Episode 228 – WE ARE BACK!

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Jeff Bezo’s used $200 Million to get the naming rights for the National Air and Space museum, the ATF is keeping a gun registry, Breyer is stepping down, and lockdowns didn’t make much of a difference in the intended way, but Canadian truckers are in Ottawa to protest v@c¢ine mandates.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

Plus more…

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Episode Transcript

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is this mic on i guess anyway
we missed this time
we missed this time
when the state legislative bodies
continue to change
the law not as the who can vote
who gets to count the vote
cop countable who counts the vote count
the vote
countable you
it’s about making it harder to vote it’s
about who gets to count the vote
i said america’s back
simple as that the facts won’t matter
your vote won’t matter the defeated
former president used the big lie about
the 2020 election to fuel torrent he
didn’t say count the votes he said fine
votes but this matters to all of us i’m
tired of being quiet countable
count countable full counts the vote
count the vote count countable
countable you know
i’m so damn old i was there history has
never been kind to those subsided with
voter suppression and election
subversion but folks hear me plainly
their end game is about making it harder
to vote
it’s about who gets to count the vote
what in the hell are we talking about
let me think about it that’s not america
think about that that’s what it looks
like when they suppress the right to
vote for democracy yes or no i’m tired
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike return of the judi cohen i am
matt wright and together we are
traversing the muddied waters of
freedom i don’t even remember what i’m
supposed to say
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thank you so much so glad to be back
first and foremost allow me to thank the
wonderful talented and uh absolutely
justin throw
i don’t remember what i used to call him
justin for the cava i’m drinking today
and i’d like to thank my wife for making
me this delicious hot drink
just realizing we’re in this stupid mug
it says i don’t need google my husband
knows everything which i’m not i don’t i
don’t have a husband but my wife made me
uh this uh made me this drink which has
ginger and honey and lemon and turmeric
in it and it tastes
like that
so thank you for that
did your wife make you mud water for
no no she made me this is this tastes
better than mud water and uh it’s good
you know my throat it helps with my
good so to everybo to all of the
skippers out there
we were supposed to we should have spent
this last month figuring out what to
call them yeah yeah we we should have
done that but we didn’t um
to everybody who is a fan of the show
and has uh missed getting regular
updates from us uh
we apologize um
spike came to my house on new year’s day
and i tried to kill him twice
i gave him gluten
we tried to feed him eggs
and then somebody in my household gave
him covet
or we gave everyone in the household or
that parties yeah you know
that’s a little murky you could say
that’s the muddied waters um we don’t
the muddy waters of coven is
someone brought kovad
to the right household and all that can
be said for certain
is that jason lyon is the reason that
betty white is dead
we would like to apologize for jason
lyon killing betty white as well
which long term probably has the greater
than my getting covered um but so yeah
we all got kovid and i got it like i got
this super strain of code or just kova
doesn’t like me or whatever it hit me
pretty hard so which is why i still
sound like this
yeah it hung with me for a while yeah
you got it pretty bad too yeah yeah yeah
i mean anybody else
i mean the other people that were at my
house got it uh
like everybody got it that was here um
and uh
one of them he didn’t seem to like he
was in and out three days done fine uh
and then
everybody else seemed to get like
just beaten with it yeah yeah tasha
didn’t get it too bad hers was about a
week took her about a week before she
was back to normal but holy crap you
know i there’s been a lot of debate over
the last two years about covid and a lot
of really strongly held opinions i
frankly don’t like it
so i am i
honestly not i am anti-covenant i am i
am definitely anti i am definitely
but as we’re going to get into later uh
i am also anti-lockdown um
so this episode is brought to you by
covet no this episode is brought to you
we actually used to have a coveted
graphic we could have used but this
episode actually this episode is brought
to you by a lack of covid uh thankfully
uh this episode of course is brought to
you by the
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the gravy king
joe soloski is running for pennsylvania
governor joe siloski as the key to
pennsylvania’s success in fact joe would
say that liberty
is the key to pennsylvania’s success and
if you’d like to help joe become the
first libertarian governor ever
then go to joe siloski.com that’s
dot com jack casey man that’s a name i
haven’t said in an eon of last year
actually jack casey has written three
books uh what are they about i don’t
know had i ever had i had an opportunity
what i’m pretty certain is whatever
world it takes place on is flat
oh really
breaking news uh these are uh flat earth
is it flat earth or is it inverted earth
i mean are we talking about jack’s
favorite sexual position or the actual
so these books uh we won’t read them
because if they’re good we’ll feel bad
about making fun of them every week and
uh if they’re bad then we feel bad about
trying to get you to buy them so we’re
in this really weird place in our lives
where we’re just gonna refuse to ever uh
read them so but you should and we’ve
been told by other people that these
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should be more than enough for you to go
theroyalgreen.com and purchase your
copies of the royal green in silver
throned and crowned by coal
thomas quiter is running for state
and and thomasqueeter uh says i run
better than albany and he finds that
really funny because he’s a [ __ ] and
i can say that now because i had covid
that’s not true um but the uh
tom thomasquiter is a great guy he’s one
of my my favorite people in the liberty
movement uh he is uh
an advocate for the disabled he is an
advocate for everyone really um and he’s
weird if he wasn’t an advocate for the
disabled he’s anti-disabled thomas
quieter is probably best known for his
anti-disabled activism
i if you want to go to his website uh
remove all the
ramps.org um no uh thomas quiter is a
great guy and uh is doing incredible
work uh
in all of new york and uh the 52nd
district uh could certainly uh do no
better than thomas quiter uh if you want
to help him become the first libertarian
state senator in new york ever go to
tom452.com that’s tomfor52.com
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those those darn people those darn
claw casey just said i heard thomas
quiter is a great tumbler
and he’ll keep your hots hot huh
and your cold is cold um
so uh before the show started spike and
i were having a little conversation
and um
he said that he peaked um and i said oh
you can you haven’t peaked
look at you you’re a dashing
30 something
just dashing
on par with the nicholas vessers of this
yeah yeah you’re welcome
because no that’s a lie and everybody
knows that that man is just a handsome
handsome gentleman
he like ages it’s like as he gets older
he becomes more handsome
yeah he’s got like that clooney or brad
pitt jeans yeah like he’s just getting
better that i do not have at all
eve i i have the opposite of that i do
not have that
well he i said you know
you haven’t picked you in heels man if
that’s where i’m peeking like that’s a
good place to peek and i said well there
are worse places to peeks and he goes
yeah like john bobbitt
to which i said that happened in my
hometown and spike had no idea
lorena bobbitt cut off john wayne
bobbitt because nobody calls him john
bobbitt uh
that’s right john wayne bob at yeah yeah
yeah yeah where they where she cut off
his his penis was like
eight four five six i don’t know it was
close to my house and the field that she
threw it in wasn’t far away either
and we had a joke in our town that said
uh do you know the name of the detective
that went looking for john wayne
bobbitt’s member
is it i see weiner
instinct tracy
oh that’s even funnier than mine
actually i think mine’s funnier those
are both funny
that happened in manassas virginia for
anybody that doesn’t remember um and uh
we had a thing to be known for what tell
me something interesting about yourself
when i was a child
guy a man lost his
member out in the field
yep we uh we actually had a city slogan
manassas virginia a cut above the rest
so you embraced it
so joe makes drifts uh asks uh what are
spike’s dietary restrictions so that
none of the rest of us accidentally
tried to kill him hey thanks
for asking
actually to be fair matt did ask
and they just completely disregarded it
um but they
they actually no they actually didn’t
they tried they got they got fooled by
one of the classic the classic uh trip
ups there which is that most people
don’t realize that teriyaki sauce unless
otherwise noted has gluten in it okay
and who would have and it was only after
my fourth or fifth uh cherry a salmon
fillet because that’s how i eat like a
pig and i’m like man this is fantastic
what’s in this and you went oh teriyaki
sauce and blah blah blah i’m like oh i
said can i see it he said yeah so we
open it i
turned the around to the ingredients and
pointed at him and he went huh
that’s i didn’t why would wheat be in uh
teriyaki so
that was when
i realized yes natural flavors melissa’s
another one you got to be careful with
but wheat this didn’t even this just
straight up wheat
with it and it even said on the thing
teriyaki whatever brand teriyaki now
with extra wheat and um
and uh i bought it special
yeah and so i was like yeah you know
what i should be fine i’ll just take a
nap and so i did i did i took a nap that
was gluten in january and i just took a
gluten nap and then uh while i was
taking a gluten app little did we know
that covet 19 was incubated in my body
so when we when we asked
about dietary restrictions spike gave us
a list and he was like i can’t have uh
gluten gluten i can’t have dairy i can’t
you left that one out
oh yeah because she made
she made
so we were like okay we’re gonna make
these gluten gluten-free because we got
we got gluten-free latkes
in order to
appease the diet of
prince spike
so we’re using an egg and then
spike comes over and he’s so excited for
and he couldn’t have any of it
i also specified didn’t specify that i
can’t have covid and in retrospect
in retrospect you know
i should have said that so anyway we had
a really fun january so we would just
like to apply just a total do-over we
just welcome to january 2
and january january uh part d
uh and
we’re just not
we are sorry about the existence of
january of 2022. we’re just gonna write
that off and we’re going to move forward
learned a lot about january so that
brings us to
first segment
which is the
mud water mud cup what is it called the
what mud water mushroom coffee
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water today matt
yes um
made a typo is the first word of the
notes so you know this is going to go
off well
the national air and space museum is the
latest property to be acquired by jeff
do you hear about this did you hear
about this
that would be the smithsonian’s national
air and space museum yes smithsonian
institute’s national air and space
jeff bezos uh
did not buy the museum but for the low
low price of 200 million dollars
he has the naming rights for the museum
it’s like
he wants to be seen
as like a doctor evil
from space
in space it’s she wants to be seen from
as dog yes he wants to be seen in his
face as like this evil person and i
don’t think he is evil but it’s just
funny how he’s like
doing everything you would do
to be seen as like a real an actual lex
it’s it’s amazing i love it
to be fair this does not mean that it’s
now going to be called whatever he wants
to call it it is still going to be the
smithsonian institute’s national air and
space museum but under the terms of the
gift agreement which is the largest
donation that the smithsonian institute
has ever had
bezos’s name will be displayed on the
outside of the learning center facing
jefferson avenue in the national mall
on the outside of the center facing
independence avenue and on an entrance
to the center that will be inside the
his name will also be etched onto a
glass sculpture that will be suspended
from the ceiling of the national air and
space museum
in honor of donors who have given 10
million or more which means he just like
10 million or more and he went
hold my champagne
i am going well beyond this
screw everybody else um and his name
will also appear on another door
uh another donor wall at the air and
space museum
in virginia
not far
from where lorena bobbitt cut off the
also uh breaking news uh john wayne
bobbitt’s penis will have an etching of
um jeff bezos’s name
um that is reserved in an area only for
people who have given at least 10
million dollars to the smithsonian
i’m certain for the right amount of
money he would do that
i would imagine he would i love that
it’s like
oh there’s more
