Mr Bearded Truth – 1 – It costs how much to live?

The Beard is back with a new format. Today’s episode will be covering why and how the cost of merely living and doing business continues to climb and dismantle some of the typical talking points we hear from Republicrats.

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Episode Transcript

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oh man already already in the comments
section you guys are killing me oh oh oh
what already starting off with some hate
speech in here saying his k
his the cajun beard is better this this
this is totally unacceptable
robin how are you doing my girl
welcome in yes i’m back i do exist i am
still here i still exist in some
capacity and i’m so glad to be back
uh for those of you who have never seen
me before
uh welcome of course muddy waters media
and uh big thank you of course muddy
wires media for giving me
and still allowing me to have a platform
to come out here
and talk about the truth nothing but the
truth and all of the
bearded truth much better than cajun’s
matt wright is in the house with us
as well this is so good johnny garrett
hey dude i’m so happy to be back
uh so yes my name is jason lyon i am mr
america the bearded truth
i am your neighborhood friendly
libertarian breaking down politics
social and
economic issues for you to make it
palatable so you can spread the good
spread the good message and impart a
positive change to all of our
we got sarah in the house as well i’m so
glad you guys are here so
so much so much happiness so much love
in the room right now you guys are gonna
hate me in five minutes don’t worry
but we are here we are live coming from
the great state of south carolina
we’ve got uh the great spike cone living
in the same state that’s why i know that
i’ve got the best state out there
i’m sorry for the rest of you 49 states
filled with commies
uh maybe florida can get a pass for a
little bit but
we’re already starting with the fun
insider games yes everyone who’s reading
the comment section has just lost the
i am i am so glad to be back it’s been
too long and um as the title goes
we’re trying out a new format so if you
guys are used to
my governor is a [ __ ] that’s the only
way to describe him he is a [ __ ]
um if you guys are used to the old
format wherein we would talk about
current events break it down
explain what the plan from the democrats
and republicans are doing
in order to try to guide the society in
the way that they wanted to break it
down as to what their the implementation
of their
policies would would do would lead to x
y and z
and why that was not a benefit to our
society um well i apologize
we’re changing gears a little bit but we
are diving deep into specific topics to
talk about what the republicrats are
what they have done where we’re
currently at in a situation
and why the libertarian position is
going to bring us freedom prosperity and
a better
unified community all the things that we
all seek
to have but only is it the libertarians
that are
have a path forward on that so it’s
gonna be a good time i’m so excited for
this i know
the couple of people i threw this
segment to um just as an outline
they all were pretty excited about it as
well so i hope you guys are excited
and i’m glad that you guys are all here
with me uh it’s gonna be a good time for
and uh so tonight’s topic we’re gonna be
talking about the cost of living
because this is this really is in
um the arguments that we’re seeing from
so many political activists from
legislators and from everything else
right when you see bernie sanders come
and he’s up on stage and he’s ranting
and raving he’s talking about why the
cost of living is so high
he’s talking about ways to make it
easier for people to afford the way that
they want to live their lives right when
he talks about how unaffordable health
care is
right he’s absolutely right health care
is unaffordable um when he talks about
you know we need to take more money from
the rich to pay for the poor
well well it’s because the poor can’t
afford to live under the current system
and and sadly when we look at all these
policies we got to break it down
so that’s what we’re going to be diving
into tonight and so i hope you guys are
excited for it
but before we get into the actual show i
do have a couple show notes that we got
to get through
so if you guys are on the facebook side
of things
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hey yeah that’s right that’s right cajun
read that comment again
um but we’re looking to change a
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through the court system over a family
court battle
over the custody of a child and through
battle right they’ve already spent tens
of thousands of dollars
they’re working on their way up to the
final step of going to trial
and as a result of that they’re they’re
in a predicament
where their legal team is requiring uh
um i just blanked on the term
uh they’re requiring 25 000 up front a
retainer fee
uh so the retainer fee of 25 000 now
that’s an exorbitant amount of money
but we as volunteers we as libertarians
we as people who believe in the social
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tonight um i would we would all greatly
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hey i love you spike oh can i just take
