Episode 87 – The Shutdown Continues, People Seek Refuge for Healthcare in Third World Nations

Muddied Waters Media

The shutdown has waged on, and people are beginning to feel the effects of the nonsensical breakdown of government. All that is apparently left to eat is the food that hasn’t broken down, and those visiting the White House find it to be a special treat to eat anything they didn’t have to hunt and kill themselves. While researchers have found we aren’t procreating enough to replace those we are losing during the shutdown, NEw York is looking to pass legislation to ensure those repopulation numbers are never met. Even Senators, well, the ones not partying with lobbyists in Puerto Rico, are seeking health services from any third world country. Those who still live try to keep themselves busy with crazy statements made by Steve King, false anger over razor commercials and AOCs comments about life, liberty, and the pursuit of unhappiness and racists.

Music by Grassroots Kava House
Water by Kroger
Music by Hot Damn Burnette

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