Mr Bearded Truth – 20 – Making a movement with Matt Wright

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all at least heard of Muddied Waters Media at this point. Join Jason as he sits down with Matt wright to discuss the history of MWM as well as the vision for the future.

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hello and welcome to mr america the
bearded truth covering political and
social issues one liberty at a time with
entertaining insights of current events
and important discussions on topics that
affect us all
shining the torch of liberty and
brightening the future by bringing
libertarianism into our everyday life
and now your host the friendly
neighborhood libertarian jason lyon mr
murica the bearded truth
holy smokes it’s monday night again i’m
so excited to be here i
it feels like it’s been years since i’ve
been here and we’re back
uh last week i apologize
um liberty roundtable wasn’t able to go
through last monday night
and i wasn’t even able to replace them
all three of the normal hosts we all
were just getting pummeled by nature and
sickness and everything else so you have
to forgive us for last monday
um but
we’re back we’re here now if you guys
were listening in last week you guys may
have heard that i have an amazing guest
lined up for tonight um i still have an
amazing guest lined up but it’s not the
amazing guest that we’re talking about
previously we had to reschedule for
unforeseen circumstances
but i promise you
i’ve got a great guy in the on the on
the ropes here um he’s going to be in
the hot seat he doesn’t really know that
he’s going to be in the hot seat but now
that he he’s listening to this he knows
that he’s going to be in the hot seat um
because we gotta learn about all the
muddy waters things we gotta we gotta
get the mud on muddy waters um so i’m
joined of course with matt wright and
i’m so excited for that i’ve always
loved having him on uh he will always be
top tier uh one of my faves
if you will and so we have him coming on
but before i can bring on that amazing
we gotta do some housekeeping so of
course this is muddy waters media
production which means that you can find
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i’ll get to updating on that um
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make sure you guys are doing your part
and we love you and appreciate each and
every one of you for that and while
we’re loving and appreciating i’ve got
to appreciate
i i
while we’re showing love and
uh i do have to say thank you to matt
and spike for continuing to give me a
platform where i put matt right in the
hot seat um
but to give me a platform to come out
here to give you guys my views my
opinions my stances on things going on
um it’s always incredible to be able to
have that and so thank you to matt and
spike for this
and of course if you guys want to really
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um she’s fantastic spike has worked with
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i could i could go on for forever
she’s done my work
um so get on over there
the royal green series by jack casey get
on over the rogue help out
jack casey it’s a story of
authoritarians and revolutionaries a
young man and woman seeking independence
and meaning in a kingdom on the brink of
civil war sounds familiar huh
romance and espionage action and
psychological drama elements of horror
and mystery and spirituality as well
dark fantasy with magical realism and
libertarian overtones themes of
forgiveness and redemption written by
the author while undergoing his own
journey to find liberty and answer deep
questions within his own mind so head on
over to help out jack
casey um
this man it’s not just a good book for
i’m guessing
but it’s also a good book to bring
people to kind of giving them those
questions and let them answer themselves
let them let them be challenged by some
of those questions again posed in these
series so go help out jack casey
here’s what we’ve all been waiting for
of course
without further ado
let’s bring on the man who is only in my
earbuds right now
i call these butts i don’t know why
my headphones
the original founder of muddy waters
the man who’s been
part across part of the country i don’t
know how far of the country he’s been
he’s been from florida to alaska that’s
that’s far enough he’s been
cross-country he’s traversed the entire
country uh in the pursuance of spreading
not right
what’s going on buddy
i’m doing good i’m doing good
we can embellish facts it’s okay
you were trying to traverse and there
was liberty in some of the things you
were doing along the way
there therefore they can’t hear you
because i had you muted
we fixed matt matt can you guys can hear
matt now
now that now that it’s questionable what
matt was saying he definitely was not
saying that he was not traversing the
country to not pursue liberty
i i i was definitely traversing the
country to pursue liberty and not for my
yeah i’ve been
from california to maine to florida to
alaska and
almost everywhere in between
i didn’t hear florida mentioned or not
florida uh hawaii mentioned we don’t
need hawaii i have not been to i have
not been to hawaii nobody needs hawaii
yeah no nobody needs it no
give it let’s give it back yeah give it
back to the hawaiians yes give it back
to them and just let’s just go let’s
just let’s go be free
that’s the correct thing there all right
perfect so tonight
i i messaged matt
like what three hours ago four hours ago
and i was like hey hey you
you guy uh you do you want to come talk
about moneywire’s media and you’re like
yeah cool
little did he know that there was a plan
already in place
i have questions yeah i uh
i was like i was like man monday’s the
day that i do notes for tomorrow
and uh
for the tuesday night show and i was
like well
we’ve been doing this long enough
we like jason enough that we can
we’ll wing it tomorrow oh this is good
if this brings up my first question so
for the idea of money waters media
was this ever like an actual plan thing
or was it always just kind of what we’ve
seen recently of
let’s just see how it unfolds
yeah i mean
like any great idea um if
it started it started out with uh it was
somebody else’s idea um they asked me to
do a podcast
because they had seen me talk in front
of the florida legislature
and they knew that i was the vice chair
of the libertarian party of pinellas
and they were like hey you should you
and i should do a podcast together
that sounds
not fun
and uh i was right um but
but he wore me down and eventually he
and i agreed that we would do a podcast
and i said hey look if we’re gonna do
this if we’re gonna do a podcast
together um we have to treat it like a
business because it’s something that if
i’m going to do it i don’t want to do it
for fun i want to make money at it
and he was like okay deal
and he and i had very different
definitions of what treating it like a
and so he and i we didn’t work out his
business partners in it and he ended up
leaving he uh went on to go do other
things and
good for him you know i’d root him all
of the uh i wrote for him uh in
everything that he does he and i are
still good friends so you know
no love lost at all yeah uh but that
that was when uh spike and i started
doing it together and we have been
just exponentially growing ever since
just winging it the whole way here
yeah that’s yeah
do you know how to do this no let’s
let’s figure it out
i i will say from like the backgrounds
and and i don’t want to like
uncover too much of us um but in some of
the the the meetings that we’ve had
it was hey
should should we do this in the future
hey what did you just do it yeah
people are getting emails right now
they’re messaging us right now
this is when i when i make a decision to
do something i am pretty much just gonna
go okay well we’re gonna do this now and
when i say now i mean right now
and if it works great and if it doesn’t
but we have a lesson learned but you
have such a success and and
i don’t know if you’ve seen the title of
today’s episode but it’s making a
movement and i i certainly um as i say
here part of the muddy waters team
um taking my own bias away from this you
guys have been able to be so successful
in creating a movement of of people
going out and and actually
not only being educated on on so many
more things right from the current
events that you guys are talking about
