Mr Bearded Truth – 16 – Doing your part with Jack Casey

Liberty. It’s so important for every aspect of our lives and it takes all of us doing our part! Join Jason as he talks with the author of the Royal Green series, Jack Casey.

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Episode Transcript

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hello and welcome to mr america the
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and now your host the friendly
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hey testing one two hey there we go so
now that you guys have missed all of my
intro uh let me give it to you again
oh thank you guys so much for being here
so glad you guys are here uh so glad
that you guys took the time to hop in
here tonight we’ve got an amazing show
i’ve got the one the only
jack casey
the author of the royal green series
he’s coming on tonight to talk to you
guys about doing your part in this
liberty movement
and so i’m incredibly excited for that
but before we get into that we of course
have to do some of the housekeeping we
got to show some love for those who have
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so the first love
that we have to give thanks to of course
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love you guys and appreciate you guys
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of course we got to start off with the
the only now we’re not going to talk
about his yet uh
let’s talk about kelsey kelsey lion
graphic designs are
so incredibly important for everything
if you look around on my screen right
now if you look in the bottom middle you
look on the top right um those were made
by the one the only jack or kelsey lion
i’m so incredibly excited about this
woman she is amazing
um she is fantastic uh she has helped on
so many different campaigns from ashley
shade who was one of the one
out of the 150 to 200 libertarians
elected last week
up there in massachusetts you have joe
jorgensen spike cohen
natalie bruno who’s running for governor
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i also want to give a quick shout out to
the greasy porcupines
with seeing the the economy shuddering
and seeing people struggling to be able
to take care of something so incredibly
important as their their vehicle gets
them to and from work gets them around
and uh makes life livable
my man alex flores came through in a big
way creating
greasy porcupines where it’s almost
it’s almost like uber for a mechanic
where he can give you roadside
assistance tune-ups maintenance oil
changes etc but the special thing is the
the important part of this is that’s pay
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so go on over there check them out
this guy is absolutely fantastic so he’s
currently servicing arizona and working
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help the man out
fantastic um algorithm all the way
love it and for this one which
i’ll leave it up for a second i’m not
gonna talk about it um
i mean i like the guy a little bit a lot
a bit uh
some amount of bits if you will
but might as well hear it from himself
the author of the royal green
uh series a fantastic man who will love
to discuss the uh the philosophical side
of libertarianism of minoritism versus
anarchism he’s a wealth of knowledge
he’s a unifier um and a bridge burner
it’s it’s this this beautiful concoction
of a man
uh has been both in inspirational and
frustrating depending on which side of
the aisle you’re sitting on but
nonetheless let’s bring him in mr jack
casey himself
how are you good sir
that was a perfect description
it fits it fits it does it does i feel
the same way
yeah we have our different vibes on
different different issues and and
sometimes you know sometimes it’s worth
building those bridges and sometimes the
hell out of myself
sometimes you just want to put an m80 on
the bridge like
yeah first decisions were made and it’s
yeah yeah
so first of all i i can’t pull it up
without pulling it up over this way
oh yeah what what is this the hell’s
vampires and witches rule the world to
keep us safe just like they always have
haven’t they what does this mean
where can they find out more information
what’s going on
i decided after um
these last six months and working hard
to get my uh my labor of love my passion
project the royal green series out
after many long nights and struggling
and telling myself just get this done
and then you can get back
to other things and leave riding alone
for a bit i of course then immediately
decided no not done i got more to say
more to do
and um this is my new little project
kind of an experiment um
a lot of writers do this thing in
november where they try to write a whole
book in the month of november i thought
that sounded fun um but mine’s sort of
in the spooky kind of halloween themed
vibe so i i i’m giving it a shot but
it’s gonna be kind of a short story or
almost like a mini series that could be
like a sort of pilot season and uh
i like i just want to make fun of of our
society and the chronovirus thing and
everything happening right now
you know because guys i i i was
fortunate enough that the things i was
writing about before had enough like
themes and parallels that you could kind
of draw to our situation right now just
like government in general and
authoritarianism and all that but now
that i’ve finished that this was my
chance to just
go all out and and
just make fun of everything that’s
happened the last year and a half and
the point we’re at and hence the parody
if vampires and werewolves and witches
took over we’re running things and
drinking our blood and if we had just
decided that was okay and normal
you know i mean
you gotta trust the science right but
yeah yeah that was beautiful i i’m still
stuck on one thing that you said so
authors are are just taking the month of
november to like
pour amount of unsufferable time into
making a book and hoping that it’s gonna
be good it sounds
so for somebody who’s not an author
clearly i i barely know how to read most
days um
that sounds like known as november where
it’s just like
you just want to suffer in the entire
time you’re like can november be over
already i’m done with this it’s right
it’s like the opposite but creatively
it’s like nut
creatively as hard and fast as we can
to put it delicately yeah because this
