(((My Fellow Americans))) #122: Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy

(((My Fellow Americans)))

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Spike’s guests tonight on My Fellow Americans are @HiRezTV and @Jimmy Levy .

They’ll be talking about their new chart-topping songs This Is A War and Welcome To The Revolution, and their use of music to fight for freedom.

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guests from two weeks ago when uh the
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as always folks my guests tonight are
rap and rnb sensations they have
millions of followers they have worked
with the likes of twista tec-9 joel
ortiz masta ace corey guns busy bone ra
the rugged man afro i i’d stopped having
the list at some point but they worked
with almost everyone in the industry uh
their newest works are uh two songs this
is a war and welcome to the revolution
which share a message of liberty and
defiance against an out-of-control
government uh they’ve been listened to
tens of millions of times and they’re
already topping charts ladies and
gentlemen my fellow americans please
welcome to the show hi rez and jimmy
levy res jimmy thank you so much for
being on the show guys
oh thank you for having us
yeah i’m happy to have you on i’m happy
so far so good the stream is still
working at this point we already gave up
i hadn’t even had a chance to interview
you a lot of people thought i had just
made it up um so i’m glad so so far so
far it’s working so far the space lasers
have been at bay but i do appreciate you
all being on and folks be sure to tune
in with your questions uh let us know in
the comments give us your thoughts and
questions and me and rez and jimmy will
let you know if you are right or wrong
now before we get started i i wanted to
ask both of y’all what got you into uh
being recording artists and i honestly
either one of you can take it first but
what what is your genesis story that got
you into into music
go for it
i was always singing when i was little
but then uh an app called vine came out
and i started making like six second
covers on there
and when i saw that i started going
viral i decided to drop out of high
finish it online and start music and
taking it seriously and recording
so this started for so this started for
you in your teens
wow and so you uh and you were also on
one of the seasons of american idol too
as well right
yeah i did american idol um two years
wow that’s incredible and uh rez what
got you into being a recording artist
yeah yeah for uh for me when i was like
uh 13 years old i just
bought a microphone like 20
from walmart
in the middle of the night and uh i was
just into hip-hop since i was since a
young age i had two older brothers i was
into like you know the golden era
hip-hop i was forced
to listen to wu sang clan and krs1 and
you know nwa and biggie and poc i was
even if i had no choice you know it’s
like because i was born in 93 so it’s
like people say how did you how are you
possibly listening to that but that’s
what got me into it and then um
i signed a deal with the super hip-hop
label called penalty records at the time
which had guys like lord finesse
wow master ace all these like og rappers
that if you have to really know hip hop
to know these names you know it’s like
before hip hop was was making money you
know before like these are these are
guys from the 80s that were big and you
know rugged man like guys like rugged
you know stuff like that so it’s a
rugged man’s a a big mentor of mine and
that’s really what got me into it and
then i just you know i started doing
pranks and sort of gimmicky videos and
like my mcdonald’s rap and i pretended
to be an uber driver and i just did
things that kind of you know got
people’s attention to uh to listen to
the music and then jimmy and i connected
about a year ago and uh the rest is
yeah yeah yeah so i actually in doing my
just doing a little bit of research
behind like things to bring up and stuff
for the show that i always do before an
i realized i had seen your uh how to
order mcdonald’s uh video like back like
what five six years ago when it came out
yeah and i didn’t make that connection
because i had heard high-res songs after
that right and i knew who that was but i
didn’t realize you were the same guy who
had done the uh the uh uh how to how to
in fact i’m gonna put i’m gonna i need
to find that video i’m gonna put that in
the comments so people can watch that uh
after uh after this because that was
that was beautiful i also love that the
guy who was taking your order got none
of it like he didn’t none of that i
didn’t know and it looked like he was
but uh yeah it looked like he was
keeping up with him
yeah i hear that all the time where it’s
like literally once a week somebody
would be like dude like i just came
across you know like jimmy and my record
you know welcome to revolution and
they’re like i can’t believe i knew you
from six years ago i can’t believe i
knew you from the blah blah blah so
that’s that’s how you know the shit’s
work i’ve always said this since i’m
young it’s like when things come full
circle that’s how you know you you’re
meant to be where you are you know what
i mean it’s like you know i was
successful when i was successful then
then i was successful a few years later
that i’m successful now but
people have to connect the dots and be
like okay this guy’s a real force to be
reckoned with it’s not a you know it’s
like people love to say oh overnight
success right but then they start
putting two and two together as like oh
i remember him from here and then i
stopped listening i remember him from
here and then i stopped listening and
then eventually you know the everything
connects it starts the line
yeah no you both it it can appear to be
overnight successes but you’ve both been