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so now that we’ve got those housekeeping
things out of the way
um i do want to start diving into this
topic it’s a it’s
it’s one that is so incredibly important
for us to go through
um because cost of living is how we all
live right
how much money your dollar how far your
dollar can stretch
to provide you with goods services food
sustenance rent
etc so this is something that is very
very specific to your locality right it
is not even at a county level because
within a county you can have some some
very very divergent um costs
um for rent for everything else and i’m
all of you guys have at least looked at
renting or at buying homes before
and so you guys can see how living
further outside of the city there’s
there’s a difference in your cost of
living there
um and so this is something that is very
local but yet we are having
so much of this conversation held at the
federal level
and those of us who agree with
federalism in some capacity right
whether it’s
absolute federalism give the states all
the power and then let them
rule it for from that way or if you if
you’re more of a liberty leaner and you
believe in bringing that down to the
county level to the city level or even
your neighborhood level or even just to
your household level um
we can we can we can advocate for the
smaller and smaller
to be able to ensure that the right
decisions are being made
because the closer you are to home the
more likely that they’ll know a little
bit more about the
intricacies of your life and then they
can make a better decision rather than
goofballs up in uh washington dc who’ve
never cared about you never will
but they will they will grandstand for
you any day of the week if you give them
a microphone
so so i want to get into this
where are we at right now with the cost
of living what has happened over the
last couple of years
that has brought us to a point where you
have the president of the united states
just last week boasting and bragging
that hey the cost of hot dogs went down
16 cents go
go celebrate your freedom guys with your
16 cents less hot dogs don’t
don’t ask how much the picnic tables are
don’t ask how much it’s gonna cost
to get uh from your house to where
you’re gonna have this picnic don’t ask
any of that stuff
we don’t we don’t care about those
things we’re going to focus narrowly on
this one
tiny microscopic
uh segment in order to show you that
your cost of living has gone down
so we’re going to ignore a lot of this
but so we’re in a situation now where
the cost of living
is only increasing right last year
sorry yes last year in 2020 when covet
broke out
the federal reserve’s printers were
going insane now over nine trillion
dollars was printed at the federal
which is if you’ve been if you’ve been
telling up the dollars made by uh by the
it’s roughly around a third so one third
every dollar that’s ever been made in
the history of america
was produced last year
all in all we saw about a twenty percent
increase in inflation now national
average is only right around three
percent a year
which is what it’s been historically
give or take
last year was 20 so that means that your
from this year was a dollar 20 last year
so that’s 16 cents where’d that go joe
just gotta ask where did that where
how did i save 16 cents i didn’t and
that’s one of the ways that you can
take metrics and throw them your own way
we know that the cost of living is going
up we know we’ve known that from the
bills that came through from congress
last year that there’s been
plenty of handouts there’s been handouts
to to literally
60 of the population through stimulus
checks and everything else
um there’s been stimulus handed out to
those on on unemployment because
government closed down businesses and
they were like well we just
kind of screwed up so let me just give
you some money to shut you up while they
literally uh dollars um
elsewhere while giving you a couple
pennies we have the child
um child stimulus is coming out starting
off in july 15th so 10 days from now if
you have a child in your household
one or more you’re going to start
collecting a little bit of money to
help you survive all the damage is done
by government
um we’ve i mentioned the the the big
corporate bailouts we saw a lot of those
we saw
um plenty of different ways in which the
government was just sending out money
and just trying to say look we’re
screwing up and we know that we are
screwed up
we know that covid right we can look at
the the historical writings of of
uh intercommunication between uh
different government officials where
they know like they’re not doing the
right thing but they’re just trying to
the right thing by the people and and so
we’ve seen all this stuff come through
this is this is them realizing that
they’ve messed up and they’re they’re
trying to fix things
so they’re causing all this inflation so
your your cost of living is going to go
up because your your dollar
is worth less all while this is going on
all while this is going on we have
democrats and republicans going out and
advocating for different systems to
further increase our cost of living
how many people have seen of course the
the campaigns to raise minimum wage to
an hour it was just a couple of years
ago well now we’re at 15