there’s more things his name’s gonna be
oh okay
oh yes there is uh his name will be
displayed well sort of we already talked
about but his name will be uh displayed
on the learning center for 50 years or
until the building is next renovated
whichever is later
now one of the things that uh they were
talking about this is there is no
morality clause so
jeff bezos can go out and do whatever he
wants and this is going to be there
so if he turns into dr evil
it will become the dr evil
air and space museum
what i love is that it’s still called
the smithsonian like he didn’t just come
in and be like i want this to be the
bezos center but
it’s going to be the you know
aaron uh air and space museum national
air and space museum
jeff bezos jeff bezos chef like
literally you walk in and there’s a
glass etching up here and there’s a sign
here and there’s a learning center there
and um so he might as well
have just called it the jeff bay i love
it i love it yeah so i like to think
that uh when he was offering the 200
million dollars for the naming rights he
thought he was going to be able to
rename the museum yes
which is why
i quickly and
without much thought wrote up 10 things
that jeff bezos will probably would have
probably named
smithsonian institute air and space
yes if he was allowed to
yes are we are we doing either uh yeah
we go back and forth all right we’ll
we’ll go with you first
okay uh number 10 uh the national air in
spazos museum
thanks everyone have a great night um uh
please don’t get better
okay no i know uh number nine is air
yep uh number eight the amazonian
institute of air in space
uh seven is bezos national
space of specos
spacex museum
bezos’s national spaces museum
museum of space and basil
the original name for amazon was cadabra
oh really
[ __ ] you elon aaron space museum that’s
my favorite uh blue origins hanger
future hanger i like that one too
uh the new shepard air and space museum
yes and finally the for those who
thought i wasn’t a big enough dick
already welcome to my air and space
museum like that that’s actually my
favorite one
i also like
a museum
oh that would have been so good is that
what you said to me on the phone last
night that is what i said to you on the
but you know i thought you said the
amazonian and i was like oh no no i said
speaking of dicks
the atf disclosed to lawmakers that it
manages a database of
920 million
765 firearm purchase records uh
including both digital and hard copy
versions of these transactions
that’s right uh now the atf does deny
the trustworthy sources of
honesty and
uh couth that the atf happens to be they
deny that these records are used to
uh well yeah it says it says that it
transfers hard copies of the information
into searchable digital databases that
is used to trace firearms tied to crimes
yes but not you know tracking the owners
of course
because that’s possible to
do the other without
without tracking the owners too
uh in between
uh guns to
violent cartels and setting
buildings filled with children on fire
and then shooting anyone who tries to
run out they reported that the uh 865
million uh 787 086
of the records are already in a digital
yes now fun fact for everybody out there
if you are
the owner
of a
ye old firearm shoppie
after 20 years you can destroy the
records of uh who has purchased which
however the biden administration is
seeking to alter that law and he wants
those records
we lost you
you froze up for a second but you we
could hear you the whole time go ahead
uh yeah so uh he wants those records
forever forever so yeah
whenever a store if your ye old
firearm shoppie closes
they will just take your records and
digitize them and obviously not use them
for what they would call a registry
because that would be illegal to do yes
representative michael cloud who is a
uh from texas oh that’s a good question
are those foia attainable
um i
can’t answer that question
i did not even think of that when i was
writing this no but that’s a good
question yeah
yeah representative michael cloud uh
states that this means the 100 of all
lawful commercial firearm transfers
would eventually end up in atf in an atf
computer system
thereby creating a permanent database
which is in violation of
a gun law against the gun registry
here in america which just goes to show
politicians don’t care about laws here
in america
yeah no uh politicians bureaucrats and
uh agents and the police do not care
what the law is they just care what they
have to make you do that’s it that has
nothing to do with the law uh the law is
a is a thin veneer of control
now what i will say
because i talked to uh
a friend of mine who is in the he has
his own ye old gun shoppie um and he
said that he has known about this for a
while uh
the way that they are doing it is it
only shows original purchase records or
if the shop resells a weapon
private sales aren’t on there
so if a gun transfer if you if a gun
transfers from me to spike or you know a
spike to jason and it’s private sale or
just a gift
that’s not in there so it’s not that
they would know who has it
just who originally purchased it
right and if and whoever purchased it
from an authorized dealer after that
right so this is actually a part of the
atf uh a very powerful strategy they
have towards preventing the trafficking
of weapons to dangerous uh people and
organizations i actually put together
this graphic uh in consultation with the
atf on their facebook page uh we’ve gone
back and forth a little uh i made this
graphic explaining uh how the atf uh
prevents oh i don’t know why that says
traffic’s firearms uh but the how they
prevent the trafficking of firearms um
the uh first what happens in police uh
in the u.s and mexico uh asked the atf
hey can you stop cartels from getting
guns and then they say to the police yes
and then they get right to work then
they go off to the bad ideas factory to
come up with the worst possible way to
stop cartels from getting guns and what
they settle on is that they authorize
firearms dealers to sell guns to straw
purchasers who buy them directly for the
cartels uh and then this way they can
track the guns to the cartels and arrest
them all but that never actually happens
uh the cartels then use those guns that
they traffic to them to kill hundreds of
police and civilians it’s a very
powerful strategy uh and it continues
cause this to happen
i was reading the small graphic yes
yes there’s some additional information
google operations
google operation fast and furious don’t
snitch uh never consent to a search
without a warrant uh never speak without
a lawyer present uh and then the the
official graphic of the atf which in the
middle says we fear dogs
which is why as we have said on this
probably more times than almost anything
else is if you’re ever pulled over by
the police
shut up
shut up
shut up
know your state’s laws on whether or not
what what you are required to give in
most states you are only required if
you’re pulled over in your car you are
required to give your license uh and you
are required to give your uh
registration and proof of insurance uh
there are some additional states where
uh you there are additional questions
that they require you to ask or require
you to answer but the in the vast
majority of states literally all you
have to do is the police officer comes
and you roll down your window just
enough to be able to give them and to
receive back your license your
registration and your insurance you are
not required to speak with them you are
not required to answer any questions um
you are not required to uh talk with
them in any way uh it is smart uh for
you to say i don’t answer questions uh
so that they don’t think there’s some
kind of a uh
you know a hostage situation or
something like that simply hand them say
i don’t answer questions and then shut
shut up up
especially if you think that there is a
reason that it would be a bad thing uh
for them to search your car or to
continue or expand the investing just
shut up
and i know you are tempted to think that
oh if i cooperate with them and i just
am nice and act whatever then they’ll
treat me right no
absolutely not just shut up
whatever happens to you there
they don’t have evidence from your mouth
which makes any case that they are
trying to build and anytime they pull
you over they are trying to build a case
as big of a case as they possibly can
because that’s what their career is
based on
do not give them any evidence or help in
accumulating that case
shut up
shut up
you know there are videos shutting up
had i had i had i thought
there were videos that i wish i’d
remembered to get where uh both police
and defense attorneys and prosecutors
will give examples of how people saying
innocent things under what they didn’t
realize was an interrogation when you’re
being pulled over it is an interrogation
they would say innocent things that then
get twisted in court and then they get
found guilty of various crimes because
of them just helping the officer and
just you know making an easy thing of it
just shut up don’t talk to them
you know who else is going to be
shutting up
the famed ice cream magnet
stephen breyer
oh famous for founding briar’s ice cream
no um
he the supreme court justice is stepping
down from the bench in a strategic move
some are referring to
as the i’m smarter than rbg
the hot spot so i
the sheer hotspot of this woman
who i mean god rest her soul who
in her 80s
was like cancer
with cancer multiple cancer survivor in
her i believe early to mid 80s when
obama was president was like
i’m going to ride this out because i’m
pretty sure that hillary clinton is
going to get elected and
i don’t i i don’t know what i mean her
being replaced a year earlier what was
that gonna do
that was bad and so she just wrote it
out and then
she had to try to survive another then
she looked at merrick garland and went
yeah she looked at merrick garland and
was like
no i want someone super progressive to
replace me so and i’m sure hillary
clinton’s gonna do that hillary clinton
obama wouldn’t do it but hillary
clinton’s gonna do but hillary clinton’s
gonna do it hillary clinton will
definitely do that and so then donald
trump gets elected and she spends the
next four years trying to pretend that
she’s not dying and
then she does die because she’s
well into i believe in her 90s
she was 87
87 okay so yeah so she was in her early
mid uh 80s during most of the obama
years eight years she had to ch
and instead so then
donald trump is president you know i
don’t know how many people that are
watching this who have ever had been in
a situation where they have to stay
alive and
but that’s
she was
and so
and again not only is she old
uh but she’s also was very frail and
also a multiple cancer survivor that
kept getting cancer
and uh
kept getting cancer and then a pandemic
happens so
so then she dies and is and has been
replaced um and uh uh
so this so breyer saw all of that and
let’s not do that
okay so i have a theory about this
i have a theory about this
i don’t think that’s what happened
i think he was back there talking with
kagan i don’t know and he was like yeah
i think that there is a possibility
that the democrats lose the senate
in this next election
i don’t know when he said it if he said
it last week like it’s more than a
possibility like it’s a strong
possibility but uh
gas is 350 here in florida today the
possibility keeps rising um
but i think he said something like that
and they
there were already people go driving
around dc saying that briar needs to
resign and like big signs on their
trucks uh they’re writing op-eds in the
washington post saying we don’t care
that you have a lifetime appointment you
need to step down
we don’t care and
i think he like made an offhand comment
and he said yeah i’m thinking it might
be wise for me to step down
but i still feel like i have a couple
more years in me
somebody leaked that in order to push
him out
i think that’s what happened i i don’t
think he wanted to resign but after it
got leaked that he was going to and the
pressure was on i think he had to
i i tend to agree i think that there’s
been a little bit of uh
of skullduggery happening here because
i think that these supreme court people
i i think
you know you consider if you’re in a job
where you basically set your own hours
you don’t really have to work a lot
you’re regarded as this like you know
almost uh a superhuman figure
what’s that
you’re like a sage
yeah yeah you’re like yeah you’re like
an oracle an oracle or a wise man or a
medicine person or whatever and and so
you’re like you know and you can’t be
fired under any circumstance
uh and it’s routine that people die in
in on the vet or they die in this role i
think a lot of people are just like yeah
i’m in my 80s i’ve been here 20 years
i’m not going anywhere and i think
that’s what happens with these folks
it’s certainly what happened with with
uh ruth bader ginsburg and i i do think
that they’re like nope this isn’t
happening because the likelihood
of the democrats maintaining their 50 50
majority with with kamala harris as the
51st vote
is basically
that’s not smart money
and uh
because as we know the libertarian party
is going to have a majority
i’ll take that so i
i yeah where do i bet that um so i i
think that
the odds of them of the democrats
maintaining their majority in the senate
is is going down keep in mind
the democrats are having to defend
because it’s in six year cycles the
democrats are having to defend
senate that was elected in 2016.
