(((My Fellow Americans))) #110: King Randall

(((My Fellow Americans)))

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Spike’s guest tonight is King Randall, a 21 year old Marine vet who saw a problem in his community in Georgia and decided to fix it.

So he started The “X” for Boys, a program dedicated to helping at-risk Black boys in his community by teaching them vocational skills and getting them out of unsafe environments and into his organization’s custody.

Many of these kids were in abusive homes, homeless shelters, or juvenile detention.

The X’s philosophy of “do for self” instills in these boys a sense of independence and belonging, and teaches them the skills to thrive and prosper.

King is reclaiming children from a system that wants them desperate and subjugated.

And guess who’s trying to stop The X from helping even more kids?

If you guessed the government, you’d be correct.

Join us tonight as we talk about the challenges King is facing them, and how he’s overcoming them.

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get started uh i have to make a little personal tribute um a year ago today as many of you know um i had to put down uh my best friend um axel cohen i’m gonna i’m not going to cry because i’m a man and i’m strong um so axel was in our lives for uh the better part of 12 years he was already a full-grown adult so like he was already you know we didn’t have the puppy phase so he’s always been like my ride or die everywhere i went he went with me um it was brutal uh to have to say goodbye to him last year i can’t believe it’s been a year this has been a whirlwind of a year um he was uh the the best dog someone could ask for and uh i am uh i’m glad he’s not suffering anymore and uh i i’m gonna stop talking about this because i need to do a show and i can’t be crying while this poor guy comes on my show to talk about his thing so uh thank you axel for your time and i love you and i miss you uh this is a muddy waters media production check us out everywhere check us out on all social media 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exactly like me and i’m seventy percent this also so full of a knockout shout out to tehran turks mom and him as always folks my guest tonight is a really incredible guy i uh first talked about him back in june i’ve been following him for a few months now and um he uh he is uh finally doing interviews again and i’m really excited to have him on uh he is a marine veteran uh who is in the process of starting a school uh that puts a roof over the heads of young men and teaches them everyday skills like basic auto mechanics household repairs improving literacy reading comprehension it i really i’m sick of doing this intro because he’s going to tell you way better everything he’s doing than i possibly could uh he’s an incredible guy we’re going to talk about everything he is doing ladies and gentlemen my fellow americans please welcome to the show mr king randall king thanks so much for being on the show man pause pause the applause the applause oh oh man you didn’t get applause hold on no wait wait wait wait i can do this bring it hold on again give me no give me a second okay hold on do it again do it again no i can do it i can do it i knew it hold on hold on okay but why is that not working oh awkward silence thank you if they like you they like you exactly the same amount that they like me it’s incredible no no mine’s espresso it is special because they’ve never done that for any other guest let me turn that off so it doesn’t do that every time i go to this uh screen uh king thanks so much for coming on the show man i really appreciate it i appreciate you having me absolutely yes sir absolutely i’m looking forward to it man and uh folks be sure to uh tune in uh on our chat uh you can do it on facebook on youtube on uh on periscope anywhere you’re watching this uh leave a comment uh give us your thoughts and your questions and king and i will tell you if you are right or wrong now king i don’t i don’t think i know this part of it every every time i have someone on the show who’s doing something incredible they always have the the genesis that caused this them to do the thing that they’re doing and i i’m very interested to hear your genesis story what got you here when you decided you were gonna do this what is it that caused you to do that tell us a little bit about yourself and tell us the the king randall genesis story or the x for boys genesis story all right for starters i did see the waffle house caucus let me start off by saying ihop is superior we don’t actually go to a waffle house for waffles we don’t do that walking house is for breakfast food we don’t do it we don’t go there for waffles i hop okay we prefer pancakes they’re a little bit more classy okay anyway my name is king randall i just recently turned 22 years old um most people knew me as a 21 year old kid that was starting to school and uh helping kids um in the community but i’m officially 22 now so i’ve grown up and i’m past the little age of buying the drink can i can i can i just i’m sorry can i just interrupt you very briefly folks while you are listening to this story remember that this man is 22. i’m sorry go ahead okay yeah absolutely all right so i’ll start i’ll start with the genesis like because i usually don’t start from the beginning because people want to hear about the program so i’ll start from the genesis uh yeah and then go to exodus and leviticus and the numbers and yeah and then joshua then judges you know we’re not going to win anyway all right so i’ll start off in genesis um uh in the beginning um there was a child named king randall um and one day this child was i’m just kidding uh but anyway so when i was younger um i had a an idea uh when i was younger my grandmother told me about it um one day i was in pre-k actually and um i actually gave the i have a dream speech um on martin luther king day and when i got home from uh pre-k um my grandmother uh had me in the car with her and i still remember this conversation vividly um i was riding the car with her one day and um we stopped at a stop sign and i asked her did she know how i was to have butterflies in her stomach like something was about to happen uh so she was like you know yeah and i told her that i was here to finish what dr king started and so my grandmother’s very extremely spiritual uh she’s a pastor um and she’s been in the church her whole life and so for me to tell her that you know she kind of was taken back and so growing up you know my grandmother never let me forget like what i told her that day um and like growing up i was a rebellious you know kid i wasn’t bad or anything like that i wasn’t getting any trouble it’s just i didn’t want to do what she told me i said i was like i was a kid you know i gave the i have a dream speech and i got you know maybe motivated or something like that but she was like no you don’t just say that out of the blue especially being a child um so fast forward i i went to culinary school i went to the marines i was doing all these different things basically trying to get away from what we had talked about and even all my boot camp letters my grandmother would remind me what i told her um growing up so um people started getting killed uh here in the city of albany where i live um at one point we were the fourth poorest city in the united states um and we’re ranked as one of the worst places to live um i think we’re in the top ten and so uh fast forward um i i don’t know like we were having so many stop the violence rallies um in the city of albany and i was getting upset because nobody was actually doing anything with the children and i was getting upset and i’m just like i was going to all these different stuff the violence i mean i’m just like why aren’t we trying to actually do something like we’re having all these meetings and everybody’s here being philosophical etc but like can we try and do something you know with the young people that are being killed and the young people that’s killing them um so one of my classmates went to jail um they uh his brother and a few other guys killed this pizza delivery driver um just for nothing and they actually uh caught made a fake call and brought him to an abandoned house and then just just shot him and these were kids that did this um but my classmate wasn’t there it was his brother and so um his brother came back home and uh he told him to uh you know hide the gun and of course he hit it but he didn’t know what had happened and um uh he went to jail he got 30 years um we’re the same age um and he went to jail when we were i think 19 or 20. um he has 30 years you know in jail just for hiring a weapon yeah and at that point i was just like you know i got to start doing something with the children so um i think i was maybe about 18 years old um before i started working with children and i went to the martin luther king memorial uh up in atlanta georgia and kind of at that time i was just wondering like well what what about dr king did he not finish like i was trying to figure out what was going on because my grandmother you know and i would literally have whole arguments about you know this uh this calling and so uh i went there and i was like well maybe i’ll get answers from here or something like that so fast forward uh i get in there and i’m walking around and i go to the um his gravesite and i’m looking through the museum and i’m just like something’s gotta stick like i’m just like something here is gonna tell me something like i’ve read i’ve read all his books i was watching all his videos i found out what actually happened to him during his