Mr Bearded Truth – 2 – Criminal Justice Reform: Civil Asset Forfeiture

Jason is going to be breaking down what exactly is civil asset forfeiture and what reforms are necessary to see a justice system fulfill its intentions.

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Episode Transcript

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guys i’m terrified
can i just start off with i am
absolutely terrified
welcome in everybody what am i terrified
of course tomorrow night if you guys
have not already seen
we’ve got the pepper payne for a
family’s gain going on
and i’m terrified i’m terrified
we’ll get into the show in a minute i’ve
gotta dive into this because
this is you guys will understand why
i am
why i’m terrified
so tomorrow night for a fantastic cause
there’s a family in need that’s been
fighting a legal battle and they’re
waiting for the day when it’s
safe and legal for them to come out and
and um
be public with what what has happened up
to this point
and so
in order to help out this family who i
can vouch for who matt can
uh vouch for who spike cohen can
can vouch for for everyone on the muddy
waters team can vouch for
we’re doing a gofundme event tomorrow
where you guys come in and you guys
as the picture goes oh wrong one
as the picture goes turn my face nice
bright red
oh sunburn there but this the the pain
that i am about to endure because i
i drove for several hours today
trying to find me a carolina reverb
trying to find me some ghost peppers
so hopefully tomorrow somebody’s gonna
be able to come through if you guys are
in the greenville county
uh greenville area if you’re in the
upstate area if you’re close to the
upstate of south carolina and you can
bring me some of these peppers i would
greatly appreciate it because what i got
in substitute
is way way worse don’t want to do it
but so i’ll start off
i’ll start off with uh with the lesser
item because i want you guys to see this
so you guys can hold me accountable to
this is the hottest beef jerky in the
well over a million scalable scoville
units now if you guys are not big into
peppers or
or if you guys know a little bit about
peppers right it’s exponential growth
um if you guys know of the last dab from
oh geez what oh no i forgot the series i
um but if you guys are familiar with the
last app that’s 1.5 million scoville
units right and that’s
wrecking all these guests on on the
series um
was it hot takes i think it’s hot takes
pardon me if i got it wrong so that
right there i wish that that was the
final line
no no no no no no no no
we have this bad boy right here the
end flatline hot sauce now what’s
fantastic about this hot sauce if i can
get to the focus
what’s fantastic about this hot sauce is
i was asking them
the shop who made it about what’s in it
and they said that they added carolina
reaper and ghost pepper
to this hot sauce to cool it down
because after cooling it down with ghost
and with carolina reaper and scorpion
it’s at a mere 7 million
scoville units
i’ve cracked this bottle
and from here from here like a half an
arm span
it’s already hurting
i i don’t want you guys to doubt that
i’m gonna go through pain
for this family tomorrow and so i i
implore you guys if you guys have not
already put it on your calendars make
sure you guys got it on your calendar
is uh going to be tomorrow night july
13th at 8pm
freedom time it’s eastern time for you
cajun libertarian
make sure that you guys are here help
out we’re going to have a fun way that
you guys can interact with what i’m
and of course spike and matt have plenty
of shenanigans
to give me as well so it’s gonna be a
fantastic show tomorrow night so make
sure you guys hop in with that i’m i’m
i’m excited for it i’m excited for it
but i’m terrified of beyond terrified
and so um tomorrow night’s definitely
gonna be a show you’re not gonna want to
miss and
and if you guys can help out with that
cause i would be
incredibly grateful for it um
while also understandably so hating you
at the same time so
um we’re excited for that uh big news
coming that way
and um i already already threw it up
there on accident once
but tonight at 8 30 um 8 30 some some
i think that’s call me commies time
um at 9 30 p.m
freedom time you can catch cajun
libertarian he’s gonna be talking with
martha bueno tonight uh
talking about what’s going on in cuba
they’re gonna be talking about kick
uh and spending time with brian lambrick
and of course he’s got a brand new
segment of
how is that racist so you guys gotta
check that out make sure you guys hop
into there and i will of course be
plugging this at the end
as well um we’re already gonna get a
couple comments we’re gonna get into
um growing many types of peppers yeah
i i would rather eat your peppers i’m
almost guaranteed of that
uh i would imagine it’s going to be like
catfish [ __ ] eating hot stuff no
uh i i don’t know who that is but if he
handles it and any
any way of like composure no
absolutely not um
are you sure you want to do this man
people have ended up in the hospital
from the stuff already
yes i i understand the risks right when
i when i bought this bottle
he said look i cannot legally ask you
what you’re doing with this
um just understand that it’s incredibly
hot and it could cause damages
um i’ve signed waivers for for
attempting to do hot stuff before and i
failed epically
um so i’m i’m ready for this oh not good
