(((My Fellow Americans))) #117: Larry Sharpe

(((My Fellow Americans)))

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Larry Sharpe is running to be the next Governor of New York, and I couldn’t be more excited to interview him.

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i’ll be buried in my grave
before i become
that is
but it seems like since that day yeah
we have solely changed
before i become a slave
that is
but it seems like since that day
we have solely changed
and now live from beautiful myrtle beach
south carolina you’re watching my fellow
americans with your host spike holland
yes oh thank you
thank you so much thank you i’m happy to
be here too
oh thank you oh keep clapping if you’re
gonna keep laughing clap for the new
york miracle how would we know
that you wanted the new york miracle if
you didn’t keep clapping welcome to my
fellow americans i am literally spike
cohen it is wednesday october
6th i believe
it’s october
i am
i’m still i’m haven’t coped with the
fact that it was 2020 yet and where it’s
almost 20 20 to 4. but this is gonna be
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thomas quiter is running for state
senate thomasqueeter says i run better
than albany which he finds hilarious
because he’s in a wheelchair and he
makes me say that every time and it’s
the most uncomfortable thing every time
i have to say it but i just did it
thomas creator is an incredible guy i
can’t think of anyone i would rather be
the state senator of the 52nd district
in new york
i mean if anyone can think of someone
let me know but he’s the best one i can
think of he’s a great guy and if you
want to help him in his run go to
tomfor52.com that’s t-o-m-f-o-r-52-dot
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shout tehran turks’s mom and him as
always folks my guest tonight has an
extensive resume and you probably
already know him and like him better
than me which is fine i’m fine with that
if you’re gonna like someone better than
me let it be this guy he has an
incredible resume he is an entrepreneur
an executive coach and a management
consultant a college instructor a marine
corps veteran he is also a podcast his
show’s way better than mine podcaster
and radio host andy’s a family man uh in
2018 he ran to be the governor of new
york did better than any libertarian
candidate before him and now
he is running unofficially he is running
to be the next governor of new york
unofficially unofficially ladies and
gentlemen my fellow americans please
welcome to the show mr larry sharp larry
thanks so much for coming on man
how are you sir i’m doing good man how
are you doing
i am doing great you gave me a nice
intro i guess i better either say
something funny or smart or something i
we have plenty of time for you to say
there is all sorts of time for you to
say things that are both smart and funny
don’t feel any pressure at all this is
all about this is all about the
pressure’s all on me don’t don’t have
any pressure folks uh be sure to ask me
and larry your questions and we will let
you know if you are right or wrong now
larry uh you uh
you are a
i consider myself a serial entrepreneur
but i think you’re actually more of a
serial entrepreneur than me you you’ve
done all sorts of stuff and starting a
business but all my businesses fail
that’s the problem of mine yeah
but they fail that’s my problem my my
first one actually was decent i i
actually became an entrepreneur
because i was trying to help my mom out
i don’t know
people made that another story
i was a marine and then i was a teacher
and when i came back um to the states as
a marine
my mom after marine corps my mom was
just getting out of prison she was a
convicted felon she was an addict and
when i pulled her out there was nothing
for her so i was trying to help her out
so i used a lot of my savings to get her
back in action and moving and i saw how
the system was set up against her
i saw how
she would always lie on every form and
say she wasn’t a felon when she was and
hope nobody checked and when she had a
job she was uh hostage to her boss she
couldn’t you know tell her boss off or
stand up for herself because if she got
fired there was no job for her and i got
tired of my mom being a hostage i hated
the fact that my mom was a hostage i
didn’t want that so i said you know what
i’m gonna start a business
and i decided what kind of business can
i start well you can drive in new york
state at a time i don’t know if it’s
still true but at a time you could drive
a truck up to 24 feet long without air
brakes without having to get a cdl
so we bought a couple of trucks we can
get them on time and we started a
trucking business and what i did the
trucking business is i gave my mom 100
i ran it with her and sort of my stepdad
at the time we had uh she had she had
remarried we just had a stepdad at the
time all three of us ran it and we gave
her 100 ownership why
if she’s the boss
nobody can fire her
hostage system taken care of no more
hostage for my mom so i became an
entrepreneur so that my mom wouldn’t be
a hostage and after a year of getting
the business up and running i left it
and i went off at other things
she ran it until she retired and she
moved believe it or not in your neck of
the woods she moved to south carolina
because new york is so oppressive you
can’t retire here
so she went to south carolina that’s
where she passed away
yeah new york
south carolina is roughly
i’d say at least ten percent of the
population’s just from long island
and i did the point where i s where i
call it long island because that’s how
they say it um even though that’s not
how it’s well i mean i guess technically
that’s how it’s spelled but you don’t
have like a capital g there but the uh
i’d say new yorkers probably at this
point make up about 15 to 20 of the
population so i that doesn’t surprise me
when you started that trucking business
did that process of going through that
and seeing what your mom went through
did that help shape your political views
or was that something that came later
no i think it did right i i think it did
help right it made me anti-system even
um i think it was that maybe anti-drug
war even more i was already anti-drug
war i was oriented system but i was even
more i mean that that just smacked me in
the face um
you know i joined the marine corps in
the 80s
i was raised basically a democrat
because i lived in the bronx and in new
york you’re a democrat why because
you’re a democrat in the bronx that’s
the reason stop talking right that’s why
you’re a democrat that’s it so i assumed
i was one but i never joined the party
but then when i joined the marine corps
my first commanding commander-in-chief
was ronald reagan
so and the marine corps for many people
who don’t know this is the most
conservative of all the branches
and most of my leadership almost all of
it were conservatives and they were all
men because this is the 80s and i was