is a family show i’m gonna i’m gonna
share with you so the female bottle
bottle neck
bottle nose dolphin
um they recently found out that they
they excrement this this
fluid that causes the male to
get aroused and to ejaculate
over and over and over again so i feel
like this is you guys you guys are just
like november’s here just pour it on me
let me just
ejaculate all of this literature during
the month of november now that i’ve i’ve
lost the interest of everybody the memes
are i can hear them being made right now
so so
i do but that’s a great analogy sure
yeah i think so do you want to yeah i
want to dive into of course tonight’s
topic because kind of as as you framed
it even um
we have a culture we have a society we
have a political reckoning going on
right now where there’s so much changing
and arguably the way that
all of us libertarians are looking at
this is we’re going straight down into
the [ __ ]
and and so with that understanding right
the economy is is
on on
teetering on collapse we’ve got
um society at each other’s throats right
over covid over uh the written house and
that trial we’ve got like so many
different like small social things that
are just causing people to stay at their
next at each other’s necks um
with with the all on edge yeah with the
parties being so far divided and
everything else we’re we’re getting to a
point where there’s concerns for
in the future of of a revolution of
sorts of of like a civil war and
everything else
and and so this was really how we got to
this conversation
was like what could we be doing
during the what do we need to be doing
during those times but of course this is
also what we need to be doing today and
so this is why i i framed it as doing
your part
so we have so much of this this stuff
that is volatile and scary what can we
be doing in our lives what should we be
doing in order to promote liberty what
what bridges can we building all these
things all these topics all just come
down to
jack casey what
be the authoritarian for us tell us what
do we need to do in order to to make
society better
on the individual basis
as supreme lord casey i um i know i
i know for me
i i know i reached that point in my life
where i had these creative ideas or
pursuits and these these things that i
knew made me happy to do
and i think that’s actually a big part
of it not only finding your role like in
the party in the movement you know
trying to change things
but also like artistically and
creatively and like
finding the things that just make your
soul happy and and and connecting them
to the stuff we we talk about and fight
for you know and and and connecting to
people through those things so that
we don’t just sound like you know
a skipping cd
talking about only libertarian stuff but
that we can actually also connect to
people on like you know
everything from movies to music to other
entertainment or um
or just the jobs we work things we do
things we do to have to pay the bills um
yeah you know and and
to not to not
assume that our focus only has to be on
the the politics itself but but to kind
branch beyond it too and
you know just
as a person just like find the things
that you love and can
you know obviously we want to do the
things we love for a living but even if
not just to still do the things you love
create these like cool pathways to
liberty that go outside just the you
the conversations the social media
arguments the things that we all get
into and because like those social media
arguments those change everyone’s minds
they’re right yes we’ve all we’ve all
wielded the double-edged sword of
social media and
it can do a lot of great and it can also
do harm but i think uh
yeah it is really cool though like with
things like clubhouse and stuff it is
cool how we’re all connecting and how
much the mainstream
media narratives are are breaking down
and almost impossible to
maintain because we’re all just like
making fun of them at this point i mean
if anything
yeah i i honestly the inspiration for
this short story i’m working on is is
largely that it’s like it’s like the
the meme energy of like
making fun of what the world has
and pointing out how absurd it all is
and and that’s what i want to do with
the satire and things is like
you know through humor when people over
and also by making fun of ourselves i
mean i i’ll be the first to make fun of
myself all the time as you all know
yes i mean you’re paying people to make
fun of you sometimes too yeah
but yeah i think i think
everyone’s going to have something they
love outside of their politics and i say
just pursue those things as much as you
can as well for your own peace of mind
too it’s good for you know we get burnt
out like i i yes
we have those those days or those weeks
where we’re just like
it’s just so much stimulation it’s
overwhelming and and you have to like
turn it off and step away and think and
look in the mirror and be like all right
am i
am i
doing this the most constructive or
productive way i can and am i also like
you know are you also happy
to like recover and come back to it yeah
and i think like once we go through
those burnouts like we look at other
people and and for me
like when i look at like spike cohen who
went through the campaign and
got off the campaign and was like all
right election’s over back on the
campaign trail effectively like it’s
just like man how does that guy not burn
out but
you’re absolutely right like so with
within our own lives we have to do
something right we’re always moving
we’re always growing we’re always
changing so whether you could do this in
your professional life or if you guys
are are creating a podcast on muddy
waters media monday nights like outside
of your your normal
lives right i i do this clearly because
it’s a passion for me or if you’re jack
casey and you’re writing books and and
providing a beautiful life and a
complete luxury and sipping from goblets
on on a podcast like
i’m trying it’s straight vodka by the
way there’s no water in this it’s oh i
love it um
but but i think that like really what’s
important is that
when we talk about this
we always look at at
culture changers and and who’s impacted
you the most in in your life right
because i don’t think any of us were
born libertarians none of us were
we like popped out the womb and we’re
like taxation’s theft you know we we