you guys are bringing in philosophy you
guys are bringing libertarianism into a
digestible way for people um
people have been able to grow because of
what you and spike are are doing week in
and week out um from the show notes that
you’re putting off on monday nights to
come on here
the content that you guys are able to
produce not only through yourselves but
through your amazing fiancee and and my
wife and everyone else who’s been being
a part of everything else i don’t know
if i just broke the news
for some people on on here hopefully i
but i asked spike to be my best man on
the show live tuesday so that worked out
well no um so
so yeah
austin peterson is in the comments yeah
i love austin peterson yeah
i didn’t know if that was the austin
peterson so i wasn’t going to be like
i’m assuming it is uh i’m assuming it is
because i like i’ve met austin multiple
times so yeah i like austin good um yeah
so what’s up austin thank you for tuning
in i appreciate you being here and
speaking of weddings and everything else
awesome peterson just got married as
oh congratulations austin yes
i’m blanking on his wife’s name and i
feel terrible for it i followed her
before i followed him which makes me
feel even worse and i i
probably shouldn’t be saying this i
didn’t i didn’t even know he was engaged
or seeing anybody yes
they had
a beautiful wedding um
it very much was
it didn’t look like a huge extravagant
wedding which i’m very grateful for but
it was it’s very um
i don’t know how to describe it i’m
terrible at describing things i’m just
not going to try that how about that um
it was a beautiful it was beautiful from
what i saw on twitter though
damn it i’m gonna i’m gonna have to go
check that out yes austin and i hung out
a couple of times when he was running
for president back in stephanie
stephanie yes
when he was running for president austin
i hung out a couple of different times
and uh he asked me to write a couple of
articles on kratom for him
uh for the
for the
liberty republic
so look at this look at this matt wright
not only being a great
advocate here on myur’s media making
differences here but he’s also helping
others make huge impacts on on kratom
and and everything else i’m
i’m i’m surrounded by royalty here um
you gave him kratom for the first time
i did
well i absolutely did he had a better
reaction than most people the first time
and uh so a lot of people when they
there’s this guy down here in uh florida
who’s a good friend of um brian
named matt skopeck
and i gave him kratom for the first time
and he knew nothing about it and he
drank it really quickly and then
he started breaking out in sweats and
looked like he was going to get very
very sick
and austin did not have that reaction
because he did not drink it
i also told him don’t drink it quickly i
don’t think i told that to matt
see i would be terrible and i would like
chug it
yeah don’t do that no yeah well let’s do
this is amazing i’m so excited for this
so i i don’t want to
ask i love you i love what you do
while i have austin in the chat i want
to say this the only whenever i see the
name austin peterson whenever i see
austin peterson come across my feed i
just think of
i’m that libertarian
and and i remember as soon as he was
as soon as uh feldman said you know i’m
i’m austin peterson i’m that libertarian
and also people
karate chopin i was just like
i love that frida i’m that freedom ninja
libertarian yes
i’m that freedom ninja libertarian
awesome yeah
i that moment iconic instant iconic but
yes mark feldman yeah r.i.p all right
that was a sad day
it will
but that’s
i remember you because of mark feldman
in that moment but i’ve i’ve loved you
for many other reasons but tonight’s
show is not about austin peterson as
much as i love you as well matt
we being money wires me muddy waters me
just started from there now you’ve
gotten to where
um you have a growing cast of of show
hosts and you’ve got
you’ve got your your typical five days a
week shows but you’ve got some some new
intertwining into it occasionally on
different intervals
what’s the next big step for muddy
waters media what what is the vision so
we hit big five years this year we
didn’t five years from now what is money
what does muddy waters media look like
so five years from now um all right well
let’s do this on the fly yeah um
i did i did say the future so five years
ago um
so yeah uh in the next five years i
would like to have a muddied waters
media app where people can tune in and
watch shows as they’re airing live but
also get a complete backlog of all of
our shows
um so that it would be a one-stop shop
for anybody who is a muddied waters fan
that is the
that’s the next really big goal i have
for muddied waters media
um and then
we will probably have to do subscription
based only to that but you would have
access to all the shows we would still
keep the the shows that we have on
facebook and youtube we’d missed america
the bearded truth mighty wires of
freedom uh my fellow americans and the
writers block would all stay
on uh
on facebook youtube twitter uh but we
would have a bevy of other shows coming
in that people would only be able to get
if you subscribe and you’d be able to
watch it on the app
um that is the next big goal that i have
been looking at
honestly in the next five the next five
i don’t know what the dog did but it’s
bad because i can hear sarah
but uh
that’s that’s the next big thing that
i’ve been kind of looking at and trying
to figure out how to do
um and then
after that it’s about increasing
subscription base so that way it makes
it feasible for us to have this app and
i don’t want to work
anymore like i want to just do this yeah
this isn’t work for me this is fun yeah
um i i’m reminded that quote of if you
do what you love you don’t work a day in
your life
right exactly and i love doing this
every aspect of this
job um i love yeah and it’s
like the people that i meet the events
that i get to go to
uh the shows that i get to do
um are
i love building it it’s it’s like every
day is a new puzzle that i get to put
together and uh it’s just so much fun
and it’s different than you know going
in and having to answer to a boss
i have complete 100 creative control
over anything that i put out on the air
which is why i give that to anybody else
that comes on like you can do whatever
you want i don’t care like
just make it good
just make it good and that’s that’s all
i care about well sorry guys uh i’m
getting canceled live on my own show
tune in
go ahead so for full so for full uh
clarity i could never cancel jason that
is something that
is not
i don’t care if his show is the worst
show we have uh i couldn’t cancel jason
because without jason i don’t know if
muddied waters would still be a thing
yeah so it’s uh
it would be very very hard for me to
cancel jason for any reason like if he
came on he’s like suddenly he went like
all alt-right
like just started spewing nazi i’ve had
the accusation because of the haircut
i’ve had the accusation
i have too like that’s why i like don’t
like gel it up anymore but yeah i used
to get it all the time and i’m like
my co-host is jewish my fiance is jewish
clearly they’re just beards for you
my my coffee mug says love you a lot
it’s all just a cover-up it’s just it’s
it’s the greatest cover ever
yeah i i’m playing that long game
it bothers me so much that you give me
so much credit for money waters media
and i just gave you guys opportunities
that i could um
i love you guys so i want i want to know
because i
you know me i’m pretty [ __ ] when it
comes to i don’t know if i can say that
i’m pretty dumb when it comes to tech
um i’m also pretty dumb when it comes to
using words that you’re not supposed to
you’re just guaranteed the show gets
demonetized that’s fine uh so i am very
slow at learning things when it comes to
tech and so i didn’t get asked this so i
get to ask this to you live
uh you guys had your five
year anniversary episode of muddy waters
media the other week two weeks ago i
believe it was
and i’m gonna try to see if i can
remember exactly what i was gonna say
so you’re gonna get like a a weird
rendition of this it’s always awkward
whenever somebody tries to do a recorded
thing live for you
welcome to the show matt um
hey matt and spike
five years five whole years that’s like
all the fingers on one hand
each symbolizing one year that’s how
long mighty waters media has been and i