and if you will recall
that was a bad year for republicans
everywhere but the white house it was
like the reverse of 2020 where the
republicans did well everywhere but in
the presidential election they lost
seats everywhere but obviously getting
the white house so
it’s already kind of still had control
of the senate though
what’s that
in 16 they still had control of the
senate they did but they lost seats so
this is
yeah they lost seats so
this was a what i’m saying is this was a
better than even year for the democrats
which means they had more seats to
the odds of the odds of the republicans
the senate are very high and if the
republicans take the senate joe biden
or kamala harris whoever replaces joe
biden soon
is not going to get a single supreme
court justice through at all and uh
i mean the odds of uh if if joe biden’s
up for re-election i don’t think he wins
it and if he dies and is replaced by
kamala harris she 100 is never going to
be president of the united states she is
more hated than dick cheney was
who shot a man in the face who literally
which again i say shooting a lawyer in
the face actually helps your pr but the
but i i
everything the media does to try to make
kamala harris this likable
you know cool oh we finally have a a
black woman and look she’s cool and she
laughs a lot don’t listen to it though
i think
it’s so funny what they’re trying to do
no one really likes her like there isn’t
a demographic or based group that really
likes her that much and she’s and and
from a policy standpoint joe biden keeps
setting her up for the rope-a-dope i
don’t know if it’s joe himself or just
his team
they they hand her these impossible
tasks so that she fails just to make
sure she never tries to primary
challenge joe and then it lets joe go
hey come on man you know the thing
girl power i know she can do it and then
she’s out there not
literally being given tasks that are
impossible to accomplish and even more
impossible to accomplish as vice
president and people don’t like her
she’s never going to be president and so
especially with everything going on
that’s just destroying uh the chances
for democrats in 24 uh so yeah if he
wants if if breyer or the people
managing briar uh or the people who just
stabbed briar in the back want to
replace briar with a
uh with someone who’s slightly to the
right of or left of merrick garland
instead of someone who’s slightly to the
right of merrick garland then this is
their chance to do that
biden well biden’s team biden hasn’t
said this because biden can’t bring this
sentence together um
biden has stated that he is going to
comb the greatest legal minds of this
generation to guarantee that he appoints
the person with the greatest knowledge
of the law
with a history of even-handed rulings
and sound reasoning and absolutely
nothing else there is no other
specifically he is looking for outside
of those things good good
that’s good
that’s good because the last thing that
we need right now with everything that’s
going on uh with all the uncertainty
uh is for
picks for some of the highest offices
arguably the highest office because the
buck stops with the supreme court at
least in theory um
for a pick to be made
based on
something other than their
and luckily
because we have decorum
back in the white house
we know
that the pick is going to be made
on their qualifications in absolutely
nothing else
yes whether it’s uh
you know
joe biden
swearing at reporters who asked him
i mean about influentially basic
questions about inflation and the the
prospects for the
elections uh or whether it’s uh him
uh defecating himself in front of the
um or
these weird things where he says he’s
gonna do an interview and then everyone
is shoot out of the room and it’s
happened multiple times um
because they don’t want anyone asking
him questions and he keeps forgetting
that or when it’s him wandering off
and then his team’s saying oh well you
know he has a stutter
i’m just glad that dignity is back in
the white house
the last time i was on
and um
because before that we also had all
sorts of dignity um the um
the last time i was on rt was actually
at three in the morning and the reason
was uh i was told by the russian
government was they wanted me to come on
and try to make sense of why of why joe
biden uh keeps saying
the things he says and um and so i went
on and they and they were uh the
reporter uh was was really trying to
make heads or tails of why he would say
these things
and i just kept saying he is in a state
of cognitive decline
and any attempt for us to try to make
of why he said this
not within the filter of this man is
sun downing in front of us
uh is going to fall short because we
have to pretend that there isn’t an
obvious uh uh
declining of the ability to process and
share information and once you have it
through that filter now suddenly
everything makes sense
that didn’t stop them from continuing to
ask me questions about but why do you
think he said well again i think he said
this because he is an old man who hasn’t
been a hundred percent there
uh for at least three or four years and
has been kind of declining for quite
some time
i have no segway
so speaking of
hey you know what else is declining
do you know what else people have
declining trust
in well not only they have declining
trust in but there’s a thing that’s
going down
and it’s the mortality rate of covet 19.
according to a new study uh by
researchers at johns hopkins the the yes
alt-right wing
hospital university known as johns
hopkins yes um the
the lockdowns had a significant effect
on life in america in almost every way
with the exception of the mortality rate
of covid19
the review of multiple scientific
studies estimates that the lockdowns
during the early phase of the pandemic
reduced covet mortality by about
0.2 percent
we shut down the world
for 0.2
point two percent uh now research for
for specifically for covid
increases in other things but the
reduction in covalent
now researchers at the
sage-like the nostradamus-esque
imperial college of london
uh predicted that such steps as the
lockdowns could reduce death rates by up
to 98 percent hmm
that was a big swing and a miss
yes the imperial college of london
yes a rare misstep
uh but the research paper said that doc
uh that lockdowns did have a devastating
on the economy and contributed uh to
numerous social
uh according to the report they have
contributed to reducing economic
activity raising unemployment reducing
schooling causing political unrest
contributing to violence uh contributing
to domestic violence and undermining
liberal democracy
not to mention which wasn’t in the
report that i read um
this is just facts i like to have tucked
away for moments like this but not to
mention the 31
increase in alcohol consumption and 29
increase in use of other drugs
since covid
began now the long tail
of health problems
and and uh and societal problems that
will come from a 31
increase in alcohol consumption
increases of abuse increases of overdose
increases in
liver and other organ damage
across the board
you can’t even properly measure because
it will take decades
someone will die of liver cirrhosis 20
30 years from now having lived a life of
alcoholism and all of the
social and and economic and uh
healthcare and societal ills that come
from that
that would not have otherwise done this
had the lockdowns and the conditions
that were created by the lockdowns
happened that’s going to happen many
times and there’s not even a good way to
measure that but by simply saying we’ve
seen nearly a one
wrong wrong one but we’re going to go to
that in a second a one-third increase
nearly one-third increase in alcohol
you can’t measure how much worse that is
than the supposed 0.2
reduction uh um in in in covet
that’s 29 in drug u like you know
granted it doesn’t say what drugs
opiates i just
i yeah i assume it’s hard it’s
overwhelmingly opiates and and uh there
there might be some cannabis increases
there but it’s probably opiates it’s
probably there
now thankfully
uh we do know that this did need to
because there is no johns hopkins data
that would demonstrate
that covet 19’s fatality rate would go
down absent these lockdowns and various
other man what is this
what the hell is this
so what this is
and yes
this comes from
oh i cut it off this comes from johns
hopkins this data is from johns hopkins
this is the uh the case fatality rate of
as measured by all available data by
johns hopkins university
and what you can see is during that time
that they said there was a 0.2 reduction
in the covet fatality rate that was
during the time that at one point they
were saying that it was that the
fatality rate was over six percent
remember that time
remember that early on so when they’re
talking about how the lockdowns quote
unquote helped they’re saying that that
could have gone as high as 0.2 higher
than that
before normalizing back down to the
actual rate that it was uh ended up
being which was just below two percent
so that would have happened anyway
and again that was after where that
swoop that you’re seeing there where it
goes down below two percent and then
kind of stays there that was after
the bulk of all the lockdowns and other
the most restrictive measures that we
had in the us so that point two percent
would have literally is literally just a
data manipulation
that they’re talking about and now
looking further it kind of stayed steady
at that point at that two percent rate
and by the way this is a case fatality
rate where they measure uh confirmed
covid cases to
uh to confirmed deaths from people who
had coven okay this does not include the
people who got kovid never knew it this
does not include the people who got
covid did a home test didn’t bother
telling anyone just stayed home this
does not include
in other words uh take this fatality
rate and cut it in half
so the the
at least
um and now if you look towards the end
there see where it went down to now it’s
just above one percent it’s at point
0.17 or 0.18 now that’s from omicron
who here has heard of the uh the the
testing shortages where literally
millions or tens of millions of people
knew they had covid were treated as
though they had covet and never got
confirmed for having coven because there
just weren’t any tests in their area to
test that they have cova so even in the
midst of that the case fatality rate
went down much more than 0.2 percent it
nearly halfed itself
and that number is actually much lower
it’s even more than half of a reduction
because during omicron there was a huge
testing shortage so we’re probably
looking at covet now having similar
fatality numbers to
probably still higher than the flu but
maybe three times higher or four times
higher than the flu instead of 10 times
higher than the flu which is what we
were told
so when they’re talking about a 0.2
reduction that would be during that
period between
uh the beginning of this chart and
say right before where it says november
so that point two percent they’re saying
is literally just
data manipulation it’s not an actual
reduction of covid19 according to their
own numbers it’s not a reduction in
actual fatality rate but what there was
an actual increase of was terrible
things across the board
what so what the study did was they took
a period of time and i don’t remember
what the period of time is right now um
and it was estimated that
over the course of this period of time
and i’m going to have to just make up
these numbers uh right 98 000
uh 98 210 people are gonna die
the amount of people that died were
ninety seven thousand
right ninety yeah something something
something like that so it was what was
estimated versus what actually happened
and it’s like wow
like you look at that it’s like okay
that’s roughly a thousand people but
when you go that’s point two percent of
the population
you shut down everything and now you
have thirty percent uh more drinking
going on twenty nine thirty one percent
more drinking going on twenty nine
increase in drug use which is going to
cause so many problems later on and a
lot of these people are gonna go in and
they’re gonna have issues uh
you know liver issues or overdose issues
and it’s gonna say were they vaccinated
no well we can’t treat them
do you know one of yes and now there’s
that as well and uh you know one of the
the strongest indicators for uh people
having mental health problems or people
having uh uh suicide issues one is
and two is being the child of someone
with addiction they created generational
with this in order to according to them
potentially save the lives of
hundreds maybe thousands of people or
and in and cause
ripple effects generation and we’re just
looking at alcoholism and drug abuse
that’s before you get into the into the
economic devastation they’ve caused the
supply chain devastation they’ve caused
which in this country is leading to
shortages and high prices in other
countries is leading to people starving
to death because their supply chain was
even more brittle and their their need
for access was even worse than ours was
but they definitely but they they might
have this thing that now has you know
continues to plummet they might have
been able to reduce it by as much as 0.2
during that time and if you consider the
fact that they want this data to look
good it’s probably lower than point two
percent and
point two percent is basically the
margin of error this is a rounding error
this is yeah we might have saved lives
astounding that they are still trying to
pretend that this had any net benefit
when every their own data when analyzed
by someone who knows how to just read
numbers shows that it’s the opposite
this was a huge net arm that was done
this was awful and legitimately all this
did hurt people economically socially
personally and it increased drug usage
increased uh alcohol addiction uh it
hurt people it kids i can’t even explain