assassination like i was digging in fbi files i was literally studying him trying to figure out what exactly was he supposed to to finish but then i realized while watching all of his speeches etc like he he wasn’t complete um and i realized you know why the government offed him um when they did um because they could have done it a while before but it was a specific time so i go i was going through the museum and there was this one newspaper from the pittsburgh courier april 20 of 1968 and the title uh says will a new king emerge um and at that point uh i don’t know what happened but it was like a light bulb went off and if you notice all of my social media handles our new emerging king um so immediately after that um i started working with children um i did a field trip for some children um to a black history museum in atlanta georgia and um to hear these children asking the questions that they were asking and and you know them coming from different backgrounds but to see them not wanting to be in their conditions i knew that somebody was failing our children um so i took them on another field trip um took them to the center for civil and human rights we went there same thing like seeing how bright the children were you know the questions that they were asking and a need to want to see possible where we live so after that i started teaching children how to work on cars i started teaching them how to change brakes and change oil um i started teaching them uh how to work on houses we started changing ceiling fans and light fixtures you name it we were doing like a lot of different things and just to see these children so active and engaged and you know just just seeing someone do something different it was it was amazing to me so then i did a summer camp out of my home um i did a summer camp that year um i had just had my son baby king um and i have two sons now but he was the only one at the time and um i was just like i got to do something for these children because parents were asking you know what could i do for the summer so i did a summer camp um i made a little flyer on my phone and said everything ought to be offering i was going to teach them how to guardian i was going to teach them how to work on houses we were going to read every day we were going to do math social studies etc and mind you i didn’t have any money at the time i actually had just lost my job but i was still going to do this camp you know with these kids at my house so i got a little small dry erase board i still have it to this day i’m gonna put it in the museum one day i got a really small dry erase board and i nailed it to my wall and i got some little tables donated um um that i found around the community and i made a u-shape in my dining room that i’m sitting in right now and um i i put it on the wall and i taught every day um i taught them you know how to manage their money we you know read a lot of robert kiyosaki books we were also doing um a lot of history um and then once we started reading i realized an issue um i had 20 children at the time in my home and then realizing that 12 out of 20 of them couldn’t read that was an issue and i had one kid who couldn’t read at all like he’s in the sixth grade well he was in the sixth grade and he couldn’t even read cat dog and i’m like son how are you even in the sixth grade and you can’t even read which means you can’t pass tests because you can’t so he was like the questions are he was like illiterate illiterate he didn’t know anyone completely completely like he couldn’t read at all and i’m just like well i know his mom worked a lot but i’m just like how are you passing through school right is my question you know and you’re in the sixth grade and you can’t read in the least a little bit uh so that was an issue for me so realizing so many of the children were not on the grade level reading i’m like these are what are the issues that what do you expect these kids to do um you know and they can’t read uh so uh fast forward after that um i i i started a book club after my summer program on the summer program uh went really well um and i taught them so many different things during that summer and i started a book club with the kids and then starting to see how their reading comprehension was developing um it was beautiful i did a book club with them every week we started off in our local library and then it got too big uh to the point where we had to use uh this lady’s shop her name is miss lisa uh she has a shop here where she does copy and printing things like she prints people’s stuff out makes flyers and things like that but she would allow us to use her shop every day after she closed i mean i’d had different men from the community come in and read with the children even we got a shout out from hill harper because we were reading his book letters to a young brother at the time and um you know we were reading the book and just seeing how they were developing and reading comprehension was so important to me because even though when i say the kids couldn’t read some of them could read but they could literally only sound out read like they could only just you know like they could just read what they saw but they didn’t understand what they were reading so reading comprehension was extremely important for me um so just explain to them what they’re reading and then we would do vocabulary words every week you know spelling tests you know etc this this went on constantly um every week um and then i i kept doing that i started a bowling team for the boys because i know a lot of the boys only think that they can play football and basketball and i’m just like well you know you can get into any sport and make money like professional ping pong players make like six figures a year so i started uh working with those children and bowling with them every week some of them got really good and i was going to get them into some bowling tournaments etc and then hope it happened uh covet happened uh last year and uh kovit kind of stopped everything i wasn’t able to you know work with the children i didn’t know what was going on honestly so i was just like you know parents i can’t really do anything so i was trying to make up some courses online trying to figure out how i could you know maybe do something virtually with them because you know they were starting to get back into their old habits uh and things like that so um i i i was taken back because i didn’t know what to do because the kids were calling and moms were calling they were having issues so i sat down for a moment and i was like well if i have to do something for this summer i said the kids gonna have to live with me because i’m just like i don’t know where they’re going uh so i called uh parents kept calling and asking what could i do for the summer i was like well i said i’ll do a summer camp i said but these kids gonna have to come like live at my house because i don’t know what’s going on i got my own son you know so and they were like okay i was just like all right so i went in got some bump beds i put them in my living room and we made it happen i had seven kids come live with me for the summer 2020. um every day you know we went to a farm we worked on a farm every day um we were moving watermelons and uh cleaning you know just anything just any little thing on a farm to do we were doing it right um and then we were working on houses we found this apartment complex where this contractor was working on he was teaching the boys um how to lay tile and do sheetrock and uh you know playing carpet and things like that so it was beautiful but at this time i understood that i know i needed to promote our program i’m just like this is a beautiful thing that i’m trying to do with these kids but people need to see what we’re doing in order for us to get support so i’m actually while you’re talking i’m actually going to show uh some examples of what it is you guys have been have been doing so i’m sorry go ahead yes sir yeah absolutely so um i took this guy’s um online social media class because i was just like i need to figure out how to market you know the program on social media to uh you know uh to people because i’m trying to figure out how can i you know uh for one get funding um because all this was being funded by my pocket and i was in the negative most of the time um but i was trying to you know make these things happen uh so uh i took his class and he gave me a lot of tips um doing live videos um i started interviewing different uh community leaders and things like that just trying to grow my following you know in different ways um then i started uh doing like reports on you know cnn fox things like that i just started doing live videos and started game growing my following and um somebody told me i need to get on twitter because twitter moves really quickly um when you’re uh you know promoting things uh so i got on twitter and you know i started posting what me and the boys were doing we’ll get a little bit of traction here and there you know but uh one day uh the boys and i were actually doing some sheetrock uh at this apartment complex last summer um and i posted it on twitter and it like went like mini viral like very fast and like all the support like started coming out of nowhere like i i didn’t know who these people were where it was coming from and i was just like who are these people and and most of it were uh white conservatives and i stopped for a second and i’ll be honest with you i did not like white people at this time um because i was you know seeing in uh all this stuff on social media et cetera so i’m just like why these white people you know supporting you know i i’m