doing this for several years now so
you’ve been doing this longer than i’ve
been doing my show so um now what is it
that got you because i i noticed with
with it seemed like with both of you
there was a point for each of your
careers where your music took a
where it was now not just an
entertaining thing or it was now there
was a message that you wanted to say um
what would you say for each of you was
that moment when you decided like you
know uh and maybe it was from the
beginning but at least if from me
looking at it where there seemed to be
this this moment where there was this
pivot or shift to you know our i want
more of my music to have a specific you
know message i guess like a liberty or
freedom message when would you say that
that happened for each of you
jimmy do you want to start
so yeah i i had um uh album that i put
out which was pretty much the only album
i ever put out because i only have like
nine songs out including the two with
but that album was called aching world
and it basically spoke about little
things just not so it was more in
metaphors but it covered all the things
that are happening now it covered a
planned sickness it covered tyranny
um it covered you know division between
white and black people
it covered just a whole bunch of
different things but at the time i
wasn’t fully awake i knew something was
wrong i knew there was a system in place
to divide us and i just wanted to help
the shift for me really happened when i
realized um
that the actual humanitarian things are
not going to be
shown by mainstream artists and
mainstream media and that we had to make
music that
um you know was outside of what the
mainstream media would classify as
humanitarian and you know they’d
actually call it the complete opposite
they call it the
dt domestic terrorists so you know once
you wake up and you realize it’s not all
just save the dolphins save the turtles
which of course are great i love animals
but yeah that’s the only thing that they
push you’re not gonna what about the
humans that are losing everything right
now you know that’s right no save the
dolphins and save the humans or save the
dolphins and save the turtles and the
whales the humans
the humans are on their own rez right
like this is what is that was that kind
of a similar thing for you like what got
you into into doing the the more uh i
guess revolutionary music
i’ve always
once again if you go back and look
specifically rugged man i remember i was
in rugged man’s house and he used to
have this um this series where he’d have
young young rappers you know rapping in
front of this big movie collection he
and if you go back and listen i’m
talking about all the things that were
conspiracies right so it’s like i’m 17
years old 80 years old so i’ve always
gone against the grain i’ve always had
this distrust for big government and i
never knew the name of it i never knew
what a libertarian was i never i didn’t
even know what a conservative or liberal
was you know i always was accepting i
always was extremely liberal in a sense
of do what you want love who you
whatever i don’t care you know and then
i’ve realized like oh you know this you
know in recent times
that it was like if i don’t speak up and
do something and say something like what
it what is a check what is a brand deal
what is a partnership you know when it’s
there’s so like jimmy said so many
just kind of turn you know turn their
head away from like what’s going on
right now in the world and it’s crazy
because jimmy and i made the record this
is a war and we see comments and they’re
like what were you even talking about
and i’m literally like how delusional
are you to like not even understand that
there’s you know
give me something be like okay you know
what there’s a war religion okay you
know there’s a spiritual world okay
there’s a physical war give me something
you know it’s like people literally
can’t admit that there’s anything wrong
with anything and you know if you give
government an inch they take a mile you
know and i realized i didn’t realize it
because i’m only 28 jimmy’s only 24. so
it’s like we weren’t we didn’t realize
you know what they did with 9 11 or or
tax with war or any of these things it’s
like you know elon just tweeted the
other day there’s nothing more permanent
permanent than gov than temporary
government organizations right yeah
government programs so that’s you know
that’s what i’ve realized and i see it
with adults i see it with full-blown you
know you they could be millionaires they
could be broke they could be whatever i
see it with full-grown adults that are
just like so naive my own my i love my
family to death but there’s fully grown
people that are just like living in that
rat race doing what they do like i know
this isn’t i’m not the first guy and
jimmy’s not the first guy to try to do
this but we’re hoping that we don’t need
many more after this you know and we
wake up some people
you may not be the first but you want to
be the last right jimmy i’d love to i
would love to yeah yeah
so what is you know i i noticed that
maybe maybe i misread this when i when i
mentioned uh american idol it felt like
there was a little bit of a grimace from
you you were like yeah i was an american
idol so and and so is there like
i i’ve heard a few things in in the
music that sounds like
and references to like the industry in
hollywood what has that been like and
and is that what has kind of tried to
propel you both to being more like jimmy
what has it been i i feel like there was
some some tension there on that question
what what has been dealing with the
industry been like what’s some of the
stuff you’ve been through
you know
wasn’t i was always a spiritual person
but i was never um
i was never too
spiritual to where i am now like three
years ago if i sat
in front of myself hearing some of the