the damage that has been done to
uh mentally
over the course of this
this is very important for learning how
people are the being able to see this
part of your face is very important to
learn how to interact with people when
you took that and you’re still trying to
take it from people in certain areas of
the country but you are trying to take
that ability
away from kids where they can learn and
adapt and kind of figure out how it is
that people react to situations you’re
taking it from them and they’re gonna
the the damage that is going to be done
from that alone
isn’t going to be seen for
10 15 20 years
child development
the younger a child is and the more you
reduce their ability to see people’s
faces and i’m not i’m not a child
development expert but i’ve read enough
uh studies and articles that have come
out over the last couple years
there is a major harm to child
development that again is going to be
hard to measure they’re going to have to
compare you know this four-year group of
kids to before and after and this is
like a forgotten generation they’re
a neglected generation of kids who are
already experiencing reductions in in
efficacy they were they were taken out
of class they were there are some
classes where they’re making the kids
wear masks on the zoom call to create an
environment of masking and it’s like
what are you doing to these kids like
well-adjusted adults have a hard time
with this stuff children have no
perspective to to compare it to
it’s just disgusting what they do but
but according to their own data that
they manipulated as much as they could
as much as 2 0.2
of people were prevented from dying of
covid that’s hundreds of people it’s
just disgusting and again
again anytime they try to point this out
remember this chart
and for those who are listening to this
this is a great time to go and check us
out on on youtube or on float or on
facebook or on one of the things where
we have video but if you if you google a
covid case fatality rate by country uh
there’s a website called our our world
and data and they have this this chart
and you can add all the different
countries and what we have seen across
the board was that during the time of
the lockdowns the fatality rates were
through the roof mostly because they
just didn’t have tests especially in the
u.s they didn’t have tests and because
they also had some pretty crappy ways
that they were dealing with people that
had severe covenant in the hospitals and
they’ve gotten better with it also covet
itself has gotten more mild and also uh
vaccination has uh
vaccination isn’t the reason for that
sudden drop off at the end but there
definitely is data that shows that
especially vulnerable people who were
likely to die when they get vaccinated
it reduces their chances of dying all of
these things have combined to bring down
uh but but by the way i just want to i
want to have a side note here i know
we’re talking way longer than we were
supposed to about this but the vaccine
came out
uh in the end of
end of of 2020. so if you’re looking at
this chart that’s right around
when it plateaued
and then the next time that you see a
big drop there’s kind of this steady uh
sideways down action on the on the
fatality rate uh case fatality rate for
covid the next big
drop that you see is the most recent one
during the omicron wave and that’s at a
point where uh we’ve kind of plateaued
at the amount of vaccination so i do
believe uh you know and there’s there’s
all sorts of studies of who’s in the
hospital who’s dying unvaccinated versus
vaccinated and so forth to demonstrate
that the vaccine
has reduced the
likelihood of getting severe illness or
death especially for those most
vulnerable to it but
in real world terms
it’s not because they will try to claim
as this fatality rate continues to drop
as covid becomes less and less severe
they will try to claim that it’s because
of the vaccines
look at their own data
that’s not what happened it certainly
had some contribution but that’s not why
it’s because the virus itself is
becoming more mild that’s why there’s
that sudden drop off with omicron it’s
because it’s uh as we’ve been saying for
a year now
viruses especially coronaviruses mutate
to become
severe and more transmissible over time
and that’s what’s happening
and look what they did to you and how
they destroyed your life in order to
to do this nonsense now
we’re gonna do the opposite of
destroying your life
we’re gonna do something that brings joy
to your life and
increases the covet fatality rate by as
much as point two percent um
the uh we that’s not going to do that uh
and that is the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling moment
it’s not gonna cause fatality rates to
go up um and uh
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the do we have calls
oh good
hold on yeah
it’s been so long
it’s making me log back into everything
because i’ve been
holy crap okay all right good so we got
a few i didn’t think about that when i
was doing these notes i would have cut
some stories
it’s actually not that bad i’m just
gonna play all of matt hicks’s
back-to-back and then this will actually
be pretty good okay uh here’s the first
one from the uh from the magpie
why does that happen wait wait wait wait
you know it’s muddy waters media
production when there’s a
audio issue
all right let’s try that again
hello matt and spike this is magpie
libertarian calling with a
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
colin moment
and i have a question about
transportation and resolutions
so i am sitting in a wonderfully airline
vacation extended vacation and trying to
get home
before i lose my alaska residency
am wondering what specifically i and
others can do
to get transportation in this country
back to
wondering too if i’m going to be
spending an extra week vacation
if my next three flights
any of them get cancelled
will i be in las vegas for a while
so looking forward to hearing your ideas
let’s get started
i hope you got home
gonna say hopefully you’re how long ago
was that
three weeks ago
okay yeah hopefully hopefully you’re
home now
so transportation’s a tricky one because
most of the transportation issues we’re
seeing right now
are really just labor issues
they don’t have enough people i travel a
lot and i’ve had a lot of cancelled
flights and i
i get insurance every time that i fly
because i often have to stay at a hotel
overnight you know get something to eat
and then
hopefully get out the next day uh
usually get out the next day i think
there was only one time where i had to
stay a whole extra day and uh
there’s nothing they can do about it
because they’re already working on you
the most you know skeleton crew that
they can assemble and still comply with
the law and frankly it’s not even comply
with the law it’s just be able to
function in a in a functional way and
uh they just can’t if something if a
weather inconvenience comes that causes
a patch of cancellations here it causes
this cascade effect because their their
entire labor situation is so brittle and
hanging on by a thread if there is any
kind of uh um
uh firings that are happening or enough
firings if there’s any kind of like um
uh uh
even even like a
issue with um a gas shortage at a
which is a supply chain issue at a
specific airport that throws everything
out of control um
something that wasn’t really an issue in
the past but was now with omicron just
the sheer number of people that got sick
not so sick that they ended up in the
hospital or dead but sick enough where
they couldn’t work
that was a this was the first surge
that was so big that it actually truly
affected the workforce you know in a
like substantial way where so many
people called in sick at the same time
and and and what this really comes down
to is
the u.s government has been
regulating a war against
working in the u.s
decades and it’s finally catching up to
us so
the problem with the transportation
system is the same problem with the
supply chain which is the same problem
with getting uh you know protective
equipment to hospitals which is the same
problem with the testing shortage it’s
the same problem with all this stuff
deregulate the economy so you can have
more providers more competition more
dynamic uh changes in production and and
standards and get government out of it
government created this mess
um what can i add to that
i don’t know um
all right let all right let’s just look
at me like okay go you know i’m like
i disagree
you son of a [ __ ]
we need
um all right next one is from alex boyer
hello hello alex from virginia calling
in on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney law anchor calling
and i want to
talk to you guys today about probably
biggest problem controversy
whatever facing america in the year 2022
and that is
right now there is a major league
baseball lockout there’s they’ve been
locked out since december 1st i believe
going on for a little over a month um
obviously this is a huge
huge problem probably
bigger than
anything this country has ever faced
since 1994.
and i was just wondering
what you guys think about it what do you
think should be done about it
thank you
this is definitely a matte question
spike what are your thoughts
uh here well actually here
because i have no i didn’t even know
there was a lockout um
but here’s what i will say i used to be
a huge baseball fan as a kid
and then the 1994 strike happened and i
players arguing old enough to remember
the 1994 strike
wow wow
do you wake up hurting
yes actually yes
i woke up hurting back then you have no
idea how old i am uh no i i
watched players argue with you know uni
and union leaders arguing with um
managers and i just i’m like there’s so
much money
i get that you’re arguing over who make
but like so much money is being thrown
there’s got to be a way to make this
work and sure enough they didn’t and
that really soured me so much that i
never got i was a huge baseball fan i
had all these baseball cards i knew all
the stats i was a you know i knew all
about the different what you could tell
me a year and i could tell you what
what team won the world series that year
and then when the 95 i was 12 when the
94 strike happened i was like
done and i’ve like almost lost all every
once in a while i remember like some
random thing or whatever but like i
stopped caring about it i stopped
watching it i would occasionally watch
the last game of the world series to see
who but i just i and
so many people will not watch baseball
again because of this that’s my thoughts
on it
yeah you’re right um you are right who
won the world series in 1986 um
it wasn’t the yankees um it was not the
was that the year that because i
remember like the the um
mets one in like 68 or 69
and then amazing again
was the mets
in 68 or 69
yeah yeah yeah okay okay yeah they made
but then i remember they did it again
shortly after that but i don’t think
that was 86
no that was 86 that was the year that
the ball went through bill buckner’s
legs in the ninth inning um
yeah um
yeah john morrissey bill buckner won it
for the months he did um
terrible day in red sox history
terrible terrible day
now i gotta look it up see this is the
stuff i would have known in the pa and
i’ve like vacated this information yeah
it was the mets uh the ball went through
buckner’s legs uh the score was tied in
the ninth inning all he had to do was
step on first base and it was the mets
okay okay yeah yeah so
yeah okay because that’s what i was
because i remember there was like a it
was like almost 20 years later and then
they won again so it wasn’t the mets
okay cool
um so i’m a baseball fan as anybody who
watches this show probably already knows
i’m a sports fan in general spike’s
definitely looking forward to the super
bowl this year
i imagine this is going to be a super
bowl spike watches
isn’t it like the bengals versus the
yeah but the halftime show
is snoop dogg eminem dr dre kendrick
lamar and mary j blige
it’s like it’s like a
a old millennial young gen x uh hip-hop
extravaganza yeah it is yes my favorite
team playing
because i’m a rams fan but um
yeah so i’m a sports fan and i love
baseball a huge red sox fan and uh
this lockout still i think he left that
message three weeks ago and this lockout
is still going on pitchers and catchers
are supposed to report to camp i believe
on valentine’s day i think february 14th
um it’s if it’s not 14th it’s the 15th
which means that uh if they don’t have
this settled soon spring training is
going to get pushed uh and that doesn’t
mean that they will push opening day
later it just means there will be less
spring training time right uh if this
continues going on uh that means that
opening day will get pushed and then
they’ll have to decide on extending the
season or shortening the season uh
making the season go later into the year
or cutting the number of games um
neither of which i am okay with
now from what i understand is they are
close on a deal there’s only like two to
three issues that are kind of holding it
up uh so i’m hoping that they can get it
uh kind of sorted out before next week
when it’s uh truck day and the teams put
all of their equipment on trucks to
drive them down here to florida where
spring training happens and
i can go to some spring training games
because they are cheaper to go to than
actual baseball games
um and you can also like interact with
the players a little bit which is nice
so i am uh hoping that they get it
sorted out but it’s
it is millionaires fighting with
billionaires that is what this is
yes i saw somebody in the comments ask
about minor league yes this does affect
minor league too because the owners have
to pay all the people all the way down
and that’s part of what this is about is
they’re saying that the minor leagues
aren’t getting paid enough which they
they are not getting paid enough um
