(((My Fellow Americans))) #112: R.A. The Rugged Man

(((My Fellow Americans)))

About This Episode

Spike’s guest tonight is, objectively, one of the best rappers alive.

He has peformed alongside legends such as Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, and many others.

He’s also an advocate for freedom and liberty with a listener base of tens of millions.

He is R.A. The Rugged Man, and we’re going to talk tonight!

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i’ll be buried in my
that is
before i become
we have solely changed
i’ll be buried in my
that is
but it seems like since
south carolina you’re watching my fellow
americans with your host spike holland
oh thank you
oh please thank you thank you yes it’s
me it’s me thank you so much keep
keep clapping clap
clap for the miracle clap for that
miracle how would we know that you
wanted the miracle if you didn’t keep
clapping welcome to my fellow americans
i am literally spike cohen thank you so
much for joining us on this wednesday
the first day of september this year is
three-quarters of the way done
and if that doesn’t horrify you then i
don’t i don’t know what to tell you but
we are here and this is gonna be a
fantastic episode why because you’re
here but also because we have a very
very special guest and i can’t wait to
introduce him but first
i need to um pay some condolences to a
very good friend of mine a man by the
name of chris davis uh many of you who
know him from the uh the liberty
movement and the libertarian party know
him very well um
he fought uh very very bravely against
cancer for quite some time and uh and he
is now in a better place but he leaves
behind his wife aaron and his children
and i know that they miss him more than
words can ever say
and uh anyone who knows him from the
libertarian party of virginia or really
just the liberty movement in general you
you know how big of a loss this was so
chris we we miss you aaron we love you
we are here we support you um and to the
whole family um our deepest deepest
condolences um so with that said uh we
are going to have a very good episode uh
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my fellow americans comes from the
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go to his bandcamp
joedavymusic.bandcamp.com buy his entire
discography his new album just dropped
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gonna love it uh thank you so much to mr
joe davi i’d like to thank lebloo for
this delicious drinking water that i’m
drinking on this episode lulavanaka
shout out to tara and turks’s mom and
him as always folks my guest tonight is
one of the best rappers alive in the
game originally from long island he’s
been rapping since 1992 uh and during
that time he has worked with absolute
heavyweights like wu-tang clan mob deep
cool g-rap notorious b.i.g tec-9 talib
quali eric sermon track masters dj quick
the alchemist i could have like i just
this was i could have made two
paragraphs of all the people he were i
had to stop somewhere uh he has also
written for vibe king complex rides xxl
the source and the ring his new album
which is right
where is it here all my heroes uh is
available uh well it uh is
again objectively an absolute banger uh
and it features artists such as
ghostface killa eamon
uh atmosphere ice tea vinnie paz brand
nubian chino xl mop
jesus uh it’s available on all major
streaming sites uh and you can also get
physical copies including cds and vinyl
on his website ra the rugged man is
already the rugged man.net
ladies and gentlemen
my fellow americans please welcome to
the show mr r.a the rugged man ari thank
you so much for being on man
hey how you doing that was that was a
good introduction there you go
appreciate it
listen i appreciate you being on and uh
folks uh be sure to uh we are live so be
sure to ask us your thoughts and
questions in the comments and our a will
uh you if you are right or wrong um all
right just before we get started
real quick let me correct you one thing
i’m sorry you know the internet said i’m
rapping since 92 because you know that’s
when the first finals came out or
whatever but i started rapping at 11
years old i was a little kid in the 80s
a little fat kid in the 80s better than
everybody in the black i was rapping in
the 80s man but you know internet don’t
let you know that
all right no i want to correct that so
this man is an old school rapper he’s
been rapping since the 80s so he’s
they’ve been rapping for i was battling
bat yeah literally since i was like 11
years old i’ve been rapping forever
forever you know i i was you know the
best fat kid on the block just
obliterating people with a little
high-pitched girly voice because i
didn’t hit puberty yet yo yo who won a
i love it i love it he’s been battle
rapping since be since we were all since
most of us weren’t even born yet or were
children so i i need to i i have to hear
the genesis story here what got you into
hip hop like okay 11 years old you’ve
decided to battle rap people what where
did that come from well it was funny i
was a little kid riding my bicycle and
there was this this
crazy older kid
and he had remember m80s you could blow
up like a quarter stick of dynamite and
he literally blew up a shop and center
window you know and yo kid look at this
and i was like yo you’re crazy and we
drove away on our bicycles
and he was a beat box a human beatbox
and then uh he took me around the kids
in the neighborhood stimulation and
proficient was a little rap crew and uh
i don’t know i just had a gift and i
getting better than so many people so
they started taking me around all over
you know
the boroughs in new york city and all
over the house parties and they were
like you know yo check out our boy our
boy our little you know
so uh yeah that’s that’s how it started
you know i just it was something i was
naturally good at and uh
and it you know i just it was the only
thing i was ever really good at in life
so you know
that’s awesome so okay so you’re you’re
you’re 11 you’re battle wrapping you now
by the time battle rap
they took me around
i started rapping 11 but battle rapping
around 13 13 years old closer you know
where like well confidently where they
would take me around and like showcase
me yeah right right right
and so your your uh first album drops
your first vinyl drops in 92. uh you
have wrapped with like four generations
uh you’re basically one of these
timeless rappers that has been rapping
with multiple generations i just think
it’s incredible first so i guess my
first question is
at this moment you know you’ve been you
you’re you’re a legend in your own right
uh you’re you’re putting out you know
legendary albums left and right and now
here you are
talking to a jew in his basement
do you feel like you’ve peaked in this
very moment
well now let me tell you something i uh
i supported you and joe jurgensen in the
election i posted you know hey vote joe
jergenson i was uh rocking with you guys
in the election i
i i’m you’re going to be like yo you’re
an idiot but um i said i’m in berlin
raising my kids in berlin and i went and
sent away for my uh
overseas ballots
on time and everything
and they they didn’t get him to me to
like go and i caught hey where’s my
ballots where’s my oh you know we sent
the ball we said about and they didn’t
come to like a week after the election
was too late or whatever so i tried to
vote for you
we could have won if if your thing had
come in that could have been yeah that
could have been i want to recount no but
but but but i did you know uh you know
whatever how many fans i got online
between twitter and facebook and all of
that i
i put the vote joe jurgensen’s out there
quite a few times you know and had the
people be like oh you’re trying to ruin
the election you know because they
always you know you vote third party
you know you’re the susan sarandon devil
from hell you know you know how they
feeling villainize anyone that doesn’t
vote for their party you know it’s like
they don’t understand that that if if
you if you vote
third party whether whether the third
party wins or not you’re giving you’re
empowering the party you’re giving it
strength so more finances could come in
for future you know uh elections and and
you know
people have to take steps to get out of
the two-party voting system in america
because it’s never gonna work
two two sides of devils oh we’re voting
for the lesser the two even though
you’re not you’re not they’re both evil
biden is a monster from hell and we
already know it in 50 years of racism
we know all about bride’s history and
then we know who trump is with evil
racist scumbag so so we got to vote for
the less of the worst evil
decrepit dead 78 year old racist guy no
no you don’t you don’t have to vote for
that and if
if all the people that didn’t vote in
came together and voted for somebody
that that would you know benefit you
know the country better you know uh we
could have a third party and a fourth
party and and other options but that’s
not the you know people are brainwashed
i think you must vote for this this is
the only option is the bad guy or the
bad guy you know
and that’s the crazy thing is and i say
this a lot
330 million people in the u.s not to
mention people like you that are in
other countries that are american