things i’d say i’d be like what the heck
is this kid on what drugs
is this kid on but you know i became
that person that stand in the street and
like preaches the world’s ending like i
literally became that person but like
it’s funny because three years ago i’ve
been i would have saw that person been
like what’s going on
but um you know i had to i being around
a lot of people you realize that whether
or not you’re spiritual they are
so then it’s like what side
there’s only two sides there’s very dark
spiritual and there’s very good
spiritual people that want good and
blessings for everyone and the side that
likes to do
dark you know
magic it could be described as the devil
it it just you know there’s a lot of
darkness and that’s what kind of
pushed me to stay in my own lane as far
as music
um stay independent and away from the
industry and and focus on on my purpose
focusing on all the dark spirits and
people and mainstream and pop culture
you realize that it’s all
and there’s a huge agenda
in order to blind the masses and push
agendas on our children and i just did
not want to be a part of that anymore
yeah yeah veriz is that kind of the
similar experience for you as well
honestly jimmy hit on the head it’s
exactly the same thing and it’s like you
know you realize that
if if you’re not going to do it who is
you know what i mean it’s one of those
scenarios and
i realized when i was you know rapping
about drugs and rapping about sex and
rock and roll and all the obvious
expected things that you know the labels
and distribution love for you to push
you know they were happy for me to push
that and jimmy and i are in a similar
boat where it’s like you know we we’ve
been in uh you know close to you know
the edge as as as politely as you can
put that without sounding dark and
grimaced but it’s like labels labels
would have have love for jimmy and i to
kill ourselves because they’d make money
off that they don’t care you know what i
mean and even if i’m exaggerating love
they wouldn’t have cared you know it’s
like these companies they just move on
from whoever like i personally and jimmy
both personally know people who have
either been murdered you know suicide
you know or or whatever it is gone broke
gone crazy whatever it is and it’s like
these labels don’t give a you know
they sign you in a shitty deal they trap
you in some terrible deal and you know
they don’t care you’re just a it’s a
numbers game to them so that’s what i
learned it’s like i have nothing to lose
i don’t need to work with anybody i
don’t need any partnerships brand deals
and uh you know if you work with good
people and what’s it saying if you build
it they will come that’s what i’ve
realized right right well it seems like
and i mean this is from the outside i
don’t really have any experience with
the recording industry but it seems like
there’s two different groups of people
there’s the ones who get
used up really quickly and spat out
around your age like it happens it’s
like they start in their teens early
mid-20s something like that and by the
time they’re even i mean i’m 39 even
before that you know early 30s mid
they’re done know it they’re already
known as you know one hit wonders or
whatever they’re often they’ve got drug
problems or they’re dead or or they’ve
just moved on to something other than
the recording industry and the ones that
seem to have made it are the ones who
realize i’m gonna
like produce myself i’m going to
continue doing my own thing and kind of
get out of that that recording label so
it’s it’s interesting and it’s it’s good
to see that y’all are doing that um the
uh these songs uh this is a war and uh
and welcome to the revolution first of
all those were designed to be kind of
like two songs together right because
they both got kind of dropped one after
the other
they’re just so similar in a sense of
like what jimmy and i’s message are that
you know like they weren’t necessarily
supposed to be synonymous in a sense but
they’ve just gone so well together you
know and our next one’s gonna be i i
expect the same thing to happen in a
sense of not only the success of it but
like it’s gonna be a voice for people
protesting and and and against these
mandates and you know standing up to um
you know big government and stuff like
that so
intentionally no it wasn’t meant to be
as cohesive as it is but it has become
that way
okay so originally this was going to be
like just separate things but it sort of
worked out to being almost like a
trilogy so there’s a third song coming
yeah we have a third one coming out and
yeah i mean we’re gonna probably do an
ep we’ll probably eventually keep going
because but yeah i mean it’s just like
the way jimmy and i make music is
it just it just keeps going so well
together because
i don’t know we’re just we just make
music so like it’s just so easy for us
to make music together and collab
i’ll tell you it sounds great i
this is i like both songs this is a war
i like that’s like one of the first in
my playlist that i listen to when i’m
driving around so it’s it’s there’s just
something really good about that song
and the mix between your jimmy you’re
singing and rez you’re rapping it seems
to be perfect
jimmy in your in this is a war you start
by fact that’s the first words in it you
say this is a war on religion does this
feel like more than just religious
people are being pushed aside does this
feel like you know what’s going on with
the covid regime and everything does
that feel like uh an attack on religion
and religious people
yeah i mean
when i say the silver and religion it’s
you know it’s basically saying that they
they’re not they don’t care about the
exemptions they don’t care about what
believe in or practice or what they
wouldn’t put in their body they just
want them to comply in that for that
line specifically
and i i tend to agree i
