Episode 229 – Glocks Are Now Weapons of War

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Biden says he wants to end all cancer, Stacey Abrams joins the “Rules for Thee, Not for Me” crowd when it comes to masks, Biden wants to make owning solar panels more expensive than it should be, and says that no amendment is absolute.

If you want to help Claire: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-for-claires-medical-and-ongoing-expenses?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1&fbclid=IwAR3XyHBgBNpq0Fe5XyMFRPGoAy71jhOoIsPBuMY5aDIpStor2-T1wLnIqm8

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Episode Transcript

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hello texas
you guys ready to start this evening
raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail raise your hand if you’ve
been in facebook jail raise your hand if
you’ve been in facebook jail yeah i
wonder what’s changed in the world raise
your hand if you’ve been in facebook
jail raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail raise your hand if you’ve
been in facebook jail let’s change in
the world
everything is hard
when you’re joe biden hey a rough day in
the office is putting on a pair of shoes
let’s go brandon what has he fixed
he’s gonna fix everything the only thing
joe biden
i love you too sir there’s a lot of guys
that love me here it’s okay what do you
mean i don’t understand
we all know why get up raise your hand
if you’ve been in facebook jail raise
your hand if you’ve been in facebook
jail raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail yeah i wonder what’s
changed in the world raise your hand if
you’ve been in facebook jail raise your
hand if you’ve been in facebook jail
raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail let’s change in the world
if you’re a democrat you can’t even have
them that concept he’s an elder
statesman my ass the only part of that
that’s accurate is elder and i mean
really really elder if don jr was on
tape saying to a prostitute while
smoking crack that the russian mob has
his laptop and they may use it against
his father and their demonstration that
would be newsworthy if it was done
junior it would be do you think the
media would have a problem with this
enough is enough raise your hand if
you’ve been in facebook jail raise your
hand if you’ve been in facebook jail
raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail yeah i wonder what’s
changed in the world raise your hand if
you’ve been in facebook jail raise your
hand if you’ve been in facebook jail
raise your hand if you’ve been in
facebook jail let’s change the world
and now matt wright and spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome
to the vanguard
for spike real big really nice white
fish cohen i am matt wright and together
we are traversing the muddied waters of
really really big really i’m clearly
missing real real big real big really
nice white fish
you didn’t think so much in the 90s
i hey thanks so much for tuning in to
this amazing episode the scotttastic
episode of the muddy waters of freedom
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kids love it first and foremost allow me
to thank justin
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and allow me to thank
kroger for this
what for this one i got water
full of banana banaka
oh man
uh i might end up falling asleep part
way through this because i had
right before we went live i
finally ate
uh after like all day long i hadn’t
eaten and i had this giant plate of
a bunch of other stuff
i’m so i’m just i’m the carbs are
setting in now
i can’t eat what you had
yeah no that’s true because the shrimp
part was a major right it would it would
literally kill him in there
everything else you could have had
not if it touched the shrimp
well the shrimp was in there pretty
heavy so i mean
and you it was all cooked together so
you couldn’t add it but um
but i could
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i have an awkward question for you yes
what mic are you using
the one i always use why do i sound bad
you i have an echo so i’m hoping that
on your end and not mine because i just
tried to fix everything this weekend
folks are you hearing an echo from me
if you are
that is
i can’t believe it because
we don’t have audio problems it there it
sounds good on their end
so it’s you
yeah neat all right
so yeah no echo everyone’s
everyone’s saying it’s you
it’s me it’s you it’s you
it’s me
so before we get started with this show
uh i fixed it matt you’re
what’s that
i fixed it
well that’s i had you coming through two
different sources into my head
well i’m glad you fixed that uh now uh
matt you’re going to uh to tell the
folks about yes uh something pretty
intense that happened and and how they
can help so
right so um
we hate starting any show on a downer um
knowing this person the way that i know
this person uh she she is not somebody
who is going to look at that like she
come out of this
uh with a fantastic viewpoint on life
she is amazing
but uh one of my friends a dear friend
of mine and uh of my families
uh claire bridges uh she is young she is
20 years old um i’ve been friends with
her for a couple of years now i’m good
i’m better friends with her older sister
and uh her older sister’s boyfriend uh
her sister and her sis one of her
sisters and her sister-in-law our
sister and brother-in-law are huge fans
of this show
and uh the
everybody that i know from this family
is just a wonderful wonderful human
claire bridges was admitted to tampa
general hospital on sunday january 16th
because she had severe leg pain
she was diagnosed with covet myocarditis
rab rhabdomyo
rhabdomy rhabdomyolysis i don’t know how
to say that
i think you said it right
yep okay uh mild night mild pneumonia uh
cyanotic i should have looked these
words up before this and uh had acidosis
while she was in there her heart stopped
and they were administered uh giving her
cpr she coded three times
uh during this um and then she had to go
the next on tuesday she had to go back
into the operating room to get a
fascia tommy fasciotomy because the
pressure was building in her legs and
not allowing blood to flow
claire’s claire is an aspiring model she
is somebody that when she walks into a
room every single person like just gets
happier uh she is absolutely
a wonderful person and
just a
just a great human being she is caring
she is sweet she is always kind
and it turns out that they had to
amputate both of her legs
and so obviously
this uh is
a very financially
burdening time for
her and her family
um and
so we uh
i was asked by members of her family to
talk about it on the show and if you
find it in your heart to give that qr
code will lead to a gofundme i know
everything going on with gofundme in
canada right now
that that’s not what this is about uh
if you find it in your heart to give uh
this qr code will
allow you to donate to her uh medical
bills and to
paying for physical therapy and to kind
of giving her something to
because she’s not gonna be able to work
for a while this will help her like stay
while she’s dealing with all of this um
if you can find it in your heart to give
i can say that this is one of the
kindest most caring people in the world
and i would
and i know how grateful she would be
to everybody that is helping out
so if anybody out there
uh finds it in your heart to give this
is the qr code uh did we decide
and uh we just posted the donation link
yeah we just posted the donation link um
what we’re probably going to do for
future episodes is put up a smaller qr
that will stay on the screen somewhere
what i’m going to do is throughout the
episode uh we’ll mention this and i’ll
i’ll i’ll keep putting the donation link
in the uh in the comments so they can
get it too um because if you’re looking
at it on your phone that would be the
thing that you would be getting the qr
code from so it’s better to also have
the link for them so um right and uh
yeah but yes it it is a trying time and
i was asked not to make it political and
i told them that i wouldn’t make it
political and i wouldn’t talk about
anything what
the tragedy of what happened
in my mind
was a result
of incompetence on the on the actions of
two separate hospitals because before
she got to the one that she’s in now two
separate hospitals said nope that is
just a side effect of coverage you’re
fine and if either one of them had
admitted her and looked at her no
this may have been avoided it may have
yeah we don’t know and we’ll never know
and that’s the thing we won’t know right
will never know and
what i do know is that
anything that anybody can give
can help and if we can uh
come together as a community to help
it will be greatly appreciated by
everybody involved and
uh she will
she will be able to come back
faster and just lighting up rooms in
ways that she has never done before
yeah because she is uh she is 20 and
she’s just getting started in life and
this will be very helpful to get her to
that next step so
um thank you for that matt and he i let
matt talk because he pretty much had all
the details i knew
the basics but he knew that more of the
details yeah um i’m good friends with
pretty much everybody in that family
like her i know her
her brother i’m the least close with but
like any time we see each other we talk
for a good 15 20 minutes
so hopefully we can help there and we
will uh continue to move on with the
episode we are starting with the
mud water uh mushroom coffee replacement
cacao rapid fire segment
brought to you by mud water coffee
alternative if you woke up today and
said matt spike
i need a change in life
things aren’t going the way that i
wanted him to i mean the coffee that’s
not good but
i just there’s just so much going on
things i don’t understand i
why i went and met my new neighbor today
i went out and i said hey neighbor hey
how you doing it’s great to meet you and
the neighbor said oh
though i’m happy to meet you as well and
it’s a pleasure to be here and i said oh
yeah no
so what do you do there neighbor i’m uh
whatever it is the hell you do uh what
i’m i’m that uh so what do you do
neighbor and the neighbor said well
actually i’m a professor of logic over
at the uh university of uh
science there and uh and i said whoa
logic well what the hell is that
and uh the the professor says oh well
it’s very confusing it’s really it’s a
series of uh syllogistic well anyway
it’s it’s it’s easier to explain it uh
or to to demonstrate it uh than to
explain it and so my new neighbor the
professor he says to me uh so do you uh
for example i’m gonna ask you a question
do you have a dog house
and uh and i said why why yes i do
and he said well if you have a dog house
then that of course must mean
that you uh have a dog
and i said well well well great day in
the morning there yeah of course i’ve
got a dog and uh and he said well if
you’ve got a dog then i i’m guessing
that you’ve uh you’ve got a house
and i said yeah of course i’m your
neighbor and he said well yeah but then
uh i’ll go even further and i’m thinking
maybe you’ve got some kids
and uh and i said well yeah i’ve got uh
i’ve got two kids and or however many
kids you have or if you don’t have kids
anyway uh and uh and he said then well
then i’m guessing you’re a heterosexual
and i said well that’s fantastic how how
could you have done all of that and he
said well it was by deducing uh from
each question i i was able to come to
the conclusion uh starting with the
doghouse that you uh are in fact a
heterosexual and i said well how
what do you think of that that’s
fantastic i have to be getting on now
but uh we need to come come come by
sometime and we’ll have a chicken
and uh so then i’m down at the uh
i’m down at the
the bus stop because my car’s not
working that’s a whole thing
but my i’m at the bus stop
i uh
i i go in and you know i’m sitting next
to a guy and and he’s uh
he’s he’s smoking a cigarette i said
well they’re not gonna let you smoke on
the bus he said no no there’s a there’s
a thing that as soon as i start smoking
a cigarette the bus shows up
and then he uh he smoked the whole the
whole damn cigarette and the bus never
showed up and i said well that didn’t
work out huh he said yeah yeah no i
guess not hey hey what do you got going
on over there what are you what have you
been going through and i said uh well i
met my new neighbor and he’s uh he’s a
of logic
over at the uh
the the university of science and he
said and and the guy says
well logic
what the hell is that and i said that’s
what i said
that’s what i said and and it turns out
friend that uh that logic
is actually
a uh it uh it’s a it’s a series of uh
syllogists well anyway i i i’ll just
i’ll go through uh asking uh youth some
things and i’ll demonstrate it and i and
so i said to him i says uh so do you
have a dog house
and he says no
so anyway i’m i’m gonna be
going and uh and having chicken with my
new gay friend
but anyway you don’t want to hear about
all that i i don’t like coffee
and i’ve been having it for a while and
i i’d like to try instead something that
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i have some great news for you friend
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some mud water today and start that
experience matt
we are going to get sued at some point
by the
estate of norm macdonald for you doing
this every week um i feel like you could
tell jokes no
i mean verbatim
i guess verbatim maybe not you make that
i mean if you say it like that that
sounds like
i’m stealing it
i mean that’s
joe biden running for president in 88.