the ground side there were no women on
the grounds of the marine corps at all
and so i think i became much more
conservative in my own thought process
you know as a youngster
but then i was a rebel i was a guy who
was like you know ross perot’s gonna
save us uh ralph nader is gonna do it
he’s gonna he’s got the answers right i
was one of those guys i just didn’t like
the others
um so
that’s kind of who i was and then by the
time 2012 came around i was like
i don’t want to vote for any of these
guys they all suck and then i heard gary
johnson speak and when i heard gary
johnson speak i was like these
librarians are pretty smart
oh libertarians oh i’m at least a
yeah i guess that’s good so yeah so i
like these guys
and so all of a sudden i was like oh i
guess this is good and the funny part i
tell people this all the time when i
heard gary johnson speak i thought he
was a radical
i am far more radical than gary johnson
is now but right right then
that’s what i thought i was like wait
wait okay so you’re telling me is
government isn’t the answer for
i just
i thought it was
um but yeah i think that that really
made me think that libertarians were the
right answer i joined the party and i
became a member and i’ve been doing it
ever since it’s nine years now and i’m
still going that’s incredible so even
with your previous this shows how
powerful conditioning can be and i’ve
similar situation where even as we see
just how much the government is screwing
us over and the people we care about
because at no point do we ever hear that
there is supposed to be an alternative
to this big and ever-growing government
maybe we hear you know a conservative
saying you know well government should
not grow any more than it currently is
but no one’s really talking about you
know why do we have anywhere near the
kind of government
forget getting into interco capitalism
right but even just the minikist
argument of why do we have anything even
remotely as big as this is is this
helping us at all that seems like such a
radical thing until someone like a larry
sharp or uh i dare say a spike cohen or
gary johnson or someone else is able to
break it down in a way that connects
with people and that’s been an
incredible thing about what you’ve done
now you’re also still doing with your
business consultation everything else do
you find is it hard or do you even try
to separate what you’re trying to tell
people in business with your i guess
belief system or value system as it
relates to government or is that all
kind of just the same thing at this
point well the funny part is people say
larry how did you get to speak so well
relatively about the liberty movement so
early like you got in in 2012
by 2016 you run into the vp like you
were like rocking it like so fast
compared to most how
because i was already teaching it
as a business consultant i was teaching
i was also teaching at i taught at yale
at columbus graduate school i’ve taught
at john jay college baruch college i was
teaching what i call
post-industrial leadership
and post-industrial leadership is
leadership to where it’s not about you
doing exactly as i say
that’s factory days right those days are
long gone
now i need your intellect i need your
initiative i need your imagination i can
buy arms and legs overseas or i get a
machine to do it right that’s not so
important anymore i need this more than
anything else how do i get that from you
i gotta have buy-in
i gotta have you want to be here
i can’t use force
this is literally volunteerism yes
within business
literally what it was so i was already
teaching it i just didn’t know what it
was called i used the business side and
how i got here most people know this no
larry how did you get here
well how was i open to gary johnson then
because i had been listening to robert
ringer yes many people have you told me
this yeah yes many people have come
through you know hayak or rothbard or i
came to robert ringer who’s really a
business guy but he’s an objectivist
now i’m not an objectivist but he is and
that was the first time that people kind
of gave me the idea of huh
so maybe government isn’t the only
right huh
that’s myself thinking about that and
you know he says you gotta read you know
atlas shrugged so i punished myself
and i read atlas shrugged
because i was reading all time but by
the way
happy i read it but a terrible novel but
happy i read it right so yes good good
stuff but not a good novel anyway um so
i read it i punished myself and i read
this 7 000 page encyclopedia that is
that monstrosity i read that thing and i
was like oh okay so i get it i kind of
get it and then when gary johnson spoke
it connected
i didn’t like objectivism i’m still an
objectivist but i kind of i was open i
was open to gary johnson because of
robert ringer if that makes any sense
yeah yeah yeah yeah so yeah uh um
um atlas shrugged is kind of like war
and peace for people who hate
regulations like it’s it’s you know yes
and yes i mean i you know i’m sure i’m
gonna be uh sacrificed on the altar of
the atlas society for saying this but
it’s not one of my favorite novels but
it it tells a story of what can happen
you know obviously a very extreme
conclusion of what can happen when
you’re being that extreme in regulation
and you can dial it back and say this is
you know what what causes these things
to happen and it’s incredible that that
got you i’m glad you know it’s
interesting whatever got you here i’m
glad it got you here because i have said
from the beginning that you are you know
anytime anyone’s like you know who who
besides me of course who is are the
people that you look at in this party
and in this movement who are really good
at spreading the message to you know the
normies the people that aren’t already
bought in and i say and always always
larry sharp is in that top three or four
people that i that i’m saying i mean i
think what you’ve done
yes of course top three or four i’m
about to get up no i said always
always i didn’t say you were number four
i said you’re always i like to rob first
of all i like to stagger it okay because
i like to say like so the people are
basically you uh a guy named brenta
ritter and also um a guy named uh
brian nichols and uh and jeremy todd
those are my four my four main guys and
someone named kim ruff who i don’t name
much anymore because she doesn’t really
want to be named anymore because she’s
not as she’s not really she’s kind of
taking a break from from the moment well
she’s a new yorker so she’s one of mine
oh that’s right she is a new yorker yes
she just doesn’t live there anymore yeah
yeah yeah no you are i very often you’re
the first person i say so you’re all
right good okay good you’re in the top
you’re in a rotating top four okay don’t
give me a hard time okay so uh when
you’re you know of the libertarians
named spike you’re in the top 50 of mine
i’m saying
you’re rotating top 50. rotating of all
the militaries named spike you are in
