Mr Bearded Truth – 30 – Activism in Action with Elizabeth Coquillard and Will Henry

Liberty isn’t going to rear it’s own head. Through activism throughout time and history, changes are made both culturally and legislatively. Join Jason as he sits with Elizabeth Coquillard and Will Henry to discuss how they became activists and leading to great changes in their communities and around the country.

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Episode Transcript

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hello and welcome to mr america the bearded truth covering political and social issues one liberty at a time with
entertaining insights of current events and important discussions on topics that affect us all shining the torch of liberty and
brightening the future by bringing libertarianism into our everyday life and now your host the friendly
neighborhood libertarian jason lyon mr murica
oh there we go oh welcome in everybody so glad to see you it’s friday
which means of course you’re getting another dose of mr murica the bearded truth thank you guys so much for being here i’m seeing so many more people able
to hop on and being excited about catching us out live on the new 2pm uh
on friday schedule so i’m excited you guys are here joining in for today i’ve got a hell of a show for you guys i’ve
got i’ve got a duo an unstoppable duo a duo that has changed their community and
is changing the way that we look at politics around the country um of course speaking of none other than uh
elizabeth coquillard not what spike and matt call her not not dropping names but uh
uh and also of course the one and only will henry um so they’re gonna be talking today about how to take your
keyboard actions and bring them to the real world to make some serious change so i’m so incredibly excited for today’s
conversation but before we get there let me say a couple thank yous thank you of course to each and every one of you
guys who are watching this live whether you guys are watching this on youtube on facebook twitter twitch float
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thank you guys again for being here um but of course thank you
to liz and will for hopping in here today how’s it going guys good how are you
good i’m i’m sorry that the intro takes so long you know how libertarians are we we can’t keep it short and see short and
sweet we got to support the sponsors oh yeah so
speaking of support so today we’re talking a little bit about activision or activism
um activism is so incredibly important for because that’s how we’ve changed culture that’s how we’ve changed
legislation that’s how we’ve challenged legislation and challenged the culture uh i know you guys are personally
involved in something going on right now um but before we dive into the intricacies of sticking your neck
out in in a very calculated manner um i want to know from you guys um will we
had you on just recently liz this is your your first time coming on the mr bearded true show welcome of course for
that uh but i want to know where did you guys act where did you guys come from being
informed to becoming an activist and and if you guys could talk about it um your mindset and everything through that
uh whale i wasn’t really um politically active until 2020 but um
i do believe that i um got a lot of my volunteer work uh from
my parents and uh what they did in the community my my mom ran girl scouts and
uh showed us the importance of helping people into always thinking of other people um and how you know the things
you do affect other people around you and you know my dad was just always there for you know neighbors and
families and friends and the ways that he could do things he was a doer you know he would just show up and mow a yard or or uh you know uh deliver
groceries in the snow on a four four-wheeler that kind of thing you know so i really was more geared towards
volunteerism um and growing up in the church uh but in 2020 the pandemic hit and my
job was taken away from me i wasn’t able to make any money i was i was trying to figure out how to
feed my kids i had a daughter who couldn’t get the medical services she needed for her um
hearing loss uh it was just it impacted our lives in so many ways and uh so that’s kind of
where i was like okay i need to do something you know that something needs to be done and uh so i got involved in um donald
rainwater’s campaign in 2020 and will henry’s campaign in 2020 um and just
really was part of the grassroots movement delivering signs showing up to events hosting events and that’s where i
got plugged into the libertarian party of indiana and was well untold into the district 2 rep position
um of northern indiana so now i represent a few different counties cascasco
marshall county elkhart county i did have
la porte county up until the redistricting recently and also st joseph county just uh is newly
affiliating they’re working on it they have a temporary chair that is really excited to get things going in that
county so i started there and got you know politically active and
also found that to be a platform for activism and i’ve you know a lot of
people think that you know political parties are only to for running candidates um that is
just not the case and especially in the libertarian party we’re doers you know and i do believe that our party has two
heads the activist head and the you know the political head and neither one
really would exist without the other um but uh you know we may not as
libertarians be that successful yet um in political realm but through activism
i mean it’s our bread and butter most most libertarians are involved in non-profits
other organizations they’re already doing the things um so basically
um i hit the ground running from there and uh i think the biggest event or biggest thing i’ve done so far was just
in a small town of bourbon indiana and protecting suzanne affilabi’s rights to her property and uh we actually won that
battle recently so um her house is almost to completion and she’ll be moving in really soon and it’s really
exciting um that was such an incredible campaign and and i want to reflect on something that
you had said because i think that it’s worth repeating so you said you came from a family that was very