um wow wow no you’re right no i didn’t
really think of it that way
speaking of joe biden king of biden he’s
in some hot water huh
yeah he’s a plagiarizing nixon
he’s plagiarizing nixon because he said
that uh we’re gonna be getting rid of
fantastic not many people watching this
show probably
remember nixon saying that
we were going to rid the world of cancer
in 1970 something um
but uh
yeah today uh over the last week he said
my message today is this
we can do this i promise you we can do
this much like you said about covet uh
all those we lost all those we miss we
can end cancer as
we know it and when asked
how it was going to be done he said
fauci is looking into a vaccine
oh wait actually we have the hold on
wait wait sit here say it again hold on
wait okay
how it was going to be done he said
fauci is looking into a vaccine
i i love that
he ran on we’re gonna shut down the
virus that clearly has not happened more
people have died of covid under the
first year of joe biden than under the
first year of covet and uh and he uh or
i guess the second year of covet or
whatever uh the first year of the
outbreak of covet in the u.s and um
and and uh so that’s dude we’re not
doing we’re getting rid of cancer
now what i’m hearing is and you actually
have so much to eat
way easier easier
which by the way
if you talk to an oncologist
and say like well how are we going to
cure cancer you can watch the anger well
up in their face because cancer is
actually like so many different diseases
that or different types of cancer
different things that caused it so it’s
like saying how are you going to stop
accidents what kind of accidents like
it’s it like it’s it’s impo so
now what they’re saying is well his goal
actually is to have cancer uh within the
next 30 years or something like that and
it was like but that’s not what he said
he said end cancer which
not 30 years and not having but rather
ending it and
now ish we have to we have to be clear
uh when yes spike is saying having
he means
going to have
have it
yeah for
50 well
right is he gonna cut it by 50
i wrote that i wrote it because that was
what one of the titles was of an article
i was reading yes no i know i’ve read
the same thing yeah yep yeah and i was
like we’re going to be saying this and
people are going to say why are you
talking about having cancer
if joe biden is having anything in 2047
then god bless him i mean
like are we really pretending joe
biden’s going to be alive in 30 years
because we’re pretending he’s not senile
so let’s pretend he’s going to live for
another 30 years too
so the program is called uh moonshot
cancer or cancer moonshot i don’t know
one of those two and it was something
that he started in he was appointed to
he was appointed to lead this program
in 2016. obama
said hey joe
your son just died of cancer do you want
to head this up
biden went
yeah absolutely because we’re out of
here in six months
i’m not gonna have to deal with it
anymore yes um and now he’s like well i
i couldn’t beat covid
and i’m really messing up a lot of other
things that i promised too so now i’m
just gonna
bring out this program
that i worked on for half a year in 2016
and i’m just going to say yeah let’s do
that let’s work on let’s
yeah so
government war on drugs empowered drug
more addiction
more overdoses
uh the war on terrorism
has destabilized entire parts of the
planet uh empowered terrorist groups
around the world more terrorism the war
on poverty has uh enmeshed tens of
millions of american households into uh
permanent uh stratification of of their
level of income into poverty or near
poverty is has not uh reduced during
that time i’m scared of a government war
on cancer
yeah like i’m picturing the cia
injecting cancer into like black babies
in order to raise funds to for some like
terror group in south america or
something like i i i don’t i am
terrified of them injecting me with
small amounts
of cancer yes to see if my body builds
up an immunity yeah
small small oh
and the cancer company is
immune uh so
speaking of cancer
stacy abrams
uh has
is that can we do that
i know it’s not like
just as a person
it’s not racial stacy abrams uh has
become yet another politician who uh
does whatever the [ __ ] she wants man
yep uh she
she is yeah another politician who has
joined the ranks of the uh rules for
thee not for me when it comes for masks
when she appeared in front of this
class not wearing a mask and literally
all of them are wearing masks but her
everybody killed
in that everybody else in that photo is
wearing the mask except for her yeah um
that is such a bad luck
you’re in georgia
you’re in georgia where i am certain
that many of the areas in georgia are
like we don’t want masks we don’t want
our children wearing masks and then you
go and you do that
now but then don’t wear one yourself
just to make it clear
you think it’s all a chain too
i live by a different set of rules than
you peons um now abram’s campaign put
out a statement um
we’ll say sure uh her opponents for
pointing out the picture uh for
to look for opportunities to distract
from their failed records when it comes
to protecting public health during the
pandemic and they said how could you
how could you deflect from this black
history month event by pointing out that
stacy abrams thinks that she is better
than everybody else
on black history month no less they
criticized this
obvious black woman who is uh
here’s what i love about this photo
not only again and i say this every time
this happens i’m about to say it again
after this on the next one not only is
our is she demonstrating that she’s
above her own restrictions and rules and
the things she wants others to do but
she’s demonstrating she thinks it’s all
bs because if she actually thought it
was necessary she would be wearing it to
save her own life right uh or to save
the lives of others or whatever it is
she thinks that it supposedly does um
and i think she’s smart enough to be
able to read the studies that show that
masking forced masking of children in
schools did absolutely nothing to slow
the spread of covet uh in those schools
um because they’re kids and they’re
filthy and it really doesn’t matter if
they’re wearing masks look at the kid
behind her his nose is showing he’s
probably got snot all over it um but uh
what i really like about this photo
is that
they took it first of all she did it
she went masculine in front of like
50 people
they then took the photo
multiple people i assume looked at it
and said yes this is good
what a good thing and then they posted
this is their this wasn’t leaked
they posted it on all of their social
they deleted it
well yeah they deleted it after people
are like uh do you know what’s on this
photo and they’re like yeah a really
great photo of stacy with the kids
like this is
i mean everyone makes mistakes in
messaging everyone makes mistake
blunders on the campaign trail or
whatever this is a
this is this would be like you know if
i i don’t even know a comparison like
this is a really
this is bad do you know
do you know who’s really upset about
this photo
the kid right to her left look i mean
he’s got his arms crossed he look
he does not look happy
that he is in this photo
wearing a mask where she is not like he
looks upset
i bet there were at least a few of these
what’s that
the kid in the blue shirt right yeah her
her right our left
yeah to her right this kid here
is not happy at all
and the thing is arms cross just yeah i
don’t want to be here
well also i think probably at least some
of these kids because you know how kids
that’s not fair
why do i have to do that they don’t have
to do that if i had been one of those
kids i’d have been like why should you
not wear a mask oh well it’s cause it’s
her photo it’s my photo too i’m in the
photo i’m in it i’m here
why why why
explain to me so
so this is the same week that gavin
newsom and uh l.a los angeles mayor eric
erica garcetti uh we’re both
photographed with the california
the they were taken uh they took their
photos with magic johnson masculists
uh at the uh nfc champion la rams
stadium uh where you are required to
wear a mask
um unless you are
uh magic johnson magic johnson uh gavin
newsom or erica garcetti
according to
magic and both newsom and garcity um
they were both
they’re all they’re all liars by the way
before they’re all in this yes they’re
all liars um but
uh they’re saying that they were wearing
masks before they took the photo and
then they took the photo off and uh
gavin said that you he had the mask in
the hand that he was behind magic and
garcetti garcetti was he you could see
his mask there but garcetti he went an
extra step
yes and he said
uh that he was holding holding my breath
for about two seconds while taking that
photo which
oddly enough
was dr fauci’s advice for being around
people with hiv back in the 80s wow
yeah no faucet would say we don’t know
maybe maybe if you’re around a guy with
aids like this you should maybe just
well no he would fouchy would have lost
he’s like oh no he doesn’t have his arm
around him
but they’re close
they’re close i mean it magic has his
arm around him
oh yeah
and that’s what’s the scary thing
because it’s his dorm that you’re
worried about
right you’re not
right and so
no i it’s stupid because he claimed that
but then other photos came out of him
holding like the nfc champion or the
super bowl with like whatever it was i
guess it was this championship trophy
yeah nfc championship trophy whatever it
and he was like on the stadium not
wearing a mask and it was like well
you couldn’t have held your breath
to hold this walk out hold this thing
smile multiple photos walk back and give
it back and the thing is and then the
defenders oh and london breed was there
too that’s our our friend london breed
uh who has uh there in the uh in the red
uh red jacket there she was famously uh
she was uh very famously went to the
tony tony tone concert in san francisco
where she’s mayor and uh oh is that who
that is yeah that’s who that is and she
was so she’s feeling the moment i was
feeling the feeling i was just feeling
