Episode 230 – Freedom of Speech is Passing Fad

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Do you want a gun owned by a Canadian that needs to sell it quick? Well, we have good news for you. Check out the show for more info on how that’s attainable.

Kanye and Pete’s rivalry gets dirty with the meanest insults being perried about.

Justin Trudeau declares polite martial law in the Great White North.

The ATF wants you to snitch on your exes, the CIA is listening to you, and the DHS is attacking free speech.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

Plus more…

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Episode Transcript

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everyone’s tired of coving this pandemic
has zombies protests another way to get
through it this pandemic has sucked
they’re not the storylist pandemic this
pandemic has sucked for all canadians
this pandemic has sucked up in canada
things are happening that are worth
covering which is a rarity the convoy
protests against grabs full attention
and paralysis the canadian left is
calling all of these people trumpians
they find a few french members and then
they say these people represent the
entire protest as opposed to the core
ideology what is the main goal of the
truckers here
it has to start
it has to stop everyone’s tired
this pandemic has zombies protests
another way to get through it this
pandemic has sucked they’re not the
story was pandemic this pandemic has
sucked for all canadians this pandemic
has sucked i can’t go skiing i can’t go
to walmart i can’t go to cane tire i’m
not leaving until all the mandates are
gone there’s a lot of people here
streaming live online
now i’m angry if you want to compare
canada okay it’s like uh hitler’s
germany and we’re like the jews eh
everyone’s tired of coping this pandemic
has zombies protests another way to get
through it this pandemic has sucked
they’re not the story of this paradigm
this pandemic has sucked for all
canadians this pandemic has sucked do
what i say take a vaccine passport let
me track everywhere you go no and
because you’re wearing a blue shirt
you’re a loving ass mangle teeth doesn’t
mean you’re letting pickles your slice
north korea you chicken that monster
they’re criminals they’re kicking us
away a lot of people separately i need
funding plus you need to get prepared
and we’re ready to ship you my quality
horrible food right now and if you don’t
get trouble through the way the world’s
going you’re nuts everyone’s tired of
covered this pandemic has zombies
protests and the way to get through it
this pandemic has sucked they’re not the
story of this pandemic this pandemic has
sucked for all canadians this pandemic
has sucked
and now matt wright and
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike skank and half sour pickle
cohen i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddy waters of
folks thanks so much for tuning in to
this special episode
of the muddy waters of freedom why is it
because i’m wearing a jacket no it’s
cause you’re here um and but it’s also
because i’m wearing a jacket
and uh
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on odyssey
first and foremost let me thank the
wonderful fantastic brilliant man
benjamin daniel morris chestnut the 18th
17th cyrus son
and uh for the cava that i’m drinking
and allow me to thank
le blair
blast from the past
delicious purified drinking water for
this water that i’m drinking blue bunaka
so yes the reason i’m wearing a jacket
is because i was on kennedy
just before this started
funny thing
i was just on national news
where i said that the u.s
presumably the u.s government i didn’t
specify but i said that the u.s
genetically engineered michael phelps to
be shaped like an orca
to which matt wright took great offense
he was not shaped like an orca you say
that because you’re used to looking at
if you just pull up a picture of michael
look away
think about something completely
look back not thinking i’m gonna look at
a picture what the hell is that oh
that’s in the video uh i’m looking at
don’t look back thinking this is gonna
be michael phelps think uh i wonder what
i’ve got ah that’s an orca
michael phelps is not built like an orca
he was engineer i will give it to you
that man was engineered in a lab
in wuhan to be a great swimmer but
it was gain of function swimming yes
gain of function swimming
the the baltimore families paid for
research to be done at the woo han
i love it i like that theory i would not
wish i had said that that michael phelps
was engineered in a wuhan lab but i
would still say
that he’s shaped like i’ll pull up a
picture of him later so we can all see
you’re just gonna put a picture of an
not ever never
how dare you i would never trick
people into thinking a picture of an
orca is a picture of michael phelps
that’s so that’s so dishonest and
disingenuous for what just to prove a
silly point about a joke i told on fox
that’s ridiculous i would
never do something like that never
never let me tell you here’s how honest
i am i’m so honest that i’d like you to
know that this episode is brought to you
by the libertarian party waffle house
caucus the fastest growing and second
largest caucus in the libertarian party
if i were a liar
matt if i were a liar i’d say it was the
largest caucus in the libertarian party
matt now if i were going to
no one would most of our viewership
would probably even believe that because
i i mean it could be true
matt it could definitely be the truth
that it’s
uh the largest
it’s not
but it could be
and if you’d like to become a member of
second largest caucus which is the truth
matt i would uh go to the facebook group
libertarian party waffle house caucus
and if you’d like to become an official
voting member which means nothing which
by the way matt if i were going to say
a lie i’d say that it means something
and that you get something out of it
madness doesn’t
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it doesn’t and you could go to
the muddy waters media store at muddy
waters of
freedom.com slash store and you could go
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the gravy king
matt the gravy king joe soloski is
running for governor of pennsylvania joe
siloski uh believes that he is the key
actually i believe that joe soloski is
the key to pennsylvania’s success if i
were going to lie matt i would have said
that he
said that but he didn’t he actually said
that freedom matt is the key to
pennsylvania’s success
and if you’d like to help joe become the
first libertarian governor
ever then go to joe
siloski.com that’s j-o-e-s-o-l-o
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where did you find that photo of an orca
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insane so go to defythepower.com or
stitches and glitches.com you sure to
use the code monday tumblr for 10 off i
i don’t i don’t know if it’s i would
assume at some point that’s going to
expire but then they’ll probably renew
it because i just
i think it expires february 28th oh okay
get it get in soon february 28th muddy
tumbler for 10 off
um and then we’ll have to change this
graphic literally all we’d have to do is
just like if you look we would just have
to like use black
over that to cover that up
like it’s the easiest edit and we just
won’t make it
it’s true
it’s like the easiest thing
easiest edit that we could possibly do
so yesterday was uh the mother of all
made up holidays i guess all holidays
are made up so yesterday was the mother
of all hallmark holidays
yes uh did did you do anything special
for your lady
no actually we don’t usually do things
on the actual day of because we’re in
myrtle beach good luck getting into you
know this is a you know the redneck
destination for valentine’s day and so
good luck getting into any restaurant uh
and you know the cost of flowers and
chocolate goes way down today so we
typically do it like either either the
following weekend or during the week so
we have all sorts of stuff planned uh
but no we we have not uh officially
officiated our official uh valentine’s
day day just because of where we are
it’s ridiculous did you guys do anything
um so
again mother of all hallmark holidays
one of the most brilliant things i’ve
ever done is before sarah and i started
dating i told her my disdain for the
such holidays yes and how i think
they’re made up and anybody who
celebrates them uh
is stupid uh
so then when we started dating the
precedent was set
which was great
yeah because i still like i took the day
off because the super bowl was the night
before and if the rams had won which
they did uh i knew that i was going to
be up late celebrating and if they had
i would have been able to go to work i
just really wouldn’t have wanted to
after staying up late being said that
the rams had lost um
so i took the day off and we ended up
taking a look at a place for the
reception uh october 21st down here and
uh oh depending on grace i think we i
think we’re gonna go with it it’s nice
nice nice little spot
cool cool yeah no that’s awesome man i
uh they have a room here called the key
west room and i thought of you
and my suffering
so what he’s referring to like well this
is where spike should stay it’s in the
it’s where i should now hopefully i
don’t get coveted again and miss it so
this year was supposed to start
with me going to key west having just
gotten back from like the tampa bay area
this was supposed to be the the winter
of spike
and i was gonna just be doing all sorts
of fun stuff and then on the second
i tested
well on the second we determined it’s
pretty clear that i had covid and a
couple days later once we could actually
get a test it was confirmed i had coven
and uh and then
and so and and so this is the second i’m
supposed to get there on the eighth
and i’m like
if i have a really really mild case
like just sail through it a little bit
of sniffles maybe by the seventh i’ll
test negative and i can just
go to key west without giving everyone
covet instead i started coughing up
blood and then that was when i realized
that going to the keys was probably not
in my best interest so you knew you had
it on like you you were like okay i
think i have it on the second i was
feeling crappy so it wasn’t like i knew
i had it but it was like
i’ve been hanging out
in tampa bay during the omicron wave
you started showing symptoms before i
second or third either the second or the
third i don’t remember now but yes
because if you started because if you
started on the second
you were the one who gave it to so that
was your revenge maybe next time you’ll
make the latkes without eggs okay how
about that
i don’t i don’t
i don’t know i don’t know i i also um
the third
i don’t remember now it’s beginning of
the year
very close to the beginning of the year
mere hours after what i’m hearing is you
gave everybody in my house covey
i don’t remember the exact schedule but
again you tried to kill me
with gluten so
hand egg
and egg
and egg so yeah no i i went to tampa for
during omicron and uh
and all i got was this lousy shirt i
didn’t even get a shirt
i didn’t even get a shirt so uh yeah i
didn’t get to do key west
and uh almost killed my friends
and um
so yeah okay so speaking
of almost killing your friends
it’s time
yet again
for the
mud water
mushroom coffee replacement cacao rapid
fire segment brought to you
by mud water
if you woke up today and said oh my gosh
matt and spike here you are in my room
every morning
i wake up with the two of you in my room
i don’t know why that is but while
you’re here i just want you to know yet
that i am sick and tired
of coffee my life is already tough
you know i i