community oriented helping one another and being a part of that um i think that that’s something that
draws out like the the drive for us to care for our communities and then
later on it was the discomfort it was the the the inability to be able to to take care
of yourself that really catapulted you into making a difference and making a change and and it breaks my heart to
hear these stories but it also it’s so incredible because that
discomfort as bad as it is drove you to do big and beautiful things
and that campaign that you you pushed i i apologize i forgot her
name but i i want could you give us a recap on
first of all what happened to her and then also how the state decided to respond in that circumstance which drove
you guys to be able to help her in her time of discomfort and catapult her to a better life as well
sure well suzanne afflecki um grew was born and raised in her family home in
bourbon indiana and she had experienced a house fire
earlier last year and instead of finding the community support
in that time of need you know the community’s you know stepping up and saying what can we do for you how can we
help you she found herself um in a battle with the
city zoning board because somebody had complained of the uh the four seasons
trailer that her insurance had given her to be placed on her property until her house was built um this is during the
pandemic everything was backed up they couldn’t get the property damage assessed the
house torn down everything installed the insurance company wasn’t paying out it was pretty much stagnant and she didn’t
know what to do she didn’t have help from the community she didn’t have help from insurance so she turned to the news
and one news station came out and did a story on on her situation and and what’s going
on with the zoning board interviewed the zoning board um members who said that they would not grant a variance for her
to stay on her property already and then after that interview they realized they couldn’t just do that that they had to
hold a zoning board meeting well i had come across the
the news article on facebook because one of my morning rituals is kind of troll my local news i like to you know
make liberty minded comments in the section give a libertarian take on things but i also like to see who else
is making libertarian takes on things or who else is angry and and to
use that i always uh if they’re in my community if they’re commenting on my the local news so i
friend request them or i send them an invite to the libertarian party of elkhart county’s page you know i just
want to give more content to these people show them that they’re not alone
but when i read that article i was like man somebody’s got to help this woman and whenever you ask that question like
who’s going to help it usually is you you you are going to
help you should help if you have that feeling in you then you should do something about it and i didn’t know
what i could do but i wanted to do something so i reached out to her personally and got
the story and i was like listen i’ve got a group of people who have committed to volunteering in the community uh we call
ourselves the cool kids county coalition it’s just a group of libertarians who
who sat at the kids table at their first annual uh state convention and kind of
just felt like kind of new and kind of like you know just not plugged in yet so we kind of like
became that table and uh and just kind of joined forces since we were all up north in indiana we’re like
hey you know there’s not many of us in our county affiliates so let’s band together so there’s more of us to do the
things show up to each other’s events do the volunteers together volunteering together and so um
i contacted the county um that she lived in which was marshall county and i was like hey guys we gotta do something and
luckily luckily they all stepped up and were totally willing so we ended up hosting a rally
and um and it was great we had some success we had a state rep show up and support we
had great speakers we had live music we provided a sloppy joke dinner for uh for
donations to go to suzanne because again their house had burned down they weren’t getting any money she was working from
home and less because of you know restrictions and working at home and um
so they were kind of strapped so we wanted to kind of give them some support and to rally the community around them
and um we accomplished two things that day one uh suzanne had called up her
insurance rep and she’s like i don’t care who you need to talk to but we’re holding a rally we’re holding a protest
we’re going to fill the boardroom and we’re going to name names and uh the day of the rally she showed up just a brand
new woman she was like when i had previously previously talked to her she was basically broken and scared
and and worried about what was going to happen to her her husband and her grandson who were living in this trailer
and had nowhere else to go um and so uh yeah we held that right we held the
rally and she showed up just totally like win beneath her wings she’s like i
i got a call from my insurance company they’re depositing a check in my bank account tonight uh and they’ve dropped
off the uh equipment to bulldoze that the remains of the house to start uh
rebuilding that day that’s amazing oh that was yeah that happened and we got
community to support her uh people were you know people showed up to the rally
they showed up to her doorstep with you know gifts and asking them what can we do to help and so you know she wasn’t
alone anymore and she felt like she could do it and so uh we did have
the zoning board meeting um we did fill it with libertarians and other liberty-minded people who stood in in
spoken suzanne’s uh defense and uh for the most part
the meeting they made it feel like they were supportive they asked the questions we had the answers and then they closed
the public forum and then went after her they went after her hard
and so we had did a campaign through the liberty channels uh to raise money and
for a lawyer and you know also support and a lot of people sent emails and
letters to the city board and so they threw this stack i mean it was probably this thick onto the table