kind of we had to grow and develop most
of us came from the right or from the
left uh some of us came from
a political point was just like you know
[ __ ] all this i’m just kind of kind of
against the system
but we all got influenced by somebody
out there and it didn’t have to be a
politician it didn’t have to be a
podcaster it didn’t have to be an author
um it may have just been somebody that
was in your in your life and so for me
doing your part uh to help promote this
this this movement that we’re on this
this growing
desire to have freedom once again
is that
we have to be that positive influence
and and it’s
you know we’re going to burn a lot of
bridges along the way some of them are
rightly burned some of them were like i
shouldn’t have done it that way um yeah
but i think i think that that right
there is what the what the foundation
has to be is that we have to be that
embodiment and we have to be those
positive influences for others and i
know like the reason why i wanted you on
for this conversation specifically is
because i’ve seen you in those clubhouse
rooms and if you guys aren’t on
clubhouse go get on clubhouse um but
i’ve seen you in those clubhouse rooms
where you’re seeing two people argue
just like at one another and then you go
hey guys let’s let’s have like an actual
conversation here you break it down and
you bring that unity to where you have
the opportunity for both of those people
to grow from those and and i think that
that was one of like the most
that was the time that i fell in love
with jack casey
and then i saw jack casey the second
time and i was like well [ __ ] this guy i
was just kidding
i mean [ __ ] jack casey is the hashtag um
i i
i always joke like then when people do
decide they hate me that
they keep saying [ __ ] me but i won’t be
able to tell if they’re saying it
because they were
yes but um no i thank you for saying
you know i think we have these different
sizes ourselves and i’m glad you can
appreciate that at heart i definitely
like being a peacemaker and someone who
like inspires the [ __ ] out of people and
wants to just like get to the root of
every problem or issue and figure out
what’s really going on with people just
like we do with the left and the right
we see these like
these feuds going on and the everyone’s
you know seeing red and the red haze and
they can’t or in some cases the blue
haze and um and and they can’t uh
you know
see what the the solution that we are
often offering that’s right we’re like
it’s right in front of you here’s the
solution yeah um
and it’s tough it’s so hard it shows how
much even our own circles and even in
our own stations it man it is tempting
to bring out that [ __ ] sword and
start chopping heads once we
certain lines are drawn and at times we
may need to and that’s that’s perfectly
you know and everyone’s right too but it
i i do believe in loving one’s enemies
and opponents and
um being as as merciful as we are
righteous because also
you know we can each be sometimes the
one who looks back and goes oh yeah no i
there was something i wasn’t seeing or
getting at the time right yeah it
happens like every six months or a year
we kind of go through these different
phases of thought and
you know to
try and be as charitable
uh to others as we’d want them to be
theirselves which is something spike and
others say all the time so that’s
definitely something i’m
we’re all trying to remind ourselves of
a lot i feel like we just need to name
drop spike a couple more times on here
yeah no he’s he’s still one of the best
examples uh example setters out there
for that kind of thing there’s a lot of
good voices to do it’s flabbergasting to
watch this dude just like come out there
and just be like hey you know here’s let
me just lay out a well-rationed point
for you like i already know what you’re
already thinking for like counterpoints
so let me just go ahead and put those to
the side real quick and yeah if
so i don’t want to i don’t want to go
off on a tangent with this or like go
too far off the path but i had spike on
to talk about qualified immunity
like three days later on some random
post on muddy waters we had a topic come
up of qualified immunity and there was a
guy that
didn’t agree with golf or didn’t agree
with taking qualified i mean he thought
it was a necessary thing
and he had like throughout this comment
thread had multiple points where he was
like well this well this well this and i
read through them all and i was like hey
look if you just watch this episode of
spike cohen he answers all of those like
yeah yeah just link drop here
i can’t i can’t
force you to watch this but all of your
answers or all of your questions have
already been answered um
yeah which i think is the ultimate
aspiration for all of us that are
getting engaged on this but
the peacemaking thing is the most
important right to rationalize to
humanize and and to work with people to
say look
i want to try to help you see
and maybe we can do both maybe there’s a
nice balance where we can be you know
slang and resurrecting we can be um
we can be ruthless towards the ideas
when we think they’re wrong but still
redemptive towards the people who are
ensnared by these ideas i think that’s
the key thing it’s like you know this is
a classic
hate sin love the center it’s like like
you want to
you know show people why
they’re being lied to and and i think
and that is a big part of it too there’s
there’s something about reminding
ourselves that
a lot of the people and let’s talk about
the politicians the people with the
actual power the actual [ __ ] monsters
out there who are really psychotic but
the average person who we have to
and i have to buy himself this too
because it’s
but it’s like they’re they’re also
victims of this system that has
you know brainwashed i mean people have
you know we kind of joke that people
becoming zombies but it’s like yeah
they’re poisoning the water people are
turning you know metaphorically or
literally um and they’re people are um
they see them as fellow
as fellow victims of the system that
has in some cases yeah turned them into
just willful slaves and it’s sad to see
it’s so sad to see because those of us
who are awake to it
you know you just want to shake people
and yeah do you want it don’t you want
to live and be free
come on like get up
get up here’s a sword let’s go um
but uh