an hour and once as more states as more
municipalities start adopting this 15
an hour they’re going to go to 18 an
hour because they see this as a
temporary solution
if we raise the minimum wage more people
will come out and of course last year
when we saw the cbo
they did a report on 15 an hour because
they were looking to implement
this at the federal level all all these
states in the southern states don’t need
a 15
minimum wage because frankly right where
they’re where they’re living
the minimum wage here in south carolina
believe it’s just around eight dollars
an hour
not very many people who are working or
even are
that low on the income scale they’re
making more than that because businesses
how to actually make a job worth it for
their employees
this minimum wage thing it’s a it’s one
of those very emotional
topics but the end result is always the
same as you raise the minimum wage and
the cbo report uh confirms this
as you raise the minimum wage yes you
will have some people that will be
better off standing
right there is 900 000 people that if
you were to raise the minimum wage to 15
an hour federally you’d have about 900
000 people coming out of poverty
that’s a fantastic thing we should just
focus on that metric
but if you actually continue reading
there would be 1.5 million people making
the true
and honest minimum wage that is zero
dollars an hour
because they’re not employed huh
well we should raise minimum wage
fifteen dollars anyways right
this is this is the conversation that
we’ve continued to see go on
despite what the report says despite
what economists that people who actually
care about um care about the value of a
dollar care about the actual well-being
of the people
they are pointing out that this is not
going to be a solution but rather
further expand this problem and it just
every time it’s an invitation for
more and more government and of course
we’ve got democrats coming out and
continuing to push for
raising taxes uh we’re seeing the eat
the rich mentality
still continue to push on because if we
just take enough from the billionaire
if we take enough from the 100
millionaire classes if we take enough
from the 10 millionaire classes
that we can suddenly somehow afford to
pay for all the things that we wanted to
get done
well here’s the issue with that
just last year just in just last year
i mean we we spent what was it i think
it was five trillion dollars
over what they were receiving so not
only did government cut its own
revenue by shutting down businesses but
they also
greatly increased how much they were
spending out so
if we were to take all of the
billionaires take all of their money
take all their wealth
cause force them to liquidate their jobs
or their their businesses
cause all those employees to go
unemployed take everything take every
penny from them
and put it towards the national debt
guess what
we still we still are in the 20
trillion dollar debt
we are 20 trillion dollar debt is not
something that we will ever get to
get back to we will never see that the
federal debt go down that low
until the federal government is gone and
abolished which
historically speaking our government
will eventually go away
we’ll probably replace with the baker
government and just thinking from a
historical point of view
but that’s why it’s so important for us
libertarians us people who value
the economy us people who value social
uh people who don’t want to see people
why it’s so important that we keep on
fighting to implement these changes
because we have to change the fiscal
policy in this country
while while we’re looking to destroy and
i say we as in
the political voter the political
activist the political
leader and everything else continues to
advocate for
poor domestic economic policies we have
republicans coming along and saying well
china’s a really bad actor and so what
we need to do is we need to get involved
and we need to
um we need to get engaged with
china so china has been taking all of
our business and they’ve been hurting us
and they’ve been just destroying our way
of life because they’re taking all of
our business
and and if you stop and pause for a
and you think there are american
that want to take their goods from say
south carolina
and send this all the way around the
world to china
to get worked on and then send it all
the way
back to america because it’s cheaper
what does that mean about the businesses
here what does that mean about the
regulations about the taxes about the
controls that are
imparted by the businesses or by the
government over the businesses
well it tells me that maybe it’s just a
little too expensive to do things here
so a good solution of course is to
actually address the issue
do we need to have such a level of
regulatory capture and of course
regulatory capture is when a big
business comes along to a politician and
hey if you would like to have some red
meat for your
for your base right let’s think about it
from a car company point of view
if you would like to save the
environment you can
implement this regulation that’s going
to change the way
that you know that automakers have to
have x amount of miles per gallon in
order to sell a car
right now you’re helping the
environmentalists you’re helping these
people people think that you’re going to
be helping out
and it’s going to be great lawmaker