citizens so well over like close to 350
million people we have two choices to
pick from and they’re both evil like
and they’re not even just evil they’re
terrible and they’re ignorant and they
can’t even make sentences like you can’t
have a guy that could just at least
finish a sentence or like trump couldn’t
finish the sentence without you know
talking about himself and getting this
like really egotistical insecure rant
like like neither them the one guy can’t
finish a sentence and the other guy
can’t finish the sentence that has
anything to do with anything except
himself you know it’s crazy man it’s
like it’s so crazy like like supposedly
america where these you know we have the
great minds and and
and people people keep you know these
are the best we have to offer we all
know it’s not so why do we keep oh and
then they defend it and then they defend
by it and defend trump and they defend
all these like
these like awful options like shouldn’t
we be smart enough to go like no
both of these guys are terrible
wait but they’re not smart they’re not
you know no no oh i hate the other guys
so much oh i hate this guy so much oh
they’re all going to ruin the cut you
man you guys are brainwashed man just
just uh
if everybody just
stopped with the programming
and uh
moved forward
and supported people who supported us
you know
so yeah but that’s not that’s not gonna
when did you first start thinking this
way is this something you’ve always been
or did was there like an aha moment a
few years ago like what first made you
realize this was all a scam
the music industry i was a kid and i i
knew that was a scam and i and i saw the
way they could program the public to buy
into like really um
mediocre material you know and they
could really sell
an artist like this is something special
you know like oh this is just so i saw
that so and i saw the public eat it up
i’m like
wow that’s okay and i i was still young
so i didn’t know
oh that’s the same exact game as as you
know politics you know and and uh
politicians it’s the same exact game
selling the lies you know put up you
know have somebody write a good speech
put it put some decent lighting on put
some music behind it sell some ads
except it’s a lot crazier because
there’s the fear-mongering aspect and
the music at the game it didn’t like
fear-mongering you not to
buy the album someone else’s album
they’ll just like we’re gonna make my
guy more sellable but this is now like
literally like fear-mongering like if
you don’t
vote for our great guy that’s great and
you know uh you’re all gonna die you’re
all gonna die and it’s the most
important election of all time it’s the
important ever if you don’t vote this
year we’re all doomsday you know it’s
like crazy
you know
so so that’s simple so yeah no they
don’t say
if you don’t buy and i don’t want to
trash talk any person but like if you
don’t buy this pop stars album you’re a
murderer but it’s a similar thing it’s
like it’s a similar thing where it’s
like well this person’s great and you
know like you said the lighting and and
they literally have people writing their
songs and their music and their beats
and choreography choreography and they
literally just and they had the
in their pockets right you know
just like politicians and it’s just like
politicians wow yeah yep yep it’s the
same exact game except
instead of
you being you know uh that person’s a
killer if you don’t like them then
you’re a hater
you know so
you’re a hater you’re a hater and how
dare you not say you know so and they
find ways to to like
oh if you don’t like something then
they’ll go with ageism or something law
so it’s just a different decade no no
it’s not that either you know it’s like
you know so but they’ll find ways to
why your opinion doesn’t count
you know to have a music opinion if it’s
not the same as
what the world is you know being fed you
know but it’s just not like as as
disgusting as politics where like
you know assange is a rapist this guy’s
you know anybody you know it’s like uh
yep and and then you know me too me too
uh uh you know get get rid of all the
predators unless it’s the one in my
party you know it’s like you know that
whole thing like the whole me too alyssa
milano and all of them all me too and
get brett kavanaugh the republican out
of here and then joe biden yeah
well i like joe biden he’s
that woman that said he
you know threw her against the wall and
and molested her and inserted his
fingers in her she’s a lying [ __ ]
because joe’s the man you know it’s like
it’s all it’s all you know
it’s like uh
so none of it’s real it’s none of the
you’re right it is a very similar uh a
very similar uh uh uh parallel there
between like these like kind of i guess
pop stars and politicians that they’re
using a lot of them use the same pr
teams too it’s funny so you’ve made i
mean your artistry
here we are uh your artistry you have
made a lot of songs about distrusting
government and the police and authority
and and i mean you’ve literally i i can
count on one hand the number of rappers
that have referenced things like um uh
uh like cointelpro and you know like
like you know uh counter intelligence
with with uh intelligence agencies and
things like that and like you’ve done
songs like who do we trust tom thumb uh
media midgets
i’m sure a bunch more i’m not even
remembering right now one that really
sticks out and if i if i’m in fact a few
people have actually asked this in the
comments i believe this is actually a
personal story uh in uh you did a song
it’s called uncommon valor and you did
it on the album of
jedi mind tricks yeah jedi mind tricks
you did on jedi mind tricks and it’s
called um uncommon valor a vietnam story
or something like that that’s is that is
that true that that’s actually a story
related to your family well i’m rapping
in a true story perspective of my father
staff sergeant john a thor burning yes
he was a a
highly decorated soldier he was a green
beret and then he went from green beret
to screaming eagles you know 17 years
old he was getting in trouble in the
they said hey you know go to jail go in
the military let’s do this kid you know
so you know he wanted to get out the
streets and they train him to be a
killer and and uh
and uh they had him doing secret
missions and and his gun was shooting
four thousand bullets a minute and he
was taking men in this water we
shouldn’t have been in the first place
they were taking american soldiers out
of uh enemy territory and uh his
helicopter got shot down
and and uh he was in a 10-month body
cast and and came home
after you know countless medals and
medals and all of this stuff but um
what had happened was they flew him into
a whole bunch of areas with agent orange
and agent orange uh ended up making my
my little sister she couldn’t walk the
talk my little brother he couldn’t walk
or talk and he was blind my sister died
my brother died and then my dad’s
grandson my nephew
vincent he was born and he died at six
months old his body just got weaker and
weak until he died
so yeah uh half the the kids in my
family are dead
because of the american government
poisoning its own people which we all
know oh assad he poisons his own people
we don’t do that we’re the good guys but
no no no we poison our own [ __ ]
people we’ll still do it today
that’s that’s what we do man we’re
disgusting you know like
i don’t know man and that’s why i like
i don’t mean to go back to you guys but
when when joe jurgensen the only one
with like an anti-war
message and of course they’re going to
come and try to destroy you and it was
the same thing with jill stein anti-war
destroyer ron paul not ran ron paul
anti-war destroy them you know
that’s they don’t want anybody with an
anti-war narrative they want warlords
they want you know demons and and uh war
mongers you know so
no it’s true i mean one of the one of
the few things that joe biden’s done
that i actually agree with is he seems
determined to get out of afghanistan and
they’re doing it they’re pulling out
every stop to say how terrible that is
and it’s like no this is like the one
he did it poorly should have been fast
tracking getting people out of there
sooner all that i’m not saying he’s
doing it the best way but the one good
thing he’s done has been like not really
afghanistan and that’s it and we’re done
well here here’s the thing
the media
everything trump did was wrong to the
media right
right the one thing that they celebrated
him on when he was dropping those
[ __ ] bombs oh the first time he’s
looking presidential as soon as he’s
killing people and blowing [ __ ] up and
letting off them bombs all of a sudden
we’re going to compliment trump now
um they complimented everything he did
oh biden can’t do no wrong the one wrong
he does is get the [ __ ] out of
afghanistan but that’s the right thing
he got out of afghanistan we shouldn’t
have been there we’ve been there for 20
years and people go well he got out of
there wrong okay so if we stayed there
for another five years and dropped more
bombs and murdered more well
you saw what they did this week they
killed six [ __ ] children this week
yep you saw it yep
oh and they said oh we were trying a guy
who’s gonna bomb the airport get the
[ __ ] out of here and people celebrated
it like oh america did such a good job
