Episode 209 – Four or Five Days Ago, Biden said some stuff, but you didn’t see all of it

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Biden appeared on Good Morning America, but you didn’t see the entire interview, find out part of what you missed! Also, Biden puts more sanctions on Russia — wait, no, gun owners in America, and Australia shoots dogs to protect people from COVID

Plus, we discuss Garrett Foster, and give an update on what is happening in that case

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

Today’s music intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUG8FgiACUE

Episode Transcript

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get the safest
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard for
spike we are so sorry about the uh
technical issues at the beginning of
this episode uh
our deepest condolences and apologies
cohen i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
freedom we’re we we are we we are in fact live
and it works um sorry about that i don’t
know why it automatically reset to the
larger uh output which my computer cannot
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first and foremost allow me to thank the
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of water so thank you for that
uh in beautiful montgomery alabama i was
in ohio this weekend that i flew to
alabama where we did the uh rally
against corruption with uh jonathan
riehl who is running for the
second congressional district in alabama
the us congress and porsha shepherd who
is running for the 72nd
alabama house district
and then also a vermin supreme actually
came as well so it was great hanging out
with them and talking with the voters
and people there at the campus here at
montgomery um
so that was really good
unfortunately i i do have to give some
bad news and uh pay some condolences and
respect for someone who was a big fan of
of me and matt of this show um john hick
a libertarian who lived in ohio
uh he passed away earlier today
and uh he was a a big fan
and a big supporter and he will be
greater than this and uh
we wish him well he fought a very long
and um admirable battle with campers and
uh unfortunately i guess fortunately for
him he is no longer suffering from that but
he will definitely be there yes
yes he will definitely be missed um
they’re saying you’re still difficult to
hear Iyou you are peaking on my side i have no
idea why they can’t hear you
okay is that i don’t even know where
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all right interesting
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all right this isn’t the mic according
to kenneth ebel all right is it is it doable can can can
we go through it
i can understand though it’s just
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that’s good enough for me
all right so uh so some
more bad news uh one of the regular
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a friend of ours um
her son is having some medical issues uh
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that’s right ah so how’s your week going
uh it’s been good i mean i was in ohio
this weekend for the libertarian party
of ohio 2021 conference
did an event on sunday for the uh
accountability now ohio um working on
ending qualified immunity in ohio i had
a really great event lots of uh vendors
lots of families that came out um and
then today did the rally against
corruption big turnout there uh really
good just uh around just setting around
the country helping spread liberty and
uh and i get to go home tomorrow i was
gonna be going to uh i was gonna be
going somewhere this weekend uh
unfortunately for uh i think logistical
reasons they weren’t able to make that
work uh so that means that i get a
weekend off so i’m really excited about
that but then the following weekend i’m
going to be in uh florida in the fort
lauderdale miami area for uh to help
campaign for mike termatt who is running
for congress in florida uh and also for
marco bueno who is running for
city commission
in miami and she’s running for the miami
commission and uh so we’re gonna have
some fun down there i might also be
doing some stuff at the uh the mazda ray
there’s a majority event the solutionary
summit i may be there we shall see uh
stay tuned for that nice
nice um
very cool i watched uh a
movie with hugh jackman in it
called reminiscence
yeah it just came out
and that’s basically all i have to say
about that
the story’s good
the visuals are good the script is
you know
yeah so the story’s really good but the
dialogue is so bad
oh no yeah the dialogue is so bad and
forced it’s the woman who wrote and
directed it uh
is one of the creators of westworld
and she wrote it very
tv episodic like
and it doesn’t work for a movie it is
it’s not great like
if they would have had somebody work the
dialogue that movie would have been so
good but it just
it just wasn’t it was it was a miss and
it’s upsetting because it could have
been great
you are pretty i want to i want to have
the text of you
oh please
i too
have considered that yes
that it’s similar
it’s very for like uh fandy newton is in
it and there are some scenes between um
her and hugh jackman and the the
the dialogue
is so forced on how they’re trying to
build her up for um
i guess like she left her daughter or
something um and they’re trying to like
display that and she’s
callous to this and he’s like hammering
her on it and it’s just this very angry
force dialogue between them and it just
didn’t seem realistic at all
yeah so
so if you want to watch it’s on hbo and
uh in theaters and uh let me know if you
think i’m wrong and then i’ll tell you
why i’m not
and he will i will happily
and now that brings us to
i’m used to you having to say all this
stupid stuff
oh is it mud water mushroom coffee
replacement coffee replacement
mushroom coffee replacement
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if you’d like to have all those things
together that sounds delicious to you
then good for you go to
what spike said
getting getting right into it uh
four or five days ago
president biden
what’s that
that was four days ago five days four
days ago five days ago president biden
appeared on good morning america to
discuss the situation in afghanistan
with george stephanopoulos
and it can basically be summed up with
this but we’ve also lost those hundreds
hundreds of people pack into a c7
i appreciate
that we have a president
that is caring
knows how to speak to the american
people when times are
when we’re down and things are sad and
bad things are happening
and finally after after four years of a
uh adolescent acting child man of a
president who clearly didn’t care much
about other people we finally have
another one
like that’s literally like that would be
like you’re trying to if you ask your
toddler did you do this that was four
days that was four days ago like that i
had a so
i used i back when i was still drinking
um i had this buddy that was a bartender
he would he had this phrase um that he
said often and you could bring up
something he said an hour ago or two or
yesterday or a week ago and if it
defeated his argument that he had right
now he would always say why you got to
bring up old [ __ ]
didn’t matter how long it could have
been 10 minutes it didn’t matter why you
got to bring up old [ __ ] when joe biden
said that okay i think i fixed the echo
but we’ve all seen the pictures we’ve
seen those hundreds of people packed
into a season we can’t hear it but you
can afghans was four days ago five days
ago what did you think when you first
saw it five days ago five days ago uh
when he said that
i immediately thought of him and i went
why you gotta bring up [ __ ]
but that’s funny next time something
like this happens that’s what he’ll yeah
just why you gotta bring it why you
gotta break up look yeah hey come on why
me what why why are you gonna bring up
old [ __ ]
neat sounds better now that’s great
because that means we can’t hear it um
but abc also edited that video just so
everybody knows and you did not get the
whole video no this is not a joke if you
go and you find the full transcript of
that video you will find segments that
are missing uh i can’t show you all of
them we can’t play all of them because
there’s no video of it but uh
we are going to act out part of it um
spike will be taking the part of george
stephanopoulos and i will be taking the
part of joe biden luckily when i mess
this up nobody’s going to know the
difference anyway so
and you’re not going to see my face
during this because i i’m on my phone
and i have to go over to where i have
this dialogue saved but i’m still here
okay so i’ll start i am being playing
the actual of george stephanopoulos
you talked about our adversaries china
and russia you already see china telling
taiwan see you can’t count on the
why wouldn’t china say that look george
the idea that
there’s a fundamental difference between
between taiwan south korea and nato we
are all in a situation where
where they are in
entities we’ve made agreements with
based on
based on not a civil war they’re having
on that island or in south korea but on
an agreement where they have a unity
