Episode 227 – Filibuster? I hardly know her…

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

The Supreme Court deals Biden a blow as low his approval ratings, while Rand and Fauci spar again giving us the greatest memeable moment in recent political memory. Schumer, doing everything he can to not get primaried, sets his sights on multiple votes he won’t get passed, and then will look who to blame.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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is this mic on i guess anyway we missed
this time
we missed this time
and the state legislative bodies
continue to change the law not as the
who can vote
who gets to count the vote cop countable
who counts the vote count the vote
countable you know the thing countable
but i’m tired of being quiet verbally
this is a fact it’s no longer about who
gets to vote it’s about making it harder
to vote it’s about who gets to count the
i said america’s back
simple as that the facts won’t matter
your vote won’t matter you can feed it
former president used the big lie about
the 2020 election to fuel torrent he
didn’t say count the votes he said fine
votes but this matters to all of us i’m
tired of being quiet count the vote
count countable
history has never been kind to those
subsided with voter suppression and
election subversion but folks hear me
plainly their endgame is about making it
harder to vote
it’s about who gets to count the vote
what in the hell are we talking about
let me think about it that’s not america
think about that that’s what it looks
like when they suppress the right to
vote stand for democracy yes or no i’m
tired of being quiet comfortable
top countable
count the vote
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
man it’s been so it’s been so long
it’s been yeah it’s been since last year
for jason i’m a commie and we’re going
to talk about that a lot later
lion i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
i’m not going to say
that spike cohen was at my house and i
fed him gluten accidentally uh and no
audio for jason
give me give me a second
give me one second
say something now
all right hang on one second everybody
you’re going to see black screen
say something now jason
nope they can’t and i know why
they can’t and i know why
there you go
that one
say something now
it’s it’s not that one
it’s not that one
what about now
no not that one
there it is
is that what it is yeah that’s it that’s
it hey
yeah okay okay
yes are we good
all right so do i go back to blaming you
again or did we just move on like that
never happened
i may
have give accidentally given spike cohen
while he was at my house which spike
cohen can’t have gluten for anybody who
doesn’t know
uh that
and then
everybody who was at my house that day
got covered
so you’re spreading the copics and the
glutens everywhere everyone you love
matt wright the super spreader of 2022.
it’s true
it’s true and now why why is my
okay we’re gonna hopefully this works uh
we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find
out together everybody
okay we shouldn’t have any more freezing
problems we shouldn’t have any uh more
audio problems
um hopefully everything continues to
work the way that it’s supposed to even
though it keeps going into the red for
me i was not supposed to do this show
everybody uh
were under the impression
that spike cohen was going to be here
tonight and he called me this afternoon
he said
i can’t do it
i can’t talk
and i went okay well i’ll see if jason
wants to do it and then i had a series
of mishaps all evening so i was setting
all of this up for the first time on
this computer
literally right before we went live um
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and uh thank you lipton iced tea for
giving me something to drink as well yes
i don’t know why my internet is being so
dodgy um this is awesome
all right so
let’s pay some bills for the first time
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frozen again
good to know
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uh that’s gonna go good during the show
that’s gonna go so good during a show
but i know exactly what happens if i do
that um
but uh so
so jason it has been since
at some time in december the last time
that we did a show here that this is the
very first muddied waters of freedom of
the new year
which beats last year’s record of the
13th by five whole days um
so how how was your christmas break
people who know me know that i move down
south because i hate
all things cold and wintry so we decided
to to bring in the new year in
connecticut because
by golly that’s where the cold is and so
that’s where i had to be uh it was a
good time um other than the fact that i
was being lambasted for killing betty
white um
which may be justifiable but i think
that this is
the maybe justifiable it’s justifiable
um but because of that because you guys
have torn me apart i do have a quick
joke for everybody um
what’s the difference between
betty white and paul walker
paul walker made it to 100 before he
but after that uh you know bob saget
went away
dan berman who was a guest on my show uh
he has to blame for that so
we have me killing betty white dan
berman killing bob saget and then we
have matt wright trying to kill spike
cohen i mean
the muddy waters team if you just give
us a person
chances are
we either know somebody or we’ll take it
out ourselves um
but other than that it’s been a
fantastic year
all of that
and uh
some good news for the family and
everything else so
we’re going to see muddy waters grow in
an incredible way
and we promise that the shows will
run more
2022 was supposed to be the year with
less uh
technical hiccups but apparently we’re
starting we’re starting off strong
yeah we uh
sarah and i did not exchange gifts this
which was great for me because i spent
money on a ring and now i have to pay
for a wedding
and what a beautiful day you guys have
selected for that i know yes that
october 21st is a beautiful beautiful
and we chose that day
we chose that day because it is the day
that the
that our lord and savior
jason lyon
was brought
the commie was brought into this world
and uh
we could not think of a better day
in order to
if anyone missed that that episode
go back and watch the episode with with
matt coming on my show he’s like hey you
got to save the date of october 21st and
i was like why am i saving the date for
my birthday like what’s going on with my
birthday he’s like i’m getting married i
was like
i can remember that day
you are going to be the only marriage
that i’m going to remember like my own
marriage probably not going to remember
it every year
blame me for it that’s fine but yours
guaranteed remember
matt zero
i will always remember your birthday i
don’t know spike’s birthday i got a
roundabout estimate of when it is but i
don’t know
but yeah so uh we had we had a good
break uh and
you know then we got covered and then
our break got longer uh so
you know we are all back
we are back we are we are all feeling
and the
so i want to say this about covid before
we get into talking more about covet um
we have said on this show
for quite some time
that kovit doesn’t sound too bad and
that the omicron variant
sounds like it’s basically a cold
it is not
it is not
it is much worse than a cold
yes but it is
not as bad as the flu
i can yeah i could definitely see that
yeah and so what you’re saying is we
should shut down economies over it
no the only economy that should have
been shut down was me for those three
days that i was really out
so uh
we will no longer be comparing kovit to
the flu on this show or to the to the
cold on the show uh and instead we will
say it’s work it’s not as bad as the flu
i like it that’s the cold on steroids
yes it’s the berry bonds of colds
it’s the mark maguire of colds
so that brings us god i hope i have it
in here yes i do to the
mud water mushroom coffee replacement
cacao rapid fire segment uh are you
tired of coffee like i am not are you
sick of all of the caffeine like i am
not in fact i thrive on it and need it
uh well if so have i got great news for
you can wake up in the morning instead
of having a piping hot cup of delicious
bean juice
from the
originally from the arab region of
the middle east sure
you can have
mud water which is a coffee alternative
with masala chai cacao
mushrooms turmeric sea salt cinnamon and
that is it
uh it tastes exactly like you think
those things are gonna taste and uh if
it has one one-seventh of the caffeine
so not only does it not taste good at
all but you’re gonna be
sitting there
like this
most of the day
you just have to drink seven times of it
you break you have to drink you have to
drink seven times more mud water than
you do with coffee um
people who love it
if you have to drink seven seven doses
of that we could potentially compare
that to the cold yes
trust me at honey if you want to make
the switch today head on over to muddy
waters of freedom.com
i like how janky it looks where it says
mudville south carolina under your name
because i was just like i don’t even
have time to figure this out right now
we need to get like a
a watermark of muddy waters logo with
the tm and just put that over all of our
that would just go over this entire show
this week
i have to think like this week the
supreme court
the supreme court coveted
speaking of covenants
the supreme court has blocked biden’s
coven vaccine mandate for businesses
it is six to three ruling with uh
stephen breyer sonia a hundred thousand
children in serious condition and many
on ventilators sotomayor
and elena kagan
uh dissenting biden’s vaccine mandate
for businesses with a hundred employees
or more has been blocked which is
fantastic news
fantastic um
obviously we have been saying from the
beginning here on this show
and on every show here at muddy waters
um that this
that this mandate is exceptionally
just because you have a job doesn’t mean
that the government should be able to
tell you you have to take a medical
procedure um
if you have a job
if you have
if you have a job and happen to be an
obese person uh
the government should be able to tell
you that you have to eat healthy this is