yeah so but but again i i think you know
man i really i’m reminded how much humor
and entertainment can really
persuade people or make a point or show
people something that if you were just
you know going after them being mean to
them about it it wouldn’t it wouldn’t
necessarily help change their mind even
if you made a certain point yeah and i
and and and i and with this saturday
thing i’m doing i’m going to be pretty
ruthlessly making fun of of society and
stuff but i think when you have that
kind of i don’t know comedic or or
there’s something about that or what’s
the quote right
i should know the quote um
the you know if you’re gonna tell
someone the truth make them laugh or
they’ll kill you that’s kind of
you know the another lesson like yeah i
forget who it is it’s probably it’s
probably someone i should know yeah
that’s probably it might be like
uh yeah i don’t know
but but no i mean the the point is there
right is that if you can make people
laugh they’ll listen
if you just if you just hit them with
the truth like
we we’re often so quick to
when things don’t align with our own
agenda narrative perspective thoughts
etc when things go against it we we want
to fight back against it we don’t even
listen to it oftentimes
but if you’re laughing about it you’re
gonna like
you’re gonna
i there are still comedians this day
that i haven’t heard 20 years ago but
their their jokes still rattle around in
my head because i laughed so hard
and if i could if somebody could relay
libertarianism through that and just
make me laugh of being like taxation’s
theft i’m like
like that’s like
like turn into something funny rather
than just like they think we’re like
nagging at society like like oh don’t
you don’t you don’t you know about this
and instead if it’s like like what i’m
doing with this satire it’s like you
know the the
the you know you’ve got werewolves
prowling the streets and you know
enforcing curfew and ripping people’s
throats out and you mentioned qualified
immunity and in this story it’s called
transformation immunity where you know
they’re protect they’re like the law
enforcement protected from you know
consequence if they if they rip someone
apart while transformed you know and
stuff and and like
this way of kind of showing like do you
see how brutal and unforgiving some of
the system is right now by kind of
exaggerating or showing like you know
like like
just switching the the
the metaphors around so that people can
kind of
see why something might be yeah just
putting it into an analogy form yeah
it’s putting in an analogy so that way
it’s not you’re not looking at a police
officer with a badge that’s going
through and destroying somebody’s life
and then being protected with qualified
immunity now it’s a werewolf that gets
just rip your throat out and then go
right i was transformed bro what do you
mean exactly right right exactly and the
same with like taxation theft and in
this world i’m making you know the
monsters rule and so they’re making
everyone use their blood as currency and
they’re they’re taxing and taking our
blood they call it the blood gift and so
you know
people of normal you know to make fun of
people who think it’s it’s normal okay
that we pay all these taxes it’s like
you know i have you’ll have someone in
there saying something like you know
what makes you think you have the right
to keep a hundred percent of your own
blood you know like just pay your blood
gifts like it’s you know and people are
getting like drained you know and
they’re they’re like
feeling awful because you know the blood
gift rates are going up and like just
something where you can kind of show
like do you see how this is killing
people do you see how it’s kind of like
as if you were having your blood drained
by these you know monsters and stuff
everything i hope that the government in
in in your book is just like spilling
blood everywhere they’re going like it’s
just around it’s dark it’s so [ __ ] up
it’s so fun i’ve been having way too
much fun writing it it’s like dark
comedy political satire dystopian
fiction all that in one oh man and uh i
just yeah i might read my first jack
casey i might read my first jack casey
now um yeah and it’s it’s meant it’s
gonna it’s gonna offend a lot of people
and it’s meant to but to be
hopefully funny enough about it and good
good hearted about it that people get it
and they just kind of see
what i’m going for with it i can’t i i
would love to see like an ardent
leftist like just giant government
supporter read your book and just watch
their head just explode
this guy’s got too much blood in his
i know and i feel like that’s the only
way you know you can reach some people
it’s like feel like do you see how kind
of silly this is you see what you’re
advocating for and um then when the
chronovirus stuff happens it’s you know
i won’t give everything else away but
but it you know
let’s just say two weeks to flatten the
curse is not gonna work um so it’s it’s
it’s just it’s my opportunity to because
i think in other stories and things i
can yeah i can do a slower burn kind of
work people into it and
tell things different way but this is my
chance to just have some fun and and
be as as
dark and weird and and messed up as
possible with it to kind of show like
isn’t our world kind of crazy it’s like
it’s run by monsters and we all just
think that’s normal and we’re all just
like yeah handing over our blood and you
know we’re and you know the witches are
the covens are you know pushing potions
on us and doing these things to kind of
establish more control and all that i
mean i i love it it writes itself it’s
all right there yeah no i i love that
i ours if you look at our society right
now like it does look like a fanfic it
does look like a just pure fiction like
there’s no way that this could be real
here we are living um i have a question
from the audience that i i i love the
words that they decided to use in this
question um which is why i had to had to
hop off that train real quick to ask
this how would you release someone
enchanted by their moral support is
superiority uh when we’re talking about
changing someone’s perspective changing
someone’s mind how do you
how do we grapple with somebody who
thinks that they’re on that moral high
ground and that any other position is
not nearly as mobile noble and moral
then it’s a tough one and i think is