government that in fact is trying to
keep bad guys from doing bad things to
we have made
kept every commitment
nope uh sorry broke
we made a sacred commitment to article 5
that if in fact anyone were to invade or
take action against our nato allies we
would respond same with japan same with
south korea same with
taiwan it’s not even comparable to talk
about that
yeah but it’s not comparable to
who say
look america cannot be trusted now
america does not keep its promises
who say
who who’s gonna say that look before i
made this decision i met with all our
allies our nato allies in europe they
agreed they we we should be getting out
they have a choice
sure they had a choice look
the one thing i promise you in private
he said on public television nato allies
are not quiet you remember from your old
they’re not going to be quiet and so by
the way you know what we’re going to be
doing is we’re going to be putting
together a group of the g7 the folks
that we work with the most
to i was on the phone with
with angela merkel today i was on the
phone with the british prime minister
i’m going to be talking to macron in
france to make sure we
have a coherent view of how we’re going
to deal with this from point a point on
i’m going to refer back to the
top of that interview where
stephanopoulos or spikes said you talked
about our adversaries china and russia
you already see china telling taiwan see
you can’t count on the americans to
which bidens responded with
why wouldn’t china say that
and then if you just go
a few down
uh and stephanopoulos says
who say look america cannot be trusted
now america does not keep his promises
biden says who’s gonna say that
literally china
from two sentences ago
this is the beauty of getting caught up
in neocon foreign policy i will give
credit to joe biden that he literally
apparently was willing to take this
massive lump of finally being the one to
pull the band-aid off because yeah no
it’s going to mean that all these
countries who have created these
codependencies with us
are going to start rethinking them good
no that’s good but that’s what joe biden
should be saying if i were joe biden uh
then well first of all i’d apologize to
a lot of women but if i were then if i
if i were to go by
you know if i suddenly were joe bides
now um and they’re asking me this stuff
i would say well you know what this is
the problem with this kind of foreign
policy is that it it’s now you know
american taxpayers and american troops
and veterans are on the hook for the
concern of dozens of countries and it
doesn’t actually
advance us and it doesn’t make us any
safer and frankly it doesn’t really make
those countries any safer either because
they’ve placed their their uh
their hopes and dreams and their their
concern and safety in
in in a in a paper tiger you know like a
an empire that you know isn’t really
able to do what it claims to do um so
you know that needs to be said but he’s
not going to say that because he’s still
part of the
you know the the greater
neo-conservative neo-liberal um
imperial foreign policy so he can’t say
that so he has to sit there and say
stuff like well of course china would
say that who would ever say that
yeah why wouldn’t they say that who
would say that not no china wouldn’t say
that i know i said that why wouldn’t
they but no they wouldn’t say that
that was four five seconds ago come on
come on corn pop was a bad dude
pop was a bad dude corn pop was bad dude
he ran with a bunch of bad boys
but that’s not all that biden
did this week um
he has instituted new sanctions
on russia
which oddly enough don’t seem to be
sanctions on russia
they seem to be sanctions
on gun owners in america
latest sanctions are expected to take
place on or about september 7th 2021
which oddly enough will be my seven year
uh sober anniversary and will remain in
place for a minimum of 12 months after
12 months the executive branch can
remove the sanctions if russia meets
certain obligations under
the uh cbw act now restrictions on the
permanent imports of certain russian
firearms new impending permit
applications for the permanent
importation of firearms and ammunition
manufactured or located in russia will
be subject to a policy of denial
additional department of commerce export
restrictions on nuclear and missile
related goods and technology pursuant to
the export control reform act of 2018.
i was speaking with a friend of mine who
was who’s
i guess you can call him an
international arms dealer
most russian weapons are banned already
so this is one hundred percent
to stop the importation of russian ammo
into the united states
yeah yeah yeah
this is all about that by the way do you
know uh who is very happy about this all
those uh gun and ammo
companies that give big money to the nra
you know who is not going to fight
against this blatant infringement on
your right to keep and bear arms and
your right to freely trade the nra the
yeah because the nra is not right group
they are a gun manufacturer and east uh
union lobby
so brands like wolf ammunition
i may mispronounce this one
tall ammo barn now
barney barnum
tulamo barn owl that’s what i’m going
and red army standard by century arms
will be affected as will the cost of
ammunition in these united states
currently we are having one of the
all-time ammo shortages in
one of the history’s biggest uh ammo
shortages it’s the biggest one since
world war ii
roughly 50 of the ammunition that we get
into these united states comes from
and they just cut it off
starting september 7th
is going to greatly affect the cost of
and he’s going to
they’re going to when a year comes up
after this 12 months they aren’t going
to change their policy they’re going to
say russia still needs this russia still
needs this
what what’s going to uh happen is this
is going to greatly speed up 3d printed
uh ammunition and and and
non-approved uh ammunition manufacturing
uh in fact you probably don’t need the
3d print ammunition it’s pretty
straightforward uh blast cap
gunpowder and uh and brass
and lead can do it um you’re gonna see a
lot more black market ammunition which
is not gonna be quite as safe because
it’s not manufactured under the same
standards as it would be in a
professional in a commercial factory
industrial factory but it’s going to
happen and uh and then they’re going to
start uh coming down on last cap and on
uh and on uh
and possibly on breath and
lead as well
so the reason that they’re doing this is
because uh russia allegedly possibly
used a chemical weapon to try to murder
who who was russian
but because they used a chemical weapon
that is why they were like we’re going
to put on these new sanctions now if joe
biden actually wanted to hurt russia
uh he would have imposed sanctions to
stop the completion of the nordstream ii
gas pipeline connecting russia’s natural
gas supply to the european market
and right now russian ships aren’t
allowed to do it but joe biden is uh
for german ships to do it as part of a
treaty deal that they have with germany
he could have taken that away which
would have hurt russia
russia’s not gonna not sell this ammo
i think i know who they’re gonna sell it
they’re currently taking up afghanistan
it this is absolute nonsense uh it is it
is literally it has it is the most
flimsy of pretext they allegedly did
this thing with a chemical weapon
therefore we’re going to cut off their
ability to sell you
ammo that’s that this is all about
making ammunition
at least double twice as expensive and
uh just in time to implement a bunch of
new draconian measures against the
american people that’s that’s literally
what’s about right 100 all this is about
is about trying to make sure that
that the gun owners here cannot purchase
as much ammo or at least have to pay out
the nose in order to get it uh
he can’t ban guns but he can make ammo
real expensive
uh which then just
banned guns for the poor
right yeah because the rich are still
going to be able to go out and get ammo
so on to a different awful government
now we’ve all seen
the uptick in protests and all the stuff
that’s going on in australia um spike
you had a tweet and a facebook post the
other day where if one percent
do you remember how that goes i don’t
have the thing on me
so i i basically i showed a video of a
protest that had just happened in
melbourne australia where uh they had
blockades up because basically what’s
happening is the government uh because
uh i think
seven people have died of soviets um
and and in some of these places there
has been zero new cases of covet they
are uh not allowing people to go outside
they’re not allowing people to do
anything they’re literally locking them
uh in ways that we’ve never really even
saw here and they have next to no cases
and they already know that the lockdowns
are doing nothing at this point but
they’re moving forward even further with
it they’re also implementing vaccine
passports to be able to go anywhere and
then and all that even though their rate
of vaccination is very very low because
of lack of access to vaccines so they’re
basically telling a small uh well-heeled
minority that they’re allowed to go
outside but no one else is um and it’s
interesting because every time they’ll