the spirit and feeling the moment and uh
the thing is when these folks explain
well except for gartetti but when the
rest of them explain candidly why they
did it they’re right their their reasons
make sense she was like i’m not gonna
sip and then put on a mask and then sip
and then put on a mat it was like yeah
no that makes sense so stop making other
people do it
and you know the people that were
defending them and saying well they’re
outside you know there’s not really much
risk of spread outside well then why are
they making everyone else do it
and they’re not outside well see yeah
and in some of the photos they were but
these ones in particular they’re kind of
it’s well
the the one with the garchetti they’re
not out they’re kind of inside this one
it’s sort of like mixed inside outside
but again whatever it is
don’t mandate it for everyone else
it’s one of the like so the rant so the
ram stadium
isn’t like
it’s not a dome
it’s not a dome but it’s not
open air either like it goes up and over
and then you have this huge tv that like
covers up the rest of it so
it’s like you have vents that would go
out as opposed to having just open air
uh yeah
you’re inside it’s just a really big
building it’s a big inside
it’s a big inside
right matt hicks says uh luxury skybox
equals f the peasants outside and yeah
that’s what it not just and again my
thing is like we’ve known for before any
of us were alive everyone knew that
did not intend to obey their own orders
right if if they if they saw fit they’d
flout them routinely
again this drives home that they don’t
think this is actual the stuff they’re
saying we have to do
to protect ourselves and those around us
if they actually believe that doing that
stealth stuff protect us protected us
and those around us they would do it to
protect themselves and those around them
they keep not doing it which means they
know it’s bs
they’re just doing security theater and
they’re further further conditioning
people to the idea of doing stuff that
doesn’t make sense to us because they
told us to that’s all it is it’s about
control it’s not about public safety and
they prove it every time they ignore it
i find it hilarious that after the
stacey abrams photo came out and
everybody rightfully lost their mind
being like why are you not wearing a
mask if you’re gonna force these kids to
wear a mouse um that
i find it i find it really funny that a
lot of states announce that they will be
lifting their mask mandates
i think that had like this morning they
started coming out but they were like
okay we’re going to be ending it on
february 15th i think california ends
there’s february 15th um which just so
you know
february 15th is two days after the
super bowl in l.a
let’s find out how many of them are
wearing masks yeah yeah in la
after their mayor did that
they’ll just say officer it’s fine i’m
holding my breath don’t worry about it
i’m not i haven’t dreamed since i since
i got into the county i haven’t been
breathing i’ve i’ve been holding it in i
you know it’s i recommend that if you go
into l.a anyway
just not breathe yeah just don’t breathe
just don’t breathe well falchy would
have told you that because all the the
so uh on friday uh the white house
announced that it would extend the truck
in a departure
demonstrating that the uh the the era of
trump is over and the healing can begin
uh the white house has announced that it
would extend the trump-era tariffs on
several types of imported solar panels
and solar cells which has driven up the
cost of
energy independence
even more
i love it so the white house has said in
the past
that it wants solar energy to account
uh half
of all you know how much biden wants to
come you want to have
they want to
have solar take over that half of cancer
um they want half the people that have
cancer and the other have to have solar
panels that’s right uh by
then what could only be and what can
only be described as a shrewd
they said that he wants solar energy to
account for half of all american energy
production by 20 uh 2050 which is three
years after cancer um
it’s going to be amazing time
we’re going to be so old but we will be
able to experience the tail end to be
just the beginning the tail end of our
lives will be just the beginning of half
of americans just having solar panels
and the other half dying of cancer
and they have already taken steps to
free up more federal land in order to
push for these for solar facilities and
uh it was a major component of buildback
better um
so so by the way by the way federal land
means like
pastures grazing like the land they
would be using this for is like they’re
literally going to reduce
the carbon sink which is so for those
who don’t like follow climate change
stuff and everything else and everyone
can attack me now for believing in
climate change but
there’s carbon sinks which is like a
forest a rain forest
grazing pastures anything that has just
a lot of green because that takes in
carbon it is a net sink it sinks the
carbon in right it brings in carbon so
what they’re going to do is they’re
going to destroy all that they’re going
to destroy the carbon sinks releasing
all that carbon so that they can then
have solar panels
it’s just amazing it’s incredible anyway
sorry go ahead
so biden’s promise for more clean
and affordable energy will cost everyone
more this year with plan declines to
uh 14.25 and 14
in each of the next three years why even
bother can you imagine they’re going
through the the the uh
red tape bureaucratic hassle
to cut this tax
by by three quarters of a basis point
in in three years he don’t
he has no idea what he ran on or how to
make it like feasible for anybody like
at all we’re going to get into some of
this a little bit more but he said
you know he’ll deny the hell out of it
but he said he wanted to divert police
money to community programs
he didn’t want to defund the police but
he wanted to divert money from police
programs to community programs uh he
said that he would end covet more people
died in the first year of his term uh
than they did in the last year or the
first year of the outbreak of the
operation uh
more accessible renewable energy that’s
not named nuclear uh obviously he’s
making it more expensive for people or
at least he’s keeping up the fact that
it is as expensive as opposed to making
it more affordable student debt he’s
just completely given up on that um and
if i thought
that he would be able to get away with
without pissing off everybody in his
i would bet his scotus pick would not be
a black woman
oh wow
wow because it would just be such a
casual fu to them right like it would it
would well we tried our best i was like
you could have
yours you said who you want oh no uh
bill smith uh is the best person the old
justice bill smith down in the such and
such circuit the fifth circuit bill
smith it’s a great judge
incredible jurors bill smith and
everyone’s like bill you bill
bill smith is seventh seventh of his
uh each one of them a uh uh uh
illustrious and storied jurist in the
fifth circuit it was each one better
than the last each bill smith better
than the last one we’re betting why
we’re betting the eighth one is uh is in
harvard law school right now we’re
thinking he’s really got some promise
but this guy bill smith seventh uh of uh
of oregon uh is definitely the best
i picked the way to state it’s
definitely it’s also in the fifth
circuit uh
it’s working again he’s gonna work in
this circuit
wait what am i thinking of fifth oh
ninth circuit of the ninth circuit court
of appeals uh the big western one and uh
what’s the fifth circuit
oh that’s us
no we’re the first circuit no the fifth
fifth circuits louisiana uh texas yeah
okay okay okay the ninth circuit bill
smith bill smith wouldn’t be caught dead
in the fifth circuit bill smith vii is
leading the way in progressive policy uh
uh jurism there in the in the ninth
circuit and uh is the the best person
for the job and everyone’s like he’s not
a black woman and then joe biden goes
listen man i i did the best i could
you don’t you don’t know
you don’t have you met him have you met
bill smith i didn’t even show you a
photo of him her maybe
i i
but you know i i tried my best a lot of
you know there’s been some give and take
if he doesn’t so here i i hope that he
picks a justice based on like the best
qualifications all of which would be
things like i would like that but also
if he does that and that person with the
best qualifications also isn’t a black
woman how funny would that be it’s not
going to happen but how funny was it not
going to happen it’s definitely not
anything that he
that’s going to be the only thing he
promised that this person might not even
be a judge
but they will be a black woman like it’s
there’s on on everything you can rest
that the the person that joe biden picks
for this court
is a black woman that’s it that’s all
all you can that’s all you can know in
this world death taxes and joe biden
picking a black woman uh for it which is
to the smith family
i’m not saying i’m not joking nope not
saying i’m not joke um
got it gonna have to wait for bill smith
bill smith the eighth but see here’s the
problem there’s a pendulum swing
happening and you know it might be quite
some time before uh a bill smith uh the
uh a bill smith could get elected into
uh or get appointed into the supreme
yeah i get appointed and it’s sad uh by
the way um
uh in in what may be a surprise to many
the smith family cambodian
so that brings us to when bill smith the
first came smith wasn’t the last name
but they couldn’t spell it so they just
made it smith yeah he said what the name
and they said
part of that sounded like bill smith and
they said your name’s bill smith he said
i’ll take it
and because to him he thought that
sounded like a very unique name because
he’d known so many people back there in
cambodia and not a single one was named
bill smith
so then he comes here and they go hey
great news your name is bill smith and
he goes wow
this is great i escaped
nixon back there with the bombing and
in canada
seven generations ago
they have kids like
