(((My Fellow Americans))) #120: LIVE in Raleigh

(((My Fellow Americans)))

About This Episode

After an action-packed year of touring the country, Spike’s at his final event for the year.

He’s in Raleigh, NC and he’ll be talking with the folks at Wake County LP, then he’ll be taking questions from the live audience!

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i’ll be buried in my
before i become a slave yes
that is
we have solely changed
that is
but it seems like since
we have sorely changed
yes thank you
oh thank you
thank you so much what an incredible
incredible spontaneous
applause unprompted what a fantastic
thing welcome to my fellow americans i
am literally despite cohen thank you so
much for being here give yourselves a
round of applause thank you
yes um and i would like to thank you for
coming to this episode i usually have
notes that i’m looking at when i do my
show so i’m gonna have to figure out
i’ve been doing the show for three years
now you think i’d remember at this point
i’d like to thank you all uh for tuning
in uh
thank you for tuning in and i’d like to
thank the rest of you for being here
live in person for my first live studio
audience episode of my fellow americans
here in raleigh north carolina thank you
so much
i will be so glad when we have
successfully completed this and i can
say i i finally did it so uh thank you
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jack casey jack casey is an incredible
libertarian author who has written not
one not two not four but in fact three
books crowned by gold the royal green
and in silver throne what are these
books about i have absolutely no idea i
refuse to read them and here’s why if
these books are bad i’m going to feel
bad for making fun of him every week and
if they’re good i’m going to feel bad no
if they’re bad i’m going to feel bad for
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they’re good i’m going to feel bad for
making fun of them and then finally we
have that’s not finally we have
then we have
thank you
thank you we have one more above that
thank you
thomas quiter thomas quieter is running
for state senate thomas creeder says i
run better than albany which this would
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you so much joe davi shout out to teron
turks’s mom and him as always folks i am
now live this is usually when i would
introduce my remote guests but i
actually have the guests here right now
and we’re going to bring them up right
now they are the chair and
vice chair of the wake county
libertarian party and just to give a
little perspective for those who aren’t
in wake county right now
i am here at the wake county libertarian
party meeting which has probably i would
this is like your regular crowd we get
we have ten thousand people here
you can hear them right now
it’s closer to 100 but that’s actually
still very impressive um and we’re here
at the wake county libertarian party
wrapping up the final
of after a year of going around the
country on my we never actually named
this tour but we’re going to call it the
i spike america tour now i just came up
with that uh
sure we can applaud that
so this is the final event of that tour
and then i get to go home for an entire
month um and uh and so we are ending it
right here in north carolina and uh so
without further ado we’re going to have
here uh the chair and vice chair of the
party travis and patrick
thank you
thank you so much for having me thank
you thank you having us yes i’m happy to
and patrick i’m sorry what’s your last
bauer socks patrick bauer bowersox and
travis grew uh tell us a little about
well my name is travis grew and i’m a
much more entertaining speaker than
spike is yes
clarified that earlier
no but really um
i was elected as chair of the party back
in april at our convention
and had some really big shoes to fill
from our previous chair david almer who
did a fantastic job
it set everything in motion i mean we
have some really nice systems in place
it was really actually an easy
transition because it was already kind
of set up and now it’s just maintaining
it it’s kind of steering the ship
of something that was already really big
and already good and already working
and now we’re just rolling with it and
doing events like this so that’s awesome
and patrick would have to speak oh yeah
i got involved around uh
2015 2016. uh came to meet up was a
was kind of uh i grew up in grip up
north i was kind of a republican up
north and i came down here and i was
kind of more of a democrat but
and i just found out that hey i’m a
libertarian i’m not i’m neither there’s
a reason why i disagree with both so
much who here’s journey is very similar
to that like
you’re around republicans and you’re
like i’m definitely not this and then
you get around democrats you’re like i’m
definitely not this
mine was a little different i was around
democrats and i was like i’m definitely
not this and then i was around
republicans and i was like i agree with
most of this but none of the people were
voting for are actually doing any of
this so then i made my way here and um
well thank you thank you so tell us a
little about what uh wake county
libertarian party’s goals are for this
next year we uh we just had an
incredible election where the american
people have shown they’re sick of
everyone uh they’re certainly sick of
the status quo a record number of people
that voted libertarian and many more
that just voted for whoever wasn’t in
charge at the time what is the late wake
county libertarian party looking to do
to be able to uh to be able to to take
advantage of that of that unprecedented
desire for another for an alternative
well we want to we want to be on the
ballot obviously we’re on the ballot we
want to challenge as many races as
possible have candidates tackle
meaningful issues like school choice
freedom we want we want to talk about
criminal justice reform we want to
tackle those issues and offer people
another choice because there’s there are
more and more people who are sick of the
same old message from republicans a
message from democrats that okay you
talk good on criminal justice reform you
talk good you talk good on freedom but
yeah we believe in freedom for everybody
not freedom just for
what my cup of tea that’s freedom for
all that’s right
that’s exactly right patrick
the libertarian party of wake county has
a system set up again
due to the work of brad hessel and brian
irving and dave almer
and ken pinkowski people like this we
have a really streamlined
way of recruiting
we actually help our candidates find
treasurers which is one of the most
difficult things to find is a treasure
that stays on top of the money that
keeps things legal with the board of
it’s very difficult so we have a
training process where we train
we actually sometimes we pay you their
filing fee
set up head shots
so they can have a professional photo
so they can send to the board of
elections and use it for online
presentation we set up their website
do their graphic design so we’re
actually doing the graphic design for
yard signs their door hangers
their rack cards all of these things we
have a streamlined
way of doing things so it’s it makes it
very easy for candidates to run
in wake county
we make it easier than the state
we’re recruiting
all the time and we’re finding the best
candidates possible for that district
senate or house and we run a lot of
general assembly candidates
and i’m really thankful for the systems
that are in place because
it’s easy to run as a candidate in wake
county because of what is set up and
people like brad hessel has come in and
really streamlined this effort
and i’m just so thankful for it because
running candidates is what wake county
does and we
the systems that are in place right now
absolutely i can tell you firsthand brad
and david and others are the reason that
we’re doing this in the first place that
we sir we were able to put this together
uh the reason that we were able to live
stream it simultaneously and have all
the av and everything set up so a huge
round of applause to them because
they’re fantastic
they deserve
applause from every single one of the 10
000 people who are here right now
we have 10 000 people here and so what
would you say people are here right now
and they’re saying
what what is it that i can do to help i
can hear you i can hear your thoughts
what is it
that i can do to help the wake county lp
what do you need folks to do to be able
to help get involved they’re already
here they’ve made the first step once
and the people at home you’ve also
you’ve made a slightly smaller step of
being at home but you are here live so
what can people do to help the wake
county lp
beside yes share dank memes always
if you’re here or watching the show you
probably thank you sir you probably
already know that the mean game has to
just continue to rise we are already at
the top we need to find new pinnacles
every day but besides that what can they
do um we’re really big on we want our
image to be really good in the community
yes we are big we are big on
community helping out in the community
we just donate we just raised over
325 dollars for american foundation for
suicide prevention
and because we know that’s a tough
that’s a tough issue going on right now
and we just packed 72 bags for
thanksgiving for the alliance of aids
services to make sure that their folks
who are less fortunate right now get a