put it out they’ll say we are doing this
protest to public health including our
vulnerable aberrational officers
like every time they put it out they
mentioned their aboriginal as though
that’s the reason they’re doing it to
protect the average right anyway so uh
they put this out and uh and people are
and so the police set up a blockade to
stop and they busted through the
barricades and took to the street and um
that’s happening over and over and over
again and the tweet i put out was just a
gentle reminder that air may not have
had anything to do with what was in that
video just reminding people that
government power isn’t real
government enforcers
and politicians and bureaucrats really
the whole system make up less than one
percent of any gift possible
if even five percent of the population
just says no i’m not going to comply i’m
going to do what i want
then it becomes effectively impossible
and hopeless
for that government to be able to
enforce it they can ramp people up they
can arrest them but they’re still going
to be for every person they can arrest
five or six five to ten more are gonna
go and just do it anyway there’s just
nothing they can do about that short of
rounding people up and killing them on
and even then if they try rounding
people up on math they can simply be
if as much as 10 or 15 or 20 percent of
the population uh refuses to comply and
focally and actively so says i simply
will not comply with it then it becomes
they don’t even try
to enforce it
they just start saying oh this is bad
you can’t do it but they don’t actually
try to enforce it anymore because
there’s no effective way to stop them so
and even if even if the majority of the
population agrees with this order and
thinks it’s the right thing unless they
themselves are willing to get froggy and
start jumping and come out and try to
force people to do it themselves which
they 100 are not they are cowards and
they are hiding behind the proxy
violence of the state to push their
their desire for what you need to do
um unless they’re willing to come out
which they are not effectively that
enforcement order goes away and in order
to preserve
their the uh facade the sham of the idea
of government power the government
suddenly decides well you know what
actually you probably should do this
because what they don’t want to do is
have to admit yeah we have real no real
power over here you can’t stop you um
because then everything’s on their
entire system that they’ve built falls
apart to to our benefit so what they
will do instead is say well actually
we’ve been thinking about it and uh yeah
we’re not gonna
happen before you’ll remember um the us
government was working on vaccine
passports they were being very clear
that they were already working on the
infrastructure and the guidelines for uh
nationwide vaccine passports
when they got the public backlash from
that they immediately dropped that now
we’re seeing certain cities and locales
introduce that we are seeing countries
other countries governments doing it but
just the backlash they got from across
the board uh was enough for them to back
we need to regain our rebellious spirit
and fight tooth and nail we need to be
willing to say
no i’m not going to do this and if
enough of us do that and then
demonstrate that we’re not going to do
it remember the math mandates when more
and more people just started saying no
i’m not going to do that and eventually
it reached the point where it was
impossible to effectively enforce it and
you started seeing city after city state
after state just removed the mass
mandate you know weeks after it was
obvious they weren’t really enforcing it
at all and even some of the cities that
have reintroduced it aren’t even trying
to enforce it because it’s mostly just
signaling that they’re doing something
when they know that the reality is most
people are ignoring it that’s what we
want if government is not going to
respect our our rights at the very least
they need to recognize and respect the
fact that we’re just not going to
if you needed more of a reason to
distrust government and i know this is
australia but don’t think that somewhere
here in america the same thing couldn’t
we believe
yeah easily uh and some people in the
comments have already mentioned this but
australian authorities have shot dead
rescue dogs due to covet restrictions
they shot them to stop volunteers at an
animal shelter from traveling to pick
them up
and keep in mind
the volunteers have already had kovid
safe collection protocols in place for
something like a year now they know how
to be able to do this and do the
transfers with zero spread of covid
these things are being done in shelter
facilities which are mostly outdoors
there was 100 percent no reason to do
this and the this local government new
south wales just ordered them all shot
what’s the government shooting dogs
first of all like what is that obsession
right that government enforcers have for
shooting dogs
it’s absolutely it’s absolutely
oh and uh guess how many uh new covent
cases uh there have been interests in
this region of new south wales in the
past month
none wow
i was good i thought that was going low
no there have been zero cases of covid
in like a month
there there is no covert there
like i know so i know australia is
seeing like they are seeing a spike
right now even like but they have the
lockdown so obviously that doesn’t
like and you can look at this all across
the united states you can look at it in
other countries except for sweden
they basically haven’t had any
restrictions and their numbers are way
down weird
but basically anywhere that you look in
the united states it’s following the
exact same path uh it’s
it’s going up and down it doesn’t matter
if you have lockdowns it doesn’t matter
if you have mass mandates it doesn’t
matter if your kids are wearing masks in
school or not the p the people who are
living life normally are seeing the
exact same
path in numbers like per capita every
million people in your area it’s the
exact same path that everywhere else is
that isn’t something you can stop with
masks that are 10 to 12 percent
having locked down
by the way that was 10 to 12 effective
with the with the original variant and
the alpha variant the delta variant
which the boat which we’re told spreads
as easily as chickenpox that mask is not
doing a damn thing for you if this thing
truly spreads faster than the cold does
and more similar to chickenpox
you cannot stop it if you’re going to
get it you’re not it it might as well be
airborne at this point you’re either
going to get it or you’re not going to
get it and that mask isn’t going to do a
damn thing and unlike chickenpox the
vaccine for chickenpox isn’t what they
call a leaky vaccine it is what they
call a complete or perfect vaccine which
means that it actually stops you from
getting or spreading chickenpox whereas
we know that the covent vaccine
especially with the delta variant does
not stop you from getting or spreading
covet which means it doesn’t matter how
many people are vaccinated it’s still
going to spread it’s still going to
spread and there’s nothing you can do
about it about it let people return to
their lives if people uh
have a fear of getting sick from it then
they should get vaccinated because it
looks like statistically it looks like
you’re less likely to um
to die or have a serious uh serious case
that’s great so that’s the case that you
have if you are in a situation that you
are uh unable to get the back seat and
you were still scared of getting it
worried that it’s gonna make you very
sick well then you yourself can engage
in uh you know lockdowns of yourself and
quarantining of yourself and you know uh
safe measures which will be much easier
for you to do if other people are able
to go out and do the things you need
them to do on your behalf these
lockdowns are stupid they were stupid
last year they are stupid this year and
we must resist it’s just as simple as
that you know far be it for me to tell
you on a live stream to break the law i
certainly it’s a personal choice for you
to make and i’m certainly not going to
break the law i’m going to tell you from
a philosophical and ethical standpoint
the sponsors are going to keep telling
you what to do and their orders are
going to get worse and worse and worse
until a sizable minority of us and when
i say sizable i mean five to even 10 of
the population just says no and goes
back to our lives and doesn’t hear what
they do
the cdc just said just released that the
vaccine efficacy is 66 now
that is what they are trying to mandate
across the country 66
efficacy and the ceo of pfizer came out
today or yesterday and said that soon
there is going to be a covid variant
that will be resistant to vaccines
can anybody out there guess why
because it’s spreading more because
people who are have coveted and aren’t
getting sick from it because they’re
vaccinated are spreading it more and if
you think i’m a crazy conspiracy
theorist go look up marriage disease
it is a virus that is spread very easily
among chickens and other poultry and uh
in most countries when they find an
outbreak of marriage disease they kill
all the chickens but in the us
they vaccinate them for merit and guess