they’re they’re getting paid like thirty
thousand forty thousand a year to play
which and a lot of the expenses is on
their own and they have to pay for a lot
of the travel on their own and they
don’t get like all the perks of being in
the big leagues
they are getting it to to play a game
and i would take 40 grand to play
baseball right now but uh i’m not good
i’m better i’m better than a
six-year-old i know that but i am not
better than a 20-something year old who
has been practicing
for so long
who was good at baseball yeah right fun
fun uh sports fact for you
since you stopped watching baseball
right when the expo’s folded
the last
the last how do i work this the last
person that the expos drafted
that was still playing baseball retired
this week
that was tom brady
wow that is a
wait tom brady the football player yeah
he was drafted as a catcher in like 1994
or something like that oh wow
and um he ended up turning it down to go
to college and then he became tom brady
there is a chance that he would have
become a washington national
and been their catcher
because the expos became the nationals
right yeah yeah yeah that’s uh that’s
quite a bit of
of uh but see that’s the kind of stuff i
would know like i i i knew like all this
obscure stuff and i was really really
into baseball and i don’t think they can
underest they can
overestimate how many people young
especially younger people who just are
like i’m not into it and then they go
and find other stuff that they’re into
and they never get back to it uh so
hopefully they get this lockout worked
out because that strike just
to this day i’m not i’m just really you
know there it is
steroids saved baseball
i know that they aren’t letting people
who took steroids into the hall of fame
and like i have mixed feelings on it um
but oh that wasn’t for steroids
the home run races and all that yeah
yeah with the mark maguire and sami sosa
and then barry bonds who was a contact
hitter for a while and then he was like
man mark maguire
and sammy sosa are getting all of this
amazing press and attention i want that
i’m gonna go do what they’re doing and
then everybody’s like well barry bonds
is a juicer um he is uh so is roger
clemens um but
but steroids saved baseball
saved it
you want to take that out take you you
can whitewash the hell out of that but
anybody who remembers steroids saved
well i mean michael phelps will tell you
right now he’s never swam in a in an
field like
doping is so
the fact that they still try to pretend
that doping isn’t
at least present if not prevalent in
every major sport
you’re fooling yourselves like i mean
it’s it
it’s just not
like i remember when sammy sosa went
from being this relatively skinny
infield player to suddenly being this
gigantic monster who was freaking
slamming balls at it i’m like what the
hell happened i that was so i remember
sami sosa earlier in his career and
they’re like yeah sami sosa is beating
the home run record but sammy sosa and i
was like the same like little i think he
was like a shortstop or something he uh
he was an outfielder but yeah like he
was he an outfielder i thought he was an
but he went from being this like little
skinny guy to this freaking gigantic
monster oh no that’s not steroids he’s
just been you know hitting the hitting
the gym hitting the gym
barry bonds did the same thing i
remember i watched barry bonds when he
was a minor league player uh when he was
coming up with the pirates
um and uh it was like him and uh
bobby benia and oh god what was that
other guy’s name the other b name
but they all played at
the prince william pirates
that’s who the minor league team
at the time i don’t know who it is now
but they were all playing there like we
had this massive influx of amazing star
power there and it was so much fun to go
to games
but they were all these tiny little
dudes and then
i always heard about barry bonds but
because you didn’t have mlb packages or
anything like that you couldn’t catch
whatever game and then when i saw him
again years later i was like
is that the same barry bonds that used
that was here
i’m built like that barry bonds right
guys built like me
isn’t the is is are the mets still
paying bobby bonilla like is that stolen
they might be they might i love that i
love that that guy got so much freaking
money um
all right cool so here are
we have two from let me play the first
one and we’ll see if it makes sense to
just play the second one too but uh two
from uh steve witt so here’s that
hey what’s up guy on left and spike
cohen this is steve witt calling in on
the chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment and i just wanted
to say that i am thankful that you guys
survived the
cove aids in the aftertimes
you guys have missed a lot of news over
the past two weeks or so so hopefully
this is a great episode and you cover
the majority of it and
thank you all for doing what you do
i’ll play the second one because this is
probably him being saying how
disappointed he is in us
hey guy on left and
jason lyon
you’re not
you guys are um trying to uh kill spike
there huh
oh no that was come on why are you
trying to kill your best friend like
all right jason
go ahead and try to rise up to the plate
i know you can do it
to be clear
that wasn’t when they tried to kill me
it was
the first day of this year
when they said oh here have some egg oh
oh don’t you found the egg here have
some gluten oh you have here sit in this
chair for two hours
and then that was when i got coping we
probably actually fit in your mouth like
yeah that was probably
that was that was inviting me to lick
all of your doorknobs was probably like
so i you did it like that’s not on me
you you said well
you know i mean i’m you know you were so
hospitable so i i but i think so just to
make it clear
to make it clear
we don’t know for certain that’s when
everyone got coveted
no we just know that everybody got said
two days later
but we don’t know
because the thing is like i mean
well there’s a good chance it was us
that brought it because we had done a
new big new year’s eve thing big new
year’s eve salsa thing we’re touching
random people and then before that
we went to a wedding and a party
and then
although i think that was too far back
so there i it there was a few
i may have tried to kill you
in exchange well i tried to kill why you
were trying we might have been trying to
kill each other
but i think jason so this is my theory
this is my theory
jason planned this
this is my theory jason playing this
because even though i love jason and
huge shout out to uh jason and kelsey
who had a big win we’re not going to go
into it but jason and kelsey has a huge
win this week and can’t be happier for
him but jason was trying to kill you off
so he could be in the wedding party
he knew how to get to you
it’s an alpha move i’ll give him that
it’s alpha
that is an alpha move
that’s an alpha move it’s a power move
is what it is
it is and it failed
but uh
but just basically take out if you’re
going gonna try to take out the king
jason you can’t miss
you gotta go you gotta go hard now i’m
just now i’m only hobbled
okay so this next one is from t marie
good evening everyone
this is
patricia marie calling
i am now a member of the covet club
thank you
muddy waters media for making me a
member of the team
um welcome back everybody i’m glad
everybody’s pulling through i’m uh
on day two of
pious of covered
it’s been an interesting month
nonetheless but
is by far the shittiest year on this
rock but anyways um
glad everybody’s okay
i’m not making a whole lot of sense
because covet sucks and code brain fog
is the absolute
yeah it’s not
now but she said go covid and again i’d
just like to be clear i’m anti-covet uh
we are very much
it’s it is not enough to be against
you must be actively
and negative
it’s not enough to just not like covet
you must be actively coveted negative
if you’re not
then you’re a racist
hard to argue this is that logic
yeah uh t marie sorry that uh we gave
you covid through the computer um
our our deepest condolences hope you
pulled i hope you pulled through yeah i
was gonna say i hope you’re okay
um you’re not in the comments which has
me worried um
sure she’s just busy
yes just to go mitchell uh you could
also be passively anti-covenant
which is when you
have a covid infection
and don’t like it
which was me
because i did not like that [ __ ] i did
not like you know what my favorite part
of code was
your favorite part of cobin my favorite
part of coven
um i don’t know
there was one day i slept for 15 hours
and oh gosh the sleep
yeah now
as someone who got and just to let
people know
when i say i got hit hard with kovid i
got pneumonia
i got
uh uh what’s it called pink eye uh uh
injunction by this conjunctivitis i got
like it hit me i was like
with covet um it was bad
um i’m still dealing with it i actually
was in doctor’s appointments all day i
have some mild lung damage and a lot of
inflammation and it’s going to take
a couple few weeks for me to get back to
100 i’m definitely a thousand i could
not have done this last week and i i
would have been sleeping the week before
so i mean i’m a thousand times better i
don’t have covet anymore no fever the
eyes are clear i’ve only had one
coughing spell during this whole thing
and it wasn’t even that bad like i’m
without but um all that to say i’m still
so i’m now in this really cool phase
where i don’t have like the bad covet
part but i’m still really [ __ ] tired
all the time so i sleep like and if
those who know me on social media i am a
biphasic sleeper so i usually sleep
about two to three maybe four hours this
time and then i’ll sleep maybe get a nap
in there somewhere between and then i’m
just doing [ __ ] all day long so that’s
why i’m always commenting on facebook
and on twitter and you would think that
i have a team doing all this and it’s
all just me i’ve now have this new type
of biphasic sleeping where i sleep for
eight to twelve hours this time
and then i do it again on on another
time of the day sometimes sleeping as
much as 17 to 18 hours a day and man you
know what’s really good
sleeping a lot
that’s good stuff
and to be fair
the conjunctivitis probably wasn’t from
we let jack lloyd fart right directly on
your face oh wow okay so that was just
the secondary that was yeah that was
secondary that wasn’t that bad oh okay
so that was from jack lloyd okay that
makes sense so that was uh that was the
philosopher and jack lloyd uh gave yes
yes no i uh i will uh
i i’m definitely enjoying the sleep
um coupled with the not gasping for air
when i wake up yeah
that’s bad those two those two things
are nice because then now i sleep and i
wake up and i’m like
wow how long did i sleep for and i look
at my phone and i’m like you can see the
timer i’m like that’s impressive and
then sometimes i fall back to sleep but
i don’t wake up like
and coughing um so it’s it’s good i
think i could have beat my i think i
could have beat like the record that i
had the 15 hours or whatever it was but
uh fenway our puppy um
he was not having it anymore he was just
tired of me he thought that i was being
lazy and he has these paws that are
tiny little fists
and he enjoys slapping you in the face
with him when he he thinks you need to
wake up
see i had the exact opposite problem i
we have this toy poodle which first of
all just that sentence is so weird
because i’m a pit bull guy like we have
pit bulls and rottweilers and like
great danes and big dogs we don’t right
now so anyway we got this toy poodle
and uh
and so
his thing was when i was recovering he
would sleep either on my lap or on my
chest or right next to me and he’s
basically like this tiny heating pad so
i would fall asleep
and if he was on me i definitely wasn’t
waking up um so
uh that’s
uh but he he
that certainly helped with my sleeping
are we gonna do all these matt hicks
i don’t care
let’s just play them all back to back
um let’s just play them all back to back
and then we’ll we’ll be through that
here we go
i’m gonna have to get it
hello there guy on left and spike
matt hicks calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law anchor calling moment
i’ve called for a while because i’ve
been really busy with school and work
and all of this
i’ve been working at the public
defender’s office uh for the last couple
of weeks and
we can argue about the legitimacy of
laws enforcing
penalties for victimless crimes all you
want i get it
but i have this advice for everyone
if you are currently on probation for a
dui which you got for driving the wrong
way on an interstate highway
you should make sure that you don’t get
another dui
hashtag laser legend
that is also called the uh adam freeman
wait but would adam’s advice be to do
or no no adam would definitely tell you
not to do exactly okay
yeah no that’s beautiful listen
so i you know
the person who did that is as a direct
result of the increase in alcohol
consumption during this troubling time
like this is a perfect example of the
kind of [ __ ] that happens you know so
that johns hopkins can reduce the
fatality rate uh by as much as point two
percent and now matt hicks is having to
help defend this poor schmuck who uh
just he doesn’t like driving sober it
doesn’t feel good
it just doesn’t feel right
i mean it is better i mean okay so as
someone who allegedly may have driven in
the past
on all sorts of intoxicants it’s fun
it’s fun
part of the fun
i still is that you don’t care if you
go ahead
i still stay i was a better drunk driver
than i am a sober driver
because you were so like conscious of
like i mean yeah i mean
my 1du i got one dui
where i blew double the limit and the
dude was like
uh if you didn’t reek of alcohol i would
assume that you were just speeding
but you reek of alcohol and well that’s
a compliment kind of yeah and you have a
handle of vodka sitting right next to
you that’s half empty
absent those things though