they killed literally four children two
high school people and i think three
three uh uh one soldier and two uh
innocent civilians
so yeah he got out he got out but uh
we’re still
[ __ ] baby killers we’re still
murdering babies
and why isn’t anybody outraged by that
we we get outraged everybody’s outraged
by everything but when we literally kill
the outrage is so [ __ ] minimum like
like no outrage like we killed children
like and i said i said it the other day
like imagine
if a drone
landed in your neighborhood and killed
your neighbor’s
son and your daughter and the kid next
door and two women hit like like well
how come it doesn’t matter over there
how come nobody cares that that they’re
blowing up people in other countries
they’re literally
murdering babies they did it what was it
three four five days ago
six minutes yeah man yeah it was like it
was like three or four days ago and even
if you don’t care about the lives of
those people you have to recognize that
anyone in that neighborhood that’s
watching is like whoever did this i want
to kill them who do i get to do that you
have to join the taliban or you have to
join isk or al-qaeda okay great i’ll
join them which one’s easier to join
exactly because here’s the thing if
somebody drone strikes my son and my
daughter and my sister
i want to
i want revenge right yeah so if you’re
out there murdering their families
america if you’re out there murdering
all these people’s families and innocent
civilians and blowing up weddings
what do you think you’re producing
you’re producing blood thirsty people
who want revenge
so who the hell did that stop killing
people all over the planet and here’s
other thing i say how many wars are we
in right now nobody even knows
aren’t you supposed to know how many
wars or conflicts your country’s in we
don’t know
we could try to name them but literally
go on twitter and say hey how many wars
is america in right now and nobody has
an answer
that’s how
[ __ ] much of a mess and
and that’s how little anybody questions
anything like why isn’t that in a debate
like how many wars are we in this year
nobody answers that question
you know
how many conflicts are we in right now
usa how much our tax paying dollars how
many people are we murdering right now
with our tax dollars how many
no you know you can’t yeah
and after people join those terror
groups then the cia arms them for some
reason like this yeah
this is
this is the abolish the cia abolish all
of them abolish all of them and as they
abolish all of them or and i’m heavy
with that abolish any
to take away the right for the u.s to
murder people in period take away
abolish the death penalty abolish all of
it get rid of all of it you know and the
cia is there a good thing that they’ve
ever done ever in history look at their
history they’ve done far more horrible
illegal acts on american citizens and
worldwide than anything so why do we
have them why do we agree to have them
why do we automatically take it for
granted that the cia is good and we need
them why what have what has the cia ever
done that was good tell me
you’re asking the wrong person i want to
get rid of all them too so
i literally campaigned all last year to
get rid of them so we’ll have to here
we’ll ask people in the comments let’s
go through the comments and see if
anyone has any questions in the meantime
if anyone i can’t see the comments so
you you and you that’s fine yeah i’m
going to go through i have a thing where
i can see all the facebook and youtube
and everything all together i’m gonna
look and see if anyone wants to comment
what the cia’s done right then we can we
can answer that um
so uh let’s see if we got any questions
uh a lot of people asking you have
people telling me jedi mind tricks um
uh people asking
if where my why my wife isn’t on that
listen i’m
if you want my wife to have a show she
got everyone likes my wife better than
me um people are actually like get this
ugly ass ra guy out and put your
beautiful wife on no no no it’s not you
it’s not you they want to get rid of
it’s me they’re like no i want i don’t
want to get rid of this middle-aged jew
and and put put his wife in um so a
bunch of people asking if you’re gonna
tour in their various cities so um
you have a lot of people that want you
to come tour yeah well we have a big
tour in december i i my guy is booking i
think there’s atd dates so far so i’m
figuring out what they all are he didn’t
tell me
i got this guy bobby from rio presents
and he’s been doing good for me because
you know the touring was crazy in 2020
obviously with culvert and everything
and you know the majority of my shows
got cancelled i think i did four shows
that year and 2021 this guy bobby booked
me roughly around 43 shows and he’s
booked me another 18.
and you know i did a couple others i did
some festivals and but he he booked the
majority of my shows so so uh
let’s see what he comes up with for
december and where he sends me next you
know actually my shows in uh i had shows
where was it
some of my shows in europe got canceled
for this month two of them remain two of
them are canceled and then my shows for
uh were cancelled
i think two of them remain
uh but so you know it’s it’s ups and
downs with this with with the different
restrictions you know
i can’t
this actually one of the things i wanted
to talk about is what it must be like
right now as an entertainer but i i do
have someone they’ve asked uh you just
did a uh you just did a song with um
afro which um
first of all whenever uh i you do the
songs where you rap really really fast i
try to like move my mouth at the same
speed not even talk just move on i’m
like how how is this man doing this but
i i so ask someone asked if afro is on
the same wave as you with the with this
distrust of government and all that do
you know if afro is on the same tip
well afro you know i don’t want to be a
bad influence on them but he
is a little even more than me on you
know where i got a big
that’s a little conspiratorial son
you know so uh he he’s kind of
you know when you first realize
the dishonesty and you get all the
detroit the all the distrust
sometimes you do go extreme with it and
you start believing way more than you
that you know you know you believe all
kind of crazy stuff so i think he’s a
little bit in the conspiratorial realm
where like he’ll learn to decipher this
both of them a little better where you
know that’s [ __ ] too that’s [ __ ]
too you know
and this might be true
here’s what i think man in the last two
years it just feels like every
conspiracy theory is just like a
prologue for what’s about to happen like
it’s it’s like man everything it’s like
and i’m not a conspiracy guy but like
they’ll say something i’m like
no and then like six months later it’s
in the cdc study and i’m like
so now when someone says something i’m
like you know what i’m going to sit on
this for a year
and then we’ll we will circle back to it
and see if this is it’s hard man it’s
hard to tell
they banned people
for all the stuff that
the cdc and all these people admit now
like they banned people from facebook
black you know youtube channels all this
stuff because they were putting
information up
that was true
that supposedly wasn’t true at the time
but he wasn’t allowed to have that you
know it’s true so you know and of course
they won’t bring them people back
afterwards no
get them out of here
i i know a page that was permaban from
facebook because they said that the this
was like um back in february or march
they said uh you know these uh these uh
vaccines are gonna have booster shots
and they got knocked down for for false
news and they got and they got they got
ip banned so like they can’t even get
log on onto facebook
there’s not going to be booster shots
we’re getting at least a third and
fourth shot now
you can’t tell the truth anymore you
can’t like right now you got to watch
what you say because they’re going to
cut it down but you’re trying to you
know you know what man if they
my livelihood is is being able to
interact with fans it’s how i book the
shows that’s how they know the new
material is out but it’s at some point
you just talk
you know i’ve destroyed my career so
many times in life you know before the
internet i’ve uh you know i’ve always
had a big mouth and i talk and i talk so
if if they take me down again cyber
you know cyberly or whatever the word is
i’m trying to say
so brilliant you know so
so these are the two things the the
biggest what and you could tell me if
there’s a bigger one but what seem to be
the two biggest challenges the first one
we can start with is these lockdowns
these vaccine passports these travel
bans and all this stuff
just you’ve touched on it a little bit
but talk about like okay you’re an
entertainer like you said your main
source of both income and inspiration
and and camaraderie and everything else
is going out there and and playing to
crowds and meeting with your fans and
and signing autographs and selling
albums and all this stuff and that’s
becoming increasingly difficult and
sometimes impossible just talk about
what that’s like just even in the last
year and a half what that’s been like
well my album dropped literally when
locked at the month like lockdowns was
starting like a week before my album
dropped or two weeks it was april 2020.
