(((My Fellow Americans))) #63: #Matttacular with Matt Hicks and Matt Wright

About This Episode

We’re ostensibly going to be talking about Bernie Sanders dropping out, Rapey Joe Biden trying to shove himself down our throats (#BelieveAllVoters), the ongoing COVID-19 and so on, but Hicks is already drunk and Wright probably has various things affixed to his nipples. This show is going to be a beautiful mess. And as always, we will be promoting the Vermin/Spike 2020 campaign, because this is my show. We’re also going to open the lines to callers tonight. Will Matt Crum, Matt Peterson-Volz, Matthew Pagani and Mattie Rodriguez call in? FIND OUT TONIGHT!

Vermin For President

Spike For Vice President

Spike Twitter

Spike Facebook

2020 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar

Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus

Chris Reynolds, Attorney at Law

Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.

Episode Transcript

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