnesota
the right to harvest the win
so this whole time there’s a 1995
statute supporting our cause
and do you think the city attorney who’s
prosecuting us could do his research and
bring that
up to the city council so to me that’s
yeah if nothing if nothing else
yeah how can the council make a decision
when you don’t tell them what all the
laws are and by the time they start
making decisions they never back down
they always double down
oh yeah so so you’ve got to do you got
to deal with that
so anyways eventually we we kept going
back to court and we had judges say
we actually the judges say that ah it’s
not a sea change in the law
we’re going yeah but it was the law and
one judge actually looked at me and said
you know what mr nygard
you should have told me the law sooner
because that’s your responsibility you
are there to inform the judge
of the laws on the books in the state of
which he
is a judge however exactly
exactly i just thought that was common
knowledge like i’m supposed to tell the
judge what the law is
because he’s not going to take that
killing me
so so anyways we took the turbine and
pulled down and got him off the property
because we ordered to do that and then
there was a four by four by four footing
and they were harassing me so much i
eventually chopped the top half of the
footing off with the jack hammer and
sliced the anchor bolts and i buried it
that wasn’t good enough
no we were still in contempt and we went
in front of a judge and i had
science stamped engineering documents
from minnesota engineers that say leave
that thing there you can erect the 1920
founding foundation of his house
and i got a judge i i knew what was
going to happen halfway through the
trial i turned around to my kid i gave
him my truck keys my cell phone and
like what what are you doing i’m not
going to need this stuff where i’m going
i mean this is just so obvious how this
is going so uh
so uh she holds up these engineering
documents and goes
you know what mr nygard i call these
i’m looking at her going what are you
nuts you couldn’t be putting me in jail
on the 13th floor of this building
without a pile of excuses three feet
tall they’re called engineering
documents that are
just as valid as any of your orders
so i went to jail that was a friday
night i got there i got to watch two and
a half men for about 20 minutes but
i i left the courtroom at 5 30 and i got
up to my cell at about 9 40.
big waste of time i i had to go through
being treated like a criminal and all
this stuff
and then i got plus they made you watch
two and a half men
oh well that’s just what happened to be
on the tv that they left on that was in
the box where the
flexi was all scratched up with gang
signals and stuff or signs so that you
can’t see through it
which doesn’t make no sense to me so
that was i got up there and there were
16 other guys and they were pretty much
all crashed out and since it was a
friday i got to hang out with everybody
all weekend so i just decided hey i was
in the navy i can sit around and play
spades with the homeboys all day long so
i just hung out and became friends with
everybody yeah when um i was actually
talking to somebody earlier today
and um we were talking i was they’re
like who’s on your show tonight i was
like oh this
guy jay nygard and i was kind of telling
them your story about
how you were put in jail for a wind
and they were like wait what and i was
like right i know it’s
insane and um i was like yeah he
actually got
you you got sentenced to six months but
you only served five days right
not just me my wife got sentenced to
both of us six months and she had
nothing to do with it she just happened
to be my wife so she got to go through
all of this stuff too
hey hold on a minute okay you gotta lay
down buddy i think he’s gotta go out
he’s bugging me but he can relax
so uh so so it anyways uh
we were both in court together through
all of this and she got a month
stage so that she could get a contractor
and get it all dealt with and present to
the court that a contractor is going to
and i i don’t think the courts
understand how i work or my family works
because that that was friday night we
had a solar tour at our house on
which is i’m positive why they had the
hearing the friday night before so i
couldn’t be there to escort people
around and
show him or solar in our wind and our
batteries and then anyway sunday
we had a gathering about 15 people that
all got together
with the bobcat and pounded the rest of
it out of there
it was really pretty funny because i’m
in jail and i’m keeping everybody up to
date what’s happening at about 5 30 i
turn around looking hey everybody
the footings out and everybody cheered
it was a good time
yeah so i knew like the last time that i
went to jail which is
fingers crossed the last time i ever um