they don’t waste
listen when you’ve escaped the khmer
you just knock the kids out okay
you don’t know what’s gonna happen
seven generations ago when nixon was
president they every 13 years there’s
another bill smith
oh no that would still not be
yeah that still wouldn’t he may have
been vp
he okay so he was already like the
fourth of his name or fifth of his name
he but he just transferred it to bill
smith because that was the name they
gave him
fair okay i’ll give you that okay so
speaking of of uh uh legal affairs uh
this brings us of course to our next i
don’t know if we have any calls
well we
do have questions in the
we do okay well then we’ll answer a
couple questions so yeah let’s
so because we don’t have any call-ins we
have we don’t i looked we don’t okay
but this would usually be uh the
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because frankly they just didn’t know
how to manage the money and you know
when you go from a relatively low uh
income strata and then you know suddenly
you’re up there among some of the
wealthiest people
very often those around you don’t know
how to take that and become very jealous
of you and so there’s often lawsuits and
people trying to get money from you it’s
actually quite a burden
and if you look i mean like the studies
show that the quality of life is
actually less and very often they end up
with less money when all is said and
done just because of the sheer amount of
debt that they go into uh with all of
the cocaine
especially usually that’s used for
because of the money because you think i
never have to actually be accountable
again i’m gonna do so much cocaine and
so then uh you know they end up with a
criminal record uh and then they get out
and and chris reynolds doesn’t help with
that because he’s not a criminal
attorney um so then you’re stuck with
some public defender in florida
and that justice system is an absolute
mess but
for a brief period of time
you will have a lot of money and cocaine
sean michael billups asks
what are your thoughts on the whoopi
goldberg situation
now for anybody who doesn’t know what
this is you
stay off the internet except on tuesday
nights because you’re brilliant
or uh
you’ve been in a coma for a week
whoopi goldberg was on the view and
since we didn’t know this was going to
be something that was asked or talked
about today we don’t have notes um
and she was talking about the holocaust
and she said the holocaust is not about
it was white against white
uh it was white against white um it had
to do with the inhumanity of man
that’s poetic um
so i so my take on this is
i don’t think a lot of people realize
and clearly whoopi didn’t
um i don’t think a lot of people
realized that it’s
jews being considered white is a
relatively new phenomenon
it’s not like
would say
i’m not white i’m jewish
that would not have been like this
probably in just the last maybe
40 or 50 years
that that’s become like a mainstream
thing jews are white that’s not that’s
probably since about the holocaust
yeah post holocaust is when that really
started to sink in like well you know
actually maybe they’re white if you
think about it but no but i mean no
honestly it’s like
60 70 something like that
during the holocaust
jews were absolutely considered
not part of
not just not part of the aryan race but
just not like we were in other that were
bad and were to blame for all these
things that we’re not to blame for and
and so we were used as a scapegoat and
obviously in the holocaust there were
many other people that were killed as
well um in fact the majority of people
killed in the holocaust weren’t jewish
but the single biggest group was jewish
people um
so i think it was an honest mistake she
didn’t say the holocaust is good
or the holocaust well maybe they meant
well she was saying it was a bad thing
she just from her perspective didn’t
realize yeah it kind of was a racial
thing too it was a a it was a genocide
based on a desire to rid uh a specific
group of people from mankind and
she’s like oh no it was just inhumanity
against human beings that’s also true
the i think a good way to handle it
would have been hey no that’s not true
maybe have a guest on to talk about the
finer points of it and then she says oh
okay well i’m glad i learned that but
then they made her apologize because
apparently she did something terrible by
having an opinion that wasn’t based on
all of the information
which is neither hate nor bigotry she
just didn’t know and then after she
apologized they said great to reward you
for your apology you’re not going to be
on the show for two weeks i just think
it’s [ __ ] like that’s i i mean
to be fair
her apology was not an apology
but it was
you’re okay granted
yes i i don’t think she should have been
i don’t think she should have been
suspended for two weeks i don’t
i i get i get what you’re saying like it
wasn’t an apology it was one of those
like oh what would it be sorry you don’t
understand what i’m saying okay
but but again i i just like
and maybe it’s i also have a soft spot
for stand-up comedians because
i i and meanwhile she wasn’t doing
stand-up comedy but i i i like i like
that they just go out or i like back
when they would go out and say whatever
the hell they wanted now they don’t but
um i i just i don’t know i i i i listen
to what whoopi said and she kind of
flippantly said well you know but they
were all white
and if they had all can been considered
white at that time that would have been
made sense she didn’t know
so okay she didn’t know this is like
another one
aquafina i don’t even know who this
person is some it’s a asian uh comedian
and actress uh she’s apparently very big
on netflix or something i don’t know and
yeah she so she was in the ocean’s eight
movie and i think she was in
she’s going to be voicing somebody in
the new little mermaid movie and she was
in uh i think she was in the new marvel
yeah she’s she’s been in a bunch of
stuff and
they were accusing her of using a black
scent which was when she would extenuate
or accentuate certain things she would
speak in like a black tone
whatever that means even though she’s
black she’s asian and
i immediately knew what this was about
because they said she was actually an
immigrant she came here like i guess
early age from uh i guess whatever
country her parents came from um and i’m
i’m not sure where um but that’s
actually like i’ve seen that a lot
but i’m not sure
possibly and and i’ve seen that a lot
with especially like immigrants and the
children of immigrants their
american english culture
comes largely from what they watch on tv
so like uh what’s that guy’s name that
was on uh uh mad tv bobby um he was i
think korean
oh my god that annoying dude bobby lee
or whatever he would like
go into a black scent or whatever but it
was like
we’re all a a
we’re all an extension of what we
what we are exposed to so what we
consume on tv and in media what we watch
on social media uh what we grew up with
around our our friends and and loved
ones and associates and that influences
how we speak how we interact and and all
of these things if we’ve reached a point
where someone has to apologize for
sometimes you know having a little like
street vibe to the way they respond to
something like maybe we i guess that
means we’ve we must have already have
cancer since that’s uh since that’s what
we’re worried about
people are upset about aquafina
i’ve got some hillary clinton videos to
show you um really
really well that was like the joe rogan
thing like if you’re mad that joe rogan
in context and attempting to make a
point uh uh said the n-word which he now
says he wishes he hadn’t he apologized
for joe biden like
in the senate
used the n-word a few times again not
like i hate
but like n words
using yeah i hate n words like reading
it from something
which apparently now you can’t do anyway
the whoopi goldberg thing
what she said was kind of ham-handed
it wasn’t true they could add someone on
i think i think this this idea of
punishing people even after they
apologize even if the apology is not
that great
punishing people for saying something
that came out of maybe not fully
understanding something or having a
difference in context it’s like no you
did the bad you said the bad thing and
you have to be punished even though you
didn’t hurt anyone or do anything wrong
i i just i don’t like it that’s what i
think about that i don’t yeah i don’t
like it either like and i i agree with
you on this totally um
do i like what she said no but i don’t
like no
most of what she says uh
i’ve been canceling
whoopee for years
i i mean i have i haven’t watched
anything whoopi goldberg has been a part
of since sister act two
that one had uh lauren hill
yes it did
he did have laura now
yep um
i had to think about that i was like
yeah no it did
um invited her
they invited her to be they cast her for
the first one
but she made it to the second one
i feel like that’s a lauren hill
reference yes that
see just like you don’t get my real big
yes reference
at the beginning
yeah i am
the only reason i found out
about lauren hill was because don ios
lost his job
oh wow
yeah uh that was how i found out who
lauren hill was
because that was news
um they’ve been canceling people forever
uh so
like i don’t i don’t think people should
lose their jobs over things they say
whoopi had an opinion joe rogan was
doing the exact same thing that joe
biden did on the senate floor uh i’m not
going to say that joe biden has never
said that word
in private to corn pop
i would
i wouldn’t bet he hasn’t said that word
in private to corn pop or to
countless other people uh while he was
hanging out with robert byrd um but
i don’t think that these are reasons
that we need to try to cancel people if
if people are so bad
that and the stuff they’re saying is so
terrible and offensive
the market will decide
people will stop watching and then you
can fire them because ratings are down
you don’t have to go oh they said
something we disagree with
boot them
yeah get rid of them now like that’s not
gonna help ratings that’s not gonna help
anything like that’s just going to piss