gonna be a lot harder than i thought it
was going to be
uh you spread the cover to me
next week
you all right i’m good i’m good
we we are fine here um
it was also interesting on that because
they they set an arbitrary number of a
hundred employees so if you had 99
employees you’re fine if you had 100
employees just fire one kill one off and
you’ll be fine but of course this if
they would have wanted 100 there to move
it back and eventually they would have
gone down to where if you’re employed
you have to do this and
clearly if you want to live a life
everybody if you want to feed yourself
go get
what we say you have to right
so luckily that was blocked now
i’m not gonna say that i called this a
hundred percent accurately but i did
um in a 5-4 ruling with roberts and
joining the liberal justices
the court voted to allow
biden administration’s vaccine rules for
health care workers who are employed at
healthcare facilities that receive
taxpayer money
this shouldn’t have been a shock for any
of us and of course you guys have called
this and and but kavanaugh has always
been really terrible when it comes to
constitutionality and health care right
he was the
when he was in the lower courts it was
his opinion that uh supported
uh the
obamacare the affordable care act by
saying hey it’s not a fine or it’s not a
tax it’s a fine or you know it’s a it’s
a tax not a fine and so that’s what what
uh chief justice roberts used to justify
to allow the affordable care act to go
through so when kavanaugh has this
opinion of the lower courts and now he’s
at the supreme court we would expect
that he still has this demented point of
view when it comes to health care and
the country and the supreme court’s
authority on this
and you’ve seen this so many times
back in the 80s
before it was 21 to drink anywhere
well it was 21 to drink some places but
before it was 21 to drink everywhere
the way that they got states to do this
was they started with holding government
money from them for highways and they
said if you don’t change your
drinking age to 21
it’s fine you don’t have to but we will
no longer give you federal money for
your highway so eventually every state
broke down and did it with louisiana i
believe being the last holdout
um and they eventually did too but if
you go to new orleans on any given day
you see that they don’t care
and then
trump was in office they started
states were saying okay we’re going to
become sanctuary cities for uh
undocumented people for immigrants that
are here and
trump said okay that’s fine you can do
that but you won’t get any federal money
and some people broke down and other
people didn’t break down this goes to
show you when you as a city or as a
state or as a health care facility begin
taking government money they are going
to be able to start to tell you how to
live your life or else you are going to
lose the money
or in other words
if you use the government’s toys which
is our money
they will tell you how to play with it
yeah and and
talking about future legislation that
become maybe coming through right you
talked about the the sanctuary for uh
immigrants um you know illegal
immigrants or whatever term people want
to use these days
people are talking about this for
firearms for talking about this for
just sanctuary states for or
municipalities for all these different
things and that’s always the question
that halts that progression is we’re
going to lose federal funding everybody
knows that this is the playbook on the
inside on politics
because this is how stupid our
governments run they’re they are money
hungry beings and that’s all that they
want to do is they want to follow the
money we can get money by doing this so
they want their paychecks they want to
live off of us
through every means possible and so you
guys have to be holding to how the
federal government wants to run
speaking of things that are abysmal like
the way the federal government is run
joe biden’s poll numbers
i don’t have you look these up
i have i i
looked them up last week and it blew my
because i’ve been long
we’ve all seen the room we’ll we’ll get
into the numbers first and we’ll talk
about it right
so according to a new quinnipiac poll
uh americans give president biden a
33 to 53
job approval rating
that is
yup 40
you’re doing terrible
40 you’re kind of doing average at this
i feel like i feel like it was more like
43 45 percent would be average and then
you you get down there to the 40 and
it’s like all right you’re kind of
screwing things up
drop it seven points from there even
people in your own party are like what
the [ __ ] is this guy doing yes
uh did not offer an opinion on what they
joe of joe biden’s opinion or of joe
biden’s uh
job approval how he’s doing at his job
whoo this show is going to be so off the
rails uh so good
glad glad i feel like those 13
are just like they were voters for
buying and they’re like plugging their
ears they’re just going la la la la la
la la la la i don’t know what he’s doing
i don’t want to follow politics anymore
we got trump out we’re good to go it’s
probably a small faction but not not the
majority now this is of all voters
or sorry no it’s not this is of all
americans among registered voters biden
he’s doing slightly better he’s he’s got
a 35
job approval rate uh rating with 11
that two-point jump now
with 11 not offering an opinion now
where it gets interesting is if you take
a look at the different factions of
uh groupings um
in of people aged 18 to 34
52 of people disapprove of joe biden’s
this is a group
over half this is a group that
historically has voted more democratic
over you know history
and now 52 percent of them are saying
he’s doing terrible
that has to be terrifying
51 percent of women who historically
vote more democratic
disapprove of joe biden’s performance
27 percent of black voters
disapprove of biden’s performance
and that seems like oh he’s not doing
too bad no
for black voters he is doing
he is doing awful if you’re
with black voters you’re not doing good
if you’re a democrat
and he’s at 27 disapprove and
of hispanics
say that he is doing not well
they disapprove of his numbers
i kind of wish
i would have pulled up harrison’s or
harris’s numbers because
a long time throughout the the time of
the biden campaign and early on the idea
was was that joe biden is so old and so
riddled with dementia and everything
else that he couldn’t put together a
coherent statement so he was going to
get elected in order to step down and
allow for paris to step in and be the
next president of the united states but
her approval ratings is even worse than
his more often than not and so
we’re we’re stuck with this we’ve got a
[ __ ] sandwich in office and you got a
[ __ ] sandwich followed that up and it’s
just like well i guess we’re just gonna
have to see the pendulum swing to the
republican side in the next election
because we don’t we
that’s our only plan b like we have no
other option here
oh it’s horrific
it is horrific i’m going through it
right now to see if i’ve got harris’s
numbers in this poll and i don’t see
them but uh so
not listed for obvious reasons
if you were to look at those numbers
which would you think is worse biden’s
approval rating among these groups of
or the job that the democrats are doing
in congress
as sad as it might be as i just
unplugged my headphones um as sad as it
might be
probably is joe biden’s approval ratings
is probably still somehow functioning to
be higher than the democrats in office
despite them
doing what we know whenever you have a
majority and
in congress and that is you don’t get
anything done you just say you just
gotta vote for us harder next time
18 to 34 year olds
52 disapprove of how the democrats are
handling it so the same
among women
among uh
black voters
32 percent disapprove
so i’m trending in the right direction
here yeah trending in the right
um and of hispanics
disapprove of how democrats
are handling so just a smidge higher so
we can’t blame biden we got to blame
sure yeah
how do you think the republicans are
i feel like it’s a
in between there the two of them
because the the republicans have managed
to for the most part stay out of out of
the news cycles because we’re more
focused on on joe manchin being like a a
steward of
my party sucks here and
so i i feel like they would still be
pretty bad because they’re still part of
congress but not quite as bad as joker
or not
quite as good as joe biden
i don’t know
i have no negative integers they suck
18 to 34 year old 54
that’s worse
in women
65 disapproved
way worse
among black voters
75 disapprove
and among hispanics
55 disapprove so just terrible across
this lake just terrible across the slate
in each and every one of those
joe biden is doing awful with 52 51 27
and 51. uh
democrats are doing worse
republicans are doing worse
republicans are to blame for all of this
republicans are to blame for all of it
even though uh they have zero power to
do anything uh it’s because democrats
care about the minorities and while the
minority power
party in congress they’re to blame
if you were to ask me
like i still think republicans win the
house in the senate in the midterms i
would still say even with
the abysmal numbers that they’re putting
up in these
polls but
i can’t imagine that it’s gonna be the
landslide that people are saying that
it’s going to be yeah
i i think i think that one of the
aspects on that of of what is fulfilling
that idea of the landslide of the giant
red wave coming through is um is the
idea that people like change which is
why people voted for obama which is why
people voted for for trump which is why
people voted for biden which is why
in the midterms people are going to be
like i want a difference
what we brought in was no different
right they’re still spending out of
insane amount of money they’re still
destroying the economy they’re still
destroying healthcare they’re still
destroying everything by either being
involved or not being involved in
and and through the different
perspectives so i i think i i think i
agree that it’s not gonna be that giant
wave but we’re gonna see some
some seats turn red um
and i i do think that they become the
majority um either
this year or
more likely in 2024.