things just haven’t been the same since
i lost my job teaching
i was a i was a good teacher
i was uh
i cared a lot about the kids
it was about the kids i just wanted to
reach the kids and help them and uh
then one day i was trying to
you know i gave the kids a a lesson i
thought it would be a fun lesson for
them to to tell a story
but i should have known that that dirty
johnny would ruin everything i
i’ve never hated a child before matt and
spike but
johnny certainly tested that let me put
it that way
i’d like to think i’ve never hated a
child but if i ever did it was
dirty johnny
anyway one day i
was giving uh
the the final lesson for the day and i
said well we’re going to do a a fun
exercise kids i want each of you to get
up and
tell me something that’s happened in
your life
uh something that happened and uh and
then tell me a a lesson that you learn
from it
and uh
johnny already i could tell he was gonna
come up with some nonsense
and uh i really tried to ignore him
and so i i finally i was i i couldn’t
have been happier when little katie
finally stood up and put her hand up i
said yes katie katie tell me about tell
me about what’s going on
katie says uh
well teacher
i don’t know what your name is but well
teacher i uh
might my dad was working at the
at the hatchery there
and uh
he was uh
he was counting
uh he he was he it’s his job at the
hatchery to put the eggs in a basket and
and transport them and
and um
and uh he he put he put the eggs and he
was trying to save time so he put them
all in one basket and he was he was
uh to where the the eggs are transported
and distributed and uh he tripped and
fell and then all the eggs broke
and i said oh katie that’s terrible but
what’s the what was the lesson to that
she said i learned that you shouldn’t
put all your eggs
in one basket and i said oh katie what a
what a great lesson
what a good thing that that that your
father learned there at the hatchery
there and then i saw that johnny was
kind of eager you could tell he wanted
to say something and i just i looked
away i i did my best and
finally the teacher’s pet my favorite
student of all billy stood up and said
teacher teacher i have one as well and i
said oh billy what great
great news billy please tell me your
lesson and he said well my my uncle uh
was there at the
hatchery he works at the hatchery as as
almost all of us do
thank god for that hatchery if
it’ll be lost if it wasn’t there anyway
he was uh he was counting
uh his chickens uh and to save time
uh you know he figured that eggs turned
and turned to chickens and so he counted
them as chickens uh even before they had
uh had hatched and you know some of them
turned out that they were they were
lying fallow
they had not been uh
fertilized and so when when the final
count happened they said oh
billy’s uncle you’re fired because you
you overcounted the chickens and he
tried to explain himself but that was
the last time the hatchery is is fair
but they’re firm
if you keep messing up here you’re gone
and she said oh billy i’m so sorry i
know how much that meant to your uncle
but but what what lesson could we have
possibly gotten from this terrible
tragedy and billy said well of course
you don’t
catch your you don’t count your chickens
before they hatch
and i said my
goodness what a lesson that you learned
there billy and i hope your uncle was
able to
land back on his feet and
the bell was about to ring and i was
about to let all the children go for the
for what proved to be my final day in
and uh
then i saw johnny get up he said teacher
teacher i got something for you i got a
real lesson for you
and i thought oh
i don’t want this kid i if i listen to
this kid i’m just
giving him what he wants
he wants to make a mockery
of my lesson
i’m so disgusted by
by this child i i’ve again if i if i had
hate if i was capable of hate i would
certainly feel it towards johnny but
god bless america i made a
i made an oath to these kids and
i said i try to reach every last one
okay johnny get up just tell us tell us
your lesson
and he said yeah mine’s about my uncle
but he didn’t work at the hatchery
on a county he was in nam
he went over to vietnam and he saw some
and he did some things
i’m going to tell you all about one of
one day his
uh his platoon that he was with they
didn’t like him no one likes anyone in
our family
not like you teacher you give me a a
fair shake
anyway the
the men
were they didn’t like my uncle
they hated them
with a deep and seething passion they
hated them and they uh
one day they got them all liquored up
and uh gosh knows what else they were
putting in there over in uh
in da nang
and uh
and they left him they left him right
there in the
right in the patty there
they left him there with just a couple
of m16s and a
1911 45 and some grenades
maybe he could defend himself for a few
hours i don’t know what they were
thinking they were all monsters over
there and
my uncle woke up
covered and vomit didn’t know where he
and uh he looked
and he saw he saw the weapons
he didn’t know where he was he didn’t
even really know what he was there for
but he did know that he had hate in his
he knew what to do about it
so my uncle takes the takes the guns and
the bottle of whiskey they left behind
and he continued to
walk down
until he
came across a village
when he got there he’s looking and
he doesn’t know if
he’s looking at charlie or the
people he was
there to protect but he did know that he
was filled with a rage
that could only be quelled in one way
and so he
he threw the grenades
and uh
boom boom the buildings all fell
because they’re
not well made over there they were
shanties of the the most
they didn’t know how to build and so he
took out his gun and
took out his rifle and with a almost a
sweeping motion like that of a
of the reaper with this scythe
he just starts mowing down
the men
then later the
the women and
god help me so ashamed to say that the
children next and
he’s sitting there in mud and blood and
the faint cries
away and he realizes
that he may have made a mistake
but that doesn’t stop him from laying
there all in his glory
laughing like a maniac
they never let him go after that he uh
he came back to the states and was
committed and
and he’s been there ever since
and i said my god johnny
this is a room full of children
what on earth lesson
could we possibly take from what you
just said to all of us
and he said well
they offer you a job at the hatchery i
reckon you should take it
and that’s why i’m sick of coffee matt
and spike i don’t want coffee anymore i
want instead a coffee alternative made
from nothing but masala chai cacao
mushrooms turmeric sea salt cinnamon and
literally nothing else well
very sorry to hear about your ordeal but
we do have mud water the most
appropriately named sponsor we have
which is a coffee alternative that has
all of those things how does it taste
exactly like you think those things
would taste like
it has 1 7 of the caffeine of a cup of
coffee just enough to get you all hyped
up like this
but not so much that you end up with
end of the day crash
and depression and heart disease like
my uncle died and
well no he didn’t die he was committed
so if you go to muddy waters of
freedom.com mud you can get your starter
pack of mud water today
do you love guns
because i know we love guns here yes
and all across
the muddy verse
now have an opportunity
one of our friends who works for a
company called arms east
told me about this and said hey
you should tell people about this thing
yes you
you fine american citizen you’ve done
loving this in you have a chance to um
on an illegal canadian gun
before canada pretty much banned
everything in 2020
one of our friends and an employee of
arms east used to ship stag 10 rifles up
there by the truckload but now they’re
banned and the people who own them are
stuck waiting for the government to tell
them when they have to take them in to
be destroyed so our friends set up an
option for his customers to have them
ship their guns down to the us and
they’re auctioning them off on gun
broker and giving them whatever they
sell for it that way they don’t just
lose out on everything
so in the show notes and now in the
there is a link to this fifteen hundred
dollar base price gun with five hundred
dollar stag den with the five hundred
dollars in mods put added to it uh i
believe when i checked earlier the bid
was at 362 dollars and i think it goes
for another week uh
but you would be helping out a canadian
in his attempt to not just lose the two
thousand dollars that he spent on this
fine piece of machinery
and uh get some of that money back
yeah all of that money he really is
that’s up to you but uh the
uh link is now in the comments and you
can uh go and
bid on that to your heart’s content
i love it it’s got uh
i’m just gonna go through some of the
through some of the features of this
thing here uh it’s got an 18 and a half
inch uh
one to one to 10 ratio barrel uh magpul
mbus pro
uh steel backup irons i love those iron
it’s got a magpul ctr stock uh
magpul moe plus pistol grip
extended charging handle harris
six to nine inch bipod
dual sling hook end plate bcm hand stop
for grip gun tips gun tech slip over
muzzle device
not an nfa item though
i love it
and right now the uh the current bid on
this is 360 dollars
like that’s just a good deal
uh it’s worth 1500
uh definitely shipping is 30 bucks
yeah and it’s uh
with five hundred dollars of
bonuses at on it’s 1500 base
um oh 1500 base yeah yeah yeah so 2 000
and um get yourself like like our friend
said uh he shipped a ton of these up
there and when they banned them now
they’re just waiting they either have to
turn them in and have them melted down
or the government’s gonna come and take
them and take the gun take the gun and
them away
where they may not see their friends or
family ever again i’m not really well
it’s canada we’re going to get a little
bit into that later um
this is an opportunity to uh help
somebody out who doesn’t want to lose
the two thousand dollars that they spent
on this and you get yourself a fine fine
stag ten a nice weapon
you can shoot at your local firing range
your your range shoppy where you can
also arrange shopping oh also uh for
those who are maybe out wondering it’s
uh um
rifled in 308 it’s uh it’s uh um it’s a
and doug drybo dried bro dry bro or
chambered in 308
yeah uh
i believe so uh this is the first one
that they have been doing and so they’re
going to be
if if it works out well then
uh i believe there will be more so
keep your eye out if there is more we
will be letting you know uh good people
over at arms east not a sponsor yet um
so uh go convince them why we should why
they should sponsor us play them the
last ad play them a clip of the last ad
they’ll know what’s up
don’t know why they mean
jack casey says
jack casey says a bunch of listeners are
getting ready to bring gluten and eggs
to the next spike appearance well i hope
they like kovid um so anyway
yes i hope they like covet there uh
speaking of
shots fired
have one that i’m not gonna say
but speaking of
kanye west uh has not been in a good
mood recently matt
no he has not been in a good mood
recently and he has been showing off um
his latest breakdown uh all over
with yeah uh with quite a bit of ire
yes quite a bit of
oh so talented
the ever funny the just
genius of this generation pete davidson
who is
stupid kanye’s ex who is famous for some
who’s famous for some reason that is
still lost on me
and he has now ignited a new battle with
the great value brand jimmy kimmel jimmy
fallon not jimmy kimmel
kanye west thinks pete davidson dated
hillary clinton
kanye west he’s the only person that he
hasn’t dated so i mean
i mean there is that
that’s absolutely even dated bill