i was one of those people that when they
first said you know well they’re going
after you know people of faith and i’m
like oh yeah they’re going after
everyone i’m not sure specifically of
people of faith when i saw them uh
shutting down churches and arresting
people who were in a parking lot
together watching a projection of a you
know someone on zoom where not only were
they not you know not only were they
obviously exercising their first
amendment right they were several feet
away from each other in their own cars
outside no one at any point would argue
that that did anything to spread
anything much less covid and yet the
police still came and rounded them up
and ticketed them and arrested some of
them and shut down the actually shut
down the the business shut down or shut
down the church took away their their
license to be able to operate and didn’t
allow them to operate for months they
would they had to sue them in court that
feels like a war on religion
yeah it’s nuts
they’re trying to you know cut off any
connection to god you know
i’m not a person i wouldn’t say i’m
religious because
i i believe in a relationship with god
over religion 100 okay um but you know
that you can find very important things
in each and every religion
um and the whole
the whole point of it is is
someone that is or happens to be
religious or has a religious backing or
grew up in a religious household will
have a way
quicker than someone that’s
non-spiritual to find god everyone will
have god everyone to find god but they
they have a specific way and of course
the government that
you know
is very anti-god um because that takes
you know giving the power to them
is gonna do anything to stop it
yep exactly that’s the thing with
government so a lot of people don’t make
that connection that you just did the
reason that they’re doing it is
god to them is something that’s in the
of your faith your family god all of
those things are just things that get in
the way of the only real two-way
relationship they want which is between
people individual people and the
government and you know you them taking
what they want from you telling you what
to do you believing that all
of the good that happens in your life
being an extension of something it’s
done for you like they want to be your
god they want to be your family and the
only way to because
god is a better god than them family is
a better family than them faith is a
better faith than them they have to
do as much to divorce you from those
things as possible and they’ll use
whatever excuse they can and and i say
this by the way as someone who’s not
religious i i’m i’m not a i i come from
a religious background but i’m
personally not religious but i can see
it you don’t have to be a religious
person to see that government sees that
as a obstacle between them having total
control over you
so uh i i do we’re about to go to the uh
to questions and there are a few of them
uh go to some questions here but first i
just have to add so high res how do you
rap so fast like how
how do you
honestly i was always uh
i was i’m the youngest child i have two
other brothers and i just feel like i
needed to make sure i was heard right
like you know the la the last kid just
doesn’t really get attention yeah so
it’s like i used to my mom used to just
be like why are you always talking so
fast and it’s like you know whatever
whatever and i was always i was always
like you know anxious and high energy
and very high strung in type a not like
in a you know like i’m like an uptight
guy i’m just like i have a lot of energy
i don’t drink coffee i don’t i don’t do
uppers or any drugs or anything like
that i just naturally have a ton of
energy so it’s like rapping fast was an
outlet for me to like working out or
something like that it’s the same thing
i used to just see how many words i
could fit in and i grew up listening to
like busta rhymes and bone thugs and
twists the
which is crazy to have songs with with
but uh that’s that’s that was basically
it it’s just i loved listening to it i
had a lot of energy and it was a it was
an outlet
yeah let me ask you how does that feel
to work with
like legends so
my legends that i work with are in like
the political world so like when i’m
talking when i’m you know with people
like matt kibby and larry sharp and
people like that and and being compared
to some of the ones who passed away like
harry brown and and others like that
it’s just it’s like wow these are the
people i grew up looking up to and now
like i’m hanging out with them what does
that feel like like
it’s dope man i think the idea of it um
is always
not i don’t want to say cooler but it’s
always more exciting that once you get
there once you get there it just feels
normal because you worked for it so it’s
like you get there you know if if you’re
like not some arrogant weirdo and you’re
not like uh
you know i’m the man look who i’m around
you know you kind of just get to a point
where it’s like you know you worked for
it it makes sense you know you’re happy
to be there you’re you know you’re
you’re humbled to be with these people
and uh you you take i’ve learned never
to really bask in it too long you know
like whatever success comes to me i
thank god i take it i take a second i
appreciate the moment and i keep it
yeah yeah not get too caught up in it i
uh so we have questions now the first
one actually came from a super chat from
one of our uh super fans jessico
mitchell and he asked i don’t understand
this question but i’m not go ahead now
he says do y’all hate the antichrist
yeah i mean of course
are you on the record of hating the
that’s a weird question
um because
i don’t know
wait i don’t know biblically biblically
or in the torah if you’re supposed to
hate the antichrist but obviously it’s a
bad person and
not someone like
that you know