so i think they’re going to become the
majority this year
i think that i do think that they will
become the majority this year and then
depending on who
the republicans and the democrats put up
in 2024
with all signs right now pointing to a
depending on what happens there will
depend on whether or not the republicans
hold it
i think if trump is in they don’t hold
trump is that weird guy that
he’s destructive
to anyone else who runs
but he’s also not
i don’t think that he’s got the unifying
republican vote
no right
so it’s going to be interesting to see
how he plays out
maybe i heard that from you maybe maybe
that was from you that you had said that
on the show but
i feel like it was somebody smart and
intelligent i said that but it was it’s
spot on um
so if it was you all the credit to you
if it wasn’t damn it you should have
said it um
okay everybody hang on one second i’m
going to try something but the stream’s
going to get interrupted for like
10 days
hope not so hang on we will be right
okay hang on i guess i have to do that
for the record did you say that
did i say what
about that about it probably was you
sounds like something smart you’d say
okay i think we should be let’s sure
we should be back
back after the short commercial break
yeah okay we’re back
all right uh hopefully no that’s not
working um it’s kind of working but not
oh good this show is going to be so much
i lowered the uh the
go the resolution that it goes out
but that did not help even well it
helped one thing it didn’t help the
other thing
right now we are at
80 84
of our frames are being dropped
thanks new computer
i i honestly think it’s because i didn’t
reset my router today because i usually
do and it’s been a while
so good times
it’s good it’s good we’ll make it
through there we will but
so speaking of republicans in congress
in the senate
rand paul
what a fiery takedown that was oh my god
uh rand paul and
dr fauci
dr falchi valjee
gotta wear your masks with your masks
yes j adam wags it would not be a
muddied waters
it’s making
as long as you guys can hear us that’s
all that really matters
that’s the
most important part
right video production
second fourth
rand paul and dr fauci went at it in a
senate hearing
last week uh and for anybody who has not
that amazing back and forth
uh i’m going to put the link in the
uh so you can watch it after this show
um it’s eight minutes and it is worth
every second
oh it was so good
they went back and forth in the most
amazing fashion uh and
it started with paul asking fouchy to
address accusations that he is
culpable in the creation of viruses
through gain of function research
hates being asked that question
do you blame them
i mean of course
we just dropped down to zero kilobytes a
second i don’t know what’s happening
so badly i just want to be like okay
we’re just going to restart this
i have no idea why this is doing this to
me today um
rand also
went after uh
on reports that he sought to squash
french epidemiologists
on their coronavirus mitigation
now for anybody who doesn’t know this
was in reference to the three doctors
epidemiology professor sunetra gupta
stanford university professor of
medicine jay bhattacharya
and harvard professor martin koldorf
who were involved in the declaration a
statement composed in favor of
alternative mitigation strategies for
rand paul’s sitting up there and he’s
giving it to fauci is like that’s the
only way i can describe that yeah no
that’s a good way yeah he’s given it to
fauci and he said
did you say that these people were
fringe benefits the people from oxford
from stanford and from harvard the
fringe the fringe universities
and he’s paul or fauci came back and he
said if you look at the email
you can see i wasn’t the one who sent a
and he said yeah but you didn’t disagree
with it either you said no don’t worry
i’ll take them down in wired
um and they had
this incredible back and forth of which
fauci did not answer a question
not a single one yeah he said he did the
typical political thing and went
played the victim card and said yes he’s
just going after me personally it’s like
although we gotta go after your actions
for what you’ve done
but then he goes and he just basically
labels rand paul a conspiracy theorist
without calling a conspiracy theorist
for saying you have no evidence of this
is like i literally am talking about
documents that we’ve all seen now
what do you mean right
so he didn’t answer any of the questions
instead he brought up that because of
rand paul
people out there in this world
are crazy
and have
given threats to his family and to him
which led to
the most memeable political moment
in the last two years
definitely of 2022 so far
honestly there are a lot of things
that fauci has
pointed to that i have disagreed with
not that one
that one i 100 am on board with uh he
deserves to be fired for many of the
things that he did now when he was
talking about somebody being pulled over
and then ar-15 the police said that he
wanted to kill dr fauci because i
supposedly killed people
what he was referencing
because it is true
that somebody got pulled over in
december uh with a rifle in his car who
wanted to kill fauci
he was talking about nope i’m going to
try that kawacha brilliant zhang
proceeds to try that yeah i’m going to
try it anyway uh
cuatro brilliant zhang
he was jean was stopped on interstate 80
in december
with a rifle
and a hit list that named biden fauci
bill clinton
and obama
so not just fouchy
well playing the victim card in a good
way means that you’re the biggest victim
in this and so you’re just going to
admit everyone else
um please everyone send sympathy cards
to to fouchy um because he’s done
can’t even say it um
he’s clearly the victim in all this
because you know encouraging governments
to shut down economies no victims were
encouraging people to take actions
that were against healthy living and
no victims
he did nothing
can’t say it yep right
victim now
fauci also said that zhang was doing it
because i supposedly killed people
now according to the police report
the reason that
going to dc to kill these people and
because uh he said that he was going to
hold joe biden hostage until he did his
was because of his disapproval for
government due to the sex abuse of
some of which that has occurred by
president biden
for a man who is quoted
during this altercation between him and
rand paul
as saying you’ve taken this thing out of
context entirely you’ve
exaggerated the case
you’ve omitted information and just
completely been uh dishonest in the way
that you’re portraying all of this it’s
amazing that
just a quick fact check of this
circumstance somebody might be lying
somebody might be lying now uh zhang
allegedly told authorities that he’d
worked at a grocery store in merced
california i don’t know if i’m saying
that right but we’re going to go with
merced california
uh until two months
and his employment was a cover until
called upon by god
to combat evil demons in the white house
if he was honest with that list that
list would be much longer it would be
that list yeah that list would be so
much longer
yeah the um
the fact that fauci is
undeniably one of the most narcissistic
in government today he is the highest
paid unelected official in government
he is by far the most narcissistic
that when included in a list with biden
zuckerberg bill clinton and obama
he doesn’t bring them up at all
and then he states
to the man
he states to the man
who was shot at
and was beat up by his neighbor both one
of them the guy who shot at him was a
huge bernie supporter and rand paul
never said this is bernie’s fault and
his neighbor was a huge democrat and he
never said this is the democrats fault
it’s because on rand paul’s website he
has this page fire dr fauci and you can
see here you can donate five dollars ten
fifteen dollars
he is also the man who tried to get uh
jesse waters fired
from fox news
for stating that
for stating if you see him online and he
says something that you know is factual
inaccurate hit him with the kill shot
like just bring up the facts and he
tried to get him fired for using the
phrase kill shot
this man is the most narcissistic man
possibly on the planet and i’d say that
fully knowing who our former president
it’s befuddling how like clueless fauci
is in all of this um and and of course
early on in the discussion between
brandon and fauci
ran and said you’re doing this for
political gain right you’re doing this
entire agenda for political purposes um
this is why we’ve done what we’ve done
this is why you send those emails to
knock out the conspiracy fringe people
this is why you’re playing the the
victim card et cetera et cetera and
fauci was like no you’re doing this for
politics this is why you want donations
it’s like have you never seen like a
any senator they find a big ticket issue
they they make money off of it they get
reelected through this they’ve got
if you guys have seen uh the swamp which
ran back in like 2017 it was a short
these members of congress have to pay
their party for maintaining their seats
or for gaining seats so of course he’s
going to capitalize on this is it for
politics yeah absolutely it is sure but
so was everything that you’ve done there
was never a denial on on fauci’s part
during any of that and as you said right
he never answered any of these questions
because if he did
everyone would know about she’s the
fraud and we should fire falchi the
i’ll donate to that [ __ ] it right
ryan can continue showing emails he can
show that you know darpa said no we
don’t want to deal with this and the nih
went yeah here’s money uh
he can show all of that they can show
like there are receipts right now i am
saying there is probably roughly a 90
chance that covid was created in a lab
somewhere and it leaked out
roughly a 90 chance that happened
the fact that fauci is continuing to
fight it
means that he is just fighting for his
life and he is like a petulant child
who has been caught doing something
who does not want to admit that they
have done it and is just like no and in
fact let me bring up this thing that
happened this guy wanted to kill me and
nobody else just me
not people who are
i don’t want to say more important yeah
i don’t want to say more significant or
but uh
just me because i allegedly kill people
no it’s because people in government
rape children was his reasoning behind
um i’m not saying that i agree with
that he wanted to go out and do this
because you know
due process should happen
but whatever um
but there is
no way
that anybody should be able to take a
look at what is being said by fouchy and
not see that he is just the most
megalomaniacal narcissistic person in
government today
basically the the approval ratings would
be through the floor you would have the
disapproval ratings up there and then
you’d have like the 13 20 percent just
people plugging their ears going
i believe whatever whatever’s being said
i think that that’s that’s the way that
that would be portrayed by a vast
majority of the public
most of us just most people aren’t
paying attention to this and so that’s
why it’s good that people are here
because we have to know like fouchy is
the biggest fraud ever this whole entire
system this whole entire
structure of we’re gonna fight this
potentially man-made virus
with a bunch of things that we know that
won’t work
that continue to
not work that continue to show like we
have no clue what we’re doing and
they’re going to continue doing this
like of course people are finally waking
up to it and i’m so excited i saw
somebody who had
seen people on on twitter and everywhere
else they were like i’ve got the booster
shot and i wish i could undo all of them
because this thing
clearly they don’t know what they’re
doing and these things aren’t even
it’s interesting to see like the the
fastest rate from a conspiracy theory to
in world history
it has
it has been one of the most
unbelievable um
the series of events that have led us up
to where we are today
if you take a look at the constant
overreach of government starting back in
march of 2020 where they were saying
we need to um
we need to
there we go um
we need to
you know shut down for 15 days and the
amount of people that were on board the
amount of people that were like yep
gonna be on board with this it’s very
important for us to be on board with
because if we all stay home for two
weeks this virus will die
because people don’t understand how this
two years later
years later
people are still locked down
people are still being locked down
depending on what country you’re in
depends on the severity of it depending
on what state you’re in depends on the
state of it or what how bad it is
kicked out
a tennis player
and banned him
from playing in the australian open
because he didn’t take a drug
it’s impressive
it is
we can forget about the fact that he
applied you
we will forget about the fact that he
applied for a visa that stated okay i’m
coming in i didn’t get the vaccine i’ve
had coveted though so i’ve got natural
immunity can i come in they said yes
they revoked it while he was in the air
and then when he landed they said sorry
we revoked that we are gonna be pulling
you and uh we’re gonna be pulling you
and holding you in this
i don’t know if it was a cell or what it
was until you agreed to take the vaccine
or agree to leave and
then he said okay um yeah stephen andrew
it because they wanted time off of work
accurate for a lot of those people
and then he said okay well
he he challenged it the courts went no
he can absolutely play and the prime
minister went no he cannot
so he ended up going back home
it’s amazing that australia from the
history of starting as as felons and
to now just being so openly complacent
with like fake giga i guess i guess it’s
like the stockholm syndrome it’s got to
be that
clearly the prime minister has their
best interests are i mean they’re
shutting down over like one or two covet
cases in like their metro
metropolitan areas and they’re shutting
down like countrywide so it’s it’s it’s
abysmal and so yeah so that timeline of
bringing us to this day like
their two weeks is still going strong
their two weeks is going real strong
they will
canada’s not much better
uh canada is not much better and
there’s areas here in the united states
are just as bad
sure we’ll do it at that
but my state being such a liberally ran
state despite it being a republican-led
government i was surprised that we are
the one of the states that just bucked
the system we uh listed and i think it
was a timezone news article early on
during covet of do you guys have no
regulations and you guys even the
regulations and recommendations you guys
are like nah we’re not following that
south carolina has been good for that
and we haven’t
thankfully whenever you look at the
actual statistics they try to to
manipulate them throughout time of
course to justify these actions um
which is another big point of this how
much of
the timeline throughout from 2020 till
now how much of the statistics have been
misplayed and
misinterpreted to give to the people
you know despite all that south
carolina’s been fairly well good when it
comes to covid because we don’t have
that many people so we naturally
socially distance anyways right
yeah and here we don’t like we here in
pinellas county it’s hard to socially
distance we’re 98 built up i think or 95
built up like there are people
everywhere so it’s hard to socially
distance and
there are a good amount of people in
this county
uh there are a good amount of people in
this county that will freak out if you
don’t socially distance with them um and
then there’s a good amount who don’t
uh and
pinellas county is kind of seen as a
bellwether for the rest of the country
um whoever pinellas county votes for in
a presidential election
has won like the last
10 or uh i think the last 10
presidential elections um
but we get it so
it is such a melting pot of people from
around the country you can kind of get
an idea of how everybody’s gonna vote
across the board
um i think trump won by like 50 votes
in 16.