the large swath of people who watch for
whoopi goldberg
well yeah and it’s it’s a corporate
response right like this is
i don’t think there was this big
uh appetite to get whoopi off but for
two weeks
i think there might have been some
people who have already been screaming
get rid of whoopi for years and they
just said it again because she said
something and most others who were like
okay maybe she should apologize and
that’s about it or nothing
i’m kind of in the in the camp of
she got a two week
yeah which was to keep her off from
having to talk about it for two weeks
and that’s the thing it’s
it’s corporate cover your ass stuff it’s
not and this oh
so she can reflect on this
i mean that because that’s how it works
right uh sorry i can’t go anywhere uh i
have to reflect on this [ __ ] i said
about jewish people uh for two weeks i’m
gonna have to just stand in the corner
and look in the mirror and say oh you
you you know better the jews they’re not
they weren’t considered white back then
and then do that repeatedly i stole you
i stole your name
i stole your name
i stole your name my name’s karen
johnson and uh i used goldberg
yeah to get in the door
which is funny that’s a funny joke i
always found that funny i changed my
name to goldberg because i i because i
figured that would help my comedy career
that’s funny
do you know what her original stand-up
name was
whoopee cushion
oh that’s not nearly as funny as whoopi
goldberg and so when she started going
for acting gig she didn’t want to go as
whoopi could like her mom or something
said you probably should change that for
a more professional thing so with
i love it
i love it i think that’s hilarious
that’s a funny joke
it’s like oh are you i i mean i could be
the casting person and i go because i’m
jewish and i’d say what’s your name a
whoopi goldberg oh i didn’t oh you’re
jewish no no i changed it so i could
help me in showbiz that’s hilarious
that’s hilarious uh superfan sarah
anderegg uh makes a very good point here
she says i don’t like what she said
because i think she did know better
which could very well be true uh but i
also don’t think she should be
susceptible for it uh people have been
blatantly anti-semitic and left
untouched uh it was just words who cares
and that’s a good point like there are
some straight-up anti-semitic people who
have said like bad things about jewish
people not just individually but like as
a class of people uh and yes i am
talking about nick cannon and uh and i
listen nick cannon didn’t say what he
wants and i don’t really care about that
i whether she knew it or not
whoopi goldberg was not saying jews are
bad or the holocaust was good she would
made a ham-handed statement about oh
well jews are white or whatever this is
this is the thing to be mad about i’m
glad again that we have already have
half did more
of the solar panels that we can now
focus on this thing
so one more question that i wanted to
get to because i wanted to put this in
the notes but i got mad
because um
i got mad because
uh i wouldn’t be able to show the video
and i think that
we need to be able to show the video to
get the full
weight of what happened
so i didn’t
i didn’t put it in here
uh but since rob asked rob palkovich uh
he wanted to get
our take about the no knock murder in
yeah of amir log i’ll let you say what
what you uh want to first i’ve posted a
couple things online about it uh but uh
but yeah no uh i uh uh you you can give
your thoughts and i will probably be
saying largely the same thing you do
yeah i mean
on this show we have talked a lot about
no knock raids uh brianna taylor we
talked about it often
and um
we are anti
no not great on this show
um and this was another example of that
if somebody
anybody i don’t care who i don’t care
what race they are i don’t care what sex
gender whatever i don’t care if you’re
sleeping on the couch
and you care about
your personal safety and protecting
yourself and you happen to have your
firearm with you
if anybody
busts in your door without announcing
your first instinct is going to be to
grab a wet the weapon that you have
been concealing so smartly um and
point it and then that should not mean
that that is a death word for you
because you just got busted in them
you’re startled you have no idea who’s
i don’t know if he actually had a gun
like they were saying i’ve watched the
video i couldn’t really tell
and if he didn’t and they’re just saying
every one of those cops should go to
prison for murder
oh if he didn’t have a gun murder if he
did have a gun this is a perfect example
of why no knock raids are a terrible
you burst into someone’s home
without announcing
they respond to the home invasion that’s
and then you respond because they have a
which creates the legal fiction that we
uh i forget his name the the brianna
taylor’s boyfriend
shot at the cops when they when they
when they broke in the cops shot back
killing brianna and and hitting the
boyfriend as well they tried him with
attempted murder
and the
got thrown out because it’s not
attempted murder if someone tries to
you’re defending yourself but then
they’re legally allowed to break into
your house so you guys can do a shootout
and no one’s at fault that’s no that
makes no sense
this isn’t
this is this is the problem is that
and the entire reason that we have no
knock raids is because of the war on
drugs the whole justification is well if
we knock on their door they can flush it
down the down the toilet and you know
they can hide the hide the product uh
there are people that mention oh well we
need no knock raids for hostage
situations and active you don’t need a
warrant if there’s a hostage situation
or an active shooter like warren is for
like suspicion of a crime that you need
to investigate or or so it’s a suspicion
that someone who is uh wanted uh uh uh
for a crime or something if someone if
if you’re at the point where someone has
a hostage and they’re and they’re you
know they’re they’re making threats that
they’re gonna kill the person or you
know these types of things
that isn’t what a no knock warrant is is
for that’s that’s not uh known awkwards
are specifically for
rounding up people that you’re looking
for uh or for mostly for drugs and
they’re widely disproportionately used
against poor people and people of color
as are all laws and all enforcement
mechanisms mostly because most of the
laws are in the areas where you are the
most like where the people living there
are most likely to be poor and people of
color or hyper wealthy which the police
leave them completely alone and um so i
mean it’s just it’s just garbage and i i
think what it comes down to
i mean let’s be clear marvin guy
uh is a guy who killed the police when
they they burst into his home and uh
they they came in because they thought
he was uh selling drugs he wasn’t
selling drugs they found no drugs uh but
he’s now sitting uh in
jail uh for seven years now in killeen
texas with no trial uh because they have
nothing they know they have nothing and
they’re saying oh we’re holding him
because he’s a danger but they know they
have nothing they know if they take it
to court the charges will probably be
dropped uh or uh or the he’ll be found
not guilty um and so they’re just
holding him but he’s still alive
brianna taylor’s dead mirlock is dead
marvin guy
is still alive
the takeaway here is very clear
as long as no knock raids exist
i think that the only way that uh that i
as long ago
i need to be careful how i say this
as long as no knock raids exist
a person’s
survival depends no let me say it this
part of your survival
on your ability to protect yourself from
those who would harm you including home
yes as long as no knock raids exist
among those home invaders are the police
marvin guy killed them and is alive
and he’s being treated poorly but he’s
still alive and we can fight to get him
free and one day he’ll be free and still
and duncan limp somebody
said yeah duncan
another example yeah was that a no not
was that a no not great so we don’t even
know they shot it
i thought they shot him they shot him
from outside the window they shot him
from outside the window it was a red
i mean uh is it a no knock right if they
just start opening fire from outside
sure i guess there’s a raid and they
didn’t knock but it sounds more like an
assassination which incidentally is what
they did to uh um uh fred hampton too uh
they killed him by just firing like i
think a hundred rounds into the house um
and uh
so yeah i mean i guess that’s a type of
no knock raid um but uh it definitely
was a um
uh it definitely was a a red flag uh uh
uh enforcement um
so yeah and that i mean it is what it is
if if enough people realize okay you can
comply and die
uh or you can
kill them and live
and then have to suffer the consequences
but still be alive a lot of people are
going to come to a conclusion on that
if i were a police officer i wouldn’t
i’d want to get rid of the things that
make my job less safe
the war on drugs broadly speaking would
make my makes my job less safe no knock
raids make my job way less safe
and should
no absolutely
somebody said
two-week suspension i’m calling zuck
zuck’s really busy right now he lost
like 200 billion dollars this week
that’s a lot of sweet baby rays
that’s a lot of sweet
that’s a lot it’s like all of it it’s
really all of this
have you ever lost so much money that
it’s all of an entire product
it’s all like that product like like you
lost so much money that you’re like man
that’s every bit of heinz ketchup there
like that’s all of it like i i could
i that’s that’s that’s all of heinz 57
all of the it’s the entire heinz line i
made it 200 billion dollars that’s
probably i mean i doubt sweet baby
raises really knocking much more above 1
billion so really you could just put
barbecue sauce in there
you could say that all of american
barbecue sauce i’m gonna look up how
much the amer the barbecue sauce
industry is
it’s market cap of barbecue i would i
would be really if it’s a holy [ __ ] the
global barbecue sauce and rub up market
size is estimated to be 8.7 billion
in 2022.