you’re debating if hate is a good
emotion at all correct right because
you’re supposed to love the enemy that
is the enemy 20
but there’s many antichrists you have
everyone that is in politics right now
especially in our administration
using spiritual spiritual manipulation
by saying
go do this and that
oh we lost
we can still hear you okay
the antichrist just that was the
antichrist he’s like oh oh you’re not
sure if you hate me how about that how
about that
for the record uh whatever whatever it
says in zora or whatever the antichrist
you know can suck my dick
yeah okay so this so so jimmy well we’re
clear rez is clear on how he feels about
the antichrist jimmy uh you i i do not
like the antichrist if you hate anyone
it starts with the antichrist but you
just want to make sure that’s even
something you’re like okay yes he wants
to make sure you’re allowed to hate yeah
just make sure you’re allowed to hate it
i don’t know that’s a it’s like
something i i never actually i mean it
sounds like you’re supposed to but i
don’t know no your first answer was
correct that was a weird question um so
let me go through because there we have
man there’s a lot of comments let’s see
if there’s any questions in here yet
besides that one
here’s another one from jessico i see
he’s trolling i’m not gonna even ask
this okay i’ll ask it do you what do you
all think about the hollow earth theory
while i look for some real questions
here you guys can talk about that
yeah i mean i think that’s more like i
know jimmy thinks earth’s flat
but um i think that hollow earth is more
realistic than a flat earth so
that’s why i had jimmy on right because
you were you were going to come and tell
us about the flat earth
hollow earth is realistic
yeah i think it’s a firmament i don’t
think it’s flat i think i think that the
word flat
is used like a trust of science type of
uh you know what i mean what’s a what’s
a firmament
a firmament
so in like the hebrew like the old
hebrew scriptures and in the beginning
of the bible it literally says that god
built a firmament with waters in between
waters so like
it’s like literally the earth in the
middle of two waters
and basically
everything that we learned like all the
planets and how we had to build the
solar system in school
um that was all like little brainwashing
propaganda when in fact all those
planets were just stars the moon and the
sun was the only thing that was like
important and then everything else was
stars within the
the globe type of thing the half
earth hath topped with
like it kind of looks like a snow globe
yeah kind of like that and like the
they push off the reason that’s even a
thing is because they want us to think
that god is so far away
that makes sense and you’re saying that
you’re saying that
the term flat earth is like coined to
make people feel like nut jobs right yes
just like trust the science like you
and it’s like okay obviously i believe
in science but not science with the mind
and then the flat earth would just be
the way to like make it all look stupid
to not even look at it just like
stigmatized you know reptilians you know
the second you start talking about that
then they discredit everything you’re
but it’s like it’s not what they show it
on in on the front
on the face but there’s something to it
still you know listen all i know is that
alex jones everything he has said
increasingly comes true so when we find
out that there are that there are
reptiles that take children to mars to
sex trafficking them and when that turns
out that’s true i’m not at that point
i’m not even going to be surprised like
he was right about the thing with the
frogs well not that they’re gay but that
it makes them change gender more quickly
or whatever he was right about the he
he’s been right about like the you know
the country is wrong by pedophiles in
fact that’s why i switched to this
background so i look more like alex
jones so this is this part it’s like a
oh damn um okay so we do have some
questions here that aren’t related to
because he asked more weird questions
i’m not gonna answer those um
so someone asked uh do you have do
either of you have like any family
members or loved ones who were like a
big influence on your political views
and either one of you can start
go for it jimmy
not really
yeah i mean
i would say my oldest brother
and my significant other and and jimmy
but my like my parents are like you know
most of my immediate family now most of
my immediate family and friends like i
said earlier they’re kind of just uh
whatever government says where like
that’s that’s bond like government word
is bond to them so it doesn’t really
matter you know like in advice if i say
what’s crazy is
i’ve never i’ve never really dove off
the deep end publicly even though i
agree with a lot of a lot of these quote
unquote conspiracies i but like it’s
nuts how how far we’ve come or how back
we’ve gone where i’m just like yeah big
pharma is profiting off of our misery
they’re like you conspiracy theorists i
thought i thought we all like agreed on
that like like 30 40 years ago you know
uh three or four years ago i remember
the people who are now like unironically
telling me that i’m a bad person because
i have made a personal medical based
choice not to get vaccinated as someone
with an autoimmune disease that i mean
these were the same people that were
telling me about the evils of pfizer and
you know how they’re using government
money and they’re getting protected from
liability how did that happen
why did they flip like that how did they
flip like that because they were told to
because the corporate media told them
our only hope to be safe is this vaccine
and if you don’t take it you are a bad
person you’re a bad person i didn’t it’s
now i didn’t see any uh i didn’t see any
people who were like like inherently
like anti-government like flip to