am so
incredibly happy for what you guys have
done and grateful for everything that
you guys continue to do so i have two
questions for you the first question is
who’s your favorite bearded person
on mighty waters media for a normal show
host and the second one which is clearly
much more important
what was your favorite moment with
mighty waters media
i get to ask you this i don’t get asked
spike this so
so yeah um
well obviously
you’re my favorite
it’s not spike
spike scott he’s not regular
he’s not regularly bearded that’s true
that’s true all right we win
yeah when i think spike the beard isn’t
what i imagine
no for some reason like i always just
remember him so one of my favorite
episodes or favorite moments of money
waters media was spike basically passed
out like early on the campaign days him
passed out on the show and he had like
that five o’clock shadow so there was a
beard in that moment so spike will
forever be bearded in my head
yeah i remember that episode that was uh
that was his
two-year anniversary of being the
co-host of mighty waters and he fell
everything that i had was like centered
was centered around uh was centered on
being awake being conscious it was just
yeah he just had to be awake
and he like passed out and i was
like yeah so uh spike’s
spike’s asleep and uh i’m going to uh
i’m not gonna compliment him while he’s
asleep yeah
my favorite moment that we had at
muddied waters
we actually talked about this a little
bit and
when because spike and i were trying to
figure out like what the top five
moments of muddied waters were
we went through and he was like these
are what i think and i was like okay
yeah i see that with a few of them i
don’t really see it with all of them and
we kind of went through we went back and
forth on a couple of different things
and then i was like wait no i know the
number one i know the number one you’re
gonna agree and he was like okay and i
was like okay cool um
we did a state of the union
live stream with uh back when donald
trump was there
and uh i think if i remember correctly
it was the one where rush limbaugh got
the the yes
the medal of honor or whatever yeah um
whatever you got
um and uh it was it was that up it was
that episode it was that state of the
union and um
we were doing that
i think that was like the first show we
did on float as well but we had float
going and we had
we had uh gone we were across all of our
platforms and we had float for the first
and the comments were going nuts
um the comments were going nuts and we
were like man this is crazy and we
looked down
and well spike looked down and he
you see him if you if you watch this
episode you’ll notice this moment where
you’ll see spike and he’s talking and
we’ve got like right it’s over here um
like right here in the middle of the
screen there’s the state of the union
going on and you’ll see spike looking
down no other way looking down at it and
he’s looking past it and it’s because
he’s texting me
i get a text and i look at it and
he goes
there are 42 people watching us right
both of us
like suddenly got nervous
because we had never had anything like
that happen we had never had more than
10 or 15 people watching us at the time
and we had 42 people watching and it was
staying steady
and both of us were just like
filled with this dread
and you kind of got
even though it was only 42 people we got
this um
uh what’s that called um
where you
you don’t think you’re
you don’t think you’re deserving of
where you are
um imposter syndrome
yes imposter syndrome i was like false
prophet syndrome and i was like no
that’s spiked now
but yeah we got like both of us got
imposter syndrome live on the air oh but
we were just like but we were just like
just keep you know it’s just the two it
was it’s the two of us talking
making fun of donald trump yeah like
so i went like hardcore into doing the
donald trump impression you know
this is going to be the greatest it’s
the greatest this this is the greatest
state of the union we have ever had this
is great look at rush limbaugh rush
limbaugh like every and
spike went like hardcore into being
we uh
you know what i mean yeah oh yeah yeah
spike doing spikes but we
despite biz bike yeah so we um
like but it was this moment where we
hey we have an audience we have a voice
people will
will tune in people want to hear it
during that episode
i was more nervous during that episode
than any other episode i have ever
streamed or been on and some of the
those have had thousands of viewers
over 2 000 people watching me at one
time i was not as nervous doing that as
i was with 42 people doing that state of
the union
and it is my favorite moment because it
that was when spike and i were just like
okay this is something this is something
that we can do
that’s a um it’s always amazing and and
i still get goosebumps thinking of that
moment yeah
it gives me chills i i think it was
weird we just recently changed something
with the muddy waters media
i think it was the susp to the
subscribers and i said matt
we have this many subscribers
i was like yeah
like how the how the hell
that we felt i i think it was like a
classroom i was like we have a classroom
of subscribers now now we have two we
have two classrooms like it’s amazing
you know
the credit of course has to go to you
and you and spike um as you guys are
like averaging well above 42 average
viewers and you guys are nailing it and
killing it um
but yeah no that that first moment of
the realization of i have potential here
and and i think that that’s
that state of the union was probably
before the presidential debate oh wait
yeah that that yeah that state of the
union was 2018
no it was 2019.
so that was just before
yeah yeah that was that was before that
was before we did the south carolina um
that was before we did the south
carolina that was before we did um
before spike and berman
yeah together um that was
that was before the really dark time of
muddied waters where we were like why
are we even doing this
it’s amazing i wish that we could like
chart it out of like the confidence in
muddy waters media like the the
aspirations and everything else so that
people can see like
it’s not
daisies every day i mean you guys may
have seen it just for me personally
right i took a long hiatus on podcasting
everything else part of it was for the
professional life i was working 60 70 80
hours a week and it was just like
i don’t have time to allocate 10 hours a
week to this i don’t have time to
allocate an hour to this um but then
after that like i
hit burnout and i was just like
that imposter syndrome of there’s
nothing that i can do i’m not right
there’s better libertarians there’s
people more philosophically sound than
me there are people that have
experienced this more all this other
stuff and and so it was like
why am i doing this and and so like that
ebbs and flows of of just confidence in
our in in yourself and certainly the
i would love to see
at the beginning
five years ago when we first started
doing this confidence was real high um
uh at the time our
show was only on soundcloud it was the
only place you could find it um we’ve i
figured out how to put it out to like
apple and spotify and all the other
places um
so but it was only on soundcloud for a
while and uh we were getting better
numbers then than we were
up until like a year ago um but that was
like right at the beginning and then it
just tailed off and people stopped
listening yeah uh
so at the beginning i was like okay
i was like man podcasting is easy look
at this we just got to figure out how to
make money at it and
like all of it has been this learning
process on how to do it better and how
to do it uh where because initially i
didn’t want to do video i only wanted a
podcast yeah i was like no i don’t want
to do video
um i just
now we can’t get your face off of
anything like your face is
you want me to be on camera let’s go
let’s do this yeah
there’s a black couch that’s fine i’ll
sit on the couch it’s okay why not
where are they where are these five guys
behind me um
but yeah like i only wanted to do audio
at the beginning and
muhammad my previous co-host and
co-owner he um
he was like no we really need to do
video we need to do video and i was like
man i’m not good at doing the video
stuff and he was like yeah we’ll figure
it out and that was code for you’ll
figure it out
you want this to be a business but you