even still
200 billion 200 billion
you’ve literally you have lost
more than
almost three times the value of all
barbecue sauces and rubs in america
that’s how i’m gonna measure
profit and loss now is in
the global market size
oh that’s the global
yeah that’s the global i want the
oh and that’s down
that’s down
because of covid it’s actually it was
well yeah you can’t have barbecues
it’s down so it’s actually so before
that it was almost 12 billion dollars
i want to know the u.s
share of that
i think it was a lot because we are fat
and sweet baby ray is second largest
player in the barbecue sauce market
is it really
that’s what it says
that is the only barbecue sauce i’ve
ever found that i liked
that’s what that’s the thing right like
it’s good and that complies with my diet
by the way if you ever invite me over
and don’t want to poison me next time um
i can’t make it so barb
so barbecue sauce production i don’t
know i was right it’s about 100 a
billion and a half to two billion so
that’s how i i want to measure i want
and the amount of that from texas is
unbelievable oh yeah yeah
sweet baby raises from texas right
yeah i think so
did jesse’s saying i love how my dumb
ass comment started a conversation about
market value of barbecue sauce it’s
that’s what this show’s about we
synergize um
speaking of which
i don’t know speaking of
you know what’s what’s what’s even
than the
market share of barbecue sauce
in the united states is joe biden’s
so biden went into new york city
new york city new york city
says here your sauce is made in new york
city they are city city say get a rope
so okay
we grew up in a time
when they made an ad
that depicted lynching
a man from new york city
no who no someone who had
salsa from new york city
and it was just like oh hi yeah because
he’s probably jewish and so everyone was
and this was like fine
this was this was a perfectly fine ad
and it was the good guys that were doing
this because it was
oh you wouldn’t wanted uh salsa from new
york city you want salsa from texas
where we killed the jews and and it’s
you know in retrospect
brilliant ad
oh man
i know you know all this time i’ve been
eating paste picante sauce and i go you
know this is really good sauce i know
because they because they’re deaf it’s
it’s authentic
new york city it’s not from new york
city we know that
just casually just casually
mentioning lynching people
i love it
i love it they can’t do that now it’s
the everything’s everything’s so watered
down and mamby pamby now they can’t joke
about killing
the potential potentially jewish people
i’m gonna have to find that commercial
and watch it and see the guy and be like
how stereotypical did they make it i
mean while you’re doing this i’m going
to look it up and we’ll i’ll play it but
without the without the music so we
don’t get the band
let me get them okay
biden went into new york city
biden and lynching in new york city it’s
and he
and he promised that he would do
everything in his power
everything in joe biden’s power to
ensure that the crime epidemic in new
york in other cities you can just
basically say democrat cities uh would
come to an end
he said
the answer
hey i just want to scroll back up really
quick to remind everybody uh
one of his campaign promises was to
police money to community programs
he said
the answer is not to defund the police
it is to give you the tools the training
the funding to be partners to be
protectors and know the community the
answer is not to abandon our streets the
answer is to come together policing
communities building trust and making us
all safer
does not sound to me like diverting
money from the police
because the last time biden
funded the police
in order to build trust and to make
everybody safer
he was the architect for the
militarization of police
now yeah
we all remember because i just reminded
everybody we all remembered before that
because we have a very intelligent
audience who doesn’t forget yes
uh we all remember one of the reasons he
got elected was uh even as he shied away
from it was defunding
he never said defund the police he said
take some of that money and divert it to
community programs and jinsaki was
torn up about trying to figure out how
to say this she said republicans didn’t
vote for his bill so republicans
obviously were the ones that wanted to
defund the police because she wanted
that narrative to go
while also giving a gigantic fu to all
the people who supported defunding or
diverting funding from the police and
voted for joe biden in the vain hope
that he might do something close to that
she was basically like now you should
have voted republican actually um
joe biden incidentally tripled
funding to
police departments through the police
militarization program or the community
policing program which is a
so-called anti-terrorism police
militarization and he tripled funding to
almost what was like 400 billion dollars
and he did it by raiding the remaining
money that was still in from the various
coveted relief funds
so he did the opposite he took money out
of community programs and and
militarized the police with it which is
so the white house has unveiled a
five-part plan to overcome the gun
violence that has been affected in large
areas of the country and this uh
their plan uh is intended to stem the
flow of firearms used to commit violence
support local law enforcement with
federal tools and resources to address
violent crimes invest in evidence-based
community violence
interventions that’s the militarization
yeah i wanted to read it as initiatives
but interventions
expand summer programming
employment opportunities and other
services and supports for teenagers and
young adults and helps formerly
incarcerated individuals successfully
re-enter their communities you know you
wouldn’t have to
you wouldn’t have to help formerly
incarcerated individuals successfully
re-enter their communities if you
weren’t arresting them for possessing
a plant or yes you know going to see a
hooker or for being a sex worker or for
or having a gun
or having a gun or you know
any number of non-violent crimes that we
could come up with right now you
wouldn’t have to worry about them
re-entering uh
their communities successfully
but matt because they wouldn’t be
re-entering them
would they have would have remained
entered into them they wouldn’t there’d
be no entering too the entry would have
happened at birth and then they would
have remained there uh but matt if they
if they didn’t uh throw them in jail for
victimless crimes how else could they
expose them to summer camp and
employment opportunities and whatever
the hell else so that so what i like
about this is um
it’s really just lies my favorite part
is invest in evidence-based community
violence interventions that is literally
the police militarization program
yes and they have now and the reason i
know that
is because any time they put community
in there
it always ends up going back to the 1033
program and the other one that whose
name i forget which is the the hiring
program or the federal government uh
subsidizes the hiring of police but they
have to go through this federal
curriculum on police training which is
all how to help the atf how to help the
dea how to help the nsa how to help the
secret service how to help the fbi and
it’s it’s it’s militarism it’s
federalization and militarization uh and
they always put community on there and
now because they you know they need to
they now have added evidence-based and
violent interventions but it’s literally
just that
so leaders
for march for black lives and black
lives matter
who supported joe biden because he was
going to be
defunding the police
have said that this is a slap in the
face to the millions of black brown
asian and lgbtq plus people who voted
this administration into office in a
historic wave of support in hopes of
shifting the material conditions of
their families and communities
sucks to suck
uh it’s weird it’s like it’s like
may have been running for vice president
out there in the world
who was saying things like you’re
expecting the guy who wrote the largest
crime bill in american
history to suddenly switch his
switch tracks and be like you know what
you know that thing that i worked so
hard on and it’s literally the only
thing i was remembered for before i was
vice president uh 94 crime bill yeah
yeah the 94 crime bill um
you expect him just to switch tracks and
be like okay
no longer supporting my bill that was
the only thing that got me the vice
presidency that would be as crazy as
thinking that the guy who made it uh
impossible for you to write student
loans off in bankruptcy was going to end
your student loan debt
it is the chicken looking up at the fox
and saying you know what
only this guy can save the hen house
like it’s it’s looking at it’s the it’s
this individual
yeah what except yeah scorpion in the
toad but it’s like it’s after the
scorpion has already
like stung you
that you go
only the scorpion can save us from
drowning like it it’s
it’s it’s incredible
it’s incredible it’s it’s not just his
party he’s the person that did this
and he doesn’t even knows
like he wrote them he he or his aides
wrote them or his his lobbyist wrote
them but he championed them he co he
sponsored them he co-sponsored them he
was the person guiding it he was one of
the top people in the senate he was one
of the senate leaders who was pushing
the stuff through he said i wrote the 94
crime bill he bragged about how many
people were going to go to jail for it
and then now it’s like oh well but you
know i mean he didn’t but i’m sure he
was barack obama’s vp
it’s just
it’s insane
it’s so amazing after
he talked about
not refunding the police increasing
funding to the police
this is when he like many of
his predecessors before him uh
asked congress to act and pass a bill
banning so-called assault weapons and
high-capacity magazines
he went on to remind anyone who still
listens that he doesn’t think the
amendments are absolute and then quite
assuredly misrepresents them
he said
we we talk like there’s no like there’s
no amendment that’s absolute when the
amendment was passed it didn’t say
anybody can own a gun
we’ll get into that
like anybody can own a gun and any kind
of gun and any kind of weapon you
couldn’t buy a cannon in
when the this this amendment was passed
and so
no it’s so hard to read his stuff and so
no reason
no reason why you should be able to buy
certain assault weapons but that’s
another issue to which he went on and um
if you were to ban the right to uh