uh but he
so you might as well do the hat trick
right maybe yeah may as well um in an
instagram post he
uploaded a crapped photo of kim and pete
holding hands but not showing their
faces and he said
look at this
i wonder if instagram gonna shut down my
page for dissing hillary clinton’s
ex-boyfriend yep
kanye then went on to promise that pete
would never meet
his kids
and uh
shared a screenshot of pete texting him
saying i really want to meet your kids
but you’re a man and i’m not going to
try to step on you and kim’s toes
i don’t really care about this piece of
information except for
being kanye west
but because of kanye west i had the
mental image of pete davidson and
hillary clinton stooping and now all of
you do too
yeah i knew that this had absolutely
nothing to do
with your concern about any of these
people involved
because i know you don’t care
i was actually shocked when this was in
here i’m like why are we going to be
talking about kanye west now i get it i
get it this was all torture this is
similar to my my mud water jokes
just the pure
well while i’ve got your attention
get your attention i’m going to rip norm
mcdonald off
for multiple minutes he can’t do it
he can
he can’t he has to live on in us
or he or he will have lost
his battle
uh with cancer which really is a draw
it’s not the norm mcdonald joke it’s
really a drug because the cancer is dead
right rob palcovich said what do you
think she was doing while bill was
getting bj’s in the office
uh well it probably wasn’t pete davidson
because i think he was 12 at the time if
that isn’t he in his 20s or is he in his
he might be in us
i got to look this up because he would
have been if she i’ll tell you what if
that’s when they were stooping then
uh then that explains the jeff epstein
connection he’s 28. so yeah no that
would have
he would have been like
four when that was happening
i don’t put it above her
sadly neither do i um
that would explain the jeff epstein
that would explain why he looks like
speaking of hillary
yep uh
she spied on
she she was she was spying on trump when
he was a candidate and while he was in
the white house and i mean
trump told us this
three years ago
um and it wasn’t that shocking then and
it’s even less shocking
um special counsel john durham
uh has indicted three people so far in
in this
uh having to do with the spying on the
trump campaign in the trump white house
as he continues to pursue his
investigation of wrongdoing by others
and in a recent federal court filing he
disclosed that the clinton camp that
clinton campaign lawyers hired a tech
company to infiltrate computer servers
housed in trump tower and later the
white house
breaking news everybody this is breaking
hillary is still the favorite to win the
dnc primary in 2024 yes thanks to the
super delegates i listen i want hillary
to be the nominee
i do
if you want maximum political carnage
you want it to be a rematch of 2016
i want maximum political carnage and i
don’t think joe biden’s gonna be here
in 2024 or if he is here i don’t think
he’s going to be able to really
i mean he’s being walked around people
holding his arm another clip came out
today where he’s literally having his
arm held and he lost track of where he
was even while they were killed like i
mean he’s he he’s losing it and uh
kamala harris i don’t see her she’s not
popular um she’s not her purple numbers
are worse than vikings yeah her numbers
are worse her numbers are worse than
dick cheney i know you know everyone
keeps saying her numbers are worse than
dick cheney and he shot a guy and
meanwhile like again he shot a lawyer i
still think that helped him that was a
net gain for him um but i i i
she’s not she doesn’t have the she
didn’t get a single she dropped out
before a single vote was cast in any of
the primaries or caucuses during the the
last set of primary she doesn’t have it
she’s not the one she doesn’t have it
and i i don’t see her doing well
i want carnage
i want carnage and i think hillary
hillary will give us carnage
hillary i want all the people
what’s that
hillary and trump would give carnage
i want all the people that went from
believe women
all women hashtag me to with all the
women and
and vote for a woman who
in 2020
putting aside the fact that there was a
woman on the ballot that was ignored but
uh that there was the
sex offender uh alleged to alleged sex
offenders but they were okay with their
sex offender and not the other sex
offender and again definitely not the
actual woman who was not accused of sex
offenses uh uh well even after the
election just
dungeon thing but that was consensual
and uh
i want them to go back to
we support women we love women women
women and women i just think it would be
really great um so yeah no maximum
uh would be hillary as the uh
and the dnc would rip itself apart
because they know hillary sucks oh yeah
and so it would just
be amazing
speaking that would be
speaking of politicians who suck
like the pandemic
like the pandemic
prime minister blackface justin trudeau
his canadian tour
of straw grasping
to end
the growing trucker protest
he originally said
a small fringe minority with
unacceptable views that wasn’t going to
amount to much of anything and he’s
proven that right he’s proven that this
is pretty much over and it was all
yeah it’s over it’s it’s there is
nothing there
uh the media has completely blown this
out of proportion
it’s just a small fringe
uh who who is there and in no way
they’re all racist and nazis and
sexist say
and uh
yeah so
he’s been proven right he’s been proven
right so
yeah so much
there’s been so much rightness
in what justin trudeau has
he has now invoked legislation that
gives his government sweeping powers to
fight a growing number of illegal and
dangerous black aids across the country
for the first time ever in canadian
history they’re doing this
you had two options
you had three options you had three you
had three options one
you could have not called them nazis and
racists and sexists and every other
name in your infantile
playbook of dirty names to call people
that you disagree with so
you could have met with them to talk to
them yes
two you could have ended the mandates
or three you could have declared
an emergency act for the first time in
canadian history because a bunch of
aren’t leaving the streets
oh but matt
it’s much worse than that
they have i’m trying to use my my justin
trudeau voice they have shut down
border crossings
which is
holding our
what’s funny is no canadian talks like
this no ontarian talks like this no
quebec quebecois talks like that no one
talks like how he does he i don’t know
it’s like it’s like a soy boy ronald
and i well
that’s from when chandler bang punched
him in the face so hard he got that like
oh he’s like oh hey why you hit me oh oh
why why did you hit me there so that’s
why he talks like and he’s shutting down
things and homeless people aren’t
getting access to the foods that they
need and the small businesses are
shutting down and you know we
it’s bad when you shut down border
crossings it it causes economic turmoil
it holds our economy and our democracy
i know that because i shut everything
down including the entire border for
over a year
and opened it only after everybody
decided that they were going to get
vaccinated because i made them
and i’m increasingly putting more
pressure on people to make sure that
they get
vaccinated thereby holding them hostage
so i know all about that
but what they’re doing is illegal when i
did it it’s it’s legal because i’m the
head of the government but they’re doing
it and it’s illegal
and so what we are going to tell them is
cannot do this
and we’re going to prove that by passing
the emergencies act for the first time
in canadian history because you are
going through the our towns and burning
them down and looting oh no that was two
summers ago sorry because you are
blocking the street and honking
now the emergencies act which goes into
effect for a month
uh allows the federal government to bar
people from gathering in certain
i locations where they wonder wonder
where they’re going to be focusing
um it could also allow officials to
conscript the use of private tow trucks
what side do you think the tow truck
drivers are on
i just
this whole thing is like if you know
yes exactly and so now they’re gonna be
forced to do it
it doesn’t work well you have to give us
your tow truck okay
and the thing by the way the theory here
you work with little church oh you want
my tow truck oh it won’t start there eh
it was the crazy thing about this today
the popular narrative in canada i
shouldn’t even say popular because
they’re not even doing polling actually
they did some polling both the pro
truckers and anti-truckers deeply deeply
disapprove of justin trudeau’s handling
of this he’s wildly unpopular right now
he’s actually less popular than the
truckers and their numbers are only in
like the high 20s he’s like the least
popular person in canada he makes kamala
harris look downright popular he’s more
popular than dick cheney the very moment
that he shot the guy again i think that
actually helped him he is more popular
than justin trudeau in or more unpopular
than justin trudeau in
uh arabian nights blackface
uh the
the the crazy thing about this is
you know the narrative that the media is
trying to push is well ninety percent of
of of
canadians are vaccinated and 80 percent
of truckers or actually i think it’s 90
of truckers are vaccinated and 80 of uh
canadians are vaccinated because they
were forced to be vaccinated or else
they lose everything so certainly you
know a lot of those vaccinated ones
don’t support this because they’re
against their will
a lot of these people are vaccinated in
fact that’s actually on a lot of the
signs i’m vaxxed and i support the
convoy i’m vaxxed and it should be a
choice i’m vaxxed and trudeau must go
like they’re making it clear yes that
includes that 90 of truckers that are
vaccinated i it is incredible to watch
the deputy prime minister ironically
named christia freeland yeah
uh said the act would borrow the use of
crowdfunding websites for illegal
activities and punish companies whose
trucks were being used in the protests
oh the companies who are not probably
not even involved awesome
uh the organizer of the convoy uh tamara
litch said protesters would remain until
the mandates were removed um and she
said that trudeau’s use of the
emergencies act was extreme but that the
prospect of increased federal powers to
in the blockade would deter protesters
which is weird because that’s what the
article said that i was reading and then
she said no matter what we do
no matter what you do we will hold the
line there are no threats that will
frighten us we will hold the line i
think it was supposed to be
yeah i think it would be would not deter
protesters yeah
i think so but i had to put it in there
because i was like
what it says she said yeah
yeah by the way just a total side note
has anyone else noticed like when you’re
reading articles that the grammar and
spelling and punctuation and just proper
has just completely gone into the toilet
am i the only one that’s noticed that
on like a major like the the weak and
cbc and fox and seeing it like it’s like
bad copy paste tweets that people don’t
bother checking after they press send
yeah i think this i think i was reading
the guardian for most of this info yeah
it’s all guardian name
uh yeah no it’s awful i blame buzzfeed
yes the canadian the canadian government
is saying that the prime minister’s
unprecedented move comes amid growing
worry from federal officials that
protesters are increasingly unwilling to
leave the blockades as well as the