the top 50 for sure we’re in the process
of making a press kit that we’re going
to use for me and in it i’m going to
have from larry sharpe unofficial
gubernatorial candidate spike cohen is
one of my top 50 is often in my top 50
libertarians named spike that’s correct
okay perfect absolutely no that’s good
that’s good um so
when as you said you were already it was
basically libertarianism you just didn’t
necessarily have that word for it but
it’s you’re building stakeholders people
that have a buy-in to this thing so that
they’re not just working for you they’re
working with you on something that they
now have a stake in that’s everything
behind what libertarians believe um do
you think that it has been well received
as that to the people that you’re
talking with or are they where you were
you know 20 years ago or or 15 years ago
where they’re not getting that that’s
libertarian or are you making sure they
know what is libertarianism
i actually don’t that’s the funny part i
don’t the the reality of it is most of
my i pay my bills
when i went when my governor allows me
to work when his majesty allows me to
work um
when that happens
i pay my bills that way right by
consulting teaching training whatever’s
appropriate now i do a lot we’re used to
a lot of coaching because i couldn’t go
out right so i live in new york city i
live in the police state known as new
york city
so because of that
i i literally couldn’t go out so i don’t
tell people that but people always
google me
right they’re hiring me this they pay me
thousands of dollars for advice
of course they google me so they realize
oh this guy’s libertarian oh okay
and then they like libertarianism
because of it
right i call them laritarians
because they came because they never
knew what libertarian was but i gave
them some good advice it made sense and
they went oh i tried that thing larry
said let me see about his policy oh that
policy is simply is very similar to the
kind of stuff he told me to put in my
business and it worked hmm
you’re literally working
absolutely so
and the worst part is i was afraid
excuse me i was afraid that
if i ran for vp
or i ran for governor
or i ran for whatever
that all of a sudden now people would
judge my politics
and no longer want me
the sad part or the good part however
you look at it the exact opposite is
true i spent 15 years
trying to get my business up and running
to explode for me to me to be the next
you know tony robbins guru type or
whatever was gonna be the thing of the
busted my ass spent thousands of dollars
never got more like 3 000 followers on
my facebook page and youtube page could
never make it happen
i ran for office the phone doesn’t stop
i don’t even market anymore yeah
it’s insane that that happens it should
not happen it shouldn’t happen in fact
people just assume oh you ran for
governor you must be an amazing
consultant i don’t know why they would
think that please keep thinking that i
just don’t know why they would think
that but they totally do
so they i keep getting work it’s insane
well i would say that
there is an undue deference that comes
from running for office i’ve definitely
seen that people care way more about
what i think about things than they
probably should because i ran for vice
president but i think there’s also the
fact that people are seeing the
organization building skills that you’ve
clearly demonstrated and that’s lending
itself too because if i’m thinking man
i’m you know i live in the you know
really anywhere but especially if i’m in
new york and i’m wanting to build a
business and i’m seeing you and you’re
you know you’ve you’ve grown this
gigantic thing mostly built on on
volunteers who are just that into what
you know you’re basically a living
embodiment of how to win friends and
influence people and you know they’re
thinking okay great that’s who i would
want to talk to so there is at least
you’ve earned at least some of that i
just want to i don’t want to completely
say that i don’t want to say you’ve
earned all of it but you’ve earned at
least a good bit of it i would say um
now you are speaking of people who
haven’t earned anything uh except a
swift kick in the butt out of office you
were you were happy that that uh
governor cuomo left am i correct i was
very happy
i was literally giddy and why do i say
that i actually do a radio show a
terrestrial radio show out of western
new york called a free solution
yes that’s a cool double entendre right
a free solution and um i do it on
tuesdays at noon
every weekday and it’s out of wysl in
rochester i do it remotely obviously
because of new york city but um
he literally resigned during my show
oh wow
yes it was so good like i found out
because people called it and told me
like it’s a live show and people call it
i think callers and everything so a guy
calls it like hey you know resort type
chat he’s a result he’s out i’m like
what he gave me a gift so it was so yes
i was literally giddy it was amazing i
gave you the scoop he gave you the scoop
it was amazing i loved it so good so
so yes and now actually it makes my life
easier um i feel
bad for the republicans in my state
right now though um because they had a
they did have a a a really big snowballs
chance in hell
if he was here because we wouldn’t like
him like it was really big it’s still
snowball but it was a big snowball right
chance in hell of winning now they have
zero chance of winning none there is no
chance of a republican victory in new
york state at all so i feel bad for the
republicans i do
which is why i’m considering i may i may
run in their primary
to save them
the good news not to say i’m totally
teasing not to save them to give myself
more lines
the good news here is that they have
if they get over themselves a really
good candidate this man that i’m
pointing at here is someone who they can
get behind because let’s be clear on
something if you i used to be a
conservative okay and if i met you back
when i was a conservative maybe i wasn’t
a libertarian yet fully if i met you
when i heard what you had to say i would
be like i don’t know if i agree with him
on everything but he’s a solid candidate
he’s got a good business background he
knows what he’s talking about and he
wants government to be smaller and less
involved in my life and the republicans
have utterly failed to do that i would
be more than happy as if i were a
republican vote doesn’t help you because
i’m not in new york or a republican but
as someone who used to be a republican
i would vote for you in a primary in a
texas second even if i didn’t uh even if
i even if i knew that you were also you
know doing it as a strategy to be on his
multiple slates can you explain that a
little bit how that
works i don’t want people to think that
i’m turning republican i’m not just be
clear i’m not yeah that’s not what i’m
doing new york state is a very special
state it has what’s called fusion voting
i’m a registered libertarian