pro-government that much i saw like
old-school hippies like woodstock
hippies become like big pharma like
shills obviously so it’s like that’s
really what i’ve seen but i haven’t
really seen like anti you know whatever
i don’t know that’s interesting
yeah it’s it’s there’s been a lot of it
and it’s it’s based on fear i mean it’s
it’s what happens when if you believe
that there is something that is going to
kill you and everyone else that you love
or at least a good number of you and the
only way that you can be safe is to take
this thing this thing this met this
thing we have this thing and uh if you
take it you’re perfectly safe one of the
things about this this new variant the
omicron variant is uh it’s only like the
vaccines are only like 30 effective
against it right and it hasn’t really
killed anyone so it’s it’s homocron has
been very deadly for the narrative and
that’s about it um so i i will be
interested to see how future variants
are if they keep getting less and less
deadly and less and less uh effective to
the vaccines i i’ll be interested i’ll
tell you i mean that’s like typical
right like they planned it the other way
around which has never really happened
it’s always like we we’re humans right
like we fight this off and we build
up some sort of unity and
you hope that the next variants are less
and less i’ve beat corona multiple times
and and they don’t want to tell you ways
forget all the ivermectin which i’m sure
is cool forget anything big pharma you
know what i do i drink a ton of
water i take elderberry zinc vitamin c
vitamin d jimmy knows how crazy i am
with water when he was staying at my
house i was like bro drink a ton of
water and it’s very easy go get sun go
get a little exercise and you’ll be
normal in 24 hours you know they train
you to take terrible don’t leave
your house don’t get sun don’t go to the
gym don’t do anything don’t get fresh
air and it’s a recipe for disaster no
wonder like these people are lining up
to be like their veins are just on tap
now a big pharma because you know not to
dive into it anymore but you know we
consume as you know the us consumed like
70 of the global pharmaceuticals or some
like that you know within a couple
points and they noticed that that was
shrinking finally right being holistic
was becoming a trend and it started
being cool to drink water and exercise
that’s like rappers are talking about in
recent times and
all of a sudden now it’s like you have
these subscriptions to big pharma now
every six months you have to tap in you
know if you weren’t you know they just
switched to 50 cent you know switch the
style up and watch the money pile up so
it’s like uh not to be like the re
melbourne guy on msnbc but uh he loves
to get rappers on and quote them really
awkwardly but uh that’s what it is man
not not to ramble but i have one more
comparison um
our our generation was the first
generation to smoke less than the pre
whatever it is right we found at least
almost kicked you know we weren’t
addicted to cigarettes and tobacco our
parents were our grandparents were it
was like the craziest one and guess what
we’re now the most addicted to it
because all they did was put some cotton
candy in a usb and now everybody’s
smoking it so it’s like they noticed
that we we weren’t smoking they made it
fun they noticed we stopped taking
pharmaceuticals so they made it
and now they’re they’re limiting vaping
so now if you want your out you want
your nicotine you’re gonna have to smoke
cigarettes like everyone else
the uh so here was a question
there was one that was for oh someone
asked you jimmy do you have a favorite
prayer is there a favorite prayer that
you have
yeah um either psalm 23 it’s something i
always go to
or psalm 91
okay cool
um this man was singing singing to my
neighbor outside when my neighbor was
like putting a hex on me
you’d be like what yo
i kid you not i had a beef with my
neighbor for a year and jimmy comes and
stays with me and he like puts his arm
around her and prays for her and i’ve
never been woken up since she used to
wake me up every morning at 3am she
would chant through the walls and put a
hex on me and jimmy comes stays with me
for like a couple weeks and he’s like
can i just pray for you and then and
then ever since then i’ve literally
slept like a baby since jimmy jimmy’s
left my house
okay wait why was she hexing you in the
first what happened
i feel like there’s already there
so she would wake me up around 3am every
night for like
um she’s a schizophrenic so she was she
was saying that i was drilling through
the wall she was saying i was drilling
through the wall and i was blowing hot
air through wall and like all crazy
like that and she thought and then once
i told her i’m like i said like off
i’m a kid whatever like 2 a.m i
just woke up and said like in my sleep
i’m kill you or some like
that so she probably was scared that i
was gonna kill her or some so she
so so she was putting the hex on me and
if you if you look at her her windows
from the uh from the outside uh i live
in an apartment complex as you can guess
now so if you look from the courtyard
her she has mirrors facing out of the
windows to to cast away the spirits or
some like that so jimmy’s sitting
there talking to her for like an hour
and then my my night and sleep has been
amazing jimmy’s like uh bro it’s amazing
man god is real he’s like an exorcist
you’re like an exorcist jimmy
you’re exercising demons
i love it my grandma used to do that
would she was an exorcist or she’d pray
for crazy they’re like princess
she would do exorcisms
for who right for everyone yeah she did
like michael jackson elvis
all the presidents at her during her
there’s a lot of singers and stuff
oh wow
that’s interesting yeah uh we got a we
got another question
uh what are your uh if you’re
comfortable talking about it what are