at all maybe maybe it’s gonna be similar
it’s gonna be bad um
am i actually ready for this no i’m not
but this is a cause this is a family
that i truly believe
in and if i can make some kind of a
sacrifice for them even if i have to
rack up my own medical bills in order to
help them out i
i i find it worthy so um
so paul i mean if you want to come
through tomorrow uh one of the ways that
you guys will be able to interact is you
guys can help me
during this because we’re going to have
and i don’t want to give too much of a
preview of how everything is going to be
set up
but basically you can donate let’s say
you donate
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
right some odd number that’s not a round
not a zero uh take out 15 as well uh
take out like a five or a zero
if you give one of those random numbers
between um
10 and 20 not ending in a zero or a five
you guys will be able to give me
something you guys will be able to let
me get bread
you’ll let me get water you’ll let me
get yogurt you’ll let me get
milk things like that where this will
help me out
so um if you guys are the empathetic
people if you guys are the caring people
if you guys are
loving people um you’re not gonna damn
me too much
but you guys are gonna kill me because
you guys are gonna help out this amazing
cause but
you’ll also be there to help me out
through this as well because i’m not
going to just
subject myself to um to just drinking
something because i need it
i’m going to wait for you guys to give
me that permission
oh we definitely have peppers that will
light up your life oh
i’m not ready for that
i don’t have any money right now but
seriously is there anything else i could
to keep you from doing this to yourself
you can find somebody who does have a
little bit of money to help me out
um by just providing me with this stuff
i we’re at a point we’ve got flyers made
we have the flyers made we have it all
laid out we have the
the the schedule made um
and i said i was going to do this and
and truly
if if your word if you go back on your
word your word means less and you
without your word you you have no
meaning you have
you you are nothing without your word
and and so at this point
we’re fired on all cylinders
this this right here this this flat line
the end of flatline if i can get the the
product placement right
that might
that right there so so funnily enough
you can see that the top has been opened
i got home with it this afternoon
and my sister was here and she
she i jokingly said hey you wanna try it
she was like yeah sure
so i broke her off a piece she said
where’s your piece i was like i’m not
trying that
i’m not that stupid i’m not that stupid
i’m not trying that right now
oh but i’ll tell you guys what
if you guys want to see a sample of it i
will try some of this tonight
you guys i i know what the number is
right now
on the gofundme as i just dropped my
water bottle
uh i’m gonna post the link to the
in the chat if you guys make
um let’s go through this um let’s go
with a hundred dollars
during tonight’s show i’ll run it a
little bit later than normal
i’ll stick around and chat it up with
you guys if we can make 100
donations through through this show to
this gofundme
i will i will take a decent sized one
not a small one i won’t
i won’t [ __ ] out on you guys too much i
won’t take a large one
um because we do have to save some for
but just uh just just to get the
excitement going i will
i will have it and and eat some at the
of tonight’s episode does that sound
like a good deal
does that work out for you guys as i
scroll through my facebook feed to find
link if that sounds like a good deal let
me know
i’m about to pop this link in there
we’re almost there i know it’s coming i
know it’s coming there it is
i found it
there it is there it is
and this family as i said i would not be
doing this
for this family if it if this family was
not one that i could
absolutely advocate for and and and
once it is safe and legal to do so they
do plan on coming out and notifying you
every single one of you guys of who it
was and so this will be an update that
that matt
wright who created this gofundme um
he will update it as well to ensure that
everyone gets to see it so
i can’t link right who created
this go there we go all right pin the
comment so if we get a hundred dollars
in there
by the end of tonight’s episode we’re at
760 right now
i will give you guys that sample
i will give you guys that sample
but as i said yes so we still have a
show to do
i still have an introduction to give you
guys um
but you guys now know why i’m gonna be a
little bit on edge tonight why i’m a
little nervous why i’m a little scared
why i
i i don’t say that i regret my decision
to be into this
but whoo y’all gotta make the suffering
worth it for me please
because i know some of y’all i know some
of y’all are ready
to get in on this y’all ready to see the
pain right we we
we like that arena style of things where
people go in and
battle it out and suffer um
but it’s it’s going to be worth it in
the end and um
i i appreciate that jacob so the comment
was dude this is not hyperbole i’m very
concerned for you
i appreciate it man um i understand the
the conditions in which i’m going into
on this and um
we will be taking precautions as
but at the end of the day got to make
some sacrifices for some families you