because we
we often believe well of course we have
the moral high ground right we want you
to keep 100 of your own blood and not
have to hand it over to monsters um and
the person we’re speaking to right in
their mind they
you know i feel like there’s two kinds
of people there’s some who really think
they are protecting and helping others
with this stuff
and then i think there’s some who
you know
you know right they think of this moral
high ground they believe it they believe
what they’re saying like yeah
and and i think
it can
i don’t know if it’s always helpful but
sometimes too you can get to the root
motivations and see that sometimes
people really are
i mean i guess we’ve said this before
too they’re also just scared i mean
they’re just afraid
oh they’re just afraid and and they they
find the thing that makes them feel safe
and then they will
cover that in whatever
justification they can
just a justification
yeah those are all layers on top of the
root which is just fear these are people
who are afraid they’re afraid of you
and that’s where you know your empathy
kicks in and the peacemaker comes in
because you’re like it’s just very
scared people but then a pardon me wants
to you know
shake him up and be like okay but you
know facing your fear and dealing with
fear is part of being human and part of
fight the things that are scary and
protect people you love and and figure
out how to make the world a better place
i just i hope that the braver we are
with the things we believe and and our
courage speaking out and saying stuff
that’s often
not popular yeah
it can help make other people braver
especially especially like with the cove
itself and the people who i think are
quietly against a lot of this but they
known if or when it’s safe to really
like express that and i think the more
of us they see
you know being disobedient you know
taking off the mass refusing the vaccine
you know speaking up about how crazy a
lot of this stuff has become
it’ll help others find that courage
and and
yeah and maybe question the world views
i mean we all went through it at some
point right like we’re talking about
like left and right wherever you came
from at some point your world view was
challenged and you had to face that oh
okay i will i will entertain you all
with um
uh maybe i’ll do like a reading here
he finds something oh no he’s back okay
i’ll talk about that
no you’re good you’re good my wife might
walk in the door in a minute so no
you’re good
continue on sorry i had a head
wife came home
yeah no i i think
that is the part of me i i like best
when i can
when you try to see yourself and the
people who
believe the things you once believed
yeah and something and sometimes too and
maybe maybe part of me it’s like
i know if i can go back in time i might
punch myself in the face there’s a lot
of stuff that i really had about myself
for right i’m like i i would kick my ass
because of the dumb [ __ ] i was saying to
him but then at the same time
here i am so i have to try and believe
that there are people who
um are just like me and others who
we’re all
just drank the authoritarian kool-aid
and and we’re just blinded by it at that
time yeah i think that like when we talk
about like
our past person
say what we will about meta or facebook
or whatever else but those damn memories
i love looking back at
but i love looking back at my memories
and be like what the [ __ ] was i thinking
yes we should just and i still do that
week to week i still i mean you know we
have these like larger redemption arcs
of our thought but even week to week you
know i may look yeah something i said
yes and be like what was i thinking uh
you know so if we can give ourselves the
the time to fix small mistakes and small
scale times i think
yeah so but but but the other question
is right with things happening as fast
as they are how much time do we have
and and and maybe another question is
who who can we reach faster
who’s already closer to us or able to
see this quicker
and and make sure we’re not wasting all
of our resources on those who are so far
still in in authoritarian land that like
like we could bring them over but it’s
going to take five years for 10 years
you know of working on them whereas
their i think the last year and a half i
would imagine there are millions and
millions of people who are ready right
now to be reached just on one issue or
two you know and whether it’s the
vaccine mandates or whatever else you
know like
it reminds me like okay yeah it’s not
that we can’t save everyone or at least
a lot of people in the end but
which ones should we prioritize reaching
out to first and and make as much
progress there as we can so that
as we have the slow burners in the
background we can still get the people
who are you know yeah who are just
looking for someone to tell them what
they’ve needed to hear which is hey
you’re right for thinking this shit’s
pretty [ __ ] crazy you’re right for
being a little nervous about the state
of the world right now there’s something
going on and it’s not right and and
you know
it’s long before chronovirus but but
this is definitely the biggest one so
yeah it’s it’s it’s a it’s great that
you brought up like that whole like if
you find that one or two topics that you
do find that alignment with an agreement
with i turn that down i’m sorry um but
when you find that that that alignment
and agreement with somebody and you’re
able to to have that unifying moment
i think that one of the best things
us in the liberty movement or
libertarianism wherever wherever you
guys are personally
is that we can say look because we got
here from this reasoning right we have
this rationale and and applying it
consistently is why we’re on this other
thing so as long as we’re building those
relationships around those one or two
over time they’re going to be
we’re going to be able to have those
be able to make more transitions with
them later on down the road and so
this is also like um you know as you
were saying right grabbing somebody
who’s a full-on left-wing or full-on
authoritarian we’re not gonna we should
not expect to wake them up tomorrow and
then the next day they’re signed up for
the party and making changes but what we
can expect is that when we show them
gratitude we’re grace and we we
treat them as people and we over time
build bridges with them we find that one