i will run the libertarian uh party i
will be in libertarian line that if i
run that will because i’m unofficial so
i would run on the libertarian line
absolutely 100 but in my state you can
if you want to run into other primaries
and gain other lines so i’d literally i
would literally be mentioned on other
lines it would be libertarian line
republican line democratic line i could
be named look at my name on the ballot
four or five times and all of the votes
get counted together right and that’s my
votes so could i run a democratic
primary i could
the problem is in my state the democrats
don’t know me very well at all
and to do this you have to get a
document that’s called the wilson pakula
if you’re not in new york you know what
that means that’s just the name of the
document i don’t know why they call it
that that’s the name
that document says yes you may run in
our primary even though you’re not one
of us
right um basically bernie sanders does
it bernie sanders is a socialist but he
runs the democratic primary right but he
is not a democrat he’s a socialist so
i’d be a libertarian running in a
democrat or republican primary to do
that in my state you have to get the
uh county affiliates to agree
i simply don’t know the democratic local
affiliates in my state they don’t know
me they ignored me in the last campaign
it’s a democratic state why pay it to
any libertarian guy they don’t even know
my name they have no idea however the
republicans spent a lot of time beating
me up last time because they were
worried about me selling their votes
because they’re in trouble they’re the
weak party in my state right if it’s
oklahoma it’s the opposite in my state
the republicans are the other of the
ones who get beat up so they know me
very well
so because i have a chance of getting
them because they actually know who i am
so that’s why i consider running in the
republican primary versus the democratic
primary and the other thing is the
conservative party to your point likes
me very much yeah and
if i get a republican line the
conservative party will also give me
their line
so i’ll actually have three lines
the glory of this is i actually still
have enough time money and energy with
other people will support me where i can
create another line
so i could actually create another party
in new york state and be like the
independence line or if i wanted to
if yang is listening
you want a forward line in new york
i’ll take your party line i’ll give you
a party in my state easy day you want a
third party i got you covered brother
i’ll take his line too so you could i’ll
take four or five lines
i like it and my governor is maybe gonna
have two
and i might have five
so if i run the primary and i win it
assuming that i win the primary and
assuming that i get the other lines i
have an actual chance a real chance a
and she’s not a hotel is it ho chill
it’s actually pronounced hulkel
hokel so that makes me like her even
less and i’m not sure why but hokul is
not there’s many reasons to not like her
but she’s not terribly popular is she i
know she’s i mean cuomo she is toxic at
this point but is she
no she actually is she’s actually
popular um she is
the the problem is you have democrats
who still like cuomo
yes i know some of you are not new
york’s they’re like what what think
about what happened with newsome and
then maybe your brain can wrap yourself
around it californians still like newsom
so some new yorkers still like cuomo
actually i went to
the new york state fair and i met a
woman this is after cuomo was already
disgraced already left who still
supported cuomo
and i asked her why i mean she knew who
i was a lot of people know who i am
across my eyes i get recognized often i
was recognizing the gas station of the
day by both the guy working at the front
and a guy sitting down so i get
recognized often in my state yes yes so
someone comes by and says you know larry
you know cuomo is still good i still
like him and i said okay let me ask you
if i could why
she said you don’t understand larry he
spoke about the important issues he
talked about women’s rights he brought
up these issues about what’s going on
and i said you know something you’re
he did
he talked about it often my worry is
his actions
were so hypocritical
to what he was saying
that he’s actually done more damage than
right and she was like you know i think
you’re right and she signed up for a
libertarian newsletter so let’s hope she
actually gets one so yes so people still
do support them now that group of
democrats they don’t like our ag our ag
is a woman called tisch james now in
most states ag stands for attorney
in new york state it stands for aspiring
so it’s a little bit different in my
state right so just to make sure uh
cause cuomo was an ag
spitzer wasn’t a g
right trish
tis james is an ag she’s the one who
took him down
so of those democrats who are mad at her
they’re getting behind hocal
so already several people have already
endorsed her and she hasn’t announced
she’s running
and they’re doing it early on because
tis james has made an error
she is waiting to decide whether or not
she’s going to run or not she should
have decided immediately and she didn’t
so they’re trying to get all the
endorsements out early before tits james
to crowd her out that’s actually smart
right they’re doing that now let’s talk
about some solutions here so you uh
speaking of leaving uh cuomo’s left but
we also see a massive every year a
massive outflow of people from new york
to the point that new york’s actually
lost the congressional seat uh in the
house in this last redistricting or this
last we lost two million people in the
last 11 in the last 11 years
a net loss of 2 million people
which means way more people left because
that includes births
holy crap and so what would you and at
least half a million that’s cobin
wow so what would you say are are like
the main state policies that are
contributing to this outflow and what
would you want to do to ameliorate that
put an end to it and and maybe even
attract people to your state
yeah um without question the biggest
issue that affects everything else
believe it or not it’s the budget the
budget affects everything else
the budget has gone up from about 180
billion to now 215 billion meanwhile
we’re losing people you can just do
regular math and figure out that’s not
going to go well right our debt’s about
400 billion our budget the only thing
larger than our budget is 20 countries
and california
that’s it
good that’s how big our budget is 20
countries and california we are bigger
than everything else on the planet
that’s how big our budget is here’s the
best part about it we still have shitty
service isn’t that amazing
that big and still of terrible service
florida has more people than we have and
half our budget
and he’s the best part no state income
florida has no state income tax
more people than us and have our budget
we’re doing something wrong now why does