we are libertarians we are volunteerists
we are people who believe
in society being able to lift up others
when they need it
and uh so this is a great cause to do it
around so i’m willing to
i i don’t have the means of being able
to provide for this family in that way
um so i’m doing what i can and and at
the end of the day if we all just do
what we can to help each other out
buttermilk definitely getting buttermilk
uh if we do what we can
for others around us it doesn’t have to
always be a monetary thing
um we can make society better we can
the culture better it’s about us being
able to lift each other up and and so
that’s what this really
uh drives me to do
so we still have a show to go
go through right we still have we still
have like politics to talk about we
have like oh we still have so much to go
i’m not ready for this salt we’re doing
saltines well i will have saltines on
the list too
saltines bread oatmeal things like that
um we’ll have the list compiled and
ready to go
so if this is your first time here
welcome in
of course i am mr merc of the beard of
truth to jason lyon i am your
neighborhood friendly libertarian
talking to you about politics and social
issues economic issues
and bring it to you to your home home
where you can talk about with your
friends your families and your neighbors
so we can help spread the message
of liberty and enabling people to live
in freedom so that they too can live up
to their fullest potential
so i’m excited for tonight we’ve got a a
hell of a show lined up for you guys
because we are on the muddy waters media
uh platform and of course every time
that we come live here whether it’s
me whether it’s spike cohen whether it’s
matt wright whether it’s cajun
libertarian whether it’s eskimo
you know we got a hell of a banger lined
up for you guys so i’m so excited to be
here so thankful for matt and spike for
for creating this platform um so excited
about them the meetup
uh this last weekend
down there in in mississippi if you guys
missed that
episode i mean i i was rolling i was
having a good time with it it was
um seeing cajun
seeing spike and seeing matt on the same
stage man it reminded me back when
um back at sclp when we had the
presidential debate where it was me
matt and spike um so i
first of all shame on you cajun for
trying to replace me i know you weren’t
trying to replace me but shame on you
for trying to replace me
um but
you know where we we came together for
the presidential debate that did not get
aired uh i won’t be naming names as to
why that was
but but but but uh it was fantastic time
so we’ve got a hell of a week lined up
for us coming up in the future as well
and we’ll cover those um as the
episode unfolds um but tonight we’re
gonna be talking a little bit about
criminal justice reform
absolutely cajun uh we’re gonna be
talking a little bit about criminal
justice reform and we’re gonna be
talking about something that i
love to talk about i talk about this in
my personal life i talk about this as an
activist in my community i talked about
this um during
a special election for a sheriff in my
county um
last year uh maybe it was the year
even getting old um
but it is civil asset forfeiture this is
something that
um if you guys ever had like actually
sat down and thought about
if you were handed a microphone and not
like a regular microphone but one of
those one special ones that goes over
your ear that comes out to the
to like the side of your cheek like
right here and it’s just got that little
and somebody hands you this microphone
and they say it’s time for your ted talk
what would be that topic for you
and for me it really would be civil
asset forfeiture
i could talk about this for days because
this is one of those things where we can
find common ground
with the republicans with democrats
right i am a libertarian
and i’m willing to say that as long as
you’re not a part of the police union
as long as you’re not a part of law
enforcement you generally will find
agreement on this issue
because those are the people who are
defending this right if you’re
active or prior law enforcement or if
you’re a police union you are defending
pro ensuring that civil asset forfeiture
remains in place
um everyone else can kind of see right
through this as a scam
um it is legal thievery if you will
because if we go to the fbi and i should
have had this pulled up beforehand
fbi civil asset forfeiture
um if you go by the fbi
and what the definition of civil
asset forfeiture
which of course is not popping up
yeah website um
if you go by what the fbi has called
um the fbi has labeled it as a
the means in which law enforcement can
take property
while believing that it has been some
ways affiliated with a crime
now in a nation that was created
and we enacted the constitution then
later enacted
the bill of rights to it or amended the
bill of rights to it
wherein you have due process where
you’re protected
and you’re treated as innocent until
proven guilty
it seems kind of weird that you can have
your property forfeited
because it was believed to be associated
with a crime
well that’s what civil asset forfeiture
criminal asset forfeiture is another
form of asset forfeiture
this is where you’re found guilty of a
crime property that has been seized in
the past
associated with that crime which has
proved to be a part of that crime