absent those things would have gotten
might have been nonetheless her
that’s a compliment
i on the other hand had absolutely no
business driving i once drove what i
could only describe as sideways where
like the road was going this way
and i was running perpendicular to it
so but it was fun but what was fun about
it is it’s almost like a dreamlike state
and you don’t really uh care if you die
because you’re not 100 sure it’s real
what’s happening
all that to say it’s a good thing that
i’ve been sober for 16 years now is what
i’m trying to say it’s a good thing i’ve
been sober for seven
it’s our sobriety is good for
mostly for traffic safety reasons
hannah lee says .08 is an arbitrary
number yes it is yes
it is an arbitrary number it means we’re
talking about putting it to 0.05 to
which i just said well this is no longer
trying to stop anything this is now
fundraising that’s right that’s
fundraising that is you drank yesterday
and it last night and then woke up in
the morning like that’s stupid we got it
the point five is point zero five is
dumb point
a a non-zero number
now we’re getting somewhere
especially when coupled with other
right so imagine
taking the breathalyzer test that’s
where that’s where the number that’s
where the action starts uh so imagine
for example being at a club in myrtle
beach and
blowing in the breathalyzer as kind of a
challenge this again was pretty coveted
and then saying all right i’m ready
uh because the number reached
challenge level it’s a good thing i’m
it’s a good thing i’m sober all right
here’s we’ll just play these for matt
well hello again guy on left and michael
cohen this is
matt hicks
calling again on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling momentum
um i want to weigh in on ukraine briefly
first of all i’d like to say that if
you’re not from the ukraine or from
russia this is all really academic and
none of our business
so we probably shouldn’t start a war
there um having said all that there’s a
lot of people talking about the root
causes of it
without really addressing the one root
cause of it and that’s the treaty of
perry oslob which was signed i think in
1654. i could be full of [ __ ] on that
but i think that’s the right date
it all comes down to whether or not that
was a treaty of equals or a treaty of
subordination between the ukraine and
hashtag laser legend
i thought he was talking about the
treaty where the um
where the ukraine agreed to give up its
nukes in exchange for
u.s protection which was to dump don’t
if you’re a
by any anyone watching this who is the
head of state or a major figure in a
country that has nuclear weapons do not
agree to that
both of those people
both of those
do not agree
because i don’t think we should honor it
because who would we be defending it
against russia
so it’s like okay to stop this
second-tier country in terms of its of
its you know it’s not a world power uh
this this i shouldn’t say second tier
this non-world power regional power
to get it to stop having nuclear weapons
for some reason we’re going to say give
us your weapons or we’re going to
destroy your weapons and in exchange if
you are to ever have a territorial
dispute uh with russia
we’re going to have a direct hot war
over it
how does that like it’s like saying hey
give me your gun
that you are using to try to keep that
uh you know gang
of uh terrorists next to you or i don’t
want to say gang of terrorists because i
don’t want to compare russian but this
this country the these neighbors you
have that you have a long sordid history
of disagreement with and they’re heavily
heavily armed it could blow up the whole
block give up your guns
to keep them at bay
and in exchange if anything ever pops
off we will come over with our gigantic
uh arsenal and trigger what could
potentially destroy the entire
that’s what that agreement is i don’t
know the thing that matt’s talking about
from 500 years ago but i’m sure that’s
i’m sorry
all right here’s the next one
hey guy on left and spike this is matt
hicks calling in again
on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney elijah calling moment tm uh
this is in regards to my first message
um about the whole dui thing
initially when i started working at this
public defender’s office i had to watch
uh oftentimes several hours of body cam
dash cam video
to see if there was something
exculpatory we could use
now what i’ve learned is that i’m
actually doing it
i need to see how bad it is
because drunk people never shut up
listen for all your listeners out there
please practice this
when you are talking to the cops stop
don’t do it if you get arrested shut up
i don’t care how drunk you are stop
talking just shut up shut up please
that’s all i got hashtag legit legend
that is a lawyer in training who is
clerking at a public defense if you’re
not gonna listen to me and matt listen
to him shut up just shu whatever you
think you are doing every at best you
will not give them evidence
you are doing nothing to help your case
no one has ever said anything to a
police officer except for i’m a police
officer to get them out of being
arrested okay or i’m a politician or
whatever like nothing you can say as a
non-police officer non-elected official
is going to get you out of anything all
it will do if it does anything will get
you into more [ __ ] so shut up
i lost track of the things okay i think
this is the next one
it’s trump boy maddix calling on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney yellow hiker calling moment tf
uh i left you some messages like last
week but you didn’t do your show i don’t
know if you’re gonna play them whatever
i’m not gonna go back over some old
um i just wanted to call and let you
guys know that i have a
a day in court tomorrow with my
with a with a local governmental entity
who uh decided that they don’t have to
listen to my foia request
so i’m gonna wreck their day
and to all of your listeners you too can
do just this wish me luck it’s gonna be
awesome i’ll give you a full report uh
next week i guess
love you guys hashtag laser legend
yeah he has been battling his school
district i believe that’s what this is
over he has been battling his uh school
board uh
and i mean they like were just straight
up buying cars
and giving them to p like i mean it’s
like the most corrupt thing in this
small town area and he has been taking
them on almost single-handedly they’ve
tried to get him arrested it’s always
failed he’s like everything they’ve done
has fallen apart because he’s playing
chess and they’re playing
you know i don’t know
pigeon checkers or whatever like they
have they don’t they’re they’re small
town corrupt officials who’ve never
actually had anyone challenge steal the
taxpayers money
yeah they just are just yeah they just
play steal and don’t even try to cover
it up and he’s just wrecking all their
[ __ ] all right here’s the last one for
well hello there again guy on left and
spike this is matt hicks calling in on
the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor calling
moment yeah a little bit of legal
information that i’m sure will infuriate
all of you
if you’re ever charged and on trial for
a crime before the trial happens and
discovery is going on
the prosecution is compelled
and obligated to give over whatever
evidence they have to the defense
yes but they get their evidence from the
the police are compelled to give
evidence to the prosecutors
the police are not
to do a thorough and accurate
they can completely ignore exculpatory
evidence and not investigate it at all
hashtag laser legend
they uh
the system incentivizes prosecution
if you want to be really upset uh
there’s something called it’s on netflix
called how to fix a drug scandal
and it shows two different examples
where uh drug the drug testers the
people that test the drugs to say
whether they’re the actual drug or not
one was uh pretending was just passing
them all through as positive uh because
she was trying to have this incredible
case rate and beat all of her all of her
uh colleagues the other one was using
the drugs
yes like kamala harris the other one was
using the drugs so one was in the boston
area the one that was in western mass
long story short uh the courts the the
uh under under martha coakley uh the
democrats that run massachusetts all
just say oh that only affected a couple
of cases when the reality is it affected
especially that lady out west who had
been using the drugs for 10 years
all of those cases well i don’t want to
tell you what ended up happening but
watch that
i don’t i don’t want to tell you how it
ends but it shows how they did they
straight up lied in court they did
everything they could to try to make it
sound like it was this isolated thing
that only affected a handful of cases
when the reality was it affected close
to i think 60 000 cases
and uh
so watch that and realize that’s
happening everywhere not just on drug
the the
and the prosecutors do everything they
can to push people through as guilty
which is why 90 something percent of
cases end in plea charges because they
go to people who can’t afford cash bail
they go to people who already have
priors they say we’re gonna destroy you
it doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or
not we’ve got all this evidence just
plea it down to this the sheer number of
people that are in prison and i’m not
even including the people that are in
there for victimless crimes that
shouldn’t even be illegal i’m talking
about people who are in there for rape
for murder for assault for all sorts of
you know other charges they didn’t do it
and they just get railroaded this we
don’t have a criminal justice system we
have a uh a free prison labor
loophole around the 13th amendment
system yep so
uh so we’re going to end on a high note
um and by high i mean geographically
above us
just north of us just above the is this
so uh matt
has anything been happening interesting
in canada i’m sure it hasn’t
no segue i’m sorry
nine times out of ten
i think okay so this show’s been on for
five years
and i think we’ve talked about canada
uh all of them since covenant too um oh
one of them
had to do
with their
prime minister prime minister blackface
yes we talked about that and then we
talked about code uh in fact there was
actually a a four or five month three or
four month period of time when i was in
and we still didn’t talk about canada we
didn’t talk about it
um yeah because i was like i don’t care
it’s coming yeah
so prime minister blackface
yes is currently in hiding
possibly in the us i don’t know um that
would be funny
that would be funny i read he was here
and then
when i went to try to find that article
again i could not find it
i read i’m
so prime minister blackface is in hiding
because a bunch of truckers have decided
to drive to ottawa
where on saturday the temperature was a
negative six degrees fahrenheit
or a negative 20 degrees celsius
for our friends
not using the fahrenheit system uh to
protest the vaccine mandates
i don’t know how many people have been
following this closely
because it’s very difficult uh
you’re getting one of two sides yes from
vastly opposite sides
uh if you are looking anything up about
so it’s very difficult to find
some middle of the road neutral kind of
coverage about this
the convoy began
because a bunch of truckers
that weren’t vaccinated didn’t want to
have to quarantine for the two weeks or
the 10 days or whatever they have it up
there in canada uh whenever they crossed
over to the united states
to deliver to deliver goods and then
when they came back they were having to
this is how this started they were like
we don’t want to do that because that is
our jobs and we drive over there
literally every day
yeah you will be taking our
livelihood away from us
it has now grown
thanks to
new political party i think it’s called
the maverick party which
that’s terrifying um
sarah palin and john mccain
the john mccain dan crenshaw party i
think is the working title for this
i mean they’re the same person um yes
both got elected because they failed at
war um
it’s that sweet spot
getting hurt
and not dying
but uh so it has since grown with push
from uh different political parties uh
to end all vaccine mandates nationwide
and what the supporters of what is known
as the freedom convoy see as government
overreach in the covid19 restrictions in
the code of regime that is sweeping
that has swept it has it has swiffered
most of western culture
got swiffered
it felt like a swiffering i actually
think that we got room bud really
actually it’s canada they they still
have curling up there and uh they use i
think they’re sweepers
so they’re they were sweeper
that’s funny yes
that was that was canada with their
moving the moving the uh the
or stone that is the coveted mortality
rate as much as .2 degrees in this
prime minister blackface
yes who some would argue
as a person
who has been caught in blackface
at least five separate times would be
part of a fringe minority group of
people who
who’ve been caught in blackface multiple
at the trucker convoy
a fringe minority group who hold
unacceptable views which apparently
being caught in blackface in public in
canada is not an unacceptable view if
you are the prime minister who at one
point in his life got beaten up by
chandler from friends um
wait what
yeah chandler from friends matthew perry
beat up
justin trudeau
is this like a this isn’t like a theory
or something this is confirmed no
matthew perry said that in an interview
he said oh yeah i beat him up once
it was like they were in like
private school together when they were
younger and they were kids and uh
they didn’t they thought his dad was a
douche because they didn’t realize fidel
castro um
but they ended up beating
beating up justin trudeau oh and trudeau
said he wants a rematch
well that’s not fair matthew perry has
such addiction issues now like that was