assault weapons um
that if you were to ban uh assault
weapons uh it would not be
a violation of your second amendment
right then he went on to call the glock
the most prolific handgun
in the united states
a weapon of war
that’s like
if if if we’re calling glocks weapons of
war they’re saying all weapons should be
banned all weapons are weapons of war
yeah i mean a glock is
nine millimeter
i mean well
it’s many different
uh it’s many different calibers
available but the glock is the most
i would i think the most prolific
uh type of pistol brand of pistol
out there it’s certainly up there in the
u.s it’s certainly up there anyway it’s
definitely in the u.s it’s number one
it’s as common a firearm as as it gets
uh in terms of uh prolificy uh
in terms of how many there are and uh
and how easy it is to get one compared
to other firearms um yeah yeah yeah
so when he said that uh
you couldn’t buy a cannon uh it just
shows that either he is
sundowning harder than anybody could
possibly imagine or
it means that he thinks that we are all
yeah or a mixture of both
he’s ignoring the words of james madison
who wrote
the second amendment
who wrote in a letter that not only
could a person own a cannon but he was
allowed to shoot at any enemy vessels if
they were spotted meaning
because some guy wrote him and said hey
can i have a cannon because i’m afraid
of pirates attacking my ship and he was
like yes you can have a cannon yeah it
it it says you can have whatever weapon
you want you can have it you can have a
cannon and it’s like great and then he
also gave him permission to fire on any
suspected enemy
i am not sure
what the modern day equivalent of a
cannon is
but it’s not the ar-15
no gosh no
a cannon
was the highest level of uh of artillery
at that point or of i mean it was the
most it was the biggest weapon
so it would be the equivalent of like
as cannons go it would be the equivalent
of like a howitzer
uh uh artillery gun
like a tank
sure i mean a tank a a any any advanced
conventional weapon system so uh uh
uh you know a
one of those multi-rocket launcher uh uh
trucks like
i mean that was it was the their highest
level of weaponry at the time obviously
there weren’t as many tears back then as
there are now but
if you saying back then you can own a
cannon would be like saying now yeah you
can own an apache helicopter with
hellfire missiles like it’s it’s the
same level of yeah that’s the you know
one of the top weapon system
conventional weapon systems you could
when the second amendment was written
yes i like it that joe biden gives us
like just softballs on these
when the second amendment was written
the uh belton flintlock
was already out for 20 years um and it
was capable of shooting 20 balls of ammo
in five seconds
the pickle gun and pepper box were more
examples of guns that were out and at
the time that you could just go
they said yes you can own these
you can own these in one case with the
cannon he said sure fire it on anybody
that you say that you think
is an enemy
nowhere in there is hunting
yeah well because that’s the point of
the second amendment it was kind of
one was
uh because they say against all enemies
foreign and domestic the purpose of the
second amendment was to fight against
potential foreign threats
and also against potential domestic
threats now domestic threats could have
been some kind of criminal organization
or something like that it also could
have been the government that was
completely out of control at least in
theory i mean that’s
what it was for that was the purpose of
a militia uh
over the last couple of years
when i say we here i don’t mean
the people who are watching and
listening to us and the people on the
show i’m talking about uh
actually globally like everybody else um
we have given government an obscene
amount of power over aspects of our life
back when these amendments were written
they were not written to say
you spike cohen can own these certain
or you spike cohen uh
can say these certain things or believe
these certain things what they were
saying was
the government cannot tell you you can’t
own a weapon or the government can’t
tell you you can’t say x or the
government can’t tell you you can’t
worship the great spaghetti monster or
whatever uh it wasn’t saying that it was
saying or it was sorry it was saying
yeah it wasn’t saying that you could
only do these things it was saying that
the government cannot prosecute you for
these things
they say
i don’t know who they are i’ve just
heard this my entire life
they say that it only takes one
generation to
shift how people think
uh there’s a story that i like to equate
it to where
a man and his wife are sitting there and
she’s making dinner and she cuts the end
off of the ham and puts it into the oven
yeah yeah um and she puts it into the
oven and he goes
why do you cut the
why do you cut the end of the ham off
and she goes i don’t know it’s just how
i thought i think you’re supposed to and
so she calls her mom and she goes i
don’t know uh my mom always did it so
they called grandma and grandma goes oh
well we did that because the ham
wouldn’t fit into our oven
um but because of that they
her mom thought that’s how you’re
supposed to do it and then the daughter
thought that’s how you’re supposed to do
so it only takes one generation to
convince people of pretty much anything
and that means
that it only takes one generation for
people to believe government is
necessary in a certain aspect about life
so when we are looking at
right now there’s
millions of people across this country
that don’t think you could get quality
education without the federal
government’s involvement
but if you
not long ago over the entire course of
human history
people would think that was the most
insane theory ever that federal
government would give you a quality
education and they would have been right
exactly um
so whenever the government is taking a
section of our lives
the generation it affects
first so if they’re trying to take
something now we fight it
and if we end up losing it
because we don’t want the government
there our grandkids
will think that the government has to do
it exactly
which is why
which is why which is why this whole
just to get by
and maybe they’ll stop if we keep
it becomes the new baseline for future
generations who are like why would you
not comply of course you have to that’s
the problem
so whenever they’re doing a power grab
for anything and like
whether this is for
whether it’s for guns or whether medical
mandates taxes whatever it is it needs
to be defeated
when it comes up
because if it’s there and people are
like well we’re just going to have to
live with it until the next president
gets rid of it or whatever
because the next president won’t
won’t get rid of it
by the time your grandkids are there
they will think it is necessary that the
federal government handles it
which that is why it’s so important to
fight these things tooth and nail to
ensure that they do not get enacted
at the onset
and some and sometimes it’s going to
just straight up non-compliance
and non-compliance can look like all
sorts of things it can look like
peaceful refusal to comply with
different orders until eventually they
realize it’s not we’re seeing that right
now with the freedom convoy up in canada
there is no mass mandate in out of what
right now
you want to wear a mask you wear one you
don’t want to wear one you don’t wear
one the police can’t do a thing about it
if you if you keep pushing back it
doesn’t even have to be most people if a
sizable enough minority
just a couple percent few percent refuse
to do something it goes away it can also
look like less than civil disobedience
going back to the no knock raids it
could very well be conceivable
that no knock raids end because police
departments and police lobbies start
saying you’re putting our lives at
danger by continuing these no knock
the only way that’s going to happen
is if that’s true that it’s putting
their lives in danger
there are many ways to fight tyranny i
am very much a proponent of peaceful
activism i’m a proponent of counter
economics and and mata’s as well we’re
we’re proponents of we’re proponents of
you know uh defensively using the
electoral system if you think that
that’s something that’s uh worthwhile or
useful to use or using the electoral
system to message to bring people into
the liberty movement there are many ways
to fight tyranny and oppression um the
number there so real quick
yeah the number one way
that i believe
we can fight tyranny
the number one way the easiest way um
is through jury nullification
oh gosh yeah yep
for anybody who doesn’t know what jury
nullification is and again i know that
we have a very intelligent audience and
we’ve been listening to most of you have
been listening to us for years and i’ve
talked about it often but
jury nullification for anybody who might
not know is you get on a jury
and you disagree with the law that
brought that person in there you vote
not guilty
you vote not guilty and that person gets
off and then there’s precedent and then
that can change laws
that can change laws
never skip jury duty people you never
like i look forward to jury duty because
i’m like i want to know
if i can
if i can change this person’s life for
the better because they’re in there on
some [ __ ] drug charge and i can say
not guilty and they’re like well they
found it on him not guilty not guilty
not guilty not guilty
not guilty
and the thing is as i now you got to
play cool
uh because you have to you know you’re
in there and they go uh do you think
that you could convict someone uh for a
drug chart yes
do you uh have
any kind of negative opinion uh or or
strong opinion about the police no no no
like wait just if you play cool you are
you are juror x you are the juror that
you know that is the baseline for what
all jurors should be and you go in there
and you see oh no uh no violent uh crime
here nowhere this is just drug thing uh
not guilty
not guilty you’re the and you can be the
only one saying it people say well but
they there’s he there’s a photo of him
smoking it and he’s not guilty but he
said he would that he had it no i’m not
guilty and uh why why do you why would
you think that he doesn’t i don’t think
i don’t think he’s guilty this person
got caught uh
in prostitution sting and uh she
is now
here on prostitution charges not guilty
not guilty not guilty this person owned
this person had a firearm that wasn’t
registered not guilty not guilty
not guilty this person committed tax
evasion not guilty yeah there are