i i was only supposed to do about eight
and i ended up doing five um
and i was real bored i was real bored
for that
for those five days um and that was
mine was for a dui
yeah well there was dui’s in there you
know the cell i was in it was mostly
piddly little stuff like people caught
with meth
oh that i’m sorry i gotta tell one story
so i’ve been in
monday morning people were switching out
and uh
some white guy comes in and looks over
there another white guy sleeping and
stops and goes
hey mike mike huh what are you doing
jim what are you doing well i’m in here
for math how about you
math i’ve been looking for you he said
it was i mean some of the stuff was just
hilarious in there
yeah when i went i would i was in uh
nashville tennessee
and i got uh you know i got eight days
only served five or whatever and
i remember my first night in there i had
to i had to be there at noon so i showed
up and
i’m barely awake because i was not a
day person at the time and
i go in and they
they change me into my orange jumpsuit
you know because
alcohol means that you’re a criminal now
and uh
i didn’t get into an accident i was
speeding um and
i go in and i’m like hanging out all day
long and
at night i was kind of iffy i was like
man i don’t know what this is going to
be like at night
you know my first real experience in a
general pop situation there was like 80
of us in this
in this general pop area and we’re
sitting there
and i’m like just staring at the ceiling
and this dude stands up and he just
yells at the entire at the entire the
entire bay
we were in a d block and he was like d
block listen up and i was like uh oh
like what’s happening
and he goes everybody pull out your
bibles and like
everybody in d-block except for me
because i didn’t have one pulled out a
bible and they did a bible study and i
oh i’m going to be okay
i just sat back
it all depends on where you are but
anyway so so they got it out sunday
night i should have been out monday but
the uh by noon my lawyer got out of
their lawyer’s office and they said that
they weren’t gonna do
deal with any of their or no lawyer’s
business because he’s out of town
and they’re going to wait for him to
come back so i was just supposed to sit
in jail till he got back from vacation
okay i ended up spending one more day
my wife and my uh my my wife and my
lawyer kept on the job to get rid to
release me and get this she wrote in the
thing i have no other choice
the city order never got back to me but
i still i have no choice but to release
mr nygard
like keeping me letting me go into
is dangerous to society right
because because you had a wind turbine
that you didn’t want to take out of your
yard because you were afraid that
because you were told it would ruin the
foundation of your home
it don’t that buried chunk of concrete
the turbine was gone on the top and half
the footing was gone it was a very
challenging concrete
that was useless and in minnesota
concrete is considered clean fill
so i went to jail for what i can have
there right
that is absolutely that is absolutely
and makes the perfect amount of sense
in a subsequent lawsuit a judge ruled
against us
that we can’t violate so many city codes
and which means that we’ve got like
double penalties if the city wants to go
after us for something
because they’ve already got the law they
can use against us now they’ve got the
judge’s order so they can double stack
but the worst part of this is we were
of half of the things that we were
convicted of we were never even accused
of violating
like the height ordinance i was never
ever accused of violating a height
ordinance but
were restricted from violating the
height ordinance
how does that come to be judge
um i don’t know it makes absolutely no
yeah it is culminated in this latest
prosecution we just filed a federal
lawsuit against the city in regards to
the driveway prosecution
right its first amendment retaliation
100 percent
malicious prosecution abuse of process
abuse of power
uh we’ve got him nailed my wife
we ended up going to trial on this
driveway prosecution it’s hilarious we
get in to see the prosecutor
in the back room at the arraignment and
he goes well we’ve got you for doing
this and this and you put the driveway
in and you didn’t get a permit blah blah
and when he was all done being smarmy i
looked at him and i said well
unfortunately the people of the city
just don’t always tell the truth
and he said oh yeah well what is your
side and my wife looked at him and said
well we don’t have to tell you do we and
he said no
so she we’re not telling you nothing so
we ended up leaving there at the court
and we get this piece of paper that says
in the second paragraph there’s a
sentence that says if you want to make
all this go away you can just plead
pay this much and send this in and