what it keeps spreading it keeps
mutating and the reason it’s spreading
and mutating is because an unvaccinated
chicken with barracks disease dies with
a vaccinated chicken with american
lives for several weeks might even
survive the thing and so they’re able to
spread it to way more chicken and
they’re able to have more mutation which
eventually kill the chickens and so
they’re playing this arms race gang with
this very with these increasing
mutations of merrick which is becoming
more resistant more uh uh
virulent more easy to spread uh and more
contagious and in some cases more deadly
as well and their fear is that any day
now it’s gonna break the human barrier
and start spreading to humans because
instead of other countries which just
kill all the chickens that have it they
vaccinate them because it turns out that
leaky vaccines
actually lead to the mutation of a virus
and the thing and by the way it’s a good
thing i’m saying this instead of writing
it because if i type that right now
almost assuredly this page would get
blocked from this information i am
telling you there’s a right there is a
relatively good chance we get blocked
from youtube for misinformation for this
fine wonderful guess what by the end of
the year they’re going to have to admit
they will and did so somebody said this
in the comments and i saw this today i
did not get a chance to look into it um
kamala harris said
that americans should be looking into
ordering christmas gifts now
is that because they’re thinking about
doing more lockdowns or is that because
the economy is going to crash before
i mean pick your pick yeah i mean either
really like i honestly don’t know which
one it’s going to be
you got to cash in on those 16 savings
right no i i honestly i mean if you ask
her she’ll just tackle in your face um i
really don’t know i mean who knows but
i’m gonna tell you something folks i
i am not anti-vaccine
i am against putting something out and
calling it a vaccine when by the cdc’s
own definition it is not fun
and if people want to take it take it it
will probably keep you safe at least for
but what it’s also doing and my personal
opinion based on the research that i’ve
done and i i’m gonna be finding a very
subtle way to be putting this stuff out
on social media using like pubmed
documents and national institutes of
health documents and not even giving my
opinion literally just sharing
screenshots and saying hey look at look
i think um
they’ve been worried about leafy
vaccines for a while for many years
they’ve been worried that some of these
vaccines that don’t actually stop or
slow the spread of a virus
but just make you not to stick from it
actually lead to it becoming mutating
faster because it’s spreading faster
because people who aren’t sick uh end up
going around and spreading it more and
that that actually leads to faster and
more mutations and that the nature of a
virus is if something doesn’t kill it it
learns from it and becomes stronger and
more resistant to whatever almost killed
it so
we’re creating superbugs
and again this is going to be one of
those things that they’re going to be
very very very very slow to admit
uh but eventually they will have to
admit it and the pivot will be because
you have to stay inside
vaccinated unvaccinated you have to stay
inside and if you think the lockdowns
that we had last year were bad look at
what they did in china where they were
literally stealing people in their homes
and didn’t care if they died
look at what they’re doing right now in
australia a country that according to
many measures is freer than the us
look at what they are doing in developed
western countries with similar forms of
government to ours and if you don’t
think that’s coming remember when you
said that last year remember when you
said oh they’d never do that here it’s
coming do you resist or do you go well
hopefully if we comply it’ll be over
sooner is that what happens no what
happens is the more you comply the more
they do right
just so like just so everybody’s clear
and i’m certain anybody watching this
show already has an understanding of
this um
one staying inside is the worst thing
you can do
for covid
worst thing you can
yep do
you want to be out in the sun getting as
much vitamin d as you possibly can
getting that all natural vitamin d
take take that d uh take that d deep and
uh get it straight from the sun um
but like that honestly that is one of
the best things that you can do
um yeah
totally forgot also not not stressing
yourself out about it the things that
contribute to emotional immune system
and i this is i say this is someone i
mean i’ve been dealing with ms for
uh seven years now and actually just
over seven years now and i’ve done a lot
of research on what gets your immune
system acting wonky and there are many
genetic factors there are many factors
like you know
previous or current drug use and other
diseases and co-morbidities but the
stuff that you can control uh your
vitamin d levels your overall
supplementation level your health do you
know what has a much higher rate of
death of covid than being unvaccinated
obesity obesity
so getting in better shape will actually
be and again edc data
i an obese person who becomes not obese
is doing more to reduce their chances of
ending up in the hospital with kovid and
for that matter everything else on earth
than someone who gets back to it and we
know what the side effects of not being
obese on lower blood pressure lower
heart rate lower cholesterol lower rate
of diabetes and other uh
chronic illnesses um a lower rates of
neuropathy and and other neurological
issues a longer lifespan like all the
side effects we’ve liked um getting
outside being active being around people
you love because here’s another big one
high stress levels the higher your
stress level is the worse your immune
system is regulated
we have to return to our life
we have to return to my life
we have to reclaim our lives if you want
to talk about building back better this
is the time it we should all be doing
something i learned a few years ago was
when i learned that i was going to have
to deal with this illness illness for
the rest of my life
let me let me take a step back
we’re going to be dealing with covid for
the rest of our lives
let’s just all just take that in for now
it’s not going away they don’t have a
vaccine that stops people from getting
and spreading it there is community
spread all over the country lockdowns
don’t work all of their boogeyman
stay-at-home measures don’t work it’s
not going away it’s going to be like the
seasonal flu except it’s about anywhere
from five to ten times more deadly than
the flu it’s just baked into the cake at
this moment it’s not going away now
let’s just all accept that for a moment
five years ago when i finally got the
diagnosis and confirmation that i had ms
and that it was not going away it was
not a transitory thing it was not a
single attack that i had it was a
life-changing reality i had to cope with
that fact and adjust accordingly let’s
all do that now here is how you can best
adjust to the reality that covet is not
going away and that according to pfizer
the vaccine is eventually going to be
get outside more
get in shape if you aren’t already in
your stress as much as possible find
your purpose in life make connections
with people who share your values and
your hopes and your dreams and build
things with them
live your life we have to return to our
life and here’s the sixth one
you are going to have to choose whether
you think compliance
with this is going to lead to the one
day respecting our rights again and
leaving us alone or at least returning
back to normal or if you think that
compliance is going to lead to more
orders and more infringement and more
draconian measures that don’t work
i know what i think
i know that everybody out there
everybody watching this everybody
hearing this anybody that’s even not
watching this and hearing this
everybody’s tired of covid we are
exhausted by it that’s why you see so
much hate and vitriol all over the
internet about it of you just need to
get vaxxed or why would you ever want to
get vacs you you know
like and you’re seeing all that
we’re tired of it
now i want you to think about any other
any other vaccine
one people aren’t out there really
talking about if they’re vaccinated or
not for you know polio
it’s not really mandated in workplaces
this vaccine is and while we are all
getting tired of it and we’re all
fighting about it on the internet and
raging about it no matter which side
you’re on
the politicians are still living their
lives normally
they’re still doing everything that they
would be doing
before this happen and they are just
putting sanctions and impositions on you
and your life in your family
they do not
that your life is being burdened by this
because theirs isn’t look at barack
obama’s party
look at the fact that the dj had to
apologize for publishing that video
uh look at the fact that uh uh oh god
who was it
i think it was tyra banks
apologize for posting a photo i don’t
remember um
of people now notice what they’re doing
they’re apologizing for posting the
they’re not saying they’re sorry that