singular thing that we do agree upon and
we build on those things that maybe 20
years down the road they are a
torch-bearing libertarian and bringing
it about that and so um i don’t want us
to get caught up in and thinking that
all this liberty stuff is just in the
short term right this is how people get
really burnt out the way that they have
in the past right we see we see people
get into the liberty movement that i i
i love and adore still to this day and
i don’t want to name drop them too bad
but shane sweeney um from south carolina
he was a guy who got me into the party
he had a radio show he was doing a lot
of fantastic things and he was just like
look i’m gonna i’m gonna pursue liberty
in my personal life i’m gonna be the
best damn libertarian out there
but the whole political thing is not for
and and
and that’s great i love him for for
making that decision i don’t want him to
be burned out but we have to we have to
be consistent with our lives and he’s
certainly still remaining that
consistency and he’s still inspiring
others to to take up this journey with
us to to bring about liberty and i think
that that’s so incredibly important
because he’s changing young people old
and in between people
yeah and exactly because the movement is
bigger than the party they’re they’re
the ideas
you know
as much as we want to and that’s what i
hope we do soon is bring more of these
people into the party and into this you
know whole thing but
but that yeah there’s plenty of people
who can still do a lot of good work even
if it’s not
you know libertarian stuff if it’s still
getting people to think differently
about things and you know
yeah and anyone in that range of where
we’re at i think is doing good work
wherever they’re at and that’s that’s
fine i certainly hope to bring more
people in and
um and so forth but
uh yeah no i i get it it’s
it’s tough and especially with
everything going on lately i understand
people’s urgency i felt it myself and it
they can make you angry and i know i
mean i’ve got
you’ll see in in these stories certainly
plenty of uh of
anger to express but um
but to save a lot of that base energy
for uh
for for the real monsters at the top
people with the seats of power you know
like like spike going after the [ __ ]
atf on their oh my god
like like to direct all of our heat
towards the people who are
actually causing the problems yeah in in
you know the ones who are really and not
that we can’t still be redemptive there
for those who renounce their ways
and uh and maybe beg uh but the for that
for the average person
it’s an interesting line to walk it’s
really tough i struggle with this often
as you know and it’s a party that has
this like righteous anger and and
sometimes it just feels good to like
like let it out and maybe maybe that’s
why you know people have other outlets
to get
some of the
the power and emotion out
um for me i know it’s fiction
in that way it’s not being directed
necessarily in targeting individuals or
trying to you know
do more harm than good so yeah
yeah fight the ideas slay the dragons
you know
keep our guns pointed at uh metaphorical
guns pointed at the uh very metaphorical
the people
super duper
swords they’re not worried about swords
keep our swords pointed at the uh
the people in power who were [ __ ] all
of us over
and um
and and understand that like
going off of that like understand that
it’s it’s
just because they have supporters
doesn’t mean that the supporters aren’t
their ignorance is not should not be a
death sentence
right and and
i i we see it all the time right we
for lack of a better term the status
right both sides of the aisle they’ve
fallen into we have to hate this other
party we have to we have to love what
our party is doing even when we hated
the other party for doing what our party
is doing we have to maintain that
consistency um
the sheep line that’s been used for so
long this is this is this is true right
these these are people that aren’t
thinking they’re not doing their
research this is why libertarianism is
so boring because we go and we say well
how the hell does the fed work and then
after coming out of our cavern six
months later like not shaving and you
know having a big beard or having hair
like jack casey like we crawl out of our
cavern and we’re like let’s talk about
the federal reserve and everyone’s like
we’re talking about voting the ids like
we gotta talk about the fed the fed is
destroying our lives yeah
well right and instead of saying you
hitting him with the federal reserve
bank off the bat for example you tell a
little story in which they’re you know
this monster society is uh
is using the fetal reserve bank to to
uh increase the blood supply based on
the you know future generations of
children you know to uh
keep this lots of fun because the
[ __ ] metaphors you can use to make
fun of the whole because if they could
just create their own blood however they
want to why are they taxing yes i mean
right right
yeah thanks to your sacrifice of your
unborn children aka future generations
we can now
increase the blood supply indefinitely
i’m sure it’ll totally work yeah yeah
just go have babies just go make all the
babies okay yeah
but make sure make sure you guys are
married so we can get a bigger tax
oh my god yeah
i do have hope though you know we all
have our dark days where we’re just like
oh my
god what’s going on yeah and then
there’s other days where you see
people pushing back and i think
over the last uh
year and a half
hi bean
yeah over the last year and a half
though definitely was like a a good
opportunity um
for us libertarians to to step out and
and to bring people together i think
that yeah
yeah go ahead
well no i i think one thing i’ve
been really excited about is that can we
i really think this this cobit stuff the
whole gen everything going on i feel
like it’s the biggest most pressing
radical shift
probably since 9 11 i mean i mean you
know and that
if on that issue alone there are
tens of millions of people who
who whatever their politics or thing are
at least starting to go what the hell is
going on yeah then yeah maybe maybe if
there’s people we can reach there you
know we’re not going to sell them on
everything else right away they’re not
going to necessarily know or care about
this or that but
whatever the big thing affecting
millions people’s lives is right now if