i don’t remember when lockdown started
do you remember when it started maybe
so it was roughly around that time
in this country it was like early
mid-march that they started yeah okay
yeah so my album was scheduled to to
drop we had picked the date three months
ahead of time and uh and we were
advertising it and everyone was like
well you should reschedule the date
because you know cove it’s happening and
this is happening you got to reschedule
and i’m like
who knows what’s going to happen
tomorrow what do i reschedule like
schedule for five more months three
months like let’s put the music out and
it actually worked it worked in the
fable because people were stuck locked
in their house
and it was 20 songs and brand new
material and it really it ended up going
number one uh number one in a lot of
different countries on on itunes and and
it went really high it was 22 with no
money behind it it’s just me and devin
and and matt like
and uh it went number 22 best-selling
album in the country on billboard charts
uh uh with no promo it’s me on facebook
putting you know and twitter
and we we outsold every big album you
know the ones that were beating us were
like taylor swift and you know stuff
like that but right literally no no
promotion except us
and word of mouth so we did great with
it and then it went number three
on the uh charts in england like number
three out of all music it was number
three and number three on r b charts uh
you know number nine in on the canadian
you know charts it was like really and
it wasn’t like hip hop or itunes it was
on on the regular charts so
yeah so
for for just making some good music and
pressing hey send on on on my little
twitter or facebook or ig we did pretty
damn good with it you know so uh but the
problem is is
my career
i do hundreds of shows a year every year
i’ve been doing it for two decades my
main bread and butter is non-stop shows
so when i drop an album when your album
is doing great that’s when you get the
most out most money per show when you
got a brand new album out so oh we’re
gonna tour the new album and get all
these great deals
and you know i couldn’t talk for a year
and a half after it came out so the fees
weren’t as good as as they could have
been if we told it a year and a half but
i’m not crying i got to spend some time
with my kids
more time than i would have i would have
been touring non-stop but on the flip
side of that is i would have been able
to uh
you know have some good money you know
saved up for them for when i’m gone you
i lost that but you know so well it’s
not i also i have a feeling this isn’t
going to be your last album either i
think i think you you strike me as like
as like uh um like a krs one or like
just one of the or like any of like the
most of the wu-tang uh um artists who
just like they’re just constantly
putting out
fire every couple of years every few
years and it’s like not going to end any
time like you don’t you’re and again
this is just me as i i’m i’m a very
amateur hip-hop head
you’re like this sort like a timeless
rapper it’s not like you’re a rapper of
the 90s or the 2000s or the 2010s
whereas there are rappers out there that
like they had their moment in like you
know from 95 to 98 and that was their
period and that’s it i i don’t think
this is going to be the last from you
it’s you know it’s incredible so you
basically you did the like i guess
social media equivalent of selling your
mixtape out of your trunk basically and
and ended up number 22.
yeah well well you know we did youtube
promos we did quality high quality
videos i’ve been working my name for
decades and plus you know i’ve been
doing shows all over the world for
decades so
so it’s not as easy as just pressing the
button like i made it upside down it’s a
lot a lot of footwork but
you know that footwork led to me being
able to press the button and they get
they get the music you know but um yeah
chuck d once said uh
call me benny king or or chuck berry or
one of them guys that was rocking heavy
until 80s his 80s or something he’s like
yo harry’s you know gonna be like the
chuck berry or benny king i don’t know i
should sound like an idiot now but he’s
like he’s like you know he’s gonna be
rocking mid 80s just
being one of the greatest you know like
you really can see
my idol
from public enemy so when you said that
i was like i was like that sounds like
what chuck was saying you know
no i listen i can see it i can see you
like 20 years from now your your your
30 second albums coming out like i i can
i can totally see that so uh another
aspect of what’s becoming it seems like
incredibly difficult for for
entertainers especially rappers so like
anyone who has listened to your songs
you say some wild [ __ ] like you like you
there’s nothing you don’t say and that’s
used to be how rap was kind of across
the board they said whatever they wanted
sometimes often really really really
offensive stuff
and it seems like there’s this growing
you know we call it cancel culture and
it’s said so often that it’s almost uh
overused at this point but it’s like we
finally got over the era from the 70s
and 80s where politicians were trying to
cancel music you know you had a tip or
gore uh trying to you know ban certain
types of music and you had politicians
that pushed the parental advisory uh and
and you know uh have to be 18 plus to
buy these
we finally got over that hump but now it
seems like this there’s this new
it’s always it always existed
in history
where there’s moralists there’s these
moralists that believe they know what’s
best for society and
and they they are the ones who are
morally superior to the others and they
get to decide
what you should and should not listen to
and what’s damaging to this the society
and like so many of the arguments that i
hear today from these these canceled
people is the same [ __ ] arguments
you’d hear in like 1908 and in 1912 in
the beginning of cinema like oh it’s
harming the children oh it’s it’s uh um
you know uh
women you know hurting women it’s hard
this that it’s like the same things it’s
like stop guys like like
cardi b is not hurting your kids
and uh um
the thing is uh um
it’s always been there though the 1930s
they came in the haze code i was just
tweeting about this today because
somebody was arguing say oh you can’t
say this and if you do this and then the
catholic church come in and and it’s the
legion of decency because those are the
decent people that could tell americans
and and not even the world what they can
and cannot see and then um
if you go you know then the 50s was you
know you saw what that was but then the
60s it started becoming more free love
and do whatever the [ __ ] you want and
women could be [ __ ] and guys could be
[ __ ] it’s all [ __ ] it’s freedom in
the late 60s you know and in the 70s
disco and parties but then the the the
you know uh
new nudie cuties were coming out in the
60s and they fought you know russ meyer
and all these people
these films must be condemned and and
and then and then it just kept slapping
them in the face and then the pawn error
came and then all the you know all the
events and evangelicals how you say the
word you know uh these uh
these preachers and and
uh you know
they all came in oh just to let your
fans know
i was up at 6 30 in the morning with my
and right now it’s three in the morning
here so i’m going on close to 20
something hours because i stayed up to
do this interview with spike but yeah
but then uh uh that the um so if the
words are all [ __ ] in my brains
excuse me i i can’t say that either
right but um um you can say that you can
say whatever you want on the show
no but whatever you want what i’m saying
is in the porn the porn industry
happened and uh you know blossomed and
blew up and and made movie stars and a
whole new industry
and you had the people coming trying to
close down theaters in certain
neighborhoods and this and that and they
lose they lose every time they lose
every time so um
now that we you know and in the 80s was
like like a whole fight the 70s and 80s
was a fight against the legion of
decency and the catholic church and
telling us what we can and can’t say and
and women could be free they could show
their tits they could [ __ ] who they want
that was all what the 70s and 80s was
and now they’re regressing back
to where it’s like oh don’t say that
don’t say this don’t say that no we
fought and fought and fought for freedom
to say and do and that that was what was
liberal to be able to say eat [ __ ] [ __ ]
[ __ ] you know whatever the [ __ ] you want
right right right now it’s like oh he
said a bad word 80 he made a sex joke in
1983 you know no [ __ ] he made a sex joke
in 1983 it was 1983.