they’re living their lives living their
best lives to laugh of luxury lives
while the rest of us are sitting here
locked down and awaiting our next order
and awaiting the know how many booster
shots we have to get of the thing that
we’re being folded soon not gonna even
be effective at all
we’re not doing and
they’re not apologizing for that they’re
apologizing that they slipped and showed
evidence that they don’t give a damn
about any of this stuff they’re just
signaling to you that you’re a bad
yep and that needs to end disobey all of
well let me rephrase that i’m choosing
to disobey all of it i would never order
or encourage anyone to break the law i
am choosing to disobey all of this not
just the orders but the the social
pressure the shaming the the you’re a
bad person if you don’t do this no
everything you’re saying is [ __ ] and
i can prove it with science i can prove
it with their own data
it’s all garbage and it is a personal
choice by the way i think that for many
people at least for now
getting vaccinated is the right choice
if you are strictly if you’re older if
you are obese if you are someone who is
in that higher percentile of getting
more sick and i’m dying from coconut i
think it’s a good choice and frankly
even if i looked at your personal
situation and didn’t think and
personally didn’t think it was a good
choice for you if you think it’s a good
choice for you you should do it
we are not against people doing this
i am against people being shamed for not
doing it for that matter i’m against
people being shamed for doing it it’s a
personal health story but i’m also for
the same reason i’m not in favor of
shaming people uh for being obese even
though it is every bit as likely to
cause you to die of covid as not being a
vaccine actually exponentially more
likely to cause you to not die you know
being obese just like being unvaccinated
does not make you any more or less
likely to spread covenant the reason why
people keep comparing this to like the
do you know why there was no need for
all the the social pressure campaigns
and the mandates and everything else
that the polio vaccine came out because
polio had a nearly 100 percent fatality
rate and at a 100 percent disability
it was eventually going to kill you and
for however long you were here it was
gonna make your life absolutely
miserable it’s gonna take away your i
mean there’s still people that are
suffering from uh polio that got it when
they were little children they’re now
old and they’ve been in an iron lung for
polio is not coving you know the other
reason why they didn’t have to push it
too hard the polio vaccine actually
stopped the spread of coke of polio it
actually had like a a 90 something
percent rate of stopping the uh not just
getting symptoms of polio but actually
getting polio and spreading it to others
if it was an actual by the cdc’s own
there is something interesting about the
fact that the cdc is changing their own
the things that they said they were
worried about two years ago leaky
vaccines suddenly they’re not worried
about this right their definition of a
vaccine which is something that doesn’t
just reduce your symptoms but also
eliminates or greatly reduces the risk
of the spread and and
contraction of an illness
that’s no longer
um and now you’re a bad person if you’re
still using the same definition
so oh and also they’re getting fda
approval to it even though it hasn’t met
their standards for safety and effort
right so savannah goddamn i’m sorry if i
said your name wrong savannah she has a
good question uh how is it a good choice
for higher risk people at all when it is
shown that people who are vaccinated and
people who are vaccinated they can get
it anyway their symptoms are worse than
most of who were infected and not
yeah so this is this is a data thing
savannah and i’m glad you brought this
up the cdc’s are tracking breakthrough
cases anymore for people that have
gotten vaccinated and get coded they
just say wasn’t the person that spoke it
or not they don’t say whether it’s a
breakthrough the only breakthrough cases
that they are documenting of the
vaccinated are the ones who end up
whereas if you’re unvaccinated and you
get it they’re still marking that as
unvaccinated and got cozy even if you
literally just get covered and go oh
okay and you go home for a couple weeks
and you you know have some sniffles or a
fever and you feel fine you don’t have
so because of that the data is huge so
you are statistically less likely to die
because they’re also including a bunch
of people who are unvaccinated who are
at home who got coveted and we’re fine
and as we know the vast vast majority of
people who get coveted stay home by the
way did you know that uh during the
spread of the delta variant that the
fatality rate’s gone down
anyway the uh uh they haven’t mentioned
that they keep talking about all these
people that are dying they’re not
mentioning is that now uh fatality rate
is really settling at around one and a
half percent and appears to be dropped
below it
uh so we are looking at what often
happens with viruses as they mutate they
also become less deadly because they
don’t actually want to kill the host
they just want to spur it and they want
them to have just enough symptoms for
them to spread it more easily that’s why
the cold is so prolific because these
rhinoviruses and coronaviruses
coronaviruses that’s many colds or
coronaviruses that once started as very
very very deadly diseases
and now they spread very easily we get
the sniffles we coffee
and it goes all over the place but we
feel fine we’re still out walking around
we go oh i just got a cold i just
thought i might be allergic
whereas people that are vaccinated
they’re only counting the cases to end
up in the hospital so and and if they’ve
already made it to the hospital even
though the majority of people who are
hospitalized will still survive
obviously the number of people who are
hospitalized that survive are going to
be lower than just the general
population to get cove in that device
every every bit of data of hospitalized
who are vaccinated
and hospitalized people who are
unvaccinated every bit of data i’ve seen
demonstrates that those who are
vaccinated are far less likely at least
for now to get the more serious end up
on a ventilator who end up eating oxygen
to end up done um and so that’s really
the only data that we have to go um it’s
also telling that the fda and the cdc
are no longer tracking breakthrough
they’re just only tracking the unpacks
um which goes to show they don’t they
don’t want to say that but what is
obvious until they absolutely happen
which is that especially with this new
variant which is much more apparently uh
you have a thousand times as much uh
someone with the delta variant has up to
a thousand times
which means not a shot now that uh if
the if all the
vaccine is doing is reducing your viral
load by x percent if the overall viral
load is a thousand times more than it
was with the old one it’s not taking
off the spread that’s why you have
countries with 80 and 90 vaccination
rates we’re still they’re seeing some of
the highest numbers they’ve ever had
right and yes they’re seeing much more
hospitalization and definitely which is
good but they’re also seeing it does the
thread spiral out of control because
there’s apps and now you’re dealing with
people who aren’t scared of it because
and well i didn’t even feel that that
turns out the vaccine works well that’s
great but you’re still fresh so that
that’s why again perfect example of how
data could be skewed
there were a ton of questions but we
have to move on unfortunately um
that was the not so rapid fire segment
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so that brings us to oops forgot to do
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we’re just going to cover one smiling
face with another the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment now
for transparency
i cannot promise that this segment will
happen uh because
if there’s a chance that you guys can
hear it and we can’t
or you’re gonna hear double
or nobody will hear it we don’t really
know what’s gonna happen here i tested
everything yesterday it all worked
and then today it stopped so we are
going to give this a shot um so
let’s hope to god that this
and here is
our first call
can you rewind these
oh no oh no
well here’s our first call from the
midwest guy
okay so we all know that the government
in america changes over time right we
elect different people in the power and
they come into power now
and why not so my big question is are we
responsible then for fixing the mistakes
of the previous governments why or why
not because libertarians you know we we
would obviously never go to afghanistan
but if we took office right now are we
responsible for correcting you know that
wrong that uh that they’ve done there
and uh so it’s more specifically like do
we owe it to the people that
of the people there seeking refugee uh
to use the government power to help them
find it or
like you know like in the us or in guam
or wherever else everyone else ever or
exempt from the responsibility then
should we just leave them there to find