wow yeah it was close
when you’re looking so when you’re
looking at it and you have
that wide array of people in this one
area you’re going to get a lot of people
who are going to be upset about it and
people like me who don’t care i’m not
used to be scared of a virus
in the 80s when we were all supposed to
be afraid of hiv
in the 80s and 90s
it got weird right like voucher was the
reason that everybody was terrified of
it and we thought that you could get
hiv or aids from a mosquito that was
because of fauci
didn’t he also like
was it from him or was it from something
else i was like if you drink from the
same water foul or somebody with the fib
you would uh
yeah you couldn’t get the ham so
that was the logical progression
if you are a child living in a house
with somebody who is hiv positive
or has aids there is a chance
that you may eventually contract the
virus from a countertop or from sharing
uh the same foods
which led to well if that’s true
wouldn’t that mean that you could get it
from a water fountain
and wouldn’t that mean that a mosquito
could kind of carry it to you and
wouldn’t that mean and fauci is the
reason that people
throughout the 80s 90s and even into the
early 2000s were terrified of this
when you look at the numbers
it isn’t something to be terrified of if
you are being cautious in certain
aspects of your life
he’s talking about blood sex
all right i’m not gonna say that
this is a
kid-friendly show
i’m not gonna say that i’m talking about
butt sex but you know
if you’re having unprotected sex with
people in truck stops your rate goes up
the the chance that it happens goes up
if you’re having protected sex with
people it goes way down
some crazy yeah and i mean fauci
everybody vouching wanted to shut down
for sars he wanted to shut down for
swine flu he wanted to shut down it’s
all vaccines we need vaccines we need
vaccines because
i’m going to guess he’s in pocket of big
pharma i can’t say that for certain but
like fauci said it may happen he may be
in the pocket of big pharma
it’s weird because like i feel like
we’re going full circle with this
he’s government and he’s following those
money or he’s following the money of
where things could be coming from if he
is in those pockets so
he doesn’t want the federal government
to cut his funds from him in this
so he’s just going to push the vaccines
and and now we have pfizer making ads on
every television show ever
when you have pfizer
as one of the main sponsors for fox news
cnn msnbc um
jimmy kimmel stephen colbert i think
they might be his only sponsor um
the guy
the guy that did blackface and when his
oprah and uh
drank a lot of beer with the bouncing
women on the trampoline that now cries
on national tv
yeah you said kevin you said kim already
oh i was thinking fallon initially
yeah i think he said
right we should
um i have no idea uh this show’s so far
off the rails i have no clue um
but when
when you have pfizer paying the
what seems to be the largest advertising
for all of these episodes for all of
these shows all of these uh channels
can you really trust them when they’re
saying you really need to go get the
and especially when you have somebody
who is a somewhat public figure being
fouchy going after somebody on fox news
chris waters
and being like jessica jesse
jesse waters sorry yeah did i say chris
uh so jesse wants to know who that is
yeah um
going after jesse waters uh on fox news
because pfizer can’t openly go out and
go after him for being like you are
criticizing us as we sponsor your entire
so it’s almost like he’s in cahoots
almost a little bit
a little bit even tucker carlson’s show
is brought to you by pfizer so
he doesn’t talk a lot about the vaccines
he talks a lot about january 6th because
january 6 was not
funded by pfizer um it was funded by the
fbi uh
not inaccurate at all
the capital police also funded that too
don’t forget them they had some good
actions in there
guys come on into here we’re gonna help
you in your insurrection so that members
of congress can be fearful for their
lives and so that they can compare this
day to night eleven and pearl harbor
it’s the series
same thing
it was just as even worse
probably even worse that was this
generation’s 911.
well things should be should be because
of how big our federal government it
should be determined how bad it is based
on the proximity of dc so when it
happens in dc it’s way worse than
anything else right
didn’t 9 11 happened in dc
9 11 happened well yeah okay
but the bigger part of the story of
course was new york city right that’s
why that’s why it’s similar those two
are simple people they’re at the
pentagon on 9 11 then died on january
or even the days following it from you
know suicides and heart attacks and
but let’s not talk about covet response
no let’s not do that um
all right
we have dropped 94 of our frames
the people love us so thank you to all
of you who are hanging out uh we promise
this is
well the video is not gonna
the video is not gonna get any better uh
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let us start out with our very first
call from the magpie libertarian
hello matt and spike this is magpie
libertarian calling with a you can’t
hear it chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment
okay subscribe today
can’t you hear that
no that’s not what i want
close that
we’re gonna go no that’s what it should
that’s what it should be
i feel like
closed captioning on these calls would
just i could read them
we’re gonna go there and we’re gonna go
we’re gonna hope
that works
can you still hear me
i can still hear you good good that’s
what i like to hear
that’s what i like to do
he’s like all right get to these calls
and resolutions
so i am sitting in a wonderfully airline
still no huh
son of a [ __ ] [ __ ]
why can’t you hear that
you should be able to hear that
okay we’ll try that
what’s your mic on zoom
i changed that first
okay change that first
vacation extended vacation and trying to
get home
before i lose my alaska residency
am wondering what specifically i and
others can do
to get transportation in this country
back to
i think i could slightly hear wondering
too if i’m going to be spending an extra
week vacation
if my next three flights
any of them get cancelled
will i be in las vegas for a while
so looking forward to hearing your ideas
let’s get started
do you know american sign language
if you translate it into american sign
language and somebody in the chat knows
american sign language they can type it
out and they can type it to me yeah
so i wasn’t listening to that call
because i was trying to figure out what
was wrong with it
um huh okay it was such a good call that
you want everyone to hear it again
yes that is
oh man if it’s that simple i’m gonna be
so mad at myself
hello matt and spike this is magpie
okay good because i made it awful in my
all right so we’re not going to be able
to do that because i have to figure out
how to fix that um
so we are not going to have the chris
reynolds special today
i’m okay i am not freaking out about
this at all but i promise everybody if
you uh were to
head on over and subscribe
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how about this
this show
probably tomorrow or sometime
we will record exclusive content for
those people who have gone over and we
will handle those anchor calling moments
not live well live to the exclusive
where you guys will be able to see all
i like that plan that’s good thinking
jason this is the muddy waters way
just to give you guys the background on
us this is how we function we just go
hey i’ve got an idea like that idea
let’s go like the idea let’s go with it
so uh yeah i need to figure out what is
happening with all of my stuff uh i
haven’t used it in multiple weeks and i
audio things a lot yep i see one of the
issues right now yep that makes sense
so we will have to get all of this
sorted out
i’ll have to get all of this sorted out
before thursday um
so we appellate this is our warm-up
episode of the year
you brought the b-squad in or the jv
the isis squad
in for the warm-up of the year it’s been
since last year since you’ve been able
to do this so of course you’ve got to
give you all the gracious
courtesy for this
yeah this is like this is one of those
moments where uh
i’m looking at my life going
if i had more time to do the things that
i need to do to make this show great it
would be awesome
and it’s like i’m cursing all of the
other things i have to do in my life
yeah and it’s like a public humiliation
in order to teach me to focus more on
things that matter
so i think we should blame let’s blame
spike spike’s not here to defend spike’s
not baseball yeah
spike’s folks don’t you can’t blame me i
voted for spike so
i made that shirt
hey i wore that shirt
you could you too can get this shirt at
yes you can
moving on because why the hell not
the senate decided that they were not
going to take their usual break
for martin luther king jr day in order
to get together
to not pass legislation
it’s a good decision
come to work to not do work
i do every day actually
that’s fair oh now on monday
biden renewed his calls for passing the
voting rights legislation at a breakfast
honoring martin luther king jr day
he said
and i’m paraphrasing
you’ll know what part i’m paraphrasing i
on this federal holiday that honors a
man who watched his friend rape a woman
in the willard hotel in dc laughing and
offering advice
it’s not just enough to praise him
we must commit to his unfinished work to
deliver jobs and justice to protect the
sacred right to vote
god god
gotta put the blinders on for some of
that stuff
but uh for anybody who doesn’t he was
for anybody who doesn’t know what i’m
talking about
a official biography
that you know has to be true because
even though people are mad about it
they haven’t disputed the claims
at one point
dr king
watched as his baptist minister friend
forcibly raped a woman and king looked
on laughed and offered advice
on this federal holiday that honors a
man who watched his friend rape a woman
in the willard hotel in dc laughing and
offering advice it’s not just enough to
praise him according to joe biden
if anybody wants to read more about that
i’ll put that link into the comments
i’m still pondering what the advice was
i’m i’m
turn her around
no greater hair
who yeah who is the advice for in the
