(((My Fellow Ruffians))) #64: Kim Ruff Interviews Spike Cohen

(((My Fellow Americans)))

About This Episode

On a very special episode of {{{My Fellow Ruffians}}}, Kim’s next guest will be Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen!

Join Kim LIVE as she asks Spike the hard-hitting questions that no one else has the stones to ask! Have you wanted to watch that smug, self-satisfied man squirm in his classically-chiseled good looks? Well here’s your chance!

(This is usually Spike’s show, and will be next week. Unless the ratings are really good, in which case, this is now Kim’s show for good.)

Vermin For President

Spike For Vice President

Spike Twitter

Spike Facebook

2020 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar

Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus

Chris Reynolds, Attorney at Law

Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.

Episode Transcript

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There is no transcript for this episode yet, we may update in the future, but let’s be honest — probably not.

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