thanksgiving meal that’s awesome
a lot of it is about image we want we
want to we want to perceive a good image
because people perceive this image that
you’re libertarians you don’t want the
government to help you don’t care yeah
which is completely false because we
don’t want the government to help but we
do care but we do care we do care we
care and i think i think in the heart of
it people are good people do want to
help and we want to show that and prove
that by our actions
awesome that’s awesome man yeah exactly
i mean i said this earlier the more we
volunteer the less we need government
right everybody cheer yay
so volunteerism is a very important
thing to libertarianism and we set up
volunteer events
usually about once a month or every six
we go out in the community we go to food
banks we pack food we go to community
we collect
food around the holidays like christmas
thanksgiving for the needy
these are things that we need to do to
be activists
you want to be an activist
this is how you do it
you go to events you help people that’s
what libertarianism is
it is helping people
not relying on the government to do it
for you
so the more we volunteer
as a community as an affiliate as a
group of people
the less you need to rely on someone
else to do it we can why rely on
something else that you can do yourself
it doesn’t make any sense at all
so helping neighbors neighbors helping
neighbors is libertarianism and it’s
what we value here at the libertarian
party of wake county absolutely that’s
awesome man so uh be sure everyone that
is here if you are who here is not yet a
member of wake county lp
that’s really good actually that’s
awesome you have that’s a huge local
affiliate yeah so for those
like six of you who raised your hands uh
if you go to wake lp.org you can become
a member today and the rest of you great
job this is wow
thank you guys
that’s the most active tasha has been
with me we’ve been at quite a few uh uh
local affiliates and
yeah no definitely these are much higher
numbers than a lot of other local
affiliates that have enough people to
legally be a local affiliate yeah uh so
that’s fantastic um so guys thank you
guys and i wanted to thank you firsthand
not just for how hospitable you’ve been
to me and tatasha not just for
everything that you guys put together
but more important than any of that the
work that you the work that apparently
98 of you are doing here in wake county
to work to set this county and this
state and this country free i thank you
so much thank you man that’s exactly
right and listen you’re right spike we
can’t do this without all of you
this is not
the executive committee show
this is not the libertarian party of
wake county show this is because of you
guys showing up on a wednesday night
when you could be watching your favorite
show but instead you show you are
watching it first of all
let me rephrase that to be live on your
favorite show you guys showed up
so again
thank you spike thank you for showing up
we have some special gifts for you later
i’m scared
it’s good yeah
thank you so much
for showing up and for watching and for
coming spike we appreciate it thank you
i appreciate you man so much patrick
thank you man thank you guys travis ruin
patrick bowers power sox did it balor
socks thank you guys so much by the way
this is a big deal to me too folks
my wife never watches my show
and she’s not only watching it right now
but she’s a part of it so give her a
round of applause
you probably you may not have heard of
her you may not have heard of tash
yes see that would change to tat that
what happened to you’re the best spike
that was way
more appropriate um yeah my wife is a
fantastic person and i never get to brag
on her much on my show because she
doesn’t watch it or come on so it
wouldn’t matter anyway but since you are
here i want to thank you you have been
with me almost every day of this tour
most of them there have been a few that
you took off because you’re a normal
person that wants to be at home for
brief periods of time and
you are incredible
you are not too bad looking you’re
fairly attractive you’re a fairly
attractive woman and you are
kind and gracious and every other
adjective i can think of and we recently
folks celebrated our 14-year anniversary
of when we first met
this of online
this was a round of applause
congratulating my wife on meeting me
no no she no she said yes twice but yes
uh we met on a christian dating website
what was a jew doing on a christian
dating way i was looking
what everyone else does i was looking
for a nice christian girl um so but
thank you again i love you very much and
thank you for being a part of this i
really appreciate it folks um we are now
going to do q a because i can get up
here and talk for an impressively long
amount of time which frankly is eating
into my time uh which is increasingly
the biggest part of my schedule of
federal agencies on social media
and police departments and media outlets
but mostly federal agencies and joe
but i think it’s way more important to
hear what you have to say and what your
questions are and and to give you an
answer to that i think that matters a
lot more than whatever pretty speech i
come up with as pretty as they are so uh
i will be happy to answer any questions
here um it is what time is it now
it is
8 24 so we’ll go about that hour give or
take and then we’ll wrap up and that way
everyone can hang out and get pictures
and autographs and buy swag bags oh i
just realized i didn’t tell you the
third part
so you said you wanted to help the party
and you wanted to uh you wanted to bring
home swag to your family but there’s a
third part of that showing all the other
state and local affiliates that they
suck compared to you
well here’s how
right yes
so here’s how we can do that i have a
not so friendly competition going
uh for which state or i guess local
affiliate buys the most swag bags now
north carolina previously held the
record with 65 but then michigan
beat them
of all the state affiliates michigan
has the record right now with
69 of them they bought 69 of them
that’s probably why they still have the
record um
but you
can truly beat their record by buying
420 of them of course
but seriously if everyone in here bought
one we’d easily beat that record so uh
be sure to buy swag bags because all of
the again all of the proceeds go here to
wake county libertarian party so let’s
let’s let’s help the local party here um
but with that i will take any questions
and i guess what are we gonna do just
have people raise their hands and you’ll
walk oh okay so uh raise your hands nice
and high and this lovely gentleman here
we’ll get to you uh
and uh and we’ll uh just go one to one
hey man and say what your name is too
when you when you ask
but i’ve also been a
libertarian since 76 and uh candidate
i don’t know if you’ve heard but we have
a a blue dinosaur retiring uh david
price is no longer going to be
representing us in the u.s house of
representatives okay
good no it’s good
for good or bad so uh i’m i’m wondering
what you might uh advise a
an impending uh
prospective candidate to fill that house
district two uh seat
uh uh up coming up in in the next
election cycle what do you think is
important for someone to uh
to feature when they’re when they’re
running for a u.s house of
representatives absolutely guys so um i
will tell you a u.s house of
representatives race is similar to a
local race um it’s a it’s usually a much
bigger district or sometimes not that
much bigger district than someone
running for like city council or
something else but it’s you’re running
in your area unless you’re gerrymandered
and then you’re running like 15
different areas that are connected by a
two inch long line or whatever but for
the most part you’re running locally and
you’re running on the issues that people
care about there so i think the first
thing you need to do before you even run
is you need to figure out what are the
most concerned about in your area
whatever that area is and honestly you
can apply this for running for anything
but we’re doing it for house what are
the people in your district what is what
are their major concerns because you’re
not running on what you care about
you’re running on what they care about
you’re running on why they because their
first question when they’re considering
whether you’re in front of them or
they’re looking at an ad their first the
only thing they’re thinking of is why
should i vote for this person over the
incumbent or over whoever else is
running and in order to be able to
answer that you have to have good
answers for the questions that they have
for the concerns that they have so
number one identify those top two or
three things we already have the answers
that’s the beautiful thing about being
libertarian is we already have the
answers for everything there’s nothing
we don’t have an answer for that’s why
that’s it’s also the annoying part of us
but it’s what it’s what makes us good
for running for office but we need to
identify what they care about and have
good messaging for all of those things
be have a good clear way to address
their questions with your answers uh and
then from there it’s the basic stuff man
it’s it’s
get out in your community uh and and
don’t wait to do that when you decide
you want to run for office be doing that
already be involved in your community be
involved in uh in charitable efforts be