looks at that and says sure
sounds good writes up a bill sends it
sends it in gets passed gets signed by
the president now it’s implemented
what that has done now is that has
prevented other automakers who cannot
afford to get to
that new level of getting involved
getting engaged to be able to actually
participate in the market so now we’ve
cut out competitors
just by simply having some leverage over
the businesses or
having some leverage over the lawmakers
dangling some meat that they can throw
to their base so
we see this and and what
so many people will call this as a
failure of capitalism but
really what all that is is just merely
corporatism when the corporations have
control over your governing body
and and so when we see all this stuff
guess what
you if you take away competition the
cost for you to go and get from a
smaller supply with a high with the same
of course the price goes up so there we
go we have a higher cost of living there
when we have higher minimum wage guess
what you’re paying out more for your
cost of goods and services those go up
the people who got unemployed guess what
they can’t afford to get any of those
things now they’re kind of out on their
don’t worry we’re going to tax people
and and throw some money their way
that somehow makes it okay um
we look at all these things we look at
how the federal reserve just continues
to print out money
um and that’s why libertarians
continually advocate for auditing the
to expose the federal reserve for what
it does is neither federal
it’s not a federal entity and neither
does it reserve the value of the dollar
it actually destroys it
and so we want to audit it make it
transparent to the people
show everybody how atrocious this really
and then end it because we should have a
money system but instead we run off of
fiat and mmt
and so really your dollar is worth
absolutely nothing we could go through
the same crash that venezuela did where
they had eighteen hundred percent of
inflation over the course of a year
i mean i would love to see dollar bills
thrown about on the streets and be used
as toilet paper because it costs too
after cove it just happened where
everyone scrambled and got
all the toilet paper off the shelves and
it was a struggle for you to go find any
i would love for dollar bills to be that
exchange instead because it was it
actually was cheaper in venezuela to use
a dollar bill
than it was to use toilet paper itself
we have so many of these controls in
place we have where big businesses are
too big to fail
where banking companies we’re car car
makers were
anything anything and everything where
these businesses
start failing and instead of forcing
them to make changes to their processes
instead of forcing them to innovate to
provide a better good and service to the
people so they’re desired
the government steps in and provides
them with a quote-unquote loan
it’s not their money to give
we have all these things where when we
put them all together we can
look at this and and i would argue that
none of these things that have been
going on
can be truly defended with sound
economic policy
they may have an emotional tie to them
with good intentions i don’t doubt
that those people that are doing these
things have good intentions
but the problem is is that they don’t
have good logic they don’t have sound
guiding them to find a way to solve
these issues
they’re merely out here trying to place
a band-aid on cancer
and hoping that they can keep doing this
so they can keep getting elected
and that’s why it’s so important that we
look at what the libertarian position
is on on what the value of your dollar
is on how to actually continue to have
the value of the dollar
so by looking at things of being able to
entrepreneurs to get into the market by
cutting those barriers by reducing
regulations by
by allowing for more people to engage we
can create jobs
by creating jobs we can allow for more
people to work by by
reducing the minimum wage the new york
times or sorry the washington times the
washington times
back in the 80s wrote an article why
zero dollars and zero cents is the
correct minimum wage
wrote a long and lengthy article
breaking it all down
as to the idea between two people right
a business owner and a potential worker
can be able to make uh make a decision
amongst themselves to be able to work
and to be able to for that worker to
provide a
good or service for the business owner
for him to employ him back
or her and this is really the basic
of of consensual exchange right when you
were a kid and you wanted to trade your
red ball for some boy’s blue ball
you didn’t have to have a third party
stepping in and saying well the red ball
is worth a little bit more
so you can’t trade that for that blue
ball he’s got to give you some more
it was up to you to be able to make
those decisions and arguably
right you can argue for unions you can
argue um for people to become educated
or you can even
have doubts of people and say they’re
not smart enough to know how they
how to handle this and at the end of the
we can find a way to find solutions with
that through not using the force of
because i’m sure that people would
rather have a job
than to be forced unemployed such as
those 1.5 million people
that we’re discussing about from the cbo
we can talk about cutting spending when