circumstance like
it was for uh reverend reverend curse
okay all right
kirsty curse i don’t know
it was for it was for
him um and
i don’t know
i don’t know why
all of this information is going to come
out in 2027. i don’t know why 2027 but
it’s going to come out in 2027 and
uh there’s going to be a lot of
interesting things that come out from
that but
because we need to do more than honor
a man who watched his friend rape a
woman in the willard hotel in dc
laughing and offering advice but we have
to commit to his unfinished work and
deliver jobs justice and to protect the
sacred right to vote uh the white house
has pressed congress to pass two pieces
of legislation
the freedom to vote act and the john
lewis voting rights advancement act
which aim
to broaden access to the ballot box
raised the bar for states with a recent
history of discrimination to change
voting laws and protect election
officials from undue partisan influence
the senate the senate
has no path
to 60 votes
on one of the votes uh the john lewis
vote they have a path to 51
with lisa murkowski of alaska being the
only republican in support of it
on the other one the
freedom to vote act
it’s 50 50
which is not enough to pass because they
need 60 to pass this
now chuck schumer
he understands that he is dealing with a
scenario where there is a good chance
that when he is up for re-election aoc
is going to primary him and he is trying
to do anything in his power
to not have that happen
he’s trying to do anything his power to
not have those happen
he is going to tee up a vote
on ending debate and merging the two
bills oh
i lost your audio
it might be me go ahead okay i hope it’s
i didn’t touch anything so now i got you
okay we’re good okay
um he is going to do anything
so he’s going to uh tee up about on
ending the debate and merging the two
bills i believe he did that today
but they’re not going to get the votes
there’s no way there’s no scenario that
they get the votes to pass either of
schumer has vowed that he will bring up
a change to the senate rules to try to
get around the current 60-vote
requirement for most legislation
because just making it easier for the
it’s the way you should run it
you know it’s like gang rape because the
majority of people are into it
just give them advice and laugh about it
the martin luther king jr
advice for rape
if this episode wasn’t so terrible
technologically uh
we were gonna get demonetized anyway so
it doesn’t matter
they’re gonna have pity on us they’re
gonna be like you guys
now even though there’s a ton of people
who are
in in congress in politics and
outside of it like
well a ton of people outside of it a ton
of people in politics like biden uh
schumer and most of their democratic
colleagues senators joe manchin and
kristen cinema
reiterated last week that they won’t
vote to change the 60-vote legislative
and cinema stood up and she said this
that she won’t vote to do it which
that’s enough
that is enough to make sure that it
doesn’t happen
she stated
as such
oh that was really stupid of me i put
her quote second
she said it is the view i continue to
hold is the belief i have shared many
times in public settings and in private
she said
when she said that she had long-standing
support for the legislative filibuster
joe manchin said in a statement shortly
that as such and as i have said many
times before i will not vote to
eliminate or weaken the filibuster
chuck schumer
in a very fouchy like moment of
is still going to put all of this up for
a vote
politics because politics
a real quick history on the nuclear
option which this is just the next
logical progression of the nuclear
in 2005
a group of republicans
uh led by majority at the time majority
leader bill frist you remember that guy
wasn’t he the doctor
i think he was the doctor that became a
senator and he kind of came to national
prominence because he saved a woman
who uh he was the senate he was a
senator and he saw a car crash and he
saved the woman’s life
yeah yep
so he proposed to have the presiding
officer dick cheney rule that a
filibuster on judicial nominees was
trent lott the junior senator at the
time from mississippi used the word
nuclear to describe this plan
and uh so it became as the nuclear
option and the term thereafter came to
refer to the general process of changing
cloture requirements via the
establishment of a new senate precedent
chuck schumer
in 2005 was against this change he said
that we shouldn’t do it this is awful
this is terrible for democracy this is
something that should never happen
so and nothing happened
good because republicans should not have
so so much power that just having a
simple majority means that they get to
pass things that’s a terrible terrible
thing for democracy terrible thing
terrible terrible thing
in 2013
senate democrats used the nuclear option
voting 52-48
all republicans and three democrats
to eliminate the use of the filibuster
on executive branch nominees and
judicial nominees
with the exception of the supreme court
so anybody that was going into one of
the lower courts uh could just go in
with a basic majority
which is the right thing because uh
democracy is based on the idea that a
simple majority is the way that you know
that the government should rule and so
of course there’s no contradiction here
at all
you have to follow what the simple
majority wants
oddly enough schumer was for this change
he thought this was just a grand idea
and the right thing to do because of the
obstructionists in the senate
yes democracy is garbage justico
i agree with you completely
now in 2017
the republicans not to be outdone
old cocaine mitch
from kentucky
decided that they were going to
the sole remaining exception to the 13
change by invoking the nuclear option
for supreme court nominees in order to
i just blanked on hit gorsuch neil
his seat on the bench
and of course schumer was against this
change because
the republicans shouldn’t have so much
power that just a simple majority is
enough to get the work their way we have
to we have to respect democracy and so
there needs to be a threshold there of
course of course guys i don’t i don’t
see why you guys don’t understand this
republicans are bad for democracy
democrats are great for democracy it’s
in their name
so now we have a scenario
where democrats
are going to push forward with the votes
on the voting rights bill even if they
know they’re going to fail
and then when they fail
they are going to push forward with the
votes for
making changes that
four years ago
chuck schumer was against
eight years ago he was four
fifteen years ago he was against
the pendulum has swung and he’s back on
favor of this of course it’s a good
until 2024 when they’re back in the
minority and then how dare those races
2020 look
2022 this year 2022 guaranteed yeah
it’s this is
with with this play of course with
knowing that it’s not going to pass this
is just politics this is to blame
to go to your constituents and say look
i tried to do something but those
meanies and on the hill they didn’t want
to do what we wanted what you wanted me
to do and so it’s not my fault you guys
have to love me don’t vote for aos
and so you have to think
for all of the for every member of
for the house of representatives and for
every senator every democrat senator
that has an election this year
you have to think what are you doing you
are murdering us you’re going to
give us nothing but failure
leading into this election
and we’re just like well i have to do
something or otherwise aoc is going to
go like she’s going to primary me and i
will probably lose because he will he
um he will lose um
this is a scenario
where the mansion cinema democrat
feud has been so widely publicized where
you have people following cinema into
bathroom stalls where you have people
calling joe manchin out uh consistently
online uh during interviews uh nobody in
his home state’s calling him out because
they’re like no thank you for not voting
for this crap uh but bernie sanders is
attacking him so many other people are
attacking him
and it’s become such a widely publicized
thing that you can’t even say this is
because republicans are obstructionist
this you have to say
we can’t get along in our party
finally that that
the the tension there is boiling out
into mainstream politics or mainstream
media and i could not be more happy
because we’ve seen this in the
republican side and i’d like to see like
that that
that fighting the clashing of heads
there and finally we have this on the
democratic side and i want to see it
continue to be emboldened and i i think
you know when you talked about
chuck schumer not being able to win
against aoc
the difference
why is bernie like so much it’s not
because he’s smart it’s not because he
understands the philosophy it’s not
because he’s got good ideas but he’s
consistent that’s what people like about
bernie sanders right he could be
terribly he’s been in favor of socialism
of ussr of all these terrible things
breadlines are good things um he’s been
this way for the last 632 years and the
problem with america the problem with
america is we have too many options on
we have too many options of deodorant
yeah yeah so it’s his consistency so
that’s why people are going to like aoc
because not because she’s smart not
because she understands things but she
can point out some serious problems that
we have in this nation um and honest
honest problems that we have uh some
other things are way off base but her
solutions are terrible but she’s
consistent so she’s gained like a huge
following from that she’s gained a lot
of support and as long as she’s saying
you republicans hate me because you want
to have sex with me
buying into that base and and giving
them red meat but
she’s i i see her primary in him as well
and so he’s got to do something and
i think like
for me when i when i go and i meet up
with candidates whatever they’re running
from if they’re the incumbent my
question is what did you accomplish in
your last term what did you do for me to
justify me voting for you
either first time or again
what does chuck schumer have to take
we’re there nothing he has no positive
accomplishments you’ve done nothing but
negative you’ve failed in every every
regard that you’ve tried
maybe we need to try something new and
people go aoc is consistent it’s like
yeah shut up but