their own solution and then how can we
best use the non-aggression principle to
decide what to do here and of course you
know the big question is like are we
responsible for writing the wrongs of
the past governments and and why
so yeah i’m glad i got through that so
fast thanks for uh
you didn’t hear that at all did you
no and
okay so that was midwest guy and uh he
was saying that as libertarians if we
were going to get into office if we
suddenly took over and we had control of
uh the executive and the uh
legislative branches would we be
responsible for righting the wrongs of
the people that came before us like in
afghanistan like how much of that would
be our fault when we pulled troops
we would be responsible for ending the
harm that’s happening and we would be
cognizant in recognizing of the fact
that when that band-aid gets pulled off
a lot of bad things are going to happen
and that that was always based into the
case but it’s still better than
continuing it on and on and on so uh i’m
trying to come up with like an analogy
so if i were to it you know just think
of if you were you know put in charge of
taking over on some terrible thing that
you have to do this thing uh and when
you do this thing you know some terrible
other things are going to happen as a
result of it but there’s nothing you can
do about it uh then you’re not
so this is almost kind of like a trolley
problem right like you know
right you’ve been that you you woke up
and you are you know you’re being held
at gunpoint and uh there’s a uh uh or
you’re not even being killed
you wake up and you’re in front of a
train track uh and there’s a train
coming down the track and you can pull a
switch and decide which track that the
track splits and you decide which track
it goes to it’s already set where it’s
going to run over 10 people that have
been tied to the track and if you pull
the lever it’ll switch to where only
five people uh get run over by the track
um or you know it’s five babies versus
five uh you know at very old ad right
if you don’t do anything
it’s going to kill 10 feet
and if you do pull it it’s only going to
kill five people but it’s gonna kill
five people who wouldn’t have died if
you hadn’t had sold it and now you’re
responsible for the death of those five
people no
the people who tied them to the track
are responsible for it you were just in
that moment trying to figure out how to
reduce the harm as much as possible
right and there’s no one you’re not
complaining for that you didn’t create
those conditions you won’t be dealt with
in front of me and the same thing is
true with this right if if you know if
libertarians magically took over and we
just start dismantling all these things
and unfortunately uh uh
consequences happen as a result of that
then um that’s the reality of life and
it’s unfortunate and we can look to it
to say this is why we should have never
done it to begin with and why moving
forward our uh policies need to be
reflective of the consequences of our
actions and
you know making sure not
going to leave that out from the future
um but would be responsible for like an
ethical reform standpoint uh i guess it
depends on who you ask i certainly think
they know it sounds like a trolley
i would agree
i mean really i mean
yeah sure um
man i just realized that this next
segment that we’re gonna have to do so
uh jimmy we’re not going to play yours
because spike can’t hear it so we are
going to hold on to that until next week
uh i apologize for that um
i had it all working yesterday
but whatever um
so i’m going to have to work on that
more this week
but until then
this has been the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call in moment
this is going to be a difficult segment
to get through i’m not going to lie um
last week
we auctioned off the libertarian party
waffle house caucus tumbler from the
people that defied the power
the woman who won the auction
when i was speaking with her the next
she stated that she didn’t want the
we were gonna do an auction today but i
decided that uh we were gonna do eli’s
fundraiser instead today uh that’s more
important we need to be able to help out
eli and uh
her son during this time and
so again if anybody if anybody if you
find it in your heart to give
scan this on your cash app
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you can donate and it can help her where
she can miss some days at work and she
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if you find it in your heart please do
please give
so we didn’t do the tumbler auction
today uh next week i believe we’re going
to be auctioning it off correct
yeah we’ll do it next week we’ll do it
next week uh i actually have the tumbler
so i’ll be able to show them to people
that i got them from uh john and susan
that supply the power they were in ohio
and so i i am
but the reason that the woman
was bidding on the tumbler
is because her son was a fan of spikes
he was a libertarian he liked the show
um and
unfortunately he was murdered
last summer during a blm protest in
austin texas
and we actually covered this story when
it happened
right garrett foster
so nope not him
garrett foster was open carrying out a
protest in austin texas on july 25th of
last year many of you probably remember
this happening
many of you probably remember this
it was a big deal especially in the
libertarian party and we’re gonna get
a little bit deeper on why that was and
what is going on with that right now
this man daniel perry
was dropping off an uber or lyft
customer in in the area of the protest
and was turning right onto a major road
where many of the protesters were
you’ve probably seen the video he honked
his horn
and then drove into the crowd of people
that some people say was immediately
surrounded by protesters others could
say that he drove into them
he drove into them
he drove into these people
perry honked his horn drove into the
crowd one of whom was garrett foster
in the videos of this incident which we
won’t show because we don’t want to get
yep you can find them on youtube you can
find it on youtube uh if you want to see
it if you want to see you can find it on
youtube but
um we’re not going to show it because
we don’t want to get demonetized
but you can see garrett walking up to
the car with his ak in the low ready
position for anybody who doesn’t know
pointed down finger not on the trigger
not up
not pointed up
was not pointed up even a little bit
perry fired five shots
killing garrett claiming that garrett
pointed the weapon at him
everything that i have just said
is 100 fact
you can see on the video all of this is
what happened
donald trump got a hold of this story
and retweeted a lie that garrett shot at
the driver
because there were three shots that
happened somewhere else
uh sean king said that perry fired eight
shots uh which wasn’t true he only fired
five um
but three shots happened off screen
but you could see that it wasn’t garrett
the fired because finger not on the
trigger in the low ready position did
not fire
yeah and and since and after the fact uh
um the forensic team uh verified that he
did not no there were no expelled rounds
from his rifle so he did not fire any
thought uh perry daniel perry fired the
shot and then i i believe that it’s
confirmed that a yet a third bystander
um to get a third person fired shot
after daniel perry fired his shot
and so this is where everything got
messed up for garrett and his family
i’m trying to figure out how to do this
without the video did you watch the
video i sent you of uh chris cuomo
uh i did not watch this
video okay
okay so
we’re gonna have to hopefully hopefully
this works where i can do what i kind of
had planned
um anyway and i can just fill you in on
what’s happening
the cops didn’t like garrett because he
was open about his distrust and dislike
of the police and was actively
protesting them and
he wasn’t really nice about it but
first amendment you don’t have to be
nice to the police
you have to be nice
so back don’t care about it
so here
is chris cuomo
interviewing the
police associ uh the
president of the austin police
association president
maybe not
okay that’s real neat right there
yeah that’s where that is
however at the same time that the
investigation is ongoing the head of the
solution union there tweeted this out
saying saying quote quote
foster foster was looking for
so the president of the police
association said he was looking for
confrontation and he found it
this is supposed to be a
non-biased person while investigating a
he’s saying
he’s looking for confrontation and he
found it
right now does not sound like somebody
who is unbiased that man is kenneth
kenneth cassidy president president of
austin police police association
association why have you been the proxy
for the man
you know we’ve been uh battling back
with our city council to stop allowing
so he just said
it’s hard to keep up with the amount of
security that we need while these folks
are expressing their first amendment
later he’s going to say they were
peacefully protesting
why did you need the extra security
gentlemen element has been shown
in the manager’s house so
it was a
he has the problem they carry the long
arm and
he can carry it wherever he wants oh