is then forfeited so this means that you
have to go through a criminal process
you have to be found guilty of a crime
the property that you were using or
associated with or or gained from your
criminal activity
is then forfeited to the state
that sounds like a normal due process i
think that we can all agree upon this
but the idea that you’re driving down
the road
um if i could use one of one of my new
friends that i i just recently got in
contact with he was sharing his story
of he went to las vegas and happened to
make it big
had had some good winnings so he’s
driving from
las vegas with an envelope full of cash
and driving back and he gets pulled over
and was was performing something illegal
while doing this
um and so he got the charge
but they found this envelope he found
this envelope that had money in it
they found his poker card table or the
the casino card they they found his
you know his receipts for the rental
room and everything else right
showing where this money was coming from
and they decided that they were going to
take this because alcohol
and this money clearly were related so
obviously he was uh doing a lot bigger
crimes than just drinking
and so from this right
he had his money taken so after fighting
for the um not even fighting
after allowing for the process to go
through on his drinking charges
he then had to go and fight on a civil
in order to get his property back so to
get his money back thankfully he was
able to get a free attorney on this one
which brings up the point of how this
process actually
works so with criminal asset forfeiture
with criminal court cases you have we’ve
all heard the miranda rights
wherein that you have the right to an
attorney if you cannot afford an
attorney one will
be appointed to you
in a civil case you do not have a right
to an attorney you
must represent yourself or hire an
attorney for yourself
so if you have
on average on average across the nation
it’s about 500
that is taken through civil asset
forfeiture if you had 500
the average number or amount of money
taken from you
through civil asset forfeiture now you
have to go hire an attorney to fight
through the court system to bear witness
to your property
and specifically in this one it’s your
money it could be
your car it could be your home it could
be a boat it could be furniture it could
be statues
it could be whatever it is that they
deem to be
somehow affiliated with a crime that
they could take so in this case they
took 500
now you have to go hire an attorney to
represent you
to fight to bear witness for your
so that you can get your 500 back now if
you guys are not fortunate enough like
americans who get hit with civil asset
forfeiture uh seizures
you’re unable to get an attorney so you
have to do it yourself you have to
navigate that that the legal system and
i’m not sure how many of you have been
involved with the legal system but there
are so many hoops
there are so many jumps there are so
many holes there are so many gaps
it is so incredibly difficult
to be able to navigate that system
on your own so you have to hire an
attorney or
you’re gonna be fighting an uphill
battle the whole way
so if you hire an attorney let’s say the
attorney is a hundred dollars an hour
it’s not a hundred dollars an hour in
court no no it’s a hundred dollars an
from the time that you sign him on to
the time that you go through court
hopefully it’s less than five hours
as soon as you hit that five hour mark
what’s the point in fighting
so it’s difficult to win on your own
it’s difficult to get a legal
representative but they can
take on average 500 so does that mean
that if
that means that there are plenty of
cases in which it’s less than 500
i mean sure there’s still plenty of
cases that are above 500
but those cases are less than 500
dollars who’s gonna go fight for a
hundred dollars
how hard are you gonna fight for that
hundred dollars
in some circumstances that could mean
the difference of paying rent
difference of buying a meal the
difference of of
of in some circumstances of being
but we have a system that doesn’t force
due process
but rather allows for property to be
treated in
or guilty until proven innocent and you
better bear witness to it otherwise it
will be guilty
facebook still doesn’t know how to put
comments in a chronological order i’m
sorry about that
so you fight to get your property back
and hopefully you win
but in many circumstances you don’t
and and i can think of a litany of cases
specific here to south carolina and some
that are across the country
there was a an older couple that was
traveling i believe it was from georgia
down to texas
they wanted to buy a new rv
being in the older generation they had
they didn’t have a debit card they
didn’t have a checkbook they brought
cash to go pay for this thing that way
they could just be
they drop the cash off and don’t have to
have any further contact they got their
money they got the car
they’re the rv and they could be on with
life well while driving down the
interstate they get pulled over
on their way to texas to pick this rv up
and by having their property taken from
or by them being pulled over
during the search of i believe it was a
busted tail light
um that or a taillight that was out was
the reason for them being pulled over
um during this stop
the officer had a suspicion and did a
and during the search found this money