that matter because that means that
because of that our because our budget’s
so big
grifting is everywhere it’s too juicy
people can’t get rid of the grift
they gripped us on our environment they
gripped us on our education oh my god
they’re involved in education they
gripped us on social security medicaid
medicare we get grifted everywhere
because it’s so juicy and we’ve spent so
much time pushing everything to our
albany all you got to do is send a
couple of goons to albany and you come
home with literally a billion dollars
why wouldn’t you do that right we beg
we’re begging you to grift us so we
we’re terrible so there’s a couple
things we can do which are kind of
radical but i think both of them are
important number one we have to find a
way of paying for education according to
new york state education’s a right in my
state it’s a right which means the
government has to pay for it we have to
pay according to constitution for grades
one through twelve that’s required
however we don’t have to pay for it
through property tax that’s not in the
but that’s how we pay for it we could
just write a check if we wanted to
here’s what we do it is legal for new
york state to create its own currency as
long as it’s across borders other other
states have i think idaho has it i think
utah has it so other states have their
own currency so we should create our own
currency either through gold back or
through cryptocurrency
now in new york state he’s the best part
new york state’s another law there’s no
gold mines in new york state why
according to new york state if you mine
that’s owned by new york state thank you
for that my friend i’ll be taking that
that’s the new york state works
so we have two options option one we
borrow the gold or buy the gold on on
loan and then begin to begin a currency
based upon that or we do cryptocurrency
either one i’m not sure which is the
right answer yet i’m putting my my
policy together this week and next week
i’m not sure which is the right way the
problem with the cryptocurrency is do
you link it to the dollar do you allow
i’m not sure where we go with that so
i’m not sure which one is the right
answer but you credit going you might
say well larry people don’t use coins
you’re right why would you use a coin i
know why
when i’m going to give you a 70 billion
dollar market which is our education
budget so i’m going to give you a 70
budget to use you now have an
environment a market which is 70 billion
well larry why would anyone do it
because the two largest lobbyists in my
are real estate and finance
what do bankers love well bankers love
two things number one more than anything
they love guaranteed government money
man they love that
the second thing bankers love
transaction fees for doing nothing
boy they love that too so i’m gonna the
translate or transfer
our new york state education coin into
dollars for a small fee
they’re gonna love that
this way now we can start paying
directly from albany
to the districts based upon the number
of students they have
which means by default the money follows
a child hmm
wouldn’t that be nice by default no need
for grants because you’ll get your money
not just that currently in new york
state if you don’t spend your budget
you lose it
which is the end of every year people
spend a whole lot of time throwing money
away yeah but what if you just got your
money and if you didn’t use it
you could just keep it money for
grifting right there is there not just
that the money goes to the district
there’s about what i think it’s about
500 districts in new york state that’s
500 separate griffs
that’s not really worth it is it
corruption is going to go down a whole
lot you don’t get a billion dollars for
sending goons out you gotta send 500
goons out and there’s nowhere you’re
near a couple billion dollars in that
right by default corruption goes down
i’ve just reduced corruption i’ve just
allowed students to the money to follow
the student
you take on top of the dollars that we
spend right now new york spends about 26
27 000 per student
highest in the country and usually
ranked around 37th in this in the nation
that’s what we get for our max dollars
so i’m going to drop it to about 18 000.
larry how can you do that here’s why
once i do that the federal government
will be angry they will say you can’t do
that larry because we need to make sure
that we control you
i don’t care if you control me why i
have my own money now i don’t need yours
anymore so the six billion dollars that
our federal government gives us every
single year i’ll say no thank you
and then they won’t be able to fight us
anymore which means all of those
who are because of federal guidelines go
the average teacher in new york state
gets about eighty thousand eighty
thousand dollars a year average of
course in your state our teachers are by
the way obviously new york state we’re
fine we’re not kansas
you know we’re we’re good about oklahoma
new york teachers are fine but our
administrators get over double as
there are many many districts in new
york state where there are more
administrators than teachers
and they often are in a separate
building almost nowhere near students
and almost all of it is federal
those all go away i’ve just created a
surplus in every single school district
i can remove all of those things
everybody saves money teachers are
happier we can ship but you add on top
of that
if there is for example eighteen
thousand dollars per student you can
allow for four thousand dollar credit
for anyone to go to private school or
home school
easy day
so now you can also increase
homeschooling and private schooling
because now you get a little bit of cash
and decide to make it happen you pay
through education coin and the bank’s
transfer everybody’s happy but here’s
the best part for the average new yorker
guess how much
school tax is part of their property tax
about fifty percent
i would have lowered every new yorker’s
property tax by about fifty percent
right when that happens i’ve stabilized
rents across the state
and maybe more people can retire in this
state because not paying that much in
property tax
and i’ve just taken out about 60 to 7
billion off of my budget
it went from 220 215 to about 150 give
or take in that area something like that
i just dropped that to my budget like
that boom i made a surplus but i’m still
not done i got one more left
the next one is we have to find a way to
pay for medicaid medicare massive in my
state again about 60 70 billion dollars
every year just in that and most of that
is from the actual counties they have to
pay half so they get unfunded mandates
to where most counties
maybe 80 to 90 of their budget is
already sucked up they can’t even fix
their own roads they got no money what
does that mean they do they use law
enforcement as a profit center
because they have no option
so they’re fining feeing taxing all the
things they can with law enforcement but