rising prospect of violence although
there hasn’t
been any
from the protesters
any they’ve even found some with well
we’re going to talk about that in a
moment they’ve even found some with gun
there’s been no
they keep just saying they’re harassing
people honking and they’re breaking the
there’s no violence
this is the most canadian protest ever
they’re literally out there going hey
buddy hey trudeau’s gotta go and even
like the counter protesters are coming
out hey buddy get out of ottawa they’re
like no
like that’s sli it’s basically jordan
peterson clones arguing with each other
it has not
no one is fighting there’s no there has
been like no violence polite
martial law
i my favorite video has been there was
uh uh someone moving forward in their
truck and a counter protester was
standing there and i think that the clip
was actually in in our intro um
and so the truck moved forward and so
the counter protester like
pretended the truck hit her but
obviously like moved forward to touch
the truck and then flopped over and all
you hear across like up and down the
sidewalk or a bunch of people going yeah
oh yeah right it’s the funniest thing
oh yeah right
it’s just i love it
this is so canadian
yes and in an announcement that reeks of
too good to be true timing for the
government the royal canadian
mounted police on the day that the
emergencies act was announced
11 people were arrested and detained and
police seized 13 long guns handguns
multiple sets of body armor a machete
a large quantity of ammunition in high
capacity magazines
and that for more than two weeks
protesters have blocked the border
crossing near the town of
a town in alberta
the town
coke coats
yeah i i honestly don’t know when i saw
that i’m like all right either
some of these protesters are getting
spicy or this is just they’re doing what
feds do and making stuff up to justify
put it this way
uh if they’re getting all armored up
it’s so that they can walk down the
sidewalk and go oh yeah right like it’s
it’s they’re not
like they’re literally
it and yes someone asked did i say that
all canadians are jordan peterson no i
said all ontarians sound like jordan
married to one okay i what i’m saying is
they they’re all going no i’m not gonna
do it and then the other part no you
have to do it or they’re gonna you’re
gonna lose your job it’s illegal and
then they’re like no i don’t care
it’s about my freedom
make your bed
and then justin trudeau goes well i uh
what you’re doing uh is illegal
and it’s that’s every canadian voice
and it sucks
and it sucks
this pandemic sucks
that’s what happened when matthew perry
beat up justin trudeau he was just like
being beaten up by matthew perry sucks
sucks this sucks this guy’s gonna go on
to be chandler and friends this sucks
this sucks
this is gonna be what i’m known for
forever maybe i should paint my face
no one’s ever gonna think anything worse
than they do right now
me being beaten up by chandler from
friends this sucks
this is the worst part of my life
on the upcoming
halloween celebration i think i’ll go as
aladdin i know how to dress as aladdin
shoe polish on my face and red lips
so canada being the
the beacon
of free freedom in the western
hemisphere um
has now declared that it is illegal for
you to hang out in the streets
in the streets of
alberta um
so uh remember
this gun from earlier and uh
help out a canadian who’s not allowed to
have it
uh because of the freedom-loving
canadians up there
here we’ll put up the link again hold on
uh let me grab it
the link is at the door
okay there it is yeah
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so indie man
yeah he’s like the candy man but he
brings you actual money he’s like the
money man so speaking
of people that only show up when you
don’t want them to
which is always
there are some government agencies that
wanted to give us a special valentine’s
day matt
yeah i mean
the federal government
the the the alphabet agencies and the
federal government had quite the week uh
we’ll start with the atf who wants
everybody out there to know that on the
mother of all hallmark holidays they
should swat their exes
they tweeted out valentine’s day can
still be fun even if you broke up do you
have information about a former or
current partner involved in a legal gun
activity let us know and we will make
sure it’s a valentine’s day to remember
you could remember this valentine’s
always it’s the day that your former or
current partner was shot to death
or current
do you have a current
loved one
that you would like to be murdered along
with their dog and any children they
have in their compound
i i am
that is
every time the government does something
i’m like man
i know this isn’t they’re they’re low i
know this isn’t the worst they can do
but i’m hoping maybe they’ll try to stop
being so terrible and they don’t uh
every time they just go a little bit
worse than the time before now uh there
was a pretty popular reply
uh to this uh atf tweet
uh from uh libertarian superstar
former 2020 white house candidate of
course i’m talking about joe jorgensen
no i’m sorry no it wasn’t no it was
spike cohen uh said hi yes i’d like to
report someone who set an entire
compound full of children and their
parents on fire and shot anyone who
escaped then they went and trafficked
guns to mexican cartels who used those
guns to kill innocent americans and
mexicans and brian terry they should be
and arrested
and arrested
but at the very least disbanded
they won’t be but that’s yeah they won’t
much like hillary clinton will not be
no they’re the hillary clinton of uh
federal agencies uh really all of them
all the the all of the federal agencies
are basically the hillary clintons they
get to kill as many people as they want
and no one gets in any trouble for it
and they spy on you
like the cia
right matt
that’s right now shockingly the cia has
been spying on american citizens without
a warrant i know this shocks everybody
here i oh my god i couldn’t
i heard it could not believe it when i
heard it i was like this this has to be
the fake news
that i heard about from 2016 to 2020 so
much this has to be that but no uh in an
april letter declassified on thursday
senators ron wyden of oregon and martin
heinrich of new mexico that’s an
unfortunate name right there
um of new mexico allege that the cia has
secretly conducted its own bulk program
outside the statutory framework that
congress and the public believe govern
collection can i just want to
outside the statutory framework
means illegally
that’s what that means that means they
have no
legal lawyer speak that’s that’s
lawmaker speak lawyer speak right there
outside the statutory framework means
illegally this isn’t just a violation of
the fourth amendment which many laws are
this is a violation
of the patriot act
this is a violation of the 1995 and 1996
anti-terrorism this is a violation of
the entire u.s code of laws there is no
statutory framework which means legal
authorization for them to do this
this is not just unconstitutional
they broke the law they used public
funds for an illegal spying program
and they’re getting in return
a strongly worded letter
so the letter which was addressed to cia
director william burns and nash director
of national intelligence avril haynes
is avril a girl or a boy
i’m looking this up
if avril’s a boy that explains so much
if man if avril’s a girl i want to do a
parody song
but we would get pulled off youtube for
parody songs
avril haynes
a an elf woman
everyone names
she’s a female elf
she is a woman yes
yes i think i’m looking at all these
photos of of girl girl power
you know
how great that we finally have a woman
illegally spying on us
who isn’t
condoleezza rice
true uh is
nikki haley
the letter is heavily redacted and does
not specify the nature of the data
collection the type of information the
agency has access to
in the
redacted portion that you were able to
see although i’m certain that part of it
was in there
the senators cited a report from the
privacy and civil liberties oversight
board that according to the lawmakers
showed the full extent of the cia’s
collection was withheld from the senate
intelligence panel
not only are they breaking the law
they’re not even telling them everything
they did
that they’re continuing what am i saying
did that they’re continuing to do what
they’re doing illegally they’re still
doing it
an intelligence official
is asking to
remain nameless
confirmed that the senate committee has
known about the program and described it
as a tool to help manage information
gathered by multiple agencies
that’s a way to put it
that’s a way to put that uh wyden double
down on his assertion that the
intelligence community the intelligence
committee was previously unaware of this
cia program
the nature and uh full extent of this
collection were not known to the senate
intelligence committee before 2021 wyden
told politico anyone who says otherwise
just isn’t being honest
and to be fair
this all started where i’m gonna give
you a little bit of a backstory on what
this started from this all started from
a uh executive order
from like 40 years ago
written by reagan
that never went away and now because of
the new ways of communication
it is just so much easier to use it to
gain as much information as you want
about everybody in the nation
but again
executive order
the law
so so what
yeah so go ahead
illegal executive order
outside of the scope
outside of the scope of statutory limit
yes he said
yeah they went well above whatever the
executive order and whatever was
approved by the intelligence committee
and they said no it’s fine that’s good
it’s good
uh wyden and heinrich raised concerns
that the cia data collection is right
for abuse because it’s governed by a
decades old executive order written by
reagan rather than laws passed by
congress which i mean the patriot act
was passed by congress people let’s not
think that this is any bastion of
freedom in civil liberties
um such as the foreign foreign
intelligence surveillance act uh which
they’re using
foreign intelligence surveillance act in
order to say we’re spying on these
people and we’re just collecting that on
the people who talk to them and the
people who talk to them and the people
who talk to them and the people who talk
to them
so everyone
now thankfully the department of
homeland security has gotten out in
front of this they are letting people
know matt that this is unacceptable and
by this i mean us talking about it
yes they released a memo
last week they actually released this
before our show last week but it didn’t
make the news until after like it didn’t
hit nobody saw it until after our show
last week um
including a warning uh against the
proliferation of false or misleading
narratives which so discord or undermine
public trust in u.s government
they just called a senate report
well this is a new policy that they have
released about uh getting rid of free
the policy which is in effect until at
least june 7th which i kind of want to
know what’s going on june 8th
an extension of this
right blink that’s going to happen june
blamed an online environment filled with
false or misleading narratives and
conspiracy theories and other forms of
misdis and mal information
introduced or amplified by foreign and
domestic threat actors that means that
or in person
talking about
hang on i don’t want to i don’t want to
jump the gun
okay talking about things i got yeah i
thought that i put that in there uh
talking about things online that the
government finds distasteful is now
going to be labeled as a domestic
yeah which means you are looking
right now
or listening to right now
to future domestic terrorists
i mean honestly if they haven’t already