got it
yep so i you know like i started looking
up how to use things and how to make
everything work and slowly we were
getting there and everything continued
to look a little bit better and a little
bit better and a little bit better and
the sound was a little bit better each
time usually
it’s muddied waters anybody who watches
us regularly understands that joke
that hurts me in my soul
but uh
we just kept
trying to figure out incremental ways to
make it better as opposed to saying okay
we have a great product let’s put it out
we said
we have crap
and we’re gonna put it out and we are
going to learn how to do this as we go
on yeah and if you listen to
our first episode
a few of the people here i know have
you’ll hear the difference between that
episode and anything that you see
anything that you hear today
uh there was no way we were doing
graphics and overlays and sound bumpers
or anything like that we had no clue how
to do any of that
so it would everything we were doing was
just learning it as we were doing it and
with the goal of making a good product
that successfully put out the message of
jake labelle was one of the people who
listened to it he said it was extremely
painful yes yes it was
but we wanted to spread the message of
liberty in a way
that was entertaining that was engaging
that was educational um the three e’s of
any sort of
learning scenario yeah uh most
libertarian podcasts that were out five
years ago were very dry
and they were very boring and they were
uh what’s it tucker justin tucker
the bowtie guy
sounds right
yeah well tucker
like the tucker the bow tie guy um
they were all like him and while i love
matt kibby and i think matt kibby’s
great i think that he is very dry
um i think that’s one of the problems a
lot of libertarians have is that we’re
so philosophical based we’re so
ingrained with like the facts the logic
the philosophy
we have the best ideas we know we have
the best ideas how do we make it
digestible how do we make it to where
people go right i want more
exactly and so we wanted to make one
that was fun that was engaging and
um so
we just kept trying to work on it and
find a rhythm that was going to work for
anybody that was involved and when spike
and i joined up and uh he became the
we fell into that rhythm really fast
together and
it’s funny that you say this on the
heels of us talking about spike falling
really engaging
i was like do you want to cancel he goes
no it’s my anniversary show i can’t
cancel i’m like are you certain he’s
like yeah i’ll be fine and i was like
you get that close-up cause i think he
was using his phone he was it was like
he was just like right here
he looked like he was boomer zooming
i’m surprised it wasn’t like angled up
his nose like right
just uh
drool but we found that rhythm really
quickly and we had good banter going
back and forth
and um
we had good banter going back and forth
we uh just kind of we melded really well
together and
based on that we started seeing a little
bit of growth mainly on the page like
our numbers weren’t great but we were
catching stuff after the fact
and i had a lot more time back then so i
was able to cut us up into smaller
and i was putting those out um
and that was i think helping a lot
people were coming to see those
uh which is something that if we get
enough subscribers and i can hire
somebody to do that that’d be wonderful
yes um so go to anchor dot fm muddy
water subscribe and sign up today so we
can get more content out to you people
but we started we started getting more
growth on the page and
everything was just kind of building and
it was we were we were waiting for the
big explosion which never hit on
facebook because
we lost a lot of shadow bands yeah yeah
we got shadow bands
uh we definitely lost we lost our like
button before anybody else lost their
like button
and uh
so people couldn’t like the page i was
getting messages from people going i
want to like your page but i can’t and
it wouldn’t let you
it wouldn’t count follows at the time it
only counted likes and nobody could
count it
or nobody could like it so
we were stuck at like 10 000 for a year
and a half
but then they switched over to whatever
system they have now and our followers
have just started going and going and
going and going um
we’re celebrities
thanks to a court ruling that stated
anybody with more than 25 000 followers
or 30 000 followers is a celebrity hey
yeah you guys are celebrities
you are too you’re part of muddied
waters that i’m alone no name i will
forever maintain my little no name um
oh that’s fantastic i
i’ve always said you guys are the
hottest thing so it’s the biggest thing
since sliced bread so
it’s it’s good that the court
decision rules are my favorite
what was the biggest thing before sliced
bread betty white
i don’t think anybody knew who she was
it it
was gonna get in trouble for this i’m
going to get in trouble for this
jesus all right
people knew betty white before betty
white was betty white
i was going to say it was probably the
cotton gin or the printing press but you
know we’ll go slice we’ll go betty white
copa hasn’t taken her out yet oh no i’m
going to get into trouble if she
if she dies before her 100th birthday
like in what
less than a month yes people are gonna
blame you especially if it’s coping
hey you
ready for more people to come see muddy
i’m gonna clip that section and be like
it’s jason’s fault oh no
come watch his show it’s gonna it’s
gonna go viral instantly viral of just
everyone i mean this is
we thought the country was united after
9 11 of like hating and like wanting to
come together to fix this no betty white
dies of kobe before 100th birthday that
this guy
will have literally 360 million
people after me
you typed mud skeeter yep
mud skeeters
i was i was actively listening
yeah so
but like after after the state of the
union we had a massive down period we
had like 100 people listening to the
podcast every two weeks and
we really didn’t see a reason to
continue doing this like nobody’s
listening we get eight viewers a show
like at this point we may as well just
call each other once a week and talk
and uh
i for the record if you guys ever decide
to quit like i want that
right oh yeah no i mean we’ll do
we’ll do monthly we’ll do weekly muddied
waters calls
um but we’re not quitting anytime soon
um we’re not quitting anytime soon uh
we’ve got
so much more to do
uh just so much i’m so excited for that
because um
what you guys have been able to
accomplish in the last year
last two years together
and being able to support one another
it’s it’s truly inspiring right spike
was able to run
a vice presidential campaign
not run he was the vice presidential
candidate and and he’s got an army of
people around him and you’ve been able
to take on
um you you’ve been able to take on a
huge role within muddy waters media of
like really stepping behind him and
doing all the show notes monday nights
when i call um
also through that you’ve been able to be
an inspiration because of
what you’re doing with your beautiful
fiance of being able to help her i know
that some of the guidance from you and
from muddy waters experiences you’re
helping her
you’ve influenced me in so many ways
between the two of you
you guys are
the yin and the yang in a good and a
gooder way
um it’s
don’t make fun of my hickness um
the good and the gooder way yeah right
there’s no badness here there’s no
batter right um
but you guys are able to to mesh and and
as you were saying right when you guys
started off you guys got into that
rhythm really quickly you guys kind of
knew what needed to be done you guys
were able to to flow with that and and
the liberty movement is so much brighter
because of both of you guys individually
you guys as a as a a pair as a
heterosexual life mates um
and of course as as the owners of muddy
waters media right now you know with us
only having roughly while we’re still
continuing to exaggerate some of the
facts while we only have about 600
million people watching us every episode
um every episode eventually we will hit
that 7 billion mark where um
it’s entirely voluntary but everyone is
forced to watch
yeah once we get that seven billion
people watching uh i i feel like at that
point i will say okay
now we have done enough
by the way eight billion people in the
in the world and so
there’s still there’s still a huge chunk
of the pie left