good we got double audio so now i can’t
hear it okay
i’m really gonna have to work on this
because i really thought i had it all
fixed okay so
basically this is what’s going to happen
in this video
he’s saying that he’s looking for a
confrontation and he found it which
doesn’t seem to be an unbiased opinion
uh he said he also said luckily i wrote
down a lot of these uh garrett said the
police wouldn’t do anything about him
carrying because they are all a bunch of
[ __ ]
that is what he is saying garrett’s
quote is
chris cuomo and i i
hate siding with this guy
but chris cuomo said in the clip we
played i heard him say they won’t let us
exercise our first amendment right so i
have to exercise the rights i can i have
a second amendment right so i’m going to
exercise that
he said and nowhere in there does it
sound like he said anything about people
who are uh calling you people who are
afraid to do anything and
he he dumbed it down um
cassidy said that he was using the gun
to uh intimidate
the city planner by going out in front
of the city planner’s house with the gun
on him
that was it not pointing the gun just
having the gun on him to which chris
cuomo said in texas he’s allowed to do
that he has the right to carry
you coming from texas that shouldn’t be
an issue
and he said well no but he was using it
to intimidate people
chris cuomo was fighting back on this
i’m not a chris cuomo fan but good on
you good on you i know everyone
everyone can be right and he’s 100 right
first of all why is a police officer
disparaging and trying to why is a
police officer submitting evidence
into the public
that has absolutely nothing to do with
the case and which could potentially
affect the outcome of a trial
in favor of the defendant
there he’s literally submitting oh well
he was intimidating a city planning
planner daniel perry didn’t know about
any of that what on earth does that mean
none of that has to do with anything
what on earth does any of that have to
do you have someone who is victim-blamed
and who is saying that the mere presence
of someone carrying a gun is an act of
intimidation pretty ironic for a police
officer to claim in texas these are
people that
stay long yeah in texas where open
carries allowed but a police officer who
literally walks around open carrying all
day right
uh kenneth cassidy
uh said that a lot of the witnesses said
garrett pointed his weapon at perry
to which cuomo
rightfully said most of the witnesses
have said garrett did not point his
at perry and
and the guy just kept going back to
uh can it kenneth cassidy kept going
back to well he called us [ __ ]
he good good
good you’re kind of good you’re proving
it you are
like one you’re acting like a gigantic
[ __ ] in front of everyone right yeah
and that’s on cnn so that’s real bad um
yeah when you look like the [ __ ] and
you’re talking to chris cuomo then yeah
no garrett was right not only did
garrett have every right to say that
about him ever he wanted but turns out
he was right right absolutely
because the internet
is a terrible place
because the internet is a terrible place
his family and fiance started getting
messages from strangers um and i’ve seen
these messages uh
garrett’s mom sent them
uh sent them to me i didn’t put them
into graphics
because i don’t want anybody going after
the people who sent them
i really like i don’t i don’t want them
to have to suffer the same fate but uh
she got a message from somebody that
said your son deserves to die
deserved to die
um his sister said got one that said
your brother was a coward who tried to
intimidate people with his gun and got
his stupid chair force ass smoked
that one went on um
this is a grieving
this is a grieving family
that people are sending this to
and because donald trump sent out a
bunch of garbage and didn’t even know
what he was talking about
that’s what that’s what caused all that
donald trump put out that he had shot at
him and so and because these people you
know donald trump everything he says is
the gospel even if there’s evidence that
what he’s saying is a lie as he’s saying
it uh they simply cannot be convinced
otherwise right this person was shooting
people and intimidating people and
needed to be put down oh and he was
helping black lives matter protesters oh
well then he’s the sum of the earth he
needs to digest for supporting blm right
and we’re actually going to get into
that in a little bit um
the people who were mourning garrett
at his vigil
at the vigil that they had for him in
austin people were there mourning they
they saw it destroyed by people
and then the police came in and arrested
and his mom is in the comments right now
and she just said you have no idea the
hell my family has been put through and
i understand that
and i i
you shouldn’t have to be going through
you absolutely should not be going
through this um
so on top of the cops not liking garrett
because of his protesting white people
as a
as a whole
didn’t support him because he was at a
blm protest
black people didn’t support him because
he was white even though he was at a blm
protest and has a black fiance
because he was open carrying and i saw a
lot of that people saying oh well maybe
his heart was in the right place but why
did he bring a gun that invites this
kind of stuff no getting shot at and
bites this kind of stuff
democrats didn’t support him because he
was open carrying
and republicans didn’t support public
republicans didn’t support him because
he was protesting because he was at the
blm protest
legitimate and neither one of them
because he was a a vocal libertarian
also a valid point um
it was the perfect storm for hatred on
the foster family and for garrett
in a time period in which he should have
been mourned by
the entire libertarian party and by all
of his friends and all of his family
there was this perfect storm brewing
perfect storm brewing of pure hatred
and so much of it got focused on his mom
and his sister and his fiancee
it is abysmal that we are at this point
in society
daniel perry was indicted for murder
last month
which is good
and while that might seem like a win the
austin police association
are actually on perry’s side
and they are attempting to discredit
jose garza the district attorney
because of a job posting he created
looking for
a lead on a civil rights union
unit which would specifically
investigate incidents involving law
enforcement officials
but of course the police association’s
pissed off at him so they’re trying to
kick him out
and they’re trying to discredit him and
they’re using
garrett’s trial as that platform
in a video which i can’t show you
our audio isn’t working um
he said that if a police officer was
accused of murder aggravated assault and
they would be punished
to which he went on to say of which
seven have been found guilty of
he’s going after police that are
breaking the law
the cops are mad and they’re using
garrett foster’s murder trial
as that springboard
these are the lines that are being drawn
by the way
the the
the uh
the lines you’ve been using are are
fading away the new lines are going to
be very simple do you support people
massacring folks on mass
because they are just killing people
because and violating their rights and
hurting them because they don’t want a
draconian super state and its enforcers
to be able to treat them like dolls and
play things
um or do you support that or are you
against that
and if you are uh
and the interesting thing is uh this is
the thing i need my liberty loving
friends to be prepared for
the blue lives matter crowd
and the gun control and lockdown crowd
are about to become one big crowd
and i know you’re not used to that and i
know you’re used to you know them being
hypocrites who you know the you know
you’ll have the people that are you know
in favor of holding priests accountable
but yet they want all these laws and
enforcement and then you have people
that you know are against all these new
laws and enforcement but they are fine
with the people whose job it is to
enforce them very soon that’s all going
to go away they’re fine with the laws
they’re fine with the enforcement
they’re fine with the infringement and
the time with whatever it takes to be
done to impose it upon you and you don’t
have any ally
the reason that reality is coming i
don’t think it’s coming tomorrow and i
don’t think it’s coming next week or
next month but it has to come
because the only way remember i was
talking about earlier that if one five
ten percent of the population just
refuses to comply the only way that that
state that that monopoly of violence has
the ability to keep enforcing it against
you is if 90 of the public supports them
being as brutal as they can be in their
enforcement of their orders against you
and when i say as brutal as they can be
yes i mean all the things you’re
thinking right now
and again if you don’t think it’s coming
i submit to you all of human history
it’s coming
and this is why it is time for us to
make allies it is time for us to put
them on the defensive it is time for us
to push for them to be held accountable
now before we get to this it is time for
us to be pushing against any new order
uh it is i i am choosing to comply
