(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 3 – The Millard Conspiracy

(((My Fellow Americans)))

On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by journalist and Viking pillager Taylor Millard to discuss American history and our mythologizing of it, why so many of us revere power and how similar the authoritarians on the right and left are.

Happy 80th Birthday to Spike’s father and rabbi, Harvey Cohen!

Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (fb.com/jodavimusic)

Guest: Taylor Millard (taylormillard.com & twitter.com/taylormvlr)

Hot Air: hotair.com

Spike Cohen
Spike Cohen
Local Jew. Contrarian stoic sentimentalist. Antidisestablishmentarianism. 2020 Libertarian VP candidate. Will pet your dog.
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