we cut the spending there’s so much
spending out there that is
uh both unconstitutional that’s one of
the basis of
of a lot of your your points of
references um but it’s also unethical
right there’s no reason why the
government should be sending money to
other foreign nations for them to have
colleges doing things like gender
there’s no reason why our government
should be funding to see how cocaine
ducks there’s no reason why we should be
funding all these pet
projects but yet every time there’s a
budget spending bill
we can find amples amount of of money
that is being allocated
to non-government related entities
or even government entity pet projects
this is not the this is not the role of
government so we can
really seriously curtail a lot of this
and allow for us to actually work
towards knocking down this debt
the last time that we had a president
and the only time that we’ve ever had a
run a surplus in every year in office
does anyone know what that
who or who that was um
i’ll give you guys a couple seconds to
think on that to figure that out but
and then of course as i mentioned before
also we can audit
and end the federal reserve we can find
ways to actually
look out to help protect people when
government gets out of the way of us
and and the cost of living is exorbitant
i remember that there was a the
forgetting the individual’s name but he
was a part of the party that rent is too
damn high
i completely agree with a man now let’s
let’s actually address this
let’s actually address how much
government has been getting engaged and
involved with our lives
in ways that they had no clue what they
were doing and they were actually making
our lives a lot more difficult
they were actually preventing us from
living the best lives that we could
uh let me catch up with uh some of the
comments here
uh just sound get some money before that
happens do my part advocating
to those who listen absolutely sean
appreciate that trying to start a
business is what made me a libertarian
absolutely nolik
starting a business is so incredibly
expensive not because of
trying to provide a service or good but
trying to go through the
the tax hole navigation system uh trying
to figure out to make sure that you have
all the permits and all the requests
properly done and here’s one of the
fallacies that comes about when people
talk about
um cutting regulations for businesses
the common one of course is restaurants
how would we make sure
how would we make sure that businesses
restaurants specifically
are not making their people sick well
you don’t have to have government coming
and forcing themselves into your
business to do all these inspections to
make sure you know
light switches aren’t x amount of feet
away or are at least x amount of feet
away from this
this appliance or making sure that this
piping is is this that and the other
but instead we can actually have a free
market um inspection system
wherein they get a post up their sign
and say look you know this this
establishment hired us to come in check
it out and then they got this kind of a
i would love to go and see a business
that that takes pride in what they do
and so they actually have to invest
themselves to go ensure that they are
uh up to snuff to be checked out i’d be
more than happy to
um to go to a business like that the
businesses that don’t maybe i’m going to
walk around a little bit i’m going to
ask to say hey you know can i check out
the place a little bit
there’s plenty of things that we can be
doing um in order to ensure that
the businesses that we decide to sponsor
the businesses that we decide to
endorse the businesses that we decide to
go back to time and time again
are businesses that not only take care
of us but they take care of their staff
they take care of their people
they take care of their property and
they ensure that everyone is having a
good time with it
and and so we can be doing all this
stuff and um
so the question to the trivia question
was what was the president that had had
surplus in every year in office the only
and that was as kelsey line said the
president best president i actually have
his coin sitting right here who’s calvin
coolidge silent cal himself
i heard it make some ducking wild oh
geez sarah
um if we can all congratulate sarah by
giving the dad joke um although she’s
only becoming a mother
it’s okay uh we understand but um
similar to being iso 9
9001 oh geez i hate isos um
no zach it was only at seven i apologize
for that but big love appreciate you
coming through man
um it’s um so i mean there’s there’s
just so many aspects of this where
people are being stifled
our money is being devalued over time
and and people trying to make a way
trying to make a living trying to
actually fulfill what was
what was once called the american dream
of being able to have your home
white pick a fence a yard kids a dog not
a cat because cats are terrible let’s be
and everything else that was because
the cost of living was not as exorbitant
as now
government got in the way government
continues to stand in the way
and government will forever as long as
it exists in the capacity that it is
we’ll always be there in the way
i’m getting threats this is the
extremist common content you guys come
but i oh my god it’s already 30 minutes
yeah you guys were right so
i funnily enough when i was running this