under the impression that white’s a conservative that got trump you know stuff or whatever they they don’t like black people don’t like black people they don’t want to help you yeah yeah yeah yeah so i’m like what’s going on with this so i i i was like oh take him back first of all and um people were like well make a gofundme page and things like that because i’ve been saying for a while that i want to open a school for my kids i told my boys i’m like i don’t know how i’m going to do it but we’re going to open a school one day um so they were like well you need to make a go find me so i was like okay i made a go fund me and we raised like 11 000 like in the first week um of us doing that and so i was again taken back people were asking to interview me like a lot of different white people were asking to interview me i was like okay i was like so i started doing like interviews with these people but it kind of changed my tone and uh then we went to the white house um last october and like all the love that we received like completely just reshaped my mind like it was interesting because i started realizing like dang like all the people that’s really giving me trouble look like me i was realizing that everybody that was doing the smear campaigns and you know just saying any little bad thing about the program they were all black people and i i was like dang like my own community like you know oh you too young and you’re dancing your dad and you know it was it was nuts and all i did was you know work with kids i don’t do any political commentary i don’t talk about anybody you know it was nice but it changed my mind it it did computer love changed my mind not you know seeing a podcast or watching a tv show or anything it’s just pure love change you know how i my my thought process um so uh we started raising money um for a school building and we weren’t looking at any buildings at the time and um uh we were looking at this one building our old social security office here in albany um it’s a very huge facility and we’re gonna try to turn this building into a school this was probably the only building available at the time that we could possibly you know try and afford um but we didn’t raise the money in time um for that building um and then we went into uh trying to buy a building from our local school system and um that failed yeah do you mind if i if i interrupt you there so this is actually where i first uh introduced my my uh fans followers whatever to your story when i uh i think i i was elizabeth olivia rondo who uh wrote an article about what happened and i had heard about you and been following you somewhat loosely before that and then when i saw that article and what was going on there with the school uh i thought you know here it is someone is you know working hard to actually educate kids who are i mean we talk about no child left behind here’s an entire generation of kids entire generations of kids being left behind and entire communities of kids being left behind here’s someone who’s trying to to fill that gap and actually you know not just teach skills but also i mean and we can talk more about this sounds like teaching self-esteem and it seemed like there was some adversity you were getting some some pushback that you were getting from that can you talk a little bit about what happened with the school and where were you staying with that now yeah absolutely um i’ll definitely say uh you know um we got into a a disagreement with the school system in the contract they gave us uh to purchase the facility um i will say i’ve never seen you know um any stipulations given to a buyer about what they could do with the facility after they purchase it uh so that was just kind of you know um it was just it was us walking backward like we were trying to purchase the building for a specific reason and for you to tell us we can’t do that specific thing it made no sense um but you know we just we passed on it i didn’t want to go the route of begging that’s not what i do um and i was just like you know it is what it is i’m not going to do any petitions or anything we’ll you know find something on our own um so we move forward with that um and you know i talked to our local school superintendent we’re still going to work together on a few things you know with the school system in our program we just weren’t able to you know make that happen and it’s okay you know things happen it is what it is uh so we purchased um just recently probably about a month ago now we purchased uh three buildings on our south side of town um it’s three buildings on one lot um it’s a nice facility and we’re gonna start there we have a school bus um and we’re definitely excited to start renovating it kind of pushed our uh our start date back um but you know it’s okay we’re just gonna start uh next fall um so we just have renovations to do on the facility um turning it into a school um you know getting accredited things like that um so that’s kind of you know who i am what the extra voids is all about and kind of where we come from and where we are now this is incredible and by the way i i for those of you watching and to let you know i i put the exforboys.org the the actual website in the comments and the notes so people can uh so people can see and check that out don’t do it now check it out after the show you keep watching this for now uh but uh you know so they can go and they can donate and see how they can be a part of this um i want to go back to something that you said early on um because this is incredible we’re going to dive into some of the specifics of what you guys are doing but um the one thing that really stuck to me you said they killed uh dr king at a specific time and for and for a specific reason and that that was you know where the incomplete part happened can you can you dive down a little bit more into what you mean because i’m pretty sure i know where you’re going with this but i’m interested in what you mean by that um i’ll save a lot of it because the boys and i are actually going to travel um to the lorraine motel and i’m gonna do a full expose and yeah so i’ll save some of it um however and this is all proven in court um so it won’t be like i’m a conspiracy theorist but the king family was paid um in 1999 um about this um james irway was framed um he was proven not to kill her but he mysteriously passed away if when he would have been exonerated but you know uh so you know how that goes um but yeah uh dr king at that point uh had a little bit too much power uh dr king was basically the president without being the president uh he had the entire nation you know behind his movement um and the poor people’s campaign um that he was about to leave this was everybody um versus the government um and and that was an issue you couldn’t have everybody versus the government and i try to get black people now to understand i’m just like listen like our movement by ourselves like yeah we can make a lot of noise but i have to get to understand i’m like you understand that we have a lot of the same issues that white people do with the government now our issues may differ in some areas but they have issue with government just like we have issue with government why not combine and be like you know what if we all have issues with the government how about we all go and fight you know but there’s this you know you can’t work with white people and you know and stuff like that um nowadays but i don’t i don’t you know subscribe to that anymore i’m just like there’s no been no major movement with black people where white people didn’t help um you know and that’s something that important that we have to understand but um i’m just like we all could you know get behind each other and one thing i love about my movement is so many different people from all sides of the spectrum follow our movement and love what i do because you can’t not love it um and so we have white conservative support white liberal support hispanics blacks you know everybody supports what we’re doing and so sometimes when i do a live video and i’m talking about you know different issues but everybody’s agreeing i’m like now i want you guys to look at you know you guys profile pictures some of you guys got trump and and all these black lives matter stuff and all that but all you are under here agreeing with the same thing would you look at that you know so i’m just like you it’s it’s media you know the most effective devil in america um as maj uh to rey says it um and i think that’s the entire truth i believe the media is the most effective devil in america and they literally control just the basis of our thinking um and while we can’t unify as a people you know just in general um it’s all being done strategically um just from all outlets you know it’s it’s against the law quote unquote to for everybody to be you know on one accord and it’s it’s not really that hard to have you know some peace but of course peace doesn’t pay um drama does uh so i think that’s something we have to understand so a perfect example of this last year there was uh and this is my opinion you if you disagree you can let me know i i last year we saw uh the killing of brianna taylor followed immediately by uh the killing of george floyd and the george floyd killing got way more attention because there was an actual live video of it happening as opposed to with brianna taylor you’re hearing about it after the fact um but really those two things were kind of a one-two punch that led to what started as a pretty broad movement for police accountability ending qualified immunity ending police militarization you know forcing other police officers who are