your respective religious backgrounds
yeah i’m uh i’m a jew i was uh growing
up i was a reformed jew
now um i wouldn’t say i’m orthodox but
i’m more of a conservative jew i i i
practice i try to keep shabbat um and
for the most part in the house i don’t i
still wouldn’t eat like you know me and
cheese and crazy stuff you know i have
my own rules you know obviously
everybody likes having their own little
guidelines but now i’d say like i’m a
conservative in a sense of uh
just my my rules and my own guidelines
but uh yeah every day i’m just figuring
it out but yeah i’m a jew and you know
trying to get closer with god every day
okay jimmy
um same here i’m also jewish but um i
kind of
i i i’m more on like the messianic
jewish like in the middle of christian
and jewish putting bringing them
together in a way yeah i actually i grew
up in the messianic faith my uh my my
father yeah um so this is an all jew
program guys like this is
i should have put america’s jews here
instead of just america’s jew this like
this isn’t all an all-jewish program
here oh
what was it like growing up spiking a
house like that because i’ve only when i
only heard messianic jews it’s always
like like adults that just found it
later on i’m curious as a kid what that
was like
it was confusing when i got older and
realized that other jews didn’t think
this way we didn’t i’m like wait what we
didn’t we aren’t all
doing this so growing up it it felt
normal or you know as a kid it felt
normal it was grow it was getting older
that i was like
wait a second
why aren’t you celebrating christmas
here uh we uh so i grew up in uh i uh
grew up in myrtle beach south carolina
okay so not a lot of jews
not a lot of jews to begin with right so
it was like getting older some jews
started moving here met other jews and
i’d go over it i’m like what’s where’s
this is it’s not
it’s christmas so yeah so i i i it was
different we also were
a little bit different too because like
we didn’t really celebrate a lot of the
quote unquote christian holidays because
we were like well
jesus didn’t sell you know yeshua didn’t
celebrate those holidays so why would we
did you go to temple or you went to
church or what
my father’s actually was a was a
messianic rabbi there was no messianic
congregation here so yeah and so um
yeah yeah so i’m not really i’m not
really religious anymore but i
definitely respect the faith and i can
see firsthand how
politicians even ones who say that
they’re in favor of people of faith or
they see that as competition they see
people that are devoted to something
outside of themselves as a competition
like that’s that’s obvious um
there was one other question i wanted to
oh have there been any uh since you guys
got yes this episode now with 300 more
jews than normal um
in this uh so
have you found that in being more um
active and vocal about your views have
there been like people that were close
to you who have kind of there was
someone that kind of someone that asked
like have there been people that have
kind of like either pushed you away or
just not disowned you but like have
there been people that have kind of
pushed you away since you’ve been more
uh active and vocal in your in your
freedom message
go for it jimmy 100 i definitely got
disowned too by a few people
um in my family but
but yeah as far as friends i i i didn’t
i was never for the categories of
liberal or
conservative or any of that i just lived
life and i always spoke my mind
but um
i realized that majority of my friends
were liberal so uh
i guess that’s what they and and i guess
in their categorization they had to cut
me off because of what i’m talking about
but i i think it’s all like a matrix and
i think that anything that we
put ourselves in as a label we’re still
feed that system that’s trying to divide
us with it
right right but uh
i don’t know yeah i i lost a like
majority of the people around me for
that sucks man i’m sorry rez have you
ever gone through something similar
um i don’t i don’t really have a lot of
friends on purpose
so uh all my friends are basically the
same and all my family is basically the
same i’ve always had a very strong
personality since i’m a young kid
i come across as
like some people probably hate it or
some people get it but um similar to
jimmy you know i seem very sure of
myself whether it’s publicly or behind
closed doors or whatever it is so it’s
just one of those things where it’s like
people either want to follow you or
don’t so it is what it is you know
people either want to respect what
you’re saying and doing or not
so me personally i didn’t lose too many
friends or family members but um
i’ve always if you check my social media
i’ve always been one on that libertarian
standpoint where it’s like
anti-government you know you can you can
be liberal and accept people from
freedom of choice voluntary everything
right all these things is what i’ve been
about so it’s like um
you know it’s really hard to argue the
libertarian standpoint when you when you
actually get down to it if you’re a
logical person
yeah but um who am i who am i to pitch
i would love to see i didn’t even know
that you said that that guy was close to
maybe getting a seat somewhere who was
that again earlier
some one of the libertarians something
somewhere i don’t know
uh yeah
thomas quito we actually so uh thomas
quiter is running for uh state senate
and joe soloski uh is running for uh
governor but we had in this last
election we had 200 libertarians win
races in the the november 21 elections
and now those are mostly
yeah those are mostly like local
elections city-wide and county-wide
elections but honestly that’s where uh
that’s where people need to see
libertarianism long before they’re going
to vote for a libertarian for president
they need to see what it looks like in
their backyard like why are you going to