there is but i assume those people are
young and i we
spike may say kids love it but many of
our shows are not
child friendly
they love it because it’s like they know
it’s not for them and so they’re gonna
watch it they’re gonna go i don’t get
the reference i’m laughing because
they’re laughing
and then suddenly they grow up to be
like taxations left it’s like we don’t
even say yes but
so it was funny like when spike first
i was like the serious guy
i was the serious guy and he was the
comic relief
yeah and like i would say thing i would
say things on the show and then spike
would come back with some come back and
i would be the one that was like oh my
uh like you
you’re gonna get us banned from
you’re gonna have copyright strikes on
every show on every show on every show
back then we didn’t care we weren’t
monetized anywhere so it didn’t matter
then after
after he got the vp nominee
uh the vp nomination
he uh
he started out still being the comic
relief and then he started backing off
of it more and more and more
and i had to take on that role which was
not a role that i have ever really been
in outside of in my family
and so i started having to take on that
and i had to drop the filter that i live
with online forever and so now people
get like a much more unfiltered version
of me
a lot of the stuff that i say here on
the show uh is
stuff that i would say in my normal
day-to-day life
uh around friends who won’t report me
that’s the the key that that’s the key
i don’t remember how but i made some
reference to jeffrey epstein making a
jackson pollock inside somebody the
other day and
spike spike was like oh my god i can’t
that you’re gonna you’re gonna get us
kicked off and i was like
no no they don’t care they don’t care
about that joke
if i went out and i said
that the experimental drug that
everybody took in their arm doesn’t work
that that would get us kicked off but
if you don’t use the right word
yeah yeah don’t catch it
you just gotta learn what the what the
right words are and don’t use those
yeah right
but like it it that has been a weird
shift for me going from okay i’m the
serious one i’m gonna be the one that’s
you know god we’re here to report the
news and
the other person is gonna be funny um
and then it switched and now he’s
he’s super concerned with like that
image of
was a vice presidential candidate of the
united states of america came in third
for the third largest political party in
america came in clearly third place like
fourth to none
uh first of all
you’re gonna say a questionable joke
around me what right what
epstein painting a map of the hawaiian
islands inside of minor jokes
but i think that that’s refreshing i
think that that
when when
when people are allowed to
kind of be themselves
kind of like what you’re saying right
you’re now we
the muddy waters media audience is now
your inner circle of friends we are
trusted and respected that we’re not
gonna report you
so don’t you guys get out of the circle
to trust
i will draw that picture
here’s the circle this is the trust
don’t be out here yeah don’t be out
there you want to be here don’t be out
here but but
that authenticity i think is is one
thing that i’m i’m so excited to hear
about because
i i said this on on another podcast that
i was on but it’s
your humor
whoever whoever you is at this moment
your humor is not always for everybody
but when it is for that person
you know you get a laugh and and
oftentimes we look at media we look at
social media and we see like the
canceled culture where people are like
not only did i not find your joke funny
but i think that you need to have
serious ramifications for it and it’s
just like
bruh could you could you just like
scroll like just take your thumb and go
but could you just
take your mouse wheel and go
like just scroll on
it’s not hard like and that’s one of the
things that i haven’t understood about
this entire
outrage culture like i don’t want to
call it cancel culture because
if there was enough demand for people to
be on tv they would be on tv dave
chappelle is a great example yeah
um they they tried to be like cancel
culture on dave chappelle he’s got two
more stand-up deals with net or a deal
for two more stand-up shows with netflix
um he’s killing it and that’s
he’s killing it and
it’s because people will continue to
sign up for netflix and they’ll continue
to watch
uh some of them are paying to watch to
be outraged while others are paying to
sit back laugh and enjoy it dave
chappelle was a hilarious man like
sidestepping the sidestepping of the
sidestepping of this conversation um i
don’t know how many times we’ve sized up
to get here but
um dave chappelle like
this man was hilarious when he did
chappelle show i was actually so
for those of you guys unknowing of where
i work i work on an assembly line
building cars um i was standing
underneath a car putting an exhaust in
earlier singing one of dave chappelle’s
songs from the ship pal show
um is it i’m gonna piss on you it was
i’m gonna piss on you me and another guy
belting it out horribly off-key having a
good time because somebody said that
they liked r kelly as a musician and so
we both
sang uh an original unoriginal uh r
kelly song written of course by dave
chappelle if you guys have not seen that
go ahead click on look it up yeah you
need you need to find that that’s
that came out right after the r kelly
came like the video of r kelly yes
seeing on a 14 year old or whatever she
was topical and hilarious but so funny
but the point that i wanted to make was
that’s what dave chappelle has always
been he doesn’t care what is at that
moment that is untouchable he says
that’s untouchable
and and he makes it hilarious and so
that’s why for me like when he does this
and those netflix specials why they’re
going to continue coming is because he
goes you can’t touch this touch oh i
can’t touch trans issues my trans
friends say i can touch it and i’m going
to touch it like you can’t touch it and
he does and he does it amazingly and so
it’s a beautiful thing
so i
i love that you’re stepping into that
role this is how we got full circle i
love that you’re stepping into that and
you’re saying i’m not gonna be afraid
i’m gonna step into this i’m gonna do
this i i’m matt wright i’m not matt
wright filtered i am matt wright
this is muddy waters i’ve i’ve kind of
been stepping into that a little bit
more lately i i i’m definitely testing
the waters uh this betty white thing is
really a big plunge here potentially
we’ll see how the future holds up
but i think that that authenticity is is
is incredibly important
in in all fairness
if betty white
happens to die between now and her 100th
it’s not because of covid it’s because
she’s 99 years old
it’s not because of covid but her ups
man had covid and and and
sorry yeah it’s like i don’t i don’t
understand the idea of the outrage
culture like there are a lot of
comedians i don’t like i’d amy schumer
i’ll just
as an easy one don’t like saying
jokes about my vagina are not funny
no jokes about your vagina are hilarious
well i mean that’s that’s to the extent
of her jokes it’s just my vagina it’s
just like all right amy
new content yes like it’s been worn out
it’s been worn out for years it’s been
so worn out you built you built your
entire career on this one line of jokes
and you have nothing new
you’re in i i watched two episodes of
her show when she had one i think
i think she used to have one i don’t
know if she’s still yeah somebody comedy
central somebody had bunnies that they
wanted to burn
well you know she’s related to chuck
she’s like
a niece or second niece or something i
don’t even want to look that up
like i watched a couple episodes and i
was like this is stupid and awful and
like i don’t get offended by anything
but i’m like i’m certain many people get
offended by this stuff so i stopped
watching it like a normal individual
yeah i didn’t call comedy central and be
like you need to cancel amy’s shoe
because why
i’m not here to take her job she’s going
to do a good enough job of destroying
that career on her own and turns out it
worked it’s in
uh like
i’m trying to think of somebody else
that i don’t like
no it’s just amy [ __ ] [ __ ] amy yeah
like kevin hart kevin hart like this
one’s a little
i am not a kevin hart fan
and mainly like i think i think his
jokes can be very funny but he screams a
lot i don’t like it when comedians
scream at me