witnessing a crime being committed by an officer to have a legal duty to intervene the same way they would if any of us were committing a crime you know and then what happened was the media immediately stopped talking about the power aspect that that people in government were being were unaccountable and that they weren’t being held accountable and all they talked about was race now there is very much a racial aspect when we’re talking about criminal justice issues like we know that slavery didn’t end with the 13th amendment it just got moved from the private sector to the government right but but even in the midst of talking about that yes there is a racial component to all of this to gun control to the welfare state to criminal justice issues and everything else but the re the the reason that people who want to harm the marginalized are able to do so is because of the power and lack of accountability they have the media stopped talking about that entirely and what was supposed to be a war against unaccountability in government turned into a war against all racism and with no real explicitly drawn terms of okay but what is racism what is your definition of what we need to be fighting and it very quickly became this like white versus black thing and i think that was intentional i think that had that movement yes acknowledge the the racial disparity that’s happening like you said everyone’s suffering differently but acknowledged it and then immediately focused to the solution which was dismantling the power system that allowed that to happen then we’d be in a completely different place than we are right now and unfortunately you know the people in government uh aren’t able to maintain their power if we work together uh the people who like to to grift and make millions of dollars off of various movements they don’t get to do that if they’re not stoking the right fires i said it and uh and then you know and then at the same time someone like you who’s saying okay i see you know albany georgia is is this a a most like a majority black community and this is probably one of the rare cities we’re 77 african-american okay so you look in your community and say okay here i’m a black man overwhelmingly back black community uh we’re also one of the the poorest community fourth poorest community in the country one of the top 10 worst places to live this is where i live and i’m seeing basically my people my neighbors my loved ones who are embroiled in all this poverty and cycles of crime and violence and terrible education and and and familial issues and everything else i’m going to fix it and you got people coming after you because you’re young or you’re whatever and meanwhile it’s like you’re this is the prototype if we if we’re saying that this is a problem of power well then take the power from government if this is a problem of race okay well great then let’s have black people creating their own solutions instead of having it imposed on them by white people if this is a problem of of um uh if this is a problem within the black community great let black people fix it and be able to do it whatever you think led this to be the problem what you’re doing is the solution and that’s why you have so many people supporting you it’s also why you have a lot of people coming after you too unfortunately yeah uh what’s you know interesting is uh black people have given will have said uh well some of my detractors anyway i’ll say that uh or you’re not a threat because the system is well white people aren’t trying to kill you and things like that i’m just like they’re like if your movement was effective they’d be trying to you know take you out i’m like yeah you guys are trying to take me out you know i’m just like you guys are doing the you know think pieces and the smear campaigns in the podcast about you know why or some people you know say oh king’s using the money you know that he’s raising uh and his non-profit for personal uh things i’m like uh yeah it’s called a salary i have to take care of myself and i do this full-time just right exactly i do this every day of my life this is the first break like right now that i’ve taken just because i have a newborn now you know it’s like the first break i’ve really taken um because i have to spend time with my family and they don’t even get a chance to see me my own son you know cries you know because i have to go spend so much time with the boys and things like that so you know this is my time to you know spend with my family but just you know i i it’s a lot you know that i have to deal with as far as adversaries but it’s mostly support from everywhere um i don’t really interact or entertain or respond to any uh you know detractors because that’s what they want but uh some elders always say if you don’t run into any fools you’re probably going in the same direction uh so i definitely think that’s extremely important for me to remember and i just keep it moving man i just keep on doing the work i combat all of my uh negative uh with something positive everything negative that i see i just combat it with something positive because even in them talking negative people are going to try to come see who i am or what we’re doing you know and they’re just you can’t see anything but work you know and and i’m not like other political commentators and things like that who are constantly you know berating the community and things like that and not actively doing anything in that community that you’re talking about you know so if anything you know i i do so much work you know i don’t have time to talk you know i don’t have time to make political commentary i don’t have time for all this drama and all these drama postings and things like that and commentators fighting against each other and why they’re not a real conservative and they’re not and there’s all this nonsense that people still donate to i’m just like why are you still donating to these guys platforms and they’re doing nothing but running their mouths you know as many people you know in every community um where you live that people need funding you know for the different things that they’re trying to do and they’re not running their miles they’re doing work you know and that’s what i want people to um you know really understand is people out here actively trying to fix their communities you know people are like oh well people are not out here trying to fix their communities no they are it’s just you’re giving the wrong attention you know to drama you know and not actually looking for the people that are actually working in their communities so this is actually we talk about this a lot on the show so i i’m a libertarian we’re trying to grow the liberty movement and by the way you know you were talking about conservatives and liberal i’ve yet to meet a libertarian who has heard your story who isn’t 100 behind in fact looking in the comments here every single thing there’s people in here that’s what i keep looking down look at me yeah people are asking how they can donate how they can be a part of it they love what’s going on how you’re a great person someone asked if you were jesus um the uh you know no no no no yeah yeah but but you know i mean people saying you know uh uh you know this is what we need to see from americans you know uh words mean nothing action means everything like this is what the liberty movement is about is about people being free to create solutions to problems that are often imposed upon us by government right now with that said even within the liberty community we have the same thing we have the people that they make money creating drama on all different sides and this isn’t you know calling out specific people all their their job is to go and and and talk crap about other libertarians all day long and it’s like why why like let’s go do something effective if we all or most of us agree that this whatever it is is a problem whether police brutality criminal justice issues the war on drugs uh gosh what else uh taxes regulations foreign whatever it is let’s go work on that like why are we arguing with each other it’s two and it’s you know it’s it’s crabs in a barrel is what it is exactly it’s nonsense like uh like here in our community we just had a funeral today for a nine-year-old that was killed uh last week um while he was in his bed uh somebody was riding and shot at his house and he was in his bed struck him in the head uh while he was sleeping um and you know our community was outraged by it like we had a lot of children pass you don’t hear all being teenagers but this one kind of struck a nerve with everybody and so a friend of mine raised about ten thousand dollars on black to another black conservative friend of mine um and you know some other businesses were raising money you know trying to you know for one for crime stoppers to find the killer and then other people are raising money for the funeral expenses um and uh we’re a very poor community so a lot of people here don’t like have insurance and things like that so people have to do fundraisers to bury their loved ones uh and so people got upset with him because they were like well where is this money coming from is this coming from pac money or uh who’s raising we don’t want the family to be burdened because they may want something for their money and he’s just like this is my personal funds oh well we don’t trust that you know and then the guy comes another guy uh he owns an automotive repair shop here so he did a car wash fundraiser for um uh the family and uh guys made another post like these guys who want to be so woke and made another post oh uh they ain’t been trying to help the community