it was i believe it was like seven
thousand dollars
seven thousand or twelve thousand i
but in either case that money was taken
because they had a large amount of money
so clearly
clearly anybody can see if you have a
large amount of money you’re clearly
trying to buy drugs i mean these are
these are retired people that had big
um big cash on hand
and they had their property taken from
them and they had to fight and pay for
an attorney to get their money back and
out of the money that was just
arbitrarily taken from them
they had to pay some of that to their
attorney in order to get their money
guess who doesn’t have an rv now guess
who’s out that trade deal both of those
people who wanted to make a voluntary
transaction were then stopped because of
law enforcement in that
instance um i could think of a one woman
uh myrtle beach south carolina
she was an another old older woman
and at about 3 a.m
drug dealers would deal drugs on the
corner of her property
and the city police decided that they
were going to attempt to confiscate her
because she had been deemed to not do
enough in order to stop that crime
thankfully they didn’t win that case
thankfully she still
uh maintained her property through that
through those charges
but she wasn’t being accused of a crime
which brings me to one of the most
egregious things
that i have found out about civil asset
and that is that um
at least in south carolina right this is
this is
something that is very reflective across
the country as well
but in south carolina between the years
to 2014 and 2017
5 million dollars worth of assets
5 million dollars worth of assets were
taken through civil asset forfeiture
and it was 20 percent
were not found guilty of a crime so that
means that they went to
court for a criminal proceedings
and they were not found guilty of a
crime twenty percent
of that five million dollars that was
taken and kept by the state
of south carolina between 2014 and 2017.
20 of it the
owner was not found guilty of a crime
and another
19 on top of that was never even accused
of a crime
so you had 39 of this 5 million dollars
that was
that was accrued over the course of
three years
39 where the owner was not
found guilty of a crime and yet they
all of that i could not imagine
the outrage that each and every one of
those people must have felt
the the inability for them to see
the criminal justice system or the
the only ability for them to see the
criminal justice system
as an injustice system where that had
i i i have no other way that i i me
personally i would be able to see it
i could not understand i could not
fathom seeing that
and and believing that the criminal
justice system was working for me
because it to go to the intentions of
what the criminal justice system
to go to what the purpose of the
criminal justice system is
it was created in order to help provide
protection for victims
to serve the public to
help raise up and to ensure
that when people create victims that
they pay their consequences
but what about when it comes to civil
asset forfeiture when those people who
are creating victims are the law
enforcement themselves
when in 39 of those cases
there was the victim was the person who
had their property taken
this is this is a growing issue this is
not an issue that’s being diminished
right thankfully we’ve had some recent
court cases across the country in in
certain states supreme courts and and
lower courts
um but at the federal level we just
recently had a tripartisan bill
be put up wherein it was justin amash it
um thomas massey and it was
i forgot which the democrat was but they
put up a bill
in order to end civil asset forfeiture
at the federal level
so this is not just a state level issue
this is not just a county level issue
this is a a
an issue that seeds through
all levels of government and when they
tried to have these conversations about
ending civil asset forfeiture at the
federal level
it fell flat on its face
what we have learned from states who
have been successful
in either curtailing civil asset
forfeiture in a major way
such as michigan or states that have
removed it outright
such as north carolina it does not mean
that you are protected because
when you have it at the state level
about the average that i’ve seen
is about 90 of the assets taken go back
to the police agency that that
that took it right so if your city
police officer takes
a hundred dollars through civil asset
forfeiture about
90 of those dollars will go back to him
the other 10 may go to the prosecutor
and may go back to the general fund
so that means that they have a perverse
incentive for them to perform civil
asset forfeiture
well if you have a state like north
carolina where that’s been abolished
right they no longer get to do this
right they have to rely on criminal
asset forfeiture they have to rely on
the due process they have to rely on the
courts finding somebody guilty
before the property that they seized
the pickup or during during the activity
that then it becomes forfeited
it it sadly doesn’t work that way
because all they do is they call on the
federal agents
wherein it’s 80 so 80
of the money that the federal agents
take in goes back to that federal agency
that took the money the other 20 goes to
the general fund and other
other allocations so there’s still this
perverse incentive
at every level in which civil asset