we can just just reach them on that and
and show them we care
and then you know we can work on the
other stuff
that maybe they’re not as perfectly
libertarian on as we’d all like and it
gets them on the path at least
yeah yeah and just tell them hey there
is there’s a better way it’s a better
option and and even if that’s in again
too like as much i also love the recent
electoral success we’ve had
but even even without having to wait for
elections like like like i wasn’t saying
like just disobeying stuff like
we don’t have to wait for electoral
victory for libertarian ideas to win
if the culture starts getting what we’re
going for and liking what we’re saying
we can kind of win long before it ever
comes in election and i truly think that
is what will allow us to win in
more elections is is because we’ll
already be winning
the ideas and people and so i think um
i think there’s hope it’s just yeah it’s
just how much can we do fast enough
yeah can we re-prioritize our focus so
that we can
bring people to this thing you know yeah
we definitely have to have that cultural
shift i mean everyone is everyone always
says that politics is downstream of
um so we have to change the culture we
have to change our society we have to
change the way we look at our neighbors
i mean
i knew growing up i knew all my
neighbors names i’ve lived in this house
now for three or four years
i know two of my neighbors
there’s some neighbors i just i frankly
don’t want to know but um
i’ve looked at them i was like not not
my not my cup of tea um
blame me for judging the book by its
cover but but but the point is is like
we don’t have
we don’t have what was normal for us
growing up and and
and going off of covert with this quote
unquote new normal which suddenly has
dropped off the face of everyone’s
we have to get back to being a society
again we have to get back to seeing
neighbors to seeing people in society
and not saying what kind of a disease
could you potentially be throwing at me
right now
um yeah
but instead going hey look
what’s your name
what do you what are you doing like how
can i how can i be there for you in in
this the shitty thing that we call life
um because our lives are already made
terrible by the government it’s already
without even the government just think
about just think about life in general
right right just being able to provide
for yourself for your family
you know doing this day in and day out
for the rest of your lives i mean that’s
difficult enough and then government
comes on and just topples on a bunch of
regulations taxes everything else
like yeah
couldn’t we at least like make our
work with one another
you know well especially with all the
stuff the
vaccinated and like i mean
it it’s
i’ll admit it it’s been
it’s been really scary and disheartening
to see
the kind of
you know mob think and the kind of like
the stuff we read about
either in history or the dystopian
novels we read or whatever
where people can can allow themselves to
you know really
just persecutions and awful and just
yeah and
it um
i hope that when what we do is like he
said like we we can we can show people
like yeah look these people you’re being
told to hate on tv for not what getting
a vaccine or whatever like these are
human beings and they’re not a threat to
you and the fear they’re selling you to
make you afraid of people and afraid of
like you know
the government not being like like to
yeah it’s
it’s just fear it’s been really tough
yeah yeah and to break that veil
yeah to show people how to
you know be i guess
be human again if that makes sense you
know it’s like it’s like the government
wants them us all to be as monstrous as
they are and all we have to do is say no
yeah i love people i’m gonna fight
people i’m i’m gonna be on the same side
people i don’t even like or agree with
on stuff it’s gonna be you know i hope
under the libertarian umbrella we can
show how to get the most liberal person
the most conservative person to actually
be on the same side of something and be
like i don’t agree with half the [ __ ]
you’re doing with your life and you
don’t agree with having sit down with my
life but who cares because neither one
of us wants to force it on each other
and we’re both like
so mad at the people in power that we
just don’t care anymore we don’t care i
don’t care what your
i don’t care what gender you’re i don’t
care skin color like it’s just
yeah let’s let’s go kick some monster
ass and uh and let’s let’s
let’s liberate humanity because
the if anything what they benefit from
is us hating each other and being
divided and categorizing ourselves in
whatever identity group or thing to keep
us separated and thinking like that and
to keep us not united against the actual
powerful elites and the people who are
really [ __ ] us all over and maybe
some of us more than others but man are
they [ __ ] all of us somehow yeah so
that that that whole thing if i could
just take that into a pill and just
start dropping it into people like that
would be amazing just be able to
truly change that and i want to go off
of another comment from the from the
comment section
of course with this is that you know um
it’s not a question it’s just a it’s
just a comment but it’s uh
you know we have to keep engaging with
these one-on-ones with these individuals
um because when you reach out to one and
you inspire one person to make a change
they’re going to influence more people
and so on and so forth and so we all
have this opportunity through whatever
lens that you are
engaging in the liberty movement
angle you’re taking in order to
influence others in this culture and the
society and politics and and legislation
whatever it is when you guys are able to
infect one person there’s unlimited
possibilities of of how that person is
going to affect other people and so we
quickly and easily have like the
snowflake theory where it just takes one
and then suddenly you’ve got like a
blizzard happening in front of you um so
so never
never stop doing this never stop being
jack casey in writing books never be um
spike cohen and just being an absolute
political machine never stopped being
matt wright and and holding down muddy
bars of freedom on on tuesday nights for
for spike to to go off the show notes uh
i didn’t say that out loud uh you know
never stop doing whatever it is that
you’re doing if if you’re just that