just these are all threats we were threatened we’re afraid for our lives and you brought this upon this town you did this
and again they did what they said they were going to do they denied the variance and
um and so the next step was to take it in front of a county judge
and so we um we asked uh to we asked we crowd funded three thousand dollars for
her lawyer through uh uh you know cajun and bootleg and um
eskimo libertarian and uh then dadman picked it up for five dollar uh the
liberty games five dollar charity club and raised pretty much the bulk of it in just a
couple hours so we were able to hire a lawyer and um then it was just the waiting game and we waited for a few
months till she could be seen from the judge but we were okay with the waiting game because that just meant she could stay on her property yeah um
so yeah so we’re like we accomplished it anyway we could push this out and you could stay till your house was built
so it was that was you know what we were trying to aim for but then she got from the judge in february
and uh and then and he asked you know why can’t she stay in this trailer they’re like
well carbon monoxide well isn’t that suzanne’s problem is what the judge said to them not the counties or not the
cities and they were like well what about her pipes freezing he’s like wouldn’t that be suzanne’s problem not
the cities and so he ended up um overturning their um verdict or their
vote and also her lawyer gave a strong argument for a
biased board and as well as a illegal board because
they did not have quorum to do that vote um they were a few members shy
wow to an executive meeting to make that decision yeah and it goes against indiana state law and a number of other
you know code protects those type of things from the local level up and you have to have these type of things happen
in a certain way in these public meetings so not only did suzanne win her uh case
but they the judge is calling the board back in to speak for themselves and what they’ve
done with this woman so uh her battle is won but she is continuing the battle for you know so
this doesn’t happen to anybody else so this couldn’t be a better outcome that’s incredible so you hit on
roughly around 17 000 different amazing activist tips within that so you you
talked about outreach of looking out on within your community where you don’t already have friends and you see people
that may be aligned with with your values and you say hey we’re right there together let’s let’s
figure out how we can work together to make a difference you talked about coalition building of working with other entities that have um you know you
talked about cajun libertarian eskimo libertarian bootleg libertarian why do they all have libertarian in the
name who knows but um but you worked with those organizations and of course dadman over there at
liberty memes five dollar charity club if you guys are are on facebook or if you guys are anywhere and you haven’t
joined the the five dollar charity club five dollars a month to donate to a great cause that’s been
vetted and checked out where you can be a part of these solutions of of changing somebody’s life from their worst day of
not knowing their future to now being able to go in front of a judge and the judge says
this panel is just a bunch of croc first of all they’re biased and let’s let’s just get rid of this and and let you
work towards being whole again um everything you said there was just as if
you were like a seasoned professional doing this for 70 years and and as you started off you said you only started in
2020. i’m yeah i’m flying by the seat of my pants i learned as they go
i love it you you held all these rallies to raise support raise awareness receive donations you guys gave a little
received a lot back it’s incredible um but will we haven’t heard from you on your story so yeah you know yeah
where did you start off in uh how did how did we get to the wonderful activists that you are today
yeah it uh you know i i too grew up around churches and other volunteer organizations and
those type of things so i was exposed to that type of stuff early on and i got involved in the military went off
in the military and did some photo journalism work for the military for almost 10 years and transitioning out of
that i started to get into the veterans realm and started to do communications for
veterans issues and then started to administrate and then started to advocate at the state level and
those coalition building things and you know getting those organizations back together to try to get in line and try
to work together to try to get a clear message across uh to the legislators and
other folks uh was so important and um you know you just take those communication skills and you apply them
to that volunteer sector too and you know working with volunteer organizations like the american legion
and administrating organizations like that you you really get a a great sense of uh
that organizational picture at a state level too that i was working out and that’s you know a lot of what we’re
doing is trying to reach down from the local level all the way up to the state level uh that way we can create a
network and organize and have people in all of these different areas so we can
uh rely on them and you know a lot of folks want to help they just don’t know how to help and i think in a lot of ways
with our experience that we have we can really help people get get a
message across and get organized and help advocacy and help activism and rallies and these type of things in the
state and we’ve really just been partnering with a lot of organizations uh as liberty offense uh now as a 501c4
in the state and working together on these initiatives that are liberty-minded and
like-minded in in the direction that we’ve been working so and not political issues like they shouldn’t be dividing
us we should be working on you know issues that you know we the people support and
cannabis is just a great place to start with it because it’s a humanitarian issue it’s not a political issue it’s
not confined to one party or you know like here in indiana like the democrats
would love to just take that issue and run with it that’s their thing not anybody else’s and that’s just not the