you’re done right how much do you think
they wanted us to pay to make it all go
i’m gonna i’m gonna go high like i’m
gonna go what i think is high and go 10
see that’s what everybody says zero
dollars okay so i was so i was over i
was over but
yeah yes yes you were over but but the
question is
if you don’t want any money you don’t
want a any uh
community service you don’t want any
probation you don’t want to jail
you don’t want anything what are you
doing prosecuting
him for right and that is the
that is actually not that surprising for
government honestly like it’s that’s
it makes no sense a lot of the decisions
that governments make in these
situations they’re like we have to say
that we’re right but we also we know
we’re wrong so what do we do
okay well we’re going to force him to
pay nothing
to make it right just just just say just
say it’s your fault
and we can all go away right just that’s
all they wanted just admitted
we ended up going to trial we were pro
se most of the way
until the very end we brought one of our
lawyers in to represent my wife which
completely discombobulated the
he showed up right at the day of trial
right before him they had no idea he’s
going to be lawyer
i i’m like you know what greg i set you
up on the best case in the whole world
and sure enough halfway through the case
he got her off for lack of probable
and the judge read through the ordinance
they were using and he said i don’t see
anywhere on here where it says
if you’re owner of the property you get
to be criminally charged
right and that’s what it boils down to
exactly and that’s what it is it’s like
this is your property
this is your property you you have um i
don’t remember the phrase you used but
you’re using concrete as a fill like a
clean fill i think is what you called it
that was for the footing i’m talking
about the driveway now right i replaced
the driveway and remember i didn’t get a
permit for the driveway
so you see the you’re just mixing up
lawsuits which is really easy to do
i was gonna say there’s been so many i’m
the only one who has it straight
my wife does but she’s trying to forget
as much as she can i understand
i don’t blame her for that no not even a
little bit it’s not
no no so so yeah anyways on this
driveway prosecution
i mean i applied for the permit they
refused to give it to me and the big
issue was
they wanted me to put a 1-5 8 inch lip
on the driveway because they had city
water coming into the property okay
and i’m like you fixed your own water
i’m not interested so they’re trying to
use an ordinance for curb and gutter
streets that doesn’t apply
i even had a document where the guys
dealing with the city
stated it’s just a suggestion the lip on
your driveway is a suggested
and and then he gave me a deadline and
signed off on it or else
and i didn’t sign off on it and the next
day he sent the letter to the prosecutor
saying that
i was in my guards of being
which i don’t know how because my wife’s
name has never been on any
but because i was being our
argumentative we both got criminally
i you know what in the woke culture i
you know words are dangerous words yeah
apparently not just deciding to just go
along with whatever the government says
you need to go along with
is now worth criminal prosecution
so yep so
i was found not guilty at the end by the
judge right so
she was no probable cause for her and i
was not guilty
and these were both two very key
elements in our federal lawsuit because
we had to prevail in court
in order to move on and hold them
accountable right
so switching gears just a little bit um
kind of
was were you already were you
already uh working toward uh go green
energy at this point or was this
something that came afterwards
no i started go green energy in january
okay and uh i figured i figured i’d
bring solar power to florida
you know i i had been a stay-at-home dad
for 10 12 years or so i’d done other
things on the side built a house first
down there and other stuff
it was time to start doing something
like that renewable energy would be
super cool and i figured i’d
put solar everywhere in florida but then
i found out that the only people in
florida with money
are the ones that are there on vacation
so it didn’t work out very well down
there well yeah
that’s where i am i understand that
yeah i completely understand that
i got a great joke because my wife wants
to travel and i tell her you know i was
in the navy i’ve traveled enough so
whenever she says i want to go on a
cruise i’d like i’ve been on a cruise
but uh anyways she wants to travel the
i told her i got two conditions now i
won’t go to any foreign country where i
can be killed for being an american or i
can’t drink the water
it’s the only foreign country like that
i’ll go to is florida
yeah um florida is its own special
little place
now i say that with affection right