you know so so i’m not going to stop
you know i that’s the error i came up on
is fighting that fighting
those people who wanted to uh
you know hold back speech so i’m gonna
go out of my way to say something
and not care what anybody thinks about
it it’s what i want to say and and if
you want to shut me down or cancel me or
destroy me then do it i don’t care you
know it’s like that’s not what art is
and i bring it up all the time like even
in in in you know michelangelo days they
were you know ripping you know carving
the penises off the statues and you know
it’s like it’s existed from the
beginning they all think they’re morally
superior to you me they think that
more morally superior to the the public
because they know what the public can
and can’t see and it’s the same thing
with internet censorship right now same
thing going on it’s like we have to
protect the public we are morally
superior we have to protect the public
but they know they’re not they’re not
even about that they’re just trying to
um they don’t care about the public they
care about controlling information on
the internet you know so yeah yeah this
is so and probably i i’m gonna summarize
about 15 20 different people asked the
same question basically so what do you
do it sounds like what you’re saying is
just ignore them and still say what you
want to say and fight and push back
because eventually they’re going to lose
yeah well
but here’s the thing it all depends some
people are smarter than me business-wise
i’m not a good businessman
so some people that are smarter
business-wise they know how to
say what they’re supposed to say for the
money people and don’t say what they’re
not supposed to say or they’ll lose the
money that’s not me though i’m gonna die
as a person who said whatever the hell
he wanted to made what he wanted to and
it and if it makes me broke it makes me
broke if it feeds my kids it feeds my
kids whatever but i’m not gonna
i’m not stopping what i do to make you
know to make a business decision i’m i’m
not that’s just not who i was i could
have done that there were so many
opportunities my whole career i could
have compromised and compromised
compromise and i
decade after decade to be able to have
my freedom of musical choices of my
autistic choices
and i’m not gonna let no no culture
canceled take that away from me ever i’m
not you know and if they
throw us all off the computer i don’t
know i guess we got to go old-school and
make pamphlets and be on the corner in
the street
you know i don’t know i don’t know what
we do next you know
i think i think honestly i think the
blockchain stuff that’s coming out it’s
going to be so impossible to centralize
the internet much less control it i i
think we are seeing the final dying
gasps of corporate control of the
internet and i think we’re about to go
back i think so we’re free i do i do i
think with blockchain and d5 and and all
these um all these decentralized types
of systems that are being built um you
know it started with bitcoin but that’s
just the beginning that’s just the
currency that’s going to be used every
single aspect of society is going to
have a blockchain based service for it
and that’s going to include social media
and eventually it’s going to reach a
point it’s not going to be possible to
even know who is doing what where much
less being able to try to really control
it i mean maybe with entertainment
there’s still some controls there but
nothing like we have right now where you
have literally like five or six
corporations controlling the entire
narrative that’s all going away very
see here’s the thing i’m very very
ignorant with technology so the
blockchain stuff all that i’m really
really clueless about it but i read a
lot of history and i read a lot of
history on censorship
and every time
there’s this control or stopping of
information or art
it eventually slaps them in the face and
the art and the control the control
loses and the art wins always every
single time so if digitally this new
digital world is the blockchain is
what’s going to save it that’s that that
is what it is but oh it never prevails
them controlling the art never prevails
because eventually
um whether it takes 20 years 50 years
one year six months
uh the art prevails it always does you
you know and then people look back at
the people who tried to suppress humor
and art
the idiots and the fools and the silly
people and and the primitive people they
all look primitive like all these people
part of cancer culture today that are
trying to suppress jokes and suppress
humor and and ban films from the past
that that might offend people they’re
gonna look like idiots and they’re going
to look silly and they’re going to look
primitive and people are going to laugh
at them and look at them like the idiots
right now they think they’re the heroic
ones just like the legion of decency oh
we’re saving people’s souls and and
we’re keeping this art from them because
they need us to put it’s the same thing
they’re just going to look like the
fools so so you know
be on the right side of history if you
want right now you think you’re the
savior and you’re the good guy saving
the world from art but you’re not
you’re the um
stupid catholic guy from from the 50s
don’t say that don’t show your press
you know
jericho banker says never forget that
the the people that said that they’re
morally superior are the same people
that covered up child molesters and
that’s well
it’s the most obvious one but it’s yeah
it’s the most obvious one but so true
i’m sorry i didn’t mean to cut you off
go ahead no no that was it that was
literally it that’s the tweet um so the
uh another thing i wasn’t gonna bring it
up because but because it’s kind of
self-serving but three people have now
asked if you’re going to sample my rants
in one of your songs
oh uh
let me yeah maybe i’ll listen to some on
youtube we’ll see and i’ll have somebody
scratch it
scratch but that will be i will know i
have arrived when people have started
like sampling my
my my rants on on youtube and and and
scratching it so it’s got a scratch to
it no that i will know that yeah forget
that you ran for vice president that was
nothing a scratch oh god no you made it
r a record sampled on an r.a record i
can be like okay now i can die i will
have reached the pinnacle at that point
so someone asked um
is the stuff that you’ve that you’ve
what was it that that made you decide to
raise family in berlin is that related
to the stuff we’ve been talking about
getting out of the u.s
a lot of people a lot of people think
that because they say uh you know
because i moved out in 2016 so they were
like oh you were too much of a snowflake
for trump you had to leave
it’s like no the the mother of my
children uh rainey she’s uh she’s a
school teacher she’s she was born and
raised in germany
and uh
and i met her and she came to new york
and we fell in love
and uh we had babies together and she
her job her life is in berlin and she
went to it’s harder to become a school
teacher in germany than it is america
it’s almost like you got to be like the
same amount of schooling to be a doctor
like eight years or something oh wow so
it’s crazy so she um she’s a really good
school teacher she got a good job and
on the flip side of that is you know
health care is free for my children
um but on the flip side of that is the
taxes are super high so
you know uh
so um
it’s it’s hypocritical right but i don’t
pay tax in germany so i’m an american
citizen so but uh um and college is free
out there
like and and health care
i don’t get free health care because i
don’t pay tax here but health care if
you’re not insured is affordable it’s
not like america where like
if something happens to you and you’re
not insured it costs a million dollars
like you could actually
you know go to the doctor see a doctor
and it’s all affordable you know so yeah
yeah no listen people try to defend our
health care system and i’m like i don’t
know like
our government spends more money per
or per patient uh on health care than
almost any other country
the us government actually spends more
money per patient of taxpayer money on
health care than they do in germany and
then we pay two or three times that out
of pocket in addition to that like our
system is an absolute mess so the the