case i know conservative republicans here in indiana who are for cannabis
legalization and we need to partner you know like we need as we need to be
nonpartisan in this we need to be the people in this and work together to do it and that’s where we can affect change
especially in indiana where we have a uh what donald likes to call a super
monopoly in our state house nothing’s getting done nothing the people want is getting
done cannabis was passed up again this year and uh 83 percent of is it well it’s
mid-80s now a percentage that people people want this the people want it
and you know over three-fourths of the state have legalized it in some manner you know it’s inevitable at this point
it has to pass it has to come about and um so we just have to work together and
uh i know that during this pandemic it’s tore down a lot of the organization that was in place before
the pandemic people kind of were excited and part of nonprofits and other organizations to get their issues pushed
and then it just kind of crumbled and the communication in the networking kind of just kind of fell apart and so
basically we just want to help build those organizes organizations back
up we want to give people the tools that they need um to do the change in their
community uh on the you know down at the county city local level um and uh just to just
to provide that um that infrastructure and the you know the tools to do it
yeah i mean a lot of people they want to help like i said earlier they just don’t know how and providing that uh that way to
organize with with the american legion in some of these instances or indiana
normal or both at the time 420 event with indiana normal and of you like we did same
the american legion and libertarians democrats and republicans we all had them there we have had
all of the news all of the press in indianapolis there we had ryan mears the prosecuting attorney there i mean it was
a huge thing for indiana i mean really it’s like
if you if you can’t do it for you know for everybody do it for the vets you know
this is you know a viable option for medication for them you know um that
doesn’t harm them and so like you know at least do it for the vets and the other things like the the
medic just medical freedom all together you know we’re trying to work with indiana uh organizations that focus on
medical freedom and it’s the mandates it’s the vaccines it’s these other things too during the
shutdowns that we’re unconstitutional and we want to help challenge those especially during while they’re
happening and to be able to organize against us so we saw the departments of health attack
uh restaurants and we saw you know a lot of families uh get let’s not get the care that they needed during during that
time and die you know like it’s it’s just it’s harmed everybody and it doesn’t need to happen
ever again so to be able to work with as an organization to to do that is very
important i think yeah no absolutely and and you guys kind of touched on it that you guys are able to grab uncommon
allies people that you know we disagree on many subjects i mean we can go through
economics and social issues and it’s like republicans and democrats don’t agree with us that’s fine but they agree with us on this issue and
so being able to reach out to them and have it through good messaging you know reach out to a republican and say do you
support veterans yes well veterans mental health will be made immensely better
veterans physical health will be made immensely better you know yadda yadda 22 veterans per day
committing suicide don’t you want to see that go to 21 i know we want to see zero but don’t you want to make an impact and
and see that go to 21 you could be a part of this by joining in on this coalition
yes and and part of that’s just you know uh creating literature for people to be able to hand out you know that’s
something we want to do on our website is just provide a resources section where people can go in and you
know get what they need and take it out there and do it now you know so if you’re focusing on jury nullification
you know there’s products and and you know palm cards and these type of things that we’ll have available on there that
are just reusable there you know they have a branded liberty offense but anyone can use these
for any initiatives that they do and emergency uh mandates and vaccine and medical
freedom and cannabis and there’s so many different areas that uh you know that a lot of organizations are working
in that we can partner and help organize and and one thing that you guys have
kind of touched on a little bit um but i want to i want to make it abundantly clear
people who want to help and don’t know how to when you find a group that needs help
you find out what you’re good at and you you pick up that shovel and you start digging like it doesn’t matter if you’re
a good writer writing up literature give it to somebody who’s a good speaker and have them be like you know here’s how i
would say this differently you can work through that lens um if you if you’ve got good connections to go onto the
radio maybe you don’t feel like you’re comfortable with speaking but you can introduce somebody who is good at
speaking um if you you know if you’ve got if you love talking to people in
congress and you’ve got a good repertoire there that’s somebody that you say hey look you know libertarian
group xyz is is trying to push this initiative let me go talk to my congress person let me see if i can make an
influence um you could ban people together like you were saying and write letters to your congress people
and have that big stack of things and and maybe they won’t see it as a threatening other a threat on their life
but they’ll sit down they’ll read these things so there’s so many different aspects so many different ways that you
can piece in to be a pivotal piece but it’s also about those supporters if you’re trying to dig if you’re trying to
dig a ditch it’s really it’s a lot of work to do with one shovel it’s a lot less work with 12. so just jump in there
don’t be afraid get connected with people and make a difference and that’s why i’m so excited about
spikes you are the power pack like i’m really excited and and that it is