internally labeled us domestic
terrorists then
uh are they really working i i
the the ridiculous thing about this is
and i i know that we’re not breaking
news here but
think of all the things that were
misinformation disinformation or mal
information until finally the media and
government had to admit that it was true
all along like just think the sheer
number of things the vaccine’s not going
to stop kovid you can still get covet
even if you’re vaccinated mass mandates
do nothing in schools um
the government lied about wmd john
stewart recently came out and said you
know i was part of the news cycles where
i was called a spreader of
misinformation where the entire
government and major media apparatus
said that saddam hussein had weapons of
mass destruction including yellow cake
that he was developing for uranium
uranium based nuclear weapons and it all
turned out to be and and and
all the disinformationists were 100 spot
on um
this is
literally that this is oh if you say
what goes
miss dis and mal information means going
against the
uh whatever the current u.s government
and corporate media narrative is in that
moment you’re now a domestic terrorist
and we’re going to illegally spy on you
and take action against you and red flag
you and encourage your loved ones to to
swat you and and you know no knock radio
and do whatever we need to do to put you
to heal because this pandemic sucks
and what you’re doing
is illegal
actually what we are doing what we’re
doing is illegal
we’re going to do it anyway
and if you say that
it’s bad
then we might kill you
which sucks
the department of homeland security went
on to say these threat actors seek to
exacerbate societal friction to sow
discord and undermine public trust in
government institutions to encourage
unrest which could potentially inspire
acts of violence now i don’t know
i feel as though the atf is doing just a
bang-up job of undermining public trust
in government institutions on their own
as they literally say turn in your exes
or your current
for having
elite for making illegal gun sales
yes i would venture to guess that the
actions of government on a daily basis
seek to exacerbate societal friction to
sow discord and undermine public trust
in themselves and encourage unrest which
potentially inspires acts of violence
from them
the the organization that kills
and kidnaps and robs
disenfranchises and ruins the lives of
exponentially more people than every
other criminal outfit in this country
combined would like you to know that
they are very concerned that what you
say on the internet could potentially
inspire acts of violence from them
against you
yeah quite literally every every
policy that has come out from the
government in the last two years having
to do with covet having to do with um
uh the
george after george floyd all of it
every policy that they have come out
undermine public trust and government
every one of them
as they should
but they’re blaming it on
me and you
if they’re they’re sitting there in
dhs office on the hill with
lightning and thunder going off in the
background going matt and spike or
undermining public trust in government
institutions and somebody
let’s get them let’s label them domestic
instead of just looking in the
mirror and being like man you know what
maybe we should have locked people up
for the last two years maybe we
shouldn’t be telling them you have to
get this shot or you’re going to lose
your job uh maybe we shouldn’t say hey
you know it’s really easy to communicate
with people of
so many different
cultures and ages if you don’t have to
wear a mask all the time so just
take it off and if you get the virus
i’m sorry but you’re
it’s a virus
omicron has completely destroyed all
narratives if you look at the chart of
the of the death rate or of the of the
the case rates more people got omicron
in the last two months than the entire
rest of the pandemic combined and it
wasn’t even close and that was even with
a huge shortage of test kits i have been
able to travel around the whole damn
country multiple times and hug tens of
thousands of people and not get covered
and yet i got it eating matt’s freaking
salmon would actually i might have
probably given it to him but regardless
like literally
everyone got covid or almost everyone
got covet masked unmasked vaccinated we
have like a 70 vaccination rate in the
u.s didn’t matter didn’t mean a thing
all of their narratives are dying at the
at the hands of reality
and so if you simply speak reality
you are
seeking to exacerbate societal friction
to sow discord and undermine public
trust in government institutions to
encourage unrest which could potentially
inspire acts of violence now they went
on to say
mass casualty attacks and other acts of
targeted violence conducted by lone
offenders and small groups acting in
furtherance of ideological beliefs and
or personal grievances pose an ongoing
threat to the nation i’m going to read
that again in a second and i want you to
feel the political correctness
inherent in that statement
and i want you to realize that those on
the progressive left who said you can’t
say specific things like we’re fighting
against islamic terrorism which the cia
sponsored her we’re fighting against you
know crime or we’re go you can’t say it
because it’s insensitive and the
government went yes we would absolutely
like to make mealy mouse statements that
could be applied to literally every
single person in this country if we so
wish for it too thank you so much for
your suggestion so now we get statements
mass casualty attacks and other acts of
targeted violence conducted by lone
offenders and small groups acting in
furtherance of ideological beliefs and
or personal grievances pose an ongoing
threat to the nation that meant
absolutely nothing
that meant absolutely nothing
that meant
all of their statements sound like that
there’s the old you can either uh uh
dazzle them with your brilliance or you
can baffle them with your and
that’s all baffling there uh
they go on key factors contributing to
the current heightened threat
environment again none of this means
anything it’s all fancy sounding things
to make you go oh my gosh they know what
threat environment they don’t know it
they’re upset that you’re saying things
they don’t want you to say
there is widespread online proliferation
of false or misleading narratives i’ve
i’ve now turned them into justin trudeau
regarding unsubstantiated
widespread evidence that sucks
widespread election fraud
and covet 19. grievances associated with
these themes inspired violent extremist
attacks during 2021 in other words if
you say
will by the fbi
that is the big so right now they’re
saying if you say anything about
election fraud which we have said on the
show there was election fraud because
there’s always an election there’s
always election fraud
always election fraud was it enough to
overturn the election probably not
no probably not
probably not there are a few things that
are a little questionable like how joe
biden got 81 million votes but uh
that doesn’t surprise me anymore
yeah uh unfair um
in covent 19 that means the
unsubstantiated claims on kovan 19 is
the that we were saying at the
of all of this in early 2021 when the
vaccine had just come out and we’re
talking about it on a show that not many
of you have seen because good god did
that turn into a dumpster fire thomas
quiter i still apologize
we said you can’t have a vaccine for a
virus because virus is mutated and the
vaccine will no longer work
and lo and behold after you had joe
biden out there saying if you get the
it kills the covid dead and rachel
maddow sitting up there on her high
horse at msnbc going we now know that if
you get this it’s dead it’s over you
won’t spread it to anybody you can’t get
it all of this was and we said
months before they were pushing this
vaccine experts that we are
from my epidemiology majors
yes epidemiology majors spike cohen and
matt wright who literally just looked at
the history of this type of stuff and
were like
this isn’t polio
it isn’t measles mumps or rubella
it’s a coronavirus and these types of
typically just continue mutating like
how the flu does flu is not a
coronavirus but flu’s similar in that it
continues to mutate and their own data
said uh
for the original the alpha variant which
is what this was originally designed for
that uh it would be 90 effective against
or 90 something percent effective
against severe illness or death and it
was a little bit more hazy as to how
effective it would be against you
getting it
and we said that’s a problem because if
you can still get it then it’s going to
try to figure out how to
get around it
and eventually that thing be worthless
and we are now hearing about how omicron
ba2 the omicron 2 uh could potentially
get around
even your booster could be useless even
a fourth booster like they have in
israel could be useless against the next
wave in other words what we said would
in january january
i want to say it was like january 8th
it may have been earlier
beginning of last year over a year ago
we said that
we said that
we said lockdowns did not make a
we said that we said that in 2020. yeah
i was going to say we said that before
they were implementing the lockdowns
right we said lockdowns now the johns
hopkins university we reported on it
last week i think yep last week or the
week before johns hopkins university
said that lockdown’s made no difference
a 0.02 difference in the number of
deaths uh
lockdowns made but the effect that it
had on the economy on mental health on
addiction rates on everything else
skyrocketed we said that
in march of 2020
domestic terrorists
domestic terrorists furthering violence
potential acts of violence are going to
be furthered by matt wright and spike
cohen for saying things that are
patently true and obvious to everyone
paying attention
we didn’t really go into the election
fraud stuff like
there is election there’s always
election fund
there’s always election fraud what what
we said about the election fraud is it
likely didn’t contribute one way or
another we talked more about the
election fraud they don’t like to talk
about which is the fact that uh
their their election fraud is the reason
why you only have two choices to choose
from um that’s a much bigger fraud
perpetuated against the american people
but yeah i mean that that’s
but we started yeah i mean yes we did
not we did not claim that donald trump
had the election stolen from him by joe
biden because we don’t believe he did or
at least we haven’t seen evidence that
he did um but here’s the next one here’s
the one that’s really going to scare
people because right now the narrative
is well the vaccine
greatly prevents severe illness and
death and we can prove it because the
fatality the case fatality rate has
largely not changed during the time that
the vaccine
increases have happened and that would
well that doesn’t prove that
so uh if you look and i should have
brought up the chart but if you if you
take a chart of if you can google all of
this or duckduckgo for you for you edge
lords that watch this you can go on you
can do an internet search and you can
say uh us covid
what’s that
it’s duckduckgo and the uh brave
the brain
you can vpn search in incognito mode um
you can go and look for uh
us covet vaccination rates and google
will show you a chart that actually
shows you like month by month what the
vaccination rate has been and even what
the boosted rate has been how many
people have gotten at least one shot how
many people have gotten both how many
people have gotten boosted
if you line that up with uh uh i think
it’s oh gosh what’s the here i’ll look
