(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 8 – Resa Willis Is Better At Messaging Than Spike

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August 16, 2018
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August 23, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans)))

On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by the lovely and talented Resa Willis, Libertarian Party social media and messaging maven, to talk about her journey into libertarianism, her involvement in some very dynamic campaigns and programs, the Libertarian Party’s struggle against communism and why Spike needs to stop being a jerk to people on social media.

Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (fb.com/jodavimusic)

Guest: Resa Willis

Larry Sharpe Campaign: larrysharpe.com

Weapons of Mass Persuasion: weaponsofmasspersuasion.com

Libertarian State Leadership Alliance: libertarianleaders.org

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