i don’t need to be screamed at
oh my god you’re kevin you’re kevin hart
like you don’t it’s a fair criticism
it’s definitely fair um
um but like i find him i find him funny
and i like him
like i have seen him in things i’m like
man that guy he’s really good in this
yeah he would only tone it down in a
stand up but so like when i see his
stand up
i just scroll past it i’m just like dad
i like like i like i said i think i
would enjoy hanging out with kevin hart
but i don’t i would like to stand to
hang out with him if the rock was there
if it was just kevin alone i don’t know
i i
he needs that balance and having a giant
dude that
they they vibe so well together that
would definitely that would set it up
for me but i wanna i mainly wanna hang
out with kevin hart because i wanna feel
tall that
would definitely while we’re talking
about height let’s talk about muddy
waters media team in the heights
sure how we’re all exactly the same
height except for me
yeah you’re one inch juice i
the tallest of buddy waters media
you are i have the crowd you
you are the only person i have ever met
that says they’re 510 and meant it
anytime somebody says they’re 5 10 i go
that person’s 5’9 yeah they just don’t
want to say it that’s my 5 10. that’s
the integrity it’s just most people who
are fi
most people who are 510 say i’m six feet
and i’m going no you’re not
you’re absolutely not six feet see i i
got i got kind of screwed over with that
because my father is six foot
so i can’t say six foot because then he
goes the [ __ ] do you say to me [ __ ]
five nine
yeah i am
hey buddy
you might not want to come on camera
because we’re live
and special guest
not quite
um go ahead
hey so i’m doing a show with uncle jason
right now
so yeah
he can see me he can’t see you
i could move the camera
we are live right now
can i talk to you when we’re done
all right so i’m gonna keep
so we we got here for of course because
canceled culture is bad which is
something that we should never never
and not even cancel culture whatever
whatever this mob mentality of trying to
cancel things
you guys should never be doing this to
money waters media of course because
matt wright is finally being met right
jason is finally being jason and we’re
all moving things um
in in the right direction and so if you
guys don’t like something you guys can
feel free to blow up our inbox but you
have to you have to give us good grilled
cheese recipe otherwise we’re not gonna
listen to
even if you do
we’re liable but probably not gonna
listen to your negative feedback unless
you guys put in a good way
i recommend i statements
and then
potentially you may be able to take a
comment of the week comment of the month
or whatever which maybe you do exclusive
content i’ve just decided
sure i’m gonna we’ll cover it on muddied
america whenever we do our next episode
which for anybody out there who uh isn’t
a subscriber and you didn’t happen to
catch the live broadcast of muddy
it’ll be very dated now because it’s all
kyle rittenhouse
that was a phenomenal
not to like
boast your chest on this because it was
mostly your notes but um
that was a phenomenal episode like
from beginning to end on that
that was one of the
best that was one of the deepest dives
i’ve done on a singular subject
like we’ve done like we do like half
hour dives into things but we did what
the full hour yeah uh no
it was almost two
oh you’re right yeah it was scheduled
for an hour but we went to
it’s kind of like tonight’s show we’re
already over an hour
time just flies
it really does um
if you guys haven’t caught that you have
to be a subscriber now to hear it but it
one of uh
that is one of the best shows we have
ever produced we had
good content we had great information
and we had a lot of amazing jokes
yes and
i don’t remember the gage
rose croots joke but that one still
tickles me
it was something oh it was it was about
the candles
yeah so buying these candles
will not be like decision will be not
like yeah not like the decision with
gauge growth screws it won’t cost you an
arm it won’t cost you an arm yeah
buying these candles won’t cost you an
hour yeah so
make sure you guys tune into that but
um because we are getting over an hour
and and somebody needs a a little daddy
talk little daddy loving um i i want to
know from you
last big thing because i didn’t get to
put you on the seat the hot seat that
much tonight um which
sucks what was your biggest
what was your biggest
oh [ __ ] i [ __ ] up
when it comes to muddy waters media what
was the what was the hardest thing for
you to tackle
um beyond like a lack of confidence or
lack of of ambition to keep going what
was that one thing that really
challenged you
you know how there’s the unwritten
internet rule of don’t read the comments
i’m actually reading the comments of the
sorry chad like i
i always like obviously i always read
the chat and stuff when i’m doing the
show yeah but i like try to stay away
from comments after that
uh and the reasoning behind it is
uh when the george floyd incident
happened when
shoving murdered floyd in the streets in
i uh
i wrote an article about it and
i got blasted for that article
uh by a couple of people online
and it really made me question if i had
like the right mental mind like the
right mindset yeah knowledge to be able
to do what i had been working on for at
that point three and a half years
and i was like man maybe i’m not the
right person for this and i started
wondering if
if i was the wrong person in this
and then
like i was i was trying to deal with all
of that it just like
it wasn’t
it wasn’t clicking for me the way that
it should have been for a few days and
that was like right when spike was doing
his thing so i was doing all of the
streaming and all of the notes and all
of the website and all like i was doing
everything behind the scenes
i was doing everything behind the scenes
and i was like why am i doing this we
make like
eight bucks a month
is this really worth all of the time and
effort i’m putting into this
um and i might not even be the right
person yeah i get we start then i start
going down the rabbit hole of maybe if
it is you know maybe
if the right person was doing this we’d
be making
16 bucks as opposed to eight yeah um
that’s 100 improvement like that’s
phenomenal yeah exactly
so i i was
i went through like that really dark
and it was weird because like muddied
waters was on an upswing but i was on
this downswing
uh and
there were times in that time period
where i was like i’m probably not the
right person to be doing this
uh and then
as we started coming out of it and the
the the debates were happening
yeah and i was i was streaming the
debates and hosting and uh doing all of
that like spike was there but i was the
one doing everything
outside of the talking um
but it was during that where
that was where we really gelled on okay
now matt is going to be the comic relief
and spike is the funny one
like i made some offhand
comment that was
just whatever
whatever popped into my head i just said
it yeah and
you saw the look on spike’s face and
then the comments started coming in
going i’m so glad matt’s here on the
show because he can say the stuff that
spike can’t
and i went oh that this is the job i
have been dreaming of my entire life
where i don’t have to have a filter
yeah and so now i get to go out and say
whatever i want
um and
in doing so
in doing so
it i’m not going to say that i wasn’t a
good libertarian or i didn’t have a
grasp on the philosophy of it but it has
allowed me to put forth the arguments
for the philosophy in my own way without
having to deal with
is this okay to say do i need to worry
about this like i can say everything in
my own voice
because i can do it in my voice
it was like
it was like this light bulb went off in
my head
and i said yes i am supposed to be this
is what i am supposed to be doing
that resonated
like so much with me until you got to
the end of like the freedom thing um
i i
i i’m sure
i’m not even sure
the imposter syndrome thing is something
that a lot of people
um i know i’ve struggled with it here
and there right i don’t have
resume that you have i don’t have the
resume that spike has i don’t have the
resume that eskimo has i i i what sort
of resume do you think i have
uh you have
been the first person
to give austin peterson creative um you
you’ve written articles that have been
read reviewed and challenged by online