forfeiture still
so we have even probably one of the most
examples i can give of how
prolific civil asset forfeiture is in
the eyes of some law enforcement
and there’s a county near me in
spartanburg county
south carolina sheriff chuck wright
has long been running a program that’s
rolling thunder and what rolling thunder
is where he is literally out there
other police departments to come into
his county to sit on the
uh on the interstate to sit on the
and to pick people up and so there’s
been a competition
in which they’re searching for the
highest heist
if you will the the most number of
the highest average heists or any other
oh centered around the idea that we’ve
got to clean up the streets by taking
money through
earth money and assets and property
through civil asset forfeiture
and don’t worry if you’re the big winner
we might give you a nice steak dinner at
very high-end restaurant comparative to
a lot of the other restaurants around
we might give you gift cards to go out
cabela’s we might give you merchandise
we might give you hats we might give you
shirts etc etc
we have a system that becomes
so driven
on the idea that people are guilty until
proven innocent
that they don’t see the issues with
civil asset forfeiture
and so this is a cause that i’ve been
pushing to take up here in south
and i know that there’s so many other
states out there that still have this as
a growing issue
i’ve been speaking with activists across
the country and they see the same thing
and so i want you guys to look in your
own state look at your own laws centered
around civil asset forfeiture see what
news articles you can find up see what
reports you can find
let me know what you find on civil asset
forfeiture because the more that we know
about this
the better we can set a up a full
assault across the different states to
ensure that we can
end this practice at the state level
once we’ve ended it at the state level
and we have just the federal level left
it is so much easier when you have
pressure from all 50 states
pushing back saying civil asset
forfeiture is wrong you need to put in
due process you need to put in place
actually finding people guilty of crimes
before you forfeit their property
and so we can push to end this we can
push to to make a
big positive change on this and it’s
just going to take
all of our help all of our efforts and
i’m so excited for it all right i want
to give you guys a quick update
we’ve got 30 of the 30 of the 100 if you
guys do want to see me
sample the hottest beef jerky on the
oh my god even the bag still oh
oh no i like lingered oh
i like lingered in my nose a little bit
oh my god
if you guys want me to sample this
on stream before you get to see the
whole she bang tomorrow
we need 70 more dollars donated to the
gofundme which is posted
pinned there on youtube or on facebook
if you guys want it on youtube if you
guys want it elsewhere let me know i’d
be more than happy to drop it in the
comments section
there again um actually you know what i
could just do it anyways
i can just do it
that’s gonna oh
i just need a moment i’m sorry
maybe this will clear my
oh oh
oh well i don’t smell the jerky anymore
so that’s a good thing
as i was saying
as i was saying we can
we can we can actually make change on
this um
as i said in the very beginning right
this is something that is
very much bipartisan right this is very
much uh across the spectrum this is very
much a unifying message this is
that we can all drive to make change on
all it takes is for us
to spread the message of what civil
asset forfeiture is break it down for
right this isn’t the same thing as
eminent domain this isn’t the same
thing as as um you know
taking from the immigrants this isn’t
taking from this group this isn’t taken
from that group this is taking from
everybody um on a racial aspect right we
are seeing where it’s uh
being more um dispropor used
disproportionately against people of
color or in
in communities lower on the economic
scale um
where we see a larger police presence to
begin with
so it makes sense on some fronts um of
course why the economic
why go on the lower economic scale as we
discussed in the very beginning of this
you want to have that that guarantee
that roi why would i go through all this
effort of taking this property forcing
people to forfeit um
and then just when you take a
take it from somebody rich right they’re
just going to fight to get it back no
you want to go after people that are
more susceptible more
um oh i definitely will try not to touch
my eyes
um you want to go after people that
would be that are
more incapable of fighting back and and
we see the the demographics on that and
it’s it’s i don’t want to sound like an
apologist when i say this but it makes
why it is being targeted the way that
that was
i swear like it just lingers like the
bottom of my nose and it just like comes
up and she’s like hey
what’s up bro oh no
uh i don’t know if i saw if you saw my
comment on the muddy waters facebook
page i think you and aria
mezzo should have a chili pepper eating
duel with proceeds to support the crypto
6 defense and your preferred cause
i don’t know if i’m ready to have a
pepper eating
duel with anyone i am definitely not a
pepper eater of
any serious variety um
so she would kick my butt and the money
would go to crypto 6 defense which i’m
cool with right i’m cool with doing like