understandably me too um i live here
i live here and i understand it’s a
crazy place so
there was actually a case here in
florida not long ago
where somebody was trying to go
completely off the grid
and the judge ruled he couldn’t like he
was going to go solar and he
he had a he had well and he was
collecting rain water and they said no
you have to be on the grid some way some
shape some form
whether that’s through the electric or
through water you cannot be off the grid
and that was absolutely terrifying for
me for somebody who
at some point would like to live
completely away from that system
it’s no different than saying you have
to buy health care right
exactly it’s saying yes you can get this
on your own for cheaper or free
but you are not allowed to because we
need you on this grid
well the only way i think you could get
away with it is if you did it
in a religious fashion said you hadn’t
formed a religion and had a part of your
religion to live off the grid
that’s fair yeah you could do the um uh
no electricity
like uh the the the people in
you know yep yep yep the amish
amish yeah the amish yeah um
i was like yeah the the the people so
the horse and buggy people yeah so
getting back to my uh business
right speaking of windmills and the
amish um
i i was looking for a wind turbine that
could withstand the
destructive wind speed of florida and
there was one wind turbine i ran into in
taiwan 2009 i think i found it and for
five thousand dollars i was able to send
it away for a dealer kit
and they were supposed to send me two
small turbines and start working from
so i’ve been working with hivots since
then but the interesting thing was for
two months i’m sitting there
wondering if the taiwanese are up at the
opium then laughing at the silly
americans spending all his money
you know no my my turbine showed up and
since then i hosted them in atlanta in
2012 and i met the general manager and
the regional sales guy and became good
friends with them
and it’s come to the point where i’m the
us technical representative for high bot
technology corporation out of taiwan
and i’ve got a business partner in south
carolina but
he’s still caught he’s got his own
engineering department but they still
call me all the time for advice and for
help on things
so as somebody who lives here in florida
and i live
uh in a coastal area of florida um
how one of the things that you are
actually pushing for is uh for
micro wind turbines to become the
accepted technology
across the country or maybe globe i
don’t know um
would these hold up in like hurricane
strength weather
that’s always a question and my answer
is yes
they’re built in taiwan which is the
typhoon capital of the world that’s fair
and they have their own
they’ve got their own regulated wind
turbine testing site that the count
that the government built for this
company to use
and these turbines uh i’ve seen the
calculations they’re good to 160 miles
an hour with the safety factor of 1.53
so yes that they can withstand that what
you’re going to have
to worry about is the branch or the tree
or the cow coming through that hits the
yeah that’s that’s i actually i got
really lucky one year
uh a a tree in my front yard fell
and it missed my car by like this much
i was stuck in my driveway for uh like
two days
and i was like i can’t go to work
because i
i’m blocked until they can come out and
get this tree out of here
um well when hurricane when hurricane
charlie came through down on pine island
right after we bought our home down
i mean it was like winter it was so
devastated by time i got down there like
a little more than a week later
it was like in minnesota and the winter
devastated with all these trees
piled up into uh big humps on the side
of the road right
yeah yeah there was no power there for a
couple of weeks
yeah after the last one i don’t remember
the name of it uh
the place that i was living we we didn’t
have power for
i didn’t have power at my house for like
a week and a half my parents have a
house that’s like
three blocks away never lost it
it it was detention card i just went and
stayed at their house
they were gone yeah they left i was like
well i’m gonna go straight
yeah the last hurricane down in florida
same thing where we were no power for a
week but we had power
because i got solar and batteries down
there and solar hot water
so if somebody wanted to make the switch
from uh living on the grid to
going you know solar turbine uh
battery power and you know getting like
a well system
like what kind of financial
uh cost is this gonna be what
typical cost for a solar system
installed in a house these days is
somewhere around
26 to 35 000 okay and that’s a grid tied
solar system
uh unfortunately the wind turbines cost
the same as when i got
in the business believe it or not price