this whole time why they want to do something now they’re just doing this for cloud and blah blah blah i’m just like or they just trying to help like well they’re just trying to help like people are so they trying so hard to be woke even with me he’s like so where’s the the funding coming from i’m like well just go and go fund me and look at all their names and go type them all they’re giving it to you yeah exactly yeah i’m just like go type it all in if you like i’m just like what you want me to do like what do you want me to do i’m i’m like yeah like uh democrats don’t do the same thing like uh try to give people money and then tell them you know try to sway them a certain way or things like that i’m like so if i was a you know democratic person and raising money you wouldn’t say the same thing it’s just oh he has a problem with conservatives because certain conservatives just can’t you know be donating without some you know motive or somebody trying to control your hand i’m like there’s nothing political about my movement so if people are donating they’re donating just because they want i don’t do political commentary they can’t make me sway anything i’m not i don’t have a big enough following this way nobody’s vote or anything like that so i’m like what do you mean i’m being paid to push a narrative what narrative am i pushing i’m helping children like that’s what i was gonna say your your narrative is let’s help uh boys that are that are you know being falling between the cracks and are at this point more likely to end up in prison than to have a good job if we don’t do something like that if that’s your narrative then i hope you have the biggest audience possible to be able to spread it i mean goodness do you think some of this is is fear in fact jericho banker says the only people who have would have an issue with what you do are threatened by a potential loss of power do you think i i’m sure some of it is you know just general mistrust and some of it is just you know that’s their way of cloud chasing is to is to you know punch up at someone who’s doing something and the whole you know crabs in a barrel thing but uh do you think some of this is that there are people that uh you know are worried that if you can fix problems they won’t be able to have that power of of you know leading people to complain about them or am i completely off there i think mostly it’s people who haven’t done anything who’ve wanted to be relevant for so long um you know as an upside and a downside to my age the downside is that people feel like intimidated or something because i’m so young and people start to question their motives in the community because they’re like dang like he’s supposed to been for our community for this many years but king’s been around for three years like since he’s got a high school and he’s been doing so much you know for the children where have you been you know and and that’s been it like even the churches and i uh here in albany we have like a love-hate relationship uh because i’ve you know said multiple times you know where they feel we have over 400 churches in albany but god doesn’t seem to be present um so i’m trying to figure out what exactly you know is going on like we have super mega churches we got this one huge church here or whatever and you know they’re like oh we’re doing things for the community but they’re just doing stuff church supposed to do like give away thanksgiving turkeys and give away clothes and host code vaccine and host you know voter rallies and all that that’s normal stuff but stop giving men fish teach men how to fish you know and i’m just like that’s that that’s where i am you know with that i mean our the city of albany could you know use a lot of help but i like i said i don’t try to you know focus so much on what’s going on you know negative i just try to do things positive i don’t talk about anybody’s movements i don’t talk about anybody’s organizations i just do my own thing i just stay in my lane and and work with my children and yeah seems to bother some people so it’s called shining past people man i say it all the time people who shine are going to attract people who want to put it out and if you shine past them then one of two things happens if you just basically for the most part ignore them you can even acknowledge it exists and say i’m not even about that i’m about trying to do what i’m doing and i hope people will i hope they’ll one day join me in helping um one of two things happens either they eventually get give up and say oh maybe i’ll help them or they just give up and go find something else to complain about which is good or they’ll just keep complaining and keep drawing attention to you and keep telling everyone about you and keep having your name in their mouth and really you know you can let the the the haters anger be the wind beneath your wings sometimes like they can help like you said you know when they’re saying this king randall look at it he’s a kid and he’s done all that what’s all that and other people are looking they’re like what the hell are you complaining about but they wouldn’t have known about you in that moment if it wasn’t for them complaining about you so either way exactly you know i i say shine past people they’re going to be like that if you turn around and start punching down at them it just makes you look petty so just go and do your thing they some of them will join you some of them will go find something else to complain about and some of them will be some of your biggest fans for the rest of your life just doing everything they can to draw attention to how terrible they think you are and bring more people to your movement as a result man exactly yeah people are gonna go search for themselves some people are gullible enough to you know uh accept some of those things like uh like another set of detractors now uh they’re uh trying to make it seem like uh i’m racist or whatever um because of some old things i said like maybe two or three years ago um and so now they’re pulling up old like some old things that i may have tweeted or things like that and they’re just like he doesn’t like white people i’m just like but yeah i just said that you just said like you didn’t used to like white people and also again keeping in mind and i get to say this because i’m 39 which is still considered technically is kind of considered young and you’re like just over half my age you are on the scale of things you’ve been an adult for like 12 seconds you know like i mean you’re right you know what i mean and you’ve used every bit of it i did trust me i’m not i’m not seeing i’m seeing that as a pause no worries look how long you’ve been an adult and look at everything you’ve done but the point of that is if someone goes back to something you said three four years you were 18 i thank god that social media didn’t exist when i was 18 i can’t even imagine the stuff i was saying back then right right and you even said like you didn’t like or trust white people right so i mean okay yeah it took like um it took experience for me to understand things like i was you know um well white people are holding us back you know the government’s holding us down we can’t do these things but in the midst of me saying that i was literally making a way like i had lost my job but i got on youtube i learned how to cut hair i got on youtube and learned how to work on some different parts of people’s cars i started cutting grass um so i was cutting people’s hair working on cars painting houses like i remember the first house i painted um like the outside of somebody says i never painted it before but i was actually in a home depot looking for some paint um you know for somebody else’s the inside of their house and this lady was like hey do you paint houses i was like yeah yeah i paid housing was like okay can you come by and look at my house here’s my address i was like all right oh come by and look at your house there so i went by and looked at her house and my little brother was actually working with me at the time my little brothers uh he’s 15 now he was 14 at the time he turned 16 on uh september 30th so i brought him with me to go look at the house and that whole night we stayed up like five six hours watching house painting videos on youtube and lo and behold when we went and painted this lady’s house it took us about five days and it looked like a professional job you know and we made like 1200 bucks from that and then we were we were being smart because she had some old lady friends so we were like tank tops and you know make sure we looked all nice you know and stuff so they could want the nice young men to come paint their houses too and we went down the street and painted their houses and made some money so you know looking good at pace you know yeah no listen listen as as a sex symbol myself i know uh full well uh how important it is to to look at no listen man you’re obviously incredibly industrious and and you’re you’re making the best of everything you’ve got you everything you do is everything i tell people needs to be done and i love that you’re doing it i do i want to ask you about the extra boys you talked about some of the stuff that you were teaching them and one of the the things that really struck me when you were when you were um uh you know when i first read about your story was that one of the phrases that you use a lot is do for self and this idea that it’s like at the end of the day you are responsible for yourself and you have to do at the very like the baseline what’s needed for you really before and the way i took it before you can really even help anyone else you have to make sure