voluntary thing um
if we can split it if i suffer and we
split and we can go
this cost too i’m i’m i’m up for that um
i did miss your comment on there though
um i think that was very early in the
show that you made that comment
but no i’m i’m
i’m completely okay with that um
i i believe in this cause this is a
cause that i can get behind
even even if it means destroying my face
for a while i hope you guys can can
can see the severity of pain that i’m
willing to go through for this
to understand how how important it is
for this family
to stay whole and um if i if i could go
off the rails a little bit and talk
about this
um we will go into more details of
course tomorrow night on the show
but the idea that you want to do your
for your child right if you had a child
that you are at risk of losing
not because you weren’t the fit pair not
because you weren’t the best choice not
you weren’t giving them a good life not
because you weren’t doing anything wrong
for them but merely because of core
are extremely extremely exhaustive
on your financial revenues on
it’s a huge financial burden and this
family has already spent well over
thirty thousand dollars
in the court system already fighting for
the best of their child
um and then
to have to fight to get even more money
um when when it’s just it’s just not
i mean you can imagine the heartbreak
that that family is going through
um and having to face that so if i could
do something
um if i can do something to help them
out i definitely will
um question is why is the retainer so
so the retainer um from my understanding
of the way that it was explained to me
was that the retainer is set up
um is set up based on the expectation of
this is how much
from from that point to the end of trial
how much it would cost so basically
this would set them to the end this
would set them to the finish line
and they would be done with court and so
with that retainer right if they get to
a point where they don’t need
that full retainer
um if they don’t need that retainer
they will be more than happy to click
return all the funds
um if they get to a point where they
do that they matt wright has already
said that he would go through the list
from the
from the last donation all the way up to
the top to give back any money that’s
left over
um and and everything else um
the combo was i compromised with my ex
and i spent four thousand
two hundred and fifty dollars that’s
amazing um
so in this circumstance
i can’t go into the legalities that i
was i was told about
um because it’s an ongoing litigation
um but i will say that there isn’t there
isn’t grounds for a compromise
and that’s about as far as i’m allowed
to really say i don’t even know if i’m
allowed to say that
but um
i will say that from all the information
that i’ve been given
to this point it’s the the team that
they have
has been winning on all fronts
and so it i’ve been sold
i’ve been sold on at this cause um
from understanding the individuals
involved understanding
um some of the circumstances which
i don’t even know if i’m allowed to say
that i know that i know some of the
circumstances surrounding the situation
but but out of the privacy and the
request of this family to keep things
um i i have to um
so it is one of those things it is one
of those things that i
wish that i can i can help this family
and help spread the exact reasons why
um but i will say that when it is safe
and legal to do so
they are they are chomping at the bit
already to come out
and and to address each and every one um
and to thank everyone
and and to show their support and so
i i have to leave it at that and so i
apologize for that
but yes so back to civil asset
forfeiture so there are bills that are
going out there um
across the country in different states
where we’re seeing different levels of
success so we know that it is being
discussed in political circles we know
that it’s being pushed at different
campaign events um i know that i was out
there uh
during 20 2019 pushing this
hard um the idea of civil asset
forfeiture i was pushing it around my
um and and we had
some great success with that with about
in south carolina we have about 146
house representatives we had 116
on that bill to end civil asset
outright so um so the opportunity is
there we can make a change on this and
it is incredibly important to have a
unifying message
um that we can bring all sides to the
table on
because this is just poor governance and
we can we can expose that
and we can make people’s lives better by
being able to push that
so there’s a lot of great things that we
can be doing with this and so i
i as i said this is one of my ted talk
prepped up uh discussions because we can
make an impact we can make a change here
and and i promise you guys um if you as
you guys dive more into civil asset
forfeiture in your own personal lives
you guys are going to be just as
outraged as me you guys are going to
want to learn more about it to be able
to discuss with others to be able to
spread the message to be able to change
and impact the lives around you
and i mean with that i mean imagine just
one person’s ability to stay in a home
imagine being able to ensure that one
family keeps their
keeps food on their table for another
night right
i mean that’s life changing right to be
a part of that
to make a difference like that i i’ll
fight every day for that