i’m choosing not to comply with the
existing ones and you have to make a
choice for yourself whether you think
your compliance uh will uh will uh help
end these things or whether a lack of
compliance will help end these things um
we have to fight on all funds
because if we don’t
then it’s going to get much much much
much much worse
and we’re just
because of texas’s stand your ground law
it’s tough to say
i could not predict how this trial is
going to go
it’s going to be hard
it’s going to be hard
but what we can say is that
garrett’s family and garrett
they don’t deserve the hate that they
are getting
i’m not leaving libertarians out of this
because many libertarians
have also been spewing this
this was an opportunity
this was a huge opportunity for
libertarians to say he was peacefully
protesting expressing his first
amendment right
and his second amendment right and i may
not have agreed with what he was saying
but that shouldn’t have happened
but that should not have happened and
instead what many of you did
you didn’t give a [ __ ] about what he was
you you didn’t give a [ __ ] about what
happened because of what he was saying
and because you disagreed with the blm
riots or the blm protest because i don’t
think austin ever made it i don’t think
austin ever write it i think they just
because you disagreed with the protest
because you disagreed with that
you put your hate on garrett and his mom
and his sister and his fiancee
and you are just as culpable as the
police as the democrats as the white
people who hated him because he was
protesting with blm for the black people
who hated him because he was a white guy
carrying a gun at blm as the republicans
who were mad that he was there
protesting you are just as culpable as
anybody else
in this situation
garrett’s mom doesn’t did not deserve
this does not deserve this
she should be having
she should be able to have dinner with
her son tonight
but she can’t
and that does not give you free license
anybody free license to message her and
say things
terrible things like i already read and
since she’s there i’m not going to
repeat them um
and when you
when anyone does this when you find
reasons to
what we call the omnipotence space
or the cult of the innocence
you are helping to build the
gallows that they’re gonna use on you
and if you don’t see that i don’t know
what to tell you
centralization of power
relies on youthful idiot
so don’t be one
so yeah um
yeah to to the entire foster family our
condolences everybody we will update you
with more um
there’s some news that we’re going to
have in the future we can’t talk about
it now because of current uh
trials and stuff that are going on and
we don’t want to do anything to
jeopardize that so we aren’t going to
say anything but keep on the lookout um
i am in touch with garrett’s mom
and uh we we’re we’re talking about some
stuff and we will be doing something
later together uh to help out the family
keep out keep on the lookout for that
uh keep on the lookout for that in the
future because it’s coming and um
you know we’re gonna do everything we
can to help out any way that we can
absolutely we’re gonna continue to be
here to help in any way that we can and
um the uh uh yeah there’s nothing we can
really say right now but we will be
working uh with uh garrett’s family and
uh and and helping them get the help
that they need um
but uh in the meantime uh we are going
to continue to expose the reality of
what we are facing um i actually uh this
um episode has inspired me um i’m going
to talk about
um the parallel between the reality the
tough reality i had to face about ms
and the changes i had to make in my life
and the tough reality that many of you
have yet to face about kovid and the
realities that you’re going to the
changes you’re going to have to make in
your life once you come to that
realization about it um and uh you know
garrett was
um i i never actually had the
opportunity to prepare it unfortunately
so real quick
real quick um
his mom commented a few minutes ago and
said that garrett was literally the best
person i’ve ever known and you can ask
any of his friends who he kept from
second grade until the day he died and
i’ve seen other comments coming in
talking about how great garrett was and
how garrett was i think somebody said he
was a real one and somebody else called
him a king and somebody else called him
the mvp and
many of these people know him have met
him have hung out with him
yep i’d never met garrett
i wish i had
yeah i i it was it is unfortunate um and
almost assuredly i would have gotten to
meet him if this hadn’t happened i i was
going to i was in texas uh about two
months later and uh and i’m sure that
that i would have gotten to meet him and
that is just incredibly unfortunate and
um we can’t imagine the pain of those
who did know him right and he did love
him and who did have him in their lives
his wife
his fiancee his his mother his family um
his loved ones who don’t have garrett in
their life anymore um garrett uh he will
continue to fight for what you fought
for which was for liberation and freedom
for everyone
against anyone that would try to
infringe upon them or hurt them or
violate their life their lives their
rights and their property um that is the
uthat is the uh torch that we all carry
on and that all of you i hope you are
who are listening to this and watching
this uh will carry on as well um
gareth’s death does not have to be in vain
if if there is anything that we can get
from this let us remember that
this is what happens when
those who are in positions of power and
authority over us are out of control
and it needs to end and again
if you were one of the people who were
saying these things about gareth and you
now know that that was wrong that’s
great what i also want you to know is
that moving forward anytime that you are being told
by the corporate press and authoritarian
talking heads that someone is bad
at the very least be skeptical
do not be a youthful idiot for the
ever-growing state
because it’s easy it’s tempting they
divide you they make you hate each other
they tell you that this person is your
enemy malcolm x said that if you keep
listening to the press and the
government one day you’ll find yourself
loving your oppressors and hating the
people that are trying to liberate you
garrett was trying to liberate everyone
and we should remember him as that yes
so and and with that uh we uh we i
appreciate we appreciate you uh watching
the show and tomorrow
uh since we’re talking about police
reform tomorrow on my fellow americans
uh my guest will be mike hermite he is
uh running for congress uh representing
a district in florida uh in southern
florida and uh mike tremont is an active
duty police officer
who is running on a platform of
reforming the police specifically
holding bad officers accountable and
also either eliminating or greatly
reforming police unions which is where a
lot of this nonsense comes from a lot of
the protection
of this nonsense comes from that and so
we’re going to be talking about that
he’s also an economist a trained
economist we’re going to be talking
about his thoughts on the economy and
probably a whole lot of things i think
we’re going to have a very cool
conversation tomorrow but we are going
to be talking about how an officer
someone who he sees his role as
protecting your life your life your
rights and your property how an office
uh sees the need for police reform and
what his plans are for that um and so i
invite you to join me tomorrow at eight
cancer uh on my fellow americans and then uh on
thursday is uh the right yep on thursday
at eight o’clock eastern is the writer’s
block and i have don johnson on
not going any further with that
dungeon what a big deal what a big don
johnson find out if it’s that down johnson or a
different don johnson and this friday
there is no cajun in eskimo
okay there is no occasion
yeah uh cajun has an event i believe in
jersey or pennsylvania or something this
weekend um so he will not be on on
friday they said they might make it up
later in the weekend not a hundred
percent sure yet we will find out
together um and then on monday tune in
at eight o’clock for mr america mr
murica the bearded truth with jason lyon
i threw the a in for some reason mr
america uh but uh tune in eight o’clock on
monday for mr america the bearded truth
uwhere jason lyon is going to do a deep
dive on one issue uh if you have not
checked out that show yet check it out
it is fantastic it is so good
it is so good
and then join us right back here next
week uh tuesday at 8pm eastern for the
muddy waters of freedom we will be
parking through all the weeks news and
we will also be auctioning off the uh
um the uh the mugs uh there are the
tumblers the uh the libertarian parks
waffle house tumblers and uh we uh look
forward to seeing you then
and uh thank you all again for tuning in
and uh we love you thank you for being a
part of this uh thank you for being the
people who allow this to continue and to
grow and uh we love you thank you for
being a part of this we will see you
tomorrow in my show and where we’re
going we don’t need roads

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