involved in different uh community uh
groups be involved in activism with
other groups
not just with the lp but with other
groups that might have common cause with
you groups that are against lockdowns or
mandates groups that are in favor of
criminal justice reform or ending the
war on drugs groups that are in favor
right now big groups right now that are
fighting these uh mass mandates in
schools soccer moms that have never been
politically active a day in their lives
and now they’re all over the place we
want to weaponize the soccer moms okay
so be sure to get out there and be a
part of that um these are the types of
things that you do when you show second
amendment groups there are all sorts of
different groups you can get together
with um and show that you’re an active
and vocal member of your community and
have the best answers for them and
that’s really the best way to do it man
that’s that’s those are the main things
i would say there are
you can apply that sure um there are
experts that will be able to tell you
better things about advertising better
things about social media better things
about branding and all of that
i may i may how to talk to people and
message and how to get in front of
people guy and my things are get
involved in your community have good
answers for their questions and that’s
that’s pretty much the best thing i
would tell you there um do we have uh
any other question over here on the
right spike over over here
isaac freeman uh first i want to
congratulate you on becoming a living
um and my question for you is uh which
facebook profile are you most proud of
oh wow atf atf yeah no atm yeah
thank you isaac thank you
it is the atf and not just because i’ve
had my biggest dunks on them but it was
there that i first discovered just how
powerful bullying federal agents on
social media could be
because i was just it was like two in
the morning and they posted some
nonsense and someone tagged me in it and
i wrote you know what they were gonna
abolish you and you know you better run
or whatever whatever i wrote and it was
thousands of people
that responded to it and what was crazy
about it is most of them weren’t already
libertarians and the way i know that is
i had let’s say i had 6 000 responses to
that i had about 5 000 new followers
after that too and again i know it had
to have come from that because again it
was two in the morning so it wasn’t
anything else i had just put out that
had caused that and i realized that this
was an incredibly powerful tool
there are so many people that are
looking at this nonsense
that federal agents
the social media teams the federal
agents are putting out and they clearly
aren’t even looking at their responses
because they’re just getting completely
wrecked in the comments
i’ve never seen more profound ratios
happen than from uh federal and state
and police agencies across the country
that put out their stuff and don’t even
realize what the response is but that’s
good it shows how tin-eared and out of
touch they are when we show up and dunk
on them and everyone’s like yeah i agree
with that person whoever that is and
that works and it’s been working
incredibly and i’ve i’m now doing it not
just on facebook but i’m doing it on
instagram and twitter too i’m getting
similar results so
so thank you for that question uh
who’s next we have
i hate these things um
so wake county schools aren’t serving in
the cafeterias right now right so you
have thousands of kids not being fed
how as a libertarian do we address that
reliance on social welfare
especially in the near term because it’s
hard to get so many people to want to
this side
when we don’t want to give free things
yeah that’s a great question um so the
best way to talk about first of all and
this is my personal opinion on this
my top priority if you consider
well let me let me start with
the first time that i actually heard
messaging that was libertarian that
connected with my concern about
libertarianism and social welfare
because coming out of being a republican
i thought that there probably still the
government had to be some what involved
right because there are people that
still have need even if you even if you
you know uh cut taxes and everything
else there’s some people that don’t
matter what their taxes are they’re not
making anything so someone has to you
know the government has to provide
something right and then um harry brown
uh who i i came across he actually was
the presidential candidate in 1996 and
in 2000 joe jorgensen when she ran for
vice president 96 her running mate was
harry brown and harry brown said
government is good at one thing they go
up to someone they break their legs they
steal their wallet they use some of the
money to buy them some crutches they
keep the rest for themselves and they
say hey look if it wasn’t for me you
wouldn’t have these crutches
now here’s the problem
those people need i know you can improve
that because harry brown
if there’s anyone that deserves applause
to terry brown
rest in peace um
but the problem with that is that
those folks still need those crutches at
least for them so imagine if we show up
and go oh you poor thing look what’s
happening here i can fix this and we
take the crutches and walk away
that didn’t fix it right
my thing is this i can tell you that
my top priority is not taking away the
safety net my top priority is putting
the ladders back in so that people can
climb out of the safety net and so that
for those who can’t climb out of the
safety net themselves there are many
more people that can help them out of it
so that we don’t need that net anymore
so my if i’m talking to someone and they
go well what about uh you know the the
free meals in schools i don’t say well i
have great news my top priority is
ending free meals in schools what i do
is i talk about what led to people
needing that in the first place and
there’s again this is where it comes to
libertarians having the best answers we
can talk about all of the impediments
and burdens and regulations and taxes
and fees and mandates and zoning and
licensing and everything else that makes
it so that an increasing number of
people are stuck in poverty for good we
can talk about especially right now
where inflation is not some abstract
concept people are going to the store a
week later and seeing things being dis
noticeably more every time they go to
the store we can talk about how
inflation is an act of theft that by
printing out all this money to give to
us and sticking us with uh the debt for
it and the bill for it that it also
drives up the cost of everything because
they’re devaluing our currency and then
also sticking us with a loan that we and
our future generations have to pay off
for the next 40 years with interest we
can have these conversations but the
first thing we have to do and this is on
the first thing we have to do is make a
human connection with them and
demonstrate we actually care about them
so if someone’s talking about the fact
that they don’t know if their kids going
to eat today if they don’t get a free
meal at school we can empathize with
them they’re not monsters that’s not the
bad guy there the bad guy is the person
who put them in that position so they
can enrich themselves and the
billionaire cronies that put them in the
other party in office those are the bad
guys the person who in this moment is
relying on food and housing and health
care is not the bad guy so we can
empathize with them and then when we
empathize with them we can explain why
it’s this bad in the first place and
then we can explain our answers to fix
it so specifically with something like
that if someone says to me oh well i
heard libertarians want to get away get
get rid of uh you know free meals in
school i can say no libertarians want to
make it where you can afford your own
food and you can afford to help other
people get food and no one wants for
and that’s how i deal with it because i
am not i am unapologetic about our
messaging because our way fixes
everything we don’t have to hide behind
the fact that we want to end this gravy
trained scheme of a system
this is good that we want to do that and
you know talking to someone that’s in
poverty is the first thing that you do
is you can say you know we’re not trying
to at least i can’t tell you i’m not
trying to my first priority is not
taking away your ability to eat right
now my priority is making it so
eventually you don’t need that and then
no one else is going to need it as well
and that’s what i focus on so what’s uh
next question before our next question
i was wondering if i could call someone
out um christina arraghes
is that you
should get a donation of over 100 hours
wow thank you thank you very much
we’ve got a question over here
thank you
hey great to see you out spike um what’s
your name i’m zach zach good to meet you
man good evening uh so my question is
what is your opinion on the use of
executive orders and executive actions
to roll back government advancement of
authority and control over different
aspects of life well i think so it
depends zach on on which exactly you
mean so the first thing i i’m kind of
flashing back to last year uh and not
the bad parts it’s not like a vietnam
flashback it’s like the good part uh but
i’m flashing back to when people would
say okay let’s say libertarian actually
got elected to the white house what are
they going to do in there well the first