our intent to work side by side with spike in indiana and uh you know to have
that umbrella of activists nationwide putting in the work you know targeted direct action especially as a you know
as a party we’re not very big so it’s really nice to be able to
have this decentralized network of activists who can help you and and do
the things so i’m really excited about that and we’re just and the last time i ran into spike we had a good discussion
he’s like liz you’re you’re doing everything that i’m doing but on the local level you’re doing you know
exactly what you need to be doing keep it up and i was like awesome you know just having the
affirmation that you know i’m doing it i’m doing it exactly the way it should be done um but having him in support and
you know helping me do the things and you know this pack coming about i think it’s going to do big things nationwide
absolutely absolutely i’m so excited to see that you are the power take off and and truly change i mean he’s already
flying around the country just to speak on his activism flying around the country sitting in front of county council city councils
whatever council he can get in front of and he goes look you know i’m here talking to you as as a concerned citizen
i’m here i you know here’s the concerns here’s the problem that you guys face
don’t worry if you don’t make the right decision today we will be back and we will we will multiply in that time um
he is he is doing you know amazing work out there just as you guys are doing there in indiana um this is this is the
way forward this is how liberty wins and and i want to take pages out i’m waiting for
you guys to write your autobiography already um or get somebody to write your biography so i can start somebody else
do it please i’m too yeah but we need those so we can learn from you guys blueprints on what you guys
have been accomplishing uh thus far yeah and that’s the whole point to the thing is you know my real reason like
you know me and will coming together was kind of like what’s the word because i can’t even say it but it’s it’s it’s
like it was kind of like meant to be because like you know he’s doing the thing and he’s got the organizational
knowledge and like i don’t so like i come into that i’m
learning from that aspect but um you’ve got a lot of communications experience too that you bring to the table and
you’ve got a lot of organizational stuff that you bring and i think as a team you know and we’re we’re growing now too and
other other people to get involved in some of these sections and to focus on some of these uh these paired sections
that we can help organize with and it’s just the infrastructure and you know we’re missing it on in the libertarian
party itself we’re getting better at it but it’s that um trans it’s taking that knowledge and being able to pass it on
and pass it on and pass it on despite leadership changes despite you know parties
succeeding or failing that that information needs to be available and so that’s pretty much why uh i really am
all about liberty offenses is to be able to create create that infrastructure uh
show people how to set things up and to give them that support because really that’s all they need they want to do the
thing just give them the support and be proactive i mean that’s the whole thing we’re we’re on the offense now we need
to be able to get out there we need to be active we need to be seen and it’s not only the legislative branch it’s the
executive branches it’s the judicial branches it’s these other folks that that haven’t been feeling so much
pressure on some of these issues that really need to feel the pressure because they work for us 27 24 7 they need to be
responsible 24 7 and the folks aren’t happy we need to be able to express that and we need to be able to assemble and
organize and give people a route to do that and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do
that’s yes that’s incredible so um let me know when you guys get the biographies out uh so we can steal your
blueprints and figure out how we can we can replicate this and of course we will follow liberty offense um i have the
link in the chat for you guys make sure you guys check that out um get
on board there’s so much good information in there about how you can take the offensive approach to make
liberty be in the forefront um there um but i wanna i wanna shift gears a little bit so you guys are actively
participating in a pretty big uh form of activision or activism i
can’t i don’t know why i keep saying that a pretty big form of activism and
oftentimes we think of activism as just you know hop happy go lucky’s write a
couple letters have a couple conversations and rebuilding people’s lives but sometimes that means that we
have to take a stand in the face of of some serious adversity and risk quite a
bit um i probably should have asked you guys in the forefront if you guys are cool talking about this but i i think that
you guys are judged on uh we’ll talk about this a little bit last time
so you guys are in a big case right now around medical or around cannabis and
you’re ongoing with the trial coming up you want to you want to fill us in on on
the stance on on everything so that we can know it’s okay to to stand in the face of diversity
well yeah and and it’s just a matter of exercising your rights too it’s a you know and demanding the ability to have
your be judged by your peers too and to hear the evidence and decide that and here in the state of indiana
we have a constitutional right article 1 section 19 that pretty much
leaves it up to the jury to decide the law and the facts of any kind of criminal uh hearing
and um you know i have i currently have uh misdemeanor
cannabis possession charges right now uh there’s nothing special about my case
that’s just like everyone else you know a lot of people get stopped for some reason and they end up searching a
vehicle because uh they say oh we well we we smell cannabis and now you know
it’s at the discretion of the officers so they get to uh to decide whether you give permission
or not to search your vehicle so if they they discover something during that stop uh you know that could be uh considered
or legal or suspected illegal uh they’ll you know put the charges on you for that and um a lot of folks you know suffer