up what it is and you can find it for
um us
or now covid
cfr by country yeah so if you type in
covid cfr by country you will find a
website called ir world in data and it
will show you the cfr by day uh of of
covid which had this it went up really
high in the initial phase because they
really didn’t know how to properly treat
it uh there weren’t that many tests
there were no at-home tests so a lot of
really the only people being tested were
the ones that were already in the
hospital so of course that rate is going
to be higher but in the u.s you know it
was way way way up and then it it
dropped down uh and ever since then it
has been wallowing in the u.s anyway
between one and a half and two percent
for quite some time including before the
uh the vaccine came into play and if you
line that up
with the rate of vaccination it would
stand a reason that as the rate of
vaccination went up you would see a
corresponding drop in the fatality rate
that has not been the case it has slowly
gone down over time but just barely
certainly not
like that like it should um and the most
recent dip has happened uh while uh
vaccination rates are actually waning
because people’s uh vaccine uh immunity
has been wearing off uh you know because
they got vaccinated you know months ago
and uh and only some have gotten boosted
and the reason that we’ve seen that
major drop off in the fatality rate is
because omicron was so mild
the data
ain’t lining up
and again i’m not claiming
that that there’s no protection being
had from the vaccine because i i i
personally think there is i think that
there’s been enough clinical data at
hospitals to show that if you’re
vaccinated you’re less likely to have
severe illness or death but their claims
this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated
that doesn’t line up with the actual
again put them right next to each other
line them up chronologically
vaccination rates fatality rate fatality
rate’s been awful flat
for something that should be going down
and roughly the same level as the
vaccination rates going up that’s all
i’m saying yep
so they went on to say the months
preceding the upcoming 2022 midterm
elections could provide additional
opportunities for these extremists
and other individuals to call for
violence directed at democratic
institutions political candidates party
offices election events and election
to me this sounds right
this is going to sound so conspiratorial
but this 100 sounds like the fbi is
planning some stuff and
department of homeland security’s
getting in on the get on the game
maybe there wouldn’t
last last week also last week we
reported on uh stacey abrams
gavin newsom
and uh la mayor eric garcia
um volunteering
all appearing maskless uh in public
while forcing everybody under their
jurisdiction to be masked stacy abrams
quite possibly the worst offender of
this because before she went to that
she said
uh i’m not going to go to this school
unless everybody there is masked and
then she gave her black history month
presentation and then at the end used
everybody in that school as a prop to
sit behind her while she
free faced it
at the very raw dogged life
raw face in it
well everybody behind her is in a mask
using everybody back there for a prop
for a photo op that caused her to have
to fire her social media manager because
even though she was the one who said
everybody there needs to be masked and
she said i’m gonna sit down for this
it wasn’t her fault because it couldn’t
be her fault yeah
how was that the social media person’s
like she shows
it’s her fault
like you demand everyone is masked and
then you sit there like a schmuck
without a mask on while literally like
40 or 50 other people almost all of them
kids are massed up except for you
sitting in the front in between all of
them not matt like what the heck and not
holding a mask like not like oh i just
took it off for this like literally
it was definitely the social media
person’s fault
and eric garcetti who said he was
holding his breath around magic johnson
which to me just sounds like you’re
afraid of people who have hiv uh and
gavin news and gavin newsom who is
sitting there saying well i had my mask
in my hand because we all know that’s
how masks work best is when they’re in
your hand which actually covid this just
wants to see that you care
cody just wants to know that you care
that you can’t
wants to know that you’re doing your
part my appearance of holding a mask
protects you your appearance of holding
your mask protects me
when they saw how poorly this was
pulling across the board
how everybody’s this is complete and
suddenly states we’re like we’re going
to end our mass mandates we’re going to
end our mandates we’re going to end our
mandates la county we’re going to drop
our mandate by the end of the month and
even though the mandate has not been
left uh i think it got lifted today
actually uh in l.a county uh at the
super bowl n.l.a eric garcetti gavin
newsom uh matt damon charlize theron
jay-z literally everybody was there
while all saying you need to mask up we
have to do what’s right but we don’t you
do we don’t have to that is something
you have to do
if you want to know what is causing
extremists and other individuals to call
for violence which
i don’t know if this is true uh i don’t
know if this is true i haven’t seen
anybody specifically calling for
violence i’ve seen a lot of people
saying they’re pissed off but that’s not
violence that’s saying you’re pissed off
if you want to know what’s causing those
people to be pissed off
it’s the policies that you have been
pushing on us and forcing us to do well
not living by the rules that you have
been inundating us with
that is what’s pissing people off it has
nothing to do with two
morons we’re not morons we’re brilliant
people but two morons on the internet
brilliant morons
two brilliant morons on the internet who
sit there and make fun of every aspect
of america the american political system
a couple of times a week
it’s definitely not because of that and
frankly a lot of the violence is being
threatened by the people that are
worried about the violence it’s it’s all
i i made this graphic while you were
talking because i just i want to show
this is not perfect you should look at
it yourself uh but this is pretty darn
if you look closely i because the the
dates aren’t exact but it’s roughly the
same period this is the case fatality
rate of covet 19 as measured by johns
hopkins university now for those who
don’t know
the case fatality rate is not the actual
fatality rate because it does not factor
in people who uh got covid and never
were officially confirmed as having
covid by going to a doctor and having it
recorded so either they didn’t know they
had kovit or they just did an at-home
test and it came back positive and
they’d stayed home or whatever like it
doesn’t include that so the actual
fatality rate of covet is lower than is
in this which means that now the
fatality rate of code is largely
probably around half a percent certainly
below one percent anyway um let’s look
at this because this is this is pretty
close to the timeline here
uh the vaccinations uh so the you see
huge jump in fatality rate initially in
the u.s again that was during the time
when almost most of the testing was
being done in hospitals nursing homes
places where people were already feeling
sick it immediately dropped the fatality
rate immediately started dropping
down to about three percent uh and then
coupled with uh what is expected a lot
of people think it is
an increased proliferation of testing
coupled with
hospitals changing some of their
procedures for how they dealt with
patients that had covid not moving so
quickly to ventilate them relying more
on oxygen using some of the therapeutics
that they had having them lie prone
instead of on their backs and some other
that all coupled to a
drop to below two percent
uh so that right around the holiday
season of 2020 which is right before the
vaccination really started ramping up uh
the fatality rate dropped to just below
two percent where if you’ll notice it
actually kind of slightly went up a
little bit uh and then
and then just basically stayed flat
at the same time
so around that time like the the bulk of
the of the increase in the vaccination
happened around uh uh between like
around june again this is not perfectly
lined up but you can look pretty closely
and see that had there been
to where you know
around just over half of americans were
vaccinated and again people were still
continuing to get covid uh even if they
were vaccinated you would have seen i
would believe
one would think that you would see a
much bigger drop off in the uh
case fatality rate for covid19 now there
may be some competing theories as to why
that’s not but it’s interesting that if
anything it went up slightly
and then just kind of plateaued it
continued to plateau and then after
the number of people who have covid
plateaued uh and and uh and and even the
number of people that were boosted seems
to have plateaued a little bit
with omicron we saw the sudden most
recent dip of the fatality rate to case
fatality rate to just above one percent
which again does not appear to
correspond with any increase in
i would be happy to have someone tell me
why this is
so far when i’ve brought it up to people
i’ve been told
this is dangerous misinformation
i’m not claiming that i know that this
is saying
that the vaccine isn’t effective in
stopping the fatality rate i’m saying i
have a question as to why we’re not
seeing a corresponding drop off in the
fatality rate
anyone’s got that for me out there i’d
be happy to hear it i’d be happy to be
wrong i would like for the vaccine to be
in stopping it
or at least stopping severe illness and
death and i do know that the hospitals
are saying that the number of vaccinated
that are dying is much higher or
unvaccinated that are dying is much
higher than the number that are
vaccinated i just
just need that explained to me thank you
we already kind of covered that um the
next one that
we already covered the next bit that’s
in there but they go on to say kevin 19
mitigation measures particularly covet
19 vaccine and mass mandates have been
used by domestic violent extremists to
justify violence since 2020 and could
continue to inspire these extremists to
target government health care and
academic institutions that they
associate with those measures now the
bulletin not surprisingly
did not give specific examples of any
attacks that would be related
to these new policies
does anyone remember that big terror
attack that happened against a home
against uh hhs or uh that assassination
attempt against anthony fou like does
anyone remember
and although she remembered the
assassination attempt on his life where
the guy was pulled over 1500 miles from
him and he had a gun and he wanted to
bernie sanders joe biden anthony fauci
and others he goes he was out there he
wanted to kill me because of rand paul
saying fire fouchy
which was his answer to
very specific pointed questions from
rand paul
about the gain of function research that
he’s been lying about
you know what i think is an extremist
violent attack would be if for example a
government were to fund the creation of
a virus for testing purposes that ended
up accidentally leaking and instead of
coming clean and telling everyone that
that’s what happened they just lied
about it
called everyone a racist bigot who
brought it up
and said that you are the reason that
people want me
um maybe he’s the reason
but again that’s one crazy person on the
other side of the country
i’m not seeing the as what is it these
extremists to target govern
justify violence since 2020.