if this could even theoretically happen
that we could just sneak someone into
the white house somehow um
if that were to happen
the first thing we need to do is start
unrolling all of those previous
executive actions i mean you look at
just the sheer amount of garbage that
has happened since largely it started uh
with woodrow wilson and has moved
forward since there there was some stuff
before then but most of it was temporary
and had an actual sunset date that kind
of ended with wilson and has just gotten
worse and worse and worse over time so
right off the bat we would be taking
executive actions that would basically
just be saying i hereby nullify this and
this and this or repeal this and this
and this so there’ll be a lot of
executive action in just undoing all the
bad previous executive actions and
orders um outside of that
i think there are probably
some places where you could look at
something that government is currently
doing like a federal agency is doing
because they created their own
regulations because congress abdicated
all of their authority to them so that
they could do that and so they clap for
that that’s a big problem is the the
federal uh
you know when they talk about the deep
state what they’re really talking about
is the administrative state the fact
that the congress decided that they’d
rather just pass an omnibus bill about
once a year and just leave it to the
agencies to handle everything with no
accountability so another executive
action could be clarifying things like
for example saying yes i was looking at
these atf
regulations here since we’re talking
about the atf uh i was looking at these
atf regulations here and i see all these
different things on uh capacity and
length and and the means of which
they’re being shipped and all these
other things and but then i’m looking at
the second amendment and it turns out
that the right of the people to keep and
bear arms this right here shall not be
again i know how to do applause lines
it says that it shall not be infringed
so i’m putting up an ex executive order
nullifying all of the at previous uh
regulations and orders of the atf and
ordering the atf to uh do its
enforcement according to the exact
wording of the second amendment um so
that would be an example of an executive
order that would uh greatly set people
free and there would probably have to be
a lot of that now with that being said
and i don’t think this was originally
part of your question um but it has to
be talked about whenever we talk about
the uh hypothetical libertarian
i think for a long time we’ve been
waiting and it’s interesting because
it’s the opposite of what we believe we
believe that libertarianism we believe
believe that
ideas and organizations and structures
and and growth happens best
locally and decentralized through
voluntary action and then grows
organically as it meets the needs of the
market and then politically we believe
that we’re going to find someone who’s
going to sneak their way on the debate
stage and trick everyone into being a
libertarian and get elected to the white
house and give us all trickle-down
liberty from the white house
now putting aside the fact that we’ve
been trying that for 50 years and it
doesn’t work
it’s also not what we believe
why would anyone vote for us in the
white house if they don’t know who the
hell we are why would anyone give us
that kind of power if they have no idea
what it would look like in their
backyard that’s why i’m here right now
because this is where it happens it
happens at the local grassroots level
people running for things like auditor
we elected like 40 auditors in
pennsylvania and i had a bunch of people
messaging me and saying the hell’s an
auditor what what is that gonna like you
mean like audit the finance what does
that do here’s what an auditor does
they look at the books and then they let
the people know what all those
politicians in that city or that county
or that whatever district they’re in
have been doing and they order the
politicians to do whatever it takes to
not be doing it in a corrupt way anymore
so now that auditor has everyone
associating libertarianism for being a
good steward of the money that they’re
being robbed of and of holding
politicians feet to the flames that’s
what getting an auditor elected looks
like so one day yes we are going to go
into the white house and we’re going to
do all sorts of executive orders undoing
all the garbage that was done before us
but long before any of that happens
people will already know what
libertarian governance looks like in
their borough or township or city in
their county in their state legislative
district in their state
they’ll see what it looks like and they
will happily and eagerly put us in a
federal level because we’ve shown them
the value that earned them the vote
earned us their vote in the first place
but thank you so much
hey spike my name is josh josh
by the way a big fan of yours hoping to
see you in 2024 we have the nards
thank you
uh you’re for open borders right
as long as the government claims to have
the authority over who can or cannot
come or
leave or enter i believe that the
government should be allowing us to make
those decisions for ourselves
okay so i’m in favor of private borders
i’m in favor of eliminating government
ownership and privatizing everything so
but while the government in the same way
that while the government presumes to
have the authority to tell us whether or
not that we should have guns
which they should not have that
authority but while they claim to have
it i believe that they should let us
have whatever the hell we want frankly i
think we should be able to have whatever
the hell we want and be deciding what
they can have that’s common sense gun
and so in that same token i believe that
the government should not be limiting
our uh our right to host hire or house
whoever we wish on our private
properties or to travel the properties
where we are welcome okay so you’re in
general in favor of more people being
able to come into the country into and
out of as they wish yes sure uh
do not worry that that would cause
increased weight stagnation as the
amount of workers entering the country
increases the supply of the labor force
yeah so
it would
counter-intuitively that actually isn’t
typically what happens anytime that we
have seen a large growth in immigration
we’ve also seen and i wouldn’t say it’s
correlation that that it’s people
immigrating into the country that causes
wages to go up it’s more that when wages
go up that means that the economy is
doing well which typically leads to more
immigrants coming here so no i have not
we’ve not seen any direct correlation
where you know this large surge of
immigrants comes and it causes all the
wages to go down it typically we don’t
see that um so that that isn’t um if i
saw that every time there was some you
a large number because that’s also not
really how it happens we tend to think
of this like there was this uh big wave
of immigrants that came in over a two or
three year period of time and it’s not
sort of kind of like a steady flow of
people that are coming here so we
haven’t really seen that happen so that
that hasn’t been a concern of mine
question that comes up a lot i know you
didn’t ask this but another one that’ll
come up a lot is what about the welfare
right a lot of people that are coming
here are poor and you know does that
mean that the welfare state’s going to
go up well putting aside the fact that a
uh immigrant is actually 40 less likely
than a native born american to end up
being on an assistance or entitlement
program let’s just take a step back and
and think about what we’re saying
that in order to reduce the welfare
that means that we should give
government a power to stop or limit
something that otherwise is a peaceful
human action that doesn’t affect anyone
what else would we apply that to
would we say that for example um
we shouldn’t let people own guns if
they’re poor because uh or because uh if
they had guns then and if they got shot
then we’d end up having to pay for their
health care or even more so would we say
that drugs should contain i heard
someone say drugs that drugs the war on
drugs should continue because if you’re
on drugs you’re more likely to not be
able to hold down a good job when we say
for example that uh you know the biggest
contributor even during covet the
biggest contributor to health care costs
in this country continues to be
weight and age
do you want government getting involved
in deciding what your weight should be
or what you should or should not be
allowed to do just to cut welfare costs
just until we eliminate the welfare
if you don’t look at anything else and
say yes i would like government to limit
just to reduce the welfare state
because a we know that they have no
right to do that and b we know it won’t
do a thing to stop it then why would we
give them the power to limit immigration
to reduce the welfare state especially
since we know a they don’t have any
business doing it in b they’ve done a
garbage job of it they’ve spent billions
of dollars on border security and we
still have millions of people that are
here illegally so that didn’t work and
they also
use the uh pretense of border security
to presume the authority right now we
live in an area that is called a
within what’s called the 100 mile zone
and basically what that means is a