you have a
social media company
that has over 50 000 subscribers across
all platforms
you have been
vice chair
of a state
no just up in the county just of the
county okay so i’ve got i’ve got a chair
all right i beat you there um
but he wanted me to be a chair i said
but it adds to that um but it still has
to right being the the vice chair of a
county party of being somebody being
looked at to be pushed to state level of
somebody who you know et cetera et
cetera you have the resume you have
eskimo libertarian um
saying what the heck do you think
what kind of resume do you think i have
somebody who is being compelled being
basically carried by by pitchforks and
torches to go run for office
uh somebody who is um
when we talk about picking up the shovel
and and carrying it and
carrying these loads of helping out
children of helping out the needy
helping out those who who just need help
in that time
eskimo is there eskimo is i i don’t even
know if i could talk about some of the
work that she’s doing in the background
but here on muddy waters media she is
grabbing people across the nation and
going you would be great on on mighty
waters media here’s why you need to be
on there and they go
could i like
eskimo is that networking person um
eskimo like in to sing eskimos praises
really quick yeah
eskimo is
probably the hardest working person at
muddy waters right now yeah
with it without
without question like
spike is very hard working but a lot of
that is for you are the power
a lot of that’s for spike yeah which we
get which is for everybody but but yes
right which is for everybody but he’s
he’s doing it for you are the power he’s
doing it for spike and i get it and
that’s fine but yeah the stuff that
eskimo is doing for muddy waters behind
the scene is
invaluable yes
like i’ll give her a 300 raise today
um because that doesn’t cost me any
extra money um but
but she is
with she is like
she may not be the full backbone of
muddied waters but she is definitely a
few of the really important spinal
column discs yeah
that hold it up
she’s definitely her so because i just
recently had back surgery so i know this
she’s like the l5 s1
uh disc which goes to your uh sciatica
which goes to your legs of course which
that is your entire support system right
now she is supporting muddy waters media
in such a way look at look
at me all right yeah she she is
without her
i would have a lot more work to do and i
don’t want to have to do that yeah so
she takes so much stress off of me
and it is
she is a literal godsend for muddied
waters yes and i couldn’t be happier to
have her as part of this team and so
so back to back to the point right
when we
when we challenge ourselves um and i
want to i want to make this a positive
impact for everyone else before we wrap
things up here
we all face that imposter syndrome we
all have those times where we’re
checking ourselves are am i the right
person am i in the right role am i
making an impact am i making a
difference am i going to change the
trajectory in any way shape or form and
often times we beat up on ourselves and
we say no
that goes for everybody out there i’m
sure if you ask spike hey spiker you
have you ever felt this spike will say
matt writes admitted to this the night
i’ve admitted to this tonight eskimos in
the comments section is admitted to it
um there’s there’s so
we all go through this and so it’s not a
matter of
accepting that and just giving up keep
finding keep fighting keep
searching and you will find that role
you’ll finally figure out that you need
to be matt wright unfiltered so people
can be thanking you you’ll eventually
figure out that hey
just to have guests on your show like
matt wright um so that way people are
coming to watch matt wright and you just
get to be on the side cracking jokes
once in a while
you could get beyond your own imposter
and as long as we’re working
as long as you’re working in your
passion you’ll be able to find that
exact role that you need
and i mean so
my entire life
from the time that i was born up until
you know today um
i grew up and it was like you need to
have an education if you want to make
anything you need to go to college uh
and i did
years after i was supposed to but like i
i initially dropped out because i don’t
know if you all know this
drugs are fun yeah tune into
one of my first episodes of mr beard of
truth where i had that right to talk
about drugs drugs are fun
so i ended up dropping out
or out of college not high school i
ended up dropping out of college and
then like i did a bunch of cd jobs for a
long time
that was where i learned a lot of the
basis and everything i was doing like
why is it illegal to gamble why should
why does that make a difference like
these people are voluntarily coming here
we aren’t advertising it because it’s
illegal they’re finding it
and we’re growing so obviously this is a
product that people want
that was where a lot of this started
coming and then you know you get
arrested for you know possession once or
twice and then you’re like
why do you care what i put into my body
that makes no sense if i got something
very similar to this prescribed to me
you wouldn’t arrest me so why are you
arresting me here now yeah um
it’s totally fine for me to go out and
drink every day you won’t do anything
unless i drive home over the
whatever limit you decide is over the
limit yeah um
totally fine but no if you have you know
this plant on you you’re in trouble um
like it was all of the stuff that was
going on that sort of formed like the
way that i saw things and the way that i
felt about things
i ended up going to college uh halfway
because i didn’t know what i wanted to
and the other half to
make my parents happy because i had
spent a lifetime disappointing them so i
figured if i went to college and
make up for a lot of it
like but throughout it all i didn’t know
what i wanted to do
i i was a communications major because
i didn’t know what i wanted to do yeah
no in that it’s like
it’s a general it’s a general ed major
is all that is
i can speak goodly
you got a degree good job
i did i did i got a degree i’ve got a
degree to make fun of jason’s grammar
good yes
i do
i think eskimo and i are the only two
with a degree on muddy waters
and i’m not even 100 sure she has
we’ve never discussed it i know she went
to college
i could get
i could get a degree
i could have a bachelor’s right now
you could um
well i have i have the credits for it i
just have to go to
thomas edison and i would get like a
mechanical engineering degree
or something some something much smaller
than that i would get like a bachelor’s
um right so i
not agreed
i mean what i found out is uh when i got
my degree
is i still didn’t know what i wanted to
do it didn’t make it any easier for me
to have a job and now i was massively in
debt yeah
that’s why for for me like in my life
thing was i didn’t want to just go to a
school and just say i want them to
figure it out for me or i didn’t want to
go to a school and be forced into
something and and
you know and so now i’m sitting here and
i just turned the
old age of 31 i apologize if anyone’s
older than me or is of my age and thinks
that this is young i tell you i’ve had
back surgery it’s incredibly old um
and i’m sitting here i’m going well law
would be fun well
poli-sci would be fun well this would be
fun and and certainly there’d be some
value in doing those but now there’s
actually like a reason for me to go is
this debt worth it
no so but yes
so what we’re building here what
you me spike eskimo what we’re all
building here brian lambrecht what we’re
building here at muddy waters media
this is not something
i don’t think this could be built by
numerous people with numerous degrees no
this is built because we have such a
wide array of people
who are
working together for a common goal it’s
okay you have the she eskimo has a
chemical engineering degree which
makes sense building immediate
yeah it does building a media network
i don’t know how much that helps um
engineering i feel like engineering
across engineering is engineering um so
she i mean no but it’s chemical
engineering yeah yeah i don’t know
and you know spike doesn’t have a degree
you don’t have a degree i’ve got one in
communication which basically just
taught me how to write good
that was for you uh
it’s goodly but i’ll i i accept
like in tom it taught me how to write
papers well i can write a press release