of solar has dropped three kilowatts of
solar used to be the same as a three
kilowatt wind turbine but not anymore
but you use wind turbines where it makes
uh for instance the top of uh arapaho
basin in colorado
done the calculation in three kilowatts
of wind turbine will produce two and a
half times the electricity is three
kilowatts of solar there
so that’s why i don’t know if you saw
the article i sent you i want to put
these wind turbines on top of ski lift
right how many ski yeah how many ski
lift poles do we have in the country
any of them that have good winds should
have these on top of them
no absolutely you know like
i have not been completely sold on
solar or wind energy um yeah because i
don’t know how reliant
reliable they are in differing areas
and i i’m looking i would like to go
in that kind of a route to make sure
that you know
we get cheap renewable energy that’s e
that’s easy to come by
but i also want to make sure that it
works um
so and and that’s something i do
i supply do-it-yourself systems for
solar window batteries whatever you want
and we’ll custom design it
for if you want a ground mount if you
want a roof mount whatever you want if
you’re going to grid tie you’re going to
have the batteries
we’ll figure all that out ahead of time
and i’ve actually got an instructional
series on my youtube channel the turbine
that shows how to install solar power so
you can at least
watch my videos and how but you’ve got
my phone number if someone wants to give
me a call and they need advice i i
answer it almost always yeah i’m
actually like so in in the comments i’ve
got people i you know i want
i want solar like i you know my
my girlfriend um she said i want a
winter i want a
wind turbine for our next anniversary i
was like no because i have no idea what
that costs
doesn’t matter it could cost you more
not to get it
so if if i were to get her a wind
turbine for our next anniversary
just just one wind turbine for our
backyard what what what’s that going to
run me
uh you’ve got two different choices if
you want a grid tie really you’ve got
the 700 watt which is more of a smaller
residential maybe four feet tall
they’ve got a 300 watt but that’s only
to charge battery banks okay so you need
the 700 watt or you’ve got the 3
000 watt the 700 watt retails for 50
300 plus shipping and then you got to
pay installation fees
get a poll and footing and electrician
or you can do that stuff yourself
but there’s a 26 federal tax credit that
goes along with it for the next couple
of years
so you know instead of 50 well say 6 000
you’re going to get a quarter of that
back okay well that’s not
that’s not i mean same with solar
you know if if if you want to install
solar on your house you can do it
probably 30 cheaper if you do it
and then you get the 26 federal tax
credit too
right so all of a sudden you know it’s
cost you half of what it should cost and
it’s really worth it
and what i like to do and people don’t
understand is the pricey electricity
in florida it’s really not bad in
minnesota here it’s not bad the east and
west coast it’s really bad where it
makes it more affordable
but it costs more but the price of
never goes down it’s not gasoline it
doesn’t go up and down depending on
elected president no what happens with
it is
it goes up and three to four percent in
a year so i
like to give people uh two calculations
payback time at today’s rates but the
actual payback time at an average rate
over 25 years
and then you see that you know if you’re
installing one of these yourself
you’re looking at a two to three year
payback time for that solar why the heck
wouldn’t you do it
no i and it makes sense plus it’s uh
less expensive than buying her a ring
um and i get a tax credit um
so oh so so yeah so how much i told you
for the turbine
6 000 plus a poll plus the install
you know so i don’t know maybe eight
nine thousand dollars then twenty six
percent of that back
okay yeah that’s and then twenty year
twenty year expected life but and all
the years i’ve been doing this i’ve
never had a mechanical failure
and that and that’s one of the things
that i’ve always been concerned about
with these
is whether or not they’re going to work
when you need them to whether or not
you’re going to just run out one day and
it’s like
it broke uh you know uh you hear the
stories that like uh
like donald trump will say like uh the
windmills give you candidates
technology the windmills give you cancer
completely different those actually
there are a lot of valid arguments
against the huge turbines
especially the low frequency vibrations
because that is that travels through the
but that’s nothing that happens with
these turbines these turbines actually
have a vibration isolation system on the
bottom of it so typically when it’s
running put your hand on the pole and