federal agent or anyone they deputize
has the legal authority under the united
states government to stop you detain you
and search you without a warrant or
without any stated reason as long as
within 30 days they tell the judge that
it was for border control reasons
and you don’t have to be an immigrant
they don’t have to verify that it
doesn’t matter if you are all they have
to do is go to the judge and say no no
no it’s border security oh okay well if
it’s border security then then we can
allow that that is a power that
government gave itself to limit
immigration and we’ve seen how the
patriot act that was supposed to be used
against al qaeda terrorists is now being
used against school parents
right we see what happens when
government is given a power
if you give government a gun they
eventually point it at you and everyone
you care about and that’s true of any
power you give them and i don’t want to
give them any more power so i appreciate
your question man thank you
we got one over here
oh there hi hi hello um i’m sean
do you think you were taken less
or not serious enough being a running
mate for women supreme um i think what’s
interesting is that almost so
95 of the people out there don’t even
know it but i i will say this
the interesting thing about vermin
supreme is that
if you watched the debate between donald
trump and joe biden i’ve never seen
vermin supreme do anything intentionally
as stupid or buffoonish as those two did
unintentionally thinking that they were
being perfectly serious the whole time
no sean i appreciate that question but
vermin supreme is so over the top as a
performer that it’s obvious what he’s
doing is a satirical performance
the little bit of fun stuff that i did
with him for a few months was equally
satirical and could easily be separated
from from seriousness uh we also live in
the meme age uh the stuff that i
regularly do on social media if someone
from 10 years ago much less 20 or 30
years ago saw the kind of memes i was
putting out the kind of posts i was
putting out the kind of interactions i
was having with the with you know my
followers they’d say there’s no way that
this person could ever be taken
seriously that’s how people communicate
now um vermin supreme was kind of at the
beginning of political meme
um and uh
many times when i was asked about vermin
supreme during the campaign i would say
vermin supreme is
demonstrating that this system that you
the media the person interviewing me
that you and government have created
that he sounds better if everyone
already knows that this is a sick
cynical joke they might as well have one
that has a funny punch line where
they’re not the punch line where they’re
not the ones being treated as the joke
they’d rather treat you as the joke and
that’s why joe and i are running to make
this not be a sick and cynical joke
anymore and then what ended up happening
was that reporter ended up regretting
asking me that question uh because i’ve
shown the the mirror back on them but i
do appreciate that man thank you thank
you hey hey spike my name is daniel i’m
the founder of atlanta and uh i got two
part questions first i’d like to know
your opinion on blockchain and
decentralized networks yeah and also i
have three pet dogs at home so i was
wondering what you think could be done
to protect my dogs against the atf
abolishing the atl um
so i’m gonna do the second part first um
with the dogs
obviously it is more important
about the killing of people that are
that’s happening from federal and police
agencies where people are being killed
and in a total violation it was not in
self-defense it was and the only thing
that is keeping them out of uh being as
held as accountable as the rest of us
are things like
public employee unions and the this
culture that’s created within them the
so-called thin blue line of police
lawlessness that these this is the most
important thing is people’s lives
the sheer
of pets that are killed
by federal state and local agencies
every year is in the tens of thousands
it is absurdly high it is it is close to
and it’s not even accurate most agencies
aren’t required to even report it so
it’s probably over a hundred thousand
that are being killed every year and i
just happened a couple nights ago uh
against my will it was as i was
scrolling that it came up on autoplay
that i watched a police officer with a
shotgun just blast uh someone’s pet dogs
because they walked near him and uh and
it it was they were showing no threat
they were wagging their tails this guy
was either scared of dogs or just you
wanted to show he was a tough guy or
whatever and just murdered them in front
of the family and then arrested them
even though it turned out they didn’t do
anything wrong
the short answer is we have to hold bad
actors and government accountable if an
agency shouldn’t exist by
dint of the constitution or by our
natural rights it should be eliminated
and for the rest of them
their job should only be related to
protecting live lives rights and
property anything else that they’re
doing they should be held just as
accountable uh as the rest of us would
be if we did the same thing blockchain
on a better on a better uh uh front
in order to effectively stop
growth of the state and government into
every aspect of our lives yes we might
be able to have short-term victories
against it we might be able to roll
something back or stop something from
growing or or even slow down the growth
of something but long-term as long as
the average person
sees government as at worst a necessary
evil and at best an absolutely
you know critical part of their lives
that they simply couldn’t do anything
without government and yes it does these
abusive things and yes it does this and
yes it does that and those are bad and
we need to address that but darn it we
need government we need to have and not
just government well yeah roads
everything protection the whole thing we
need to have not just government but a
big one that’s involved in our lives
as long as that continues to exist then
it’s always going to be an uphill battle
enter the blockchain
the blockchain with bitcoin back in 2009
bitcoin started as something
i remember when i was browsing the
internet and this spammy looking pop-up
window came up and it had something
called a faucet
and for those who are into bitcoin
you’re probably chuckling to yourself
right now so it used to be there were
these websites where you could just
press a button and it would give you
five bitcoin at a time
and it would give you a wallet and a
number and you’d look at this and go
what the hell is this i don’t want the
fake looking coins it was like a flash
video and it would give you this row of
number what the hell am i supposed to i
don’t know how many bitcoin i was given
uh by those things and i’d roll my eyes
and go ah i knew that was a scam and i’d
be a
multi-millionaire now
inside of 10 years bitcoin is now easily
the most valuable currency on earth and
it continues to gain in value and now
you have major
financial institutions adopting it but
that’s just one thing that’s just money
blockchain has answers for almost every
aspect of our
civil society we’re seeing right now
with nfts it’s the same thing right oh
you bought a jpeg oh you sound like a
real loser i can’t believe you spent 30
000 on something that i can copy and
paste the nft
is a system that is a registry
for everything
both online and in person the jpegs are
just a proof of concept one day you will
be able to register everything you own
large or small of any value for
fractions of a penny for anyone to see
without ever having to get the
government involved imagine being able
sell a house and hand over the nft code
for that house and anything in it and
separate nft codes for anything in it or
just one big nft code for all of those
things and you didn’t have to pay a
registration fee with the county or the
state because it wasn’t necessary that’s
what nft does we’re beginning to see the
beginnings because what’s another big
thing people say yeah but without
government how would we dispute our
differences well enter the blockchain
blockchain is creating blockchain-based
dispute resolution systems that use
peerless and trustless systems to be
able to come up with better outcomes and
this is being tested by third-party
groups better outcomes than you would
get in court without having to pay quote
fees without having to leave your house
and you’re only bound to it to the
extent that you can’t participate in
that blockchain anymore if you uh if you
unless you abide by whatever
ruling that they did
blockchain is coming up with answers for
everything real
free market decentralized answers it’s
not and
ridiculously cheap
i didn’t hear what you said
i agree though i agree
yes it is but so the uh when it comes to
blockchain it is providing all of the
answers and and d5 in general because i
know there are different models that are
out there but decentralized networks are
the future and it is going to become
there is going to be a day one day where
the only thing that has anyone think
that there’s any need for an actual
state level government you know an
actual state
is the fact that they’ll kill you if you
don’t participate
and the moment that becomes their only
reason for existing
not that they help you in any way but
that they’ll kill you if you don’t
participate that immediately
gets rid of any legitimacy it may have