fact that uh healthcare was a big factor
weighing in your decision to leave is
not surprising and you certainly don’t
know that
no that wasn’t my decision i’m i was
just saying like
i was saying oh you know what happened
that wasn’t my decision she’s
the mother of the kids and this is where
her life is and she wanted to raise her
kids in there and
i respected that so to be near my kids i
have to live in like i have i have a
spot i bought them a beautiful home
and uh
i have a spot you know my own place uh
near their kindergarten so and it’s
walking distance from the home i bought
so uh
you know no no
none of that was was a deciding factor i
would have raised them in america so
they would have talked like american
even if even yeah
but uh you know because my son my
daughter talks like like you know german
perfectly and speaks like an american
kid but my son he talks a little
schwarzeneggerish you know he’s like hey
daddy daddy
come on son he’s like daddy i play with
nunchucks daddy
come on john we gotta we gotta get you
back to america to talk a little bit
more like uh like us you know not like
daddy though i don’t wanna i don’t want
my kids to have a long island accent you
don’t wanna have the long island accent
i love the long island accent
i’m not even from there i want my kids
to have long island accents and then
everyone would be like why do your kids
sound like this why why are they talking
where were you born and raised
so i was born in baltimore but i grew up
in myrtle beach south carolina and the
reason i talk like this is because i’m
jewish and all jews talk like this it
doesn’t matter where we are it doesn’t
sound like this
it like literally doesn’t matter where
we’re born we all talk like this um so
uh we got another question here where
was it
um uh oh can you rap in german
well i’ve done some german raps there’s
there’s one of the best uh two of the
best german rappers cool savas and sammy
they’re like legends out here and uh
they sell out arenas they’re like big
time here and
they asked me to do a song with them
both on the record so like germany’s two
biggest like respected rappers
so i i did some german rapping and that
i don’t remember the lyrics right now
though but uh
a group called the snow goons i did a
german rap in this with the snow golems
but that one
i don’t have no ghost writers
but i had a german guy there like
helping me with the german like yo wait
how do i say this and you tell me okay
so do you do you speak german
well my german isn’t as good as it
should be my mother’s german and uh my
father’s american american new yorker
so uh
you know what’s crazy is this strict in
germany so uh
like when i got my residency to be with
my kids they told me they said look in
16 months uh when you come back to renew
it we’re not gonna renew it if you don’t
speak the language better and i was like
really like in america they can never
get like we’re not gonna let you be
have your residency if you don’t speak
better you know i never heard of that in
america but in germany they get away
with that you know so wow
that’s funny so we got uh someone asked
this actually something i have in my
notes that i was gonna ask you uh who is
someone that you have not done a song
with yet but would love to i’m sure you
have a few but who’s like they’re your
top person yeah
there’s a whole bunch and you know uh i
guess i would go for my idols big daddy
kane and slick rick and
those those types you know
um a lot of people want me to do red and
meth you know because i i know meth and
red for decades we never did nothing
but uh
big daddy kane was supposed to be on the
last album on a song called dragon fire
it had ghost face and master killer and
but like but like the deadline
uh we missed the deadlines uh kane hit
me up like yo i can’t get it on time but
i owe you we’ll definitely do it so
you know i guess all my idols you know
ll i would love to still do a song with
you know uh
i’m sure there’s somebody new school i
could think of but right now i’m drawing
a blank you know so yeah yeah yeah i
could i could i could i you and big
daddy came would be you and red and meth
would be really good someone just said
will you do a battle rap with me i’m not
a rapper contrary to popular belief so
this has been going on for a couple
months now after a blm activist referred
to me as the greatest rapper alive and
i’m not sure why uh i’m not a rapper
i don’t know how to rap
i in fact i was saying to ari before we
went live it’s hard enough for me to
come up with the thing i want to say on
the spot much less to then do it
rhyming to a tempo like i’m not a rapper
so how did you yeah man
no no go ahead go ahead
your fans probably already know so it’s
it’s it’s probably not uh
but how did you get the uh vice
president nomination or did you is that
even worth going into because you your
followers probably heard that or know
what i can talk about
no i can’t talk about it so my
background’s actually in business so i
uh i only got into politics like a
couple years ago uh which is why i sort
of came out of nowhere because i i
started a web design company when i was
in my teens and i grew that into a
pretty successful company long story
short i became pretty successful uh four
years ago or actually almost five years
ago now i was officially diagnosed with
ms and uh i realized i wanted to make a
change uh the doctor said yeah the the
course of your treatment is to the the
goal of your treatment is to try to slow
down your ms so that it’s not much
different than just the normal aging
process that [ __ ] hit me like a ton of
bricks because i realized you know ms
healthy doesn’t matter one day we’re all
not going to be here and all of a sudden
money didn’t really matter as much
success didn’t really matter as much
what mattered is what are we leaving
behind when we’re gone and so that led
me on a path of like first of all i i i
retired from my company i’d reached a
point where i didn’t need to work
anymore to make to be able to make ends
meet and i then started thinking well
what is it i want to do and i realized
that my true passion was working to set
people free and let people know it
doesn’t have to be like this and working
with them to build a blueprint to
actually solve these problems and and to
be freer and to have a freer and happier
and safer and healthier and
and more prosperous society and so that
led me into uh politics um i ran for i
started i announced in december of 2019
that i was running for the uh vice
presidential nomination the lp actually
picks our presidential and vice
presidential picks separately it’s not
like like joe jorgensen didn’t pick me
it was the actual the delegates of the
party that picked me and i ran for it
and i gave them a blueprint for uh how
uh we can you know uh bring the message
of liberty to people i fully expected
them to say oh that sounds great and
then pick someone that they knew better
they picked me and then it’s it’s been
going ever since
well you know it’s not funny but you
know did you campaign on the multiple
sclerosis angle
because uh you know a lot of people
you know the first this the first that
the first this
it’s uh you know to be able to run sharp
and b sharp
and have ms is kind of like some
superhero [ __ ] so i don’t know if uh
maybe they would like keep that out of
the campaign or whatever but i think
that’s kind of remarkable
well and i appreciate that man i i
certainly didn’t shy away from it but it
wasn’t central to my message and the
reason is because i don’t want it to be
like hey vote for me i have ms oh you
wouldn’t not vote for the ms guy would
you like i i wanted to be like well
that’s politics you’re a good i know i
see this
i know i know give me a couple more
years and i’ll i’ll i’ll i’ll be fine
that’s what they are the ems guy
you have to vote for the ms guy no i’m
not quite there yet but yeah so i
certainly never shied away from it and
it was actually one of the most
rewarding things last year was when
people would uh either you know come up
to me in person at an event or you know
email or message me and say you know i
have ms or i have rheumatoid arthritis
or i have als or i have you know some
some chronic illness or some you know or
i have a you know a recurring cancer or
i have something and i’ve always felt
ashamed to do it and seeing someone just
