(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 4 – All Things Blockchain

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July 20, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans)))
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 5 – William Eiland Interview Roleplay ASMR (You WILL fall asleep!)
August 2, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans)))

NOTE: Video is choppy for this episode but audio is fine.

On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), blockchain and cryptocurrency expert R.L. Bryer joins Spike to talk about his new book Blockchain: Project Renaissance, while Spike shows off his new podcasting equipment.

Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (fb.com/jodavimusic)

Guest: R.L. Bryer (pittsburghhodlr@gmail.com)
Twitter: twitter.com/rbryer23
Steemit: steemit.com/@pittsburghhodlr