there’s just nothing good there
yeah there there is absolutely nothing
good coming out of the democrat party
right now there’s nothing good coming
out of the republican party don’t get us
wrong we’re not not at all yeah
not even a little bit yeah we are stuck
in a constant downward cycle um i don’t
know how many people here are fans of
the show
but it’s one of my favorite shows of all
time um
it’s one of my favorite shows of all
time i’ve almost got the entire thing
memorized i’m like this close uh because
that’s what i do with my free time um
that’s why the technical issues are so
prevalent we can blame scrubs we can
but they use the phrase
which i’m certain they use in real
hospitals ctd uh circling the drain
we have hit a point where
the two-party system
has continually voted
to hurt the nation and they are voting
to try to make their party to be in
to be in control
even though
because of gerrymandering because of
redistricting because of all of that it
will never happen but they continue to
try to make it where it does um
but they will they will throw their
party under the bus
in order to try to win an election to
stay in
which means
they we have now surpassed george
washington when he went out of office he
said i don’t believe that paraphrased i
don’t believe that we should have a
two-party system because there will come
a point in this nation in which uh
politicians care more about their party
than this country
chuck schumer
is now demonstrating that we have
surpassed that and people don’t care
about their party as they do about their
title as senator as majority leader as
uh you know congressman congresswoman
congress person whatever you want to say
they care more about that and they will
do whatever they can to stay in office
and they don’t care if it helps their
party that is where we are at it is no
longer that we are worried about uh
the country we aren’t worried about the
future we aren’t worried about any of
that we are only worried about ourselves
and you can see it with the fact that
even though he knows he’s going to lose
he is going to push forward
just so he can say
i tried to pass the voting rights bill
uh when aoc comes up and says what have
you done for all of us recently because
you know when i was in congress i did
got all of these bills passed and you
didn’t do anything in the senate and
he’s going to say i tried to get it done
but joe manchin and kristen cinema and
the republicans made it where that
wasn’t possible and he’s gonna pass the
buck to them just to try to say he was
i’m gonna i put the bills up there was i
even tried to end the filibuster
he knows he’s not gonna win this
knows he is not going to win this
no it’s you’re absolutely right it’s
terrible we are in such a [ __ ] show of
dc and their dealings
how long until the rest of america wakes
the fact they haven’t yet i don’t know
if they will but uh
they will continue to fight that
two-party system and they will hopefully
either the ship goes down and we see the
great divorce
um or we
see the end of uh
the two-party system uh one of those two
things has to has to be on the has to be
on the horizon
i wish that the libertarian party was
worth a damn to be able to like step up
and fight for for to win in these
elections and fight for instead of
fighting themselves fight
for liberty um
and and for differences and changes and
you know this is coming off of a huge
election win uh in pennsylvania over 100
libertarians getting elected everything
else but it’s like
you’re looking across all these other
states and right now the problem is is
that there’s so much infighting people
don’t want to work together and it’s
just like
so we don’t have a third option coming
anytime soon
so we’re stuck with republicans and
democrats we’re seeing libertarians step
away from the party stepping away from
politics we’re seeing so many people
become disenfranchised and
we’re supposed to be like the the the
the sheep
they’re not the sheep but the the herder
that brings sheep in and
say hey look come vote for us come make
differences come make changes
so we’re stuck with do you want the
pendulum to swing stupid far to the
right do you want the pendulum to swing
super far to the left and have no
changes come about or do you want to
become disenfranchised that’s our that’s
really america’s two options right now
just look at
every single member of congress and
you can see that you’re absolutely right
they’re all narcissistic pieces of
garbage that aren’t doing much for
anyone but themselves and
and the fact that they came in on mlk
day and wasted all that money think
about how much money each one of those
members of congress were being paid for
being there think about how much their
age were being paid think about how much
money that was being spent knowing that
this was a dead end this is how the the
funding of your your money that’s taken
from you day in and day out is being
and people still defend this
it’s amazing
yeah it’s incredible and you’re right if
the libertarian party was worth a damn
don’t get me wrong i consider myself to
be a liberty
i consider myself to be more anarchist
now but
under the that under the dallas accords
like we can all get along um
if somebody were if somebody that i
didn’t know
was like hey what’s your political
affiliation i’d be like i’m a
libertarian because that’s just way
easier than
like i’ll talk to him anarchist stuff
i’m not going to lead anarchists because
it’s bad branding
yeah the optics of that i i usually get
them into a conversation first then like
afterwards i’m like by the way anarchist
what’s up
and yeah
all i see from libertarians on
i i see a few libertarians out there i
don’t i don’t want to lump everybody
into it to this there are a few
libertarians out there who are doing
great work and they’re out there and
they’re being great activists and
they’re making changes and then
the other
are on facebook and
i’m being generous
i have to assume that the people in
pennsylvania make up two percent
but you see the other 98 fighting over
minuscule things where you agree with
this person 90 of the time and you are
going to sit there and spend four hours
fighting about 10
you’re gonna fight about 10
of things you disagree on for hours and
you’re going to call names and you’re
going to attack the person
personally and you’re going to bring up
kids and you’re going to just attack
whatever you can just because you
disagree with 10 percent of what this
person thinks as opposed to
taking the 90 you agree with and
figuring out some way to push it and it
is one of the biggest most
annoying things about the libertarian
party since i have
since i initially joined back in 2013
uh to today
is the infighting
will consistently stop
libertarians from being successful in
any way shape or form yep what my
favorite is is after you’ve seen two
people going at it for literally hours
just with
thousands of comments on on like a
facebook feed
they get off of that and they go into
their little vacuum again and they’ll
post about how like it’s so stupid that
republicans and democrats are fighting
and they’re like no different
it’s just like did you taste that irony
no okay cool
man when when you’re sitting there
making fun of
chuck schumer and joe manchin for the
fact that they can’t get along or figure
out some way to pass the bills that
they’re trying to get past
you’re arguing over definitions on
uh not passing anything or not even
having it on the floor so
you’re just not being relevant to most
libertarians even
right and
stephen andrews says they aren’t
actually going to the meetings no a lot
of them aren’t going to the meetings i’m
not going to hit anybody on that because
i’ve been to the libertarian meetings
and i don’t ever want to do that again
unless i’m being paid uh
which by the way i i want to address
this real quick i i got accused of going
to my own state convention
for financial reasons like for financial
we spend so much goddamn money coming to
these conventions like
the small little bit of money that we do
make if we make money is completely
surpassed by the like hundreds of
dollars we spent to go to these things
and mine was literally five minutes down
the road like
anyone who’s gonna make that accusation
is just an idiot
yes it’s it’s absolutely in
i have never been paid
to go to a convention i may have had
flights paid for i may have had a hotel
paid for but i’ve never been like
outside of that i’ve never like gotten
cash in pocket to go
we’re bigger than what we expect then
we’re bigger than what we think we are i
guess i guess yeah people think that i’m
making money when i go to conventions
i’m not i’m just there
i am just there which is why i don’t go
to a lot of them because i’m not getting
paid and i uh
have other things i need to do
that i do get paid for
um all right
go ahead
yeah to the libertarians who are out
there fighting and worrying about
if you don’t like what a libertarian is
saying stop listening to like just don’t
listen to them
don’t listen to them
i’m i’m gonna i
okay so this is gonna be that hard pill
to swallow um
outside of
the political heads out there that just
follow everything
people in the republicans and the
don’t give a [ __ ] what we say on twitter
it’s usually the fringe groups that care
about it the people that are irrelevant
to politics anyways those are the people
you’re gonna get to like fight other
groups and we’re fringe just as well
like we’re not mainstream yet
we’re fringes in the way not of our well
sure in our ideas as well but
we’re the friendly french
yeah i mean it
nobody nobody cares uh when when uh
arvind vora
was the uh vice chair
when he was the vice chair he said some
things about people in the military
that i heard and i was worried that when
i was going door to door talking about a
libertarian candidate this was going to
come up i knocked on
thousands of doors
it was brought up once
to which i said
don’t worry my candidate does not have
the same beliefs as which was a lie uh
my candidate does not have the same
beliefs as
uh the vice chair of the libertarian
party and he really needs to be
he really needs to not say those things
out in public uh or at least figure out
a better way to say what he was trying
to say
uh when
oh god wes benedict was chair
uh he came down to pinellas county did a
radio interview
while one while the libertarians had a