claimed to have so i i’m very much i
believe largely what we are doing right
now is harm reduction as decentralized
networks continue to grow and mature to
a point where uh more and more people
are going to realize the folly of their
ways in believing in the what we call
the cult of the omnipotent state so
thank you for your question i appreciate
thank you
hi hey uh i’m dylan i’m 19 and like so i
was a republican uh last year when we
decided to vote and that was pretty much
just because of my family
and um you know like most of the kids my
age and like friends older and younger
dude public schools family whatever yeah
they’re gonna vote for either the
democrats or the republicans and like i
i don’t know how to spread the word or
how to get people interested and just
how do people bring how to bring people
into the libertarian party
especially like kids my age you know how
do i get them interested how do i get
them off the idea that what your parents
taught you might not be the best for you
you know memes so the
and i’m not joking so i
there are two different
interesting largely two people following
people fall into two different groups um
there are the people that are somewhat
set in their ways and they have to be
disabused of it through experience we
can be there to meet them where they are
when they get there but you’ve got
people they’ve been told either vote
republican or democrat you’re gonna
throw your vote away for a third party
of course i would say that throwing your
vote away is voting for the people who
created the mess that we’re in right now
year two years four years six years
whenever their term is up they go hey
hey folks me again i know i created that
giant mess but i promise if you vote for
me next uh one more time i’m gonna fix
all those problems i created i promise
and if you don’t vote for me you’re
gonna get this guy over there that i
work with every day to make messes um
some people need to be disabused of that
people your age
aren’t really married to that
it’s it’s an interesting thing it’s like
slowly over time people just resign
themselves to the two-party system but
at your age a lot of them really the
only obstacle we have there is they
haven’t heard of us
that’s really the only obstacle they
don’t have all this garbage in their
head about how you either gonna vote
blue or red or any of that most of them
i mean some do but for the most part
whatever they’re hearing sounds stupid
and they don’t have decades of just
being told it and conditioned it over
and over again so that’s how we reach
them and that’s why i’m on tick tock now
so i can go on there and say hi fellow
kids i too am young i’m technically a
millennial i’m just a very
very old millennial but no i uh
engagement on social media and
engagement in person is the best way to
reach everyone but especially the people
who already look at this system and
they’re like this looks stupid and it’s
actually younger the people that younger
people that are the most likely to
actually recognize that right off the
bat so memes and tell them to follow me
on tick tock those are the those are the
big ones but thank you man i appreciate
hi spike my name is ira hopkins
yes i currently serve four years in the
united states air force
thank you
i was deployed to saudi arabia for eight
months in a country we didn’t need to be
in to protect their oil supply
uh what is the plan for the libertarian
party to pull uh us troops out of those
foreign nations while also keeping
healthy and trade
i thank you iran i appreciate your
question so
it’s interesting that we have been told
that in order to maintain good
diplomatic and trade relations that we
have to continue this empire
why that’s funny is because they’ll say
and then you watch all the news
about how our empire is getting in the
way of diplomatic and trade relations
now specifically with saudi arabia they
don’t want us to leave because they’re
evil and they want to maintain the
mini empire they’ve built within the
gulf region there which is why right now
the u.s government is financing uh a
genocide that is being carried out by
the saudi arabian government and
al-qaeda in a country nearby called
yemen where nearly a million people have
already died including hundreds of
thousands of children and the
interesting thing about this
your taxpayer money money funded
genocide that’s happening there is
they’re actually not targeting the
military targets
they’re attacking
and bridges and
grocery stores and hospitals and the
suppliers for all of those things
they’re actually al qaeda
your money is going to al-qaeda which
last time i checked that would be called
treason but it’s going to al-qaeda and
the saudi government
to destroy a civil society because it
gets in the way of saudi dominance of
the region there’s a lot of shiite
muslims there and they’re worried that
that would lead to iran having a you
know a beachhead or some kind of a of a
front or control there and this is just
one example of the endless game of
empire and the murder it causes for no
benefit to you whatsoever there are
people around the world
who viscerally
hate you
and they have a good reason not to hate
you but to hate the government that robs
i can tell you right now
one of the greatest things we could have
in our diplomatic relationships and in
our trade relationships and just our
relationships in general around the
world is for people not to see america
as what it is right now unfortunately
a country whose government
is committing
genocides and
destabilizations of governments and
destruction and invasions and bombings
and drone bombings of children
all sorts of terrible things around the
world that does not make us safe
i remember when 9 11 happened
and i was 19 it was why i became a
neocon because i knew that someone had
to be stopped and i remember listening
to the government and the corporate
media tell me that the reason that al
qaeda attacked us was because we were
just so darn free
and we it was because of our
our western secular judeo-christian
whatever that even means our values
whatever those were and they would use
examples like you know western women
wearing tight jeans and i thought what a
terrible thing i love tight jeans why
would they
they maybe they just haven’t seen it
right maybe they should just look more
and what i realize like if you look long
enough you start to like it
but then i realized something
after i was no longer as i was starting
to listen to people like matt kibby and
ron paul who i had been so annoyed by
for so long and i actually read
what bin laden wrote and i read what uh
uh what’s that guy’s name uh i’m in
zarahiri and all these different people
in al qaeda what they wrote they didn’t
write anything about jeans
they would mention our decadent culture
but it was a it was a footnote it was
because of the endless empires it was
because of operation ajax where the
eisenhower administration bombed a
country and invaded it to reinstall a
brutal dictator that they had finally
gotten rid of and had an election and
replaced them with someone else because
we were afraid that that government
might cut off our supply to oil
it’s because of things like this
that make people join groups that they
would have never otherwise even thought
of joining in the vain hope that they
might get to kill
one of us
the visceral hatred that comes from
murder and genocide and endless empire
when we end that
we will have better relations we will
have more trade we will not be wasting
trillions of dollars and more
importantly we will be using you as
cannon fodder and i’m sick of that
i am so proud of you that you
ira you and millions of other people in
this country are among some of the best
of us and you signed up to protect and
defend the constitution and the american
people against all enemies foreign and
domestic and i am sick of our domestic
enemies using you as cannon fodder
so i appreciate and thank you thank you
back here we go hi
hey spike i got two quick questions sure
sure what’s your name ryan ryan yes sir
okay if you run for president are you
worried about the deep state digging up
and releasing your mixtape
and actually yes if you run for
president and dave smith also runs for
president how do you foresee your
campaigns working together to spread
liberty in our lifetime yeah so
okay thanks okay so um
and ryan thank you for that i i’ve not
made any decisions for 2024. it’s
honestly something that i haven’t spent
a lot of time thinking about my main
goal right now is getting a thousand uh
libertarians elected by
uh i actually started this goal at the
beginning of this year to get a thousand
libertarians elected by the end of next
year and we’re already almost 200 on the
way to that during an off year so i’m
feeling good about our odds
and honestly
i haven’t ruled out running for
president but i will tell you that
desire to be the next person to get up
there and run around the country and get
one two three four percent whatever uh
that’s not a priority of mine it’s this
isn’t about me it’s about you it’s about
everyone here this is about growing the
movement this is about getting a world
set free in our time and if if my
running uh for the nomination or or
running for president or whatever is the
best way i can be used to that and then
so be it but there may be other and
better ways to do it and if that’s the
case then i’ll be doing whatever that is
um and in fact to that end