all of a sudden i change those rules and
i say you know what
property tax gone you don’t get paid
anymore not just that on top of this i’m
pulling off medicaid medicare how you
doing that larry by creating a fund
that’s how norway does it that’s how
singapore does it that’s how lots of
people countries do it you create a fund
china does it saudi arabia does it
they’ll do it that way right so i’m
gonna create a fund one of two things or
a combination is give or take four
million square miles of government-owned
land in new york state
lease that out and or depending on how i
work this you build a nuclear power
plant three of them in the north country
of new york state they can be built
hopefully within three to four years i
hope maybe six or seven depends on how
we work this and how hard the the
federal government actually fights me
because they will fight me and sue me
that’s going to happen
the question is how long can i get
around just doing it anyway
once we do that three separate grids
which makes us safe from cyber attack
and we now instead of selling a buying
energy we now sell it all the extra
energy goes to two things one
supporting a blockchain mining uh group
in the north country which we need
more businesses and stuff and maybe even
will support our uh our cryptocurrency
if we have that if we go that route
with that we now can send energy down
south to new york state for desalination
plant no more water issues going into
new york city and now hydro power in new
york city which makes that work also
and all the extra money we get from
selling goes into that fund to help pay
for medicaid medicare pulling that out
of our counties also so now all of a
sudden i’ve taken out give or take 130
billion out of my budget i’ve freed up
more space for my teachers i’ve freed up
more space for my counties that more
localized control and best off if i do
that i can end my state income tax
within four years i won’t require it
it’s only about 50 billion dollars of my
budget i’m dropping about 130 billion i
still got a surplus
not only have you fixed the problem
short term by interestingly enough the
the currency part of that is actually
returning to the way that states used to
fund their budget was through their own
species uh uh currencies that they’d
have in state but you’re also creating
things that eliminate the need for
attacks and then eventually once you’ve
stabilized those unfunded mandates those
can eventually be privatized when you
don’t need the state revenue anymore
and if you lower the uh price if you’re
able to successfully and i would imagine
three power plants would do this greatly
lower the price of energy that’s
naturally going to bring the bitcoin
miners and the blockchain developers and
the the all of the people in the tech
and energy sectors and everyone that’s
using all this energy to develop because
it’s cheaper there that’s the point
we’ve lost all those
right new york state has been very bad
with new things we don’t like new things
we like old money that’s what new york
state likes old money well we haven’t
realized something back in the day tech
used to follow finance not anymore
finance follows tech
so all finances leaving my state it’s
all going to california and texas austin
and san francisco it’s all going there
and to a small amount wyoming and a
small amount um uh miami and orlando but
mostly it’s going to san francisco and
austin it’s all packing up and leaving
come back
i got some freebies for you
so come on back all good i want business
to come back to my state my number one
issue as i say all the time our movement
is not actually about freedom it isn’t
our movement’s actually about happiness
freedom and liberty
are a means to an end
and the end is happiness
we have to realize something there’s a
lot of people who don’t want to be free
there’s a lot of people who don’t even
understand liberty but everybody wants
to be happy
and the only way i can make people happy
is by providing an environment that
allows people to be happy that’s the
number one thing
life liberty pursuit of happiness our
divorce papers from the uk were all
about that and we’ve forgotten that
happy people in my state guess what
happy people don’t commit crimes happy
people grow businesses happy people
retire here have people go to careers
here have people go to school here have
people have big families here that’s
what i want i want happy new yorkers i’m
gonna have a better new york i say it
all the time new york is an amazing
wonderful state it’s our government that
you fix our government my state’s
amazing that’s all it takes
i like it listen man i mean you know i’m
an ancap but i like policies that are
actual like
dare i say pragmatic steps towards a
freer society so you got me i i have i
know you have limited time so i’m going
to ask you this question but i want to
now bring up this last piece if i could
which you just said i’m going to cover
this i have four hardcore rules to my
policies i follow them almost 100
there’s something minor exceptions four
things matter and you’ve seen every
policy number one never a new tax fine
or fee ever that’s 100 no
second no force
none of my policies require force or
enforcement no extra law enforcement
none no never nothing i said requires
any more law enforcement none whatsoever
no more wrong force
third if i ever have to support people i
always focus on two types
the middle class and the working poor
that’s who i focus on helping why not
help the very poor because who actually
helps the working poor
the working poor in the middle class
they’re the ones who actually go to soup
kitchens dead zones will actually help
out and the wealthy are good they don’t
need me anymore
and then fourth last rule whenever i’m
dealing with businesses i always support
the entrepreneur class over the
corporate class because the corporate
class only cares about bottom line and
overall stuff the entrepreneur cares
about where they came from they help out
the people who are in trouble and they
move things forward
i like it i like it i know i want to be
respectful of your time i know you got
to leave shortly so i have a rapid fire
segment of four questions and they’re as
rapid as your answers um uh i’ve been
asked to ask you about the zombie houses
what is this what is zombie houses yeah
i warned many i wonder about a year and
a half ago that covered lockdowns would
be so bad and destroy us i wonder that
new yorkers would simply pack up and
leave their homes just walk away that
they wouldn’t care about rent or leases
or mortgages or nothing they would say
i’m out i’m going to tennessee good luck
catch me in court if you can yeah and
that actually happened and if you go to
new york’s new york
nys new york state dot gov
you will see there’s a thing that talk
about it it’s called zombie houses it’s
you people walk by and go does somebody
live there anymore they haven’t cut the
grass in like six weeks yeah they packed
my left