openly talk about the fact they have ms
and me traveling around the country like
it’s like it’s no big thing was actually
a source of inspiration and and i guess
solace for a lot of people so if nothing
else i think that was pretty rewarding
but uh no i i felt i just felt stevie
going hey guys i’m that ms guy you gotta
vote for me now you you know you can’t
not vote for the [ __ ] guy right like
you don’t do it that way but you put the
dramatic music behind it and show you at
the doctor and i’ll help you out with
that one next time you know
you know i get excited about the doctor
oh yeah yes
but but you know who’s a superhero and
rap like that is master ace because um
he’s one of the greats for decades and
his live shows have been like on point
like master a’s live
just puts together such a well-organized
perfect show
and um
he came out he was he was rocking with
multiple ms for years and years and
years and nobody knew it since i think
99 i think he had it and he was putting
on these tremendous shows and then he
announced what would happen is
he didn’t want to announce it he wanted
to keep it a secret
and he was crossing the border with his
crew his crew didn’t even know his dj
marco polo
and they uh um
the boarder pulled them over and started
opening their bags and there’s anything
in here
they opened the bag and had all these
needles and all this this these drugs
and needles yeah
and they’re like what’s this and and
mass days was like i have have ms and
the crew was like what
and that’s how how it got exposed and uh
yeah he’s out there
you know uh rocking shows heavy shows
great shows and making great albums and
songs and and you wouldn’t even know it
you would have no idea
i had no idea master eight master ace
had ms i didn’t no no that’s one
that’s good we’ll see that’s the thing
at one out of every 100 people has ms
it’s just a lot of people it’s a it’s a
more like just it’s and a lot of people
don’t talk about it they think it’s like
this death sentence and it’s not it’s
well well next election you could you
you and m and and mass days could run
master ace we can run on a on a joint ms
this is terrible
you’ll probably know you’ll produce all
the things to give to pull on the heart
strings of the dramatic music and we’re
sitting at the doctor together and all
that no to be perfect
so hey man i listen i know you’ve been
up sorry no go ahead no go ahead
nah you know i i uh i have you know
used the r word before or whatever but
what uh
you call the all work but uh um what i’m
saying is like you know like i said
i grew up and i was raised around the uh
severely handicapped people like
severely handicapped so it’s like uh
i just seen all of it firsthand so when
i hear stories about somebody even
dealing with ms it’s like
oh man you know like how the hell you
doing like it’s all superhero stuff to
me i don’t mean to keep saying that but
like my sister dede like
you know she she you know when she was
little she’d be able to stand like you
know and hold and stand and then by the
time she was one years old her body
couldn’t hold her up anymore like 26
years just laying in the bed
and uh
can’t talk and and and her whole spiral
turned all crazy and her body was
twisted up and she’d stop breathing and
then breathe again and then they said
she’d live eight days and you know so
it’s like uh
i don’t know why i brought that up that
has nothing to do with ms but
you know like i said i had slept in like
24 hours that’s fine that’s fine and and
and listen i appreciate all the time
you’ve been giving us i i think we’ve
talked about good i’m good i’m good to
go you got me as long as you want i
don’t care if i don’t sleep that’s you
know i’m i’m i’m a working man we can so
we’ll just keep the show going until you
pass out and then we’ll just we’ll close
it out after that we’ll be like
he’s done you’ll just be like yeah i
know this is good and you just fall
asleep so i i so i i do want to say um
the uh
the thing that going back to the thing
with with ancient orange and how it
affected your family
the most disgusting part of all of that
arguably the most disgusting part is
that they lied about it for
years decades they’re like no no that
was fine it’s a perfectly safe pesticide
and then finally they had to admit it
that’s what they do they lie about all
of it that’s why like i know the whole
vax thing or we can’t say that word or
whatever but it’s like there’s so much
deep trust you know so much distrust for
like the pharmaceutical industries
the the uh fda the um
and they’re mad at people that don’t
trust them and
they wish death on people who don’t
trust them and they wish yes they get
sick and die of colvid because they
don’t trust them it’s like even if they
are wrong like you know who’s to say
first of all because all this stuff does
come out later that you know but like no
matter if you’re wrong or right like
because somebody has has uh
a belief that you don’t believe they
don’t deserve hospital you know
you see that all the time okay if
someone doesn’t get backs they don’t
deserve to be in the hospital they
should just die and
thank god they’re dead and and you see
anybody that was was you know
anti-vaxxed publicly if they die
everyone’s like celebrating it on social
media and it’s just one of the most
disgusting horrible things i’ve seen
it’s like you know because honestly i
have family members that are highly
that uh
they don’t trust it their kids were sick
their kids died from from government
chemicals you know and and you know
they’re saying hey i don’t i don’t feel
good about doing that i’m not gonna do
it now are they stupid no they’re not
stupid they’re just different you know
so and i you know my family members that
that are highly you know trust
and uh they’re maxed up and they’re
happy too you know it’s like that’s
great and then they go and then what
they do is they blame the non-vet you’re
they’re the ones killing everybody but
the stats don’t say that anywhere no
real status saying that the non-vacs
they’re killing everybody that’s not
true that’s a lie
so so the way to get people back is not
by spreading misinformation and lies
just like the way to to get them you
you know
you know
but i don’t know it is what it is man
you know i’m not an expert
what no i was just so the reason i’ve
chosen not to get vaccinated is because
i do have an autoimmune disease and this
this vaccine hasn’t been around long
enough to know what it’s going to do
long term especially to people whose
immune systems are already weird to
begin with also i have been able to stay
covid negative for the last year and a
half traveling across the country
multiple times coming well within six
feet of tens of thousands of people
almost always without a mask on at this
point either my safety the stuff i’m
doing for safety you know washing my
hands and stuff either that’s working or
i have some natural immunity to to uh to
uh covet or uh i am my weird immune
system finally found something it’s good
at uh if
whatever it is uh i have been able to
stay safe and we don’t know long term
what this is gonna do so i’ve chosen not
to get it if someone else wants to get
it i think that they should get it but
this this thing of if you don’t get
vaccinated you deserve to die
is the most on so many levels so wrong
first of all like you said i d you did
you think something different than me
and you might be wrong or i think you’re
wrong so you should die
but the way they justify it
the way they justify their disgusting
is by saying that
spike because you’re not vaccinated
you’re a threat and you’re making
everyone die it’s you spike because
you’re the one
but there’s no proof where’s the
and then they’ll have some stats from
some some
manipulated data and say this is the
proof that spike is killing everyone in
the world you know it’s like so
disgusting you know
spike is the murderer i want to see that
study i want anthony fauci on tv spike
cohen’s killing everybody here uh it’s
spike cohen finally found it out spike
cohen’s going around he’s killing
everybody um spike was the bat they put
in the soup you know yes
i’m the pangolin uh so uh there was
someone in here a few people have said
this i don’t hear it but many people are
asking you if you’ve ever heard that you
sound like sylvester stallone i don’t