that you’re doing for yourself because if you can’t take care of yourself how can anyone else take care of you how can you take care of anyone else right talk to me about some of the things like the specifics of some of the stuff that you are teaching them not just the the the life skills like you know painting or mechanic work or i saw you did uh what it looked like spot welding or something like that but also plasma welding but also like life skills like like lifestyle skills and how to think about things can you can you talk a little bit about that absolutely um so for the most part i actually love boarding the children um like actually having them sleep uh and live with me is because there’s a lot of innate learning that has to happen with the children there are some things that i can’t teach you know by mouth um to the children but when i say innate learning that’s kind of like how i learned how to fry chicken growing up like my grandmother never taught me how to fry chicken like i just happened to go be going to make some water like every so often and i happen to see her breading and seasoning the chicken and putting it into the pan and frying it you know just i happened to see that over time and i kind of figured it out or how i learned how to grill meat on the grill like nobody had a class and told me how to grill me i just happened to be watching my stepdad and my uncles you know outside you know grilling on the grill you know and it just kind of caught on you know so and there’s a lot of things that um people don’t understand uh why there’s a huge need for fathers in the home um so a lot of the things that i teach them i let them watch me take care of my son i let them watch me you know uh do certain things during the day um i let them watch me give money to people let them watch me you know do a lot of community service um because they’ll start trying to mimic these things um because they’re around you know um something that somebody they need to be around because a boy is gonna mimic whatever man he’s around no matter what um he’s gonna make whatever man’s around whether that be a good man or bad man he’s going to mimic them um so i think it’s extremely important for a good man to be around these children so even with different habits that they’re developing you know i have them work up at a certain time every day um grooming themselves cutting their fingernails making sure their hair is brushed brushing their teeth taking a bath all these different things have to go on every day because these things aren’t going on at home like i couldn’t you couldn’t imagine how many little boys aren’t taking a bath every day or you know that don’t clip their nails or just brush their teeth or brush their hair or showing them how to shave and how it can make your haircut last longer if you shave your face like i’m just like your your face being shaved makes you look a little bit more cleaner you know just just a lot you know just a lot of things that your granddad and your uncles and you know the many your life taught you growing up the boys need to know and that’s extremely important um for what we’re trying to do um i think it’s extremely important for our boys to learn um innately um so it’s so many things you know i i quote unquote teach them without having to tell them you know directly by my mouth some of them just kind of discover and and am around me so much you know that they start to mimic the things that i’m doing mimic the things that i’m saying like even my younger brother um he’s the one holding the x right there um but my younger brother um he mimics me to a t like um his name is kulin but we call him qj um but i watch my younger brother so much because he looks up to me you know and he’s like six one by the way now um he’s huge we have different moms same dad um but he looks up to me um so much and i actually watch him to see what i need to change in myself um because i’ll notice some things that he’s doing that i know that i do i’m like wait that shouldn’t be happening so i’ll fix it in myself you know to to fix it with him because he literally mimics everything you know that i do my catch phrases the way i walk everything so i have to be a whole man you know for him i have to be a whole man for my boys um so i know i i would love to say that you know it’s easy to teach you know the you know uh moral roles and things like that yeah we’ll go over a few different things as far as how to treat a woman and you know how to talk to your parents and things like that but for the most part a lot of those a lot of that morality a lot of that character et cetera is going to come innately um you can’t teach character they have you have to see character because in order to be a man you have to see a man um so i think that’s extremely important in the teaching that we’re giving them as far as morality and character and um and how to develop themselves so is that why you chose to work at least for now exclusively with boys because you as a man can show them how to be a man is that is that why you made that choice to do that of course i can’t teach a girl how to be a girl i just i was just in new york um and i and i tried when i’m traveling um i try not to wear any of my gear so i don’t get noticed um but it was on my business card that i was using um and they were like you’re that you know king randall guy and they was like why don’t you do anything for girls i’m just like i’m not a girl so i don’t i don’t know how to teach that type of etiquette you know to girls right you know and i’m like and being honest it’s so it’s thousands of girls programs out there it’s that’s so many girls programs i mean you’re overwhelmed with things to do for girls but it’s like boys don’t have like no any major programs most of the time they got football teams and you know little stuff like that but most of it is just easy access to single moms for these guys they’re not trying to actually you know help these children they’re just trying to get in with all the single moms you know and that bears witness in my community they’ll tell you about it but just just being honest you know nobody’s actually like really trying to get in deep you know with these the boys and help them now there are many organizations that are but it’s not as overwhelming as it is with so many girls organizations everywhere um i mean it’s overwhelming you’re flooded with things to do for girls even at school with every little club and every little field trip and all this stuff to do with girls girls girls girls for girls for these girls for that just it was always girl stuff i’m like no young boys really need uh this attention they need of a lot of attention because they’re you know what’s going to change the reality um of the next generation to come the men are going to have to you know step up and if we don’t we’re going to continue going in this vicious cycle of violence yep yep and exactly like you said because a a young man is overwhelmingly more likely so if you have a young man and a young woman who are suffering under the same neglect the same you know lack of opportunity in the the same kind of doldrums that young man is exponentially more likely to end up turning to violent crime in order to be to find direction to find what it is they’re supposed to do to get respect to get money to get all the things they’re looking for they’re going to turn to the bad things and there’s many reasons i mean biologically men and women are different right so so you know men are more men are the ones that have always been you know usually the hunters and the the warriors and the fighters and the protectors and the defenders and so forth and if you’re not giving them a thing to do that’s going to metastasize that’s going to go into something toxic and it’s going to lead to it again wait wait wait say that word again it’s going to metastasize so like uh when it can’t survive it uh oh god no um i’m gonna have to look it up yes i’m sorry i’m i love words like i know okay i had to look it up so it’s m-e-t-a-s-t-a-s-i-z-e and what it means is so like a cancer um if it’s not treated it will start to spread to other areas it will metastasize right so like you know stage one cancer is the cancer is just right here stage two cancer is you know the cancer has grown to a certain point where it could spread stage three and stage four cancer is where it’s actually spreading and that’s it’s called metastasizing so if you have you know a kid a young man for example who doesn’t have direction in his life he’s got all this energy right he’s going through you know uh the early mid end stages of puberty he’s becoming a man he doesn’t know what that means he’s not being given any direction he has no idea what to do all he knows is he wants to be respected and validated he wants someone to care about him he wants to be able to make money and if the only thing he’s seeing is that the only ways to make money are to either be a really good entertainer of some kind a you know sports professional uh a uh um a rapper or an actor or singer or something like that and if they don’t have that particular skill then they’re often going to turn to what looks like the only and if nothing else the easiest way to make money which is getting involved in violence and getting involved in drugs and gangs and everything else and that’s that’s this is not rocket science that part’s not rocket science if you don’t give them something to do and here it is you’re giving them plasma cutting right like you’re not this isn’t you know you aren’t saying oh here you’re going to all become neurosurgeons you’re giving them just something to do to show them you can