just insane that would be mean yeah
that i saw issues i saw clips from um
like the friends reunion or something i
think it was last year or the year
before and he’s like slurring and like
as someone who is cognizant of
neurological issues because i have ms i
he has neurological issues so i would
probably give the point to trudeau now
but good on him
for beating up i don’t know
he didn’t yeah you beat up trudeau um
so i mean think about it they hold
the truckers
not the people who wear blackface or got
beat up by matthew bear the truckers
they hold the unacceptable view
they have the audacity
the audacity to desire
that they don’t want to be taxed
for vaccine for being unvaccinated
yep they don’t want to have to pay a tax
because they didn’t get vaccinated they
that is an unacceptable view
in the eyes of prime minister blackface
how do you look at ralph northam from
virginia and think god he only did it
yeah i’m gonna beat that like ralph and
it was possibly as a part of performance
and we’ll never know because his wife
screwed that up for him but uh the uh
and we’ve talked about that a lot but
i mean trudeau was like just straight up
and not just blackface he would do
blackface and i guess you could call it
brownface where he would try to be like
an arab or an indian person in canada
which has a gigantic brown population
but even his brown flace
was blackface blackface
justin trudeau has one costume and it is
putting freaking
black paint on his face
and then sticking his tongue out and the
the wild thing about
about that is
it means you’re looking at indian and
arab and and you know east asian people
you’re looking at indians and
bangladeshis and and pakistanis and
arabs and so forth and persians iranians
and stuff and uh azerbaijanis like
people in that whole region and you’re
looking at them and going yeah black is
this shirt
like these are people some of them are
as light skin toned or close to it as
matt and and me and many more are you
know darker skin-toned but i mean you
you know indians you know bangladesh
this is not like this would be
offensively too much to uh represent
african americans right like this is too
much for african americans for at least
the vast majority of african-americans
this is way too like it’s it’s besides
being offensive in and of itself just
the idea that they’re this black is
would be
he was aladdin in one anyway yes he was
aladdin with the black
face this black because that’s what
aladdin looks
like so
he followed this up
he followed up that the they have
unacceptable views in their french
minority group with 90 of them
are vaccinated
so 90 of them are vaccinated and they’re
going out there because they don’t want
the vaccine mandates but they have these
views that are unacceptable in today’s
but 90
okay um no no literally these are people
that the the
probably vast majority of them
are vaccinated and they’re either
vaccinated because
they wanted to be vaccinated or because
they um or or it could be because they
like it could be because they had to be
vaccinated and they they wish they
hadn’t or whatever but these are not you
know these are all people that are
vaccinated and
uh or a good number of them are
vaccinated they have this unacceptable
view fringe minority that they are
you shouldn’t be forced to do that
um now even though 90 of the truckers
have been vaccinated
according to
regular regularly dark-skinned prime
that has not stopped people from calling
in the basic go-to insults of people of
less than discerning taste
um the
washington post and msnbc has called
them not yet has called them a cult
and compared them to nazis uh joe
co-host of msnbc’s show morning joe
uh was quoted as saying
now they have met the enemy and the
enemy their enemy is themselves because
they’ve become what they hated they’ve
become what they mocked and now they’re
taking food from soup kitchens because
they’re so put upon for being asked to
do what they’ve been asked to do
required to do their entire lives it’s a
what now that was
okay so that was in reference to
uh they were always making fun of
left-wingers who were anti-you know
vaccines before the government said you
have to take these things
now suddenly they’re good yeah
yeah the ones that stopped polio
not the ones that
make you less sick um
the ones that definitely don’t do what
they’ve claimed rachel maddow said or
joe biden but the but but the real but
against the polio one
against the polio ones they and they
were like oh look at those anti-vaxxers
and now they’re the anti-vaxxers and
they weren’t allowed in any store any
restaurants in ottawa
because of masks and vaccine passports
so they went to homeless
they went to the soup kitchens
and they were
getting fed there and people were like
you’re stealing food from homeless
proving that they’re a cult not the
people who are saying you’re not allowed
to go into a restaurant unless you do a
bunch of things that do nothing to stop
or slow the spread of covet
they’re the cult
and as confirmed cult leader jack casey
said in the comments as a cult leader i
can tell you the truckers ain’t a cult
the coveted cult is um
yes now
overrated editorial cartoonist michael
day adair tweeted this cartoon
and the same day that he tweeted this
cartoon uh the post published an op-ed
calling on canada to confront the toxic
freedom convoy head-on describing the
convoy as having an affinity with
trump’s toxic authoritarianist politics
now for anybody who doesn’t know yeah i
know we’ll get there michael day adair
i’m not sure if i’m saying his name
right i also don’t care but michael daya
there was fired
from a canadian
a few years ago
when he
drew the cartoon that all of us have
seen so i didn’t even pull it because
all of us have seen it
of trump looking over two drowned
in the pond and he said can i play
from that picture
and blaming trump for the two people who
drowned in the
in italy
oh oh oh
no because they’re well hold on i
because there were two different things
there were the ones that drowned in in
the rio grande but then there were a
bunch that drowned like off the shore of
i think it was the rio grande okay i
think that would at least i think it was
a father and son
brand and the picture went viral and
then he drew a cartoon about it
uh where he was playing golf and he said
can i play through and um he got fired
from a canadian newspaper so the
washington post quickly snatched him up
and said yes that is the kind of
thinking that we need here or else
democracy will die in darkness um
so let’s go after the freedom convoy um
that is who michael david there is uh
but the post did publish the article
saying confront the toxic freedom convoy
head-on and
described it as having an affinity with
trump as toxic authoritarianist politics
you know not like
forcing people to take medicine that
they don’t want to when they aren’t sick
or telling them that they can’t eat or
go outside or
see their loved ones or the authority
the authoritarian
no go ahead i’m sorry no i mean you’re i
was kind of trailing
the authoritarian policy of i think
people should be able to make their own
choice and see this is the this is how
they’re twisting wording it’s fascism
as to be aggressed by michael j to be
against actual corporatist fascism the
merging of big government with big state
for example telling someone you aren’t
allowed to work and provide for yourself
unless you are unless you take this
product by a big pharmaceutical company
that has zero liability uh against any
damages that it caused and uh has well
100 subsidization from you the taxpayer
that is that is
and and you got to be careful saying
this because then people are oh you’re
throwing this is the holocaust no i’m
not saying it’s the holocaust no i’m not
saying it’s hitler i’m saying it is
literal textbook fascism
like this is how fascism works and if
you go well you know our country does
that a lot yes
we live in a fascist system
and say that routinely and people on the
left say that routinely
outside of the you know the the the most
mainstream of political thought the vast
majority of us believe that we are in a
quasi-fascist or fascist adjacent system
but not with this and if you’re against
it you’re a fascist it’s just absolute
nonsense now just to put in perspective
go ahead
uh ju
just to explain the insanity of
i hate to lump in everybody in the left
but it’s the insanity of the left they
were talking about stephen breyer um and
his resignation
and they said thank god that stephen
breyer is resigning uh hopefully whoever
comes in after him uh can fix his his
darkest mistakes
and started talking about his fascist
mistakes now i will say
i don’t agree with these rulings uh but
they were about uh cops being able to
take dna
and i agree cops should not be allowed
to do that stephen briar did not and
that was part of the deciding factor um
i think he was the deciding vote in that
um and so i agree that was a mistake but
he’s also the guy who said yeah if you
work if you have a job in america
you have to take this shot
but they were okay with that
not the other thing
i’m not okay with either
fascism bad
and like all fascism bad it’s
my most recent i i’ve gotten a huge
influx of right-wing followers on my
twitter and facebook because i’ve been
outspoken against this coveted regime
stuff and so i’ve been hitting them hard
with uh hey guys uh you know who
enforces all this
these criminals and i put up pictures of
the police and i’m like
why are you backing them and so i’m
getting a lot of the you know the
standard well if you were you know raped
or robbed you’d call them and then
they’d come an hour later and probably
not do anything unless they think it’s
drug-related and uh
judge you for something yeah charge you
for something um and so you know like i
i’ve been hitting him with it but there
is a special
a special kind of hypocrisy that is in
the progressive left and i will say the
progressive left because a lot of people
on the far left are against this stuff
as well um
but the progressive
more mainstreamish and maybe even just
outside of mainstream left are just
behind this thing and the reason they’re
behind it is because they’ve been
conditioned by their favorite media and
government people and and in their
social networks to support it and uh and
again and i’m not saying supporting the
vaccine or supporting you know choosing
to uh isolate or to wear masks
not seeing the effectiveness of the
measures themselves but to forcing
people to it
and not expecting that to result in the
enforcement mechanism that they are
uniformly against and that’s why i ask
these folks i’m like you agree that
overdoses on heroin are bad right and
that we should try to stop people from
overdosing on heroin but then you also
recognize the war on drugs tries to
accomplish that in the shittiest way
but you can totally trust them to deal
with covid
anyway so uh a little bit of a uh
it is as as uh matt said it is
impossible to get a good read on how big
these crowds are how widespread the
support is because you’re either getting
it from people who are like this is the
best thing ever this is the canadian
revolution you know uh uh you know and
and and also trump won in 2020. like it
it there’s that and then there’s the
there’s this
[ __ ] like there’s and there’s no in
there’s not good original reporting
there’s just a lot of but so what you
have to try to do is take the original
reporting that’s coming out and try to
have some nuance and perspective to it
so when it comes to the how many people
are in
in these actual freedom convoys there’s
a video and i’m going to show it right
now that has stood out to me um this is
a clip
this is a clip
what’s that
i saw you post this earlier i meant to
pull it yeah
yeah yeah so this is a clip this is just
one group that came out from
saskatchewan on their way to ottawa for
the for the the pro the freedom convoy
and this is sped up it’s like i guess
it’s about drone footage and it’s sped
up this is just one
and i’m gonna pause it briefly
look at how far back that goes
this is
just one group
in this video alone are hundreds of
i mean again look at the top left corner
that’s all
not the top left corner of them going
left to right
just past that that’s all truck like
there is
i think that we can put to bed
any notion
uh and again if you’re listening to this
you’ll definitely want to catch this
part of the video um
i think that anyone who is trying to
for example uh justin trudeau that this
is a fringe minority
it it’s
i mean they’re literally i don’t mean to
get this far in the video it goes yeah
it goes and again
it’s two separate sides and it’s at this
point in the video that you can see it
goes way way way way back
you know from from the that that stretch
of road
and another thing that you’ll notice
look at all the different flags
so there’s the canadian flag but then
there’s all these other national flags
as well
one thing to know about canadians
more so than i think any other i you
know we we
part of the year well before all of this
uh part of the year lived in toronto
which is a very very
diverse place i’m like one of the few
white people that live in our
neighborhood and
they are very hyphenated
if they if you’re a canadian who came
from the ukraine you’re a ukrainian
canadian you’ve got your ukrainian flags
i mean i’d like to joke when i’m up
there during worlds
world cup time i see every flag in every
car except for canada and i even see him
i see more american flags and i see
canadian flags because everyone’s
rooting for their home country
this is a far more diverse group than
they want you to believe this is a far
more large group than they want you to
believe and they literally are just
saying we and and it’s also a far more
vaccinated group than they want you to
believe most of those people are
probably vaccinated some like 90 of
canadian truckers are vaccinated yeah