but i hate doing it yeah it’s not worth
everything that is required to make this
run is the fact that we have people from
all different walks of life and that we
have people with different experiences
and have people that educated themselves
in their own way
and it’s based on the life experiences
that we’ve all had that makes this what
it is
and because of that
and because of that
we have
built this family yeah that is
one of the tightest knit families i’ve
ever been a part of like fam the
families yeah you know the work family
things um this is one of the tightest
knit families i’ve ever been a part of
you and spike live in the same state the
rest of us don’t like we
we are spread out literally from florida
to alaska
we are still congealed into this
wonderful ball of awesomeness when it
comes to muddied waters
and it’s a team that
given all of the money in the world
given enough money to make this thing
the success that we all know it could be
it wouldn’t take us any time at all no
the issue now is we have to convince
people to give us that money uh so
basically that’s the next five years
is building that audience what a great
full roundabout way to go from the first
second second question all the way back
through this is this is
i love it
so we’ve been through
we’ve been through the start of money
to what five years will look like an app
um somebody being paid enough to to come
through and help create new
advertisements so if you guys are
looking to help out with that of course
you guys can go to anchor dot fm slash
muddy water slash subscribe
to become a mud skeeter
or a musketeer your choice
without the
apostrophe um
is skeeter one of the muppets
skeeter is also wasn’t that from doug
oh yeah then he may have been wasn’t
there scooter and skeeter
i feel like scooter was like a dog in
some other show
scooter was definitely well yeah and i
think scooter was the dog in uh fraggle
oh that’s not gonna work
yeah no so i have so many different
keyboards in front of me
yeah um yeah scooter he’s a muppet yeah
he’s the guy the redhead with the
he’s a little ginger [ __ ] yeah so so
become a mud skeeter or a musketeer your
choice as i said kermit but you guys are
more than me we’re live
go ahead
go ahead and head on over to anchor dot
fm slash muddy waters media or muddy
subscribe to uh be a part of that to
help out um as we are gonna continue to
bring in more and more people with the
content that we’re already producing
already creating and continue to create
more for you guys um you guys will be
able to get that exclusive content like
what matt was saying with our kyle
rittenhouse from the muddy murica um
and that was a fantabulous one
that was so good oh man i could move but
um so make sure you guys are getting
over there help and support that
muddy waters is taking off and this week
this week is the week of if you guys are
are celebrating this christmas it’s
christmas this week
and it’s also my last week of the year
i’m going to be taking off this week for
the rest of the week
uh hopefully you guys will understand
because i had nothing scheduled anyways
but i’ll also be taking off next week
because i will be out of town so the
next time you guys will see them go
in the notes for tomorrow i’m like
on wednesday spike has eliza blue on
thursday matt has amy lepore on monday
slacker is taking the week off
like it
that’s definitely me
um yeah so i will be out of i’ll be out
of town next week so you guys will have
to forgive me for not being there but on
the 10th
january 10th i will be back and we will
be having dan berman
to come on and talk about a little bit
about the marijuana we’ve made some
almost references to that but we’re
gonna be talking about the war on drugs
and specifically about marijuana we’re
gonna be talking about what we could be
doing now to to change things up so i’m
so incredibly excited for that but
you guys also should be tuning in for
the rest of the week because as matt
wright just shared
amazing guests coming on throughout the
week including tomorrow night matt
wright ends by calling together
traversing the muddy waters of freedom
that’s right for the for the
this is unprecedented for us uh usually
tomorrow night’s episode would be the
last episode of the year for the muddied
waters of freedom um
and tomorrow the christmas episode is
the one that i usually do the top 10
things that you forgot happened this
uh but that’s not gonna happen tomorrow
we’re not doing that tomorrow uh so
we’re gonna we’re still doing the
christmas episode we have a special
christmas video from liberty claus
uh and he is going to go over the year
in liberty
uh minded circles and talk about all the
great things that have been going on and
things that we need to do going into the
new year um but then the week after
spike and i will be live in person
right here in this room
and we are going to be doing a very
end-of-year celebration
with the two of us here talking about
all of the stuff uh that happened this
year that we forgot about and stuff that
we need to look forward to
for next year so it’s going to be a
fantastic next couple of weeks
i’m so excited for that
so i’m taking two weeks off and in the
meantime matt and spike putting out
amazing stuff as always and you got
liberty claws and if you guys have not
got to
make um
make your presence known with the one
and only tom arnold you need to do so
quickly before the 25th because if you
are too late he’s
guaranteed to give you worse than coal
um that’s true so so get in on that but
i just requested to be able to see the
show notes that you sent me before the
show that i was no show notes oh no
anyway you’ll like it it’s cool yeah so
it’s it’s a great it’s a it did
you’ll see it
i’ll see it you have access you have
access to it i’ll check it out
with that anything less that you want to
want to share
no i mean remember tomorrow night muddy
waters of freedom at 80 ish eastern uh
with me and spike cohen parsing through
the week’s events like the
when’s the first day of winter
is that tomorrow what is winter winter
has already come
winter has not come
um when does winter
i think it’s tomorrow
tuesday december 21st tomorrow tomorrow
is that day the first day of winter like
the sweet winter wonder boys that we are
and then on wednesday tune in for spike
cohen who’s going to have eliza blue
live on wednesday 8-ish
her story is amazing for anybody who
does not know her story she was a human
trafficking victim and she has come out
of it and she has been helping others
who have gone through similar
it’s an incredible story she was
supposed to be on two weeks ago three
weeks ago but spike had some issues
so they had to reschedule for this week
uh so i’ve been waiting for this show
since i heard about it and then i have
amy lapore coming on on thursday who is
the vice chair of the delaware lp
and what is going on in delaware if you
aren’t aware
is you’re going to have to tune in to
find out but um
there’s there’s some shenanigans going
on and
amy lepore the elected vice chair of the
delaware lp is coming on to explain what
is happening
why it is so wrong
that’s so exciting i’m so excited for
all this but
so from my family the lion family
to all of you all
merry christmas have a happy new year
we’ll see you guys again here soon oh
real quick
um before you finish up yep uh you need
to keep
the dates surrounding october 21st open
i don’t know why that date
because that’s the day to power wedding
and i want you there that’s my birthday
is it really
well i will never forget your birthday i
will never forget your anniversary
so yes i will keep that date open for
you not a problem
i’m going in my birthday suit
oh jeez that’s fantastic
all right yes
i will definitely keep that available
but with that everyone love you all
appreciate you all so much hopefully you
guys have a merry christmas
happy holidays etc etc um
i think i said that properly i think
most people say it wrong etc yeah they
do yeah etc yeah there we go boom look
at that give me a communication screen
anyways love you all appreciate y’all so
much from my family to yours merry
christmas happy new years
and please be well tune in for the rest
of the week for the amazing content for
money waters media and of course next
week and i will see you guys the next
time back here
see you guys next year love you all take

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