because of that you know that there haven’t done anything you know they’re not endangering anyone they’re not you
know you know it’s a victimless crime yeah yeah he was ticketed he was ticketed for the cannabis at the time at
this you know the scene and then let go he wasn’t a threat to the community they let him go they just
ticketed him and said it show up three court date and uh he was he was offered multiple pleas he’s turned them down on
principal um because you know he’s using it medicinally instead of opioids and
benzos that would have killed him you know from his time in the military so yeah the the government and the state
they’re okay with me taking opioid pain medications from my chronic pain through the pain management program at the va
or something like that but for me to be able to treat myself with a non-lethal substance
that’s absolutely illegal here in the state of indiana still but you know 20 minutes north of where i
was stopped i wouldn’t have been prosecuted for this because they had locally decriminalized and
um the counties like this uh and other counties you know they’re they’re
raising revenue through these processes and i think that a lot of uh folks don’t realize how much money
they’re they’re making and spending on enforcing this type of stuff and and even having these processes uh happen in
their in the courtroom um but indiana you know we’re spending 350 million dollars a year fighting cannabis we’re
making 25 000 arrests a year uh for simple possession throughout the counties and a lot of counties that’s a
big revenue generator because a lot of folks will take these diversion or plea deals and they’ll just pay a fee and
they’ll be done and really we need to stop it we need to stop attacking our community for this
because it isn’t like alcohol it isn’t like these other drugs
and for it to be treated you know uh so harshly and not being non-lethal
and really it’s really not severely psychoactive i’ve taken opioids
i’ve taken benzodiazepines i’ve been drunk and cannabis doesn’t have those effects okay and yet they want to pile
it in the same pile and make it as evil as can be because it’s a simple treatment
and they don’t even believe it anymore like they know they know that cannabis isn’t the devil’s lettuce it isn’t you
know out there killing people it isn’t doing anything but helping people and so
they’re even you know i think they’re starting to feel it like man i don’t want to enforce you know these laws
anymore i don’t want to you know find somebody guilty especially you know somebody who’s a leader in their
community and a great asset to their community um but if we all just took a stand if we all just said no more no
more plea deals no you know take it try take it to a jury trial take it you
might you might lose he might lose there’s a big possibility that he’ll lose but if we overwhelm the system if
we show that we’re not going to do it anymore if people start standing up together to do it then change will happen and it can
happen judiciously here in indiana because we have our right explicitly stated in our state constitution uh that
jury nullification can happen you know uh and good jurors nullify bad loss uh
and pushing that message uh it it will go far i think people are starting to understand it and last week you know i
was is standing with marion county prosecutor who’s the county north of
here you know and at a 420 event at american legion post 34 and we’re talking about uh cannabis and veterans
being able to use that as a treatment and that was one of the big drivers you know that made his decision that he’s
not going to prosecute two ounces or less of personal possession because he didn’t have the resources and it just doesn’t make sense to do that and you
know uh to to use common sense and some of this stuff and go after the people who are really
causing the problems and who are really breaking the law and uh hurting others yeah
this is this is incredible so you know you stick your neck out on this situation you guys are now
you guys have through this time right you just left a pre-trial and you guys had a rally there for this no no rally
for today okay sorry no really we ended up canceling it um because we’re taking a different
route so yeah but but the you guys have
raised the issue for a lot of people to be able to to not only have people that already support you be able to see this
in your communities but also to be able to to challenge kind of some of those people that may still be in that that
thought process of it’s the devil’s lettuce if you smoke it you’re going straight to hell there’s the you don’t
pass go you don’t collect 200 um instead the state collects it um so you guys are you guys are taking a lot
of steps throughout this process to really fundamentally challenge what is put in
place and you guys have plenty of states to look at colorado um washington and i
think we’re up to like 17 states that have passed it recreationally so you guys have plenty of evidence out there
to go what the hell are you doing indiana like get on board and let’s let’s see this change and there’s a lot
of evidence when it comes to cannabis and veterans uh which is is funny um
83 percent of veterans are for legalization 83
and veterans report a higher usage of cannabis than regular the regular
population um and i think it’s it’s funny that they know this but it’s just because veterans are honest with their
doctors at the va they tell them hey i use cannabis uh i i mean at this 420
event we talked to a gentleman who you know was kicked out of his opioid program with from his va doctor because
he tested positive for canada’s cannabis and he said good i don’t want them that’s why i’m using cannabis
and so if if anything let’s do it for the vets you know like they went over they
they’ve protected our rights they’ve you know served for us like why shouldn’t they be able to use cannabis
so um hitting you know hitting the messaging on that route in a conservative area
will go miles farther than keeping it as a democrat issue and you
know only reaching out to that small population that you know really are just as disenfranchised as libertarians in