by people’s ideas i said
i’m going to try and keep this down fif
10 15 maybe 20 minutes allow for a q a
time at the end give like 10 15 minutes
for a q a
and i was like i could i could do it
little did i know
that i’m actually a libertarian so
long-winded is the only way to do it
but if you guys have any challenges
questions comments or otherwise for the
content that we’ve been providing you
guys are always more than welcome drunk
drop those into the comment section i
will definitely try to read them as i go
the content as i have been um and and
also try not to
lose my own train of thought i know sara
anders likes to try to
try to knock me off my horse if you will
as she’s losing the game
muddy waters keep a schedule and never
see dalek has has joined in and she
while she makes show notes she
understands that we cannot be on time
for anything
um but make sure you guys are on time
for next tuesday show
this tuesday tomorrow night at eight ish
uh we know spike’s gonna be late uh
where you could see spike and matt uh
traverse the muddy rogers
of freedom together uh we also have on
wednesday night
we have spike running it with my fellow
americans always a fantastic time
and thursday we’re going to be having
matt wright run the writer’s block
it’s always good always great to see him
out there
with uh such amazing interviews and then
and then when we look out all the way to
we got from baius to igloos to where
we’re gonna see nolik
and uh that joke of a of a beard
cajun libertarian uh continuing on
i’m hoping that they’re gonna bring back
muddied uh geographic
again uh because if you guys missed it
from two weeks ago
uh sunday not friday did i say
not sunday friday oh you’re doing a
friday oh
my apologies all right friday night
we’re gonna be doing that see i knew i
should have
written this down we are not seven days
a week yet
we are working on it and by we i mean
hopefully they are um
we’re getting close we’re getting close
next friday new time
okay perfect next friday you guys can
see from bayous to igloos
uh with nalik and cajun it’s always a
good time seeing them out there
uh the newest additions to the muddy
waters team although they’ve been
running their show
now continuously longer than i have um
it feels great to be back i’m so excited
to be here i love all the support you
guys have already given us
we do need seven days of freedom that is
absolutely true um
it feels so good to be back on the mic
i’m so glad to be here i’m so glad for
the love that you guys have already been
sharing i appreciate you guys all
hanging out
and uh i couldn’t be more grateful for
everything that you guys have brought
and um i did write i
did write that sunday so you guys doing
friday at 3 p.m
freedom time still the same time or is
it changing up
not like dude kelsey and sarah tell me
no no no no it can’t be just kelsey and
sarah it has to be kelsey
sarah and tasha so we have the best
cohen on
if you guys can work that out that would
be amazing if not we’ll
we’ll we’ll have to suffice with just uh
sarah and kelsey
i say suffice but
it would be a great time i i have no
doubts that would be an amazing show
filled with just how to how to handle
sarah as she becomes more and more
5 30 alaskan time so 9 30 p.m
freedom time eastern time be here friday
night for
from igloos or from bayous to igloos i’m
gonna get that flipped up
now i’m gonna go get beat my mole beat
by my wife but
nonetheless i appreciate you guys all if
you guys if you guys felt like this
had value if you guys like this let me
know if you guys
have critiques of this feel free to let
me know as as the show notes are called
or as the show is titled
this is the pilot so if it’s not working
for you if you if you guys are
vibing with it feeling with it let me
know i’m willing to change things up
i’m willing to innovate through humility
through understanding for understanding
my responsibility as somebody who
wants to spread the torch of liberty and
expand that from coast to coast
and even hit alaska and hawaii
um that i’m not always going to be
perfect so if you guys want if you guys
know of ways that i can innovate this
feel free to drop me a line
you can always contact the muddy waters
team and call up the bosses directly
or you can just reach out to me
personally um through any any
any sort of way but um let me know what
you guys thought
i appreciate it all so much i love you
guys all appreciate you guys
but that’s gonna be it for tonight we’re
gonna keep things short and sweet
comparatively to uh how we used to do
where it would
potentially run on three hours
but with that the show is too long
yeah right um i will be working to try
to find a way
to run back to at least an hour
um i i would like to get back to an hour
and and potentially as we have guests on
we will definitely re stretch it out to
an hour i think it’s gonna be a lot
easier having that
um but and and
my in my least libertarian way possible
i’m gonna keep them short and sweet for
as we continue to test out the muddied
waters if you will
i appreciate you guys all love you guys
all make sure you guys are here tomorrow
night to see spike and matt
as they continue to traverse those muddy
waters together
and so with that hope you guys all have
a good night catch you guys later

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