libertarian that works on the assembly
line that just rambles at everybody and
you get them to think about stuff never
stop doing that
we have to do our part and and
i don’t know i i
i love
i love listening to jack casey and if
you guys are not on clubhouse you guys
gotta get over to clubhouse and listen
to jack casey
be that unifier guy you’re too kind
you’re bringing out my best side my
better side yeah i mean this is the jack
casey i i love
is is this look go ahead
and if you and
you know
when you if you want to be an [ __ ]
too do it but at least be funny make
people laugh
make people laugh if you want
to they’ll appreciate you for it and uh
and i think you can show people you love
and and everything we’re fighting for
whether you’re being mr nice guy or
a funny a-hole just just sell it just
sell it to people however you’re going
to sell it if you’re going to be a great
marketing salesman and you’re going to
sell it to all the best of them you’re
probably going to have humor like jack
said if you want to just be that
boring bland marketer i don’t care maybe
somebody’s going to pick up some of your
stuff just just go out there and sell
liberty you guys will you guys will
ins impart more of a difference than
what you guys may expect um when you
guys are doing this so it’s important
that we all do our part out there and
and jack casey is certainly doing this
and so jack i want can you plug all of
the places that we can find you your
your literature and uh your your nutting
everyday november book
yes um so so the is still
valid it will take you to the same site
um it’s now been rebranded as
now that i have more than one series
yes it’s not fully operational yet but
but this new one is beginning and
hopefully many more i have a lot of
stories and things i want to tell some
are very
on the nose satirical like this one you
know libertarians got a kick out of it
it’s just me having a good time um being
uh and then
and then others are gonna be more you
know probably more easily picked up by
the mainstream or by general readers too
um but yeah jack you can
find everything there
and yeah whether whether you love
the fantasy stuff or you just love
anything that has some libertarian
and uh
yeah you can find it all there i don’t
know what else to plug at this time i i
think i think one important distinction
to make is that um i
you’re talking to me about the royal
green series before and that this is not
just for libertarians who already agree
with the libertarian philosophy but this
is also right give it to your your
status friends give it to somebody who’s
not quite a libertarian yet and let it
over the course of those three books let
it develop from just a questioning idea
to a
here’s why libertarian is what it is and
and allow for these books to sell you
to sell libertarianism in in another
meaningful and impactful way
am i close on that
no that’s perfect
as i say the royal green series is
basically my own self-reflection and
chronicling of my own journey both
politically and spiritually in other
ways and and
kind of chronicling that because yeah i
i like many of us i started with very
authoritarian views and part of when i
was writing that was me starting to
question those views and kind of put
them on trial
and and and ask myself those tough
questions through the characters so
so in that story yes exactly you see
that journey towards uh towards liberty
kind of very organically and naturally
and then and then for those of us who
just you know are just looking to have a
good time and make fun of the whole
system already
this new one i’m working on will be for
you because uh we all need just
sometimes uh to you know let all of our
humor and angst and darkness and
weirdness and
that’s what i’m doing with this one now
don’t know when yet a couple weeks maybe
i’m gonna i’ll announce myself soon but
you can see it on that website perfect all right
well i appreciate it so much man i’ve
gotta we gotta wrap things up here so
you gotta listen to my crazy ramblings
um but it was a absolute pleasure to
have you on tonight man thank you so
much for taking time out of your busy
busy busy busy schedule
uh because it is november and you’re
supposed to be doing something right now
but but thank you so much for for coming
we’ve we
for those in the audience we’ve changed
this date for jack casey to come on
1600 times roughly
and every time it’s been it’s been on me
so don’t blame him don’t carry away on
the torch but i’m just i’m happy to be
here hey i appreciate it man but
with that guys i’ve got to wrap it up
for tonight i love you all appreciate
you all guys all you guys gotta make
sure you guys are getting out there and
doing your part to the best that you
guys can sell this liberty make the
changes change culture change the
society we’re in um but
of course you guys aren’t done with
muddy waters media this week tomorrow
night you’ve got spike and mac coming on
for muddy waters of freedom itself
as they traverse those muddied waters uh
wednesday with
no it is this week okay uh wednesday
you’ve got a spike with uh my fellow
americans and thursday night
writer’s block with matt wright and then
friday night
on the eve of the south carolina
libertarian convention which if you guys
are in the area you guys should go to is
of course the cajun libertarian show
from bayous the igloos um so make sure
you guys are are tuning into muddy
waters freedom throughout the rest of
the week and of course if you guys are
still looking for more good content
tonight you guys can go over and check
out cajun libertarian on his facebook
and youtube page uh starting in about 30
minutes you guys are more than welcome
to hop over there show them some love
before he gets here on friday night and
of course if you guys are looking for
more exclusive content and want a
justification for getting on to anchor
dot fm slash muddy water slash subscribe
this saturday will be exclusive content
for you
so with that you guys be well be good
keep fighting good fight love you jack
casey for coming on and love each and
every one of you guys for listening and
watching tonight
take care and i’ll see you guys next
week no i won’t i’ll see you guys in two
weeks but
next week will be a liberty round table
with ashley and sean hickman you guys
have a great night

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