i think we all remember
the summer of 2020 when looters and
rioters were
burning down city centers and
destroying people’s homes and small
over the coveted restrictions
i’m not willing to say that that didn’t
play a massive part
i you know what that’s actually i do
think that that actually is part of what
caused i think that but but it wasn’t it
wasn’t the reaction to the policy it was
the natural consequences of what the
policy was doing to people’s mental
health and livelihood and well-being
that created that powder cake craig
yes yeah
that was the powder keg and then the
george floyd incident was the match was
the spark i will give you that i will
give you that but that’s different than
you know uh uh misinformation is
inspiring domestic violent extremists
that’s no people losing their minds
because they’re losing their livelihoods
their kids are being developmentally
delayed they can’t get treatment for
things that aren’t coveted like cancer
or alcoholism or drug addiction or any
of those things uh but yet the alcohol
store is still open
that those are the things that are
causing people to lose their minds uh
someone posting saying hey i think these
lockdowns are a bad idea
i read the other day
and i 100 believe this that children
um who are
going to who are going to school still
being forced to be masked of a young age
like five six seven um are having
saying their l’s at a at a slower rate
instead of learning how to say
yeah instead of learning how to say
their l’s uh they can’t they aren’t
getting it because
when you’re making
when if you’re talking like this and i’m
saying look spike you you don’t see
what’s happening and when you’re talking
to a child on how to say certain things
you have to show them by going when
you’re making this sound it’s not a
it’s a
you have to you have to
you have to show them and uh they they
aren’t getting it so they are being
developmentally uh held back from these
things and some people out there might
go well you know that’s not really all
that bad of a thing yeah libertarian
libertarian it’s libertarians
libertarians have a future of all of our
opponents having speech impediments
because we pulled our kids from school
um so the
anyway i don’t even want to go there um
the uh uh
no there’s been all sorts of talk about
some have referred to it as the lost
generation like
that there were our kids who are going
to have measurable
developmental delays because they were
shoved into zoom classes
which if you’re seven a zoom cl like
doesn’t work and then they’re brought
back to a school where they’re masked
which does nothing which is absolutely
nothing in fact their own studies said
it did nothing here’s some maldis and
misinformation for you when the uh i
think it was department of education
when they did their big multi-school
study of what mitigation efforts
actually worked to slow the spread of
covin the number one with a the one that
was like double digit decrease was
improved ventilation
opening windows using fans using heaters
spreading air around that was like
double digit
anything else like for example having
the teachers and adult faculty wearing
masks that was like a low single digit
the kids wearing masks didn’t even
register so what did the department of i
forget if it was the health or or
education or maybe both of them together
they said all of these things combined
saw a massive reduction in covet 19
spread so mask your kids up so we’re
going to force your kids to mask up
they didn’t say that that part didn’t
actually register it didn’t even show
any any any
any increase and yet they have continued
to die on that hill but that’s okay
because if you talk about it at your
school board meeting the federal
government will render you a terrorist
and start spying on you and letting the
school board dox you
young uh matt ferrer matt ferrero said i
don’t know if this is true but i don’t
doubt it
um young kids drawing self-portraits
with no nose or mouths doesn’t surprise
you doesn’t surprise you i i absolutely
believe that i haven’t seen evidence of
it but i absolutely believe it and
that’s got to do just
gangbusters on your self-confidence that
you are building in these in these times
when you’re five six seven eight years
old and you are drawing yourself as
being legitimately only half a person
nope no uh adam wags uh in the comments
uh who is uh actually um a trained
paramedic says and anyone who’s ever
been around kids knows there’s
absolutely nothing you can do to keep
them from sharing diseases being around
kids is a diagnostic criteria for things
like strep throat in adults uh have
spend some time around kids and then
tell them they gotta put something on
their face
every time i bring that up to adults
including like pro masking adults pro
restriction adults i’ll say do you have
kids yes or have you been around kid yes
picture a kid a seven-year-old
six-year-old eight-year-old what under
12 year old
wearing a mask all day what do you think
that mask is like and they’d start
laughing they’re like oh it’s covered in
snot and crap and it’s probably not even
the one they started with because
they’re sharing it with their friends
and god knows how many times it’s fallen
off and it’s on the floor and they pick
it up put it back on and i’m like yeah
that’s yes
the fact that the government told him to
put it on doesn’t magically make it work
eric granada said damp yes a child’s
that the child wears all day would be
best described as
desk as damp yes
yes uh he also said the lockdowns
actually increased both stds and teenage
pregnancy rates in certain areas and i
100 believe that they weren’t socially
distancing um
they were not socially distancing and
you’re locked in your house you’re bored
out of your mind you’re hitting tender
like it’s your job
just swiping right on everybody for some
sort of human connection
and just i don’t care who’s who swipes
i didn’t do that because i’m married
i didn’t do that because i in a loving
committed relationship with people but
but if but if i wasn’t
i don’t know tinder strikes me as a
great place to get every venereal
i’ve always
well i’ve always been a bit of a
so i think honestly i think i just feel
alone and isolated
you were using hand sanitizer before it
was involved before all of this i love
when people look at me and they’re like
oh covet i’m like nah i’ve been like
this for a while man like and i’m
convinced that’s how i was able to keep
from getting it for so long because i’m
so fastidious
i can’t
i think i’d just be lonely
i think if i didn’t have a committed
life partner during all of this i would
have just been profoundly lonely
when it comes to like relationships
because i’m kind of like weird with
diseases anyway um
until i just decided like no i’m just
gonna illegally uh do whatever um
because that was like i just ended up
going and just doing whatever i wanted
anyway around the whole country um
yeah no i i
but but yeah no i i believe that that uh
unplanned pregnancies were up stds were
up we know that abuse was up we know
that suicide was up and including
suicide among like some of the youngest
people who typically don’t even register
on suicide like un you know we know that
typically like with puberty comes those
angsty feelings and stuff but this is
like pre-pubescent kids their uh suicide
rates going through the roof like
the narrative of if this only saves one
life was such a bald-faced cynical lie
they didn’t care
if if lives were saved they cared about
and they they harnessed the fears of
people who thought i don’t care what
happens to your life
i want to be free of this disease and so
i don’t care what happens to everyone’s
life which is why and this was something
else that was very powerful about
omicron i have watched so many
progressives completely flip their
and be like i’ve done everything right
for the past two years i’m quadruple
vaccinator right on my eyeballs i wear
two masks and a face shield everywhere i
go i stay six feet away from even the
people in my own house like you know the
most extreme and i still got coven
one of my friends is a medical
professional who says that they’re in
their office their medical office uh
they were successful in not getting any
none of them getting coveted during all
the different waves when omicron came
most of them got it
and this person’s theory is that omicron
spreads through ventilation systems that
it’s so airborne that it’s so easily
spread you don’t even have to be in the
same room now we don’t know that i’m not
claiming that that’s that that’s uh the
reality but
kind of stands to reason that that’s how
this would spread so quickly so easily
it’s not even waiting for people to be
right around each other uh and in the
face of something like that the idea
that putting a mask on a six-year-old’s
face is going to do a damn thing except
potentially delay them developmentally
is such a ridiculous
lying to yourself such a self-delusion
ruining someone else’s life in the
process it makes me sick
she’s sick it makes me sick it makes me
almost as sick as kovit did
yeah so again it’s not because uh
violent extremists out there who talk
crap on the internet um are dangerous
it’s because the people who are in
charge are dangerous and they don’t give
a crap about any one of you
and they only give a about trying
to get their jobs back
and they thought that this that this
line that they were on is the line that
was going to get them their jobs back
and the moment they started seeing that
no that’s not what’s going to happen
they started releasing all of the
mandates releasing the vax man it’s
releasing the mask mandates saying none
of this is necessary you guys can start
going back to your normal lives and on
march 1st for the state of the union
address i
don’t 100 guarantee it but i 90
guarantee that joe biden is going to sit
there and claim that he defeated
and every
it’s 90 i guarantee there’s 10 percent
of me going he’s not that stupid but
then there’s the rest of me that goes
yes he is um
that mean he won’t say it
doesn’t mean he won’t say it
i think he’s going to say it and
you are going to be able to hear
the national gefa
that the audacity of that statement as
opposed to the fact that viruses do this
viruses play themselves out they will
they will gain and they will gain in um
they’ll gain in transmissibility but