candidate running for special election
he said in that interview
libertarians don’t run
libertarians don’t run to win elections
they run to raise awareness about the
libertarian principles and philosophy
and people got mad and i said
he did not affect this election even in
the slightest
you’re right
not even a little bit
people aren’t going to pay attention
to what
we can even say french members of the
libertarian party are saying on twitter
or on facebook or on
get or
done is that what that’s called getter
yeah i think it’s scattered
just sounds like white trash but anyways
yeah um
people don’t watch that they don’t care
they do not care the people who are
under the dallas accord umbrella uh that
people are following on twitter are your
michael malice’s your
spike cohen’s your
dave smith might be in that i’m not even
100 sure uh
yeah i like i don’t even know uh because
i don’t pay attention to any of the
who’s consent so bad i don’t pay any
attention to any of the stuff that these
people say
yeah including spike like i don’t
i see his comment like i just opened up
facebook because i wanted to check some
stuff real quick and like that was the
first comment that was like like the
first post was a police
it was a picture of a police officer and
it was spike cohen commented i was like
it’s gotta be funny and sure enough it
was but it was like that’s that’s to the
extent of how much i watch spike
yeah and i like i’m literally wearing
his wristband i’m literally wearing a
shirt that says i voted for him
i don’t care i love the man i don’t care
i don’t care
yeah jack lloyd stephen andrew witt said
jack lloyd battling dave smith is great
jack was at my house the day that
everybody got covened i love jack um
i heard about what was going on between
the two of them when it was happening
i thought to myself
i don’t care
i’m not going to spend
the goal of muddied waters
from the beginning
was to create
at the time of podcast but it’s turned
into something well today is basically a
podcast since we’ve dropped 68 of our
frames um
was to create
a show
where we would talk about the news
and we would talk about what’s happening
but actually tell you what’s
going to happen we were going to give
you the freedom spin on everything and
people want us to talk about what’s
happening in the libertarian party
do i have opinions on what joe bishop
henchmen may or may not have done
yep i do
do i have opinions on what people have
said on twitter sure but i also don’t
care because right now
not since wes benedict and the guy that
came after him have i considered the
libertarian party
something worth paying attention to
spot on
not even a little bit
but when i see things like
pennsylvania where they use the molten
maneuver in order to get a hundred and
however many elected
that’s worth celebrating that is worth
pointing out that is worth talking about
because that is libertarians who are
doing great work in getting libertarians
in office
i’m certain florida is going to do it
next uh when florida does it when south
carolina doesn’t win you know
anywhere else with a large concentration
of libertarians does that
that is worth celebrating
what some
douche canoes
says on twitter
i don’t care
i do not care i don’t follow every
democrat party
twitter account and i’m certain a lot of
them say stuff that
other democrats are going oh you
shouldn’t say that because blah blah
blah i don’t care the infighting is
until you get to the level of
chuck schumer and mansion and cinema
up until then it doesn’t matter so get
your [ __ ] together
win elections and make it matter when
you’re in fighting
until then you’re just squabbling over
absolutely nothing like i know like the
libertarian party wants to gain to amass
all the power to become a political
movement to set people free right it’s
this big contradiction but
we’re squabbling before there’s anything
there to squabble over
like when i’m on social media when i’m
on twitter when i’m on facebook and and
i’ll be honest like it’s
being heavily reduced compared to
what my normal was like last year even
i spend more time scrolling past stupid
stuff that people are arguing over than
actually going i would like to write a
response for this
there’s just no value to it like
sometimes i’ll give you like a a
like a bit of wisdom or or things like
that so i say something like it and
ignore it do whatever you want to do
with it scroll along but that’s
basically where i’m at because it’s
that’s also how easy it is
if you don’t want to see somebody
what somebody is saying
don’t follow them
scroll past them there are a lot of
people that i’m friends with that i
don’t care what they have to say about
things and i just scroll right on by
i i probably should be ashamed of this
of how many people on my friends list
that i have unfollowed because it’s like
you’ve never had anything of value for
me but i’ll
i’ll let you be around for the like if
you want to like my stuff like you could
jump in on my conversations but i’m not
jumping in on yours i’m sorry right
alex boy alex boyer asked what the
what’s the molten maneuver so the molten
i don’t remember moulton’s first name so
i’m going to say his name was dave
uh i’m probably wrong but was created it
sounds like a dave thing yeah
was created by a guy named dave moulton
it’s definitely not dave now that i
think about it but dave moulton
who said hey if you’re a libertarian go
out and find races that are up where you
don’t have anybody running or you’d be
running an unopposed or it’s just one
person running for races that are uh
what’s the word where you don’t put your
party affiliation none
uh nonpartisan nonpartisan nonpartisan
races and go out and try to win those
pennsylvania did this
they went out and they found races where
there was nobody running or one person
was running in nonpartisans and they
just said okay we’re going to go out and
run in these races and a hundred and
thirty something libertarians got
i’ve got one for john moulton and i’ve
got one for chuck
john sounds right though um
i’m still saying it sounds like a dave
yeah i mean yeah dave
dave works right we’ll get stephen on
a lot of areas are going to be trying
this because it worked out successfully
in pennsylvania and you’re going to see
a lot of libertarians get elected to
smaller positions
uh to lower positions
and then those people will eventually be
on city councils and those people will
be mayors and then those people some of
rise up to county commissions and then
to state houses or state whatever you
have there
and then the state senate and then
they will run for office as libertarians
and they will win
but it is a slow process
tony mackin dave’s not here man that’s
great reference
156 stephen says yeah i knew the number
keeps climbing it’s amazing and i’m yeah
that is stuff that needs to be
celebrated that is stuff that needs to
be pointed out and
it needs to be followed and copied and
seen how it’s done and then
people need to try to emulate what
happened there
any of the stuff that you’re fighting
about on twitter or facebook or
anywhere else on the internet doesn’t
matter it’s all inconsequential all it
does is waste time all it does is
throw people from the party that are
good activists because you’re attacking
them on the minuscule as opposed to
showing them the best way to
instead of showing them the best path to
get elected
i think i when it comes to like this
infighting i
probably my best tweet i’ve ever made
and i was pretty proud of that because
that’s why i’m bringing it up but um
was it was a simple thing it was like
left libertarian right libertarian the
most important adjective there is
we agree on so many things regardless of
which side you’re on and put that for
men or kissed anarchists put that for
non-mises put that for any of the
categories it doesn’t matter at the end
of the day if you’re just gonna fight
over everything like you guys will be so
insignificant you guys are already so
insignificant to the political arena
that you’re just literally wasting your
time and other people’s times and and as
you know as matt said you know you’re
disenfranchising people from being a
part of the movement of being a part of
the party of making a difference when
they had a comparative advantage over uh
plenty of other people who could have
made a difference who could have truly
helped set us all free but instead
people are petty
we’re working against ourselves and
working against the movement that we are
incredibly passionate about being
successful with
i’m still kind of upset about the martha
buendo thing i’m not gonna lie i’ll drop
the name
i was i wasn’t going to but yeah martha
bueno was who i was thinking of yeah no
it it was the it was the elephant in the
room um
that was just
that broke my heart
watching like the twitter feeds watching
the facebook comments and everything
else on that i was just like you guys
just pushed away an incredible activist
in all fairness i believe
she will continue to be an incredible
activist she just won’t be a member of
the libertarian party
yep um like she’s still gonna run in her
race because it’s uh non-denominational
and she and she’s going
there’s a chance she wins and if so
the libertarians will have somebody who
is spreading the message of liberty
might not be part of the libertarian
party because you all pushed her out
she will still be pushing the
libertarian message
um and
you need the you do need the party in
order to have ballot access in your
states and i understand that
but if you want to keep the party
so that way you can continue to have
ballot access
so many of y’all out there
facebook land or
verse world or wherever you may reside
need to grow up and stop fighting over
the most mundane crap
and focus on what matters which is
winning elections
i love how this came it turned into a
dad talk
libertarian party this is 100 not in our
notes this is jason and me just riffing
libertarian party grow the [ __ ] up clean
your bedroom and uh
be a lobster all right right make your
bed brush your teeth clean out the junk
from under it
and stop fighting over whose socks were
left in the living room and somebody
pick them up and put them away
thanks dad
go out and mate for life
but i i think that there was a lot of
like good wisdom in there and and
if if you’re one of us too or if you’re
in the audience still hanging out with