so to answer so to answer your question
i’m i’m a fan of dave i love dave uh
he’s a friend of mine we actually talk
all the time we’re actually working on a
friendly debate we’re on that to come
we’re going to be talking about
something uh probably in the next two or
three weeks we’re going to be going live
so stay tuned for that um i like what
dave’s doing and i’m glad that he’s
doing it
my mixtape i actually am afraid that my
mixtape will be on earth um so if anyone
can just remember what rap music was
like in the 90s and early 2000s
and because
at one point the party said hey why
don’t we do a thing where we can like do
a fundraiser where if we can raise you
know 25 000 you’ll release your mixtape
and i said yeah then the headlines will
be former vp candidate releases mixtape
with the n-word in it 7 000 times
and the b word for women in it 10 000
times and references to violence against
women and selling drugs and killing
people and
you know all the good stuff that’s in
rap music from from then and then and my
only response is i didn’t say it they
did it’s rap music so no i really
i really hope that doesn’t happen um but
to that end i do want to talk about what
my goal is right now
what i’m working on right now and it’s
something that i’ve been working on for
a few months that i’m going to be
releasing towards the end of this year
and it’s called you were the power and
what you are the power is is it is going
to fill all of the gaps
that we are never going to be able to
fill with the libertarian party and not
because there’s anything wrong with the
libertarian party but because it’s not
the right structure for
filling those gaps the libertarian party
is a series of local and state and
federal committees that are set up to
comply with
election law federal and state election
law that’s what it’s designed for and
that’s good that’s how we run candidates
that’s how we get people on the ballot
we need that
we have been trying to turn it into the
leader of the liberty movement for
years now and it’s not going to happen
because of its very structure it is
people that are
trying to primarily work on making sure
that we can stay on the ballot what you
are the power is going to be is a way
for you to become a member of something
and be the activist in your community
when you say who is going to be the
person to set my community free the
answer is you and we will give you all
of the tools and resources that you need
to do that we will line you up we’ll be
able to give you a network that you can
network with other people who want to
help you either locally or based on that
on whatever it is that you’re fighting
for in your area that can help you with
that we’ll give you all the a to z tools
on how to do that we will uh be creating
we’re creating networks of other groups
that are working on similar things that
you can tap to be able to work on
different types of goals and it’s
basically going to be a one-stop shop
for anyone who wants to work to set
people free that’s what you’re the power
is going to be stay tuned we’re going to
be uh releasing that probably within the
next month and um but i i i hope i
answered your question my that’s not a
primary concern of mine right now uh but
i do hope my mixtape isn’t found so
thank you
over here
hey how are you doing hey spike
my name is anna and hi um i am not a
member of wake lp and i have felt
largely disenfranchised by the political
system in general
jaded uh just
completely withdrawn yep um what is it
what and i and i found myself in
libertarian circles just for the the
discourse because i enjoyed the
the conversation but it means
no doubt
um but what is it that fuels your
optimism what why get involved and then
the flip side is um how do you protect
the altruism how do you protect
you know that
you want people that are that are
infiltrating the government to remain
altruistic in their intentions and not
become corrupt or and not even attract
the corrupt
attitudes that come with
the power yes anna so you just described
why i only got involved in politics two
years ago because i looked at the system
and i went okay
great there are people that want to set
the world free but a how are they ever
going to be able to do it given all the
odds and obstacles in front of us and b
what the hell is going to stop them from
just becoming what they were placed
right you get in there and then you get
that now there’s obviously no guarantee
that’s not going to happen but here’s
what i will tell you
my optimism comes from the fact that
when i look at every single
revolution that’s ever happened
in the history of mankind it started
with groups of people that could have
fit at this table or maybe at these
couple of tables here it started with a
handful of people who did not care what
the odds are and they kept fighting
until they won and when i see the
excitement and the the desire
in libertarians across the country and
when i say across the country i’ve been
as far south as miami and as far north
as basila alaska and across the world
i’ve met
i’ve met a lot of libertarians in the
last two years and from all over
i see people that are not going to give
up interesting thing about that
every revolution happens
after a major technological development
that increases the access to people of
information so we saw a bunch of
revolutions that happened after the
advent of the printing press and then a
bunch of revolutions that happened
during the advent of newspaper a bunch
of revolutions that happened after the
advent of photography a bunch of more
revolutions that happened after the
advent of
motion picture and motion picture news
and then later radio news and then later
tv news and then later cable news and
then later the internet and now with
social media as and we’re now seeing
this where as social media just
continues to become greater and greater
and greater and the ability of people to
simply pull out some device from their
pocket or even on their wrist and find
out anything they want is leading to
revolutions across the planet i think
that we right now are able to share the
truth in a way that we’ve never been
able to before and we’re also the silver
lining of all the nightmares that we’re
going through right now is more people
than ever are looking at government as a
bad thing or at least government in its
incarnation as a bad thing that is not
helping them and we are the only ones
that have the right answer to that now
second part of that great we take over
and then we end up just like them now
that’s why it is crucial to me
much more crucial than running for
office or even more crucial than getting
libertarians elected to change the
culture and that’s what we’re going to
be doing with you are the power it’s
going to be largely cultural changes
because if we can trick or talk people
into electing us but they still have the
same ideas
then either we’re going to do the same
thing everyone else is doing which seems
to be what they want or we get replaced
by someone who’s better at pandering to
them and lying to them and grandstanding
on their suffering that they created
that’s why we have to change the culture
we have to get people who right now see
this government as a necessary evil that
just needs to have some changes made we
want them to look at government and see
what we see
a bunch of criminals a bunch of
sociopaths and liars and fools and
cronies who impose themselves on us and
come up with these solutions that all of
us have to abide by but they exempt
themselves to and they rob us to pay for
and rob future generations to pay for
and if anyone has a problem with it
they’re allowed to say it but that’s
about it if they want to actually try to
opt out they’re going to have whatever
level of violence needs to be used
against them used against them we want
people to see the same game that we see
and that happens when we meet them where
they are so
the long term i don’t know what’s going
to happen and i would be
i would be the worst liar you’ll ever
meet to say i am sure that libertarians
are completely different from all of
their human beings and that we’re
entirely uncorruptable we see corruption
in our own party occasionally
to say that they’re simply that that’s
not true
we’d have to be lying about that right
it has to be a cultural change politics
is downstream of culture culture is
downstream of our individual actions and
so i can only control who i am and i can
only control what i’m trying to do
culturally for other people
i don’t know what’s going to happen but
i know that the alternative to fighting
is just giving up and so that’s why i’m
i i i can’t give you a pie in this pie
in the sky utopian answers are for
people who let the government lead them
around by their nose i don’t have any of
those and and but we will continue to
thank you
hi hi i have a question hi i’m sorry
what mrs brad five till brad she’s in
charge brad you don’t understand she’s
in charge yeah i know we we’ve got
however many minutes she
says um
sorry go ahead okay so um my quick
question is is that there’s a lovely
family who have a small baby that have
to leave can you quickly just let them
come in
as you’re answering another question
that’s fine but take a photo and yeah
come on up yeah yeah no if there’s
someone that has to leave i’m sure yeah
and then you’re gonna wrap up soon so
that everyone else can get yes
absolutely so while i am uh
hugging and uh hugging uh what is it