indiana so they have no power either so we need to start working together and messaging
correctly uh to get things done and that’s non-point that right there what you just talked
about is uh i get a plug myself so i’m happy about this uh if you guys go back a couple weeks i did sit down with steve
dosbach when we talked about the brands ransberger pivot and other communication skills that we can use in order to
communicate the same message to democrats as well as republicans it’s worded a little bit differently but it’s
going to resonate with them so much that they go i can’t support continuing
criminalizing marijuana because i support the veteran community so exactly what liz is saying there
i would encourage you guys all to check that out as you guys are looking to become more effective in your activism as you guys take these steps into it um
so you guys could be more like liz and will here um because that’s how we’re going to grow our
numbers that’s how we’re going to change uh the conversation we want to take our knowledge and we
want to share it we don’t want to hoard that knowledge we want to we don’t want to reinvent the wheel every single time
uh that we have to you know get things off the ground and move it in a certain direction so we really need to to
for an organization like ours to really bring things together right now especially with the assembly issues
we’ve had over the last couple years with the restrictions and mandates and those type of things and um
it’s just been phenomenal the the the response from everyone when they hear about this type of organization that
we’re taking the offense we’re going to be proactive and be out there not just be defensive and you know that that’s
also includes i mean i’ve been involved with exposing fraud waste and abuse i’ve
learned a lot through that process that i can share with someone who’s going through that same type of thing so we
want to be able to to not only and we share all of this knowledge that we have with other people to help provide them
with a with a way forward that they can really you know yeah and if you have the knowledge for that we don’t please share
it with us i would love it thank you you you spoke on that earlier of like
sharing your experience and sharing your wisdom with others and you don’t have to be a coalition leader you don’t have to
be an organization to be able to help out each other only through those things of sharing your knowledge and allowing
it for everyone to have their comparative advantages shine can we truly make the liberty you know
take it from a liberty offense and finally winning and then now we could just sit back and just wait for others
to try to come at it um i i see what you guys are doing i love it so much uh
we’re coming up about 10 minutes left so i want to give you both like a a quick like three or four minute uh wrap up if
you guys got anything last you guys would like to cover um well we’ve got a few events coming up uh
not specifically liberty offense but uh let’s see
uh may 1st is the national liberty day of service and i highly recommend that
everybody get out there and do something in their community show up in their community and and build those relationships uh
uh our district is just we’ve picked a roadside that we’re gonna pick up trash in um so just getting out there and
being present uh i know on the seventh of this month we’re partnering with uh with uh the lpin in morgan county to
learn how to canvas door-to-door we’re doing this as a state party to you know give us the tools for it is campaign
season so we all have to be political whether we want to be or not so that’ll be great you know to get over
the nerves of talking to random strangers at their doorstep is a big thing just a big hurdle and so
i think that’ll be really great for indiana also indiana the lpin has an
amazing program in place at this time called service saturdays last year we called it
um what was it called super saturdays but we changed it to service saturdays just to be more clear on what they are but
every month the second saturday of the month in every district there is a volunteer
event and so you can look for those on the lpin facebook page and website uh
but uh our our district district 2’s is june 11 and we are going to be donating
our time to a local um animal rescue in our in our area so um i just i just
really want everybody to just get out there and do the thing if you’re just one person find something that one person can do
and do it um just go over to people for liberty uh liberty day national liberty
day of service they have a site that you can register your event and attract volunteers in
your area and show people that we’re all out there doing it last year it was a grassroots effort um started by letter
speak and uh it was amazing a lot of us did it so just take it just take a little bit
of time and highlight it because we need to be seen doing the things um just i mean i know as libertarians we’re all
volunteering all doing things but we’re not really highlighting it because it it seems like it’s like oh we’re doing the
things and you know you know look at us doing things but it’s not that it’s showing the community that we can do the
things that you know we can be a community again because we’ve lost that and we need to bring it back people need
to be helping people um and relying less on the government and this
is the way to do it this is the way you so how do i put it i always take everybody’s little hashtags and put it
together oh do the thing uh this is the way you are the power i love it i live by those three and and
something you said there i wanna i wanna touch on that real quick you talked about going out there and helping your community people don’t care
what you know until they know that you care yes so when you’re out there and you care for your community they know that
you have your their best interests at heart with this it will open up so many more conversations to just coming out
there with with straight facts and statistics they’re like you don’t care you don’t you know we
have to show that we care but well i want to give you the floor as well and those of us you know
everybody has a voice everybody has something to say but putting that into action is the most important thing you can do