they will lower in uh mortality and they
will eventually just become part of the
cycle which ron desantis for as many
problems as there are with ron desantis
he said this a year ago and everybody
said that what he was saying was evil
and now the washington post who said he
was evil for saying it is saying it’s
just probably going to become a seasonal
it’s like he understood how viruses
so instead of pushing all of this fear
porn down our throats for two years
somebody in the comments i don’t know
who said it um somebody in the comments
said they should have just said wash
your hands
stay home if you feel sick and that
should have been the entire policy
across the nation for covid
and that is pretty much what the policy
should be
for everything
you’re being reminded in the comments
that ron desantis uh wasn’t exactly
golden on on covid which is 100
i said before he he got he has problems
i said he’s not i did say for the
even for the problems we do have with
him he said this yes he did shut down it
was for like he did only do it for like
a month or three weeks or whatever it
was um as opposed to the year-long
two-year-long lockdowns that some of
these people have had to live with um
and he’s been very good on mandates uh i
do disagree with certain ones like
banning companies from
requiring vaccines and stuff but i think
that’s the company’s decision
i also understand the argument for it
he’s trying to counter the fed
by the federal restrict but the federal
requirement by introducing a state
requirement not to and trying to put
counter press i i get it but yeah you
don’t you don’t fight government with
more government um
jack casey says
what’s that
john morrissey just said desantis
recently blamed trump pressured him to
lock down initially which he just said
that trump yes yeah and and uh we know
we know that when uh
governor of uh georgia i’m looking at
his face right now
brian kemp he ended his early and trump
publicly attacked him for it and never
all you trump republicans that watch
this show
all of you all two of you that
donald trump
did not do anything to stop his cdc from
implementing the 2005 bird flu lockdown
playbook that they were using from the
bush administration from implementing
that by using it as a guideline for the
states which was heavily tied to
receiving any hhs hhs funding to go
through this guideline and follow their
recommendations uh there was heavy
federal pressure put on states to do
this um and uh and then the the
republican governors uh who who ended
theirs early or didn’t do them got
attacked by trump
the lockdowns happened under trump and
he tweeted that they were bad while his
federal government helped push them
you were lied to
and uh sarah ann andereg
what’s that
all of us were lied to everyone we were
all lied to
i was lied to as well
me too there was a time period there was
a time period in march of 2020 maybe
you and i like you and i were like look
this is
this is gonna be
we were even kind of playing into it a
little bit more than
i think we probably should have uh we
didn’t but here’s the difference though
first of all we never supported
lockdowns we never supported mandates we
were concerned that this could be a lot
more deadly than we now know it was but
we didn’t know and we were hearing these
ridiculous fatality rates coming out of
italy and spain and stuff like that we
didn’t know
but we never supported mandates
yes that’s true we never supported
mandates we never support lockdown we
did kind of play into the fear of this
could be really bad so if you stay home
for two weeks you
might be a good choice but that’s your
choice that’s your choice
that two-week thing was such
two weeks to slow the spread
remember that guys
two weeks to flatten the curve
and then the curve flattened after that
when it was playing out on its own and
they’re like it worked now everyone
still stay inside it was just
and like sarah said i can’t even find it
in the comments now but if this had
really been about health they would have
talked about healthier lifestyles and
from almost from the beginning i
remember reading an irish study and now
many more studies have come out since
then about how vitamin d levels vitamin
d deficiency is almost as big of an
indicator for severe illness and death
as obesity is and it’s and it’s second
only to uh to age as an indicator for
how fatal potentially fatal covet is
going to be on an individual patient
basis and why vitamin d supplements are
cheap and they’re
safe we know what they do they’ve been
around for decades you can get vitamin c
d supplementation by going outside in
the sun and so it said we told everyone
to stay inside and be fearful which
causes your immune system to go weird
when you’re highly stressed out
it’s almost like it had nothing to do
with health
anyway uh
we have some good news
we do
i just read a comment that is
yeah i know it’s winning red
i don’t know what that
she was getting a lot of sun
we’re going to the pool a lot
lots of vitamin d
so my guest tomorrow on my fellow
is a man with the most canadian name
keith mcintyre
he is
what’s that
i so when i was doing the notes and i
was putting this stuff in like this is
what’s happening on wednesday i saw the
name i went
i think this is a typo
i think somebody typed this
no no that’s his name please
i’m even double checking it yeah keith
mcintyre keith mcintyre keith mcintyre
has to say keith mcintyre
is no hoser eh
he’s with the uh libertarian party of
british columbia uh he has been very
vocal and supportive of the uh the
freedom convoy protest um and he is
going to come on to talk about all
canadian freedom convoy
slash libertarianish
and then on thursday
which would normally be an episode of
the writer’s block with
this guy right here
we are doing
for the first time this year because we
couldn’t do it last month because i was
dying of covid the muddy zoom
which is a uh
zoom call with me and matt
jason and the whole muddied crew i don’t
know if jason will be there but we’ll
invite him
i don’t know we’re gonna invite all of
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part of something like that well you can
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by subscribing to us on anchor dot fm by
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subscribe and for the low low price of
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and uh
oh and then this weekend join me in uh
virginia just outside of richmond for
the libertarian party of virginia
convention um and if uh
that’s this coming weekend yeah
i am so lost on wind floor business i
thought that was this
well that’s the next
weekend okay you would know better than
me you’re scheduled
yes so i’m i’m gonna be there uh in
virginia come out and join me if you’re
anywhere near richmond come on now uh if
you go to the libertarian party of
virginia website which is
probably should i look that up ahead of
time libertarian
lpvirginia.org you can find out more
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meet me then join me next week right
back here
on tuesday
same money place
same money time
for another fantastic episode of the
muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week’s
events like the chipper little monkeys
that we are oh also on wednesday
tomorrow at seven
larry sharp is going to be on kennedy
i got him on kennedy that’s why i’m
talking about it
actually brian lambrick got him on
kennedy but we got we got him team spike
got larry on kennedy and ken and uh
larry’s got some really big news about
his gubernatorial campaign what is it
you’re not gonna believe it
can anyone let you talk about muddy
waters media but you’ll talk about
kennedy that’s messed up this is more
about larry go watch larry and then when
you’re done watching larry come over
here uh eight and watch me on
my fellow americans matt if someone were
to try to find
muddy waters media on the internet
is that even possible and if so how
it is possible
oh my god
no i was just saying oh my god to you
saying that
wait what where i can’t hear you now
did my saying oh my god make your
volume go away
can you say something
i can’t hear you
what did you do i said oh my god and
then your volume goes away
i make sure it’s on my side how did we
go this entire episode with no
audio problems
and now in the last final waning moments
okay so there we go all we have to do
all we have to do if you are one of the
old school listeners who instead of
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i can whisper again
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while you’re there you can do things
like leave messages that we would be
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and that’s actually kind of creepy i
understand that’s so crispy
i know i get why people hate this so
just give us money and this stops since
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yes so little johnny
i actually don’t want to do a little
johnny joke right now i’m getting my
full eye
from over
here that would make me want to do it
more that’s my why my life wife leaves
the room when i do the show
that’s where she only walks in during
the whispering part which i find weird
because she hates it
she hates it so much i don’t think she
really hates it i think that she says
that but deep down she likes why would
she be sprayed there if she doesn’t i
think it’s true
that’s a valid point i think she might
actually really like it that’s good
this is some of that vitamin d she’s
looking for
the jew that you doth doth protest too
or you can find this in every other
episode at buddieswatersmedia.com
the jew does protest too much that was
actually the original
working title for my show
so folks uh tune in tomorrow for the
jude protests too much with keith
mcmacintyre a and
then were you gonna say something
no that started to hurt my throat
oh yeah no it was starting to bother me
too uh then join us on thursday for the
money zoom and then join me this
friday and saturday at the libertarian
party virginia convention then join us
right back here next tuesday for the
muddied waters of freedom folks thanks
so much for tuning in we love you and
where we’re going
we don’t need roads
i have to like go ah to make the noise
happen because my throat’s

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