trust that nationwide if you don’t know
what it looks like in your city so you
know we’re doing all the all the growth
and i think more important than the
number of people with an l next to their
name that are winning elections i think
even more importantly we’re seeing that
more and more people are saying no
you don’t get to decide how my children
are being taught you don’t get to
decide where my children are being
taught you don’t get to decide whether
or not i as an adult take a vaccine or
wear a mask or do whatever it is i
choose to do or not to do you’re not
going to shut my business down because
you know having six people together
might be dangerous while you keep costco
and walmart and target open with
thousands of people in it like there are
more and more people that especially
during the covet regime are saying you
know they’re seeing what’s happening
here and they’re seeing what’s happening
in other countries like australia and
china and france and so forth and and
even canada and they’re saying no i
don’t want that right they’re seeing
what’s happening in new york city and
saying i don’t want that here so right
you know
you know that i think that liberty
liberty naturally wins all it takes is
us meeting people where they are and
showing that it wins um there was one
other question
oh no that was the what’s your favorite
prayer so um i i appreciate you guys oh
before i let you go i did want to ask
you one more thing so you mentioned that
there was a third song are you able to
talk about that yet or is that still top
secret or
yeah go for it jimmy if you want
um it’s called god over government
so kind of the topic we were talking
and um
i i like the hook so far like we’re
we’re we’re still like fixing it and
stuff and with the finish it but
it’s uh inspired by the they don’t
really care about us um by michael
oh wow
so y’all haven’t even recorded it yet
nah but we work quick we write quick we
record quick we mix it quick make the
beat quick so everything like all the
last records that we did we we banged
all that out like as far as
recording literally like and hours and
then writing in hours and then filming
within hours like not hours of that but
we were quick so it’s like we’re gonna
do the same thing on this third one
that’s incredible do you think it’ll be
next month or or
i’m hoping we could drop it like january
or something for sure
probably late january
that is awesome guys
yeah i will definitely uh we will
definitely promote that here when that
comes out uh not that you need my help
you’re gonna have millions of views no
matter what i do
everything adds up
well i i appreciate what y’all were
doing um before i let you go i do want
to give you guys a chance to give any
last thoughts that you have any things
you want to promote your social media
any upcoming events any anything you
want to talk about that you felt like
you didn’t get a chance to talk about
already uh high res and jimmy levy the
floor is yours
no sheep in my circle dot com get your
oh yeah check out no sheep in my circle
dot com
get uh our last part of this merch
before it’s all gone
yeah we got new merch coming too
and uh if you haven’t already go to
itunes and get our two latest tracks
this is a war and welcome to the
and um
yeah we can’t wait to drop more
and put god first always whatever god is
to you make sure you
keep that close because if not the
government’s going to try and swoop in
and become god and we can’t let that
no fast
awesome guys oh and i forgot to mention
so you’ve got you uh came you’re right
now number four uh this is a war is
number four in the i’m fr i might be
mixing up one of one of the songs is
number four on the itunes charts and
then the other one is number two or was
number two on the billboard new
streaming charts
right yeah we we hit number two on
that’s incredible guys well i am so
happy for y’all uh we’re gonna keep uh
keep pounding away to get more support
for you you keep putting the good
message out there we’ll hopefully have
you all on again in the future but i
appreciate both of y’all uh hi rez and
jimmy stick around during the outro i
want to talk with you guys real quick
folks thank you guys for tuning in to
this episode of my fellow americans uh
tune in tomorrow for the writer’s block
where my co-host matt he’s going to be
interviewing dave womack uh one of the
libertarians we were just talking about
that got elected in pennsylvania and
they’re now trying to get him kicked out
even though he was voted in fair and
square the other members of the council
are trying to uh
get him kicked out arguably illegally
we’ll find out how that goes but he’s
going to talk with dave about that jen
join us next tuesday for another episode
of the muddy waters of freedom where
matt wright and i parse through the
week’s events like the sweet chipper
little middle-aged men that we are and
then join me right back here next
wednesday same spike place same spike
time for another incredible episode of
my fellow americans where my guest will
be eliza blue she is a survivor of sex
trafficking and she is an advocate for
its victims uh and we will be talking
about all of that again thanks for
tuning in i will see you next week i’m
spike cohen and you
are the power god bless guys talk to you
at the least slightly like-minded indeed
the life i’ve lived brings light to
all you need is a sign
put a cease to the crimes put an ease of
the minds like mine sometimes darkness
is all i find you know what they say
about an eye for a night in a time when
the bloody the blood who am i to deny
with crime when a loved one dies i
recognize that body outside with the
holes in the body that was alive now
confined to a chalk outline find out how
but you never know why it ain’t even
make it to the news
tell me what
will make

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