as a volunteer or involved with an organization so really like liz said you’ve got to get out
there you’ve got to get active you’ve got to make these connections you’ve got to reach out and really put yourself out
there because you’re not going to expand who you are and what you’re doing unless you get into an uncomfortable area and
start to expand yourself you know a tree in the in a biodome is going to fall over without some resistance and that’s
why the wind and these resistance and you pick up these skills and you become a more active organizer you become a
more active volunteer in in your area because you’ve you’re getting this experience uh
hands-on and you’ve got to get out there to get the experience and definitely want to encourage people to to just get
involved and you know be part of what’s happening in your community no matter what it is uh always you know try to get
involved and be active out there and that’s why you know liberty offense we want to continue working with
organizations we want to encourage organizations to reach out to us if they have initiative or nonpartisan
organization you know constitutional if it has to do with fraud waste and abuse exposing corruption it doesn’t matter
we’re going to try to work with you and whatever initiatives that you got and um you know we’re just going to try to grow
that and you could keep trying to push that and push the libertarian message and and all of these like-minded liberty
uh issues that’s it’s incredible what you guys are doing i i
i i’m so excited to see indiana be like the state right a lot of people talk
about like we already are we’re the we’re the best affiliate in the nation oh oh for sure but i want i want the
state itself to be like when people look at texas or you know or
florida like where everyone’s like damn indiana is stealing my population from south carolina california wherever
i i’m looking forward to seeing you guys as success on on cannabis as well as everything else that is uh that has to
do with liberty i know you guys are breaking down those barriers for people and changing lives and you guys are
giving us such inspiration that even people here in south carolina in the deep deep red state
that we can we can go out there we can petition we can make changes and i want to say just from brian scott lambrick in
the comment section saying door-to-door campaigning off of liz’s comment door-to-door campaigning and petitioning
for ballot access are two of the best ways to engage the community and be involved he loves it um
so and you’ll grow thick skin very quickly doing those things too yes
you will run into partisan people that uh you know republican or nothing or democrat or nothing you’ll run into
people sometimes when it comes to communication skills one of the first things you’ll
learn is if you leave with hi i’m a libertarian that shuts down the conversation immediately hey do you
support veterans now you’ve got them in the conversation they’re engaged and they want to support you so there’s so
many things that you guys can learn about that as you guys are building up those thick skins and uh don’t be afraid
to get out there um but i i want to say thank you guys so much for for coming on today you guys
incredibly busy as always but you guys took the time so i i can’t thank you enough for joining me well i just really
appreciate everything you’re doing jason like your podcast is great and you know you’re getting out there and and showing
people the way and you know this is outside of my comfort zone like i’m not a fan of the spotlight i’m not a
fan of podcasts like being on podcast i like being in the comments uh but you know i i’m putting myself out there and
i i hope other people do too we appreciate it yeah thank you thank you both and uh i’m
gonna wrap this up real quick and then i will see you guys here in a couple minutes
what a conversation that was i mean just liz saying she’s only been here for for
two years and just being a wealth of knowledge will of course being that principled activists using the
constitution using the infrastructure of everything out there it they are so incredibly different in the way that
they attacked activism but yet they both are incredibly effective that means that you guys as you guys are looking at your
yourself don’t worry about that imposter syndrome push that away you guys have a path forward to make a difference you
guys can make a difference in your communities just listen to to those two and you guys will see a
much brighter community as a result of just stepping out there picking up the shovel and start digging that ditch will
be dig dug up in no time join in with your communities find out other liberty organizations find your
libertarian party find activists in your area find those coalitions that align
with you on something and say i want to volunteer to help you guys on this issue i don’t want i don’t care about the rest
of the stuff leave me alone on that stuff i disagree there but on the stuff we agree on i’m willing to to to help
out there are so many ways that we can be activists that it doesn’t have to be for one group or another group but if
it’s on the issues if it’s on the policy we can make a difference and so i hope that you guys got that big takeaway from
today i love you guys all i appreciate you guys all but if you guys want to keep on tuning in for more muddy content of
course you can tune in this tuesday night you’ll see spike cohen and matt wright cover uh muddy waters of freedom
where they’re going to traverse the uh current events and wade through the muck
and trust me if you guys have not been seeing the current events from this week there is plenty of it i’m sure they’re
going to be talking about the ministry of truth if you guys uh understand that reference um but then wednesday night of
course spike cohen with my fellow americans and thursday night the writer’s block with matt wright it’s
gonna be great and then we’ll be back here friday 2 p.m eastern for another
wonderful episode of mr murica the beard of truth and with that guys i hope you guys have a great weekend and we’ll see
you guys next week take care be

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