this is a thing now in upstate new york
this is a normal thing it’s called
zombie houses that’s how bad my state is
they don’t even sell the house
they just pack up and leave so we’re
gonna make new york not filled with
zombie houses again um so you your
website is a three question survey for
your constituents to voice their
concerns have you noticed like a common
pattern of things that people are saying
in that like one single thing that is
everyone seems to be saying two things
my governor says my governor will go oh
my god everyone cares about kovid covert
is critical kobit kovakova that’s not
what most new yorkers care about before
with you that’s what she cares about
what most new yorkers care about and
kovit’s in the top ten it is it’s it’s a
thing that’s not number one number two
number one number two always in some way
education economy guaranteed those two
education economy two biggest things and
that’s why my two big issues that i just
told you about cover both of those
yeah and the fact that you’re gonna be
talking about that while everyone else
is talking about something they actually
aren’t as concerned about is going to
drive home now you uh in your last race
you did better than as far as i
understand several times better than any
libertarians ever done in your state but
this time you’re running you want to win
you want to get from where you got to to
win what is the single biggest thing
that you learned that uh that you’re
gonna do differently in this campaign
than in the previous one
money money is the biggest issue and i
wish i i wish it wasn’t true people get
mad marriage oh but you can’t be about
the money yes it’s all about the money
that’s the system larry you didn’t get
you got to get in the polls people say
that i want to just yell at them but i
don’t when i say that yeah i just get in
the poll they told me very forward i
said why are you not in the poll why am
i not in the poll they said you don’t
buy the polls
fight a poll you made a poll let’s buy
it promise to pull costs 50 000
for a poll
do you want me to be in the polls great
give me fifty thousand dollars and you
can stop talking to me just give me 50
grand and i will absolutely buy a poll
with it and then you’ll be happy and
i’ll be happy larry why aren’t you on
cnn you need to get on fox news why
aren’t you on top of caution or rachel
maddow well clearly they’re not my best
friend i can’t just call them but i can
get covered do you know how i gotta buy
and buying ads is how you’re covered
literally you told me this right when
you’re covered you gotta buy ads you buy
ads you get covered right and across my
state that’s six figures to cover my
so you can’t just do 50 on that one
gotta have your friend give 50 also
so you got to get 50 and get your friend
and you to give 50 more i’ll get all
those ads so the biggest thing is money
i wish it wasn’t true but it’s just so
important which brings me to my final
question for all of my followers that
are now wanting to figure out how they
can give you 50 000
where do people go to support you and to
help you well please there are rules you
can i know you want to give me 50 000. i
appreciate that you can only give me 44
000. that’s the max in new york state so
i know someone already wrote the 5-0 and
you checked you gotta just cross it out
scratch it out
put four four
three zeros then you’re good that’s my
max in my state forty four thousand
dollars so don’t give me fifty
rip that check up put void and do forty
four thousand anyway go to
larrysharp.com donate and give what you
can here’s what i like if you really
want to give that’s awesome please do
it’s nice if it’s recurring
if i do this i’m gonna sacrifice a year
in my life
that’s what i’m gonna do
you know i’m asking you to support me
for a year give me a recurring donation
for 12 months
that’s when the uh the election’s over
do that let me get out this thing out of
the park
yeah well listen larry you are a dear
friend i love you you know that you have
my full support and endorsement in this
as soon as you announce before you even
officially announced i told you you had
my support and endorsement even before
that i was the one out there saying
draft larry sharp everyone draft fleury
sharks i remember
you’ve got my support you you got
everything i can do to help everyone go
to larrysharp.com
donate 44 000 on the dot if you got it
you know if 40 if you only cover 42 000
he’ll take it i’m sure he’ll take it if
i won’t be mad if you go 43 five i’ll be
fine yeah 43 5 listen we get it now you
know times are tough 435 that’s good 38
9 whatever any of these amounts you know
any five figure anything he’s good with
uh larry again i know you got to go
thank you so much for coming on i want
to give you a chance for your final
thoughts and then we’re going to let you
go you tell me anything you didn’t get a
chance to say larry sharp the floor is
the most important piece always
is to focus
on outcomes that’s all i can tell you
you want to focus on does it mean you
don’t talk about theory you should
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about
ideas you should does it mean you
shouldn’t talk about you know i
principal you should all i’m saying is
focus first on the outcome
then explain the details remember
something people don’t care how much you
know until they know how much you care
absolutely it is one of them the mantras
on this show is is no one that cares
what you know until they know that you
care so thank you for that larry
larrysharp.com donate everyone go help
larry run unofficially to be the next
governor of new york larry i love you
man thank you so much for coming on
love you too brother thank you
and folks thank you guys so much for
tuning in to this episode of my fellow
americans uh larry’s a great guy go
support him right now go do everything
you can to help him he is great he is
one of my favorite people in this
movement uh anything you can do to help
him be sure to do that um it’s this is a
little bit sooner than i usually uh wrap
things up um he had to go um so
i’m looking to see if there were any
in here i’d be happy to answer if
there’s anything here
uh spike isn’t hand capped yes
will larry be in okc uh the weekend of
the 22nd i believe he will i believe
that larry will be there and i will be
there as well
for the um uh for the um uh uh the
natalie bruno uh for governor uh
campaign in oklahoma helping the
libertarian party of oklahoma and uh and
natalie bruno um i believe that
um i believe he’s going to be there
if larry sharp wins will spike cohen
move to new york asking for all new
yorkers wow
visit a lot i don’t so i’m don’t
i might summer there i don’t do cold
weather guys and that’s the problem i am
a sun jew and there are snow jews and
sun jews i’m a sun jew and um i need
like i’m cold now
and it’s like 76 in here
like i need hot and heat i need to bake
i need to bake
i’m a baking jew
um so
but i can definitely visit a lot