and so i hope that you guys would as
well and so um
but i want to i want to wrap things up
here i want to bring things
uh to what we’ve got in the future of
course i discussed it a little bit
and i got to plug him again we have the
cajun libertarian who
um was not was not
labeled as a legendary beard
um yeah it was supposed to be a shorter
it was don’t don’t don’t you give me
that snoot
uh this guy right here cajun libertarian
was not labeled as
legendary bearded um
he’s coming on here in just a short 45
on his uh platform so that’s gonna be on
facebook on youtube and on anchor
so you can do the anchor colon line with
him as well and that is of course is the
libertarian show so go check that out
and um
so he’s gonna have the special guest
martha bueno on to talk about what’s
going on in cuba the
the the freedom revolution if you will
uh so i’m excited for that discussion so
he’s going to be having some segments on
just the thought kick rock spending time
with brian lambrecht and of course the
segment which i’m incredibly excited for
how is that racist
so make sure you guys get over the cajun
libertarian tonight
but if you guys don’t make it there
because his beard is not as epic as mine
is not as
legendary as mine i understand i
it’s okay make sure you guys get there
anyways but
make sure you guys get in back over here
to muddy waters media tomorrow night
where me
matt and spike are going to be doing a
show together
uh where i’ve labeled my segment my
corner of the show if you will pepper
payne for a family’s gain
where we’ll be continuing to push out
there and continuing
to help make this
gofundme for this family make a
difference for them
and to drive up a change so we are still
70 dollars away guys
70 away from me testing out and trying
that oh that beef jerky
um so make sure you guys come on over
here back over here mighty bars media if
you guys have anchor call-in moments if
you guys want to
call in and just make fun of me as i’m
eating those peppers
you guys are more than welcome to of
course on the anchor calling moment um
and uh but yes so we’re gonna have matt
spike and myself tomorrow night 8 p.m
eastern on the muddy water show
then on wednesday night of course we
have my fellow americans spike cohen
sitting down with another amazing guest
thursday night we’re gonna finish off uh
not finish off
correction not finish off
we’re gonna have matt wright with the
writer’s block he’s going to have
another wonderful fantastic guest
and to finish off the week
properly we’re going to have
eskimo libertarian and the
the lesser bearded muddy waters team
member cajun libertarian
on for from bayous to igloos
where you guys are going to be able to
see a fantastic show if you guys have
not seen them yet
you guys have been missing out sh sorely
but make sure you guys tune in for from
bayous to igloos on friday night
with cajun and eskimo it’s gonna be a
fantastic time
and uh i’m so excited for that of course
that’s right there would almost get us
through the week
but this sunday night if you guys have
missed it the lnc has a new chair
and the cajun libertarian i believe
somebody tried to fact check me on this
but cajun libertarian was the first
verified scheduled
appointment for a podcast for the brand
chair of the lnc so if you guys have not
followed cajun libertarian go get him on
his own facebook page because he doesn’t
want to
fuse into muddy waters media the same
way that i did
which is why he’s a lesser beard big
love on that but
make sure you guys go and check that out
so you guys can see what the
what the plan is for the future of the
lnc figure out what the
lp is doing um knowledge spirit is
better than cajun spirit big facts right
um oh jeez no i just rode my eye oh no
so so we’ve got a hell of a week lined
up for you guys
cajun libertarians got his three shows
um so make sure you guys are hopping in
those as you guys can
make sure you guys hit hit hit us up
tomorrow night
for the pepper payne you guys want i
that you guys want to save that money so
you guys can just see the real deal
tomorrow i understand it’s gonna be
and if you guys really want to bring the
pain you guys know
exactly where to go with it so
remember that’s 7 million scoville units
the hottest is nine million so i mean
in terms of of heat
you’re just dead after one and a half so
seven million
tomorrow is going to be well well
lubricated night for me um
as i’m going to be on fire skirting
around this whole entire place
uh good luck catching me on camera as i
am dying
but it’s for a great cause and i will do
it again if i have to
but that’s gonna wrap up the show
tonight guys i appreciate each and every
one of you guys coming through here
showing some love being a part of the
community being a part of the muddy
fan club if you will or being part of
the family
um because that’s what we all are and so
i’m so excited for you guys to be here
and and i’m excited to be back on the
microphone once again i hope
that i haven’t bored you guys too much
but make sure you guys catch up with the
cajun libertarian tonight
8 30. don’t miss this show sorry 9 30 9
30 freedom time so you got you got 40
minutes for that
with that guys i hope you have a great
night see you guys tomorrow
don’t make it too painful appreciate
take care big love see you guys tomorrow

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