not really feel much of anything
okay all right yeah because like so i my
lived in palm springs and i went out to
visit them in california and when you’re
driving through there you see
what looks like a sci-fi movie with all
the turbines just going that
just spinning that send electricity to
all of palm springs
and i always thought that that area was
and i wondered why we didn’t do that
everywhere but then i started hearing
about the different issues that they
also cause and whether or not it would
be enough for
areas like saint pete where i live
or you know nashville tennessee where i
lived before that or dc where i lived
before that
so there’s always been kind of the
question on whether or not it was
worth it to try to invest in uh on
that kind of scale and where would you
put it
well and especially you’re talking
florida you’re really iffy
because the prices are low and it’s not
a real real high wind area unless you’re
along the coastline
right and the coastline is where they’re
not going to want them down there
right so like for instance uh where i
live in pinellas county
i believe in this number maybe off by a
percent or two
pinellas county is 92 developed
so 8 of this entire county doesn’t have
anything on it
and most of that is going to be your
so you wouldn’t even have an area to put
it but that’s where these micro wind
turbines would
come into play because you could just
put them in your backyard
or you know if you’ve got concrete
structures you can put them on top of
you know there are certain buildings you
can put them on
there’s all kinds of different areas or
you know what if you got a flagpole out
there why not put one of these out there
with a flag under it
you know there’s all kinds of things you
can do right
so now uh
like you said like you were uh in the
navy you were in the navy and you were a
nuclear power machinist
yep they i call those nuclear plumbers
okay nuclear power machinists yeah
so nuclear power machinist mate so
i’ve i’m i’m a huge advocate for nuclear
power um
i don’t know where you stand on nuclear
power i’m a huge advocate for it
i think that it’s exceptionally clean
would there do you see a future in which
there is a mixture between
the green energy of wind turbines and
solar and nuclear
or do you think we’ll absolutely
absolutely it’s they’re absolutely
you know who wants to have all these
huge nuclear plants everywhere but
you’re still going to need them at times
it’s going to be a very hybrid future
okay there’s going to be all kinds of
different things running
you’re right nuclear power plants are a
lot more clean than people think they
right and they’re a lot safer than
people think they are especially these
and not only that they can produce so
much power that they’re good to have
but you’re still going to have pop-up
natural gas plants you might need to
fire up or
you know you’re going to run your
renewables because you why
why wouldn’t you harvest what’s out
instead of harvesting something that is
radioactive the less of something
harmful you have to use the better
and for instance our wind turbines i
know the big ones aren’t
our wind turbines are 100 recyclable so
by the time it’s done you can recycle
the whole thing and start over again
exactly you know so so that that’s
that’s it so i i think these things mix
well together and i am a big fan of
nuclear and
i i keep saying this i don’t understand
why we don’t blow the stuff
off to the sun and i don’t think we even
have to do that i remember 20 years ago
some uh discovery channel something and
they showed
they were talking about train cars that
hold nuclear power how safe they are and
they had one of the containment vessels
and they blew the thing up they shot it
with the cannon they dropped it from as
high as they could and they couldn’t
hurt the damn thing so finally they put
it on a train track
and hit with the locomotive as hard as
they could the thing just went flying
and went
it couldn’t hurt it and this is 20 years
ago and with modern technology you think
we can’t build something safe enough i
even you remember the challenger when
that blew up they say that the people
lived until they hit the ocean oh did
they really
cr like chrissy mccoll that was chrissy
mcculloch right
yep yep yeah yep they died when they
died when they hit the ocean but
that meant that that capsule contained
them well imagine
with today’s technology with magnetic
you can have a magnetic launcher that
gets speed and curves its way up the
side of a mountain
and just flings these things at the sun
all it has to do is clear orbit
who cares if it takes an eon to get
there it’s the sun
it’s space it it goes out there and it
bumps into one of elon musk’s satellites
and then like
so many people lose internet or cell
like what happens it’ll bump into one of
his space cars