and i love y’all i’m gonna be there in
november so here’s where i’m gonna be in
november i’m going to be there for nine
days uh helping larry sharp helping the
uh the new york libertarian party uh so
if you go to spike kona we’re still
finalizing everything uh but we’re gonna
be doing all sorts of fun stuff up there
larry sharp is going to be there with us
i’m going to be all over the state new
york city western new york upstate new
york the whole thing i’ll be all all
through the various parts of new york i
might go to long island we can make it
work i could go to long island we’ll see
um what else we got here
how do i explain to my future kids that
i voted for an ancap for vice president
speaking as an ancap you can tell them
i voted the way that daddy believes
you know hopefully they’re handcaps too
right um
see if there’s anything else
long island that’s how you say it um
let’s see if there are any other
yeah i don’t know if baking ju but like
baking like
like baking chocolate oh no i guess that
doesn’t make it any better
there’s salmon oh yeah no there is
hudson salmon yeah
there is
yeah there is salmon there
i don’t know guys i don’t know
yeah we have lots of oh well no that’s
the eskimo no i see alaska if i’m going
for cold weather and salmon
i mean you guys are competing with
yes minikit solutions are a wonderful
step thank you jack casey author and and
cult leader jack casey minikis solutions
are a wonderful stepping stone towards
incap goals that’s 100 correct
absolutely if nothing else i tell people
all day long
classical liberals i’m about as extreme
as it gets in terms of the
authoritarian libertarian scale
um but
right now
we are headed towards just an
ever-growing authoritarian super state
the likes of which we’ve literally never
every new day is a new uh advancement in
authoritarianism that didn’t exist
before if for no other reason than the
technology they’re employing and you
know they’re threatening to go into some
terrible terrible directions uh
certainly the worst we’ve ever seen in
this country and i’m good with us
stopping that and and moving towards
freedom and
once we get to a constitutional
good now we can have a conversation
about if we want to go further or if we
want to stay there maybe we have a
little breakup you guys do your minor
key thing we do our anarchy thing
whatever like i’m fine with us waiting
to disagree until we get to where that
even our disagreements even matter
honestly um
let’s see
yeah and it’s a global thing
uh shannon asks have you heard about the
newest vaccine mandate passport the la
city council just passed i haven’t i
only heard that they passed it i don’t
know the details um
you know i
we’re going to have to resist this stuff
and it’s a difficult thing but you know
the the reality is
they’re just gonna keep pushing stuff
each one of us has to decide what our
what our no is my no was the lockdowns
i wasn’t going to obey them you know
last year we did all sorts of campaign
events that were just flat out illegal
sometimes we did it in front of the
police i just did
we’re not going to do this uh if i were
still i felt bad that i was retired
because if i were in business i would
have loved to have continued doing
business uh in defiance and lockdowns it
was kind of hard for me because i was in
south carolina where we only had
lockdowns for about a month and they
weren’t all that restrictive compared to
other states but we have to draw that
and whatever your line is once you are
ready to have that line in the sand you
got to stand firm um
yes free ross uh free ross albrecht uh
lynn ross’s mother’s a dear friend of
i consider ross a friend i haven’t met
him but we definitely need to free ross
ulbricht um
let’s see here yeah
lyndon kasner says resistance has now
become good citizenship exactly um so
folks i’m going to go ahead and wrap
things up now but uh
jack casey spike could you open a salmon
taco shack just despite the government
if they try yes
if south carolina tries to lock down
again i will start spike’s salmon taco
and am i even gonna get any licensing
let’s go brandon we all heard it um
so anyway uh guys thanks so much for
tuning in uh we are going to uh tomorrow
night is uh the writer’s block with matt
wright right here on muddy waters media
at 8 p.m he is interviewing nate atkins
who i was just in minneapolis helping
him run for governor campaigning with
him there uh so he’s going to be talking
with matt uh then friday and saturday
and sunday join me at the libertarian
party of illinois convention in kicka
key illinois if you go to
what is their website
lp illinois
lpillinois.org you can find out all the
information and you can register and
come on out uh my understanding is the
vip tickets are sold out but you can
still come they still have regular
tickets i think they might have vip
tickets i don’t know
no they’re sold out anyway so um yeah
come on out to that uh then on
monday join us right back here oh friday
uh at 9 30 p.m is cajun and eskimo from
bio to igloo right here on muddy waters
media then monday at 8 00 pm eastern
join us for jason lyon mr mr america the
bearded truth um and then oh and i’ll be
on that i’m his guest next monday um and
then next tuesday join us here on at 8
pm for the muddy waters of freedom where
matt wright and i parse through the
week’s events like the chipper little
little sun well i’m a sun jew he’s the
sun gentile like the sun jew and gentile
respectively that we are and then join
me right back here
next wednesday at 8 pm same spike place
same spike time for another fantastic
episode of my fellow americans i really
appreciate you guys being here uh i love
the audience oh be sure
where are we do i not have to subscribe
to yes be sure to subscribe folks
you definitely want to subscribe if you
become a member of uh muddy waters media
by going to anchor dot fm slash muddy
water slash subscribe for only 10 bucks
a month you get access to exclusive
content ad free podcasts on anchor and
you also get to be a part of the muddy
zoom which is going to be our monthly
zoom call private well it’s public it’s
viewable by the public but only you get
to join if you’re a member to actually
be on the zoom call with me and matt
wright and cajun and eskimo and all the
other money waters all-stars um so be a
part of that and join us right back here
next week for another
fantastic my fellow americans
i really appreciate you being a part of
this guys it means a lot to me i love
y’all i’m spike cohen and you
are the power god bless guys
i can’t make a change
brings light to kindness
all you need is a sign
put a cease to the crimes put an ease of
the minds like mine
sometimes darkness is all i find you
know what they say about an eye for a
night and a time with the bloody the
blood who am i to deny would grow when a
loved one dies i recognize that body
outside with the holes in the body that
tell me why
will make

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