apply your talents to something constructive instead of you know going and doing something that’s going to hurt someone look at what you did today you now have this you know this piece of metal that you’ve crafted with your initials or you’ve helped paint this house or you’ve done this thing and this is something you can make money doing and you can create you know a a sense of self-worth in doing so i think i i couldn’t talk more about uh the incredible things you’re doing but i do because you know obviously i don’t want to take like you know seven hours of your life i i do want to ask you this though man where do you see this going like what do you want to eventually you know once you have everything set up for your school and everything else do you want this to expand across the country or even to other countries do you want to just really make this grow in albany do you eventually want to bring in women who will be able to do something similar from what like what what are your goals to where do you envision this in five 10 15 hour many years it’s always really hard to answer that question because my goals for the extra boys um had been shattered uh so fast um like maybe if you asked me that question two years ago i’m like yeah we buying a building and gotta get this done and that done like all that happened like within a matter of months um so it’s like i don’t even know where we’re headed like i have an idea but i don’t even know where we’re going you know um because everything is happening so fast but the ideas that i have you know of course i want our school up and running i would love to have more locations um in different areas i would love to you know start in albany grow in auburn and make sure we’re effective in albany and move elsewhere i don’t want to become one of those programs that starts opening branches everywhere and then it’s not actually affecting the children no i actually want to go and travel where i’m opening a new location i don’t care how big the organization gets i will travel to every location and i want to make sure that it’s working it’s affecting the children where it is because what the children here in albany need may not be what they need in baltimore or chicago or whatever they may need something different but i want to make sure the program is actually effective uh where we are i don’t want to become one of those um programs where um excuse me it won’t become one of those programs where it becomes uh the salary based and the program is actually getting 10 of every dollar and just it’s it’s become just a a thing you know and i’m just like no i wanted to actually be working with the children we have a zero percent recidivism rate and i want it to remain that way um i want to keep taking children from the juvenile court system i want to take children from juvenile court system everywhere i would love to expand it to other countries people have asked us to start uh extra boys location in london and south uh south africa uh uh where else uh australia canada people have access to open uh like uh extra voice branches everywhere but my answer is always the same i wanna make sure we’re working and effective where we are first um i can give you know like blueprints on how to start doing different workshops you know here there and everywhere and maybe how to start your own thing um but as for me i want to make sure that i’m being effective on where i am you know with the children i definitely want to make sure the the children are being served and i definitely see this expanding i do want to see uh girls um incorporate it one day but i think it’s going to be extremely different from you know what i’m teaching the boys obviously because they’re learning you know how to be girls and how to be women so i think it’s going to be extremely different um you know as far as the teaching but whatever woman you know comes along and would like to start an expert girls branch i guess uh you know i think that’d be awesome um but yeah i do plan to start one eventually but right now we’re just trying to keep this school up off the ground and once we have that off the ground we’re gonna look at starting locations elsewhere i think just the main thing uh for our boys they just need uh not just something to do but they really want to make money and i want to you know start different businesses for the boys i want to start them a painting company and i want to start them you know automotive repair shops etc because i want them to actually make money i had a child um he’s 15 years old he’s dropped out of school and um i met him maybe about a month and a half ago and he was in a car with some friends and somebody came and shot up their car and every one of his friends died except him and he’s just you know like living this normal gangster life and he just like you know that’s made that happen to my friends but he reached out to me and he was like i heard you can help me and i was like yeah i was like um what what can i do for you he was like i just really wanna learn how to make some money you know and i know if i would have provided him with a nice job he he would simply be off the streets you know just like that yeah um so that’s that’s like my next thing you know trying to you know find jobs because you know the kids he’s not in school got tattoos all over his face and everything 15 years old look at his instagram page all of his guns and and talking crazy with girls and stuff like that and that’s the lifestyle that they live and you ask them why they live like that it’s just like that’s all i know to do like i’ve never seen or done anything else so actually exposing them like you’re saying earlier about all the things that i’m just showing them like exposing them is important because they don’t know what it is out there they want to do they don’t know they can do other things um you know so you just have to expose them to these different things i love it man i listen i i it’s like you said there’s many there’s so many first of all you’ve been doing nothing but dropping freaking dimes all night long but the the uh when it comes to so many people but we’re focusing on boys right now but so many people in general they’re doing what the only thing that they know exists they’re not getting guidance from their parents for various reasons uh often sometimes they live with their grandparents who are just struggling to be able to take care of them have no really absolutely do it much uh that’s a whole other subject then you’ve got you know that schooling is garbage right like they’re they’re if there even is any real schooling if they’re even still going to school sometimes they end up just dropping out so what are they looking at they’re looking at entertainment and movies which is the most [ __ ] way to learn about life in general but especially when oh gosh here i’ll do okay i’ll do it so you know jay-z it was fine that jay-z rapped about killing black people and calling them the n-word and calling black women [ __ ] and everything else that was fine uh and then he did the story of oj where he said hey let’s start buying up our community like the jews did and they called him a racist anti-semite and they tried to cancel him and then he went back to rapping about how rich he is and everything and that was fine so it’s like you know god forbid that the entertainers actually i i’m now fully ranting um but you know and and the reason for that is what if the people that they were exposed to were saying no no this isn’t it guys like let’s go and like grow our communities let’s go like the fact that you’re focusing so much on the economic aspect of it why are you doing this i don’t know any better and i need money right okay great we’re gonna teach you something better and here’s how you can make some money and not get shot at right like this is a good way to be able to do this i think it’s great what you’re doing uh you know like i said i think it’s fantastic in the comments no one has asked you a question other than can you please open this in my area uh everyone’s just saying how great you are let me read it oh yeah let us let them ask questions i’m looking at some of the facebook uh i’m on facebook comments and i’d love to see questions i mean they probably can open it it’s literally just saying i i love you and you’re you’re good amazing energy positive energy um you’re uh you know you they’re um uh hell yes you’re a great guest uh you’re do keep doing great things you’re a wonderful person that your name suits you don’t anyone let anyone dampen your shine like i mean it’s literally just everyone telling you if you ever feel bad just go back to the comments here and just see all these you now have that permanently of of all that um so listen uh while people are are um uh are you know asking questions if anyone has any questions uh so here here was one uh besides what we talked about with the school has there been any other type of red tape that you’ve had to run into trying to accomplish the goals that you’re setting forward um i wouldn’t say like none of the normal stuff as far as like getting accredited um you know just getting paperwork done most of it’s just like normal stuff you got to do nothing too major that’s you know uh knocking me out it’s beside this fly right here but other than that uh no it’s nothing too major right now we’re just uh working on getting in our facility um you know getting it renovated and things like that nothing too major right now no nice nice who was uh this is coming from diane bond over at uh periscope uh who would you say is the one person that influenced you the most growing up oh probably have to be uh my stepdad