shaking hands and kissing babies i’m not
going to kiss your baby but
while i’m doing that
do we have one more question
one more question okay we’ll do one more
hey spark my name is uh noah i’m sorry
what’s your name noah yep hi uh i’m a
senior in college
and me and a lot of my friends who are a
lot more liberty minded
are very concerned about how we’re going
to navigate the future as far as vaccine
mandates and a crumbling economy goes
what advice do you have for people my
age about how to
move forward in the future sure
absolutely hold on one second
thank you thank you thank you guys so
much uh so noah to answer your question
honestly what i have to say to people
your age is the same thing i’m saying to
everyone when it comes to these mandates
right now
i can’t make
the decision for you whether to comply
or not and when i say comply i don’t
mean get the vaccine or not that’s i
also can’t make that decision for you
but there are people i know that have
gotten the vaccine but they’re still not
complying with the mandate they’re still
refusing to show uh they’re refusing to
sign up for uh a uh you know a vaccine
passport they’re refusing to show proof
of vaccination to be able to go in
places they’ve gotten the vaccine for
own personal health reasons they wanted
to get it but they’re refusing to comply
with the mandates um and i can’t tell
you whether or not you need to comply it
would be very easy for me you know being
retired and being able to you know not
have to worry about working or making
money to tell you yes you should totally
you know give up everything give up your
school give up your your education give
up your your career uh or someone else
who’s working give up your job uh you
know for your principles um
what i will tell you is this
that’s a decision you have to make not
just on that but on everything on what
other because there are many other
things that all of us or most of us
anyway are complying with that are every
bit as much an infringement on our
rights we’ve just gotten used to it and
we know what will happen if we don’t so
i can’t make that choice for you what i
can tell you is this
today’s compliance
for a hope of reprieve or convenience
will be tomorrow’s sediment of things
that people just comply with because
that’s the way it is and
you can think of i mean when the
national firearms act was passed that
was seen as a complete act and it was an
act of war against uh gun owners and a
total violation which it was of the
second amendment and yet even some of
the you know biggest gun
aficionados out there make sure they’re
complying with the nfa
most of the time uh
they make sure they’re complying for the
most part because they don’t want to get
in trouble
that at one point was well maybe if we
comply with this during the game land
violence of the 20s and 30s maybe
they’ll repeal it later
and now it’s sediment um
the flip side to that is
there is no such thing as government
power that doesn’t exist you’re talking
we talk a lot about the power of the
government the government the government
doesn’t actually have power
you have the power when i say you are
the power that’s a big part of what i
mean and here’s what i mean by that
government makes up less than government
and its enforcers make up less than one
percent of the population it’s different
from state to state and country to
country but it’s roughly one percent in
this country it’s less than one percent
if even two or three or four or five
percent of the population simply refuses
to comply it becomes functionally
impossible for them to make all of the
non-compliant people comply they can’t
do it by the way that’s why they rely on
that’s why they rely on snitches that’s
why they rely on um on on employers to
enforce it that’s why they rely on
anyone that they can drag in to become
part of their their petty tyrant system
they’re acknowledging that you’re the
power they’re acknowledging that they
can’t do it without you and if enough of
us simply refuse to comply it becomes
effectively impossible for them to
enforce and the next thing that happens
is all the other people look at us and
well if they don’t have to do it why do
i have to do it and that’s when things
go away and government typically not
always but typically when faced with
that government will cede that ground
and say well we’ve decided that’s not
necessary anymore and the reason they do
that um is because
the alternative would be
showing that they don’t have power the
alternative would be saying no you have
to do it and it not happening and
everyone realizing they don’t have the
power that they have in fact that’s
usually how governments end up being
toppled is when they have their bluff
called and everything falls apart so
what i would tell you is that’s a
personal choice for you to make
and i will also tell you that to
whatever extent that you are able not to
comply that is one more person that is
moving towards it becoming effectively
impossible for them to be able to tell
us what to do and hurt us in the process
i it’s it again i don’t do utopian
answers because
if this had an easy package answer to
give we’d have already fixed it and the
true answer is mass non-compliance and
that’s a that’s a personal choice for
each one to make i can tell you there’s
a large and growing list of things i’m
not complying with but i’m also in a
position where i can do so
you said that i didn’t say that uh
but uh i’m also in a position to be able
to do that so uh folks i just want to
thank you before we we’re going to wrap
up now i just want to thank you all
again for being here and we’re going to
be wrapping up the show we’re not
wrapping up the event because we still
have some time i’ll be happy to take
pictures sign all these uh uh flags and
shirts and swag bags and everything else
uh be happy to hang out with you for a
bit um but thank you guys again and
thank you for tuning in to this live
episode of my fellow americans
we have a few gifts for you can we do
this live sure awesome
let’s do it
all right so
we’re going to give you a shirt first of
all yes
this is let me put this on is legalized
lemonade stands can i
i mean at least just over over top that
it would be cool
hold on because we’re gonna try this you
know you’ve heard about the whole
lemonade stand thing where you have to
be fda approved
if you make over a certain amount of
money in your lemonade stand or the feds
will come shut down the kids lemonade
so it’s just an example of
government overreach oh here we go
cameras out take pictures
this is good
over the suit top
if you guys want one of these shirts too
they can be signed for twenty dollars
that is that is awesome
thank you
i gave one to tasha
you make her put it on no oh no no no of
course not okay she’s
go ahead thank you okay
there’s more
okay most people in the room have signed
don’t tread on me yes
the gazed in flag yes thank you so maybe
you can use this behind your podcast
sometimes yes
here you can where’s this for you but
behind me
so signed by wake lp members
and other folks thank you
just for you thank you very much this is
the special one this was donated by one
of our long-term members he was actually
once chair of the state
and it’s a penguin flag
brian can you come up and talk about
this flag for a second what is the place
the penguin
please come talk about it for a second
oh lp was a liberty penguin
okay this is very pretty history back in
the day he was awaiting me man cason
okay who
developed the liberty penguin
because nobody’s cool well thank you and
a civil state’s the top of it is
and liberty
yes i see that yes
thank you very much thank you
thank you
if you haven’t signed these there’s
still an opportunity to sign them
and also some gift cards for you
money you guys gave me money yes
it’s part of the deal folks you have to
donate at least a hundred dollars more
to offset the money i didn’t well thank
you thank you very much
thank you for coming so i’ll let you end
it these are for you
thank you thank you very much i
appreciate it thank you
wake county lp give yourselves one final
round of applause thank you so much
thank you thank you for everything and
thank you for tuning in to this
fantastic episode of my fellow americans
tune in tomorrow uh for matt wright on
the writer’s block uh friday night tune
in to uh cajun and eskimo from bayous to
igloos these are all real shows uh then
on monday tune in to mr america the
bearded truth then tune in on tuesday to
the money waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week’s
events like the chipper little
middle-aged men that we are and then
tune in next wednesday right here same
money place same spike time for the next
episode of my fellow americans well my
guest will be high res the rapper folks
thanks again so much for tuning in i’m
spike cohen and you
are the power god bless guys thank you
the world to another’s iris if you slide
in my kicks it might fit we might just
unite and come together become hybrid at
the least slightly like-minded indeed
the life i’ve lived brings light to
kindness all you need is a sign
put a cease to the crimes put an ease to
the minds like mine sometimes darkness
is all i find you know what they say
about an eye for a night in a time when
the bloody the blood who am i to deny
with a
that’s my sister mother father brother
tell me why
make the change
will make

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