right yeah his car that’s just drifting
into space right now
just gets hit and it’s like oh well oops
just knocks it off course and ends up
landing on mars
uh burning up on entry um
yeah but you know it’d be so easy to do
do stuff like that it’s not easy of
course but
with today’s technology i tell you what
why not instead of fighting one more war
why not use that money to figure it out
yes instead of you know sending
thousands of american young men and
women overseas to uh
die for something that most of us don’t
know what that reason is anyway
uh you can take that money and use it
making the world a better place
um as opposed to just helping out your
friends in other countries and uh in
um um yeah
you know you know i i i think we’re
gonna have to call it a war
on radiation
what do you think we’ll call it a war on
radiation because then everybody will
get behind it
right and in all fairness like
when you have the war on poverty poverty
is winning now
um when you had the war on drugs drugs
definitely drugs have won that
war like there was still a long time ago
yeah they’re still fighting the battles
but drugs won that war
um if you have a if you have a war on
nuclear or war on radiation
nuclear is going to win
come on this is a war we could actually
this is the war we could win
uh well jay i i
i appreciate you coming on my show like
this has been this has been
awesome yeah it’s been a good time i
i’ve had a good chat
okay can i holler out for myself quick i
was i was going to say uh if you want to
holler out
if you want to you know pitch anything
throw anything at the people watching
the people who are going to be listening
later on
anchor dot fm or anywhere else uh now is
your time
to sell whatever you need to sell
so okay well i’m the turbine guy i got
my youtube channel the turbine guy which
is almost 3 000 subscribers so i’m
getting somewhere with that uh very
happy about that so please sign on
subscribe i do renewable power sometimes
i do government stuff i’ll do stuff
around america or
like when the texas frozen turbine thing
came on and get this
i’ve been mulling it over and collecting
some documents i’m going to do an
uh a a video on
nuclear waste what we should do with it
and where it’s currently dumped around
the world and
i found a map and of course where do we
dump nuclear waste
right along the shoreline where else
would you dump it right
right so so right so i’m going to come
up with idea so i’m going to do a video
on that
um of course if anyone wants to install
any of this stuff themselves i’m there
to help i’m here there to help design
something i can apply it have it shipped
to your door
whether it be wind turbines whether it
be solar both batteries and all that
go to go green energy online dot com go
green energy online dot com
and then uh you can find stuff and find
my email there
um and for anybody out there i did put
gogreen in today’s show notes
if you need to come back make sure you
find episode 47 of the writers by the 47
sure 47 of the writers black find the
one with jay nygard’s name on it
and you can find go green
jay thank you so much for coming on i’m
going to switch back over to the view
with just me
and if you want to hang out for a minute
i’ll talk to you as soon as i’m done
wrapping everything up
all right see you guys everybody else
thank you so much for tuning in
um we have a huge week of muddy waters
media next week
um we have on tuesday
spike has spike has
somebody you know spike’s got a great
guest next week
um and he has he has uh
seth i don’t know how to say that name
seth stouten who
was one of the people who testified
during the derek chauvin trial on
tuesday my fellow americans will be
next week so we’re switching things up a
little bit then on wednesday
spike and i will be hosting a very
special episode of the muddied waters of
where we will just mystery science
3000 the crap out of joe biden’s address
to congress
it’s weird they’re not calling it the
state of the union they’re just saying
joe biden addresses congress for the
first time um
but we are going to be just mystery
science theatering the crap out of that
and then next week right here on the
writer’s block
i have oh sweet i have angela mcardle
is a member of the mises caucus and
is running for lp chair
so very excited to have her on it is
going to be a
fantastic week of muddied waters make
sure that you tune in
uh i have no idea what spike is doing
over the weekend but
i’m certain he’s got things going on
that you can tune into all week long
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thank you again everybody for the
writer’s block for moneywise media
i am matt wright and you are perfect the
way you are
water so my liver
me when my hiding place is
i don’t need anybody’s head
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