us like these are things that we all
should continue to reflect on ourselves
and grow upon um because with or without
the movement with or without the party
um it’s incumbent upon all of us to be
better in ourselves and and as we
continue to fight to become relevant to
the big political arena
because that’s ultimately where we have
to go with this that we have to be
better and that’s that’s the only way to
do is through the the innovation of
ourselves before we can innovate the
markets and everything else right and so
alex boyer
and j adam wags
say they are completely and dark as to
what happened uh so martha bueno left
the party
uh because of
twitter wars or facebook wars
was it twitter
okay yeah uh where people were going
after her over the mundane little stuff
and then said man i wish
that i was hispanic so i could use that
as the only thing about me and then
started calling into question uh her
looks and the way that she presented
herself online
and she was like you know what
like why am i going to waste my time
with this i can still go out and do all
the stuff i want to do i just don’t have
to deal with y’all
she probably didn’t say y’all because
she’s from cuba and didn’t grow up in
that is the short version of it
they went after her in every
angle that they could have people went
after her for her body for
being latina for
her heritage for being proud of it for
fighting in an arena that most
libertarians have no [ __ ] idea about
because most libertarians are white
that are heterosexual
honestly unless you guys are following
money mars media or some other like how
many people know a damn thing about cuba
we are we are so
alienated from so much of of the world
that we have an amazing activist and we
go let’s find a way that we can have a
couple people point sticks at her poker
a little bit and then we go all right
well i’m gonna like their comments or
i’m gonna share their comments or i’m
gonna not step up and be like hey dude
[ __ ] write the hell off with that
[ __ ] first of all and second of all
[ __ ] right the hell off again um
it’s just terrible
yeah no it is absolutely awful what
happened in the libertarian party
i went after her for being a woman too
according to conor cudmore i didn’t know
that um
because again like i said i don’t care
about the infighting
i do care about
when somebody like martha bueno leaves
but i believe that martha bueno will
continue going out and
somebody just actually put it in the
comments uh she said she’s sticking
around the overall movement just not the
party right and that’s what
that’s where i believe
that’s where i believe um
a lot of people belong that’s where
they’re going to be able to do the
greatest amount of good
which which comment are you laughing
uh if everyone would go as soon as you
leave here go to the buddy waters
facebook group if you haven’t joined it
already do so now
as soon as the show ends but meg jones
47 minutes ago posted some still shots
from tonight’s episode
and they are our best takes ever
one comment says jason looks like he’s
singing desperado by the eagles and matt
is fine
all right sorry about that desperado
why won’t you come to your fancy
you’ve been out riding faces
for so long
now i could probably i could
oh i’m yeah
yeah you are you are busting out
i would have said uh
oh god what’s that phil collins song
is it the one with the drums
i would have said in the air tonight and
i was just like oh the drums are coming
the drums are coming
connor cudmore says matt looks like he’s
getting younger yes it’s true uh i sleep
in tupperware
and tupperware
i sleep in tupperware so that the air
doesn’t wreck my skin at night
is that where you keep your covet too
has shoved spike in my tupperware my
coved ware
breathe in [ __ ] breathe in
so yeah uh that’s our show i promised
sarah that we wouldn’t go until 11 so 10
19 seems pretty good
um so spike
does not have a show tomorrow
hopefully uh
he comes back next week uh we will find
out together hopefully he lets me know
before tuesday um but we will find out
then uh
thursday we were supposed to have the
muddy zoom
that’s gonna be a good time but that’s
not gonna happen
spike can’t do it so he was like can we
push it a week and i was like yeah so
i am going to
talk with my bookers about getting
somebody on
the writer’s block this week so that way
we can have a show but i couldn’t tell
you who that person would be
um because i like it i found out today
that we weren’t doing the muddied zoom
tune in
tune in for that
i’m also really behind on the script i’m
writing so i might just do that instead
probably will be here um i had some news
i was going to share with everyone on
thursday but uh without the muddy zoom i
will share it now um for you guys so you
guys can understand that there are some
changes coming for the mr mark for the
bearded truth show that normally airs on
with a new career path aligned for me
and with the job offer being sent out
the schedule’s changing up for me a
little bit
um monday
if i can get something lined up we’ll be
on monday
but in the upcoming weeks
sorry i got covered in my throat um
in the upcoming weeks
i mailed it to you that was those some
of the technical issues was just covered
coming in my my throat but um
in the upcoming weeks we will be
changing up the time for the month or
the typical monday nights for mr murder
for the fear of truth but this monday
night we will be i’ll be talking my
um spoken myself uh to figure out who
we’re gonna have on and what that
conversation is about so stay tuned for
that as well
connor cudmore says have jason on
you guys want another episode of me and
jason fumbling through something
i’ll stay on for another three minutes
if we get how many people are watching
we only we don’t have that many people
watching if half of the people say yes
i will have jason on on thursday this
will be another oh we messed up
this was this was not muddy waters of
yeah this was muddy america
muddy murica we’ll do yeah we’ll do a
muddy america on uh on thursday if half
the people say yes
if not monday
we’re both fighting
for ev for if you guys are wondering
like why i’m such a slack ass on my
monday thing it was just because the the
job i’m taking is going to be a second
shift job so we didn’t know if i was
starting off this monday or when that
was going to be
starting off and so
with not having that i didn’t want to
schedule somebody and then have to
cancel it so
i’m getting that all together don’t
we’ll have money in america thursday
spike will have to call out sick next
tuesday this will be changed to the
money murica in no time
yeah um yeah and interview him very very
i’ll just tucker carlson
you one two three four five six seven oh
no eight
these are more floats i was expecting
ten how can we find you on the internet
that really depends on the day uh
j adam wag says yes that’s 11
one more uh
thank the eskimo libertarian
thank you eskimo libertarian um
so yeah if somebody
sorry go ahead i think the better
question of not how can we find you on
later is how can we fix your internet
there it is okay i’ll have jason on
uh if you if you have time on thursday
that is i will make the time okay i was
already planning to do the muddy zoom so
i was just i had my oh okay cool it’s
gonna be hard to fill a pencil then
appointment with another penciled
appointment but uh it’s on the same
yeah so yeah jason and i will do an
episode of muddy america man i’m gonna
have to make graphics and [ __ ]
hey we could do those call-in moments
oh yeah we could do this if i can figure
out how to make that work
so yeah we will do an episode of muddy
america on thursday
um it’ll be a little like this show
except different
let’s we need to pick a topic and quick
just we’ll do the money
trademark idea
[ __ ] it let’s go we got this good idea
let’s go
so yeah if you’re looking for us on the
internet or you are trying to figure out
ways to get us better internet uh
actually my internet’s supposed to be
amazing i can’t believe that it sucks so
bad uh all one would have to do we won’t
even do the asmr thing tonight because
i’m certain this show has been annoying
enough for everybody
you’re welcome
uh all one would have to do is head on
over to anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
where you could listen to these sweet
dulcine tones of our voices
enjoy a non
dropped frame rate of video
and hopefully you get all of the audio
and while you’re there
as well head on over
to anchor dot fm slash muddy water
subscribe to help us get better internet
so that way we don’t ever have to worry
this happening ever ever ever again
that would be nice
you can also find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
jason do you have any closing thoughts
if you guys have topics you guys want us
to cover on thursday if you guys want to
do a legwork for us
drop a we’ll make a i’ll make a post on
muddy waters facebook group after this
and uh we’ll create an open poll and you
guys can throw in your options and we
may or may not take you up on the
most voted on ideas
i’m good with that i’m good with that to
everybody else we will see you on
thursday for another episode of muddied
america uh next week jason the lion
is gonna be having possibly somebody on
uh on monday 8 o’clock eastern
and then
next tuesday
right back here
me and
will be parsing through the week’s
like the s
wondrous winter
we still have snow here
oh what’s that like
it’s terrible
it was like eight it was it was freezing
today here
it was like 450
uh it was actually in the 40s
yeah it was in the 40s uh it was awful
my hands are like dry and cracked
it’s awful it’s gonna be 70 tomorrow
though so it’s okay
you can move down here jason
you could be my neighbor
i like living in the south it means out
of florida
won’t you be
my neighbor
everybody have a great weekend tune in
next week hopefully we have a full week
of all new shows for you next week um
kovid got some of us
kobe got most of us and it got some of
us worse than i got others so
uh our t’s and p’s to those who are
uh trying to get over it
and uh to everybody else we hope that uh
you guys are staying safe out there and
if you want to get the vaccine get the
vaccine if you don’t you don’t have to
so uh
have yourselves a great weekend and we
will talk to you all next week
and now matt wright and

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