well i had two stepfathers um my first stepdad and my second stepdad the older guy that stayed behind our house um and the guy down the street from us uh growing up uh i’ll explain all four of these men and and people always think i’m so special and all this great kid i just had some men in my life that was that’s literally i’m just a regular guy that had men um but all these guys you know uh influenced me the most growing up my first stepfather he taught me he’s a very country guy so as far as me knowing how to garden and everything in our backyard we built we built all of our sheds we built all of our dog houses we even made our own washroom outside he taught me how to lay do plumbing and electricity uh he taught me how to do roofing we grew all of our own food everything we wanted to eat we went and picked outside you know we even grew our own seasoning like literally we grew everything we grew bananas uh peaches plums uh collard greens carrots tomatoes everything we wanted we grew um and we had all types of animals in the backyard i know how to skin animals and how i take care of them i had chickens goats dogs turtles squirrels raccoons we had everything um so you know he taught me how to ride motorcycles i mean all of that practical stuff i learned you know from him growing up uh the guy down the street from us um my old best friend growing up his name was david his dad’s name was david senior but he was on drugs but he still taught us how to lay bricks and we went and made mailbox like brick mailboxes with them and things like that um the older guy that stayed behind our house he’s an older gentleman um but he used to you know have barbecues and he’d a lot of boys to come over and cut his grass and he’d teach him how to you know uh work with the lawnmower equipment and uh to this day um his name we call him deacon bogan he was a deacon at the church last name is bogan uh so we always call him deacon bogan and he’s always he was always cutting his grass all the time um even to this day if i go over there right now to my old neighborhood he’s cutting his grass like he’s never not cutting his grass so but yeah that’s what we knew him for so we’d always go bother him um and his dogs but those are the men um that that that taught me growing up they influenced me the most it wasn’t a rapper it wasn’t a athlete it was those men i had in my life and then my my uh current stepdad um he came into my life when i was 15 years old um and you know he’s uh he’s a detective in atlanta and some people may know him from the first 48 detective hardaway dekalb county police um he’s a retired uh detective um um with the police department but he like felt the business side of me like he’s he’s the suit wearing you know uh money-making guy you know and he taught me like business stuff so it’s like i have the best of both worlds like i have a business side and i can still go ride a horse you know so it’s it’s beautiful um to be able to take care of myself grow my own food work on my house and then go put on a suit you know so i all those men you know in my life just kind of molded me into who i am and it took me a while to realize you know how much they influenced me growing up until you know um i got older and saw how many children you know didn’t know how to do all the things i just knew i thought every kid know how to do these things like they would all the boys in our neighborhood know how to do these things you know some of us you know when our different ways and do our different things but all of us grew up knowing how to do these basic things you know around the house you know patching up holes and laying sheetrock i can build my own [ __ ] just go buy me some wood i can build my own shed from the ground like all these things you know we did you know and those are the men that influenced me so it wasn’t nobody famous it was just the man i had in my life that’s awesome and so like that’s why you’re so well-rounded is you had these different people you had people that taught you all these different skills and all these different ways to to be and that is as why you’re a 22 year old who’s done more than i have in my whole life i thought i was well i started a business yeah you see one of the comments just saying not the neighborhood crackhead yeah i know you know that’s what it was though he was on crack but he helped you know he taught us a lot you know you know listen sometimes the crackhead knows more than anyone else uh absolutely so no this is incredible another question we got someone asked if they can uh liberty’s evangelist over on uh on periscope ask if they can come work for you um the uh whenever i have slots right when you have a business to to to do yeah man no listen i i think you’re fantastic and i i could spend the next three hours telling you how great you are and everything you’re doing but i do before i let you go i want to give you a chance first of all everyone when this is over go to the exforboys.org go see how you can help how you can be a part of this you know follow king randall on all of his social media at new emerging king on on twitter but king before i let you go uh i just want to give you a chance to have your final word anything that you want to say that you felt like we didn’t have a chance to talk about any final thing you want to impart to the audience king randall the floor is yours absolutely um well i will say most people are always uh looking for their purpose they’re always searching for their purpose um just as as hard as they can but i always tell people to find your work ethic before you find your purpose um and that’s something i had to discover um just doing what i do i had to find my work ethic first so if you can’t put 110 into flipping burgers 110 into that job you have to do every day while god bless you with that purpose and knowing you’re not going to put on any work um so i think it’s important for you to find your work ethic before you find your purpose and i love to leave off um with a quote from one of our local hometown hero rappers his name is cantrell he says obstacles are optical illusions they’re not really there jump high anyway jump out just in case i love it man that’s fantastic and and king you dropped this this is this is the corniest [ __ ] i’ve ever done on this show but seriously if anyone deserves to have a if anyone deserve to have a crown after all this it’s definitely you king man you are amazing i love you i think you’re great um and uh we actually might get to hang out in uh in miami when you’re down there for maj toure’s thing i’m gonna be down there as well so oh it’s lit you gonna be there oh yeah yeah yeah yeah i know i’m gonna be there man so uh anyway so uh hey man thank you so much for your time stick around we’re gonna talk during the outro uh but folks yeah check out king randall at new emerging king on twitter um uh thexforboys.org are you on any other social media like at their other yeah where else are you on social media all of my social media is at new emerging king you can type in new emerging king on google instagram facebook snapchat twitter all of it is at new emerging king uh youtube you name it everything is at new emerging king i love it i love it man and uh folks thanks again for tuning in to this episode of my fellow americans join us tomorrow on thursday at 8 pm eastern for the writer’s block where matt wright will be talking with i need to remember who the guests are uh we’ll be talking with ooh you forgot i know this is no this happens a lot kevin kahn how could i forget kevin cotton kevin kahn uh who is a congressional candidate in uh in ohio and is all now doing incredible work for accountability now ohio who i will actually be with this weekend uh and then on friday join us for cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo friday at 9 30 eastern then this saturday and sunday join me in columbus ohio i will be at the libertarian party of ohio conference and then i will be on sunday uh at the accountability now ohio rally and conference we will be talking uh about the next steps to uh ending qualified immunity in ohio and then on tuesday on monday join us for mr america the bearded truth uh with jason lyon uh monday at 8 p.m right here on muddy waters media then on tuesday join me in the morning in montgomery alabama i will be at the rally for justice there in montgomery alabama uh find out all of the different events i’m doing at spikecon.com and then uh on tuesday join us for uh another episode of the muddy waters of freedom uh where matt right and i parse through the week’s events like the sweet little chipper little little boys that we are and then join us right back here uh on wednesday at 8 pm eastern same spike place same spike time for another amazing episode of my fellow americans who’s my guest gonna be you’re not gonna believe i don’t know uh yeah but we’re gonna find out uh uh but hey folks thanks again for tuning in to this episode of my fellow americans i am spike cohen and you are the power god bless guys [Music] ah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] in reality you were my kin though i view the world through another’s iris if you slide in my kicks it might fit we might just unite them come together become hybrid at the least slightly like-minded indeed the life i’ve lived brings light to kindness all you need is a sign put a cease to the crimes put an ease of the minds like mine sometimes darkness is all i find you know what they say about an eye for a night in a time where the [Music] is [Music] tell me how [Music] make a change [Music] we will make [Music] [Music] you

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