and canada is not a gigantic country
it’s not like they have millions and
millions of truckers the fact that this
large of a group most of those people
are vaccinated they’re just saying you
should have a choice not just them you
should have a choice so
you know
all of this nonsense is just it there it
is and to call them fascists and
everything else you know do i think that
they’re the revolution of canada and
that everything they say is great and
perfect no but they’re right on this and
the canadian government and and uh and
and and frankly the north american
governments and uh corporate media elite
they are they are 1984 in you right now
they are doing everything they can to
present this as the exact opposite
everything they say these people are is
what they are they are the cult they are
the fascists not not these truckers
like obviously whenever you see a story
like this you’re
especially from mainstream media you are
going to see anything that goes against
their donors pfizer their sponsors
pfizer yeah um anything that goes
against uh pfizer uh you’re you’re gonna
see people trying to spin it negatively
the new york times when they wrote about
this what they said was there was at
least one flag with swastikas
did you see how many people were there
just in that video this special how many
trucks there were
they said there was
at least one flag which means they had
one confirmed and nothing else um
odds are that was just somebody trying
to make the news and give the
riots a bad name odds are right just
going out on a limb the lincoln project
showed up and did something
one flag
that’s a bad actor
one flag
one flag uh but yes there are going to
be there are going to be people at these
uh protests and those are the people
that the media is going to be looking
for that’s who they are going to be
picking out and being like hey come here
we need to interview you just so we can
get your crazy ass ideas here on tape
and say this is what they’re for
don’t take anything that mainstream
media is telling you about this to heart
you are going to be getting spent on
either side of this thing
all that you need to know
is this started because they didn’t want
to have to quarantine after coming in
from america and it grew into you know
what there shouldn’t be any mandates
whatsoever and to that i agree
there shouldn’t be any mandates
whatsoever and the fact that justin
is potentially hiding here in america uh
because he’s too afraid to talk to him
and has said i’m not going to talk to
he has said i’m not going to talk to him
he probably said it in french um but he
said i’m not going to talk to them i
don’t know how to do french so i don’t i
can’t even
oh no messy penny please don’t beat me
up again uh
uh the fact that justin trudeau said i’m
not going to talk to them is really all
you really need to know the fact that
the leader of the country is unwilling
to talk to that large of a block of
people who are his constituents shows
you everything you need to know it’s his
way or the highway and he is now saying
no to the people who run the highway
they’ve literally it’s it’s my way or
the highway okay guess it’s gonna be the
highway then
and we’re gonna completely take it over
if you wanted to piss off a large group
a relatively large subset of people in a
country like canada which is large
geographically sparsely populated but
sparsely populated in large
groupings geographically or
population-wise so like the gta the
greater toronto area is comparable to
like the boston area or the the la area
for population density and then there’s
just large amounts of nothing and then
you get to like the ottawa area the
quebec area and i mean there’s people
outside of those media or the the
montreal area and there are people
outside of those immediate areas but
of the canadian population live in these
large in in um
uh uh vancouver in um
uh what is it in alberta calgary like
they live in these large population
you nee ever i mean america needs
incredibly for supply chain issues
canada’s dependency on truckers is on a
completely different level that that
doesn’t exist outside of most other
countries like if you wanted to piss off
a group of people
this would be how you do it and if
anyone thinks this is some last hurrah
they’re just getting started they’ve
received millions of dollars in uh
donations from gofundme they’re getting
support internationally from people who
see this as a potential bulwark against
the covet regime in canada one of the
few countries uh canada the u.s and i
guess to a lesser extent new zealand or
i guess to more of an extent
really the only countries left that
aren’t recognizing that pandemi whose
governments are aren’t recognizing that
covid is endemic and it’s time to give
up on all these mandates and pretty much
every other country is going into that
phase and this could be that bulwark
that forces trudeau’s hand but he’s
gonna pull his limp risk garbage all the
way to the end and this group is just
gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger
and uh and more and more mainstream and
he’s gonna probably just hang out in uh
in the new york area for indefinitely so
and right now there is a u.s
facsimile of this happening
let me pull that up oh just so everybody
knows this is ottawa right now
uh if you see all the red dots on there
those are roads that are closed
it shows you kind of where the traffic
is i didn’t have it pulled up because i
didn’t think about it before the show
if you were taking an uber
in ottawa right now it’s gonna cost you
a couple extra loonies and toonies um
it’s probably peak pricing but yeah
there are truckers organizing a convoy
to from california to washington and
right now over 700 000 trucks are
allegedly going to be joining them
if we have our equivalent of a freedom
convoy in the u.s
i mean we have a lot of truckers
and by the way you will feel that in the
supply chain if a bunch of these
truckers go and decide to do this
instead of what they would usually be
doing which is bringing you all the
stuff you need to survive
like this is a
you gotta stop ignoring it as scientific
libertarian 2.0 says buy groceries now
this is like like their stock buy
groceries they’re going up um the this
all the stuff they said about um
the uh essential workers during
the the the height of you know coveted
hysteria in the you know march april of
2020. every bit of it was true you know
without our truckers without our retail
were you know our our grocery workers
without our healthcare workers our
country would grind to a halt now that
was all fear-mongering that they were
doing it what they didn’t actually
believe in they’re demonstrating it by
trying to get them all fired now um but
they it’s true
and now they’re pissing them off
that’s not smart
but i’ll tell you what is smart folks
and that’s that we’ve restarted this
because we did a not smart thing and got
really really sick for an entire month
and uh and so but we are back and we are
so glad that you have joined us
and we hope
excuse me we hope that um we continue to
get better uh but we hope that you uh
join us uh rejoin us now that we’re back
uh and uh and get to hang out with us
and and see all the great things we have
in store uh we are just getting started
and by that mean i mean we literally are
only getting started this year uh
because this is our first show for the
year well that’s not true uh matt and
jason this is my first show for the year
which is why it’s return of the judai um
but uh we’ve got some great stuff in
store for you we love you we’re so glad
that you’re uh still here and uh we are
going to be doing some fantastic stuff
this year um all sorts of things so stay
tuned for that and uh
uh with that said uh tomorrow will be
the first episode of 2022 of my fellow
americans uh with uh and my guest will
be uh anthony samaroff you know him matt
from uh yeah uh who is um
oh man what is a little irish [ __ ] the
drunk little scotsman uh who is
currently camping out say see scott he’s
scotch uh or he’s scott or however you
say that um he’s currently in mexico uh
because he can’t get back into the u.s
he won’t let him back in
because they have a they have an active
and active policy he’s having an
allowing time in mexico drunk little
scots into the country um no he is he’s
in um
i want to say cabo san lucas like no
it’s a it’s a tremendous problem to him
that he’s not in the us right now i can
assure you um but we’re going to be
talking about his book uh universal
basic income for and against where he
the full disclosure very much against uh
universal basic income he wrote a
weighing the pros and cons in what i
would call a pretty objective way
i mean honestly
for someone who has a strong opinion
about it he did it in a bout of
objective like really
weighed you know the the arguments in
good faith on both sides and allows the
reader to come to their conclusion as to
whether uh
uvi is a good thing so we’re going to be
talking about that i’m sure we’re going
to be talking about his exploits in
mexico because we’re both against ubi so
that conversation will take 12 seconds
um and uh so that will be my guest uh
and then
on uh thursday is the writer’s block
the issue with the writer’s block is
we kept pushing
the muddied zoom
to the next week oh yeah yeah yeah
as of right now i do not have a guest
for the writer’s block
can’t have a muddied zoom next week
which would be the day that we’re
usually supposed to have it because i
have a guest in studio
so we can either do the muddy zoom this
week and give the people what they want
um or
we can do it on the third and i can try
to find a guest by thursday
so unfortunately i can’t do the third
because i’m going to be doing a
uh podcast that would go into the time
for muddy zoom so i can’t do the third
so we’ll probably have to do it the
following thursday
okay so the third thursday
the third thursday the 17th third
thursday okay
um cool you’re not going to believe who
who matt wright’s guest is on thursday
tune in to find out we’re all going to
be surprised together when we find out
who matt’s guest is uh and then um yeah
we’re we’ve got all sorts of exciting
stuff coming up and uh including a the
money tomb on the third thursday of uh
of this month and um
uh so we we are so happy to have you
with us we’re so happy to continue to
grow this thing and to continue to
become uh to recover from this terrible
illness that we all got afflicted with
so matt
if someone were to try to find
muddy waters media on the internet is
that even possible and if somehow
it is possible
if you
are one of those old school listeners
who don’t enjoy looking
at these gorgeous men
who age
like fine wine but not as well as
nicholas vesser visor
all you would have to do
is head on over to anchor
i’m so out of practice
anchor dot fm anchor oh wow okay i can’t
i know
it’s it’s it’s difficult it’s difficult
hi why i think no whispering hurts hey
anchor dot fm
slash this is painful
yeah but
that’s why i didn’t do it on the show
with jason
while you’re there you can leave us
messages that we will play
air on tuesday nights
or you can
if you are so inclined
yes you can subscribe
as should you be one of the wonderful
people whom we love just a little bit
that subscribe you’ll get
10 off in the muddy water store
you still get i think you still get
a discounted stitches and glitches
or to buy the power
and some other stuff including access to
the muddy zoom except in january of 2022
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
holy crap
well that’s a symptom of of covid
recovery is you can’t
yeah you can’t whisper like you used to
whisper mine came back not long ago
i tried to do it with jason copeland
this is coveness
listen don’t go i i super fan sarah
anderegg’s in the in the dm in the
comments that i somehow sleep next to
that listen this man
is incredible
okay as someone who has slept next to
this man once
with a pillow
with a pillow oh that’s right two nights
yeah twice
in a row twice in a row i did it and
then i did it again
but with there was a a pillow border
between us
we had a
a berlin wall of pillows
going through the
separating the east and west corridors
of that bed
yes with no uh with no david hasselhoff
trying to take it down
no no david but we’re trying to
entertain somebody over it
yeah yeah and so
you know don’t complain uh uh mtow6 says
when are you coming to arizona well i
was supposed to be there three weeks ago
or two weeks ago uh but we’re gonna be
scheduling something uh for arizona and
for iowa and for florida keys the three
things i missed
okay so when i first got covid my
immediate thought was
this probably means i’m not going to be
able to go to the keys
and so i held out hoping i’d get such a
mild case of covet that like seven days
later i could go to the keys and like
test negative and i wasn’t going to go
if i was still positive or whatever test
and then
and then that’s not not only did i miss
the keys but then i missed the arizona
libertarian convention and then i missed
the frickin
uh uh iowa convention
and so now i’m we’re gonna be
rescheduling all that i’ll be going back
to all those places um i don’t i don’t
yes i told you you told the jew not to
about one thing
one thing i tell you not to complain
and this is how you treat me
so folks again thanks so much for for
being a part of this we love you and uh
we will see you tomorrow we will see you
thursday we will see you on the muddy
zoom uh we will see you on our shows
that are returning because uh we now are
no longer dying of covid and uh so we’ve
all survived joe biden’s winter of of
death and severe illness that he
promises promises made promises kept but
we have definitely uh we’ve definitely
survived it uh and so thank you guys
again we love you and we’re we’re
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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