uh i forget however many
uh somewhere around 10 million americans
that identify as having libertarian
ideals if a million americans routinely
were in seeking out jury duty and going
to jury duty because most people try to
get out of it if we were trying not to
get out of it and and would go and show
up and say not guilty
the entire system would crumble because
what would happen is that their system
is largely built around getting people
to plea down to a slightly lesser charge
um it’s like over 90 percent of cases
are settled uh in in plea deals because
they don’t want to go to court uh if
they know that going to court is likely
to get them a not guilty plea that
changes everything and uh oh also uh if
the um
so they would only be able to do
i’m trying to remember what the stats
were but it was damning
if they actually if if even i forget
what percentage of cases
like let’s say it’s now it’s like eight
percent of cases we are actually going
to court uh on trial if that went up to
like 25 the entire system would shut
down it would be impossible for them to
be able to uh prosecute in a timely
manner which means that judges would
start throwing out old cases uh because
they weren’t being prosecuted in a
timely manner and uh so i mean and they
would be they would they would be
throwing out the ones without victims
yeah they’d be prioritizing like murder
and rape and stuff like that because
because no judge wants to be the judge
that led a bunch of rapists out but you
know prostitutes or uh you know
prostitutes uh clients or uh uh you know
or you know uh someone that that you
cocaine in in more than two bags or
whatever yeah no that stuff gets thrown
out so um no i uh i uh
this was a um
a very informative episode
and i think the most
most informative part of the episode
was the thing about logic and i think we
can all take that home
and think about what logic means to you
tomorrow uh which is wednesday
uh my
i’m finally i was supposed to be doing
my first episode of my fellow americans
last week with the amazing uh anthony
samaroff uh but then instead what
happened is uh i had had some dental
work done
and my mouth was still like
and uh it was hurting and i didn’t want
my i don’t want everyone to be like oh
wow spike’s back on the show and i’m
oh and they’re like oh god
oh kovid look what it did to his face
so i just said paul had that problem
oh and then the ron paul comparisons
would just go through
so instead
uh we’re gonna do the next episode first
episode this year of my fellow americans
tomorrow at 8 pm eastern my guest will
be the entire state of tennessee
no my uh
yeah every all of them
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uh so then come on
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already gotten some incredible stuff
accomplished in the tennessee
legislature they’re coming on to talk
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year so we’re gonna have a great talk
there and then uh matt your episode of
the muddy waters or bloody waters of uh
writer’s block uh do you know who your
guest is
yeah uh so i
am so happy uh to have a n-studio guest
on thursday uh he is the former vice
chair of the libertarian party of
florida he was a senatorial candidate in
whatever year marco rubio won um for the
libertarian party he was the former ex
national executive director of the
republican liberty caucus he is the host
he’s one of the hosts
of uh alex and adrian’s unattended
baggage alex snicker will be joining me
because he wants to talk
alex has been in the libertarian party
on and off for many many many years and
yeah as you can tell by what i said he
has held
a variety of positions within this uh
he’s managed multiple campaigns within
and he wants to talk
about inner party politics
not making
good people run away
that would be a good talk to have
one week before the florida
libertarian convention
if you’re gonna do it
you know there’s really no better time
um so
join me
when alex snicker
and if you know alex snicker you
understand why this is hilarious um
and if you don’t know alex snicker you
will understand after this episode why
this is really hilarious
but we are going to be talking about
party politics and uh the
proper way that we should be handling
these things
right before the convention in florida i
love it uh so yes that’ll be good uh and
then join me this weekend i’m actually
they’re letting me back outside i have
mostly covered well i mean i have
recovered from copit i don’t have covet
anymore and i’m
close enough back to 100
that i can actually start doing things
so join me uh this uh saturday starting
noon no one starting at 1 p.m at
middleton and maker barbecue in awenda
south carolina
which is in
just outside of charleston uh for those
who follow my social media i have talked
about elliott middleton uh with the
who’s with middleton maker barbecue and
also with the middleton village to
village foundation long story short
elliott makes the most delicious ribs
that you’ll ever have and if you would
like to get a free plate of ribs and you
also have a car that’s broken down that
you want to get rid of he will take your
broken down car and give you a big box
of ribs to take home and then what he
does is he fixes up or actually now his
organization fixes up that car and pairs
it with someone who needs a car and then
helps them get their license
registration all that in place so they
can go and get on the road so that yet
another person
in this part of south carolina which has
no public transportation is now able to
participate in society again so we’re
going down there uh the south carolina
libertarian party and i are going down
there to do a big barbecue fundraiser to
help raise funds for the middleton
village to village foundation and uh and
uh i’m really looking forward to it i
can’t wait to meet him and i can’t wait
to meet you
so come on down to beautiful ahwanda
south carolina come on up if you live
south of that and
uh john morrissey just said if it’s this
thursday which it is uh it’s two weeks
from convention
but oh yeah that’s right yeah yeah
because next week is uh uh virginia and
then the next one okay yeah yes two
weeks from convention are you going to
the florida one
yeah but i’m only gonna i’m gonna be so
it’s weird i’m coming in i’m gonna be
there friday night and then saturday
morning i’m going to alabama for an
afroman concert with tommy chong
that’s also part of the alabama
libertarian convention
i’m trying to figure out if i want to
make the drive over there though
to dothan alabama or to uh melbourne
to melbourne oh
yeah you should
i’ll be there friday night and then i
and then i’ll be in alabama saturday and
sunday because the libertarian party of
alabama is having a convention
that’s also a concert with afroman
and tommy chong
a bunch of other artists whose names and
and joe jorgensen
she won’t be at that part uh but uh uh
she won’t be at the concert but um well
yeah anyways they don’t serve whiskey
if you want to help claire
uh if you didn’t see the beginning of
this episode if you want to uh go back
and watch it uh i put there is the
the uh qr code i also put the link in
the comments okay uh
if matt goes do not accept any food from
him no no
not if you have any dietary restrictions
so uh if you want to help out claire
please do please donate anything that
you can if you can’t i understand but if
you can please uh donate anything you
help out and uh
yeah thank you for all of your help come
see me in iwan dawg south carolina this
could be a lot of fun there’s a link to
register but it’s free it’s free to come
uh it is a fundraiser so come buy some
barbecue and come hang out with us but
i’d love to get to uh meet you so come
on out and uh that we will see you next
right back here
on tuesday
same money place same-ish money time for
the next episode of the muddied waters
of freedom where matt wright and i parse
through the week’s events like the
middle-aged men that are recovering from
covet like we are
uh and so matt
if someone were to
want to follow us or be involved with us
in some way on the internet is that even
possible and if so how
it is possible
all one
would have to do
if you are one of the old school people
one might say who
instead of looking at the gorgeous faces
before you
look at this jawline people
that’s natural
but instead you enjoy the
tones of our
sexy aged voices
all one would have to do is go to
anchor dot
i don’t know if i can
it hurts slightly less to whisper this
week oh it still hurts well that’s good
yeah i’m i
i’m glad that it’s better now
i mean it’s it still hurts but it’s
but you’re doing it and that’s what
matters i am doing it
you are doing it you’re like the little
engine that could whisper
you kind of sound like joe biden when
he’s trying to make a point pay them
i wrote that bill
black children
like to sit
on my lap and then i make them touch my
lake here i can’t believe he said that
i can’t believe he said that
while you’re there
you can leave us messages that we will
play on
oh yeah live on the air
definitely and
if there are messages we’ll play
you can also subscribe
and if you subscribe
you get to be part of the muddy tsum
which we do once a month unless we have
i mean
i mean
i had coveted
so did i
we both had
we had gold
and you get
a certain percentage off at the muddy
water store access to the facebook the
subscriber facebook group
we don’t remember the
discount we don’t remember everything
yeah i have no idea what the discount is
it’s a percentage though
it’s really starting to get a discount
you also get a discount a slightly
higher discount do stitches and glitches
and defy the power
also don’t remember that discount
you want to get that
you also get access to exclusive muddied
subscriber content
and an ad-free experience no ads on
spotify and anchor
yeah yes
or you can find this and every other
episode at muddiedwatersmedia.com
well that is amazing i’m gonna go do all
of those things uh folks thanks again
for tuning in and uh for being a part of
this magical second episode of the year
uh join me tomorrow for my first episode
of the year come join uh matt on
thursday for his uh episode
of the writer’s block come join me in
owen dao south carolina uh on saturday
and uh we will see you here next week we
love you very much thank you again and
where we’re going
we don’t need roads
i just had i could barely get it out
i thought you were doing a neil young
no it’s like where we’re going i’m
almost fully there

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