i hear it every day of my life really
yeah yeah you know what’s funny is i
don’t hear you to see it either but
that said is my father
i remember being a kid and thinking my
father was like stallone you know and i
looked exactly i look a lot like my dad
when people would call the house once my
voice changed they couldn’t
differentiate me and my father right and
it’s funny one time i had i had a rambo
poster on the wall when i was like you
know 11 or 12. yeah and uh my little
brother was like two or three and he
would go up to the rambo post and big
dad daddy he thought it was our father
so you know so maybe you know i don’t
see it but you know
the bloodline my father uh
and i always wanted stallone to play my
father in a movie you know but uh he
never got back to me on twitter
well you know what we’re gonna do that
we’re gonna we’re gonna start that
pressure campaign on twitter i i guess
maybe i i know so many people from long
island you just sound like someone from
long island so maybe that’s why i’m not
hearing this this stallone yeah that’s
what i feel the longest
yeah yeah that’s interesting yeah and
stallone’s was more of like a philly
accent anyway so i i’m not hearing it
multiple reasons i’m not hearing it so
listen i listen i appreciate you man i
appreciate all the time you’ve answered
all these other questions you’ve been on
way longer than i originally had asked
you and i know that you that you i don’t
want you to i don’t want you to fall
asleep on the show because then
everyone’s going to be like so my cohort
is so boring that he had a rapper on and
he just fell asleep on the show so i
don’t need that and usually i’m more
entertaining and anybody listening and
watching usually i’m i’m on fire also if
anybody’s watching now usually they’d be
like god ray looks like he’s getting
younger every every time today i look
old and [ __ ] cause i’m tired and having
slaps so my shit’s all packed up oh
here’s here’s what already looks like
when you look old
i’m the one who asked you to do this
live and you’re six hours ahead of us so
this is my fault no listen you’ve been
i told you i told you i’m with it you
know and like i said i
if america got me my overseas uh voting
papers i would have voted for you so
i appreciate that man i appreciate your
support you may have a chance in the
future but we’ll see um i uh listen man
before i let you go uh i want to give
you a chance uh to give any final
thoughts anything you haven’t had a
chance to say upcoming events anything
you want to promo your website social
media anything you want to say uh as
long as you want to take uh r.a the
rugged man the floor is yours
oh i got i got my new video out uh ari
the rugged man firstborn featuring novel
and it’s a song i wrote about my
daughter and i really really love it but
you know uh it’s not one of my most seen
videos and it’s my one of my favorite
most personal and i want to i want it to
get seen i want the right person to
tweet it out or something where the
thing gets seen first born
a featuring novel or it’s about my
daughter because when she gets older i
want the numbers to be higher so she
says oh yeah you made that song and
people loved it
i don’t wanna be like you made that song
but they like all your other [ __ ] more
or not but it’s my favorite it’s one of
my favorite and novel
is like an incredible singer-songwriter
his grandfather was solomon burke his
father was like the guy that you know
incredible motown
writer that that wrote dancing in the
streets his mother was
uh chaka khan’s backup singer on top
like he’s a musical
you know uh
family to the extreme and novel is just
a great singer songwriter and he he’s
the one who did the third verse
in the chorus
and uh i did the first second and fourth
verse and and go check it out right now
firstborn i got some shows in london and
glasgow coming up next week but uh i
don’t know who from london and glasgow
is listening right now
and i think london and glen i think
london sold out glasgow’s basically sold
and then next month i got some european
dates but i forgot where so i can’t
promote that
do you have are you planning on doing
any uh american tours in the future yeah
december i don’t have the dates yet but
yeah we have about 18 dates set for
december so we’re going to be touring
america in this december definitely nice
you know i’m gonna have to i’m gonna
have to come out to one of those man i’m
gonna have to come out to one of those
i’m sorry one last question no go ahead
go ahead
yeah i’m not sure we should have a south
carolina data i’m pretty sure we have a
raleigh north carolina date so i got to
see if we have a south carolina day
that’s what i’m hoping that we did
raleigh’s like three and a half hour
rally’s like three and a half hours for
me so i can just go there that’s fine um
oh come rock with us man yeah i would i
can’t wait listen so i i have to ask
this question um because i i don’t i
don’t know the reference but someone
said you were at the gathering are you a
oh the gathering of the juggalos is it’s
it’s kind of like
you would like to juggle those because
in this hated community they’re like you
know and they paint their face like
clowns and insane clown possums yeah
insane clown posse yeah yeah but it’s a
the juggalos i just played the gathering
of the juggalos and it’s awesome i love
it every time i do it but um you you’d
be interested in this story look it up
the feds
made the juggalos
a terrorist organization
and they’re just like these like drunk
having fun
not even just white kids they’re kids of
all colors but like uh you know like
rowdy poor kids
that just like to go crazy and act wild
and listen to insane [ __ ] clown posse
and tech nine and [ __ ] and and the
[ __ ] feds found him to be this like
awful threat and and they [ __ ] up the
money for insane clown posse because
there were certain people that didn’t
want to book like a terrorist
but uh
it’s so [ __ ] stupid look look look it
up the i you know and they had like a
with the feds said they were terrorists
or whatever juggalos juggalos uh yeah so
shout out to all my juggalos i love you
you guys are [ __ ] awesome
and i really love juggalos i really do
and a lot of people be like oh that’s
not hip-hop now it’s hip-hop
and uh
i love them i love rocking for them i
[ __ ] love them you know and shaggy
too dope we did a podcast for him i’m
looking forward to that coming out too
because that was funny yeah
nice shout out to the juggalos so hey
man all right thank you so much for
coming on um stick around we’re gonna
talk during the outro and folks thank
you for tuning in to this episode of my
fellow americans tune in tomorrow for
the writer’s block matt wright will be
interviewing martha bueno who is running
for the city commission in miami and
she’s going to be part of my spike cohen
florida tour september third to fifth
friday saturday and sunday uh on friday
uh at 9 30. um
we’re having an episode of uh cajun and
eskimo from bio to igloo at 9 30 right
here on muddy waters media join me
at 7pm in tamarack i think that’s how
you say it florida i’m going to be doing
an event with mike termite who is a
libertarian running for he was actually
my guest last week and he’s running for
if you go to spycone.com all the events
for this weekend are there then next
monday uh join us uh join uh us here on
muddy waters media for mr america the
bearded truth at 8pm uh jason lyon will
deep dive into a single issue he does
that every week he’s fantastic then uh
next tuesday join us
for the muddy waters of freedom at 8 pm
where matt wright and i parched through
the week’s events then join me right
back here i still have the tour right
back here
same spike place same spike time next
wednesday for another amazing episode of
my fellow americans i will see you then
i’m spike cohen and you
are the power god bless guys
through another’s iris if you slide in
my kicks it might fit we might just
unite them come together become hybrid
at the least slightly like-minded indeed
the life i’ve lived brings light to
all you need is a sign
put a cease to the crimes put an ease of
the minds like mine sometimes darkness
is all i find you know what they say
about an eye for a night in a time when
the blob is
that’s my sister
tell me why
will make a change

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